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A Love So Beautiful Episode 17 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

A Love So Beautiful Episode 17 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, A Love So Beautiful Episode 17 Drama Korea, A Love So Beautiful Epi 17 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, A Love So Beautiful Episode 17 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

A Love So Beautiful Episode 17 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [eng] A Love So Beautiful ep 17 KAKAO

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There she is.

-How did you do?
-Over here!

-You must be exhausted.
-Actually, I’m good.

-Good job.
-Did you do well?

Yeon-hae, over here!

Heon, did you wait long?

-Not really.
-Did you do well on your test?

I don’t know. What about you?


I’m just thrilled that it’s over.

Let’s have some fun!

-Did you do well on your test?

I guess.

-Aren’t you coming?

I’m coming.

Well, the CSAT is finally over.

We’ll be 20 years old soon.

When will I get myself a girlfriend?

As if I stand a chance.

Why do you say that?

Because I’m…

You know how I am.

You can say…

you have a girlfriend now.

What do you mean?

Tell everyone you have a girlfriend now.

Tell them that I’m your girlfriend.

Really? Are you sure?

I finally have a girlfriend!

-Kang Ha-young is my girlfriend!


Are you going to take it back?

No, that’s not it.

Don’t jump around.

What if you hurt yourself?

Wait for me!

My girlfriend.


What fine weather we have.

You think?



-Good job.
-Thank you.

-Gwak Yu-jin.

-Heon, I can’t believe it.
-Good job.

-What is it?

-What’s wrong?
-Kang Sang-hun.

I got…

Compared to all the mock exams I took…

-Ha Dae-yun.
-This is my highest score yet.

-Lee Ji-won.

No way. Sol-i, congratulations!

-Could this be a system error?
-Kim Seong-jae.

-Thank you.

-Kang Ji-yeon.

-Good job.
-I can’t believe it.


How’s yours? Is it good?

It’s sweet.

I see.

It’s too sweet. You can have it.

Are you sure? Nice!

No way.

Heon, we just kissed.

By the way, when will you write it?

-Write what?
-The relay letter.

You’re the only one
who hasn’t written in it.

Are you done?

When will you write it?

That’s only for those
who will be parting ways.

Heon, wait for me!



Heon, you got in. Mom, he was accepted!

Good job.


The person you called cannot be reached…


Ta-da! I got in as well.

I’ll visit you often on campus.

Heon was also accepted there.

What about Sol-i?
She’s not answering my calls.

Right. She hasn’t replied
to my texts either.

Sol-i, are you all right?

I’m the only one who didn’t get in.

It’s all right. Don’t be too upset.

Your mom and I weren’t
the smartest in school either.

University isn’t everything.

You can take over
one of our pork trotter places.

How does CEO Shin sound?

We’re opening another branch store.

And get her accused of nepotism?
She can’t start off as a CEO.

-A manager sounds better.
-Right, I guess that can be an issue.

Then why not have her
as the manager of our Mapo branch?

That sounds great.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Hi, Heon. What brings you by?

Sol-i’s not answering her phone.

Everyone got in, but not me.

What do I do?

Isn’t it obvious?

Take the test again.

Next year?

As if that’s easy, you jerk.

I’ll help.

-Study for art university.

-Art university?
-You like art.

Would I be able to do it?

Shin Sol-i,

do you know what my CSAT score is?

I do. Are you bragging?

You colossal jerk!

That’s why I can help you.


Let me tutor you.

Take the CSAT next year
and get into my university.

Your university?

-It has an art program.

Besides, medical school lasts six years.

We can still graduate together.

What if I never get to graduate?

I hear it’s not that easy.

You’re worrying before even getting in?

Yes. I’d be able to get in
with your help anyway.

Think about getting in first.

Got it. So what should I start with?

Art school requires a performance test.

Will you be all right?

Take it easy on the preliminaries.

Don’t worry.

I’m going to win the finals too.

Don’t overwork yourself.


Hey, Dae-sung.

The final round starts soon. Wish me luck.

Of course. You’ve got this.
You’ll win for sure.

Thanks. I feel confident now.

So, how did it go for you?

I’m retaking the CSAT next year.
You’ll root for me too, right?

Of course, I will.

Thanks. We’ll both do well. Good luck.

Okay. Good luck.

The men’s 400m freestyle event begins!

Lane Three, Four, and Five
are neck and neck.

Woo Dae-sung seems
to be in good shape today.

He and Gu Hwan-su are neck and neck.
Come on, Woo.

Woo Dae-sung has taken the lead.

Woo Dae-sung is the first
to make his flip turn.

He now picks up his final pace.

Who will win the gold medal today?

It is still up for grabs.

Only 15m remains.

Will it be Woo Dae-sung?

Woo Dae-sung touches the finish line.

Woo Dae-sung wins the gold!

The gold medal

goes to Woo Dae-sung as expected!

-Korea wins a gold medal again.

Dad, he won the gold medal!

He did it!



despite suffering a slump
from your shoulder injury,

you won the gold medal.

Can you give us a comment?

I mustered up the courage
and decided to start over.

As it turns out, it could be done.

That is why I’d like to tell my friend
to hang in there as well.


Shin Sol-i, you can do it.

Good luck on retaking the CSAT!

Sol-i, he just mentioned you.

My daughter was mentioned on TV!

Dad, I’m doomed.

-The whole nation knows now.

That I’m retaking the CSAT next year!




I’m graduating high school for real.


I don’t know if you’ve heard this,

but there’s a myth that eating the prop

will prevent you
from getting into university.

-No way. That’s a lie.

When the iliopsoas contracts,

they pull the spine toward them.

As the spine is pulled forward,

pressure is applied, causing back pain…

Who’s there?

I’m sorry.

-You should have told me in advance.
-I’ll get going.

I’m sorry.


What’s up?

What? You’re the one who called me.

Did you dial the wrong number?

I’ll hang up then. I’m busy studying.




Sol-i, we’re here to see you.

How are you doing?

Jin-hwan! Ha-young!

Ha-young’s mine.


When did you last wash your hair?


The day before that?

What brings you all here?

We came to wish you luck.

-Tomorrow’s your test day.
-Let our energy give you strength.

I’m here too!


Seriously? After the hours
it took for me to fly here?

You can’t treat me this way.

I guess I have no choice then.
I should just head back.

Seriously? You won’t stop me from going?

You especially, Jin-hwan.

Sol-i, you’ve got this, right?

You’ll get accepted this year.

Good luck, Sol-i!

I’m sure you’ll do well.





-I got in!

-I can’t believe it.
-I’m so proud of you.

You did it!



Who knew that this day would come?

Shin Sol-i was accepted
into Hankuk University?

-Sol-i, congratulations on making it in.
-Yes, congratulations.


Thank you so much, guys.

All right. Let’s be the college students
that we are and party all night.




For some reason,
you seem exceptionally pretty today.

I’ve always been pretty.

My mom calls me a lottery ticket
that hasn’t been scratched off yet.

Can I be the one to give it a try?

My gosh!

You two. Make sure
to head home separately tonight.

All right?

Ha-young, let’s go.

I’m not drunk.

Of course. I’m fully aware of that.

Hold on.

All right.


Sol-i, are you all right?

Cha Heon, you prick.


Let’s go.

Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Heon, watch me walk in a straight line.

Walking like a model.

Thanks, Heon.

For what?

I was able to get into university
thanks to you.


You know…

that I like you a lot, right?

I’ve liked you since…



Would you be able to remember

what happened tonight?


Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Heon, did you really just
call me your girlfriend?

-Take us with you.
-It’s just for two people.

You disloyal jerk.
When did you become a romantic?

Hi, Dae-sung. I’m a huge fan.

Dae-sung is on a roll!

He’s a superstar now.

Hey! Who do you think you are?

-Who are you?
-He’s my boyfriend.

Heon! You and your girlfriend
are famous now.

What are you doing tonight?

Don’t go back to your dorm tonight.
Stay with me.

All night? But I’m not mentally prepared.

Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

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