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A Love So Beautiful Episode 15 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

A Love So Beautiful Episode 15 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, A Love So Beautiful Episode 15 Drama Korea, A Love So Beautiful Epi 15 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, A Love So Beautiful Episode 15 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

A Love So Beautiful Episode 15 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [eng] A Love So Beautiful ep 15 KAKAO

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I’ll draw some blood.

Raise your arm, please.

Darn, it hurts!

It hurts!

It doesn’t hurt at all.

Are you done already?
I didn’t feel a thing.

I haven’t even inserted the needle yet.

Here I go.

That hurts!

Are you feeling better now?

Of course. I’m as good as new again.

Guys, don’t I look cooler
in this hospital gown?

He’s back to his old self again.

Ha-young will be here soon.

I think.

You’re high school seniors.
Aren’t you busy?

Is it okay for you to be here?


These are class notes.

I figured you’d need them.

It’s okay.

My mom hired a tutor for me.



Why does it seem
like you lost some muscle?

Have you been slacking off?

Let’s see. You were slacking off!
Practice harder!

Cha Heon! Are you studying hard?

Help Sol-i study from time to time

and lend a helping hand. Okay?

Right. Study hard, guys.

By the way, swimmers are more muscular
in the shoulders and back.

Feel my shoulders–

-What’s wrong? Are you all right?

Seriously, swimming student?

Sorry. But you know what?

Swimmers tend to have slimmer arms.



-Hi, Geon.
-Hi, Sol-i.

Heon, are you going to be a math teacher?

-“Math teacher”?
-Not a math teacher.

A mathematics professor.

That’s right, a professor.

Heon, I heard you’ll become a professor
if you go to KEIST.


Yes, my mom said
he’ll be studying at KEIST.

I see. KEIST.

You have to be really smart
to get in there.

Anyway, Sol-i,
which university will you go to?

I’m not sure.

-Ms. Moon, I’ll head inside first.

-See you again, Geon.
-Bye, Sol-i!

-Go home and get some rest.

Heon, I’ll get going.


It will depend on the major you select,

but with your current grades…


You’ll have a shot at a local college.

It’s not too late
to start studying harder now.

Ms. Moon, in that case…

-What about KEIST?

No. Never mind.

If you study really hard,
you will get good results.

Try your best.



I must’ve heard wrong.

I clearly warned you before.

It’s no longer
about your swimming career now.

At this rate,

you might not be able
to move your shoulders anymore.


prescribe me some painkillers
to handle the pain for a few days.

I can’t.

I’ll handle my pain.

I can’t give up
right before the national team selection.

Coach, I mean…


I can do this. You know that.

Making you my lady became a dream of mine

I will…

What on Earth? What’s going on?

I’m sorry,
but I desperately need your help.

See that girl over there
right in front of my ward?

Can you please tell her

that I was discharged
and I’ll never be back here again?

I can’t, Mr. Jung.
Please go back to your room now.

Please. I’m begging you.

Just this once.

You’re Jin-hwan’s friend, right?


He asked me to tell you
that he’s been discharged.

Mr. Jung,
go back to your room immediately!

Just give me one minute.
No, thirty seconds.

Please go back to your ward.

Fifteen seconds, please.

Your friend is leaving.

Thank you.

Mr. Lee, thank you for all you’ve done.

Visit us from time to time
when you’re back in Korea.


Thank you for everything.

Keep us updated every now and then.

Thanks a lot.

Remember how I said I’m quite capable?

I was immediately offered a job,
so I accepted it.

Mr. Lee.

I’ve always wanted to live in the US.

Make sure to call me
if you ever come to the US.

I’ll be there at the airport
to pick you up.

Promise me.
I’ll definitely visit there someday.


We’ll greet each other with a smile
when that day comes.

-Keep studying hard.

Take care.

Bye, Mr. Lee.

Did he leave? Did you say goodbye?

Yes, I did.

Doesn’t it feel like something is missing?

I guess.

But we’ll probably get used to it soon.

Would we?

I highly doubt it.

Why’s that? Is something going on?

One question.

How long will it take
to get from Suwon to KEIST?

Over two hours?


Do you think

there’s a possibility
that Heon doesn’t make it into KEIST?

If we don’t go to the same university,
we’ll have a long-distance relationship.

Still, two hours is short.

I’ll need a twelve-hour trip to the US.

Did you buy this for me? Thanks.

No, I bought that for Heon…

That’s really delicious.

I only finished half of it.

What? There’s only half a carton left.

Heon, this is for you.


can start first.

You first.

No, you.

Hurry up and start.
I’m on the winner’s side.

Good luck.

That was awesome!

Good luck, Heon.

That was so close.

That was close.

You’re so cool!

You must be good at every sport.


I do look cooler when I’m playing sports.

What do you say?
Do you want me to teach you?

-Yes, teach me!
-Okay, here.

Sol-i, let’s go.

What? Already?

But I want to give this a shot.

-All I did was watch.
-Aren’t you going to study?

Just a little. Please.

I’ll get going, then.

-Hold the cue.
-All right.

Place your hand here

and make a circle with your thumb
and index finger like that.

Palm on the table.

-The table?

And the elbow at a right angle.

-Right angle.
-Bend down a little lower.

One, two…

-Teach me some other time. Bye!

Heon, that wasn’t your first time, right?

It was.

You’re good at everything!


Anyway, don’t be intimidated.

You didn’t lose today
because you’re bad at playing pool.

It’s because Dae-sung’s too good at it.

He’s an all-round sportsman.

I bet there’s no sport he’s bad at.

So if you played against someone else,
you might have won.

Hey! Take it outside.

Get out of here.

How’s the cleaning coming along?

Good. Why?

You must’ve cleaned really hard.

What’s this on your face? Let me see.


Ms. Moon wants to see you.

What? Me?

Why would she?
I don’t think I caused any trouble.

I didn’t doze off in class

and I did all my homework.
What could it be?

-Hurry up and go.


I didn’t know you could lie.


Ms. Moon, why did you want to see me?

-I wanted to see you?

That’s what Heon said.

Did I?

I’m in the middle of a consultation,
so I’ll talk to you later.


So how’s Dae-sung?

His old shoulder injury
hasn’t been getting better.

If he doesn’t take precautions,
his career will be in danger.

He might

have to give up swimming.

You must be devastated.

I haven’t had junk food for ages.

Now that I’m eating this,

I feel like crying.


do your shoulders

hurt a lot?


Will you have to quit swimming?

No, Brother. I’m Marine Boy Woo Dae-sung.

It will be as good as new
when I get treated. Don’t worry.

Are you sure you’re okay?

Of course.

Maybe I’ll take up studying
in the meantime.

Hey, it’s not for everyone, you know.

You’re the coolest when you’re swimming.

No, I’m not I’m good at everything.

I bet you didn’t know
that sports require intelligence too.

What? I don’t think
I’ve ever heard of that before.

Anyway, starting tomorrow,
we’ll study together.

Got it.


Are you taking out the trash again?

Geon wanted to eat this.

Where have you been?

I grabbed a bite to eat with Dae-sung.

-Just the two of you?

Dae-sung and I decided that
we’ll study really hard.

That’s out of the blue. Why?


I have my reasons.

By the way, why are you asking
so many questions today?

Am I?

Never mind.
Heon, good luck on the interview tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ll be accepted
to the university you want to attend.

I might

not be accepted.

Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Ninety degrees, forty-five degrees.

What do you like to do?

Do you know how much time
Sol-i spent whining here?

-What about you?
-I won’t go there.

I want to be by Sol-i’s side.


I like you a lot.

You guys are brave.

Heon, I’m going to start over.

Grandma disappeared?


When will my Dae-sung get here?

What are you doing?

Will you believe me if I say
I was only trying to wipe the sweat?

off your face?

Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

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