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Knowing Brother Episode 262 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Knowing Brother Episode 262 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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—(Filmed in accordance with COVID-19 prevention protocols.)


How are you all? Have you all been well?

(Ho Dong’s opening is loaded from the start of the new year.)

You’re wearing so much stress.

– Stress? – He’s wearing stress?

– He’s wearing a lot of stress. – What is that?

(He might be wearing hair spray, not stress.)

He’s a magician of words.

– He reeks of stress. – But he’s so embarrassed.

– It’s spray, but he said stress. – Ho Dong.

It’s so early in 2021 for this.

Did everyone finish out 2020 well?

– Yes. – Welcome, 2021.

It’s nice to meet you.

(Welcome, 2021. Nice to meet you.)

Don’t be shy.

– For this kind of acting, – He’s the best.

he’s in the top three in the entire country.

– What a joke. – My goodness.

Everyone, please share your resolutions for 2021.

– For 2021? – Yes.

– 2021? – Yes.

I’m definitely going to get married.

– He must be seeing someone. – What?

You’d better keep your word.

– He’s seeing someone. – He must be seeing someone.

First, let’s congratulate him.

(Singing the wedding march)

(Congratulations in advance on your wedding, Sang Min.)

Even when I quit smoking,

telling others that I was quitting helped…

because they were there to check whether I was smoking or not.

Yes, it makes you more accountable.

I feel like I should say I’m getting married,

and then when people ask about it, I’ll feel the pressure,

– and be more motivated to do it. – You have to say it out loud.

– Will you really get married? – That’s the power of words.

– Right, Sang Min, my friend? – Yes, the power of words.

If you get married again, try to stay married for three years.

How long were you married last time?

– Treating him like a new tenant? – Don’t be too aggressive.

Wait, what’s this?

What’s going on?

– You have… – Ho Dong.

You have a pet chair.

Are you going on a walk, Ho Dong?

– Mr. Kang, are you on a walk? – He’ll do well this year.

– It’s my pet, Tangled. – Yes, Tangled.

President Seo, do you have any resolutions for the new year?

The most important thing now is our health,

so I hope we’re all healthier.

I’m also resolved to become a little happier.

– Happier? – Yes.

– With whom? – With whom?

– With whom? – No, I mean…

that I want to be happy as an individual, not with someone.

Then will we have a joint wedding sometime this year?

If they have a joint wedding, Jang Hoon will pay for all of it,

and Sang Min just has to enter.

(Jang Hoon pays the fees, and Sang Min enters for free.)

Sang Min, you just have to enter as the groom, and that’s it.

(The transfer students enter.)

– Goodness! – It’s Rain.

– You’re back. – JYP.


– JYP. – What’s going on?

This is a rare appearance by these two together.

– My goodness. – Why are you so angry?

– Hi everyone. – Hi.

– Hi. – Hi.

(Once you were familiar to my body)

I took this generation by storm with that song.

(Don’t leave me)

And I swept everyone away.

We’re from Forever Fanfare High.

I’m Park Jin Young, who made Rain who he is today.

I’m Rain, who made Park Jin Young the man he is today.



(What’s going on?)

It stings, it stings.

Don’t the rest of you feel it?

It stings so much.

Their battle of wills is no joke.

You can feel the sparks from over here.


My goodness.

In this area, Ho Dong is number one in the whole world.

It stings, let me get away.

He’s the best at this kind of thing in the whole world.

I knew he would do that.

You knew this would happen?

I knew Ho Dong would act shocked from the beginning.

So I figured he’d do this.

But I didn’t know it would be this intense from the start.

So Rain made Park Jin Young,

and Park Jin Young made Rain.

– I’ve been waiting for this day. – Why?

I can speak casually to him.

This is Jin Young.

(I love this.)

What nonsense.

– Stand behind the podium properly. – Right, stand behind it.

Let’s dig a little deeper first.

– Park Jin Young made Rain. – Yes.

But did Rain also make Park Jin Young?

– Of course. – What?

Then who’s telling the truth?

If you look at it honestly, one of the biggest reasons…

that he can keep producing albums,

and he was able to grow the company to this size…

was due to my success.

– That’s true. – The company wouldn’t exist today.

So you made the JYP of today?

– To a certain extent, – You were a critical help.

– I was a critical help. – That’s true.

– Right. – That’s the truth.

I’m sure everyone will think so, including the viewers.

I’m sure they agree with that,

– but there’s a secret. – What secret?

All the money Rain made for us was spent on entering the US market.

Wait a minute.

What is that?

– Wait a minute. – What is that?

– What does that mean? – We had to start over.

Wait a minute. I want to check something first.

– You didn’t spend that money on me. – That’s true.

He spent it on the Wonder Girls.

Then he gave up on the US market,

and then he grew the company to what it is today.

– Then it wasn’t Rain’s fault. – Then it wasn’t because of Rain.

I enabled him to take that first step towards progress.

At the very least,

Rain must have built the cafeteria inside the company building.

That’s true. But the JYP of today…

spent all of Rain’s profits and started over.

He’s saying none of Rain’s money was involved.

– Now I get it. – So zero dollars from Rain.

Since he started over.

It’s like he started a new business.

If we hadn’t wasted all that money on the US market back then,

then the JYP of today would be indebted to Rain’s contributions.

That’s like how you feel differently going into the bathroom,

and coming out of it.

Whenever he sees me, he’d say, “It’s all thanks to you…”

“that the company made it this far,” and give me lots of compliments.

You’re the one who said you made my company first.

I think he’s a bit irritated.

But did you say those nice things or not?

I always said nice things to him.

I always say that he built the first two floors of the company.

But now that he’s saying it himself, saying he built the place…

Jin Young, it’s not like this is a documentary.

We’re on a variety show.

You’re not filming a documentary.

It’s so frustrating to be working with him like this.

The two of you didn’t see each other for 10 years or so…

because of a fight, right?

– That’s true. – Us two?

– When Rain left the company. – Didn’t Rain leave due to that?

Isn’t that what happened?

At the time, we did go through a divorce.

We were basically a couple, so I think divorce sounds right.

Why do you have to express it like that?

There are so many other good expressions to use.

– You could say it was a breakup. – That’s right.

The beautiful breakup.

– Or a farewell. – A farewell.

It was more like staying married but growing distant.

– I see. – And we spent some time apart.

– Once my contract was over, – That’s right.

I consulted really sincerely with Jin Young.

I told him I only had 3 or 4 years left until military service,

and I wanted to try writing songs.

Jin Young said all right,

and he supported me along the way.

Recently, I asked him for a big favor.

– What was it? – I asked him to write me a song,

since I’m doing well these days.

He accepted right away,

and that’s how we came to work together again.

How long has it been since you requested a song from him?

13 years.

What was the last song Jin Young wrote for you, Rain?

The last one he wrote for me was “I’m coming”.

(“I’m Coming” feat. Tablo)

(Released in 2006 as the title track of Rain’s 4th album)

(Written, composed, and arranged by Park Jin Young,)

(and featuring Tablo)

That was back in 2006.

I was really surprised by his request for a song.

Even if we met often for meals or to hang out,

he never asked me for a song before.

That’s because I have my own YouTube channel now,

– “Rain Season”. – called “Rain Season”.

My subscribers…

asked for a comeback with one of Jin Young’s songs.

There were countless comments on that topic.

Because the subscribers wanted it so badly…

So you didn’t want it, but…

No, don’t turn it around like that.

It was the subscribers.

– It was for your subscribers. – For the subscribers.

– No, that’s not it. – Because they asked for a JYP song,

you were forced to ask him.

Of course I wanted one too,

but from my perspective,

I saw that he was still working around the clock writing songs.

I felt it would be inconsiderate for me to ask for a song,

since he was so busy.

So did you get one after all?

I did, and it’s out now.

So did you start making the song when you got the request,

or did you give him something you already had?

I started on it after the request, obviously.

But after I finished it, I was really excited,

and I thought it was amazing…

that his fans would go wild,

having asked for a song from me. Then I went to bed.

The next day, we met up and we listened to the song,

and it was so bad.

Judging from Rain’s expression?

No, just from what I could hear.

– Really? – You know how it happens,

when sometimes it sounds great the night before…

– That’s true. – But it sounds bad the next day.

But the next day, it sounded so terrible when I listened to it.

Obviously, Rain’s expression wasn’t great either.

Instead, I was forced to give him a song I had made…

for my own comeback this fall.

I’d let Ji Hoon listen to it before, and he’d really liked it.

I loved that song.

It was the kind of music…

– where I could tear up the stage. – A rare opportunity.

– But I wanted it for myself. – Of course.

But what? It was a duet?

– I was wondering what you meant. – Is it a duet?

It was exactly the song I wanted.

I thanked him for the song,

– but he said there was a condition. – What was the condition?

That I had to do the song with him.

Is it arranged to feature someone?

– Like Tablo in the other song? – It’s not a featuring type thing.

– It’s a real duet. – A duet.

I gave him two songs.

I told him he could do one alone,

but one of them he had to do with me.

I gave him two fair options.

That’s great. There aren’t enough duets out there anyway.

What’s the theme of the song?

– We should know what it’s about. – The song’s theme.

There’s a woman, and we keep urging her to switch to me.

– What? – That’s why it’s “Switch to Me”.

“Switch to Me”.

We’re fighting over one woman.

– Oh, really? – Really?

Do you have a name as a duo?

One of Ji Hoon’s YouTube subscribers…

– came up with a great name. – What is it?


– I see, JYB. – JYB.

– So JYB instead of JYP. – It’s JYB.

You need something better than YouTube vibes.

– Just go with BiPark. – BiPark…

– Then back in the day, – It’s because of the love triangle.

No wonder I felt so much tension when you first entered.

It was no joke, with sparks flying everywhere.

We need a lot of tension for stage performances too.

But how do you feel, Rain, meeting your teacher…

as a fellow singer on stage now?

Excuse me? Could you enunciate a bit better?

You used to see one another as master and student,

and now you’re fellow singers. How does that feel?

You only met as a master and his student,

but now you’ve met as singer to singer.

Singer to singer.

For me…

I’m curious about this.

I wish he wouldn’t say anything to me about my dancing.

– What? Why? – Why?

– But he’s your teacher. – He criticizes Rain’s dancing?

When we practice our choreography, he gets it wrong the most.

And also, there is something unfair.

I’m sure that our yesterday’s move was like this.

– This was our move yesterday. – It’s great.

This was confirmed.

He confirmed it.

Then we met the next day to practice.

When I practiced the moves,

he said, “Don’t you think the arms look weird?”

He added, “Try to spread them”.

So I said, “You told me to do like this yesterday”.

Then he’ll ask others for their opinions of which one is nicer.

What can they say?

– Of course, they’re on his side. – They’ll say the new move is nicer.

They have no choice but to say the new move is better.

Jin Young, do you agree with this?

– For dancing. – Ji Hoon still…

needs my nagging.

He still has the same weaknesses.

(He has the same weaknesses in dancing!)

You know, the points for improvement.

– Yes. – It hasn’t improved for 13 years?

It was gone when he was under my supervision.

It reappeared after he went independent.

– Because he does what he wants. – Because there’s no one to nag.

Who will point out to him?

Yes, he’s Rain after all.

– He’s the world star, Rain. – It’s difficult.

There’s no worth responding to this.

If you simplify the points of improvement for Rain, what are they?

He’s really good at dancing,

but it needs a bit of decluttering.

You mean his move is not neat?

– What do you mean by decluttering? – Decluttering?

His moves are a bit…

– flimsy. – Oh, they are flimsy.

(In short, his dance is flimsy.)

– Rain is flimsy? – He’s the idol for dancing.

Since we are dancing together now,

I have no choice but to learn his moves in the past.

As I learned, I thought, “Was this the best he could do?”

(Were these moves the best he could do?)

(Getting furious)

You saw the “Gang” dance.

What did you think of it when you saw it for the first time?

There was a move where he fell to the ground.

I fainted at that point.

– At the moment you saw it? – At the moment you saw it…

you were like, “No way”.

I couldn’t nag him since it was…

– his first album after going solo. – Right.

I endured for 11 years.

Then I saw “Gang” and…

for the first time, I told him what I thought was lacking.

As we are dancing together now,

I got to know his weaknesses.

But “Gang” got recognized…

– It made a great hit. – and made a hit.

– Yes! – Actually…

JYP is not successful because of him.

JYP is doing great because he is not sharing his opinions.

(A fierce counterattack)

He’s an old, old, old school.

– Seriously? He’s a boomer. – Nowadays…

Is this their last show together?

The dance nowadays needs…

to be broken down into many moves.

– He hates to break down. – No, I mean.

He hates them because he can’t.

– This was it! – I see.

– You can take your backpack off. – Seriously, I…

was dancing his moves and thought,

“Does he want to work something related to delivery?”

– I was dancing “It’s Raining”. – That dance is cool.

The moves were like this.

What is this anyway?

– Oh, this! – Here is your delivery.

Thank you.

For “How to Avoid the Sun” as well.

I wanted to avoid the sun. Here’s your box.

– You’re right! – The delivery is fast.

Rain’s dance always has a box.

They’re all made of boxes.

Thank you for the delivery.

Okay, I received three today.

(Is it essential to have boxes for Rain’s dance?)

It looks different, but it’s the same!

It’s the same!

– They are similar. – The sun

“It’s Raining” dance as well.

He can’t do this to me.

He confirmed the dance saying that it’s great back then.

And now he’s making fun of me.

In the past, he was my dancer.

Other dancers all…

– were like this. – Yes, you’re right.

On his debut stage, he suddenly…

But now

(Big groove)

Find it and have a look.

– That’s so… – Have a look!

Seriously, he was like that?

(Big groove)

I monitored after the stage…

and called him for a talk.

Listen to me.

– Look. – Okay.

– This is Jin Young’s style. – Yes.

– This is Jin Young’s style. – Yes.

We, the hip-hop singers…

– dance like this. – Hey, you didn’t dance like that.

You were like this!

You danced like this! Seriously, look at the past video.

– Show me the video if you have it. – You are a liar!

(Rain in the past)

(The judgment is up to the viewers.)

He’s in no position to give advice about dance to me now.

So you have nothing to say about Jin Young’s dance?

Let’s ask how he felt when “Gang” went viral.

“Gang” became a great hit.

– It was a great hit. – It made a comeback.

I told him the accumulated advice of 11 years…

for 2 hours.

Then, after a few months,

– “Gang” made a comeback. – Yes.

I didn’t know what to do.

I had to save my face as a senior.

I nagged him so much about it.

I felt embarrassed.

He doesn’t know the recent trends.

He can’t…

follow the trends on the Internet.

Oh, Internet trends.

But didn’t “Gang” come back…

as it was funny?

– Yes. – Yes.

– That’s true. – The comments too.

But the most important thing is…

to know what the online people want.

You’re doing “Rain Season” too.

– Yes, you should know the needs. – So Jin Young doesn’t know that.

But while “Gang” was going viral,

It went super viral.

he talked about me when he had his new song “When We Disco”.

– What did he say? – He said “Gang” was like this.

He said, “It didn’t seem right back then,”

“but I guess it’s trendy now.”

So I thought, “What was the 2 hours worth advice that he gave me?”

– For two hours. – Jin Young basically…

has a routine…

– of giving advice. – Of course.

When I was still a basketball player, he gave advice about…

– basketball. – Seriously?

No, I mean.

Wait, he gave you advice about…

– basketball? – He coached you about basketball?

He gave me a lot of advice when I was a basketball player.

– My goodness. – Is he Coach Choe Hui Am?

He was…

I was the Vice President of Support Association for Yonsei University…

– basketball team. – Yes, he was the Vice President.

So he was an influential person.

So Rain is saying that pointing out about his dance is the same…

as pointing out about basketball to Jang Hoon.

That’s not true. I seriously reflect on what he points out.

When Jin Young points out my problem,

I reflect on it and fix it.

But he doesn’t.

He just practices three times…

and leave.

– What? – Jin Young…

is known for his talent and hard work.

This is not related to hard work.

Park Jin Young classic should be…

always lead and continued by himself.

His company is in this position…

because he continued his classic,

but if he listens to Rain or follows the trends…

and change his style, Park Jin Young will be gone.

– Are you… – He himself needs to continue.

planning to go into JYP?

– No. – No, I mean.

– You’ll pass. – Why are you so serious?

What is it related to practicing three times?

Sang Min is a bit into toadyism.

No, recently I shot “Hangout with Yoo”.

He likes big companies.

I told them to have Rain as a member for SSAK3.

I said it will definitely make a hit with Lee Hyo Lee and Rain.

So Rain became a member.

But I heard from Kim Tae Ho that I wasn’t chosen because of you.

– Not because of me? – No.

(Okay, I understand.)

– Did it clear your discontent? – That was neat.

– No more discontent? – No hurt feelings, right?

I said he leaves after practicing three times.

But he said the key is to be steady.

So he practiced for 30 minutes every day.

Why are you talking formally? You’re making us uncomfortable.

You’re making the class weird.

– Jin Young is your friend. – Yes.

You visited us many times, and still you’re doing that.

You are being impolite by talking formally from early 2021!

Rain! Be a man!

Get in the car later.


– Why are you talking formally? – Friends shouldn’t talk formally.

Seriously, get in my car after the shoot.


Was there any conflict while shooting for the music video?

There was no conflict.

– Seriously? – As he takes care of everything.

– He does what he wants. – So you couldn’t say your thoughts.

There was a scene where one had to ride a horse…

in the middle of the music video.

Oh, so you didn’t ride a car.

We both have never tried to ride a horse.

So I thought Rain would volunteer.

I was looking at him, but he kept…

(Trying his best to avoid Jin Young’s eyes)

avoiding my eyes.

So I learned how to ride a horse in the end.

I, who is 10 years older than him.

To ride a horse?

Yes, and I got hurt.

– The inside was skinned. – While riding a horse?

– Yes! – Whose idea was it? For the horse?

– Then you should have! – Of course!

– Listen to me. – If you didn’t want to ride it,

you could’ve deleted the scene.

I’ll tell you the story of my side.

Think about it.

Our song’s genre is the cool New Jack Swing.

Suddenly, he asked to appear on a white horse.

No, I meant to have you on the horse!

I didn’t want to.

– Why? – He’s traumatic about riding.

– Yes! – Did you ride bicycles too much?

– Yes, definitely! – He rode a car…

– and a bicycle. – So I didn’t want to ride it.

– You can’t ride anything. – I don’t ride bicycles these days.

– We… – Honestly, I…

I don’t ride bicycles since then.

Make a new song next year with the title “Ride on my horse”.

I said I’ll do it if my scene had something…

related to Jet Ski…

or anything with water but…

his idea was to appear on a white horse.

– A prince on a white horse. – Yes.

He wanted to wear a cool suit too.

So I thought, “Then you can do it.”

But if you see our music video,

– it looks so cool. – Seriously?

– Mentor’s idea was great. – It was charismatic.

I learned that I’m still in a lower rank than him.

I thought like that.

Why are you keep reading the room? As you talk, your tone changes.

It’s difficult to catch what you’re saying.

– But… – So what do you want to say?

– I honestly feel… – I think you’re traumatic about…

– something. – scared of hearing…

to his nagging after the shoot.

– You talked about trauma just now. – Yes, I did.

You weren’t scolded much as a trainee, right?

– What are you talking about? – What?

– It was like the military for me. – Is that so?

– But there must’ve been something. – I can’t forget how I felt.

– Really? – I’ll share an incident with you.

It was on my birthday.

We had something called the Park Jin Young Show.

It was when he was…

– the number one producer. – The best.

He wanted to introduce me as a new artist to the public,

so he took out two minutes just for me.

I practiced intensely.

On my birthday, the trainees and I went to…

– a fried chicken restaurant. – That’s right.

Think how precious that chicken must’ve been for me.

I heard they already ordered and were waiting for me.

– I hadn’t eaten yet. – That’s sad.

When I came out, I met Jin Young, and my whole body was going numb.

He asked me where I was going,

and I got scolded there for an hour while standing.

– But it was your birthday? – What did he say?

“Are you in the position to do that?”

I told him, “Who cares about your birthday?”

Wait a minute.

Didn’t Jin Young celebrate birthdays for Wonder Girls and TWICE?

– Totally. He even bought gifts. – I thought so.

Why did you do that to Rain?

It was because…

– Were you threatened by his looks? – of all the kids I’ve seen,

I was the most concerned about Ji Hoon.

I think it was because I thought he was exceptionally talented.

I thought he had the most potential to become arrogant.

So you thought…

It was because he was talented.

You were trying to pressure him.

– It was almost… – He didn’t get any sleep that day,

and his schedule was full, and something surely upset him.

– You were just caught that day? – I see.

You needed someone to vent your anger on?

I just got caught that day.

I was really unlucky.

He was sensitive.

– I stood for about two hours. – What Jin Young said is right.

Hee Chul’s favorite coach is Choe Hui Am.

He was really strict to me when I graduated high school.

– You need to be scolded more. – He said I was too talented.

He said…

– Hey. – What just happened?

What character are you playing?

– He said… – You’re not like that.

– I had too many talents. – Cut that out.

He thought I might get in trouble if he didn’t treat me strictly.

– He didn’t want Rain to stand out. – He was very strict with me.

The important thing is when I was in “Soul Mates”,

we used to have a special show of pretty ladies and handsome men.

You showed something like this.

(This is Ho Dong 17 years ago.)

(Rain, the official dancing machine of “Soul Mates”)

(Everyone is in chaos.)

(This is the three-step power breakdance.)



– Three-step breakdance. – Did you make that dance yourself?

Or did Jin Young do it for you?

He lit up a fire inside me.

What did he say?

He called me.

“Ji Hoon, I think you’re in trouble.”

– Why? – I asked him why.

– “There’s someone named Se7en.” – That’s right.

He’ll probably be more popular than you.

The person with the wheels.

Dong Wook was…

my schoolmate who was two years younger than me.

When I made a dance club in high school,

I used to pay for all his subway fees,

and he was someone I really cared for.

It must’ve hurt your pride.

When Jin Young suddenly told me that,

He lit up.

my pride couldn’t allow that to happen.

I bet.

I decided to show myself in the challenge.

I wasn’t showing it to the viewers,

but I wanted to be accepted by Jin Young.

– This is so heartbreaking. – I wanted to beat him.

I didn’t sleep at all.

Dong Wook appeared many times on “Soul Mates”,

and Ho Dong praised him a lot,

– saying he would soon succeed me. – Right, he did.

I felt hurt by Ho Dong.

He used to say I was the best.

– He doesn’t stay still. – When my spot was vacant,

– Certainly. – he just replaced me immediately.

Out of sight, out of mind.

– So I was a little upset. – Out of sight, out of mind indeed.

I even thought…

Ho Dong was being a little harsh.

I appeared on “The King of Kings”. I practiced the whole night…

and I made the three-step breakdance.

How did you feel when you saw that?

I was honestly surprised.

I taught him, but I was taken aback.

Before Ji Hoon made his debut,

he brought Dong Wook to the rehearsal room.

I saw Ji Hoon’s eyes.

I had never seen his eyes like that for the two years I’ve seen him.

– It was on fire. – He was talking,

and I was amazed. I realized…

he was a bit sensitive about that.

I brought up Se7en at a critical moment.

I saw that before his debut.

That’s how he used it.

– Rain. – It’s my first time hearing that.

Honestly, when I heard Jin Young liked Se7en,

I wanted to tell him I like the other company more.

I wanted to say I liked that company much better.

“I want to go there.”

“I want to do my music freely too.”

I couldn’t say that back then.

I heard Jin Young was surprised when they talked about their new music.

– Why? – Why’s that?

He was talking about coming out here…

and how we are going to promote it.

I remembered he had been a singer for 20 years.

I felt that.

When he talks about any work or business…

like the CEO of a company,

I just can’t help but stare.

I heard you appeared on “AM Plaza”.

Ji Hoon suggested that we appear on three shows,

namely “AM Plaza”, “Gayo Stage”, and Men on a Mission.

Just those three?

Rain suggested that idea?

Men on a Mission always takes the first place in my heart.

– Why I mentioned “AM Plaza” is… – That’s a unique idea.

You’re not even Richard Gere.

I was wondering if there was any way to start the new year with a smile.

I thought hard about it.

“AM Plaza” came to mind.

The idea that Jin Young suggested was…

to dance while wearing the Korean traditional hanbok.

I suggested that we wear hanbok,

and I received a call from my mother the next day.

“What’s up, Mom?”

– “Turn on “AM Plaza” right now.” – Why?

Park Sul Nyeo appeared on the show,

and she said there were people whom she wanted to put hanbok on.

They were the US President and First Lady, and Park Jin Young.

– That’s amazing. – I thought he called her.

I called Ji Hoon and asked if he called Park Sul Nyeo.

He said he hadn’t called her yet.

What’s going on?

It was a coincidence.

When we called her, she was very happy…

and she tailored the hanbok for both of us.

– She must have loved it. – Everywhere we go,

he keeps saying I wore the hanbok for free thanks to him.

“It’s because of me you’re wearing the hanbok for free.”

He talked about that the whole day.

– I wish he would stop. – Your ears might start bleeding.

He says I am blessed because of him.

When I see Rain, it reminds me of the days…

when we were really tense and competitive.

That’s how I felt when I saw him.

Since this is Men on a Mission,

we need to choose a winner.

We’re going to choose the King of Performance here.

Why are you so determined?

– You just want to see him dance. – You’re right.

– You don’t want an ordinary dance. – It won’t be an ordinary dance.

Rain would dance to JYP’s song.

– They’ll exchange songs. – Right.

– JYP will dance to Rain’s song. – It’s an exchange.

I have way more advantage in this competition.

– Why? – I can do Jin Young’s dances.

But he can’t dance my dances.

That’s possible.

Here’s your delivery.

You’re here again?

– I’m receiving too many deliveries. – Of course.

Are you accepting this battle willingly?

I’m always welcome.

– What about you, JYP? – JYP might refuse it.

I’m afraid it might cause him some damage.

There could be some damage.

You shouldn’t damage him.

What’s going to happen to him in the future?

I feel like I’m watching television.

He needs to continue his living, but he could break down here.

– I’m saying this because… – He’s still growing.

I was Jin Young’s backup dancer.

I know all the details to his choreography.

That’s right. That’s an advantage.

– But he doesn’t know my dance. – That’s right.

Yielding is bad sportsmanship in a competition.

I’ve yielded for the last 20 years.

– 20 years! – We’ll do it,

but if Ji Hoon loses, don’t air it.


He’s a true teacher.

– Why is he so funny? – I’ll do it.

I heard he spoke to the writer this morning.

“What if Ji Hoon isn’t funny today?”

– He said that? – Yes.

What are you talking about? He’s hilarious.

I hope he stops worrying about me.

He should worry about losing to me.

(It’s fun to watch a fight.)

You now know, right?

– I tried not to be funny today. – I noticed that too.

It was amazing when I was here with Nayeon and Dahyun.

If I make you laugh too much, he won’t be able to do it.


Come on.

– The number of views was amazing. – I’ve stopped myself five times.

– I can feel you’re holding back. – I watched it because of TWICE.

It wasn’t because of him.

Why would he appear when TWiCE is appearing?

(A never-ending sitcom)

This is driving me crazy.

Let’s welcome both contestants.

(“I have a girlfriend” by Park Jin Young)

(Rain starts first.)

(He knows the choreography perfectly.)

(The Jin Young-style groove)

(An ending spin)

He got it.

He warmed up.

(“Instead say goodbye” by Rain)

(Cute and adorable)

(Tall and long)

His moves are big.

They’ve had their warm-up.

It’s Rain now.

(Next is Rain’s turn again.)

It’s “She Was Pretty”.

(“She Was Pretty” by Park Jin Young)

(Pointing here)

(Pointing there)

(I’m going!)

(To you!)

Rain was amazing.

– “It’s Raining.” – He became more attractive.

(“It’s Raining” by Rain)

(He portrays Rain’s choreography perfectly.)

(Your package is here!)

He did it.

(Expressing it in their own ways)

– Goodness. – Good job.

This is almost a tie.

He practiced.

I’m telling you, he practiced. He made the box properly.

– It’s hard to make this box. – The package is here.

A round of applause to both artists.

(A round of applause to both artists)

– Let’s go back to our seats. – They prepared two songs?

– They danced very lightly. – Yes.

They have amazing forms.

What did you think of their dance, Kyung Hoon? As the Dancing King.

I heard he was the Dancing King.

I think both of you have very different traits.

– Styles. – Rain is a bit angular.

– It seemed like it. – Angular?

The angle of the package.

Jin Young is a bit soft.

– That’s cool. – You seem…

like an octopus and a crab.

An octopus versus the crab.

It’s a soft octopus versus…

a hard crab.

That’s only to compare them.

Isn’t this what a crab is?

It’s an accurate expression.

That’s just how I would describe them.

(The Dancing King’s observation)

They’re different.

We will send you the results…

through individual text messages next week.

An individual text message?

We’ll send it to your emails.

You should try feeling nervous and waiting for a few days.

Did you get it?

Try to feel nervous about it.

I’ll make my choice through the enrollment form.

The person who thinks he’s the better dancer should…

bring the enrollment form to me.

I can do this in a heartbeat.

But if I do it, he’ll go unnoticed.

(His dance might die.)

If I do it, he can’t do it anymore.

They’re different.

There is no boundary to dancing.

(There is no boundary to dancing.)

If I do it exactly like Jin Young,

I’ll only be a second.

I can’t be a first.

That’s right.

Mine may look a bit dirty.


– It… – It’s a bit flimsy.

It may look a bit flimsy, but in this field,

there’s no one who can win me.

– That’s right. – There isn’t?

You need to create your own.

You need to go along with your own feelings.

Can you bring it to me using the creative…

and dirty style you have?

(Is this how you do it?)


– Are you ready? – Yes, he’s ready.

– I’m going. – What are you doing?

(This is…)

(Is that the “Gang” dance?)

(That looks different from his performance.)

That’s “Gang”!

It’s perfect.

– Look at Jin Young. – He’s surprised.

Look at Jin Young.

– He didn’t expect that. – That was what he meant.

That’s okay.

(The ones watching are satisfied.)

It’s their enrollment form.

Their names are Park Jin Young and Rain.

Jin Young’s future goal is admirable.

It’s a white-haired dancing singer.

– It’s always the same. – Right.

He had that in his music video.

He looked old.

Rain is doing it now.

But he wants to be a producer.

– Yes. – A producer.

Do you have a specific goal for it?

It’s until I can be on the same level as JYP.

Until that day.

It’s good that you have a goal.

When I became financially stable,

I bought Jin Young a meal for the first time.

Ever since then, he has bought me meals.

If I can reach up to his level,

I’m thinking maybe I can be the one…

to treat him to a splendid meal.

If you want your company to be as big as JYP,

shouldn’t the most important person be in that company?

Why isn’t she in that company?

Even if it’s someone I love,

I think it’s right to separate her…

from my company where I am staying as the CEO.

They might also have their own standards too.

– Separating work and private life. – That’s right.

Is there anyone you’d like to recruit from us?

Anyone who’ll be an advantage to your company?

We have dramas and movies too.

I’d choose Ho Dong.

– That’s the way. – No question in that.

What if Ho Dong and Jae Seok…

– sent their application to you? – You’re doing great.

You can only choose either one.

You can only choose one.

– No other way. – Just one person.

I think he’ll hesitate.

It’s Jae Seok.

Kang Ho Dong spent his younger years…

with Rain.

– You are “Soul Mates.” – That’s all.

I guess that was my role after all.


Have you forgotten?

– “Saturday Night is Lit.” – Hooray.

My memories of those days aren’t that good.

(I don’t have good memories.)

I don’t have good memories of those days.

Okay then.

What about you, JYP?

– Choose one among us. – Choose one.

Recruit us.

I think you’ll be surprised because it’s unexpected.

I’d pick Yeong Cheol.

Why would you say that?

What’s the reason?

– Are you trying to be funny? – He’s sending him abroad.

– As an interpreter. – Someone has to go overseas.

– So when his goes to the States, – Ladies and gentlemen.

Yeong Cheol will be a part of the overseas division.

I tell the celebrities in our company…

that no matter if they’ve been working for 10, 20, or 30 years,

they still need to keep studying.

– That’s true. – But Yeong Cheol…

– really does that. – That’s true.

It’s not that Yeong Cheol would make a profit,

but our company…

– and the company culture… – I almost cried.

would develop a studying atmosphere.

He’s like an air freshener.

– An air freshener? – Air freshener.

He’s the company’s air freshener.

He would be like a role model.

– That’s his answer. – He’d be the model case.

I didn’t know he spoke English like that.

– It’s amazing. – He studied it by himself.

I’m sure you’re all curious about this.

– It’s time for their strengths. – Strengths.

(Time to show their strengths!)

Jin Young answered his strength as short-term memory.

Do you mean having a good memory within a short period?

– Hee Chul is… – Me?

a genius in this area. He’s clean here.

He has a good memory.

He has a lot of empty space.

But you studied hard and even attended Yonsei University.

You might not have any space. Hee Chul is a blank paper.

Are you sure you can win him?

He attended Yonsei University, while I just have a blank brain.

– He’s incredible. – Certainly.

– Did he say he has a good memory? – Mine is a clean sheet.

I don’t have a good memory. It’s just a short-term memory.

I see.

I can’t remember actual events.

But if I put my mind into it, I can memorize things easily.

Jin Young is really good at this.

It’s 1 on 1.

Please explain what game it is.

There are several cards.

We’re going to show it for a set amount of time,

and we’ll cover them. So if you match two cards,

– you can continue playing. – I see.

If you don’t get it right, you skip your turn.

– That must be hard. – It’s hard.

This is really hard.

The person with more cards is the winner.

That’s right.

– I’ll give you time to scan it. – Okay.


What are those?

It’s a poster.

We prepared the cards using JTBC dramas.

It’s confusing because they’re all pictures.

– I need to know the numbers… – This is difficult.

behind these pictures.


I can only memorize one.

This is really difficult.

(Park Jin Young)

– Time’s up. – It’s easier to memorize numbers.

– All right. – You have to memorize this part.

That was so hard.

It would’ve been easier if they were strawberries or stars.


We wouldn’t have prepared it if it was that easy.

You go ahead first. You mentioned it as your strength.

We have a fully automatic system.

I’m not the one changing it.

If you say the number,

the card will turn by itself.

– There must be a person inside. – This cost a lot.

The person has been in there since yesterday.

– Yesterday? – I already forgot.

You need to hurry.

– I choose 15… – Please turn 15.

– and 7. – It’s 7.

(The 15 and 7 are both “Strong Girl Bong Soon.”)

It’s Do Bong Soon.

– I choose 13… – Number 13.


– and 10. – Number 10.



– I choose 16… – Number 16.

(“The Beauty Inside”)

– and 6. – Number 6.


It’s “The Beauty Inside.”

He got three right.

– I choose 11… – Number 11.


“Hush” is still showing.

– What is it? – “Hush.”

I’ll have to guess from now on.

If you guess it right,

we’ll give you one more point.

– I choose 17… – Number 17.

(“My ID Is Gangnam Beauty”)

Please cover them.

– Gangnam Beauty? – “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty.”

– I’ll play. – It stars Im Soo Hyang.

The ace of Brother School.

– I choose 19… – Number 19.

and 11.


Number 30…

and 17.

I told you he was smart.

I don’t know what’s next.

– I choose 3. – Number 3.

(“SKY Castle”)

Number 20?

(“The Lady in Dignity”)

– It’s wrong. – The pictures were similar.

– They were similar. – The pictures looked similar.

– I choose 20… – Number 20.

– and 12. – Number 12.

(Both are “The Lady in Dignity.”)

– He got it. – It’s currently 4 to 2.

– I choose 21… – Number 21.

(“Sky Castle”)

and number three.

(“Sky Castle” is correct.)

– I choose 27… – Number 27.

(“Heartless City”)

– and 1. – Number 1.

You’re incredible.

The score is 6 to 2.

– I choose 24… – Number 24.

“Itaewon Class.”

– and 4. – Number 4.

(“Itaewon Class” is correct.)

I choose 23 and 26.

Number 26.

That’s amazing.

I choose 29 and 22.



– I choose 28… – Number 28.

– It’s “Chief of Staff.” – and 2.

It’s correct.

It’s narrowed down now.

– I choose 18. – Number 18.

– If he gets this, it’s game over. – He’s close.

– “Run On.” – and number eight.

It’s game over.

(“Run On” is correct.)

– I choose 14… – Number 14.

– What is it? – “Hello, My Twenties!”

and number five.

(“Hello, My Twenties!” is correct.)

The last one is the hardest.

– JYP! – The hardest one.

– 25 and 9. – 25 and 9!

Which drama is it?

(“Padam Padam”)

13 to 2!

(Jin Young won!)

Well, Jin Young, while you’re at it,

can you pick six lottery numbers for this week?

(Please pick 6 lottery numbers for this week.)

I didn’t expect us to lose like this.

– A big loss. – Right.

He’s amazing.

– He’s a genius. – Congratulations.

We’ll move on straight to Rain’s strength.

– We are all tough guys, right? – Why?

It’s Gang Race.

It’s a non-official genre of CrossFit.

It must be the choreography from “Gang”.

Including abdomen, arms, and shoulders,

it uses all muscles.

So you can work out like this at home these days.

– It’s a workout of the entire body. – Really?

You turned a workout into a game.

Yes, but we can do a race.

When we start here, we go forward like this.

– How can we do that? – That’s…

– What’s that? – That’s “Gang”.

If you put your knee down, it’s the move from “Gang”.

Does it really exercise your body?

– Of course. – Try it.

It’s really hard.

– He’s no joke. – I work out…

– a lot. – He has a six-pack.

Yes, I do.

The problem is I have a six-pack on my back.

(Hee Chul tries Gang Race!)

He’s good though.

What’s up with his tail? He’s wiping the floor clean.

His spine!

What’s up with your lower body?

– Hey, this is… – What’s wrong with your lower body?

– What’s up with his lower body? – Are you all right?

– Yes. Automatically, – Are you all right?

I wiggled my hip.

It definitely works out the waist.

You’ll compete against me in this race.

If I win, let us sing after the race.

– “Switch to Me”. – Okay.

I think you can pick one as a representative.

– I think Soo Geun has the chance. – Sure. You try it.

If we both lose, that’s…

– It depends on my arms’ condition. – Here…

– Wait. – Why?

If Soo Geun touches it first between JYP and Rain,

– we don’t hear the new song. – No.

– No. – We’ll cancel it.

– Good. – No new song.


That’s good!

That’s nice and fast.

Good job.

– The physical difference is huge. – He’s short.

He’s so short.

Okay, I’ll introduce the competitors.

In the first lane, with powerful performance skills,

it’s Rain!

– Goodness! – He’s dancing!

(Moderate performance to save strength)

– Soo Geun, you’re competitive. – That’s amazing.

In the second lane, it’s the creator of the leaf dance,

Soo Geun!

(The creator of the leaf dance, Soo Geun!)

(Soo Geun warns them with the powerful leaf dance.)

That’s good.

He wanted to do something else,

but he said the leaf dance out of nowhere.

– I was going to do this. – He didn’t expect it.

Soo Geun.

– He wanted to do that. – The leaf dance.

– Jin Young is in the third lane. – Okay, good.

– Ready? – Hold on.

(His secret weapon is the chalk powder!)

– That’s slippery. – He’s…

Soo Geun, that will make it more slippery.

Doesn’t he look like he’s in the final of gymnastics?

– Go for it! – The first one to touch…

– the coffee can wins. – Touch it? Or grab it?

– I grab it, right? – Touch it, and it’s over.

Touch it. Ready?

Soo Geun.

Soo Geun, someone’s chasing you from behind.

Imagine that. Control your mind.

Someone’s chasing you.

Soo Geun!

– Mom! – Soo Geun! Where is Soo Geun!

– Soo Geun! – Get set.

– Ready? – Ready, go!

Ready, go!

He’s fast!

– Soo Geun! – Let’s go!


(Rain and Soo Geun dash.)

– Go! – Let’s go!

Let’s go!

(Rain touched it first.)

(Then Soo Geun touched the can.)

(Rain came 1st!)

– That was close. – That was fast.

– Right. – His arms are too short.

– So short. – Who won?

– What happened? – Hey!

– What happened? – His speed was enough, but…

If he had a longer arm,

– he would have won. – Really?

(He couldn’t overcome the physical difference.)

– Good job. – He was fast for sure.

– Amazing. – Soo Geun was really fast.

– Rain won! – That was close.

– Then we have to hear the new song. – Their new song.

– Looking good. – They practiced and all.

(“Switch to Me” by Rain and Park Jin Young)

That’s exciting.


How exciting!

This is the chorus!

(Please switch to me)

(Please switch to me)


(Switch to me)

(Please switch to me)


(Watch the full version on Men on a Mission YouTube.)

Yo, baby!


– JYB! – It was a new jack swing.

– JYB! – Rain!

That was truly amazing.

Welcome to the school!

– Let’s get it. – Okay!

From now,

I thought about this “Inside the Elevator”.

I thought about the question “Behind You”.

I almost went to “Your House”, trying to come up with a question.

This is the question I brought.

This puts pressure on Rain.

But because it’s the first class of the new year,

I prepared special gifts for the ones who got them right.

Money can’t buy these presents.

It’s the stock.

It’s 10 shares of his company.

It’s not easy to buy JYP’s stock these days.

It’s hot these days.

– Money can’t buy them, right? – No. Gratuitous conveyance.

– 9 shares. – 9 shares.

If it’s not true, say it and stop pretending it is.

Try to guess it with that mindset.

– Okay. – Got it.

This is the question. For Rain to succeed,

I even did this.

It isn’t something that a producer does…

– for his singer’s success. – Okay.

– It was unusual. – I got it!

There were rivals of Rain,

and you put holes in the tires of their vans.

All of them were late to their schedules,

so Rain became the only one who was diligent.

– Incorrect. – I got it! This is it.

After making his debut,

Rain became popular and was about to rise,

but there were girlfriends he flirted with.

Jin Young heard about them…

and met them.

And you dated them instead?

– “Dated them instead”? – You told them…

to break up with him at once.

Was it a scandalous drama?

He met them, gave money, and said,

“How dare you?”

– Incorrect. – I got it.

When Rain appeared in “Love Letter”, for him to succeed,

you bent your pride…

and called Ho Dong to say hi every holiday.

– You sent him apples. – To look after Rain.

– To look after him. – But I’m nothing.

– He sent him rice cakes. – From JYP?

You sent him rice cakes.

I got it. For him to be healthy,

you managed and supervised…

his poop.

In “Masquerade”, there is a person…

– who checks the king’s poop. – Yes.

You checked Rain’s condition of the day.

As soon as Rain got out of the restroom,

the CEO and all employees of the company went in…

and asked, “Did you have a good bowel movement?”

(Don’t congratulate me.)

No wonder he visited my place often!

That was it!

I wondered why he didn’t talk about poop,

– but here it is after a while. – Like in “Masquerade”.

– Incorrect. – That was close.

A year before he made a debut,

we started making his album, and that was when I did this.

Is it something like this? When we visit a tourist spot,

there’s a place where you can throw a coin…

to make a wish.

You went all across the country…

to throw coins in every one of those spots.

Those coins added up to one million dollars.

I didn’t do that,

but I had a similar mindset.

I got it! Until Rain succeeded,

you didn’t wear panties.

– It’s something like that. – Okay.

Or you went to all kinds of religious facilities.

You went to the church for early morning prayers.

– You went to temples too. – Awesome.

And he went to a cathedral too.

I did have a religious intention, but it wasn’t a religious act.

– This is really hard. – He must’ve made it obvious then.

– Did he buy a talisman? – A talisman?

– Is it a talisman? – Is it a rain-calling ritual?

Here’s my last hint.

I prayed that I was going to do something.

Something that regular people couldn’t do.

I prayed to help Rain become successful. Guess what I did.

– “I’ll cut rice cakes. You dance.” – You did something.

Or you quit eating rice cakes!

– Yes. – Rice cakes are your favorite food.

– But you gave up. – “This much determination will…”

– “help Rain become successful.” – That must be right.

“I won’t eat rice cakes until he becomes successful.”

– So he quit eating rice cakes. – 50 points.

– I got it. – I got it.

You quit eating meat.

You also get 50 points.

– You quit drinking. – I was going to say that.

– I got it. – Kyung Hoon.

“I’ll quit smoking if it means Rain becomes successful.”

– That’s right. – Yes.

(So happy)

I really wanted him to be successful. Seriously.

Here’s why. To me, Ji Hoon was different from other singers.

During his trainee period,

his mother passed away.

And when we went through something like that together,

I think I kind of took a piece of his heart with me.

So I was so focused on that he had to be successful.

I wanted to do something.

I thought about what the biggest challenge would be for me.

– “I’ll quit smoking.” – Right.

So I quit smoking.

And then, I couldn’t go back to smoking cigarettes.

The moment I smoke one, I get the feeling I’d ruin his career.

You quit smoking, but his career took off.

Right. It did.

Could he have smoked one when I released “Gang”?

(No, I didn’t.)

– Did he start smoking again… – He started smoking then.

when you left his agency?

No. Since that day, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette.

That’s amazing.

– You chose a healthy challenge. – Yes.

I love and cherish the singers that I’m producing these days.

But I don’t spend a lot of time with them.

I have trainers for them and a whole team to foster them.

– You have a specialized system. – I have a system now.

But when I trained Ji Hoon, I didn’t have that.

I dealt with him, scolded him, and nagged him.

– So the two of us… – Right.

became one from the heart. I think that’s what it was.

Was his first impression intense?

I found Ji Hoon funny.

He had to make a good impression on me, but he had pride.

So he wouldn’t flatter me.

– He won’t say, “Yes, sir.” – He wasn’t eager-eyed?

He went, “Yes.”

But I found out later that…

he had gone to 16 or 19 auditions before coming to mine.

Right. I had 12 auditions.

After not passing any auditions, he became cynical.

Those agencies couldn’t recognize talent.

– So… – It was your agency.


It was your agency.

– Why… – So he came to me.

(Mr. Lee, why didn’t you scout him?)

When I told him to do something,

he did it although he seemed annoyed.

So how long did the first audition last?

– Four hours. – I kept asking him to do…

things for four hours.

He said that I was cynical back then.

But in my head, I was thinking,

– “This is it. Or I’m done.” – Really?

When he kept asking me to do things,

I thought I might be able to pass the audition.

That’s what I thought.

– I had hope. – He kept asking you to do things.

– I had hope. – He’d been to many auditions.

– He must’ve thought he made it. – That must’ve been it.

– Right. – Yes.

Now, I can be playful around him…

and get cheeky with him.

But back then, to me, he felt like this great mountain.

That’s how I felt.

But the good thing is,

people who didn’t pass the SM auditions always get famous.

Jin Young is an example too.

And Ji Hoon too.

But he quit smoking for Rain.

He became healthy, and Rain became successful too.

By the way, Jin Young is good at following orders from the crew.

He took out the present.

“Put the present back under the table.”

(Hurriedly putting it back)

– The two of them… – I got scared for a second.

– All right. Next question. – Yes.

I’m curious about the present.

So this is a two-point question, right?

– It’s for the present. – Yes, this is a two-point question.

No. I have two presents. Kyung Hoon will get a present.

– Nice. – There are two?

– Kyung Hoon. – I bet it’s the meal ticket.

My daughter is 22 months old. My oldest daughter is 22 months old.

And my 22-month-old daughter said something…

that shocked me. Guess what she said.

She said, “Who’s your mother?”

– She said that to you. – “Who’s your mother?”

– “Who’s your mother?” – No.

He went, “Where is my princess?”

(Behind you)

– No. – She sang the song.

“Dad, it’s time for our daily ‘Gang’.”


– No. – I got it.

“Dad, when I grow up later,”

“will I look like you?”


– Luckily, she doesn’t resemble me. – I mean…

she probably can’t say that much.

– I got it. – “Dad.”

“Dad, how much do you have?”

– No. – When you tried to kiss her,

– she said, “Dirty.” – No.

Wouldn’t it be the word her parents use the most often?

– Even if they didn’t teach her… – “Honey.”

“Mwah”. Did she do that?


Here’s a hint. Dancing with me is her favorite thing to do.

When we were dancing like any other day, she said that.

Then, you went…

(I miss the time when we disco)

She sang “When We Disco”.

I was singing “When We Disco”.

(It’s something his daughter said to her dad’s mellow song.)

And we were both dancing.

“Get on up.”

“Get on up.”

“Get on up.”

(Was she born with a groovy soul?)

– No way. – Or this.

– “Hit it.” – Yes.

– “Drop the beat.” – No.

She must listen to a lot of his songs.

Does she listen to your songs a lot?

There’s a big hint in what Hee Chul said.

I see. She listens to your songs a lot.

Your daughter went, “JYP.”

That’s correct!

(Utterly happy)

– Seriously. – No way!

We were done with dancing.

I wonder if you remember it too

And then, I do a turn.

Even now

And I made a turn. And she said,

– “JYP”. – Really?

– I usually put it in the beginning. – Right. In the intro.

I placed it at the end only for “When We Disco”.

It always comes up at the end.

She doesn’t know what that means, but she said, “JYP”.

I was so shocked.

Do you have a video to prove that? We won’t believe it otherwise.

– Gosh. – How beautiful.

Dad, what’s your name?

She must be so adorable.

Dad. JYP.

(Everyone is smiling from ear to ear.)

She knows her dad’s name.

– “Dad, what’s your name?” – I taught her later.

When she said “JYP”,

I told her that was my name.

After that, she keeps asking herself.

“Dad, what’s your name?”

“JYP.” She does that.

Songs that kids like are bound to be big hits.

A long time ago, god’s follow-up song…

was chosen by Jae Min. It was “Sorrow”.

– Okay. – On “Babysitting Diary”.

– Really? – You remember that.

Jae Min chose it. When “Sorrow” played, he smiled.

So they chose “Sorrow”. And it was a huge hit.

– That’s amazing. – Look at the presents.

– Jin Young, why do you keep… – He brought them out.

checking for their approvals?

I don’t know when the right time is.

Rain, when you look at your daughter,

was there a time when you went, “Gosh, she really is my daughter”?

I always watch the shows when Jin Young is in.

And “When We Disco” was playing.

The whole family was watching it. And she…

started dancing to the song,

so I sent him the video.

That’s when I knew she’s my daughter.

– Did she dance on the beat? – Like his daughter,

she goes, “Rain.”

– “Rain.” – “Rain.”

– Really? – And she says, “Kim Tae Jee”.

– “Kim Tae Jee”. – Yes.

– Who does she take after more? – “Rain.”

My wife.

– I don’t have double eyelids. – Right.

I have two daughters. And both of them have double eyelids.

I have daughters. And luckily,

they have my eyebrows and my eyes.

And they have their mother’s head and facial features.


His eyebrows…

(A genuine sound of relief)

They’re good.

– Do your families hang out often? – Totally.

Then, what do you guys talk about?

We usually talk about our daughters.

The girls are around the same age, so they must be good friends.

Here’s our plan. I have 2 daughters. And he has 2 daughters too.

We have all the members for a girl group.

At JYP Entertainment.


– Presents. – It’s time for the presents.

– Presents. – I can’t wait to find out.

You two won the presents.

Hey, let’s have babies around the same time.

– So our kids can be friends. – That sounds good.

– All right. This is… – What is it?

the blanket you cannot buy with money anywhere.

– What’s that? – What?

Oh, my…

– Oh, my gosh. – Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my.

(Looking sweet)

– Didn’t you tell us about that? – It’s a limited edition.

I saw that picture on buses.


(You saw that?)

What is that?

– It was an ad. – I asked for 10 blankets.

I barely managed to get 10, and I’m giving you 2 of them here.

– Seriously. – If you don’t want it, forget it.

– Do you sell them? – No. You can’t buy this.

– This is… – He became a comedian.

– You can’t buy it anywhere. – Why did you make that?

That’s weird.

– They are for Kyung Hoon and me? – He’s not the funny type.

This is no joke. Everyone is lining up to get this.

– Really? – This too.

To get this, you have to apply for it.

There are only 100 blankets.

When he opened the box,

– I was wondering what this was. – With this blanket,

– he can become your boyfriend. – This is so scary.

Look at his mustache.

– Right. Frame it. – They don’t seem happy with it.

They look so sad.

(Looking sad)

My gosh. Seriously. My friends are pestering me for the blanket.

His employees have extremely difficult jobs.

– Right. – Rain. It’s Rainism.

– Let’s go. – Did you get the blanket, Rain?

No. I didn’t get one.

– Even Rain doesn’t have one. – Yes. I’d love to have one.

It didn’t sound like you meant it at all.

I want to have one.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have presents.

– Darn it. – Gosh. You gave…

– the best present to someone else. – How could you say that?

We won’t play then.


Good job.

(Quickly wrapping up)

– All right. – That was neat.

– Off to the 2nd period. – To the 2nd period.

– This is… – His questions were so fun.

– The whole thing will be cut out. – Take out your ring.

– The bracelet looks nice. – All right.

– How much is the bracelet? – Yes.

– Really? – Yes.

– Not that one. The gold ring! – The gold ring.

– The gold ring! – You don’t think…

– we can distinguish colors? – The yellow one!

The gold ring.

We’ll think about our present after we finish answering your question.


Back in the day, I never forgot to do something in the morning.

Guess what that is.

– As soon as you woke up? – As soon as you woke up.

Stealing your neighbor’s milk.

– That’s why you’re tall. – He got tall from that.

– No. – “He got tall.”


I did this when I was living in the States with Jin Young.

You should’ve said that from the get-go.

I would’ve gotten it immediately. You should’ve said that.

We would give you very different answers.

I did this for Jin Young.

I got it.

He’s been to the States.

– He’s been to the States. – Well, you know…

– He’s friends with MC Hammer. – MC Hammer.

He’s friends with MC Hammer.

– Every morning… – MC Hammer.

when you woke up,

you wanted to feed him…

– Korean food. – I thought about that too.

You went to a Korean restaurant in the morning and bought food.

And you put it on the table for him.


I got it. Jin Young had to go out every morning to work.

So you felt bad for him.

That’s why you hid his shoes.

(So he could take a day off.)

– No. – He had to go to a lot of places.

You know the toe massage?


– What? – This?

– You know, the toe massage? – What?

– He did the acupressure massage. – I guess that’s correct.

– You gave him a foot massage. – You know, you snap the toes.

– It made that snapping sound. – Foot massage.

It’s close.

Every morning, you gave Jin Young…

a foot bath like this.

– Like Alex. – Come on.

– I want to say I love you – Or a Thai-style foot bath.


you filled the bathtub with water.

– You were in it first. – It was a bubble bath.

– I was in there first? – You were in there first.

– He went in first. – So what?

Keep going.

– Why don’t you finish? – Listen.

– He filled the tub with water. – I’d like you to finish.

You just went into the tub first.

What’s wrong with that?

– To scrub his back. – It was to scrub his back.

– To scrub his back. – Yes, to scrub his back.

To scrub his back?

– When he was scrubbing… – It’s so funny to think about that.


– That was the scrubbing sound. – Did you scrub his back?


Back then, Jin Young had an atopic disease.

– I see. – It was severe.

I got it.

When Jin Young was sleeping,

– you applied body lotion on him. – Body lotion?

Because Rain liked him.

– From where to where? – Why are you laughing?

– That was right? – That must be right.

– Hey. – From where to where?

Hey, that should count as a correct answer. Why should I specify that?

There can’t be any contact though.

You must specify where I applied the lotion.

– From head to toe. – Wrong.

From the neck to the bottom.


That was my answer.

– It was yours. – He didn’t apply it on the legs.

– It wasn’t from head to toe. – It wasn’t.

– He couldn’t reach his neck. – Where he couldn’t reach.

And when I thought about it,

applying the lotion from head to toe would be funny.

It’d be weird.

– He should apply from head to toe. – Seriously.

Are his legs immune to the disease? It’s all over the body.

It’d be weird to apply lotion on places he could reach.

– Why would that be weird? – Why? You should’ve done that.

Come on! I wouldn’t have done that even if I wanted to get my album.

– You’d be a good mentor and mentee. – Seriously.

– No. – The legs…

Have you applied lotion on Mr. Lee Soo Man’s back?

I’d apply aroma oil.

(I love and hate)

I would’ve sung him a song.

Jin Young is your savior.

Isn’t he your savior?

– He is. – Right.

So I didn’t do that every day.

When he wanted to teach me singing and was working on his songs,

I’d go over to his place and sleepover.

And whenever I slept at his place, I always applied lotion on his back.

After applying it on his back, I applied it on his bottom.

– His bottom? – Applying it on the legs…

sounds better than applying it on the bottom.

– So this was his bottom. – Legs…

I didn’t apply it all the way here.

– Here. The bottom of his back. – I see.

– Right here. – Before the intergluteal cleft?

But can’t you reach your back, Jin Young?

– What? – Can’t you reach here?

He probably pretended that he couldn’t.

– I can, but it’s a lot of work. – He has long arms.

– And men do that for each other. – Right. A lot of men do that.

Men ask each other to apply lotion at the dry sauna.

– It doesn’t matter. – Gosh.

– Yeong Cheol got it right. – Gosh.

But I don’t have a present.

– Give him a ride. – Yes. Sure.

I’ll give you a ride.

– He has a nice car. Get a ride. – They have a good friendship.

Here’s my next question.

When people started to know me as Rain,

someone told me something that’s unforgettable to this day.

Guess what it is.

– Usually, it’s criticism. – It must be criticism.

Right. That’s right. That sticks in your head for a long time.

– “A guy like you can be a singer?” – It could be…

I’ve heard that a lot, but that’s not it.

People told you that?

– I heard that countless times. – Why would they say that?

– I bet it was when he was new. – There was…

a huge rainy season that year.

And you debuted as Rain.

“His name is Rain when there’s a huge rainy season?”

That’s why I always performed in fall and winter.

(I see.)

– Really? – It wasn’t always the case.

It was the case except for my first album.

Someone told me not to do something.

But I didn’t take that advice.

I got it.

“Don’t rip your clothes on stage.”

– Wrong. – I got it.

Back in the day, you were famous for your eyes…

when you smiled. I think people knew you for your eyes.

– His eyes were so attractive. – Yes.

So someone told you not to wink.

– No, winks worked back then. – Really?

Or someone told you not to breathe loudly.


Jin Young taught me that.

– Could it be his close friend? – Would we know that person?

I bet you all saw it coming. It’s what Jin Young said.

(It’s what Jin Young said.)


“Don’t ever apply lotion on my back.”

– Where did this happen? – What?

He said this on the phone.

I needed his confirmation for something.

That must be it. I got it.

For “How to Avoid the Sun”, he told you not to wear sunglasses.

– You’d look arrogant. – That’s possible.

– “How dare you wear sunglasses?” – That might be correct.

I have a good feeling about this.

– Correct. – Right?

(Kyung Hoon gets it right.)

– No way. – I was right.

– He was so cool with them. – The sunglasses were the best.

– That was the highlight. – Right.

It was when Jin Young was in the States.

So he wasn’t in Korea.

And he thought that I was establishing myself as a singer.

So I was thinking about my next album.

And he gave me the song, “How to Avoid the Sun”.

I wanted to crush the performance.

– Right. – I…

wanted to deliver a crashing performance.

He told me that I should do what other people hadn’t done.

So he told me to go with a ballad song.

When I listened to the song…

I kept feeling down when I listened to the song.

– “How to Avoid the Sun”? – Yes.

I told him that it sounded too depressing, so I said no.

But Jin Young said this was the song for me.

He was determined that this was it and got me a choreographer.

So he set it up.

So I also worked on the song with the choreographers.

I got the cargo pants and a leather jacket.

– And a sleeveless shirt. – I put them on.

I wanted to choose clothes that looked plain for costumes.

Here’s how I came up with sunglasses.

– I was on “Let’s Go! Dream Team”. – Yes, I know the show.

We went to a beach. And someone was dancing with glasses.

And I was so impressed by that.

I knew that was the missing piece. So I bought sunglasses.

And I put them on. It was the first time showing it to Jin Young.

– The dance video. – I had to get the video confirmed.

When I sent it over, he called me.

He told me how to fix the choreography and said,

“Don’t wear sunglasses.”

Back then, I couldn’t even make a suggestion.

Right. It’s been only a year since your debut.

I felt so small whenever I heard his voice.

I told him that I wouldn’t wear them.

And two days later, I had my first performance.

– You just went with it? – I used all of my ideas…

– for the first performance. – You just did it.

But my song was ranked 1st on the day of my 1st performance.

So when he called me, I was so scared.

Even if the song was ranked first…

But you wore sunglasses.

– The theme… Yes. – You went against what he said.

(Breathing deeply)

I went to a corner and answered it.

“You worked hard.”

“I think you can do the same thing next week too.” And he hung up.

– He didn’t say anything. – He didn’t bring up the sunglasses?

But he didn’t tell me that I did a nice job.

Because what he envisioned was wrong.

– It was his pride. – He was embarrassed.

– To keep his pride. – He was embarrassed.

– What could he have said then? – What could he have said then?

– This wouldn’t have been included. – But he’s known for his instincts.

What happened?

I really don’t remember anything about this.

You don’t remember telling him that?

I told you about my strength.

I only have good short-term memory…

only when I put my mind to memorize something.

I forget everything that happened in my day-to-day life.

Rain must have used that. “He’d probably forget it.”

– My gosh. – Hey, you’re worse than him!

You knew he’d forget it.

You knew him well.


There’s one more story.

It was when “How to Avoid the Sun” became a huge hit.

– It was a mega-hit. – Hundreds of thousands of albums…

were sold.

He and I wanted to rule the music industry in Japan.

So we went to Japan with big dreams.

– It was the day of my showcase. – That’s important.

I was making a debut.

And he also performed and debuted as a producer.

And he gave me directions.

He gathered up all the dancers and said, “Hey, don’t worry.”

“Do what you’ve been doing just like you practiced.”

And he went up to the stage.

He performed “I Have a Girlfriend”.

And all of a sudden,

we heard a thumping sound. He just fell from the stage.

– He tripped and flew in the air. – Why?

But he told us not to overdo it.

(He empathized it over and over again.)

“Don’t overdo it.”


– “Don’t get nervous.” – “Don’t get nervous.”

– “Be professional.” – Yes.

So I wanted to save his pride with my performance.

– The revenge for Jin Young. – But…

(The song played.)

And when I put my head up,

– everyone was laughing at me. – Okay.

And someone told me to take off my glasses.

I was wondering why I had to take the glasses off.

– I was doing my best. – Right. With everything you’ve got.

Here’s how I looked back then.

This is how I looked.

– One of the lenses was gone? – Yes.

And I started to sing.

He got the sunglasses from his pocket.

– That was why. – Let me explain.

When the spotlight was on me,

– That’s funny. – I couldn’t tell if the glasses…

were white or black.

– Not with the light on. – He looked like that actor.

“Who avoided the sun?”

– Yes. – Didn’t he look like Gung Ye then?

So all the personnel from successful entertainment agencies…

including the CEOs in Japan came to the showcase.

But both of us made huge mistakes.

(They can now talk about this funny, yet sad story.)

– Off to the 2nd period. – Let’s go to the 2nd period.

Let’s go.

– Hello, guys. – Senior Dong!

Senior Dong!

It’s the Men on a Mission Scholarship Quiz…

with Senior Dong!

– My gosh. – It’s back.

We have two transfer students today.

Actually, I think I’ve met Rain…

only a couple of times in person.

– We’ve never met before. – We’ve never met?

We did say hello as we passed by each other.

That’s right.

– Your paths rarely crossed. – That’s right.

Then why don’t the two of you dance to “She Was Pretty”?

– Really? – Can you do it?

If Rain is okay with it, I am always ready.

I can dance.

(Bring it on!)

(The original singer is proud.)

– Okay, okay. – Shin Dong and Rain.

Shin-R. What a mysterious duo!

– Shin-R. – Shin-R.

It’s nice to meet you.

So Shin Dong joined SM Entertainment when Rain didn’t.

– Hold on. – Why did you bring that up?

– Hold on. – Seriously.

Lee Soo Man.

Did you fail the audition?

– I failed the audition. – SM Entertainment didn’t want him.

– Every agency has preferences. – I passed the audition at once.

Didn’t you audition for JYP Entertainment?

I didn’t audition for any other agencies.

I just auditioned for SM Entertainment.

– What’s important is… – Rain.

Shin Dong is a senior.

– Speak to him respectfully. – Senior Dong.

– I am sorry, Senior Dong. – When you are ready,

say, “Music, please.”

Which way do we go? That way?

(That way!)

(Okay, let’s go.)


– Hey! – Hey!

– Hey! – Hey!


I should unbutton my cape.


They are good!


Senior Dong! Shin-R!

(It’s a mysterious combination you can only see on this show.)

(Let’s go!)

Look at Rain.

His hair grew so much.

That’s it!

(They dance in unison as if they had practiced before.)

That’s incredible.

(I was sad)

(The duo dances in unison.)

(Spreading their arms)

They are good.

(Senior Dong, let’s go!)

(The epitome of sexiness)

– Hey! – He is good.

Hold on.

– What? – Senior Dong’s butt…

– It’s no joke. – Would you do this again?

– Senior Dong can dance so well. – He can dance so well.

– This is how it goes. – Look at his butt.

This is how it goes.

Senior Dong has danced to “She Was Pretty” with Jin Young.

Why did he dance to “She Was Pretty” with Rain?

You have a point. Why did I dance?

– Seriously. – You should have danced.

I don’t understand.

– With Rain… – Rain’s dance is flimsy.

– How would anyone do this with him? – I see.

JYP, what did you think of the dance?

I know about Rain’s dance skills more than anyone.

Senior Dong’s dance skills surprise me every time.

– He is agile. – I don’t know if I told you this.

Do you know what Jin Young said in an interview?

He picked two idol singers in Korea who can dance the best.

One was Taeyang, and the other one was me.

Excuse me?

I was so touched to hear that.

You would have passed the audition for JYP Entertainment.

Senior Dong might change agencies.

Mr. Lee Soo Man, I love you.

All right. Let’s get started in earnest.

By the way,

did the two of us become a team?

We won’t be able to eat any snacks.

– You ate a snack the last time. – Seriously.

– You ate a snack. – That happened…

because we got lucky.

When you do well, you call it a talent.

When I do well, you call it luck.

For goodness’ sake.

Let’s get started with the Scholarship Quiz…

– of heartwarming friendship! – Okay!

The first subject is the gesture studies,


I will give you the question.

If you are confident, hit the buzzer.

One member needs to express the word with gestures,

and the other member needs to guess the answer.

There will be two types of questions.

One type will be Guess-the-Word Quiz,

and the other type will be Category Quiz.

Now, the snack of the day.

To celebrate the New Year, we prepared…

the strawberry sticky rice cake with the milk cream…

and strawberry puree.

Strawberries and cream will dance in your mouth!

The strawberry sticky rice cake!

Enjoy the snack! I won’t be able to eat it.

All right.

Here comes the first question.

The first question is the Guess-the-Word Quiz.

Give us the letters.

B and O.

All right.

B and O.

(B and O)

– One… Correct. – Rock.


Jin Young.

(B and O)


You made a sound. You failed.

(No sounds are allowed.)

You can’t make a sound.

All right, Ho Dong.

(B and O)

– One… – Bubble?

– Bubble! – Correct. Bubble is correct.

Jin Young’s team and the glee club.


– You made a sound. – Sit down.


(No sounds are allowed.)

(B and O)

1, 2,

– three. – Hold on.

– What are you doing? – What is that?

Which word am I expressing?


You should know which word you are expressing!

Look at Soo Geun. Let’s begin.


It’s easy.

– One… – Pufferfish!

– Okay! – Correct.

– That was great. – Every team got 10 points…

– except for the glee club. – Incubation.

– Incubation. – Let’s eat the snack.

All right.

– There aren’t many words. – Seriously.

I was describing an actor earlier.

– Actor. – Actor.

– Now comes the Category Quiz. – The Category Quiz.

Give me a god song with a Korean title.

(A god song with a Korean title)

– That’s… – “Road”.

– Correct. – There you go.

(A god song with a Korean title)

“Love and Remember”.

(“Love and Remember”)

(Love and remember)

Jang Hoon, let’s go.

(A god song with a Korean title)

– “Without Words”? – Incorrect.

– “Lies”? – “Lies”.

– “Lies”. – There are no song titles left.

– Two teams remain. – For goodness’ sake.

All right.

(A god song with a Korean title)

– 1, 2, – A gun.

– three. – “One Candle”!

– “One Candle”! – You ran out of time.

– It’s “One Candle”. – “One Gun”.

“One Gun”.

– “One Gun”. – It’s a hopeful song!

– “One Gun” isn’t a good title. – Seriously.

All right.

(A god song with a Korean title)

1, 2, 3.

– What’s the answer? – “Dear Mother”.

“Mother said she doesn’t like jjajangmyeon.”

She likes tangsuyuk.

There are many songs with a Korean title.

Yeong Cheol is leaving the classroom.

All right. 1, 2…

“Sky Blue Balloon”!

– Correct. – Correct.

All right. Every team got 10 points…

except for Ho Dong and Jang Hoon.

Rain is the best.

There’s “Observation” too.

The tip for “Dear Mother”…

should have involved jjajangmyeon, not a baby.

Both are wrong. All right.

Let’s move on to the next category.

Give me a song title which contains an animal.

A song title which contains an animal.

– All right. Rain. – He is good.


– 1, 2… – “Butterfly”.


(A song title with contains an animal)

There you go. It’s something big.

– There you go. – All right.

1, 2, 3. Incorrect.

– What’s the answer? – “Three Bears”.

Daddy bear, mommy bear…

Ho Dong.

What is that?

It’s Okja.

You made a sound.

(No sounds are allowed.)

“A Goose’s Dream”.

All right. Other teams will get a chance.

– All right. – I don’t know.

Let’s go.



– One… – “Redstart”?

– “Thorn Tree Bird”! – “Thorn Tree Bird”!

“Thorn Tree Bird”.

– “Thorn Tree Bird”. – He said “Redstart”.

I was describing a thorn.

What was that?

Kyung Hoon.

(A song title with contains an animal)


– One… – “Dance with Wolf”.

– Incorrect. – That’s correct.

– Come on. – Don’t lie.

“Lion King”.

– “Lion King”? – “Lion King”.

Is that a song title?

– A song title. – Oh, it isn’t a song title.

(A song title with contains an animal)

(Running over)

(A song title with contains an animal)

(A trash can?)

You need to get it right.


– A trash can? – A trash can?

– 1, 2, 3. – What? “A Trashy Person”?

– Incorrect. – “Bluebird”.

– “Bluebird”. – My goodness.

That was hard.

I just thought of “Blue”.

Let’s go. Jang Hoon will give the question.

You can’t write letters.

– How about a children’s song? – One,

2, 3.

– “White Butterfly”. – Okay.

Correct. “White Butterfly” is correct.

“White Butterfly” is correct.

(Don’t think)

All right. Kyung Hoon.

(A song title with contains an animal)

What is that?

– 1, 2, – What is that?

– three. – I am sorry. Get up.

– For goodness’ sake. – What’s the answer?

“Golden Bat”.

I am sorry that I didn’t get it right. I am sorry.

I am not lucky when it comes to teammates.

All right.

– There you go. – “Sweet Dream”.


– It’s our song. – Okay.

Every team got 10 points…

except for Soo Geun and Jin Young.

This is what we will do from the next question onward.

We won’t raise the overall score.

The 1st team to answer will get 30 points.

The 2nd team to answer will get 20 points.

The last team to answer will get 10 points.

– Okay. – Other teams will get zero points.

– It’s so unfair. – It will be like that.

It’s so unfair. Seriously.

– It will get even more unfair. – It will get even more unfair.


– We are being pretty fair now. – Really?

It will get even more unfair.

Have you seen a team with zero points eat the snack?

The last question can make that happen.

I prepared an easy question everyone can enjoy.

Winter Olympic sports.

All right.

– There you go. – Curling.

Correct. Curling was a good one.

– All right. Soo Geun. – Good job.

– Bobsleigh. – Correct. Bobsleigh.

– All right. Yeong Cheol. – The buzzer doesn’t work.

– One… – Figure skating.

– Correct. – The buzzer doesn’t work.

All right. It works well.

– Is it over? – No, no. Go ahead.

Let’s go.

(Winter Olympic sports)

– One… – Ski jump.

– It wasn’t the ski jump. – It was skiing.

He is so shameless.

– It wasn’t the ski jump. – Come on.

– That’s skiing. – That’s skiing.

It was the ski jump.

– Come on. – Who ski jumps like this?

You ski jump like this.

– You ski jump like this. – Who ski jumps like this?

Listen. I was skiing.

I was about to jump when he said “Ski jump”.

You don’t ski jump like this.

– Come on. – You go like this from the start.

I will count it as a correct answer.

– They are in the last place. – But since you answered fourth,

– you get 0 points. – That’s too bad.

– Did the glee club get ahead? – Hold on.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

– Seriously. – That’s how it is.

Ho Dong and Jang Hoon are in the first place.

Ho Dong and Jang Hoon are leading.

– Soo Geun… – This is absolutely ridiculous!

I can’t do this!

This always happens.

– Will you give up? – I will keep going.

– Here comes the next question. – It’s so unfair.

A song title…

by a female trot singer.

All right. Hee Chul.


– “Oh My!” – That’s correct!

– Come on. – It was “Amor Fati”.

– How did you know? – I knew it was “Amor Fati”.

– How did you know? – No!

It was “Oh My!”

Oh, my, oh, my

No, it was the rhythm of “Amor Fati”.

– I was going to go with it, but… – He got it right!

How did you know?

It was “Amor Fati”. Ho Dong.

(It isn’t true for you.)

(It isn’t true for Sang Min either.)

1, 2, 3. Incorrect.

“First Marriage”! “First Marriage”!

“First Marriage”!

That’s not the title of the song!

“First Marriage”!

– That’s not the title of the song. – How many times did I tell you?

– That’s not the title of the song. – It’s “Call the Soul”.

All right.

(I hate you.)

“I Hate You”.

– Incorrect. – What?

– It’s “I Hate You”. – “I Hate You”.

– Is it “I Hate You”? – My gesture was perfect.

– Okay, okay. Correct. – “I Hate You”.

That’s right.

(A song by a female trot singer)

There you go.

(A song by a female trot singer)

– I know what it is! – 1, 2, 3.

“Love in Secret”!

(“Love in Secret” by Kim Ji Ae)


(“Love in Secret”)

“Love in Secret”.

– Ho Dong. – It was perfect.

(Look here.)

(A song by a female trot singer)

– I know what it is! – 1, 2, 3.

– “Proposal”? – “One Million Roses”.

“One Million Roses”.

(“One Million Roses” by Sim Soo Bong)

(He speaks his mind in secret.)


– Don’t spread the word. – Don’t spread the word.

Don’t spread the word.

Jin Young, let’s see it. Let’s go.

(A song by a female trot singer)

“Love Is All I Know”.

(“Love Is All I Know” by Sim Soo Bong)

I know that song.

Your gesture was incredible.

Love is all I know


(A song by a female trot singer)

– “Hymn of Wish”. – Correct.

(“Hymn of Wish” by Sim Soo Bong)

That was spot on.

– They did it. – My goodness.

They get 10 points since they answered 3rd.

“Hymn of Wish”.

– “Hymn of Wish”. – Let’s check the current score.

This is hard.

– All right. – This is important.

The last question.

This time, give me a song title which contains “Rain”.

– It can’t be an English song title. – What?

– What does it need to contain? – It can’t be an English song title?

1, 2, 3.

– Incorrect. – Rain.


Where are you going? Where are you going?

You just said it.

You just said “Hymn of Wish”.

You just said “Hymn of Wish”.

– It needs to contain “Rain”. – It doesn’t count.

But the word sounds the same in Korean.

Then you should start over. They pressed the buzzer already.

– What? – Give another question.

Other teams can answer the question.

– What are you doing? – Watch what you say.

– Watch what you say. – This won’t do.

Let’s begin.

The question was unclear. All right.

– Will we get a different category? – Yes.

– Since Rain is here. – When I give a question…

Stop it!

(He hits the buzzer right away.)

– What are you doing? – What?

You are the worst!

What’s wrong with pressing the buzzer?

What did I do wrong?

Press the buzzer after you get the question!

– Okay. – Say only the good things.

– He is such a cheater. – The last question.

– I am disappointed in him. – JYP,

watch what you say.

Say only the good things.

The editors will do a perfect job.

We will look like good friends on the show.

– Jang Hoon, my goodness. – We used to have glass windows.

They had to get rid of them for safety.

All right. Let’s go.

This is the last question.

(Jang Hoon is ready.)

– Get your hand off of it. – Let go.

– Why are you touching it? – What? I will do what I want.

I will give you the question.

– All right. – I won’t answer.

You can hit the buzzer before I give the question.

I will end you if you don’t answer.

For goodness’ sake.

Senior Dong. Senior Dong.

He shouldn’t be allowed to sabotage the team.

You should solve the problem together.

It’s absolutely ridiculous…

– that he gets to do that. – Resolve the situation.

Make up with him.

Give me someone else as a partner next week.

– I won’t answer this week. – Hurry up.

President Seo, make up with Ho Dong.

All right. Let’s eat the snack.

– Strawberry sticky rice cake. – Come and get me.


(For goodness’ sake.)

Stop it. Stop it.

(Ho Dong makes a fuss.)

All right.


He is too heavy.

Rain, was he like that on “Soul Mates”?

– No. – He was totally different, right?

– He wasn’t like that. – Here comes the question.

Try to hit the buzzer first. Everyone.

Here comes the question.

Try to hit the buzzer first.

Everyone. Give me a Korean drama title…

with three words.

All right.

(A Korean drama title with three words)

– All right. – I don’t know dramas.

(A Korean drama title with three words)

1, 2, 3.

Mr. Big Foot. Mr. Big Foot.

– Is that a title? – Mr. Big Foot isn’t a title.

– Is Mr. Big Foot a title? – It’s a character’s name.

– Mr. Big Foot isn’t a title. – I really don’t know dramas.

“What Is Love” is the title.


– All right. – Okay.


– “Piano”. – Okay!

– Correct. – Is there such a drama?

Yes, there is.

Thus, the winners are…

– Soo Geun and Jin Young. – It’s a very famous drama.

It’s a very famous drama.

– Congratulations. – Correct.

Hee Chul must have watched “Piano”.

I know all about “Piano”.

Go Soo starred in it.

Kim Ha Neul and Go Soo love each other.

But when their parents get married,

– their love can’t be realized. – That’s right.

Zo In Sung puts the two of them in a log house in winter…

and says, “Stay here forever.”

“Piano”. It was perfect.

I got it right without knowing the drama.

– I just played the piano. – The winners of Charade are…

– Soo Geun and Jin Young! – Yes!

(Jin Young and Soo Geun won!)

The winners will get the strawberry sticky rice cake!

Jin Young deserves the rice cake.

He will eat rice cake in the end.

This rice cake is cool.

– I have tried it before. – I love it.

– All right. – It’s good.

– It’s time to eat that. – There’s strawberry in it.

It looks delicious.

Jin Young is savoring the taste.


JYP got the rice cake.

Is it tasty?

– It’s tasty. – It has all the best tastes.


I like his expression.

– Now, next game. – Let’s move on to the next game.

It must be cool and nice.

All right. The next game is the Mixed Music Quiz.

Let’s go!

– He must know a lot of songs. – That’s right.

Both Jin Young and Rain know a lot of songs.

Most people don’t know the lyrics,

but they will be good at the quiz since they write lyrics.

I have high expectations.

All right. I will sing the melody of one song…

and lyrics of the other song.

One member needs to get the song title of the melody,

and the other needs to get the song title of the lyrics.

– You know a lot of songs. – No, I don’t.

You can’t have a discussion with your teammate.

The winners of the Mixed Music Quiz will receive a snack.

This snack is the most fitting…

– for Rain, the world-class star. – World Cone?

It’s the dish that comes to mind on New Year’s Day.

The most expensive ribs are marinated…

in a special sauce which contains pears and apples.

It’s the LA galbi.

And there will also be…

something Jin Young likes,

a bowl of rice.

– We should eat ribs. – Let’s begin.

Don’t say what you know right away. Steal answers from other teams.

Let’s meet our eyes when we are ready.

I will give you the first question.

(The 1st question)


I changed, I’m telling you

Is it a trot song?


What’s the answer?

– “Write Love with a Pencil”. – Next. One,

– 2, 3. – Jang Hoon! Jang Hoon!

– Jang Hoon! – Time’s up.

– My goodness. – What’s the answer?

– “Write Love with a Pencil”. – “10 Minutes”.


Let’s dance.

(They succeeded in stealing the answer!)

– He knows the dance. – Baby.



(The perfect teamwork)

All right.


– Don’t even try. – Your mic fell off.

We won’t be able to win anyway.

– It makes no difference. – My goodness.

He always gets mad if I can’t get it,

but he just goes for it whenever he knows a song.

“Write Love with a Pencil”.

– You got the answer fast. – It’s a singer I like.

Okay, okay.

Here’s the question.

You should just relax.

– My own – Want to guess the lyrics?

(I think I know this one.)

You give it to me

What’s the answer?

(Buzzer steal)

“My House”.

– And? 1, 2, 3. – Jang Hoon.

– “My House”. – Incorrect.

– Jang Hoon. – Got the melody.

– Did you do that on purpose? – What’s the answer?

– “Love Two”. – “My House”.


(2PM, my kids’ song)

(Come here.)

There you go.


Aren’t you going to play?


(Clunking around)

One more time.

(Let’s go to my house)

Great job.

We could’ve gotten that.

(Jin Young and Soo Geun win 10 points.)

Isn’t that “Love Two” by Yoon Do Hyun?

That’s right.

My gosh.

– That’s right. – My second love.

(“Love Two” refers to his second love.)

Cue the music.

I lost everything to you

– I lost everything to you – There he goes again.

– 1, 2, 3, time’s up. – “I Know”.

You need to say the song title.

– “I Know”. – And?

– I’m the one who buzzed. – 1, 2, 3.

Time’s up.

– How is “I lost my heart to you”… – Naturally.

part of “I Know”?

– I know, right? – It’s not.

Anyone who knows the answer can buzz in.

– I won’t tell you. – Here we go.

– “Hayeoga”. – And?

– 1, 2… – “Hayeoga”.

– Three, time’s up. – You don’t know the answer?

– Anyway… – “Anyway”.

– “Anyway”. – Anyway, “Hayeoga”.

– Now, we just need the melody. – Anyway, “Hayeoga”.

– What was it again? – Here it is again.

Cue the music.

I lost everything to you

– What’s the answer? – “P.S. I Love You”.

– And? 1, 2, 3. – “Hayeoga”.


Now you have to dance.

1, 2, 3, 4.

(How do you dance to this again?)

You have to dance.

Why are you dancing by flapping your arms?

(Why are you flapping your arms?)

What is that?

(Wait a minute.)

– Wait a minute. – What is it?

If I can dance this well, give me the points.

From the beginning. Give me the song from the start.

– From the start. – Hurry and play it.

(Stay tuned for Rain’s “Hayeoga”.)

That’s it.

That’s how you do it.

(His appeal explodes on the stage.)

Okay. Seotaiji.

– But for this… – That was impressive.

you don’t need to give me points, just recognize.

– We give a point for dancing. – That’s true.

– You should’ve gone out right away. – You should’ve joined at once.

If it’s this good, you should split the points 5 and 5.

– Let’s go. – You’re going for it?

– No? – No.

Ho Dong.

Let’s try this.

– What? – They’re doing “Come Back Home”.

– Come into the hole. Start. – It’s “Come Back Home”.


He can’t fit in the hole.

Since Ji Hoon danced so well,

we’ll give the glee club 10 points for getting the answer,

and 5 points to Ji Hoon as well.

(Rain and Hee Chul get 5 points.)

– He danced so well. – You’re giving five points?

Cue the music.

Laying on my arm on campus…

I write a letter.

It sounds familiar.

One yellow butterfly…

– “Turn Around and Look at Me”. – “Turn Around and Look at Me”.

“Turn Around and Look at Me” and? 1, 2, 3, time’s up.

“Turn Around and Look at Me”. Why don’t you know the answer?

What’s the answer?

– “Turn around and Look at Me”. – And?

“I’m Going Too”.

– Correct. – Goodness!

(“Turn Around and Look at Me” and “I’m Going Too”)

They didn’t play “Turn Around and Look at Me”.

What’s the choreography? I don’t know it.

That’s it, that’s it.

That’s it. Keep going.


Great job.

(Jin Young and Soo Geun get 10 points.)

I thought for sure…

– that we’d see this dance. – Me too.

I was totally prepared to go like this.

It would be fun to see those two dance “Turn Around and Look at Me”.

Cue the music.

He’s going.

That’s it.

Now begin.

– They’re good at this. – That’s amazing.



(Applauding fiercely)


They’re so good.

– Soo Geun, you’re so good. – You’re such a natural.

If you turn on the intro to this, Rain would come flying.

– You have to do it. – Give us the intro.

– Starting from the intro. – Give us.

Saturday Night!

– Saturday Night is Lit, woohoo. – Saturday Night is Lit, woohoo.

Music, start.

(The music starts.)

– Rain. – Sang Min.

(Rain sets the mood at Brother School.)

Let’s go.

(The original dancing machine gives his all.)

Here he goes.


(He tore it up.)

– Go, Rain. – Yes, Rain.

(I just want to be alone for a moment.)

– It was the three-kick. – That’s amazing.

I lit it up.

I wouldn’t even do this if Jin Young asked me to.

Gosh, he did the three-kick.

He did the three-kick.

The production crew thinks that was the best dance ever,

so they’ve decided to give you 5 points plus 1 bonus point,

for a total of six points.

Wow, we have 21 points.

– You know how important that is. – We’re winning by one point.

Rain, you need to watch your stamina…

since you have to dance for every question.

– Here’s some water. – Take care of yourself.

Here’s the next question.

It’s about time for them to give us one of Rain’s songs.

I learned what love is from you

I didn’t know what this feeling was in the past.

It was such a headache

My nose is getting runny too

(They buzz in first.)

– Yes? – “Bad Girl Bad Boy”.

And? 1, 2…

– That’s not it. – Three, time’s up.

– Yes? – “Good Girl Bad Girl”.

– Incorrect. – That’s not it either.

– It’s not the lyric? – “Oh! Happy”.

– And? – “Bad Girl Good Girl”.


(It’s one of my kids’ songs again.)


(He follows along.)

(Acting coy)


(Jin Young and Soo Geun win 10 points.)

– We’re so good. – They’re really good.

– We’re getting all the answers. – That was amazing.

– What was the answer? – The exact title is…

“Bad Girl Good Girl”.

– This is one of your songs too. – That’s odd.

Now that I’ve given up on eating anything,

– I can hear all the songs. – All right, Mr. Zero Points.

I can hear everything.

If you can hear everything, go ahead and answer.

– Ho Dong won’t go. – Still, you should go for it.

Then we’ll raise the points a bit.

There’s not much of a difference in the point totals now,

– so we’ll try a 20-point question. – All right.

Here’s the 20-point question. Cue the music.

I miss when we first met

This won’t happen again often

– Now that you’ve left – I know the melody. Get the lyrics.

– I know it. – I remember how you looked

– Even if I try to forget – I know the melody.

You still fill me up

My love

– What’s the answer? – Im Chang Jung…

– One… – “You”…

– Incorrect. – “The Way You Were”…


But besides that,

do you know the song title?

I do know it.

– Yes, Jang Hoon? – Is this “Storm”?

– It is “Storm”. What’s the rest? – The light didn’t come on.

Incorrect. I think your buzzer is broken.

– “Storm”. – “The Love I Committed”.


I couldn’t remember the title.

(This is so exciting.)

My goodness.

This song was played a lot in night clubs.

You know the song?

Of course I do.


(Rain and Hee Chul win 20 points.)

“The Love I Committed”.

– It’s “Storm” by Rumors. – Yes.

Joo Young Hoon wrote and composed the song himself.

They even cut off our buzzer now.


You can hear the sound, but the light’s not coming on.

They cut you off.


(I cut it off.)

No wonder it made the sound but no lights.

It only plays the sound.

No wonder. I kept pressing it from before.

– But it wouldn’t turn on. – Only the sound comes on.

He only buzzes when he knows,

and he gets mad if I get it wrong.

– “Storm” was popular in our youth. – How did he pull that out?

– That’s true. – It was wildly popular in clubs.

Everyone, it’s a close game.

We only have two questions left.

That was a 20-point question,

so why don’t we go for a 40-point question, then a 50-point one?

Shall we try that?

We only have two questions left. That was a 20-point question,

so why don’t we go for a 40-point question, then a 50-point one?

– Sure. – Okay.

– We’ll win if we get this one. – That’s true.

Here we go. Cue the music.

(The 7th question, 40 points)

When I get lost in thought

I get nostalgic for that day

Those fiery eyes, those dry lips

– The answer is? – “The Downfall of Moon”.

And? 1, 2, 3, time’s up.

– My goodness. – Next.

Jang Hoon.

– “Ecstatic Confession”. – And? 1, 2, 3.

– “The Downfall of Moon”. – Incorrect.

What is it then?

“Ecstatic Confession” is right, I’m 100 percent sure.

– So? – “The Downfall of Moon” is wrong.

I’ll sing it for you one more time.

Cue the music.

What should I do now?

When I start to think about it

(What song is this?)

Your fiery eyes and dry lips

Come to mind as I fall asleep

(Just like this.)

What kind of song is that?

What’s the answer?

– 1, 2, 3. – “Ecstatic Confession”.



(My gosh.)


Only Hee Chul could have gotten this question right.

Now the other way.

– Circle your wrist. – Only they could get this.


One more time.

Hee Chul’s the only one who knows this anyway.

(He body rolls as he walks along with the dancing T.A.)

(Rain and Hee Chul win 40 points!)

– That was great. – That was correct.

With the correct answer,

Hee Chul and Rain win the game.

– My goodness. – Wow.

– It was perfect. – We’ll give them the snacks.

– This was great. – He’s really amazing.

How does he know so much?

If it weren’t for Rain’s dancing…

That’s right.

– He won 11 points from dancing. – It’s LA galbi.

There was an internet joke about this back in the day.

If Rain goes to LA,

– it’s LA galbi. – It’s LA galbi.

The only singers to one-up Rain were Click-B.

(He’s so captivated by the food he doesn’t hear anything.)

With marbled LA galbi and rice.

It must be a more expensive cut if it’s marbled meat.

– But… – Rain danced so much he’s famished.

I don’t even have the energy to chew.

(He’s used up all his stamina.)

Rain must be starving.


– It must be tasty. – It looks like he finds it tasty.

Look at his expression. It must be delicious.

– Is it amazing? – This is amazing.

Everyone should have this starting in early January.

It’s really good.

The galbi is really delicious.

You know how to eat, using your hands and all.

– Wow. – The meat is so good.

– Now… – JYP got the rice cake,

and Rain got the galbi.

Rain got to eat the galbi.

As they eat, should we ask Jin Young how he felt today?

You were our first transfer of the new year. How was it?

I’m so glad I got to do my first show of the new year…

with all my friends.

It’s always been this way, but I think coming here,

I’m able to grow even closer with everyone…

because we can talk informally. It was a really fun time.

I was really happy to see everyone, starting with Ho Dong.

It was great to see everyone.

I felt really fired up for the first time in a long time.

That’s how I felt.

For the first time in a while, Saturday Night!

– Saturday Night is Lit, woohoo. – Saturday Night is Lit, woohoo.

Everyone, have a happy new year.

– Happy New Year! – “Switch to Me”.

“Switch to Me”.

(Men on a Mission After School Activities)

(The music video for “Hanryang” was released on December 26.)

(The reactions were explosive.)

(It got over 3,000,000 views.)

(Foreigners’ reaction videos)


(Dancing along)

(I love “Hanryang”.)


(How will these legendary rappers react?)

(Kid Milli and Swings)

(We left them a lasting memory of an elk earlier.)

(He erased those memories.)

Hee Chul really looks like a celebrity.

He’s so good looking.

(Hee Chul’s face is JTBC.)

It’s Kyung Hoon.

(Jaw drops)

(Yes, this is the same person who mimicked the elk cries.)

He rapped the trap in his own style.

I thought it would sound like this if Kyung Hoon did trap,

and it really did sound just as I imagined.

He didn’t copy anyone.

So I love it.

(The hip hop legends, MFBTY)

(The godfather of Korean hip hop, Tiger JK)

(All-time legend, Yoon Mi Rae)

(The pinnacle of old-school, Bizzy)

(HeeHee enters.)

(HeeHee, the genius of flow.)

– The universal star. – He’s good.

(They naturally bounce along.)

Hee Chul’s energy and rapping,

– and even his posture are perfect. – He’s got so much charisma.

– He’s clearly the center. – Yes, he wants to be the center.



Look at her eyes.

That’s amazing.

(Parents watching their kid perform at the school arts festival)

(DuDu enters.)

It’s a hard beat to rap.

(Hard mode)



(Bursting into laughter)

That’s so funny.

(They watch DuDu again.)

(They can’t even raise their heads from the overwhelming emotions.)

(They watch DuDu a 3rd time.)

I can’t believe I love this so much.

I’m a fan of DuDu from now on.


(Watch the full version on Men on a Mission YouTube.)

Okay. 1, 2, 3.

– Hello. – Hi, we’re Universal Hip Hoppers.

We have over 2,000,000 views now.

Yes, we’re about to hit 3,000,000.

– We’d like to show our thanks. – Thank you.

To be honest, it’s great,

but I don’t remember what we promised too clearly.

– What should we promise? – Let’s promise anything.

We won’t do it anyway.

Because of the music?

If we get over 1,000,000 views in one day,

In one day?

Within one day and night.

We should make it a year.

(We should watch what happens for a year.)

Let’s go on as guests on “Don’t be the First One!”.

– Us two? – What?

Will we be the first couple?

Then how about a concert from just us?

– A special concert. – Just the two of us?

(Over 1,000,000 views in 20 hours)

To call this a concert would be a bit of an exaggeration,

since we only have three songs that we’ve done together.

But to show our thanks,

we’d like to do something similar as an online fan meeting.

When would be a good date?

How about the 14th? It’s better to do it quickly.

It’s always better to meet our fans sooner than later.

– Let’s decide on that for now. – As for the time,

I think the evening would be best,

but we’ll announce it once we have a confirmed time.

(We’ve prepared a small venue to respond to your love. Do join.)

(The Universal Hip Hoppers will be live on YouTube on January 14th.)

(Universal Hip Hoppers)


(What’s this sound?)

(These three sisters would die without each other.)

(Moon So Ri, Kim Sun Young, and Jang Yoon Ju)

(If three sisters started fighting over money and such…)

(Don’t you care about anything besides money?)

(Sun Young…)

(I had a crush on Ho Dong at first sight.)

(Fatal attraction)

(I don’t consider anyone under 100kg a real man.)

(His head alone weighs 40kg.)

(So Ri’s husband is film director Jang Joon Hwan.)

(He’s never cast me before.)

(“If I write an ultimate screenplay, I’ll give it to you first.”)

(That means he won’t give me anything.)

(A joint study hall between Brother School and Sister School)

(Joint Study Hall)


– She’s so big. – Who is that?

(Heart signals sent before class)

(The beauty of Sister School)


(I’m the representative of Brother School, Kyung Hoon.)

(He’s a bit better.)

(Who do you think you’re hitting on, you Viking warrior?)

(The three sisters have similar vibes.)

(Charisma that’s about to eat the camera alive)

(They exert perfect control over the classroom.)

(Has the boss of Brother School finally met his match?)

(Will this frenzied class end safely?)

(Men on a Mission)

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