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Get Revenge Episode 12th Indonesia Subtitle

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Get Revenge Episode 12th Indonesia Subtitle

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[ Episode 12 ]

Ga On, get in the car first.


May I ask what you have in mind?

He wants us to get along,
so I’ll get along.

He knew I wouldn’t approve,

but he didn’t try to hide
him from me.

I’d like to see my father’s face

when he hears that Ga On is missing.

Also I have to find out

why Kang Hera raised
my father’s child

and what her angle is.

We located where she is.


Ga On.

How did you find me here?

Ga On.

Did we find the right place?

– Yes, we did.
– Good.


This way, sir.

This is hilarious.

Ga On, you’re a popular boy.

Thanks to Ga On,
we all get to meet after all.

I wonder how you found out
we were here?

Ga On.

It’s not his fault.

He wanted to see his mother,
so I brought him here.

Right, Ga On?

He’s my only little brother
and I wanted him to like me.

Tell me anytime if you want to
meet your mother.

I’ll make sure you see her.

Go ahead with Mr. Ko.

Ga On, we’ll see each other soon.

You will allow that, won’t you?

Of course.

That can be arranged.

Ga On, the adults have
something to discuss privately.

Could you give us a moment?

Come with me.

I never thought
you’d be so nice to your brother.

It’s good to be close with my brother.

Isn’t that what you wanted?

Mr. Cha would want that, too.

Am I wrong?

That boy is very friendly.

I wonder if he got that from
the mother that raised him

or his birth mother who gets
friendly with anybody.

Why are you all here?

I wanted to ask Kang Hera
about Ga On.

You seem to have deep
connections to this family.

You’re not thinking of…

taking over the master bedroom, are you?

It’s time for me to go.

You can talk freely.

Before you go,
let me ask you something.

11 years ago, when I first met Ga On…

Ee Hyeon and Ga On were
trapped in a burning warehouse.

It seemed she was running from
somebody for a long time.

Somebody locked Ee Hyeon and Ga On
inside the warehouse

and set the place on fire…

Do you know who is responsible?

Are you denying that
you didn’t know about this?


I don’t think I can tell you anything.

I met Ga On yesterday for the first time.

Do you know anything about this?

I’ll let you know if I found out.

Why would you bring that up here
of all places?

Because it concerns Ga On.

Don’t worry about Ga On.

I’ll make sure he’s taken care of.


what are you doing here?

My law firm is on the 3rd floor.


That was reckless.

You could have asked that

after we had solid evidence that
Kang is responsible for that fire.

Then she won’t be able to deny that.

What if anything happens to Ga On?

You told me Kang works for her.

I want to bring Ga On home if I could.

Since she knows about Ga On now,

President Kim is probably the only person

that can keep Ga On safe.

You said Ga On is the child of
someone who hurt you.

Why would you go this far
to protect the child?

It’s just like what you said.

When I meet her again,
I want to tell her…

I kept my promise that
I would keep Ga On safe.

When I first met you,

you always cared for the child
than yourself.

Kang Hera, I know how much
you want to protect him.

But it’s dangerous to stand up to
Kim Tae On like that.

Hera, please…

look after yourself.

It was Ga On…

who always protected me.

If I were all alone…

I couldn’t have endured those time.

It’s my fault

that he had to suffer
when he didn’t have to.

To me…

Ga On is my cross to bear

and also the one that gave me
strength to live.

Somebody locked Ee Hyeon and Ga On
inside the warehouse

and set the place on fire…
Do you know who is responsible?

I removed the tracking device.

Kang Hera accused Kang?

Kang Hera uploaded
a video on her V-tube channel

of Mr. Kang being at the accident scene
and that caused some problems.

What caused this bad relationship
with Kang Hera…

Watch closely what Kang Hera does.

Also keep an eye on her associates.


Okay, don’t worry.

It seems imprudent exposé
carried out by V-tubers

is becoming a serious social matter.

I was gathering related videos.

Okay, I understand.

Are you on your way to
cover a story?

Video of insurance planners’ accident
was uploaded to Kang Hera’s channel.

so I’m going to interview her.

Are you out of your mind?

Pardon me?

She exposed the accident on live news
without verifying the facts.

When things got out of hand,
she gave up and did nothing about it.

She caused all the trouble

and our station spent days
cleaning up her mess.

But you’re off to meet her
just because she uploaded a clip?

Comments show positive response

and I don’t think she uploaded
the video without a reason.

Let me meet her first and then…

Come to your senses!

That’s how those V-tubers are
so they can get more subscribers.

You are a reporter and you let them
mess with your head like that?

I’m planning to do a series on
how the imprudent exposé

carried out by V-tubers have a
negative influence on our society.

Gather any relevant material on that issue.

Yes, ma’am.

You have a child.


find the child and protect him.

11 years ago, when I first met Ga On…

Ee Hyeon and Ga On were
trapped in a burning warehouse.

She tried to get rid of the woman
that gave birth to my child

and also the child behind my back?

Come in.

Yes, sir.

Find out if any of the warehouses
owned by

Tae On or her maternal family
had a fire accident 11 years ago.

Also find out everything about

– Kang Hera’s life.
– Yes, sir.

Min Joon, what happened?

Why did Kim Tae On and President Kim
come to the agency?

Kim Tae On found out about Ga On.

She brought Ga On here
to provoke her father.

She’s sending him a message that

she can do anything to the child
if she wants to.

That’s too dangerous, isn’t it?

President Kim will do something about it.

Above all,

Kang Hera mentioned that Ee Hyeon
and Ga On were trapped in a warehouse.

Also the fact that
the fire was intentional?

If it was Kim Tae On that hired Kang
to set the fire

in order to get rid of your sister
and her child…

She will try to do something.

We have to find Kang first.

Right, this is a list of warehouses
leased by Kang.

I agree that he can’t go to the office
because of the police,

so he could be hiding in one of them.

We have to find where Kang is hiding

and also look into the right of
indemnity against Mr. Gu.

If an insurance company was involved,

he couldn’t have pulled it off by himself.

Forward this list to my phone, please.

I’ll start by visiting warehouses
around Seoul.


Don’t you think…

it’s time to tell Hera?

The reason we moved into this building

and who you are.

I’m waiting for the right moment.

I should tell her soon.

Hera, wait.

Are you going somewhere?

I’m on my way to see Eun Hae.

After what happened yesterday,

she went home with her father.

I didn’t hear from her since.

Mr. Gu’s cafe is in Yangpyeong, right?

I’ll give you a ride.

You don’t have to.

I have some business near there.

Please get in.

I wanted to ask her.

Why she got me that job…

and put me in that hellhole.

It seems your marriage life
wasn’t a pleasant one.

Why didn’t you leave him earlier?

If it wasn’t a happy marriage,

it must have affected your child.

I shouldn’t have asked that.
I’m sorry.

My father passed away when I was little,

so I lived with my mother.

Having to live without a father is hard

both mentally and materially.

The discrimination and
lonely feeling I felt…

I didn’t want Ga On to feel that way.

When I finally decided to leave him,

he didn’t let me go.

Don’t you think it’s time to tell Hera
who you are?


There’s something I didn’t tell you…

The truth is…

Oh, wait a minute, please.


I’ll check it and get back to you.


I’m sorry.

Oh, I got you this.

You’ve always helped me
and I never thanked you properly.

You can drop me off over there.


Thank you.


See you later.

“Thank you, always” -Hera-

Give it to me.

I told you this is my profession.

What brings you here?

Why do you think?

I was worried.

No need to worry.

Hyeon Seong is already here.

I’m sorry for not telling you earlier.

It must have been so hard
for your father and you.

You think I’m angry?

I would be.

My favor got him sued
for the right of indemnity.

He also lost his house.

I am angry.

But I’m not angry at you.

I always wonder who hired my father
for the warehouse case.

Yesterday, when I found out it was you…

Frankly, I didn’t know what to think.

When I realized that warehouse
belonged to Kang,

it hit me.

Hera, you know what kind of cases
we’ve been exposing, right?

You get the picture, don’t you?

Kang and the right of indemnity involved
means one thing.

It’s exactly the same as Jeong Woo’s case.

When I heard the warehouse
belongs to Kang,

I thought maybe my father wasn’t
responsible for the fire.

I’ve been staying here to think it
through and tighten the security here.

I have to be sure my father’s safe
so I can go after Kang.

We closed Jeong Woo’s case
after exposing them,

but I should link these two cases
and dig deeper.

You’re on board with me, right?

That bastard Kang won’t get away from me.

I didn’t have breakfast.

How about you?

Let’s go this delicious diner
across the street.

Hey, get out of my way!

How come a man like you is so feeble?

You pushed me out of the blue.

Nonsense! I didn’t push you.

You pushed me hard just now.

Oh my, how dare you lie!

I said I didn’t push you.

You must have weak legs.

My legs?

Weak legs?

Okay, that’s enough!

Let me sort this out.

Dad, you pushed him.

Hyeon Seong, you fell
because of your weak legs.

How could you…

See? A guy like you should be strong.

Please, stop.

Let’s go eat breakfast.

I’m starving.

You didn’t eat anything, did you?

Then let’s go to the delicious tofu diner
across the street.

We could have afternoon drinks then?

Sure, that sounds nice.

Let’s go.

Start walking.

Did you get something?

Yes. It’s registered as a warehouse.

It’s registered as open for business?

Yes, document shows workers’ salaries
and rent are being paid.

What’s wrong?

Well, it looks like it’s been empty
for a long time.

Then it’s an empty warehouse,

but fixed costs are being spent
for salaries and rent?

I can’t find any trace of Kang being here.

I’ll try other warehouses as well.

Find out the real owner of the warehouses
not only the current owners.

This man is snooping around the warehouse?

Yes, he’s been there recently.

Did you find out who he is?

His name is Gu Seong Cheol.

11 years ago, there was a fire and

Mr. Kang sued him
for the right of indemnity.

At that time, Mr. Kang sued him for
repair and materials inside.

The total amount of 2 billion won.

Kang made a lot of money behind my back.

But he screws up what I ordered him to do.

Gu Seong Cheol is the person
who helped Kang Hera

so she could put Cha Ee Hyeon’s child
on her family register.

He did that? What does he do?

Back then he was the owner of
Gusan Agency.

He’s currently running a cafe
in Yangpyeong.

Gusan Agency?

His daughter,
Gu Eun Hae took over the business.

She’s working with Kang Hera

and they’re looking into recent incidents.

The father is looking into a case
that happened 11 years ago

and the daughter is doing the same
with recent cases…

Where’s Kang Hera right now?

They are all at the Yangpyeong cafe.

Call Kang right now.

I should let him finish what he started.

They all have a long history to share.

“Physical Rights Waiver”

“Order of Payment”

Where’s Hyeon Seong?

He went back to take care of something.

He should have told me.

He does whatever he wants.

What’s all this?

I’ve been looking into these.

I didn’t do it alone.
I had help from my friends.

This is that warehouse.

I’ve been there recently,

but it was left untouched after the fire.

But they sued you for the repair.

That’s right.

So they got the money to
repair the warehouse,

but they just left it abandoned?

Well, I did repay the money
that was caused by the fire

I felt something wasn’t right.
so I went there from time to time.

Why did you feel that way?

As I remember it,

the inside of the warehouse was empty.

I wondered what was so expensive
they sued me so much money.

Besides, Kang is only renting the place.

The warehouse is actually
owned by somebody else.

Here, take a look at this.

There are quite a lot of warehouses
owned by the same person.

Maybe a warehouse lease businessman?

I have someone looking into that person.

I’ll know more in a couple of days.

You think something’s going on, right?

I said something’s fishy.

I’m sure there was nothing
in the warehouse worth a billion won.

I don’t think my father
was the only victim.

We should check it out, right?

Last video she uploaded

has Kang Dae Sik on the accident site
of the insurance planners.

– Kang Dae Sik we know?
– Yes, sir.

Also it did come up when we looked into
Kang Hera a while ago.

Her ex-husband is Lee Hoon Seok
who had the scandal with your daughter.

Lee Hoon Seok?

Then Tae On was the initial target
of Kang Hera’s exposé.

Or maybe not…

My law firm is on the 3rd floor.

Find out the nature of Cha Min Joon
and Kang Hera’s relationship.

Start with how they first met.

Yes, sir.

If you desire to be
where you are in the future…

I can make sure it stays that way.

Cha Min Joon…

He appraoched me so he can take down
FB Group and me?


You mentioned the fire at the warehouse
in front of Kim Tae On and her father?


So you think Kim Tae On’s people
set the fire on purpose

to get rid of Cha Ee Hyeon and the baby?

Ee Hyeon was being chased by someone.

But it didn’t cross my mind that

having President Kim’s child
was the reason.

If Kim Tae On hired Kang to
set that place on fire

I thought her father should
know about that.

Then President Kim will keep Ga On safe.

Ga On may be protected,

but Kim Tae On must be furious with you.

Bad karma with her already started.

It started when she used Ga On

so her scandal with Lee Hoon Seok
would go away.

She’s ordered the fire

and filed the right of indemnity
against your father.

It’s obviously an insurance scam.

Perhaps Mr. Hong’s car accident wasn’t
Kang’s idea at all.

Another reason for us to catch Kang.

Okay, I understand.

What did she say?

She’ll make the police go away?

That’s the least of our worries.

President Kim found out about

Cha Ee Hyeon and the fire
at the warehouse 11 years ago.

How did he find out?

Kang Hera must have told him.

How did she find out?

Managing Director Kim found out.

Find out what?

That I filed a right of indemnity
against Gu Seong Cheol.

It seems he secretly continued
looking into that matter.

What should we do now?

If we get rid of Kang Hera, the lawyer
and father-daughter all together,

Managing Director said she’ll help us
get smuggled out of the country.

If President Kim finds us,
we’re as good as dead.

Kang Hera, the lawyer,
the father and daughter…

I have a plan to kill them all.

The floor above your agency
is the law firm, right?

Find out what weakness
the lawyer has to draw him out

and get me all the documents
he has on us.

Why would I do that?

Just end this now.
Why meet again?

We’re not gonna be friends.

Maybe I should get Gu Eun Hae here.

Don’t touch her!

Why not?

You two are always together,
so I said her name.

What, you have a thing for her?

Answer the phone whenever I call you.

You have till this week.

“Mr. Choi”


Mr. Cha isn’t in right now.

Is Do Yoon in?

He left for a business meeting.

I’ll just wait here.

Didn’t your father say
this place is open for business?


There’s another warehouse
about 10 minutes from here.

Let’s check out that place.

He must be the keeper.

I’ll go talk to him.

You go check out the warehouse
and let’s meet up later.


How do you do, sir?

Is this place open for business?

No, I haven’t seen anybody or any car
around here.

So you haven’t seen the owner
of this warehouse?

Of course not.
The door is always locked up.

I see. Thank you.

“Kang Hera”

What are you doing here?

I was looking for some easy law books.

I couldn’t find it.

How does it look?

It looks closed, too.

Did you talk to the keeper?

I thought of asking him about Kang.

But it seems he doesn’t know anything.

He never met the owner
or seen the place opened.

Why is the owner keeping so many
warehouses without using them?

I wonder why.

Dad, I was gonna…

Eun Hae, don’t come back.

Don’t come here…

I told you not to do anything stupid.


I warned you if you follow me around,

bad things will happen to your dad.

I hear you’re digging into
the fire incident.

If you let anything happen to my dad…

I swear I’ll kill you.

What’s the matter?

Is your father okay?

I should get to the cafe.

Kang found out my father and I are
digging into the fire

and went straight to my father.

We should call the police.

He said not to call the cops
and come right away.

I have to go see my father,

you should return to Seoul.


If we can’t call the police…

What if we call Prosecutor Jang…

Umm… then…

Can’t we call Mr. Cha?

If they see police around the cafe,

they said I’ll regret it.

Okay, I’ll do that.

I’ll call him first.



Mr. Gu!

Where’s Mr. Gu?

We’re looking for him.

Did they tell you to come here?


There’s an empty lot behind the cafe.

I’ll go there and look for him.

Please, try the basement.

I’ll try the basement.

Let me go with you.

Eun Hae! Gu Eun Hae!

I’m sorry, Hera.

Bring Kang Hera and the lawyer
to your father’s cafe.

Or the meal you had will be
your last meal with him.

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, Min Joon.

I did as you told me to.

Tell me where my father is!

It’s not over, yet.

You should finish the job.

What are you talking about?

You told me to bring them here.

Hey, what’s his condition?

He lost a lot of blood

and needs to go to the hospital?

Oh my…

He needs to see a doctor right away.

You crossed the line once.

You can cross it again.

Think about how your father and you
suffered because of that woman.

Am I wrong?

Eun Hae!

Let’s find your father together!

Eun Hae, don’t believe anything he says!

Open the door!

Light them up.

Let me ask you something.

That fire at the warehouse…

My father’s not responsible for it, is it?

You guys set fire like today

and you blamed it all
on my father, didn’t you?

Your father shouldn’t have
shown up there.

You shouldn’t have been friends
with Kang Hera.

Everything happened because
you two were close with Kang Hera.

She’s the one to blame.

I asked you one simple question

and you gave me quite a long answer.

So the bottom line is…

my father isn’t responsible
for that fire.

Yes, you got that right.

Over here!

Hey! Get off me!

– Don’t move!
– Let me go!

– I said don’t move!
– Damn it!


– Are you okay?
– Yes.

My father’s probably at
the empty lot back there.

– Stop resisting!
– Shit!

– Catch him!
– Crap!

– Dad!
– Stop! Stop right there!

Oh my gosh! Dad!

Daddy, are you okay?

– Eun Hae…
– Daddy.


It’s fine now.

Get out of the car and
call Min Joon not to come.

They threatened me.

Kang said, if I bring the two of you,

he’ll let my father go free.

If he sees any cops or
if I come alone,

I won’t be able to see my father again.


This isn’t right.

Just so that my father and I can live…

Do as you’re told.

He’s after Min Joon and me, isn’t it?

We have to catch him no matter what.

Even if we have to be baits.

I was really scared this time.

What if my hand slipped and
dropped the lighter…

Then you and he would be…
even the cafe…

It all worked out well.

You did good.

Let’s get you up.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I’m okay.

I’d better go to bed now.


– Umm…
– What is it?

You promised me that
I could meet my mother.

If I see her, I’ll study harder and…

Sure, you can see her.

Let’s pick a date soon.

– Really?
– Yes.

It’s getting late.

It’s time for bed now.

Thank you.

“Mr. Ko”


Kang Dae Sik got arrested today, sir.


I got a call from Eunseo Police Station

that Kang Dae Sik got arrested just now.

If you tell me
the person behind the car accident

and the person that order
the warehouse fire

and where my sister is…

I’ll make sure you’re sentenced
for only the crimes you committed.

If you take the fall for everything,

you will definitely rot in prison
for at least 30 years.

Think about my offer.

It’s obvious…

that you’re a loose end.

Call me if you need a lawyer.

Hey, Prosecutor Jang called just now.

He said Kang is rushed to the hospital.


He got in a fight with another inmate and…

Which hospital is it?

Two of them started fighting
and the other inmate

slit Kang Dae Sik’s throat
with a broken bowl.

“Mr. Ko”

Yes, Mr. Ko.

President Kim wants to see you.

Okay, I’ll be there.

President Kim wants to see you,

Why did you want to see me?

It’s about your business trip to China.

I think we should move up the date.

I thought that matter was called off.

Seung Woo got arrested and…

Stop right there.

I’m giving you an order as your father
and leader of this company.

One more thing.

I’m planning to introduce Ga On
on the Company Foundation Day.

You will introduce my half-brother
on the Company Foundation Day?

It would be embarrassing enough
to be caught up later.

I don’t think I should raise him
without anyone knowing.

So you’ll make a fuss
and let everybody know?

If he gets known to the public,

no one would dare try to
do something to my child.

That’s why you tried to
get rid of Kang Dae Sik?

I can’t get rid of my daughter

who is blinded by jealousy, can I?

The vessels from the documents
you helped me with,

they arrived at Gunsan Harbor.

I want you to go and take oversee
the customs procedure.

You mention there was someone
in charge of customs.

I’ll feel better if someone I trust
handles the matter.

You and I are practically…

family, aren’t we?

When Tae On leaves for China,

I’m considering appointing you
the new CEO.

Then will I be in charge of
the shipping business?

That would be efficient for now.

You should meet the relevant
personnel with Mr. Ko

and you can get to work.
Sooner the better.

Yes, sir.

One more thing.

That woman, Kang Hera…

She gets on my nerves.

I want you to get rid of her for me.

I handed all the documents on
the shipping business over to Mr. Cha.

Make sure he’s involved with everything.

From importing the ships, customs,
and all the documents.

When it’s all over…

he’ll be washed away all at once.

Yes, sir.

How dare he made his way through
so he can bring down FB Group.

You’re not planning on exposing
the shipping business scandal, are you?

There’s a reason for mother and aunts
for looking the other way.


It’s me.

Are you preparing my father’s shipping
insurance scandal we discussed before?


We’re waiting for the publicity material
to arrive from his office.

There’s another news to be released
right after the scandal.

What? I don’t believe this.

He went through an urgent surgery
and he’s still unconscious,

but he’s still unconscious.

so he can’t be interrogated.

He was in a holding cell…

That’s what I mean.

He was desperate to kill us yesterday,

and after a few hours he ends up…

No one knows what’ll happen next.

Where are you going?

I don’t think the fight in
the holding cell was a coincidence.

I know, so where are you headed
and to whom?

The person who wants to
shut Kang up.

If you harm Ga On in any way…

I will kill you.

I’m watching you.

I know you ordered Kang to get rid of
Ee Hyeon and Ga On.

The truth might get out, so you’re
trying to get rid of Kang.

Kang Hera.

What are you doing here?

Mr. Cha.

You should keep a tight leash
around your hunting dog.

Oh my, she doesn’t know?

That you kept her next to you
so she could be your hunting dog.

Managing Director Kim…

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

What do you mean?

We should go talk.

Then you don’t know about that, either?

Mr. Cha here is…

Cha Ee Hyeon’s little brother.

To Cha Min Joon, Kang Hera is

the target for his revenge

and also his hunting dog
to get his revenge.

You should know your place.

You’re merely a hunting dog.

You’re Ee Hyeon’s brother?

Did you use me all this time?