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I Can See Your Voice Season 8 Episode 1 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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I Can See Your Voice Season 8 Episode 1 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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(The original I Can See Your Voice is back for Season 8.)

I Can See Your Voice is back with its eighth season.

(8 times as powerful)

How could it have changed this much?

I’ve never seen this before.

This is I Can See Your Voice 8.

(8 times as shocking)

(I Can See Your Voice is back, and begins now.)

(This program was filmed safely with attention to prevention.)

Everyone, you’ve waited a long time.

The mystery music show with surprises at every turn,

I Can See Your Voice 8.

We shall now begin our eighth season…

with more energy than ever before.

How have you all been?

We’ve been well.

They’re really energetic.

I Can See Your Voice 8 will now welcome…

our first guest.

That looks so cool.

– It’s so flashy. – Who is it?

– It’s Rain. – Rain.

(Who is the first guest star invited on I Can See Your Voice?)

(The legendary singer who debuted 24 years ago)

You’re so cool!

(The unrivaled artist.)

(Extremely excited cheering)

Jung Ji Hoon, Jung Ji Hoon.

(World star Rain has come back after three years with “Switch to Me”.)

(The legendary singer tears up the stage as soon as he enters.)

(He acts cute whenever the camera gets up close.)

– Rain, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.

– All right. – Nice to meet you.

(Nice to meet you.)

– I’m a big fan… – Yes.

of I Can See Your Voice.


– I was wondering when I’d be here. – Okay.

And I finally get to be on the show…

– as the 1st guest of 2021. – Right.

– You sing a duet with Jin Young. – Yes.

Didn’t he get upset that he’s not here with you?

I’m in such a good mood that Jin Young isn’t with me here.

– That you’re alone here? – Yes.

Because I know that Jin Young likes opening doors and so on.

– It’s not that. – Okay.

I’ve been his assistant and running all of his errands lately.

I’ve experienced why working in a group…

is such a difficult job in 20 years.

– Right. – Yes.

From what I’ve heard,

you’re a producer now.

– They are over there. Ciipher. – Yes.

– Hello. – Hello.

– Save us! Hello, we’re Ciipher. – Save us! Hello, we’re Ciipher.

– Please save us this one time. – Please save us this one time.

“Save us this one time.”

– The junior singers you produced… – Yes.

– are watching you today. – Yes.

Do you feel confident today?

I’ll trust the tone-deaf squad and follow their lead.

– The tone-deaf squad? – Yes.

– The tone-deaf squad? – Do I know more than them?

– The tone-deaf squad? – I see.

– Anyway, since you’re a producer, – Yes.

you’ll know if someone is talented when you look at them.

– But the thing is, – Yes.

– I don’t trust my guts these days. – Why not?

Because “Gang” became popular three years after I made it.

– I guess you’re future-oriented. – Yes.

I trust other people’s guts these days.

– I trust other people’s guts? – Is that so? Other people’s guts?

All right. Anyway, Rain…

will not perform a duet with the last singer standing.

He’s going to introduce…

– the performance to us. – Yes.

– Here’s why. – Okay.

For singers, every performance is so important.

– Right. – Yes.

So I suggested the staff giving the last singer standing…

a chance to fully shine during the performance.

And if I fail to find a talented singer,

I’ll join the tone-deaf singer and be the backup dancer.

– The whole time? – Yes.

– Dance behind the tone-deaf singer? – Yes.

I’ve been super passionate these days.


The first clue, the Singer’s Looks.

We will reveal the Mystery Singers’ looks and three keywords.

Figure out the talented singers and tone-deaf singers…

only with their looks and keywords.

(Muscles, Entertainment Grand Award, Pork Cutlet)

We will reveal six Mystery Singers…

who will go up against Rain,

the singer that captivated the entire globe.

It’s starting.

– Pay close attention. – Gosh.

– Season Eight! – Mystery Singers!

– What? – What?

– They are coming out together. – They’ll come out as a group?

We’re back…

– with a totally new season! – What’s going on?

Here are six Mystery Singers…

They came out all separately before.

– for Round One. Here they are! – Right.

(Mystery Singers for the beginning of a new season)

There’s a monk.


There are firefighters too.

Are they firefighters?

(As the start of the detective game, their looks are revealed.)

(A winning talented singer gets to release an album.)

(A winning tone-deaf singer gets 5,000 dollars.)

Now that the door is closed,

– you cannot see them anymore. – Right.

– Rain. – Yes.

– It was very brief. – Yes.

Who made the biggest impression on you?

– Who grabbed your eyes? – I…

– thought Tae Woo was here. – The one crouching down.

– The one crouching down… – Same here.


– Tae Woo so much. – Yes.

And the lady on the far left…

looked like she might be a good performer.

– She looks like a musical actress. – Yes.

– He made a lot of observations. – Right.

You were quick.

– It was very brief. – Right.

We’ll give you a chance to observe them more carefully up close.

You must pay attention now.

– Each Mystery Singer… – Right.

will approach Rain with the keywords…

all separately.

– They’ll come all the way there. – What? They’ll approach him?

– Yes. – Keep your eyes open.

Observe well.

Let’s check out Mystery Singer One.

I can’t wait.

– Mystery Singer One is coming out. – The door opened.

(Mystery Singer One shows up.)

He’s getting close.

I think it’s a guy.

Gosh. What? He’s moving.

Isn’t that Tae Woo?

– What? – He resembles Kim Tae Woo.

– He does look like Tae Woo. – Yes.

Given his looks, he has to be a talented singer.

Check out his looks first.

Try to figure out if he’ll be a talented singer or not.

He looks just like Tae Woo.

The Mystery Singers will come this close?

How close is he going to get?

The keywords are important.

There’s sadness in Mystery Singer One’s eyes.

His eyes are full of sorrow.

(And he extends his hand.)

He looks so sad.

(Who is Mystery Singer 1?)

Now, who is…

– He looks like a chef. – Mystery Singer One?

Isn’t he a chef?

– All right. Reveal the keywords! – Chef?

He’s a chef or a photographer.

– Alley Restaurants. – See? He’s a chef.

– He must be a chef. – Alley Restaurants.

– Groom-to-be. – Groom-to-be.

What’s the last keyword?

– Debut Fell Through. – Debut Fell Through.

– Alley Restaurants. – All right.

– Groom-to-be. Debut Fell Through. – Groom-to-be. Debut Fell Through.

With these three keywords,

let’s figure out the identity of Mystery Singer One.

If he’s talented,

all these keywords are true.

– And if he’s not, they are false. – They are all fake.

Let’s do some thinking. Alley Restaurants.

I think it’s in the reverse order. His debut fell through.

So he was running an alley restaurant.

And then, he got engaged.

But I think they are all false.

– So you think he’s tone-deaf? – Yes, I think so.

– Why is that? – You’re good.

– Given his looks, – Okay.

he looks like a super talented singer like Kim Tae Woo.

– He looks the part, right? – Yes.

But in my opinion, he might be faking it.

It looks like he’s wearing glasses when he actually doesn’t wear them.

– Really? – Yes.

And I can tell that the glasses weren’t prescribed.

– So you think the glasses are fake. – Yes.

I hope he’s been wearing the glasses for 30 years.

– Right. – Yes.

I hope he can’t live without glasses.

– By the way, – Yes.

– he has such sad eyes. – He does.

– I think he might sing… – He might start crying.

a soulful song with those eyes. So in my opinion,

– he might be talented. Yes? – But…

I’d like to make a rebuttal. He might be an actor.

– An actor? – An actor.

I’m sorry, but you don’t have to make a rebuttal to me.

You can just share your opinions.

Before we figure out if he’s talented or tone-deaf,

we should figure out if he runs an alley restaurant…

– or not first. – That’s right.

I think he runs a restaurant in Buam-dong…

and sells pizza and pasta.

And I bet he learned how to sing opera and make pizza…

in Italy.

I bet he’s a talented singer.

He’s a groom-to-be,

but he seems so sad.

(The groom-to-be seems sad?)

Does he come with a sad story?

My husband also seemed sad before he got married.

– Really? Is that what he’s feeling? – He looked like that.

He just smiled.

He smiled. He just smiled a bit.

We found a very cute side of him.

We got him.


I bet they are fake glasses and he’s tone-deaf.

– Okay. – Glasses are important.

– They are important. – Yes.

Let’s continue and check out Mystery Singer Two.

– Mystery Singer Two is coming. – Yes.

– You must pay attention. – Right.

– Is she a model? – It’s a lady.

There she comes.

She seems very tall.

(Mystery Singer 2 shows off her impressive body proportion.)

She has an awesome body proportion.

I think she’s a model.

– She’s very tall. – She looks like a celebrity.

– She’s so steady. – She’s so pretty.

– Hold on. Miss Korea? – Miss Korea?


Doesn’t she look like she could be Miss Thailand?

– Who is Mystery Singer Two? – How mysterious.

– Reveal the keywords. – All right.

– Miss Universe. – See?

– See? There it is. – Miss Universe.

– College of Music. – College of Music.

(College of Music)

– Researcher. – Researcher.

My goodness.

But the keywords are just too perfect.

And she’s super pretty.

If those are all true, she’s so perfect.

Beauty Pageant Contestant, College of music, and Researcher.

Is she talented or tone-deaf?

– What do you think? – Miss Universe.

– I think… – Yes.

she might have participated in Miss Universe.

– Why is that? – If she went to a college of music,

she could have majored in opera singing.

– There’s a possibility for that. – Yes.

I really don’t get this.

That set of keywords doesn’t make sense.

How can one person have…

all of those three keywords?

Well, she might not have been the contestant of Miss Universe.

She could’ve had a job in that pageant.

So you think these are possible for her.

Why do you say that the glasses for Mystery Singer One…

(The controversy of the glasses is still going.)

– are fake? – Mystery Singer One…

looks so sad when he looks at her.

Is it possible that Mystery Singer Two is the bride-to-be?

Can you change the lights?

– Change it to a bright one. – He looks like a statue.

– It’s like he’s looking at a bride. – Right.

You’re the groom-to-be. Can you look at her like that?

I think she might be tone-deaf.

I think the staff made her think about her pose.

I think she was trained.

So she practiced the pose?

When she was in a group earlier,

she pushed her pelvis pretty far on the left.

That was her pose.

You should study dancing as hard as you studied her pose.

– Study singing with enthusiasm. – Don’t scold him.

– Let him be. – It just breaks my heart.

– Do that in your office. – The pelvis…

Why are you studying her pelvis?

Listen. He has to figure out who’s tone-deaf.

– That’s important when you dance. – Come on.

– It’s not that. – That’s enough.

You should study singing and dancing with that attitude.

– Rain, we’re on a variety show. – Come on.

– Okay. Sorry. – Do that in the office.

– I suddenly got so mad. – Okay.

Let’s check out Mystery Singers Three!

Three strong men are approaching.

– They look great. – They are handsome.

– They’re talented. Perfect. – They are talented.

– They are handsome. – They are.

Gosh, there are so many changes in this season.

I can’t believe they are so close.

All right. Observe each one.

They are a trio.

(Unusual poses)

– Rain. – This is…

– “How to Avoid the Sun”. – “How to Avoid the Sun”.

Who are Mystery Singers Three?

Give us the keywords!

– Firefighter Trio… – Firefighter Trio…

– of Rain Lookalikes. – of Rain Lookalikes.

– Calendar Models. – Calendar Models. Yes. That’s it.

– Married. – Married.

– Okay. – Hold on.

– Their keywords… – Wait.

Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes, Calendar Models,

and Married.

All right. If one of them is tone-deaf,

– they’ll be considered tone-deaf. – That’s right.

– What do you think? – You’re studying them closely.

If they are talented,

– they are firefighters. – Yes.

– If they’re tone-deaf, they’re not. – Right.

They did a pose as the trio to resemble me.

I could tell that they were professionals.

– From what? This pose? – The pose?

They put on the sunglasses and did the pose.

It’s not that easy to put on sunglasses smoothly like that.

Moreover, they are on a show.

But they struck different poses right away.

The one in the middle showed a pose from “How to Avoid the Sun”.

The one on the left showed a pose from “Rainism”.

The one on the right showed a pose from “It’s Raining”.

It shows a great deal of insight.

Thus, I can sense…

that this is a ploy of the production crew.

– You can sense it. – Really?

However, they do look like…

– really cool firefighters. – That’s right.

– Mi Joo. – Yes?

You were very disappointed about the keyword, “Married”.

I was going to make a certain comment.

“You set my heart on fire. Please extinguish it.”

But the keyword put out that fire.

– I see. – Some of them might be single.

– Is that so? – That’s right.

Because the trio’s keyword is “Married”,

– Mystery Singer One looks sad. – I know.

Look at him.

The light is falling on his forehead.

It will be perfect if he sings “This Is the Moment”.

So Rain, you think those three are talented singers.

– No. – No?

– They are fake. – Fake.

– He is good. – But I will spare them.

– You became relaxed. – I need to see what they prepared.

I love people who are certain like Rain.

– I love them. – Yes.

Let’s meet Mystery Singer Four.

Who will it be?

It’s a man.

I can feel the experienced charms.

It feels like he has some kind of talent.

I think his voice will be similar to Rain’s.

I bet Tae Joo will guess it right.

He has a nice smile.

He looks down-to-earth.

– He is a bit like Kim Bum Soo. – His eyes are a bit dreamy.

– That’s the pose. – He touched his ears.

Hold on. Why did I get goosebumps?

Who could Mystery Singer Four be? Show us the keywords!

– Celebrity Family. – Celebrity Family.

– On the Stage After 13 Years. – On the Stage After 13 Years.

– “How to Avoid the Sun”. – “How to Avoid the Sun”.

Celebrity Family. On the Stage After 13 Years.

“How to Avoid the Sun”.

What do these keywords mean?

Then he could be someone who had debuted.

Let’s think of a celebrity who looks like him.

Does he resemble a celebrity?

“How to Avoid the Sun” is a very vague keyword.

Do the keywords tell you something? We are pretty lost.

When he entered the stage,

– I thought, “Is he the real deal?” – Okay.

But his pose was really awkward.

Does he seem like a tone-deaf singer?

He could be someone who is unrelated to a celebrity.

I don’t know. I don’t know about this one.

Can you think of a celebrity who looks like him?

I think DinDin would look like him when he grows older.

– DinDin. – Is he DinDin’s family?

That could be the case.

I think he is related to a female celebrity.

– He is on the stage after 13 years. – That’s right.

I think he is a celebrity’s family member…

– who has worked as a musician. – That’s right.

– Sang Min. – Yes?

Please guess if he is talented or tone-deaf.

No comment.

– What? – Is he someone you know?

– He probably has no idea. – is he someone you know?

He must be the first one who decided to be quiet on the show.

You should go home if you won’t say something.

Is he someone you know?

– Is he… – No comment.

– What? – He must know something.

I don’t think my words will help.

Did you produce a song for him?

No comment.

What? Give us a hint!

No comment.

I can’t believe him.

He decided on the wrong concept.

Figuring out his identity is the hardest.

I can’t deduce anything about him.

Rain had a pretty good idea about the others.

Why don’t you deduce something simple about him?

– No comment. – What?

– What are you doing? – You need to work.

Hold on. How could you hit me on TV?

I am sorry. You should say something for the show.

You should be understanding when I say, “No comment.”

– All right. – Here comes Mystery Singer Five.

It’s a woman.

She is definitely charismatic.

She resembles Hwasa.

– She has strong charisma. – She must be a talented singer.

She is pretty.

– She is relaxed. – She seems like a jazz singer.

– A jazz singer! I agree with you. – A jazz singer.

(Mystery Singer 5 strikes a special pose!)

Perfume? Perfume?

– Perfume. – Who could Mystery Singer Five be?

Show us the keywords.

– “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. – “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

– Songwriter. – Songwriter.

There should be a keyword about jazz.

– Dreamy Voice. – Dreamy Voice.

That means she sang a song for “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

There was a drama titled “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

She could be a singer who sang the OST.

She could have sung it with a dreamy voice.

That’s right.

It’s okay to be Ciipher. Ciipher, what do you think?

By chance,

I am rewatching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

Nice timing!

– TAG! – That’s great.

– Hold on. CEO. – That must take up a lot of time.

The CEO is upset because he said he is rewatching the drama.

– To rewatch a drama… – It’s not like that.

There isn’t a TV in the dormitory.

– I didn’t buy them a TV. – You can watch dramas on the phone.

Why would you watch a drama?

It’s okay to watch it on the phone.

All right. Please keep talking.

I am watching the drama very diligently.

She hasn’t been in any scene.

She isn’t an actress.

I think she is a talented singer.

I think she composed a song…

for “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

Does the drama have a lot of OSTs?

Are there any songs with a dreamy voice?

There are dreamy songs.

– Really? – Really?

If you guess her identity right thanks to TAG,

– don’t scold him about the drama. – I won’t.

I am not someone who makes conclusive comments.

But I can give you the answer in Round One.

Already? What is it?

The answer is that she is fake.

– Why is that? – She is tone-deaf.

It’s not easy to pose…

as you stick out your pelvis.

But she did it with ease.

She posed like this.

I think she is someone who poses professionally.

That means she isn’t a composer.

Rain was on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

– That must be why it’s a keyword. – I was on the drama?

– “I’m a Cyborg but That’s Ok”. – He starred in that movie.

It’s a different movie.

– It’s a different movie. – Come on.

– He is a member of Ciipher… – Woo Young.

– and Rain played a cyborg. – It’s a different movie.

– “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. – He startled me for a second.

Let’s move on and meet…

– Mystery Singer 6. – Mystery Singer 6.

She is wearing casual hanbok.

She is a monk.

She must be a talented singer.

Maybe she lives at Mount Jiri.

She is the real deal.

– Here it comes. – A flute.

– Isn’t that how you play the danso? – What is that?

– Danso. – Daegeum.

This is how you hold a danso.

That’s how you hold a daegeum.

(Mystery Singer 6’s keywords get revealed.)

– Mount Gwanak. – Mount Gwanak.

– 7 Siblings. – 7 Siblings.

– Flute. – Flute.

– Mount Gwanak and Flute? – Flute?

– We judged from her outfit. – We looked at her outfit…

– and thought it would be a daegeum. – Seriously.

What do you think?

– I think she is tone-deaf. – Tone-deaf.

I think those aren’t prescription glasses.

– Really? – Yes.

We keep seeing glasses without power.

We might shoot a glasses commercial at this rate.

The keyword told us that she plays the flute,

– but her form was awkward. – Was it awkward?

Since I am a dancer,

– her pose caught my eyes. – Of course.

Her form was a bit awkward.

I was in an orchestra until sixth grade.

When you hold a flute, it needs to fall…

right under your lips. It was too low.

Right? Her form was strange, right? I knew it.

In any case, I will think about it some more.

You will think about it some more.

This is hard.

I am sure Mystery Singer One isn’t talented.

Mystery Singer One.

I am certain about Mystery Singer One.

We checked the faces and keywords of all six Mystery Singers.

Let’s start with Sang Hyuk. Please recommend a Mystery Singer.

Who do you think is a tone-deaf singer?

I have no idea, so I will choose number four.

– Number 3. – Number 3.

– Number 6. – Number 6.

Number five.

– Number 3. – Number 3.

– Yun Hwa. – I will choose number four.

– Number 4. – I choose number 2.

Number two.

The opinions were varied.

Now, Rain,

– whose voice can you see? – Whose voice can you see?

It may look easy, but it gets hard the more you think about it.

Rain is always confident.

I Can See Your Voice is back with full force…

and the first guest is the world-class star, Rain.


I am sure his first answer will be correct.

The tone-deaf singer I picked is…

The tone-deaf singer I picked is…

(Who will become the first one to be eliminated?)

– Mystery Singer 1. – Mystery Singer 1.

– Why? – Mystery Singer One.

– He looks like a talented singer. – He would be a talented singer.

He looks like a talented singer.

Rain is assertive.

I am certain Mystery Singer One is tone-deaf.

He is a talented singer.

I have a question.

Am I the only one who picked Mystery Singer One?

– No one else picked him. – Really?

– No one else picked him. – That’s incredible.

– No one else picked him. – Why is that?

– It’s the first time… – This never happens.

the guest’s opinion differed so much.

It’s rare to have a Mystery Singer receive zero votes.

There is something different about this season.

Before we reveal the Mystery Singer’s identity,

you will get to see a video…

and check if he or she is…

– talented or tone-deaf. – In advance?

They will show the videos in advance.

One story in the video will reveal…

– the singer’s real identity. – That’s right.

Let’s watch Mystery Singer One’s video.

– Guess who I am. – Not “Alley Restaurants”.

Am I a talented singer or a tone-deaf singer?

– If I am a talented singer, – The video makes us imagine.

– I am a soon-to-be groom. – There is a date on the invitation.

– I dreamed of becoming a singer, – I think he is talented.

– but my debut fell through. – He is talented!

Currently, I run a kkwabaegi place…

– He is talented. – in an alley…

to support my family.

Wasn’t he on “Alley Restaurants”?

My girlfriend signed me up for I Can See Your Voice.

– That’s why I am on the show. – He is talented!

That’s right!

– The story is plausible. – No. I am not a soon-to-be groom.

I am a tone-deaf owner of a hair salon…

– who has been a hairdresser… – No, he is talented.

– for 12 years. – Doesn’t he look really awkward?

I decided to visit I Can See Your Voice…

to show my four-year-old daughter…

that even a tone-deaf singer can be confident.

– He is talented. – Si A, I am on TV.

Am I a talented singer or a tone-deaf singer?

– That girl looks like him. – What do you think?

Both versions suit him.

Which version do you think is real?

This is driving me crazy. I am in trouble.

– What is it? – He seems to be talented, right?

– He seems to be talented. – A talented singer.

– You suddenly changed your mind. – Why?

Mystery Singer One’s identity will be revealed now.

Bring forth the Stage of Truth.

The world-class singer, Rain chose…

Mystery Singer 1 to be eliminated 1st.

– He is talented. – From the start,

everyone said he is talented because his looks resemble…

– those of Kim Tae Woo. – I bet he would sing sorrowfully.

– But Rain said he is tone-deaf. – His glasses are real.

What should I do?

His eyes look very sad.

It will be touching if he sings well.

I think he is a talented singer.

I think he can sing MeloMance’s songs well.

This is driving me crazy.

(Who is Mystery Singer 1?)

To be honest, Mystery Singer One…

should have survived until Round Two with those looks.

People with that kind of body can usually sing well.

– Did Rain make the right decision? – Seriously.

Mystery Singer One, let us hear…

– your voice. – Your voice.

Let’s see which song he chose.

Here it comes.

The song is… This is driving me crazy.

(Music was my everything.)

(I was focused on my dream.)

I think I have seen that photo of him.

(Now, she is more precious than my dream.)

The glasses suit him well.

(She is the best gift of my life.)

Those are his glasses.

I don’t think they are soon-to-be-married.

He could still be a tone-deaf singer, right?

– Of course. – Really?

Of course.

They are a beautiful couple.

I hope he is a talented singer.

– He… – Honey!


– It’s me. – What?

– Honey! – What?

(Who is the owner of the voice?)

– What? – Is it real?

– What? – You are surprised, right?

– What is going on? – You told me…

that you let go of your dream of becoming a singer.

– Oh, my goodness. – But you looked so happy…

when you were preparing…

– to be on I Can See Your Voice. – I think he is talented.

– Right? – It made me happy too.

You know how I feel, right? I love you.

Is she the one from the photos?

Is she acting?

On the stage is…

the soon-to-be bride…

who was in the photos.

It’s her.

(Now, he will sing.)

– Mystery Singer One, – No way.

– let us hear your voice. – Your voice.

You never know. You never know.

It’s like a proposal.

– I think he will propose to her. – My goodness.

The performance never starts this way.

– Seriously. – He must be a talented singer.

That must be it. It’s a proposal.

He said her girlfriend signed him up.

He said her girlfriend signed him up.

– Please. – It’s a proposal song.

– I am so happy. – This is incredible.


(No way!)

Who is she?

– Who is she? – I got goosebumps.

Who is she?

A customer at his hair salon.

(Mystery Singer 1 sings passionately.)

(My name is Yoon Guk Hyun and I run a one-person hair salon.)

(I picked up my courage and visited the show…)

(since people always say I have a talented singer’s face.)

(I wanted to show my confident self to my daughter.)

She is his wife, right?

– Is she his wife? – I don’t think so.

Is she real?

She must be real.

– No way. – Mystery Singer One…

– turned out to be tone-deaf. – Who is she?

– Who is she? – Who is she?

Who is she?

Hold on. Who is she?

– Is she an actress? – Who is she?

This is unbelievable.

– This is too much. – I should have known.

– We got fooled. – I should have known.

What would you like to say?

Rain, please come to the Konkuk University area…

– to get your hair done. – I will go.

– Is it a one-person hair salon? – Yes.

– I will go. – It’s nice.

I will go someday.

Mystery Singer One turned out to be…


– Thank you. – Rain is good at guessing.


He is off to a good start.

As the hosts,

– we wanted him to fail. – That’s right.

I will explain it to you briefly.

Look at his posture.

– Listen. – Look at his posture.

He is a world-class star.

He changed drastically after one correct answer.

– This won’t do. – All right.

We need to come up with a strategy.

That’s right.

The second clue, Singer’s Lip-synching.

Two voices will be revealed…

in the Mystery Singer’s lip-synching.

If the Mystery Singer is talented, the talented voice is real.

If the Mystery Singer is tone-deaf, the tone-deaf voice is real.

Guess the Mystery Singer’s identity from lip-synching alone.

What do you think, Rain?

I Can See Your Voice has changed a lot.

Do you think you got used to it?

In Round One,

– I picked the right one. – That’s right.

It made me realize that I shouldn’t be shaken…

because of the panelists’ opinions.

Didn’t you say that you trust us?

I trusted you, but your answer was wrong.

(They almost eliminated a talented singer.)

– I can’t say anything to that. – Seriously.

Personally speaking,

I trusted Sang Min’s hunch.

(Sang Min is an old-time regular at I Can See Your Voice.)

But he failed to guess correctly.

Joon was the same.

Yun Hwa was the same.

Kyeong Hwan was the same.


I have no trust in him.

(Zero trust)

He is scolding us so much after one right choice.

In this round, you will check the lip-synching.

That’s right.

When it comes to lip-synching,

I can tell if something is off right away.

The most important key of lip-synching…

is the hand gesture.

The hand gestures and the steps…

shouldn’t look awkward.

– They grab the attention. – That’s right.

– That’s right. – I lip-synched when I was in Turbo.

I thought,

“Why try hard when everyone knows that we are lip-synching?”

– Didn’t people complain? – They did.

But everyone could see that the line was cut off.

– “Why are we doing this?” – Seriously.

– I had that thought. – When I was in middle school,

they released an article…

the day after Jong Kook performed.

“Kim Jong Kook of Turbo Shows Halfhearted Stage Manners.”

That’s right.

– There was that article. – That’s right.

I had to take a break for a while.

– As a fan of Turbo, – “Halfhearted stage manners”.

I loved his halfhearted mannerism.

In most cases, the singers…

– look at the camera like this. – That’s right.

But Jong Kook walked like this.

– He kept his eyes on the ground. – That’s right.

That’s right.

(Jong Kook lip-synched with his eyes on the floor.)

From the start,

– I have been an outsider. – How strange!

I can’t believe Jong Kook.

The Mystery Singers’ lip-synching has been upgraded.

There are two stages.

In the first stage,

they will lip-synch to the talented singer’s voice.

In the second stage,

they will lip-synch to the tone-deaf singer’s voice.

But one thing hasn’t changed.

If they are talented singers, the talented voice is real.

If they are tone-deaf singers, the tone-deaf voice is real.

Yes. Mystery Singers 2, 3, and 4’s lip-synching stages…

will follow one after another.

Make sure you don’t miss anything.

The lip-sync stages begin now.

– They will go in a row. – They will go in a row.

– They will go in a row. – I see.

(The three Mystery Singers will go in a row.)

– Okay. Go. – “Beauty and the Beast”.

– Here she comes. – Where?

– Miss Universe. – She is tall.

– Miss Universe. – He was sure that she is talented.

(“Beauty and the Beast”, the OST of “Beauty and the Beast”)

(Miss Universe, College of Music, Researcher)

Hold on.

This isn’t classical singing.

(Her sweet voice…)

(makes them exclaim.)

(Mystery Singer 2’s voice is like that of a princess.)

She is good.

Her brows moved.


(She is relaxed enough to smile.)

(Mystery Singer 2 shows…)

(a relaxed smile and nice stage manners.)

– Mystery Singer Two. – That was melodious.

– Here comes the next one. – The firefighting trio.

(“Love Story” by Rain)

I love this song.

What? Why do they look so cool?

(The Rain trio shows up with a completely different image.)

They are no joke.

(Rain watches like a hawk.)

(Their hands show the details of the dance.)

It’s so nice.

(If he is a talented singer, this sexy voice is his.)

They aren’t firefighters! They aren’t firefighters!


(Watching carefully)

They are good.

(I love only you)


(The intro is enough to make their hearts beat fast.)

Will they dance?

My goodness!

Hold on. Hold on.

Are they really firefighters?

No way.

(We fell for Mystery Singers 3.)

You are doing great!

They are good.

Can firefighters dance so well?

(Their dance moves are sharp until the end.)

They are good.

– I think they are talented singers. – It seems that way.

The next stage will follow.

Celebrity Family.

(“Beautiful” by Crush)



He looks sorrowful.

I think he is a talented singer. Who is he?

(I will be on your side)

He seems like a talented singer.

(I will stand behind you)

(If he’s a talented singer, this sorrowful and beautiful voice…)

(is his real voice.)

I’ve seen him singing somewhere.

(Celebrity Family?)

(On the Stage After 13 Years?)

(“How to Avoid the Sun”?)

He seems real too.

His performance is really natural.

(He ad-libs with his ringing and beautiful voice.)

(He sings 2-octave high notes, and it gives us a thrill.)

It’s his voice.

All three seem real.

This person is real. This person is real.

He’s so good.


We listened to…

a relay of lip-sync performances, and it got us very confused.

– This is nice though. – Yes.

– Watching a relay makes it… – Like a musical.

– It’s like watching “MAMA”. – “MAMA”?

Why don’t you enjoy it?

Why don’t you enjoy it? Why would you look like that?

– That’s not it. – Okay.

I’ve never been so shocked.

– What is it? – That was…

Actually, Rain…

During the opening, Rain said this.

– He said he would do anything. – Right.

– He said that. – Right.

The Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes…

sang two of…

Rain’s legendary songs.

It wasn’t his voice though.

– Look. – Yes?

– So you want me to lip-synch. – Yes.

This is why…

– Please stand at the center. – It’s not your voice.

Think about your first album and lip-synch.

– This is crazy. – Sing as if you sang it.

I am sorry, but can I get a standing mic?

– We will get you one. – Great.


It’s our first time seeing it.

We haven’t seen this performance in a long time.

(You can only see Rain’s lip-sync stage on I Can See Your Voice.)

He’s amazing.

(Here comes Rain.)

(He’s great.)

– Bravo! – You’re great!

Isn’t he singing it himself?

He’s so good!

(The experienced world star has great stage manners.)

(They go crazy.)


– You’re great! – Bravo!

(I love you, I only love you)

– “Rainism”. – I love “Rainism”.

– Here we go. – “Rainism”.

Look at that.

Go, Jung Ji Hoon!

(In 2008, everyone used to do this fist-bumping dance.)




– I did my best. – I know.

(The 3 MCs and tone-deaf squad really enjoyed his performance.)

I couldn’t tell.

He works so hard.

– Of course. I do my best. – He gives his all when he performs.

Rain, you’ve tried it yourself.

Are the firefighters talented singers or not?

– They are tone-deaf singers. – Are they?

Here’s why.

They dance so well.

They have great showmanship. If they sing well too,

– that’s just not right. – It’s not right.

– And they are firefighters too. – Right.

– Right. – Sang Min, will you keep quiet?

I think it’s about time I say this.

I know the person who is standing right in front of me.

– What? – No way.


That’s why you’ve been keeping quiet all along.

– Really? Don’t speak then. – But…

– Why don’t you stay outside? – Don’t speak.

– Don’t speak. – All right.

I’m excited to see who we will see next.

Let’s watch the lip-sync stages of Mystery Singers 5 and 6.

I’m excited for Mystery Singer Five.

Don’t hold it in.

– Is that difficult? – My goodness.

What? Did something go wrong?

(A scene from tvN drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”)

– It’s Seo Yea Ji. – “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

(“Got You” by Ga Eun from “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”)

Do you want me to pull your safety pin?

(“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Songwriter, Dreamy Voice)



– She’s real. – Is it that song?

(Her dreamy voice makes us doubt what we are hearing.)

(Her mysterious voice captures everyone’s attention.)

(She’s got charisma.)

She’s got amazing charisma.

How can she be so charming?

(My gosh.)

– Next is… – I’m excited for her too.

(Mystery Singer 6 starts lip-synching right after.)

Mount Gwanak.

(“Messy Hair” by Park Ae Ri)

I think she would surprise us.

She’s singing this song?

(Mount Gwanak, 7 Siblings, Flute)

I wish she was a talented singer.

(She’s got the voice of a seasoned singer.)

(I miss you, I miss you)

(I miss you)

(Mystery Singer 6 lip-synchs with a sorrowful voice.)

(He gets immersed into her performance.)

It’s strange.

I think she’s not used to singing this song.

I think her sense of rhythm is a little off.

– We watched the lip-sync stages. – Great.

– Rain is nodding. – He’s nodding.

– Did you get the feeling? – Did you?

Am I supposed to make it entertaining or…

– He’s so boastful. – Or…

– So boastful. – Mr. Boastful.

– Let me analyze them first. – Okay.

– You will start analyzing. – He will start analyzing.

– Mystery Singer Five. – Yes.

Her gestures were very awkward.

They were awkward.

If she stood still and sang with her eyes closed,

I would’ve gotten fooled.

I have a feeling that she’s not a good singer.

– You think she’s tone-deaf. – I think she’s tone-deaf.

– Mystery Singer 6. – Mystery Singer 6.

– In arts high school, – Arts high school.

I minored in pansori…

– Then you… – and folk music.

– You minored it? – Perfect timing.

– Anyang Arts High School. – People who sing…

in that style…

do this when they vibrate their voices.

(Vibrating his voice)

They either move their heads or jaws.

But she just lip-synched.

(Her jaw didn’t move.)

– Her jaw didn’t move. – I think both of them are…

– tone-deaf singers. – There’s a big chance.

– Your intuition tells you that. – He got tricked.

Rain spoke as if…

he saw through the production crew’s intention.

That’s the impression.

– Is he right, Sang Min? – He’s wrong.

He’s wrong.

A true master…

doesn’t reveal his or her true self.

Then why did you guess wrong about Mystery Singer One?

Mystery Singer 1… Mystery Singer 1…

Tell me. Why did you make a wrong guess?


– Mystery Singer One. – I can’t say anything.

I am sorry about Mystery Singer One.

(It’s only the beginning of 2021, and he’s already apologizing.)

– Have you gone sulky? – He’s gone sulky.

Have you gone sulky?

– No, I haven’t. – It’s not over yet.

– Yes. – That’s right.

– It will be more confusing. – That’s right.

They will sing Rain’s “I Do”.

– “I Do”. – “I Do”.

The mysterious singers will lip-synch to the song together,

pretending to be tone-deaf.

If they are tone-deaf singers,

they would be singing in their own voices.

In the tone-deaf singers’ voices, they will lip-synch to “I Do”.

Let’s watch it.

You will be shocked.

(The mysterious singers will sing Mystery Singer 1’s part together.)

(“I Do” by Rain)

Okay. Let’s go.

(Feeling each other)

What is this?

– My gosh. – What’s this?

(If she’s tone-deaf, this clear and soulless voice is her real voice.)

It suits her well.

– She could be tone-deaf. – She’s tone-deaf.

– It suits her so well. – Doesn’t it?

(If they are tone-deaf singers, they are handsome men…)

(who can’t sing.)

– They lip-synch well. – They sound like tone-deaf singers.

(I feel the same way as you)

– He’s tone-deaf! He’s tone-deaf! – It suits him.

(Will any of the 3 singers turn out to be tone-deaf?)

“I do, I do”.

He’s not a tone-deaf singer.

(If he’s a tone-deaf singer, this off-tune voice is his real voice.)

(Whenever I’m with you)


(If she’s a tone-deaf singer, this nasal voice is her real voice.)

– It suits her. – It suits her.

(Her mouth and body move separately.)

That’s how mothers dance.

– This. – This is what mothers do.

Mystery Singer Six is a talented singer.

– She’s a talented singer. – She’s a talented singer.

– That’s what I thought. – She’s a talented singer.

Is she?

It’s really hard to tell.

Mystery Singer Six got busted.

Like I said earlier,

you should’ve made it more difficult for me.

– My goodness. – Is it too easy?

It’s too easy.

My target is Mystery Singer Five.

Mystery Singer Five.

Mystery Singer Five sang with her true voice.

– You think she’s tone-deaf? – She’s tone-deaf.

– I don’t think she is. – He doesn’t think so.

– Talk back to him. – Did you watch the drama?

– He’s rebelling against his boss. – Let’s go!

He’s got a different opinion. What do you think?

I think Mystery Singer Five is a tone-deaf singer.

– He will follow his boss. – He follows his boss.

– He sides with his boss. – He is siding with his boss.

– He’s siding with his boss. – He sided with his boss.

Round Two, Singer’s Lip-synching.

Who does Rain think is the tone-deaf singer?


– whose voice can you see? – Whose voice can you see?

– He’s relaxed. – He’s relaxed.

Do you want the shoot to be short or long?

– Short. – Short?

– Make it short, please. – I will make it short then.

I already know who the tone-deaf singers are.

– I will choose two teams. – All right.

The tone-deaf singer I picked is…

The tone-deaf singer Rain picked is…

– Mystery Singer 5. – Mystery Singer 5.


(Who’s Rain’s second choice?)

– Mystery Singer 6. – Mystery Singer 6.

– It’s not her. – It’s not her.

The two singers who lip-synched last.

– Mystery Singer Five isn’t one. – We have to win this time.

– All right. Rain… – Mystery Singer Six is not.

challenged the tone-deaf squad of I Can See Your Voice.

Mystery Singer Five isn’t tone-deaf.

Mystery Singers 5 and 6?

I’m certain about Mystery Singers 5 and 6.

He’s certain.

They are going crazy.

– Mystery Singer 5 isn’t tone-deaf. – Mystery Singer 5 isn’t tone-deaf.

By the way, Rain got just one person right,

but he’s looking down on us.

How will we cope with his attitude when he gets two right?

– We can’t let it happen. We must. – We have to win.


Who am I?

Am I a talented singer or am I a tone-deaf singer?

– They are like different people. – If I’m a talented singer,

I am the singer-songwriter who sang…

the original soundtrack of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

– I write songs. – She’s too awkward.

Very awkward.

Writing songs and singing drama original soundtracks,

– I am gaining popularity. – Those footages confuse me more.

I want to showcase my dreamlike voice…

on I Can See Your Voice.

– It sounds convincing. – No.

I am not an original soundtrack singer.

I am a tone-deaf singer who works for…

the music creative team that makes original soundtracks for tvN dramas.

– I worked on projects like… – It sounds much more convincing.

“Goblins”, “Oh Hae Young Again”, and “Start-Up”.

– Incredible. – This is it.

People see my appearance and think I must sing well.

Actually, I am tone-deaf.

My manager who heard me sing recommended me…

to go on I Can See Your Voice.

– What is that? – Am I a talented singer?

Or am I a tone-deaf singer?

What is that?

– All right. – She seems tone-deaf.

– That was so nice. – She must be tone-deaf.

I am sorry, but I guarantee you.

Mystery Singer Five is tone-deaf.

– He’s certain of it. – He’s so sure of it.

– He’s so sure. – I hope he’s wrong.

I wish there was a hole in the bottom.

Bring forth the Stage of Truth.

(It’s time to find out the identity of Mystery Singer 5.)

I think she will be good.


I hope she’s a talented singer.

(Is Mystery Singer 5 tone-deaf like Rain guessed?)

She seems confident.

Why are you so serious?

– He seems a little scared. – He’s scared.

Honestly, I am a little scared.

This is fun though. Really fun.


(What’s the true identity of the charismatic Mystery Singer 5?)

She’s too immersed into this role play.

– Please. – Show us what you got.

Please stomp on Rain!

It’s like she’s wearing a raincoat.

Please teach him a lesson!

– It’s fake. – A band is coming out.

– There’s a band. – A band is coming out.

They are bringing out a keyboard and guitar.

The band proves that she’s a tone-deaf singer.

Is that the tone-deaf singer bundle?

– Yes. – The tone-deaf singer bundle.

Mystery Singer Five,

– let us hear your voice. – Let us hear your voice.

I hope she’s a talented singer.

(“How to Avoid the Sun” by Rain)

– This mood suits her. – “How to Avoid the Sun”.

What if he gets this one right too? What will we really do?

(Will Mystery Singer 5 save the tone-deaf squad…)

(by turning out to be a talented singer?)

I think she will be a talented singer.

It would be a shame if she turns out to be tone-deaf.

(Everyone’s attention is on her.)

Let’s beat Rain.

(She’s a talented singer.)

(Her dreamlike voice is not at all what Rain expected.)

So sexy!

(Are you surprised by my identity?)

(I am singer Ga Eun who sang the OST of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.)

(Everyone always remembers my voice as the voice…)

(from drama original soundtracks.)

(This moment, I am filling the stage with my voice,)

(and I am so happy to be the center of attention.)

She’s amazing.

(You are in me)

Mystery Singer Five turned out…

– to be a talented singer. – Yes!

That was amazing. Thank you!

That was crazy.

Thank you! I feel so good.

Fold the umbrella. It stopped raining.

As soon as she started singing,

he kept saying that it’s crazy.

I didn’t drink wine, but I feel like I’ve had some wine.

It’s as if her breath wraps the listener.

He got up. He’s become humble.


– First of all… – How dare you lean on one leg?

How dare you!

– Fix your jacket. – Fix your jacket.

– Before I talk to her, – Fix your jacket.

I want to apologize to the viewers.

– I am sorry. – It’s all right.

I became too full of myself because things have been going well.

Things have been going well for me, you see.

But you shouldn’t be full of yourself.

I will live out 2021…

remembering that.

I can’t even speak well.

How can she have such a sexy voice?

– I know. – Thank you.

– It’s crazy. – We were shocked too.

Nobody with a voice like that sings like she does.

Have you ever heard of another person who sings like her?

– Please write a song for me. – I would love that.

– Or we can… – They would sound great together.

My voice is low and husky.

– Our voices would go well together. – I would be honored.

She will become hugely successful. I’m serious.

– Right. – Ridiculous.

He highly praised her.

I hope you will love my songs…

and pay attention to my work. Thank you.

After the shoot,

I am going to add your songs to my playlist.

Mystery Singer Five turned out to be a talented singer.

(Mystery Singer 5 turned out to be a talented singer.)

So sexy.


She’s got the sexiest voice.

– I… – Our wish came true.

– I am a little scared now. – Mystery Singer Six.

Rain started becoming talkative.

I am really scared.

What if Mystery Singer Six turns out to be a talented singer too?

I am really scared.

After getting one person right, he pinpointed everyone…

on the first row and criticized everyone. You saw that, right?

– My gosh. – He said I was irresponsible.

After getting one person right, he criticized each and every…

– “Lee Sang Min.” – If Rain…

turns out to have made a right guess about Mystery Singer Six…

– We don’t know what will happen. – Yes.

He will regain his confidence.

Who am I?

Am I a talented singer? Or am I a tone-deaf singer?

– Is she a Buddhist monk? – If I am a talented singer,

– I am a monk from Mount Gwanak. – She’s a monk.

– She’s a Buddhist monk. – The Buddhist monk.

In the secular world,

I was the youngest daughter of seven children.

My father supported my dream,

– and I studied the flute. – It’s crazy. I think I was wrong.

But now, I spread the teachings of Buddha through music.

– Really? – May you attain Buddhahood.

– It sounds convincing. – I hope she’s a talented singer.

No. I am not a Buddhist monk.

I am a tone-deaf singer who runs a traditional tea cafe in Insa-dong.

– This sounds convincing too. – It sounds convincing.

– It suits her. – I’ve been running the cafe…

– and many celebrities visited. – It suits her.

– Who is that? – Rain, please visit my cafe…

for a cup of tea.

Am I a talented singer or a tone-dead singer?

– I think I got it wrong. – You think you got it wrong?

Why do you say that? Do you think she’s a Buddhist monk?

– I have a bad feeling about it. – I see.

– You’re feeling so weak. – Right. You’ve gotten weak.

I’m a bit anxious.

I thought you picked two Mystery Singers that had to be tone-deaf.

– You weren’t trying to be funny. – No, I wasn’t.

– Right. – I took this seriously.

– He did. – I think she lives in Insa-dong.

All right. She’s ready now.

Will Mystery Singer Six also be…

– a talented singer? – Please.

– If she’s not… – Let’s keep the streak going.

– Bring forth the Stage of Truth. – But she also looks…

– like the teahouse owner. – Right.

Rain feels small as Mystery Singer Five…

turned out to be talented.

Will he once again prove that he’s a good detective…

by correctly figuring out the identity of Mystery Singer Six?

Or will we end up seeing Rain who would feel even smaller?

We will reveal the identity of Mystery Singer Six now!

– I can’t wait. – Gosh.

– She changed her outfit. – Her eyes seem different.

She’s talented.

She changed her outfit.

– When she came out, – Yes.

– she turned her right shoulder. – It’s turned.

Then, we can guess that she did play the flute.

She either played the flute or was a boxer like Mayweather.

– A boxer? – Mayweather.

– It’s one or the other. – The shoulder.

– She runs a teahouse… – Flutist or boxer.

– and goes boxing. – Flutist or boxer.

Mystery Singer Six.

Let us hear…

– your voice. – Your voice.

I think she runs a teahouse.

(“When You Live” by Cha Ji Yeon)

Nice. Great.

(Is she a talented singer who will disappoint Rain again?)

Her glasses are prescribed.

– Her glasses are prescribed. – She’s talented.

(Or is she a tone-deaf singer who will make everyone laugh?)

I guess she’s a talented singer.

I think she’s a talented singer.

I think she’s talented.

I think she’s talented.

I don’t see the aura.

(We did it!)

– See? – No way.

(I was born the youngest of the 7 siblings.)

(With the love from my dad, I learned to play the flute…)

(which was rare when I grew up.)

(I performed as a top performer in an orchestra, but I was torn.)

(I decided to let go of the world and enter the Buddhist priesthood.)

(I am no longer Jeong Soo Kyung.)

(I am Monk Indra and preach the letters of Buddhism.)

(I want my voice to bring comfort to everyone.)

(When you live)

(Life becomes doable)

(Close your eyes and feel the breeze)

(It’s the gentle touch from Mom)

(Look far ahead and scream)

(The pain in your heart flies away)

She’s the best.

– She’s the best. – Mystery Singer Six…

– turned out to be talented. – turned out to be talented.

(Mystery Singer 6 was talented.)

(Her performance continues to resonate.)

– Yes! – Hey, you were right.

– She’s a monk. – Yes.

In the beginning of your performance,

I was so happy that Rain got it wrong.

But I was able to really feel your song.

Yun Hwa was deeply moved by your performance.

– I’m tearing up. – She’s feeling a bit emotional.

– We enjoyed your performance. – Yes.

I’m so glad she’s here.

– I… – How was it, Rain?

I’d like to say that I am very sorry.

When you were singing, I was reminded of…

my late mother.

It was painful.

All the years she spent in her life…

touched even my heart.

– The lyrics and the emotion… – She delivered.

were heartrending.

Frankly, I’m at a loss for words.

– Please say something nice to him. – Yes.

– I really want to give you a hug. – Gosh.

– Okay. – Gosh.

All right. Mystery Singer Six turned out to be talented!

– Thank you. – Thank you.

– Thank you. Be healthy. – Thank you.

(Thank you for your moving performance, Monk Indra.)

The third clue, the Singer’s evidence.

By asking questions about Mystery Singers’ keywords…

(Comedian and Singer)

figure out which Mystery Singers are lying and telling the truth.

For Round Three, Singer’s Evidence,

Rain will choose the keyword he’s the most curious about…

– and ask. – That’s right.

– We’ll give him more information… – Yes.

and a chance to ask the Mystery Singers about the keyword.

But you can ask only one question.

If the Mystery Singers are talented, they will tell the truth.

But if they are tone-deaf, they’ll pretend to be talented…

and give you fake answers.

So you must be able to figure out if they are talented or tone-deaf.

So they’ll answer the questions themselves?

They will.

But we will alternate their voices.

– They’ll alternate the voices. – Alternating the voices.

Reveal the keywords of Mystery Singer Two again.

Miss Universe, College of Music, and Researcher.

If you choose a keyword, we’ll explain about the keyword.

– I’d choose Researcher. – Same here.

– I chose one. – Which one?

College of Music.

– College of Music. – He chose College of Music.

We’ll give you an explanation about the keyword.

– College of Music? – That’s…

– College of Music? – That’s predictable.

College of Music.

“Every since I was a kid, I loved singing.”

– Who’s talking now? – Are you acting right now?

“I majored in voice and opera at Keimyung University.”

“And I continued to work toward my dream of becoming a musician.”

I knew it. It was opera singing.

This is it.

– You can only ask one question now. – Yes.

Name the song you can perform the best with.

Name the song you can perform the best with.

Mystery Singer Two.



– The microphone was too low. – The microphone was too low.

– She could’ve done that herself. – I think they’re giving her a sign.

Are you trying to stall time?

Name the song.

It’d be an opera song.

It’s “Nella…” It’s “Nella Fantasia”.

– “Nella Fantasia”. – That’s way too easy.

– Even I know the answer to that. – Isn’t that too predictable?

It was such a typical opera song.

Did the producer do this when she came over?

“Nella Fantasia”.

– Isn’t that what she did? – Ask something else.

– Something is off about this. – Was that ventriloquy?

He should ask one more question.

– This is what I observed. – Hold on.

“Nella…” “Nella Fan…”

(Who is Mystery Singer 2?)

“Nella…” “Nella Fan…”

Can’t I ask one more question?

– It’s over. – No. You can’t do that.

If she comes up onto the stage again…

– If she does, I’ll trip her. – Okay.

You or I should trip her. Okay?

Let’s keep going. Mystery Singers Three.

Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes, Calendar Models, and Married.


– Okay. Pick your keyword. – All right.

Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes.

– The 1st keyword. – The 1st keyword.

– Why this one? – We’ll give you some information.

This keyword was… Okay.

He should’ve picked Calendar Models.

He should’ve made them tell the month at the same time.

“The three of us met at a firefighter club for buffed guys.”

“We participated in the 119 Festival two years ago,”

“sang your song, ‘Rainism’, and won the Popularity Award.”

“Since then, we are the Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes .”

“119 Festival”.


Choose 1 of the 3 singers and ask him a question.

– You must pick one singer. – Why?

I can make them answer it at the same time.

– Can he do that? – Here’s why…

– You can do that. Yes. – Right?

I want the three of you to come closer to the microphones.

– What? – And…

you must answer my question on the count of three.

All at the same time.

Answer it at the same time.

All right. Tell me where you all work.

In 1, 2, 3.

– Gangseo Fire Station. – Gangseo Fire Station.

It’s too predictable.

– But the thing is… – I bet they were expecting that.

He’s asking the wrong question.

That’s the first question they’d prepare for.

Had you discussed it with us at least once!

– At least, discuss with Ciipher. – My gosh.

– Ciipher was there. – Ciipher…

Hold on.

I can understand their reactions, but what are you doing?

Hey, why did you get up?

– Why did you get up? – I mean…

This is I Can See Your Voice 8!

We’re here to help you. That’s our purpose.

Hold on.

Can they attack me all at once like this?

– You attacked us earlier! – If you’re like this to me…

If you’re really like this to me, I might go home.

Don’t be like that.

– We still have Mystery Singer 4. – We do.

For Mystery Singer 4, work as a team.

– It’s the last question. – We need to find at least one out.

You only have one question left to ask.

Now, for Mystery Singer 4.

Celebrity Family, On the Stage After 13 Years,

and “How to Avoid the Sun”.

Which keyword are you going to choose?

“How to Avoid the Sun”.

Can’t you ask who the celebrity is in his family?

Okay! I’m going to choose!

The keyword I want to ask is the first stage in 13 years.

The first stage in 13 years.

That was unexpected.

– He’s not listening to us again. – He’s not listening to us again.

He’s not listening to us again.

Okay, here we go.

I debuted in 2002,

and I was very active until 2008.

But I didn’t think the showbiz was for me,

so I took a break until now.

I currently have a different job…

and now that I’m on stage after 13 years, I’m getting nervous.

Hold on! Hold on! Because…

– Weren’t you very active back then? – I debuted as a group…

– in 98. – Fan Club.

But I debuted as a solo artist in 2002.

– He’s right. – Debut colleagues?

They’re debut colleagues.

This seems…

This seems quite suspicious.

– You have one question left. – Only one.

Everyone, give him some ideas.

What about this?

The title song he debuted to.

He could make up a title.

How about asking who the first place candidate was,

and which song came first place during his active years?

– Who the first place candidate was? – Who the first place candidate was.

I can kind of remember it…

because I was active during that time in 2002.

No, instead of that,

I think asking the title song…

he debuted to is better.

The title song.

Please ask him the question.

What was the title song you debuted to?

What is the title song of the first album?

It’s a song called “Now and Forever”.

– “Now and Forever”. – “Now and Forever”?

– “Now and Forever”? – Isn’t that a foreign song?

(Did Mystery Singer 4 make up the title song on the spot?)

(Or is it really the title song of his debut?)

– I think this is enough. – This is plenty.

Okay, let’s go.

Rain, whose voice can you see?

(Rain, Whose voice can you see?)


He got serious.

He’s very serious.

The firefighters are all tone-deaf.

Mystery Singer 2 also selected a common song.

We saw various sides of Rain today.

– Humble Rain and Arrogant Rain. – We did.

Can I go up and take a closer look at them?

– No, you can’t. – No.

– I can’t, right? – You can’t.

(Going straight for it if I can’t)

The tone-deaf singer I’ll pick is…

The tone-deaf singer Rain picked is…

(The tone-deaf singer Rain picked is…)

Mystery Singers 3, the firefighters.

Mystery Singers 3!

I don’t think so.

(Pick whoever you want.)

We’re going to see a video…

of whether the firefighters…

are tone-deaf or talented singers.

Who are we?

They performed perfectly to Rain’s song.

Are we talented singers or tone-deaf singers?

The right suits them more.

I’m telling you, they’re athletes in a different field.

If we are talented singers, we are a group of married men…

called Fire Truck.

We got together to participate…

in the 119 Festival.

We even performed on Firefighter’s Day.

That looks real.

I, a musical theater major,

am the leader and the vocalist.

He majored in musical theater?

This colleague, the model for November…

who does popping as a hobby,

is in charge of dancing.

And this colleague who won the grand prize at a song festival…

– is the main vocalist. – Hold on.

Hold on.

Isn’t that possible?

That might be right.

No, we’re not buff firefighters.

We’re tone-deaf workout enthusiasts.

They do really give off that workout enthusiasts vibe.

When we heard our role model, Rain,

was going to appear on I Can See Your Voice,

we threw working out aside and gathered together in a hurry.

Although we’re not good at singing,

– Their arms look too weak. – we like Rain so much…

– They don’t seem to be that big. – that we all danced…

to Rain’s song in our school days.

Are we talented singers or tone-deaf singers?

I’m really curious.

They seem closer to talented singers.

The look closer to talented singers in the video.

– Because they look quite… – Do they look weak to be buff men?

They’re not that buff.

Well then, what are their identities?

Bring forth the Stage of Truth.

The Firefighter Trio of Rain Lookalikes.

Are they a buff trio…

who’s good at singing and even dancing?


Looking great!

Don’t you think they could be health trainers?

All of their lower body looks strong.

The guy on the far end has the nicest body.

I think they’ll only be good at dancing.

Mystery Singers 3, let us hear your voices.

(Mystery Singers 3, let us hear your voices!)

I’m sure they’ll perform?

They surely will.

They must have some sort of performance.

They stepped down from the stage.

Let’s get it!

I think the tall person is tone-deaf.

(Half excited, half worried)

(“Love Song” by Rain)

(Standing up out of worry)


(How good is Mystery Singer 3’s singing?)

(How good will it be?)

(We found the tone-deaf singers!)

(Contrary to his unstable tone, his dance moves are perfect.)

They’re all tone-deaf!

– What do we really do? – The moves are perfect.

(What about the last person?)

(He’s good!)

Say what?

(That you still love me)

Although we’re a tone-deaf team,

our hearts towards Rain is sincere.

It’s an honor to meet you and we love you.

– We love you. – We love you.


Show us! Show us!

(18-year-old Cho Yoon Sang, Sanbon High’s Rain in 2006)

(9-year-old Song Dong Cheol,)

(fell in love with dancing after Rain’s concert in 2003)

(15-year-old Im Jeong Yoon,)

(dreamed of becoming a dancer while dancing to Rain’s “Rainism”)

(We’re happy being able to dance…)

(in front of our role model right now.)


(What do I do)

(What about me?)


Look at his expression.

(Please, oh, please)


(I love you)

Look at those abs!

(That’s not the end!)

There’s more?

– What is it? – There’s more.

It’s “Gang”!

What’s going on?

Who is that?

(A wave of Gang started by various parodies!)

(Those who delivered special messages…)

(through “Gang” have come together!)

(PE teacher’s “Gang” who delivered the importance of self-diagnosing)

(Getting excited)

(“Gang” by Rain)

– What’s that? – What’s going on?

What’s that?

(Groom’s “Gang” who gifted a memorable wedding…)

(to his loving wife)

– Who is he? – It’s “Gang”.

(Who is he?)

– What’s all this? – Parody of “Gang”.

Parody of “Gang”.

Those are the people who parodied “Gang”.

This is a parody of “Gang”.

What’s all this?

(Explosion of coolness)

Mystery Singers 3 turned out to be tone-deaf singers.

(All commonly liking Rain,)

(Cho Yoon Sang, Song Dong Cheol, and Im Jeong Yoon,)

(practiced day and night for the stage)

(The leaders for the “Gang” wave from all over the country…)

(who brightened the stage at I Can See Your Voice)

(Thank you very much for the awesome performance.)

Well now,

– Mystery Singers 2 and 4 are left. – All right.

What’s going on?

– You are watching Season 8… – He’s all boastful now.

He’s boastful again.

– With Rain. – There he goes again.

– In just a few hours, the graph… – I will…

do my best until the very end.

That’s all I have to say.

Can someone change this much?

– He’s back again. – Right.

– Isn’t he changing too quickly? – I know, right?

Now, please choose the one person…

you’d like to sing with,

not the person you want to eliminate.

Rain, what do you think?

I think both are talented singers.

So regardless of who I choose,

I am successful today.

– So you won? – Yes, I won.

Well then, perfect world star, Rain,

who do you choose…

as the last one standing?

(Who do you choose as the last one standing?)

I’m curious as to who he’ll choose as the last one standing.

If the person is a tone-deaf singer, the winning prize is 5,000 dollars.

If the person is a talented singer,

a chance to release a song.

That’s correct.

The talented singer who will perform the last stage is…

– Who is it? – The person is?

– Who is it? – 4!

Mystery Singer 4!

Mystery Singer 4!

He looks like he has a story.

That’s right.

Mystery Singer 4,

please come over here…

– and Mystery Singer 2, – Come here, please.

please prepare for your stage.

Maybe she’s really a researcher.

I think she’s limping a bit.

– But… – I saw it too.

She’s limping while saying, “I got eliminated”.

Who am I?

Am I a talented singer or a tone-deaf singer?

If I’m a talented singer, I’m a researcher at an IT company…

who once competed in Miss Universe.

In 2018, I represented Korea…

in a beauty pageant, and showed the world what Korean beauty is.

I graduated from a college of music, and occasionally perform.

I’m really a talented singer.

I got it wrong.

That’s not it. I’m not a researcher,

but an in-house model for a Filipino airline.

– I’m a tone-deaf flight attendant. – That makes sense too.

She does have a bit of a Western air, so I can see that.

Although I’m tone-deaf,

I hope those who are exhausted or suffering can find enjoyment…

– in my singing. – Wow.

– That makes sense. – Am I a talented singer,

or am I tone-deaf?

– They both seem to fit. – They both seem appropriate.

She does look a bit foreign,

– so she could pass as Filipina. – She looks foreign, so that’s it.

That’s the feeling I get.

What is her identity? Is she talented or tone-deaf?

Bring forth the Stage of Truth.

Until the very last,

Rain thought both Mystery Singers 2 and 4…

were talented singers.

– She’s like Elsa. – But this time…

– She looks so good in that dress. – will he be correct?

– Will she be a talented singer? – That dress suits her too well.

– Or will she be a tone-deaf one? – She’s become even more beautiful.

– Her identity will now be revealed. – She’s so pretty.

– She looks totally different. – She’s so pretty.

She’s really beautiful.

She reminds me of Lee Ji Ah.

She could pass as a flight attendant for the Philippines too.

Now that she’s in a dress,

– her aura is a bit different. – You’re right.

– I feel she could be a fake. – Really?

– Really? – A tone-deaf singer?

Yes, that’s my hunch.

Let’s find out right away.

Mystery Singer 2,

– let us hear your voice. – Let us hear your voice.

(“A Whole New World” from the “Aladdin” soundtrack)


Is it the song she sang before?

(Will she be tone-deaf, as Rain suspected?)

(All eyes are on her.)


Wow, she’s Miss Universe.

This is nearly a scam.

(Hello, I’m Baek Ji Hyun, who ran for Miss Universe in 2018.)

(She represented Korea in a pageant with 94 countries.)

(It was truly an honor and a special experience.)

You’re so beautiful.

(I majored in opera, but after worrying about my future,)

(I’m now a researcher at a 3D printer company.)

(Do I sound all right, although it’s been a while since I performed?)

Mystery Singer 2…

– was a talented singer. – A talented singer.

(We’ll be cheering for you, Ji Hyun, after that wonderful performance.)

(Mystery Singer 4’s identity will be revealed soon.)

Now, it’s time to reveal the identity…

of this individual, chosen by Rain.

But I think there is a story behind his being here.

– Really? – There’s definitely a story there.

Then before we reveal his identity,

let’s watch the footage to see who Mystery Singer 4 really is.

Is he talented, or tone-deaf?

– Who am I? – I wonder who the celebrity is.

Am I talented, or tone-deaf?

As a talented singer, I got my talents from my mother, a singer.

– Really? – He said he’s a celebrity’s son.

I was active as a singer for a while.

I even stood on the same stage…

as Rain, when he was hiding from the sun.

– Did he really? – Today, I’m on stage again…

for the first time in 13 years.

– I’m very nervous. – Who’s his mother?

Who is it? Who could it be?

Nope, that’s not it. I’m not a singer of yore,

but a tone-deaf CEO of a self-serve car wash.

I love to sing, and applied to be on the show as a talented singer,

but when the writers heard me sing,

they said I was tone-deaf.

– He’s a playful one. – So there is a story behind it.

But thanks to them, I think I’ve gained a good experience.

Am I talented, or tone-deaf?

– There we have it. – This is driving me crazy.

Now that you’ve seen that, what do you think, Rain?

I don’t regret my decision.

– I see. – I think he’s talented.

– All right. – He’s more sincere than ever.

– I think he’s tone-deaf. – All right.

Let’s see the performance…

of the final person that Rain selected…

as a talented singer.

Please come to the stage, along with Rain.

I wonder who his mother is.

Rain bet a performance of his own.

If this person is a talented singer,

then Rain will gift him…

with a memorable performance.

If he’s tone-deaf,

then Rain will have to dance as his back dancer,

helping him until the end of his performance.

Please introduce this performance with your final words.

I’m very nervous now,

but please let us hear your voice…

for the first time in 13 years.


(They hope he’s talented as they cheer him on with applause.)

I hope he’ll sing well.

Mystery Singer 4,

to whom Rain wanted to gift a special performance…

Please show us.

Let us hear…

– your voice. – Your voice.

Why am I so nervous?

– 2003? – I see something in his eyes.

(This is my song.)

(1st place in 2003, Rain’s “How to Avoid the Sun”)

(And now…)

(a person who stood with Rain upon that same stage.)

– Where is he? – Where is he?

He’s right there.

(Today, in 2021, they’ve come face to face once more.)

What is it?

This is crazy!

(Who is Mystery Singer 4, the one who made Rain get flustered?)

(Jung Ji Hoon’s first starring role in “Sang Doo! Let’s go to School”)

What is it? What?

What is it? Why?

This is crazy!

This must be a soundtrack.

It’s a song from a soundtrack?

I didn’t know that.

It must be a soundtrack.

– This is crazy! – This is from a soundtrack?

– I didn’t know. – “Sang Doo! Let’s go to School”.

(Is Mystery Singer 4 the one…)

(who sang on the soundtrack of Rain’s first drama?)

(Do you remember?)

– This is crazy. – He was a talented singer.

(As soon as he hears the song, tears glisten in Rain’s eyes.)

(Why is Rain beginning to weep?)

(What is their relationship, that he’s so shocked by this song?)

(Now, we’ll reveal the truth behind their relationship.)

(Mystery Singer 4 is the singer who sang the soundtrack title)

(He’s the original singer of the song, Jeong Cheol.)

(In 2003, Rain was 1st in the charts for “How to Avoid the Sun”.)

(And the one who sang the OST for Rain’s first drama…)

(was Jeong Cheol, who received a lot of love during this time.)

That’s right, that’s him.

– It was him. – That’s right.

(These two stood on the same stage with the same dream back then.)

My gosh.

(Hello. Do you remember me?)

(It’s already been 13 years since I left the stage.)

(I hope you remember my voice once again.)

Mystery Singer 4 was a talented singer.

He’s created a beautiful moment,

without intending to.

So this is how you meet again.

So this is the reason Sang Min didn’t say much.

Could you please introduce yourself properly?

Hello, I’m the singer of the song, “My Love,” on the soundtrack…

for the drama, “Sang Doo! Let’s go to School”.

I’m the singer, Choi Jeong Cheol. Nice to meet you.

It’s been a very long time.

I think Rain is experiencing…

a flood of emotions right now.

He’s remembered him now.

Did you know each other while you were both active?

There was a time I greeted him…

in the dressing rooms.

After I said hello,

he said he was thankful…

for brightening up the drama, “Sang Doo,”

with a good song and a good voice.

I remember that as a very warm moment.

But I was really sad.

But Rain seems to be overwhelmed by emotions.

I want to express my thanks to the production staff for this.

I didn’t know, back then.

That life…

What’s wrong with me?

We think we know how you feel.

We had the same dreams then,

and he sang the song for my drama soundtrack,

so I had just politely thanked him for his work.

Over the past 20 years, working under the alias, Rain,

I made excuses about how it was so hard,

and about how I wasn’t being compensated for my efforts.

I’d blame myself and be hard on myself for that,

but when I heard this song,

I was really comforted.

Even now, when I hear this song,

I can recall Ji Hoon, in his 20s,

toiling away.

I’m so grateful you came on this show.

And now that we’re older,

being able to meet you again face to face…

is a really emotional moment.

I thought about it 100 times, over and over,

whether or not I should come on this show.

But now I’m overcome by emotions.

(“To See You Again” by Choi Jeong Cheol)

(A new song made to celebrate nostalgic memories of the past,)

(as well as the emotions of today)

(The new single “To See You Again” by Choi Jeong Cheol…)

(will be available on streaming platforms on January 30 at noon.)

(The first filming of the show was full of emotions and joy.)

(They were the star singers today, not the background music.)

(These moments were precious to everyone.)

(We want to remember these times on I Can See Your Voice.)

(Next week)

(Kim Soo Ro brings unprecedented energy to the show.)

(Soo Ro charges straight ahead.)

(It just goes “whoosh”.)

(Soo Ro will be here next week with unprecedented energy.)

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