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Knowing Brother Episode 260 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Knowing Brother Episode 260 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Without me here, everything’s gotten so dirty.

Everything should be cleaned properly.

It’s time to be aware of this.


Jang Hoon.

– My child. – Everything needs to be clean.

– Are you cleaning? – Yes.

How have you been?

We missed you.

Our frustrating friend is back.

Without you, there was no one to grumble about things.

– Last week… – You’re so welcoming…

even though I only missed a week.

Do you know how hard it was for us,

just because one frustrating member was absent last time?

We couldn’t make any progress on the Guess Who I Am quiz.

– Everyone was too mild. – We didn’t have an MC for it.

Look, he’s embarrassed.

Since there’s no one to grumble…

You’re being so welcoming, maybe I’ll skip once in a while.

You really can’t.

Jang Hoon, I’m curious about what you did alone.

I was about to leave that morning to come here,

but I heard I should get tested, so I went and got tested,

– and then I went home. – Were you home the whole time?

Knowing I should be filming here on a Thursday,

but being home all day felt so strange.

Your wife must have liked that you were home on a Thursday.

“Honey, why didn’t you go to the set today?”

Fine, I saw it, okay?

– You like it anyway. – I’m going to keep at it anyway.

– Might as well. – Yes, might as well.

Let’s carry on, and cut this part.

– Cut what? – Why do you want to cut it?

I was watching this and that,

and I saw After School Activities with Universal Hip Hoppers.

I looked it up and watched it,

– and I heard you have a single? – Yes, it’s being released soon.

– Yes, we’re releasing one. – I noticed…

that Kyung Hoon…

has been gradually improving at rapping.

I practiced more than people think for After School Activities,

so the single will be released right at midnight tonight.

That’s amazing.

Why didn’t you ask me for help?

We were going to ask you to help with producing it,

but it sounded pretty good even with just our own efforts.

So we thought we didn’t need to bother you with it.

What’s the title song?

It’s called “Hanryang”. You know what that means, right?

Someone who just plays around and eats all day long.

Yes, DinDin made the song,

along with DuDu,

HeeHee, that’s me,

and BIBI. BIBI was featured.

– BIBI’s great. – Someone said…

that we release something every two years.

– “Sweet Dream”, “Aftereffect”, – “Aftereffect”.

– “Hanryang”, all two years apart. – Why are you leaving one out?

– It’s the winter now too. – You should trademark that.

– Universal Shorties. – If you keep releasing singles…

– We can’t do that. – You’re all forgetting something.

– Sang Min. – Universal Cowards, Shorties,

Universal Hip Hoppers. If you’re going to use these names,

– you need to pay me copyright fees. – He’s back, Jang Hoon’s back.

He’s back.

He’s back at last.

– It only took 10 minutes. – No, in only 5 minutes.

He’s restored to his original position within five minutes.

Some people never change.

You need to pay to use those names.

Dear viewers, please continue to support us.

(The transfers enter to ask our viewers for their support.)


Ji Chang Wook, wow.

Ji Chang Wook, Kim Min Seok.

– Min Seok. – Kyung Soo, Kyung Soo.

It’s “Itaewon Class”.

– Class.”Itaewon Class”. – “Itaewon Class” is here.

“Backstreet Rookie”.

Ji Chang Wook is really so good looking.

– Min Seok too. – Just looking at him…

If you take a seat before even introducing yourselves…

(They stand up right away.)

You adapt too quickly.

Hello. I’m here to heat up this frozen winter kingdom.

I’m a transfer from “Lovestruck in the City” High.

I”m the handsome Ji Chang Wook.

– Are you singing “Let it Go”? – I’m the cute Kim Min Seok.

I’m in a different class.

I’m Ryu Kyung Soo. Nice to meet you.

(Handsome and cute)

(In a different class)

Now’s not the time for that.

Quick, Yeong Cheol, hide me. Cover him up.

– Why? What is it? – Get out, Chang Wook.

– Why? – Chang Wook and I can’t meet.

– Why? – Why not?

Doppelgangers are never supposed to meet in person.

If doppelgangers meet, one of them ends up dying.

What are you talking about?

Hurry up and tell Chang Wook to get out.

He and I aren’t supposed to meet face to face.

– You’re saying you look alike? – Just ask Chang Wook.

We can’t meet one another.

– Chang Wook, you know about this? – He’s causing such a stir.

I’m not sure how we resemble one another,

but it makes me want to die.

(He’s in pain from the start.)

– What’s with the doppelgangers? – If doppelgangers meet, they die.

Ho Dong’s really cute, right?

But just like Ho Dong, I’m really cute.

– I’ve never heard that before. – You’re saying that about yourself?

– The rest of you accept this? – Let’s see it.

– Ho Dong. – Yes?


– I can’t do this. – Does he really have to do that?

– Why does he need to do that? – Chang Wook…

If you’re going to do it, have courage and just do it.

One cheek at a time, bite, bite, bite, like this.

You’re like an escaped animal.

Why, how did he do it?

– An escaped animal. – Bite, bite, bite.

I saw him in “Planet Of The Apes”.

I”m not as cute as all that,

but I am pretty cute, even when I’m not doing anything.

Is that true from Min Seok and Kyung Soo’s perspective?

He’s pretty cute on occasion.

There are a lot of times he seems like a baby.

Chang Wook is really sweet on set.

– You have such a nice voice. – Kyung Soo’s voice is so nice.

– It’s no joke. – Chang Wook is sweet on set.

Wow, Kyung Soo.

(Soo Geun heads to the front while calling Kyung Soo’s name.)

I heard there was a good looking fellow in our village. Must be you.

What are you talking about?

So that was me.

Min Seok, I’m drawn to you for some reason.

I heard there was someone Min Seok wanted to meet.

– Who? – Could that be Soo Geun?

I wanted to meet Jang Hoon.

– Why? – He should’ve come last week.

We’ve met before.

That’s right, I have a lot of history with Min Seok.

– How? – Ages ago,

when we were doing the pilot for “Flower Crew,” we met.

And wasn’t your name Seo Jang Hoon…

– for a role in a drama? – Yes, I played Seo Jang Hoon.

– That’s right. – My character was Seo Jang Hoon,

but in a twist, the character was a really short guy.

It was about a short guy who dates a much taller woman.

(JTBC’s “Hello, My Twenties! 2”)

(His first name is Jang Hoon, )

(and his last name is Seo.)

(Seo Jang Hoon.)

Yes, my name is Seo Jang Hoon.

(My name is an insult…)

(to its owner.)

Min Seok played a character named Seo Jang Hoon.

The character’s girlfriend was taller than he was.

What if Jang Hoon’s girlfriend were taller than he is?

Why are you imagining that?

– She would have to be over 2.1m. – Why are you fantasizing about it?

– What an unusual couple. – With a girlfriend like that.

– Do you ever think about that? – I’ll look for a tall woman.

By the way, I know Kyung Soo.

– Kyung Soo? – Kyung Hoon does?

– Kyung Hoon doesn’t know anyone. – That’s because…

– he’s someone I’m indebted to. – Kyung Soo is?

We’re the only people you know.

– He doesn’t know anyone. – I’ve never talked to him myself.

– Really? – But we owe him a lot.

– Kyung Soo is? – The only one at my agency…

working right now is me.

So the spotlight is on me,

– and that puts pressure on me. – You don’t like that.

But in “Itaewon Class”, which Kyung Soo was in,

a rookie singer from my agency, Gaho,

sang a song on the soundtrack.

– That song placed first. – That’s right.

Kyung Soo was in that drama.

(“Start” by Gaho took 1st on the charts due to “Itaewon Class”.)

– So I think highly of him. – From an agency standpoint.

So that’s why you’re indebted to him?

– Now two people are working. – So it’s not because…

– you know Kyung Soo personally. – If you’re grateful to Kyung Soo,

what would you do if you met Park Seo Jun?

– He might cry. – I’d have to bow down.

– A grand bow. – Kyung Soo,

– did you know Bo Hyun was here? – I know.

We told him to keep quiet when he was leaving.

He didn’t tell you anything in particular, did he?

He just said it was the most comfortable variety show for him.

– That’s right. – Good thing we made him keep quiet.

He’s good at keeping secrets.

Min Seok, you don’t know Seo Jun well, do you?

– In what way? – He’s flustered.

Don’t you know Seo Jun? Park Seo Jun?

– From “Itaewon Class”? – Are the two of you close?

If he’s Park Seo Jun of “Itaewon Class”,

I’m the Kang Seo Jun of Men on a Mission.

In your opinion, do you think we look alike?

– I don’t think so. – He’s…

I don’t know why everyone else says we look alike.

Even if someone made him say this, Ho Dong is number one…

in the whole country for saying this kind of thing so brazenly.

I personally don’t think we look that alike.

(Kang Ho Dong trait: Believes he looks like Park Seo Jun)

– Look at that expression. – The only thing I was surprised by,

– more than anything else, – What is it, Min Seok?

was about how brazen he could be.

I didn’t know it was this bad.

It’s not me. I’m telling you, it was a hot topic.

Do you say that kind of thing to your wife too?

That you look like Park Seo Jun?

I don’t.

(Squeezing his eyes shut)

Then what do you two talk about?

After seeing “Itaewon Class”, I bet your wife said,

“Darling, you look just like Park Seo Jun.”

She never said such a thing to me.

All right.

I don’t have my cell phone right now, but no joke,

Ho Dong looks a lot like my dad.

– He looks like your dad? – Really.

And his genes can make someone who looks like you?

(The mysterious world of genes)

Now that we’re talking about looks,

Chang Wook, I heard you’re not happy with your face?

Rather than being unhappy with it,

it’s more like it’s not my style.

Since I have a strong double eyelid,

so I prefer…

– I know what you mean. – Someone like Min Seok.

So you like how people look without the double eyelid.

Yes, I prefer it.

Your Creator has made you the way you are,

but you’re not happy with it, so the Creator is angry.

As punishment, you have to choose one of our faces.

You can only be reincarnated with one of our faces.

I’d take Soo Geun’s face with Jang Hoon’s height.

I’m grateful for that.

Why Soo Geun’s face with Jang Hoon’s height?

What if the Creator mishears you,

and gives you Jang Hoon’s face with Soo Geun’s height?

(Soo Geun’s height mismatched with Jang Hoon’s face.)

– Hee Chul, wow. – I’d love to see that.

– The Creator… – That would worry me.

(Soo Geun is very happy with that.)

The Creator slipped up.

You’re getting back to your original forms.

– I think I’d understand… – I like it.

if it were Hee Chul’s face with my height,

– but why you? – But I’m smiling because I like it.

– He really likes it. – Do you really like it?

– It will be so cool. – If you had your height,

– but Jang Hoon’s face. – Yes.

– Isn’t it perfect? – Soo Geun.

Everyone would ignore you.

I think you’d be able to lead a perfect life.

By yourself in the contactless era.

I’m curious about one thing. How did you manage last week?

– Hey. – He wasn’t here last week.

It was a mess last week without you, Jang Hoon.

How did you manage without me?

– It was hard for us. – Unbelievable.

But why are the three of you on the show together?

Are you close?

We’re filming a drama together.

It must be a JTBC drama.

It’s a JTBC drama?

– No? – It’s…

– What’s the title? – It’s by KakaoTV and Netflix,

and it’s called “Lovestruck in the City”.

So they must be here because they heard the rumors.

Have we gone totally independent?

– Do we have a free trade agreement? – Yes.

So anyone can come, even if they’re not in a JTBC show.

Let’s all just help one another.

KakaoTV has variety shows too.

– They have “Real Gyeong Gyu”. – Right, “Real Gyeong Gyu”.

Go on “Real Gyeong Gyu” some time.

If you say hello, he’ll snap, “What is it?”

It was exactly the same.

“What is it?” That’s Gyeong Gyu.

– He does that. – He doesn’t do that anymore.

You’d say hello,

and he’d say, “What’s with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why are you promoting your drama on my show?”

– But… – Why JTBC?

I heard “The Uncanny Counter” came here and benefitted,

so we thought we’d come by.

Just to dip our toes.

– “Lovestruck”? – “In the City.”

I am curious about it.

What’s wrong with love in the countryside?

Why are you looking down on country folk?

There are so many places in the country to make love.

– Right. – The water mill.

– Do you know love at water mill? – The foothills.

It’s just a drama…

about some young people who fall in love.

It’s a series of love stories,

but they just called it “Lovestruck in the City”.

What kind of love does Kyung Soo has in it?

I broke up with my girlfriend.

Then it’s Jang Hoon-type love.

– Is it a Jang Hoon love? – A Jang Hoon love…

We all have a Seo Jang Hoon love.

Did you not say anything like this while I was gone?

– We didn’t. – Not at all.

– Because… – We couldn’t.

Sang Min love just isn’t quite as catchy.

It’s not catchy.

– Yes, Jang Hoon love sounds better. – A Jang Hoon love.

– So Kyung Soo is in Jang Hoon love. – What about you, Chang Wook?

The woman I’m in love with…

ghosts me and runs away.

That’s Ho Dong love.

Like the bakery woman…

who agreed to meet at the bakery and never contacted you again.

– That’s the exact same story. – That’s really it.

– He still hasn’t heard from her. – That’s the same story.

He waited for a whole day at that bakery.

He even went back to the bakery the next day.

I wait for a whole year.

You wait for a whole year? Ho Dong, how many years is it?

– Waiting for the bakery woman? – He shouldn’t be waiting anymore.

(That’s right.)

– Goodness. – I mean…

– That’s right. – That’s why you get bad feedback.

I almost said I’d been waiting for 35 years.


Chang Wook, what do you think love is, aside from your character?

Love is…

something that makes you feel good.

– That’s different from us. – That is different from us.

For us, it’s,

“Even if you ignore me, I’m still attracted, that’s love.”

What about you, Min Seok?

– Love to Min Seok. – For me, love is…

a synergy between lives.

– Synergy? – Wow, synergy.

For us, it’s,

“Because I can’t trust you, my pain is love.”

– What about you, Kyung Soo? – Kyung Soo?

– What about you? – For me…

“Because I can’t trust you, my pain is love.”

– He’s on our side. – How do you know that song…

when you were born in 1992?

I just learned of it now.

But what’s your actual love style?

I”m very honest.

I can’t play hard to get. I’m very straightforward.

Do you confess your love first then?

I can’t confess my love very well.

I bet people confess to you even if you do nothing.

That’s not it.

It’s because I’m just too scared of rejection.

– That’s like me. – Have you ever…

been dumped by someone you were dating?

Of course.

Did you steal from her wallet?

Why? What happened?

– I never did that but was dumped. – Why would I steal from her wallet?

I mean…

– Look at his face. – Then why did you break up?

– Why? – Do people get sick of you easily?

– That’s not it. – Then why?

As soon as I become the one who loves more,

I get clingy.

– You get clingy? – No, no.

– Then? – I just get more intimate,

– And more obsessive. – and more…

– You get obsessive. – That’s right.

Sometimes, I do get obsessive,

and that leads to problems for both of us.

That’s why we break up.

Chang Wook said he was honest earlier.

It’s because you’re too honest.

If you’re honest, you fight often,

– and if you’re too honest, – That’s right.

it can be too much for someone. In our 1995 song, “Rules of Love”,

one lyric says, “Halve your expressions of love.”

That’s how it begins.

– You need to know how to moderate. – You’re such an expert.

You even wrote “Rules of Love”.

You knew all that even back in 1995.

Why did such an expert end up doing what you did?

– Marriage… – You knew everything.

Marriage and dating are different.

(We’ll heed your advice.)

Then the three of you met through the drama?

They met me for the first time through the drama.

Then Min Seok and Chang Wook knew each other before?

We served in the military together.

(Chang Wook and Min Seok met doing their military service.)

We lived together for about two months.

Weren’t there a lot of celebrities in your cohort?

– Who was there? – We were in…

a musical troupe in the military,

– which included Jo Kwon. – Jo Kwon.

Kang Ha Neul,

– and Sung Kyu from INFINITE. – Sung Kyu.

– Then there was me and Min Seok. – And Min Seok.

After I was discharged,

other celebrities joined and performed.

Then Xiumin was your successor since he was discharged recently?

That’s right. He couldn’t even look at me in the eye.

Xiumin’s real name is also Kim Min Seok.

It’s the same name.

In the military,

– you have to use your real name. – That’s right.

Wasn’t it confusing for you?

– Since our ranks were different… – Oh, your rank.

– So they call you by rank. – So if they call for me,

I’d say, “Sergeant Kim Min Seok.”

If they call for Private Min Seok, he’d say, “Private Kim Min Seok.”

My goodness.

Does a private have to talk like that?

They need to answer loudly.

Should I show you how it differs by rank?

– Okay. – At first, you’re nervous.

Since you’re constantly nervous, you sound like this.

“Private Kim Min Seok.”

That’s how you sound at first.

Once you get to Private, First Class, it’s a little less.

“Private, First Class, Kim Min Seok.”

– That’s believable. – Corporals feel they have charisma.

“Corporal Kim Min Seok.”

Like pre-teen superiority.

– Yes. – They think they’re the best.

– I see. – Now, the sergeant.

They make it sound like English.

“Sarge Kim Min Seok.”

I thought you were saying goodbye.

– I see. – You can’t hear it all clearly.

It’s different by era. In the 1990s, you had to add…

what class you were no matter what.

“Private, Second Class, Lee Soo Geun.”

Second Class, like that.

It has to be perfectly clear.

Second Class, Second Class, Second Class, Second Class.

That’s it.

So that’s why he’s so good at Perfect Pitch.

No wonder Soo Geun’s good at Perfect Pitch.

Chang Wook, is Min Seok really that talented?

He’s really fun and playful around older colleagues.

He always made it fun for them.

He’s also really good at imitating people.

Really? Like impersonations?

Or imitating someone’s voice?

Do something that we might recognize.

Then I’ll impersonate Song Kang Ho.

(An impersonation of Song Kang Ho)

This must be for real.

I’ll change around the lines from “Memories of Murder”.

– From “Memories of Murder”. – I’ll change the lines a bit…

and direct them at Chang Wook.

You’ll change the lines.

Hey, Chang Wook.

I heard before you joined the military,

you were earning a nice amount.

– Wow, he’s so good. – That’s really good.

Give me a bit of spending money now and then.

Something like that?

That was exactly alike.

Of everyone…

– I can’t do it anymore. – who did impersonations…

on the show recently, it was the best.

You really did it the best.

– But I have one concern. – He did do it so well.

That impersonating my senior colleagues like this…

might end up turning them into caricatures.

– No, that won’t happen. – You’re just copying them.

– They’d like it. – I’m always cautious about it.

I’m sure they would like it because it means…

you watched their acting that closely.

I’ve also nearly memorized the lines from “No. 3”.

Show us “No. 3” then. A scene we know the most.

In the past, there was someone named Choi Young Ui.

Choi Young Ui.

He faced off against a lot of folks traveling the world over.

In the past,

there was someone named Choi Young Ui.

(Laughing silently)

Choi Young Ui.

He faced off against a lot of folks traveling the world over.

His tone is similar.

A bull appeared. It appeared.

“You a bull?”

“I’m Choi Young Ui.”

(Mimicking the tone exactly)

He grabs the bull by the horns,

and just hacks away at the horns with all he’s got.

(They’re just lines from a movie.)

Until the bull’s horns crack.

He’s really good at this.

“What, you Robert Johnson?”

Just walk forwards towards him.

Then Johnson will naturally retreat backward.

Then he’ll swear at him again.

“Who do you think you are?”

(In an uproar)

Then he keeps walking forward,

– and bam! – What is it?

The hands will automatically respond by moving upwards.

(Automatic laughter)

I’ll finish here.

(This is the voice imitation of a man with many talents.)

I loved it! Min Seok, you’re the best!

He didn’t use his hands too much like comedians.

– He does it so calmly. – It’s difficult to do.

– It was legendary. – You won the first medal.

You need to show us one more at this timing.

If you have any, show us one more.

Don’t save it and show us all.

Can I try to mimic my grandmother?

– Your grandmother? – Yes, go ahead.

Your grandmother. I like that.


My grandmother hates dogs. She hates the one I have.

So when I video call her,

my dog will show up from my side.

(When the dog appears while he video calls her)

She’ll cry, “A wild animal! Wild animal!”

She’ll say, “Wild animal.”

What’s that?

Your grandmother says that?

“A wild animal! Furry animal!”

– Because of its fur. – Because it loses a lot of furs.

She says, “I dislike wild animals.”

She is so funny.

– Your grandmother is like that. – “A wild animal!”

Can you mimic a singer?

For singers, I analyzed Jang Beom June.

– Come to the stage. – Yes, come on.

(“Flowers” by Busker Busker)

He’ll sing this like Jang Beom June?

Min Seok, you’re doing great. Don’t be shy.

Yes, you’re doing great. Feel free to show us.

I’ll try with a thick face.

(Getting ready)

He’s so good!

He really has many talents.

(It feels like Jang Beom June is here. He’s even good at singing!)

You’re unbelievable!


(Grinning like his father)

(The flowers, the flowers)

(Yes, yes, they have bloomed)

(The countless people)

(Yes, how special am I to you?)

I like it, I like it, harmonica solo.

When did you bring that?

(Playing harmonica)

Thank you.

(A stage of beautiful harmony)

Hey, Min Seok!

You’re full of talents!

You’re seriously the best!

– How can you be so good? – You’re full of talents!

He has talents,

but the harmonica was a big twist.

He prepared the harmonica!

It’s hard to make it work when you’re prepared too much.

But he made a great show with great preparations.

– You should be in “Hidden Singer”. – Yes.

If he analyzes a singer until this extent, I’m sure…

he can mimic another singer.

(Will he have another singer to mimic since he has many talents?)

When I was in middle and high school,

Kyung Hoon was a hero for all of us.

– Yes, of course. – Buzz.

Which song will you sing?

– The two singers are too different. – Exactly.

Wait, I need to take this sound out.

(Getting ready)

(My goodness)

I was trying not to laugh.

He’s very… Min Seok, you’re a new genre.

He is unbelievable!

(Looking forward to him mimicking Ssamja)

– That itself was awesome. – I’ll make this one short.

(You’re my champion)

(Champion of you and me)

– He’s basically good at singing. – Good job.

– He’s good at singing. – He’s Kyung Hoon.

He’s so good.

Kyung Soo, you don’t need to feel pressured.

– No, don’t be. – Each person has his own…

– part to play. – You don’t need to make us laugh.

– Kyung Soo. – He’s pressured.

Kyung Soo, you parted your hair perfectly today.

– Yes. – Kyung Soo hasn’t prepared,

but since Min Seok successfully mimicked a few people, you can…

– try to mimic without pressure. – Yes.

I can mimic Jang Hyuk in “Deep Rooted Tree”.

– Jang Hyuk, nice. – Great!

Your Highness.

The people actually…

doesn’t want to have their own letters, your highness.

– He’s good. – He can do it.

– You’re good at it! – You rock!

Can you do the famous “Eon Nyeon”?

– “Eon Nyeon, Eon Nyeon!” – “Eon Nyeon!”

I haven’t tried that.

“Eon Nyeon.”

– He’s good. – He does it well quietly.

You’re good.

I heard Chang Wook is also good at mimicking.

I can mimic an action. I learned it.

Eum Moon Suk acted as Jang Ryong…

in “The Fiery Priest”.

– He had his own actions there. – Yes.

Look carefully.

(Sophisticated movements shown by Eum Moon Suk while acting)

I mimicked that…

during break time.

Look carefully.

This is a very sophisticated movement.

(Ji Chang Wook)

Eum Moon Suk is in front…

– and he’s at the back. – It’s during “Backstreet Rookie”.

– This is Chang Wook’s part. – He’s doing the actions.

(Chang Wook’s time to move)

He enjoys a jolly break time.

(Back tumbling)

– You’re good at it. – You’re good.

– You’re good at actions. – You’re athletic.

– You’re good. – He can back tumble.

Eum Moon Suk is in front.

Wasn’t she Hye Ryun?

– Jo Hye Ryun. – “No, it’s not me”.

“It’s Eum Moon Suk.”

I thought the person in front was Hye Ryun until now.

I thought the person behind was Eum Moon Suk.

– No. – They look alike a little.

Jo Hye Ryun, it’s not her.

– No. – Yes, she is!

He’s Eum Moon Suk.

Hey, Hye Ryun! “I’ll not let you go.”

– “I’ll not let you go.” – I was shocked.

Did you know how to do tumbling?

While I was in college, I practiced…

– acrobatics in the rehearsing room. – I see.

Can you show us some moves?

– Just do it like this. – Yes.

(We shall look at the good ones twice.)

– He does it perfectly. – He’s so good.

– You’re perfect. – He doesn’t use stunt performers.

– He doesn’t use stunt performers. – That’s amazing.

– You don’t use stunt performers? – Seriously?

I do have stunt performers.

What’s right?

– What’s happening? – Why did you lie?

He meant that he won’t usually use stunt performers.

You don’t use them as often as other actors, right?

Yes, because as much as I act those scenes,

the final piece has better quality.

Most importantly, not only his body is light,

but he also knows the main point of the opponent’s moves.

– He can copy after looking at it. – So he can copy anything?

He’s a human copy machine.

– Can you do this? – You’ll do that? The difficult one?

– That is too difficult. – I haven’t seen it for years.

Come on.

(Call Sang Min for floor cleaning)

Sang Min. Look at their faces.

(It’s interesting.)

(Chang Wook still accepts the challenge.)

Can you teach me?

Push the ground with your hands.

Yes, that’s it!

(It’s amazing!)


– It’s cool. – It’s working.

– It’s cool. – There’s a focusing point.

– It’s amazing. – Stay there.

Try this.

That’s no joke.

– This is difficult. – This is hard.

It’s difficult.

I thought it was real and almost stepped on you.

You’re trying it?

Sometimes a bird approaches to eat me.

(Copying complete)

Do it together at the same time.

How can he…

(Unable to breathe)

It’s a battle.

(Caterpillar race all of a sudden)

Gosh, look at him.

– Oh my. – They are like worms.

(He’s serious in copying movements.)

He’s too fast.

He won.

He’s good.

He’s good at using his body.

– I like moving my body. – Chang Wook, try this.

This is a seriously difficult move. Try this.

– I think it’ll be difficult. – This is really difficult.

You need at least 8 years of B-Boying experience to do this.

– You’ll seriously do that move? – I should. They’re all watching.

(Lee Je Hoon of Cool is here.)

(Chang Wook is serious.)

Do you know who this is?

(Follow me if you can)

– Can you do this? – Watch.

It’s mimicking Lee Je Hoon of Cool.



(There’s no such thing as impossible to a human copy machine.)

– He’s good. – My goodness. He’s good!

He catches the points right away.

(Min Seok is so happy.)

Chang Wook, are you good at sports?

I like sports.

Did you play sports when you were young?

I liked sports since young,

and I liked to do anything with my body.

You know I always talk about DNA.

I recently saw a photo of…

Tae Joon, Soo Geun’s eldest son.

– He was hanging with one arm… – Yes.

– on a metal pole. – Seriously?

– It was so shocking. – He’s an athlete.

(In the air with one hand)

(He’s even relaxed to do a fist bump.)

He’s like an artistic gymnastics athlete.

– Genetics is really there. – I call him Hak Sun in the house.

– I call him Lee Hak Sun. – Following Yang Hak Sun.

– Yang Hak Sun. – Oh, Hak Sun.

He’s hanging somewhere whenever I look at him.

Lee Hak Sun.

I searched Min Seok’s article after his military service was done.

– I was very surprised by one thing. – Okay.

Did you catch a secret photography criminal?

– Yes, I did. – Yes, I remember.

– On the last day of my vacation. – Seriously?

I went to my friend’s cafe,

and one of my friends told me…

that he thinks there’s one person taking photos secretly.

My friend was at the back as well.

So I asked him to watch that man.

My friend gave me an okay sign.

He confirmed that the man was taking photos in secret.

So I took away his camera and saw his gallery.

– But there was no file. – What?

– So how? – I was like, “Where did it go?”

We went through the phone.

Then we found a hidden folder, and there were hundreds of photos.

A whole list of them.

– All the photos that he took. – From other places as well.

– There was a full list. – He was a habitual offender.

But this man…

It’s okay to swear!

He took photos…

– of all the ladies in the cafe. – Everyone?

– All the ladies. – Who were in the cafe?

There were photos of their lips and ears.

So I called the police.

He got arrested on the spot.

That’s all. But after that,

I felt uncomfortable with the article…

– because it was natural to do so. – Of course.

I did what anyone would’ve done.

But people think I caught the guy…

– like a superhero. – His mouth is loose.

It says as if I hit the guy.

But that’s still amazing.

He did something really good.

Usually, that’s our biggest concern.

Even if we see something strange,

we can’t take away the phone,

– and it doesn’t seem right. – You’re right.

– You could’ve doubted… – Yes, you could’ve been wrong.

– the wrong person. – That’s right.

We learned for the first time that they hide the files.

He’s great.

I get that you’re loyal,

and you did a good impersonation.

– You’re not yet enrolled. – Right.

Chang Wook will bring the EF to me.

(Bring it!)

(Copying automatically)

The person who gets embarrassed is the loser.

– Look at him. – At least…

you get to cover your face sometimes.

(The human copier delivers the enrollment form.)

Your names are Ji Chang Wook, Kim Min Seok,

and Ryu Kyung Soo.

Chang Wook’s nickname is Scaredy Wook.

– Scaredy Wook. – Do you get scared easily?

I’m actually…


really scared of bugs.


It’s natural to dislike it,

but you’re scared of it. What if a bug appeared?

– Do you scream? – Yes, I run away.

One time, I was driving my car.

There was a bug this big inside the car.

How can a bug be that big?

– Isn’t that a bird? – It looks big to scared people.

The bug was as big as my hand,

and it was crawling from inside my window.

So I pulled over and I ran away.

– You left the car? – I left it.

– Really? – I was so scared I left it.

My friend behind me pulled over and caught it for me.

People usually don’t do that.

I guess Chang Wook can’t do outdoor shooting.

– They shoot outdoors in the summer. – In dramas.

– They have a lot of bugs. – I just don’t go near the lights.

– The bugs gather around the lights. – That’s right.

– It’s the lights. – If you film at night in summer,

– all the moths will gather around. – All kinds of moths.

Where do they come from?

Ho Dong is quite scared of bugs too.

(Scaredy Wook? I’m Scaredy Dong!)

He gets so scared that he eats them.

I was scared.

What if it eats me? I should eat it first.

– He eats them. – All right.

Next is Min Seok’s nickname.

You can see it in his eyes.

The knife holder.

Have you handled some knives?

I used to work in a sashimi center for 5 to 6 years when I was young.

There was a time I sliced some sashimi.

My friends called me that as a joke.

We did that here once.

Da Young did it.

I saw it.

She was good.

– Really? – It was superb.

Kyung Soo wishes to be partners…

with Jang Hoon because his reactions are funny.

(Something like this)

What kind of reactions are they?

His reactions today were funny too.

I know what you mean.

(I know what you mean!)

– You like this, don’t you? – He laughs by himself.

I have manias who like me rather than a big fan base.

– That’s right. – There are those people.

– That’s right. – He’s funny.

It’s time for their strengths, which we have been curious about.

First of all, Min Seok already…

showed us so many of his strengths.

You wrote push-ups here.

Why did you write this as your strength?

How many can you do?

I think I can do it for a long time through muscular endurance.

Let’s have the three of you do it for one minute,

and the one who did the least buy coffee for all of us.

– Ready! – Ready.

Someone should take count.


Okay, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

11, 12, 13,

– He spread his arms. – 14, 15,

(Close match)

21, 22, 23, 24, 25,

(All 3 of them look comfortable without shaking.)

– 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, – It becomes hard from 30.

– 34, 35, – It gets hard from 30.

(Kyung Soo’s face turned red.)

39, 40, 41, 42,

43, 44, 45,

He’s good.


Are you giving up?

51, 52, 53,

54, 55, 56,

(Min Seok and Chang Wook have exceeded 50.)

– 60. – I’m done.

We still have 20 seconds left.

– There are still 20 seconds left. – That’s a lot.

We have 20 seconds left.

– 60, 61. – He’s really good.

(Min Seok still has strength left.)

You have 15 seconds left.

(Heavy breaths)

Then 63, 64, 65,

– 66, – His hips won’t go down.

(Using all his strength from when he was a baby)

– The end. – I can’t do it anymore.

It’s 66.

– Doing 60 is amazing. – 60 is so hard to do.

Was my posture okay?

– Your posture was great. – Then it’s fine.

– Can’t you do it? – Probably not.

– You can’t? – I can’t.

I think I can only do 30 or 40.

You can do 30 or 40?

Our representative is Kyung Hoon.

He’s the most fit in Men on a Mission.

What they did just now isn’t the proper way.

– That’s right. – Right.

(What did you say?)

He’s going to show us that’s even worse.

Your chest should reach the ground.

– Your chest? – Your chest should touch the floor.

He’s showing the proper way.

Ready, start.

– Your chest should reach the floor. – One.

– Two. – The original.


That’s the original one.

Looks good.


He looks funny.

His stomach is touching the ground.

(Hitting the stomach and rising)


– I’ll do it properly. – Nine.

Then 10, 11, 12.

(A baby bird dreaming of flying)

You said the chest should reach the ground.

At 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

(The father bird looks at him pitifully.)

– Do you want to come back in? – He will keep doing it?


Did you just say wrong?

We have the first failure of a push-up.

What did you just do?

Come in.

– I knew you could barely do 10. – What happened?

– It’s been a while since I did it. – It’s hard to do 10 properly.

That was hard work.

When you pass the mid-30s…

(Exiting hurriedly)

Min Seok finished 66 in the proper way.

Anyone is welcome to write it as their strength and break it.

That’s right.

Look, this is destiny too.

How can Chang Wook and Kyung Soo have the same strength?

– What is it? – Perfect marksmanship.

– What is this? – Is this about shooting?

Kyung Hoon has won against most guests…

who said they had perfect marksmanship.


(What’s next?)

(Predicting the target too!)

(Sniper Min flies wherever with his rifle.)

But my arms aren’t going up.

What happened?

Kyung Hoon has become a professional now.

(A professional entertainer)

– Let’s get ready. – Let’s go.

Good luck.

– We’re doing this? – Let me explain.

Your 60 seconds start when you press this.

We’ll see who has shot the most in 60 seconds.

You might do this within your 60 seconds.


Would this be fun on a show?

Press this.

No, don’t come near!

(A tear-jerking sample by the variety show war veteran)

You don’t have to do that.

He just wanted to be funny.

– He just tried to be funny. – That’s all useless.

Let’s start.

– Who wants to go first? – Shall I start?

Our team will show an example first.

– Okay. – Kyung Hoon.

Press on the buzzer to start.

I’ll pull the trigger while pressing it.

That’s right.

What’s your answer?


What was that?

– What just happened? – Wait a minute.

– You need to hit the top. – Because of the push-ups,

– Kyung Hoon’s arms are shaking. – He got it.

– I got it. – You used three bullets to hit it.

You used three.

– That was good. – We need to hit the top.

(It’s going great.)

– You’re going great. – Private Min.

– One more time. – Private Min!

(He gets the hang of it and hits three.)

Go, Private Min.

(He hit four marks.)

– He got it. – Private Min!

(He’s incredible.)

Gosh, Private Min!

Come on, Private Min.

The enemy is near.

– Do I have to save him? – Yes, you have to.

– I think he’s dead. – You have to save him, Private Min.

Private Min!

– Did it fail? – No, he saved it.

(That’s it!)

He got seven.

– It’s hard to make it fall. – You got seven.

– It’s 7. – Kyung Hoon of our team got 7.

– Next is the three of you. – The condition is the same.

Is Chang Wook going first?

– It’s me. – Chang Wook.

Okay, Chang Wook. What will be your rank?

– Sergeant. – Sergeant Ji.

Ji Chang Wook.

Ready? You have to press this to start.

Start! It has started, Sergeant Ji.

– All right. – He looks relaxed.

It was his strength.

Sergeant Ji.

(He hits the target from his first shot.)

(Hitting the back wall)

(Hitting the target by rebound)

– Was it the wind? – It was a rebound.

It got hit by the rebound.

– Impressive. – Good, Sergeant Ji.

He starts with the small one?

Good, Sergeant Ji.

How did he get that?

Amazing, Sergeant Ji.


– Sergeant Ji. – How did he do that?

(Incredible Sergeant Ji!)

Sergeant Ji!

– Way to go, Sergeant Ji. – Hey.

Another one, Sergeant Ji.

His family probably runs a shooting range.


(8 consecutive hits)

– Gosh. You have 1 left. – 1 more.

– You’re almost done. – We got only one enemy left.

– Sergeant Ji is amazing. – We have one left.

We have one enemy left.

What will Sergeant Ji do now?

(One shot, one kill)

It’s over.

That’s it.

– How many seconds was that? – How long?

It was 54 seconds.

– It was 54 seconds? – You have 15 bullets to hit 10.

Since Sergeant Ji hit 10 marks in 54 seconds,

will the rest Corporal Kim and Private Ryu…

take up the challenge?

Or will they choose to be funny?

Think about it.

He’ll do it great.

– Did you see that? – You chose to be funny.

Good job!

Min Seok.

– Go for it, Min Seok. – Private Kim!

Aren’t you going to state your name and rank?

Who speaks that way to his command sergeant major?

Guys, Song Kang Ho is here.

Hello, Kang Ho. How have you been?

Let me see.

“Descendants of the Sun.”

What’s wrong with the breechblock?


Is this gun working?

– Ready? – Start.

– I’ll start. – Okay.

– Ready? – Start.

– I’ll start. – Okay.

Now do it for real.

(Hitting the board)

Let’s see.

(Hitting the target from the start)

– He hit one. – One at a time.

– He looks relaxed. – Look at him.

– He’s a sniper. – He runs ahead of time.


Do it in a sniper-style.

Is there something wrong with this? Why isn’t this shooting straight?

How did he think of that?

– Just watch him. – What’s wrong with this?

Hey, Ji Chang Wook.

Bring me something else.

(One shot, multiple kills)

– Skip it. – He’s really good.

Why isn’t this working?

(Bursting with laughter)

Why is he so bad?

This is very wrong.

Min Seok.

Are you hitting the mark?

– Why are you so bad? – Why, that jerk!

Time over.

Great job, Min Seok.

You did great.

Did Min Seok get…

2 or 1 marks?

– It’s 1. – Yes, 1.

He hit one, but it’s important that he did an impersonation too.

Impersonation too.

He made us laugh.

– Okay. – He’s the last.

– You need to hit a lot. – Chang Wook is…

in the 1st place with 10 marks in 54 seconds.

– Ready. – Your bullet.


I guess we have to hit the top part.

– He got it. – It’s a hit.

Show us what you can do.

That’s two.

It’s a hit.


(Let’s see.)

(Another misfire)

– Look, Jang Hoon. – Your Highness.

The people actually…

Please protect your people!

Eon Nyeon.

Eon Nyeon.

Where is he hitting?

(You’re doing great.)

He’s not hitting anything.

He hit two in a row.

(Time’s up.)

That’s the end of the game.

– What’s important here is… – Yes.

that Chang Wook hit 10 marks in 54 seconds.

– He is good. – I think we can accept this…

as his strength.

“Lovestruck in the City” is enrolled.

(All in “Lovestruck in the City” are accepted.)

– Min Seok, let’s go. – Let’s go.

Come on, Kim Min Seok.

Here’s the quiz.

I’ve lived in Busan for 22 years.

When I moved to Seoul,

there was one time I did something very stupid and foolish.

– What could it be? – I got it.

Everyone was riding the train, but you rode on a horse.

From Busan to Seoul?

(A difficult path of moving)

No, that’s not it.

That could’ve been cool.

– When you arrived in Seoul, – You were on your way to Hanyang.

you wanted to show off your intellect.

There’s a guy who runs while drinking only milk.

– It’s Hyun Jung Hwa. – You’re wrong.

Didn’t that sound like someone else?

Please don’t cut off Sang Min when he’s talking.

(Please don’t cut Sang Min off.)

– Come on. – Sang Min,

please continue.

He’ll have a hard time if he doesn’t say what he wants.

I got it. You were on the subway.

You didn’t know the doors opened automatically.

You shouted you were getting off in case they would pass the station.

“I need to get off!”

“Please let me off!”

Soo Geun, we have subway in Busan too.

Busan has subway too.

It’s the second capital.

I got it. It’s in 2002 when I was 20 years old.

I came from Gangwon Province…

to apply for the SM audition with my friends.

I was walking in Cheongdam-dong.

I thought we got on the wrong path, so I tried to turn back.

But my friend said we weren’t allowed to make a U-turn in Gangnam.

So you also just went straight.

I really did that. Even when SM was just around the corner, we walked…

all the way to Samseong Station and made a turn there.

It’s similar to getting lost.

I was working a part-time job near Gangnam Station,

and I was living near Sinnonhyeon Station.

I got it. You could’ve walked…

from your job in Gangnam Station to Nonhyeon.

But you got on the line 2, transferred trains,

and transferred again and again.

– Then you got to Sinnonhyeon. – That’s possible.

– You could’ve walked. – He turned around and around.

– It was just next to each other. – How did you get it exactly right?


(How did you get it exactly right?)

– That’s right? – It’s correct.

It’s a very short walk.

I knew it when you mentioned Gangnam and Sinnonhyeon.

Sinnonhyeon is not in Line 2.

It’s Line 9.

In Busan, if you were to travel from the ends of line 1 to line 2,

you had to transfer lines in the middle.

I thought it would be very far if the lines were different.

So I took a subway ride for 30 minutes…

for six months.

Six months?

I took the Line 9 from Sapyeong to the Express Bus Terminal.

I transferred lines and went to Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Education.

Then I transferred lines and went to Gangnam. It was really crowded.

I just went on like that without a clue.

– For six months? – I did that.

You never felt anything strange during the six months?

– Never. – He doesn’t know the way.

When did you find out?

My friends in Busan came to see me since I was living alone in Seoul.

They bought me a drink to comfort me.

We talked about a lot of things,

and I got too emotional and I cried.

It’s embarrassing to cry with guys, so I went out for a while.

I was trying to calm myself.

I drank near my workplace,

and I decided to take a walk.

I was sobbing like this.

But all of a sudden,

I saw the familiar Kyobo Tower that I always saw.

I think I walked for three minutes.

You didn’t notice it before?

That’s good acting.

How can he act that well?

“Why is this here?”

(That’s my place.)

I thought there were a lot of similar-looking buildings.

Because there were so many skyscrapers,

I was so shocked, and I called…

my co-worker in Seoul.

“I’ve always taken the subway from Gangnam.”

“Tell me what’s going on.”

– He was hysterical. – I bet.

He was shocked I did that for six months.

I have another funny story.

Did you know that the subway runs repeatedly in Line 2…

from Hwagok to Sindorim?

– A loop line? – Yes, a loop line.

It will keep going around if you don’t stay alert.

I got fooled by that too.

– It goes around endlessly. – You just went on and on?

I had a drink and I fell asleep.

I was always in Hwagok.

(He was in Hwagok whenever he woke up.)

I was stuck in Hwagok for 50 minutes.

– I know what that’s like. – I was always in Kkachisan.

– Kkachisan? – I was stuck there.

I know how that feels.

– Do you know how I found out? – He would’ve still been stuck.

Because I always found myself in Kkachisan,

I thought I was possessed.

I was thinking I made a mistake living in Seoul.

I looked at the person next to me, and it would be a different person.

– That’s right. – I was the one only one stuck.

You might’ve felt embarrassed to ask them.

I asked her.

– What did she say? – Then she said,

“You’re a provincial lad. You should get off here.”

She sounds like a provincial person too.

I think she’s from a different region.

Was it my grandma?

“A wild animal!”

(A wild animal!)

Next is Kyung Soo.

– I’ll start. – Okay.

Of all the things I’ve heard in my life,

what is the most memorable for me?

Were you happy or offended when you heard it?

I was happy.

Your eyes look sharp.

I said I was happy.

It was your eyes as an actor.

The person who said it was Park Sung Woong.

– Awesome. – Sung Woong?

It felt like a compliment but also like he was bragging.

“You belong to the same category as me.”

– Wrong. – I got it.

“I think you’re acting is as good as I was when I was your age.”

It’s similar.

– Kyung Soo. – Kyung Soo.

– “You have me in your eyes.” – That’s right.

– Hey. – That’s Choi Min Soo.

“You have Sung Woong in your eyes.”

– Wrong. – I got it.

“Come to the shooting set tomorrow.”

“I’ll pay you your performance fee.”

That’s right. That sounds like him.

That’s too bad.

It’s long. The answer is a bit long.

Sung Woong said,

“My acting wasn’t as good as yours in my 20s.”

And it’s something he said afterward.

I got it!

“My acting wasn’t as good as yours in my twenties.”

“But in your forties, will your acting be as good as mine?”

“Got you.”


– Goodness. – Really?

– You didn’t mean it. – You got lucky.

– He was right. – Goodness.

That was unexpected, wasn’t it?

– This will be fun. – Amazing.

I’ll let you live.

You were the only one who could get this one right.

– How did you do it? – I just said it.

– Only Hee Chul could answer this. – It was unimaginable.


I have no intention of getting the question.

What exactly did he say?

He adored me because I was the youngest…

when we shoot the film together.

“When I was in my 20s,”

“I didn’t perform well, compared to you. You’re good.”

“But when you are my age,”

“you’ll never know if you’ll act as well as me.”

I think he wanted to tell me to be humble.

– That’s what I thought. – Amazing.

Did you shoot a film together with Sung Woong?

– Yes, we shot a film, – What is it?

but it’s not released yet.

What’s the title?

It’s called “DAEMUGA”,

– and it’s about shamans. – Okay.

I play a young, jobless guy…

who goes to a shaman academy.

– You get professionally trained. – That’s what he wants.

Sung Woong plays a shaman who had his heydays.

– I see. – The shamans…

say it to one’s face as soon as they see it.

– They see the spirit. – They say, “Get out!”


“Take your shoes off before coming in.”

I’m sorry.

Get out!

Like a scene in the movie…

Let’s say Yeong Cheol comes for you…

– to ask if he’ll ever get married. – Okay.

Will you answer him?

– Yes. – Try it.

Hello, sir.


Now, he looks like a shaman.

Actually, I…

– I’m not sure about my future. – Get out!

Why all of a sudden?

Take your shoes off before coming in.

That was nice.


That was great.

You’re witty.

He was witty.

He made me take off my shoes.

– Next, Chang Wook. – Yo, Chang Wook.

When I was in high school,

I was broadcasted by school broadcasting.

– Why? – School broadcasting?

– To propose to your girlfriend. – To ask her out?

“Hello, I’m Ji Chang Wook from class 2-3.”

No, I went to all-men high school.

– School broadcasting? – Did you say something on air?

– Or someone called you? – His teacher might have asked him.

– Someone called me. – I see.

“Ji Chang Wook from class 2-3,”

“why did you set the fire and ran away yesterday?”

“Why did you set the fire?” And you were like, “Me?”

“You set fire in the girls’ hearts at the neighboring school.”


This has to be correct.

– Bummer. – It was to find something.

He had a nickname because he’s so handsome.

“Brother School’s Model, come to the teachers’ office.”

– Just by the nickname, – It was his symbol.

– it symbolized his good looks. – Me?

– Did you ask for me? – What’s up with you?

(He doesn’t even know how to react.)

– He’s… – Didn’t you ask for the Model?

He’s the only student because it’s a branch school.

Jang Hoon’s school is.

I got it. Chang Wook was good at reciting poems.

“Chang Wook, please knock on the suspect’s heart…”

“so that he’d return the stolen item.”

So you went, “Hello, I’m Ji Chang Wook.”

“We have a future.”

“If any of you happen to…”

– “touch the stolen item,” – Be patient.

– Calm down. – “please think again.”

It’ll be over soon.

“Please bring it back to where it was for your sake.”

Sometimes, when you watch our show,

he stands up and sits without a word.

(An example)

He stands up and down without asking any questions.

He’s in the frame while I speak.

He just stands up and sits down without saying a word.

Some viewers…

wonder why we play the game of wits in between.

– He plays it alone? – He goes, “One!”


Only Sang Min plays it though.

– That wasn’t correct. – I got it!

When items in your school, such as a soccer ball, went missing,

you always had it.

That’s why your teacher said, “Chang Wook, bring back the ball.”

– It was broadcasted. – I think that’s correct.

No, but you’re getting closer.

I know. Give us a hint.

It was a rainy day.

All my friends didn’t have an umbrella.

“Chang Wook!”

“Bring back the school sign you ripped off.”

– He held the sign? – He held the sign.

I wouldn’t rip off the sign. Wrong.

I got it. “Chang Wook, bring back the parasol.”


A parasol at school?

How come your school had a parasol?

It could be at the snack bar.

I said it, but is it really correct?

(The frustrated one is back.)

– What happened? – Five of us wanted to go home,

but it was raining heavily,

and no one had an umbrella.

(Big trouble)

We were thinking about how to get home,

and the parasol at the snack bar caught our eyes.

We held that together and went home.

But other kids at school saw us.

So there was broadcasting asking me to bring it back.

Did you apologize?

I apologized many times.

But the lady at the snack bar…

just laughed about it.

Did five of you share the parasol?

– It’s big. – If it were Ho Dong and me,

there wouldn’t be a room.

If you two share it, one’s shoulder will get wet.

If we share it,

– one will get rained on. – His shoulder will get wet.

There’s something I heard. Remember So Dam?

– Yes. – When she was here,

we talked about her friendship that transcends generations.

Her friendship with Lee Soon Jae and Shin Gu.

Chang Wook’s friendship transcends generations too.

– Really? – Who?

I shot a drama with Lee Duk Hwa.

– Chang Wook. – With Duk Hwa?

He adored me.

My father passed away when I was young,

so he felt like a father to me.

He’s fatherly. Yes.

He’s so witty.

Before I got enlisted,

he threw me a farewell party.

Duk Hwa and Park Sang Myun.

We drank together, but I got so drunk.

Around 2am, I brought Duk Hwa…

to my house.


I wanted him to see my mom.

And he went with you, right?

– Yes, he went home with me. – What did he do?

I woke my mom up, who was sleeping.

“Mom, Mr. Lee Duk Hwa is here.”

“Hurry and get a photo.”

– Suddenly? – Her hair was messy,

but they took the photo together.

– Mr. Lee was… – Do we…

call that as being a good son?

– At 2am. – She didn’t get to put up makeup.

Waking her up at 2am…

– His mom… – His mom was a fan.

– Was she a fan of Mr. Lee? – Still.

Half of the reason was that I was drunk.

Min Seok, are you close with Kim Hye Soo?

I played her son in a film.

– You were her son? – Yes.

Then would Hye Soo be his son?

– Was I that terrible? – Actually…

That sounds hilarious though.

She took care of you?

When it gets cold, she’d ask, “Do you have an electric pad?”

And then she’d send one to me.

– Even these days? – She sent me a grill too.

She took care of my life.

She takes good care of her people.

How can we get close to Hye soo?

– You should play her son too. – What?

Aren’t I too big for that?


– To be her son… – Play her son.

“My little Jang Hoon can grow tall.”

“You can grow tall.”

“I graduated from Yonsei University.”

– Okay. – That was fun.

Let’s move on to the second period!

Senior Dong!

– Hello! – Senior Dong!


– Scholarship Quiz… – Senior Dong!

with Dongridong Senior Dong is back!


Today, all transfer students are male.

Okay, let’s get started.

Come to think of it,

Universal Hip Hoppers shot their music video yesterday.

Universal Hip Hoppers were really cool.

– They were so cool. – “Hanryang”.

– Will you show us the first part? – Let’s hear it.

Since you brought that up,

why don’t they sing it to the transfer students…

and get their feedback?

– Good. – Sharp feedback.

– It’s the first time. – “Hanryang”. Let’s go!

(Starting a sneak peek of “Hanryang”)


Isn’t it good?

(Listening carefully)

(Come here)

It’s DinDin.

I hear gayageum.

(I have no manners but I aspire to live politely)

(Whenever I see you)

(See you!)


(Should I get going?)


(What kind of precious work do you do?)

(I see two Hanryang)


Is this Kyung Hoon?

He’s really singing.

(He starts singing all of a sudden.)

(You should sing it too!)

(Universal Hip Hoppers)

The song is great, but Kyung Hoon should rap too.

– It’s in the second part. – That’s exciting.

HeeHee’s rap in the middle…

(Even if a cider bottle appears off the coast of Incheon)

(“Cider Song” was popular among X generation.)

Why don’t we ask what the transfer students think?

– How was the song? – He feels uncomfortable.

– Chang Wook. – No. I…

It was much cooler and beyond my expectation.

– What was your expectation? – Beyond your expectation?

I thought it’d be funny,

– but it was amazing. – Same here.

I was waiting for Kyung Hoon’s rap.

My rap starts in the second part.

I can’t wait to hear the second part.

– These two are a good pair. – Right.

– I liked Hee Chul’s part. – I’ll listen to it frequently.

Like “Sweet Dream” before,

I really like the combination of the two.

If they add the singing part,

it will be even better.

Universal Hip Hoppers’ song.

Please find and listen to it.

I’ll use it as a ringtone.

– You have to listen to… – DuDu!

DuDu’s rap to truly appreciate it.

Okay. Before the Men on a Mission Scholarship Quiz,

I especially have named each pair today.

The first pair is very manly.

They are the athletic couple.

Ho Dong and Jang Hoon’s team is called Manly Men.

– Manly Men. – Manly Men.

– What about the second team? – And…

they are cute and sweet. Soo Geun and Min Seok’s team…

– is called Tiny Men. – Yes!

– Tiny. – And…

this one is self-explanatory.

Hee Chul and Chang Wook’s team is called Handsome Men.

– Handsome Men. – Handsome Men.

They’re partners, but they’re awkward with each other.

They are Strangers.

– That’s Kyung Hoon and Kyung Soo. – Strangers.

And lastly, they bring anger.

Yeong Cheol and Sang Min’s team is called Angry Men.

All right.

– Let’s start our quiz today. – You know this, right?

For the first subject, you must be able to make good expressions.

It’s Charade!


You all remember the initialogy, right?

This game is an upgraded version of the initialogy.

I will present a question, and you will press the buzzer.

One of you will describe the keyword with your body.

And the other one has to figure out what the keyword is.

The questions were only about initialogy, back then.

“What’s the name of the animal that lives in the ocean?”

“Name a movie this actor was in.”

Questions like these will be included as well.

– You must describe with your body. – Okay.

– You can do this, right? – Yes.

– Most importantly, when you play, – You were good at that.

– you cannot make sounds. Got it? – Okay.

– Let me tell you about the snacks. – Yes.

– Here’s today’s snack. – Today’s snack.

After hitting Seoul, Daejeon, and Daegu, you’ll dip it in ketchup.

It’s the snack that tastes great anywhere you are.

The corn dogs with potatoes.


Will they sprinkle sugar on it, Senior Dong?

It’s already sprinkled!


– I like corn dogs. – All right. I’ll present you…

– Why on a day when he’s my partner? – the first question.

They give us the snacks I like when my team isn’t good.

– Let’s start with the initialogy. – You never know.

– Okay. – It’s an initialogy question.

– Show them the initials. – Let’s see.

C, K.

– One… That’s right. – Soccer!

– That was fast. Next. – Yes!

(Hurry and describe something.)

1, 2, 3.

– Why didn’t you do it? – You should decide who will do it.

– Did you press that? – Kyung Soo.

– I did. – I didn’t know.

All right. One,

– two… That’s correct. – Best.

– All right. Ho Dong. – He’s got one.

Watch. That’s how you play it.

– 1, 2, – What is that?

– Three. – Hymn.

– Hymn. – That’s too hard. No one knew that.

– Hymn? – That was a hymn?

– Hymn. – Gosh.

– That was it? – Hymn.

– Jang Hoon. – What did you say?

– Hymn? – You couldn’t figure it out.

– Hymn? – This one was so obvious. Hymn.

All right. Come back. Hurry.

(Linking arms)

– Friend. – Friend. That’s correct.

Good job.

We’re friends.


(Pointing up)

1, 2, 3.

– Angel. – “Angel”?

– Paradise. – Why did you do that?

You got the first syllable right. You could’ve said “paradise”.

Why did you go with “angel” when there’s “paradise”?

King crab.

– That’s correct. – Yes, small ones are called that.

– King crab. – All right.


– Isn’t this round over? – Right.

– Okay. – Go ahead.

– Just go for it. – 1, 2…

– He’s making sounds. – All right.

– Window? – Straw-roofed house.

Straw-roofed house?

– Straw-roofed house. – Why did you climb over the house?

– Seriously. – Why did he climb over it?

A small cottage.

– Why did you climb over it? – But he made a lot of sounds.

– My gosh. Poor Jang Hoon. – Great.

– Okay. – Let’s keep going.

We’re in second place.

I’ll give you a different question for this, not the initials.

Name historical Korean dramas.

All right.

1, 2…

– “Wang Geon”! – That’s correct!

– Hold on. – Wait.

– That’s wrong. – It’s not just “Wang Geon”.

He has to say “Taejo Wang Geon”.

– That was close. – We had one.

(Historical drama)

1, 2,

– “Stairways to Heaven”. – three.

– Is that a historical drama? – It has to be a historical drama.

Yes, it was a historical drama to us.

(A wavy line)

– “Tears of the Dragon”. – Okay.

– All right. – This is fun.

(Tasting something)


– One… – “Dae Jang Geum”.

– Yes. – That’s right.

All right. Ho Dong.


– One, – What’s that?

– 2, 3. – What is he doing?



– “Damo”. – What?

– “Damo”. – Gosh.


– “Are you hurt? I am too.” – “Damo”.

– “Damo”. – “Damo”.

– “Damo”. – That’s right.

– Jang Hoon, don’t say anything. – Come on.

You’re not going to play this game?

– He described it literally. – All right.

– “Damo”. – Soo Geun’s team will go.

– You’re not going to play? – Min Seok.

1, 2, 3.

– Wrong. – “Jumong”.

– Gosh. – All right.

(Historical drama)


2, 3.

– It’s “Hur Jun”. “Hong Choon”. – “Hur Jun”.

– All right. 1, 2… – A historical drama.

Both of you can’t describe the keywords.

(Both of you can’t describe the keywords.)


Both of you can’t describe the keywords.

(You can’t trust the Best Actor recipient?)


– We already did that. – I’ll do it.

Hee Chul.

– 1, 2… – “Empress Ki”!

– Yes! – That’s correct.

– That was it. – All right.

1, 2…

(Sharply turning around)


(Looking vicious)

– “Ladies of the Palace”. “What?” – That’s correct.

– “Damo” was great though. – All right.

– That was nice. – It was a nice one.

Anyone who’s clever can figure that one out.

– It was “Damo”. – Gosh.

You could have easily figured it out.

– All right. Everyone. – Go ahead.

– Min Seok. – It’s over when we get one too.

That’s right. Yes.

– “RoboCop”. – Keep going.

– What? – “Empress Ki”?

– That already came up. – They already did that one.

What? “Fist of Fury”.

– “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. – What?

– “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. – “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”.

– “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. – I see.

I’m sorry, but pick one that everyone knows.

– The TV ratings were good! – Listen.

– It’s famous. – It was well-received.

– What? – “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”.

I know the drama, and I watched it myself. The problem is…

– Right. – When you described it like that,

it was hard for us to associate that with “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”.

– Why would you say that? – It was over when I pointed at him.

All right. Cut this one out.

(He sensed uneasiness.)


– What’s wrong? – I missed this, Jang Hoon.

– I missed you, Jang Hoon. – Precisely…

– I’m sorry. – “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”.

Sorry. “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. I’m sorry.

– Get a grip. – Choi Min Soo was in it.

– See? I watched the drama. – Right.

– Right. – Why did you say you didn’t know?

How can I deduce that drama just with some kicking?

– But Chang Wook was in it. – Gosh. Come on.

– Gosh, I figured it out. – He apologized.

– So this question… – “Warrior Park Dong Soo”.

– “Park Dong Soo”? – “Park”?

– He said, “Warrior Park Dong Soo.” – Right.

– Who’s Park Dong Soo? – Who is that?

– Is it about a prodigy? – This will air because of them.

(His prediction was spot on.)


He messed up in the end too.

What? Didn’t Choi Min Soo star in the drama?

– I already said that. – That charismatic actor.

He was in the drama. He grew out his beard. You know?

– All right, guys. – They dug holes for themselves.

I didn’t know you’d be so good at this game.

So I got you a very difficult question.

– Okay. – This question is about proverbs.

Since it’s hard, why don’t we…

– have a different scoring system? – I don’t know much about proverbs.

Since there are 5 teams, the 1st team to get the answer…

– will get 40 points. – I’m not knowledgeable.

The 2nd team will get 30 points.

And the 3rd team will get 20 points.

And the 4th team will get 10 points.

– The last team will get no points. – Okay.

So let’s try this round with proverbs.

Any proverbs that include animals in them.

– All right. – No.

Soo Geun.

It wasn’t my turn?


– One… – Quiet cats climb the shelf first.

That’s correct.

All right. Hee Chul.

(Oh, right.)

He made a sound.

(He can’t make any sounds.)

Kyung Hoon.


If a crow-tit tries to walk like a stork, its legs will break.

– Okay. – That’s correct.

All right.

(Proverbs with animals)


1, 2…

A dog, smeared with poop, scolds another dog, smeared with bran.

That’s correct. Okay.

– Great. – All right.

He’s been waiting for this.

What’s that?

– We did that earlier. – What’s that?

1, 2, 3.


I guess it’s about the dog chasing a chicken.

(You come here.)

– Gosh, he’s fast. – Gosh.

(Climbing on his back)

He’s so fast.

– This is… – You’re so fast.

He knew the answer, but he didn’t go for it…

– because… – The answer was so obvious.

By the way, this is fun.

– Only 1 team can score 10 points. – Okay.

Do a different one.

– We are the only teams left. – Manly Men and Angry Men.

All right. Ho Dong, go.

(It’s hot.)

That’s the iron hand training.

Is it hot?

– 1, 2, 3. – What’s that?

Is that jokbal?

Cooked pork isn’t afraid of hot water.

It’s a saying, not a proverb.

– It’s a saying, not a proverb. – Edit this out.

Cut it out.

– You went too far. – It’s a saying, not a proverb.

To me, it’s a proverb.

– Cooked pork… – In my heart, it is.



An earthworm wriggles when it’s stepped on.

That’s correct.

“Cooked pork”.

(It was about a proverb.)

– It was so cool. – Is an earthworm an animal?

– Yes, it is. – It’s considered an animal.

– Insects are animals too. – Why?

The viewers who are earthworms all over Korea…

I was just wondering. I was just asking a question.

(He’s curious.)


– I missed this. I missed you. – It’s okay to ask questions.

– Jang Hoon, I missed you. – I wanted to know its family.

I missed you so much.

– Let’s start. This question… – Let’s go.

– will have the same scoring system. – Okay.

This might be a hard one.

Name the titles of songs by female solo artists.

(Titles of songs by female solo artists)

1, 2, 3.


(How could you not know this song?)

– All right. – Gosh.

(Titles of songs by female solo artists)

– 1, 2, 3. – Uhm Jung Hwa.

Wrong. You must name the title.

– I see. The title? – Okay.

All right.

(Titles of songs by female solo artists)

– “Don’t Know”. – That’s correct.

– That was good, right? – All right.

(Titles of songs by female solo artists)

– What’s that? I don’t know. – Gosh.

1, 2…

– “Coming of Age Ceremony”. – Okay.

“Coming of Age Ceremony” was correct.

– Well done. – All right.

1, 2…

“Two of Us” by Chaeyeon.

That’s correct.

– You’ll do it now? – All right.

(Titles of songs by female solo artists)

– “Crazy” by Son Dam Bi. – That’s correct.

– Gosh. – Goodness.

– Nice. – Well done.

– Everyone is good. – Yes.

Timeout. I find this really funny though.

– You want to eat the snack today? – Yes.

He likes corn dogs.

– You like corn dogs? – He likes corn dogs.

– No way. – He likes corn dogs.

However, you will have a chance to turn the table around.

Here’s your next keyword.

Name the titles of songs by male trot singers.

All right.

(Titles of songs by male trot singers)

1, 2, 3.

– “A Ticket”. – Out of time.

– He got it right. Okay? – That’s correct.

– He got it right. – Gosh.

(Titles of songs by male trot singers)

Sul Woon Do’s “Love Twist”.

– Okay. – That’s correct.

– Okay. – All right.

(Try it.)

– One… – “Hometown Station”.


– Don’t say anything. – Wait. How?

– “Hometown Station”. Keep quiet. – Soo Geun.

Soo Geun, what are you whispering to him?

– “Hometown Station”. – What?

– “Hometown Station” by Na Hoon A. – You whispered something to him.

All right. Hee Chul will go.

It was “Unconditional”.

Hee Chul will go.

(I’m sorry.)

1, 2…

“Sorry, I’m Sorry”.

– That’s right. That was it. – That’s correct.

All right. 2 teams remain with 10 points left.

– There are songs from “Mr. Trot”. – What?

(Titles of songs by male trot singers)

– That’s it. Yes. – Hey.

1, 2, 3.

– What was it? – What’s the answer?

“Popular Song”.

(“Popular Song” by Song Dae Kwan)

How come you couldn’t figure it out? I knew it. How come you didn’t?

– It’s hard. – Min Seok, go.

(Titles of songs by male trot singers)


– Okay. Na Hoon A’s… – There are so many songs.

“At Any Time”!

– That’s not it! – Wrong.

– That’s not it. – He can’t do that.

– That’s not the one. – Wrong.

– “Weeds”. – Weeds are coming up. “Weeds”.

(It’s “Weeds” by Na Hoon A)

So you guys still have a chance.

All right.


I think it’s the same one he did last time.

– 1, 2… – Didn’t you just do that?

– It’s the same one. – “Four Beats”.

– Three. – Wrong.


– “Unconditional”. – I see.

He has the same gestures.

(“Popular Song” by Song Dae Kwan, “Unconditional” by Park Sang Cheol)

– “Unconditional”. – Hey!

Let’s keep going.




– What’s he doing? – three.

– Is it a commercial? – “What Are You Doing Here?”

– Out of time. – I’m sorry.

I’ll give each team one last chance.

– This is fun. – Yes.


Min Seok, go.

(Titles of songs by male trot singers)

“The Barley Hump”.

(“The Barley Hump” by Jin Sung)

– What was it? – “Dead Drunk”.

– “Dead Drunk”? – I was describing the thistle rice.

It was “Dead Drunk”.

I didn’t see the thistle. I only saw the rice.

– I thought it was barley rice. – It was “Dead Drunk”.

Kyung Soo will go again. Let’s watch him.

– It’s the same gesture. – It’s the same gesture.

His thumb. Yes, that’s it.

Na Hoon A’s “Love”.

– Wrong. What’s the answer? – What is it?

– Let’s hurry. – “Love Isn’t for Everyone”.

That’s right. Yes. He did describe that.

– Not everyone can love. – This…

All right. No team will get these 10 points.

– Only the last question remains. – Manly Men is leading.

– They have a lot of points. – Manly Men is in the first place!

But you still have a chance to win this game.

Guys, we’ll have the same scoring system.

Guys, we’ll have the same scoring system.

Name proverbs with rice cake in them.

(Proverbs with rice cake)

Hee Chul. Go.


– One… – I’ll spare you…

if you give me rice cakes.

– Yes! – That’s not a proverb.

– It’s not a proverb. – It’s not.

– It’s not a proverb? – All right.

(Proverb with rice cakes)

Soo Geun, go.


– One… – Eating rice cakes on your back.

– That’s correct. – Yes!

– All right. Next. – Next.

(Manly Men will try next.)


(Current score)

(If Manly Men gets 30 points from this round, )

(Manly Men will win the game with a score of 120 points.)


What’s that?

(I’ll give it to you.)

1, 2…

Give one more rice cake to the person you hate.

– We won. – That’s correct. Okay.

The victory goes to Manly Men!

(The winning team of the Charade, Manly Men)

We’re celebrating my return.

The winning team…

will get the corn dogs with potatoes.

(His dream comes true.)

But why wasn’t my answer a proverb?

– That’s what a tiger said. – A tiger in a story said it.

It’s from “Aesop’s Fables”.

– It’s a line the tiger had. – No.

– That’s what the tiger said. – It’s…

– the line from the tiger. – Really?

– It’s the tiger’s line. – The tiger’s line.

– Tiger’s line. – Tiger’s line.

“Tiger says…”

“Long, long time ago.”

– Those corn dogs are huge. – Gosh.

– You can buy them at rest stops. – It wasn’t there.

– Gosh. – At last.

It’s my first time eating the snack I wanted.


Sprinkle sugar and dip it in ketchup.

– We gave you sugar on the side. – That looks good.

This is an offer for the transfer students. Who wants to eat this?

The student with the best acrostic poem about my name wins it.

Kyung Soo will try it.

– Okay. – The first line.

– The first line. – Kang Ho Dong.

– The second line. – Who wins if you and a tiger fight?

– The third line. – I heard you’re the best fighter.


Wrong. That will harm my image.

(Wrong! That will harm my image.)

– “Image”. – It will harm his image.

If I win the fight, people will be scared of me.

– It will harm his image. – Right.

– Why? That was a nice one. – Don’t make me a fighter.

Stop associating me with violence.

I have other good qualities. Wrong.

I’ll let you try again. Kyung Soo, go.


– Kang Ho Dong. – Next.

Which one is scarier? You or the tiger?

– The third line. – I heard you’re the scariest man.

That rhymed.

If you don’t give him the corn dog now,

he’ll keep hurting your image.

You are out permanently.


– It’s… – Don’t make me into a scary man.

– Let’s move on to Chang Wook. – Pick a cute poem for me.

I can’t be scarier than a tiger.

– The first line. – Kang Ho Dong.

– The second line. – Who’s cuter? You or the tiger?

– The third line. – I heard you’re the cutest here.

Of course. I’m cuter than a tiger.

(Come on.)

– Of course. Listen. – He’s cuter than a tiger.

Being cuter than a tiger is nothing to brag about.

Tigers roar. And they are scary.

– He’d like to try it. – Min Seok.

– Min Seok will go for it. – Kyung Soo, you’re the best.

– Next. – Min Seok will go.

– The first line. – Kang Ho Dong. You.

– The second line. – I thought you’d scold me. But…

– The third line. – you are gentle. You’re a nice guy.


I’ll keep that one for now.


All right.

You’re almost there.

Chang Wook, let’s go.

– Great. Chang Wook, the first line. – Great.

Only the strong man will survive.

It’s new. Next.

Ho Dong survived.

– The last line. – He’s round!

That was nice.

I liked it.

– The lines… – What was that?

– didn’t mean anything at all. – This is how Myung Soo does it.

– The lines didn’t connect. – Myung Soo’s acrostic poem.

That was so nice. Goodness.

Kyung Soo, I’ll give you one last chance.


Come on, it’s just a corn dog.

Kyung Soo, it’s your last chance.


Kang Ho Dong.


Ho Dong, I heard you’ve been having an affair.

– The last line. – Everyone knows about it.

(Harming his image by 100,000 times)

(He manages to attack Ho Dong with nonsense.)

You should have given him the corn dog earlier.

You should’ve done that earlier.

The more he does this, the worse it gets for you.

Ho Dong, it will only harm your image.

He’s giving it to you.

Your poem with the tiger won.

(He tries to edit out the last one.)

Gosh, the tiger.

(Thank you.)

– Gosh, the tiger. – Everyone knows about it.

He said I’m cuter than a tiger.

Everyone knows about what’s going on with Ho Dong.

That looks good.

– Thank you. – Gosh, at this hour.

– The poems… – So you heard about that too.

Kyung Soo did a great job with the poems.

How is it, Kyung Soo?

Everyone knows how good this is.


(He was just joking, but his poems were clever.)

He’s the best.


Gosh, this is good.

The next subject is the Mixed Music Quiz.

(The second subject: Mixed Music Quiz)

All right. The winning team of the Mixed Music Quiz…

will get cute and sweet mini carp bread.

– MC, MC! – Senior Dong, will you…

– Sorry. – It’s my turn!

– Can you do it again? – Mini carp…

– Why did you butt in? – You can’t do that, Soo Geun.

– It’s your fault. – Why did you do it?

It’s my fault. Sorry.

– This is all he gets to do. – Hey.

– Kyung Soo. – Stop doing that now.

You’d better keep quiet. Don’t tell people about this.

Tell people that we all had fun.

Here’s your first question.

Here’s the music.

We need to steal answers from other people.

(The 1st question)

Colorful butterflies fly over the wall.

What’s the answer?

– “Four Seasons”. – 1, 2…

– That’s what I know. – three. Wrong.

– “Four Seasons”! – Wrong.

“Four Seasons”!

– I said it first. – Spring, summer, fall, and winter.

– “Four Seasons”! – “Four Seasons”!

– “Four Seasons”. – Do you know the classical song?

Sit down, “Warrior Park Dong Soo”.

Dong Soo.

– That’s the best. – Do you want to die?

There is a character named Dong Soo in “Friend”.

I will sing it again.

Here is the music.

Even when red flowers and yellow flowers.

Bloom in the garden.

Even when white butterflies and colorful butterflies.

Fly over the wall.

Even when the warm spring wind blows and blows.

(He is ready to steal the answer.)

– One more time. – Isn’t it…

All right.

– “Four Seasons”. – “Magic”.



(Magic, magic)

That’s good!

(Scanning the dance)

I love it.

(Oh, my, oh, my)

He is good!

He is good!

(Hee Chul isn’t done yet!)

He is good. He is good.

“Oh, my.”

(Hee Chul is the perfect teacher.)

(The best student and the perfect teacher)

– My goodness. – Good job.

Good job.


Chang Wook copied the dance well.

He copied the dance well.

He is good at using his body.

All right. Here comes the second song.

(The 2nd question)

Would I be able to forget?

What should I do if my love leaves?


– “Like Rain, Like Music”. – 1, 2, 3.


– All right. – “The Last Game”.

– 1, 2, 3. – “Like Rain, Like Music”.

– Wrong. – It’s wrong.

– Hey. – “Walking…”

– “Walking…” – Don’t say it!

– Wrong. – Don’t say it!

Can’t you get one song right?

– “Walking to the Sky”. – It’s completely wrong!


What’s the answer?

– “Walking to the Sky”. – “I Loved You”.

– Wrong. – It’s wrong.

– Which one is wrong? – “I Loved You”.

– “The Last Game”. – Correct.

“The Last Game”.

(It was that song.)

(The basketball match is taking place.)

A layup! A layup!

Shoot the ball here. Shoot the ball here.

(Jang Hoon becomes a human goalpost.)


(Handsome Men get 2 questions right in a row!)

He is imitating Jang Hoon.

(It’s a ceremony that pays homage to Jang Hoon’s injury.)


(I can’t believe him.)

– My goodness. – I can’t believe Soo Geun.

He shouldn’t make fun…

– of someone else’s pain. – I didn’t make fun of it.

Despite the pain, you became…

the best basketball player in Korea. That was what I tried to show.

That’s right.

(Jang Hoon is convinced.)

– He is satisfied. – Of course.

He is satisfied.

I gave you “I Loved You”.

The atmosphere is great! I will give the next question.

Here is the music.

(The 3rd question)

– “Monkey Magic”. – Next. 1, 2…

– “Monkey Magic”. – “Traffic Lights”.

Wrong. What’s the answer?

– “Monkey Magic”. – Next. One,

– 2, 3. – He is unbelievable.

– Wrong. – You are so brazen.

All your neighbors know that you are brazen.

– All right. – “Monkey Magic”.

I got it. “Instinctively”.


– “Monkey Magic”. – “Your House”.


(“Your House” and “Monkey Magic”)

(A monkey climbs up on a tree)

(Another dancer appears.)

He can dance well.

(It dances to the disco and plays merrily)

(Monkey, monkey magic)


(Strangers get 10 points!)

You know, Kyung Soo…

and Kyung Hoon dance the same way.

He is good. He is a talented dancer.

He is a dancer.

– That’s right. – Goodness.

I should get a question right.

He got “Your House” right away.

Who sang “Monkey Music”?

– It isn’t “Monkey Music”. – “Monkey Magic”.

Park Dong Soo!

Dong Soo, are you doing well?

Stop it. I have had enough.

Let’s resume.

(The 4th question)

(The melody sounds familiar!)

The melody sounds familiar.

– What’s the answer? – “Shake It”.

– Next. One… – “Don’t Leave Me”.

– Wrong. – “My Love in Distant Memory”.

– One… – “Don’t Leave Me”.

– Wrong. – “Shake It”.

What? “Shake It”?

“Shake It”.

1, 2…

“Who’s Your Mom?”

(“Who’s Your Mom?”)

What does your mom do?

– “Who’s Your Mom?” – Hey.

“Who’s Your Mom?”

What was that?

– It’s “Who’s Your Mama?” – “Who’s Your Mama?”

You are so mean.

– “Who’s Your Mom?” – You are so mean.

“What does your dad do?”

– What kind of answer was that? – “Who’s Your Mom?”

What kind of answer was that?

Park Jin Young. Park Jin Young’s mom.

– You are so mean. – “Who’s Your Mom?”

What kind of answer was that?

He got confused with, “What does your dad do?”

He said it so hurriedly and got startled by his answer.

What’s the answer?

– “I Won’t Love” by Z Young. – Wrong.

Z Young.

You called her as if she is your friend.

Could this be it?

– “Shake It”. – “I Will Love”.

– Wrong. – No, no.

– What’s the answer? One… – It was hard.

“Despite Loving You” by Jeon You Na.

– Next. One… – “Shake It”.


(Tiny Men gets its first question right.)

How does the dance go?

Do this.

There you go.

(Was there a dance move like that?)

You are doing great.

(Shake it, shake it)

(Let’s shake it all night long, baby)

(Tiny Men gets 10 points!)

He danced well.

Jeon You Na’s song was…

– very popular. – “Despite Loving You”.

(The sad love between me and you in a distance)

That’s right.

(I hide my miserable self and turn around)

Kang Ho Dong’s solo performance!

(There will be no more sadness)

Why is it so depressing?

I will sing the next song.

Here is the music.

(The 5th question)

Let’s hit the buzzer when we know both songs.

On the street where rain falls like memories.

It’s 2PM.

When I hang my head, I hear your voice.

(Stomping his feet)

Love that is too painful wasn’t love.

“Love That is Too Painful Wasn’t Love”.

– Next. – “Listen Heart”.


I know it.

– What’s the answer? Next. – “I Hate You”.

“Love That is Too Painful Wasn’t Love”.

– Correct! – Yes! We did it!

Doesn’t the dance go like this?

– That’s right. – The dance goes like this.

(TIny Men, cross!)

That’s right.

One more time!

(They try to step on each other’s foot as they dance.)


(TIny Men gets 10 points!)

That was great.

It was “I Hate You”.

Here is the music.

I feel hot.

(The 6th question)

I will cut it in half.

I know the lyrics.

Make her happy for me.

– What’s the answer? – “Block of Rock”.

– What! – “Block of Rock”?

– “If deep love…” – All right.


– “Half of My Life”. – Wrong.

“Love Shot”.

– 1, 2, 3. – “Stone Block”.


“Half of My Life”.

– One… – “Pebble”?



– Come on. – “Half of My Life”.

(Jang Hoon is furious.)

– “Half of My Life”. – “Love Shot”.

– Correct. – Why didn’t anyone say it?

– Why didn’t anyone say it? – It’s “Love Shot”.

It’s “Love Shot”.


(Despite his short stature, his dance moves are controlled.)

(Let’s link arms!)

(A love shot!)

It’s a love shot!


(It looks like Tai Chi.)

(Let’s do it again.)

– All right. – Correct.

– Why didn’t anyone say it? – Right?

I got confused with “Stone Block” by Ha Hyun Woo.

Why did you say “Block of Rock”?

– We got “Pebble” too. – I figured it out too.

I got it right.

All right. It’s time to raise the points.

All right. Let’s have a 20-point question.

– A 20-point question. – I will get it right.

(The 7th question, 20 points)

– What’s the answer? – “I Will Love You”.

1, 2, 3.

– Time’s up. – I don’t know it.

– Let’s hear the melody again. – The melody is…

– All right. – You know a lot of songs.

I want my hot lips.

To touch your soft lips.

(Everyone knows the melody.)

(Kyung Soo!)

– What’s the answer? – “I Will Show You”.

– One… – “I Will Love You”.


– Kyung Soo is good at this. – He is good at this.

He knows a lot of songs.

(I will love you)

(Like this moment)

(More than anyone in the world)

Make a heart!

– Make a heart! – A heart!

(I will love you)


Kyung Soo knows a lot of songs.

– Seriously. – Listen.

There is something you didn’t realize.

Kyung Soo hit the buzzer right away, right?

He doesn’t listen to the melody. He keeps getting the lyrics right.

– That’s right. – He keeps doing that.

Then he gets the melody right too.

– I know. – Kyung Soo does everything.

Kyung Hoon just steals a song title from him.

Mind your own business!

All right.

I’m sorry.

Strangers took 20 points.

– Senior Dong. – Yes?

I guess Chang Wook doesn’t listen to music.

Don’t listen to the lyrics as if they go with the melody.

– Whatever, zero points. – Thus spoke…

Mr. Park Dong Soo, the CEO of Monkey Music.

(He has an identity crisis.)

Dong Soo, have you been well?

Who’s your mom?

(“Who’s your mom?”, a saying by Park Dong Soo)

All right. Here is the music.

(The 8th question, 20 points)

– What’s the answer? – “As If It’s Your Last”.

1, 2, 3.

– Time’s up. – What’s your problem?

Did you try to hit me just now?

I was right, wasn’t I?

– No. – No?


Here is the music.

I didn’t want to let you go.

Without the last goodbye.

– You know, right? Don’t! – What’s the answer?

– “Evergreen Tree”. – Next. One…

– “Pine Tree”. – Wrong.

(Ho Dong runs away.)

“Evergreen Tree”.

– One… – “Evergreen Tree”.

– “Crash Landing of Love”. – Correct.

(That’s incredible!)

(Park Nam Jung and Michael Jackson)

It’s Michael Jackson.

(It’s a cute version of “Billie Jean”.)

(Crash landing)

(Of love)


(Tiny Men gets 20 points!)

It’s a song by Yang Hee Eun.

The song was used for a commercial with Park Se Ri.

– It’s that song. – Barefoot.


(And win in the end)

That’s how I feel.

– “What’s your name?” – Only three questions remain.

They will be worth 30, 40, and 50 points respectively.

– Okay. – 30, 40, and 50 points.

(The 9th question, 30 points)

What are you doing?

– What’s the answer? – “Girls’ Generation”.

– Next. One… – “If You Come Back Again”.


“If You Come Back”.

– 1… – “It’s Very…”

– Wrong. – What are you doing?

“If You Come Back”.

– One… – “Girls’ Generation”.


2, 3, 4!


(There you go.)


You know so many songs.

“If You Come Back” is…

– Tiny Men is… – It’s a song by Gummy.

on another level.

If Tiny Men gets the next question right,

– they will win no matter what. – Let’s go.

All right. Let’s go.

Now comes a 40-point question.

Sang Min, let’s go. Let’s get it right.

(The 10th question, 40 points)

A hopeless dream is a poison.

– “A Goose’s Dream”. – One,

– two, – Hey!

– three. Time’s up. – Come on!

– Why isn’t the buzzer working? – “A Goose’s Dream”.

– “Dreaming of Balhae”. – Correct!

Why isn’t the buzzer working?

(During the time)

(We spend on hesitation)

Let’s dance together.

I don’t know the dance.

Watch me.

(Watch me!)


(Dongs’ Fun Dance Class refuses to lose.)


Thus, Tiny Men takes first place…

– with 120 points! – Yes!

The perfect win!

They did a great job.

– Respect. – They did a great job.

They will get the mini carp bread.

(They will get the mini carp bread.)

– It’s really tasty. – “Dreaming of Balhae”.

This one has red bean filling. This one has cream.

It looks really tasty.

(It’s hot.)

What’s wrong, Min Seok?

When he bit into it,

hot cream came out.

It’s so hot.

It’s hot.

– This is… – They are eating with gusto.

I don’t think I should eat a lot.

Can I send three carps back into the water?

(He cares about lives.)

I want to do that.

That concludes the day. Kyung Soo, how was it?

It was my first variety show, but I was relaxed and enjoyed it.

I laughed so much.

I relieved my stress.

The thing is…

(Standing up)

The thing is, I was very scared.

– Why did you get up? – Why did you get up?

Are you giving a presentation?

– What’s the answer? – One…

The mini carp bread.

Go on.

I have never gone on a variety show…

and had people tell me, “Good job! You were funny!”

So I was worried about doing a disservice to the members.

– But they took good care of me. – It comes from his heart.

– I had so much fun. – All right.

My partner, Chang Wook.

The last one.

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do well,

but I had a lot of fun.

I am really happy.

– “Lovestruck in the City”. – I hope the drama becomes a hit!

(The preview of next week’s episode will be revealed soon.)

(2020 Brother School Closing Ceremony)

(To celebrate the heartfelt moment, )

(the heroes of the party came.)

(Ladies and gentlemen, )

(we don’t get to be tired.)

(Everybody, thank you for this year as well!)

(They are joined by Weki Meki, )

(the winner of Girl Group Competition.)

(The closing ceremony begins now!)

(Awards go…)

(to the transfer students who made the Brother School shine.)

(The highlight of the closing ceremony!)

(We Compliment You Award for the best member)

(Who will be the best member of 2020?)

(Dongs’ Fun Dance Class gives a TVXQ! performance!)

(A live performance of “Hanryang” is revealed for the first time!)

(Kyung Hoon shows off his head rap skills, )

(and BIBI, the cheat code of the hip hop scene, features.)

(It’s too long!)

(The award ceremony is too long!)

(Who is the surprise guest at the closing ceremony?)

(Men on a Mission)

(“Hanryang” Teaser by Universal Hip Hoppers)

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