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How Do You Play? Episode 75 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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How Do You Play? Episode 75 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Subtitle by KOCOWA
Synchronization by
– ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ –

(December 29, 2020,
MBC in Sangam-dong)

The 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards.

The Grand Award. Congratulations.

Yu Jae Seok from “How Do You Play?”.

– Congratulations!
– Congratulations!

(His 16th Grand Award!)

Yu Jae Seok won the 2020 MBC
Entertainment Awards’…

Grand Award.

After leaving “Infinite Challenge”,

I really never thought
I’d win the Grand Award.

“How Do You Play?” is honestly
a program I can’t do on my own.

I got here with the help of
many people.

I will try hard
to make many people laugh.

– Congratulations, Jae Seok.
– Thank you, CEO Song.

Thanks, Byung Jae.

– Yeong Ja. Thanks.
– Congratulations.

You’re a great person.

Hyun Moo, thank you.

– Na Rae, thank you.
– What for?

– Jung Hwa, thank you.
– Congratulations.

You, Jong Min, and Jessi
got me this award.

– That’s how I got it.
– No way.

Let’s take a group photo.

1, 2, 3.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

– Good job.
– Great job.

(And a few days later…)

(His first official schedule
since winning the award)

My gosh…

Not again.

(You can’t put a price on
our love for Jae Seok.)

(Do you know? Our number one)

(The Yooniverse goes on.)

(I put up your photo
instead of a lamp. You shine.)

(People say it was between
Jae Seok, U-Doragon, and Jimi Yu.)

(The Grand Award
got the Yu Jae Seok buff.)

(We put all our love
into the posters.)

(Grand Award, you got lucky.)


I told you not to do
things like this.

Thank you. Now take it back.

I accept the sentiment,
but I don’t need gifts.

I felt a bit rushed when
I gave the acceptance speech.

I left out writer Lee Yu Jeong
and Hwang Kwang Hee.

I did text you later on,

but I’d like to
thank you again sincerely.

I’d also like to
thank the viewers…

who tuned in to watch
How Do You Play?.

– Where do I sit?
– Over there.

– There?
– Yes.

– Sit over there.
– No, thanks.

– It’s for you.
– Forget it.

– My goodness.
– Still,

you won your 16th Grand Award.

What’s that?

Why are you in the background?

(Our love for Jae Seok)

We don’t have much lighting.

– Lighting?
– Yes.

– You already shine.
– Darn you.

(I put up your photo
instead of a lamp. You shine.)


Give me a more comfortable chair.
This is so uncomfortable.

– How does Rain sit there, then?
– This is… Isn’t this Rain’s?

His throne is painted gold.

Rain likes this kind of thing.

He suits the program.

So what are we doing today?

Today is December 31.

– Right.
– Yes.

– We’re filming on December 31.
– Yes.

– We’ll settle some things.
– Okay.

And we’ll talk about
our plans next year.

What do we need to settle?

Oh, that. Last week was
the Christmas special.

– I was so surprised when I saw it.
– We shared our donations.

My goodness. 1.8 million dollars.

That’s the kind of donation
conglomerates give.

I was so surprised.

As for the profits we made
from the Yu San Seul Project,

we donated to the soup kitchen
for homeless people in need.

– Is that so?
– That’s where it went.


as for the profits from SSAK3,
they went to children in need.

That’s amazing.

The profits from Refund Sisters
will be used for single moms…

and to provide female sanitary
items for people in need.

My goodness.

(250,000 dollars for female
sanitary items and single moms)

A lot of other projects
had gone well.

And the settlement for
Refund Sisters is ongoing.

– It’s ongoing?
– Yes. We’ll make a bit more.

– And the calendars as well.
– Right.

Viewers, we have
more projects we need to settle.

We’ll be able to help people
thanks to your help.

It’s amazing how we can help
those people in need.

I was very surprised to read
we raised 1.8 million dollars.

A lot of people said that
they didn’t know your speech…

lasted several minutes.

I didn’t know…

– that mine lasted nine minutes.
– Yes.

I don’t know what to say.

(Speeding up by twice
the normal playback speed)

(Speeding up by 20 times
the normal playback speed)

his long speech continued.)

And I’d like to thank the viewers.
Thank you.

(He delivered his speech
for 8 minutes and 39 seconds.)

“Jae Seok’s acceptance speech
was longer…”

“and more substantial
than my term paper.”

Someone wrote that.

“9 minutes?
It felt more like 3 minutes.”

“How can he always draw
people in and speak so eloquently?”

– “He’s perfect.”
– That’s enough.

– Stop it. That’s enough.
– Okay. There were…

– a lot of comments.
– Okay.

Thank you. I didn’t mean
to give a long speech.

I was very nervous too.

Officially, I am the only
cast member of the show.

That’s what we decided,

but I cannot host this show
by myself.

I need help from a lot of people.

Oh, right. For the first time
in my career,

– I got the Best Couple Award.
– Yes.

You won…

– the Rookie Award last year.
– Yes.

Jimi Yu and Cheon Ok.

(I should skin your face.)

Jimi Yu and Cheon Ok
of How Do You Play?!

– Congratulations.
– It’s all thanks to you, Hyo Lee.

Actually, this year,

the recipients of any awards
from MBC…

– will receive medals.
– Right.

We have a medal
for the Top Excellence Award.

You’ll get a separate medal…

– for the Best Couple Award.
– Really?

Actually, the award
I wanted the most…

was the Variety Show of
the Year Award.

The viewers vote for…

the most entertaining show
of the year.

This award is from the viewers.

When the viewers like our show,
it gets us going.

And that will be a nice
driving force us…

to try out new things

Anyway, how were
the variety shows this year?

There are so many variety shows
these days compared to before.

They are all entertaining
and have their own colors,

but our current system
is a bit tough…

on the new celebrities
to showcase their talents.

Back in the day, there were…

“Star Survival: Live
and Enjoy Together”, “X-Man”,

and “Match Made in Heaven”.

Through a lot of variety shows,

every week,
there were new stars on TV.

Many stars were made through
variety shows.

She’s not with us anymore.

She’s one of the people
to whom I owe my career.

It’s Choi Jin Sil.

Back then, she told
one of the producers about me…

and how I dressed
like a grasshopper.

She suggested hiring me
because she thought I was funny.

After that, it was my first show
away from KBS.

I was hired as the main MC
of “Star Survival.”

That’s how they cast me for the MC.

And that show did very well.

That’s how I got this far.

“Star Survival:
Live and Enjoy Together”.

(The 1st episode of the show
aired in November of 2000.)

(Jae Seok was the main MC
for the first time.)

(Through the variety show,
he displayed his talent.)

(Every week,
new stars joined the show.)

(Even actors joined
the variety show.)

(All types of funny characters
came about.)

(The show brought out
many celebrities’ potentials.)

(It was a show that discovered
a lot of new gems.)

I want there to be a show where
new stars can showcase their talent.

It will be the 30th anniversary
of your debut.

– Yes, I guess.
– Yes.

And I looked into the show too.
The show started…

– in November of 2000 as well.
– Right.

It started in 2000.

– We can do something similar.
– Really?

Here’s what I think about new stars.

These new stars could be young,

but even though
they are considered old,

there could be some people
we haven’t seen on variety shows.

I would like to work
with new people in that respect.

And among the people
who had already been on TV,

there could be some people…

who haven’t had the chance
to fully display their charms.

I thought about doing a project
where the aforementioned people…

could get along together.

Hold on. I should call Hyo Lee.

I should call her to take her medal.

I should call Sang Soon.

– Soon.
– Hello?

– Jae Seok.
– What are you doing?

– It snowed a lot here.
– Really?

We’re isolated at home.

It snowed a lot in Jeju Island?

– It snowed heavily there.
– It snowed a lot.

– It did? Really?
– It’s still snowing.

Hey, are you okay?

Well, you know, we’re
always isolated anyway.

I see.

(Their love is
the forever isolation.)

What’s Hyo Lee doing?

– Do you want to talk to her?
– Yes, please.

– Hold on.
– Okay.

– It’s Jae Seok.
– Who?

– Hyo Lee.
– Hello?

– Were you sleeping?
– Yes.

– Yes.
– I see. You were…

Why are you acting all cute
all of a sudden?

I was sleeping.

– What?
– You scared me for a second.

You’re on TV. You acted all cute.

Really? I was totally asleep.

– Is that so?
– That kind of came out.

I see.

– I’m filming How Do You Play?.
– Jae Seok.

Congratulations on winning
the Grand Award.

Thank you.
Gosh, it’s all thanks to you.

I mentioned you in my speech.

– It’s thanks to…
– Talk is cheap. Send me something.

Yes. I plan to do that.

I’ll send you the trophy
and the medal.

– Is that pure gold?
– Of course.

– It’s 25g.
– How much does it weigh?

It’s 25g.

– We’ll ship the medal to you.
– Okay.

By the way, how did you
make that blanket dress?

(She showed up with the blanket
dress she made herself.)

(Closing hard)


Due to my circumstances,
I couldn’t be there…

with you.

But you sent the trophy
to Jeju Island.

So I was waiting for it
in my blanket dress…

as you can see.

(The tail-like train of the dress
and intense red socks)

This year… The end of the year…

The end of…

I was looking at that.

– Let’s do it again.
– Do it again.

Once our days get better,
I will come back…

in a cooler, more beautiful,
and lovelier outfit.

Thank you.

(Her presence shone brightly
even in the video.)

I got the trophy two days
before the awards ceremony.

I couldn’t wear my tracksuit
to receive the trophy in my video.

It wasn’t bad, right?

It wasn’t bad at all.
It was amazing.

Who filmed you? Was it Sang Soon?

Yes, it was Sang Soon.

You’re a genius entertainer.

(You’re a genius entertainer.)

Anyway, with Refund Sisters
and SSAK3 Projects,

we donated over 1.5 million dollars.

– Right. We had a lot of fun.
– This is amazing.

So what are you filming now?

How Do You Play?.

– By yourself?
– Yes. I’m alone for now.

I see. Defconn isn’t there today?

– He’s not here.
– Is he older than me?

– What?
– Is he older or younger than me?

If he’s younger,
it’d be uncomfortable for you.

(He’s 2 years older than her.)

I’ve never met him in person.

– Really?
– Yes. I’d like to meet him.

I should set up a meeting
with you two together.

I should yell at him
and keep him in his place.

There are a few people
I didn’t get to scold yet.

– Hey. In 2021,
– Yes?

we’ll do a show like “Star Survival:
Live and Enjoy Together”.

Are there any rookies
you’ve been following?

– Or they don’t have to be rookies.
– You mean, singers?

They can be singers or actors.
They can be anything.

Well, no one is
as entertaining as I am.

I should join you again.

– Actually,
– I was going to send Sang Soon…

if you were doing Ugly Festival.

– Do what?
– Ugly Festival. Are you doing that?

Don’t you think
he’s the perfect fit?

If he joins us,
he’ll definitely win the festival.

Of course. He will.

– My gosh. Ugly Festival…
– If you’re doing that,

I’ll send him.

And if you’re doing “Star Survival”,
I should set it up for you.


– I’ll assign characters.
– Okay.

I should yell at them and get down.

Why do you keep yelling at people?

(You’re unstoppable.)

By the way,
I really enjoyed the tangerines.

They are from Lucid Fall’s field.

– Right. I heard that.
– They are from his field.

I heard they were organic,
free of pesticides.

– Right.
– Right?

Anyway, congratulations.
And thank you so much.

I’ll go visit you on Jeju Island
once COVID-19 is over.

Sure. Okay.

Happy New Year. You too, Sang Soon.

– You too.
– Okay.

– Bye.
– Bye.

(He hangs up the phone
after the New Year’s greetings.)

She’s funny.

Hold on. I should call B-Dragon.

I call him from time to time.

– Ji Hoon.
– Jae Seok.

What are you doing?


Okay. Thanks to your help,
I won the award.

Seriously. Thank you so much.

No. Thanks to you and Linda,

it was an honor.
And I had so much fun.

I was so happy.

– And most importantly,
– Yes.

my new song is coming out
today at 6 p.m.


It’s called “Switch to Me”.

I’ve been staying up all night
for that song.

Hey, you…


I know that. I even saw the trailer.

But Jae Seok, when I was recording,

I stayed up all night,
so I had a serious nosebleed.

You really had a nosebleed?

A little.

My gosh, you. You always do that.

Anyway, thanks to you,
we got to donate a lot of money…

through what we did as SSAK3.
Thanks a lot.

Exactly. I had no idea, but our song
brought in 1.2 million dollars.

Gosh. It was 1.3 million.

I should’ve gotten that big break
instead of SSAK3.

My gosh. That was just…
That’s just too…

– Jae Seok.
– Yes?

Anyway, Happy New Year
in this year of 2021,

and I’ll always be with you
in your future.

Okay. And we have to open up
our time capsule, so don’t forget.

– Okay, Jae Seok. Thanks.
– Okay. Happy New Year.

– Okay.
– Tell Jin Young I said hi.

– Sure.
– All right.

Anyway, let’s have
another great year in 2021.

I look forward
to what you’ll do in 2021.

So that was our discussion
on what we’ll do this year.

It might be better if we do this…

as a mix of people who did well
last year with aspiring stars…

– who will do better this year.
– You’re right.

There are a lot of funny people
these days.

Then we’ll get help
from many other people…

– Of course.
– to find some new personalities.

It’ll be fun.

(Yoo’s yooniverse will
continue on and on.)

(How Do You Play?
in the year 2021 too.)

(They finish discussing
their new variety show.)

(This is a luxurious rooftop bar…)

(where you can see
all of Seoul at once.)

(And then!)

(A man walks down
dressed in all black.)

(He’s a man with silky-smooth hair
and a unique style.)

So beautiful. It’s good.

(Who’s this man
who speaks English fluently?)

(Taking jacket off)

It’s about time they showed up.

– So we go down like this.
– It’s a pool.

– Is that a pool?
– Is there a vein of water?

Yes, it’s a pool,
so there’s a lot of water.

(Two men in black suits
walk down the stairs.)

(Looking around)

– What are they doing?
– Who are you?

(They look elegant
in their ponytails.)

Gosh, the water level here is…
This place must be expensive.

– There’s a vein of water here.
– Yes, right here. It’s very active.


– Nice to meet you.
– Yes, nice to meet you.

– Please sit this way.
– Sure.

– Nice to meet you.
– Yes.

I’m a big name in
the U.S. entertainment business…

who’s in control of
the world’s industry, Canola Yoo.

Many stars were made through
variety shows in the old days.

(We must find
a new variety show personality!)

(He received Jae Seok’s request…)

(and came to Korea
in absolute secrecy.)

My grandfather was
a first-generation immigrant.

(He was born and raised in the U.S.,
then began as a casting director.)

I’ve done my share of work in
the U.S. entertainment industry,

and made a fortune.

(His talent in investment…)

(helped him make a legendary
success story in the industry!)

So fantastic.

(He’s looking for someone
who’s more than an aspiring star!)

I came here in secrecy
to make my investment in Korea.

(The hand of Midas is here to find
the blue-chip of variety shows.)

I’m Canola Yoo from Arizona.

I’m a household name
in the entertainment industry, so…

You usually book a ticket…

– to take a flight, right?
– Yes.

– But I came on a chartered plane.
– You chartered a plane?

My day is scheduled by the second,

so it’s much cheaper for me
to go around in a chartered plane.

– Wait…
– Canola Yoo?

And are you Ma Dong Seok?

I’m his brother.

So you’re Dong Seok,
and who are you?

I’m a guy who’s in big data.

Doctor Song Gil Young.

– The expert in that field?
– Yes.

Doctor Song Gil Young?

You can be Young Gil, then.

– Young Gil?
– Young Gil.

You brought up Dr. Song Gil Young,
so flip it around to Young Gil.

– Kim Young Gil?
– Yes, Kim Young Gil.

– I’m a big data specialist too.
– What?

A big data specialist.

I’m a big data specialist.

You can’t carry around
something this ancient.

Why not? What’s so different now?

– You need something like this.
– That’s really ancient. Old school.

– Is that a portable media player?
– A portable media player.

– Look at this.
– Exactly.

You need something like this
to store data.

(A man who catches
all the big data with two fingers,)

(Dong Seok)

(Bringing in maximum information
with the pettiest machine,)

(Young Gil)

– Big data.
– Really?

– Yes.
– We’re both big data or something.

I’ve been thinking for a while,
but you look a lot like this.

This thing is thin, you’re fat,
but you two still look alike.

– Really?
– This is uncanny.

– Really?
– Put them next to each other.

Anyway, gentlemen. There’s
a reason why I came to Korea.

It’s to find the new biggest
variety show personality.

That’s why I came here.

Young Gil, you also
became a star through programs…

– There were such shows.
– such as “X-Man” and more.

That’s how you became
a variety show star.

I didn’t know I’d get my big break
on a variety show.

Defconn, you’ve released songs
and did this and that,

but you made it
through “Infinite Challenge.”

Goodness, that show
saved many lives.

After that, you were cast
on “2 Days and 1 Night”.

You’re right.

That’s exactly why Dong Seok
and Young Gil, you need to join me.

I want to begin a new fad.

I hope we could find a new star.

But this is top secret. Stay quiet.

I already got
the Grand Award winner of…

the 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards,

Yu Jae Seok,
as the host of the show.

But he’s a very busy man.

He gave me a very positive sign.

Also, we both agreed
on all the terms,

so I already have the host.

(The host is
confirmed as Yu Jae Seok.)

The number two most searched word
is “Yu Jae Seok’s padded jacket.”

Everyone wants to know what he got.

– Dong Seok.
– Yes? I’m a fan of Jae Seok.

(I want to thank someone who gave me
a very expensive padded jacket.)

(“Yu Jae Seok Receives Expensive
Padded Jacket from Uhm Jung Hwa”)

Jung Hwa really gave me
that brand-name padded jacket…

as a present. I was really shocked.

– Which brand is it?
– J. Sander.

That’s very expensive.

– The most expensive brand.
– Yes, I was really shocked.

Jae Seok told me that
it’s a shame to wear it.

It’s too good to wear.

Could I run a quick test to
continue this project with you two?

Ask away.

What do you two think
will be this year’s fad and trend?

This year’s trend? This year?

– We’re making a prediction.
– Hydrogen-powered cars.

Do you even know
what those are, Young Gil?


I’m sure hydrogen is used
to move the car.

What about you, Dong Seok?

AI. Artificial intelligence
will be very trendy.

Do you know what “AI” stands for?


Auto influencer?

(Not artificial intelligence,
but auto influencer?)

Someone who’s
automatically influential?

Yes, AI is very influential.

– Auto influencer?
– Auto influencer.

Let’s look back on last year.

What if you express last year’s
variety shows in five words?

– May I put in my heart?
– Sounds great.

I did not take part.


I lost the entire year.
I did not take part.

I took a part in the year 2019,
but in 2020,

I could take my sabbatical.
My sabbatical.

Is that good? Are you happy now?

What’s a sabbatical?

Professors or researchers…

sometimes take a year off to rest.

Okay, now. Five words, Young Gil.


(Putting in all of his brainpower)


(Expecting a lot)

Music was the most central.

– What?
– The most central?

Music was
the most central in my life.

– Keep it within five words.
– Really?

– Music and variety shows.
– I said five words.

You have five seconds now. Five.

– Music was in variety shows.
– What?

Music and variety shows…
Many shows had music in them

Yes, and drop it down to five words.

How do I do that?

Music, variety shows,
and add something else.

– Music, variety shows were best.
– Okay. Best.

Are we good now?

Okay, let’s wrap it up.

Let’s go cast some people.

Shall we? Let’s head over
with my laptop.

– Let’s go.
– Let’s go.

(Blue-chip entertainer finders,
Canola Yoo, Young Gil, Dong Seok)

(Who will be the next
star entertainer they find?)

– Come on over, now.
– This is luxurious.

(The three men walk in
with determination.)

– Gosh, look at this place.
– Gosh.

(A sudden turn)

(They walk into a mysterious room.)

(This is…)

(Canola Yoo’s meeting room!)

– Goodness, Mr. Yoo.
– Grab a seat.

(He checks for water veins
as soon as he walks in.)

Is someone coming here?

Our potential candidates are
heading over today.

Do we ask questions?
What should we do?

You may ask questions, and
we need to gather their big data.

– So please analyze that.
– Okay, analysis.

Our first aspiring entertainer.

The first candidate
will be here soon.

We should help them relax
to get a good start.

I’m not sure if anyone could relax
when they see us dressed like this.

– But they need to learn…
– We should hear from them.

not to get timid before
people who look like us.

– If they do well, give them credit.
– You’re right.

(The blue-chip
entertainer candidate arrives.)

– Young Gil.
– What are you doing?

I’m on a short-term contract.

(Who is this person
that surprised the three men?)

– Wait, it’s you. Byeong Gyu!
– Mr. Jo Byeong Gyu.


(From the rebellious student
in “Sky Castle”…)

(to the playful character
“Hot Stove League”,)

(he portrayed a wide spectrum of
characters regardless of the genre.)

(He played his first lead role
in “The Uncanny Counter”.)

(His performance in the drama
made him more popular.)

(This is how he looks as an aspiring
valuable asset of variety shows.)

(His easy-going personality
makes people laugh.)

– I’ll be the one who gets hit.
– All right.

(And he’s so passionate
he doesn’t spare himself.)

(He has what it takes to be
a valuable asset of variety shows!)

If you had to choose only one
of them, who would you choose?

I’d choose Byeong Gyu.

Byeong Gyu is good at it.

(Actor Jo Byeong Gyu)

It’s good to see you again.

Hey, you lost a lot of weight.

That’s right. I lost 10kg.

– Your drama became a big hit.
– Because of your role in the drama?

– It became a big hit.
– Thanks.

Byeong Gyu, congratulations
on your drama’s success.

– Let’s toss him up.
– Come here.

Let’s toss him up.

– Congratulations, congratulations.
– Hey, why…

– Hold on. Hey, it was a good idea.
– Yes?

But you should’ve lifted
his upper body, don’t you think?

– Is that so?
– Of course.

– You lifted his leg instead.
– Right.

– Congratulations, Byeong Gyu.
– Thank you.

I’m honored to meet someone
who became a star at a young age.

– You haven’t met him before?
– At such a young age.

I’ve never met him before.
He became a top star at a young age.

When he appeared
on “Home Alone”…

– I really enjoyed watching it.
– You lived in a semi-basement unit.

That’s right.

He had only around six dollars left
in his bank account.

(He candidly showed…)

(his pitiful life.)

– He seemed too pitiful.
– Was that all he had?

I’m not that poor anymore.

I just realized that Byeong Gyu
looks more relaxed now.

That’s not true.

– He smiles a little bigger now.
– I see.

– His drama became a hit.
– With the highest ratings.

The drama got the highest ratings
among the shows on that channel.

– It got 9.3 percent.
– It’s a cable movie channel.

– Kim Se Jeong and Yu Jun Sang.
– Correct.

I’m not sure if you two know this,

– but he played in “Sky Castle”…
– Oh, right.

– and “Hot Stove League” too.
– Of course, we know that.

All three dramas became
a big hit.

Byeong Gyu seems…

– You have such a small face.
– His face looks so small.

– His jawline looks so sharp now.
– He lost a lot of weight.

I weigh 10kg less than I weighed
the last time I saw you.

– Exactly.
– Yes.

I used to weigh
between 64kg and 65kg.

– Now I weigh 54kg.
– You weigh only 54kg?

– You weigh only 54kg?
– Yes.

My upper body alone
weighs that much.

You shouldn’t compare him
to yourself.

Well… It happened that way.

– How old are you?
– You’re in your 20s, right?

Yes, I am. I’ll turn 26 next year.

You’re this successful
when you’re only 26?

– Calm down.
– You’re only 26…

You’re already this successful
and weigh only 56kg?

Dong Seok, don’t say anything.

Sir, life is so unfair.

Hey, you look like one of
the characters from “Angry Birds”.

– Which one?
– The fat bird.

I mean, he’s only 26.
He must be really happy.

I was so happy for him
as he became successful. Byeong Gyu.

I strongly recommended you.

– When did you recommend him?
– Stop lying.

– He’s like my little brother.
– You want to talk about the show.

– Exactly.
– We appeared on the same show.

– He let me down once though.
– What did he do?

When we were shooting the show,

he said, “You’re playing
in a drama.”

So I asked him if he watched it.

He said, “Of course, I watched
‘Spot TV’.”

“Spot TV”? My gosh.

“Spot TV”?

“Spot TV”? Is it the name
of a car model or what?

It’s “Hot Stove League”,
not “Spot TV”.

– Did you mean “Sports TV”?
– Gosh, you.

You will attend
the 2020 SBS Drama Awards later.

I heard you’ve been nominated
for the Best Rookie Award.

He deserves it considering his
performance in “Hot Stove League”.

– He did great in that drama.
– I’m flattered.

Congratulations. The Best Rookie
Award goes to Jo Byeong Gyu.

(And later in the evening that day)

(Byeong Gyu actually received
the Best Rookie Award.)

I’ll become a better actor
before I come back.

Thank you.

I hope you won’t ghost us…

after winning the award.

Me? No way. I brought my phone
to get your number.

This is why I like you.
He’s just so adorable.

– He’s my little brother.
– Stop saying that.

Can you give me your number?

I’ll give you after the shoot.

– Don’t say anything.
– I want him to be my brother.

– That’s ridiculous.
– What are you talking about?

– I’m your little brother.
– Hey, Angry Bird, be quiet.

Can you be my brother?

– Let’s all sit down.
– Okay.

– Byeong Gyu is amazing.
– He has everything.

That’s not true.

I heard that “Hot Stove League” is
very meaningful to him…

because it was the first drama he
got to play in without an audition.

As the drama “Sky Castle”
became successful,

and the CEO of the production
company liked my performance,

I got the offer for the role.
I was grateful to play in the drama.

How many auditions did you go on?

I went on more auditions
than the other newcomer actors.

– I went on 400 or 500 auditions.
– 400 or 500 auditions?

I had to show them what I could do
by any means.

I worked as an acting tutor,

– and saved around 4,000 dollars.
– I see.

I bought a used car with the money.

I bought it to go on
as many auditions as possible.

That’s how I got many chances
to act in different dramas.

And I got more auditions.

You earned those chances.

Yes. I worked hard
to get those parts.

– He’s a man of passion.
– Write it down.

– He’s thrifty…
– Write, “He works hard honestly.”

– And he’s modest too.
– “He works hard honestly.”

Does it really work?

– Yes, it works.
– I see.

– “He works hard honestly.”
– “He works hard…”

When I was your age…
You know, right?

We lived our lives thoughtlessly
and recklessly.

No, I lived a normal life.

You lived a normal life?

Didn’t you go through
emotional fluctuations?

Well, yes, I did.

By the way, I wonder…

how Byeong Gyu’s year went.

Can you describe your 2020
with five words?

It’s been a wonderful year.

– That’s good.
– “It’s been a wonderful year.”

– “It’s been a wonderful year.”
– That’s impressive.

– That sounds so elegant…
– It’s been a wonderful year for me.

It’s different for everyone.

– By the way, Young Gil.
– I like it.

You react more enthusiastically
when Byeong Gyu speaks.

I didn’t fake it.
I really think he’s amazing.

It’s not because
he’s my little brother.

(That’s my little brother
Byeong Gyu.)

– I’ve always felt sorry for him.
– Why?

I couldn’t guide him well.

What did you say?

I couldn’t help him succeed.

It didn’t seem to work out
although I tried my best.

Then is he your mentee? There has
been none in variety shows.

Byeong Gyu, you’re the first
mentee of Jong Min.

Yes, I’m his first mentee.

Oh, my. This is hard to believe.
I was so surprised.

I’ve never heard Young Gil saying
he’ll be someone’s mentor.

There are many of my junior
entertainers I feel sorry for.

– Including Ravi…
– If anyone…

who is Jong Min’s mentee
is watching this,

please contact us.

Tell us that you’re his mentee.

We’ll be waiting for your calls.

How did your family react?

Of course, both my parents
are so happy for me.

When I told them I would be
on How Do You Play?,

they asked me if I would
join Jae Seok’s clan.

I said it’s too soon to tell,
and that they should wait.

Byeong Gyu’s parents,
if you’re watching this,

we just found out that Byeong Gyu is
Jong Min’s mentee, not mine.

(Byeong Gyu is Jong Min’s mentee.)

Mom, I’m sorry.

– My goodness.
– He said sorry to his mother.

I don’t think that will happen.

Byeong Gyu…

Hey, do something about that.

– He can’t join his clan.
– I’m sorry, Byeong Gyu.

Jong Min’s mentee is hilarious.

What do you think
about variety shows?

Actually, when I saw Director
Kim Tae Ho before the shoot,

I felt overwhelmed
because I became star struck.

I was a huge fan
of “Infinite Challenge”.

I was such a big fan of the show.

There’s a generation
that loved “Infinite Challenge”.

– I’m that generation.
– Exactly.

There are people who grew up
watching the show.

I enjoyed the briquette challenge
and the race against the subway.

I think you’re suitable
for a variety show.

We’re planning a show
that’s similar to old variety shows.

We’ll make a fun variety show
with many other stars.

I think people will enjoy watching
me looking ugly and funny,

so I’m not afraid of that.

But honestly, I’m not sure
if they will be fond…

of my personality and traits
they’ll see through the show.

– What do you think?
– Well… I think…

That… That doesn’t matter.

That doesn’t matter?

Of course, that matters.

– It’s an important thing.
– Right. So I…

That’s what he thinks,
so it matters to him.

What I’m saying is that others…
What did you say?

(What did you say?)

Gosh, seriously.

I’m supposed to guide him,
but I can’t seem to do it.

Why can’t you do that?

– Try and guide him.
– I’m worried.

By the way, you can imitate
some other stars, right?

– Really?
– Yes.

I’ll show you something
I didn’t show you.

I’ve been practicing
Um Tae Goo impression.

– Can you show us? Um Tae Goo.
– Okay.

“Let him go. I said, let him go.”

“He’s neither Gwangju’s taxi driver
nor a reporter. Just let him go.”

That was so good.

– Write it down.
– That was really good.

– He’s good at imitating Um Tae Goo.
– “Um Tae Goo impression…”

– Can you imitate Lee Jung Jae too?
– I’ll imitate Lee Jung Jae.

– Lee Jung Jae?
– Yes.

Lee Jung Jae.

“In 1938, I was shot
in my left chest.”

“I handpicked those people.”

– From “The Age of Shadows”.
– Write it down.

He even imitated
how his voice cracked too.

– Yes. His voice cracked like this.
– He’s best at imitating Sun Kyun.

He’s very good at imitating
Lee Sun Kyun.

“Hello. I’m Actor Lee Sun Kyun.”

“You’re not the only doctor here.
I’m a doctor too.”

– Write it down.
– Lee Sun Kyun impression.

He’s overqualified
to be Jong Min’s mentee.

– Jong Min…
– I didn’t know you could do this.

– Why didn’t you show me sooner?
– Why didn’t you know?

Why didn’t you show me sooner?

You’re too talented
to be Jong Min’s mentee.

I think it’s too late to back out.
Mom, I’m sorry.

Byeong Gyu is the perfect man for
a variety show we’re looking for.

You mentioned your parents earlier.

Is your mother
really a Korean history teacher?

Yes, my mother teaches
Korean history at middle school.

– He knows a lot about history.
– Oh, my.

Hold on. Then how about we
give you…

some pop quiz?

Sure. I’m not sure if I can
get them right, but I’ll try.

– You know a lot about history too.
– Yes, I do.

Then I’ll give you some questions.

(The interesting Korean history
quiz contest)

It’s a match between
the variety show mentor…

and his mentee…

– The word mentor sounds funny.
– The newcomer entertainer…

whom the variety show mentor
Young Gil is guiding and leading…

Byeong Gyu will have a match
against his mentor.

Subtitle by KOCOWA
Synchronization by
– ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ –

Why do I feel so bad?

– His mentor.
– This is nerve-wracking.

If you want to answer,
say your name.

– Byeong Gyu.
– All right.

“Name the rising nobleman…”

“who worked with Taejo Lee Sung Gye
to establish Joseon,”

“plan Hanyang, and build
Hanyang Castle and Gyeongbokgung.”

Byeong Gyu. Jeong Do Jeon.

– Correct.
– He is good.

– Oh.
– You should know Jeong Do Jeon.

I knew the answer.

Then you should have said
your name.

– I missed my chance.
– Let’s move on.

Here comes the next question.

“In 1866, Prince Heungseon…”

Byeong Gyu. The Isolation Policy.

– Incorrect.
– Okay.

“In 1866, Prince Heungseon
persecuted Catholics…”

“and in response,
the French military…”

– Let me answer.
– Byeong Gyu.

– Byeonginyangyo.
– This one…


Gosh, you are so fast.

He is impressive.

Byeonginyangyo was a difficult one.

– Can’t you get a question right?
– I knew the answer.

I am serious.

Hurry up.

– Give Young Gil a question.
– Okay.

– You will get to answer first.
– You can answer first.

“Name the first new city of Korea
which became…”

“a UNESCO World Heritage Site
in 1997.”

A new city.

The first new city of Korea.

1997. It’s a well-known city.

– What? 1997?
– Yes.

In 1997, I was…

What? 1997?

(The 1st new city, 1997,
UNESCO World Heritage Site…)

It became
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The first new city of Korea.

Young Gil has the chance…

to answer first.

– Say the answer.
– Five…

– You aren’t Korean…
– The new city?

if you don’t know this.

– Songdo?
– Songdo?


Songdo New City.

You should have said…

another answer.


– Byeong Gyu.
– All right.


Hwaseong Fortress.


– Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.
– Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

It’s the first new city of Korea.

– Really?
– King Jeongjo created the city.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is correct.

This is…


– Now comes the last question.
– Again?

“This ancient nation of Korea
claimed the most amount of land…”

– “and was called Haedongseongguk.”
– Byeong Gyu.

Dae Jo Young. Balhae.

– That’s correct.
– Correct.

That’s correct.

He has my acknowledgment.

It’s like the song title,
“Dreaming of Balhae”.

You are in no position to say that.

(Young Gil didn’t get
a single question right.)

Don’t pretend to be cool.

– What happened?
– I am one level above him.

(He is too carefree
for someone who couldn’t answer.)

Byeong Gyu got
all the questions right.

– Let me ask 1 more question.
– 1 more?

– You will get to answer first.
– No.

“Which book was written
by Jeong Yak Yong,”

“a philosopher in the Joseon Dynasty
in order to reduce corruption…”

– “and reform the administration?”
– Byeong Gyu.

– He has the chance to answer first.
– Can I go first?

– Save your answer.
– No.

Which book did he write?

Say the title of the book.

For goodness’ sake!

– Come on.
– I mean…

The title contains “Mokseon”.

“Mokseon”? Say the answer.

– I mean…
– “Mokseon”.

– Five…
– “Mokseo”.

– Five…
– Gosh, I totally forgot!

– Are you done?
– It has four syllables.

– Are you done?
– It has four syllables.

– All right.
– I know the answer.

“Byeong”. For goodness’ sake!

– Seriously.
– Say the answer.

– Say the answer. 5, 4,
– To say it so suddenly…

– three…
– Give me one syllable!

(Give me one syllable!)




I know the answer!


(He just picks his throat.)

– I know the answer!
– Stay quiet.

– I know the answer!
– Stay quiet.

– Stay quiet.
– I know the answer!

I really do!

– Stay quiet.
– I know the answer!

Stay quiet.

– 5, 4…
– “Mungmongmokseo”.

– Let me answer.
– “Mungmongmokseo”?

I know the answer.
Let me answer the question.

– Let me do it.
– “Mungmongmokseo”?

– What even is “Mungmongmokseo”?
– The answer is similar.

I am serious.


“Mokminsimseo” is correct.

– “Mokminsimseo”.
– I placed second.

– “Moksim”… “Mokseo”.
– “Mungmong”…

– “Mungmongmokseo”?
– I knew the answer.

You should know “Mokminsimseo”.


– The question gave the information.
– That’s right.

– “Mokseo”.
– Make sure you participate…

in a similar segment.



Byeong Gyu is good at
Korean history.

Write this down. “Korean history”.

“Like mother, like son.”

“Like mother, like son.”

Shall we have
the simple two-word quiz?

– Both of you have played it often.
– Yes.

You know how it goes, right?

– How does it go?
– Most beauties…

– Die young.
– That’s right.

Most beauties die young.

(They must complete
the four-word expressions.)

– Are you ready?
– Yes.

Let’s begin.

– Bring suspicions…
– To oneself.

– Leave and…
– Never return.

– Unite and…
– Help out.

– Befit one’s…
– Good name.

– Rise from…
– The dirt.

– Incorrect.
– You are out.

– What?
– It’s “Rise from the ashes.”

(My teacher is the best.)

The next questions will be
about the four-word idioms.

– Really?
– Let’s go.

– Many mouths…
– Eat much.


Is there an idiom
that starts with “Many mouths”?

– Many mouths, 1 voice.
– Many mouths, 1 voice.

Many mouths, one voice.

I got confused for a second.

You are in a bad condition today.


Byeong Gyu.

– “Many mouths eat much.”
– He is your mentor.



Give us easier questions.

(Jae Seok laughs soundlessly.)

– Let’s resume.
– What?

Let’s say one word each
to make up an expression.

That would be easy.

I know a lot of words.

Young Gil, you have been cast.

– Okay.
– You have to come.

– You have to come.
– Okay.

– Okay.
– Teacher, let’s go!

Let’s begin,
Byeong Gyu, a word each.


– Artificial…
– Intelligence.

– Secret…
– First.

No. Secret code.

– What did you say?
– Secret first.

“Secret first”?

It’s the American style.

– Be quiet.
– Thank you.

Be quiet.

Secret first.

It means that
the secret comes first.

– The secret comes first.
– It comes first.

Isn’t that right?

I am sorry.

Why are you so nervous?

Why are you like this
in front of Byeong Gyu?

(He keeps becoming small
in front of Byeong Gyu.)

Why are you like this
in front of your mentee?

I want to do well.

– Is that why?
– I want to be a good mentor.

He got a lot better.

Hold on.
Dong Seok, you should try it.

– You should try it.
– I have no confidence.

You know,

Byeong Gyu hasn’t been able
to answer any questions.

Byeong Gyu and Dong Seok will go
this time.

– Pineapple…
– Juice.

– Colored…
– Colors.

Shall we go back
to four-word idioms?

Go back to your seat.

– I can do better.
– Stop.

– What?
– Stop.

– Colors.
– That was ridiculous.

How could you guys be like this…

in front of Byeong Gyu?

– What?
– I can usually do better.

What comes after “Colored”?

– Colored pencil.
– Colored pencil.

It wasn’t a four-word idiom.
Just a four-letter word.

– I see.
– In any case, Byeong Gyu,

you are so funny.
That’s the important thing.

But I didn’t do anything funny.

That’s not true. Thanks to you,
we were able to be funny.

What’s important is
that your presence…

– made Jong Min nervous.
– Yes.

Having a match
in that nervous state…

– The fact that I’m his mentee…
– Yes.

That’s right.

The desire to guide you…

sent Young Gil
into a state of confusion.

That led to “Colored colors”.

You made a big contribution.

It’s all thanks to you.

All right. This is perfect.

This is what teamwork is.
That’s why I want Byeong Gyu…

to join.

– Okay.
– Please think about it.

– I will consider your offer.
– Okay.

Let’s say goodbye
to Byeong Gyu here.

– Please consider our offer.
– Okay.

– Get going.
– All right.

– I had so much fun.
– Take care.

– Thank you for your hard work.
– Bye.

– Happy New Year.
– The crew will contact you.

(They say goodbye
in a carefree way.)

Good job. You learned well.

– Hey.
– You learned well.

– Byeong Gyu.
– He thought it was automatic.

You should be on variety shows.

– That was awesome, Byeong Gyu.
– Really?

– You thought it was automatic.
– What did I tell you?

– He learned it right.
– Thank you for your lesson.

– Good job, Byeong Gyu.
– Bye.

That was smooth.

– Bye, Byeong Gyu.
– Happy New Year.

Look at the door.
There’s a handle on the door.

He’s an entertainer.

He’s amazing. Write down
his name. Write it.

– Gosh. We were right about him.
– Yes.

– We’re filling up our data.
– Great.

– We’re gathering data, right?
– Yes.

Jo Byeong Gyu.
Whenever he strikes,

he hits a base-loaded home-run.

An actor who’s been on the rise,
Jo Byeong Gyu.

He’s intelligent, strong,
and handsome.

He’s a promising entertainer
we’d like to see more of.

What a surprise. I didn’t know
you had your own crew.

Isn’t that big news?

It’s big news. I didn’t know either.

It’s surprising to hear that
your crew was secretly active.

I have a lot of crew members,
but I couldn’t lead them.

Here’s a trait of your crew.
You want to lead them,

but you can’t lead them well.

They find their own way.

All right.
Let’s check out our big data.

Someone else is coming?

(She slowly shows herself.)

(An elegant black dress)

(Opening slowly)



(Actress Kim So Yeon, blue-chip
candidate on variety shows)

– Hello.
– My gosh.

– What? Come in. Please sit.
– Come on in.

– Hello.
– Ms. Cheon Seo Jin?

– Yes.
– Yes.

(“The Penthouse”,
the drama on everyone’s lips)

(It’s the era of Cheon Seo Jin.)

(Her splendid performance
definitely put her on the map.)

(“Kim So Yeon of ‘The Penthouse’
Gets the Highest Brand Reputation”)

(“Kim So Yeon, the Perfect Actress,
Gives Us Goosebumps”)

(Sometimes, she’s cold.)

(Sometimes, she’s bubbly.)

(She can pull off
a variety of characters.)

(My wife.)

(She’s an indispensable actress
who has reached her peak.)

(But it turns out she has
experience with variety TV shows?)

(Her stories
even won over Jae Seok.)

(Everyone is envious
of her reactions.)

(She can even do
some slapstick comedy.)

(So Yeon should be
on variety shows.)

(So Yeon should be
on variety shows.)

(Even Canola Yoo witnessed
the rise in So Yeon’s demand on TV.)

(In my opinion, she’s going
to make her mark on variety shows.)

(Actress Kim So Yeon)

She’s in “The Penthouse”.

– Wait. Let me clear the table.
– Gosh.

– Hello.
– Hi.

– Hello.
– I see. These are your characters.

– Our characters?
– You saw the show.

– Hi. Nice to see you again.
– So Yeon. Say hello to Young Gil.

– I’m Young Gil.
– I see. Okay.

– I’m an analyst for big data.
– I see.

– This is Dong Seok.
– I’m Dong Seok.

– Nice to meet you.
– nice to meet you.

I’m Canola Yoo.

– I see.
– He’s the investor.

– She took this so seriously.
– She went along with it.

– That’s flustering me.
– Gosh, no.

When I told her my name,
she wasn’t surprised.

– “I see.”
– “I see.”

– Please sit down.
– Okay.

By the way, your dress…
Wait. You’re headed to the ceremony.

Yes. After this, I’m going
to the awards ceremony.

Are you going in that dress?

– Yes. I stopped by on my way there.
– My gosh.

You look like that actress
from “Game of Thrones”.

– Thank you.
– The dragon queen.

– You guys look handsome.
– Yes? What do you mean?

(They look handsome?)

– Don’t we look special?
– Then, why did you laugh?

No. You look great.

She’s not shy.

– That’s good.
– I’m so nervous.

I love your drama.

– By the way…
– “The Penthouse”.

– Right.
– That jerk, Joo Dan Tae.

– He hurt so many people. Gosh.
– By the way…

– Gosh, thank you.
– You must be disappointed…

because Joo Dan Tae is…

– into Oh Yoon Hee now.
– That’s enough.

– Right. That aired last week.
– Hold on. Remember…

Remember why
we invited her here today.

You did an amazing job
playing the villainess.

– I knew that So Yeon was…
– Thank you.

– a great actress.
– Yes.

Whenever I watch the drama,
So Yeon…

– Your emotions…
– Gosh.

What is it?

Not her emotions.
She’s a villainess.

Do you have indigestion
or something?

– No.
– “Gosh.”

– You’re too kind.
– Okay.

– Yes. Please go ahead.
– By the way… What do you mean?

– I love it. I love her reaction.
– What does she mean?

– I love her reaction.
– What should I do?

No. I cut you off.

By the way, you had
a fantastic year as an actress.


So you’re the star who will shine
even more brightly next year.

– Thank you.
– Kim So Yeon of “The Penthouse”.

– An awesome actress.
– An awesome actress.

– Thank you. “Awesome”? Gosh.
– You gave me goosebumps.

How are you feeling these days?
The viewers of the drama say this…

after watching your performance
in the drama.

“She poured her soul into her role.”

It’s the biggest compliment.

“So Yeon is as plain as baby
food, but Seo Jin is mala flavor.”

Her acting is superb.

“I’ve never seen…”

– “that kind of crying scene.”
– My goodness.

– My gosh.
– “I watched it dozens of times…”

“in case I missed something.”

– What? Thank you.
– It’s the funeral scene.

– Gosh. You really watched it.
– I got goosebumps.

Among many compliments,
is there a memorable one?

“The Korean Joker”?

– “The Korean Joker”?
– “The Korean Joker”?

It’s so embarrassing
to bring it up myself.

– “The Korean Joker”. It’s so true.
– Seriously.

It was such a huge compliment,
so it’s unforgettable.

I was so impressed. She could’ve
done it subtly. Here’s an example.

(Acting surprised)

She could’ve done this.
But her lips trembled.

(Here’s how
So Yeon acted surprised.)

– Making your lips tremble is hard.
– That’s not easy.


– You did that in your scene?
– She did that in her scene.

When I watched the drama,
I was shocked to see my lips twitch.

Some people thought it was good.

This is it. Watch.

(Playing So Yeon’s famous scene
from “The Penthouse”)

(She already knew
that her father was dead,)

(but she pretended to not know,
cried, and passed out.)

– She’s going to her dad now.
– That already gave me goosebumps.

– Watch her suddenly crying.
– Watch that.

– She’s getting into her role.
– I can’t watch it.

She’s really like the Joker.

I got goosebumps. It’s like when
the Joker walked down the stairs.

(The beginning
of her build-up for her tears)



– Oh, that.
– You’re not my daughter anymore!

– No.
– Gosh.

What’s happening?

(This can’t be! Why is my dad dead?)

– Oh, my gosh.
– Gosh.

– Look at the camerawork.
– Gosh.

(Feeling shy)

Gosh. Look at that.

– Seo Jin.
– Bring in a stretcher.

(She deserves the title
of the Korean Joker.)

– My gosh. Brava.
– Gosh.

– Gosh, no.
– I’d love to give her an award.

– Please sit.
– It’s an honor.

– It’s an honor.
– Gosh, no. Sit down.

– I wish I could give you one.
– Gosh, no.

You’re the Joker.

(Without accepting
her father’s death,)

(she plays the piano
when her hands are bloody.)

It was so scary. It was scary.

(Transcendental Etude No. 4
in D minor, “Mazeppa”)

Gosh, I got goosebumps.

(Her mad performance
fills the screen.)


She’s the Joker.

Oh, no.

(It’s you who
turned me into this monster.)

(So don’t think
you’re so innocent in all this.)

(At least, you gave me…)

(something before you passed.)

Oh, no.

(Oh, my gosh!)

– This is amazing. Give her a hand.
– Gosh, no.

I’m not exaggerating this at all.

Not everyone can pull this off.

I mean…

Not everyone can do this.

– Thank you.
– It comes from her experience.

Did you play the piece yourself?

I can’t read music.

Then, how did you play that?

I got the script in June.

And we filmed the drama
in late August and early September.

I heard that I had to play
the piano in a scene.

They told me to practice.

– You played the piece yourself?
– Yes. I practiced it.

How long did you practice it?

I practiced it for two months
and a half when I was shooting.

– I worked hard.
– You only learned that piece?

– Just that piece. Only that.
– She practiced it for that scene.

I played the piano myself.

But as for the sound…
Since I was sloppy…

Even if someone else played it,
that’s amazing.

(An unrivaled scene)

How was it for you, So Yeon?

How did you feel when
you watched it after filming it?

As an actress, it was a huge honor.

Having a chance to film
a scene like that…

was an honor.
I knew I was very lucky.

Actually, one of her nicknames
when she was a rookie was…

Natalie Portman of Korea.

– Gosh, Natalie Portman?
– I agree.

Right now, it has changed.

She’s an actress who has marked
an era in the chronicle of villains.

– Goodness. Oh, no way.
– The Joker.

Do you like your new nickname?

Of course. It’s an honor.

Seriously. I had no idea that…

this many people
would mention my role.

– It’s so moving.
– By the way…

How would you describe
2020 in five syllables?

To me, this year…

I don’t know
if I should say it at MBC.

– It’s all right.
– It doesn’t matter.

To me, 2020 was
all about “The Penthouse”.

– It’s at the peak like a penthouse.
– The peak.

– A penthouse.
– It’s your peak.

I have a question…

– about your husband.
– Yes.

Was your husband surprised
when he saw your acting?

There were a few kissing scenes.

– Go on.
– In the drama.

At one point,
he stopped watching the drama.

– Because of the kissing scenes?
– Yes. I edited…

good parts and showed them to him.

– Here’s why. They are both actors.
– She doesn’t let him watch it.

– The thing is…
– I don’t let him watch it.

– You don’t let him?
– No, I don’t.

– I see.
– I don’t let him watch it.

– She only shows him the highlight.
– “Go in for a second.”

– Sang Woo.
– You used to date in the morning.

– That’s right.
– Until the night.

You seem to know a lot
about So Yeon.

– I do.
– Thank you.

You used to go on a date from 7 a.m.

Yes, Sang Woo insisted
on seeing each other at 7 a.m.

– At that time…
– You just catered to him.

– Right, I did.
– How sweet.

Then I got dark circles and all.

That’s when I thought,
“This won’t do. Let’s get married!”

So we didn’t need to meet at 7 a.m.

– “Let’s get married!”
– “Let’s get married!”


When you decide to get married…

– “Let’s get married!”
– “Let’s get married!”

She’s a natural indeed.

– For what?
– No way.

For variety shows.

– She creates so many buzzwords.
– I know.

Her words don’t match her gestures.

– She’s the best. She’s effortless.
– Indeed.

– You’re perfect the way you are.
– Not really.

I’ve recently watched
the two of them film a commercial,

and that was hilarious.

– Did you watch it?
– Of course!

– You haven’t? You want to watch it?
– Please.

– Sorry?
– I laughed so hard…

– Me? Do you have my footage?
– that my stomach hurt.

He puts a hood on her
so she could be warm.

(So Yeon and her husband
are filming a commercial.)

Nice, isn’t it?
And he puts his on too.

(Wait, what?)


– That happened?
– Yes.

– I guess the fur is detachable.
– Right.

– Yes.
– I can’t wait to see it on TV.

– That was fun.
– Gosh, Sang Woo.

These two have such great chemistry.

– Thank you. Right.
– They are perfect together.

Is there any funny story
that happened to Sang Woo lately?

If you could invite Sang Woo here,

– it’d be so great.
– Why?

Because he’s really funny.

He’s a fun person to be with…

and sings really well in a fun way.

– He dances well too.
– What kind of song?

He can sing any songs
while playing the guitar.

– Does he dance too?
– He does.

When he dances like this,
it’s really hilarious.

Sang Woo and I were
on a show together lately,

– but he didn’t say a word.
– I see.

You just need to help him
unleash his inner clown.

– I should’ve helped him.
– Yes.

Then you could see
all the different sides of him.

– At that time, I even…
– You must try it.

In fact, you did a lot of work
besides acting, right?

The reason we invited you here
is to cast you…

– for our future variety show.
– I see.

– That’s right.
– Thank you.

The recommendation came from…

– Yu Jae Seok.
– Yu Jae Seok.

– I see. Yu Jae Seok?
– He saw your potential…

and said you should be
on variety shows more often.

– That’s right.
– What do you think?

– Me? I’m very keen.
– That’s great.

But some might feel uncomfortable
to see me on variety shows.

– Like who?
– No, I really love it.

– I’m normally quite relaxed.
– Right.

But when I’m on the shows,
I can’t keep my hands still.

– What’s wrong?
– I want to tie them together.

– Why?
– Because I’m too nervous.

– I can understand.
– Figuratively.

You think you’re not cut out
for variety shows?

That’s the way I see it.

And my mom doesn’t like it
when I’m on a variety show.

– Why?
– Because…

she can feel how nervous I am
even through the screen.

– Since you look nervous?
– I see.

– She’s your parent, so…
– She feels sorry for me.

– It must be hard to watch.
– Look at my hands.

Even when I watch myself on TV,
I look ridiculous.

– That was really refreshing.
– No way.

– I told you. So Yeon is a natural.
– I really want her in.

So Yeon. “Let’s do variety shows!”

– “Let’s do variety shows!”
– No, not really.

I’ve never seen anything like that.

– That’s what makes her so special.
– Right.

You debuted on a variety show
when you were 18.

– With Kim Jin Soo.
– That’s right.

– I hosted “Music Camp”.
– I remember now.

She sure did a lot of shows.
Shall we have a look?

Lee Yoon Seok and Kim Jin Soo
worked as Hurricane Blue then.

(She co-hosted it
with Lee Yoon Seok and Kim Jin Soo.)

– Is this when you were 18?
– Today, I am…

– Yes, I was 18.
– the manager of “Music Camp”.

We have a female manager today.

– You seem like a great host.
– No, I’m not.

– She is.
– She’s great.

She used to introduce…

a lot of songs
that we miss these days.

Young Gil, do you have
some experience as a host?

– I did host a few shows.
– You did, right?

I was brutally criticized.

– Really?
– Why?

– Because I wasn’t eloquent enough.
– Really?

– No, you’re very eloquent.
– In that case…

Since she has experience
in hosting a variety show,

why don’t you try
co-hosting a show with So Yeon?

You’re dressed up like hosts today.

(He’s looking for something
to give two new emcees.)

– What do I do? What is that?
– “MC Min”.

– This looks nice too.
– What do I do?

Oh, my gosh.
I don’t know what to do.

This is perfect for your outfit.

– Really?
– What do we do?

– Stand side by side.
– Okay. My gosh.

– Think this is “Show! Music Core”.
– Okay.

Please introduce something.

– What should we introduce?
– What?

– My gosh.
– What do we introduce?

“The core of Korean music.
Show! Music Core.”

– Start with this comment.
– Okay.

– Let’s say this is the closing.
– All right.

What do I do?

How long has it been? 20 years?

– Almost 20 years.
– Right.

– Let’s get started.
– “The core of Korean music.”

This is the closing.

– Closing.
– Okay, closing.

– All right. Are you ready?
– Yes.

Okay, cue!

– Yes.
– Yes.


Yes. Did you all have fun?

MC Yeon…

and MC Min’s…

– Show! Music Core.
– Core!

– Show, show, show!
– Show!

– See you next week.
– Excuse me, MC Yeon.

– “Show! Music Core”. This isn’t…
– “Show! Music Core”.

– Why were you mouthing the words?
– I mean…

– Well, right.
– You know…

– Please do it with confidence.
– Yes.

– You can do it.
– With confidence.

– Let’s try again.
– Just relax.

– Let’s give it another go, MC Yeon.
– Okay.

– Please help me out.
– What?

– All right. I will help you.
– Thank you.

– Great. Here we go.
– Okay.



Did you just check your name?

Well… Did you have fun
watching today’s show?

MC Min is… No, I mean…

– And?
– MC Yeon.

Yes, we will come back
again next week.

– Yes.
– The core of Korean music!

– Show, show, show!
– Show!

– Where is “Show! Music Core”?
– Wait.

– I waited So Yeon to talk.
– Right, we forgot to say that.

– Why did you speak so loudly?
– No, no.

I tried to help her, you know.

– Please help me.
– Let her shine this time, okay?

– Please let MC Yeon talk.
– This is bad.

– MC Yeon.
– Yes.

– Can you add the mala flavor?
– The mala flavor?

– Yes, please.
– You mean, Cheon Seo Jin?

– Put some spice in it.
– Okay.

– Yes, with the mala flavor.
– What should I do?

It’s Cheon Seo Jin’s version.

(Footage courtesy of SBS)

(“Show! Music Core”
hosted by MC Min and MC Yeon)

I wish you a great year ahead.

MC Yeon and…

MC Min.

Will be with you.

– Bye.
– See you next week.

See you again.

(She’s best indeed.)

– I love it when she does that.
– I know.

– You’re amazing.
– No, it’s all thanks to you.

I didn’t help you. I’m sorry.

– Don’t say that.
– Let’s take a seat.

– Have a seat, So Yeon.
– Okay.

– MC Min, come here.
– My gosh.

– My goodness.
– Come here.

– Take a seat.
– Young Gil.

You were born for variety shows.

What are you saying?

I really enjoyed “The Real Men” too.

– Thank you. You watched that too?
– Actually,

– you did a lot of variety shows.
– I did.

– She was on a lot of shows.
– Indeed.

How was it
when you filmed “The Real Men”?

When I was on “The Real Men”,

it was really…
Oh, my. What do I do?

Yes, it was fun. Yes.

– “It was fun.”
– It must’ve been hard.

What do you mean by “fun”?

– Wait.
– I didn’t know what to say.

– Isn’t she funny?
– She is.

– “It was fun.”
– She said it was fun.

– It was 100 perfect real.
– Yes.

– Seriously.
– “Real”.

– So Yeon used the word “real”.
– So…

“The Real Men” was
such a meaningful experience for me.

So Yeon says it like this,

but you volunteered to go
on “King of Mask Singer”.

– That’s right.
– Really?

I really love “King of Mask Singer”.

So I called and asked them
to put me on the show.

(So Yeon sang with her heart
on “King of Mask Singer”.)

– It suits you.
– She has a great voice too.

You’re a good singer.


I think highly of So Yeon’s passion.

– She’s so cool.
– Indeed.

– That’s not easy.
– I really wanted to try it.

How cool is that?
She even took a vocal lesson.

(She practiced singing
for better performance.)

I’m so touched by
how she always tries her best.

There was a story behind that day.

– Are you going to reveal it now?
– Actually…

Well, it’s not a big deal though.

The news about me and Sang Woo…

– got out that day.
– The news?

– That day?
– Yes.

I was getting ready for the show.

But the day before the show,

– I was practicing…
– The news broke out?

when the reporter called me,

– saying she’d release the news.
– About you and Sang Woo?

– So I begged her.
– What did you say?

“I’m going to be
on ‘King of Mask Singer’ tomorrow,”

“so I’m really nervous.”

“Can you please wait
for just one day?”

– I desperately begged her.
– You begged her.

Then she said okay and agreed
to put it off one day.

So I thanked her…

and went to the filming set.

And the news broke out
30 minutes before I was on stage.

That must’ve made you more nervous.

It was another reporter.

– I see.
– Gosh, what about her then?

That moment…

– So you panicked.
– Yes, I felt so bad.

– It was unfair for the reporter.
– Exactly.

– That’s a shame.
– I didn’t know what to do.

– They wanted me to stand by.
– Right.

So I asked them
to allow me just 10 minutes.

During the 10 minutes,
I called the reporter.

– I said, “I’m really sorry.”
– You didn’t mean it.

And I offered her an interview.

– You’re so sweet.
– Not really.

Back then, we just started dating,

so I had nothing much to talk about.

But I racked my brain
for good stories…

– to give an interview.
– For an interview.

Then I had to rush to the stage
right afterward.

You see that
I didn’t wear any makeup.

I was supposed
to put on some makeup,

– but I couldn’t because of that.
– Having heard that, it feels…

really touching.

No, not really.

The reporter missed the chance,

but So Yeon felt bad
and gave her an interview…

– right before going on stage.
– She gave up her makeup.

How could that happen?
I still can’t believe it.

I felt really bad.

Do you still remember
who the reporter was?

Yes, it’s Reporter Lee Jeong Yeon
from Sports Donga.

– Do you even know her name?
– Yes.

Well, we didn’t know it until today.

So Yeon is really sweet.

In fact, everyone in show business
says this about So Yeon.

All her staff
and fellow actors say…

that she’s the top
of the top celebrities…

– when it comes to kindness.
– She has a heart of gold.

That’s your strength.

– You get that a lot, right?
– Not really.

Some say your flaw
is being too kind.

You’re terrible
at turning people down.

– No, I do turn people down.
– Right.

When you were
on “King of Mask Singer”,

– you went by “Hello, Squirrel”.
– Right.

– “Hello, Squirrel”.
– Well,

– that’s…
– Why did you choose that name?

The name “Hello, Squirrel”…

was made up by the crew.

The name comes from
the program I participated in.

Were you in
“Bending Techniques” too?


She was a guest in “Gag Concert”.

So Yeon.

– Did you just say your mother…
– Yes.

doesn’t want you to do
variety shows?

But you did “Bending Techniques”?

I’m being a bad daughter
by going against her.

Bad daughter?

– You…
– I volunteered.

Did you volunteer? Why?

I really liked “Bending Techniques”.

My niece really liked it too.

They originally declined
because it didn’t allow guests.

But they allowed it for me.

So Yeon and “Bending Techniques”?

– I had no idea.
– Goodness, are we watching it?

(It was 9 years ago.)

No celebrities wanted to take
part as a guest in that segment.

You’re right.

Introduce yourself.


(She abruptly acts silly.)



You are a natural.

(The candidate showed off
a very strong sense of silliness.)

– Silly.
– Silly.

– Silly.
– Gosh.

How old are you?

How can you ask the age
of a lady?

You shouldn’t ask my boy

Please don’t ask my boy

“Don’t ask my boy?”

You tried really hard.

This is hilarious.

You have your best effort.

– Master, I shall bend first.
– Go for it.

(When the other comedians
showed off their skills,)

(she reacted to their actions
by holding her hands together.)

Look at her acting next to them!

She’s acting with her face.

(She didn’t stop acting
until the very last moment.)

It’s so funny watching her
trying really hard.

She keeps acting next to them.

– It’s funny.
– Can I try one more thing?

– Again?
– I’ll try with Seo In Young’s song.

– She’s the best.
– Yes.

(I’m Cin-Saimdang)


(A 50 dollar Cin Saimdang)

You’re a professional!

It’s hilarious!
Why didn’t I see this before?

– I didn’t see this part.
– I’m glad you didn’t see it.

– I hope everyone sees this.
– This…

Apart from what she’s doing,

her reactions are really funny.

Her movements…

suggest that she’s a natural.

– Thank you.
– I laughed so much.

It’s going to be one of
my laughter buttons.

(I’m Cin-Saimdang)




I knew my judgment will be correct.

Kim So Yeon must do variety shows.

(She is a natural-born
scene-stealer of variety shows.)

Shall we do a short game?

– A game?
– Four-word idiom game.

Four-word idiom game?
What is that?

– Four-word idiom game.
– What is it?

You just need to complete the given
four-word idiom. For example,


– I’m really bad at those things.
– Maedongpung.

– What is it?
– Maedongpung.

– I can’t do it.
– Here.

No way. What’s this?

– Young Gil, come here.
– I’m the ace.

I see. You’re the ace.

I’ll say the first two syllables.

– You complete the last two.
– Goodness.

– They’re all four-word idioms.
– What is going on?

Young Gil. You can’t get it wrong.

– Of course not.
– Got it?

I’ve done it a lot.

– Just any words?
– Yes, any that make sense.

Just complete the word.

Here we go.

– Tree?
– Tree sloths!

Good job.



That’s maedongpung.

– Let’s switch.
– We better switch.

– Now…
– This game…

– What’s mayodongpung?
– Come on.

– What’s mayo?
– It’s maedongpung.

– Mayonnaise.
– Mayonnaise.

– Right, mayonnaise.
– It was an easy one.

I thought it’d be really difficult.

– We’ll go again.
– Sure.

– Do you get it now?
– Yes.

– Okay.
– Sure.

– Goodness.
– Here.

– Pila?
– Tes!

– Black?
– Coffee!

– Cinder?
– Ella!

– Costume?
– Play.

– Bri?
– Sket!

(Saying with the last tone up)

Isn’t she funny?

– Sket!
– She’s funny.

(Since when the word “brisket”
sounded this cute?)

– “Sket”!
– “Sket”!

– Calm down.
– You have to do it.

– I mean it.
– Exactly.

Her tone is perfect
for the variety shows.

I don’t know why
it comes out like this.

Your tone is really good.

Just enjoy it.

We’ll continue.

– Aca?
– Demy!

North, south?

West, east!

– Mozza!
– Mozza?

– Mozza?
– Mozza?

– Mozza?
– Mozza?

– 5, 4…
– Mozza?

– Three…
– Mozza?

– Three…
– Mozza?

– Two…
– Mozza?

You failed.

It’s mozzarella.

– Mozart.
– Mozart.

Was it Mozart? Not mozzarella?

– Really?
– It’s mozzarella, not Mozzart.

– Sit down again.
– It was hard for me too.

We’ll go again.

– You’re doing a good job.
– Really?

– This is fun.
– She’s enjoying the game.

– Let’s have all three of you play.
– Just delete everything else.

– Delete everything else.
– What was that?

All the conversations
we had before this game.

– Delete them?
– Come on.

I think it’s enough if only
this game gets aired.

– Isn’t this fun?
– Yes, it’s fun.

Canola, what about this?

– We’ll each take turns.
– I like it.

– Fine.
– We’ll be one team.

– The three of you will do it.
– Okay.

Here it comes.

– Hedge?
– Hog!

– Tree?
– Frog!

– Ural?
– Mountains!

Correct. Pyra?


– Bread?
– Winner!

She’s correct.

– Shii?
– Take!

– Pos?
– Catcher?

– Pos?
– Pos?

– Pos?
– Pos?

– Pos?
– Pos?

– Pos?
– Think.

– Pos?
– It’s okay.

– Pos?
– You can attach and remove it.


(She’s repeating “Pos”
in an elegant pose.)

Poster? Post book?

– Pos?
– Pos?

– You attach and remove it.
– Pos touch?

You take notes.


– You attach and remove it.
– You’re almost there.

– You use it.
– It’s four Korean characters.


That’s correct!

– Harry?
– Potter.

– Heli?
– Helicopter!

Okay. Time.

– Machine.
– Spa?



– Was it okay?
– Sprint?

– It’s correct.
– Was it okay?

You must sprint.

(We’ll accept it.)

– This is fun.
– It’s a four-word idiom.

– She’s enjoying it.
– Four-word idioms.

– Now, it’s a four-word idiom.
– It’s a four-word idiom.

– By the skin of?
– Their teeth.

– Great talent?
– Mature late.

– Sit on?
– Sit on?

– It’s a four-word idiom.
– A four-word idiom?

– Sit on?
– Sit on?

– It’s kind of difficult.
– Sit on one’s hands?

– Sit on one’s hands.
– Every little bit?


– From rags?
– To riches.


– Preternatural?
– Preternatural?

I don’t know four-word idioms.

(She’s speaking
without opening her mouth.)

I don’t know four-word idioms.

(Everyone is laughing hard.)

– That’s it. We don’t need it.
– We’re done.

– We’re done.
– So Yeon.

– “I don’t know.”
– We’re done.

– It’s too hard.
– She’s good.

You ought to do variety shows.

– We weren’t wrong.
– We picked the right person.

We were accurate.

She needs to head out
to the Drama Awards.

– We’ll wrap up here.
– It was fun.

We’ll give you an invitation.

– Please think about it.
– I see. Sure.

– Please discuss with Sang Woo.
– Okay.

– If you need to think hard on it.
– Sure.

Let’s give a round of applause…

– to So Yeon, who gave us…
– Thank you.

so much laughter and fun.

(Thank you for making us laugh.)

Happy New Year.

– Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year.

– We’ll always support you.
– Thank you.

– Good luck to Sang Woo too.
– Happy new year.

– Thank you.
– I’m…

(I’m Cin-Saimdang)

(Her last dance)

(She’s a natural.)

– Goodbye.
– Goodbye.

– Goodbye.
– Goodness.

Gosh, what am I going to do?

It’s so embarrassing.

For a while, “I’m Cin-Saimdang…”

will make me laugh.

So Yeon’s…

– I’m Cin-Saimdang
– I’m Cin-Saimdang

– So Yeon’s a natural too.
– Yes.

Don’t we have many more
people to meet?

– We do. Good job today.
– Right.

– Thank you.
– Can we go home now?

– Yes.
– That’ll be it for today.

– I’ll go and wrap up the big data.
– Sure.

– Do wrap it up for me.
– Sure.

Kim So Yeon.

An actress who stole our hearts
with her mala-flavored acting.

She’s an experienced
variety show talent…

who is most serious about
variety shows than anyone.

She owns the three-level reactions
that anyone would ask for.

She’s expected to disrupt
the 2021 variety show ecosystem.

(Who’s next?)

(She’s the blue chip that everyone
sought after for a long time.)

(Kim Sook, KBS Entertainment Award
Grand Award winner!)

(She mistook him for Jae Seok
due to his similar looks?)

(She talks behind
Grand Award Yu’s back.)

(She’s having fun talking
about the past stories.)

(Jae Seok returns.)

(They’re totally into
talking about the past.)

(They finally get to the point.)

(Who is the person
that surprised even Kim Sook?)

(Who did the Grand Award
winner recommend?)

(It’s time to look for another
leading figure of variety shows.)

(You won the Grand Award for
“Sang Sang Plus”.)

(Were you cursed?)

(A new slang quiz
for previous “Sang Sang Plus” host!)

(A corpse without cuteness?)

(It sounds like a name
of headache medicine.)

(The last word is corpse.)

(Is it a scary word?)

(After meeting the two
Grand Award winners…)

(Finding the blue chips across
occupations and genres continues!)

(They can’t stop laughing
just by meeting them.)

(A hidden variety show experts!)

(I love it.)

(Canola Yoo is having fun!)
Subtitle by KOCOWA
Synchronization by
– ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ –

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