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Gamsung Camping Episode 11 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Gamsung Camping Episode 11 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Camping Vibes Episode 10

(Na Rae’s best friends are here.)

(Yun Kyun Sang, Han Yoon Seo, Yang Se Chan)

(There was throbbing good manner.)

(There was regret about past love.)

(There was a heartwarming scene.)

(The first day was full of excitement.)

(Kyun Sang, is there someone you like here?)

(He took the bait.)

(What’s the result of tarot cards?)

(My. It’s the Lovers card.)

(He said there’s someone he’s attracted to here.)

(Kyun Sang’s tarot card reading enhances the excitement.)

(What about me?)

(You do have a lot of casual flings.)

My goodness.

(How can you turn me into a jerk like that?)

(The campers had a hot night with tarot cards.)

(The 2nd morning comes in Taean.)

(What will happen to the campers today?)

(This was filmed before Physical Distancing Level 2.5.)

(All the necessary precautions for Physical Distancing were taken.)

Guys. Let’s wake up.


(Se Chan who was sleeping in the tent also wakes up.)


Did you sleep well? Was it cold?


It couldn’t get any cozier.

I’m glad to hear that.

What do you mean by that?

No. I’m going to the mudflat.

(The noise wakes up Kyun Sang too.)

– Are you sprinkling water? – Yes.

(The noise wakes up Kyun Sang too.)

You didn’t go home.

I couldn’t.

Everyone. Do you know what the theme is?

Today’s vibe in Taean is Christmas.

(Today’s camping vibe is Christmas.)

(What’s Christmas like on the coast of Taean?)

You must find the ingredients with responsibility.

There are two things you can enjoy in Taean.

One is clam digging.

The other is webfoot octopus fishing.

You can enjoy fishing on a boat.

You must find the Christmas gifts…

in the mudflat and ocean.

(I can do it.)

Or we can’t have dinner.

Oh, we have to find ingredients for dinner now?

It’s due to tide.

Especially the webfoot octopus team must hurry.

There’s no time.

Let’s go.

(Let’s go catch webfoot octopuses.)

(Where will the campers arrive?)

(Naepo Port, Anmyeon Island, Taean)

(Webfoot octopus fishing on deck…)

(in the clean west sea)

(The recent warm current brought webfoot octopuses with it.)

(There’s also a privilege for fishing on deck.)

(Ramyeon with lots of seafood on deck)


(It’s huge.)

(They got really lucky with fish.)

(Will the campers enjoy the privilege of fishing on deck?)

– Is this it? – Is this the place?

I don’t even remember the last time I was on a boat.

Me either. I’m excited.

– Yes. – This is my first time.

I’ve never tried webfoot octopus fishing before either.

– Is this it? My goodness. – Oh, my.

It’s red. Look at the color.

(The webfoot octopus fishing boat is full of vibes.)

“If it was nice, it’s a good memory.”

“If it was bad, it’s an experience.”

– I like that phrase. – We’ll see…

if it’s going to be a good memory or an experience.

Let’s make a good memory.

Let’s not have a good experience.

We should make a good memory.

– Sounds good. – Let’s not experience.

– Hello. – You can hop aboard.

– Hello. – Hello.

Let me help you.

Hop aboard.

You have to wear a lifejacket.

– Okay. – It’s in the center.

(It was filmed safely with all the necessary precautions.)

We’ll set off.

We can do it.

– We can catch them. – We can catch them.

(They set off to catch webfoot octopuses.)

The weather is really nice.

Who would think this is a weather in November?

How is this possible in November?

I can’t see the horizon. It’s too linked to the sky.

I know.

It’s so beautiful.

This is what the ocean is.

– This is what the ocean is. – Yes.

Without webfoot octopuses, we can’t go back.

(The first fishing boat sets off energetically.)

Will we be able to catch them today?

There were people who couldn’t catch any on days like this…

even after fishing all day.

We have Fisher’s Luck Na Eun.

– Of course. – Fisher’s Luck Na Eun.

Na Eun’s good.

– I’m relying on her. – I’m relying on you, Na Eun.

(I caught one more.)

(In Episode 2, Fisher’s Luck Na Eun…)

(wiped out the Namhae sea.)

(I guess I really have fishing luck.)

You can rely on me. I’ll let you have webfoot octopus ramyeon today.

– I’m relying on you. – Of course.

– We’re almost there. – We’re here.

The first spot is 20m deep.

You’ll start fishing upon signal. You should get ready.

– Oh, my. – Let’s go.

You may start.

(They begin fishing webfoot octopuses with a buzzer.)

(Let’s have webfoot octopus ramyeon.)

It goes down pretty deep.

It’s deep.

You must feel that it’s touching the ground.

(The fishing line goes 20m down.)

Wait. I feel it.

– Did you feel the touch? – Yes.

You should move it up and down slowly.

(Luring webfoot octopuses by moving the fishing rod up and down)


(His hands are moving fast. Is it a bite?)

– Keep reeling in. – I’m not sure.

(Kyun Sang tries his first reeling.)

– You got one. – I caught it.

That’s awesome.

(A webfoot octopus is hanging.)

(Kyun Sang caught the first webfoot octopus.)

– That’s awesome. – I caught one.

You caught one, didn’t you?

Did I really catch one? Hold on.

This is a webfoot octopus.

– I caught one. – You caught one.

I still can’t believe it.

(He’s excited to catch the webfoot octopus.)

I’m surprised.

It’s the first bite.

It feels weird.

Is it a bite?

(Did Na Eun get a bite?)

Keep reeling in.

That’s right.

– I caught it. – She caught it. It’s big.

– Let me catch one too. – I caught it.



(Fisher’s Luck Na Eun’s first webfoot octopus)

Let me get one too.

(Did Young Mi catch it after Kyun Sang and Na Eun?)

(There’s nothing.)

I haven’t caught anything when you both already have.

It’s pretty easy.

I’m the only one who couldn’t catch anything.

I want to feel it too.

Young Mi. It’s totally different from regular fishing.

I want to catch one too.

(Young Mi doesn’t know what it’s like to get a bite.)

The fishing point keeps changing.

– I caught another one. – Again?

She caught one more.

(2 webfoot octopuses)

(She groans in jealousy.)

This is so fun.

– Catch it. – I caught it again.

You really are Fisher’s Luck Na Eun.

So that’s why they call her Fisher’s Luck Na Eun.

Lift it up.

She’s very good at it.

She keeps catching them.

My goodness. What about me?

(Young Mi hasn’t caught any.)

– She caught one more. – That’s amazing.

Na Eun. You’re amazing.

(It got caught by Na Eun.)

Oh, my goodness. This is crazy.

– My goodness. – This is really crazy.

– She finally got it. – I can’t believe myself.

I think I’m catching 1 every 5 minutes.

I think I can catch 100.

Young Mi. Shall we just sit down and rest?

You should rest. I’ll do all the work.

It’s strange. Na Eun’s good at it.

Na Eun must be very sensitive.

– You’re good to go. – I don’t feel anything.

I don’t feel anything either.

(She focuses on her fingertips.)

You have to wait.

Now is the time.

(Did she finally get a bite?)

It got stuck in the sea floor.

(It’s not a webfoot octopus.)

(I see.)

I wish I can catch at least one.

– You haven’t caught any yet? – Nothing yet.


You must be very dull.

(This must be…)

– You caught it. Reel in. – I caught it.

– That’s it. – I got it.

(It’s a webfoot octopus.)

– Bring it over the boat. – Okay.

– Reel in? – Yes, reel in.

– You’re very unfortunate. – And press the button.

I caught three.

Young Mi hasn’t caught any,

but I caught three… Oh, no.

Kyun Sang.


– You better be modest. – I know.

You better watch out when you’re on a roll.

– I’ll be modest. – You better be modest.

Yes, ma’am.

Will you stop stamping on me?

I already feel so small.


It’s crazy.

I don’t even care about the ramyeon.

Kyun Sang. I’m not getting off the boat until I catch one.

Keep that in mind.

– All right. – We’re moving.


I’ll catch a lot over there.

I’ll catch a lot in a new spot.

Young Mi. You shouldn’t be disappointed now.

(They reach the second fishing point.)

Let’s go. Let’s get to work.

I can do it.

You can do it, Young Mi. Don’t be disappointed.

Don’t be disappointed here. You can do it.

I can’t stop watching Young Mi’s fishing rod.

(It’s getting interesting.)

Young Mi. Are you giving up?

She’s concentrating.

If she…

catches a cuttlefish, it will look great.

– That’s like a movie. – It’ll be a movie.

I think I know what it feels like.

I got it.

I got it.

Never mind.

Is it now?

– No. – No?


Why don’t I have fishing luck?

(Young Mi hasn’t caught anything for an hour.)

(Bite it, webfoot octopuses.)

– I caught one. – Did you?

I caught one.

He got one.

Reel in.

– It’s big. – That’s so big.

That’s an octopus.

– An octopus? – That’s an octopus.

(The big one is an octopus.)

– My goodness. – He caught an octopus.

How did you catch an octopus?

Let’s have raw octopus.

It’s an octopus.

– Octopus sashimi. – Let’s have raw octopus.

An octopus?

That’s awesome.

I caught one.

(He reels in fast.)

Wait. What’s this?

What’s that? Is that an octopus again?

(It’s an octopus again.)

Are we here to catch octopuses?

– My goodness. – Really?

I caught an octopus that can raise up Young Mi who is down.

(Feeling proud)

I’m going to catch one.

(He even proves it to the drone.)


(She starts to get angry.)

I’m getting stressed out.

You said fishing relieves stress.

Na Eun.

It’s fun to catch a lot,

but I can’t say it.

(I can’t say it’s fun.)

I can’t say what’s true.

I can’t say what I like.

I think I caught one.

Keep reeling in.

Don’t say that. I’ll catch it quietly.

Let me catch it quietly.

(They’re on eggshells. She didn’t hear it.)

(She got a bite.)

Don’t catch it.

– Come on, Na Eun. – Hush.

It’s funny.

Pretend you didn’t see it.

You’ve mastered it.

I know. Reel in. You’ve caught an octopus.

(It’s an octopus again.)

– It’s an octopus. – She caught an octopus.

(They’re quiet even though she caught an octopus.)

An octopus.

We can’t be happy even though we’re happy.


Kyun Sang and Na Eun are catching so many.

But I’m not getting any bites.

Relax your shoulders.

I can’t relax my shoulders.

Get that out of my sight. Put that drone away…

before I smash it.

(She vents her anger on the drone.)

I need to focus.

She’ll smash it.

(She’s angry.)

Young Mi needs to catch one.

How about putting three lures?

– Shall we? – I think that will help.


What if you still can’t catch any?

– Na Eun. – Seriously.


– I’m barely holding it. – I take it back.

This is her last chance. It’s up to her luck now.

I got three lures.

(It’s her last chance.)


She got three lures. She can work out her muscles.


(Her last challenge begins.)

I’m going to catch one.

I’m not moving…

until I catch one.

I can do it.

That’s a pro’s attitude.

(It’s the genuine pro’s attitude.)


Young Mi and the sea.

I’m going to catch one before I hop off.

(Young Mi versus webfoot octopus, who will be the winner?)

If I still can’t catch anything,

I’ll give up.

(She announces to retire from the fishing world.)

I’ll jump into the water.

(The fishing rod bends.)

– I got it. – You must catch it.

(She got it. It’s real this time.)

– I got it. – You must catch it.

(Reeling in)

She got it.

We can finally go home.

(Young Mi versus webfoot octopus, it’s intense.)

Let’s have ramyeon.

Let’s have ramyeon.


What’s that?

(Young Mi finally caught it.)



I’m sorry, but…

(It’s a mysterious creature.)

Is this the underworld?

(This must be the underworld.)

I have nothing to say.

– I’m sorry, but… – I’m sorry.

(The strings look like a webfoot octopus.)

I feel sorry somehow.

(This must be a dream.)

This is crazy.

I thought it was an octopus.

It would’ve been better if she hadn’t caught it.

I don’t think I get along with Taean.

Is there any other sea?

That’s crazy.

What’s this, by the way?

It’s garbage.

(It’s just marine garbage.)

“Marine garbage”.

Na Eun. Did you have to ask him?

You caught garbage.

(She had to confirm it.)

I can’t even do it on purpose.

“I can’t even do it on purpose.”



I’m sorry, but I’m really annoyed.

Will you leave me alone?

You webfoot octopus jerks.

I’ll kill them all.

(Just wait until I catch you.)

Seriously. This is so annoying.

I’m so mad at webfoot octopuses.

“If it was bad, it’s an experience.”

I had an experience.

We made a good memory,

– but she had an experience. – She had an experience.

(She has a lot of experience.)

My goodness.

It’s so humiliating. I can’t do it anymore.

I’ll make you ramyeon.

(It will cheer up Young Mi.)

I’ll have webfoot octopus ramyeon instead.

My goodness. That is…

That looks really good.

An octopus.

(They also add an octopus in ramyeon.)

You add them on the spot?

(Adding webfoot octopuses)

That’s right. Just get boiled in hot water.

(Taking revenge)


Our octopus is pink.

It looks delicious.

Let’s eat.

– Enjoy. – Bring it on.

(He cools it off then slurps it at once.)

(Young Mi slurps it too.)

It’s so delicious.


I’ve always wanted to have ramyeon on a boat.

(Na Eun completed her food bucket list.)

I’ll try the whole webfoot octopus.

(Looking delicious)

(Eating in one bite)

(He exclaims.)

The webfoot octopus head is so savory.

The webfoot octopus is really delicious.

You catch the small ones to eat.

(Eating the webfoot octopus head)

What’s the point of talking?

The octopus head is so good.

– Do you like it? – Yes.

(They eat ramyeon nonstop.)

(Na Eun eats,)



(and eats again.)

(The scent of ocean spreads in her mouth.)

This is crazy.

(He drinks the soup.)

It’s the best ramyeon I’ve ever had.

– Yes. – I agree. It’s so good.

Honestly, it was tough to go fishing in the morning.

– It was hard. – Right.

But it’s fun and delicious.

Though not everyone had fun.

(She couldn’t have fun.)

Still, she made it so funny.

Right. That’s true.

We finished it in no time.

This is what gobbling up is.

We gobbled up.

Only if we can sleep now, it’ll be perfect.

Is it your first time going to the mudflat?

My hometown…

is the mudflat.

Mokpo. Octopus.

(Park Na Rae is from Mokpo.)

But it’s my first time digging clams.

Still, you’ve been to a mudflat.

– That’s nothing. – It’s my first time.

But you’re an expert in doing stupid things.

Yes, you’re correct.

– First time to a mudflat? – Yes.

It’s so fun.

(The clam team is heading to the mudflat with high expectations.)

I’m curious about one thing. Between me and my brother,

how much do you like my brother?

In ratio?

For me…

I figured after camping yesterday…

that you’re my real favorite.

(Se Chan is her real favorite!)

All of a sudden? At which point did you start to think so?

I think we need to stop for a while.

– Why are you so happy? – Wait a minute.

I wasn’t your favorite at first.

– So I want to know the reason. – It’s hard to say you weren’t…

my favorite. The reason is that no matter how much we joke about you…

you didn’t frown once.

That’s not easy.

– That’s true. – Yes.

It’s not easy.

You’re a purer, down to earth, and…

a kinder person.

So you mean Se Hyeong is evil?

– Then… – Yes, and he’s not down the earth.

I’ll call him afterward and say,

“Someone said you’re evil.”

He’s pretending to be kind but…

– evil with a bad character. – An evil man.

– An evil person. – An evil person.

(Please don’t get the wrong idea.)

– We’re finally here. – We are here.

– Oh, my. – There are razor shells.

– We arrived. – Let’s breathe some fresh air.

Let’s go!

(Taean’s sand mudflat follows the coastal line.)

(It’s where sea and land animals harmonize and habitat together.)

(What kind of clam catching experience will the campers enjoy?)

What kind of clams can we catch today?

– You can catch razor shells… – Razor shell…

– surf clams, and Manila clams. – Yes!

– Razor shells are… – The long ones.

the ones you catch with salt?

– You’re correct. – Is it this one?

Yes, that’s right. The ones looking like this.

It’ll come out straight when you put some salt on it.

– I see. – Shall we go for it?

– Yes, sure. – Firstly…

carry one each.

Wait, wait, wait. Wear these pants.

– These are pants for work. – Pants for work.

– Wow. – Get some clams.

Here are your pants.

Each of you change…

– your shoes into boots. – Boots.

– It’s fun already. – I brought my hat.

– You brought a hat? – Where’s my hat…

– that I brought? – What kind of hat?

So Dam, you can carry this bucket.

– Yes. – Okay.

Wait here. I need to bring the hat.

– Okay. Go and bring it. – Yes.

Put your legs into it and fix it.

(They finished wearing the portable chair in no time.)

– Is it done? – Did I wear it correctly?

Nice. This is it.

I like it.


(At this moment)

– What is this? – Who’s this auntie?

(Who’s the auntie wearing a flower patterned hat?)

(Who are you?)

(Handing her something)

(A letter is given in a chic manner.)

(Did Se Chan write me a letter?)

This is a Christmas present.

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you to have camping full of vibes today.

So Dam will like it too. It’s full of vibes.

– What is he talking about? – I don’t know.

What does he mean?


What is he talking about?

(Stepping on her)

What are you doing?

– What are you doing? – Are you crazy?

– Why are you doing this? – Hey!

(This is your Christmas present!)

There’s a different person now.

(He’s changed into another person.)

(They can’t believe what is happening.)

What’s going on?

(Yang Se Chan has changed into Yang Se Hyeong.)

– Hello. – Your hat…

What’s going on?

(Where’s Se Chan?)

(Se Chan went to the parking lot to get his hat.)


(Se Chan actually came for…)

(Yang Se Hyeong who was hiding in the car.)

– Can I get out now? – Yes, you can.

– Where are they? – They’re there.

– I’m here pretending to get a hat. – Okay.

So you can wear the hat and walk in.

– Only the hat? – Yes, and cover your face.

– So you’re leaving now? – Yes, I am.

– So you’re leaving earlier? – Yes, I’m leaving.

Do you want to go home right now?


Go and experience them.

– They’ll know once you speak. – Yes.

So just walk in with this hat.

Give this to Na Rae.

– Like this? – Give this to Na Rae.

I’m leaving. Goodbye.

(Se Chan went home without hesitation.)

What’s going on?

(Se Hyeong successfully surprised them!)

Se Chan left just now.

I’m your camping buddy today.

– He’s left? – Yes, he’s gone.

He went to Seoul?

– Yes, Se Chan is gone. – Oh, my.

(Level 1, everyone is shocked.)

(Level 2, feeling sad)

(Look at So Dam’s face.)

You look like you want to cry.

Did he leave? I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Is she really crying?

I think you shouldn’t have come. Oh, no.

This is so uncomfortable.

Oh, no. So Dam is crying.

– Why did you make her cry? – Why are you crying?

(He’s never thought this would happen.)

– What’s wrong? – She’s crying. Go away.

(Real tears exploding)

Let me get going. Goodbye.

(Let me get going. Goodbye.)

– Se Chan! – Where is Se Chan?

Yang Se Chan!

– Did he seriously leave? – I think he did.

– What is this? – What is this?

I’ve never thought this would happen.

I feel seriously sad.

Anyway, I’m here.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry to welcome…

– you like this. – I’m sorry.

You all must’ve grown close. I understand.

– We all became so close. – I know, I know.

– We became so friendly. – I know, I know.


you said you really wanted to see Se Hyeong.

(So Dam wanted to see Se Hyeong so badly at first.)

– Hello. – I’m sorry.

(Impressing first impression)

Actually, when we asked So Dam her preference over…

Se Chan and you, she said your name since yesterday.

– Yes, that’s true. – But I noticed for a long time…

that people say they prefer me in front of Se Chan and…

the opposite when they are with me.

You chose Se Chan this morning.

Oh, yes, she did.

As soon as I said that, he left.

He’s a betrayer.

– Betrayer. – We’ll eat all the clams.

– Okay then. – Let’s go.

I didn’t even imagine this would happen.

I just came to eat some nice food.

– Shall we catch them all? – Yes.

Let’s do this!


– we should all catch 10kg each. – Okay.

(How to catch razor shells)

(1st, dig the ground with a homi.)

Do you feel salty?

(2nd, sprinkle salt at the hole.)

(3rd, wait until the razor shell comes out.)

(A razor shell has come out.)

I got it!

(Yes, I got it!)

(The first razor shell caught today.)

(Continuous catch)

I think I’m born for this.

(I’m the daughter of Mokpo.)

This suits me.

(Another razor shell)

They’re coming up.

Two of them!

This is amazing.

(She succeeded in catching 2 at once!)

How many did you all catch?

– Did you catch it already? – I caught four of them.

Seriously? Why are you so good at this?

I got it!

– Is that your 5th catch? – Yes, the 5th.

– You’re good. – She’s good.

This suits me.

You’re different.

– You’re catching it, right? – Yes!

We’re on this.

(Finally, So Dam also caught a razor shell!)

This is so big!

Two are coming up together!

This is amazing.

This is amazing. It’s so big.

(Catching 2 razor shells with 1 homi)

(Se Hyeong is really into catching the shells.)

It’s working.

Shall we have some bet?

– I’d love that. – A bet?

– Is it for a finger flick? – Yes.

How shall we divide into teams?

– By flipping hands? – Okay.

Front or back!

Front or back!

(Na Rae and Yoon Seo are on one team.)

– Okay. – Okay.

(Se Hyeong and So Dam are on the other team.)

– The lost team gets finger flicked. – Okay.

– Ready, start! – Ready, start!

– Start! – We’re catching for 10 minutes!

(The time limit is 10 minutes.)


Come up! Hurry!

– It’s out. – One!



(Catching and catching)

Okay. I got three.

– You got three? – Oh, my.

So Dam, do you like losing?

I’ve never got finger flicked in my life.

– Okay. – Today’s the day to get it.

No, so I won’t lose.

(There’s no finger flick in my life. She’s very competitive.)

Come up! I caught one!

Why isn’t it coming up?


– Three! – Nice.

– Four! – Nice!

We’re doing good.

So Dam, you’re very competitive.

I am competitive.

Good. We’re adding ours anyway.



– Hey, Yoon Seo. – Yes.

How many did you catch?

– They’re coming up now. – Are they?

They are on their way!


Another one here.

(She’s caught only 2.)

This is not working.

Why are they not coming up?

Why are they not coming up?

What’s the problem?

All of a sudden, they’ve decided not to come up.

If you get finger flicked by Se Hyeong,

– you won’t be able to talk today. – I know.

I can’t get hit.

(I don’t want to get finger flicked.)

Come out!

(Razor shells, please come out.)

– Yes. – Why aren’t they coming out?

Na Rae, did you dig some holes?

I haven’t heard any success from your side.

(Being silent)

– Why is there nothing suddenly? – Are you working on it?


Does a surf clam count?

– Only razor shells. – Only razor shells.

Wow! An octopus!

It’s an octopus!

(She caught an octopus that no one asked for.)

– An octopus? – Did you catch an octopus?

– An octopus? – Did she catch an octopus?

Isn’t an octopus equivalent to three razor shells?

In our match, an octopus means nothing.

An octopus should be counted as three razor shells.

– Yes. – Of course!

Live octopus is really delicious.

I told you it doesn’t count.

I caught 10 razor shells.

– 10? – Yes.

(Yoon Seo is leading the team.)

There’s one minute left!

(There’s only 1 minute left!)

Na Rae, you can do this!

You can do it!

(Digging holes like crazy)

She hates losing too.

One more.

Just one more.

– Let’s catch 1 more. – Just 1 more, please.

Why aren’t you coming up? Hurry, come up.

(Getting nervous)

– Come up! – Hurry, hurry!

The betting made us…

– catch them like crazy. – Yes, you’re right.

We’re doing great! Okay, now three,

– two, – It’s coming up!

– one! Time’s up! – It’s coming up.

– Oh, no! – The time’s up. Stop.


(We did our best.)


Na Rae’s back is already sad.

– No, what are you talking about? – How did it go?

– Her back shows her frustration. – Okay. Stop now.

Why did you block it?

– Stop. We need to play fair. – Na Rae.

I think I used all my luck for that octopus.

(Park Na Rae, the daughter of Mokpo)

(Nae Rae’s team caught 11 razor shells and So Dam’s team caught 25.)

We won!

We won!

(Finger flick present goes to Na Rae and Yoon Seo.)

Let’s do this!

Okay, Yoon Seo.

Your hands are bigger than I thought.

Be ready.

(How will So Dam’s first finger flick go?)

Do it hard.

(Oh, my!)

So Dam! Oh, gosh!

(Falling on the ground)

You did very good.

– Na Rae, it’s your turn. – I’m sorry.

– You have great potentials. – I’m surprised too.

Okay, have a seat.

– Wait, wait. – It won’t hurt.

– This won’t hurt. – Okay, okay.

(She’s terribly scared.)

It’s too scary.

(She’s more nervous as his finger flick is famous to be strong.)

(A single scream)

I gave you a weak one.

(Getting dizzy)

– Her forehead is too red. – She has a finger on her forehead.

(Finger stamp)

It was hot.

(Se Hyeong’s finger flick is always hot and spicy.)

– Shall we go? – Let’s go.

We should go and wait.

(The clam team arrived at the camping site first.)

They’ll arrive soon.

Do you have any ideas to surprise them…

– like what you did to us? – We were really surprised.

How shall we explain Se Chan’s absence?

You can say he went to the toilet.

But you should do like…

“He went to the toilet”, as if this won’t be on air.

– I got that. – You know what I’m saying, right?

– They’re here? – Where’s my mask?

(They’re already here?)

– Go hide in the back. – Over there.

– Go! – Hide.


I’m nervous.

(Nervous and thrilled)

– How was it? – Good.

– Welcome back! – You were enjoying the vibes.

We should’ve gone to them and greeted them.

Let’s go then.

Come and rest for a while.

Young Mi, come and enjoy the scenery.

– Wait. – The view is so nice.

– Where did Se Chan go? – He went to the toilet.

The sea became a mudflat.

(While the webfoot octopus team went towards the ocean)

Let’s tidy up a bit when Se Chan comes…

and let’s rest for a while after changing clothes.

That sounds nice.

(He’s moving covertly and gloriously like the action actors in films.)

(Moving towards the target)


– This team is… – Boo!

What was that?

– You seriously! – Oh, my!

– You’re such a clown. – Hello.

– You’re such a clown. – Hello.

(Figuring what’s happening)

– I thought he was Se Chan. – You surprised me.

It’s nice to see you.

– I don’t think you mean it. – It’s really nice to see you.

It’s my first time to see Na Eun surprised.

What’s going on? Where is Se Chan?

Se Chan went home for real.

– Seriously? – He’s left.

– Is it a prank or real? – He has seriously left.

– Without saying goodbye? – Yes!

– What is this? – They’ve become too close.

– Did he really leave? – I feel a bit disappointed.

He’s left without saying goodbye.

He’s awkward again.

No, no. It’s great to have you.


Se Chan was really nice.

I feel the same!

He was super nice.

Hey, Na Rae.

Why are you so mean to my friend?

– We like you so much. – Please welcome him.

– He came as a Christmas present. – I see.

He’s a present.

I have so many questions for you.

Will you cry again later on?

No way.

– He watched all our episodes. – I can’t cry…

– She cried a lot already. – I can’t cry anymore.

If I cry more, many people will think I’m having some illness.

– Let’s keep our day happy today. – That sounds great.

– Let’s go. – Happy day!

– See you after changing. – Okay!

(Campers are changing after wok.)

Oh, my. Wait for me.


(Camping buddies are coming out first.)

It’s already Christmas.

We were in Mexico yesterday.

(A cute Christmas fairy is here!)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

(Na Eun is the Little Red Riding Hood.)

(She looks cute.)

Everyone is red today.

Merry Christmas!

Oh, my! What’s this!

– You’re dressed as a comedian. – You seriously.

What does it mean by, “Being dressed like a comedian”?

It means you’re cute.

You’re stringing me along.

(Warming and friendly same-aged friends)

– Wow, Yoon Seo. – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

(Campers became Christmas fairies.)

– I’ll put the classic carol on. – Great!

Let’s see your sensibility.

(The song chosen by DJ Na Rae is?)

It’s Mariah Carey’s song.

(“All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey)

(Happy with the song)

Do you all want the Christmas vibes?

– Yes! – We want it!

The vibes are all in the back!

Follow me!

– Let’s go! – Yes!

(Let’s go find the Christmas vibes!)

(So happy)

Go around in a circle!

Okay, follow me!

They’re adorable.

Follow us.

(The Christmas train is on its way.)

– Let’s go! – Let’s go!

Follow the person in front!


(The fun party continues)

(Se Hyeong wants to have more fun.)


Turn it off!

– Turn it off! – Come one.

Dance with me.

Just carry this!

(Exploded with joy)

– No. – Just stop.

No, he’s just too happy.

– Yes. – This is great.

He’s driving me crazy.

(Starting to set with Se Hyeong’s craziness)

We just hang like this?

– Yes, yes. That’s the vibe. – I see.

But you know…

– you should harmonize them well. – Yes.

(Another music is playing)

We need a song like this.

(Together with the Christmas carols full of vibes,)

(campers are focused on decorating the site.)

(But Se Hyeong approaches Na Eun.)

Na Eun, I’ll help you with the high decorations.

I’m not tall enough.

(Legs with manners instead of hands)

Ask for help if you need to hang something high.

Se Hyeong, stop flirting and do this.

– You brothers are the same. – Both flirting with Na Eun.

– You brothers are seriously. – He helped to hang this high.

Is it an illness or something?

Na Eun is taller than him.

Na Eun is seriously taller.

Do you have anything to hang something high?

(Bragging too much)

Your head.

(A sudden horror vibe)

(The giant is untangling the decorations alone.)


Did you finish?

It’s not working.

– This? – This…

– It’s so tangled. – It’s completely tangled.

(Wait a minute.)

The two are shooting a movie.

– Oh, my. – Oh, gosh.

(The genre is of course romance?)

– I envy Na Eun. – Go and disturb them.

– Go and disturb them! – I’m not close enough with them.

It seems impolite.

– He’s an introvert. – He thinks it’s impolite.

– Why are you so shy? – Why is that impolite?

I’m constantly beside Young Mi.

– Because you are shy. – He’s an introvert.

Go and play somewhere else.

– They look so good together. – They look like a picture.

– I got it! – Well done.

(The movie ended by untangling the string.)

I untangled!

(They look good.)

(Christmas camping vibes are being completed with sweetness.)

(Feet with manners are working hard as well.)

I think we’re done.

Well, these really make the site have Christmas vibes.

Yes, they do.

(Christmas tree with fancy decorations)

– It’s good. – It’s done.

The candles are so pretty too.

They’re pretty.

(Cute little decorations)

(Finished brining the Christmas vibes)

I love it!

– Isn’t it like traveling abroad? – Yes.

– The sound of the waves is nice. – It’s great.

(Special Christmas atmosphere that can be felt only in camping)

It’s best to be in silence at a place like this…

and listen to the sound of the waves.

I host a party for every Christmas.

But what do you all do?

– At Christmas? – Yes.

– This year… – What did you do…

with Prince Stingy?

I haven’t done anything special…

for Christmas.

– Seriously? – Yes.

I spent my Christmas at Na Rae Bar every year.

How grand will it be?

We partied for 3 days and 2 nights last year.

It was a precious time. We wrote rolling papers for each.

We wrote a letter to the person beside us and rotated it.

I like something touching at Christmas.

So we talk about us in 10 years.

– I love it. – What we want from each other.

– What we want from each other. – You don’t like it, right?


I just got an image…

of Young Mi crying talking about…

– herself in 10 years. – I won’t cry!


I’m not crying because of you!

I won’t cry, you psychopath that stops one from crying!

(Mischievous Santa)

(Others are having fun with Se Hyeong teasing Young Mi.)

Why is Yang Se Hyeong here?

Se Chan!

(Good Se Chan is gone, and mean Se Hyeong is here.)

Did you trust that Santa Claus existed when you were young?

– I did. – I totally trusted it.

– For how long? – Until I became a fourth grader.

– You have trusted for very long. – Right.

My father used to give the presents until I was in middle school.

Middle school is really…

– You have realized it very late. – Second grade in middle school…

But I had my second Santa Claus…

after my middle school.

Who is it?

It is Park Na Rae.

– Gosh. – What did Park Na Rae do for you?

There is a good story about her.

– What is it? – What did I do for you?

Ms. Park presented me with a luxury bag.

(Shy Santa Park)

Personally, I think the best Christmas present for Yoon Seo…

would be today. Because…

when I talked with Na Rae on the phone, she told me that…

her first goal on this program was to do camping with you.

I wanted to bring her. Also camping makes you feel…

– really good. – That is right.

We have good members as well.


Why are you doing that so suddenly?


(Why are you doing that so suddenly?)

– Is she for real? – She is doing that out of nowhere.

So suddenly? Is this how it feels?

– Is this how it feels when I cry? – What’s going on?

– Is she for real? – What is this? Is it real?

So suddenly?

What should we do with her?

In such a bright day time?

It is really bright.

– I am so embarrassed. – Well…

– What is going on? – She is not crying…

in a normal way but…


She suddenly cried.

Why do your tears come out like…


Her tears came out as they are exploding.

She is driving me crazy.

– Hey. – I was so surprised by her.

Hey, Yoon Seo.

(Encore of crying)

Why is he doing that?

What is wrong with him?

(Her tears went back in because of her mean seniors.)

This is the reason why I don’t cry.

I knew this is going to happen.

This is what happens when you cry in front of comedians.

– You lose when you cry. – Dare to cry.

– Don’t cry. – Don’t cry.

– Don’t every cry. – Don’t cry.

Whoever cries would get laughed at.

(Non-comedians are really surprised.)

– Come on. – Gosh.

(She calms down and tries to continue the conversation.)

So I got a luxury bag.

Two us are from same agency. When we had a year-end party,

Na Rae came with her own luxury necklace.

She said to me, “You always wear a casual outfit”.

She gave me the necklace and said, “This is my necklace but take it.”

I said, “Na Rae…”

Then she said, “But I feel sorry it is something that I was wearing.”

What she said made me feel so thankful to her.

Oh, my.

But on top of that, I got drunk that night, stood up on a chair,

and shouted, “I got this from Na Rae!”

The staff of our company were like,

– “Give us some allowances too.” – It became a butterfly effect.

They acted like that.

Her manager called me the next day and said,

“Na Rae spent a lot of money yesterday because of you.”

– Really? – I felt really sorry for her.

So I said, “I heard that you have spent a lot of money because of me.”

Then she said, “No, I was planning to share with you guys anyway”

“You made such a great opportunity for me…”

“that I could do it in a nice way.”

– Goodness. – So I said,

“But Na Rae, I was so happy that you gave me this necklace,”

“but I am so sorry that I made a mistake.”

After that…

(Shaking camera)

(Crying alert)

– I am sorry. – I am sorry.

She said, “Yoon Seo,”

“you can make mistakes anywhere you go.”

“I am fine with it…”

“as long as it makes you happy. Do whatever you want to do.”

So I was like…

I was…


She did that because of me.

I shouldn’t be laughing.

What should I do?

That was such a touching story.

I wish this good story spreads out to the world, Yoon Seo.

It was both funny and touching at the same time, Yoon Seo.

(Campers have got themselves into Don’t Laugh Challenge.)

But I want to ask Na Rae…

why Yoon Seo captured your heart among all other juniors.

I think there is such a thing.

Yoon Seo has started her comedy on “Comedy Big League”.

She did her first work as a comedian with me.

When I do my work…

I care a lot about detail things such as items and outfits.

– That is right. – She is very thorough. Very strict.

I am very strict.

There would be props that the production crew declines.

Then I would say, “They said no? It can be done.”

Yoon Seo could just say that she can’t get it.

But somehow, she gets it.

How many years have we done that?

– It was more than 4 years. – We did it for more than 4 years.

We have done it continuously.

We did about 3 to 4 skits together.

She was not only good at preparing props,

but she has good ideas…

and is humorous as a comedian.

I wished her to become successful…

because I knew that.

That is right.

(I wished her to become successful.)

There is something that I have realized as I work as a comedian.

It is really important what kind of senior or junior you meet.

That is true.

– It changes who that person is. – That is right.

There would be a talent that person possesses.

That talent would become more prominent…

depending on what kind of senior or junior you meet.

I can relate to what you have said.

I have met such a great senior.

– Please. – But for me…

that is something that I should learn from Na Rae.

I am an individualist.

So I have never taken care of someone else.

I did not know what to do when juniors approached me.

So I have not taken care of someone before.

But when I see Na Rae, she is really good at it.

So I have many things that I should learn from her.

(I have many things that I should learn from her.)

– But… – How cool.

Are you leaving to stop your tears?

What is going on?

She is trying to hold her tears.

You can cry here, Young Mi.

Come on, Young Mi.

– Cry. – I will not cry.

– I am not going to cry. – Gosh.

Oh, my.

– She got through it well. – I am never going to cry.

(A lonely boxer in her own fight)

– This is so hilarious. – Never show your tears.

He would be always there smiling when we cry.

– Don’t ever… – Right.

New nightmare. He is coming.

(Christmas nightmare, “Don’t Cry”)

Aren’t we supposed to be preparing for dinner yet?


It is only 3:46pm.

It is because what I am going to cook takes three hours.

(It takes three hours to cook.)

Don’t you lie.

– I am serious. – Are you serious?

Are you serious?

It is very easy to cook.

Since we have clamps,

we are going to roast them anyway.

(Clamps that the campers have collected…)

(would get roasted deliciously on a fire.)

– How about webfoot octopuses? – What should we do with them?

We also have webfoot octopuses and octopuses.

(Webfoot octopuses would get roasted…)

(and octopuses would get stir-fried with a spicy taste.)

– If we can have raw oysters, – Raw oysters are good.

we can put olive oil on raw oysters…

– Squeeze a lemon on it. – Yes, squeezing a lemon on it.

(With a refreshing lemon juice on it…)

– We should put some onions on it. – I love it.

Then we should put a little bit of chili sauce.

That’s good.

– Let’s start cooking. – In that case…

Since he said it takes three hours…

We should get started indeed.

(Dinner preparation has started.)

I hope someone could help me.

– In that case… – Help me out.

Young Mi should help him.

Oh, my.

You can do with her.

Let’s get started. Come to me, Team Seafood.

First of all, Young Mi should help me get a burner…

and a huge pot from behind. Please help me prepare those.

Please make it quick.

– Where should we roast it? – We can do it over here.

– Here? – Over here.

(They have settled in a corner.)

Help me get some water, Young Mi.

Bring me two more bottles of water.

Here are your bottles of water.

Thank you. Please put them down here.

Young Mi.

Please bring me a chopping board and a knife.

(A chopping board and a knife)

Young Mi.

– Do we have disposable gloves? – We do have them.

Please help me clean it up. Put it in a recycle bin.

I am losing my pride.

I am so ashamed of myself.

(Chef Yang has started cooking his secret dish.)

(A big chunk of meat)

Let’s just have a good meal today.

(One more chunk)

What is he doing anyway?

(What is chef Yang’s hidden dish?)

Shank suyuk.

We have to boil it for three hours because the shank is tough.

If we boil it for three hours, its tendons would get melted.

Then it would give out a unique element that would make it chewy.

(It will be boiled until its tendons melt and give a unique flavor.)

(Cut a big onion into half.)

I am doing it almost like a feast.

(And plop them into it.)

What did you put into the water?

Onions and spring onions.

(Handling spring onions without hesitation)

Whose recipe is this?

This is what my teacher has cooked me when I went to another show.

– You mean Mr. Paik? – Yes.

It is almost done. We just have to boil it.

Mission successful.

(After boiling, it would be completed.)

Let’s go.


(Team Seafood is on their way to clean ingredients.)

– I just have to clean here, right? – Yes.

(A bunch of octopuses to clean)

– We have to clean clamps until… – They move a lot when I put water.


How am I supposed to clean them?

I wonder if So Dam could handle small octopuses.

It must be tasty.

Why do I feel that they are scarier than an octopus?

– Really? – Really? Then I will do it.

No, no.

– Really? – Then I will do it.

(The guy with manners appears upon scared So Dam.)

(He is sweet.)

No. I will do it.

(So Dam wants to do it without help.)

I think I can do it.

(Taking on the challenge to clean the octopuses and webfoot octopuses)

– Each tentacle, okay? – Of course.

(A proud brother)

If you don’t take it out separately, there will be some residue.

(While they’re washing the seafood together)

Shall we make some seasoning?

– Young Mi. – Yes?

Please get me sesame oil and sugar.

(He’s bossing her around again.)

I said please.

It’s hurting my pride.

Darn it.

(He meant to move this here.)

Okay, Chef Yang.

– Here’s the sesame oil. – Thank you. Also,

some sesame seeds.

– Sesame seeds? – Get up and stand up!



It’s driving me crazy.

– Here’s the sesame seeds. – Okay.

(The main chef is very playful.)

(Adding the seasoning by estimate and mixing)

(Looking like a professional)

(Sipping and sucking)

(Sipping like a country mouse)

Did you learn that from Mr. Paik?


– He said to taste the saltiness. – I see.

“You need to adjust the saltiness.”

“Just add sugar into it.”

– Yes, I’ll add it. – Just add it in.

“Add sugar until you wonder if you’ve put too much.”

– Are you done? – Yes, I’m done.

Okay, should I put them back?

– Yes, please put them back. – All right.

I’ve washed them all.

We still have a long way to go.

Aren’t you going to add herbs?

– Do you know this part? – I do.

It’ll take amazing.

(Watching the sea while preparing dinner)

It’s beautiful.

I love it.

– This is amazing. – It’s perfect today.

It’s different from what we saw yesterday.

It’s so pretty.

Come and watch this.

– Let’s watch that first. – Come sit and enjoy this.

– Okay, sure. – It’s really beautiful.

(Taking the front seat for the sunset)

(A Christmas sunset enjoyed with best friends)

This is crazy. I love it.

It’s my first time seeing something like that.

– It’s really pretty. – This is…

too much to capture in a photo.

(Capturing it with their eyes)

I really like the smell of the sea. It’s beautiful.

I can’t believe this is real.

(The sunset made the playful Se Hyeong speechless.)

It’s my first time to see the sun setting for real.

We must be blessed.

It’s really setting every moment.

We can see it clearly because the weather is good.

It’s really beautiful.

– The Yellow Sea is wonderful. – That’s right.

This is great.

(A precious time with only a few days left in the year)

It’s so pretty.

(The sun is already hiding behind the horizon.)

It sets so quickly.

I really like our camping site today.

I also like the fact that Na Rae’s friends are here.


– I’m so glad to see it with you. – Me too.

I love it.

(The place you’re with their friends is the best camping site.)

This is just great.

(They finished watching the sunset.)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock

What should we do?

You need to be careful of your hands always.

Just insert the blade,

and scratch inside.

Then the top part will fall off.

– It’ll open up like this. – I see.

Where did you learn to do that?

On the island.

We opened oysters to eat.

(Sharing memories of cooking meals)

You can also get hurt from the shell than the knife.

(Be careful of the oyster shell!)

Be careful.

We won’t be able to see this if it gets darker.

– We need to hurry. – That’s true.

Wait a minute.

(Cleaning the oysters together)

We’re almost done.

Kyun Sang, I think that’s enough.

– Only this? – Yes.

Let’s start the grill and cook the oysters.

Let’s start the grill.

– Okay. – Yes.

(Standing up for the next mission)

(Surprised at his hands)

– Did you cut yourself? – My hands are scratched.

– Oh, my goodness. – Why? What’s wrong?

I think it’s from the oyster shell.

Oh, my goodness. He’s bleeding.

– Isn’t that red thing blood? – Yes.

– Oh, my goodness. – Let me see it.

It’s okay. It’s only a slight scratch.

– I think it was from the shell. – No, wait.

– You got scratched. – It’s a light scratch by the shell.

(Kyun Sang leaves calmly.)

– It’s okay. It’s a small scratch. – No, are you sure?

(Feeling upset)

Oysters can be really tough.

– Is your hand okay? – Yes, it’s fine.

(Putting on a grill for the oysters)

– Let’s cook them now. – Shall we?

(Neatly cleaned seafoods)

That looks amazing.

Let’s start with the pen shells.

(Starting with the pen shells with large flesh)

Let’s grill all four.

(Large and meaty)

That’s awesome.

(When the pen shells starts boiling with juice,)

(cut it into bite-sized pieces.)

Shall we add it now? Okay, let’s do it.

– We should add it. – Cheese?

Yes, cheese.


(Did you say cheese?)

– Here’s cheese. – That’s awesome.

– Okay. – Oh, my goodness.

You’re eating amazing meals.

(You’re eating amazing meals.)

Let’s cook the others too.

We need to grill the webfoot octopuses too.

– I agree. – Let’s cook the webfoot octopuses.

Yes, we did our best to catch them.

– Here are webfoot octopuses. – Please cook them well.

We need to eat them directly after they’re grilled.

(Assorted grilled clams that they caught themselves)

Look at that.

It’s boiling.

This is great.

(While the clams and webfoot octopuses are getting cooked)

Guys, let’s try some raw oysters.

– We need to eat that. – Should we gather around?

– We need the raw oysters. – Yes.

– I’ve really wanted to eat that. – It’s really Christmas.

(Adding olive oil on lemon juice)

Here’s hot sauce.

I heard raw oysters taste good with hot sauce.

We’ll try a Western style.

– Hot sauce goes well with it. – I want hot sauce too.

Please sprinkle it on top for mine.

– Let’s eat. – Let’s eat.

– Let’s make a toast. – Let’s do it.

Merry Christmas to you.

– Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas.

(Merry Christmas, everyone.)

– Merry Christmas. – Cheers.

(Eating the raw oyster in one bite)

(The oyster scent spreads throughout the mouth.)

(Shaking all over because of the good taste)

(Fresh raw oysters you can enjoy only now in winter)

I’ve really wanted to eat this.

(Slurping in one bite)

(The hot sauce hits him.)

The hot sauce tastes so good.

(Harmony of hot sauce and oyster)

(Oyster bottoms-up)

(The sea spreading throughout the mouth)


We need to open some more.

It’s so good.

I think we’ll have to open more oysters.

I don’t think two is enough.

Because we only added olive oil, it’s so savory.

It spreads all throughout.

– The scent is just amazing. – I agree.

(Already in his second oyster)

Foreigners get surprised watching us eat oysters like this.

That’s right, because it’s expensive.

It’s too expensive overseas.

– It’s so fresh. – It’s so good.

The oyster tastes amazing.

The lemon adds…

a sour flavor and it becomes very appetizing.

That’s when we should eat the grilled clams.

(Opening the grilled clams)

– Do we eat them now? – Yes.

We should eat them now. They’re all opened.

– Now’s the time. Dig in. – It’s now!

Dig in. You should try the razor shells.

– The razor shells. – They’re all opened.

– This? – Yes, eat up.

– It’s hot. – How to eat this?

– Eat it with the shell. – Like this?

– It’s hot. – Yes.

It’s my first time eating this.

(Taking a bite seriously)


(Making him shake the moment he ate it)

– Why? – You startled me.

(She got startled while cracking the shell.)

You don’t need to dip it in chojang.

You don’t need it?

(Taking a bite hurriedly)

Is this it?

(What is this?)

What is this?

(Everyone is hunting for the razor shells busily.)

(Deeply touched)

(What does it taste like?)

(Shaking all over because of the good taste)

– Out of all the clams I’ve eaten, – It’s so good.

– the razor shell is the best. – I agree.

– It’s so good. – Let’s cook more.

– Amazing. – I was wondering…

why they don’t grill razor shells with grilled clams.

It’s amazing.

– You’re right. They’re not common. – I haven’t seen razor shells.

Exactly. They’re so good.

How can this be so chewy?

It’s so chewy.

It becomes more savory as you chew on it.

The moment I tasted the razor shell, I regretted why I didn’t catch more.

– The razor shell is… – Don’t you think so?

a delicacy.

– We should’ve caught more. – Razor shells are so delicious.

Yes, they are.

Look at this. We should start eating them.

(Smoked webfoot octopus)

You can start digging in.

Let’s eat the webfoot octopuses.

– Aren’t they really cute? – They’re adorable.

I think they’ll taste good.

(Eating one whole piece by dipping in chojang)

(Chewy and juicy)

(The webfoot octopus that I caught)

We need to eat the webfoot octopus.

Because this was grilled, it has a smoky scent.

It’s very chewy too.

It’s so soft.

– It’s so soft. – Try the webfoot octopus.

(Chewy and soft grilled webfoot octopus)

The webfoot octopus is a delicacy.

It’s chewy and sweet.

The head tastes amazing.

It’s so savory.

– I think… – It’s good when we catch it.

(Catching it tastes better.)

(A proud webfoot octopus catcher)

– We caught them ourselves. – It’s always like that.

I think there are two kinds…

of delicious food.

The ones in season and the ones from local producers.

– You can’t win that. – That’s right.

– These apply to both of them. – All of it.

It’s good.

Let’s try the pen shells.

(The pen shells with melted cheese)

(Stretchy cheese)


(A lot of cheese on the chewy flesh)

(How far will the cheese stretch?)

How far will this go?

– It’s just wonderful. – It’s crazy. It’s so good.

(No way this will taste bad.)

– This is it. – It’s just chaos.

(Dizzy because of the good taste)

The flesh is amazing.

(Thick flesh)

It’s like luxurious pizza.

(A taste that reminds them of cheesy pizza)

It’s so good.

I agree.

(Gourmet Se Hyeong tries the flesh.)

It’s pizza.

– It’s definitely pizza. – What did I tell you?

– It’s like pizza. – Didn’t I tell you so?

You can’t miss out on the savory goodness of these scallops.

This was so delicious.

You scraped it clean.

Now everyone, should we go for the octopus stir-fry now?

– Yes, let’s do it. – All right.

– Is that chili oil? Wow. – Yes.

Add some green onions first.

(Chili oil makes a spicy base.)

(Sizzling green onion oil)

(Add vegetables,)

(add the octopus, and add the marinade.)

– Give me the marinade, please. – Please make it spicy.

This looks like it’ll be really delicious.

– The color is killer. – I bet it’ll be really delicious.

You can take it off the heat now, or the octopus will get tough.

Is it delicious?

It’s so delicious.

Amazing. It smells so good.

– I want to mix it with rice. – Right?

It turned out so tasty.

– Let’s eat. – Let’s dig in.

Quick, try the octopus, everyone.

Have some of the octopus. It’s incredibly delicious.

(Chewy and tender)

It’s so tender.

– It’s nice and spicy. – It’s so delicious.

– It’s the best. – It’s really delicious.


Making octopus stir-fry…

with live octopus is such an extravagance.

– The octopus was caught today. – That’s right.

– Right, it is an extravagance. – That’s true.

The marinade is the best.

Is it decent?

It’s so delicious. So delicious.

It tastes like a 50-year-old traditional recipe.

– You’re right. – You know what I mean?

– The flavors are so rich. – Yes, it’s rich.

Prepare your spoons. Who wants rice?

You made this so well.

I don’t like it when restaurants make it too sweet,

– but yours isn’t like that. – Can you give me…

some of the marinade?

(He expertly mixes the rice and takes a bite.)

(This is it.)

(It’s cheating if you don’t mix rice into the marinade.)

– It’s so tasty. – It’s delicious.

(One bite isn’t enough to savor all this umami.)

– I keep eating it since it’s spicy. – It’s really delicious.

It’s even better with rice.

Who wants laver flakes?

– You’re eating so heartily. – I like that Se Hyeong’s eating up.

– It’s so tasty. – It’s so tasty.

– Se Hyeong’s really picky too. – There’s no more marinade.

He’s a gourmet.

– It’s really delicious. – What a relief.

It’s sweet, salty, and spicy,

and it all comes together perfectly.

It’s perfectly balanced.

It’s captivated Se Hyeong’s tastes.

(It’s so delicious.)

– This octopus stir-fry… – I’ve had this dish so often,

but this marinade is especially delicious.

Chef Paik Jong Won has made this often as well.

Whose octopus stir-fry is better?

Chef Paik, or Na Rae?

(Which one is Se Hyeong’s pick for best octopus stir-fry?)

(Heart pounding)

This is too hard. It’s all right.

(Don’t mind me, Se Hyeong.)

(Chef Paik’s version versus President Park’s version)


(Swallowing hard)

It’s like asking who you like more, Mommy or Daddy, isn’t it?


(If you want me to pick one person…)

He sounds really sincere.

– I’m sorry, Young Mi. – He was sincere.

(I’m sorry.)

Na Rae, it was really delicious.

It was the best octopus stir-fry I’ve ever had up till now.

– Really? – Of all the ones I’ve tried.

I’m so happy…

– because it’s so delicious. – It’s so good.

Once we finish this, it’ll be time for the shank suyuk.

– That’s right. – Wow.

Once that’s ready, I’m going to make the raw oyster salad too.

– Wow. – With water parsley.

Everyone, let’s give a round of applause…

for the burner, which has been working hard for three hours.

(Here’s to the hard-working gas burner.)

It really worked hard over the past three hours.

Even though it has such a heavy load.

Now, with much care…

(The shank suyuk run is coming to an end.)

Thanks for your hard work.

(The Korean beef shank suyuk is revealed.)

– Is it ready? – It looks like bubbling lava.

Yes, it’s got to fall apart like this.

That’ll be amazing.

You worked hard, suyuk.

– After three hours. – Look at the steam rising.

This is the tastiest part.

– Okay. – Where it’s chewy.

Yes, where it’s nice and chewy, that’s the tastiest part.

You have to be on good terms with the butcher to order this.

I’ll prepare this part.

This is where the cartilage, no the tendon, melts away.

Now it’s all melted away.

This is a work of art.

This part will be amazing.

That’s all set. Now for this part.

– Take the sauce. – It’s so refreshing.

Take this and quickly have a taste.

If you don’t eat it right away, it won’t taste good.

– Please eat up quickly. – My stomach’s about to burst.

I’ll start the raw salad. Here’s the marinade.

You already started the marinade.

(The oysters are added at the end so they’re not crushed.)

My stomach really is going to burst.

So Dam, do you want to go for a beach run with me?

– I need to digest. – This is really too much.

– You’ve fed us too much. – We’ll just run around the town.

This is so much.

– Can someone sprinkle sesame seeds? – In the middle?

Yes, please sprinkle the sesame seeds on.

– Right in the middle. – Sesame seeds?

(The Korean beef shank suyuk melts in your mouth.)

(This special sauce is the secret.)

(The raw oyster salad provides a sweet and spicy taste of the sea.)

Let’s eat.

Let’s eat.

That’s why a multi-course meal is a scary thing.

I think my stomach is about to burst.


– Is it that delicious? – It just melts in your mouth.


(The meat melts away as soon as you put it in your mouth.)

This is really delicious.


This is outrageous. It’s so good.

How is this possible?

Is it because we boiled it for three hours?

What is this? It’s so good.

It feels like a pastry.

– It’s so tender. – It’s boiled so well.

– It’s really delicious. – There are really chewy parts too.

– It’s not heavy at all either. – Try the raw oyster salad too.

Shanks don’t have a lot of fat, so it’s a tough cut.

– It’s usually tough. – Athletes eat this boiled often.

But this is so tender.

It doesn’t really melt, but when you chew, it breaks apart easily.

It’s chewy and nice.

The suyuk is really delicious,

and the raw oyster salad is also really refreshing.

If you eat them together, they’re unspeakably delicious.

It goes well with the meat.

(The raw oyster salad goes well with the meat.)

The oyster salad is delicious.

– It turned out well, right? – Yes.

Try the oyster salad.

It tastes really high-end since it’s so smooth.

The oysters are so nutty.

This course is great.

I can’t stop eating.

You can tell it was made with a lot of care.


This is a good set.

They go together so well. I think I’ll grow taller if I eat like this.

– You liar. – They do go together well.

(It’s a combo that will help you get taller.)

– It’s nutty, tart, and sweet. – It’s a perfect set.

It really is.

It’s almost as though we synced up on purpose.

Let’s just open a street pub.

– That would do so well. – That would be amazing.

We ate everything we cooked.

We ate so much.

– Really. – All we did was eat for hours.

You know what though? We still have the porridge left.

We still have food coming.

I still want to eat the porridge.

– Me too. – Since this was so delicious.

– It’ll be ready soon. – Add the dried laver.

– Can we help with anything? – No, no.

– I already chopped everything up. – He already did everything.

I chopped everything up earlier.

Chef Yang, you’re so dashing.

(The highlight of the Christmas feast)

(Made with the broth from boiling shank for three hours,)

(it’s Chef Yang’s final course, the porridge.)

Yang Se Hyeong, you’re so dashing.

(He pours the beef broth into a wok.)

(He also adds an appropriate amount of rice.)

I think four is enough.

(Four bowls of rice)

I’ll add the vegetables now.

That’s great.

The high-end restaurants show you their ingredients like that.

(He’s reliable.)

– Please give me some applause. – Chef Yang.

(What a dashing chef.)

He’s showing off so much.

I’m only holding back because the food is so good.

Right, today was a Christmas party, not a pork party.

(They look forward to the post-meal porridge.)

Please prepare the eggs.

– You have to add them quickly. – Really? Okay.

This suits you, my friend.

– I need one more person. – Can we get one more helper?

We need to add all five at once.

– All right. – All five at once?

– Put them in now, quickly. – Quick, quick.

You’re too slow. Too slow.

– That’s it. Now stop. – Okay.

Now leave. Get out of here.

– What’s the problem? – Sesame oil.

– Okay. – Drizzle it in.

1 swirl, 2 swirls.

– Enough. – That’s it.

(Hurriedly retreating)

– Get ready to eat. – Ready.

– Ready. – Ready.

– Where are the bowls? – The bowls?

Everyone take a bowl each. Let’s go.

It’s so funny to see Na Rae like this.

It really is.

– Line up. – Line up.

Now, serve.

– Serving. – Thank you for the food.

What’s your name?

My name is Ahn Young Mi.

– What’s your dream? – My dream…

is to become the greatest scientist in the universe.

I hope you achieve your dream.

– Thank you. – Next.


– What is your name? – It’s Park So Dam.

What is your dream?

My dream is to be healthy.

May you stay healthy.

Yes, sir.

– Next. – Next.

This is fun.

– Here. – Thank you.

– What was that? – Why aren’t you asking her?

– I know, right. – Why aren’t you asking her?

He’s acting shy.

Why aren’t you shy around me?

(He’s so cute.)

– Let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s eat.

(Let’s try the post-meal porridge.)

(They take a spoonful of the hot porridge.)

– The porridge is so good. – It’s really delicious.


It tastes really intense.

Since the broth was boiled for three hours.

– That’s true. – That’s why it’s different.

– So that’s why it’s so rich. – Yes, that’s why it’s rich.

– It’s really delicious. – It’s delicious.

I’m so annoyed that it tastes so delicious.

– You’re right. It is good. – It’s really tasty.

(I can’t believe I’m still eating.)

I was sure I was full earlier.

(I’m eating more.)

(Having a bite)


(Clearing his porridge)

I’m done.

I had a good meal.

Me too.

Today’s food was a good combination.

– I agree. – They went well together.

I’m so full.

– Na Rae’s best friends are here. – Yes.

I know that you are all close,

but even for Se Hyeong,

I couldn’t quite get how close you were.

Actually, with Se Hyeong,

when I was having a hard time on “Gag Concert,”

the reason I could transfer to “Comedy Big League”…

was because of Se Hyeong.

So you were close with Se Hyeong…

– even before “Comedy Big League”? – Yes.

– They go way back. – I didn’t know that.

We had an Ox Group for those born in 1985.

We had a group for 1985 for those born in the Year of the Ox.

Year of the Ox.

(Na Rae, Se Hyeong, and Do Yeon became close through Ox Group.)

Because Do Yeon and I had a hard time…

on “Fashion No.5,”

I didn’t know what to do.

I was wondering whether I should continue as a comedian or not.

Se Hyeong told me not to think about that,

but to move to “CBL.”

It was not an easy decision to make though.

Of course not.

But Se Hyeong told me…

if I was still unsure, then I should move there and have fun instead.

So that’s why I went to “Comedy Big League.”

I didn’t know that.

(Thanks to Se Hyeong, who welcomed her willingly,)

(Na Rae was able to show her talents on “Comedy Big League.”)

He listened to my concerns,

and so many things happened between us.

We’ve known for 10 years.

– We always played pranks. – A friendship of 10 years.

What about Kyun Sang?

I’ve known Na Rae for 5 or 6 years.

But I think it’s only been three years since we became close.

It was when I was working nonstop without a break.

No one could understand me while I was working nonstop.

It’s difficult to understand our job unless you’re a part of it.

– Of course. – That’s right.

I used to have depression because of that.

Na Rae was like “Healing Camp” for me.

I was having fun whenever I met her.

I liked being around her.

I was talking to Ji Min and Na Rae when Na Rae was having a fan meet.

I asked Ji Min what she was up to.

She said she was at Na Rae’s fan meet.

I asked why she didn’t invite me when she was having a fan meet.

She told me Na Rae felt bad about inviting me.

I hung up and I drove over there.


I went to see her without telling her.

– I went there… – Really?

and I went up the stage.

Na Rae didn’t know I was coming.

– She must’ve been surprised. – Yes.

I was so surprised.

I rented a small theater for 100 people.

It was a small fan meet.

I felt bad about asking Kyun Sang because he was really busy.

But he came, and I was really surprised.

I bet.

(The loyal Kyun Sang made a surprise visit.)

That’s very charming.

But because we’re working in the same industry,

it really helped me that I could talk to her…

about the concerns I had.

There are only two people that made me feel that way.

One is Park Na Rae, and the other is Lee Jong Suk.

(Best friends in show business, Jong Suk and Na Rae)

Since then, whenever people asked me my close friends,

I would say I’m close with Na Rae.

I would say I don’t have many female friends,

but that I was close with Na Rae, that she was my best friend.

That’s not easy.

We may have a lot of connections,

but when they ask us who we’re close with,

it’s not easy to pick one person…

– from those connections. – I agree.

– There are times like that. – That’s right.

But what they have is real.

I think the person I’ve talked with the most…

these days is Kyun Sang.

I ask him for a lot of advice.

Kyun Sang is very mature.

– That’s right. I can see it. – He’s very mature.

He’s very loyal and warm-hearted.

He is younger than me, but he’s my friend.

He’s my reliable friend.

I also felt…

that it’s very rare for a guy to describe another guy as caring.

But I could feel he was very caring.

That’s right. He’s very considerate.

(A helping hand is only basic.)

(Young Mi is putting up decorations by herself.)

(This is where you’re working.)

It already feels different.

It looks hot.

(He carries heavy loads first.)

(Eat this, Na Eun.)

(It’s very hot.)

(Taking a scoop for convenient eating)


(Warm-hearted human, Yun Kyun Sang)

For the past year,

I really wanted to introduce him to a nice person.

That’s what I look for whenever I go somewhere.

He’s a great friend,

and I know he’s lonely.

So I really wanted to introduce him to a nice lady.

He’s like my brother.

So I’m waiting for it patiently.

I mean it.

But you have a lot of girls around you…

that you want to introduce him to.

When I look at So Dam and Na Eun…

Let’s include Yong Sun.

– That’s right. – He should’ve met Yong Sun.

Would you like a 3:1 blind date?

A 3:1 blind date?

Do you remember a 3:3 blind date long time ago?

Shall we do it here?

Oh, dear.

I’m so jealous, Kyun Sang.

It may only be in my imagination,

but it really made my heart pound.


It really made my heart pound.


You should remember this.

Whether it’s 3:1 or 4:1 or even 5:1,

it might or might not make his heart beat.

But if he said it made his heart pound.

Come on.

It started since yesterday.

We didn’t tell him about yesterday.

– That’s right. – He’s been…

– sending signals since yesterday. – He said…


(During the brainwave detector last night)

(Is there anyone you like here?)

(No, I don’t.)

(Reacting to his lie)

(The lie detector revealed his admiration.)

(Have you always liked her?)

(Or did you start liking her after coming here?)

(It was after I came here.)


(Kyun Sang found someone he liked while camping.)

It was an honest statement.

I surely must’ve said it because I had someone in mind.

But, if ever…

it goes beyond an interest,

it becomes an attraction.

I wasn’t attracted,

but I could feel she was a good person,

which is why I said it.

If I was really attracted to her,

I would’ve denied it at all costs.

Of course.

– He’s denying it. – What I said yesterday…

about my interest…

is because I felt that she was a nice person.

– That’s why. – I see.

I wanted to be friends with her.

It wasn’t about dating her or not.

– It’s not like that. – It was an interest.

– Just interested. – It literally meant…

– She was a good person. – a good feeling about her.

Come on.

A good feeling?

– She was a good person. – Don’t try to brag your intellect.

Intellect? It refers to the soil and Lee Juck.

Lee Juck?

It’s Lee Juck’s soil.

That’s a relief.

Lee Juck’s soil?

He’s the best.

So about this person you had an interest, but not attracted to,

who was that person?

(Who is this person you were interested in?)

(Pounding hearts)

It was So Dam.

It was So Dam.

I guessed it.

Me too.

It was So Dam.

I guessed it.

– Me too, from yesterday. – The Fire Siblings.

The Fire Siblings.

It’s like this.

They were playing with fire a lot.

(Fire Siblings)

Fire Siblings?

(An interest from playing with fire)

There were a couple of reasons why I got interested.

Because I liked drinking,

I liked that she drank well.

Another similarity we had was…

– we were on “Three Meals a Day.” – That’s right.

– We were the youngest. – The youngest Fire Siblings.

There was that.

You did the same.

Even on Camping Vibes,

I could see So Dam was in charge…

– of the hard work. – That’s right.

So I felt she took the hard roles like I did.

That’s why I got interested. So when I started talking,

it was easy to get to know her.

But Na Eun is usually shy.

– Yes, at first. – She is.

Na Eun is usually shy.

So I was just able to become close only today.

It was during fishing.

So yesterday,

the person I wanted to get close…

by having a drink together was So Dam.

(Thank you.)

– Fire Siblings. – Sure.

I see.

Because I heard he was Na Rae’s best friend,

I thought…

he’d be a good person with positive energy.

Just like he said, we were both the youngest Fire Siblings.

He also kept helping by my side.

But there are times when you feel burdened by someone’s help…

because you feel sorry.

But he helped me in a comfortable way…

that I didn’t feel that way.

I could feel he was considerate.

He was reliable.

They get along well.

I agree.

That’s why I said yesterday…

that you two should get along.

That’s right.

(A Christmas evening with their interests)

I gave each of you a notice, right?

– Yes. – Did you bring a Christmas gift?

– Yes! – Yes.

That’s great. Christmas is about giving gifts.

Before we exchange our gifts,

bring your gifts and place them under the tree.

– Bring your presents over. – Okay.

(Campers’ presents under the tree)

I’m curious of others’ presents because we don’t know what’s inside.

You can see this on “Home Alone.”

You’re right.

Are you excited, everyone?

– Yes. – Yes!

All these presents are yours.

(I like that!)

We’re each going to choose a gift.

– But it’s not fun to just pick one. – Yes.

What should we do?

– A game! – It’s a game.

Do you want to play a game?

– Yes! – Yes.

There was a game that I’ve really wanted to do.

I even tried…

to do this with my friends, but it didn’t work out.

– What is it? – The Scream in Silence Game.

Is it shouting words while listening to music?

– Do you know it? – Sure we do.

I’ve wanted to do that too.

I really wanted to do it,

so I bought a sketchbook for the first time in 20 years.

(He brought his own game props.)

You brought them all.

That’s amazing.

Let’s have Young Mi and Na Eun, the Fire Siblings.

– Fire Siblings? – Fire Siblings will be together.

It’ll be Se Hyeong, Yoon Seo, and me.

– Okay. – The three of us will be one team.

Sounds good.

– I have a question. – Question?

What does the winner get to do?

– We will give you the chance… – To pick?

to pick your presents first.

Let’s give a punishment to the loser team.

The loser team?

A punishment?

Our punishment was always doing the dishes.

– Not like that. – Not this one?

Something humiliating…

(Something humiliating!)

and something everyone would hate to get.

Let me see.

– Shall we do an eagle? – What’s an eagle?

An eagle is one of the humiliating ones.

We grab this part and pull it.

– Wait a minute. – I hate that.

It doesn’t hurt.

It’s a bit cute.

A cute and a humiliating punishment.

It’s annoying, I don’t want to do it.

When you see it on air, you realize you have a different face.

(A chance to see a face you haven’t seen before!)

Let’s do the eagle.

We’re going with the eagle?

– The loser team does it. – That sounds like fun.

Discuss among yourselves and write…

10 words for each team.

We need to choose words with weird pronunciations.

How about random luck?

(Nice one, So Dam.)

How about a bridal wreath?

– That’s great. – Let’s choose that.

Also, a nephew…


That sounds good.

This one.

(Which team will take the presents first?)

That’s so funny.

(Filmed with the permission of the manager by renting a campsite)

– We’ll have 3 minutes. – Okay, 3 minutes.

– Come here. – Let’s do it calmly.

Don’t panic.

You can do it calmly, right?

– Yes. – Come here, Park So Dam.

We can do it.

Try playing the song.

– Please play the song. – I might be able to hear it.

Can you hear me?

Can’t you hear me?

(Can you really not hear me?)

Go for it.

(What did you say?)

Did you just mouth the words?

– He spoke the words. – Okay.

Let’s start.



(Webfoot octopus)

Webfoot octopus.


The friend of octopus.

Is it falling?

(The questioners are proud.)

We’re good.

Webfoot octopus.



– Squid. – Friend.

The squid’s friend is an octopus.

The octopus’ younger sibling.

She hears those well.

(She hears those well.)

The octopus’ younger sibling? Webfoot octopus?

– Yes. – Did she get it?

That was right.

Fart bomb.

Excuse me?

– Fart. – Fart!


A big fart?

(A big fart?)

Fart bomb!

– Don’t get mad. – A big fart.

A fart bomb!

(Let’s calm down.)

– Fart. – Fart.

– Yes, fart. – Oyster?



(Boiling inside)

Please fart for us.

– You said we should relax. – Yes, okay.

(Each of them trying to remain calm)

– Fart. – Fart.

– Yes, fart. – A fart.



Fart bomb!

A fart bomb.

Skip it.

– Curry! – Curry.

Was that correct?

It’s hard.

– Face washing. – Loan.

Face washing.


– Wait, – Face washing.

his pronunciations are not good to start with.

Face washing.

New dance?



– Yesterday, – Yesterday.

– Park Na Rae… – Park Na Rae.

slept without doing this.

Face washing!

(Washing the face)

He got it.

– Face washing! – How did she know?

Washing her face!

Washing her face!

(A miracle of Christmas)

Face washing.

– Face washing. – She got it.

She answered it.

(The expert of explanations, the Fire Siblings)





– Soju? – She got it.

– What just happened? – Fireworks.

They may be the winner.

(What did you say?)



They’re similar.


– Fire? – Fire!

(Fire Siblings are weak in simple answers.)

– Is he mad? – Didn’t Kyun Sang say…

he was interested in her?

Skip it.

(An explosive couple with interest)


(A good timing for the word)

Look at that.



He said he wanted to do it,

but he’s the one getting stressed.

– Interest! – Three.

– Interest! – Two.

(The answer and his heart are not in sync.)

– Interest. – Stop.

The end.

She got interest right.

– She got it right? – She answered a lot right.

I don’t know what I answered right and what I got wrong.

– You got many right. – About four.

– They said we got five right. – They got many right.

(Making up with five questions)

Wait a minute. Did she get face washing right?

How did she get that right?

– Na Rae didn’t do it last night. – That’s right!

(She heard the explanation very well.)

You’re filthy.

No, wait.

This is her class.

– Amazing. – How did they know?

– How did they get that? – She went to bed without washing.

– I saw it. – This is her level.

You had good teamwork.

(They did it for the first time but had great teamwork.)

It was great.

– It was good. – It was good from the beginning.

(You’re the best.)

You can start when I open it. All right.

– Ready. – Ready?

– When are we starting? – Start!




That’s right! Okay.

They’re good.

Bridal wreath.

Bridal Wreath!

You want to poo?



“Sailor Moon”?

What? She doesn’t have a clue.

Bridal wreath.

Bridal wreath.

Bridal wreath!

Did you say millet rice?

(Did you say millet rice?)

(The questioner feels strange.)

– Skip it. – Skip.

A hookworm.

What’s wrong with her?

(She’s distracted to her gesture.)

It’s a parasite. A very long one.


(A shout of rage)

– Skip it? – Hookworm?

Yes. Okay.

What was that?


Same age?


You nephew!




– Three. – Nephew!

2 and 1.

– Nephew! – Stop.

– Why, you! – You got two right.

– Hey! – Why are you asking me?

Why would there be a bridal wreath?

Why did we have a bridal wreath?

Young Mi, why did you keep doing this?

I thought so too.

My eyes were on her legs.

They’re most likely to do the eagle.

(They’re most likely to do the eagle with two words.)

This is for Se Hyeong.

I’ll tear your philtrum apart.

(Last is Se Hyeong’s team.)

Let’s start now.

All right.


Dongmyo Market.

(Dongmyo Market)

Jongno Restaurant.

Outside the cave?

– Why is she… – You should give the word.

Is it right? Did he get it?


Dongmyo Market.

“Alley Restaurant”.

– What? – “Alley Restaurant”.

Dongdaemun? No.

Dongmyo Market!

– Dongmyo Market. – That’s right.

(Random selection)

– Random… – Random.

– copy and paste. – Copy and paste?

– Selection. – Selection.

Can’t you read?

– It’s a mess. – Is it right?

Is it right?

She can’t read.

– Random. – Random.

– copy and paste. – Copy and paste.

– Selection. – She saw the tarot cards so well.

But she can’t read.

– Random… – Random.


– Selection. – Random.

– Selection. – Treasure.

Skip it.


– Sea… – Sea.


– shore. – Give up?

Say the whole word. I can get it.

Say the whole word.

End it?

Say the whole word quickly.


Don’t give me one character. Give me everything at once, idiot.


Sea stuff.

Seaside, where people walk.

People walk there.



– Sea… sea…seat. – There’s hope for us.

– No. – Pass.

We’re doomed.

Sixth sense.

– What? – 5, 4, 3…

– Sixth sense. – What?

– Nice. – Time’s up.

– Justice will be served. – We got first place.

– They got one question? – Just one.

How many did you get?

– One question. – Since I got one answer,

the two of you get the eagle.

(How does that work?)

– You have to do it too. – Go over there.

– You go. – You didn’t get any right.

– You go. – Let’s go with the eagle.

– Go away. – Let’s go with the eagle.

Let’s do it like we did with the webfoot octopuses earlier.

– Like this. – Like this?

If you do that, it’ll be really torn.

– We’ll actually get hurt. – You can’t do that.

– Just pull like this. – Well,

since there are two of us,

– should we save one person? – That’s a great idea.

– Great idea. What should we do? – Save one person?

– How should we decide? – What should we do?

– Let’s do that. – What?

– The horse racing game? – Yes.

We’re only saving one person.

We’re not saving one person, we’re stacking the penalties on one.

– That’s a great idea. – Okay.

– The person to fall off first. – One person will get hit twice.

That one person will receive both penalties.

– I got it. – You get me?

(Please give me a hug too.)

Justice will be served.

(A silent agreement to make Se Hyeong the sole victim)

Don’t be like that to me.

But you look even more beautiful than usual today, Young Mi.

Why are you being like that?

But there are two of you there.

– Just play. – We need to win.

You need 2 versus 2.

Here we go.

– We’re racing, we’re racing. – We’re racing, we’re racing.

– Number 1 is Santa. – Number 2 is Cream.

Number three is Beer.

– Here we go. – Who’s going to start?

– Beer, wait, no, Santa? – You idiots.

– Santa, Cream. – Green?

– Cream. – Cream.

– Oh, Cream. – Yes, Cream.

– How can you forget your own? – It was Beer.

– Right, I was Beer. – Santa, Cream.

– Beer. – They’re having trouble starting.

Then after we decide on names,

should we wear name tags?

(Do you want to wear name tags?)

– We’re starting the horse race. – Here we go.

– Santa to Cream. – Cream to Santa.

– Santa to Cream. – Cream to Santa.

– Santa to Cream. – Cream to Santa.

– Santa to Cream. – Cream to Santa.

– Santa to Cream. – Cream to Santa.

– Cream to Beer. – Beer to Santa.

Santa to…

(Se Hyeong is Cream.)

(Se Hyeong will receive the eagle punishment.)

– I can’t believe it. – Wow.

Justice will be served.

Justice will be served.

It’s Se Hyeong.

Man, even though my name was Cream.

You’ll rip it off.

(You’ll rip it off.)

If you do it like that.

It might be funny for a moment,

but it’ll be permanently stretched out for me.

I’ll end up all raggedy.

“What is this?”

Then you’ll never be able to whistle again.

– He won’t be able to whistle. – I can go like this.

(Whistling will still be possible.)

But if this part gets all stretched out, what can I do?

Let’s go, Se Hyeong.

Why are you stalling?

Here we go. It will be the Se Hyeong Eagle.

Kyun Sang, you can go first.

No, So Dam should go first.

If I go first, you won’t have anything to hold onto.


You should go first.

– So Dam should go first. – I’m just joking.

Then let’s do it like this.

So Dam will say, “Eagle Se Hyeong,”

and when Se Hyeong says “Caw, caw,” that’s when they’ll start.

I don’t think my pride will let me do that.

– Your pride is a petty thing. – This is driving me crazy.

– This is so humiliating. – He’s actually scared.

The person who brings it up always gets caught in the end.

A game is a game.

Eagle Se Hyeong.

(Caw, caw.)

Eagle Se Hyeong.

(Caw, caw.)


(Eagle Se Hyeong hunts for prey with the sharp edges of his beak.)


(Entertaining, refreshing, and satisfying)


He’s so ugly. What an ugly man.

– I wanted to see it too. – You’re so ugly.

(How humiliating.)

This is our first meeting, so this seems a bit rude.

– A game is just a game. – But you’re doing it for real.

Let’s not misunderstand.

He’s planning to make everyone here laugh…

by pulling hard, like this.

It’s going to get all stretched out,

and I’m going to have to hang my lip out the car window on my way home.

Just use it as a neck pillow.

I could dry chilis off it.

(Such vivid imagery)

Let’s go.

Eagle Se Hyeong.

(Caw, caw.)

– I can’t see. – Pull it.


(Being dragged along)

(He’s dragged along like a webfoot octopus on a hook.)

(He’s a giant webfoot octopus catch.)

You look so ugly.

(This webfoot octopus is infuriated by Young Mi’s teasing.)

This was such a happy Christmas.

Santa exists after all.

Thank you so much, Santa.

Since they got five words right, we’ll allow…

our Fire Siblings to get first pick for the presents.

Kyun Sang.

The smallest one.

The smallest one is Kyun Sang’s pick.

– And next? – That one.

The long one?

I want the biggest one.

I want the red one.

With an upright heart, I’ll take the cube box.

I’ll take the candy-shaped one.

Then I’ll take the remaining yellow box.

– Let’s open in the order chosen. – Then I’ll go first.

I prepared that gift.

It looks like it no matter what.

– What is it? It’s light. – It’s light?

It’s light and long?

I think it will suit So Dam well.

I think So Dam will love it.

– What is it? – What is it?

– What is it? – Is it a piece of clothing?

– Is it a scarf? – Pajamas?

Oh, my.


– It’s a dud. – What are you calling a dud?

– How dare you call it a dud? – It’s a dud.

– It took me so long to make this. – My goodness.

It’s so cute.

(It’s a hoodie that Na Rae got made personally.)

Na Rae, I actually like this.

It took me a long time to make it.

Na Rae, this photo.

I like it.

– What’s on the back? – There’s something on the back.

– There’s something on the back. – There’s a picture on the back.

– There’s more on the back. – It’s my cute backside on the back.

– The back view? – It’s so detailed.

– How cute. – I like it.

I bet wearing this will make you look prettier.

– What did you say? – In comparison.

Because of this.

– I’m going to try it on. – You’ll look prettier.

I kind of want one now.

– It has its own charm. – It does.

I love it.

– It’s so big. – You suddenly look so beautiful.

– So Dam, you’re so pretty. – Ta da.

It’s the best.

– I love it. – I love that you love it.

Na Rae’s unbelievable.


Who prepared Kyun Sang’s gift?

I prepared Kyun Sang’s gift.

(Kyun Sang’s gift is from Santa Young Mi.)

Young Mi is the type to prepare unusually meaningful gifts.

What do you think? Does it suit Kyun Sang?

It’s something he really needs.

He needs it?

Yes, so I was hoping Kyun Sang would choose this,

so I was very surprised when he actually chose it.

– What is it? – It’s something he needs most.

(What is the gift Santa Young Mi prepared for Kyun Sang?)

– What is it? – What is it?

(A famous mint-colored box)

– Is it a Tiffany’s box? – Is it Tiffany’s?

Is it a designer brand?

– What is it? – It’s real.

– It’s real. – It is real.

(There’s even a mint-colored pouch, completing the look.)

Is it an accessory?

(Is it a designer Christmas gift?)

– What is it? – What is it?

(A famous mint-colored box)

Could this be…

– a Tiffany’s box? – Is it Tiffany’s?

Is it a designer brand?

– What is it? – It’s real.

– It’s real. – It is real.

Is it an accessory?

(Is it a designer Christmas gift?)

It’s a mask string.

He had some trouble since he didn’t have a mask string.

Did Tiffany make it?

Do you actually think they’d make something like that?

– You’re so frugal. – Yes.

(Young Mi hopes he never loses his as-precious-as-luxury-item mask.)

– She’s so frugal. – But I…

I am frugal.

I won first place on our team.

– That’s true. – Why?

– It’s a gift. – I love it.

It’s such a necessary item.

That’s true.

Don’t joke around. There’s something more, no?

Congratulations. You must have gotten a new necklace.


Now, it’s Young Mi’s turn. Who got her gift?

It was me.

Oh, no.

Justice will be served.

Justice will be served.

– Justice will be served. – Bring the torch so I can burn it.

That’s my poop.

(That’s my poop.)

But honestly,

I thought this would suit Young Mi the best.

– Really? – Yes, no joke.

– Oh? – What is it?

– Wow. – Why, what is it?

It’s for real.

– What is it? – What?

It’s for beginner cooks,

like toys that you can start practicing cooking with.

That’s true.

The hardest thing for new cooks is learning knife skills.

– That’s true. – I’m jealous.

I didn’t know the gifts would be distributed randomly,

so I actually bought this for Young Mi.

– Really? – Wow, for real?

– I was happy she chose it. – That’s a relief.

I’ll use this well.

– All right. – What a relief.

Yang Se Hyeong.

Merry Christmas.

(Merry Christmas.)

Yang Se Hyeong, eagle.

(These mortal enemies have gotten closer thanks to the gifts.)

Next is Na Eun.

Who prepared this gift?

I did.

I was hoping Na Eun would take it.

– Really? – Oh, my.

Why is everyone copying me?

– I’m being serious. – What about us?

– Because it has a special meaning. – Oh, does it?

– Is it a video game? – No.

It’s a music box.

A music box.

(It’s a Santa music box with cozy Christmas vibes.)

It’s really pretty.

I love things like this,

so I always gift these to myself at Christmas.

I like things like music boxes or snow globes.

I love this.

What a relief that you chose it.

It’s the first time someone else has gotten this for me though.

I always buy them myself.

It’s the first time I’ve gotten this from someone else, so I’m moved.

– That worked out well. – I’m moved too by her response.

– Should we listen to it? – You just press it there.

(Let’s turn it on.)

(Oh, my.)

It’s so pretty.

– It really is pretty. – Wow.

It’s so pretty.

(Pretty lights turn on and a carol starts to play.)

– It really is Christmas. – It’s really pretty.

Can you make it louder?

Can you raise the volume?

(A single music box ups the Christmas vibes.)

That’s the sound.

That was a great gift.

– Thank you. – Next.

– That was so tactful. – Am I next?

– Yes, Eagle, go. – Here I go.

I got that one.

– Did it go to the right person? – Amazingly,

I also hoped Se Hyeong would choose my present.

Everyone’s copying me.

I’m serious.

It’s full of vibes too.

If it’s full of vibes, then I think it might suit me.

– I like things like that. – Right?

– He likes cute little things. – Since he likes things like that.

What is it?

(Oh, my goodness.)

– We’re really similar. – It’s full of vibes.

– It really is. – What is it?

– This is amazing. – It’s so pretty.

This is a high-end, super-classy snow globe.

– It’s high-end? – Does it play music?

Wait a minute.

(He turns the high-end, super-classy snow globe on.)

– That’s so pretty too. – It’s so cute.

(It’s cute and perfect for Se Hyeong’s tastes.)

It went to the right person.

They’re all presents intended for a certain person.

Except for Young Mi, everyone prepared such thoughtful gifts.

I’m telling you that’s something he really needs.

(It’s extremely practical.)

This time, we have Yoon Seo.

(Yoon Seo’s gift was from Santa Kyun Sang.)

This is for staring into the fire.

(A stare-into-the-fire gift from a Santa who knows his camping.)

(You can stare into the fire anywhere, anytime with this.)

It’s so pretty.

I love it.

Then this one…

– must naturally… – It must be from So Dam.

be from So Dam.

– You exchanged gifts. – Yes, a mutual gift exchange.

That’s true.

– What is it? – Wow.

It’s so cute.

It’s so cute. What is it?

It can be a tea set or a drinking set.

It’s perfect for Na Rae.

Let’s have a party. It’s so pretty.

Now that we’ve exchanged gifts,

and tried to feel some Christmas vibes,

but how did you all feel?

This Christmas…

– is one I’ll remember forever. – Me too.

Really, I’m so grateful to all of you.

All of you were the most precious gift to me.

(The moments spent together were a gift from the campers.)

That’s so great. What about you, Na Eun?

To be honest, I don’t have many happy memories of Christmas,

except for childhood memories with my family.

This time, we had so many best friends of Na Rae’s.

I listened to all the things you talked about together,

and I wondered if I had friends to talk to about anything like that.

That’s what I was thinking.

You have us.

– You can always talk to us. – That’s right.

Crying is losing. Don’t do that. Se Hyeong is watching.

Se Hyeong is watching and waiting.

That’s not why I’m smiling now.

Right now, it’s more…

(She erupts into tears at the others’ kind words.)

Na Eun, we’re always here for you,

– so you can always talk to us. – That’s right.

Why does everyone always cry on this show?

(He ruins the mood.)

Someone’s crying every time I watch it.

– Every single time. – It’s called Camping Vibes.

It should be called Crying Vibes.

Crying is part of the vibes.

That’s true. That’s something that would make someone cry.

But when you go camping, it’s always like this.

– That’s right. – When you go camping,

you end up becoming honest with yourself.

My goodness.

We’re here for you.

That’s right. We’re here for you.

I like that.

What about you, Yoon Seo?

Christmas could be just like any other ordinary day,

but every year,

Na Rae always makes Christmas a special day for me.

With each year that goes by,

she makes it even more special.

Yesterday, when we were on the ATV, I got really emotional.

I was on it with Na Rae,

and we were watching the sunset as we drove by…

(The two of us were watching the sunset as we drove by…)

(Oh, no.)

– My goodness. – Gosh, this is crazy.

(This scene seems familiar like we saw it earlier today.)

(But that…)

But that…

I think he’s going to tease me.

(She takes a dose of the crying cure-all again.)

So I was on the ATV watching the sunset with Na Rae,

and it was just so…

(She tries her hardest to hold back the tears.)

I’m not going to cry.

(The Don’t Laugh Challenge has started up again.)

As I was watching that, I thought…

even when I’m 80 years old, I want to be with Na Rae,

watching beautiful scenery and eating delicious food.

(Tearing up)

Why are you doing that?

Just cry it out.

Let’s just cry.

– Just cry. – Just cry.

That’s right. Just don’t look.

Just cry all you want.

– Don’t hold back. – Just cry.

Don’t hold back.

– Yes, just cry. – Don’t hold it back.

– Why would you try to hold back? – No one’s scolding. It’s fine.

It’s all right.

(Look at him.)

Why are you picking on me?

I was moved just now too.


Se Hyeong.

You were laughing the whole time.

This is driving me nuts.

(Stopping her tears.)


(Choking up)

I’m just so grateful.

Just cry.

Na Rae.

I’ll pay you back, I swear.

Let’s be together for a long time.

(Na Rae, let’s be together for a long time.)

She’s being sincere.

– Of course, we know that. – She’s being sincere.

I’m laughing and crying because of you.

– My goodness. – That was so funny.

I think Christmas in 2020…

will be with me for a long time.

Yes, I agree.

2020 may be a year of regrets in some respects,

but I think we had a lot of good times with good people,

and so everyone,

– Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas.

– Merry Christmas. – Justice will be served.

Merry Christmas.

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