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I Live Alone Episode 381 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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I Live Alone Episode 381 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: I Live Alone Episode 381

(Already the End of January)

– It’s nice to see you.
– Nice to see you.

It’s Doctor Jang,
who knows everything.

– Hello.
– Long time no see, Woo Young.

– How have you been?
– Good.

– How has everyone been doing?
– Good.

It really feels like we haven’t
seen you for a long time.

Your style and everything
has gotten sweeter.

Why do you look so sweet?

I thought I should look nice…

when I’m on TV.

Still, you shouldn’t look sweeter
than the women here.

– You look better.
– Yes, you do.

I don’t know what to do
with my hair, so I’m growing it out.

– I see.
– I don’t know what to do,

so if I trim it,

– my hair will be an awkward length.
– That’s right.

I’ll grow it out first.

I can give you the same
hairstyle as mine.

Kian84’s hair cut.

– He cuts his own hair.
– Kian84…

He has to cut your hair himself.

– Let’s film it.
– Do you not to go the hair salon?


– He cuts it himself.
– You must save a lot of money.

(Glancing at him)


You aren’t saying you’ll
cut it like mine.

(Men should have long hair.)

– Also…
– We have good news, right?

– What is it?
– We couldn’t have better news.

He always brings up
the viewer rating.

– Who is it?
– Of course.

– Who?
– Who is it?

– BTS.
– BTS?

j-hope said he wants
to be on the show…

before we even asked.

– That’s amazing.
– He said that.

– In order to make sure he does,
– Right.

instead of just saying this,
let’s send him a video message.

– That sounds good.
– You do it, Kian84.

– Right.
– Why me?

– You’re good at it.
– You represent the Rainbow Club.

That’s right.

– You represent us.
– You’re the signature member.

Say a word to j-hope.

j-hope, I’m not sure you know me,

but I know you.


– Cut!
– Wait.

I think you should
start with laughing out loud.

That’s it.

j-hope! I’d like to meet you.

I wonder what kind of life you have.

– Well…
– Laugh.

Why do you want me to laugh?

(Listening to Woo Young)

Be cheerful.

j-hope, as a fan of BTS…

I like their dance.

– It’s nice.
– Yes, it is.

It’s hard.

Which one out of the many songs?

“Boy With Luv”.

– Do you know the song?
– Of course.

It’s this song.

(It starts with them showing
their chic backs.)

(Moving smoothly)



(Looking forward
to BTKian’s performance)

– BTK.
– BTK.

– Gosh.
– Goodness.

– Gosh.
– I’m nervous.

– Gosh.
– He must have practiced.

– What’s this?
– He must have practiced.

What’s this?

He really practiced.

He seems to have
put something together.

Here he goes.

1, 2, 3, 4.

(After a powerful kick)

(Oh, my, my, mine,
my, my, mine)

(They move their hips next.)

1, 2, 3, 4.

(After doing the kick)

– My goodness.
– My gosh.

(My goodness.)




j-hope, you’ll be on the show,

Good job.

– My goodness.
– My goodness.

(Gathering all the energy
in the universe and trying his best)

(Finding it interesting)

– Good job.
– Home Alone!

– j-hope, j-hope.
– j-hope, j-hope.

– j-hope, j-hope.
– j-hope, j-hope.

– j-hope, j-hope.
– j-hope, j-hope.

– Nice.
– Good.

You really practiced.

– That was good.
– I recognized the dance.

– That’s right.
– Yes.

– I’m sad I didn’t do better.
– You must’ve practiced a lot.

How does it look like
I practiced a lot?

You were energetic.

– It was nice.
– You did well.

– Does he have a guest?
– It must be a welcome guest.

(Quiet house)


– Why…
– He’s sleeping.

(The sun is up,
but he is still sleeping.)

It’s the alarm.

(Someone punches the passcode
and walks in.)

– Who is it?
– Wait a minute.

He knows the passcode.

(Walking in)

He walks in like it’s his house.

– He looks familiar.
– His eyes…

– He looks familiar.
– He’s tall.

– I can tell who he is.
– He brought something.

Who is he?

I can tell by his eyes.

– Who is it?
– How can you tell by his eyes?

It isn’t j-hope.

– Jung Chan…
– Jung Chan Sung?

No, not him.

Korean Zombie?

Korean Zombie?

Jung Chan Sung, the Korean Zombie?

– A fighter?
– Wake up!

You’re almost right.

(This man has a name
similar to Jung Chan Sung.)

(Going to check on Woo Young)

Why is he still sleeping?

How does he know the passcode?

Close friends know the passcode.

– If you’re very close.
– He comes over often.

It looks like he’s at home.

He changed the furniture
around again.

It’s Hwang Chan Sung.

Hi, I was discharged…

– on January 5, 2021.
– That’s recent.

I finished the military service.
I’m Chan Sung of 2PM.

It’s nice to meet you.

This is awkward.

(“Chan Sung, the 4th Member of 2PM
to Finish His Military Service”)

(The mature and sexy idol stars
that did their military service)

(Chan Sung, the youngest of 2PM)

I got up at 6:30 a.m.
in the military.

It must’ve become a habit.

I have nothing to do
when I wake up in the morning.

I come here often…

– to hang out.
– It looks like his house.

I eat here,

talk to Woo Young, and go home.

(Chan Sung visits most often
out of the members of 2PM.)

(Taking out the things he brought)

Let’s see.


(Food ingredients?)

(Sleeping without knowing
he has a guest)

I’ve been writing songs lately.

– You usually do it at night.
– I’ve been focusing on it.

Your days and nights
must be the opposite.

– Are you preparing for a comeback?
– Yes.

– I heard it’s this year.
– Yes.

(Looking forward to it)

(Taking a bowl out
as if it were his house)

(Closing it with his foot)

(The rice he brought)

It looks like he’s going to cook.

(Washing the rice)

Chan Sung is into cooking nowadays.

(Leaving the water aside)


He knows where everything is.

(Tossing it aside)

(Nonchalantly cooking)

I used to love to order in.

But after doing it for a while,

I got sick of it…

– and it creates too much trash.
– That’s right.

I decided to change my lifestyle,

so I buy a small amount
of ingredients…

– to cook for that day.
– He’s good.

– I make sides that will last.
– Is that sweet potato rice?

– Curry?
– He even makes curry.

Today, I’m going to
make cheonggukjang,

stir-fried spicy pork,
and rice with salmon in a pot.

– Rice with salmon in a pot?
– Those three dishes.

Is it about him today?

– You’re right.
– Chan Sung?

I think so.

Did you come to the studio
instead of him because he’s busy?

I think so. Come on in, Chan Sung.

(Playing along)

(Today’s main guest starts cooking.)

(Using the water he washed
rice with, he makes cheonggukjang.)

(I’m a pretty good cook)

It looks like he’s at his house.

He’s even adding aged kimchi.

(Trust me)

(You can sleep longer)

– He’s like a fairy godmother.
– That’s right.

I’d love that.

(Can I cook breakfast
for you every morning?)

He’s even scooping out
the bubbles on top.

He’s good.

(A man that cooks well)

It looks like we live together.


(Moving slowly)

(Dragging himself out of bed)

(Is that smell coming
from outside the house?)

He must smell something.

(Staggering as if
he’s still half asleep)

(Where am I and who are you?)

You scared me.

When did you get here?

I just arrived.

– Wow, Hwang Chan Sung.
– Yes?

You’re cooking.

(Looking tired)

Wow. What’s that?

Is it okay
to show my face like that?

– You’ve already shown it.
– It’s okay.

– We can’t blur your face.
– No, we can’t.

(He is shocked.)

It’s worse
because you’re wearing glasses.

This is bad. I don’t take
my glasses off.

– I don’t take them off that day.
– It’s okay.

Is this how you turn it on?


Just turn your arm.
Why turn your whole body?

Am I not flexible or am I dumb?

All right.

– What is this?
– Cheonggukjang.

Wow, I kept smelling doenjang.

I thought someone
was making doenjang stew.

This is awesome.

This is what it was.

Drink something, Chan Sung.

I am.

Do you want some fruit juice?

(I have a drink.)

(I see…)

– Seriously.
– Is that wine?


Seriously, Chan Sung.

(He wakes up to find
his friend cooking.)


He looks so comfortable.

Isn’t that your dad’s pajamas?

Why are you wearing a vest?

You look like a diligent student
preparing for an exam.

That’s right.

I don’t know what exam it is,
but I hope you pass it.

Chan Sung looks like
a student that already passed.

He looks happy.

Come on in, Chan Sung.

I’ll cook something delicious
for you.

The smell of doenjang
was very strong.

I love cheonggukjang.

Did you think your mom was here?

– Gosh.
– Stir-fried spicy pork?

– Do you have coffee?
– Coffee?

– Yes.
– Hot coffee?

I want iced coffee.

I have iced coffee
even when it’s freezing.

– Iced coffee all the time?
– So you want iced coffee.

– Yes.
– Okay.

I can’t believe
you finished your military service.

(I’ll make a cup
of good coffee for you.)


He’ll need to add water.

– Are you melting the ice?
– Yes, with hot coffee.

I make it hot,

so it’ll melt faster.

(The omniscient Doctor Jang
is back.)

(He poured out
his knowledge non-stop.)

(The coffee brought back
Doctor Jang…)

(and his hands and mouth
that move constantly.)

Is it comforting?

Yes, I love it.

Isn’t the coffee ready yet?

Maybe I shouldn’t have
added two sticks of coffee.

– It looks too strong.
– It looks like medicine.

I think it’ll be just right
about the time you go home.

You can get unlimited refills
by merely adding water.

– That’s what this is for.
– Yes, to drink all day.

It looks like cola.

– It’s a day worth of coffee.
– Look at that color.

It isn’t bad, is it?
Should I add some sugar?

– It must be strong.
– It wakes you up, right?

(It’s a flavor that wakes you up.)

– Good?
– Yes.

(The stir-fried spicy pork
and cheonggukjang are ready.)

That looks amazing.

I can’t wait to see
the rice with salmon in a pot.

For the rice with salmon in a pot,

I need seaweed water, Japanese
soy sauce, and cooking wine.

That’s what I use to cook the rice.

Then I leave it to cook.
There you go.

Since salmon has a fishy scent,

I leave it in ice water for a while
the day before and take it out.

– Then I marinate it in…
– You marinate it?

seaweed water, soy sauce,
and cooking wine the previous day.

I don’t cook it all the way through,

but 80 percent.

I add it to the pot
while the rice is cooking…

– and cook it together.
– That’s right.

He keeps sending me photos
of food like that.

– There you go.
– He even makes wild chive sauce?

– That’s impressive.
– There you go.

Something smells good.

Why aren’t you drinking the coffee?

You’re right.

It’s ready.

Yes, we just have to wait
for the rice.

That’s impressive.
He even made wild chive sauce.

– You mix it in the rice?
– Yes.

This is handmade doenjang.


(They finally eat the meal
Chan Sung cooked all morning.)

I’ve never seen a friend
prepare a meal…

– with such great effort.
– Watch.

(He reveals the rice with salmon
in a pot to Woo Young.)



Hey, my mouth is watering.


– There you go.
– Right, you need chives.

He’s pouring it.

It makes the scent even better.

(Mouth-watering feast by Chan Sung)

– That’s amazing.
– It’s a feast.

Chan Sung is a really good cook.

Thank you, Chan Sung.
Let me take a photo.

– Right, you need a photo.
– Of course.

I already took a bite.

It’s okay.

That’s a trace of you.

How could you make it
look so unappetizing?

– It doesn’t look good.
– Woo Young.

Did I take bad photos?

It looks good.

You look so happy.

This is the happiest
you’ve ever looked.

It makes me feel good.

(Feeling proud)

(They happily start eating.)

Thank you.

I’ll try the tofu and soybean.

(He tries the cheonggukjang first.)


(It’s torture because they know
how good it must be.)

That looks delicious.

It’s spicy.

(Taking another bite)

How do you eat this?

– Do I dig in?
– Use your spoon to dig in.

– That looks so good.
– It was very stress-relieving.

– It stuck to the bottom.
– Look at the nurungji.

Take the wild chives
and put them on top.


(Wild chive soy sauce
to go with the salmon)

(Taking a big bite)

(What do you think?)

What is it?

(It’s hot.)

(He is about to spit it out.)

(Woo Young wants to swallow it,
but the rice tries to escape.)

(Chan Sung doesn’t care.)

It’s too good to spit it out,
but you can’t swallow it.



(He gets a good taste
of the stone pot.)

You should’ve cooled it off.

(It’s amazing!)

– It’s good, isn’t it?
– Goodness!

– I’ll mix it.
– Gosh.

(Scooping a paddle full of it)

Like that.

Wait, I’ll try this.

– Is this stir-fried spicy pork?
– Yes.

The stir-fried spicy pork
I normally eat…

is a brighter red than this.

It looks like…

it was cooked on a grill.

– I see.
– It looks a bit dry.

You’re talking more than usual.
Is it because you’re eating well?

I was very energetic.

It’s good, right?

It’s spicy and…

It’s spicy.

(Take a bite of the rice
when it’s spicy.)

This is nice.

(Shoveling it in)

You make it look so good.

(They take a bite simultaneously.)

The cheonggukjang…

Whenever I go to Busan
to see my mom,

she asks me what I want to eat.

I always say…

all I want is her doenjang jjigae.

I love it even though it smells.

And you made me cheonggukjang.

I think I store up words
when I’m alone.

That’s right. I know the feeling.

Chan Sung just listens.

I should boil it.

– What?
– Oh, nurungji?

It’s cold.

Even the carrots are perfect.

Whenever I stir-fry something,
the carrots don’t get soft.

So this is how soft
they’re supposed to be.

You’re talking so much.

Did you not meet anyone all week?

– I think so.
– No, I didn’t.

(This is funny.)

People that are discharged
from the military usually talk more.

That’s right.

It’s like you’re the one
that was discharged.


The leftover cheonggukjang…

would be good with nurungji.

Using scissors on one side
is an advanced skill.

(Bringing the nurungji
while showing off his skills)

– Gosh.
– That must taste amazing.

(Staring at the nurungji together)

You know what this looks like?

A sauna.

– A sauna?
– Yes.

– A steam sauna?
– That’s what it looks like.

– Nurungji.
– That’s delicious.


It smells good.



(Woo Young takes a bite.)

I love how warm it is.

I can savor the taste.

(He eats non-stop.)

I’d want to cook for someone
who eats that well.

– Me too.
– Right?


– I’ll eat the rest.
– Go ahead.

I’m too full.

– You’re scraping every bit of it.
– I couldn’t leave it.

This is a relief.

Sometimes, when I cook,

people say it’s good,
but they don’t eat it.

– No.
– They say it’s really good.

You aren’t lying, are you?
That’s a relief.


(Laughing when their eyes meet)

That’s weird, laughing
when our eyes meet.

Why did you two start laughing?

I don’t know.

You’re like high school girls.

– Laughing at falling leaves.
– Laughing at falling leaves.

I think that’s how the members are
with one another.



You’re like an old couple.

You know what they want
by looking into their eyes.

(They’re as comfortable as
an old couple.)

– You can rest, Chan Sung.
– Okay.

It’s a warm day today.

I wouldn’t be surprised
if you started singing.

I hate this.

– I hate this!
– Gosh.


Hwang Chan Sung cooks…

and it tastes good.

Of course. Remember…

how I used to make you ramyeon?

That’s right. You used to…

make good ramyeon at our dorm.

Jun Ho asks me to make him ramyeon
whenever he sees me.

It’s been a long time
since we all lived together.

You’re right.

Even talking about the dorm
is awkward now.

Living in a dorm?

Do you eat zucchini?

– The ones you chopped?
– Yes.

Dice the zucchini.

– Yes. With some canned tuna…
– Yes.

Add some chopped onion,
and mix it with a sauce.

Chan Sung is so good
at house chores.

Stir-fry it. It goes well with rice.

– You’re not Chan Sung, are you?
– Sorry?

Who are you?

Hey, let’s take a break.

(After cleaning up,
Woo Young is looking for something.)

I’ll brew some coffee with Brazilian
coffee beans that you like.

Sounds great.
I love Brazilian coffee.

He’s drinking more coffee?

I didn’t know he drank
so much coffee.

When I buy vinyl records…

You see, everyone has their own
reasons to buy vinyl records, right?

– Of course.
– In my case, I think…


– I guess he enjoyed the food.
– Right.

– I have my own reason too.
– “Please listen to me.”

It’s not like I predicted…

that we wouldn’t be able to travel
due to a pandemic.

But whenever I traveled overseas
or even in Korea,

I had to be careful
whenever I went to a record store.

– Oh, my.
– It’s not easy for me, right?

– My goodness.
– I used to travel overseas before,

but even though I traveled overseas
often, I didn’t shop much.

He didn’t say a single word.

That’s my point of view
on buying vinyl records.

(The man who said 1,000 words)

– Are you listening to me?
– Okay.

– Yes, I’m listening.
– Okay.

(Meanwhile, Chan Sung
turned on the music.)

(The living room is filled…)

(with the vinyl record sentiment.)


(Now that Chan Sung is singing,
Woo Young is quiet.)

(Enjoying the analogue sentiment,)

(they have a relaxing time
with coffee.)

I gained so much weight these days.

I gained a lot of weight too.
Hey, let’s do some exercise.

– Exercise? Suddenly?
– Yes.

(Exercise? Suddenly?)

(He looked away
to avoid looking him in the eyes.)

It’s not that I don’t
want to exercise.

I’ve been pulling all-nighters
so often to work on my music.

– I see.
– I don’t exercise often these days.

But I bought a pull-up bar
and put it in my bedroom.

That’s good. You can exercise
whenever you want.

I bought a pull-up bar
so I could practice pull-ups.

– Shall we try it?
– So I tried it a little.

– Go ahead and try it.
– He doesn’t want to do it.

– He really doesn’t want to do it.
– Go ahead.

Well… I have my own daily goal
of doing pull-ups.

You do only a few per day?

– I do only 3 pull-ups in 1 day.
– What?

That’s enough for me.
No more than three pull-ups.

– You should do 30 at least.
– Gosh.

I’d keep doing it all night long
if I set my mind on it.

I would do nothing but pull-ups.

– Go big or go home.
– He used to be a muscular man.

Indeed. He looked amazing.

(This idol group used to be famous
for their muscular bodies.)

They gave
amazing acrobatic performances.

– They were the best.
– They were absolutely masculine.

(They were like transcendent men
jumping around the stage.)

Since you’re here,

– I’ll start again…
– This looks nice.

He looks like a cyber singer.

Chan Sung hates to watch this.

– Really?
– Make sure to let it air.


(I’m here too.)

Another cyber singer.


– Hang on.
– What is that?

– They remind me…
– I didn’t see that.

of the poster of “Parasite”.
They tried it first.


(The Cyber Parasite)

When was that?

– At a music award ceremony.
– I see.

It was the Music Festival.

– After releasing “Again and Again”?
– I think so.

– I think they were…
– Like the MC Square device…

– The concentration device?
– You would hear the buzz…

– while performing on stage.
– It improves your concentration.

They wore the goggles to help
themselves concentrate.

3 sets of 10 pull-ups
and 20 push-ups.

Let’s do just three sets like this.

10 pull-ups and 20 push-ups.

– 20 push-ups?
– Get into the position.

You know, I always do…

full pull-ups.

– Full pull-ups?
– Oh, gosh.

– Look at him.
– That’s good.

(Going up)

(The second attempt)

(His arms are shaking.)

(At the third time…)

I usually stop after three pull-ups.

I do only 3 pull-ups in 1 day.

(I never lie.)

– Try to do some more.
– My gosh.

(He’s struggling
to do more pull-ups.)



– It hurts.
– You didn’t do anything.

– Oh, gosh. He’s acting cute.
– Does it hurt a lot?

(He suddenly picked up
the resistance band.)

– No, wait.
– What is that?

It’s a pull-up assist band.

– I see.
– push it down. Good.

You should do it like this.

Good. You’re doing well. Yes.

I think you’re the one
who’s helping me.

See? You can do it.

(Going up and down)

That’s good.

– Gosh, this is so annoying.
– You’re almost there.

Okay. You’re done.

(He finished 10 pull-ups already.)

That’d be a perfect meme.

(He created a lot of funny memes.)


(The fun home exercise)

I really hated exercising
in the old days.

We used to exercise like crazy
back then.

Gosh, seriously.

How hard did you work out?

It was too much.

We had to work out every single day.

For example, when we finished
a shoot at 2 a.m.,

we went straight to the gym.

We went straight to the gym
without stopping by our dorm.

Our fitness trainers opened
the gym again for us.

They were waiting at their houses
until we arrived.

We worked out for 2 or 3 hours
at the gym.

We took a shower, took a break for
a few hours, and went to work again.

– It was possible as you were young.
– She’s right.

– They looked great back then.
– Because they were young.

– Indeed.
– I know.

– 20 push-ups?
– Yes.


What is he doing?
Is he doing push-ups?

– Bend your elbows.
– I know.

– Let me do some stretches.
– Okay.

You’re doing stretches?
I thought you were doing push-ups.

(Now, I’m going to
show you properly.)

– He’s doing it properly.
– That’s great.

– His stance is good.
– He’s good at it.

– Five.
– How many more…

(The sweat brings back
old memories.)

(The days
of the intense performances)

Why would they cover their eyes?

They’re wearing white goggles
this time.

(The consistent stage concept)

We started running out of ideas.

We even folded a face mask.

– You can see it’s folded.
– Oh, I can see that.

– Right.
– I see.

Just 4 more. Come on. 1.

That’s good. Done.

– We haven’t done this in a while.
– “I’m off.”

Right. That’s the proper way
of doing pull-ups.

– He’s still got it.
– Just as expected.

(He used to lift up a person

(Chan Sung)

(He was exceptionally strong.)

He’s good at it.

– He’s really good at it.
– Indeed.

(He’s using his monstrous strength
doing pull-ups.)

(Woo Young came back quietly.)


(He won’t stop sighing.)

Interval training? My gosh.
He’s incredible.


– He’s so good at it.
– He won’t run out of energy.

Oh, my.

(Let’s begin the 2nd set.)

He doesn’t want to do it.

Come on. Start doing it already.
Hurry up.

(Moving slowly)

– Shall I put both feet on the band?
– There’s no difference.

– Wouldn’t it be more helpful?
– No. There’s no difference.

He doesn’t want to do it.

– Hurry up and do it, will you?
– He’s rushing him.

Let’s do this.

(Approaching him)


– Three.
– It’s an exercise for Chan Sung.

Exactly. Chan Sung is the one
who’s exercising.


(He came down
without finishing 10 pull-ups.)

Do just 1 more. Just 1 more pull-up.

Just one more.

– “I don’t want to do it.”
– “I can’t do it.”

“Give me a piggyback ride.”

Just 1 more. 1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3.

I can do it!

– Like an uncle with his nephew.
– Exactly.

(Playing with an uncle)


(Nephew Woo Young is excited
although he’s tired.)

He’s tired.

(Meanwhile, Uncle Chan Sung
is still energetic.)

He goes up as high as he can.

(He’s exclaiming
while touching his muscles.)

He’s doing it in a perfect position.

(Running at full speed)

We keep watching the videos
he hates.

Where is he going?

– “Where is he going?”
– Where is he going so hastily?

He looks like
he’s running on a treadmill.

(After the cardio exercise…)


(He’s building his muscles.)

That’s good, young man. Great.

Good job.

Back then, all we did was work out.

And I hated doing it.

So I didn’t do it.


(He won’t stop complaining.)

But I’m doing it again now.

Hey, we should make our comeback.

– You’re right. We should.
– Yes.

It’s time for us to make
our comeback.

(Back to the days of being wild)

They were irreplaceable
when it comes to dance performances.

They were so incredible.

– It must’ve been exhausting.
– My gosh.

(Dreaming of an amazing
comeback performance,)

(they’re making their bodies
fit again.)

I’m excited to see their bodies
when they make their comeback.

– We may see cheese grater abs.
– 2, 3, 4…

Lower. Go lower.

The last one.

(They’re letting their passion burn
on a winter day.)

(So they exercised for a while.)



Oh, no. They’re worn out.

You used to have more energy, right?

– Yes.
– Of course.

I didn’t even think
I could run out of energy.

– Exactly.
– Anything was possible.

I know.

Oh, none of us is in his or her 20s.

– That’s right.
– We all can relate to that.

I could see how you felt.

(He stood up suddenly.)

Where is he going?

(He picked up something.)

– What’s that?
– Is it a gift for him?

– To celebrate his discharge?
– Chan Sung.

– What’s that?
– This is…

– I’ll show you this later.
– Okay.

– Your birthday is coming up soon.
– Yes.

– You’ve been discharged too.
– Yes.

– So I prepared…
– He was surprised…

– a gift for you.
– because I prepared a gift.

I have never given you
any gift before.

People call this an artwork that
helps you reflect on yourself.

“An artwork”?

– This is…
– Is it a painting?

It’s hard to get.

– It’s hard to get?
– What could that be?

– It’s not so expensive.
– It’s hard to get?

– It must be expensive.
– Obviously.

Regardless of how much it’s worth…

Oh, my. I can’t believe…

To tell you the truth,

the shipping fee was almost
the same as the price of it.

– Really?
– It’s from overseas.

Why? Where did you get this?

– It’s a very valuable…
– My goodness.

I was so curious. I thought,

“If the shipping fee cost him more,
where could it be from?”

I was so excited when I opened it.

(He’s opening his gift
with excitement.)

What could that be?

I bought a whiteboard for you.

(A whiteboard)

Woo Young, are you kidding?

Is that a painting
that only a nice person can see?

– A whiteboard?
– What is wrong with you?

Chan Sung was genuinely
taken aback.

The longer you use it,

– the more you think about yourself.
– He seems so confused.

He’s looking at it so closely.

– Maybe there’s something…
– There’s nothing on it.

That’s how shocked he is.


(You punk.)

The price of it was almost the same
as the gas cost to the store.


That mean punk.

“That mean punk.”

– He filtered his words.
– Right.

To me, a whiteboard is
a meaningful item…

just as I explained
to Chan Sung earlier.

(It’s displayed
where he can see easily.)

(Woo Young’s favorite item)

– But that’s what you think. He…
– Is there a story behind it?

I wanted him to spend some time…

reflecting upon himself
with a whiteboard.


– What? What do you mean by that?
– My gosh.

– Even I can’t understand it.
– I can’t understand what he said.

– It’s hard for me to understand.
– I’m sure he has his reasons.

(Looking at it again,
he’s still taken aback.)

My gosh. You know, today…
My gosh.

Oh, there’s more.

– It must be so hard to believe.
– I was so excited.

You’ll like this. Look.

It says, “special present”.

(A special present)


(He’s finally smiling happily.)

I bought some…

– There’s more.
– I knew it.

Right. Finally, we’re seeing
a paper bag.

He knows how to surprise people.

(What could be
the surprise present?)

– I was so excited for no reason.
– You’ll like this.

It says, “special present”.

(I knew that wasn’t it.)

– I bought some…
– Marker pens?

That’s right.


It’s a magical situation.

– It’s magic.
– Magic.

My goodness. I’m surprised.

I picked the most vivid colors.

(Thank you so much.)

There will be a day when it
helps me with my life.

– Let’s write our new year plans…
– Yes.

as 2PM on the whiteboard.

Right. Since he received it
as a present, he should use it.

We’re going to make our comeback.

– Right?
– Yes.

– A keyboard.
– A keyboard?

– A keyboard?
– We’ll make our comeback.

Yes, we’ll make our comeback.

There are a lot of things we need
to do to prepare for it.



(He plays the keyboard
while he’s writing it down.)

They don’t listen to each other.

2PM’s comeback.

(They’re making plans
while doing different things.)

What should we do to prepare for it?

Making new songs.

I should master doing 10 pull-ups

10 pull-ups.

(Master doing 10 pull-ups

He’s writing it down right away.

– “Making new songs”.
– Dramas.

– “Dramas”?
– Movies.

And movies?

– They’ll be active in many fields.
– And theater plays.

– All members of that group…
– They’re all talented.

have a lot of talents.

– Our new album matters the most.
– Of course.

Our new album is important.

How many years has it been?
Five years?

We haven’t released any songs
in the past four years.

– That’s a long time.
– It was 2016.

2PM hasn’t released a new song…

in almost five years.

(Since their sensational debut
as a performance idol group…)

“10 Out of 10”. Awesome.

(They worked hard without a break.)

(Then they took a break from
performing on stage for 5 years.)

I believe that performing on stage
means everything…

to a singer.

I miss being on stage so much.

(They want to be on stage
as they’re together now.)

(Dreaming of the day when the entire
group performs together)

– Hey.
– Yes?

Do you remember the choreography?

I realized that I’m so bad
at memorizing choreography.

Once I learn it,
I seem to forget it right away.

I’m sure you remember it.

Wouldn’t your body remember it?

But it depends on individuals.

Wait. You’re the main dancer
in your group.

– No, I’m not.
– Then what was your position?

I don’t know. But I…

– What was your position?
– What were you in charge of?

I was in charge of being Woo Young
in 2PM.


– When it comes to choreography,
– Yes.

we need a dance teacher…

I wish Nam Yong was here too.

– If Nam Yong was here…
– Who is Nam Yong?

He’s the choreographer
for our songs.

– “I’ll Be Back”… You know, right?
– Yes. What was that?

We were running out of time…

– There he goes again.
– I know.

I was stressed out so much
when we learned it.

Nam Yong had to go to Thailand soon.

We didn’t have much time.

– I’m getting tired.
– To learn the choreography.

We practiced the dance
next to the bed in that tiny room.

Watching the video, we’d say,
“How should we move our feet?”

“How should we move our feet?”

My gosh.

– I hate myself.
– We kept practicing.

In the basement…

– Of course, he’s yawning.
– I fully understand him.


(He got busted.)



(It’s hilarious.)



(He’s laughing so hard he cries.)

We talk about it
whenever we see each other.

I knew what he was going to
say next.

I wasn’t sure if I should
let him keep talking about it.

Be honest. What choreography
do you remember the most?

I don’t know.
When it comes to dance…

Shall we try to recall our memory?

Yes, let’s do that.

You don’t have to worry about
noise issues, right?

– There’s no one below this floor.
– I live on the first floor.

This is the song I’m most confident
at dancing to.

Which one?

(What could be the first song
he picked?)

The synchronized dance.

It’s a song called
“Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”.

(It was released in 2010.)

– For the 1st time in 5 years?
– Yes.

– You must’ve had mixed feelings.
– It felt strange.

(Could they still have
good teamwork?)

What was it?

(They’re starting to move
to the rhythm.)

(Dancing awkwardly)

– Wait.
– Hold on a second.

It’s very different from the dance
you did on stage before.

What was this move?

(Woo Young)

It’s a little similar.

– It crossed my mind, but…
– He’s dancing half-heartedly.

Oh, I remember now.

(They’re practicing again.)

(Do you remember?)

(No, not at all.)

(He definitely doesn’t remember
the choreography.)

It’s okay.

(The powerful head nodding dance
in the chorus part)

There aren’t many intense
dance moves for this song.

Oh, we danced like that?

You have to walk around.


This means we don’t know it.

(This means we don’t know it.)

(They didn’t want to admit to it.)


– But I feel so frustrated.
– Another one.

– I feel like I can do it.
– I feel like…

– I know, but…
– You really don’t remember it?

– I couldn’t remember it.
– Let’s do the highlight part.

How did it go?


Is it supposed to be
like slapstick?

No. No. We move
our feet differently.

– Completely different.
– They move differently.

– I…
– “Without U”.

– They have to know this one.
– “Without U”?

(It’s the dance during which
you shoot an okay sign constantly.)

(I know this dance.)

This… Right.

– You did the finger move?
– Yes. I did the finger move.

– Did you?
– Yes.

– So that was Chan Sung.
– I did this.

(They try to recreate that moment.)

– There you go.
– There you go.

(He copies right away.)

They both don’t know. So
what’s the point of cheating?

It’s just wrong.

I remember this.

They must know this part.

(After cheating once,
he gets better.)

Right. Right.

Armpit-kay. Armpit-kay.

What is “Armpit-kay”?

(Armpit okay)

– “Armpit okay”.
– Do you actually say that?

I don’t know.


I know Jun. K.
I don’t know what Armpit-kay is.


(Armpit-kay brings back
the memories.)

Right. Right. Change positions.

(They are performing at home
in pajamas.)

What is this?

– Change positions.
– Right.

– They remember.
– We had to change.


It came back. It felt like
electricity was running through me.

Memories flashed by.

It felt strange.

I’m sure.

(Their bodies remember the moves.)

– Right. Your body remembers.
– This was…

– a cool part, wasn’t it?
– It was.

We shot the music video in rain.

(They remember shooting
the music video in rain.)


We looked so determined.

I want to perform on stage!

(Immersed in the memories,)

(he forgets the dance.)

(What are you doing?)


(It’s not easy to catch up
after 5 years of break.)

It’s so frustrating!

You idiot!

Let me see the songs.

– Let’s see what we got.
– If we…

If we get this wrong,

(They are very determined.)

– we can just try again. Right?
– Of course.

They can’t forget “Heartbeat”.

(This made them get recognized
as the muscular idols.)


(When Taec Yeon’s
rap part is almost done,)

(Chan Sung pushes Taec Yeon
and appears.)

(They copy him.)

They have to know this dance.

You get up from the seat.

– They are getting up.
– You get up now.

(When Chan Sung’s part is done,)

(Woo Young’s part begins.)

They are amazing.
They look amazing even now.

(Every class had at least
5 Woo Young’s wives at the time.)

(While Woo Young sings,)

(Chan Sung does
the body folding dance.)

Chan Sung remembers everything.

There he goes.

(It’s time to hang.)

The zombie dance.

(They relax their bodies
and move left and right.)


(The zombies slowly gain strength.)

– This is the beginning.
– It’s the opposite direction.

– Here we go.
– Here we go.

That was why.

(This legendary dance
bruised my people’s chests.)

(His shoulders are in pain.)

(They walk forward while grooving.)

– They have to remember this dance.
– Of course.

(It’s time to run like crazy.)

Seeing this gives me goosebumps.

– When their fans see this…
– They would be so happy.

– Even though they’re in pajamas.
– It’s this side, isn’t it?


(their dance move makes us…)

– It’s this side, right?
– Very flashy.

(forget the pajamas.)

(They clearly remember
the flow too.)

(They have to stop
from time to time,)

(but their bodies
remember the dance.)

(Now the only thing that’s
left is building a tower.)

– They have to go up.
– Right. They have to build a tower.

– Die.
– And…

(It ends with one person dying.)



It’s a masterpiece.

I never thought I would see them
performing this in pajamas.

We performed around the same time,
and it’s nice to see it again.


(Covered in sweat)

I feel like I am about to
get blisters on my soles.

My goodness. Why
did his feet become so dirty?

– Why are they so dirty?
– You’re showing my feet?

Do you want us to put
socks over your feet?

(Should we put some CG
socks over his feet?)

It’s so hot.

The ending reminded me of this.

Before we performed, we always
asked, “Who’s dying today?”

(Before they went on stage)

People who only heard that
would’ve thought…

that we were a bit too violent.

There are about 50 to 70…

variations of that ending.

(After the acrobatic performance,)

(they had to fall and die.)

(A different person died each time.)

(And they died in different
directions and ways.)

It looks great,
so it’s a good death.

Good death.

I remember that. The event,
“New Life to Children”.

We had to sing “Heartbeat”.

– Right.
– There’s the beep at the end.

There were only two performers
before us.

We didn’t know what to do.

– That was…
– It was going to be a disaster.

So we changed it quickly.
We got rid of the beep sound.

(“New Life to Children” in 2009)

(After the acrobatic performance,)


(there was no beep sound,
and he survived.)

(They protected
the children’s innocence.)

– Bravo.
– That’s Jun Ho.

– That was amazing.
– Jun Ho was great.


Let’s perform one last song.

– Something ridiculously hard.
– Something ridiculously hard?

– “I’ll Be Back”.
– “I’ll Be Back”?

(You will look for me again)

It’s a masterpiece.
The shuffle dance.

To us, this is the toughest song
to perform.

– Is it?
– Yes.

(The music begins.)

(And they enter the stage.)

– Do you remember this?
– Yes.

Gosh, I was too fast.

– It’s the shuffle.
– Your feet would burn.

– It hurts your feet so much.
– My goodness.

– What’s next? The right side?
– Here.

– We move together, right?
– Yes.

I remember this.

(Flashy steps)

Why do you remember this?


I heard you train hard
at a dance school.

– You go to a dance school?
– He’s the best dancer among us.

– It’s… Remember the rabbit dance?
– I should learn from him.

It’s a variation of that dance.

Like this.

– It’s very easy.
– He would learn it quickly.

– Kian84 can do it too.
– He can do it.

– That’s it?
– Yes.

(He confidently takes
on the challenge.)

(Can he do 2 dances in 1 day?)

That’s it.

(1, 2, 1, 2)

– Move to the side.
– Move to the side.

That’s it.

(Woo Young’s legs
stretched nicely, but…)

That’s it.

The arms. You have to
move your arms too.

– That’s tiring.
– Move your arms…

– in the opposite direction.
– Like this.

After that, stretch your leg
and move to the side.

Right. Okay. Okay.

(How would Dancer84 do?)

1, 2, 3, 4.



(Making a sound)

– That was nice.
– What was that?

(Making a sound)

(It’s like a turn signal.)

– There he goes.
– Once again.

(Everyone says it together.)

(He’s not making the sound
with his mouth.)

– Dancer84 is great.
– He’s a dancer.

(It’s nearly the climax
of “I’ll Be Back”.)

I remember.

(He’s excited enough
to sing along too.)

(Dancing hard)

I want to see them on stage.

(They dance without hesitation.)

That’s why he got blisters.


– Right?
– I think it was there.

(They don’t stop dancing.)

(They manage to do
the aggressive dance move too.)


It brought back a lot of memories.

I lived my 20s…

as a member of
the idol group, 2PM.

For over 10 years,
we practiced together…

and lived together.

2PM gives me comfort.

Today was an ordinary day,
which I’ve missed.

That’s right.

I’m sure your fans
missed seeing you too.


Which part is this?

(In perfect harmony)

(Unlike how they started,
they dance in perfect choreography.)


(High five)

– Gosh, I’m so tired.
– Thank you for that, Chan Sung.


Since I’ve tried it with you,
next time…

– we practice…
– Why are his feet so black?

– Why are his feet so black?
– His feet are completely black.

– He doesn’t have to clean.
– Is that my sock?

(Is that my sock?)

– Seeing the dirt on his foot,
– Doesn’t it look like a sock?

his feet aren’t flat.

– “His feet aren’t flat”?
– No, they’re not.

(That’s a relief.)

Since I’ve tried it with you,

next time we practice,
I think I’ll be more confident.

– Gosh, I’m so tired.
– Thank you for that, Chan Sung.

(The New Year’s Goal,
2PM Will Be Back)

(Home Alone)

Molly, Molly, Molly.

What’s he going to make?

(The first meal he’s preparing
while singing out Molly)

– A pancake.
– A pancake?

– It’s an American-style breakfast.
– Yes.

– It’s like a brunch.
– Yes.

(He adds an egg
to the pancake powder.)

It’s ought to be good.

It’s not that hard
to make a pancake.

All it takes is to heat
and to flip well.

(Skilled beating)


He seems a little clumsy.

He seems a little…

– like one of the idiots.
– Like one of the idiots.

– But I was exhausted from cycling.
– Right.

– He must be.
– Right.

(Back to his skillful self)

(Checking thickness)

– He did a good job.
– He did.


– He’s using butter.
– Butter.

(In the kitchen
filled with sunlight,)

(there’s a man
frying a sweet pancake.)


It’s like a photo book.
The photo book of his life.

Even the sunlight is in layers.

– Right.
– That’s the terrace.

That’s how the life we dream
looks like.

That’s our dream.

The dream of living in a house
like that.

(While looking at the world
covered in snow)

While looking at the yard
covered in snow,

he’s having brunch
with his dog by his side.

(Relaxed and happy time)

(Oh, right.)

– No.
– Oh, my gosh.

(Oh, my gosh.)

– No!
– No, Eun Seok!


No pancake!



What is this?

– Oh, no. He burned it all.
– It’s burnt.

– It’s like honeycomb toffee.
– The color of honeycomb toffee.

– You must be bad at cooking.
– I am.

– What happened?
– What’s wrong?

I think it popped.

The plastic bottle was too close
to the pan.

(He even dropped the butter.)

– I dropped the butter too.
– My goodness.

– The butter is burnt.
– There’s smoke coming out.

That will turn the pancake black.

– There’s so much smoke.
– The heat is too high.




(Is he actually making something?)

Gosh, it’s hot!

(A total chaos)

The butter was really hot.

– He’s getting better.
– Doesn’t it look okay?

– It’s getting…
– It’s better than the previous one.

(It’s burnt on both sides.)

– No.
– Oh, no.

It looks like hotteok.

It’s quite odd.

(It seems like he burned everything,
but he’s done.)


Putting three pancakes together…

– makes it look good.
– As long as it tastes okay.

– You’re right.
– You’re right.

It looks great.

(Shall I dig in?)

That’s right.
You only need maple syrup.

Right, you have it
for the taste of syrup.

(He only added maple syrup.)

(It’s a super-thin pancake.)

It must be good.


(It tastes good.)

(Molly has her snack too.)

She’s so cute.

(Having it with hot tea…)

(makes the pancake even better,
so he’s almost done.)

(Having a bite)

– It looks good.
– I want to have a pancake.



(He’s already done.)

(That was a nice meal.)

(When Eun Seok moves,)

(Molly comes along.)


– Molly.
– She’s glued to him.


– She’s peeing.
– She’s peeing.

(Has she finally been

(Molly kept peeing
at the same spot.)

(That’s why Eun Seok
placed potty pads.)

(She’s peeing right on the pad.)

– Well done!
– Amazing!

– Well done.
– Yes, Molly. Okay, Molly.

Good girl!

You finally peed on the pad!

Good girl, well done.

I should give her a treat.

Molly, Molly. Good job.

Come here. Come here.

You peed here?

Good job. Well done.


– Well done.
– She did a good job.

– He’s going somewhere again?
– Again?

He’s going to sweep snow again?

His day is packed.

Molly, guard the house well.

I’ll go get groceries.

The weather got much warmer.
It’s nice.

The calcium chloride
is working well.

(The classical music
is being played.)

He must like classical music.

I’ve only seen people
singing in their cars.

I’ve never seen one conducting.

(He arrives at a nearby market
while conducting.)

Oh, he’s at a market.

I think I go grocery shopping
once in two days.

– Really?
– There’s no delivery service.

Even though the sign
on the convenience store says…

that it’s open for 24 hours,
it doesn’t.

I’ve come back home empty-handed
from the store many times.

That’s why you have to
stock up your house…

when you’re living in Yangpyeong.

I shop grocery for two days.

That’s why I go to the market often.

(He gets groceries for dinner.)

– Is he having a barbecue?
– That’s vegetables for wraps.

Thank you.

– Enjoy.
– Thank you.


(He got some meat and wine.)

I need firewoods.

– They sell firewoods too?
– But it’s a local supermarket.

That’s the household supplies

which is the highlight
of the supermarket.

Firewoods. There they are.

(He even gets firewoods,
which are rare to see.)

It’s wood, right?

(He picks the usuals.)

A shovel.

(Let’s see.)

– A shovel?
– That’s nice.

– They sell sickles and shovels.
– They sell sickles.

They’re equipped
with the necessities…

– for people who live in a house.
– Right. There are many houses.

– That’s why they sell those.
– They’re needed.

– Goodness, what’s that?
– What’s that?

– It looks like a secret space.
– Look at the basin!

(A big storehouse)

(He browses a big container.)

(Thinking hard)

(He looks around as though
he’s looking for something.)

(What did he find
after thinking hard?)

It needs to be this big
to wash a dog, right?

– There’s no bathtub?
– No, there isn’t.

That’s why I bought one
big enough for me also.

– That is big enough.
– So you can bathe together.

So I can use it too.

I actually tried it too.

(Killing 2 birds with 1 stone)

When I saw
the other celebrities’ episodes,

their bathtubs were
all luxurious and nice.

But I bought that one.

– Recently…
– Recently…

You didn’t watch it because
your parts aired on the same day.

Henry’s bathtub was shown too.

There are many kinds
of bathtubs out there.

So I don’t have to worry then?

That’s fine.

– That’s considered fine.
– Very luxurious.

It’s nice.

(He got a nice bathtub.)

Okay. The sun is going down.

It’s hip this time.

– He’s really like an American.
– He really is like a foreigner.

Bradley Cooper!

(He drives while listening
to a very American song.)

– I love Yangpyeong.
– It’s like abroad there.

It suits the music too.

(Where did he go?)

I go to this place often.


– The river is all frozen.
– There’s a river nearby.

– It’s so pretty.
– That’s crazy.

Yangpyeong, the city
where water is abundant.

– I thought it was a small stream.
– Yangpyeong, a nice place to live.

Except that it’s a bit far from
the city, Yangpyeong is great.

The day before, it was
completely frozen. Then it snowed.

(The river got covered in snow

Yangpyeong looks this beautiful?

“From 1 to 10,
I’m grateful for everything.”

That’s right.

That’s right.

– That’s right.
– That’s right.

That’s right.

That’s right.

What was that?

You’re a Canadian. How can
you say it so awkwardly?

– Your pronunciation is amazing.
– It’s just…

– It’s just that I had to say it.
– You speak English so awkwardly.

Right. Why do you sound so awkward?

I think I have very low self-esteem.

– Why would you say that?
– What’s wrong with you?

– Come on.
– I’m sitting at the end too.

Come on.

That’s a good seat.

(He shouldn’t blame the seat.)

(You have to stop by
the observatory while walking.)

It was much prettier
because of the snow.

(He enjoys the white world
from a height.)

– Perfect for smelt fishing.
– I could’ve joined you.

– Perfect for flying a tent.
– This place is hopeless.

It would definitely fly.


Just three weeks ago,
I kayaked here.

But it’s completely frozen.

When it freezes more,
I could ice-skate here.

The view is so beautiful.

So I go for a walk sometimes.

When Molly gets bigger,

I want to take her there.

(He follows the river
and moves deeper into the woods.)

Where are you going now?

– It’s where I go often.
– Is it your secret place?

It’s a secret point.

It’s a perfect spot.

You look lovely.

Gosh, he surprised me.

I thought he was talking
to a random couple.

It’s cold, isn’t it?

I envy them.

I’ll sit here for a while.

That’s what happens
when you get super lonely.

(He takes out a black plastic bag
from his pocket.)

I didn’t get to eat.

(Being self-conscious)

I will eat this quickly.

– What is it?
– Rice cakes.

– Soondae.
– Soondae.

1 serving of soondae
and 1 serving of tteokbokki, please.

The soondae they sell
at the market is really good.

– That looks so good.
– Just the liver, please.

– Just the liver?
– Yes.

No chopsticks.

(He gets the salt, which would
be perfect with soondae.)

It must be good.

(Even without chopsticks,
he will still enjoy it.)

– What did you do then?
– Finger food.


– That looks so good!
– It’s like a canape.


In this setting,

jazz would be perfect.


– He listens to all kinds of music.
– Soondae and jazz.

You know what? Soondae
goes really well with wine too.


– That view is stunning.
– I know.

(He gets conscious of the couple.)

Soondae and jazz.
Romantic soondae.

– Romantic soondae.
– Romantic soondae.

(Jazz music is romantic,)

(and soondae is perfect.)

(He enjoys
the soondae jazz bar time alone,)

(next to the couple
sitting closely together.)

– You look too lonely.
– Do I?

It’s because he’s sitting
next to the couple.

(He feels unusually cold.)

(Don’t you think
you look too lonely?)

You got me.

I’m used to it now.
I’m used to it now.

That’s the worst.

Do you mind if I ask
what your ideal type is?

– My ideal type?
– Yes.

I am a free-spirited person.

I want someone
who can understand it.

I want that person
to be quite unique too.

– Someone who loves camping.
– Right.

Someone I can go on a world
tour with for a year.

– That would be nice.
– That would be amazing.

Don’t you love camping?

She loves camping.

Wait. You are looking for
someone unique?

– Someone unique?
– She’s very unique.

(Crossing her leg)

(I know her very well.)

(The bride appears.)

(She refuses to be ordinary.)


Don’t kayak all the way
from Hannam-dong to Yangpyeong.

It wouldn’t take long
if I kayaked along the Han River.

Na Rae, good luck.

Mind your posture.

People say I’m mad.

(She’s just his type.)

My goodness.

– She’s shy.
– They say I am no ordinary woman.

She really is.

(Unfortunately, he’s alone today.)

(He comforts himself with jazz.)

It’s cold now.

(He heads home.)


(He spots a swing.)


(Having fun)


(There’s nobody along the river.)

It’s scary to see him riding…

– the swing alone there.
– At night, if you ride it alone…

– Right?
– Some woman might appear…

and push you from behind.

She might kayak there
from Hannam-dong and push you.

– He might go there alone…
– I might say I’m just dropping by.

“I came all the way here somehow.”

“Eun Seok!”


(He comes down before
someone pushes him.)


(He goes home
before he gets lonelier.)

– It’s crazy.
– It’s so picturesque.

– Did the sun go down?
– The sun went down.

– The sun goes down so quickly.
– Right.

Yangpyeong gets dark around 5 p.m.

(The pop song wakes up
the evening emotion.)

(Humming relaxedly,)

The snow all melted.

(he gets home.)


(It’s Daddy!)



Molly! Molly!

(Did you have a good time?)

(He takes off his clothes
as soon as he arrives home.)

I will feed you. Wait. Wait.
I will feed you.

Molly, you are hungry, aren’t you?


– My goodness.
– Wait.

Okay. Sit.

Molly, sit.

Molly. Sit.

– Molly.
– She must have a big appetite.

– Right.
– She must be hungry.

(Enjoying her food)



(He prepares food for the cats too.)

I wanted to cook something
special for the cats too.

(He takes it to the 2nd floor
where the cats are. )

Eat this, Mohae.


(Jumping down)

Come. Come.

They eat well.

(Mohani goes to eat too.)

– You eat so well.
– Their backs are so cute.

Is it good?

Is it good?

(It’s good.)

(Just watching them
makes him happy.)



My goodness.

I’m so tired.

He’s going down like that?

I was so tired.

I will rest for five minutes.

He should rest.


Please take some rest.

(He leans on Wilson
and takes a rest.)

(After a busy day,)

(he recharges for a while.)

(Molly lied next to him.)



Molly, don’t eat Wilson.

Don’t eat Wilson.

(Save me.)

She’s gnawing off Wilson.


Wilson was very soft.

(Thank you.)

(He gets up after a short break.)

(Eun Seok puts on a jacket.)

Where is he going this time?

(Where are you going?)

Molly, behave at home.

I will go and set up the tent.

– The tent?
– How about the tent on the rooftop?

(He often sets up a tent
on the 2nd floor or in the yard.)

– I use that one when it’s warmer.
– I see.

– This one…
– It looked cold.

– secures the heat.
– I didn’t know such a tent existed.

(He brings out the tools first.)


(Like an expert,)

(he busily brings out
the equipment.)

(A heap of equipment)

To be honest,
I go camping very often.

When I have a day off,
I look for a camping spot.

I enjoy going on
a manly camping trip…

– because I am a manly man.
– I know that.

(Moving up and down)

I love creating new paths,

trying new things,
and going to new places.

I am drawn to those ideas.

How do you find those places?

– I just go to those places.
– Really?

I like primitive things.

Human greed and desire.

Those things have existed
from the Stone Age.

That’s right.
He refuses to take the paved path.

(I know what you mean.)

(He feels an unexpected connection.)

(This stimulates
primitive greed and desire.)

(It’s the manly camping trip.)

(He traveled around the nation
to find his unique camping spots.)

Did you take those photos?


I am strange. I like those things.

– There is nothing.
– There is nothing.

– You camp in the middle of nowhere.
– There is no electricity.

– You have to bring the toilet.
– There is no place to wash up.

– There is no electricity or toilet.
– There is no toilet.

So you carry the portable toilet.

Na Rae and I tried
the moving camping trip.

(From the tent
that moves on its own…)

(Let it fly away.)

(To the equipment
with the voice recognition function)

(The high-tech moving camping trip)

It will be nice to set up a tent
if you have a front yard.


(He unfolds the tent with ease.)

I can tell
that he has done this a lot.

That’s right. He doesn’t hesitate.

Can you set it up
without reading the manual?

The manual? Of course.
I have done this so many times.

– It won’t fly away, will it?
– Maybe it will fly away.

I hope it flies away.

(Tent84 develops
a sense of rivalry.)

(Shall I use my skills?)



(When using hands doesn’t work,)

(he uses his teeth.)

(A manly man’s way of cutting)

He used his teeth.

He can do everything without a tool.


That tent is pretty big
because it’s for 10 people.

10 people?

(He places the pegs expertly.)

Gosh, he is doing it so fast.

I can’t believe he is doing it
in the front yard.

I am securing the pegs first.

The angle is important.

(He takes off his jacket.)

(He sets up the poles.)

(They come together instantly.)

(He puts them in parallel.)



He is a bit different.

– He is very different from us.
– He is very different.

I can’t believe
the two of them are the same age.

They showed the two extremes
of setting up a tent.

– He did it in no time.
– Seriously.

That’s good.

(Na Rae and Kian84 struggled
despite working together.)

(Eun Seok sets up the tent
on his own.)

(The tent looks pretty good.)


(He throws a peg down…)

(and hammers away.)

(1 shot, 1 kill.)

It’s done now.

– Is it done?
– It’s done.

It’s pretty. The angles are perfect.

(The tent is close to being done.)

(He bites the rope.)

(Look at that action.)

– He is a manly man!
– I should have bitten the rope.


Hold on. Why did you do that?

I use my mouth
when my hands are busy.

I should have bitten the iron.

Had you bitten the iron pole
that day,

it would have gotten attached
to your teeth.

(Because it was cold.)

(He drives in the pole
with clenched teeth.)


(He secures it
so that the tent doesn’t move.)

(It’s complete.)

I set it up nicely.

(He set up a 10-people tent
in 15 minutes.)

(Flipping his hair)

– It looks perfect.
– Why did you do that?

Why did you do that?

I didn’t even know about it.
I guess it’s a habit.

I will bite the rope
the next time, Na Rae.

It’s okay. You have weak teeth.

– Bite the rope?
– I will bite the rope.

Among the campers
we have seen on the show,

you seem to be
the most professional.

(He is the best.)

(He makes something inside.)


What is it?

– It’s a heater. Wood-fired heater.
– A heater?

– Is that a heater?
– You can use it in the tent.

– What is that?
– I have never seen it before.

– You connect it to a pipe.
– That’s right.

(He installs a pipe
that will direct the smoke outside.)

(The tent has a chimney now!)

(He installs a table,)

(an oil lamp, and a heater.)

(The inside is spacious and warm
like a living room.)

It’s so spacious.

It’s for 10 people.

(Eun Seok’s Tenthouse)



Will he cook now?

(He gets the ingredients
he bought earlier…)

(and goes back outside.)

(Dad, what are you doing?)

Can’t Molly come outside?

She hasn’t been vaccinated yet,

so I am trying to be careful.


(What will you have for dinner?)

It’s incredible.

For dinner, I will have a steak.

A medium steak,

asparagus, mushroom,

– and tomato pasta.
– Molly is stealing the show.

She is so cute.

– She is so cute.
– Are you awake?


Tomato pasta.

And a glass of wine.

I have a question.

You have a Korean name.

– It’s Park Eun Seok.
– That’s right.

Do you have an English name as well?

My English name is Danny. Danny.

– Danny.
– Danny. Okay.

– Henry.
– Henry. Danny.

– The names sound similar.
– Both names end with Y.

– Both names end with Y.
– Oh, my goodness.

Maybe I should change my name
to Ginny.

– Ginny?
– Ginny?

– Ginny?
– Gimi?

It sounds like “Guinea pig”.

– Dony.
– Dony.

– This is Dam Bi.
– Dam Bi.

– Nani.
– Nani.

– Okay.
– Yes.

Shall I build a fire?

(He puts firewood in the heater…)

(to build a fire.)

(When the firewood burns slowly,)

(smoke comes out of the chimney.)

– That’s it.
– Okay.


(He takes out a cell phone.)

(He plays an atmospheric jazz song.)

(He takes out the steak meat.)

– Meat.
– It’s a nice cut.

– It’s nice.
– Beef.

(He picks up pepper.)


(He seasons the cutting board

– It broke.
– Oh, no.

– No pepper.
– No.

– No pepper.
– No pepper.

(He picks up the pepper
on the cutting board…)

(and seasons the meat.)

(He opens the bottle of wine.)



(He pours a glass of wine.)


(He takes a sip in an elegant way.)

(He enjoys camping elegantly
in the front yard.)

(It’s steaming.)

What is that? Pasta?

Yes. Penne.

(He transfers the cooked pasta
to the pan.)

(He mixes it
with the instant tomato sauce.)

Pasta is done.

– Steak?
– Yes.

(He cooks the steak over the fire.)





This is amazing.

It’s medium-rare.

(The steak is done in an instant.)


– You even have jalapeno.
– Jalapeno!

Let me try it.

(He tries a slice
of the sirloin steak.)


(He finds it satisfactory and nods.)

– That means it’s good.
– It must be good.

It must be delicious.

(He doesn’t finish chewing
and tries another slice.)

It’s so much better
than the pancake this morning.

Right. It seems so.

– It was so good.
– Of course.


(He enjoys camping food
in a simple way.)

I made this, but it’s so good.

(Now he takes a bite of the pasta.)

(He can’t help but dance.)

That’s a genuine reaction.


(The Tenthouse is as good
as Michelin restaurants.)

It must be so good.

(He takes a glass of wine
that goes well with the feast.)

You’re eating and getting drunk
like always,

but that way,
you’d have positive thoughts.

I know.

You won’t make a scene
if you get drunk that way.

In my case, I only drink soju
with a box lunch.

– Kian84.
– Why do you do that?

(He puts all the food
in the box lunch in the pan.)

(This weird food is only efficient.)

(He even skips setting up a table.)

(He’s used to eating
on the floor.)


I was so depressed.

I know. Next time, have a meal
in a proper way.

– Really.
– You should eat in a nice setting.

(He enjoys dinner
to the fullest alone.)

(With a table computer,)

(he inhales his food.)

(He eats a big wrap.)

– He really enjoys it.
– Oh, dear.


(While chewing
and enjoying the food,)

(he finishes eating.)

(He drinks wine…)

(to rinse out his mouth.)

How nice.

(This is paradise.)

It was so warm in the tent.

It was a good meal.

(I’m full.)

(Eun Seok takes his chair out.)

(He moves it in front of the door.)

(He sets up a heater…)

(and goes into the house.)



(I’m here.)

You come here too. Come here.

(Let’s get some fresh air, Wilson!
Come here!)

Are you taking Wilson as well?

(What about me?)

(Only Wilson gets to see outside.)

(Thank you.)

(Eun Seok struggles to move a box.)

Are you going to do something
here again?

(You’ll see.)

(He puts firewood in the brazier.)

(He lights a fire with kindling.)

Is he lighting a fire here?

– I’m so jealous of your brazier.
– You have a brazier.

It’s so amazing how you can light
a brazier in front of your house.

– You wanted to stare at a fire?
– Yes.

He wants to stare at a fire.

(He sits next to Wilson.)

(He’s about to start
staring at a fire.)


You’re getting all the smoke.

(The smoke rises…)

(and only goes to Wilson.)

The smoke is really going to Wilson.

– What if he gets burnt?
– Wilson.

He should watch his feet.

This is enough.

It’s not bad, right?

What do you think, Wilson?
It’s burning well, right?

“It’s burning well.”

– “It’s burning well.”
– “It’s burning well.”

(Eun Seok made a good fire…)

(and disappeared.)

– Where did he go?
– Why doesn’t he stare at it?

– Oh, my.
– A guitar.

(He comes back with his guitar.)

(The girls’ hearts are pounding.)

He took out his guitar.

– That’s a game changer.
– I can’t believe it.

He brought out his guitar.
The game is over.

I can only play one song.

You said you’re not
a good guitarist earlier.

I played one song in the play.

That’s unexpected.

I bought a guitar for that one song,

so that’s the only thing I can play.

(He uses his front yard as a stage.)

(He’s ready to perform.)

– This is a game changer.
– It ends the game.

(With everyone looking
forward to it,)

(he starts to sing
while playing the guitar.)

(When I see you)

(It puts a smile on my face)


(He sings calmly
as if he were reciting.)

(Looking at you)

(Who seeped into me)

(Suddenly, the tune changes.)


(He’s a little out of tune,)

(but it’s not that bad…)

(to hear it
in front of the campfire.)

(What’s living alone like
to Park Eun Seok?)

Living alone, I keep asking
myself who I am…

and trying to find out.

– “Who am I?”
– “Who am I?”

Whether something is good or bad,
I will pave my way…

– going in my own direction.
– That’s cool.


I want to be more mature
and serious…

and learn about more things
in this life.

When I feel afraid and hesitant
before trying something,

at least I try it.

It’s so much better than
not trying at all.

If you’re going to regret it,
it’s better to regret…

– about doing it.
– Right.

Life is about finding yourself.

There’s something I always say.

I hope the last thing…

I think of before I die
was no regrets.

(What he wants to say
at the last moment)

“I had a good life.”

“I lived my life without regrets.”

I try to live my life
to the fullest…

for that one moment
even if I go out of my way.

(He’s not a perfect player,)

(but he didn’t give up
in the middle…)

(and finished the song.)


(Eun Seok fills his life…)

(with the joy of trying a new thing
every day.)

How didn’t I improve at all?

Wilson, I haven’t played it
in a very long time.

We enjoyed your clip.

– I enjoyed it too.
– I liked the ending.

– You two are the same age.
– Well,

– we’re the same age.
– Right.

It had everything
people at my age…

who live alone really wanted to try.

He seems to be living a cool life.

I want to learn how to drink wine
and how to play the guitar.

– You just need to learn one song.
– Yes. One song.

What’s with you again?

I think it’s a fate
that I came here.

– What?
– Destiny?


I’ve been working hard
every day,

– but I haven’t tried…
– Right.

– to enjoy my life.
– Right.

I have a lot to learn from him.

Good. He’s not afraid
of challenging…

– and has no regrets.
– No regrets.

The Rainbow club will root…

for your life filled with joy.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

(Next week)

(She’s nation’s little sister…)

(who made everyone go crazy
about “Oh, my.”)

(She gave a good performance
in “Train to Busan.”)

(Actress An So Hee)

(She’s still beautiful
waking up in the morning.)

(She inhales yakgwa
in the morning.)

(She looks like a dumpling
with her cheeks full.)

(She became a singer
at an early age,)

(so she couldn’t enjoy
her daily life.)

(Hurry up.)

(Her sister shows up
to support her.)

(She used to make her fans
go crazy in her day.)

(Now she shakes makgeolli.)

(Alcohol tastes sweet.)

(As they drink more,
they think of their family.)

(Why do his arms and legs
get thinner?)

(She has a lump in her throat
thinking about her father.)

(The youngest daughter
became an adult.)

(So Hee’s Wonderful Life)

(Sung Hoon’s known
for taking good care of himself.)

(A project started
from a line in his script.)

(He will gain weight
in his stomach.)

(Natrium makes you gain
weight right away.)

(He loses control.)

(He has a light lunch.)


(I will squash the flesh.)

(Even if I’m full, I can’t stop.)

(It’s a trip to gain belly fat.)

(He looked forward
to the outcome.)

(He can’t believe the figure.)

(Sung Hoon’s One-day
Gaining Weight Project)

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