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A Love So Beautiful Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

A Love So Beautiful Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, A Love So Beautiful Episode 19 Drama Korea, A Love So Beautiful Epi 19 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, A Love So Beautiful Episode 19 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

A Love So Beautiful Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [eng] A Love So Beautiful ep 19 KAKAO

Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Any ideas for dinner?

I don’t know. What should we have?

Let’s go out for dinner.

Dr. Cha, this is for you.

-Thank you.
-I heard things have been rough.

Dr. Park’s been worried.

People just love you
both here and at the campus.


Sol-i’s here.

Sol-i waited for so long!

“Coming through.”

Sol-i missed you so much.
She was dying to see you!

Just how much, you ask?

This much!

Why are you already here?

I said I’d go to you after work.

No reason. I missed you so much.

I doubt that’s the case.

You’re always busy,
so I don’t mind coming to see you.


Can we stay like this for a while?

I need to get recharged.



Now that you’re here, I don’t want to go.


They’re calling me.

I’ll get going.

Hurry up.




The number you have called is unavailable.
You’ll be directed to voicemail.


Jang Yeon-bok, male, 48.

He arrived at the hospital today
at 9:30 a.m.

and received a cardiac angiogram,

but a coronary artery bypass graft
was performed due to his stent stricture.

Dr. Yoo Min-hyeon led the surgery,

and it took 5 hours and 30 minutes,
from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The surgery was successful,
and the patient regained consciousness.

Extubation followed.

Here. Congratulations
on opening the art studio.


Do you know you’re the last one to visit?

I got upset
because I thought you wouldn’t come.

I’m sorry.
I’ve been too busy with job hunting.

So? Is it going well?

Unsuccessful, I guess.

It must be tough. Shall I help?

No, it’s okay.

You need connections
to work at art studios these days.

Come and work for me. I’ll hire you.

Honestly, it’s okay.

-How are you feeling, sir?

If everything checks out,
you’ll go home next week.

Sure. Thank you for everything.


I sent out job applications
to at least a dozen studios.

Why are none of them
asking for an interview?

Could it be…



Wait. I should call Heon first.

Please pick up.

You were at the top of your class
in medical school

and have been leading
a successful internship.

Thank you.

That’s why I recommended you
for the training program in the US.


Why did you come? I said I’m okay.

You should have seen a doctor.

Here. have this porridge
and take your medicine.

Thanks, Ha-young. Thanks, Jin-hwan.

Sol-i, your boyfriend’s a doctor.
You should call him right now.

-But he’s busy.
-That’s hardly an excuse.

My heart sinks even when Ha-young sneezes.

What’s more important than–

Sol-i, get some rest.

-Anyway, we’ll get going.

-Get well soon.
-Good luck on your job interview.

See you.

Ha-young, why are you flushed?

Did you catch a cold from her?

Stop it!

Should we cancel the movie
and rest at home?

I’m fine.

Come here.

I won’t let you get sick.

Come on. Will you please stop?

How can I when you’re sick?

I already had dinner. What about you?

Heon, are you busy?

I waited to tell you over the phone.

Heon, my In Design resume was accepted.

I have an interview tomorrow!


The number you have called is unavailable.

Good night. I’ll drop by tomorrow.



Ms. Shin, I see you went
to graduate school.

Yes, I felt the need
of broader, more structured education,

so I went to graduate school.

“Broader and more structured.”

Everyone says that.

-What do your parents do?

They run a small restaurant.

Their business must be going well.


I mean, not all parents can pay tuition
for their children’s graduate school.

I just noticed
there’s not much on your portfolio,

not even contest results.

Let’s just wrap it up. You can leave now.

The interview’s over. Next?

I see.

Thank you.

Are you busy today?

One of my teachers can’t make it today.

Could you fill in for the day?

I’ll pay you generously.

Exhausting, right? I bet you’re hungry.

It’s my treat for you.

-Thank you.
-How was it like working here?

Was it all right?

I don’t think I’m good enough
to teach anyone just yet.

Think again. I’ll help you out.

Haven’t you heard?

I’m the best mentor you can find.

What are you doing?

Can’t you tell?

Dr. Cha will go to the States, won’t he?

You’ll miss him, won’t you?

Ms. Yoon, I told you it’s not like that.

I know.

I’ll probably miss him more.

Things will be dull around here
without the handsome Dr. Cha.

According to Dr. Heo,
he’s leaving next month.

What? That soon?

I’ll definitely miss him.

Sol-i, how was your job interview?

Why did you come without telling me?

Let’s break up.


What are you…

You’re going to the US.

Why didn’t you tell me?

I haven’t decided yet.

Am I not a factor in that decision?


What’s wrong?

I can’t

take it anymore.

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
code blue.

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
code blue.

-First floor…
-Wait for me here.

I’ll be right back.

First floor ER, code blue.

Kim U-hyeon, male, 53. TA.

-And Dr. Heo?
-He’s performing an operation.

He’s wrapping things up.

-Dr. Cha, V-tach!
-Bring the defibrillator. Hurry.

And the epinephrine.

-A hundred and fifty joules.


-Two hundred joules.

Doctor, his blood pressure is dropping.

Full volume. Pump in more blood.


Dr. Cha.

Are you Sol-i’s boyfriend?


What brings you here?

Could you…

tell Sol-i that I’m here?

Her phone’s turned off.

Sol-i packed up and moved out today.

Didn’t you know?




I’m leaving today.

Will you

come to see me?

Don’t wait for me.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our flight will take off shortly.

Please fasten your seat belts.

Ladies and gentlemen, our flight will land
at Incheon International Airport shortly.

Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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-It’s been a while.
-It really is you, Heon.

Weren’t you going to settle in the States?

I should have said hello sooner.
I’m Woo Dae-sung.

-What brings you here?
-I’ll always be here for Sol-i.

Please do your best.

What? That’s unlike you
to ask for a favor.

Drink this. I thought you don’t drink.

-Thank you.
-Good job.

You’re welcome. You asked me a favor.

How do you know each other?

You’re Shin Sol-i, right?

-How do you know Dr. Cha?
-Why do you ask?

Sol-i, did you ever regret your decision?

Don’t you want to know why I came back?

Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

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