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I Live Alone Episode 383 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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I Live Alone Episode 383 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: I Live Alone Episode 383

(A Very Cozy Lunar New Year)

It’s nice to see you.

We look very nice today.

We’re dressed in hanbok
for the Lunar New Year.

It looks very nice.

You look like a foreigner
married to a Korean man.


I love Lunar New Year.

I watched last week’s episode
with my friends.

– I see.
– I see.

After seeing Na Rae’s hair,
one of my friends asked…

– What did he say?
– What did he say?

(Is Kian84’s friend
interested in Na Rae?)

If it were a penalty.

– My goodness.
– A penalty?

With a man, Do Yeon…

– Oh my gosh.
– went to Jeju Island.

(Looking shy)

– Is this your last week here?
– No.

– Why would you ask that?
– This is a good start.

Jeju Island is a place
of goodbyes for us now.

It was an island
of a new beginning for me.

– Really?
– Seriously?

(Looking forward to it)

(The Man of Jeju Island)

– “The Man of Jeju Island”?
– Wait a minute.

Does this have anything
to do with the holiday?

– Come on.
– I know.

– I just went.
– We’re wearing hanbok,

so it should be about the holiday.

The holiday ended with the opening.

All right.

I know everyone she knows,

so I’m curious who the man is.

– She even put shoulder pads on.
– You’re right.

Those are my shoulders.

– Really?
– You look determined.

– I see.
– You look good.

(What brings you to Jeju Island?)

It’s my day off,

so I’ve made up my mind…

to come all the way here
to meet him.


It’s someone essential in my life
I can’t live without.

It’s not every day,

but every now and then,
I miss this person.

– What?
– I wanted to see him…

and was excited
for the past few days.

– What’s this?
– What is this?

Is he standing outside?


– Who is it?
– Why are you so happy?

Wait a second.

He’s someone that works
for a web portal.

– No, it isn’t.
– Isn’t that him?

– Who?
– The web portal.

– No, you’re wrong.
– No?

Wait a minute.

(Happy to see her)

– Look who’s here.
– There you are.

I was in the same club as Do Yeon
when we were in college.

My name is Baek In Ho.

My goodness, I don’t believe it.


Who is it?

Na Rae and him…

– Is it okay for me to say this?
– What?

Did you date him?

– No.
– Not really.

I wanted them to date.

I went on a blind date with him.

It’s Do Yeon’s friend.

We drank a lot that night.

– Goodness.
– We drank a lot…

and he said he never wanted
to meet another comedian.

My gosh.

– Long time no see.
– He’s had enough of it.

How are you, In Ho?


I didn’t expect to see you here.

When we were in college,

we didn’t go to the same school,
but there was a joint club.

It was an advertisement club.

– Is that Jang Do Yeon?
– Is that soju?

– Do Yeon.
– Is that you?

– What’s that?
– Is it soju?

Is it sparkling water or soju?

It’s soju and I look way better
than I used to.

You do?

It’s like someone stepped
on my face.

– What?
– It’s like someone…

– Why would you say that?
– Come on.

I can say that to my own face.

(You look pretty.)

When we were in college,

we didn’t go to the same school,
but there was a joint club.

It was an advertisement club.

He was one of the insiders
of the club.

He was handsome.

– He had nice features.
– He still does.

We became closer…

and he’s one of the few friends
I keep in touch with.

I like him. He’s a very good person.

It’s my first time
seeing her in a year.

You used to meet quite often.

Yes, but he moved to Jeju Island.

– My gosh.
– For good?

Was it because of me?


He didn’t want to see me in Seoul?

He was scared you might find him…

if he’s reachable by land.

So he ran away to Jeju Island
by plane.

(Running away to an island)

You were a gentleman
to leave the seat heater on.

I’m a gentleman.

It’ll get warmer when the suns out.

It’s cold.

– You’re a celebrity.
– Are you cold?

That’s right.

3 or 4 people recognized me
at the airport.

– 3 or 4 people.
– You were walking toward me…

– and people were talking about you.
– Really?

It was crazy.

I didn’t know you were a celebrity.

Don’t you watch TV?

– What?
– Don’t you see me on TV?

I feel embarrassed
to watch you on TV.

Do you know that feeling?

Close friends are like that.

When you’re on TV,

I feel embarrassed
to watch you do things.

I once watched Home Alone
on YouTube.

You know they recommend
related videos, right?

– It shows me other episodes.
– Because of the algorithm.

It kept showing you
eating spicy fish stew.

– And soju?
– Yes.

(Eating spicy fish stew…)

(and chasing it down with a drink)

(My life is busy.)

I don’t want to see this.
I really don’t want to see this.

(But I’m so special.)

(She was quite drunk.)

You said “My life is busy”.

(Out of all the episodes,
that’s the one you saw.)

You look very comfortable
with each other even though you…

– didn’t meet for a year.
– Did you eat?

It wasn’t awkward at all.

I think I know how that feels.

You did?

I took the 6:50 a.m. flight.

Don’t you need
to stop by the hair salon?

Get out of here.

What hair salon?

– You’re truly friends.
– I can tell you’re close.

Why would I go to the hair salon
when I’m picking carrots?

Should I have colored
my face orange…

– Carrots?
– like the comedian I am?


I have a farm here on Jeju Island.

He’s a farmer.

He was in an advertisement company.

Yes, for almost a decade.

He quit everything
and moved to Jeju Island.

I needed help,

so she came to help out…

and get a drink together.

I wanted to spend time with her,


– so I asked her to come.
– That’s sweet.

I was surprised…

when you asked for my address
to send me squash.

– Seriously.
– Did you eat it?

What are you talking about?
I loved it.

Your mother washed
the carrot so clean…

and I thought it was ginseng.

I didn’t know it could
become that clean.

– She said it was so good.
– I see.

You know those traditional
Korean houses.

Gosh, I talked a lot.

She bought it
although it’s a traditional house.

I thought Do Yeon
was the quiet type.

(Feeling embarrassed)

(It suddenly reminds us
of that drive.)

Look how silent we are.

My goodness.

It’s still suffocating.

(Get some sleep.)

(I want you to sleep.)

– That’s how bad it was.
– He’d prefer me to sleep.

– I thought she was quiet.
– Why?

We have to take the elevator
to get to the studio, right?

If I see her
waiting for the elevator,

I walk slower on purpose.

– My goodness.
– She isn’t that bad.

I do the same thing.

I know.

I don’t know what to say
if we get on the same elevator.

I want to talk to him cheerfully
when I see him,

but I’m not sure if I can.

So I went to the bathroom
a few times without needing to go.

It makes me smarter…

because my brain works
at full speed.

– You can use all parts of it.
– Seriously.

(Unexpected brain development)

I only see her here.

My stomach hurts.

– I’m hungry.
– That’s right.

– I made sandwiches. Do you want it?
– Really?

I also brought coffee.

He made sandwiches?

I would’ve been grateful
even if he bought it.

– He’s still sweet.
– It’s in my bag.

– Did you find it?
– Oh my gosh.


Do you not drink coffee?

(When Kian84 bought coffee)

(I don’t drink coffee.)

I can drink it today.

Do you think I’d put poison
in your coffee?

No, you were buying coffee.

But this was something
my friend sincerely prepared for me.

– I couldn’t say no.
– I was sincere too.

– I’m sorry.
– You’re making her feel awkward.

I’m sorry.


And to the right.

It’s totally a cafe here.

This is so nice.

(The weather is perfect
in Jeju Island.)

(Taking a bite)

(She takes a bite
of bread, which she loves.)

I’d feel happy to drive around
for three hours without getting off.

– You look so excited.
– You totally look at ease.

(The coffee, weather, and bread
make her want to stay there.)

I was excited to come.

I almost froze water
like kids do for a picnic.

– Kids take soda to picnics.
– I almost made gimbap.

I love that.

– What?
– The things that turn.

It’s unique to Jeju Island.
That and rocks.

– You’re from the inland.
– Rocks.

You must eat braised hairtail
when you come here.

– Of course.
– Seriously?

– When I arrive,
– Come on. I’m serious.

– I have hallabong juice first.
– You should definitely have it.

– Of course.
– In a harubang shaped container.

I buy that.

Then I go to Woljeongri Beach.
I know a good breakfast place there.

– Yes, with abalones.
– You’re right.

That’s the place.

I go to my room, unpack,
and look up good bakeries nearby.

I buy bread and have a bowl
of famous hangover soup.

I have it with a drink.

I have sashimi for dinner
and go hiking before that.

– You have a set schedule.
– Yes.

– After that…
– That’s a textbook course.

– The important thing is…
– It’s a textbook course.

– Do you know what’s important?
– Everyone from inland…

– does that.
– I have to eat omegitteok.

Omegitteok is a must.

I wrap it up with omegitteok.

– That’s my plan for Jeju Island.
– It’s totally a textbook course.

The weather is getting warmer.

– It’s a relief.
– The weather is amazing.

– Do you want to feel it?
– It’s spring.


You gave me goosebumps
by asking if I want to feel it.

– This is Jeju Island.
– It’s so nice.

– The weather was amazing.
– My gosh.

– It was really nice.
– It looks so nice.

(The landscape of Jeju Island
is picturesque.)

I never get sick of it.

Watching a video of it is relaxing.

(Just watching it helps them relax.)

It’s so beautiful.

– Our farewell trip was nice too.
– Yes, it was.

I feel bad saying it was nice
when Si Eon isn’t here.

It was really nice.

– I take that back.
– It was nice.

Someone was bawling.


– But we enjoyed it.
– It was nice.

– It actually was nice.
– Right.

This is my neighborhood.

– Is this your house?
– What?

– Is this your house?
– Yes.

– This is where he lives?
– It’s made of stone.

It has a stone wall around it.

(There is a tent in the corner
of his yard.)

(A restaurant table that isn’t
easily found at homes)

– It’s so nice.
– His house is really pretty.

Your house is nice.


– His dog?
– He even has a dog.

– So cute.
– Haruki!

He’s really cute.

– Haruki?
– Where is he going?

He looks like a horse.

– Gosh.
– Isn’t he a Jeju horse?

(Let the horses run)

(Hooves clicking)

(No one can stop
the instinct to run.)

He’s young and very energetic.

He runs so fast.

– He’s so cute.
– My gosh.

We can’t see his face.

(She decides to say hello
to Haruki later.)

– You can unpack here.
– Where?

– My gosh.
– It’s clean.

I turned the heater up
for the first time in a while.

I don’t believe it.

(She’s fascinated to see
her friend’s house.)

Does it have a guest room?

– He just gave me his room.
– I see.

Did you stay for two days?

You can find out by watching.

– My goodness.
– Okay.

(I got it.)

(The youngest is
the happiest about the situation.)

– Do Yeon.
– It’s not that.

You’re cheeky.

I like how open you are.

You have everything.

Why do you have a turntable?

I follow the trend.

It’s nice.

Do you have any popular records?

Popular records…
When women visit…

– Women?
– He said “When women visit”.

Sam Smith.

Sam Smith?

That’s right.

Sam Smith is perfect.

(I admit Sam Smith
is a good choice.)

– Sam Smith for women.
– You’re hilarious.

– Sam Smith for women?
– That’s right.

You’re funny.

(She uses all kinds of coarse words
when talking to her close friend.)

Let’s go to work.

– The weather is really nice.
– Yes, it is.

It feels like spring.

(The warm sun shines
from the sky of Jeju Island.)

It’s my mom.

– Your mother?
– Yes.


My mom said, “Tell your friend
thanks for sending me carrots…”

– “and work hard to make up for it.”
– Look at her.

– “I hope it isn’t cold in Jeju”.
– I thought that was your mom.

My mom.

(The weather is warm like Do Yeon’s
mom hoped as they go to work.)

We’re here.

– Is this where it begins?
– Yes.

(They drive along the dirt road.)

It’s this big?


The carrot farm
came out of my mouth.

– It’s so big.
– Seriously.

It was very big.

I just took a glance
and I’m tired already.

This all belongs to In Ho?

It’s around 6,611m².

That’s why he fed you
that sandwich.

– It’s huge.
– It’s really big.

It’s bigger than I thought.

(Treading through the farm
with a determined heart)

– Goodness.
– Goodness.

I brought someone special.

– Hello.
– Hello.

– Hello.
– How are you?

He was also in the same club
in college.

He’s a senior to us.

– Really?
– I see.

Did you pick some carrots?

– Yes, take a look.
– You did pick some.

I see. Wow.

It’s so pretty.

– It’s pretty.
– They’re very good-looking.

We’re going to pull carrots out.

We don’t use pesticides,
so there are many weeds.

– I see.
– Pull it out with these.

– Try pulling one out.
– Here?

Pull at it aggressively.

It’s okay.

Those are weeds.

Those are weeds.

Those are weeds too.

Grab this one.

Hook your fingers in and pull.

That’s right, that’s right.

– That’s so interesting.
– That’s interesting.

– You’re good.
– It was fun.

Leave them in a row…

– like he did.
– All right.

There’s an entrance
for a machine over there.

– We have to pick them…
– It’s huge.

up to that point and we’ll be set.

Okay, got it.

Just pull them.

(Scanning for carrot leaves)


(Shaking her hands
side to side to pull it out)

It’s just this part.

If these are all weeds,
you didn’t plant carrots, did you?

Come on.

You have to look carefully
before picking it.

– Where are the leaves?
– Right here.


(Is this it?)


(Pulling another out)


I wasn’t sure.

Some are this small.

That’s a tiny one. You can make
pickles with it.

It’s a carrot fairy.

I pulled two out at once.

(Pulling carrots out with every try)

You’re good.

– Wow, you’re good.
– She’s good.

It was fun.

– You can concentrate on it.
– Yes.

Will it still be hot
with my jacket off?

(Ready for combat
at the carrot farm)

(Farmer Do Yeon)

(Do you miss me? Of course)

(Do you think of me? Of course)

(Picking a huge carrot)

(Carrot picking is quite fun.)

(Carrot, carrot, carrot)

She is good at what she does.

– You’re right, she is.
– Yes, she is.

You’re getting faster.

It feels so good when I pull
and a carrot is pulled out.

It’s similar to fishing.

Yes, it feels good.

Focusing on picking carrots…

helped me forget about
everything else.


– This helps relieve stress.
– Right?

You’re right.



(They stop talking at some point.)


– You’re too busy to stand up.
– Right.

My back hurt so much.

Get some rest.

(It’s tiring,
but she feels awesome.)

(Blending in with nature)

I wanted to pick that one.

(Fast-forwarding it 5 times)

You move that slowly?

Yes, it took a long time.

– That’s it.
– We’re done.

That was nice.

– You ended at the right time?
– I felt so satisfied.

That’s quite a lot.

– That’s a lot.
– Unbelievable.

Let’s go eat.

Gosh. Is this it again?

– It has multi-purposes.
– That’s right.

Everything must taste good there.

Can we eat the carrots?

– Can we wipe it clean and eat it?
– I’ll peel one for you.

– This is amazing.
– Gosh.

My goodness.

(Peeling it skillfully)

You eat sashimi on a boat…

when you catch fish.

This feels just like it.

– Fresh carrot.
– Fresh carrot?

Like fresh sashimi.

(Serving fresh carrot
straight from the ground)

You’re good.


You were hitting on him again.

You did that again.

Let’s just say
I am low on magnesium.

(That’s a good one.)

(Low on magnesium and eating)


It’s sweet, isn’t it?

– It’s really sweet?
– I told you.

(Taking another bite
without hesitating)


How did it taste?

How does it taste?

Do you all want to know
how the carrot tastes?

– I’ll bring in some carrots.
– Really?

That’s awesome.

That’s why I wore
a skirt the color of carrots.

That’s why?

– Here.
– Is this it?

– I didn’t cut the leaves off.
– It isn’t cut.

It’s pretty.

– It’s a whole carrot.
– Yes.

– Do we each get one?
– The leaves.

– Let’s try it.
– Carrots?

You know Gujwa is known
for its carrots, right?

(They all take a bite.)

Of course.

It’s good even without a dip.

It’s really good.

– I know.
– I should quit drinking.

– Why?
– I want to drink soju.

(I want to drink soju.)

It’s not as hot as it looks.

– Are you sure?
– Yes.

It’s fooling you.

(Enjoying and slurping)

– My gosh.
– That looks so good.

We need to have that ramyeon
after eating the carrot.

Even dirt would taste good
in this situation.

– Dirt?
– With soju?

Do Yeon is day-drinking.

I’m just tasting it.

(Taking a sip)

It’s so good.

(She wants more after a sip.)

It tastes even better in that cup.

You should drink makgeolli
in a nickel-silver cup.

– Try this.
– All right.

(Eating boiled pork slices)

– Boiled pork slices.
– That looks awesome.

(Taking a bite of carrot
and drinking makgeolli)

(Taking another bite)

(She can’t stop drinking
when the food is this good.)

I like it
because it isn’t too sweet.

– Do Yeon.
– It’s the same scene.

Didn’t you say
you were just tasting it?

It must be the same scene.

This looks good, doesn’t it?

So what?

All right, let’s get back to work.

Thank you for the food.

You’re going back to work?

(Labor at the carrot farm
doesn’t end.)

(They clean and categorize
the carrots next.)

(Cutting the leaves off)

(Organizing them by size)

You’re good at cutting.


(Enjoying peace for the first time
in a while)

Aren’t the colors pretty?

– Blue, green, and orange.
– You’re right.

We all long to live on Jeju Island.

Do you become healthier
if you live on Jeju Island?

You have to quit smoking
to become healthier.

– Quit drinking and smoking.
– That’s right.


That’s what happens
when you drink too much.


Let’s pick carrots
up to that point.

We’ll finish it in no time.

(Speeding up)

(Do Yeon doesn’t show
how tired she is.)

How long did you work that day?

– Around three hours.
– That’s a long time.

Thank you.

(They are almost done
before they know it.)

You did a good job.

(The ones with leaves cut off
are loaded onto the truck.)


Why won’t this work?

– Should I take it to the warehouse?
– Yes.

– I’ll show you.
– How do you do this?

You have to push this
while you close it.

Move it back and forth.

– Is that it?
– No.

It isn’t working.

(He demonstrates.)

– Do you want to try again?
– Okay.

He asks if you want to try again.

He’s sweet.

Push it and move it back and forth.

No, push this with one hand.

– Move it back and forth.
– Can I just go?

– She should try this.
– It worked. I got it.

He’ll teach you one thing
at a time…

– and tell you to move too.
– I had the same thought.

Okay, it worked.

– It’s done.
– All right.

– Is that it?
– Yes.

– Good job.
– Good job.

(The result of today’s labor)

– It’s quite a lot.
– Yes, it was.

(They get ready to go home.)

Hey, look at that.

He’s standing there
like my grandfather.

– You’re right.
– Go on.

He’s like a relative on a holiday.

I’ll be back for the holidays.

– Go in.
– I’ll be back.

Go on.

– Don’t worry about us.
– We’re leaving.


(They are tired…)

(but feel good.)


(While chatting,)


(they arrive at the house
where Haruki is waiting for them.)

(Are you home?)


He knows they’re home.

– He’s excited.
– Is he out?

Get ready.

All right. Should I guard the door?

(They are worried
because he always runs away.)


(Opening the door)

– All right.
– He caught him.

– He’s cute.
– Were you bored?

– Where did your leash go?
– Leash?

– Hold him for me.
– All right.

(It’s her chance to see his face.)

(Kissing her)

He’s so excited.


You like me this much? All right.

He wants you to let go.

Wait a minute.

He’s so cute.

(She’s happy even when
he slaps her.)

(Sitting on the ground)

(Let go of me for a minute.)

(He clearly expresses
what he wants.)

It looks like you lost control
over him.

Haruki, that isn’t food.

– This is food.
– No.

– Haruki.
– Don’t.

Don’t get excited and wait.

– Does he know how to wait?
– Yes.

Really? Let me see.

(Trying to make Haruki wait)

Here. 5, 4, 3…

(Moving backward)

2, 1, go.

Good job.


My goodness.


It’s so cute.


I spent 100 dollars
on snacks to teach him this.

You’re so cute. Come here.

He has a place he takes
the snack…

– and eats it.
– Really?

– Can I try?
– Here. Tell him to wait.

– Here.
– Sit.


5, 4, 3,

2, 1.

(Eating it)

He’s so cute.

You’re so cute!

My goodness.

I’m going to show you my love!

That surprised me.

(She gets excited at the cuteness.)

Should I walk Olle Trail
since I’m here?

I wanted to see it.

That’s right. You can behave, right?

Are you going on a walk
with him by yourself?

It’s my first time on Olle Trail.

Do you see the orange
and blue ribbons?

– It’s on that pole.
– I see.

It’s my first time on Olle Trail.

– Walk along this road.
– I got it.

Enjoy your walk.

– Bye.
– See you later.

– We’re off.
– See you later.

– Be careful. A car is coming.
– Call me 30 minutes before coming.

– You’re not going with him?
– I’ll do that.

– You’re going without him?
– Oh, she’s going alone.

My friend likes to walk around
Olle Trail alone.

– He draws a line with you.
– We’re just friends.


Look at the sea.

Look at the sea.

– Look at the sea.
– My, it’s beautiful.

(You never get tired of
seeing the sea.)

It seems so nice.

I was so happy.

(Giggling happily)

(Haruki is happy too.)

That’s called “doguritong”.

I mean, there’s a walking trail
like that in front of his house.

Exactly. It was so nice
to walk there.


There are another doguritong and
a shrine called Getgeot Halmangdang.

How pretty.

– My, it’s magnificent.
– Oh, my.

– It’s so nice.
– It’s beautiful.

(My 1st walk on Olle Trail in 2021)

That’s a great photo.

I brought a film camera too.

I wanted to save the memories.

The photo looks nice
only because the view was great.

(She’s documenting her day
with photos.)

(Home Bird Do Yeon’s
Winter Outing)

Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go.

(Amazed and surprised)

– I must say, it was so nice.
– Of course.

I see why you run.

This is fun.

(They make a great team,
and it heals her mind.)

Walking a dog can be
good exercise…

because you have no choice
but to run.

And I felt connected with Haruki
as we were together.

Haruki, do you want some water?

You must be tired.
Shall I give you some water?

Come here.


Drink some water.


How cute.

(Lifting her camera up)

– Haruki looked so adorable.
– How cute.

No, wait. Stay still.
I want to take a photo of you.

Let’s get going.

(This one moment…)

(will be remembered forever.)

(It feels warm and comforting…)

(in winter on Jeju Island.)

(How did you feel
while walking along Olle Trail?)

I realized that I have a habit
of walking fast…

when no one is chasing after me.

It’s not like I’m running late
for an appointment.

It’s the same when I go back home.

I’ve always been so hasty
in any situation.

So today, I told myself…

to try to relax and walk slowly
for a change.

I tried to keep it slow
while walking.

And I realized how nice it is.

The scenery used to pass by so fast
like I was on a train,

but today, like those photos I took,

I could fully enjoy the scenery
each time it changed.

Somehow I was able to
focus on what I was looking at.

As the cool breezes were blowing
toward me,

I felt like it cleared my mind too.

That’s cute. What?


(Squids are hanging to dry.)

What’s with those squids?

Isn’t that so funny?
They were hanging like laundry.

Wouldn’t anyone try to steal those?

How many squids are there?

Did you smell something?

Oh, there’s a rest stop here.

I found a rest stop.

– On Olle Trail?
– Yes.

Shall I quench my thirst?

(Rest Stop, Convenience Store)

They sell beer.

They sell dried cuttlefish too.

– My gosh.
– Dried cuttlefish.

That’s awesome.

– That’s amazing.
– You should drink a beer there.

– It looks like a place in a movie.
– Exactly.

(Haruki will take a break too!)

Play with this puppy.

(It’s nice to meet you.)

(She picks a cold can of beer.)

– Gosh. I’m craving a beer.
– Of course, she picked beer.

How can anyone not drink
a beer there?

It’d be a sin
not to drink a beer there.


Oh, my gosh.

(A dried squid is here.)

She grilled a squid
that was dried outside.

– That’s crazy.
– That’s just awesome.

(This is what a rest stop
on Jeju Island has.)

It looks so good.

(Her jaw dropped.)

I should go there before this airs.

Oh, no. That’ll be
during the Lunar New Year holidays.


(She brought the snack
to eat with beer.)


Let’s eat some snacks.

(She overcame the aftereffect
of working in the carrot farm.)

(And then she gives Haruki
some snacks.)

I felt bad about eating alone.

Here. Eat up.

– Drink water too.
– How cute.

Eat up. I’ll eat some too.



It’s so good.

(She’s drinking beer
while watching the blue sea.)

Gosh, I’m so jealous.

– I’m really jealous.
– Honestly,

– that was the best beer I’d had.
– Oh, my.

Goodness gracious.

(Dipping a piece of dried squid
in the sauce)

– My goodness.
– Gosh, this is killing me.


(After having a sip of beer,)

(she has a bite of
dried filefish fillet.)

(Enjoying the sea view)

(It’s an indescribable moment.)

(The two friends are looking
in the same direction.)

As if I found the best treasure
at a scavenger hunt,

I felt so excited.

Besides, it wasn’t like I planned
the walking route…

and the exact time and places
to go to.

I happened to find the store
while walking and stopped by there.

And it was so nice
to drink a beer there.

I liked it because it all happened

It was nice even though it wasn’t
planned out.

I’m so glad you went there.

I thought I should let myself
enjoy a relaxing time…

– on a day like that for myself.
– You’re right.

They say you should rest
as hard as you work.

– Yes. That’s a great remark.
– Yes, We need it these days.

You should rest
as hard as you work.

Thank you for waiting so quietly.

Let’s go. I really enjoyed it.

(Haruki waited quietly.)

My, it’s so nice.

If I live every day like this…

– I would lose my job.
– Exactly.

I didn’t want to come back to Seoul.

It was so nice.

(Leaving the beautiful scenery

We’re back.

(Do Yeon came back.)

The flowers are blooming.


Why is she laughing?

(He looks like a man
living in the wild.)

Isn’t that funny?

He prepared a meal
while I was gone for a walk.

He prepared a feast
as you can see.

I found it funny
because he’s my friend.

(She found it funny
as his old friend.)

Oh, gosh. This is amazing.

(The table is full of food.)

Where did you get
the yellowtail sashimi?

– I got it at a store.
– Yellowtail sashimi?

(The yellowtail sashimi
from a store)

Here you go. Let’s have a drink.

This is already the third time
she drank on that day.

Don’t focus on how much I drank.

Focus on how relaxed I look.

– It’s so good to see you again.
– Thanks.

(It’s so cool and sweet.)


(She’s eating a piece of
yellowtail sashimi after that.)

(So tasty)

– I’m so jealous.
– I’m craving yellowtail sashimi.

Yellowtail is the best.

It’s so good.

You enjoyed tasty food
on Jeju Island…

with your friend whom you saw again
after a long time.

It couldn’t be any better.
It was perfect.

Is Na Rae doing well?

– Oh, my.
– He finally mentioned her.

– You left.
– I still remember that night.

It was a bit later than 4:30 a.m.
when I got in the taxi.

– He remembers all the details.
– That means you left early.

– Is that so?
– Yes.

If he left at 4:30 a.m.,
that means he left early.

I realized how professional
Na Rae was.

Please stop.

– She called a chauffeur, right?
– Yes.

She kept trying to
make the chauffeur laugh.

Gosh. That’s an illness.


Everyone else in the car laughed
except for In Ho.

(Next up is black pork belly.)

It smells like it’s being cooked.

(The meat has been
cut into bite-size pieces…)

(and put on a plate.)

– I’ll eat some meat.
– It looks so good.

(She’s picking up a piece.)

What’s this red sauce?

The sauce people usually eat
with lamb skewers.

(She dipped the meat in the sauce
and put it in her mouth.)

You mean, this?

– It’s good, right?
– It’s really good.

– This is…
– What’s this one?

This is the sauce people use…

– to marinate onions.
– He prepared delicious sauces too.

I like eating meat with this sauce.

It’s so tasty.

– Do you like it?
– Yes.

(Eating pork belly outside
is the best.)

I have a question.
Since you moved to Jeju Island,

– you must’ve had some difficulties.
– True.

– I think…
– I don’t have anything lined up,

so I’m worried about
how things will turn out.

But it was very natural for me
to decide to move to Jeju Island.

How could it happen so naturally?

– You must’ve had calculated things.
– Of course.

I mean, you made great efforts
to get a job at that company.

He used to work at
a very famous company.

He used to get a fixed
monthly income, but not anymore.

You gave up on your career…

that you had built up
for a long time.

I pondered on it
because I was burnt out.

At the time?

Do you think it’s possible
not to realize you have burnout?

– Is it like a lack of energy?
– It’s hard to explain.

– It felt like…
– Did you feel downcast?

I was sinking deep.
That’s how I felt.

I thought that if I were him,

I would have ignored the signs
of burnout.

I would have pretended
I never noticed them.

“This isn’t burnout.
Everyone else is living like I do.”

That’s true.
Everyone lives that way.

Many people are living that way.

I thought he was so strange
and at the same time incredible…

because he studied hard to get into
college and start his career.

But he gave up on
all his achievements…

that he worked so hard to gain.

If I were him, I think I wouldn’t
have let it all go…

– no matter how hard it was.
– Right.

– Because I had been working hard.
– I know.

Aren’t you living your life to
the fullest focusing on the present?

Yes, I’m focusing on the present.
And I’m happy with my life.


When I’m working, I do my best…

and feel excited.

But when I’m not working,

I don’t know how I should
spend those times.

(She can’t figure out
how to fill those times.)

I used to be anxious
because I didn’t get much work.

But now…

I have nothing to do
on my days off work.

I don’t know what to do.

It’s hard for me to figure out.

I understand.

(She feels lost and helpless.)

If I compare my life to writing,

there should be a comma
in a sentence…

and a full stop at the end of it…

so I can start a new sentence.

But my life feels like
a never-ending sentence…

with a comma at a random spot.

I know how that feels.

That’s how it feels.

I always thought
that I wasn’t suitable…

– for a TV show like Home Alone.
– But why?

– It’s because…
– Your daily life…

there’s nothing special
about my daily life.

What you saw on the show
was everything.

I read newspapers at home
and go out to ride my bicycle.

And I just work on other days.

After we watch videos
of the Rainbow Club members,

Na Rae always asks me,

– “Do Yeon, what do you think?”
– That’s right.

I always say, “I think the guest
lives each day to the fullest.”

“I’m jealous.”

I realized that I said I was jealous
of every guest we met.

I’m so jealous of them.

(As Na Rae asked the question,)

(all she said was
that she was jealous.)

– But I can’t even think of…
– Even before you know?

trying new things like them.

On my way home after the shoot,

I wondered if I was wasting
my life…

– and not spending my time properly.
– That’s not true.

– That’s not true.
– You see, Kian84…

went on a trip to Thailand
for a month when he was stressed,

and learned Muay Thai.

I have a new hobby now.

– What is it?
– Tetris.

You mean, the game?

– I play it eight hours a day.
– Tetris is fun.

(That’s too much.)

(Thumbs up)

Why would you give me
a thumbs up?

– She looked like this.
– Think before you show a reaction.

Wasn’t she gazing into space?

Kian84, you said you have
a new hobby.

– It wasn’t like that.
– You just did it without thinking.

Don’t be like that. She showed
a reaction after a long time.

Playing Tetris for eight hours
feels so meaningless.

– It’s not meaningless.
– You may think you just kill time,

– but it may help you relax…
– She’s right.

– although you can’t realize it.
– There’s nothing wrong with it.

I don’t know
how to fill those times.

But those times you have…

– are yours to spend.
– Yes.

So just because you stay at home
doing nothing special,

that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

It’s not wrong.

You’re just the type of person
who likes to stay at home…

– doing nothing.
– He’s so sweet giving her advice.

Getting advice like that
makes me feel at ease.

There are more things you like
than you think.

When we were taking a drive,

you were excited to see
the wind turbines.

– Should I make that a hobby?
– That’s not what I mean.

(She confessed about her preference
while taking a drive.)

(Do Yeon’s favorite, wind turbines)

There are things you like
other than your hobbies.

So you just have to
set up an environment…

to enjoy those things you like
more often.

If you like wind turbines,

– go to places where they are.
– Should I?

– That can be your hobby.
– Find all wind turbines in Korea.

– Exactly.
– Yes.

These days, after I finish a shoot,

I reflect upon myself
wondering if I made…

any mistakes on the show
much longer than before.

Things like that…

But it’s because I still have
a lot to learn and improve.

– Like what?
– I realize it even more now.

I think you’ve always been…

very modest.

You told me this whenever we met.

But whenever I see you like this,

I think it’s great of you.

(The word from her friend
cheers her up.)

I had a relaxing time
that helped to heal my mind.

Rather than trying to figure out
a solution…

to my concerns,

I put my worries aside…

for the day.

It’s been a day…

that felt like an ellipsis
with six dots.

I just…

(She met her old friend again
on Jeju Island.)

I paused everything for today.

Without worrying about tomorrow
or regretting yesterday,

I focused solely on the present…

and enjoyed a relaxing time.

It felt like a long ellipsis.

Are you going back to Seoul now?

Yes, I should go.

I wish you stayed for another day.

It’s a shame.

But it’s better this way.

– Come with your parents sometime.
– Sounds great.

It would be so nice…

– to relax for another few hours.
– It’s really nice.

That would be really nice.

I’m sad to leave.

(Home Alone)

(The Lunar New Year Holidays,
the Hopeful National Holidays)

(The place looks familiar.)

– Oh, my.
– Goodness.

(Kian84, promise me you’ll decorate
your house with this.)

(But there is something
that hasn’t changed.)

Gosh. I guess there’s something
that hasn’t changed.

– What did you eat the night before?
– He’s consistent.

I made ramyeon using some leftover
pork rib hangover soup.

– He ate delicious food.
– He didn’t waste any of it.

That’s right.

Is he wearing matching clothes
with Do Yeon?

(Is he wearing matching clothes
with Do Yeon?)

Hang on a second. Did you two
wear the same clothes?

He seems to like
wearing all white too.

– Both of you wore all white.
– True. That’s interesting.

– The weather was so nice too.
– Really?

– What a coincidence.
– My goodness.

We were looking at the same sky.

(Laughing out loud)

Oh, gosh.
I almost ran out of breath.

– He’s hilarious.
– I think you two got closer.

That made my heart flutter.

(What Romance84
took out of the fridge is…)

(dongchimi, a great hangover cure.)



(The bowl is out here
for no reason.)

(He’s drinking it
from the container.)

Why didn’t you
put some in that bowl?


(With a big gulp of dongchimi,)

(he treated his hangover.)

– My gosh.
– After I ate some,

I added some drinking water
and let it ferment again.

So I could eat some more.

– It’s the best hangover cure.
– True.

(This time, he opened the freezer.)

– What’s that?
– It’s leftover delivery food.

– It’s spicy braised chicken.
– Oh, spicy braised chicken?

I had some left.

– Did you keep it in the freezer?
– Yes.

(You can heat it up easily
again and again.)

(He’s putting some side dishes
on the table too.)

(He took frozen rice
out of the freezer.)

(Switching the food)


He slammed that door.

I thought the door might be broken.

He seems angry.

(He’s not angry.)

(He’ll check if the spicy braised
chicken is heated properly.)


(You can still see the frost.)

My goodness.

Are you serious?

(It’s like a jelly.)

(What is that?)

– Isn’t that a jelly?
– Isn’t that a huge yakgwa?

– No.
– So Hee’s favorite.

Isn’t it a spicy yakgwa?

Nobody can beat him.

(It’s neither jelly nor yakgwa.)

(He pours water over it
and cooks it.)

I have a tip.

You break the middle part.
Then the heat spreads faster.

It’s a great tip.

But you can’t break the middle.

– It’s too frozen.
– You just…

do what you can do.



(He retreats for now.)

– Right. It will melt soon.
– Of course.

(He checks the rice
he heated up awhile ago.)


(Thankfully, the rice
got heated up well.)

(He leaves the spicy braised chicken
and starts eating.)


(He eats just the white rice.)

– He eats on the table now.
– He doesn’t sit on the floor.

My goodness.

(All he’s got is kimchi
and stir-fried anchovies.)

(But he eats on the table now.)


(He chews while coughing.)

(The spicy braised chicken
is not melting at all.)

When will that melt?

(I can’t wait.)

Wait. I should break it.

Break it?

(He gets a chopping board.)

– My goodness.
– He’s going to break it?

A human has to use a tool.


– He’s amazing.
– He’s a civilized man.

– I learn a lot from him.
– My goodness.

How funny is his life?

– Do Yeon.
– Isn’t it funny?

I am a comedian,
but I can’t do that.

– No, Do Yeon. No.
– Do Yeon.

Why didn’t I think of
eating like that?

– Look how funny his daily life is.
– No.

Someone like me has to go to
Jeju Island to be funny.

Don’t live like that
just for this show.

When we finish watching this
and Na Rae asks what I thought,

I will say I’m really jealous.

“Why didn’t I get to do that?”

(Why can’t I live like Kian84?)

(As the civilized man,)

(he uses the chopping board
to carve the ice.)

He’s a sculptor.

(The chopping board is out.)

(He switches to chopsticks
and sculpts it.)

My goodness.
It’s completely frozen.

His chopstick is bent.

A lot of chopsticks
at a man’s house are bent.

– What? That’s not true.
– Really?

(Hands shaking)


(His 2nd attempt fails.)

(It will melt within the day.)

(After failing, he goes
to the living room.)


(The game machine
makes him all excited.)

(He hopes it will melt this time.)

It’s a nice way to kill time
while he waits for the food to melt.

(He’s got the flashy hand skills.)

He looks like a student
watching the house.

– He really does.
– His parents are out.

He looks like an elementary
school student.

(He finishes his opponent
with an energy blast.)

It’s boring.

When you get old,
game becomes boring too.

– I used to love it so much.
– It was fun when we were young.

(It must be melted by now, right?)

(He checks the spicy braised
chicken for the 3rd time.)

– What?
– It must be melted now.

– Is it still frozen?
– It’s unbelievable.

Come on.

– It’s taking ages.
– It’s been quite a long time.

I had been cooking it
for 30 minutes.

30 minutes?

– It must be faster to microwave it.
– Around that time.

The glass noodles are
solid as a rock.

– Gosh.
– Why is it taking so long to melt?

The fridge is new.
So it freezes things really well.

– You must have a really good one.
– Right.

– It froze really hard.
– Right.

– Are you advertising it?
– No. No.

I am not advertising
any of the things I have.

Please let me advertise something.

– It’s not easy.
– I will use it most naturally.

Use it most naturally.

(Minced garlic)

– Here we go.
– That’s too much garlic.

– Is it braised garlic?
– Oh, dear.

– Kian84.
– That’s too much garlic.

That’s not it. I bought
minced garlic to cook…

– spicy fish stew.
– Okay.

I didn’t have anywhere to use it.

– So you use a lot of it.
– So I use a lot of it.

My goodness. You didn’t
mistake it for rice, did you?

– That’s too much.
– It’s almost like rice.

I love garlic.

– Garlic is delicious.
– You like it too much.

It’s hot.

(He puts heated instant rice…)

(straight into the pot.)

– He’s fearless.
– Fearless.

(He puts some broth
into the pot.)


(He transfers the rice cake too.)

(Adding cooking oil)

You need the dried laver flakes.


That looks delicious.

I hate it.

Did you say you hate it?

– Usually, people say, “Yum.”
– I enjoyed it.

Hwasa said it
like she was sneezing.

(Looking around)

Stir-fried anchovies.

(He adds stir-fried
anchovies to it.)

Sesame oil.

– I’m glad he’s adding sesame oil.
– Yes.

(It will add a nice aroma to it.)


It smells great.

(It smells aromatic.)

(He tastes it.)

(It’s hot.)

– That has to be salty.
– That might be too salty.

That has to be salty.

Stop it. It must be so salty.

It’s good.

– Gosh. I’m good.
– It’s seasoned so strongly.

– He thinks he’s good.
– I’m a good cook.

Look at that question.
“Was it actually good?”

They are teasing him.

– People would be like this.
– The question is…

– “Is it actually good?”
– “Is it actually good?”

I don’t say it’s good
when it’s bad.

When we watched Hwasa eat tripe,
it made us want to…

– Right.
– eat tripe after the shoot.

We felt the same watching Sung Hoon.

(Was it actually good?)

It was good, as expected.

It was a combination of sourness,
sweetness, and saltiness.


The broth of the spicy
braised chicken was spicy and salty.

The anchovies were slightly sweet.

It didn’t look too nice,

but it was delicious.

I sometimes cook.

When I cook…

The act of cooking makes me happy.

The act of cooking makes him happy.


When you cook like that,
you have to be happy.

Why would you put that there?

(He’s like a student
doing a science experiment.)

(He’s filled with curiosity.)

(His brilliant ideas are a plus.)

(He adds more sodium
to the sodium-packed dish.)

(He discovers a new
flavor combination.)

(He’s a self-proclaimed
cooking genius.)

I wish I can cook this
for the Rainbow Club members.


I hate it.

I like cooking, so I’m fine.

(Na Rae is great.)

I mean I can cook for myself.


(Insulated food container)

What? He wasn’t
going to eat it straight away?

I wanted to pack food.

– Pack food?
– Yes.

(He pours the leftover water.)


(It’s cleaned.)


It smells delicious.

What should I call it?

Stone pot spicy braised chicken
anchovy kimchi rice bowl.

(Scraping the pot)

(He eats the last bit of it.)

(His food is packed.)

I’m good.

(Picking up)

(He puts on the padded coat.)


Wallet. Key.

His bag is very flashy too.

– I bought it in Hong Kong.
– Hong Kong?

(It’s the bag he bought
in Hong Kong.)

(Where is he headed
with the special bag?)

Gosh. My motorbike.


There’s a motorbike
I’ve had for a long time.

I’ve been driving it
since I was in college.

I’ve been driving it since I was 24.

I’ve had it for 14, 15 years.

You used to have
muscular arms like that?

They used to be incredibly muscular.

(He sounds very confident.)

I can’t say anything.

It experienced all sorrows
and joys…

of my life with that motorbike.

The money I spent on fixing it
must be more than…

the money I would get
from selling it.

It’s an old motorbike.

I couldn’t come around to scrap it.

It was in a terrible state.

Both of the tires had been busted.

The seat had holes for ages.

There’s something sharp
inside the seat.

Whenever I sit down,
it pokes my bottom.

It tore my pants a few times.

I’ve been wanting
to get that fixed for a long time.

It broke down that time.

It’s very old.


(The tire got ruptured.)

(He considered it
his forever friend.)

(You should scrap it.)

(It was crushing news for him.)

(But he still couldn’t let it go.)

– I’ve been riding it for 10 years.
– My goodness. Chairman Jun.

– Gosh.
– I gave a ride to both of them.

– You gave a ride to both.
– He gave a ride to both.

This is fun.

– Mine is slow.
– There’s nobody.

(It’s part of him
which he can never let go of.)

– Hello.
– Hello.

(How did it change?)

My goodness.

(His heart pounds.)

– My goodness.
– What’s this?

Isn’t it the color of his car?

– Did you get it painted?
– Slightly.

– I made it slightly less saturated.
– But…

– You chose that color again?
– I know.

You love that green bus color.

(With his car, he proved
his love for green.)

They look exactly the same.

They are exactly the same.

– They are exactly the same colors.
– It’s…

I love that color these days.

They should
name the color after him.

Pantone always…

picks colors of the year
and names them, you know.

– Right.
– Let’s call it Kian Green.

– Kian Green.
– Kian Green.

It’s not just any green.

– It’s Kian Green.
– You didn’t have to…

– Kian Green.
– Kian Green.

It’s nice though.

– It suits you well.
– Really?

(The light became clean.)

(The seat is white and padded.)


Thank you. You did a great job.

It’s working so hard for me.

It’s the one and only
motorbike in the world.

Right. Kian Green.

– That’s true.
– Your own color.

(Finally, his friend
gets the fresh air.)

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

His motorbike and bag
are very colorful.

Very colorful.

In the past, I…

I used to go biking a lot.

(Why is he mentioning it now?)

– Wait.
– Who are you talking to?

– Who were you talking to?
– Do Yeon.

– Right.
– She said she doesn’t have a hobby.

You are taking
good care of me today.

He’s taking good care of you.
It’s lovely.

(It’s perfect weather
for riding a bike.)

The weather is incredibly nice.

The sky is so blue.

– So blue?
– So blue.

So blue.

– He’s so excited.
– He’s excited.

– He’s dancing.
– It’s nice and soft.


It’s nice and soft. I love it.

There’s the bus.

They are the same color.

– It camouflages.
– My goodness.

They are really the same.

They should say hi to each other.

– Local bus edition.
– He’s got many friends.

(He bikes through the city
with the bus.)

(I’m scared)

(He drives while
singing BTS’ song.)

He still loves BTS.

He’s like ARMY.

j-hope must’ve seen
your video message.

Why isn’t he contacting you?

He doesn’t have to contact me. He
should contact the production team.

Could it be that he doesn’t
know our contact number?

Should we put it at the bottom?

Should we put the number
at the bottom?

Why don’t we put
your number at the bottom?

What are you talking about?

(I need you, girl)


(He sings a BTS medley, hoping
that they would appear on the show.)

(Girl, why)

My goodness. It’s a BTS medley.

(Humming j-hope’s song,)

I haven’t been here in a long time.

(he enjoys the liberating
winter biking.)

– I haven’t been here in a while.
– Where is that?


– Sangam?
– World Cup Stadium?


There are a lot of local buses
on the road, aren’t there?

– Right.
– There are tons of them.

They are everywhere.

I made it slightly lighter
to make it look different.

It’s a little bit lighter.

I guess people fly kites a lot.

It’s nice.

Look at the park.
I didn’t know there was a lake.

Perhaps you can catch smelts here.

Perhaps Na Rae set up
a tent somewhere.

– It’s so nice.
– It’s like mold.

It’s completely frozen.


I need to get some sunlight.

I haven’t been in the sun
in a long time.

(Rolling up the sleeves)

I will get some sunlight.

I need to get some sunlight.

I need to get a lot of sunlight
to get serotonin…

and to beat depression.

It’s not that cold.

(He walks while enjoying the sun.)

(He finds a bench
with nice scenery.)

I’m famished. I should’ve
eaten a little more.


(The bench is snow-capped.)

(He cleans it with his gloves.)


(He nicely places them
on the bench.)

I’m so hungry.

(He sits on top of the gloves.)

I should’ve just eaten that
at home.

– Right.
– I got hungry fast.

(He takes out the tool
from his pocket.)

(And he opens his lunch box.)

– Gosh. This is incredible.
– It must taste amazing outside.

(The fried rice is nice and steamy.)

Why is the scenery so pretty?

– I know. It’s white.
– The day before…

He’s enjoying it.

– It looks good now.
– It was good.

(He gets a mouthful
and puts it into his mouth.)

The rice cake.

The rice cake is…
The rice cake is really long.

There’s a long rice cake
in the fried rice.

I should cook this again
with the leftover.

(In the empty park,)

(he enjoys his food.)

What is this?

(And the dazzling sunshine
pours onto him.)

It’s so nice to come here
after finishing an episode.

It’s so nice to eat alone here.

In the past, I once went for a ride.

I made fried rice
and loaded it on the bike.

I didn’t have any appointments.

I just biked to a random place
and ate it on the way.

I thought of where to go
the next day and biked again.

At that time, I was
free and open-minded.

But now that I always work…

(He trudged home.)

I get spaced out
after I finish an episode.

I should live like that too.

– Right.
– Half-naked?

Why did it have to be that scene?

Do Yeon.

– You want to eat half-naked.
– No.

I want to live freely and
do things on a whim like he does.

– And they showed that scene.
– Right.

(Oh, dear.)

I can’t believe this.

(He’s dressed well today.)

(He enjoys his meal
while getting the sun.)

There’s no meat.
There are only bones.


What? Hold on.

(Something isn’t right.)

– Wait.
– I had to put it somewhere.

He couldn’t litter.

– Did you take it out at home?
– I did.

– You took it out.
– I took it out. Great.

– There were only a few.
– I will check it later.

Okay. There were only a few.

People might misunderstand you
if you carry bones in your bag.

– Right.
– Seriously.

If you drop your bag
and bones pour out…

(It will become a horror movie.)

By the way, this is…
I will cook it for people later.

(He keeps the bone.)

Perhaps the bag is
covered in sauce?

I think he’s so funny.


– My goodness.
– It must be good.

(He hurriedly shoves
the leftover into his mouth.)


(He got sauce on his pants.)

I recently bought those pants.

No way.

You used snow?

We learn so much from you.

– I’m jealous. So much.
– I know.

– Why would you be jealous?
– I want to live like that.

She watches it so attentively.

Why didn’t I think of putting
the chicken bones in my bag?

Why didn’t I clean
my pants with snow?

Next time, I will go to
a pork backbone stew restaurant…

and put the bone in my bag.

– We are learning so much from him.
– We are learning a lot from him.

(He rubs his pants
until they almost get worn out.)


These are new pants.

I can’t remove the stain.

Of course you can’t.
Why would it get removed?

I made it even worse.

You got the sauce on your pants.

He had a wet tissue.


What’s wrong?

That’s how you open it properly.

What’s wrong?

(He realizes it only now.)

Did you see that?
That’s how you do it.

That’s how you do it.

You have to tear the side.

– Yes.
– He’s incredible.

We have to learn, everyone.
This is it.

(She admires him.)

There’s an opening at the top.

The wet tissues will get dried up
when you open it like that.

– They will get dried up.
– Yes.

He thinks outside the box.

– That’s…
– He’s incredible.

(He wipes his mouth.)

(Why is he taking it to his nose?)


(He finishes his meal neatly.)

(He gets one more wet tissue.)

(And he wipes the spoon.)

I couldn’t throw it away.

(Putting it in his pocket)

Save me.


(Flopping down)

Save me.

(Victims emerge everywhere.)

Why put it there?

You could’ve put it
in the container.

There was some food left.

(Role Model84’s Achievement 1.
Putting the chicken bone in the bag)

(Putting the bone in the bag)

(Role Model84’s Achievement 2.
Washing his pants with snow)

(Role Model84’s Achievement 3.
Tearing the side of the wet tissue)

(Role Model84’s Achievement 4.
Putting the spoon in his pocket)

(The members are dying.)

– I mean…
– This is crazy.


– Where can I buy that bag?
– Hong Kong.

– I’ll buy that first.
– You have to go to Hong Kong then.

(Innocently keeping the spoon)

(That was a good meal.)

(He takes out something
from his bag again.)


– He brought a reel.
– He has a reel.

I wanted to fly a kite.

I wanted to write a wish…

and make it big.
I thought that’d be really cool.

– A big kite?
– How big is he going to make it?

– As big as 1.5m.
– Oh, that one?

That big?

I wanted to make it into that size.

People write their wishes
on such things.

I wanted to write my wish
and fly it.

He really likes
wishes and blessings.


Oh, no. This is too big.


This is too big.

(It’s his first time
flying a handmade kite.)

Gosh, my eyes hurt.

Isn’t that Kian Green?

(Even the kite is in Kian Green.)

Gosh, my eyes hurt.

(He starts sketching
despite his stinging eyes.)

Oh, you’re drawing something
to put on the kite?

I should’ve drawn one
before going there,

but I had no other choice
but to draw it there.


– Oh, no. Oh, no!
– It’s flying away!

– No, no. Again?
– No.

(Everything runs away from him.)

– It’s moving according to the wind.
– Grab it.

(But he already has experience.)

Don’t fly away from me.

(That’s why he catches it
right away before it runs away.)

I’ll draw me.

Then the members.

I’ll write a wish.

– You’re flying us away.
– Let me draw it first.

– I wanted to…
– He’s going to fly us away.

(He starts making a kite.)

– He has to cut the cloth too.
– It’s not easy.

The experts cut the cloth
in whatever shape they want…

and make great things.

(Making a kite
on a white snowy field…)

(helps him recover his innocence.)

And then…


It’s easy for people to think…

flying a kite is childish.

But it gives so much pleasure.

Of course,
since it’s a traditional game.


(He even sews this time.)

I miss you

Oh, he needs to sew it.

You know how to sew?

It’s not that difficult.

My goodness.

There’s so much to sew.

(Easily fixing things)

It’s all set.

(He put up the frame in no time.)

– It looks okay.
– It really does.

Did he put a tail on it?

That’s right.

– That even works.
– That was so cool of me.

That’s my style.

If the kite manages to fly, I’m sure
it can be seen in Jeolla Province.

Of course.

(Now it’s time to draw.)

I’m drawing myself first.

(Sketching his face
without hesitation)

(With a smile,)

(he does his best to draw
on his knees.)

(He’s done sketching already.)

I just did a light sketch.

– It looks like him.
– He draws so fast.

(Next is…)

(another person.)

– Na Rae…
– What?

How did she look?

How can you forget how I look?

Did she look like this?


– Wait. Come on.
– Her eyes are…

– Her eyes are…
– It’s just progress.

(Looking sunken…)

(or surprised)

(Drawing seriously)

(He even draws her eyelashes.)

– What?
– With her hair…

– It does look like her.
– It looks like me. What?

– It does.
– It does.

(Putting colors as well)

The color is… It’s because
the ground is bumpy.

(Trying his best
on a bumpy and snowy ground)

I should’ve colored it at home.
My hands were frozen.

Oh, no. His hands must be cold.

Why does it look ominous?



I should make my eyes
more sparkling.

(Adding pupils)

Sparkling eyes.

(His eyes look
more comfortable now.)

Shading my face.

Like this.

Drawing on the snowy field…

– looks nice.
– Right?

(Adding more detail to his face)

Sharp eyes.

That’s it.

He drew it well. It’s nice.

I’m a cartoonist,

– and it’s my job.
– He put it up there?

I wanted to write my wishes
on the bottom…

and make it look shredded…

like an octopus.

I wanted to give it that feel.

I should color…

Na Rae’s lips only.

He’s putting on lipstick for me…

– Wait a minute. I look like…
– I should’ve used white.

I should’ve used white.

– The color is…
– Wait a minute.

– What?
– I added shading though.

(It somehow becomes scarier.)

(Finishing it in a hurry
unlike his face)

He drew her absentmindedly.

– Who should I draw next?
– Is he done with drawing Na Rae?



Gosh, my hands are cold.

It’s cold. I’m going to
finish it fast.

The faces are getting smaller.

My hands were too cold.

And then…

That took just five seconds.

(His mouth looks the same.)


Dam Bi?

Gosh, it’s so troublesome.

It’d make her feel bad…

– if I didn’t draw her.
– Of course, she’ll be upset.


(Her big eyes are the highlight.)

Her eyes are really big.

It does look like her.

(He finishes a sketch
that looks like Dam Bi.)

Jang Do Yeon.

– It’s Do Yeon.
– Do Yeon.

– How will I look?
– Next to Na Rae.


Why did he burst into laughter?

– What’s that?
– It looks like Henry.

(A big mouth)



It’s so darn big.

(His body tells it’s troublesome.)

It looks like he’s behind
his summer vacation assignment.

– He looks like a kid who’s behind.
– Next is Sung Hoon.

(Just moving about his fingers)

When will I be done?

(Just moving about his fingers)

It’s troublesome.

(He’s like a kid dealing with
his vacation assignment.)

(On a cold snowy ground)

(He even put
his hand in his pocket.)

– When will I be done?
– I didn’t know…

you could draw like that.

He’s lying on the ground.

Sung Hoon.

(When everyone else is having fun,)

(a 38-year-old is drawing
while lying on the ground.)


Righteous eyes.

– Righteous eyes.
– His sharp nose.

It does look like him.

His eyes are big and sharp.

I should watch him finish.

And his clamped lips.

It looks exactly like him.

– He drew him the best.
– I know.

It was easy to draw Sung Hoon.

He’s handsome.


What’s that?

– That’s too handsome.
– Righteous-looking.


He’s drawing Hwasa now.


She’s saying that.

It looks like she’s talking.

That’s her face when she’s saying,
“What’s wrong with you?”

Like this.

Is there anyone I’m missing?

(Drawing light-mindedly)

So that they can tell it’s a woman,

let me put on lipstick.

They all look like us.

– But we all look scary.
– Hwasa.

He only did his best
to draw his face.

I used the brown color
for Hwasa’s lips.

(Now it’s time to write his wish.)

I hope to spend this year…

with no trouble.

“With no trouble”.

– That’s the best one.
– I know.

Let’s have no trouble.

That’s the best wish I can make…

– now that I’m old.
– Of course.

You don’t even have to
wish for good things to happen.

– I just wish to have no trouble.
– That’s right.

– Hope my webtoon does well.
– Hoping his webtoon will do well.

(Hope my webtoon does well.)

Please let me meet…

someone nice.


(Home Alone)

– Home Alone?
– Home Alone.

– “Hoping it doesn’t get ruined.”
– “Hoping it doesn’t get ruined.”

– How can he say that?
– He’s straightforward.

Hoping to have…

BTS for Kian School of Arts
this year.

– j-hope…
– That’s his wish.

Wouldn’t he want to…

He must’ve
heard it somewhere, right?

Of course.

(His never-ending wish)

(Hi, j-hope!)

(You’ll join us, right?)

(j-hope, j-hope)

Is that why he’s not joining us?

– j-hope, j-hope.
– That’s possible.

We’re waiting for you, j-hope.

(j-hope, j-hope)

(Drawing a heart)

(Finished writing all his wishes)

I’m done.

(He finished making a kite.)

– It’s so big.
– Well done.

(I hope to spend this year
with no trouble.)

(Hope my webtoon does well.
Please let me meet someone nice.)

(Glowing Kian84…)

(and the Rainbow Club members)

(It’s time to fly
the completed kite.)

(He just needs to connect
the kite and the reel.)

Let’s fly at once.

The kite needs to fly
for the year to go well.

If it doesn’t fly,

the members’ year might go badly.

Because all of us are…

– on this kite together.
– Why did he say that?

(They are on the kite together.)

All of us are on this kite together.

– I feel a bit bad for j-hope.
– It’s like that.

I hate it.

Why would you say that?

He put our fate on the kite.

(The group’s fate…)

(fell into Kian84’s hands.)

– Let’s fly well.
– Yes. It just needs to fly well.

I think it will fly.


(Unfold your wings
and fly into the sky.)

– Run! Run!
– Fly!

(Kian84 has a hope.)

(Let’s fly into the sky together!)

– Fly!
– It’s flying!

(With the Rainbow Club members
on its back,)

(the kite begins to take flight.)

That made me a bit worried.

– What was that?
– I am sorry, everyone.


– That must hurt.
– Oh, no.

(It hurts.)

Gosh, why won’t it fly?

There was no wind.

I have a bad feeling about this.

This is exhausting.

(He raises his hand.)

– Is there someone?
– The direction of the wind.

– I thought he was calling someone.
– I thought there was a friend.

I thought it was a sign
to have someone else fly the kite.

(He is checking the wind.)

There was some wind.

(After checking
the direction of the wind,)

(he tries again
with his head as the support.)

– I think our fate depends on it.
– I know.

I am rooting for him.

Maybe I shouldn’t have drawn
the members’ faces.

– There it goes.
– My goodness.

There it goes! There it goes!

(Is it flying up?)

(It falls to the height
of his ribs.)

Why won’t it fly? Why won’t it fly?


– He is running again.
– Come on!

– Come on!
– There it goes!

Go up, go up! Go up!


That made me determined
to fly the kite.

You had to fly it.

– Anyone would become determined.
– There you go.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

(Lifting up)

There it goes!

(It falls to the ground again.)

The kite is too big.


(Despite his effort,
the kite plummets to the ground.)

There you go! Hey, fly!

Hey, fly! Hey, hey, hey!

(Perhaps a tent would fly better
than this kite.)

(He feels hot
from running without a break.)


Gosh, the zipper broke again.

– His zipper keeps breaking.
– The zipper.

Gosh, I remember that scandal
with the zipper.

(He had a problem
with the zipper back then.)

What is he doing?


(The 2nd zipper-related scandal)

He is having a problem again.

There we go.

(Thankfully, he took care of it
without a witness today.)

(He takes off the padded jacket.)

(He picks up the kite of hope
once more.)

I can’t help but root for him.

Fly, fly. Please fly.

Please help Kian84.

It’s dragging behind him.

– What?
– What is going on?

There was a kid.

Kid, would you help me fly
this kite?

– Have you flown a kite before?
– Not really.

Me neither. Come here.

Come here. Go under the kite.

– Under the kite?
– There you go.

– Hold it here.
– He is a nice boy.

– Thank you.
– When I run,

run with me.

If this goes up,

you should make a wish
for this year.

– Okay.
– Okay?

All right. After jogging for a bit,
we will pick up the speed.

1, 2, 3.

(They begin.)

Let go!

Boy, let go of the kite!

(I will never let go.)

Stop running and let go of the kite!

He is running with Kian84.

What was that?

Why are the two of you showing us
a chase?

I told him to let go,
but he didn’t understand.

– You should have told him.
– My stomach hurts from laughing.

(He is flustered
by the boy’s unexpected skills.)

Listen. Don’t run like that.

– You are a good runner.
– When we go…

– When we are going fast enough,
– He praised the boy.

– let go of the kite.
– Let go of it?


– Aren’t you exhausted?
– No.

– Are you okay?
– He is incredible.

– He is such a nice boy.
– Thank you.

– Let’s go.
– Okay.

Let’s go.

That’s good. That’s good.

– That’s good.
– He can run so well.

– Let go! Let go!
– It’s flying!

(The boy let go of the kite
this time.)

You should release the line!

– Release the line!
– Release the line with the reel.

– There is no wind.
– You should have released the line.

– Let go!
– There is no wind.

– The reel!
– What is he doing?

I lost weight that day.

This is ridiculous.

This is impossible.

Thank you for your hard work.

– I will try on my own.
– I felt bad for him.

Of course you felt bad for him.

(The nice boy leaves.)

(Kian84 is alone once more.)

– Gosh.
– He must be exhausted.

You should have called someone.

I know. It must have been hard
to fly that big kite by yourself.

(He is like the breadwinner
who must support the family.)

(He runs once more for his family.)

– My goodness.
– I must have run for two hours.

(His legs are extremely fragile.)

– My goodness.
– My goodness.


– He will hurt himself.
– My goodness.

(It’s a tearjerking fight
against the big kite.)

Gosh, I feel bad.

(The many footsteps
show his desperation.)

– He is struggling so much.
– I know.

At first, I began
in a lighthearted manner.

But when I couldn’t fly the kite,
I became serious.

I wouldn’t have minded
if it were only about myself,

but other members’ faces were
on the kite as well.

– You drew all of our faces.
– Seriously. Why did you do that?

A failure might ruin…

– my fate and the show’s fate.
– No.

It might ruin
all the members’ fate as well.

– That’s ridiculous.
– That’s ridiculous.

– Still…
– Kian84,

you can spit three times
to get rid of bad luck.

Spitting three times
gets rid of bad luck.


I need to fly the kite
before the sun sets.

The sun is setting.

(He tapes the kite
for more support.)

He should have done that sooner.

I realized that taping the kite
would increase my chances.

(He renews his resolution again.)

– The sun set a lot already.
– The kite…

– should fly now.
– I ran for two hours that day.

This looks pretty good.

– That’s right.
– I have a good feeling about this.

All right. Let’s go! Let’s go!

It’s getting the wind.

– It’s different this time.
– It isn’t leaning forward.

– It’s working.
– All right.

It’s working. It’s working.

– That’s good.
– It’s flying.


– A bit more.
– Release the line! Release it!

– I am doing it.
– Run faster!

(It’s pretty high up in the sky.)

(But unfortunately,
the line breaks.)

– The line broke.
– Do you know what’s really funny?

Since we think
our fate depends on the kite…

“Go! Go! Release the line!”

– Seriously.
– Run faster!

(They told him a moment ago
that it’s okay to fail.)

(Release the line! Release it!)

(I am doing it.)

(Run faster!)

(She is serious about this.)

– Why did the line break?
– Why won’t that kite fly high?

You become invested
when your fate is on the line.

What kind of a kite does that?

(Although it was a short flight,
it went higher than it ever did.)

That’s it. That’s it. All right.

Hey! I thought I would succeed
this time.

(The kite falls to the ground
after half a success.)

(He runs out of energy in the end.)

– It isn’t easy.
– Can’t we count that as a flight?

– Yes. It was a flight.
– All right.

It flew for a short time.
A small success is good enough.

– Not everyone can be successful.
– What are you talking about?

How could you say that
about someone else’s life?

– Why did you get us on the kite?
– Seriously.

I would say it was half a flight.

It would be nice to have
half of my wishes come true.

(Which ones would he choose?)

I hope my webtoon does well.

I hope to spend this year
with no trouble.

I hope to have BTS’ j-hope
for the show this year.

Then Home Alone won’t get ruined.

(Will you give up
on the Kian School of Arts?)

I want it to happen too.

(How about a girlfriend?)

I want to find a girlfriend too.

How about the wish regarding
Home Alone?

– How about us?
– The show will get ruined.

– Will it get ruined?
– Don’t you care about the show?

I will change my choice.

– The moment is gone.
– It’s over already.

Did you leave it at that?
Didn’t you keep trying at night?

What? I did run some more.

I have half of the wishes left.

I won’t be greedy.

(The kite plummets again.)


I thought he was screaming
because it flew.

Fly already!

– Oh, no.
– Fly already!


– He threw the reel.
– I had run for three hours.

– Oh, no!
– For goodness’ sake!


It’s all superstitions
and shamanism.

I don’t believe in this.

If flying a kite brings you luck,
everyone will be lucky.

(Don’t Be Hung Up
on Little Things in the New Year)

Is that it? What?

No way this is the end.

(You flew half of the kite
and that’s it?)

– Oh, dear.
– Hold on!

What was that?

I bet my life and death
on this year!

The wind didn’t blow.
What do I do about it?

– Hold on.
– Hey!

What about us then?

– What was that?
– You should’ve blurred our faces.

I can’t visit my family
this Lunar New Year.

My mom and my grandma
will be watching this.

– What do we do?
– Try to be less greedy.

– Is that over?
– That’s over.

– That’s it?
– What’s with that?

Just say
“We enjoyed the video,” please.

Come on.

He wants us to wrap it up.

Oh, my.
We didn’t enjoy the video.

– We’re so shocked.
– It got me speechless.

It was too shocking.

– Is this only me?
– I know.

So I cropped the wishes
out of the kite…

because I felt uncomfortable.

when you were being interviewed,

your face was cropped out.

– Right.
– Where are our faces then?

– In your bag from Hong Kong?
– I’ve put them somewhere.

– They must be thrown somewhere.
– I still have them.

I’ll burn all of them.

– What do you mean?
– Why would you burn them?

Why do you put us in the fiery pit?

– What are you talking about?
– So you can fly away.


– Don’t be hung up on it.
– My face is getting hot.

I apologize.

Kian84 flew half of the kite,

so let’s fly the rest of it high

– Let’s fly high.
– Thank you.

It was such a good video
for Lunar New Year.


(Wrapping it up quickly)

It was tailored for Lunar New Year.

How uncomfortable it feels.

I feel so uncomfortable
with how it ended.

Half of the kite did fly.

– Half of it did.
– It was a half-success.

– Good.
– I wish you luck this year.

Let’s work harder.
See you next week.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

(Next week)

(Se Ri became thin.)

(She got her jawline back
as she lost weight.)

(The secret was ballet.)

(Is she also a great ballerina?)

(But actually,
she’s a beginner ballerina.)


(Be patient.)

(How can she do it gracefully?)


(She will nail eating
rather than doing ballet.)

(Her hands are full.)

(The big spender Se Ri goes big
at the traditional market.)

(Se Ri makes Korean pancakes alone.)

(She keeps on making pancakes

(I feel like my back will break.)

(Is she making
a world-class portion of food?)

(You worked hard,
so eat it at once.)

(You don’t gain weight from the food
you eat when you work.)

(Se Ri’s Holiday from Weight-Loss)

(Her health is failing
because of her busy schedule.)

(You’re overworking twice
as much as others.)


(She puts the overworking days

(and starts to live a slow life.)

(She slows down her day.)

(She enjoys a table
of chemical-free foods in nature.)

(She clears out her schedule
and fills herself.)

(I can’t leave my seat.)

(It’s supposed to be
like “Little Forest.”)

(It’s not easy to live
in the country at all.)

(The life in the country is busy.)

(Na Rae’s Busy Forest)

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