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Knowing Brother Episode 263 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Knowing Brother Episode 263 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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(Filmed in accordance with COVID-19 prevention policies.)

Fight on, superpower.

Have you guys heard?

Superpower Yeong Cheol is absent today.

Is that something to be so happy about?

What’s happened to him?

Aren’t you a little too happy that Yeong Cheol’s absent?

What are you talking about?

Yeong Cheol isn’t in school today.

– He’s absent. – Absent?

It’s been a while since I saw you, but I think you’ve gained weight.

What are you talking about? I haven’t gained any weight.

“What are you talking about?”

– Yeong Cheol… – This is no laughing matter.

– He wasn’t in the dressing room. – This is no laughing matter, true.

Yeong Cheol had close contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

– That’s right. – Last time, when I was exposed,

– it was secondary exposure. – He had close contact.

So I wasn’t required to quarantine for two full weeks,

but Yeong Cheol met that person directly, so although he’s negative,

he still needs to quarantine for two weeks.

That’s why he’s absent today.

President Seo, are we leaving his chair empty today then?

So just for today,

Sang Min will sit there instead.

Why, why, why? What about me?

– Why? – By height, I should sit there.

I’m stuck between a tall guy and a fat guy.


A fat guy in front of you, and a tall guy to your right.

But he always said he’s so far back that he can’t be heard.

– So he can sit there for today. – It’ll make him nervous though.

– Come on up, Sang Min. – That’s why it’s Sang Min.

(He heads to the front.)

This feels strange.

– This does feel weird. – Yeong Cheol belongs there.

Even though we didn’t notice when he was actually here,

but now that he’s gone…

– He belongs here. – We feel his absence a lot.

– I miss him. – There is a big difference.

But since we miss him, can we try video calling him?

– Calling Young Cheol? – Let’s try it.

Let’s video call Yeong Cheol.

Yeong Cheol, why aren’t you at school?

– Why are you in your uniform? – Is he really?

Look at how much he’s set up.

I won’t lose my spot.

Look at this guy. He’s wearing his uniform,

but you can see champagne in the background.

– Look at the champagne glass. – Morning champagne.

– Morning champagne. – He set everything up.

To be honest, I’m having champagne…

– with a croissant right now. – A croissant and champagne.

– That’s so obnoxious. – Drinking champagne in uniform?

Yeong Cheol, we didn’t realize when we were in class together,

but now that you’re absent, we feel your absence a lot.

Don’t lie. Is that true?

– It’s true. – He’s not lying.

He’s not good at lying.

Yeong Cheol, since your seat is empty today,

we decided to let Sang Min sit there today.

Sang Min, can you handle my seat?

Yeong Cheol, I’ll just ask you one question.

Are you hoping Sang Min will do well today, or not?

I hope he doesn’t do well.


Sang Min always worries me.

I bet he could just do the show like this.

– From here… – Yeong Cheol, this is better.

I can just put him over here.

Yeong Cheol, I’m going to decrease your volume,

so just watch us from here.

You can see everything, right?

Yeong Cheol, this works well.

– You guys are so mean. – It’s contactless.

It’s really contactless.

This is a groundbreaking way to do a contactless broadcast.

– Exactly. – It’s a good way to film.

Yeong Cheol, stay healthy.

– I’m healthy. – Stay healthy,

and I’m sorry, but this feels a little long.

Hello? Hello?


Hello? Hello?

– Hello? – Yeong Cheol? The call ended.

We lost the connection.

Oh, no, we lost the connection.

I think he had something he wanted to say.

– Welcome. – What is this?

I think he had something he wanted to say.

– Welcome. – What is this?

– That surprised me. – What is this?

That gave me shivers.

– She’s a regular. – You’re back again?

She’s a total regular now.

(A regular customer enters.)

– She’s a regular. – A regular has come.

– She’s a regular customer. – What is this?

– What’s the occasion? – What is this?

Can you focus?

Wow, such charisma.

– Are you ready to greet us? – Of course.

I had a feeling as soon as I heard the door open.

Thanks, Sang Min.

Let us introduce ourselves.

We’re from…

We’d Die Without Each Other High.

I’m the eldest, Moon So Ri.

I’m not a scene stealer.

I’m here to steal your hearts instead.

I’m the heart stealer, Kim Sun Young.

– And now for our regular. – As for me,

I’m the cute youngest sister,

Jang Yoon Ju.


Pure So Ri, Elegant So Ri, Moon So Ri,

it’s so good to see you.

We’ve met before on “Knee Drop Guru”.

And my forever little sister, my forever comedy Grand Prize,

– Yoon Ju, good to see you. – Hi.


– What about Sun Young? – Yes.

Hello, Ms. Sun Young.

What’s this all of a sudden?

I enjoyed your interview?

– What is it? – What interview?

Please ask her directly.

What is it? Is there something between Sun Young and Ho Dong?

What interview was it?

When I was in my 20s,

I saw Ho Dong on TV.

– On TV? – Yes.

And I fell in love at first sight.

– With Ho Dong? – Really?

So you don’t care about good looks, do you?

(You don’t care about good looks, do you?)

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Sun Young.

What did you like about Ho Dong, Sun Young?

– Yes, why Ho Dong? – What about him did you like?

He was so dashing.

– She can’t look him in the eye. – But what was it about him?

Tell us the reason you found him so dashing.

I didn’t consider anyone under 100kg a man.

Under 100kg?

So you always liked people who have a bigger build.

But it’s my first time seeing him in person.

How does he seem in person?

I think he’s even more dashing.

(Sucking his teeth)

You should know that his head alone weighs 40kg.

His body is smaller than you’d expect.

His body is relatively slim.

Ho Dong, I’m disappointed that you lost so much weight.

What is she talking about?

She said she’s disappointed that I lost weight.

– You’re married, right Sun Young? – Yes, I am.

So is your husband also over 100kg?

– I’m sure he’s over 100kg. – He’s bigger than Ho Dong.

(Ho Dong is smaller than Sun Young’s husband)

– Really? – You have a fixed taste.

– Over 100kg? – In that case,

did you like me in my early 20s, mid-20s, or late 20s?

I liked you the whole time.

– From the beginning? – I said in my 20s,

but I always liked you. Is that not allowed?


– Nyah nyah. – Nyah nyah.

This is how Ho Dong feels.

Can I say this though?

– Just say it. – Say it.

Doo Na, Bae Doo Na.

Bae Doo Na?

– What about Bae Doo Na? – We were filming together,

and we were talking about our ideal men one day,

and I told her mine was Kang Ho Dong,

and Doo Na says, “Oh, my gosh, me too!”

Actresses talk about Ho Dong together on movie sets.

What is this all about?

What’s going on?

Bae Doo Na, his stomach is as big as a dune too.

Bae Doo Na.

He’s dune-stomached Ho Dong.

He’s going to feel awkward now if he runs into Doo Na on the street.

Oh, hello.


Sun Young, Sun Young.

Oh, my goodness.


(A thunderbolt from the blue)

My goodness.

So you like this sort of thing?

What was that?

The Ho Dong rocket will launch in ten seconds.

The Ho Dong launch.

So you like that sort of thing?



Oh, my goodness. My gosh.

Yoon Ju’s appalled.

(Even the regular is taken aback.)

I’m sorry, but why are you here? Are you here to see Ho Dong?


if you’re here innocently, and not to promote anything,

then we’d be really grateful.

– That’s true. – Innocently?

– Yoon Ju said it was fun. – Isn’t she scared of it?

Of all the variety shows, I love Men on a Mission.

I like you guys too.

You seem like a Men on a Mission guide.

That’s right, I am. When these two were worried,

I told them not to worry,

and to just relax and have fun.

Since you’re here to have fun, why don’t you have a seat?

So does that mean you’re here without promoting anything,

like a movie, and just here with an innocent heart?

I’m sorry.

We have a movie coming out.

You shot a movie together?

Yes, and the title is “Three Sisters”.

So that’s why they introduced themselves earlier…

as the first, second, and youngest daughters.

But in the movie, the eldest is…

– I’m the eldest. – She’s the eldest,

I’m the middle daughter…

And I’m the youngest.

Is Sun Young the oldest in reality?

– No, she’s in the middle. – No, she’s the second-eldest.

In reality, I’m older than Sun Young.

But in the movie, the director cast me as the second daughter.

Did the director cast you as the second daughter,

or did you insist on it, So Ri?

I wanted to be the youngest.

(So this was you holding back?)

But I settled on the second since I’m a reasonable person.

The director told me to play the second daughter.

I’m cast as the second daughter,

but I’m also the producer.

So Ri’s the producer?

– Yes. – So you’re the producer,

and decided to play the second daughter as well.

No, the director was the one who cast me as the second daughter.

“If you don’t cast me as the second daughter, I’m going to divest.”

So you got everything you wanted.

At first, I was just cast to act in the part,

but after conferring with the director,

he asked me to be co-producer, so that’s how I ended up doing it.

Then Sun Young was cast,

and while we were discussing who could be the third sister,

Yoon Ju’s name came up.

But we were rejected at first.

She must’ve been scared of us.

That’s true.

So that happened in the beginning?

Yoon Ju turned it down?

After the film, “Veteran,”

– I got a lot of casting calls. – That’s right.

But I wasn’t sure…

if I should really go into acting, so I turned them all down.

But when I got the call for “Three Sisters,”

I thought, “Wow, I’m really the youngest of three sisters.”

– In reality. – Yes, in reality.

I’m really the third sister.

I’m the youngest of three sisters.

So I was naturally and simply…

– attracted to the role. – So she really has two sisters.

The eldest sister was Sun Young,

and the middle sister was So Ri,

and I thought it was great, but after reading the script,

I wondered if I would really be able to live up to this role.

I lacked confidence.

You thought it was great, but was disappointed by the script?

(Furious hand-waving)

No, no, that’s not it.

– It had Kim Sun Young… – No, no.

– and Moon So Ri, – No, Jang Hoon.

and you thought it was great until you saw the script.

Then you suddenly thought “I don’t have any confidence.”

“I don’t have any confidence.”

Just hear me out, guys.

We’re listening.

All right.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I just wasn’t sure if I could handle such a significant role.

Since it’s a leading role.

I just felt a lot of pressure about whether I could do it well.

– That’s true. – My gosh.

What’s up with you, Jang Hoon?

We met each other after a long time.

So Ri, you must have gotten a sense of Yoon Ju’s acting skills.

It must’ve been tremendous.

Incredibly, Yoon Ju had already grasped…

the heart of the role.

She’s a smart one.

I could tell she also had a real passion…

for the film and the hope that it would make it.

So Yoon Ju’s the youngest of three sisters in reality?

Yes, I’m the youngest of three daughters.

Then are your sisters tall too?

My sisters are the same height.

– 170cm. – Really?

– Are both your parents tall? – Yes.

So it’s all in the genes after all.

How many times do I have to tell you?

I got it. You can stop telling me.

How can I make you understand?

– Just trust me for once. – There’s a lot of fighting…

among sisters, right?

It’s vicious.

– Really? – What do you fight over, usually?

Once, my sister wasn’t home, so I wore her clothes…

and ran into her on the street.

I got slapped in the street.


“Take that off.”


“I’m only saying it one more time.”

“Take that off.”

“No.” Then I got slapped.

(A full-swing slap)

– That must’ve heart. – Ho Dong has an older brother.

– Did you ever fight? – Did he ever hit you as kids?

I bet his brother never even made him run an errand.

My brother wore my clothes as hand-me-downs.

I’m serious.

– Really? – But even then,

he couldn’t even wear them until two years later.

He never even caned you?

I don’t think so. Whenever he got into a fight,

I stepped up and took care of it for him.

We never really fought ourselves.

Even when I was in kindergarten,

if my elementary school-aged brother got into fights, I’d go help him.

As a kindergartner.

I’d just say, “Excuse me,”

and the problem would end up resolved without a fuss.

A kindergartner who says, “Excuse me.”

Every time Ho Dong says anything, Sun Young’s reaction is great.

She loves it.

Sun Young, Sun Young, peek-a-boo.

(Totally disarmed)

What is this?

So Ri is also very close with Ho Dong.

– Why? – We have a special relationship.

It’s special?

Even on “Dining Together,”

So Ri’s never been on the show.

(The place Gyeong Gyu visit to get a meal…)

Gyeong Gyu found a home that was willing to feed him,

– so he entered… – That was my mother’s house.

It turned out to be So Ri’s mother’s house.

– Wow, really? – Wow.

Have you eaten yet?

Of course we can provide a meal for you.

We can’t turn people away from our door hungry.

(As always, they found this house just by ringing the doorbell.)

– Hello. – Hello.

– You can’t film right now. – Then when can we film?

– Just a moment. – They just need a moment.

– Please just wait a moment. – All right.

– You can wait inside. – This is Moon So Ri’s house.

– That’s why… – She lives in a different area.

My father called me.

“Gyeong Gyu is here right now,”

“so I think we’re going to be filmed for his show.”

So I said, “You’re just going to be on the show so suddenly?”

And my father said, “I need to serve a meal for our guests, at least.”

“That’s how it is,” and then he hung up.

There wasn’t any controversy about whether the visit was fabricated?

– No, no. – So my mother prepared a meal,

but since I don’t eat a lot of meat,

my mother’s always worried that I’ll be protein-deficient,

and she often keeps anago eel sashimi frozen in the freezer.

So she defrosted the anago sashimi,

and she must’ve had raw oysters since I love seafood,

so she made a geotjeori with cabbage and raw oysters.

The viewers who saw that thought,

“How can you prepare a meal on the fly that looks like that?”

“They must have prepared that in advance with Moon So Ri.”

There were a lot of comments saying that.

But my mother really did prepare this for them on the fly,

and she didn’t even have makeup on.

She even said she could’ve made a proper meal,

but that was all she could make in a hurry, and that she was sorry.

Thank goodness for your parents.

If Ho Dong was there, they would’ve filmed till midnight.

– But, it’s… – Until they came up with something.

Your mother would’ve had to show off a personal skill.

(He loves personal talents.)

She would’ve had to show off a personal talent.

She might’ve had to sing or show off other skills.

She would’ve had to dance.

Your mom would’ve had to beatbox.

– Your mom’s beatboxing. – They got off lucky.

But after the shoot,

I saw Gyeong Gyu the following week for the next filming,

and he said she wasn’t just a celebrity’s mother,

but that she was a celebrity herself.

(So Ri’s mother is a celebrity herself.)

– That’s possible. – I remember that.

My mother is a model for seniors.


A senior model.

Senior model.

On the first day we met,

the two of them had come to meet me and to convince me to take the part.

So the three of us were there, and So Ri’s mother showed up.

– My face turned red then. – I was so surprised.

The three of us were meeting in Itaewon and my mother dropped by.

– Why? – Because she wanted to see Yoon Ju.

– Your mother wanted to meet her? – So I said…

Since she’s a senior colleague in terms of modeling.

So her mother was coming.

She wasn’t coming alone,

but with three additional model colleagues.

To show off her network.

(A sudden fan meeting with her model colleagues)

So we were all taking photos, and it was my first time seeing her,

but I noticed her features were really exotic,

and her aura was really European.

Kind of like this, “Mademoiselle.”

She does have a kind of Southern European feel.

Oh, really?

Yes, she gives off that kind of aura.

The second time I saw her was when we went to eat at So Ri’s house,

and her mother welcomed us into the home,

and she told us that she had to go on stage the next day,

and she asked me for tips on how to walk.

I was a little drunk,

so I said, “Let’s see how you do, Mother!”

“I’ll give you tips.”

So Yoon Ju gave her one point lesson about walking.

So I watched a video clip of her walking,

but she was so ambitious…

that she swayed too dramatically.

It was too much.

Because she was putting in too much effort.

So I told her not to do that,

and to walk straight ahead with more confidence.

– She told me she understood. – She learned it from you.

I ended up being her walking coach that day.

– That’s amazing. – But now that I hear these stories,

I get the feeling that So Ri cast Yoon Ju…

with a bit of an ulterior motive.

(Did she have an ulterior motive for casting Yoon Ju?)

– Jang Hoon’s always like this. – You were speaking with your mom,

and told her you were working on a new film,

and needed to cast another woman.

Your mother told you to cast Yoon Ju no matter what,

and that way your mother could get a walking lesson too.

That’s not what happened, but it was an honor for my mom.

But from a long time ago,

– my mom liked fashion. – I see.

– She liked being fashionable. – She’s cool.

After she became a senior model,

all the parts she felt painful disappeared.

– I get that. – She is very proactive.

So I feel happy.

– Of course. – She’s pretty.

How was the set like when filming together?

While we were filming,

we stayed at the site when it was Yoon Ju’s shoot and…

they often came to see me shoot…

we visited when Sun Young…

– was shooting. – It was good then.

– Sun Young coached Yoon Ju. – What?

She taught acting to Yoon Ju?

I seriously wanted to work with her.

So I said, “I’ll be present in all of your shoots”.

– “If you’re fine with it.” – That’s amazing.

“If you’re fine with it”.

– Because she might feel pressured. – That’ll make her more pressured.

“I’ll go if you’re fine with it”.

I felt…

like ground zero.

A person with nothing.

I considered myself without any model careers.

– So I accepted everything… – This part is amazing.

at ground zero.

Since I’m starting from zero.

But I heard things from the film industry.

– At the wrap party after the shoot, – Yes.

I heard Yoon Ju was a bit harsh to Sun Young.

– Seriously? – At the wrap party?

We shot our last scene at the beach.

– That’s nice. – We cried a lot.

We felt very sad since we got so close.

Yoon Ju sat beside me.

So for the first time, I told her…

“You were beautiful throughout the shoot”.

What I meant by beautiful was…

– all the aspects of her… – Yes.

which I felt nice.

I said this for a very long time.

After listening, she said…

“I need to go now”.

(Sun Young, I need to go now.)

That’s amazing!

This is, this is too…

Yes, yes!


– Yes! – Cool!

(Rebellious ground zero)

So she went back as a top model.

– No, Yoon Ju is… – Going back as a top model.

– Since the shoot has finished. – a nice person but…

she’s weak.

– I’m weak. – Surprisingly.

So she was very tired at that time.

– She didn’t have the strength. – But I was expecting to hear…

“Thank you for coming…”

” even though it wasn’t your scene.”

– I was expecting that. – Her face showed…

– that she had no strength left. – I was prepared…

to hear something nice from her.

And she goes, “Sun Young, I’ll go now”.

(Her strength and emotions left her at the same time.)

At that moment…

I said, “Sure”.

You must’ve felt embarrassed.

I experienced the same thing as Sun Young too.

– Right? – When?

Last time, I shot a model show with Yoon Ju for six months.

So after the shoot,

I said I’ll treat her a meal.

Yoon Ju listened to me and said…

“Jang Hoon, I’m tired.”

Then, she went home.

– But she makes herself clear. – It would’ve been fine…

if she told me from the start.

– But she listens to everything. – Yoon Ju is soft and…

– She must’ve felt sorry. – large-hearted so she listens.

– She’ll be like, “Oh, yes”. – She listens first and says,

“Oh, but I’m tired. I’m leaving.”

She’s like, “Oh, I’m…” or “Oh, but…”

Yoon Ju is kind. When Ho Dong says,

“Hee Chul, let’s have a chat after the shoot in the waiting room”,

we’ll just go home.

Then he’ll be alone in the waiting room.

I waited for him for a long time.

“When is Hee Chul coming?”

“Did Hee Chul leave?”

At least he can say to Hee Chul. He can’t even say it to Kyung Hoon.

– Is that so? – He’s scared of him.

Kyung Hoon just doesn’t listen.

So for Yoon Ju,

Sun Young is the best acting teacher.

– Yes, actually… – For acting, yes.

after shooting “Three Sisters”, I thought…

I shouldn’t refuse acting casts now.

– That’s good. – You’re confident now.

So I’m positive for all…

the casts now.

– I’ll see you often here then. – Yes, that’s what I’m doing.

Hey, man!

Hey! Ground zero!

Yes, ground zero.

We need to give an applaud for Sun Young.

She won an award!

– She won an award! – She’s won a lot!

– It’s great! – Yes!

I saw the awards ceremony.

Her dress was fabulous yesterday.

Did you see me?


(Feeling shy)

I was watching you!

Wasn’t I a bit pretty yesterday?

– How was I? – Take your hands out of your pants.

It doesn’t look pretty.

Oh, my.

(They’re too sweet.)

If we knew about your film earlier…

we could’ve made Ho Dong a cameo.

He must’ve gone because…

– he’s eager to act. – As the eldest sister’s boyfriend.

– Ho Dong is interested in acting? – Or as a follower.

– He’s super interested. – He acted in a drama before.

He’s very interested.

– It’ll be nice to be a cameo. – Don’t you know Kang Pacino?

– He’s good at crying. – Seriously?

He was in “Listen to Love”.

T, t, t, taxi.

Bad taxi.

That’s amazing!

(Sun Young’s reaction in real-time)

(That’s funny!)

(She’s enjoying it a lot.)

Sun Young likes your acts so much.

Why are you laughing so hard?

Sun Young really likes it.

I think she’s strange.

– But the important thing is… – Yes.

we don’t often see So Ri and Sun Young in variety shows.

There’s a big reason why they’re here.

They filmed a lot of movies.

But why did they come here for “Three Sisters”?

There must be a secret here.

– I feel… – So Ri produced this film!

So Ri and Sun Young invested in this movie.

– Yes, I think so too. – There’s a bigger reason.

– They must’ve invested a lot. – I know the secret.

The producing director of this movie…

I see.

is in a special relationship with Sun Young.

– With Sun Young? – Yes, we are close.

– Special relationship? – He’s my husband.

Oh, my.

– Your husband is the director? – He’s the director?

Then, I understand.

One of the main characters is a producer.

One is the wife of a producing director.

One is related to the producer’s mother’s model job.

(Is she a walking teacher for So Ri’s mother?)

But the producing director…

disagreed in casting Sun Young.

Even though he’s her husband?

They couldn’t say it to each other…

that he wanted to cast her and…

she wanted to be in the movie.

She said, “I’m fine”.

And he said, “We can cast other actors”.

They told me like this.

But I thought Sun Young would be the best cast.

So I said, “What’s the matter? Can’t we just cast her?”

What’re the good and bad points…

of having a husband as a producing director?

There was almost nothing to be uncomfortable.

– There’s not much? – Oh, yes. I have.

I need to be more careful at the set.

– Since your husband is there. – That was being careful?

– Yes. – You didn’t seem so.

I mean…

I usually stay more comfortable at the set than that.

– How was she? – I…

had something to talk to the producing director.

I thought I needed to strongly appeal my thoughts.

So I held my fists…

and told him everything.

When I turned around after that,

I was worried…

if I was too harsh or if he got his feelings hurt…

or if I was too impolite. There was so much in my mind.

So I grabbed Sun Young.

I asked if I wasn’t too harsh…

and if I controlled my anger well. Then suddenly she said,

“So Ri, do you think he’ll understand with that?”

“You’re too soft!”

Now I understand the story behind the cast.

That her husband said, “We can cast other actors”.

From his point of view,

he sees her often at home…

– and she scolds too much. – She’s a strong character.

He has to be with her for several months both at the set and home.

The producing director has a strong character too.

He also scolds Sun Young a lot.

They were too harsh to each other.

So I asked her if she’s fine.

Then she was like, “Why? Was there anything wrong?”

“We normally talk like this”.

They managed a theater together…

for a long time so…

I think they are a good match…

– for business. – They discuss fiercely.

So Ri’s husband…

is Jang Joon Hwan who’s also a producing director.

– Yes. – I liked “SG”.

– SG? – SG?

– “Save the Green Planet”. – “Save the Green Planet”.

– I see. – Yes.

Don’t shorten words to look young.

– This is the trend! – You’re too much.

– Stop shortening! – Hey!

He shortens words in all shows.

He’s obsessed to look young.

Didn’t you see “1987”?

– “1987”? – Yes!

Why don’t you shorten that?

How do I shorten this?

It’s a year.

– There’s no way. – 18!

Maybe, I can say one year before the Olympics.

“One year before the Olympics”.

I was surprised at first because…

I still talk formally with my husband at home.

– Oh, seriously? – I’m like that.

– Communicating style is different. – It’s totally different.

If Director Jang received a scenario.

Then do you still need to go to the audition?

– Shouldn’t be like that. – I’ll go if he wants me to…

but he never…

– cast me. – He didn’t cast you?

– Not willing to see you outside. – So what did you say?

So I asked him once.

“Don’t you have me in mind?”

(Calmly asking straightforward)

“You don’t like how I act?”

You’re still talking formally.

I asked and he’s a bit slow.

He was like, “Hmm.”

And said, “If I get to write the best script in my life…”

“I’ll hand it first to you.”

That means, even though he writes the best script,

and when you say, “This is the best!”,

he can still say it’s not the best yet.

You’re really smart!

He understood right away.

I thought it was romantic for 3 seconds.

I must be more stupid than him.

So for three seconds, I was, “Oh, gosh. Darling.”

Then I said, “It means you won’t cast me!”

When does the best script come out!

Do I need to wait for it?

It means he’ll never cast you.

Did you date in secret with your husband?

Nobody knew we were dating. Even my close friends.

Nobody in the film industry too.

But you’d want to show off if you’re really in love.

He wanted to open that we were dating…

but I didn’t want to.

I thought we wouldn’t last long.

That’s right. You don’t know what’s going to happen.

You could break up.

We had a group of friends we usually hung out with.

We went to a karaoke.

We promised not to tell anyone when we were dating.

The director must’ve wanted to say it.

It was his turn to sing.

He must’ve wanted to show it.

When it was his turn to sing, he went and grabbed the mic.

He was thinking which song to sing.

He suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

I looked up at him.

– Joo Hyun Mi’s “Wait a Minute”? – I felt uneasy.

(“Wait a Minute” by Joo Hyun Mi)

The people asked why.

He said, “You know, Moon So Ri and I…”

I said,

“He must be crazy.” I was so nervous…

deep inside, but I just stared at him.

I was sending him telepathy that he shouldn’t say it.

“What do you think if I dated Moon So Ri?”

That’s what he said.

You must’ve been glaring at him.

– He’s cute. – He must’ve made an inside joke.

The other people were so surprised…

that they told him it was nonsense.

They were saying, “Why would Moon So Ri date you?”

– It was nonsense. – “You shouldn’t do that.”

“Moon So Ri should meet someone nice.”

“How dare you ask her out when you only have 70,000 viewers.”

“Save the Green Planet!” wasn’t a big success back then.

– That’s right. – It received low reviews.

People were criticizing him.

He said, “I thought so too. I’ll go ahead and sing.”

(I don’t know why I did it.)

He sang that song.

We barely escaped that incident…

and dated secretly and suddenly got married.

– It was really… – The wedding wasn’t public too.

When we said the wedding wasn’t going to be public,

– it was a very big incident. – That’s right.

People thought something came up in our family.

The reporters misunderstood it that way.

But that was just the kind of marriage we could afford.

We limited it to 25 guests from each family.

That’s how we prepared it.

But he said we needed the officiator to be a senior from movie industry.

So we requested Kim Dong Ho.

But I really want to make known the story behind it.

Why? What happened?

He said “I think I’m here in place of the movie-related people…”

“who weren’t invited.”

“I came here with all their greetings for you.”

He said that?

He suddenly took out a little notebook.

He had printed them out and pasted them there.

– He read each one of them. – What kind of messages were they?

“Go to Andromeda for your honeymoon.” by Baek Yoon Sik.

– It’s something like that. – Amazing.

The movie was “Save the Green Planet!”

“Your movies weren’t as successful as mine.”

– “You don’t have as many movie.” – “How is he marrying Moon So Ri?”

“How can you marry an actress?”

“Darn it. Be happy.” by Kim Jee Woon.

He directed “The Good, the Bad, the Weird.”

– That’s cool. – I also had,

“You filmed ‘Family Ties’ with me,”

“but you’re becoming a family with Jang Joon Hwan?”

That’s Kim Tae Yong.

– These were some messages. – Tang Wei?

– Then he dated Tang Wei. – He married Tang Wei.

That happened later.

“I thought you were my woman.” by Choi Min Soo.

– That was random. – So random.

It’s fine as long as he thinks he’s funny.

Comedians just need to be funny.

– That’s the job of a comedian. – You’re the best.

– You’re the best. – Isn’t that funny?

People wrote messages like that, and he gave that to us as a gift.

– Do you still have it? – Of course I do.

– It’s precious. – You’re keeping it well.

Can Yoon Ju bring it to me using her mother walk?

It should be the mother walk.

– The mother walk. – Show it to us.

We’ve always wanted to see it.

No, I always do a walk whenever I’m here.

– We really wanted to see it. – It’s a mother walk.

It’s not a mother walk, but there are people…

who exaggerate it…

as if someone poked them from behind.

That’s not a mother.


Some people walk like this.

(Very satisfied)

We want to see the mother walk.

That was the mother walk.

– You used to cross your legs. – You walked like this.

She used a lot of hips.

She really wanted to use her hips very much.

That’s why she did this.


– The mother was here. – I’m sorry, Mom.

I’m sorry, Mom.

– I love you! – I’ll be nice to you.

In order for your movie to be a success,

you need to pass the enrollment form well.

Here’s the enrollment form. Name is Moon So Ri,

– Kim Sun Young, – Yes.

and Jang Yoon Ju.

So Ri, is this your real name?

My father gave me that name.

My father is in the Moon family,

and my mom is in the Lee family.

I was really small when I was born, like a premature baby.

I was so small.

So they added So which meant small and named me Moon So Ri.

That’s amazing.

If I was born big, I almost became Moon Dae Ri.

You could’ve been assistant manager.

My mother’s family name was Jung.


What’s your father’s surname?

– Kang. – My father must be Kang either way.

Come on.

– What else would his surname be? – Kang Dae Jung.

Since you’re strong, we should add Ryeok for strength.

Kang Jung Ryeok.

What is it? Kang Jung Ryeok?

Kang Jung Ryeok.

Hey, you.

You watch out.

Why is Jung Ryeok a bad name?

– Is it good? – Sure. Everyone wants stamina.

Then let’s move on.

Do you need health supplements?

(Are you going to give me some?)

So funny.

I’ll tell you the nicknames of our three friends.

First, Yoon Ju’s nickname is…

Black Mamba.

Yes, a new girl group from SM…

name Aespa came out.

– I was in their music video… – Really?

for a short time.

– The snake. – That’s right.

– You came out as a snake? – I did.

I heard that there was something…

about the role of Black Mamba that Lee Soo Man didn’t like.

– He does all the producing. – Yes.

They were thinking whom to put in the role.

He said there was a model in Men on a Mission…

who wasn’t very tall…

and who talked in a funny way.

He never fails to watch our show.

– He must be watching this now. – He didn’t miss any episode?

It took me about four hours to put on the makeup,

but I only appeared for five seconds.

– Do we have it? – We’ve prepared it.

– Look at this. – Really?

(Yoon Ju appears.)

Anck Su Namum.

Anck Su Namum?

That was so cool.

– It wasn’t 5 seconds. – It’s 3.

I didn’t know I would appear for such a short time.

Is “Black Mamba” the title?

– It’s “Black Mamba.” – When did they debut?

Next, So Ri’s nickname is…

I think she can have everything related to sounds.



It’s the sound of a door.

Every March when I was in elementary, the kids,

especially tall kids like Jang Hoon,

would open and close the door…

and say the sound of the door is creaking.

I went through that every year.

I was always in pain every March.

– Kids like Jang Hoon did it. – No.

– I wouldn’t. – They’d do it at the back.

I’ve never done such a childish act in my life.

– I think you would’ve done it. – Soo Geun might’ve done it.

– He did that a lot. – I did.

– You did? – I thought so.

Sun Young’s nickname is Pretty.

She made that up.

She suddenly made that up in the waiting room.

– The name suits her. – Call her.

I’m Pretty.

My gosh.

Call her Pretty. Come on.

My Love.

(My Love)

– It’s Pretty. Why did you say Love? – Why would you call her Love?

You’re doing something we didn’t even ask you to do.

We only told you to call her Pretty.

That’s cheesy.

Sun Young, you Pretty Girl.

(Sun Young is Pretty Girl.)

But out of all nicknames I’ve seen,

it’s my first time to see a nickname in a parenthesis.

It’s Underground Water.

– It’s a nickname So Ri gave me. – Why?

– Why did So Ri give that? – Do you know deep water?

– It’s very deep underground. – It’s good.

It’s the water that flows from the underground.

Her acting is very strong,

and it’s very refreshing.

It’s very powerful.

In that case, how would you compare Ho Dong to water?

Sweet Water?

(Mr. Sweet Water?)

That’s sweet.

– Sweet Water? – The worn out one?

You throw it away when the flavor loses its sweetness.

You drink it and throw it away.

You plan to dispose of it.

The sweet water is thrown away after it loses its sweetness.

– I’ll stick until the end. – I like sweet things.

– You like sweet drinks. – Like sikhye.

Sun Young’s preferred seatmate is Seo Jang Hoon.

What’s going on?

That’s betrayal.

She only took out the sweet flavor.


The reason is because he’s single and he was a lot of wealth.

(Single and wealthy)

He’s also over 100kg.

No, she actually said she liked him. The reason is because she likes him.

But until now, you’ve talked only about Kang Ho Dong.

I think if I’m next to him,

I might get distracted.


It’s a bit awkward.

You can’t stay next to him.

It’s awkward.

What will that make Jang Hoon?

– They’re only a few meters apart. – I think he’ll be comfortable.

– I’m okay. – He’s not sweet water anymore.

Isn’t he a thief for stealing her heart?

Next is So Ri’s strengths.

– This is what we’re looking for. – Is it about sounds?

It’s endurance. Are you master of enduring pain?

When I gave birth,

I didn’t make any sound.

Are you going to show that here?

What are we going to do with that?

It means I didn’t make any sound even with that kind of pain.


Childbirth is the greatest pain.

It’s one of the most painful.

My husband filmed me and I had a big hairband on.

My hair wasn’t messy at all.


I just breathed and gave birth.

That was from when I entered the hospital until I came out.

– You didn’t shout at all? – Not even once.

She has never felt pain ever since she was born.

The pain tolerance perfectionist.

It’s Ms. Ouch Moon So Ri.

– Ouch? – Please welcome her.

The perfectionist usually appears in the end.

– Did you say Ms. Ouch Moon So Ri? – Do it first.

– Soo Geun, look at this. – The perfectionist appears later.

– She’s right. – First, stand here in the center.

– Okay. – You need to see how bad it is.

It’s already amazing if you can stand here.

– Is it that painful? – That hurts.

It hurts even when you’re getting a foot massage.


I told you.

– It hurts a lot. – That was an objective reaction.

You can’t stand flat on your foot.

Say “Ready” before you start.

– Ready! – Okay.

It must not be painful for her.

It hurts!

(She gives up right away.)

– I can’t do it. – She did one jump.

It must be painful.

She looked like she was about to do 100.

I thought you were singing Michael Jackson’s song.

– Oh! – That was it.

(“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson)


Which side is better, Kyung Hoon?

– I think facing this side is good. – Like this?

– So they can see this side. – Wait a minute.

(Oh, my gosh.)

– This is the real thing. – Yes.

– You can’t jump low. – You have to jump high for this.


They said your foot is like your heart.

1, 2,

3, 4,

– He’s good. – 5, 6,

(Oh, my gosh!)

You’re good, Kyung Hoon!

Kyung Hoon, turn around.

He even turned around.

How many did he do?

– It was 10. – He did 10 jumps.

It was 10.

– He completed 10. – It’s painful.

Kyung Hoon did 10.

– It’s amazing. – Anyway,

So Ri said she won’t be making any sounds.

Yes, that’s right.

– Kyung Hoon did 10. – Yes.

(So Ri’s turn)

– I don’t think I can do it. – Ready?


– Kyung Hoon did 10. – Yes.

(So Ri’s turn)

– I don’t think I can do it. – Ready?


1, 2, 3,

– It’s really painful. – four,


6, 7,

– It must not be painful. – eight,

9, 10, 11.


(She finished 11 jumps without making a sound.)

That was amazing!

She was amazing.

– How did you endure that? – Incredible.

– Sun Young’s strength is… – Okay, Sun Young.


I heard you guys in Brother School were very interested in acting.

That’s right.

I’m thinking of coaching you guys.

A lecture for us.

Our dream is for the six of us to shoot a sitcom.

– Really? – Yes.

That sounds fun.

Why are you saying six?

Have you already forgotten about Yeung Cheol?

There’s Yeong Cheol!

– It’s just been one day. – It hasn’t been a day yet.

If I said seven, it’s like I saw a ghost here.

I can only see six people.

We spell it as 6, but read it as 7.

Did you see that? We’re mentioning your name again.

I’ll coach you on acting.

– Okay. – What kind of acting should we do?

We’ll take a lesson in earnest.

– How’s “When the Camellia Blooms”? – Sounds great.

(“When the Camellia Blooms”)

– That seemed difficult to act. – We’re looking at the male, right?

You say you’re only following me as a cop,

so I just let you be.

So I think you should respect my perspective…

as a mother.



Wait a minute, Dong Baek.

When a man and woman do something at the back,

it becomes gossip and rumor.

But if they say it publicly…

that they like each other,

then they won’t be able to say anything.

– Shall we try it? – Yes.

“Yes.” That’s how he said it.

I’ll go first.

That’s great.

I’ll give you the script, so let’s try it.

We can change the lines.




– Everyone’s already quiet. – Are you watching a fight?

Yong Shik confesses his feelings to Dong Baek.

(So Ri for Dong Baek, Sang Min for Yong Shik)


Sang Min, you should understand my situation too.


But, Dong Baek,

when people like someone secretly,

it may become gossip and rumor and wrong,

but if we say it publicly…

that we like the person or that she’s my pride,

– No. – that I love her so much…

No, that’s not it.

– Wasn’t that Park Shin Yang? – No, that’s not it.

It’s Park Shin Yang.

“I’m going back.”

Are you Park Shin Yang? “Why can’t you say I’m your man”?

No, do it again.

It was okay at the start.

– Was it okay? – Yes.

Let’s start. Action.

Since you’re a cop, I just…

(Looking at her eyes)

I just let you be even when you follow me.

– It’s making me mad. – No.

You don’t have love for her.

At first,

you acted out an awkward atmosphere.

You shouldn’t do that.

You should listen. You’re curious about what she’s going to say.

Yes, you should concentrate.

You’re right.

You picked the wrong day.

– You got caught by Sun Young. – You need to act and pay your debt.

– Do your best. – I’m sure you can do it well.

– I can’t keep asking the staff. – Do it right this time.

– You should do it well. – I’ll do my best.

– I’m sorry. – It’s your last chance, Sang Min.

– Okay. – It’s driving me crazy.

I feel ashamed to see people in the film industry.

(Manager is better than the actor.)

Hey! Get out of the way.

– Go, President Seo. – This is…

Get out.

I should do it because I’m acting every week.

We’re going to replace the actress with someone who matches the height.

– Please let him off again. – Why?

(We’ll replace the actress.)

– You need to be on eye level. – That’s right.


– Give me the cue. – That’s good confidence.

It’s the most important.


I’m going to do that.

(He quiets down.)

We need to do it seriously.

You broke my emotions.

– We need to be serious. – I had it under control.

A big sorry.



Excuse me.


I get that you’re following me…

as a cop.

But please understand my situation. I’m a mom.


But, Dong Baek,

if a man and woman do something secretly,

it becomes a gossip and rumor,

but if they say it publicly that they like each other,

– that they really like each other, – Wait a minute.

That was great. Just keep talking like that.

It’s great because it sounds like a real conversation.

(A conversational acting is good.)

But you have to be more nervous and careful.

You look like you’re giving a lecture.

Was I too brave?

I tried to show a brave emotion.

That’s right. It’s good that you’re showing personality.

But you’re talking to someone whom you can’t help but like.

– Okay. – You’re fluttering.

He grew up without getting loved.

Just please understand him.

Okay, let’s hang on there.

– Are we going to finish this today? – They’re all good though.

– Standby. – Let’s focus.


Yong Shik,

I respect that you’re following me as a cop.

No, we can’t start like this. You have to look at her.

You should look at her.

– Her every word is precious to you. – I thought they were filming her.

– I’m sorry. – We’re practicing your acting.

We’re not filming anyone.

– Can I just quit acting? – No, wait.

I’m sorry.

– I’m leaving. – Why?

– Why are you so strong? – Just finish your line first.

– Excuse me. – Why is everyone leaving…

– without finishing it? – I got it.

Okay, I got it. Let’s do it.

When can we finish this?

But, Dong Baek,


when a man and woman do something secretly,

it becomes gossip and rumor.

But if they say it publicly that they like each other,

that they really like each other,

that I will like Dong Baek no matter what they say…

and that there’s nothing wrong with liking such an amazing woman.

and if I tell them that it’s my pride…

If you think…

you can’t memorize the lines, just improvise it.

– If you can’t memorize… – I’m sorry, but can’t I…

– Cut. – just quit this academy?

– No, wait. – I quit acting.

– I’m not doing it! – You have to focus.

– I quit. – What’s going on?

– You shouldn’t do that. – I quit acting.

– Last will be the teacher. – Yes, the teacher should do it.

He’s our main actor. Be quiet.

– Okay. – Come on out, Kang Ho Dong.

With Kang Pacino.

– What? Sure. – As a partner.


Okay, Sun Young,

you have to kill this part.

Can I keep coaching the acting?

– No. Everyone left the academy. – Who is my partner?

– No more coaching. – It’s Kim Sun Young.

You haven’t paid me for two months.

– Where are they going? – Excuse me.

Actor Kang Ho Dong is here.

Please put a smile on your face. He’s a busy man.

– Hello, writer. – Yes.

What is the scene about?

– You telling Dong Baek… – She loves Ho Dong so much,

– how much you love her. – but she has to leave him.

Okay. Then let’s do one scene at one go.

– That’s right. – No NGs.

– Yes. – I have another shooting too.

Should I ask the restaurant to wait for us?

– Order the food right now. – I got it.

Tell them to turn the heat on.

(Tell them to turn the heat on.)

– Hello. – Yes.

Okay. Let’s get this done at one go.

– Let’s do this. – You have to act this time.

– Director Kim, get ready. – All right!


Okay. Let’s get this done as we are professionals.

– Okay. – It should be a single take.

Okay. Standby. Quiet!

Sun Young loves Ho Dong, but she has to leave him.


(“When the Pork Gets Steamed”)


Sun Young, what’s going on?

How are you?

I’m hungry. Let’s go and eat.


(Sun Young approaches with a stiff look.)

I love you so much.

(I love you so much.)


Hold on.

(Being sweet)

(Sweet Water)

I don’t think this will work.


The situation right now…

I think it’s better to end this.

(I think it’s better to end this.)


How come?

(She can’t help but smirk as he starts to sob.)


Can’t you see how hard your partner is acting right now?

You can’t laugh at it.

(His manager sobs too.)


(His mad sobbing continues.)

– Sun Young. – Why do you hate me?

What did I do?

Sun Young. I’m a fool.

I’m a fool who only sees you.

But you’re more of a fool.

Because you can’t see my feelings for you.

It rhymed.

(Crazy ad-libs to stop her.)

Do you still hate me?

Do you want me to disappear?

– I do like you. – Okay.

But I said the situations are not letting me go on.

(Sobbing for the 2nd time)

Stop crying!

Stop crying.

I told you already that crying wouldn’t solve the problem.

Stop crying at once!

I can’t do this!

You and I will never work!

Cut. It’s good!

– It’s good. – Ho Dong!

(It’s a sad story.)

(He ended up damaging his cochlea.)

(That was the hardest acting in my acting career.)

I can’t control my feelings.

You have another schedule to attend. That was excellent.

Wait. I can’t get out of the character.

– You can’t handle your emotions? – Sir, they said the stew is ready.

– Is the stew ready? – Yes, it is.

– The stew is ready. – Okay.

– You already ordered it, right? – Then they are accepted!

We got accepted!

(Three Sisters, welcome to the school!)

It’s time for Guess Who I Am.

– Okay. Let’s go. – Let’s go.

Let’s go!

Once, I went to an amusement park…

and became a topic of controversy.

– After visiting an amusement park? – Yes.

Why did I become the topic?

I got it. It was a peak season of the amusement park,

and the line was long.

You walked up to the front…

and got in even without a ticket.

When someone stopped you, you said, “I’m Jang Yoon Ju.”


That’s why.

(As expected, he throws ideas without discretion.)

Amazing. Incorrect!

– I came too far, didn’t I? – No.

– It’s awkward when walking back. – I got it.

So Ri.

You rode the merry-go-round,

– but since you’re a model… – Right.

– I can’t imitate it. – Okay.

– People rode it like this or that. – Yes.

But you rode it like this.

Like this. No?

– On a merry-go-round? – Yes!

You rode it like this.

You didn’t ride the horse. Instead, you stood,

grabbing the pole.

It kept going around,

but you kept holding the pole.

– That could be controversial. – You changed poses too.

(Being graceful)

Friends, you’re close.

It happened in front of the merry-go-round.

– I got it! – Okay.

In front of the merry-go-round, you struck a pose…

for a photo.

Then you got hit by the horse of the merry-go-round.

So her neck went around?

That’s not a controversy.

It’s more of an accident.

I became a controversial topic.

– Were you filming a show? – That’s right.

– A controversy during filming? – You should guess too.

– I got it. – Are you quiet because of Ho Dong?

Sun Young.

In front of the merry-go-round, you couldn’t hold it,

so you peed?

– Hold on. – Goodness, Sun Young.

Why did she pee again?

– Come on, Sun Young. – Ho Dong, help her.

What happened again?

Even Ho Dong can’t help her with this one.

He doesn’t know what to do.

Wait. It can happen if you can’t hold it.

Blame the horse if someone sees it.

The horse pees too.

– I got it! – I wanted to say the same thing.

Yoon Ju took a photo,

and it looked like a horse with Yoon Ju’s head.

– Half-man and half-horse. – Like a centaur!

– A centaur! – That’s how the photo looked.

– Right. – Because it combined.

Like a centaur.

You’re so creative. I give you that.

– Then I will… – The photo can do that.

I will give you a hint right away.

– What’s that? – It’s that part!

– What is it? – Yoon Ju’s legs are missing!

Where are her legs?

– That’s true. – I see.

Will you guess the secret behind this photo?

You shot it like this.

(Wide open)

– No. – No, then we can see your legs.

I can’t understand the photo.

– Isn’t it this? – Let’s see it.

– Like this. – There’s the middle.

(Lifting one foot)

Did she put her legs on the handrails?

– Like this? – Did she lean on it?

– Like this. – You can see it here.

I can see it here.

– This is… – This isn’t her skirt.

If her knee bends this way, it makes sense.

The other leg would be here.

If one leg is here,

and the other leg is here, it makes sense.

– Right. – Okay?

– She went like this. – I don’t see her legs.

She went like this. This is it.

– This is it. – That’s…

She went like this and like this.

(Jumping with the skirt on!)

Because of her skirt. I’m telling you.

– Was there a correct answer? – Yes, there was.

It’s me. I’m 100 percent sure.

– There was a correct answer. – It must be mine.

That’s right. You can see it, right?

Sun Young had the correct answer.

– I see. – How is that possible?

– You try it. I’ll be Seul Gi. – Okay.

So I put my arms…

– around the shoulders. – I’m Seul Gi.

– And my legs… Look, okay? – Yes.

How did I do that?

This was the pose.

– Like that? – Why did you do that?

Because I’m good at twisting my body.

– And then… – This person must have been hard.

– To get to Sunny’s height, – You must be hard, Sunny.

I went further down.

– That explains the skirt. – That’s what happened.

Looking at the photo, the fans overseas said I don’t have legs…

or it’s a photo of a ghost.

– It is a photo of a ghost. – Right.

– At a glimpse, it’s scary. – So Ri, you’re wearing a skirt,

– so you should try the pose. – Okay.

– It’s Four Sisters. – I’ll stand here.

– Does it work? – It’s even hard to try it.

– I know. – That’s right.

Lean a bit.

You take a photo in an extraordinary way.

Personally, I have a question. Others are curious too.

I can’t do it, but models always do this pose.

– Goodness. – You strike this pose often.

– Right. – Like this.

Do you know a pose like this?

What’s the meaning of the pose?

– What does it mean? – Actually,

the pose was used in a commercial…

– and then used as… – Right.

– a comic tool. – Yes. Do Yeon does it a lot.

– Show it before you explain it. – This is what it is.

The clients ask us…

for a confident pose.

As for the legs, instead of keeping them together,

we spread them open.

When we put our hands on the waist,

– it gives us angles. – Her pose looks totally different.

And this pose got transformed.

It became this and that.

And it became more extreme.

(Increasing confidence)

It got transformed.

We didn’t do this on purpose.

So, it’s for the confidence.

Yes. It’s the confidence…

on the extreme end. A bit too far.

When comedians take 200 photos,

– we get only one same picture. – But…

(His profile picture)

Of 1,000 photos at home,

999 of them look like this.

That’s right. They only use that one.

– But still… – When I was a basketball player,

all my photos looked like this.

(The king of the basketball)

Yes, good.

– Next. – Okay, let’s go.

Okay, Sun Young is up next.

Here’s my question.

There’s something I heard that made me laugh right away.

What was that?

I got it!


“Sun Young, I need to go now.”

Well, that’s true though.

(Was that good?)


– Was it recent? – It was three years ago.

It’s something my daughter said when she was seven.

You went home after being so busy with the shooting.

It was early in the morning, so you tried to be quiet.

When you entered the house quietly, the lights were on,

and your daughter sat on the couch in the living room.

“What time is it?”

That sounds like a scene from my movie.

She must be angry because she wanted to play with her mom,

– but she got home late. – Right.

My daughter wasn’t happy because I had been busy.

So I told her, “I’m doing what I like.”

– I got it! – The answer is her response.

“What do you like more? Me or acting?”


Say that to me. I’ll be the daughter.

“I’m doing what I like.”

“When you like it even more, you won’t even come home.”


– Incorrect. – Run that line with me.

Okay. “It’s something I like to do.”

“We can’t only do things we like to do.”

“I can’t stay at a house like this anymore.”

“I’m upset. I’ll go to kindergarten and have the yogurt drink.”

That was close.

– Really? – What?

“Try not doing what you like to do.”

Go on.

– I’m always missing a piece. – Go on.

“I also do things that I don’t like to do.”

So put them together. What did she say?

– She told us to put them together. – Gosh.

– “You must be able to hold back.” – Do it.

If you put all of them together, you got the right answer.

– Put them together. – Put them together.

– Then, you have the right answer. – Do it.

“Mom, you must be able to hold back from things you like to do.”

– Go on. – “Do you like acting so much?”

– “Did you love Dad even for a day?” – No.

– Wrong! – “This stupid house.”

“I can’t stay here because I’m so annoyed.”

– “I’ll have a fermented drink…” – No.

“at the kindergarten.”

“You do what you like to do? Fine. Good for you.”

But you need to get the point for me to say you got it.

– “You must hold back…” – “I hold back too.”

“from what you like to do.”

– “I hold back too.” – That’s right.

(Jang Hoon gets the right answer.)

– I told her that… – Really?

it was something I liked to do.

“You should hold back. That’s what I do too.”

– She’s cool. – My gosh.

– She said that when she was 7. – She was 7.

By the way, Ye Eun is really good at acting.

– Can she work as a child actress? – She’s so good.

– She’s so good. – Is she as good as Ho Dong?

– No. – She’s just as powerful.

She’s just as powerful.

That’s amazing.

She’s not as powerful as Ho Dong.

– She watched a morning soap opera. – She cries a lot.

So in the drama, there was a wife.

And the wife had a friend.

And the friend had a mistress.

– She played all those roles. – She played all those roles.

– She did them all by herself. – She put on the shawl.

“What? What are you talking about?”

She was talking on the phone and suddenly took off the shawl.

– “The thing is…” – That’s why her clothes…

– Right. – She played all the characters.

– Ye Eun did that? – She has to change outfits.

– Yes. – That’s why she has more clothes…

to wear at home for role-playing than the outfits she wears outside.

But your daughter, Yeon Du, made a debut too.

– Yes, she did. – She made a debut?

– Sun Young, – “1987”.

her husband, Yoon Ju, and her husband…

came over to our house with their daughters.

– We hung out together. – That sounds like fun.

And Sun Young’s husband told me this,

“I really enjoyed the movie, ‘1987’. It was impressive.”

“By the way, even the little kids at the supermarket…”

“were such great actors. They were just extras, you know.”

I told him that she was my daughter.

He went, “What?”

(Her daughter, Yeon Du, and even her niece were in the movie.)

It’s 25 cents. You need 5 more cents.


(Have some candy too.)

Eat a lot and live a good life.

When they went to the shoot,

there were Gang Dong Won…

– and Kim Tae Ri. – Yes, Kim Tae Ri is in it.

I told her she should’ve said, “Hello, Dong Won.”

She said she couldn’t call him that.

I asked why.

– He’s an uncle. – He’s an uncle.

– Titles are important for the kids. – Yes.

I asked why she called Tae Ri by her name.

She said she did and I asked why.

She said, “Tae Ri is only 12.”

I said, “She is? How is that?”

She said, “That’s what she told me. She’s 12,”

“but she just got taller.”

She believed that.

– Yeon Du. – Gosh.

So she had fun filming with Tae Ri.

Yoon Ju, how about you? How’s your daughter like?

Li Sa is introverted.

She’s shy. But when she’s in front of a camera, she goes like this.

– She raises her leg like this. – She does that on her bed.

She fixes her outfit too.

– They are all talented. – Yes.

– I guess. – Kids are always watching.

Suddenly, she’d go like this.

(Wanting to be funny)

Come on.

Let’s go to the second period!

– She does that. – Come on.

– My kid is normal. – Let’s go.

(Joint class for Brother School and Sister School)

– Guys, did you hear? – Yes?

– Hear what? – You know, we are…

– handsome students at this school. – Yes.

– That’s right. – We’re the school’s sweethearts.

– Right. – We were born on the same day.

Right. But the school next to ours…

Sister School, has these beauties, called Five Girls’ Generation.

Five Girls’ Generation who are amazingly gorgeous…

– will come to our school today. – Right.

Yes. And they’ll be in our study group.

– Really? – No way.

– It’s an English debate group. – That’s crazy.

– ED? – We’ll have English debates?

– English debates. – No way.

We can’t even introduce ourselves properly in English.

– Because we can’t speak English, – It’s like…

we signed up at an English study group.

And I heard there is this tall girl in that group.

– She’s totally… – She’s eight-head tall.

– Yes. That’s what I heard. – That’s amazing.

– You should have told me sooner. – Why?

I would have put on some BB cream on my way here today.

– What? – Your absence would’ve helped.


– Gosh. – Hold on.

– I’m already nervous. – Why is the door so heavy?

– I can’t open this door. – What’s up with her voice?

Oh, no. My pretty nails.

– They broke. Oh, no. – She must’ve dressed up a lot.

Hey, girl. Can you open the door for us?

(Five Girls’ Generation shows up with an intense presence.)

– No way. – Gosh.


– Gosh. – The girls are here!

(And the last member comes in.)

– Jeon Soo Bin! – What?


– Jeon Soo Bin! – What?

– What’s happening? – What?

You can recognize a beauty when you see one.

Who couldn’t open the door?

That was me. So what?

Why couldn’t you open it?

Because I’m fragile.

– Is your arm okay? – My gosh.

– Goodness. My arm almost broke. – The other day…

How did you break your arm?

Why are you so aggressive? We just met.

Sorry to say this, but how can you look like that in our first meeting?

What’s up with that MacGyver?

Gosh, you’re like ugly MakGyver.

– MakGyver. – I strained myself…

to open the door, so I feel dizzy now.

I feel dizzy.

– Gosh, what will I do? – His face makes me dizzy.

– She’s pretty. – But we came to the wrong place.

I heard that we were in the study group with handsome guys.

– That’s right. – Where are the handsome boys?

We’re all here.

– There are five handsome guys. – Where are the handsome boys?

Let me say this in advance.

Don’t even dream about…

making a move on me. Over my dead body. Okay?

You’re not my types.

I’m sorry to be blunt,

but let’s only talk about our studies, nothing else.

Which one of us is the most attractive to you?

None of you. You’re not my types.

Especially, you’re far from it.

– You. You, nutria. – Me?

– Nutria? – Yes.

Did see you him wandering around before?

(Reward, 20 dollars)

It’s obvious that he looks like a nutria.

I’d like to thank you for not being interested in us.

Shut it, MacGyver.

– My gosh. – Since we’re all here,

let’s introduce ourselves.

– Yes. – Let’s be civil.

It’s a special day today. You, the big one.

– Big guy. – She picked you.

– Big guy. – She picked you.

– Who? – You.

– Big guy, get up. – Who’s the big guy?

– It’s you, big head. – You.

It’s you.

– Get up now. – Big guy.

– Me? – Yes.

– You with the cape. – “Nutria, get up.”

– You’re the big guy. – Yes.

– I’m talking to you, nutria. – Yes.

Why don’t you go first? Introduce yourself.

Okay. Nice to meet you.

I am…

(Acting cute)

(Acting cute and chuckling)

I’m cute.

And I’m not a girl anymore

And I’m not a boy anymore.

I’m sexy and talented.

I’m CST. Cute, sexy, and talented.

My name is Ho Dong. Nice to meet you all.

Nice to meet you.

(Getting up)

He’s so annoying. I can’t stay here anymore.

– She’s leaving. – Jang Mi.

– I did well, right? – Come back.

I got rid of a bomb.

– I got rid of a bomb. – Jang Mi.

– Come back, Jang Mi. – Seriously. I did it.

– Jang Mi. – You should be grateful.

– Jang Mi, come back. – Gosh.

Why did you bring a blanket?

Cover up your face first. It’s urgent.



You, pink ball. You’re cute.

My gosh. She has an odd taste in men.

– Sun Young, wear your contacts. – She does.

– I’ll introduce myself. – Okay.

At my school, I’m known for my ability to foresee the future.

I’m Prophet Soo Geun.

It’s true. He can see the future.

– You can see the future? – Really?

Can you see into our futures?

So Ri, you’ll be an incredible actress.

– Really? – I can see your future.

Yoon Ju, given your style and everything else,

I get the feeling you’ll be a top model.

Sun Young, you have the eyes of an actress.

But be careful around men.

Especially men that weigh over 100kg.

– All right. – I’m Hee Mi.

Hee Mi.

You do have a hopeless future.

I get the feeling you’ll be a singer.

– What about… – Get out!

Get out!

Get out!

– She must be possessed. – She must be possessed by a spirit.

You’ll be on fire in the future.

(You’ll be on fire nationwide in the future.)

– MacGyver. – Hello.

– He’s cute. – I have the best bottom.

I’m Kyung Hoon, Universal Hip Hoppers.

You don’t know how amazing my bottom is, right?

I’ll show you.

(Universal Hip Hopper shows off his bottom.)




Okay. Come in.

(His wonderful moves stood out during his dance.)

– He won the last dance contest. – He’s so good.

– I see. – He’s…

okay compared to the others.

How dare you hit on me, Viking warrior?


You know I’m pretty.

I’ll introduce myself.

I’m glowing and single

I’m Sang Min.

Okay. Nice to meet you, Sang Min.

– Gosh. – I’ll introduce myself.

Hello, everyone.

I’m a cute guy with a round baby face.

And I have a round stomach too.

I’m Round Dong.

Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you.

– We’ll introduce ourselves. – Sure.

I am one of the five cuties at Sister School.

I’m a sophisticated cutie.

A clear sound

A beautiful sound

(Clicking his tongue)

I’m Moon So Ri. Nice to meet you.

(So Ri of Five Girls’ Generation)

That’s So Ri.

So you’re the one who played the piano called Guardhouse.

Hey, everyone ought to play the piano in the modern days.

You ought to play the Guardhouse…

to improve your resume.


I’m the intelligent cutie.

I’m Sun Young.

I can say that I’m the best person for this study group.

I’ll introduce myself.

I have the divine body.

I’m the living Barbie Doll.

I’m 10-head tall. My name is Jang Yoon Ju.

– Yoon Ju. – Nice to meet you.

– Hi. – She’s pretty.

– It’s been a while. – She’s pretty.

– I majored in math. – Really?

5 times 1 is 5. 5 times 2 is pickled cucumber.

5 times 3 is bulgogi.

5 times 4 is 63.

– What? No way. – What?

– She’s funny too. – No way!

– I am… – What?

the airheaded cutie.

– She really sounds airheaded. – I’m…

the airhead of Five Girls’ Generation. I’m Hee Mi.

You’d better watch out today.

It will be easy to fall in love with me,

but once you do, you can’t stop loving me.

I bet you don’t know the six times table.

– What’s 6 times 3? – 63 Building.

– Then, – My gosh.

– What’s 6 times 4? – Army cadet.

– What’s 6 times 5? – What’s that?


We have a girl who studied in Yugoslavia.


– Look at her. – Gosh.


She’s 17-head tall.

Sit down.

Stop talking nonsense.

– “Stop talking nonsense.” – Hey.

I have thorns on my body.

Here’s why. My name is Jang Mi!


You must’ve been so bored since we didn’t do any skits lately.

Why are you trying so hard?

I’m the beautiful one of Five Girls’ Generation.

– And “Jang” means long. – I’m the youngest and pretty one.

I’m the youngest one, Jang Mi.

– You’re youngest? – She’s the youngest.

If you show me any interest in me today,

– my thorns will prick you. – What?

Be careful.

– Especially you, nutria. – Okay.

– You’d better not be interested. – Okay.

(Her introduction is over.)

That’s it?

Good job, kiddo.

Five cuties are meeting the other five cuties.

We were meant to be friends…

because our teacher is absent today out of all days.

Seeing how we’re meant to be, why don’t we go on a group date?

Sorry to say this. How dare you try to hit on us?

We’re in a different league.

We must go to an Ivy League school no matter what.

I heard that the fastest way to learn languages…

is to use the language in a relationship.

To improve our English proficiency,

– we should try out this meeting. – Yes.

Fine. It’s your lucky day today.

I’ll give you a chance just today.

But if you want to hang out with us,

your intelligence level must match ours. Can you do that?

– Our intelligence level is high. – We’re so smart.

– We’re all in the top five… – We know…

a lot of stuff.

Fine. I’m the best at this.

– Good. I knew it. – What’s that?

– That’s why I brought this. – He’ll change.

– He’s going to change. – All right.

I know this test that evaluates your intelligence.

We should all play that.

Senior Dong!

We will begin the game to test your intelligence.

– One After Another Charades. – One After Another Charades.

Let the game begin!

(One After Another Charades)

It will be Brother School versus Sister School today.

If you know the answer, press the buzzer.

And you must answer the question in order.

You’ll get a point when everyone can answer it.

If one of you gets it wrong,

the opposing team will get the chance to answer it.

Since I won’t be playing, Brother School has only four students.

– After everyone answers it once, – He goes again.

the first student must provide one more answer.

That’s how we’ll play it. Okay?

And games without snacks can be disappointing.

Here’s the snack for the winning snack.

This snack is good as it is, blended, or dipped in whipped cream.

We’ve prepared strawberries!

Here’s the first question.

Since So Ri is here today, let’s do a question about sounds.

So Ri’s last name is Moon.

Then, name the songs that has “Moon” in their titles…

in order.

– Go. – “You Are Outside the Door”.

– Go on. – “Moon River”.

– Go on. – “The Door Opens”.

– That’s wrong. – That’s the lyrics.

– “Moon River”. – The title has Moon” in it.

– Go on. – “You Are Outside the Door”.

– Go on. – “Gwanghwamun Love Song”.

– Go on. – “At Gwanghwamun” by Kyu Hyun.

– Go on. – “Dongdaemun and Namdaemun”.


(Sister School succeeds.)

“It’s just as I said.”

– By the way, Senior Dong, – Yes?

my friend understood the question after this round was over.

– I thought it could be in lyrics. – No.

It was the title with the mun.

The first question goes to Sister School.

I like strawberries.


I’ll give you the second question.

I’ll present this question since Yoon Ju is here.

Yoon Ju’s last name is Jang.

Then, you must tell me words that begin with “Jang”.

But the all the words combined must have 21 syllables.

– What? – It cannot go over or under.

– Don’t discuss them. – Can we use names?

– Yes. You can use anything. – Really?

– All right. Go. – Make it long.

Jean Claude Van Damme.

That’s good. Go on.

– Just say anything. – You can’t use someone’s name.

– Two… Toy. Go on. – Toy.

– Scholarship student. – Scholarship student. Go on.

– Earthen jar. – Go on.

– 4 syllables. – 1, 2, 3. Out of time.

– Four syllables? – Gosh, we can’t do it.

– Go on. – Basket.

– Jean Claude Van Damme. – Yes. Go on.

– Earthen jar. – Go on.

– Toy. – Go on.

– Jang Won Young. – Go on.

– 1, 2, 3. – How many syllables left?

Out of time.

– You have to say a long word. – You!

If I answered it, they would’ve used it.

Jean Claude Van Damme.

– Go on. – Janggu.

– Go on. – Toy.

Go on. One…

– Earthen jar. – Go on.

– One… – We did that before.

– Out of time. – We won’t have enough syllables.

– Go. – He only gave two syllables.

Jean Claude Van Damme.

– Go on. – Earthen jar.

– Go on. – Rose.

– Rose. – Go on. One…

Jang Won Young.

– Go on. 1, 2… Out of time. – 6 syllables…

– There’s no 7-syllable word. – You must give 3 syllables.

– Make it more than 3 syllables. – 7 syllables?

– Go. – It must be more than three.

Jean Claude Van Damme.

Go on. One…


– Go on. – Zangief.

Go on. One…

Kiha and the Faces.

1, 2, 3.



Count the syllables.

– It’s every man for himself here. – Kiha and the Faces.

They just spat out the answers and did nothing.

Scold them.

– Dude, scold them. – “Dude”?

– Dude. – Don’t call the youngest girl dude.

Why didn’t you tell me what you were going to say?

How dare you call me dude?

Sorry, girl.

How dare you call her that?

Brother School will get 10 points.

It’s fun to get exactly 21 syllables with your answers.

– This is hard. – I’ll play that one more time.

– It’s hard. – Make 21 syllables.

Name Korean movies that have three or more syllables…

in order.

– Go. – “Nowhere to Hide”.

– Go on. – “Peppermint Candy”.

– Go on. – “Spring Days of My Life Are Gone”.

It’s over then.

Come on.

– Will you think first? – It must be exactly 21 syllables.

– Start. – “Save the Green Planet”.

– Okay. – “Veteran”.

– Go on. – “Veteran”.


– Go on. – “Oasis”.

“The Divine Move”.

Go on. 1, 2…

– Four syllables. – “Nameless…”

– Come on. – Make that four syllables!

– Let’s do this one more time. – Go.

– “Nameless Gangster”. – I’ll get it right.

Yes. Go on.

– One… – “Veteran”.

– Go on. – “The Priests”.

Go on. 1, 2, 3.

– Out of time. – Give a short one.

– Let’s go. – Right.

– Go. – Say the same titles.

“Save the Green Planet”.

– Go on. Start. – Six syllables.

– “Veteran”. – “Veteran”.

– “Oasis”. – Nine.

– Go on. – “The Divine Move”.

Go on. Start.

“The Outlaws”.

– Right. – That’s correct.

(Sister School succeeds.)

– “You jerk.” – You know what?

It was 4, 4, 5. That’s important.

– Hee Mi is good at math. – When I was counting,

I had a hard time.

I even won an award at a math Olympiad.

– Gosh. – I knew it.

I bet this one is hard.

– What’s 9 times 4? – Saved by the skin of my teeth.

– She’s smart. – Right.

Is that a foreign language?

I’ve never heard of that expression before.

I knew it. Foreign languages are her weak spot.

Here’s the next question.

For this question, it must start and end with the same…

– 1577. – What?

– One… – You’ll lose points.

– Okay. – If you say it, you’ll lose points.

Go on.

If you use your ads, you’ll lose points.

– I have to say words that begin… – It’s the word.

– and end with the same syllable. – Right.

– Start. – Lee Hyo Lee.

– 1, 2… – Really?

– We need to hear the question. – Bayaba.

– Wrong. – That’s correct!

– He didn’t read the question. – Wrong.

– Bayaba. – You must name the celebrities.

Let’s go.

– All right. – Swings.

– Go on. – DinDin.

– Go on. – Model Lee Hyun Yi.

– Go on. – BIBI.

– Go on. – Haha.

That’s correct.

– That was beautiful. – Lee Hyun Yi.

– Listen. – Bayaba is a celebrity too.

No, he’s not.

Bayaba was on TV, so he’s a celebrity.

– He’s a character. – He won’t be on search engines.

He’s not a celebrity.

Then, how else will you call him?

Do we call him Choi Deok Man?

He’s Bayaba.

All right. I’ll give you a 20-point question now.

I got you a difficult question.

As for this question, the five of you must play a word chain game.

I’ll give you a keyword, and you’ll start with that.

Here’s my keyword.


– Start. Go on. – Younggoo.

– One… – Hole.

Go on. One…

– Seriously? – Out of time.

– All right. – You could’ve said, “puppy”.

– “Fool”. – “Puppy”.

– I’ll give you the keyword again. – Start over.


– Start. – Principal.

– Go on. – Earthen jar.

– Go on. – Gate.

– Go on. – Octopus.

– Go on. 1, 2, 3. – Octopus?

– Out of time. – I didn’t hear it.

– Come on. – Okay.

I can’t hear it well because my wig is covering my ears.

– What’s wrong with you? – I thought he said,

– “front door”. – There are so many words for that.

He says he couldn’t hear it when he’s in a tight spot.

– Show your ears. – Be quiet.

– Shut it, MacGyver. – Jang Mi.

– Jang Mi. – He’s so annoying.

You’re not even my type.

Paper. Go.

Barber shop.

– 2, 3. – Small head.

2, 3.

– Fatsia shoot. – 2, 3.

– Shoot… – Incorrect.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you attacking your own teammate?

I couldn’t think of any other words.

– I am sorry. – It’s our turn.

It’s our turn.

Camera. Let’s go.

– Radio. – 2, 3.

– Audio. – 2, 3.

– Squid. – 2, 3.

– The beginning of the word. – 2, 3.

– Then… – Incorrect.

What is your problem?

I couldn’t think of a word.

– What words are there? – Head!

I couldn’t think of a word.

Hair. Head.

I’m sorry, but can you stay out of it, nutria?

Please do better! Tofu would have worked too!

– For goodness’ sake. – Let’s resume.

Hat. Let’s begin.

– Honey. – 2, 3.

– Technician. – 2, 3.

– Lullaby. – 2, 3.

– ABC. – Two…

ABC is incorrect.

You could have just said Ghana.

(Why did I do that?)

Let’s begin. English. Go.

– Fish trap. – 2, 3.

– Talent. – 2, 3.

– Prayer. – 2, 3.

Packed lunch.

– Incorrect! – Rock cafe! Rock cafe!

How could you do that?

– Rock cafe! – Bleach.


Rock. Rock festival.

That doesn’t work. It should be either rock or festival,

not rock festival.

– Let’s go. – We need to do well.

Cleaning. Let’s go.

– Petition. – 2, 3.

– General. – 2, 3.

– Military gear. – 2, 3.

– I… Place. – Incorrect.

– Come on. – Answer faster.

You had so many options.

Don’t stall for more time. I will deem it incorrect right away.


All right. Don’t mind the other team.

– Show your ears. – Leader.

– Show your ears. – Okay, okay. I will do that.


Let’s go.

– Confidence. – 2, 3.

– Potato. – 2, 3.

– Offspring. – 2, 3.

– Housekeeper. – 2, 3.

– Breast milk. – Correct.


For goodness’ sake.

You guys are no match to us.

The winner of One After Another Charades is…

the Sister School.

(Sister School won!)

– Bring in the strawberries. – Strawberries.

I didn’t know strawberries could be packaged like that.

– Thank you. – That’s incredible.

– Thank you. – My goodness.

This is luxurious.

(Each person gets 1 box.)

– You can take it home. – You can take it home.

– It’s so pretty. – You can open it.

– My goodness. – Look at that.

Look at that.

There is a flower.

They look delicious. They smell so good.

– Thank you. – My goodness.

They smell so good.

– We will enjoy them. – Thank you.

Jang Mi, what do you think? Are they on your level?

While I am thankful for the strawberries,

Brother School students aren’t on my level.

– Jang Mi. – Seriously.

They are dumb and boring.

What are they going to do?

All right. I prepared something else.

Dance is the best way to have fun.

– That’s right. – That’s right.

I prepared One After Another Dancing.

Shall we go and dance?

(Let’s go and play One After Another Dancing.)

Each team will see a video of a dance.

The first person will copy the dance…

for the next person. It will keep going that way…

and the last person needs to get the song title right.

– Okay. – So that both teams have…

the same number of people, I will join Team Brother School

It will be 5 versus 5, okay?

– Okay. – Hold on.

Is there no snack for this round?

Of course there is. A snack is essential.

– What is it? – A sweet snack for this atmosphere.

Have you heard of it? I have never heard of it.

– What is it? – It’s tomango.

– Tomango. – It’s stevia tomato, right?

– It’s very sweet. – It’s very tasty.

Brother School can go first.

– Okay. Shall we begin? – Okay.

You can dance as you watch the video.

Let’s begin.



– What is that? – It’s hard.

What is that?

– Okay! That’s it! – Okay.

What is that dance? Gosh, this is hard.

The dance went like this.

Hold on. Let me unbutton the cape.

Let me unbutton the cape.

I think it went like this.

– It went like this. – That’s right.

– It went like this. – He doesn’t disappoint.

– Senior Dong is the best. – It went like this.

Kyung Hoon tried to dance like this.

– It went like this. – I will give it a go.

I think it went like this.

Let me unbutton the cape.

I think it went like this.

That’s right.

– That’s exactly the same. – Like this.

My goodness. Look at that.

– Is that the same dance? – That’s right.

(Her love as a fan explodes.)

Is this the dance?

– What is this? – I don’t know.

– Like this. – It’s a male group.

A male group? Oh.

Let me answer. Deux.

Deux’s “Turn Around and Look at Me”.


If you get it right from Kyung Hoon’s dance,

– we will give you five points. – He danced well.

Five points for getting it right from the first version.

All right.

My goodness.

He said, “My goodness.”

My goodness.

But it tells more, right?

Deux’s “We Are”.

– Correct. – “We Are”.

You get five points.

(The signature dance move of “We Are”.)

– You get five points. – I should have said “We Are”.

– It was a hard one. – It was that dance.

Okay. Let’s go.

This question is…

She doesn’t disappoint.

As soon as saw it…

– There you go. – She showed all the key moves.

(She figures out the dance right away.)

– That’s impressive. – They will get it right.

Both So Ri and Sun Young know…

the key moves.

– Jang Mi. – Jang Mi.

Let’s begin.

There you go. There you go.

– Just memorize this one. – There you go.

– That’s enough to be the key move. – Can you do that?

Okay. Next.

Let’s go.

There you go. The armpit.

Oh, I know this dance.

– How refreshing! – There you go.

– There you go. – How refreshing!

Is that it?

That’s it.

– Hee Mi. – I know what it is.

– Let’s go. – If Hee Chul gets it right,

he will have my respect.


– A female group. – Yes.

I must be the only one who knows this.

– Really? – A female group.

It will be game over if he gets it right.

“Happiness” by Red Velvet.

– Incorrect. – Let me see Sun Young’s dance.

– Okay. – Would Hee Chul know the song?

– He would know the song. – I recognize the dance.

He would know the song.

It must be a song by Chakra.

It’s a song by Chakra. “The End”.

There you go.

(He copies the dance perfectly.)

(Hee Mi suddenly takes the stage.)

(The passionate version of “The End”)

Let’s dance together.

(The collaboration between Sister and Brother School)

That was incredible.

That was cool.

Who wrote the lyrics and melody for this amazing song?

– I only wrote the lyrics. – The lyrics.

It’s Brother School’s turn.

It’s easy.


– Hold on. – Isn’t that Mr. Barrel?


(Up and down)

He showed all the key moves.


He is panting the same way.

What is that sound? Suddenly…


– Dongs’ Fun Dance Class. – He is changing it again.

– He is changing it. – Next.

When did I do this with my hand?

(The dance moves are good so far.)

That’s good.

That hand…

Okay. Senior Dong.

All right.

There you go.

What is that?

– What is that? – What is that?

A female soloist.

What? That’s…

(His wrist moves weakly.)

(Does the dance go like this?)

Does the dance go like this?

A female soloist.

A female soloist?

– Think of one. – Is it Baek Z Young?

(Baek Z Young?)

1, 2…


(“Burden” by Baek Z Young)

Watch Soo Geun’s dance.

(Watch the original dance.)

Oh, it’s “Sad Salsa”.

That’s right.

He changed the dance.

It’s a very simple dance.

I danced the same way.

The dance goes like this.

Let’s dance together.

Let’s go.

Do the male dancer’s part.

(They command the stage with their looks and dance.)

– That was the dance. – After I doing the dance,

I even did this.

How do you know all the songs?

– He got the singer right. – He is good at guessing.

– All right. – Let’s give up on the tomatoes…

and enjoy the game.

Give us the question.

If we get this one right, it will be a tie.

There you go. This one is easy.

– There you go. – Oh.

It’s game over!

Jang Mi. Turn around.

So Ri knows how to dance.

So Ri, let’s go.

(One move tells all!)

It’s so easy.

– Forget about everything else! – They will get this one right.

– Okay. – Just do this dance.

– All right. – The first change.

– Yoon Ju. – Jang Hoon!

The first change.


– Hey! – There you go.

– The first change. – It’s…


(So Ri is frustrated.)

Let’s stop it here. All right.

– I did it right. – Let’s go.

There you go. There you go.

I did it right.

– There you go. – That’s…

Let’s stop it here.

– Hee Mi, you are last. – He will get it right.



(He answered right sway.)

(Sister School has 15 points and Brother School has 10 points.)

The ceremony!

(The jegi-kicking dance made everyone move their legs.)


(It’s Hee Mi’s generation.)

He is incredible.

– My goodness. – He is good.

My goodness.


He even winked.

My goodness.

(He winked without being asked.)

Show him the dance.

He wouldn’t know the song title.

The dance is easy, but the song title is hard.

– He would never know. – But Shin Dong might know.

Just follow your body.

Let your body move to the rhythm.

Just follow your body.

He is good.

Shin Dong would know.

If you deliver that dance, Shin Dong will get it right.

Look again!

Look forward!


(This is the key point.)

– Okay. – Shin Dong would know.

Shin Dong.

– If they deliver the dance… – Now comes the crisis.

My goodness. My goodness.

– He won’t get it right. – There you go.

He knows the song.


– It’s completely different. – I know.

She said it’s completely different.

– He changed the dance. – It’s completely different.

(He is the master of alteration.)

He gave an okay sign.

– Kyung Hoon gave an okay sign. – Let’s see what he does.

– Hey! Hold on. – Hey.

For goodness’ sake.

– Is he hula-hooping? – Isn’t it the same?

Is he hula-hooping?

Gosh, this is…

Isn’t it the same?


That was great. He really is a dance singer.

The dance changed a lot.

But Shin Dong might know this.

It’s a male soloist.



– This is… – What is this?

This is the key move.

What is this?

All right. Would you give it a try?

This is hard.

– A male soloist? – A male soloist.

(Hint: A male soloist)


– No way. – I think you would know the song.

This is hard.

– A male soloist? – A male soloist.

(Hint: A male soloist)


– No way. – I think you would know the song.

“Open the Door” by Im Chang Jung.

(“Open the Door” by Im Chang Jung)

– What? – Really?

(It’s correct!)

(No way.)


Come on and dance.

Dance like this.

So you were doing this dance.

(The pelvic dance)

Play the song.

(Despite the many alterations,)

(Senior Dong did it!)

(He has my respect.)

Shin Dong watched the music video because I am in it.

(Hee Mi made a cameo appearance in a suit.)

That’s right. You were in the music video.

In any case, Team Brother School got more points.

They will receive tomango.

Bring in the tomango.

– What? – It’s a basket!

What is that?

– They are getting so many. – Those are a lot of tomatoes.

Do we get the entire basket?

How does a tomato taste like a mango?

Hee Mi, do you think we played well?

Let’s play again when we have a chance.

– All right. – Hee Mi, you played better than us.

It was nice.

Jang Mi, how was it?

It wasn’t bad.

– Thank you. – Let’s meet up…

for a drink.

A drink?

Sir. Sir.

He couldn’t shake off his habit.

So Ri, Sun Young, and Yoon Ju, you transferred to the school today.

How was it?

Firstly, I have so much fun…

every time I visit.

I have so much fun. I will visit next year as well.

I am visiting every year.

– You are right. – Yes.

– You are welcome anytime. – Okay.

It was really nice today.

I met a lot of good people.

– Are you embarrassed? – Isn’t that too sudden?

Ho Dong, it was nice to meet you.

All right. So Ri, how was it?

It’s the first time I played like in a sober state.

I can sympathize.

Thank you so much for playing with us passionately.

– Thank you. – It was fun.

Thank you for coming.

(Come here.)

(Who is being so loud?)

(Congratulations on the new year!)

(Yunho and DinDin)

(Finally, TVXQ and Dongs’ Fun Dance Class met.)

(Good sayings pour out.)

(It’s the price of a dad’s loneliness.)

(DinDin is sick and tired of wise sayings.)

(How was Universal Hip Hoppers?)

(Hee Chul called me late at night.)

(Kyung Hoon called me too.)

(Did Kyung Hoon call?)

(He said he can’t do it.)

(This is the producer’s swag.)

(A spoonful of passion gets added.)

(Yunho and Ho Dong are on a roll!)

(Find the Liar!)

(To spot a lie,)

(they have a fierce discussion.)

(If you are lying…)

(I like the members…)

(of Men on a Mission!)

(What will be the result of this psychological warfare?)

(The team that showed the best ceremonies…)

(He suddenly shows passion.)

(I guessed the snack right!)


(How will be the day of the popular transfer students…)

(who filled the classroom with passion?)

(Men on a Mission)

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