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Knowing Brother Episode 264 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Knowing Brother Episode 264 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Knowing Bros Episode 264

(Filmed in accordance with COVID-19 prevention policies.)

– I spaced out for a moment. – Ring, ring.

– Gosh, that surprised me. – Yeong Cheol’s here.

– He announces himself. – Yeong Cheol.

– Didn’t you miss me? – Welcome back.

– You did great. – Thanks for returning safely.

He called me the most. Four times.

He called me four times.

Why are you keeping track of that?

Your hair’s calmed down.

– I haven’t cut it for two weeks. – It grew a lot.

– Yes, my hair grew a lot. – Your face grew longer too.

I lost weight since I was sleeping 8 or 9 hours a day.

I ended up losing weight. Sleeping a lot makes you lose weight.

He’s the epitome of celebrities without worry.

– Without a worry. – Your skin got better too.

I have no worries.

The most important thing…

is that we learned how difficult it is to sit in your seat.

– He couldn’t live up to it, right? – What?

– Sang Min couldn’t do it, right? – Sang Min, how was it?

The new transfers are right there in front of you.

How do you do so well up there?

(The praise makes him blush.)

Now that you’ve tried sitting there, you know hard it is to sit up front.

– Of course. – Everyone has their own spot.

– Everyone has their own spot. – We learned how valuable he is.

Come hither.

Right when you were talking about how valuable I am. Who is it?

Come hither.

– Who is that? – Who’s that?

– What is it? It’s so noisy. – DinDin.

– What’s going on? – It’s Yunho.

– What’s going on. – Yunho.

– It’s Yunho from TVXQ. – DinDin!


It’s so noisy already, and the year’s only just begun.

Yunho, welcome to our school.

Hey! Everyone, happy new year!

(Happy new year!)

If you’re TVXQ,

I’m part of Dongs’ Fun Dance Class.

It’s crazy today.

Let us introduce ourselves first.

I’m from I’m Grateful to Men on a Mission High.

I’m the king on the stage, Yunho, from TVXQ.

– Yunho. – The king on the stage.

I’m from I’m Really Grateful to Yunho High.

I’m the mental pillar of Universal Hip Hoppers,


– Welcome. – Nice to meet you.

He’s part of the original TVXQ that the Dongs were based on.

– That’s right. – He’s the originator…

of Dongs’ Fun Dance Class.

DinDin’s the producer for Universal Hip Hoppers.

– That’s right. He’s our producer. – Right.

Universal Hip Hoppers, Dongs’ Fun Dance Class,

we need to throw all those out the window now.

– We’re Advice for Good Fortune. – Advice for Good Fortune.

– What’s that? – That was so sudden.

– What is that? – What are you talking about?

– What is it? – We’re starting it today.

So from Dong’s Fun Dance Class to Universal Hip Hoppers,

– is it an After School Activity? – Yes, it is.

What is it?

– My gosh. – What is it?

That means I’m doing one with Yeong Cheol?

(The only two who are left are Sang Min and Yeong Cheol.)

(It gives them the chills just thinking about it.)

– My goodness. – I hate this.

Our school really does have a lot of passion.

It’s new. Advice for Good Fortune.

Yunho, you said you were grateful to Men on a Mission.

What are you grateful for?

This is my second time on Men on a Mission.

Before I came on the first time, young people didn’t know TVXQ.

– Teenagers. – Exactly.

But after being on Men on a Mission,

my super-charged passionate side was revived as a character,

and a lot of young people started to recognize me.

I think all of this started…

– on Men on a Mission. – I see.

Whenever I’m taking a break, Men on a Mission brings me up.

It’s not like I’m a regular member of the cast or anything,

but it feels like I keep coming on as a secondary character.

Ho Jun referred to you when he was on the show.

(He throws out one of Yunho’s famous lines.)

– That’s right. – Yes, he brought you up.

Then Soo Young said I was her natural-born enemy.

Soo Young’s nickname is…

(Yunho’s natural enemy)

Of the SuperM guys, there was Tae Yong.

Tae Yong’s dream is simply…


You saw every episode.

Of course, I have to watch all of the Men on a Mission.

That’s because it’s important to know your roots.

– I see. – He’s started again.

It’s Yunho’s first wise saying.

– “Know your roots.” – I’m looking forward to this.

Where do my roots begin?

It all begins with Ho Dong.

(The Yunho tree)

He’s my rival in passion.

A passion rival.

– A rival in passion. – He’s my passion rival.

But DinDin, straighten your shoulders.

You’re taking up so little of the tablespace.

(There’s a big difference in the amount of space they occupy.)

– DinDin. – It’s okay, DinDin.


– Come here. – Take your share of the podium.

– Here, you can stand here. – You should split it half-half.

How can I come closer when he put his bag there?

(DinDin loses ground due to Yunho’s passion.)

This is going too far.

It was better when I was here with So Ra.

It was awkward but…

The two of you.

Are the two of you close?

– We’re good friends. – We’re close.

– How did you get close? – How did you become friends?

I first met Yunho when we were filming for “Dunia”.

After that,

he kept in touch personally, and we met up often.

He paid a lot of attention to me.

But what I’m really curious about…

is that scene from “Dunia” that became really popular.

It was when Yunho was dead,

but he moved.

– At his funeral. – Did you see that footage?

(Footage obtained from MBC)

(Yunho’s funeral, to grieve his death from a dinosaur attack)

(DinDin approaches to commemorate Yunho’s death.)

– Look, he’s supposed to be dead. – He’s crying.

There, he moves.

– That’s enough to revive anyone. – My goodness.

That surprised him.

Is that the footage that was aired?

– It was… – It wasn’t cut out?

– That was so funny. – I was praying…

to send Yunho off into the afterlife,

and I didn’t realize where my hands had landed.

Suddenly, I saw that they were somewhere they shouldn’t be.

And even though Yunho was dead, his hand went like this.

It was because… You know.

I was acting,

and I was thinking that I was dead, that I needed to act dead.

But there’s one spot that men need to protect.

But because a strong object pushed down on that spot…

– But you were dead. – I was dead, but…

You lacked passion.

I did hold back at first.

But DinDin displayed so much emotion,

pushing down on them like that over and over.

Before I knew it,

I was trying to push him away.

(The limits of his passion were exceeded.)

I think first impressions are important.

It lets people develop good feelings towards one another.

Was DinDin influenced by Yunho musically after you met?

This is what I thought after meeting DinDin.

I want him to be a rapper who won’t confuse self-esteem with pride.

– Here he goes again. – The second wise saying.

“Don’t confuse self-esteem with self-confidence.”

– From roots to self-esteem. – Well…

Don’t self-esteem and pride come from the same place?

No, they don’t.

Pride relies on the judgments of others.

It comes from a sense of inferiority.

But self-esteem is something that allows you to check yourself.

– You don’t check on others. – Other people don’t matter.

It allows you to move forward…

based on what you personally believe to be right.

It’s a clear message.

So you’re saying the two have different roots?

Yes, they’re different.

Maybe you should go on “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller” instead.

Yunho, do you think DinDin has self-esteem or pride?

I looked through some old videos.

Videos from “Show Me the Money 2”.

Wow, Yunho actually looked those up just for me.

In those videos, he was…

– I was a Mom’s credit card rapper. – Yes, a Mom’s card rapper.

– He had so much stuff then. – Right.

But now he’s different.

– He’s very plain. – He doesn’t need stuff.

He knows he can influence others just by his words.

Now I think he’s a real rapper.

If they know each other this well, they don’t just work together,

but meet each other often as friends.

– We do meet often as friends. – That’s how they got close.

I always see Yunho on his birthday.

– Two years ago, we met up. – That’s right.

I told him I’d be there…

and showed up to a jazz bar with a stage.

There were 18 men there.

– They were all his Gwangju friends. – That’s right.

We were all congratulating him when he said we should perform.

On the spot, at that bar.

I called my manager, who sent over the track for “DinDin is DinDin,”

turned the song on, and sang, “Yunho is Yunho.”

– “Yunho is Yunho.” – I was so moved then.

– At the jazz bar. – It’s not even his 70th birthday.

Why go so far?

But everyone at the jazz bar,

– including the other customers, – They liked it?

(They sang along, “Yunho is Yunho.”)

– all sang along. – All together?

Everyone, join me in saying, “Yunho is Yunho.”

Yunho is Yunho. Say what.

– Yunho is Yunho. – Say what.

Yunho is Yunho.

(Yunho steps up.)

– Yunho is Yunho. – Everyone joined in.

I got excited too,

and I seized the moment to dance furiously too.

So 20 men did this, and then what happened?

– Tell us exactly what happened. – Yes, be clear about the end.

So after that,

we went to a sundae soup joint,

Yunho barely drinks too.

ate some sundae soup, and ended it there.

– That’s amazing. – So Yunho’s friends…

traveled that far to see a DinDin concert?

– They came all the way to Seoul. – It’s a rare opportunity.

– They came all the way to Seoul. – All the way to Seoul.

– It must’ve been fun, military fun. – It must’ve been fun though.

You seem to have a lot of best friends, Yunho.

There’s Chang Min…

Chang Min is family,

and I was friends with Ho Jun…

from before our debut,

when we were in high school, and then we became celebrities.

– So you’re friends. – He’s a good friend.

The person who became my best friend after I started working…

is DinDin.

– You don’t have anyone else? – He’s your best friend?

He’s your best friend ever?

The best friend you’ve made after debuting?

– Of course it’s DinDin. – Really?

Chang Min, Ho Jun, and DinDin can’t swim,

but have fallen into deep water.

I’ll be the one to die. I heard what I needed to hear.

He’d rather die in that case.

I’ll just leave this as my last will and testament.

Yunho’s best friend, DinDin, passed away in this spot.

All three of them can’t swim a lick.

Your stamina will only allow you to rescue one of them.

– Yes, who will it be? – If that’s the case,

I’ll rescue all three of them even if it costs me my life.

You need to get through with your own willpower.

What pest is the most harmful to human beings?

– The pest of not trying hard. – Yes, instead of not trying,

we need to do our best and save everyone.

But they’re too far away.

Those are just excuses. You won’t know until you try.

It’s one, nothing now.

(Rival in passion)

– Ho Dong lost. – You won’t know till you try.

– If you try and fail, that’s it. – Yunho’s right.

– Ho Dong was wrong. – You have to try, at least.

– And… – The question was wrong.

I’m also in the wrong for falling and making Yunho rescue me.

You did something wrong?

I shouldn’t have fallen in.

Ho Dong, what if…

Soo Geun, Seung Gi, and Ji Won have fallen into the water.

– The three of us are drowning? – Who will you rescue?

If I save just one person,

the other two will feel incredibly sad…

as they pass on into the afterlife.

– That’s true. – Right?

I think I’ll just ignore them all.

– All three of them? – You’ll ignore them all?


Save me.

He’ll just ignore them.

No one in our school can swim.

– Kyung Hoon, who would you save? – Kyung Hoon?

– Just one person. – Everyone…

in the school is drowning.

– Kyung Hoon, save me. – But if that’s the case,

we’d have to assume that you and I would die,

Ho Dong.

(Ho Dong and I would die.)

We’re too heavy to rescue.

– That’s true. – But you float in the water.

We’d be too heavy anyway.

But the water level might not be deep enough for you to die.

The rest of us are drowning, but you’re like this.

– That’s true. – That’s possible.

If the water’s only two meters deep,

it would just come up to here on you, Jang Hoon.

You’d end up like this. That makes sense too.

You can cross the ocean on tiptoe like this.

(Cross the ocean like this.)

But seriously, I swim the best…

out of all of us, so that would never happen.

In 2021, let’s all be careful around water.

That’s all we wanted to say.

Our friend DinDin…

took two people who were the dunces of the rap world,

– and led them through the fire. – That’s true.

– It must’ve been really tough. – That’s true.

And at our Closing Ceremony too.

(Thanks to DinDin and these two dunces’ efforts,)

(the closing performance of “Hanryang” was a success.)

DinDin must’ve put in so much effort.

– He’s really about to cry. – He’s going to cry.

(It was really tough.)

That song was meant for your own regular album, no?

– You didn’t write them a new one? – It was meant for my regular album.

It was meant for his own album.

I wrote the song to include in my next album.

You should’ve made them a new song. You have no creativity.

– That’s right. – They should’ve gotten a new song.

Why are you handing them your own song?

Should he have made them a new song?

– Yunho, what do you think? – You really shouldn’t say that.

Why not?

There were a couple of times when I really almost cried…

while working with Universal Hip Hoppers.

– It was that tough? – It was so tough.

– What was it? – Hee Chul…

has so many ideas.

He’ll keep texting me at 3 or 4 in the morning.

“Hey, I just thought of this. Let’s do it!”

I’m a busy person too.

I have work too. I’ll get a call when I’m on “2 Days 1 Night”.

“Let’s do this, let’s do that.”

Hee Chul, I’m shooting something. “I know you don’t have work.”

(“I know you don’t have work.”)

He keeps contacting me, and I put everything in.

– Kyung Hoon called me… – He called you?

and said he can’t do it.

I knew it. I knew it.

– Of course. – I knew it.

That’s Kyung Hoon.

He’d never call to say he’ll do his best.

– I seriously… – He doesn’t change.

was very tired.

Why did he say he’d give up?

He said he’d never tried to rap.

So he couldn’t make it.

The “du du” part was cool.

Do you know what he said when I told him that?

He said, “You’re joking, right?”

– You were awesome with it! – That’s a bit weird.

– It must’ve been tiring for you. – Yes. it was so tiring.

It must’ve been very tiring for you.

Now, forget the past and…

go for “Advice for Good Fortune”!

Oh, seriously.

They’re promoting their show as much as they can.

Everything will be on air.

How was the result of the release of “Hanryang”?

After releasing the song and the music video,

it has now reached 4 million views.

I had a call with Lee Soo Man for more than an hour talking about it.

PSY shared it in his SNS.

PSY and Lee Soo Man both called me.

DinDin, so this song was previously on your track.

– “Hanryang”. – Is there a version of yours?

– Yes, there is. – Oh, then…

– Can we hear it? – Let’s go.

– DinDin is the coolest on stage. – Show us!

– Let’s go! – Yes, producer!


(DinDin’s version of “Hanryang”)


(Come hither)

Yo, DinDin!

(Hanryang remix, let’s get it.)

(Sing along, Turn on the music)

(DuDu’s turn)

(Waking up babies in “Sweet Dreams”)

(But what’s even more famous are the Universal Hip Hoppers)

(Heave ho!)

(Heave ho!)

(Heave ho! Heave ho!)

– Nice! – Heave ho, swag!

The song itself was good.

– It’s so good. – Hey, DinDin!

– “Hanryang”! – Your rap was nice.

How is the song overseas?

They upload many reaction videos…

about the music video.

– I see. – They do reaction videos a lot.

I saw the first uploaded reaction video.

It was about one couple watching our music video.

There were a few points which I predicted to go viral.

I always told Kyung Hoon that he was playing the main part.

“I’m on my way home, carried on a floral chair”, will go viral.

But he said it sounded like traditional Korean ballad.

I told Kyung Hoon that his “du du” part will go viral.

So the couple was watching it…

and at “carried on a floral chair”, the man…

(Feeling the rhythm)

fell down with a great reaction.

(I’m on my way home, carried on a floral chair)

(Feeling the rhythm)

– He’s murdering it! – He’s hot!

DinDin, you didn’t notice him but…

he’s the LA branch manager of Buzz fan club.

(No way)

No, no.

He’s the LA branch manager.

He’s very active.

In Los Angeles.

He’s the Southern California branch manager of Buzz fan club.

I felt so proud after watching this video.

So I shared it right away to Kyung Hoon.

I said, “See? I was right. I said your part will go viral.”

Then, what did he say?

He said, “It’s late. You should go to bed.”

(“It’s late. You should go to bed.)

– Why are you talking about… – You were disappointed, right?

our private conversation here.

– It’s amazing that he replied. – Yes.

– I felt thankful. – Of course.

Did you two come here…

to show off your friendship?

Actually, after a very long time,

I’m releasing my new solo 2nd mini-album in January.

– I see. – Let’s give him an applause!

(Congratulations on your comeback!)

– So was it a coincidence? – Coincidence?

You were already scheduled with our show.

Yes, it was a coincidence.

I was to come to talk about our friendship.

What’s the genre of your album?

There’s a name after it.

– What is it? – Noir.

– Oh, my. – Noir.

There are 6 tracks, and I made a music video for each.

– For every track. – Himself.

I made all of them. The main track’s genre…

is noir.

Hwang Jung Min is the main actor of the music video.

Lee Jung Hyun of “Mr. Sunshine”…

who acted as a villain also comes out in my music video.

In the melodramatic version,

Shin Ye Eun who was the main actress of “More Than Friends” is cast.

For all of them to be in your music video,

don’t you need to sell a house?

But I seriously feel thankful…

– especially to Jung Min because… – He didn’t get paid?

he didn’t receive anything.

Oh, my “Hush”.

– Seriously. – How do you know him?

Jung Min was in the same class with me in middle school.

– Yes. – I see.

But I can’t call him.

– I know, I mean… – Do you know why?

– Why? – I don’t have his number.

For me…

in “Ode to My Father” film,

– You acted as Nam Jin there. – Yes, I did.

– I was a cameo. – Yes, you were in that movie.

Not many people know this.

(Yun Ho as a cameo)

(Aren’t you Nam Jin?)

(I’m too famous for you to recognize me even in the war.)

After 6 or 7 years,

he said he remembered me helping out the film.

– He’s so cool. – He’s lives by loyalty.

Did you go and ask him for a favor?

– Yes. – He’s a real brother.

He said, “You can produce and…”

“I will help you to not shame you.”

– He’s so cool. – He just finished the arrangement.

– No pay? – Yes, no pay.

Lee Soo Man was also surprised at first.

What did you say?

What did he say when you told him you wanted to shoot 6 music videos?

He said, “Then, you can harmonize all the noir in the world!”

He was supportive. So I was excited.

I told him, “I searched noir in Asia.”

Then, I shared the video.

I sent the noir videos of Europe…

and Korea. I sent him all of them.

At first, his replies were long.

Eventually, his replies got shorter.

Right. So he texted me and asked,

“How do I deactivate this messenger?”

So, later…

I said,

“It’s almost completed.”

Then he replied, “Good, good, good.”

He also prefers talking…

than listening.


He normally leads the conversation.

I can relate to Lee Soo Man.


Yun Ho texts me all of a sudden.

He says, “Starting my first challenge.”

He shared a video of his dance practice.

It was cool so I replied,

“This is cool. What is this for?”

Then he said, “I’ll do these challenges now.”

Next week, he texts, “My second challenge”.

– He texts me again. – He’s started.

He shared a video of him singing “A Glass of Soju”.

Oh, yes. He did!

So I replied, “What is this? It doesn’t look like a music video.”

He then said. “It’s my recent challenge.”

– He sends them like that. – There’s more.

After 3 days, I got another message, “My 3rd challenge”.

I didn’t know what to say.

The next day, I received a text, “My fourth challenge”.

I seriously had nothing to say.

So I replied, “I’ll see you at Men on a Mission!”

So that’s why he replied to me like that.

I thought he felt touched.

I saw his passion next to him.

I thought…

“Chang Min is amazing.”

As he works every day with him, he must feel tired.

– So I thought he was cool. – Chang Min is also very passionate.

– Yes, he’s passionate. – Last time, in…

“Cool Kiz on the Block”, we saw his tears.

– He’s super competitive. – No joke.

Didn’t Chang Min tell you?

He cried because Ho Dong scolded him a lot.

– I saw that too. – We promised not to say this.

Oh, that wasn’t on air?

– It’s my mistake. – Yes.

– Actually… – Oh, my.

Take care of your cameras.

I need to delete everything.

(Don’t spill a word.)

– Chang Min is very passionate. – That’s why you two can work.

We both make it and have it.

Yun Ho knows Ho Dong so well.

So he called me and said, “Since Ho Dong might not know…”

“some dance moves, I’ll prepare everything from A to Z.”

– Everything. – If he’s here,

it means he’s prepared everything.

Let’s ask him first.

It’s too late.

The fact that he’s here…

means he’ll show us.

It means he’s ready.

Let’s see Yun Ho’s passion!

– Yes! – Let’s get it!

– Let’s get it! – Passion Mansour!

Turn on the music, please.

It must be cool.

Drop the beat.

(Watch carefully)

(Supporters are here.)

(Kasper, choreographer of TVXQ, EXO, and more)

(Choi Jung Sub, choreographer of TVXQ, BoA, and more)

(Passion has tripled up.)

(Let’s go!)

Oh, my!

(They’re like shadow clones!)

(Adjusting power)

(Genuinely amazed)

What’s that? Is it done?

It’s finished?

(Where are you going?)

They’re leaving like this?

(Exiting the class)

They’re leaving like this?

This was also the part of the performance.

Now it’s DinDin’s turn.

I’m the only guest today.

– It was so cool. – You came alone, DinDin?

– Did he leave? – Did he leave?

– Goodness. – You were so cool.

– Oh, wow. – I just said goodbye to them.


He left because…

he didn’t show himself being tired.

You took a breather.

What did you want to say through this dance?

– I said there was something noir. – Yes.

It’s the process of how…

the man portrays his anger.

I tried to show all the emotions in this dance.

Is that all? Don’t you have more?

No, he still has the energy of passion.

– I… – It’s not yet the end.

There must be something more since he came back.

I’m going to show a dance we can do together in Men on a Mission.

– How are we going to do that? – Let’s do it together.

We’re going to dance an easy but trendy dance.

That’s good.

Yes, we have to dance it during Ho Dong’s party.

Teach us.

Can I show you from beginning to end then teach you later?

– Yes. – I’ll show you.

I’m curious what the title of this dance might be.

A point choreography.

(“Loco (House Party)” by Yunho)

– Come on. – Goodness.

(You said it was easy and trendy.)

Come on.

He’s going to dance something easy now.

(It’s very easy, isn’t it?)

(Look, it’s easy.)

Oh, come on!

(It’s easy only for you.)

No way.

That’s impossible.

(We don’t know what was easy, but it was trendy.)

The only person who can do this is Dongs’ Fun Dance Class.

– Kyung Hoon or the Fun Dance Class. – Maybe Kyung Hoon can do it.

– We’re going to follow that? – The easiest I’ve seen recently.

I told you I was going to show you the point here.

– What was the point? – It’s called the handle dance.

Kyung Hoon’s going to learn it.

Grab this.

There will be a point where it sings “woo”.

Let’s all grab it all together.


Isn’t this a “Dunia” dance?

– No. – A resurrection after death dance.

“Dunia” dance.

– It’s a “Dunia” dance. – Actually, this is…

my song.

– It’s called “Loco”. – “Loco.”

– It means crazy in Spanish. – “Loco”.

Since it’s “Loco”, we enjoy it as much as we can.

It’s not about getting the moves right.

When I was in middle school and I wanted to pee so bad,

I used to do that in the elevator while it was going up.

It’s similar. That’s how it started.

You know how I make choreography while taking a shower.

I see.

This was also made in a similar way.

– It’s called a handle dance. – On a bus.

You do it when you’re on a bus and you’re just passing time.

– Let’s do it all together. – Yes, let’s try.

If it’s a bus, Soo Geun and I have to dance like this.

– You can’t reach it. – What are you talking about?

We can dance while holding the pole.

In my opinion, if the guys in Men on a Mission…

can all do it,

– then everyone can do it. – Okay.

I keep seeing Ho Dong.

– No, I can’t. – Just try it.

We should just dance all together to the music.

Please give him a round of applause.

A round of applause, please.

– We go left and right. – Yes, to the left.

– TVXQ and Dongs’ Fun Dance Class. – That’s right.

– He’s good. – You’re good.

– I know this much. – He can move to the rhythm.

It’s TVXQ and Dongs’ Fun Dance Class.

– Just dance it during the “woo”. – Show us.

Let’s start from the left. Let’s go.


(He does pretty well.)

Let’s do it one more time.

All together.

– All together. – Put your hands up.

– That was great. – To Dongs’ Fun Dance Class!


(Dongs’ Fun Dance Class lives up to its name.)

Dongs’ Fun Dance Class it is.

– This was a song in the album. – Yes, just a song.

This is about a boss at the workplace.

This is the comedy part of “Noir”.

– When do we enroll? – Right now.

– Enrollment form? – Do you have anything for the EF?

He’s going to show something.

– Soo Geun. – Yes?

Here you go.

Just like that without any passion? Really, Yunho?

What’s he doing?

– What are you doing? – Didn’t he do this before?

He is long-legged.

(A bus pole delivery instead of an enrollment form)

What is this? What’s going on?

(A perfect ending too)

– You didn’t let us down. – That was great.

– He never gives it ordinarily. – Of course.

Don’t turn right away. Your eyes have become too red.

You look a bit exhausted now,

so don’t show it to the viewers.

His face looks a bit tired.

– Your eyes are red like a rabbit’s. – It’s very red.

– It’s coming back now. – It’s okay now.

Open it now.

(Pretending nothing happened)

Do you come back just ordinarily?

– No, he won’t. – I’ll catch your bag.

(Sending his bag first)

He’s really amazing.

– Grab him again. – That’s funny.


Yunho, this dance is trending.

I won’t show you yet.

– He didn’t get down ordinarily too. – I won’t turn yet.

– About 15 seconds. – Don’t ever show that you’re tired.

I think you can turn now.

– It’s okay now. – The enrollment form.

For the enrollment form, their names are Yunho and DinDin.

For the nickname…

Yunho has so many nicknames.

We’re very familiar with Passion Mansour.

I know this too. It’s Invention King.

Invention King?

The masks in “SBS Entertainment Awards”…

were made by you, right? Do you remember, Sang Min?

– Our own face. – The one exactly like Mr. Paik.

– He’s the Invention King. – This one?

It’s this.

– It’s upside down. – Upside down.

It almost became inhumane.

– Inhumane. – This is how it looks.

On shows, it sprays without masks.

– I wanted to show more smiles. – It’s even scarier.

It’s nerve-wracking.

I lost some weight.

– It’s… – It looks great.

This is what I did, and I found this in the “Entertainment Awards”.

So I thought that it worked.

– You’re right. – I felt proud when I saw it.

I was proud when I saw that those were made by me.

But isn’t DinDin’s father the original Invention King?

My dad has a few patents.

– Really? – The lift for the disabled.

It’s installed in every KTX station.

– It was made by my dad. – That’s amazing.

DinDin’s nickname is…

Impotent Din. That’s what it says.

– It’s Impotent Din? – Impotent Din.

Kyung Hoon thought I made it up.

– He looked at me all surprised. – I was really surprised.

During “My Little Television”, there was a family medicine doctor.

He said, “DinDin, if you keep smoking,”

“then by the age of 50, you could become impotent.”

They cut the previous statement,

and news came out saying, “DinDin becomes impotent.”

(So provocative)

It became chaos. People were saying they knew it,

that I should change my name to DanDan.

(DinDin becomes DanDan)

Time passed, and it was forgotten. But in “2 Days 1 Night”,

an oriental medicine doctor…

said I was a Soyang type.

He said Soyang persons usually have weak reproductive organs.

I am now acknowledged by the East and West…

to have weak reproductive organs.

It’s now time for the strengths of our two friends.


Yunho’s strength is throwing, receiving, breaking, and receiving.

– What is that? – What’s this?

– Think about it. – Receiving.

– Throwing. – Throwing.

– Breaking. – Breaking.

Then receiving again.

– Throwing and breaking again. – Receiving too.

Is it juggling?

– What is it? – I’m confident about gonggi.

Gonggi is for Soo Geun.

Soo Geun is really good at gonggi.

Think about it carefully.

When I first came here, I played Jegi…

and ended in humiliation.

(Replaying the moment of humiliation)

(Only 3)

(What is this?)

So I thought a lot at home…

what I could be better at than most people.

You think about it? That’s amazing.

I’m really confident with gonggi.

– But Soo Geun is really good. – I heard about that.

– That was the case for jegi. – What will you do if you lose?

If I lose, I’ll grant one wish by Men on a Mission.

– What if you win? – And if you win?

If I win,

let me show you my new song.

I got a wish for when we win.

You’re advertising for an app these days.

– Yes. – Right?

I’m going to make an order on that app, so you should come.

(f I order a delivery on that app, you should come.)

– You come to our house. – You deliver it.

– Wear the exact same clothes… – Yes.

and come as fast as you can.

I’ll do that if you wish.

– You keep it. – Sure.

Here is the place for gonggi.

Jang Hoon.

How do we play this game?

– I’ll explain the rules. – Okay.

We’re supposed to make 5 points from level 1 to 5.

But if I stopped at level one,

then I can continue from there.

The person to reach five points faster…

becomes the winner.

– We can all do it, right? – I see.

Until you get five points at once.

– Who wants to go first? – I’ll do it on my own.

What about DinDin? Where will you stand?

I’ll do it on my own too.

If I win, let Yunho perform his new song.

Then you two can team up.

You try as much as you can.

– You do it all. – And at the breaking…

– Even if you fail, we can go on. – That’s right.

– Am I right? – All right.

Soo Geun, you can’t fail in level 1 or 2.

– Why not? – The others can’t do it well.

You should make an effort.

– You should take up the challenge. – Such passion.

Why are you out of passion?

Give them some advice.

Don’t define your limits before you even start.

– That was real. – He learned something.

– He’s right. – My gosh.

He’s already lost.

Ready? Start.

He’s slow.

– You’re doing great. – Good job.

Don’t try to hurry.

It’s important to succeed.

– He’s good. – Soo Geun is really good.

Success is what’s important.

It’s about success.

Hurry up.

– It’s level 3. – Level 3.

You can do level three.

You can do it.

Hurry up with level three.

– It’s Yeong Cheol. – That’s good.

– That’s a good position. – It’s a good start.

– Yeong Cheol is good too. – Goodness.

– He did the reverse. – Reverse is okay.

– He failed. – Kim Yeong Cheol.

– It’s strange because it’s timed. – The people on the sides…

– kept looking at me. – He’s good.

– Level four. – He got it.

He got it.

He did.

Level four is difficult.

– This is making me nervous. – It is, isn’t it?

What are you going to do?

– What are you doing? – It’s level four.

Darn it.

– Hurry up. – Hurry.

– Isn’t it like this? – We’re so bad at this.

– Hurry up. – He’s really bad.

Move aside. We don’t have time.

Hurry, Jang Hoon.

– Is it like this? – Throw it while you’re talking.


– Darn it. – He failed.

– It’s my turn again, isn’t it? – Go ahead.

– That’s level four? – He did it.

Now the breaking.

– My goodness! – Gosh!

– Where did it go? – I caught it all.

– This is nerve-wracking. – Hurry up.

– You have focus until the end. – Focus.


Hurry up, it’s Yeong Cheol.

– It’s hard. – I want to get it right.

Go on.

Good job.

– They’re so bad. – I did it.

It’s not easy to do it here.

– If you place it here, – I can’t see it properly.

– Don’t shake it. – I won’t.

I’ll start now.

(My goodness!)


– What’s wrong? – You can’t hold this.

You failed.

Stop bothering me.

You’re doing it alone.

It’s more convenient to do it alone.

(Why, you!)

If someone is beside you, you won’t be able to do it.

– It’s harder than it looks. – It’s level three now.

Hey, the ball.

It’s better to do it alone.

Yes, it is.

– He’s fast. – He did it.

Soo Geun should’ve done it on his own.

Yunho might not be able to do it.


Yunho might not be able to do it.


Just don’t be distracted.

It’s disadvantageous for Yunho because he’s tall.

– Just don’t hurry. – He’s sloppy.

No, he isn’t.

– He’s good. – Just don’t be in a hurry.


He’s shaking.

He’s shaking a bit right now.

It’s fine only if…

– he won’t make any mistakes. – He’s actually good.

– He just has to not make mistakes. – He’s good.

– He’s good. – Just keep going like that.

Keep going on.

– Keep going. – It’s his left hand.

(With his left hand?)

It’s his left hand.

Keep going.

– Great job, Yunho. – Yunho!

– A great performance. – Yunho!

– It was 19 seconds. – In just 19 seconds.

– It’s because he did it alone. – That was great.

Let’s have Soo Geun try it on his own.

– For 19 seconds? Start. – Soo Geun, go for 18 seconds.

– I started wrong. – How did he do that?

– He touched it. – Come on.

– Come on. – Do it again.

I’ll start again.

He’s fast.

Level two. My goodness.

What a loser.

Gosh, Soo Geun. What is going on here?

This is…

I thought it was level three.

I thought I was in level three.

Go on, Yunho.

– This is Yunho. – You can do it like that.

What is the title?

– It’s “Thank U”. – “Thank U”.

Is this the song where Jung Min appears.

“Thank U”

– Here’s “Thank U”. – For me.

(“Thank U” by Yunho)


(Full of the noir atmosphere)

(An exquisite harmony of smoothness and discipline)

It looks like we can follow that, but we can’t.

(Ho Dong is amazed.)

Jang Hoon said this at the back.

“It must be really fun if you could move that freely.”

Let’s greet each other like that from now on.

“Thank you for the food, ma’am.”

Thank you.

(“Thank U” challenge)

– We should do that. – Sounds good.

– MC DuDu. – DuDu.

– MC HeeHee. – HeeHee.


(Korea is famous for ginseng.)

(The more famous one)

(Universal Hip Hoppers)

The producer of this song, DinDin.

Look forward to his question.

Your introduction was that long?

That’s verse one.

– There is someone I respect… – Yes.

more than my dad. Who is that person?

And guess why I respect that person.

Not your dad but Hyun Do.

– Reason? – He always said to DinDin.

“Except you,”

“I dislike everyone else.”

“I dislike everyone else.”

What is that dance?

– “Turn Around and Look at Me.” – Oh, yes.

– I got it. – That was good.

Hyun Do is the one who composed “Tell Me”.

It’s been 20 years, but they still talk about “Tell Me”.

That’s why you respect him.

That’s quite right,

but I have someone I respect even more.

– The three waves. – Hyun Do is your CEO.

You respect this person more than your CEO?

– More than his dad. – I respect this person…

the most among all the people I’ve met in my life.

– Who could it be? – It’s not me, is it?

– What? – Nothing.

I think it’s a rapper.

It is a rapper.

– A rapper? – I got it.

– Is it Sleepy? – Why?

Because you saw Sleepy trying his best to overcome it all.

That’s right. Sleepy made an attempt for trot this time.

So he released a song called “Santa!” recently.

– Isn’t that like “Brother, Tess”? – No.

(Dear Santa! What’s wrong with Rudolph?)

– He does say “Dear Santa”. – It’s too similar.

But I produced it.

– Really? – Soo Geun composed one too.

– “Brother, Mus”. – What is that?

(Tell me how my love will go)

(Dear Nostradamus)

(Composing a song on the spot)

(Brother Mus! Brother Nostradamus!)

(We can’t even use that on our hair.)

That’s good.

I got it. It’s actually Yunho.

– What? – It’s because…

some might think Yunho’s doing it only for a character.

But he’s more passionate when you meet privately.

You saw Yunho who would never get tired.

So you decided that you wanted to be a person who was the same…

– whether there’s a camera or not. – Consistency.


It is Yunho.

I got it. You’ve always wanted to join SM.

(Go on.)

You chose Lee Soo Man among all other companies.

Soo Man! Wow!

It was Yunho who opened that way.

It’s Lee Hyun Do again.

Why is that dance so funny?

He keeps answering to do that.

Gosh, this isn’t a specialty.

– That was a great rhyme. – It’s your specialty.

– The reason is… – Reason?

his lifestyle habits.

(A respect from seeing his daily habits)

I started to respect him after watching his daily habits.

Maybe it’s something like this. He goes to a bar,

and he invites everyone on your birthday.

When your dad drank,

he would come home drunk.

But you’ve never seen Yunho drunk.

I got it. Yunho actually can’t drink that well.

– Really? – He turns red.

But if he’s in a position where he has to drink,

he would never get drunk no matter how much he drinks.

His passion controls his mind too.

(I’m correct, right?)

It’s after that.

It’s the continuation after that.

Your dad comes home empty-handed after he drinks.

But Yunho always buys fried chicken.

(Yunho comes home with chicken.)

“DinDin, here you go.”

It’s the day after he drinks.

The day after?

He never showed any sign of drinking during his scheduled appointment.

Ho Dong is correct.

(He never shows any signs of drinking.)

He knows how to drink.

I knew it.

– We’re the passion rivals. – That’s amazing.

To be more specific,

when my dad drinks, he becomes tired.

Of course.

He’s also a CEO.

He would say, “Darn it, whatever.”

He sometimes says that.

It’s good that you like Yunho.

Aren’t you talking bad about your dad too much?

– My dad does that. – Every time he drinks?

There are times he lets it go.

But Yunho, if it’s someone’s special day,

even if he has work the next day,

– he joins them no matter what. – No matter what.

Then when I see him the next day,

he looks completely fine.

– He’s a professional. – He’s perfect.

DinDin, does your father know…

that you’re here today with Yunho?

– No, he doesn’t. – Did you tell your father?

– We fought yesterday. – Is it okay…

to air what you said today?

Actually, we got into an argument yesterday.

– Why? – Why?

– He was pushing me too hard. – Why?

Someone I know had a very famous makgeolli.

Let’s say there’s a Rolls Royce makgeolli.

He sent me six bottles…

– for my birthday. – As a gift.

But he called me yesterday.

“Happy new year. Did you get my present?”

He asked me.

But I don’t remember receiving anything.

– No way. – So I thought…

Did he take it?

So I sent a message on our family chat.

“Did you take the makgeolli?”

While I was away filming for “2 Days 1 Night”,

my dad came and took it away.

Oh, no.

So I said he should’ve told me if he took it.

– To your dad? – I could’ve at least thanked him.

I asked him if he knew how expensive those were.

Come on. Do you know how much your father…

– spent for you? – Just for six bottles of makgeolli?

That’s your father. How could you?

Even 60 bottles won’t be enough to express your gratitude.

But because he drank just six bottles…

Fighting over six bottles of makgeolli doesn’t make sense.

We are enjoying all these things…

because our fathers have paid with their loneliness.

– And our mothers aren’t lonely? – DinDin.

I’m on your side.

I think your father has sticky fingers.

I’m 100 percent sure. I’m with you.

Your father is a kleptomaniac.

DinDin, did your father drank up all six bottles?

Dad loved how it tasted,

so he drank them all…

– in just two weeks. – You should have ordered more.

– But I can’t get them. – DinDin.

– Really? That doesn’t make sense. – In that case,

– you should visit the factory… – Right.

– and get them. – Right. He makes no sense.

How did you fight with your father?

I said, “Why didn’t you tell me…”

“after drinking them all.”


– What did he say? – What did your dad say?

Dad said that I told him to take them.

I replied, “If I said so, I’d remember.”

You are terrible.

– In the end, I was… – A bad son.

I said, “It’s all good if you enjoyed them.”

“Switch car tires to snow tires since it’s winter.”

“And tell me afterward.” That was the end.

– Really? – It’s too late for your father.

Your father is already hurt.

This place is scary.

– It’s scary. – You just wouldn’t apologize.

Even the scary Jang Hoon speaks politely to his parents.

Of course. He still gets beaten by his father.

I’m a good son too.

– He still gets scolded. – I’m sorry but…

– DinDin, look at the camera… – Makgeolli isn’t that special.

– and tell your father… – Makgeolli isn’t that expensive.

More than any gifts in the world,

– an earnest word matters, right? – How could you do that?

I want to apologize to him on behalf of you.

If his father loved that makgeolli that much,

he should have asked…

– if he wants more. – “Did you really like it?”

– “Should I get some more?” – Right.

“I didn’t know you love makgeolli this much.”

– Your father… – You said your father…

didn’t go to work…

and stole your drink.

If your father sees this…

It must be his old habit.

Your father might cry for two days.

Old habits die hard.

You should make him fix it, DinDin.

(Clenching his teeth)

You talk to your father a lot, right?

My father is an elder.

He’s elderly?

– How’s that possible? – Your father is an elder at church,

and you said he stole makgeolli?

He’s a hybrid.

My dad was born in 1950!

Stop making fun of him.

You brought it up!

We wouldn’t know about it if you didn’t mention it.

We didn’t even meet him.

– He brought up the makgeolli story. – Exactly.

Let’s talk about Yunho.

How can you respect Yunho more than your father?

So Dad thinks of him as…

– He doesn’t like Yunho? – He’s jealous of him.

– Goodness. – When Yunho is on TV,

– Now his father is jealous. – he would ask,

“Is that the guy?”

– And I’d say he is. – Father, you are a truly…

– amazing person. – Yunho is doing everything.

I’ll do my best to guide DinDin to the right path.

– Thank you. – He’s an elder.

Come on, DinDin.

You made an elder a makgeolli thief.

Aren’t you going to apologize?

Dad, I’m sorry.

I’ll get you more makgeolli. I’m sorry.

– That’s what you should do. – Good.

Your father loves to drink.

Dad, I love you.

You should visit him.

– Yunho. – Is this how it’s going to be?

– Passion Mansour! – Yes!

– Yunho. – Thank you!

– Cover for my dad. – Yunho Ho Dong.


Why did you ask him to cover for your dad?

Father, DinDin really…

tells me all the time that his father is the best.

(Even I regret now)

(It is worthless)

I’ll tell you about my mom next time.

– Sure. – Okay.

Okay. Now, it’s about me.

Let’s start with a round of applause!

(Starting with a Yunho-style passionate clapping)

Okay. Recently, my dancer team…

was extremely bewildered.

– Why was that? – I got it.

You got the good shot while filming.

But Yunho didn’t like it.

You said, “We’ll do it once more.” You kept saying that…

that the filming ended the next day.

No, I tried to get things done in time.

I got it. The dancer team doesn’t work exclusively for you.

They dance for other singers too.

– One dancer couldn’t make a gig. – Okay.

So Yunho joined the dancer team…

to dance for another singer.

With a mask on to cover his face?

– Yes. – How passionate!

Yunho could pull that off.

Incorrect. But you’re on a very good track.

– That’s right. – In Dongs’ Fun Dance Class…

Of course, it’s during Dongs’ Fun Dance Class.

It happened during the practice for “Catch Me” with Ho Dong.

I just said it too.

– I killed the moves then. – Exactly.

As if I’m a real member,

I was so good at it, so they got bewildered?

The teamwork was great from the beginning.

– I don’t think so. – I got it!

– Okay. – The team practiced with Ho Dong.

One member thought of him as his team member…

and smacked him saying, “You’re here?”

(Did you just hit me?)

He was surprised. He found out it was Ho Dong.

“Hey, that’s Ho Dong!”

So that dancer ended up leaving the team.

– He left the team? – Yes.

So Yunho felt bewildered?

– He thought he was going to die. – Incorrect.

It happened because of his accent.

– What? – What?

– What’s the problem? – What’s…

When dancing, you count 1, 2, 3, 4 to synchronize the moves.

Does it involve that?

I didn’t say much. I just danced.

I heard you said it again during the Closing Ceremony.

– Ho Dong says it. – I should know it.

– He’s dancing, – I should know this.

and he feels anxious.

“I have to do something.”

“How am I going to do it?”

– Even he doesn’t know? – “Let’s get it?”

– Think carefully. – “What?”

– What? – “What?”


– “What?” – When I was dancing,

I asked them about the next move, but they didn’t tell me.

So I said, “Now what?”

“Now what?”

He kept saying, “Now what?”

– And they ate everything. – They heard, “Now what?”

But they understood it as, “Now eat.”

That’s why they were confused.

– Jang Hoon is correct! – That was correct!

– That was correct! – However,

let me put it precisely.

Ho Dong was practicing the dance moves,

and suddenly, he went…

– I guess he got nervous. – Right.

He said, “Now what?”

And the dancers…

didn’t know what that means.

– “Now what?” – They thought, “Now, eat”?

“He thinks about food even at this moment.”

– It’s a true story. – Now, eat!

– Stop making up a story. – It’s true!

– The dancers really thought so? – Yes.

(Let’s check the video evidence.)

(Now what?)

(Now what!)


(Ho Dong switched to “What’s next?”)

How would you ask, “What’s the next move?”

– In Gyeongsang Province. – What’s the next move?

I was waiting, but they wouldn’t tell me.

Now what?

Now what? This is what I did.

The dancers must have understood it as “Now, let’s eat.”

I have a similar story. Recently,

– I shot something… – Yes.

– with Soo Geun and Ho Dong. – Yes.

He introduced me.

All of a sudden…

“Okay. He’s back!”

A Farm Nation! A Farm Nation is back!

– What’s A Farm Nation? – So I thought,

– “What’s A Farm Nation?” – What’s that?

But actually, it was affirmations.

– Affirmations? – I see.


It was “affirmations”!

“The icon of affirmations is back!”

“Everyone, the power of A Farm Nation!”

“The energy of A Farm Nation!”

People must have thought you love farms.

I actually liked it.

With just “Now, eat”, we were happy for two weeks.

– “Now, eat!” – “Now, eat!”

What’s the next question?

Now what?

– Now what? – Now, eat!

– Now what? – What’s the next question?

Of all the questions I’ve been asked,

there was one question that was the hardest to react to.

He reacts well…

– to almost all questions. – Right?

I can tolerate almost all questions.

– He really does. – I just try them all.

This is the hardest to respond to.

Do you have some money?

I do. If you want some.

– That’s how I’d respond. – How’s that possible?

– That’s nothing for him. – He responds to everything.

He won’t hesitate with questions like that.

Who do you prefer between Mom and Dad?

Of course, I love Mom, and I like Dad.

How about this?

After taking a shower this morning, I put on body lotion…

under my skin.

Good. I like such jokes.

Is that correct?

– No. – He’s not responding well.

You couldn’t respond to that, could you?

– Is it correct? – You couldn’t react to it.

– It’s because… – I think it’s correct.

he was promoting our song.

– Good. I liked it. – Was it okay?

He was floundering like crazy.

I was a bit startled, but I came to myself.

Yeong Cheol, try two more times, and you’ll get it right.

It’s something stronger than that one?

Under my skin. What else is there?

Lee Soo Man was the one who asked me.

“Yunho, DinDin and I fell into the water.”

“Who are you going to save first?”

Of course, I will save Mr. Lee first.

– Why? – Because he is old.

I will save him first,

and I will save DinDin right after that.

– He has answers to everything. – He can answer anything.

– He will save everyone. – But Mr. Lee asked you something,

and you couldn’t say a word.

Yunho made “Thank U”, and Mr. Lee heard it and said,

“Yunho, you should say thank you like this.”

“Move your hands like this.”

“Why don’t you show how grateful you are?”

That’s a great approach.

– Right? – But it’s incorrect.

I see. Mr. Lee wants to participate too.

At the end of Jin Young’s songs,

– it says “JYP”. – Right.

He wants “Lee Soo Man”.

– “Lee Soo Man”? – Yes, to put that in your song.

In his song.

The song ends, and we hear “Lee Soo Man”.

– Thank you! – How about “LSM”?

– JYP Entertainment does it. – LSM…

– LSM can be Lee Sang Min. – LSM.

– I bet he wanted that. – Lee Soo Man.

– That was witty. – That was nice.

I got it. “Why don’t you sing a song with Hee Chul?”

No. He never says anything like that.

Passion of the Universe.

– It’s… He still… – Hey, that’s funny.

– Passion of the Universe. – Passion of the Universe.

– You’d be dancing next to me. – That’s it.

– And I’d sing like it’s a hassle. – Okay.

– There was a huge hint just now. – What?

– You just don’t see it. – What hint?

There was a huge hint.

You were doing it. It came out naturally.

– Sang Min and Hee Chul both did it. – They thought about it?

– I think Ho Dong should know. – I got it.

Go ahead.

“Do you not know how to do my impression?”

You’re almost there.

“Who is that man the guys keep copying?”

– You’re almost there. – I got it.

“Do I really talk like that?”

That’s correct.

– Gosh. – I bet you were there!

Happy birthday, Mr. Lee.

– Let me tell you. – Hey.

Mr. Lee and I were talking about some stuff.

“Hey, do I really talk like that?”

That’s what he said.

Here’s what I understood from it.

“Hey, I don’t sound cheap when I talk.”

– “Are you sure that’s how I sound?” – Okay.

So I figured out that he was serious about this.

– I knew I had to let this one go. – Right.

So I couldn’t answer him then.

Now, I want to look at the camera here and tell him my honest opinion.


Mr. Lee, as for the way you talk,

it’s true. It sounds just like you. It really does.

I’m sorry, but it sounds exactly the same.

You must accept it.

Chang Min, happy birthday.

What’s the story about DinDin beating Mr. Lee?

You beat Mr. Lee?

– Mr. Lee? – What?

You must think elders are a joke. That’s how you think of your dad.

– Your dad… – That’s not the right expression.

– What is it? – I went to Yunho’s concert.

– I went to TVXQ’s concert. – Okay.

But all of a sudden, Yunho said this on the stage.

“I must do a good job with my rap today.”

“Here’s why. This rapper I like is here today.”

I thought, “No way. Did he just give a shout out to me?”

“He mentioned me in front of his fans.”

– So I was excited. – Okay.

But before he started rapping,

he went, “DinDin, I’m going to rap!” And he started.

This huge celebrity said my name twice.

As he was wrapping up, he said, “Many people came to my concert.”

“Thank you, DinDin!”

He said your name first again.

– He said your name three times. – “And thank you, Mr. Lee.”

He mentioned Mr. Lee once and me, three times.

– 3 to 1. – 3 to 1.

Why did you mention him three times when you mentioned Mr. Lee once?

Back then, there were a lot of artists at the concert.

Here’s why I mentioned him three times.

Back then, the least famous celebrity among them…

was DinDin.

He’s so kind.

– So… – You wanted people to know him.

– The thing is… – You’re so kind.

– They can play the sad song now. – Wait.

– Listen. – Now, we know the reason why.

– In Korea, DinDin… – He thought he beat Mr. Lee.

is very famous,

but when I factored in the globe, among the guests,

I thought about who performed the least abroad. And it was him.

And I wanted my fans…

to associate me with DinDin. I wanted them to like him too.

– That’s moving. – He really must like DinDin.

He’s so kind.

– That came from his heart. – He really must value DinDin.

– He’s so kind. – He…

All right. Hello, guys!

– Senior Dong. – Senior Dong.

Hello, guys. The Scholarship Quiz…

with Senior Dong is back!

– It should be back. Yes. – Gosh.

I prepared a new subject for the first game.

– The subject is psychology. – Let’s go.

– Find the Liar! – The Lair!

This will be a team match.

The members of one team will draw pieces of paper from a box.

Only one piece says “lie”. The rest of the pieces say “truth”.

And the person who drew “truth” can only tell the truth.

And the person who drew “lie” must tell lies.

And the opposing team will find the liar who drew “lie”…

from the box by playing detectives.

You will only have two chances to accuse someone of lying.

If you get it right on your 1st try, you’ll get 20 points.

If you get it right on your 2nd try, you’ll get 10 points.

All right. The team with a higher score will win.

I’ll give out delicious snacks to the winning team today.

– It’s the snack DinDin requested… – Sang Min is getting ready.

to the production crew.

– Six bottles of makgeolli? – I…

– No. – Between crispy bread slices,

there’s a generous amount of savory shrimps. It’s mianbao xia!


I love mianbao xia.

Will you go 1st? Or will you go 2nd?

Since some people on that team are quite sensitive,

let’s get their permission first.

– It’s better if they decide first. – Right.

Who else is sensitive other than Jang Hoon?

– No. – Why are you smiling, Kyung Hoon?

We’re easygoing.

So what will you do?

All right. Let them go first.

– Okay. We’ll do that. – They’ll draw first.

– Here’s the box. – Gosh.

All right.

– Don’t discuss it with your team. – We can’t?

– No discussions with your team. – Gosh.

Your team cannot know either.

So if you draw “lie”, you can just improvise.

– Right. – You just have to tell lies.

So that person needs to be quick on his feet.

Then, they don’t know how many of us drew “lie” and “truth”.

– No, only 1 person drew “lie”. – There’s only 1 person.

– There’s only one liar. – I’m sorry to ask this.

Do you not understand this game?

– He explained that earlier. – What? Did you draw “lie”?

– Senior Dong explained everything. – Is he the liar?

– He might be lying already. – He’s the GA.

Genius Actor.

– He might already be acting. – He might be.

– Let’s hear them out. – You can go first, Yunho.

– Listen. – Yunho, you can go first.

I wanted Men on a Mission…

to be the last TV show I appear on.

(Tilting his head)

– The last TV show? – Yes.

– All right. Ho Dong. – Seriously.

I mean it when I say it.

I entered the TV industry after playing ssireum.

– Then, he must mean it. – Sirreum and the TV industry.

During my career as the TV personality, I have never…

gotten hit on by women.

– That’s true. – That’s true.

– That’s true. – Gosh.

– That’s true. – Goodness.

– That’s true. – That’s true.

– By other female celebrities. – It’s true.

I think you are all mistaken about me.

I have never feared Ho Dong once in my life.

– That’s a lie. – Gosh, that’s…

– It could be true or false. – I’ve never been scared of him.

I could tell he sees Ho Dong as his peer now.

– But I don’t know if he always did. – Right.

I’m going to a release a song in a big project soon.


– He’s just promoting himself. – Even I think that’s a lie.

– That must be true. – It’s probably true.

– It has to be true. – Say you’d get a driver’s license.

– He’s promoting himself. – There’s no such thing.

– Sang Min. – I want to join…

“Show Me the Money”.

– That might be true. – That could be true.

All right. That’s it.

Ho Dong, I’ve heard some stories.

If that wasn’t hitting on you, what was that?

– You must clear that up. – Did a woman confess her feelings?

And the story reached you, DinDin?

I heard some stories from Shin Dong Yeob too.

I heard that you had a nice relationship.

– I’ve heard that. – No way.

The stories Dong Yeob knows are all just rumors.

And what I’m saying is…

it’s based on these big and small rumors about my strength.

– Right. – It’s based on rumors.

– Right. – Yes.

When Ho Dong was in his 20s,

he was such a gentleman. So when he walked on the street with a lady,

the lady never had to walk.

He always put her on his shoulder when he went on a date.

Dong Yeob told me that.

Everything he knows is totally false.

– Here’s why. – He…

He’s the symbol of power.

– Why would I… – When you went on a date,

you didn’t let the lady walk on the street.

You put her on your shoulder. That’s what he said.

That’s how he spun it.

– Dong Yeob told me that. – That’s how he spun it.

– Right. – 1 to 0.

It has to be true…

because he said a woman never confessed her feelings to him.

– If that’s false, – Right.

– that means someone did. – Right.

– Then, he must talk about it. – Yes.

Ho Dong would never talk about his past relationships.

He’d never talk about it.

So that has to be true.

– What? – He won’t talk about that.

– Do you know everything about me? – Yes. Almost.

– What? – Almost.

Have you ever confessed your feelings to someone?

(All of a sudden?)

– Then, did you love anyone? – Answer it.

We won’t tell anyone.

It’ll stay between us. Have you confessed your feelings to someone?


I’ll change the topic.

I shouldn’t have mentioned about women.

– I shouldn’t have said that. – That has to be true.

Regardless of the validity, that was a bit sad.

– Yunho, isn’t our show… – Yes.

your first activity after releasing his song?

– No. – No.

– The song… – He was on “DoReMi Market”.

– He was on “DoReMi Market”. – There were news articles.

– He was on a lot of shows. – You visited other shows first?

– He was on a lot of shows. – I did film other shows first.

– I think he might be the liar. – Gosh.

I think he changed a lot.

No, it could be true.

He wanted to film Men on a Mission later.

But I wouldn’t be available then, so we had to film it today.

– Because of you? – Because you were unavailable?

I’m busy too.

– DinDin is busy these days. – Yes.

Let me ask Soo Geun a question.


You said you were never…

– scared of Ho Dong. – Yes.


Right now…

He was just wiping his nose.

– He just wiped his nose. – You…

You’re scared of him now.

– Don’t act like you’re scared. – You’re scared.

People must think I beat you up or something.

Being uncomfortable around him and being scared of him…

– Those are two different things. – There’s a difference, right?

– They are different. – He might be telling the truth.

– Being scared… – I want to ask Sang Min a question.

You said you wanted to be on “Show Me the Money”.

Do you think you can handle when other rappers…

disrespect you or attack you on the show?

I don’t think he can.

To be honest,

I’m not scared.

– But… – I’ve been disrespected a lot.

I’ve been disrespected in spades on Men on a Mission.

Well, I don’t think whatever rappers say can hurt me.

Then, let’s say one of your creditors…

– is in your opposing team. – Okay.

(One of your creditors is in your opposing team.)

Can you handle that?


Can you diss your creditor in a rap battle?

– Right. – It’d be so uncomfortable.

I can’t diss the creditor.

– But… – But you can put up with it?

with some respect,

I should write the lyrics differently.

– That’s true. – This is it.

– Now, you must accuse someone. – This is iffy.

Here’s a thing.

When guests want to praise a TV show,

they say they want that show to be the first thing they do.

But no one has ever said that they want…

our show to be the last thing they do before they go on a break.

But Yunho might mean it.

He meant to say that he won’t be on another variety show after this.

The thing with passionate people is that they value…

– the finale more than the start. – Right.

I’m sure you know this. When I performed on stage,

I was always the finale.

And I loved doing that.

By the way, a variety show had been the finale before.

– The last show is important too. – And…

– Yeong Cheol said… – The last show.

he’s going to release a song in a big project.

But having a big project might be a lie.

– Right. A big project… – He could just release a song.

He could’ve just called it a big project.

– But… – But he always talks about that.

Whatever it is, he always calls it a big project.

– Soo Geun might’ve told the truth. – I can’t help.

He said he had never been scared of Ho Dong.

But let’s say he lied. That means he was scared of Ho Dong.

Then, Ho Dong has to retire.


It means Ho Dong bullied you.

Do you know everything about me?

Yes. Almost.

– Almost. – Almost.

– Let’s pick someone. – Who?

– If it’s a lie, you’re dead. – Let’s pick one.


– If that was a lie… – What?

Which one do you think will be more shocking?

DinDin, what do you think?

– Gosh. – Let’s vote.

– Let’s change the topic. – Ho Dong?

– I shouldn’t have said that. – Gosh.

I didn’t know this is how you play this game.

– It’s not about winning or losing. – It’s fun.

– He thought he’d get a keyword. – My gosh.

– He’d want this as his first show. – Yunho?

– Okay. – It will end someone.

– Make your first accusation. – The last show.

1, 2, 3.

– Yunho. – Yunho.

Yunho. The team accused Yunho of lying.

Is it true? Or are you a liar?

– So it’s me. – Why…

(I wanted this show to be the last show before my break.)

(Is Yunho the liar?)


(They found the liar.)

– Seriously. – Gosh.


– I told you. – Seriously.

– Right. – Come on.

– I knew it. – How did you know?

I’m a fortune-teller for a reason!

– I knew it. – I’m a fortune-teller for a reason.

I knew he could do it.

I had no idea.

– He’s the fortune-teller indeed. – I’m a fortune-teller for a reason.

That’s great.

So Yunho can’t lie.


– No way. – Actually… Of course.

This should have been my first show.

Given Yunho’s personality…

– Right. – Yes.

– he’d say that he wanted… – He’s the fortune-teller.

our show to be his first show. That’s what he’d say.

– He wouldn’t say the vice versa. – Right.

– Hold on. Soo Geun. – Yes.

Then, you were very scared of Ho Dong.

– No, he was never scared of me. – He told the truth.

– I told the truth. – When did he scare you the most?

– Who? – Ho Dong.

– He was never scared of Ho Dong. – This moment

Right here

You would’ve been dead if that was a lie.

Yunho was so nice. I saw it later.

He would’ve been dead if it was a lie.

By the way,

then, no one hit on Ho Dong?

He’s never been hit on in his entire life?

– No. No celebrities hit on him. – Really?

What about you? Have your female colleagues…

hit on you?

Yes, they have.

– Really? – They have!

– Gosh, that’s a lie. – We didn’t even draw the paper.

– Don’t tell a lie. – That’s a lie.

– Why start lying now? – They proposed to you?

– No. They just hit on me. – You should use that.

– To go out with you? – I’m pretty decent.

Am I that lame?

– You’re okay. – Am I that bad?

– No. That’s not it. – Then, am I lame?

– My goodness. – Lame?

(Oh, no!)

Then, am I lame?

(He’s never been hit on.)

I am?

All right. Team DinDin will go next.

– He doesn’t get to explain it. – Okay.

(What’s going on here?)

Don’t share it with your team.

All right. Check your paper.

Kyung Hoon has to tell the truth. I read people’s faces.

– Jang Hoon has to tell the truth. – You can read faces?

– Those two must tell the truth. – All right.

Let’s start with DinDin.

– DinDin. – It’s either him or Hee Chul.

– I’m 100 percent sure. – DinDin.

To be honest,

filming Men on a Mission today…

– was hard. – That’s true.

– I can tell it was. – That’s true.

– That’s true. – That must be true.

When artists from SM Entertainment come…

to Men on a Mission as transfer students,

I feel uncomfortable.

– That must be true. – It’s hard.

– That’s true. – That’s true.

– Kyung Hoon. – Because he likes them.

– It could be because he likes them. – Right.

I like the members of…

Men on a Mission.

I like the members of Men on a Mission.

– Hey, that’s a lie. – That’s a lie.

– That’s a lie. – That’s a lie.

– Hey, that was too obvious. – You’re scared of us.

– That’s too obvious. – Listen.

– No comment. – That’s the most confusing.

Let me ask you one thing.

Do you only like a few of us? Or do you like all of us?

– All of you. – You like all of us?

– If that’s a lie, – Really?

– it’d be disappointing. – The standard…

I have released a song…

as a solo artist in my life.

– You released a song? – You released a song?

A song.

– As a solo artist? – As a solo artist?

But you used to have a partner?

It used to be a duet, but it became a solo song?

(I shine and am single)

So you released your own song?

Yes. It was my song.

– Your song? – Did he release a song before?

So if we were to look it up online, it’d show up?

– I doubt it. – I don’t know about that.

DinDin, what was so hard about the shoot today?

Being on the show with Yunho was the hardest.

– That might be false. – See? It sounds false.

It’s either DinDin or Hee Chul.

It sounds like a lie.

Let’s take a step forward…

and infer who’s telling a lie and who’s telling the truth…

in an in-depth discussion.

DinDin is highly likely that he’s lying.

– He has to be. – Right.

When he was here with So Ra and Hyeon Gyeong,

he had nothing to do with these guests.

Since he loves our show, being on this show…

made him happy, but he didn’t have fun.

But today, he’s here with a guy whom he respects more than his dad.

– He’s with Yunho today. – Right.

Yunho’s passion is a bit much, but he’s happy to be here.

So he has to be telling a lie.

Hee Chul never got uncomfortable when artists from SM came.

He prepared more things and was more passionate.

You’ve never been tired of them. Can you give me an example?

– He knows Mr. Lee watches the show. – He knows that.

– It’s not uncomfortable for you. – He’d never say that.

If that’s true, Mr. Lee might be disappointed.

Lee Soo Man.

He might be disappointed.

– Right. – Yes.

You want me to name the artist…

– I had the hardest time with? – Yes.

– That’s right. – Yes.

On our show.

Girls’ Generation.

(Sorry, girls.)

Girls’ Generation.

– He grew up with… – Didn’t we have a lot of fun?

Girls’ Generation. And they know a lot about his life.

If what DinDin said is the truth,

he must be regretting that he’s here with Yunho.

I would be so heartbroken then.

– Of course. – It’d be so painful.

– Right. – It can’t be true.

– He’s shaking his leg. – So what DinDin said can’t be true.

– What about Kyung Hoon? – Kyung Hoon. Right.

You must be telling the truth.

– Kyung Hoon. – Kyung Hoon.

– You… – Why do you like us?

Why do you like us?

Of course. We’ve been working together for over five years.

I like you guys.

What if he’s telling a lie?

– He might try to make it funny. – He wants to be funny.

– He might say he hates us. – No.

– Right. – He wouldn’t use this to be funny.

Kyung Hoon is a master of variety shows now.

He’d say, “That was a lie. I don’t like you guys.”

He’d just make all of us laugh.

– Right. – He’d do that.

– Think carefully about this. – He might be teasing us.

– Seriously. Think about it. – Is that what he does?

– He’d never write that. – Get your ears under control.

Get them under control.

– Your ears? – They aren’t red.

I think they are getting red.

– Kyung Hoon. Let me ask you this. – Kyung Hoon.

So there’s a chance to forge a friendship…

and to make people laugh just once.

(A friendship versus a chance to make people laugh)

– Good. – Good. Nice.

Which one will you choose?

I think I can…

build friendships again.

But the chance to make people laugh at that moment…

We can only enjoy it at that moment.

That’s the best thing an entertainer can say.

– Right. Kyung Hoon… – Yes. He could apologize afterward.

– This is it. – It’s Kyung Hoon.

– It’s Kyung Hoon. – Pick the liar now.

– Your first accusation. – No.

– We should’ve made Jang Hoon sing. – Make your first accusation.

– I’ll let you discuss. – Kyung Hoon…

If Kyung Hoon is the liar,

our teamwork will be ruined.

– No. After making us laugh, – He said he could build it again.

– he’ll build our friendship again. – Yunho.

– When they read the paper, – I agree.

I got the feeling that Hee Chul was the liar.

I thought it was DinDin.

But they might be telling the truth. Kyung Hoon…

I thought about him.

– I think he’s implying something. – Right.

I think Jang Hoon released a song back in the day.

– Right. – Basketball players released songs.

– I think I’ve seen it. – And he sang a solo song.

– Right. From Yonsei University… – I think…

I saw it at a festival at Yonsei University.

There’s a song called, “How Old Are You?”

“How Old Are You?”

(“How Old Are You” by Seo Jang Hoon)

– It’s How Old Are You University? – How Old Are You University.

– Make your first accusation. – “How Old Are You?”

“How Old Are You?”

How Old Are You University.

– Pick someone. – Make your first accusation.

– On my count of three, – Who do you think it is?

shout out the name of the liar. All right.

– Really? – Yes.

1, 2, 3.

– Min Kyung Hoon. – Min Kyung Hoon.

Is Kyung Hoon the liar? Let’s see if your accusation is correct!

– Min Kyung Hoon. – Is Kyung Hoon the liar?

Let’s see if your accusation is correct!

What does Kyung Hoon’s paper say?

(Is Kyung Hoon the liar?)

– Friendship… – Take this! I like you guys.

– It’s true. – It’s true.

(The 1st accusation fails.)

– The first try was a failure. – Hey.

“Take this! I like you guys.”

He likes them equally.

Although Kyung Hoon is eccentric,

he has a healthy mindset.

He didn’t try to be funny. He answered truthfully.

Come to think of it,

neither Senior Dong…

– nor the production crew knows. – No one knows.

– No one knows. – We don’t know either.

They don’t know either. Only the liar himself knows.

That’s right.

Let’s move on to the second deduction.

Yunho, you decide.

What will be Yunho’s decision?

Dance and point to the liar.

Do it with passion.

– Do it like this. – Ho Dong, you can do it yourself.

It’s like “X-Man”.

I was determined not to do the popping dance in 2021.

Show us the dance…

in the name of passion.

What will be Yunho’s choice?


– DinDin! – Yes!

Was DinDin lying?

– DinDin must be the liar. – What is written…

on his paper?

Is DinDin the liar?

Let’s see!

He is…

I am sorry!

– Is it the truth? – It says “truth”.

Is it the truth?

(They failed again.)

Is it the truth?

– Hey. – How is it the truth?

– What is the meaning of this? – I should go home.

– Hey. – It’s not like that.

– Goodness. – It’s not like that.

The atmosphere turned strange.

– This is… – The atmosphere turned strange.

In any case, we lost.

No, no. It’s not like that.

– It’s not like that. – We lost.

– It’s not like that. – We lost.

Yunho likes you a lot.

Why on earth…

I said that filming Men on a Mission today was hard.

– The shoot… – It’s not like that.

– It’s not like that. – We were just trying to have fun.

We are so sorry.

You are fine on “2 Days 1 Night”, right?

I would have fun anywhere if I am with Yunho.

– It’s not like that. – Seriously.

– My goodness. – It’s not like that.

– It’s not like that. – Was the lady sitting like this?


You little…

Ladies and gentlemen,

please control yourself…

– because it’s an actual rumor. – An actual rumor.

It will be hard to edit everything out.

Camera directors, I will end you if this gets out.

My goodness.

“I will end you if this gets out.”

Take everything out with a tweezer, okay?

Let’s hear from DinDin.

When I visited the show before, I wasn’t close to other guests.

But today, I am here with a friend I really admire.

That’s why I was determined to do well.

Moreover, I could feel that the members were taking…

good care of me.

I wanted to pay back for that kindness, but…

You wanted to live up to their expectations.

I felt like I wasn’t succeeding.

– So the shoot was hard. – You struggled because of yourself.

That’s right.

Thus, I shared the story of my dad I don’t care about.

– I love him, but… – Hey.

– “My dad I don’t care about”? – No, no!

You weren’t going to share the story of makgeolli, right?

I wasn’t going to share it. It’s a secret between my dad and me.

– The fight. – It was the funniest story.


Your words came from your heart,

but it’s still our fault that you found the filming hard.

– No, no. – I am truly sorry.

(Soo Geun gets ready to sit on Ho Dong’s shoulder again.)

Were there two ladies?

Did you carry two ladies on your shoulders?

That’s cool.


His shoulder was comfortable.

Hold on. Here is the surprising part.

Who is the liar?

– Hee Chul. – It must be Hee Chul.

– The liar. – All right, everyone.

What I said was the truth.

– What? – What?

(Hee Chul isn’t the liar either.)

The JTBC YouTube channel even has a series of videos…

which shows me getting flustered…

– because of the SM artists. – That’s right.

Girls’ Generation members and I know so much…

– about each other’s private life. – You are too close.

We are too close, so I get nervous when they visit.

– Jang Hoon must have lied. – All of us got fooled.

– He is so good at lying. – It was so hard.

– It was a believable lie. – I was…

– I was the liar. – This is ridiculous.

– There is a reason… – I feel like I have seen the song.

why I told this lie.

– It was a believable lie. – I knew you would think…

that I had released a song once in my life.

– Thus, I chose it. – It was a believable lie.

– All right. – Regardless of the outcome,

I am glad that Kyung Hoon told the truth.

– Seriously. – Thank you, Kyung Hoon.

– Thank you. – Thank you.

DinDin and I thought…

Kyung Hoon was lying.

I was worried for a second.

– Seriously. – We actually chose Kyung Hoon…

because we wanted to check his answer.

– Yes. – We were very curious.

Thus, the winner of Find the Liar is…

Team DinDin.

They will get the mianbao xia.

Bring in the mianbao xia.

Mianbao xia!

Look at Ho Dong. Ho Dong, you look like a loser.

His shoulders became heavy.

It’s not about who won or lost.

I feel like I am the only one who is in tatters.

(He is the only one who is in tatters.)

I took a big loss. Seriously.

– You are a man of manners. – It’s a groundless rumor.

Mianbao xia!

– It’s hot. – It’s the 1st day of 2021.

It’s hot.

“Xia” means shrimp…

– and “mianbao”… – Bread?

It looks so good.

Everyone should get a piece.

(My goodness.)

– Is it warm? – If you eat it whole, it’d be good.

It’s still hot.

– It melts in my mouth. – It’s a tasty dish.

It’s so tasty.

It’s made with ground shrimp.

Food tastes better when it’s shared.

Yunho, that’s why we are sharing.

You are sitting with your partner.

Are you satisfied with your partner?

– Yes! – Today as always,

Ho Dong and Jang Hoon are partners.

Ho Dong and Jang Hoon.


– Next? – Yunho and Hee Chul. Yunhee.

Hee Chul was rumored to be my girlfriend…

back in the days.

Yunho and I were talking. My hair was really long.

– That’s right. – We were standing like this.

– People saw me from the back… – That’s right.

and mistook me for a woman.

Yunho didn’t call me for a while.

That happened once.

DinDin and Kyung Hoon.

DinDin is DinDin!

MC DuDu!

The glee club came together for the first time in a long while.




(They are deeply moved.)

– Good job. – I got it.

The game you will play with your partner is…

the Mixed Music Quiz.

Let’s go.

Which snack will the winning team receive?

This precious snack…

was only used for parties and pyebaek back in the day.

Steamed ribs?

– Beef! – This snack…

– gives off flavors as you chew it. – Beef jerky?

It’s the beef jerky!

It’s the beef jerky!

I got it right!


Senior Dong.

Sang Min has eaten it during pyebaek.

(My goodness.)

(Don’t even start.)

I haven’t eaten it. I haven’t eaten it.

Sang Min chewed it with both sides.

(Sang Min chewed it with both sides.)

It isn’t just regular beef jerky.

You will get a beef jerky gift set.

That’s incredible.

Yunho is very hungry since he didn’t eat the mianbao xia.

Yunho, I hope you take it.

I became extremely competitive.

He doesn’t need to be so competitive.

The team with the best ceremony…

will get additional points.


It will give you…

– an advantage. – I have known him for 20 years…

– Oh, we haven’t begun yet. – Yunho is too…

Let’s go.

Let’s begin. Here comes the first question.

(The 1st question)

I want to share with you the many days I have left

– What’s the answer? – “With You”.

– Next. One… – “Oh, My Juliet”.

– Incorrect. – “Oh, My Juliet”.

(He hits the buzzer.)

– What’s the answer? – Lee Soo Man.

– 1, 2… – What was that?

– What’s the answer? – “Oh, My Julia”.

Next. 1, 2…

– “You Again”. – Incorrect.

– “Oh, My Julia”. – Next. One…

– “Forever with You”. – Incorrect.

– One… – “The Blue in You”.


“The Blue in You”?

“Oh, My Juliet”.


– For goodness’ sake. – “Homage”.


– Let’s listen some more. – I will stay still.

(He looks back upon himself.)

(Listen again!)

I want to share with you the many days I have left

The melody is so memorable.

I want to share

I absolutely love this song!

Even if I lose everything

I love

– What’s the answer? Next? – “To You”.

– “Oh, My Julia”. – Correct.

(Lyrics from “To You”, melody from “Oh, My Julia”)

(This is fun.)

(The lyrics belonged to the song by Shin Hae Chul!)


(Shout out loud)

(They stick to the lyrics.)


(The glee club got 10 points!)

Correct! Here comes the next question.

(The 2nd question)

In that way

I welcomed

What’s the answer?

“One Thing I Know”.

– Next. One… – “Dolphin”.


(One thing I know)

All right.

(One thing)

(I know)

I will give the question again.

It’s a song by a woman.

(That’s right.)

It’s a reward for my lonely days

– Hold on. – What was this song?

I welcomed

The big fate that is you

Nothing in the world

This song sounds familiar.

(A big hint)

– Kyung Hoon, go. – “One Thing I Know”.

– Next. One… – “Gashina”.

– Correct. – Yes!


Isn’t this the dance?

What is that?

– What is that? – It goes like this.

I see.

(It’s the Loco dance they learned earlier!)

(What do you think?)

– Correct. – Okay.


By the way, this team’s ceremony isn’t much different…

from the glee club’s.

– It was Loco’s dance. – Let’s go.

(The 3rd question)

That is growing distant

I know the melody.

I won’t say that this is the moment

(The song is on the edge of their minds.)

It was sweet

I will stop it here.

I know one song really well.

All right. What’s the answer?

– “Sad Fate”. – Next.

– 2, 3. Incorrect. – “Sweet Breakup”.

– “Sad Fate”. – “Rising Sun”.

– Correct. – That’s it!

(Here comes the king on the stage.)

Yunho’s time!

(The flame burns up)

He is cool.

(The sun came out.)

His dance moves are beautiful.

That’s great.

(Pointy toes)

Why didn’t you do the final pose?

The one that comes after the performance.


Lee Soo Man.

– Lee Soo Man. – It was perfect.

I am 100 percent sure that you will get a text from him.

Lee Soo Man produced the song, so I must let people know.

– That’s right. – He should feature in your song.

– It’s like JYP and Brave Sound. – That’s right.

– Lee Soo Man. – It’s a must.

All right. It’s a neck-and-neck match.

Except for Jang Hoon and Ho Dong, every team got 10 points.

Jang Hoon and Ho Dong, please try harder.

Let’s go!

(The 4th question)

Tell her that I am sorry

“Tell Her”.

– Next. 1, 2, 3. – That’s incorrect.

– I don’t know. – Incorrect.

– Who? Who? – Incorrect.

For goodness’ sake.

“Tell Her” is incorrect.

It’s incorrect! Your answer was incorrect.

Why did you point your finger at me?

(Hurry up and answer.)

Who? Who?

He points first and thinks later.

(He points first and thinks later.)

– Let’s resume. – I will sing again.

(Listen again!)

That I am sorry

I took

– What’s the answer? – “Man Who Wears a Yellow Shirt”.

– Incorrect. – It’s correct.

– Incorrect. – No.


“Man Who Wears a Yellow Shirt”.


“Man in a Yellow Shirt”.

Next. One,

– 2, 3. – It’s correct.

– “Yellow Handkerchief”. – Incorrect.

“Yellow Handkerchief”.

I know the lyrics.

All right. Listen one more time.

Listen to the lyrics.

Yellow… Oh, I am sorry. I got it wrong.

– Senior Dong! – Senior Dong!

Senior Dong!

– I am disappointed in you. – I am sorry.

You have done this segment for years.

I said that without thinking. I heard “Yellow”.

– The melody. – I had gotten it right anyway.

I heard “Yellow”.

– I had gotten it right anyway. – I got it right.

– I got it right. – I answered first.

It’s “Man in a Yellow Shirt”.

Tell her

What’s the title?

You are supposed to get it right.

– What’s the answer? – “Poison”.

– Next. – “Man in a Yellow Shirt”.


It was “Poison”.

(Don’t cause this kind of pain again)

All right.

(They switch sides.)

(Yunho-Jung Hwa)

(Hee Chul-Jung Hwa)

(The glee club sings the chorus.)

One more time!


(Yunho-Jung Hwa shows off his sexiness.)

Hee Chul, who got it right?

– Correct. – Let’s go.

(The V-men appear.)

– The V-men. – That’s great.

– We should do that too. – No.

We should do that too. Come on.

5, 6, 7, 8.

(They look rather heavy.)

– You should give them a point. – Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Jong Min.

– Give them a point. – Do that. That was heartwarming.

Give us a point.

Okay. I will give Jang Hoon and Ho Dong a point.

(Ho Dong and Jang Hoon got 1 point!)

The next question will be a bit hard.

– It’s worth 20 points. – Okay.

– The teams’ scores are similar. – Jang Hoon and Ho Song…

– still has 1 point. – 1 point.

If we get this question right, we will lead.

– They will lead. – You are right.

– You are right. – Then we will have 21 points.

Each point is precious.

– Don’t let your guard down. – I am sorry.

This question is very hard.

– It’s a meaningful point. – If it weren’t for the ceremony…

Listen carefully.

(The 5th question, 20 points)

I don’t care

– What’s the answer? – “Let’s Live Together”.

– Next. One, – No, no.

– 2, 3. Incorrect. – No, no.

– No, no. – That’s not the song title.

– Oh, I know! – What’s the answer?

– “Jumpo Mambo”. – Next.

– “Hanryang”. – Correct.

(It’s our song!)

There you go!

(He dances on the spot.)

(Here comes the king on the stage.)


(Heave ho)

(Not an electric shock)

That’s great. That’s great.

(Hee Chul and Yunho got 20 points!)

What would Yunho have done without this segment?

– He came up with a dance. – I don’t know the dance.

Let’s do this. Let’s spin.

– Go ahead. – Do it.

– What? – Go ahead.

I can’t spin.


He acknowledged it.

Can we get the question right now?

Of course.

Stay still.


We will take the beef jerky.

We will attack from now on.

– Let’s go. – Everyone has a chance.

– Okay. – They become strong together.

(The 6th question, 20 points)

Don’t forget that it was hard

I will say goodbye to the many days

I need to know the lyrics. I know the melody.

I just need to figure out the lyrics.

– “Unprepared Breakup”. – Next. 1, 2, 3.


– “Unprepared Breakup”. – Next. One…

– “Scream in Silence”. – Incorrect.

“Scream in Silence”? Heo Cham.

(Heo Cham, the host of “Family Arcade”)

Did the lyrics talk about leaning on someone’s chest?

Since this question is hard, I prepared the lyrics…

– from a different part. – In which year was it released?

The lyrics from a different part.

All right. Here comes the song.

Was it my fault? Did I love you too much?

“What Did I Do Wrong”.

– One… – “Scream in Silence”.


– “What Did I Do Wrong”. – Next. One…

– “Scream in Silence”. – It’s incorrect.

He said it’s incorrect just now.

– Didn’t you say something else? – No.

Didn’t you say “What Have I Done Wrong”?

What Sang Min has done wrong is something else.

(Sang Min did something else wrong.)

We shouldn’t talk about that.

What’s the year?

What’s the year?

It’s 2021.

Did I love you too much? I am sorry

(What is this song?)


– I think it’s a dance song. – I know.

A female singer.

It’s a ballad song by a female soloist.

I don’t know many ballad songs.

Her name came up in the previous game.

– Go. – All right.

– 1, 2… – “Scream in Silence”.

– Next. – “Remember” by Lee So Ra.


(Did you see that?)

Come on and dance.

Dance properly.

(Their passion…)



(Ho Dong and Jang Hoon got 20 points!)

There is surprising news.

Hee Chul and Yunho are leading with 40 points…

– because they worked hard. – Yunhee.

Jang Hoon and Ho Dong are in 2nd place…

with 21 points.

“You, in the Fantasy”.

What is that?

(Martial arts?)

– The next question. – DinDin’s team and the glee club…

follow with 10 points.

Now we have a 30-point question.

Okay, we just need this one.

Everything I want

What I’m confident in

That’s the image I’ll use

All the secrets hidden till now

I know the melody for sure.

What’s the answer?

– One… – “Don’t Make Me Cry”.

– And? 1, 2… – Then you should’ve listened to me.

Three. Incorrect.

They’re just acting out a skit.

– A fight broke out over here. – “Don’t Make Me Cry”.

He keeps pulling the cord.

(Please refer to episode 262.)

Do I have to keep watch over the power cord too?

You’re such a hard cord.

(Listen carefully again.)

(It’s the last chance to go to the overtime.)

(It’s the same for the glee club.)

All the secrets hidden till now,

(For the two teams, they win if they get it right.)

I want to tell you everything,

(What is this?)


– Why’s he singing “Baby” like that? – And what’s more

Dreams come true.

What’s the answer?

– What’s the answer? – I think I know this.

– “Don’t Make Me Cry”. – “Dreams Come True.”

– Correct. – S.E.S.

(Melody from “Don’t Make Me Cry”, lyrics from “Dreams Come True”)

That’s it.

Is that it?

(Fairy Yunho)

It’s S.E.S. You three should do it.

– Do it together. – S.E.S.


(the Round Dong Fairy)

It’s S.E.S.

(These three fairies bring the stage to life.)

Lee Soo Man.

That was great, Yunho.

(Hee Chul and Yunho got 30 points!)

Having won even the last question,

today’s winners are Hee Chul and Yunho.

(Winning team: Hee Chul and Yunho)


We’re giving you a beef jerky gift set.

(The winning prize is beef jerky.)

How big is it? Wow, it’s so big.


(A welcome gift)

It’s so big.

You should’ve told us it was going to look like this.

That’s amazing.

Thank you so much.

This was my third time on the show, and I think this was the most fun.

It was the warmest.

I love my Dad too.

And I love Yunho.

(You too, Yunho.)

What about you, Yunho?

I told people I wanted to come on Men on a Mission…

with DinDin, or I wouldn’t do it.

Really. I’m being totally honest.

I feel great today.

DinDin, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s go!

(The preview of next week’s episode will be revealed soon.)

(Men on a Mission After School Activities)

(In 2021, a new combination will take the world by storm.)

(Variety show Combo: Hoon and Soo)

(Husband Hoon, did you have to do that?)

(Legends of oral comedy, Hoon and Soo)


(Aiming at a terrible spot)

(Masters of physical comedy, Hoon and Soo)

(An ideal chemistry that leads to constant fighting.)

(But they also love each other more than anyone else.)

(- I’m going to love you. – Again?)

(Hoon and Soo prepare to take on new challenges.)

(All the advice in the world…)

(will be gathered here.)

Advice for Good Fortune.

(First piece of advice)

We did submit an application for an after school activity…

But we came without knowing what we’re going to be doing.

I see cup noodles and other snacks over there.

– These look like gaming consoles. – Is it a gaming room?

– You’ve never been to a PC room? – No, never.

– The last game I ever played… – The last game…

Wasn’t it the King Game?

– What? – Number 1 and Number 3, kiss.

(Number 1 and Number 3)

(Number 3’s lips were warm.)

You may not have tried it, but mobile games are fun.

I have no talent for them though.

Don’t worry if you don’t have talent in it.

– That’s why I’m here. – Senior Dong.

Don’t worry.

It’s Round Dong, Senior Dong.

I’m an expert at games.

I’m jealous that you always get to be on both parts.

(Leader of the Dongs, Senior Gamer Dong, and music video director)

Let me check your application form.

Wait a minute.

Jang Hoon, your handwriting is so nice.

(Clear penmanship)

It’s because he’s had to fill out so many documents before.

(I see.)

(Swearing under his breath)

(Men’s Area is singing)

(Divorced love)

I’m just multitalented…

in a variety of areas.

Your desired club was the music club.

– The music club. – He likes music.

I like the music club too.

I don’t understand why “Sing Again” never invited me back.

We need to air, “It’s exactly what it sounds like.”

He did debut at the “Riverside Song Festival”.

Why is it called “Dongdaemun, Namdaemun”?

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

(The arranger of “Dongdaemun, Namdaemun”, judge for “Sing Again”)

This is a goal you’re set on for your after-school activity.

“Superior views compared to the previous two teams.”


I’m competitive.

– He has a strong sense of duty. – That’s right.

That’s why we thought you should do something younger folks do.

The first thing we’ve prepared is e-sports.

(Mobile e-sports)

It’s the thing I’m the worst at.

(The first piece of advice: Advice on gaming)

If you’re going to play games, you need to learn from seniors.

Seniors, please come out.

Is Faker going to come on?

Oh, hello, seniors.


Don’t you live in NCT?

You’ve got it on the nose.

– What’s NCT? – NCT.

New town, NCT.

(It’s Neo Culture Technology.)

Hello, I’m Jungwoo. I’ll work hard.

I’m Jeno, a transfer from NCT High.

Hello, I’m Chenle from China.

(Check out the full version on Men on a Mission’s YouTube.)

(Advice for Good Fortune)

(Across the sports fields…)

(lies Brother School for the Arts, rich in history and tradition.)

(Joo Won, the star of Brother School for the Arts)

(The legend of the musical club, IVY)

(The multi-talented Park Jun Myun)

We’re here from the Brother School for the Arts Musical Club.

(The Musical Club is here from Brother School for the Arts.)

(Bridal Mask)

(We have two bridal masks in our class too.)

(Escaping the bridal mask)

(When I was on “2 Days 1 Night” with Soo Geun,)

(he called me out to under the eaves.)

(What a stubborn geezer!)

(Pipe down, you.)

(I heard you got married in a month.)

(Doesn’t everyone get married after you kiss?)

(Bursting into laughter)

(I won’t even say anything.)

(You keep quiet.)

(I heard IVY lived with Ho Dong?)

(What does that mean?)

(What happened with these two?)

(Mr. Cowraiser visits the Musical Club.)

(The teamwork helps them build one stitch at a time.)

(Hey, police!)


Now, greet one another.

(Only one person can be the star, out of everyone.)

(They end up outside the lines.)

(No one wants to give up the starring role.)

(The musical students have staked their souls on this.)

(The competitive final round for casting)

(Who will be the star of this stage?)

(“Abittipsy” by YOUHA)

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