I Live Alone Episode 382 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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I Live Alone Episode 382 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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(Fierce Yet Sweet Rest)

(A day without work for a change)

(Sung Hoon is fast asleep
in the middle of the day.)


(Feeling tired)

I don’t want to get up.

Did you have a shoot the day before?

Yes, I did.




– Yanghee.
– Gosh.

– Come here, Yanghee.
– Look at her fur.

– It’s been a while.
– Yanghee looks even cuter.


(After a long yawn, )

(he drags himself out of bed.)

You’re sleeping in
since it’s your day off.

I have something to do
although it’s my day off.

You didn’t even come
when I called you.

Yanghee is so cute.

(Good morning.)

(Opening the door)

(Rummaging through the refrigerator
first thing in the morning)

– What is that?
– You must’ve had a drink…

after the drama shoot.

I don’t have time to drink nowadays.

Then why did you
take out dried pollack?

I know.

– For your dog?
– Isn’t that good for your dog?

He’s feeding Yanghee
as soon as he wakes up.

(Healthy food for Yanghee)

(Grabbing his phone)


Kimchi jjim for breakfast.

(Eating a hearty breakfast)

(He orders kimchi jjim!)

(Walking to the living room
as if remembering something)


(Suddenly squatting down
with a sigh)

(What is it?)

(A scale?)

You’re weighing yourself
first thing in the morning?

He’s eating but he’s stressed
he’ll gain weight.


(Current weight: 81.8kg)

(Actor Bang’s day begins…)

(with him watching his weight.)

(Heading to the window)

(Staring at the snow
that piled up overnight…)

(and the sun)

(Opening the door)

(The kimchi jjim arrives quickly.)

(Carrying it in)

That looks like…

That looks like a lot.

– Do you…
– It was kimchi jjim.

– I think…
– Do you have a guest?

It’s a set.

“Double mackerel kimchi jjim”.

It’s a large portion…

– with 3 extra bowls of rice.
– 3 extra bowls of rice?

(He orders an unusual amount
of food.)

(Food fighter Sung Hoon’s
meal portion)

– Sung Hoon.
– Gosh.

– Do you finish that…
– Since it’s breakfast.



– It’s breakfast.
– You finish that for breakfast?

– Gosh.
– He must eat it over a few days.

No, that’s because
he doesn’t know Sung Hoon.

– Still…
– That isn’t enough.

I’m grateful to my body…

because it doesn’t eat…

once I start a drama.

I get full easily…

– and my stomach shrinks.
– You can’t eat a lot.

That’s a lot for someone
that can’t eat a lot.

You’re eating that big of a portion?

It’s the size
for a housewarming party.

(Opening it)

(His eyes grow wide.)

– My goodness.
– That’s a lot.

(Generous portion)

– Look at that.
– It’s a feast.

I ordered mackerel kimchi jjim…

that’s supposed to feed
4 to 5 people…

and four bowls of rice.

But it’s actually the same amount
as two full bowls.

– I plan to eat this.
– You ordered eight bowls of rice?

This all started…

because of a sentence in the script.

– This is what it says.
– What did it say?

I go to the gym…

and see someone.

I suck my protruding belly in…

when I see the person…

and walk toward that person.

This is what the sentence said.

That’s how this started.

Because it said “protruding belly”?

Is that hard?

It just sticks out.

Doesn’t your belly stick out
if you don’t suck it in?

You could push it out too.

A real belly is different…

– from one…
– An artificial one?

That is forced by sticking it out.

What about this?

You could use your hand
to stick it out.

(Belly sticking out)

(You can’t tell, can you?)

(Sucking it back in)

That’s a novel idea.

(What is he doing?)

(Actor Bang during off-season)

That’s a legendary video.

(He sucks the noodles in
like a vacuum cleaner.)

Look at how much he eats.

He eats a lot when he eats.

(Changes when he starts a drama)

(Starting to take crazy
good care of himself)

(Squeezing all the water out)

(He transformed into
an actor with a nice body.)

In this drama,

I’m someone who doesn’t take care
of his body.

I don’t exercise at all.

I have to make my body
look like…

it needs some exercise.

I’m trying to gain weight
up to 85kg.

Today’s final goal is 85kg.

Within a day?

You have to gain 4kg?

That must be hard.

Can’t you use special effects?

I wanted to do it myself.

I didn’t want the help
of special effects.

I know a makeup artist
that makes it look real.

I know a makeup artist
that does an amazing job…

– of making people into monkeys.
– I see.

– That’s scary.
– Yes, it is.

That was for a documentary,
not a variety show.

I’m eating as soon as I wake up.

This is a nice life.

(Yanghee’s dried pollack
has salt drained out.)

(For a soft texture, )

(he boils it.)

(After putting it over low heat, )

(he starts eating!)


Kimchi jjim for breakfast.

(This breakfast is for him
to gain 4kg.)

That’s truly a lot of rice.

(Eight bowls of rice
is an enormous amount of rice.)

(Taking some mackerel first)

(Taking a bite)

(Eating rice to make sure
it isn’t too salty)

It looks so good.

That’s way too much rice.

Even the kimchi jjim
is a huge portion.

Look at the tofu.

I crave that the most
when I’m on a diet.

– Of course.
– Salty food is the best.

(Eating heartily today)

(Enjoying his meal
with soup running down his chin)

With dried laver.

You’re eating so much sodium.



(The only sound heard
is that of him eating.)

You aren’t saying anything
or pausing between bites.

I normally don’t talk
while eating…

even if I eat with someone else.

(Glancing over)

(Checking on Yanghee while eating)

– You’re checking on Yanghee?
– You’re eating together.

(Licking water)

(He has dried laver on his mouth.)

You have dried laver
and kimchi soup on your mouth.

(Wrapping kimchi and rice
in dried laver)

(Eating it in a single bite)

What is it? You scared me.

(Jumping to his feet
to save Yanghee’s dried pollack)

(Full of water)

It was boiling.

(The boiled dried pollack)

You cool it off.

– That’s a lot of effort.
– Seriously.

(Looking up)

They know their food.

I always give it to Yanghee,

– so she knows the smell.
– I see.

(The dried pollack is drained
of its salt and boiled.)

Eat up.

(He serves the special meal.)

(After giving Yanghee her food, )

(he resumes eating.)

(Sung Hoon eats…)

(while Yanghee eats.)

(They both eat heartily.)

(Scraping the bowl of rice)

(Shoveling in the rice)

(Eating in a hurry)



Eat slowly.

– What?
– Are you talking to yourself?

From Sung Hoon to Sung Hoon.

(Eat slowly.)

You finished that much in two

It’s real-time, right?

That’s right.

He’s starting his third bowl.

(Getting a refill on his rice
right away)

(Starting the new bowl of rice
with a new attitude)


(The food goes in endlessly.)

(His chopsticks move constantly.)

– Goodness.
– This is amazing.

(Yanghee finishes her meal.)


(Finishing every grain of rice)

(He finishes four bowls of rice
in a blink.)

– He just finished his fourth.
– I’m cheering him on.

(He finishes his breakfast.)

(Has he gained weight?)

(As soon as he eats)

(Going straight to the scale)



I weighed 81kg this morning.

This means I ate 2kg
worth of food.

Are you holding something?

What’s this? This is unbelievable.

I didn’t get that much bigger…

– but am holding 2kg worth of food.
– Right.

The food weighs 2kg.

That’s still impressive.

(Moving his heavier body)

– Move it.
– He ordered something.

He had something delivered.

All right.

(Walking in carrying something)

I’m so full.


– Aren’t blueberries good for diets?
– Yes, they are.

Delicious blueberries are here.

Delicious blueberries are here.

– How many packs is that?
– Are you making jam?

Is he making jam?

Look at those blueberries.

You’re going to eat all of that?

Do you drink it?

It’s one of the fruits
you can drink.

You’re going to drink fruit?

I’ve never heard anyone say
they’d drink fruit.

– Blueberries are in small packs.
– They’re small.

You eat it like this.

It’s easier to eat those…

because you can wash it
when it’s in the pack…

and I can finish it in a single
mouthful. It’s comfortable.



How do I wash this?

Oh, no.

(Some blueberries escape the bowl.)

(What should I do?)

This isn’t working.

(Stopping them from escaping
with his hands)

My hands are freezing!

It’s cold.


This is so cold.

(Enduring the cold water)

(He finishes washing
1kg of blueberries.)

I’m so full.

(He can’t stop eating
even if he’s full.)


(Eating a handful)


It’s like drinking fruit alcohol.

– Look at that.
– Goodness.

– It’s like you’re taking medicine.
– I should try that.

It’s a good idea.

(It’s like an extraordinary
fruit-eating show.)

His eyes must become very clear.


I think you’ll start seeing better.

He’ll be able to see
up to 10km away.

– It’s like you have another eye.
– That’s right.

I never thought of that.

(Finding something
with his clearer eyes)

What are you doing?

(He suddenly remembers…)


(how long Yanghee’s nails are.)

We have to do this
even if you don’t like it.

(Yanghee comes and sits.)

Roll over. Come here.

We have to do this
even if you don’t like it. Right?

– She’s staying still.
– We have to do this.

– How does she stay lying like that?
– We have to do this.

They’re too long.

Should we cut just a few
that are long?

(Sweet Sung Hoon uses baby talk
to Yanghee.)

– Dogs usually hate that.
– She’s staying still.


is that clipping sound coming from?

I trained her since she was a baby,

so she knows I don’t hurt her
when she’s lying like that.

She also knows I’ll reward her
with a treat.

(Staring into space
and thinking about her snack)

(I don’t like cutting the nails
of my hind feet.)

Stop it.

Relax, relax.

Her feet are pink.

They look nicer than my feet.

– It was proven to be socks.
– I mean…

(He revealed the sole of his feet.)

(Changing it to socks…)

(to protect the member)

– Were they socks?
– Yes.

I shouldn’t buy those socks again.

Let’s cut them nicely.

(He easily finishes cutting
Yanghee’s nails.)

(Feeling proud of her)

– That was quick.
– Good job.

(Petting her)

It didn’t take long.

Look how full your stomach is.

(Full stomach)

(Eating it)


I didn’t give it to you,
but you found it.

– She took it.
– She ate it on her own.

(Sweet Yanghee’s cute rebellion)

(Finishing taking care of Yanghee)

You’re eating again.

(Gulping cold cola)

That’s right. Cola is the best
when you’re trying to gain weight.

– Soda…
– It’s the best.

(Shoveling them into his mouth)

(Drinking the soda
to cleanse his mouth)

(Suddenly bringing a bag out)

You’re getting fur everywhere.

I’m so full.

(Reading his script right away)

The drama script.

“Why are you acting like this, Dad?”

(Focusing on his script)

You aren’t taking a break.

You have to memorize your lines.

“I’ll exchange it
if you don’t like it.”

(Jumping to her feet)

What are you doing? Don’t bother me.

(I want to.)

No, no.

She’s being cute
and asking you to play with her.

– Goodness.
– She’s so cute.

(Look at no one but me.)

Then he won’t be able to focus.

I need to read my script.

(She makes sure
he can’t read his script.)

– Goodness.
– Look at her.

She’s so cute.

(He is zoned out.)

(Leaving after bothering him)

(He ends up not being able
to finish practicing.)

I don’t have time for this.

The day is short. I have to eat.

– You have to gain weight.
– You should eat.

Of course.

(Having lunch two hours later)

(Rummaging through the refrigerator)

What are you going to eat?

Let’s have a light lunch.

Since I have to eat dinner too,

I’ll eat lunch to help
pace myself out.

– Pace yourself out?
– Are you taking a break?

This isn’t yours.

(Soy sauce marinated crab)


It’s an explosion of sodium.

Simply pour it over the rice.

That makes you eat even more rice.

– Gosh.
– It looks so good.

(Squeezing it out over the rice)

Is this a home shopping channel?

(Crunching sound)

(Sucking the meat out)

(Sucking the meat out)

It’s a simple, but very good meal.

The crab shell.

Here comes the shell.

– That’s good.
– You have to mix rice in it.

– It’s really good.
– It’s the best.


(The rice is mixed perfectly
with marinated crab.)

(Taking it straight into his mouth)

(That looks tasty.)

(This is it.)

Push the meat out
as hard as I can.

(Squeezing out the last bit of meat)

I’m killing the crab.

(Eating endlessly)

My gosh.

(Scraping the bowl and drinking it)

– You eat so quickly.
– That’s amazing.

I’m full.

(He finished the marinated crab.)


(Finishing off with soda)

You’re digesting it with soda.

I ate six bowls of rice
since breakfast,

– Six bowls.
– But it wasn’t hard to eat it.

I’m fine yet.

My body is slowly…

getting too heavy to move.

It’s the 1st time in a decade
eating all 3 meals.

My waist must be 33 inches now.

(Let’s see how much weight
he gained.)


I have 1kg left.

(He has 1kg left to his goal.)

My body feels bloated.

Come here, Yanghee.

(Sung Hoon goes into the room.)


Come here. There’s something
we have to do.

Let’s sleep.

Where are you going?

That’s the best feeling.

– Eating and lying down.
– Lying down right after eating.

(He slowly falls asleep.)


– You’re really sleeping.
– He’s fast asleep.

You have a hard time falling asleep.

(He suffered from insomnia
for 2 years.)

(He used to toss and turn
all night.)

(Sound asleep)

(A day of eating and sleeping well)

– I’m so jealous. Eat and sleep.
– Seriously.

I’m so jealous.

– I’m really jealous.
– It’s the most jealous I’ve been.

All he did was eat and sleep.

(It’s sad to be jealous.)

(Waking up after becoming
the target of jealousy)

(Smacking his lips)

(You’re up.)

(He brings a plastic bag out.)

A snack?

– Did he buy it beforehand?
– Is it chips?

Is it chips?

– That’s a mat.
– Yes.

(He keeps pulling things out.)

(What is all this?)

What is that?

It’s for scent walking.

There are many items for dogs.

(Hiding snacks in toys
and making dogs find them)

You’re scent walking her.

It’s very good for dogs.

Smelling is good for them.

Yanghee had bad bronchial tubes…

since she was young
and got several treatments.

So I try not to take her out…

on days with bad air quality.

I was wondering what I could
do for her…

and this is what I decided to do.

(Let’s start making it.)

I didn’t know you could
make it yourself.

It’s very simple.

The best thing…

– is that it’s cheap.
– That’s right.

(Cutting the dishcloth)

Take this.

(Taking the cut piece of dishcloth)

– You tie that?
– Yes, tie it in each gap.


(Tying again)

I don’t have much to do at home.

It’s a good pastime.


(Getting fuller already)

No one will be able to find
a snack hidden here.

(Rubbing his face against it)

What are you doing?

(She is shocked.)

Was it for yourself?

Are you scent walking too?

I tried it out.

This one next.

– You’re using other items too.
– I see.

You’re using a variety.

It looks pretty nice.

(Attaching toys Yanghee had)

(The scent walking toy is ready.)

It’s made with love and effort.

Time flies. It’s already night.

(It’s Yanghee’s turn to try it.)

Find it.

(Starting to look for it)


– One.
– Good job.

(Searching everywhere)


(Eating it)

That’s right. There it is.


(Yanghee easily finds it.)

– You found it and ate it.
– She finds it easily.

You’re right.


(Looking around)

(Pausing while looking for it)

(Let’s see.)

(Looking around)

Where did I hide it?

Where did one go?

(He quickly looks for it.)

Where did one go?
Where did I hide it?

(Human scent walking)

He’s looking for it with her.

My gosh. Why are you doing it
with her?

(The human gives up.)

– Okay.
– Yanghee found it.

(Eating it)

You like it.

(Feeling satisfied)

She likes it.

Does she still play with it?

– She loves it.
– It’s good you made it for her.

(Going to the kitchen
after cleaning up)

(Whenever he goes into the kitchen, )

(he eats.)

(He eats blueberries out of habit.)

(The amount of blueberries

(compared to the amount
he washed earlier.)

(Checking after eating)

(Patting himself)

You have a belly.

– Your belly.
– It’s sticking out.

(How much weight did I gain?)

I have 0.3kg left to my goal.

– It’s going up.
– You have 0.3kg left.

(Going back to the kitchen)

(Taking something out)

– You’re going to grill something.
– It’s meat.

– You’re grilling something.
– You need the fat.

– Absolutely.
– You need the fat.

The long-awaited dinner
is pork belly.

– That’s it.
– I’m so jealous.



Wait a minute. You used that
to make Yanghee’s snack,

to wash blueberries,
and to grill meat now.

– It’s a multi-purpose pan.
– Yes, it is.

(Yanghee is surprised.)

– That surprises dogs.
– I’m sorry.

– “I’m fine.”
– “I’m fine.”

– That’s awesome.
– It looks good.

– Frozen pork belly.
– The last 0.3kg.

(Grilling it quickly)

(Flipping it over in one try)

You should cut it.

Why cut it? He can eat it
in one bite.


(Grilling to a golden crisp)

(Smiling as he takes
the pork belly out)

It’s nicely grilled to a crisp.

(Grilling the next batch so he
doesn’t have to wait while eating)

(That’s hot!)

Oh, no. Goodness.

– You suddenly look like an idiot.
– It must be hot.

(What is wrong with him?)

(Time to eat the pork belly
after getting showered with oil)

(Eating it without cutting it)



(Biting into the pork belly)

You’re eating it whole.

(The chewy texture of the wild)

– It’s similar.
– Yes, it is.

It’s like “Animal Kingdom”.

(Biting, chewing,
and tasting the meat)

(Taking a big bite)

(Food show of a wild beast)

Aged kimchi.

– You usually grill it together.
– Here is the aged kimchi.

This is driving me crazy.

Please stop this.

This is so painful.

(The aged kimchi
is cooked thoroughly.)

(Filling the pan
as soon as he empties it)

How much meat was that?

It was 500g.

That’s enough for three people.


(It must’ve been hard to eat
and he cuts it with scissors.)

– That looks amazing.
– It’s really good with kimchi.

(Constantly eating)

It’s impressive how much
you’re eating…

just to do what the script says.

(The pork is grilled non-stop.)

(The frying pan is finally empty.)


What’s this? Unbelievable.

– I thought you were done.
– Me too.

What did I say?

Don’t underestimate him.

(He doesn’t stop grilling meat.)


– That’s good.
– It’s good.

– Really?
– I ate it like that as a kid.

It’s delicious.

(Constantly eating while humming)

It looks so good.

(That’s impressive.)

(I won’t watch this.)


Being full all day
makes me constantly sleepy.

It even makes me sleepy.

(Waiting for the other side to cook)


You’re like pigs and cows.

– That’s bliss.
– You’re like a cow.

I’m so sleepy.

I’m sleepy too.

(All he hears is the sound
of sizzling meat.)

The sound.

– Like ASMR.
– Right.

It’s like the sound
of something frying.

(Like General Min Kyoung sleeping
to the sound of frying pork cutlet)

(Pork belly ASMR as a lullaby)

(Leaving the pork to cook)

(He falls asleep.)


(The good daughter
wakes him up just in time.)

What? You weren’t sleeping?

(The meat is burning.)


You really slept.

Yes, I fell asleep.

You have a belly
even when you’re lying down.

Your dream is coming true.

It’s coming true.


It’s funny that you’re eating
as soon as you get up.

This is unbelievable.

You won’t stop grilling.

– You’ll eat a whole pig.
– That’s 1kg, right?

Yes, it is.

(Next comes beer.)

– Even beer?
– Help me.

That looks so good.

– Seriously.
– This…

Are you jealous? Are you?

(Pouring it)

– You poured it well.
– Yes, he did.

You can eat more when drinking.

Dark beer is good with carbs.

– Dark beer.
– It looks so good.

– My gosh, it looks amazing.
– Look at the color.

Dark beer is really good with meat.

– Yes, it is.
– It looks so good.

(Gulping it)

(The refreshing beer cleanses
his oily esophagus.)

(After drinking beer,
he moves his hands faster.)

By the way, when people eat alone,

– they usually watch TV…
– Or using their smartphones.

Exactly. Watching online videos.
But you’re just eating.

I have never done anything else…

– while eating.
– Right.

But if you meet your future in-laws,

you should talk to them
while eating.

– He might…
– Your future father-in-law…

– I thought about it too.
– “Hey, Sung Hoon.”

– Right?
– I’ve never imagined that before.

He should practice it.

(They’d be lucky if he doesn’t
bite them like this.)


(His jaw is starting to hurt.)

(He’s too full to swallow food.)

He’s still eating,
but he looks tired.

He must be full.
He drank soda and beer too.

He ate 1kg of pork belly.

With so much kimchi.

– His body must feel heavy now.
– Is he done eating now?

I think he’s done.
Wait. What is he doing?

(He’ll eat cup ramyeon.)

– That’s for dessert.
– It’s a small one.

My goodness. This is unbelievable.

– This will be the finishing tough.
– Gosh, seriously.

(He should’ve said
“the finishing touch”.)

– Did he say “tough”?
– Because his body feels heavy now.

– What’s the correct expression?
– His tongue must feel heavy too.


– He’s been eating all day long.
– Exactly.

(His breathing became heavy
because of his full stomach.)

Gosh, I’m tired.

I feel tired after eating
for the first time.

(He barely takes a bite
of pork belly.)

(He picked up another piece, but…)

Now that I’ve watched him eat,
I understand how hard it was.

– He had to eat a lot for work.
– Yes.

I want to cheer him up.

I felt fine until I finished
the first pack of pork belly.

When I picked up the last piece
before eating ramyeon,

I thought I couldn’t eat any more.

(I thought I couldn’t eat any more.)

– You can do it.
– Cheer up.

– Cheer up.
– You can do it.

(He couldn’t get enough of meat
until now.)

There were times
when you were like that.

(He had no problem
eating ramyeon after meat.)

You see, I had never eaten food…

with a purpose like that.

I’ve been doing this
for that one scene.

Just for the scene.

He’s so professional.

(I won’t give up
because of a small cup ramyeon.)

– You can do this.
– He’s ready.

– You can do this.
– You can finish it.

(He seems unnecessarily determined.)

– He looks determined.
– This is the highlight.

I’m tearing up.

(The small cup ramyeon
will be the highlight of the day.)

– He should put the finishing tough,
– Cheer up.

I mean, the finishing touch.

(Here I go.)

You can do it!


(He’s eating all the noodles
in one bite.)

(Everyone is amazed.)

(He won’t stop eating even if
he burns the roof of his mouth.)

He finally finished all the food.


(It’s not over yet.)

(This will make him feel so full.)

(He’s drinking the whole glass
of beer at once.)


(He feels too heavy
to even stand up.)

(He’s walking toward the scale
right after eating.)

(The final weight will summarize
his day.)

Four servings of kimchi jjim.

Four bowls of cooked rice.

Two marinated crabs.

Extra two bowls of cooked rice.

1kg of pork belly.

One serving of cup ramyeon.

– And one can of beer.
– That’s unbelievable.

– And 1.5l of soda.
– He ate so much.

Three packs of blueberries.

– Blueberries?
– The blueberries…

– He ate 1kg of blueberries?
– That was shocking to me.

(It’s hard to believe
that he ate it all.)

(How much could he weigh now?)



I didn’t do anything to deserve
this reaction.

– This is how we cheer for you.
– I’m proud of you.

He pulled it off!

(He gained about 5kg
in a few hours.)

(His belly is sticking out.)

Look at this.

– Gosh. Where’s my waist?
– I’m so proud of him.

– Where is my waist?
– His belly is sticking out.

I can’t find my waist.

Why is that?

(Are you satisfied
with today’s result?)

Yes, I’m satisfied.

“Honestly, I wish I had gained
a little more weight.”

I don’t even think that way.

I’m fully satisfied
with the outcome I got.

If I had to compare the day before
the Home Alone Fashion Show…

and today…

That day must’ve been better.

– He couldn’t even drink water.
– I think so too.

Eating food would be better.

(He couldn’t even drink water
as well as eating food.)

(He experienced extreme hunger.)

(Today, he ate everything but water
and felt extremely full.)

It must’ve been hard
in a different sense.

It’s hard to say.

But I think losing weight is
a little bit better.

– It’s because…
– I see how hard it was for him.

Managing my weight
preparing for fashion shows…

became my everyday routine.

– I’m used to that lifestyle now.
– I see.

(He’s more comfortable
with losing than gaining weight.)

(Sung Hoon always does his best
even when it’s hard.)

He fought well.

(Lying down)

Gosh, it’s so hard to make money.

That’s true.
It’s hard to make money.

My goodness.

(It’s Hard to Make Money)

(Home Alone)

Now, it’s time to meet
a new Rainbow Club member.

After last week’s episode aired,

so many people listened to
2PM’s songs.

– Gosh.
– Yes. It drew a lot of attention.

(The muscular idols who are
preparing for a comeback)

(Their dance practice
at Woo Young’s house…)

(drew a lot of attention.)

People liked the way they reminded
them of old memories.

They’re called
the idols of old days.

– The idols…
– The idols of old days.

We wanted you to reminisce
old days again this week,

so we prepared the second part
of the Idols of Old Days special.


Watch me, everyone.

Oh, my

(Oh, my)

How could you laugh at me
right in front of me?

The forever national little sister,

– An So Hee is here.
– My gosh.

(My gosh.)

– I’m so curious.
– Dumpling, Dumpling.

– Me too.
– I’m so curious.


(She was a member of Wonder Girls,
the popular group in the 2000s.)

(Dumpling So Hee was so cute.)

(She won the hearts
of both men and women.)

(She transformed into an actress.)

(She performed in “Train to Busan”
that drew 10 million viewers.)

(She acted in a lot of
movies and dramas.)

(The national little sister,
An So Hee)

– My, she’s so pretty.
– Oh, gosh.

– She’s a living doll.
– Exactly. She’s like a pretty doll.

– This feels so unreal.
– Indeed.

– Hello.
– Please stand here.

– I’m so excited.
– Hello, everyone.


Oh, my.

She looks like a princess.

– I was a fan of H.O.T.
– H.O.T. Right.

– What about you?
– I was a fan of BigBang.


I liked Wonder Girls too.

Everyone liked Wonder Girls
back then.

(His dream as a fan
finally came true.)

I’m so excited to be here.

– We’re excited to see you too.
– We feel the same way.

– Please say hello to the viewers.
– Okay.

Hello. It’s been a while.

I’m An So Hee.

It’s a little bit hard to believe
that she’s in front of me.

It’s hard for me to believe
I met you guys.

I’ve only seen you on TV.

But I’m here in the studio
with you now.

When we think about So Hee,

the first thing that comes to our
mind is what Na Rae did earlier.

– Oh, my
– My goodness.

She’s taken aback.

(My goodness.)


My goodness.

We showed her a little bit,
but she was surprised.

– Shall I surprise you even more?
– Pardon?

(Shall I surprise you even more?)

– I prepared something…
– I was surprised too.

– For So Hee.
– What could that be?

I heard that dance covers
done on Home Alone went viral.

– She will dance to “Tell Me”.
– So I prepared…

– Yes. I’ll dance to the song.
– No way.

I practiced the dance at home.

(It begins with
a shoulder shake dance move.)

Goodness gracious. Look at her.

This is the key point of the dance.

(She knows the key point at least.)


(Oh, my)

(After Oh My Dance,
she’s moving on to the highlight.)

(The national dance)

(Pointing all directions)

(Then the full body wave dance

(Dancing the national dance)

My, she’s so tall. Look at her.

(The giraffe dance?)

(The more you see her dance,
the more surprised you get.)

– She looks like a giraffe.
– My gosh.


(Fully satisfied)


– Thank you so much.
– It was… Don’t mention it.

She did a good job
at learning the choreography.

– Really?
– But we have Dancer84 here too.

(We can’t leave out Dancer84
when it comes to dancing.)

– So Hee, can you demonstrate a bit?
– Oh, of course.

– I’ll do the chorus part dance.
– I can’t believe I get to see it.

– I’m so excited.
– I haven’t done this in a while.

(Let’s watch the dance
in the old days.)

You can do anything you want here.

And then…

(Oh, my)


– I can’t believe I’m watching this.
– I have goosebumps now.

She’s dancing right in front of us.

(You saw it, right?)

– Kian84, focus on your dance.
– Okay.

– You see,
– He almost forgot he should dance.

Kian84 learns choreography quickly.

I’m excited to see him dance.

(As So Hee said she was excited, )

(Kian84 got into
the dance standby mode.)

He’s Wonder Kian.

Wonder Kian?


(That’s awesome.)

– My gosh.
– Kian84, you’re doing great.

(The more he shakes his shoulders,
the more excited he gets.)

– There he goes.
– The highlight.

(Oh, my)

Snot came out of my nose.

(They all looked away.)

– I’m sorry.
– You did so well. That’s okay.

You did a great job.

– Indeed.
– What do you think of his dance?

Pardon? Oh, I think it was unique.


(An So Hee’s Around 30)

I can’t believe she’s 30 already.

I guess I’m not the only one
who’s aging.

She’s still 16 to me.

– Exactly.
– Dumpling So Hee.

– Dumpling So Hee.
– Dumpling So Hee.

– Are you really 30?
– Oh, gosh. Yes, I am.

30… Why did you pick
a title like that?

Right. Change it to “Around 16”.

– I’ll talk to our staff.
– Thanks.

(Still Around 16)

(So Hee is still in bed.)


It feels so strange. Oh, gosh.

– It starts when she wakes up.
– She’s wriggling.

(What time is it?)

(She checked the time and started
stretching her arms and legs.)

(Rotating her wrists)

– Are you practicing dancing?
– No.

I heard it’s good to loosen up
joints every morning.

A national idol singer is doing it.

I’m surprised.

– I guess she’s human after all.
– I think I should manage my joints.

– She danced a lot at a young age.
– Exactly.

(She’s wearing
thick sleeping socks.)

Do you sleep with socks on?

– Yes, I get cold very easily.
– You have cold hands and feet?

Yes, I do.

Same here.

(She’s wearing thick pajamas.)

(After doing simple stretches,
she got out of the bed.)

(Messy hair)

(She hydrates herself
as soon as she wakes up.)

(She’s still half asleep
and can’t even open her eyes.)

(She can do her morning routine
with her eyes closed.)

– What is that?
– What is she doing?

– Eye drops?
– Oh, artificial tears?

– Yes.
– Do you wear contact lenses?

No, I don’t wear contact lenses.

But I heard that it’s good
to put in artificial tears…

and roll the eyes
with the eyes closed…

right after you wake up
and before you go to bed.

I heard it’s good
for your eye health.

– So Hee,
– She cares a lot about her health.

– You sound like a doctor.
– I do care about my health.

– Do you have dry eyes?
– Yes.

– I bet she’ll live until 100.
– Exactly.

– She’ll live a long, healthy life.
– Yes.

I try to do everything
good for my health.

(The morning eye care routine
is essential.)

My, she has such good skin.

(Her skin still looks like
a middle school girl’s.)

(Flopping down)

Hello. I’m An So Hee.

– She’s so cute.
– I’ve been living alone…

for almost seven years.

– “7 years”.
– “7 years”.

I’ll do this whenever I say “seven”
from now on.

– I’m 37.
– I’m 37.

I didn’t know I used my hands
that much.

– She hasn’t aged at all.
– What should I do?

(She looks like she hasn’t aged
in the past 14 years.)

Actually, I moved to this house
at the end of last year.

It’s been two months since I moved.
This is my new home.

I’m still getting used to
living here.

(So Hee’s new house)

It’s so clean and tidy.

I’ve never kept the living room
so bright like this before.

I used to have blackout curtains
in my living room.

I kept my house quite dark
all the time.

People around me always told me
to come out to the light.

So when I moved to this house,
I took a plunge…

– and hung thin curtains.
– It has an open view.

And I think that creates
a nice atmosphere…

like a cafe.

So I’m happy with my decision.

(Next to the mini cafe, )

(there’s a tidy kitchen.)

– The house suits your personality.
– Really?

– It’s white and clean.
– Exactly.

It’s so nice to hear it.

Those mugs suit her well too.

(Simple and unique plates)

I like to keep my house
clean and organized,

so I don’t display
a lot of items in my house.

I guess you don’t like
decorating your house either.

It’s easy to clean the house
if I keep it organized.

She put an accent color though.

(This is her dressing room.)

– She organized the room so well.
– It’s so tidy.

(Her clothes are organized neatly.)

– She’s good at organizing things.
– Indeed.

When I see
my neatly organized dressing room,

it makes me feel so good.

She speaks in such a cute manner.

– “It makes me feel so good.”
– “It makes me feel so good.”

– I’ve learned so much from her.
– Exactly.

“It makes me feel so good.”

– I learned a lot from her too.
– You’re sticking your belly out.

You’re right.

(Her belly is sticking out.)

– My stomach is full right now.
– Look here.

– What is this?
– Help me lose belly fat.

(Meanwhile, So Hee is
still half asleep.)

– She’s wearing such thick socks.
– Right.

I’m trying to wake myself up.

– Are you meditating?
– Yes. I’m waking myself up.

(Opening her eyes)

(After her morning eye care routine,
she moves on to the next step.)

I heard it’s good to drink
hot tea in the morning.

I guess there’s someone
who tells you stuff like that.

My father often sends me
health care tips via text messages.

(She finished preparing
to brew tea.)

(She’ll stay at the cafe
until the water starts to boil.)


Actually, I started learning…

how to make beaded accessories
not long ago.

I found it quite fun.

So I check if the beads I made the
night before were glued together…

as soon as I wake up.

I would say,
“Good. It’s dried up nicely.”

I check it every morning.


– How cute.
– She’s so cute.

– She makes me focus.
– She’s so cute.

– Oh, my.
– Exactly.

(She made mask straps
the night before.)

It’s dried up perfectly.

How cute.

(Her eyebrows are lifted up.)

I feel so happy at moments
like that.

It’s done.


I’m going to make a few more
for my dad and sister.


(She put the beads aside.)

(Brewing healthy morning tea)

(Next, she starts preparing
her breakfast.)

I suppose she cooks at home often.
Her fridge is fully packed up.

(The freezer is full of bread.)

– Bread?
– It’s filled with bread.

– Are you a bread lover?
– Yes, I’m a bread lover.

That’s good to know.

I can relate to that.

– It lasts long in a zipper bag.
– Right. Right.

I will try this one.

I will try this one.

I will try this one.

(She gets two pieces of bread.)

(And she boils eggs.)

(Adding salt)

(She takes out blueberries…)

(from the fridge.)

I will eat 12.

Right. That’s how
you should eat blueberries.

– Someone ate handfuls of them.
– Really?

Yes. He eats handfuls.

(She gets 12 blueberries.)

That’s pineapple.

It’s like a hotel breakfast.
The presentation is nice.

Do you always eat breakfast
like this? You don’t eat rice?

Yes. I usually eat like this.

– Is that yogurt?
– Yogurt.

Yes. It’s Greek yogurt.

(The hard-boiled egg
is cut in half.)

(She only eats the egg white.)

She’s serious about her health.

I am serious.

(She eats her first meal
after noon.)

– What is she doing?
– Why…

– Are you sleeping?
– Is that good for health?

– Meditating?
– Morning zoning-out?

Yes. I zone out while drinking tea.

(Sitting in the most
comfortable position, )

(she zones out.)

You are not upset, are you?

Did something upsetting happen?

– What are you thinking about?
– I’m just zoned out.

I do it while tea goes down
to my stomach.

(Eating the egg white half)



Her cheeks are big.


(Her mouth is tightly closed.)


How many times
do you chew the egg white?

It’s like she’s mashing it.

It’s good to chew a lot.

– It’s good for health.
– It’s good for health.

I hope you will live
a long and healthy life.

(2x speed)

(3x speed)

– You chew it for that long?
– She’s still chewing.

– That’s…
– Could she be chewing her tongue?

– My goodness.
– I chew for a long time, don’t I?

(It took her 2 minutes and
30 seconds to eat the egg white.)

You chewed it for
2 minutes and 30 seconds?

(She sets up the tablet PC.)

(She starts eating bread.)

When you spread Greek yogurt
on bread, it’s really good.

– What kind of a jam is that?
– That’s pear jam.

– Pear?
– Yes.


(Holding the bread
on one hand, )

(she starts chewing again.)

It won’t become dinner time
while eating breakfast, would it?

The day might end
when I’m done eating.

(She’s still chewing.)

I am a very…

slow eater.

However much time I’m given,

I can spend that entire time eating.

I really take my time
in the mornings.

– That’s why she’s so thin.
– What? No. No.

That was it.

(She slowly enjoys her meal.)

She seems relaxed,
and it’s lovely.

I love that feeling too.
I love being slow.

(It’s hot.)

(It took her an hour
to eat breakfast.)


(After a very relaxing breakfast, )

(she picks up
the fishing line again.)

– The beads.
– Yes.

(She starts the bead art.)

(She turns on a YouTube tutorial…)

(and concentrates.)

(Getting saliva)

So Hee does this too.

I thought only my grandma does that.

– We’re similar.
– Right.

– What are you trying to make?
– A mask strap.

I see.

(She pulls the fishing line.)

(It’s completely entangled.)

Gosh. It’s completely entangled.

(Is this not it?)



– Her reactions are rich.
– Right.

(My goodness.)

(Getting up)

This won’t do.

I’ll have something sweet.

(What is she looking for
rummaging through the kitchen?)

– Yakgwa?
– You eat yakgwa?

I only eat it on a holiday.

You’ve got a grandmother’s palate.

Right. I hear that a lot.

It’s sweet enough
to get the daily sugar intake.

(She gets yakgwa
to get the daily sugar intake.)

They are not
the same ones, are they?


(She gets two boxes more.)

There are different ones.

There are different kinds of them.

(Why do you have
so many yakgwas?)

I’m addicted to yakgwa.

I’m addicted to yakgwa these days.

I am exploring different brands…

of yakgwa.

– And…
– Don’t they all taste the same?


They are all different.

– Are they all different?
– They are all different.

– How are they different?
– There are subtle differences.

There’s a very greasy
and sweet one.

There’s a lighter one.

Usually when you eat yakgwa,
you choke.

– It’s really dense.
– It’s really sticky.

But you have to see
if you choke when it’s dry…

or when it’s dense and moist.

– You are serious about it.
– She’s a doctor.

See if it’s dry or…

(She tries the first yakgwa.)


(She explores the new brand.)

(Her frown shows
how much she likes it.)

This is good.

(She puts it down.)

(And she gets a different
brand of yakgwa.)


She eats well.

When you eat snacks,
you don’t eat slowly.

You only eat breakfast slowly.

This one is…

(She tastes another kind.)

It’s different.


It’s nice and choky.

– You like that?
– I like that.

It makes you choke.

I have to constantly press it down.

– I never drink water though.
– Why not?

I eat them…

and get a sip of hot tea
to push them down.

I eat some more
and push them down with tea.

I enjoy that.

I can feel them going down.

– I…
– She’s a unique person.


Her reactions are…

I think I am the only one
who can hear them.

When you talk,
she quietly laughs like this.


– Really?
– Yes. You didn’t hear it, did you?

– I didn’t hear it.
– You might not know,

– but she keeps saying things.
– What does she say?

She expressed a variety of emotions.

(Joy, That’s fascinating.)

(Upset, Did I do that?)

(Sad, I’m embarrassed.)

(Happy, Laughing)


(So Hee never stops reacting.)

– My goodness.
– Please make it louder.

– I can’t hear you.
– Right.


My goodness.

Do Yeon, I can’t hear them.

So tell me whenever
she says something.

I will report it like a reporter.

I’m choking.

(A hot tea is what she needs.)

(Pushing it down)

– It’s like she’s drinking alcohol.
– I know.

I love it.

(Yakgwa fully recharged her.)

(Her hands became quicker.)

(So Hee’s workshop has hope.)

I did it. I did it.

(She finished a mask strap.)

It’s lovely.

– Is that your initial?
– Yes.

– S.
– Actually,

I made ones for you too.

– The mask strap?
– Yes.

– Really?
– Yes.

I will wear it even
after COVID-19.

(He gives up breathing.)

He means it.

– I made these.
– He’s so funny.

(She even wrote their names.)

(It’s a lovely gift from So Hee.)

You can use it as a necklace too.

Make sure you wear it
even after COVID-19.

It’s lovely.

I made Kian84’s too short.

It’s all right. It’s all right.

– I’m so happy.
– I love the colors.

– This is a precious gift.
– I know.

It’s nice that I get to eat
a lot of yakgwa while making it.

(Thank you.)

(After the bead art, )

(she gets ready to go out.)

(She checks her face.)


(Putting it on)

(She dresses warmly…)

(and finally leaves home.)

(It’s a parking lot.)

– You drive there.
– Yes.

– It doesn’t suit her.
– I know.

– We think of her as a teenager.
– Why is that?

She used to be so young.
When did she get a driver’s license?

I feel like she would
charge a bus card and take a bus.


(Flipping her hair)

(She fearlessly drives
with one hand.)

She’s confident.

She’s singing. She’s singing.
She’s singing!

How can you be this excited?

“She’s singing. She’s singing!”

(The uncle fan got
too immersed in it.)

– What?
– She was singing in the car.

It fascinates me.

(Where did she drive to
while singing?)

– Hello.
– Hello.

– Hello.
– Where is this place?

Come here, So Hee.

– You went to work out.
– Work out?

Did you feel all right yesterday?



It hurt, didn’t it?

Let’s make it hurt a little more.

A little more?

– Okay.
– A little more.

– Let’s begin.
– Okay.

– Move back.
– It’s a vibrating platform.

– You work out on the platform.
– Stretch your body.

Stretch and lower your body.


Extend your tail bone.

Stretch your chest
and tuck in your belly.

That’s it.

– What did you eat this morning?
– This morning?

It looks like you ate something.

I ate yakgwa.

Did they change her voice?

I ate several of them
in a matter of…

– Did you gulp them down?
– I did.

Should we make you lose
all the yakgwas you’ve eaten?

– What do you think?
– Okay.

Straighten your knees.

Let’s lose all the yakgwas
you just ate.

(She begins the process
of losing all the yakgwa.)

That’s it.

Straighten your back
and push out your chest.

Slowly. That’s it.

(The yakgwa elimination
process really begins.)

(Losing 1 yakgwa)

Yakgwa came out of her mouth.

(She starts losing the yakgwa.)

Two yakgwas came out.

– 3 yakgwas came out.
– 3.

That’s it.

You are so good, So Hee.

That’s it for today.

– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.

(Her hair is all messed up.)

She should go home and rest.

– Right.
– She can take a nap.

(Where did she drag…)

(her tired body to?)

– It’s not a home.
– Did she go somewhere else?


– Hello.
– Hello.

– You’re working out again?
– Another workout?

(My goodness.)

Do you always work out
intensely when you do?

I try to work out every day.

When I have time,
I try to do two workouts.

Do you not drink?

I drink.

– You drink?
– You drink?

I work out after eating yakgwa,

and I work out after drinking.

I see.

It’s the workout
I recently started doing.

You can cycle, run, and swim there.

You can do all three workouts.

A lot of triathletes come…

and train there.

(She ties her hair…)

(and starts running.)

(Triathlon 1: Running)

(It seems like
she’s used to running.)

(She just came from
doing another workout.)

(But she’s
still got light footsteps.)

It’s nice to run outside too.

– Is that an invitation?
– Are you…

I am…

Are you trying to ask her
to run with you?

– It’s…
– Why are you so careful today?

You want to recommend it.

If you have a chance…

I work out quite a lot,

but I am not that fit.

– You are not that fit?
– So you…

So you don’t want to run with me.

– That’s what you’re saying.
– I am…

trying to become more fit.

One day…

– One day…
– One day…

I want to run outside too.

(She makes no promise.)

(She runs inside today.)


(Triathlon 2: Cycling)


I feel like my hips
are going to burst.

– Change into a swimsuit.
– A swimming pool.

– Okay.
– She works out endlessly.

– Try to relax in the water.
– Sounds great.

Let’s go.

(Her workout isn’t over.)

(Triathlon 3: Running in Water)

Running in the water?

You run inside the water.

I turned on the treadmill.

Carefully go up.

Start walking slowly.

– Walk lightly.
– The treadmill is inside.

(She walks lightly to warm up.)

It’s coming out.

Oh, my gosh.

(Current mode on)

There’s the current too.
You have to run.

It’s not easy.

That’s really tough.

(She rolls her feet more
to not get washed away.)

– How many seconds?
– Two minutes.

– How many seconds are left?
– You have 17 seconds.

– How many seconds?
– 10 more seconds.

They always say you have
10 seconds,

– but it’s not true.
– 2, 1.


It makes you laugh in vain.

Grab the bar.

How many hours did you work out?

About an hour and a half?

That’s it. Slowly.

(It’s time to relax the muscles.)


– That must feel good.
– That’s it.

(She slowly lies on the water bed.)

(She distances herself
from the noises around us…)

(and enjoys the peace and quiet.)

(She lets the water hold her body.)

(And she enjoys the moment.)

Because I became a singer too early,

I didn’t get to experience things
out of this job.

My goodness.

(She debuted at the age of 16
as a member of Wonder Girls.)

(She’s been living the busiest…)

(and the flashiest life…)

(as a singer.)

I didn’t get to enjoy
the everyday things.

Working as an actress,

I realized that I lacked
experience in those areas.

The characters I play are…

mostly ordinary people…

we can meet around us.

The fact that I lack
such experiences…

made it hard to act.

So I am trying to experience
as many things as possible.

I am trying to travel a lot.

I try to learn the things
I am interested in.

I am trying.

She says she lacks experience.

Should I help her
get all the experiences?

She doesn’t mean
the obscene experiences.

Why would you
call those obscene experiences?

– You are already doing well.
– Don’t get too close to her.


If she asks for your number,
don’t give it to her.

Tell her that your phone
number starts with 017.

017? Don’t you think
you are being too mean?

I want to go to Na Rae Bar.

No. No. No.


– Why can’t she go?
– Experiences like that…

You will get tainted. You can’t go.

– Come on.
– Right.

Thank you.

– Well done.
– Thank you.

– It became night.
– It became night already?

– She’s sleepy.
– She must be.

It feels like how you feel
after you play in the pool.

You feel sleepy.

(She drags her tired body…)


– Did she buy something?
– Oh, my gosh.

I got groceries on the way to cook.

Do you cook?

(Nodding and laughing)

(She unpacks the groceries.)

(And she drinks
a nice sip of water.)

(She’s a cook with fat cheeks.)

So cute.

(She’s ready.)

I love cooking.

People say my food is good.

(Everyone says my food is good.)

Tonight, I will cook
stir-fried spicy pork with kimchi.

– I will boil tofu and eat with it.
– Hold on.

– It will be perfect with a drink.
– It’s what you have with a drink.

I will cook tofu and
eat it with makgeolli.

That will be my dinner.

My goodness.

– She’s about that age.
– Little sister drinks makgeolli.

– She’s old enough to drink it.
– Yes. Yes.

Yes. I am old enough.

How much can you drink?

– How much can I drink?
– One glass?

Two glasses?

– I don’t know how much I can drink.
– Half a glass?

– She must drink well.
– She’s a hard drinker.

If she doesn’t know, it means
she can drink really well.

I don’t know precisely
how much I can drink.

Do you go to Hongdae
and drink with friends?

Do you have friends?

– I have friends.
– Why wouldn’t she have friends?

– It’s just that…
– What’s wrong with you?

She seems to be
doing well by herself.

Of course she’s got friends.

– Do you drink with your friends?
– Yes.

When we eat together,

– we drink.
– You drink while eating?

– Do you make a toast?
– Yes.

(So Hee’s all grown up now.)

(She fixes
the dinner with a drink.)

(She gets a lump of meat.)

She drains blood.


– She must cook a lot.
– I can tell that she cooks a lot.



(Plum syrup)

(She marinates with hand.)

You don’t look at a recipe.

I just wing it.

(She follows her intuition
and makes the sauce.)

(This is the sauce she made.)

Let’s see.



It’s good.

(She praises her cooking talent.)

(She thoroughly covers
the meat with the sauce…)

(and leaves it to marinate.)

(When she’s busy cooking…)


Someone is here.

– She’s here.
– Who is it?


She’s got a friend after all.

– I am hungry.
– I’m sorry.

(She takes makgeolli
to the kitchen.)

– Did you buy it?
– Who is she?

(The guest is veiled.)

(She goes straight to the sink.)

(Who is she?)

She’s my elder sister.

She’s six years older than me.

She’s my elder sister, and we
decided to have dinner at my place.

(An So Young, So Hee’s elder sister)

– They look alike.
– They do.

– They really look alike.
– Those cheeks…

We look alike?

– What’s wrong?
– No, nothing.

I hear that a lot, actually.

Of course you look like your sister,
she’s your family.

People say that I look like
my brother all the time.

– They look a lot like each other.
– That’s true.

People tell me that
your brother looks like me.

You’re not our family.

– Why would he look like you?
– I don’t know either.

That’s fascinating.

So Hee just reacted
to what Kian84 said.

– Really?
– What did she say?

“That’s fascinating.”


(A dinner preparation
with her sister)


Dad said your stir-fried spicy pork
is really good.

I marinated plenty of pork,

so you can take it home
and give it to Dad.

You must cook for your dad
from time to time.

– Yes.
– They’re good daughters.

I’ll start
on the stir-fried spicy pork.

All right.

(Making oil with green onion
and garlic)

(Gently putting the marinated meat
on top of the oil)


It looks good.

– She even added aged kimchi.
– The smell is nice.

(My goodness.)

(Adding all the ingredients she has)

– It totally goes well with alcohol.
– It looks so good.

(Let me stir-fry it.)


There’s so much.

She’s showing off her skills.

– So Hee did another reaction.
– What is it?

We reacted enthusiastically
when her sister tossed the food.

Then So Hee said,
“She’s showing off her skills.”

(She couldn’t hold back
her inner voice.)

(The food So Hee made
with her sister)

– Gosh.
– It’s amazing.

– I want to have it with rice.
– My goodness.

– Oh, no.
– It looks so good!

(They’ll need more snacks
for drinks.)

(Cutting aged kimchi)

Your sister is a good cook.

She’s really good at cooking.

Let’s try it.

– A waffle maker?
– A waffle maker?

It’s really good.
It’s really useful.

I’m cooking it.

(Spreading enough amount
on the waffle maker)

– Do you have the feeling?
– I feel like it’ll be a success.


(The waffle maker is being heated.)

Let’s finish it.

(She carefully opens it.)

– Goodness, So Young!
– Gosh, you startled me.

She’s excited.

– Look. Take a photo of it.
– Okay.

– Are you ready?
– Yes.

(An So Young, a photographer)

(Golden brown)

– Doesn’t it look really nice?
– Amazing!

– It’s fine.
– It’s fine. Take this.

(A table filled with dishes)

It’s so pretty.

Let’s eat.

Great work today.

Thank you.

She knows how to drink.

– She’s only pouring the clear part.
– Yes, only the top part.

– She didn’t mix the sediments.
– That’s right.

Great work.

(They each take a sip
after clinking their glasses.)


It’s so good. It’s sweet.

It’s a little sweet.

Try it.

Try this first.

It looks really chewy.

It’s a different type of chewiness.

It’s different from something like
a steamed bun or rice cake.

It must be good.

(Oh, my)

– She has a lot of expressions.
– Her expression doesn’t lie.


(A soft yet vigorous laugh)

– You all heard this, didn’t you?
– Yes, we did.

We heard it.

It’s good.

Try this too.

– It must be good!
– You’re good at it,

so I’ll trust you.

It should be good
since Dad said it’s good.

(How will So Hee’s
stir-fried spicy pork taste?)



I like that it’s not spicy
even though you made it.

I made it less spicy
since you’re having it.

– It goes well with tofu.
– It’s good.

It’s good with kimchi too.

I was starving.

(Taking a piece of kimchi)

(And taking tofu with kimchi)

It looks so good.

It turned out well. It was nice.

(Shaking the bottle
for the second glass)

I thought you’d only drink milk.

– I know.
– She’s drinking as if it’s milk.


– Oh, right.
– What?

– I have something for you.
– What is it?

I have something for you.

It’s a gift.

– What is it?
– What’s this? What gift?

It’s for you.

It’s shoes?

I thought you’d need them…

– during the shoot.
– A must-have item for the winter!

I recently shot a short drama.

But it was during the cold wave.

My gosh, it must’ve been cold.

Thank you.

They fit perfectly.

The reason why I was so concerned…

that I even got those…

is that back when you were
performing as a singer,

I visited
the music video filming site.

It was really cold.
It was in the middle of the winter.

It was my first time
seeing the site.

– For the music video?
– Yes.

(What she saw was…)

She must’ve been upset.

(Hidden behind
the fancy and beautiful look…)

(was my sister
who was fighting against the cold.)

And you’re shooting
at a similar site,

so I got concerned.

(Suddenly tearing up)


So Young is choking up.

– Oh, no.
– My gosh.

When I was preparing for the drama,

my sister helped me a lot.

I stayed at my dad’s place
because I thought it’d be…

too cold and difficult.

She saw me preparing and shooting
the drama.

And it was her first time
seeing it.

My sister has a soft heart.

(Tearing up while thinking
of what So Hee went through)

– Why are you crying?
– It’s just…

What’s going on?

– Look at you.
– I was really worried.

(Tearing up at the sight
of her sister crying)

My parents both worked
since we were young,

so I spent a lot of time
with my sister.

She’s my sister,

but she’s also my friend…

– and my mom.
– That’s right.

(Her sister is particularly
special to her.)

She takes really good care of me.

She’s my biggest strength.

My gosh.

My gosh.

(Her tears gush out
at the thought of her sister.)

Right. I’ve been doing well,

and I didn’t even cry
in front of my sister.

When I see things like this, I’m
jealous of those who have siblings.

– I’m an only child.
– Right, you are.

Actually, it’s rare
to have a sister like her.

– She’s like a sister in a drama.
– I’ve told you this before.

When I saw my cousins fighting,

– I thought strangers will be nicer.
– Strangers will be nicer.

My gosh.

But I want to
have a sister like her.

– There’s a big age gap too.
– That’s true.

She’d always check my homework
when we were young.

And she’d scold me
for not doing my homework.

– She’s really like your mom.
– Really?

(So Young can’t stop crying.)

My gosh. No, if you cry, I’ll cry.

– I didn’t mean to cry.
– Stop.

So suddenly?

– My gosh.
– It’s embarrassing to cry…

in front of your family.

It’s embarrassing and cringy.

I’m easily moved to tears these days
because I’m getting old.

Come on. You helped me out
a lot this time.

Is that why you’re more upset?
Because you saw me working?

You helped with my preparation.

Yes, it was my first time seeing it.
I’ve never seen it before.

– Let’s drink.
– Let’s drink.

Good work.

(Having makgeolli
with her sister…)

(makes her feel like
it was all okay.)

You two are really close
to each other.


Dad must’ve wondered
why I’m not leaving…

because I stayed there
for a long time.

I was surprised too. I wondered
why you’re staying for so long.

Dad could’ve asked,

but he never asked.
So I asked this when we were alone.

“Why didn’t you ask me
why I’m staying for so long?”

He said, “Just because.
Maybe you don’t want to leave.”

“Do you have a lot on your mind?”

– Dad…
– We were in an elevator, and I…

– Parents…
– They already know everything.

I know.

(Parents know
what’s going on with us.)

He said,
“Maybe you don’t want to leave.”

“Do you have a lot on your mind?”

So I suddenly teared up,
just like you did earlier.

(She teared up.)

And I pretended to not cry.

My dad raised us alone
from an early age,

so he’s really fond of us.

My dad is like a mom,

and my sister is like a mom too.

So when I think of them,

I always tear up.


He’s a fool for his daughters.

He’d always leave kiwis
on the table before going to work.

And he also cut apples for us
to take them to school.

– Your dad is really sweet.
– My goodness.

But Dad keeps…

He works out a lot
and climbs mountains a lot,

but why do his arms and legs
keep getting thinner?

– Because he’s getting old.
– That’s right.

It makes me wonder if it’s okay
for him to work out that much.

Because they keep getting thinner.

His legs are becoming
as thin as mine.

As you grow up,
your parents begin to look small.

Back in the days, it hurt a lot
when my mom slapped my back.

One day, I cried
because it didn’t hurt.

It didn’t hurt,
but it still made me cry.

It’s understandable.

(Worrying over her dad
makes her upset.)

What is Dad up to?

(She gives him a call.)

I will tell him that we are eating
stir-fried spicy pork.

Why won’t he change the ringtone?

(Her dad’s ringtone is
“Like This” by Wonder Girls.)

– My goodness.
– I see.

Is it your dad’s favorite song?

Every time we released a new song,

he changed his ringtone.

The last song I participated in
was “Like This”.

So he won’t change it.

Do you want to release
another album?

I think his ringtone
will continue to be “Like This”.

Soon, we will have
something called KSA.

– That was smooth.
– That was smooth.

– That was so smooth.
– Seriously.

Don’t feel pressured.

– If you are interested…
– Really?

It’s Kian’s School of Arts.

If you want to record a new song,
you can use my recording room.

– Really?
– He can play instruments.

She is pretending not to hear them.
She keeps asking, “Really?”

Yes, really. Really.


Dad, I was eating with So Young.

I am eating stir-fried spicy pork.

– Did you make it tasty?
– What do you think?

– Be honest.
– It’s tasty. It’s really tasty.

For me, she made it less spicy.

Stir-fried spicy pork is tasty
when it’s spicy.

It will be just right for you
if you add…

Cheongyang chili pepper.

She brought pepper from home,
so I added it.

– She is a good daughter.
– You will like it.

All right. I will enjoy the food
and send some over.

– Thank you.
– All right.

– All right.
– Bye.

Once he watches this,
he will be so proud and happy…

to see the sisters eat harmoniously.

My dad will be happy.

(After talking to her dad
on the phone)

His ringtone will never change.

It’s so scary.
That song came out a decade ago.


It came out nine years ago.

You were young then.

I can’t do the Dog Leg Dance

– That’s not true.
– I bet you can still do it.

(That’s right!)

I made something for you and Dad.

Give it to me. Give it to me.

It’s the strap.

It’s the first one I made.

– Since it’s my 1st work,
– Your 1st work.

Use it until it breaks.

I will use it well.

I will pack
some stir-fried spicy pork too.

– It’s nice.
– Take it home.

She packs food like my mom.

She is even sprinkling sesame seeds.

Make sure you take makgeolli too.

– You are right.
– Tell Dad to enjoy them together.

It’s sweet. Dad’s makgeolli.


– All right. Bye.
– Bye.

(So Hee goes to wash up.)


(She washes her face thoroughly.)

She washes her face thoroughly.

Cleansing is important.

(She rinses her face with water.)

She has the baby’s skin.
Her skin is so nice.

That’s good to hear.

(After washing her face, )

(she moisturizes her skin
with the sheet mask.)

All done.

(She changes the lighting
to an atmospheric one.)

(Plopping down)

Is there something fun on TV?


(She enjoys some alone time.)

I worked busily in my teenage years.

I never had an official break…

when I worked as a singer.

After I became an actress in my 20s,

my schedule became a lot emptier.

I didn’t know what to do
with the free time.

I became very depressed
and didn’t want to do anything.

So I’m trying to do a lot of things.

I practiced how to overcome it
and enjoy my daily life in my 20s.

In my 30s,

I want to enjoy my private life
as well as work.

I want my time to be…

full of beautiful memories.

(It’s Pretty Easy to Live Alone)

“It’s pretty easy to live alone.”

– We enjoyed the video.
– We enjoyed the video.

Kian84, you are a big fan of So Hee.

– I…
– You watched the video intently.

It felt like seeing a niece…

who had grown up well.

– That’s right.
– Seriously.

– It’s the uncle fan’s love.
– That’s right.

– And she seems like a smart girl.
– That’s cute.

She is careful,

but she continues to move forward.

You know, I only saw her
as a young girl.

So I was surprised to see her…

– drink makgeolli at home.
– That’s right.

She was only a celebrity on TV.

Now, it seems like
she has become stronger.

– Since she is living well,
– Thank you.

I feel relieved as a fan
who has watched her…

– since her teenage years.
– Thank you.

It feels strange. We have seen her
ever since she was a teenager.

Although we didn’t take any part
in her life,

– we feel very proud.
– Right.

– What’s wrong?
– Why did your eyes turn red?

– What’s wrong?
– Gosh, why am I crying?

– No, no.
– Are you okay?

You welcomed me warmly.

After watching the video,

– you told me that I grew up well.
– She is like a niece.

That made me very happy.

(Everyone feels proud.)

– Please visit often.
– Okay.

– I had so much fun.
– Please visit KSA.

I will think about visiting KSA.

– She will think about it.
– Yes.

But you need to contact us soon.

What is your problem?

– Don’t be like that.
– Why are you playing games?

She should decide soon.

– There aren’t many tickets.
– My goodness.

– All right.
– Okay.

– Okay.
– Please call me by this week.

– He is playing hard to get.
– The lineup is coming along.

No one has called you yet.

– Why is he playing hard to get?
– Seriously.

We will root for you
to continue smiling.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

(We will root for So Hee
to continue smiling.)

(Next week)

(She picked up her courage…)

(and came to Jeju Island…)

(to meet someone.)

(Is he outside?)

(A meeting with her friend
from university)

(You turned up the butt warmer
like a gentleman.)

(I got coffee too.)

(My goodness.)

(Her male friend is considerate.)


(She arrives at his carrot field.)

(Let’s work, my friend.)

(A mental breakdown)

(The romantic moment
turns into the farming experience.)

(She pulls out carrots
as if she is in a trance.)

(I keep working,
but there is no difference.)

(She used up her strength
for her male friend.)

(I want to take a break.)

(Do Yeon’s Burning Carrot Field)

(Kian84’s bike
needed to be scrapped.)

(It got a makeover.)

(He goes on a winter ride.)

(On the field of snow,
he takes out a reel.)

(He will fly a kite
to celebrate the holiday.)

(He will fly a big kite.)

(He draws his face carefully
on the kite.)

(As for the members,
he draws caricatures.)

(This is taking forever.)

(He bets his fortune of the year
on the kite.)

(Let’s fly at once.)

(The fate of the Rainbow Club is
on his back.)

(Go up, go up.)

(The weight of the fate is
too heavy for him.)

(That hurts.)

(But he will keep going.)

(Fly a Kite to Make a Wish)

(Global Music by VIVA TUNES)

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