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A Love So Beautiful Episode 21 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

A Love So Beautiful Episode 21 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, A Love So Beautiful Episode 21 Drama Korea, A Love So Beautiful Epi 21 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, A Love So Beautiful Episode 21 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

A Love So Beautiful Episode 21 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [eng] A Love So Beautiful ep 21 KAKAO

Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Hey, Heon, listen carefully.

I don’t know why you did that to me
last night.

But that thing we did, you know?

You made a big mistake.

You can’t do that without my permission!

I mean,
we’re not even in a relationship anymore!

I guess she fought with her boyfriend.

Why aren’t you saying anything?

Ms. Shin.

Sorry? Who is this?

This is Seo Ji-su.

Dr. Cha’s phone kept ringing,
so I answered.

You should have told me sooner, then.

You didn’t give me a chance to.

Anyway, I’ll tell him that you called.

Okay. Thanks.

Dr. Cha.

Haven’t you forgotten something?

You left this behind.

I forgot.


Ms. Shin called a second ago.

What did she say again?

Last night…

Something did happen last night.

I’ll get going.

Come on. What is it? Tell me.

We’ll open the curtains.

How do I look?

I must have saved
my nation in my past life.

Or maybe I saved the universe.

-Don’t be ridiculous.

Truly incredible. You’re really gorgeous.

Let me see. Where are the wings you hid?

You won’t fly back to heaven, right?

You look like an angel.

Stop it.

Angel Ha-young, let me take a photo.

One, two…

I’m been blinded
by the beauty of this angel.

-Is it good?
-It is.

What’s this? I picked up lunch for you.

Heon already brought one for me.

-He says it’s good.

Nice. Since you bought it anyway,
give that to Heon.

Forget it. Why should I?

She’s right. Just leave it here.
I can eat more.

It will look like she bought it for me.


You already had enough.

This is a hospital, not a buffet.

I didn’t eat that much.

-Leave it here.
-Heon said he’s on call tonight.

He’ll be too busy to grab a bite.
Why not give it to him?

-Hurry up.

Let go.

-Hands off.

Come on. Hurry up. Run along.

Honey, Sol-i…

You embarrass me. Just finish your lunch.

-I’ve lost my appetite.

What are you doing?

What’s that?


Is that for me?

No. That’s not it.

I was passing by
and got curious about the on-call room.

Come in.

It’s a packed meal.
My mom told me to bring it to you.

I’ll get going.

Let’s share.

It will only take ten minutes.

Are you still angry at me?

I’m not angry.


Can we make up now?

“Make up”?

We already broke up three years ago.

I never once thought

that we broke up.

I did.


We’re going to make up.

-Be gentle, will you?
-Does that hurt? Sorry.

I’m sorry to give you all this trouble,
Mr. Superstar.

It’s okay, Mr. Shin.

I’d do anything to help Sol-i out.

Why would you do anything for her?

That’s her way of saying she’s grateful.

Are you leaving already?

I thought it was tomorrow.

Hi, Heon. We moved it up a day.

You must be busy.
There’s no need to see us off.

It’s okay.

Mom, I’ll go pay the bill.


Ha-young, you’re stunning.

Kang Ha-young,
congratulations on the wedding.


Thanks, guys. Let’s take a photo together.

-Got it.


Stop staring at her and greet your guests.


Go ahead.

Sol-i, doesn’t this dress
look better on me?

Yes, it suits you way better.

You look gorgeous.

I’m in deep trouble. What do I do?

What is it?

-What’s wrong?
-The wedding rings.

They’re gone.

I’m such an idiot! What do I do?
Where did they go?

Is there a hole in my tuxedo?

I don’t know where they went.

I mean,

Where else would they be, you idiot?

Don’t remind me.
I know I’m the world’s biggest idiot!

-You handed them to me earlier.

That’s right!

Okay. Where are they?

Here they are.

The diamond’s too big.

It’s not mine.

Yours is here.

Yes, these are mine.

Hurry up and go.

Okay, I’ll get going.



What’s with that diamond ring?

-Tell me about it later.
-Just go!

Jin-hwan, congratulations on the wedding.

Mi-nyeo, thank you for coming.

Say hello to Uncle Jin-hwan.


-Motherhood looks great on you.
-Oh, please.

She was always stunning.

-My son!

Wang Se-hyeong, the Super Dad.

Congratulations on welcoming twins.

Come to me for tips
on a successful marriage.

Thanks for being the host.


-Shall we go see Ha-young?

Good luck.

Jin-hwan, congratulations on the wedding.

Su-jin! Thank you for coming.

Jin-hwan, congratulations.

Hui-ji! I thought you wouldn’t make it
since you were in the States.

Thanks for coming.

-Ha-young’s over there.
-See you later.


Look at you.

-Guys, it’s been a while.
-Hi, Sol-i.

-See you later.

-How have you been?

I heard you’ll be getting married
in the States soon.


You and Heon should visit sometime.

-Are you catching the bouquet today?

To be honest, I thought it would be you.


This reminds me of high school.

What about your family? Do they know?


Please don’t tell anyone
I’m suffering from depression.


I like you.

I like Sol-i.

I was too young back then,

and I only cared about my feelings.

Heon asked me to give this to one of you.
Whose is this?

But that’s Heon’s.

Give it to me, sir.
I asked him to lend it to me.



I have something to tell you
about the flu.

Flu literally causes symptoms
which are much worse than a cold.

In other words, it’s like a severe cold.

Symptoms of the flu are just like a cold.

Usually, you get better
after several days.

I think Heon liked you a lot
even back then.

Next, the bride and groom

will say their vows
to promise they’ll be together forever.


you wrote a love letter
to all the girls in our high school.

Actually, not all of them.

I never wrote one for you.

Instead, you gifted me the only star
that was named after me.

And you gave me
a cute cell phone accessory.

Actually, it was for someone else.

I, Jeong Jin-hwan,
take Kang Ha-young as my wife

as I say these vows.

“Until I take my last breath,

I will be the universe

that protects the planet
known as Kang Ha-young.”

“I, Kang Ha-young, whether happy or sad,

will be your one and only fan

that will always listen to your songs.

The two of us met in this vast universe

by a special chance and became one.

We vow before you
that we will love each other more tomorrow

than we do today.

Groom, Jeong Jin-hwan.

Bride, Kang Ha-young.

Kiss the bride!

-Kiss the bride!
-Kiss the bride!

-Kiss the bride!
-Kiss the bride!

-Kiss the bride!
-Kiss the bride!

-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.

Kiss the bride!


I love you.

The bride will now throw the bouquet.

-Throw it as hard as you can.


Sub by Netflix & Synced by skysoultan
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Don’t expect me to help you
like I did back in the day.

-Help me.
-Did you get here on a time machine?

Strike a cute pose.

Shin Sol-i, be my girlfriend.

Not anyone can give you
a huge diamond like this.

-You can’t get a hold of Ms. Shin?
-She keeps avoiding me.

If I were her,
I’d be dating someone else already.

She’s not the old Sol-i who used to
sit around and wait for you.

-That was supposed to be a secret.
-What did you just say?

I’ll take Sol-i home.

I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me?

Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

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