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How Do You Play? Episode 77 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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How Do You Play? Episode 77 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Subtitle by KOCOWA
Synchronization by
– ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ –

(Sangam-dong MBC)

(Jae Seok’s reporting for work
at the headquarters.)

Is it another live show?

(All set for a live broadcast)

Is it another… My gosh.

Why won’t you tell me about
these live broadcasts?

What is this
“Let’s eat” nonsense?

(Let’s meet and eat after COVID-19.)

(Due to the long-lasting pandemic,)

(it’s hard to meet with others
for a meal.)

(Promises that
can’t be kept keep piling up.)

(2020 Summary:
Let’s eat out after COVID-19.)

(So we made surprise
dinner plans with our subscribers.)

So many people
want to eat out with me.

It’s not just me, though.
Many people feel the same.

“Let’s eat together.”

Is it at 6 p.m. today?
Six in the evening?

Do we have to cook and eat?

We should decide what to eat?

12 noon, it’s lunchtime right now.

Some people are in the chatroom.

(He leisurely prepares for
the live broadcast.)

(Let’s meet and eat after COVID-19.)

Hello, everyone.
How are you? Nice to meet you.

This is another
surprise live broadcast.

I found out today,
a short while ago,

through the news
since reaching the TV station.

And here I am,
suddenly hosting a live show.

I won’t make a fuss.

It’s not the first time
this has happened.

I should be used to it by now.

Rather than cause a fuss,
I’ll explain what it’s about,

and we can discuss
whatever it is we must discuss, yo.

Let’s discuss.

Over 20,000 of you
are watching already.

Your comments are speeding up.

Let’s get to the point.

The reason we invited you
to this live broadcast…

is because of something we all say
much more since COVID-19 took over.

“Shall we eat out one day?”
“Let’s meet up to eat soon.”

It became almost a catchphrase,
so many people say it now,

so we decided to arrange
a live show where we eat together.

Recommend something
you’ve been craving.

What do you think we should eat?

Something you can eat alone is fine.

Oh, someone wants to see me
inhale noodles.

Ramyeon makes my mouth water
whenever I see someone eat it.

That’s what I can’t stand.

Braised short ribs,
guobaorou, tripe,

jjajangmyeon, spicy seafood stew.

I’m actually not a picky eater.

There’s almost nothing I don’t eat.

You can recommend almost anything.

Malatang. Oh, malatang…

I’m not a huge fan of malatang.

Anyway, someone recommended that.

Okay, mint chocolate…
Mint chocolate’s also…

I don’t much prefer mint chocolate.

I wonder if you’ll agree with me.

Some of you are saying “no problem”.

I won the Grand Award, so I should
gain some energy with eel?

Abalone. King crab?

Doesn’t king crab
take a while to cook?

I’m not sure
what you’ll think about this,

but I think crabs are
a hassle to eat.

I’m really sorry,

but I rarely eat crab
unless someone shells it for me.

“Why do you say
you’re not picky when you are?”

It’s not that I can’t eat all that.

It’s just that… Anyway…

(“Catallena” is about Yu Jae Seok.)

Someone said…

(Little dancing Catallena)

I’m picky, yes.

I have no excuse. You’re right.

I am picky in a certain way.

My wife says that a lot
when I’m at home.

I get that a lot.

Please recommend
a lot of dinner options.

“The pinnacle of any eating show
is a tomahawk.”

Oh, yes, a tomahawk steak.

(A tomahawk is shaped like an ax.)

It looks captivating
and mouthwatering.

The visuals are important
when it comes to an eating show.

A tomahawk steak-eating show. Okay.

(Cauldron gomtang
made by an old lady)

“How about a cauldron gomtang
made by an old lady?”


How do I get the old lady?

I need an old lady for that.
Who could I possibly call?

Should I cook it?
Dressed as an old lady?

Should we discuss
the dress code now?

What do you think?
Rater than an ordinary eating show,

what do you think we should do?

“Eat a soft persimmon
dressed like Jang Geum.”

Someone suggested me to eat
gomtang in a bear costume.

Eating baguette with a beret hat on.

You guys are going crazy now.

You started to find this fun.
The speed of new comments…

dramatically increased.

So I started to attract
a big crowd now.

I bet you have so many ideas.

“Eat jjolmyeon in a spandex suit.”

“Eat shaved ice in Elsa’s costume.”

“How about fondue
in a Swiss girl outfit?”

(This Swiss man is eating
fondue on the Alps.)

(You guys are amazing. Seriously.)

You guys are incredible. Seriously.
This is amazing.

Let’s keep going.

“Wear the KFC mascot’s outfit
and eat a burger.”

“Eat a cream bun,
dressed up as Ha Jung Woo.”

This sounds doable.

“Eat a tomahawk steak
in a dinosaur costume.”

“Eat meat in a bandit costume.”

By the way, someone else
is already doing this.

Babgubnam does
a lot of those videos.

And other people do this too, right?

Things are getting wild here.

“How about a corn dog,
dressed as Admiral Yi Sun Sin?”

“Have a royal meal,
dressed as the king.”

(The dress codes
go beyond the eras.)

“Eat budae jjigae,
dressed as Nol Bu.”

(Eat budae jjigae,
dressed as Nol Bu.)

(He loves it.)

That’s it!

I’ll wear a historical costume.

I should look into the wardrobe
of the TV station.

I’ll wear something
I can pull off…

and have a live stream…

where I will eat with you
at 6 p.m. later today.

Then, you should dress up
to match the theme…

of the dish you prepared
and send us a photo as proof.

Through the live stream at 6 p.m.,

join me for dinner.

You can eat a sandwich or a salad.

I’m kind of getting excited.

All right. Do not be late.

I will see you later.

(He gets the dinner menu and
the dress code from the viewers.)

(4 hours before
the dinner livestream)

I have about four hours left
until the livestream.

(Over the heart of the mountains,
deep in the valley,)

(tigers are spotted
in this deep side of the mountains.)

(When everyone gets quiet
and avoids the tigers,)

(this man confidently roams around.)


(Manly charm)

All right. Let me have some dinner!

(Rattling away)

(Here goes the carriage.)


All right. Let me see.
He should be here.

Hey, Buk Gon!

Right here!

– Welcome.
– Come hither.

What? What is up with your outfit?

Is it not obvious?
I live in the mountain.

So I am dressed this way
because I live here.

– Are you Bandit Yu today?
– What?

Nice to meet you.

Hold on. There’s one more.

– Come hither.
– Come hither.


Hey, Deok Pal!

My lord!

(Upon being called,
he runs right away.)

– “My lord”?
– My lord.

My lord.

Nice to meet you.

By the way, your appearance
is enough to make us laugh.

– It is so cold, my lord.
– What is that?

By the way, standing here
with you guys makes it…

feel like I’ve traveled back
in time on a time machine.

(2 hours ago, he suddenly booked
a dinner appointment with viewers.)

(That’s how he ended up right here.)

(It’s full of delicacies
and ingredients.)

(Back to the Joseon Dynasty
with a TV crew.)

Instead of
just having a livestream,

– I thought about dressing up.
– Right.

– I wanted to wear a unique outfit.
– Right.

– That’s great.
– I love it.

So as I told you earlier,
I wanted a gukbap dressed up…

– as the foul-mouthed granny.
– The foul-mouthed granny.

That’s what I wanted to do.

– But I couldn’t do the disguise.
– Right.

But now that Jong Min is
dressed as a servant,

he looks his part.

– You’re still a bachelor.
– Yes.

You’re in middle class, right?

Or around the end
of the Joseon Dynasty…

Do you want me
to talk about history?

– Around the end… Yes.
– You know a lot about history.

Some people buy genealogy charts
to be aristocrats.

He’s like the nouveau riche.

– So I’m rich.
– Yes.

– So he was a sommoner.
– “Commoner”. Not “sommoner”.

– “Commoner”.
– “Commoner”. That sounded harsh.

– It sounded like a swearword.
– Okay.

– Commoner.
– He bought to improve his status.

Here’s what’s important
about this livestream.

– It’s scheduled for 6 p.m.
– We must do it.

– When I watched the livestream,
– Yes.

– I loved it.
– Tell me.

I eat by myself a lot at home.

– Right.
– Everyone eats alone nowadays.

Eating alone like that is so boring.

Besides, more than anything…

Come to think of it,

I casually invited people
for meals a lot last year.

– There are tons.
– I said that a lot.

– “Let’s hang out after COVID-19.”
– Right.

– So many people said that.
– More than four people…

can’t gather together.

– I couldn’t eat with other people.
– Same here.

– Right.
– Hold on.

I might be completely off. But
I smell horse poop when you speak.

– Over there.
– There’s horse poop.

– Over there? Really?
– Hey.

– Come on.
– Gosh.

– And it turned around.
– Hey. Horse poop?

– It’s showing its bottom.
– Seriously.

Hey, you should come into my mouth.

– Did you eat horse poop?
– Hey.

– Did you have a big breakfast?
– Hey.

Even if you’re the bandit,
you can’t eat horse poop.

Anyway, when you live alone,

you should eat nutritious meals.

– But it’s hard.
– It’s not easy.

– Right.
– Yes.

– I live with my family.
– Do you eat alone?

But there are times
when I eat alone.

– Why?
– I eat dinner with them.

But I start my day early.

– Then…
– So I eat breakfast alone.

– Doesn’t that get lonely then?
– What?

I heard being lonely with people
is the biggest form of loneliness.

Right. You still feel lonely
even if you’re with someone.

Hey, you.

You brats.

(I’m joking.)


– I need noodles.
– Slurp the noodles.

– I love noodles.
– We must slurp the noodles.

We’ll use the lid of the cauldron.

– Of course.
– We’ll set it up.

– We’ll just add a lot of noodles.
– Right.

We can cook ramyeon that way…

and eat it with green onion kimchi.

– It’d be so tasty.
– Gosh.

You know, that’s our dessert.

That’s the last dish.
It’s our dessert.

Of course, it’s a dessert.
How can that be the main dish?

– You don’t disappoint.
– We can grill the steak first.

We’ll eat the tomahawk steak.

– He’s different.
– And the bibim ramyeon?

We all can have
a bag of bibim ramyeon.

We’ll use this to cook
the steak, right?


We can cut that.

– Gosh. This is…
– I love that. I love the bone.


– This…
– How can we eat this?

(It was named after the word…)

(for a single-hand ax
used by the indigenous people.)

(It’s also known
as the hatchet steak.)

(There are only 7 racks of the cut
from 1 cow.)

(It’s the most luxurious cut
of the meat.)

(Prime ribs, ribeye,
ribeye cap steak)

Isn’t it called an ocarina?
Look at this.

An ocarina.

(All of a sudden,
he starts singing the pan flute.)


The bones would spread apart.

– Like this.
– That’s so funny.

(His voice is
the instrument itself.)

You look like a Scottish man too.

– He’d play it this way.
– Yes.

(Playing the bagpipes)

I’d play it with this.

(With the steak and long rice cakes,
you’re transported to Scotland.)

It works. Yes.

By the way, what is that?
Why is that hanging on the tree?

– What’s this?
– What?

– Are these ribs?
– They are ribs.

Do you remember this
a long time ago?

– What?
– In movies like “Rocky”,

you’d use this for a punching bag.

It must’ve been “Rocky 2”.

(His body reacts right away
when he sees the hanging ribs.)

– You know what I’m talking about?
– Yes. I watched “Rocky”.

– He worked with punching bags.
– Gosh.

It’s been a while
since we’ve been out.

– It’s so nice to be outdoors.
– Yes.

It feels great.

By the way, you look way too…


You suit this place perfectly.

Is this your house?

– It looks like you stopped…
– Gosh.

– starring on TV shows.
– Okay.

– It looks like you went back…
– “Nature Man”.

to nature
and are living in nature now.

(The house of a servant
from the Joseon Dynasty)

– My gosh.
– You look great in that outfit.

– You look like Wong Fei Hung too.
– Yes.

We have to prepare
the ingredients first.

– I want king crabs.
– My gosh.

They are great for steaming.

Jae Seok, they are alive.
They are moving.

– They are alive.
– Let me see.

– Jae Seok, we have to do that.
– Look at this.


– Hey.
– They are alive.

– They are alive?
– Why did you bring them here?

– They are really alive.
– Gosh.

Hey, put them back.

– Did they come from Russia?
– Gosh.

– My goodness.
– That scared me.

– Gosh, this is…
– Put them back. Don’t lift it.

– Goodness. This is…
– Stop it.

– Leave them. Let’s steam them.
– What?

– Their meat is so good.
– Of course.

– We can open up the crabs.
– Hey. This is…

– what I said in the livestream.
– Okay.

I’d eat it
if someone prepares it for me.

But I don’t…

The horse poop.

No, this is coming from me.

– It smells like horse poop.
– Hey.

(It’s coming from me.)

By the way, aren’t they so cute?

It looks like they are hiding
with their bottoms raised.

– This is what little kids do…
– They are shy.

– when they get scared.
– It’s because we’ll eat them.

They are so cute.

– They are adorable.
– So cute.

Hey, Jong Min. This is you here.

– Right here. What is it?
– The squid.

It’s you.

What? This is you.
No. All of us look like squids.

– We’re all ugly here.
– Look at you.

– Squid.
– We’re all ugly. Don’t say that.

First of all,
we have to start the fire going.

– Let’s do that.
– We need the fire.

– I’m so good at that.
– Okay.

We have to split the firewood then.

Do you know how to chop wood?

– Hey, I’m super good at that.
– What?

(Give me your best shot.)

We all should split one each.

– I’m really good at this.
– Same here.

– Do you want to try it?
– I’m so good.

– Go ahead.
– Look. This is how you do it.

– I have to target the center.
– Go ahead.

(The ax barely lands on the edge.)

– Right to the center.
– You can’t split it like that.

That’s not good. It has to
split right in the middle.

– You’re holding it wrong.
– Right.

– You don’t hold it here.
– Exactly.

You have to hold it from here.

(Stepping away)

(It lands right in the middle.)


(Nice split)

(His axing skill
is on a different level.)

– I have to split this again.
– Right.

– Make it thin.
– Okay.

(Crushing it)

Hold on. Is that thin enough?

– Okay. Great.
– Right here.

(Getting more firewood)

(Bandit Yu doesn’t get tired
and keeps on axing it away.)

– You’re better than I thought.
– All right.

One more.

– Why aren’t you guys doing this?
– Gosh.

You should do it all
since you’re the best at it.

– Jae Seok is the best one among us.
– Jae Seok is so good.

He finishes it at once.

(One shot, one kill)

– My gosh.
– Gosh, he’s good.

– Watch me, will you?
– Get a close shot.

(A merciless wielding performance)

Did you get it?

– “Did you get it?”
– What are you filming, Hyun Suk?

You should film this!

We should use it in slow motion
several times.

(We filmed the moment…)

(where your coolness explodes.)

(We’re throwing in their reaction.)

He’d have made a living
if he were born in the old days.

That’s true.

I don’t think you’d have been
in an elite class though.


– Maybe a bandit.
– You don’t feel like one.

– Bring them.
– Sorry?

Jong Min, bring them.


That’s made of stone.

My gosh. Darn it, you guys.

– Here I go.
– He’s good with labor work.

(He happened to be in charge
of chopping firewoods.)

– Let’s make a fire now.
– Let’s do that.

What are we making though?

We should make a tomahawk steak.

Then let’s cook it as a taster.

A tomahawk steak.
We should make a fire first.


– I should bring the firewoods.
– Jong Min, take these.

– Jong Min.
– Will you move already?

– Hold on. This keeps…
– Move already.

– We don’t have much time.
– Come here.

No! You can’t put that in.

We should use the straws first.

You can’t stack them like that.

– Why not?
– That won’t light a fire.

– Could you lift this for me?
– Why would we lift it?

Just lift it for me.
I’ll light a fire.

– We can use this.
– We can make a fire here.

– But that’s…
– Bring the straws.

– What do you want to do?
– Sorry?

– I’m making a fire.
– You can’t use the whole thing.

– You should take just a bit.
– Hey.

– Why’d you take the whole thing?
– It catches fire fast.

I know it does,
but it could burst into flame.

So what we have to do
is take a bit of straw.

Hang on.

– Take out just a bit.
– You can’t use thick wood.

– You can’t use the thick ones.
– Move over. I need to put these in.

– Don’t use so much of these.
– This won’t work.

Why should it take three people
to make a fire?

Why don’t know this stuff when
you were on “2 Days and 1 Night”?

I know how!
Get me a thin piece of paper.

– Where would I get that?
– Or some thin bark would do.

You can’t…

(In no time, he’s following
Jong Min’s orders.)

You’ve never lighted a fire,
have you?

I can light it right away.

Is that so? But we can’t make
a tomahawk steak here.

No, in other eating shows,

they flip the lid
and grill it on top.

– Oh, really?
– Yes, they use this to grill it.

But we need a fire anyway
regardless of what we make.

(Buk Gon is in charge now.)

(Staring blankly)

But didn’t you say
you’ll make a fire?

– Yes, but he said he can do it.
– Really?

(I said that?)

– I think he’s doing it wrong.
– You have to light this first.

Have you ever made a fire before?

– Move over. This is driving me mad.
– This…

Move over. I’ll do it.

(Jae Seok ends up
being in charge again.)

(Standing in front of
the light of a match)

(Unexpectedly spacing out
while staring at the fire)

It must be hot! We should wait.

– Hold on, hold on!
– Put it in now.

– Let’s put it in.
– Get me something to fan!

– Get me a fan.
– Fanning won’t work though.

– I said, get me something to fan.
– Here, I got you a fan.

Oh, no. It went out. Hang on.


You can’t light a fire like this!


– My gosh.
– Goodness.

Let’s go fetch some water then.

Hold on. Water…
There’s a pot of water here.

(It seems like it’ll take
quite some time to make a fire,)

(so Buk Gon goes to fetch water.)

(He’s empty-handed though.)

A water pot?

– Bring something to fetch water.
– Water?

Over there. There’s a fetcher.

What? Oh, there it is.

So it’s all manual work.

(Even Jong Min leaves
to get some water.)

(Bandit Yu is left alone
to make a fire.)

(Will he be able to revive
the fire alone?)

(Making sounds with his mouth)

Is it drinkable?

Hold on.
I have a scooping bowl here.

– Where’s the fan?
– What?

– It’s behind you.
– Those brats.

(It starts smoking
thanks to Jae Seok’s fanning.)


(Even at the sound of Jae Seok
struggling with smoke…)

– Did you start the fire?
– Those brats are…

It’s a horse.
Should we feed it water?

– It has water.
– It does?

– Hey!
– Yes?

Bring some more straws!

– What did you say?
– The straws…

Jae Seok, we’re too busy.

Why don’t we just stick to our jobs?

Darn those…

– Let’s go. We got enough.
– We do?

We’re bringing back the water!
Gosh, it’s heavy.

– Goodness, how did they…
– How did they…

How did they do this
every day back then?

Is it this hard to start a fire?

Jae Seok, it’s not catching on fire,
is it?

– It is.
– It did.

Did it?

(Almost catching on fire)

It usually doesn’t catch on well.

– I mean… Did it catch on?
– It’s not on fire, Jae Seok.

It will. What time is it?

– Do something else, Jae Seok.
– We don’t have enough time.

– You should cook or something.
– Hang on.

I’ll wrap this up,
so you can start cooking.

– I should…
– Go make something.

Go make something.
This isn’t how it’s done.

I can’t cook anything
without a fire.

So then just decide what to cook.

(Jong Min is back to making a fire.)

– Let’s cut the meat then.
– Do you know how?

Of course.

Do you know how to disassemble it?

It’s really easy.

Place it like this.
The meat is good.

(Practice making a tomahawk steak.)

Place it on top like this,
and just cut it.

Just rip it along the flesh.

– Have you done it before?
– I’ve seen it on YouTube.

Let me see.

We can have a piece each.
Isn’t it nice?

The knife cuts well.

But how do I
take a bite off of this?

– You need to take big bites.
– You should take big bites.

That’s how they’re
vicariously satisfied.

– My gosh.
– Isn’t it nice?

Microphone check. 1, 2, 1, 2.

– This looks amazing.
– Isn’t it nice?

You take a big bite off of it.

There’s a reason why YouTubers
often choose tomahawk steaks.

It’s really important
to make it look impactful.

– How many are you having?
– This looks so good.

It is good.

(Only smoke
is coming off over here.)

This is…

Hey, keep your eyes open!

You need to keep… Hey.

Jong Min. Open your eyes
and look at the fire.

It caught on now.

How could you make a fire
with your eyes closed?

– You should fan lightly.
– I’ll put in more straws later.

(Getting close)

Hey, don’t we look like lovers?


(I’m happy…)

We’re all set, Jae Seok.

(even though there’s only smoke.)

I should season the meat.

– We have to season it?
– I’ll season it.

Just get rid of the odor.

Odor? Of course I will.

– I can’t eat it if it smells.
– Got it.

This is black pepper? Okay.

(Seasoning the meat)

(Seasoning Meat Step 1:
Sprinkle a handful of black pepper.)

(Rub the meat piece by piece.)

– You should cover it completely.
– Cover what?

Cover the meat
with all sorts of seasonings.

Cover it thoroughly
so the meat doesn’t show.

After this, I have to add salt too.


(Seasoning Meat Step 2:
Sprinkle salt in a style.)

Jae Seok, do we also chop rosemary?

(Copying what he’s seen
and chopping accordingly)

Look at this.
I’m covering it with rosemary too.

Defconn, this is a little damp.

The firewoods are damp.
It’s wet from the snow.

That’s why there’s so much smoke.
Gosh, this isn’t easy.

We should be done
with the fire by now.

Hang on. Can I use that water?

We should add some water here.

Goodness, what’s this?

What are you doing?

– You spilled it all over me.
– I’m sorry.

(A creative way to make him move)

– Hand it over.
– The firewoods…

(Jae Seok is put in charge again
to make a fire.)

This is so hard. No matter
how fast we do, by 6:30 p.m…

– We’re running out of time.
– We only have three hours.

We should make rice.
No, it can come last.

You should start cooking now.
I’ll make a fire.

Jae Seok, don’t waste
your time on this.

– Why not?
– Start cooking.

We need a fire to cook.

What on earth… You should…

– I’ll do it.
– Hang on.

– I’ll do the easy job.
– You are…

Are you going to keep
looking for easy jobs only?

– That’s not it. You should…
– I’ll just make a fire quickly.

– Jae Seok.
– Yes?

(Another mission for Jae Seok)

Please flip the lid
so I can grill the meat.

We need to start grilling it.

Hey, I’m doing so much!
Then I’ll flip the lid first.

– I’ll do it.
– Darn you.

(This is too much!)

– Don’t you say that anymore.
– Okay.

This is hot, so we need
something to lift it.

It’s done!

We got the fire.

Defconn, that’s not how
you apply black pepper.

– Black pepper.
– Black pepper?

You should cover it completely
so that the meat can’t be seen.

– Cover it completely.
– Hold on.

Okay, I’ll do that
after adding rosemary.

Can I do mine on my own?

Okay. Hold on.

These brats! Are you here
for a get-together or something?

But the meat is amazing, Jae Seok.

It’s so hot though.

I know, it’s so hot.
I’m sweating so much.

(It’s the middle of winter,
but it’s hot.)

– I’ll go get something.
– This won’t do. It’s too hot.

Guys, we’re running out of time.

We’ll have to deliver food later
at this rate.

(They’ll be set
if this cauldron is ready.)

Jae Seok. We need…

– What’s wrong?
– We need to remove this cauldron.

– We need to remove the cauldron?
– We just need the lid.

Why did you put it on top
of the cauldron?

(The cauldron lid on top of
the cauldron they don’t need)

– It won’t be heated enough.
– Take that out.

– Right. We should take this out.
– Yes. And then…

we’ll take the cauldron out…

Jae Seok, the cauldron…


Gosh, those punks…

No. We need that lid here.

We’ll put it over the fire.
Just the lid.

– You should take this out.
– Exactly.

– You should take this out.
– Defconn, help me out.

– Hold on.
– Bring it here, Jae Seok.

– Jae Seok, bring it here.
– Bring it here.

Wait. Where should we put this?

– Where are we moving it?
– Where is he?

Call Kim Tae Ho over here.

I can’t work with them.

Jae Seok, put it back here now.

How are we going to do
a live broadcast like this?

Jae Seok, this is how you do
a live broadcast.

– Gosh.
– We’re running out of time.

– You should hurry up.
– You should bring the lid here.

You should bring the lid here.

Gosh, this is driving me nuts.

We have to let them see us
eat this tomahawk steak.

(Looking around)

– We should…
– The fire is ready on this side,

so take the cauldron away
and cook one piece.

– My eyes hurt.
– Jong Min, can you… Can you…

– Can you come and help me out?
– Let’s do it together.

Jong Min, come here.
Jong Min, come over here.

Jae Seok might beat us up
if he gets more upset.

Hurry up and come here.

– Take that away.
– Come and help me move this.

Hold the other side.
Help me lift it up.

Okay. Let’s put it over here.
Let’s put it down.

Let’s cook the steak.
What time is it?

– We should cook the steak.
– We’re running out of time.

This is driving me crazy.

Put it on this side.

(Smoke started coming out
from both sides.)

Gosh, this is crazy.

(Closing his eyes)

Oh, no.

(The lid fell into the fire pit.)

– What?
– Oh, gosh.

– What are you doing now?
– Why doesn’t it fit?

– It doesn’t fit.
– We’re done for.

– We’re done for. Do something.
– Why doesn’t it fit?

– Why did you put it in there? Gosh.
– Oh, man.

– Jae Seok made a big mistake.
– Move aside.

What should we do?

– Hang on.
– I’m sorry.

(He becomes so cool
in an emergency situation.)

I’m sorry. I couldn’t see anything.

My eyes hurt too much. Gosh.

I understand you.

Good. This should be big enough.



I’ll start cooking the meat.

– Cook the meat. Try it here.
– Okay.

I’ll cook it.

Hey, the fire seems…
Where did he go?

The smoke hurts my eyes.

(Closing his eyes)

My eyes hurt.



(Sitting in the cauldron)

(He sat down safely.)

– What are you doing now?
– My eyes hurt so much.

Hey, help me… Help me stand up.

Gosh. Help me stand up, will you?

Our eyes hurt too.

He’s stuck in there.

(The prickly bandit turns out
to be quite clumsy.)

I’ll cook one piece
so we can taste it.

Wait. Let’s pour some drops of water
on it first.

(Checking the temperature)

Good. It’s ready.

– That’s nice. It’s perfect.
– Look at this.

It’s perfectly heated.

– I’ll pour some oil.
– The firewood…

(1. Pour some canola oil
on the cauldron lid.)

– That’s enough.
– Okay.

Here we go.

Right now…

Right now…

Listen to that sound.

Okay. Good. Hey, move aside.

Is this… Defconn, is this beef?

Of course.

(2. Put a whole piece on the lid.)

– Shall we eat it medium?
– Okay.

It smells good.

It’s the scent of rosemary.

Let’s use an ASMR microphone
during the live broadcast.


Tomahawk! Awesome.
Next, I’m going to…

Defconn, don’t forget
to sear the sides.

(3. Lastly, sprinkle a little salt.)

– Sear the sides too.
– Okay.

So it doesn’t seem raw on the sides.

(Until it turns golden brown,)

(sear every side
on the heated cauldron lid.)

It’d be great
if we cook some noodles…

– Pour some water in here.
– Jae Seok.

– Let’s check… Bring me water.
– Water.

Jae Seok, why don’t you
make budae jjigae?

Shall I go to a store?

Just bring me water for now.

We can put some pieces of ham…

– Sounds great. Right?
– around the edge.

Pour the water.

Pour some more… Oh, my.

– We must be invisible.
– I can’t see anything.

– We must be invisible.
– I can’t see anything.

Hey, is it burning?

I’ll take it out.

(It looks beautifully seared
with a deep brown color.)

Try it.

Let’s eat.

– Try it.
– Let’s eat.

I think it’s cooked nicely.

Cut a piece and try it.

– Cut a piece.
– It’s cooked well.

Have a bite.

– It’s too hot.
– Try it.

– Try it.
– Okay.

(The 1st tomahawk steak tasting
before the live broadcast)



Oh, gosh.

– It’s still raw.
– Jae Seok.

I should cook it longer.
I’ll cook it longer.

I’m glad we tried it.
Thank you, Jong Min.

Gosh. There is blood in my mouth.


Hey, that’s what people call
well-done steak.

– Well…
– Well-done steak.

What was it called?
Anyway, there’s a name it’s called.

It’s rare, not well done.

That was practically raw meat.

Did you see it?

Did you see it?

(Checking the cross section,
It definitely looks raw.)

– What do we do? Show me.
– What did I do wrong?

– I saw them cooking it easily.
– I think…

(Let’s watch how he cooked
the steak again.)

(1 minute later)

(2 minutes later)

(3 minutes later)

(4 minutes later)

(The heat was too high,
and cooking time was too short.)

Shall we boil it
before grilling it?

Now that I have the experience,
I’ll succeed this time.

(They’re cooking the piece
they cut too.)

– I’m sure that’s cooked well.
– Let me check.

I’m sure of it.

This won’t work.

Is that also undercooked?

What should we do?

(They’ve only watched others
cooking tomahawk steaks in videos.)


I don’t think we can cook
tomahawk steak.

(The smoke hurt their eyes.)

(And they’re hungry.)

What should we do?


Will you cook it?

Yes, I’ll cook this small piece
and taste it.

– Right. Taste it.
– I bet it’ll taste good.

(He’s cooking a small piece
for tasting.)

Try this.

It’s cooked well.

Since it’s a small piece…

Okay. It’s cooked well.

(Smacking his lips)

How does the meat taste?

– It’s good.
– We should eat it.

– Try it.
– It tastes good.

– It’s seasoned well.
– Right?

If we can cook it like this,
we’ll be able to have a bite.

It’s seasoned really well.

– Or we can score the meat.
– Shall we try that?

– Then the inside will be cooked.
– Shall we?

– We should score the meat.
– This time, I’ll score the meat.

Subtitle by KOCOWA
Synchronization by
– ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ –

Did you score the meat already?

You’re right. We should score
the meat. Wait.

We should score the meat.

Right. We should’ve done it earlier.
That’s good.

You’re right.

Or the inside won’t be cooked.

(Scoring the meat)

(He’s scoring here and there
with strong determination.)


You scored it too much.


– It’ll work, right?
– Of course, it’ll work this time.

– Right. I believe so.
– Try it.

Defconn, to make the inside
cooked well,

– I know.
– you should keep basting it…

– with oil.
– I should baste the meat with oil.

– That’s right.
– Try it.

(The oil gets into the cuts.)

Keep doing it.

– Flip it over. It’s burning.
– Should I flip it over?


(The sound of meat getting cooked
grows clearer.)

The sound is incredible.

(The sound is like ASMR.)

(My goodness.)

(The smoke comes out…)

(and their expectations grow.)

I think it will work this time.
It will work this time.

(Hot oil seeps into the meat.)

It looks quite nice.

It’s like a live performance.


(Grilling the meat puts
his concentration level at its max.)


What are you eating?

(He is eating leftover meat
from earlier.)

I think it’s ready.
Let’s take a look.

– Okay.
– Let’s go.

– Okay.
– Let’s go.

Here we go.

(Did it cook evenly this time?)

– My goodness.
– What do you think?

Why don’t you take a bite?

It doesn’t look like
the tomahawk steak we know,

– but it’s okay.
– It seems like…

– we scored the meat too much.
– It’s drooping.

– It looks a bit…
– It has been cooked nicely.

It has been cooked nicely.

It’s drooping so much.

– It should be firm, right?
– Now…

– Take a bite.
– Take a bite.

You look like a bandit.

There you go.

The meat must be seasoned well.

(He eats the meat in a wild way.)

(His veins pop as he takes a bite.)

It’s nice, right?

– Seriously.
– It has been cooked well.

What do you think?


– Is it tasty?
– It’s good, right?

– Try it.
– It’s good, right?

I will try it.
It has been cooked well.

You know, it’s tasty.

Try it.


My goodness.

(The pink center shows itself.)

– My goodness.
– Try it. It’s really tasty.

It’s really tasty.

– So…
– Hold on.

– it’s a mix of yukhoe…
– Hey.

There is no way it’s tasty
when the meat is so bloody.

It’s a nice mix of yukhoe
and cooked meat.

(His eyes turn teary.)

You know what?

The center is cold.


This won’t do.

The center is cold.

How do people cook it?

Babgubnam was doing it so well.

This is a big mess.

– You know,
– Tomahawk steak.

the tomahawk steak isn’t easy
for beginners.

Let’s make chopped tomahawk instead.

Let’s chop up the meat and eat it.

Here is what I think.

– My goodness.
– We should leave this much.

– That’s right.
– We should grill it…

and gnaw on the bone.

– There should be a performance.
– We will look like bandits.

That’s right. Also,

– we need to make budae jjigae.
– Of course.

I know how to cook rice.

– Really?
– Rice.

– Let’s make the rice first.
– Okay.

Tasty-looking rice.

Shall we make plain rice
or add the sweet potato?

Let’s add the sweet potato,
mushroom, and potato.

We can put radish at the bottom too.

– Radish.
– Rice with radish?

I don’t really like
rice with radish.

Let’s make rice with sweet potato.

Rice with sweet potato?

Isn’t that too sweet?

Isn’t that too sweet?

Pick an ingredient you want to add.

Let’s divide it into four sections.

– I want to add potato.
– I want to add the sweet potato.

– Radish.
– It will be like pizza.

– Yes.
– Let’s do that.

– Okay.
– Let’s do that.

Then we can cook budae jjigae here.

Let’s prepare the ingredients…

– in advance.
– I can do that.

I can do that.

Hold on.

I will split firewood.

(Jae Seok splits the firewood
they will use later.)

We need to soak the rice.

– We need to soak the rice.
– We need to rinse the rice.

– Jae Seok.
– Yes?

Will you eat white rice?

Will you?

What else would we eat?

– I mean…
– What do you want to eat?

Let’s make brown rice.
Let’s make brown rice.

– Glutinous rice.
– Brown rice takes longer to cook.

There is glutinous rice.

– Glutinous rice.
– We shouldn’t add it.

– Let’s just make white rice.
– White rice?


Jae Seok, should the budae jjigae be
Songtan style…

or Uijeongbu style?

Which one should it be?

Pick one.

– Let’s go with the Uijeongbu style.
– Uijeongbu style.

– Okay.
– Uijeongbu!

Let’s go with the Uijeongbu style.

Where is the water?

Which water should I use?

We used up the water.

We don’t have any water left.

(He walks forward
in search of water.)

– Where are you going?
– What?

There is tap water.

Rinse the rice with tap water.

Hey. Hey.

Were you planning to ask
the production crew to do it?

– Hey!
– It’s not like that.

You can’t do that
in this day and age!

You have to do it yourself!

Don’t make me laugh.

Were you planning
to get the water…

from the production crew?

– I mean…
– You need to know how to do it.

I can’t believe him!

I was wondering where to go.

– Hurry up and go.
– Okay.

Do you know how to rinse rice?

I need to wash potatoes
and sweet potatoes too.

Jae Seok, how many sweet potatoes
do you want?

We will just need to slice one.

Bring me the washed sweet potato.

I will slice it.

I don’t want it sliced.
I will add it as it is.

– It should be sliced.
– That’s right.

Really? I won’t slice the potato.

I want the sweet potato sliced.

I want the radish sliced.

The radish needs to be sliced.

Jae Seok! Jae Seok!

(Jae Seok! Jae Seok!)

We should eat fried eggs too.

– Listen.
– I will make them.

– Jong Min.
– Yes?

Cook the rice first.

Rinse the rice.

(Will he finally go and rinse
the rice?)

(His hands are full.)


– For goodness’ sake.
– So you want the Songtan style.

– I want the Uijeongbu style.
– Oh, okay.

Then I should change the method.

I will change the method.

– Where should I go?
– I will change the method.

(What should I do?)

Where… Jae Seok.

(He calls for Jae Seok.)

(For goodness’ sake.)

Where should I go?

Go over there.

Thank you for coming,
but you should go home.

I will make ramyeon by myself
and call it a day.

Come here.

Jong Min.

– Jae Seok.
– I am sorry.

– It’s so hard.
– Stop trying to be funny.

It’s so hard.

I got a cramp.

I will go and rinse the rice.

(Jong Min and Jae Seok go
to rinse the rice.)

– Jong Min.
– Yes?

– Rinse the rice here.
– Okay.

– Do you need help?
– No. Yes.

– What?
– What?

– Rinse the rice.
– Okay.

You should rinse the rice
just three times.

That way,
the nutrients get preserved.

I saw that on TV.

If you rinse it too many times,
the nutrients disappear.

(He rinses the rice
and pours it into the bowl.)

Here. I will take it like this.

The water should come up
to the back of the hand.

(Does he really need
to do that here?)


A bit more.

That’s good.


(The water he carefully added

What is going on? Is there a hole?

I will add the water over there.

(They prepare the ingredients
for budae jjigae.)

Jae Seok,
things are coming along now.

Budae jjigae should contain
a lot of ham.

(Slice a lot of sausages.)

– Yes.
– This is how it’s done.

– That’s right.
– Cut the ham into big pieces.

– Big pieces.
– Okay, okay.

(Cut the green onion
into big pieces.)

(The water drips.)

Why are you so slow? Hurry up.

– Did you do it?
– Defconn,

would you peel these?

Which ones?

I tried to bring water,

but it spilled everywhere
because of the holes.

Why is everything spilling?

The water spilled too.

(I am out of the energy
to get angry.)


I can’t see the holes.

The water spilled everywhere.

In any case,

you rinsed the rice.

(He rinsed the rice.)

– You cooked rice with us before.
– But…

– The water…
– Don’t call him a fool.

I said “Rice”. Rice.

He didn’t call me a fool!

Aren’t you being too mean to him?

– I am sorry.
– Seriously.

Don’t call him a fool.

Let’s praise each other.

Good job. You are doing well.

– Let’s encourage each other.
– Okay.


We need to soak the rice.
I forgot about that step.

We need to soak the rice.

– Okay.
– Bring it over there.

I need to wipe it.

I will do it.

(He spots the stray rice.)

– Jong Min.
– Yes?

– What is this?
– I am sorry,

– but don’t drop the rice here.
– Okay.


Try not to do that.

– I dropped it already.
– It’s okay.

– You seem very angry.
– I am not.

We need to cook the meat.

Here it is.


(He prepares the potato,
his favorite ingredient.)


I will cut the potato.

– Put it here.
– Please quarter it.


The two of you look close.

We have the best teamwork.

(The radish
that Dae Buk Gon likes…)

(and the potato that Jong Min likes)

– Here.
– Okay, okay.

Should I peel the sweet potato too?


You should peel it.

How could you ask that
when you peeled your potato?


(I heard that peels are nutritious.)


We don’t have much time until 6 p.m.

We need to cook rice now.

– I will cook rice.
– Okay. Cook it well.


(Jong Min prepares rice by himself.)

Here I go.

(He puts the soaked rice
into the cauldron.)

I need to add water.

(He adds water.)

Add a bit more.

– It’s done.
– It should come up to the hand.

No. The thing is,

the potato and such
will give off water.

– This is Defconn’s.
– Yes.

And Jae Seok’s sweet potato.

– Sweet potato.
– Sweet potato zone and potato zone.

– Potato zone.
– Mushroom zone.

It’s done.

(The four-section cauldron rice
is prepared.)

– I don’t know if it will work.
– It’s enough.

(Check out the finished product
in the live broadcast.)

Get ready for the live broadcast.

Don’t get too nervous.

– The thing is,
– Yes.

– we are now done setting up.
– Right.

I will first do a performance.

– Firewood splitting.
– I will split firewood.

The rice is cooking in the cauldron.

– Then there is the meat.
– Right.

– The steak we prepared.
– Yes.

We need to show the viewers
us eating the meat off the bone.

– And the budae jjigae.
– The budae jjigae.

– You know here’s another thing.
– Like what?

We’re eating this by ourselves,
but we’ll pretend we’re on a date.

– We’ll do skits?
– I’ll pretend my wife is here.

– And you, your girlfriend. Yes.
– Our future girlfriend.

– And we should cook the brisket.
– The brisket? Okay.

After finishing all the meat,
we should fry something.

(Frying on the lid of the cauldron)

I want the viewers to salivate
over our food.

Make them feel like…

– they are eating with us.
– Right.

– That’s what I need you to do.
– Of course.

– I got it.
– Okay.

All right. Some people
are already waiting for this.

800 people are already waiting.

– Really?
– 800 people are waiting.

– Then we’ll get a spike in numbers.
– 819 people.

– Hold on. Is the rice ready?
– We’ve been cooking it for a while.

Jae Seok, the rice might burn.

Hey, does it smell
like it’s burning?

Check on the rice for us.
See if it’s burned or not.

Just check if it’s white or black.
I’ll give this to you.

Hey, you know what? Smell this.

Hold on. I brought swimming goggles.

Should we put on
the swimming goggles now or later?

– I bet it’s cooked perfectly.
– Hold on.

Will you be okay?
They don’t have the right lenses.

– What?
– You startled me.

(A shooting appearance)

I thought you were a squid.

I thought you were an alien
that resembled a baby octopus.

The alien invader in the cartoon,
“Dooly the Little Dinosaur”.

Okay. You guys are good
at making funny jokes.

– The invader from Mars.
– Yes.

You look just like that character.

– Why did you put them on like that?
– What’s wrong with them?

– Did I put them on incorrectly?
– You look like a baby octopus.

(No matter how he puts them on,
he looks like a baby octopus.)

(I was joking.)

– As long as it doesn’t smell burnt.
– All right.

– I won’t look at it.
– Don’t open it wide.

We can’t lose steam.

– How is it?
– It doesn’t smell burnt.

– Good.
– Okay. Let’s go.

– I didn’t look at it.
– Okay.

I didn’t check
if the rice was cooked.

– It’s hot.
– I’ll check it when we’re live.

Our show is totally not scripted.
Hey, sit down.

If this livestream goes well,
later on,

we should do another episode
as pirates. This can be a series.

We’ll also go up on the mountain.

Bandits and pirates.

– We have one more minute left.
– Okay.

– One minute until we’re live.
– Okay.

Get ready.

– I must warm up my mouth. Hello.
– Hello.

I hope we don’t mess up
cooking the dishes.

There are a lot of comments.

(A lot of viewers are on standby.)

It’s over 7,000 people.

3, 2,


– Hello.
– Hello.

Everyone, this is Let’s Eat. Hello.

– Hello. Let’s eat.
– Hello. Nice to meet you.

– We’ll be together at heart.
– Right.

– Let’s enjoy the meal together.
– Right.

My gosh, look at that comment.

“What’s happening
with the livestream?”

This is crazy.
“Bandit Yu. Dae Buk Gon.”

“I see a bandit and a scholar.
But what’s that?”

– “What’s that?”
– “What’s that?”

– I’m a servant!
– He’s a servant.

He’s just a good worker.

(- Servant Jong.
– Was he born to be a servant?)

This is the livestream. Someone
wrote that my mustache looks…

– sly for a bandit.
– You look sly.

Let me explain.
If I put on a thick mustache,

– it’d be uncomfortable when I eat.
– And it might fall off.

So I just drew it instead.

Someone asked us if the background
is CG. No, it’s not. It’s real.

– That’s jamon.
– This is where we are now.

That’s jamon. Let me hit that
for you. Watch. That’s jamon.

– This place actually exists.
– I’m serious.

Well, this isn’t a studio set.
They brought us in a van.

– So we don’t know where we are.
– Right.

Anyway, we see chickens
and horses here.

– This has very relaxing scenery.
– It’s very nature friendly.

“No way. Are those
ribs hanging there?” That’s right.

– It’s not CG. These are real ribs.
– Yes.

They are ribs. Is this
the butcher’s shop? No, it’s not.

This isn’t the butcher’s shop.

Someone asked if
the trees are growing on the ribs.

That’s a question for us.

– That’s the decor we have. Right?
– Yes.

– We talked about tomahawk steak.
– Tomahawk…

Actually, we tried to…

– Right here. Look, everyone.
– Actually, the thing is,

– Right here.
– we tried grilling the steak.

– It’s not easy to grill the steak.
– We cut it instead.

– We cut the meat off the bone.
– Yes.

– Chopped tomahawk?
– We chopped them.

– We’ll show you grilling the meat.
– Yes.

We’ll demonstrate cooking
and eating the meat.

– It’s hard for novice cooks.
– That was a really hard dish.

It wouldn’t cook.

– Right.
– There are over 20,000 people now.

(20,892 people are watching.)

– Buk Gon.
– We should celebrate.

20,000 people are
watching us together.

No. 20,000 people
can’t gather together now.

– They are watching by themselves.
– They are by themselves.

All right.
Let me take attendance now.

Some people are watching the show
on their way back from work.

And some people are watching at work
since they aren’t off work yet.

“I’m in New Zealand.
It’s summer now.”

It’s summer in New Zealand
and Australia…

because they are
in the Southern Hemisphere.

– Really?
– It’s summer in South America too.

– Is it the opposite from Korea?
– Yes, it is.

“I’m watching this from Australia
as I eat tomato pasta.”

– From Australia?
– People are watching us from there.

– Australia.
– Yes.

“I’m watching this from France.
It’s 10 a.m. here.”

– France. Hello.
– Goodnight. Hello.

Everyone from all over the world
is watching our eating show.

– Someone already sent us a photo.
– Gosh.

– What are you eating?
– What is it?

(During the live stream,
he announced the photo event.)

(Post many photos of your food
and your fun outfits.)

(The ones with the best meals
and outfits will receive…)

(randomly chosen gifts
and a lot of love from us.)

It’s been only five hours
since I announced the event.

A lot of people have already sent us
photos of their dinner.

– What’s that?
– Is that a pork cutlet?

– It’s meat. Steak.
– It’s steak.

– Gosh.
– And wine?

That’s great.
You prepared a lot for this meal.

Pork belly. Covering the floor
with newspapers is the best.

That’s the best.

– That’s legit. That’s the best.
– Yes.

The whole family would
sit around the grill too.

Right. Gosh, that’s amazing.

She’s been eating meals alone…

by herself for two weeks
at the postnatal care facility.

– She’s watching our livestream.
– Yes.

– Gosh.
– Congratulations.

They dressed up like bandits
and are eating a meal.

My gosh, I’m so grateful.

– What is that?
– That’s an octopus.

– She’s a pirate.
– A pirate.

Look at her performance.

She’s the pirate of the Caribbean.

– Like Johnny Depp.
– Johnny Depp. Gosh.

He’s eating strawberries
dressed up like Eun Tak.

– Eun Tak. You know her, right?
– I know.

– “I love you, mister.”
– Kim Go Eun said that line.

The kids are dressed up
like French fries and canned cola.

They are dressed up
as fast food at home.

I saw a lot of costumes.
Isn’t that what they are called?

– Yes. That’s right.
– They dressed up for the theme.

– Oh, look.
– There’s another one.

– A baby is eating now.
– A baby is eating.

“Let’s eat, Jae Seok.”
“Have a glass of baby formula.”

“Have a glass of baby formula.”
Gosh. I love it.

– Grow big.
– The baby is holding the bottle.

– I have a baby at home too.
– Yes. Young Lady.

– It’s time for baby’s dinner now.
– Yes.

My gosh, look at that.
That’s such a great idea.

The viewer set up the dishes
he or she wanted to eat.

But the viewer is still at work,
so no dinner yet. That’s why.

Let’s cook a nice meal
and enjoy the meal for them.

– Right. We can enjoy it for them,
– Yes.

– so they can satisfy their desires.
– That’s the key of eating shows.

We need to show you a bit of
performance. So before we begin,

– Let’s go.
– we won’t be using gas burners.

I’m going to split wood
for the fire.

– I’ll split some wood.
– Okay.

– Should I bring it?
– Yes.

– Right here. This is a good one.
– Touch it.

Someone asked if the guy next to me
is Han Seok Bong, the calligrapher.

(Is that Han Seok Bong,
next to Bandit Yu?)

All right. He’s not Han Seok Bong.
He’s not.

– Go ahead. Show them what you got.
– Here we go. This is live.

– When they hear the wood splitting,
– Great.

it might please them too.

– It split nicely earlier.
– In one go.

– Here I go.
– Okay.

(- Can he do it? Or not?
– Let’s see.)

– Gosh, nice! What a performance.
– Goodness.

You have to listen to the sound.
You ought to put on a performance.

– Strike the center.
– All right.

– Are you all watching?
– Get the center.

– My gosh. Great!
– Well done.

– It sounded great.
– Great.

– 1 more. Bring me 1 more.
– 1 more?

– Get me one more.
– Are you not satisfied yet?

– No.
– Okay. Got it.

Someone wrote
that I’m Yu Kkeok Jeong.

(My gosh. It’s Yu Kkeok Jeong!)

– Right here.
– Let me split the wood nicely here.

Bandit Yu.

(Bandit Yu’s special talent
of splitting wood)

– Nicely done. Use your hands.
– Use your hands.

Tear it apart!

Let’s go! Let’s do this!

(Showing off his strength)

Someone wrote, “He’s so sexy.”

(- Nicely done!
– He’s so sexy.)

– What a performance.
– All right.

Let’s keep the fire going.

– Put it in the fire.
– Okay.

Let me tell you
what we’re going to cook here.

– We’ll cook budae jjigae.
– It’s budae jjigae.

And we started cooking rice here.

– We’ll cook steak and eggs here.
– Chopped steak and fried eggs.

You know what? We’ve been
cooking rice for an hour now.

– We added toppings of our choice.
– We added a lot.

– I added sweet potatoes.
– Yes.

– I went with radish rice.
– Radish rice.

– I had potatoes and mushrooms.
– Right.

– We didn’t check on the rice.
– Right.

– It could be burnt or soggy.
– We’ll eat it as it is.

– We’ll go with it as it is. Okay?
– It’s unscripted.

All right. Let us “unbox”
the cauldron right away.

– “Unbox”.
– Seok Bong, you do the honor.

Here it goes.


(Opening at last)

(- They are unboxing the steam.
– Is that dry ice?)

(- That’s the steamy rice!
– Is that supposed to be a secret?)


– What?
– I can’t see it. Hold on.


(- Why is he getting all the steam?
– That’s a steam massage.)

– What? I can’t see it.
– Should we scoop up the rice?

Wait. Once the steam goes away,
we should film this first.

– Goodness. It’s perfect.
– Let me see.


It’s white. The rice is white.
It’s nice and white.

– Gosh.
– What a relief.

All right. Let’s scoop it up
with a spatula first.

– My gosh.
– Scoop it up.

(They are looking forward to tasting
the rice from a cauldron.)

– Show it to the viewers.
– Gosh, everyone.

– Show it to them. The rice…
– It’s cooked perfectly.

– That’s the cauldron-cooked rice.
– It’s perfect.

– It’s nice and shiny.
– Well done.

There’s the nurungji
on the bottom of the cauldron.

Someone wrote a ghost
might come out of the cauldron.

– Potatoes.
– Potatoes. My potatoes.

(The steam keeps blocking his vision
when he scoops up the rice.)


When we worked with the fire
earlier, the smoke stung our eyes.

We’ll put on the swimming goggles
when we have to work with the fire.

– We have to.
– You should put them on.

– Sorry.
– Everyone, look.

(- The alien has invaded.
– He’s using the trump card.)

Seriously. I might not look good
in them, but it stings my eyes.

– It does. I felt that too.
– My eyes stung a lot earlier.

My gosh, this is so much better.
Goodness. Earlier, I cried a lot.

(He can look into the smoke.)

Lee Hyo Lee is also watching
the livestream from Jeju Island.

– Really?
– Yes.

– Hyo Lee.
– My gosh.

– Hyo Lee.
– Hyo Lee. My friend.

Hyo Lee. Sang Soon!

How have you been?

– How are you doing?
– What?

– You said you wanted to meet me.
– Hyo Lee, you said…

Go on and yell at him!

– You wanted to scold Buk Gon.
– Right.

(Before heading to the mountain,
Jae Seok called Hyo Lee.)

(“I’ve never met him in person.”)

(Hyo Lee wanted to meet Defconn
in person.)

(“I should yell at him…”)

(“and keep him in his place.”)

(“There are a few people
I didn’t get to scold yet.”)

But why would you try
to put me down?

Anyway, I’d love to meet you,
the top celebrity.

Hyo Lee, did you already
have dinner with Sang Soon?

It’d be great
if we could eat together.

– That would be awesome.
– Right.

We should… Let’s go to…
They are in Jeju Island.

Yes, we should visit them
when it’s warmer.

Hyo Lee said, “I want to go there
and scold all three of you.”

Is this a warning or something?

Well, that’s her way of
showing her affection.

Sure. I know.

You have my respect,
Hyo Lee and Sang Soon.

(- Linda G is so affectionate.
– Cheon Ok, you have my respect.)

All right. Now, We’re going
to start cook meat with butter.

(Dae Buk Gon is
in charge of grilling meat.)

(A big chunk of butter goes in.)

Gosh, look at the butter!

(Chopped tomahawk goes in.)

– Gosh, can you hear it sizzling?
– Not too bad, right?

Why am I hearing the bubbling sound
instead of the sizzling sound?

Someone just wrote, “Butter soup.”
My goodness.

– Let’s put this aside.
– That’s right.

– I’ll slightly dip it in here.
– All right.

Gosh, look at this, Jae Seok.

Look at the juice dripping.

My gosh! Look at this.

I wish I could share this
with all of you.

I feel so bad
for keeping it all to ourselves.

We cooked this in a cauldron.

It’s rice cooked with sweet potato,
potato, and radish.

Could you try this
with a spoonful of rice?

– Should I?
– Yes, please.

– It sounds awesome.
– Then pass me a spoon.

With kimchi on top.

That looks amazing.
It makes my mouth water.

That’s it!
You sure know how to enjoy it.


It’s indescribable, right?

(- This is how I look right now.
– He’s pro at a food show.)

What’s the taste like?

What do you think?

It’s really savory.

– Right. What about the kimchi?
– The kimchi is crunchy.

And the rice is flavorful
because it’s cooked in a cauldron.


(The master griller
also feeds Jong Min.)

Go on and try it.

– Thank you.
– How’s it?

– It’s incredibly juicy.
– The juice…

“You look like refugees
cooking on the run.”

Someone said it’s a meal
from “The Slave Hunters”.

(It’s a meal
from “The Slave Hunters”.)

(Just like the meal
the fugitive slave enjoys,)

(it couldn’t taste any better.)

(One piece of meat…)

(makes him laugh again.)

(- He looks rather pathetic.
– Where’s Eon Nyeon?)

(The Slave Hunter
who enjoys a steak)

– Nurungji is done.
– My gosh!


(After scooping the rice
out of the cauldron…)


(He excavates nurungji!)

– Look at this.
– Oh, my gosh!

– My gosh.
– That’s amazing.

You know what it is, right?

Gosh, look.

(- He has seen some clips.
– Creators’ favorite pose.)

Don’t we have the thing with ears?

– “Ear”?
– What do you mean?

– Let’s make an ASMR with nurungji.
– Okay.

We’ve prepared some equipment.

– We’ll stream a nurungji ASMR.
– Right.

(A binaural mic commonly used
by ASMR creators)

it can make you drool like crazy.)

– You might want to sit down.
– Should I?

– Yes, put it down here.
– It does have ears.

Enjoy it. Here it goes.

(Let’s enjoy it together
with your ears.)



You should look at the camera.
Keep your eyes on the camera.

Otherwise, you look too pathetic.

(They’re working hard
making viewers drool.)

The broadcasting station
has high technology for sure.

– Indeed.
– It even has ears.

Next up is the meat right here.

We’re going to bite
on the tomahawk…

– It looks like a club.
– for a performance.

– That’s what they want to see.
– Yes, for vicarious experience.

(Taking a big bite)


Hang on. It’s tough, isn’t it?

Because it’s on the rib.

Well, put that closer
and try it again.

– Gosh, it’s good.
– I bet.

– Is it delicious?
– You should try it too.

Go on and try it, Buk Gon.

(How is the taste of the meat
grilled by Dae Buk Gon?)


I can hear the juice dripping.

Let’s do it one more time.

This is seriously good.

(- Are you showing off your teeth?
– This is torture.)

Now, we’ve finally
reached 50,000 viewers.

(57,769 viewers are watching.)

– Gosh, 50,000 viewers!
– 50,000 viewers?

Thank you.

– Thank you. It’s all thanks to you.
– Thank you.


– They made it possible.
– Right.

– Let’s move on to this.
– Budae jjigae?

Let’s turn up the fire then.


(Bandit Yu performs CPR
on the fire.)

The fire isn’t…

(- The alien is back.
– Byung Ji’s haircut.)

It’s blazing up.

– Let me capture this sound for you.
– Okay.

(Burning Fire ASMR)

(- It’s suddenly therapeutic.
– It’s on point.)

(- The meat sizzling sound.
– I’m spacing out.)

(The blazing fire makes
the water boil quickly.)

– Wait. Someone asked…
– Yes?

if we’re boiling water for a bath,
not the stew.

(- A live volcano.
– It’s a hot spring.)

(- Bathwater.
– A pond in the fire.)

Let me put this down here for you.

When it comes to budae jjigae,
you should add a lot of ham.

You’re right.

(Bubbling up)

Someone asked if it is Spam soup.

What does “Spam clear soup” mean?

– What? No, it’s not seasoned yet.
– First of all…

Wait. That’s not how you do it.

You have to spread them out
on the side.

So they can be cooked here.

– Then help me set them up.
– Okay, I will.

– Why don’t we put kimchi…
– We need to put kimchi in.

– as a whole?
– As a whole.

We’ll put this aged kimchi…

– That’s right.
– right in the middle of it.

– You know the drill, right?
– Gosh!

– That’s a must.
– Yes, it’s a must.

Next up is the baked beans.

We should gently
pour the baked beans over.

Sure. It’s not budae jjigae
without baked beans.

I’ve tasted budae jjigae
in Uijeongbu.

– You know the sausage they use?
– Yes.

We can put that in here
when it starts boiling.


– Someone from Uijeongbu said,
– It’s boiling.

“What kind of dish is it?”

Stay tuned. Soon, you’ll see…

– Uijeongbu-style budae jjigae.
– Right.

– What is this?
– What’s wrong?

– Did they cook it themselves?
– That’s budae jjigae.

– They made it themselves.
– That looks amazing.

– I guess they cooked it themselves.
– By themselves?

– Nice plating.
– That’s incredible.

All right. Well, next…

It looks like we didn’t make
the seasoning for budae jjigae.


(They thought
everything was prepared well.)

– We are now done setting up.
– Right.

We have no seasoning.
Where’s gochujang?


– Hang on a second.
– We have Cheongyang peppers.

Cheongyang peppers and red peppers.

We have chili powder too.

Isn’t this canola oil?


Jae Seok, here are mushrooms.

Salted shrimp?

– Should we put this in? No?
– No way.

– No salted shrimp?
– No, that’s too salty.

(- Don’t put the salted shrimp in.
– Minced garlic.)

(What on earth
are you going to put in?)

We have gochujang right here!

– Put some in.
– We have gochujang.

– And here goes a bit of gochujang.
– Okay.

– Let me just add two spoonfuls.
– Let’s see how it goes.

Someone said,
“Gochujang is not acceptible.”

We already did. Well…

It needs a little bit of gochujang.

– Right.
– Okay.

– Since we already rehearsed once,
– That’s right.

everything is going very smoothly.

My gosh.

“How did you end up like this
even after a rehearsal?”

(Lost for words)

– It’s boiling down.
– What do we do?

(It’s a gochujang stew
with ham and kimchi.)

(At this rate, I don’t think
you can have dinner on time.)

Everyone is saying we’re doomed.

We can save it. We definitely will.

It’s a promise to the 50,000 viewers
who are watching us.

– Let’s cook this with the viewers.
– Okay.

All right.
Give us some instructions.

We didn’t come up
with minced garlic.

They are begging us
to put minced garlic in.

Hurry up and add minced garlic.

We don’t have minced garlic though.

– We don’t?
– Was it part of the plan?

Right! They gave us an answer.

If you don’t have minced garlic,
mince garlic.

I see. Where’s garlic?

It’s next to the peppers.

– Pound it with this. Like this.
– How? Okay.


Please peel this for me.

Here comes the garlic.

The garlic goes in.

Someone asked us
to flip the Spam over.

Let me flip the Spam over.

– Let me put this in here.
– We’ll put more ham in.


Now, we’ll add ramyeon.

It’s about time to put ramyeon in.

(He secretly borrows
the magical power of the seasoning.)

All right.

The fire is going really strong.

(- Now it looks like budae jjigae.
– I’ll allow the seasoning.)

– It’s almost done.
– Do we have onions?

– My goodness.
– Let’s just chuck this in.

– Yes, chuck it in.
– There.

(As a whole?)

Look, Jong Min. This is a little…

How could you toss
the halved onions in?

– It’s for the performance.
– Still…

Well, it was for a performance.

When is it going to get cooked?

It won’t take long.
Crush them with a ladle.

– How could you just put…
– Gosh, seriously.

Hang on. What time is it now?

It’s 6:54 p.m.

– Gosh, I thought it’d take an hour.
– I know.

– I should wipe it and clean it up.
– All right.

– Let’s clean it up first.
– Okay.

– I will set the table.
– You will?

Finally, budae jjigae is ready now.

I’m overwhelmed.

– Gosh. Look, Jae Seok.
– This is great.

– Wait.
– We need to put it on here.

– Make it stable.
– It’s done!

– We need to lift it.
– That’s it.

We’re going to lift it.

– Hang on.
– Be careful. It’s hot.

– How will you carry that?
– Be careful.

– Wait, Jae Seok.
– Hang on.

– We need to hurry.
– It’s a three-person job.

No, that’s riskier.

– Is it? Okay.
– The two of you should do it.

– Fold this again.
– Don’t touch it yet.

– I got it.
– If you trip over,

– it’s game over.
– Hey.

If we trip over and spill it,

– that’s the end of it, okay?
– Also…

Don’t be so surprised
if that happens.

When we spill it,
the livestream is over.

– Hang on.
– Wait.

– Should we space our hands?
– Grab it now.

– Be careful.
– Wait. Let me move to that side.

Who didn’t lift it properly?

– I grabbed it tightly
– Wait. I haven’t grabbed it yet.

– Hold on.
– Let’s put it down for a second.

Yes, it’s looking good.
You’re doing well.

– Please pray for us, viewers.
– All right.

– Grab it well. Okay. Wait.
– Watch your feet.

– Hey, I can’t see a thing.
– Move slowly.

– Me neither.
– Let’s stop here.

– Let’s go back. I can’t see.
– What’s wrong with you?

– Put it down slowly.
– Right.

I can’t see anything. Hold on.

That’s why I put these on.

– Wait. Yes, I need to put those on.
– In that case…

I’m sorry. I can’t see anything.

Jae Seok, it’ll get mushy and soggy!


I like it less cooked.

Let’s quickly wear it.

We need to move it quickly.

Here. I…




(Live streaming comments)

What are you doing?

Don’t try to stand out alone.

– Don’t try to stand out alone.
– I couldn’t see.

– Wait.
– I didn’t see the rope.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

(Why are you apologizing?
He’s totally confused.)

Wait for me.

Please look forward to it.

Hang on, Jae Seok.

1, 2, 3.

– It’s not very far.
– Don’t rush.

– I’ll go first.
– No.

– You go first.
– Jong Min will come first.

Come in slowly. Be careful.

– We’re here.
– Good job.

– Just dock it there.
– Lift it.

– In the middle! It’s the lid!
– Up.

– A little to the left.
– Wait.

– Be careful until the end.
– Put it close.

– It’s not done.
– Be careful.

– Goodness.
– Just a little more.

Just a little more.


It’s docked!
We docked it successfully!

– We finally did it.
– We did it.

– Thanks to all of you.
– It’s a miracle.

We couldn’t have done it
without you.

I love you so much.

It looks great!
Ramyeon is still chewy!

(A budae jjigae is born
after so many hurdles.)

Shall we each take a bite?
Jong Min, go first.

– Me first?
– Jong Min likes ramyeon too.

– It’s kimchi, ham, and ramyeon.
– Ham, yes.

– Three foods together.
– Yes.



– Stop blowing.
– It’s still too hot.

– It should be good enough.
– That’s too much.

(Taking a big bite)

– Isn’t it good?
– It should be.

– It must be good.
– It must be.

(I’m dying because I know
how good it is.)

It’s really good.

(Yu Kkeok Jeong is eating.)

Of course it’s good.

– It’s really good.
– It’s really delicious.

It’s really good.

The best ramyeon…

(I ordered budae jjigae
after watching this.)

– It’s so warm.
– Isn’t it great?

– Ramyeon isn’t soggy, right?
– It’s just right.

Everyone says…

we look like three servants
partying in secret.

In secret?

I’ll eat a little bit of ramyeon.

(Please listen closely.)

(This is Korean ASMR!)

(My mouth is watering.)

Here I go.

(Add kimchi to make it better!)


(Mom! Do we have
green onion kimchi at home?)

– Put it here.
– I’ll eat the green onions!


Green onions have a good texture.

(This is crazy.
The sound is a blessing.)

(A perfect combination of
rice and green onion kimchi.)


How is it?

(I want to eat together!
I’m getting dizzy.)

We’ll now do the skit
of the two lovers…

that we discussed before.

– As we eat budae jjigae?
– Yes.

These are lovers who haven’t
seen each other for a while.

They’re both a little tired.

But today, they decided to enjoy
budae jjigae together.

– Buk Gon, go first.
– Okay.

Hi honey, was it a long day for you?

I’m not sure what happened,

but let’s discuss it
after we finish the food.

– You’re about to break up.
– How can a boyfriend…

How can a boyfriend…

say things like,
“I’m not sure what happened?”

It’s not acceptable…

to tell her to eat first.

What happened?

Did something bad happen?

– He doesn’t care at all.
– I mean…

– Jong Min, you go first.
– Give it a try.

You’re here! Okay.

Sit down! Have some food.

I made this for you.

I do whatever you tell me to do,

– Is she older than you?
– She is.

(Speaking from experience?
It sounds so natural.)

Here, have a bite.

(He must like older women.)



Then I’ll eat.


(Who will you choose?
Let’s break up now.)

Did you see that, honey?
They’re eating too.

– We’re a married couple.
– Married? Okay.


Was it a rough day?

I know. I’m sorry.

I was at home all day today.

I cooked budae jjigae for you
before you get here.

Why are you angry at me?

It sounds so real!

(Is he really acting?
His eyes say it’s the truth.)

Did you have to put it that way?

You often crave budae jjigae.
I made it for dinner. So what?

– You don’t want it?
– She must really hate it.

Fine. Go and rest.

I’ll eat first.

What do you mean if I can eat it?

This really happened.
It really did happen.

Ramyeon will get soggy.

(Live streaming comments)

Should I throw it out?

Why would you say such things?

Wait a minute.
Isn’t this too specific?

It’s budae jjigae episode of
“Love and War”.

(They’re really good.
They are skit masters.)

A comment mentioned that
it’s “The World of Budae Jjigae”

instead of
“The World of the Married”.

What was that?

A child sent a photo.

It’s an Olaf fried rice.

Her name is Han Ji Young,
a six-year-old who wants to have

a meal with Yu Jae Seok.

I can’t believe she cooked
an Olaf fried rice.

– Goodness.
– She’s so cute.

Thank you, Ji Young!

– Thank you, Ji Young.
– Ji Young…

I was so surprised.

We should sing her a song.
Can you do a live performance?

Live? No.

– That’s difficult.
– Is it?

I can do lip sync.

(If that’s the case…)

(I’ll sing.)

(They don’t know the lyrics.)


(only “Let it go”)

(They definitely know
the “Let it go” part.)

– Let it go
– Let it go

(We’re sorry, Ji Young.)

– Naengmyeon!
– Pyongyang naengmyeon!

This user is eating alone.

– What is that?
– It’s Chapaguri.

It looks delicious.

– Too bad we can’t be together.
– Right?

It’s such a shame.

(But we’re all together
in our hearts.)

(Standing up)

– It’s time…
– Yes.

– to cook briskets.
– Great!

The main character is here.


(I love the sound.
It sounds like rain.)

It’s so clear.

Extremely clear.

(I can’t bear it anymore.
My husband went to get briskets.)

(Their concentration is
at the highest level today.)

– Let’s add green onion kimchi.
– Do we cook green onion kimchi too?

(They even add green onion kimchi
that will get better when cooked!)

(Goodness, very mouthwatering.
I’m hungry even though I ate.)

(They gather around and
focus on the meat.)

Are 50,000 people still watching us?

Yes, they are.

(Live streaming comments)

(50,000 users, gather around!
I’ll head to the butcher shop.)

We’ll now…

– eat with green onion kimchi.
– Try.

We also cooked
the green onion kimchi.

– I’ll try.
– The kimchi is so good.

(Just hear that sound!
I would like a bite too.)

(No words are needed
to describe the taste.)

– Goodness.
– Gosh.

“I am healed just by watching.”
Thank you.

(Do the skit again!
Call the wife! Encore!)

Here’s brisket.

– I think it was a hit.
– What was?

They want us to bring back
the lovers again.


We’ll now head to
a brisket restaurant.

Goodness, honey.

(“The World of Budae Jjigae”,
Season 2)

To be honest,
we’re here because of you.

I didn’t crave meat today.

You were really
under the weather yesterday.

Are you going to
bring that up again?

What did I do that was so bad?

That’s enough. Let’s drop it.

Let’s just eat.

– It’s based on experience!
– It really is.



I love you.

Why would you swear
when I say I love you?

I’ll shut my mouth
and cook the meat.

Let’s not mention it anymore.
It’s the end.

Did this really happen
between you and your wife?

– No.
– Is everything okay?

– This happens so often.
– True.

That’s why I reenacted it.

Should I make fried eggs
as desserts?

– Should we?
– I’ll get on it.

– Fried eggs.
– Fried eggs.

– Need to put the fire on.
– Okay.

For the final dish,

we’ll have fried eggs
to finish the meal.

After we mention it,

many are getting ready
to cook fried eggs.

It really felt like
we’re eating together.

It’s great.

(Let’s finish it together.)

(Buk Gon, the pan master,
and his fried eggs for a dessert)


(The sound!
I didn’t even get off work yet.)

(“Even Though My Heart Breaks”
by Fly to the Sky)

I like my eggs over hard.

(It will even satisfy
the over hard eggs lover.)

(Fried eggs cooked on
the iron pot lid is complete.)

Here. Try this.

You know this too, right?

Some eggs can be fried
over coal briquettes,

– but iron pot lid fried eggs…
– Iron pot lid fried eggs!

They’re pretty much fried in oil.

Here’s yours.

– An over-easy egg?
– Yes.

“Thanks to the livestream,
my son finished his meal.”

– That’s good.
– I know what it’s like.

I have children too.

Do they eat well?

It’s challenging to feed them.

– That’s too bad.
– Sorry?

– What do they like?
– Who?

– Young Master and Young Lady.
– Young Master.

– “Young Master and Young Lady”?
– Do they like sweets?

Since we’re in these outfits,
it sounds quite realistic.

– Do they like sweets?
– No, they don’t.

– Then let me try a fried egg.
– All right.

– Should I go first?
– Yes.

We can’t leave out a fried egg.


It’s nice, isn’t it?
It has a smoky flavor, right?

(His thumbs automatically go up.)

A fried egg tastes the best
when it’s half-cooked.

Try this way.
Break the yolk like this.


That’s it.


(- Isn’t it hot?
– Bottoms up!)

Isn’t it amazing?

The white is warm,
but the yolk is cold.

– What did he say just now?
– Is the yolk cold?

– Did you say the yolk is cold?
– It’s not cooked yet.

And this is really the last course.

This time,
why don’t all three of us eat…

– Okay.
– with the mic in the center?

This is really the last dessert.
All right. Here we go.


(They are professional at ASMR.)

(- It’s a feast to my ears.
– They’re good at this.)

(Fully satisfied)

That was one great dessert.

They wrote, “You’ll hurt your mouths
from eating that dessert.”

(- I want to hurt my mouth.
– I could use that dessert too.)

Listen. It’s still too early
to meet each other…

in person.

I hope we could survive
through this darkest time…

and laugh together
looking into each others’ faces.

I sincerely hope
the day comes very soon.

Since I’ve lived by myself
for a long time,

– I feel lonely when I eat alone.
– I know.

– I have no one to talk to.
– Right.

So I always eat before the TV.

– This felt like we ate together.
– That’s right.

“Thank you
for giving me an appetite.”

This was what we aimed for.

– That’s our goal.
– That’s it.

Your comments make my heart warm.

– Today, our theme was “Let’s Eat”.
– Right.

Let’s eat together again soon.

All the children and viewers
who have been watching us,

thank you so much again.

Have a great night.

– Bye.
– Bye. Thank you!

Let’s eat together soon.

– See you soon!
– Go to bed early tonight!

(A heartwarming dinner
they all shared together)

(Let’s eat together again
next time!)

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