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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 3 Drama Korea, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Epi 3 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 3 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] L.U.C.A._ The Beginning E03 NEXT





He would’ve used all of his
energy even if it killed him.

So he probably doesn’t
remember who he is by now.

Zi O, you punk.

He’s back.

We’re doing our best to bring him in.

Run away.

Don’t do it!

This may be a great opportunity.

You know this is your last chance, don’t you?

Whichever of the two is
alive is the murder suspect.


We’ve met, haven’t we?

I remember exactly who you are.

So you’d better remember…

what happened to my parents.

But he won’t die, right?

He can still die if he’s
in critical condition.

If he died, bring me his body.
In the freshest state possible.

He ran away.

He was dying, but he got up…

The weak cells probably died, and
only the strong cells survived.

I’ve been waiting for
you. What did I do to you?

I’m the one with questions.

We’ll be back, Gu Reum.

Stay home alone for just a little while.

Where are you going?

We won’t take long. It’ll
take less than an hour.

Let’s go eat tonkatsu for lunch.


My baby, let’s go eat something
more delicious than tonkatsu.

Like what?

Whatever you want. Your
dad will buy it for you.

We’ll see you later.


Search carefully.

Darn it.


Gu Reum is in trouble.

She either got kidnapped or went missing.

Restrict all the entrances of
the adjoining subway stations…

so that no one can get out.

– Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir.



– My goodness!
– Oh, my gosh!



– Move!
– Grab one!

– My gosh!
– Hurry!

– Let’s go!
– Move!

Hurry up!

Is this really possible?

No, it’s impossible.

This is totally insane.

This is a mixture of everything.

He has the DNA of humans, immortal jellyfish,

electric eels, and even flies.

Do you think this is genome editing?

It’s impossible to edit all
these genes together at once.

Unless they put all these
animals into a blender…

and combined them all together.

That means they manipulated the germ cells.

Regardless of whether this is
possible or not, it’s illegal.

What kind of lunatic would
do that kind of experiment?

No one I know of. Except for one person.


Professor Ryu Jeung Kwon.

“Ryu Jeung Kwon”?

You mean the guy who lost his one arm?

– You know him?
– Of course.

He got kicked out of school and arrested…

because of the genetic
modification experiment he did.

Gosh, he’s known to be a
real psycho in this field.

He’s a complete lunatic.

We went to college together.

He used to be my best friend.


Oh, I see. I’m sorry.

You don’t need to apologize.

I was the one who told
people that he was crazy…

and suggested that he should
get kicked out of school.


Come on! Hurry!

Let’s get out of here!

Aren’t you hungry?

What? We’re all doing this to make a living.

Cut it out. This is serious.

What’s more serious than having
to eat when you’re hungry?


Let’s go.

Everyone makes at least
one big mistake in life.

For instance, they commit murder,
steal, do drugs, or get married.

But you’ve already made a big mistake.

You were bound to rot in
jail, but I got you out.

Then you should’ve made sure
not to make another mistake.

I apologize.

An apology isn’t going to cut it.

I can find him.

Where? How?

And don’t say you’re going to
wait until he shows up again.

He disappeared with…

the female cop that
followed us at the hospital.

The cops are probably looking for her.

If we’re able to keep track of
their investigation records,

we’ll be able to find them before they do.

What if he just left that
cop and ran away by himself?

If he left her there, she
would’ve gotten hit by the subway.

But he came and saved her.

He would’ve run.

I’ve never seen him save someone before.

I’ll get you the investigation
records, so find him.

If you do this right, I’ll let you retire.

You can’t live here forever.

You should live in a house
that has windows and a garden.

You can also get yourself a dog.

But don’t get married.

It only causes trouble.

I need to get shots every two weeks anyway.

I can’t leave this place even if I want to.

I’m sure we can find a way.

If you find Zi O, I’ll
give you one of his arms.

You know we can transplant
his body onto yours.

Will you really do that for me?

What would be so difficult
about giving you an arm?

Solving a single problem could lead
everything else to fall into place.

Once we take care of this,
everything else will be minuscule.

You’d better catch him this time.

If you fail to catch him again,

it’ll make me start
questioning your competence.



I tried to stop your bleeding,
but I’m not sure if it’s healed.

You hurt your head. Take it easy.

That’s the last thing I’ll do with you.


That’s enough.

Just tell me what you know about me.

You said you know me.

If you want to know, you tell me first.

Tell me what you remember.

Someone collapsed.

I remember saving her.

I think it was you, but I’m not sure.

Thank you for saving my life.

There. You happy?

What else do you remember?

I don’t remember anything else.

I woke up at the hospital
and ran until I got here.

That’s all I remember.

Who were those guys who chased
after you at the subway station?

– I don’t know.
– Do you remember…

falling from the rooftop?

What about Mr. Kim’s death?

Who’s Mr. Kim?

Did you hurt your head?

Tell me what you know.


Don’t you feel safe enough to tell me now?


I wonder who he was…

considering they came all the
way to the hospital to kill him.

They probably wanted to get rid of
the witness of a murder incident.

But he broke his back.

How did he suddenly get up and run away?

Maybe it was someone else’s X-ray.

Maybe he was fine to begin with.

Sir, aren’t you suspicious as well?

I’m more shocked that people
kill their own parents for money.

And how could they be cruel enough
to kidnap and bury those kids?

That’s what I don’t get.

My gosh, why are you
suddenly acting so humane?

Listen, you punk.

The moment you think it’s
okay to kill parents and kids,

you lose your right to be human.

I know that.

But it’s weird that you’re
being like this all of a sudden.

Are you planning to run for an election?

I might see you eating
tteokbokki and sundae…

at a market place tomorrow.

You know what I mean, right?

You’ll start talking about
your hardships, you know.

What’s taking him so long?

Gosh, you scared me.

Hey, you got it? You found something, right?

– Yes, I did.
– See? What did I tell you?

Shortly after the fire incident was reported,

a vehicle in the vicinity
was reported stolen.

“22G 7801”. A silver sedan.

I’ve put out an APB.

Okay, thanks.

See? It’s not like he could’ve
carried Gu Reum on his back.

He stole a vehicle and managed to escape.

Only seasoned veterans like
me can figure out this much.

Well done. Great job.

Now, comb through the CCTV
footage and locate that vehicle.

Wait, you want me to do that?


Goodness. Can’t he get the juniors to do it?

The police are trying to
locate the stolen vehicle now.

Wait in the car.

How can you…

not remember anything?

I do remember some things, but
I don’t know what they are.

I don’t even know if they’re my memories.


how do you remember me?

I was curious about that
too. That’s why I saved you.

Have we met before?

If there’s no one else like you,

then I’m sure it was you.

Hey, turn up the siren…

if you want to tell the whole
world where we’re headed.

When I was 10,

you came to my house.

Are you sure it was me?

Some kind of blue light
beamed out of your eyes.

What’s wrong?

Don’t do that.

Don’t! You’re scaring me!

Dad! Dad!

And it attacked me.

Why did I go to your house?

That’s the question I want to ask.

Why you came to my house and
where you went after that.

How could you make me suffer like this…

my whole life when you only stayed for a day?

That was the last time I saw you.

And after that,

my parents disappeared.

I have no recollection of that.

Not remembering anything
doesn’t make your past go away.

Do you think I killed them?

You’re certainly capable of doing that.

That night,

I saw an evil monster.

You see, I’m scared of people.

Whenever someone walks up to me,
it makes my hair stand on end.

If I were an evil monster, why
would I be terrified of people?

Whether you’re evil or not
is not up to you to decide.

Hey, let’s hurry up.

Yes, sir.

I’m going to dig through
your brain if I have to.

I will do whatever it takes to
find out what really happened.

Someone’s here.

Run. It’s him.

Hey, who are you?

A hitman? A private detective?

Where is he?

Even if you guys catch him, he’ll
end up in my hands eventually.

You cops had better stay out of this.

You little… Who do you think you are?

– Be careful who you shoot.
– Yes, sir.

– You three, go that way.
– Yes, sir.

We’ll go to the second floor.


You’d better stay away from him. He’s mine!

Over here!

Gu Reum!

Gu Reum!

You scumbag!

Get him!

Hey! You piece of…

Go! Get him!

– Hey, go!
– Go!

Hey, are you all right?

You’re okay, right?

Stay right here.

7pm, here.

He’s fast.

– He’s not there?
– No.

Keep looking.

Yes, sir.

You go that way.


Are you really okay?


How did you find me?

Were you abducted?

I passed out while fighting
on the subway track,

and this was where I was when I woke up.

Let’s see your arm.

– What?
– Show me your arm.

– There’s no restraint mark.
– No.

How many abducting and kidnapping cases…

do you think I’ve worked on over the years?

Is this a quiz?

Be it abduction or kidnapping, the
victim always says, “Thank you.”

But do you know what the perp says?

– What?
– “How did you find us?”

And that’s what you said.

Why won’t you answer me?

You majored in talking back.

– Do you suspect me?
– Yes.

Oh my…

Are you saying I abducted myself?

I’m not hiding anything.

– Are you sure?
– Yes.


What about you? Are you hiding something?

– What would I hide?
– Well,

you won’t say how you found me.

Is it a trade secret?

Something happened, didn’t it?

I don’t know. I was unconscious.

Something happened to you, didn’t it?

That’s why you keep hiding it.

I’ll get you a female officer
to handle it, so tell the truth.

We’ll keep it confidential.

Seriously, you have one wild imagination.

– No?
– No.

– I don’t think so.
– I said no.

That’s a relief then.

Are you hanging out?

Are you?

Did you check every corner?

We looked everywhere. There’s nobody here.

– No one at all.
– Those rats.

Put out an APB, and let’s wrap up.

– Yes, sir.
– Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Are you sure he didn’t leave?

I didn’t see him leave.

Zi O treated that girl?

It’s more than that.

I felt like he was protecting her.

If they protect each other,

they’ll definitely meet again.

Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum. Police Academy grad.

She was with Major Crimes, but was demoted…

to Criminal for insubordination.


There’s nothing unusual except
for her parents going missing.

That’s what’s unusual. Her
father is Ha Young Jae.

Ha Young Jae?

The co-founder of this lab and researcher.

The person who created Z-0.

If he hadn’t taken off
with the lab notes and Z-0,

we wouldn’t be in this mess.

You couldn’t catch him back then?

Is he really missing?

We have your wife.

Talk, or she dies.

Do you want to make your
daughter a children’s home?

I wouldn’t know.

He and his wife disappeared.

Was it Z-0?

It’s highly probable.

I’ll take care of the cops,

so mark the female detective.

Yes, sir.


Can we meet right now?

Why? Do I look pretty?

Why do you look so terrible?

I’m a detective.

So you should’ve been more obedient.

Why are you suffering there?

It would’ve been much
easier digging into people.

I wasn’t kicked out for being disobedient.


I dug into my direct supervisor.

He was so dirty.

You kept at it even after you
were told to stop, didn’t you?

– Yes.
– That’s insubordination.

Did you call me here to scold me?

That too. And to ask for a favor.

A personal favor is fine,
but not special treatment.

Find a person for me.

That sounds like special treatment.

Remember that guy…

who was fighting for his life
in the hospital, then fled?

His name was Zi O, I believe?

I analyzed his DNA, and it was strange.

In what way?

I don’t know if you’ll believe me…

– I’ll believe you.
– What?


It’s not very believable,

but it seems he’s human but not human.


How do I put it?

I can’t say he’s human.

– A mutant?
– No, nothing like that.

Does he have supernatural powers?

If certain abilities excel,
that could be supernatural.

But we can’t tell just from the DNA.

Then what’s weird?

We need to run tests to figure that out.

You want me to find Zi O?

That’s your case, so you can handle that.

Ryu Jeung Kwon. My college friend.

It should be easy for you to find him.

I don’t know if he’s dead or alive.

– That’s why I’m asking you.
– Did he go missing?

No one reported him missing.

He can’t be located, is more accurate.

His family didn’t report him missing?

They had cut ties with him,

so it’s understandable.

What happened?

During the last association meeting,

he gave a presentation.

That caused a bit of a problem.

Humans realized how unstable they were.

However, they made the wrong
choice in order to overcome that.

Rather than becoming
stronger, they built machines.

Rather than developing their
brains, they built computers.

Soon, there will come a time when
we leave the world to machines,

and thinking to AI.

Humans chose technology over evolution.

The result? Technology is developing,

but humans are regressing.

It wasn’t the passion of a
young scientist, but lunacy.

He’s right though.

He may be.

Since some supported him fanatically.

Humans became the only species
to choose to stop evolution.

Evolution is change, and change is life.

A species that stops
evolution becomes extinct.

In order to prevent the
extinction of mankind,

we must enhance evolution…

and keep our species alive.

– He’s a psycho.
– He has lost his mind.

He’s weird.

The ethics of research!

We must realize that we’re
watching humans regress!

The value of science is not ethics or morals.

It’s taking on new challenges!

That’s nonsense.

Immediately thereafter,

the academy asked for my opinion.

I used everything I had to criticize him.

My report was chosen,

and he was expelled for
violating the ethics of research.

They cut his funding.

He was arrested a few months later,
and then his family left him.

Why was he arrested?

Embezzling research funds.
Trafficking of human eggs…

and endangered animals.

He insisted he was innocent,

but it looked like people
wanted him executed.

Was it that serious?

For example, what if you
merged a human with a dog…

to create a human with a keen sense of smell?

What if you mix a human and a bird
to create a human that can fly?

What if you add the fish DNA to a human…

and a baby with gills is born?

A man who can produce a powerful
current like an electric eel…

or shoots out potent venom
like a jellyfish does.

Can you call that man human?

What are the boundaries of mankind?

He didn’t stop at just
believing in such a possibility.

Jeung Kwon was actually working on it.

We kept it from the media
because it was so shocking,

but they seized a chimera when
they were searching his lab.

What is a chimera?

An organism made up of cells
from different animals.

Human cells could be
combined with animal cells.

That’s insane.

Insane, indeed.

But he disappeared after he got out of jail.

Some say he moved abroad.
Others say he killed himself.

There are all these rumors,

but no one has seen or
met him since his release.

Are you saying Ryu Jeung Kwon created Zi O?

– It’s just my speculation.
– But how likely is it?


The recent gene-editing experiment
done by China and the US…

did succeed in producing
children who are immune to HIV.

I’d say it’s possible to
create any kind of “human”.

You can even inject human
germ cells into a pig…

to grow human organs inside it.

So it’s a pig on the outside
but a human on the inside?

Creepy, right?

They say science has limits, but not its own.

Then whose limits are they?

They’re imposed by morality.

Scientists aren’t allowed to
take their experiments further.

So if they break out of that,

they can take it further?
Is that what you’re saying?

Many scientists want to
create new living organisms.

Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t
want to be like the Almighty?

Let’s say…

such a creature was born.

Then can it have the human mind?

That I don’t know.

But its instincts may supersede
its feelings or thoughts…

because it’s partially
made up of animal cells.

Then if such creatures grow in number,

they’ll rule all of us ordinary folks, right?

This world will not be
ruled by the strongest,

but by those who can quickly adapt to change.

That is why mankind is
the ruler of this planet.

Look at what people are
doing. I’m so sick of them.

You find them in every corner of
the earth, no matter how remote.

You can find Jeung Kwon, right?

I’ll do my best.


Kim, who was hit by the cargo
train and died on the spot,

was formerly employed by the military.

Kim fled while being investigated…

for military corruption back in 2019.

Based on his text message which
appears to be a suicide note,

the police are investigating the case,

weighing the possibility of suicide.

In the text message, he apologized to…

Hey, we’re the police. Who
said this is a suicide case?

– Since finding this message,
– Not me.

the police have been having a hard time…

– I didn’t say it either.
– due to the location…

Not a single reporter
showed up in our office.

The platform is sealed off at the moment.

Do they run stories on the news
without actually covering them?

Hold on. We couldn’t access
Kim’s information in the system.

Who obtained all that info?

After that, Kim…

Captain, about the subway station case…

The reporters somehow know
what we didn’t even know.

We can’t access the victim’s
info. We sent in a request,

but they’re ignoring our request.

Just let it go. The case
is being transferred.

What do you mean?

Zi O’s case too. They’ve been
transferred to a different precinct.

Take your hands off it now.

What? Murder and kidnapping…

It’s a high-profile case. We
can’t let them take it from us!

Who got the case? The
Regional Investigation Unit?

No idea.

I just met with the chief
and was told to hand it over.

Hand over all the reports.

There’s none.

What report?

We’ve just been running around. The
investigation hasn’t even begun.

Come in.

Yes, we’re here.

Where’s Gu Reum?

– Is she at the hospital?
– I don’t know.

She’s being treated. She
said she’ll be here tomorrow.

Eat it.

I got it for you.

You said there are some
memories engraved in your mind.

A white room.

A narrow hallway.

A kid who looks terrified.

Curtains on fire, Academy Loan.

The blue land…

The wind.

Lastly, your face and my name.

Any memories of killing someone?

I don’t know.

Hey, try to bring back your memories.

Don’t just say that you don’t know.

I do remember waking up after
being unconscious for a while.

Although I don’t know whether
it’s only happened once or more.

When I wake up, everything’s
always wiped clean.

So when you regain your consciousness,

you don’t remember anything?

That’s right, except for a few things.

How convenient.

I wish I could do that too.

Turn my memory on and off.

Do you know what it’s like to start
over after everything’s wiped out?

I feel as though…

I was abandoned without knowing
what I used to do and who I am.

Not knowing what to do because…

you know nothing about yourself.
Do you know what it’s like?

You know what it’s like to
live in pain all your life?

My parents, who said we should
have tonkatsu for lunch,

never came back after they
left the house with you.

Are they dead? Are they alive?


did they abandon me?

Even while praying that
they’re still alive somewhere,

I caught myself thinking,
“What if they’re alive?”

“If they’re alive and
well after abandoning me,”

“then what about me?”

Do you know what it’s like to be
trapped in that scary thought…

all your life?

At least you remember being
abandoned. I don’t even have that.

I can’t empathize with you
because I don’t have parents.

I remember nothing, so I
have nothing to tell you.

I’ll get going.

You grew up in a children’s home.

I’ll take you there tomorrow.

Then we’ll find out…

who abandoned you…

and whether or not that precedes
the day you came to my house.

I grew up in a children’s home?

Come out when I call you tomorrow.


Where’s the children’s home?

You’re curious?

I told you.

I’ll dig through your brain
to find out what happened.

What if I refuse to go?

Then keep living like that.

Without even knowing who you really are.

You haven’t eaten yet?

Did you see the news?

A former soldier accused of
corruption died by suicide.

What a joke.

You see, even the deceased
have a thing called honor.

To a dead person, that
is too much of a luxury.

What will they say when I die?

“A former female soldier who
made a move on her superior…”

“to get a promotion dies by suicide.”

Something like that?

Just don’t die.

You said we were doing this for our country.

You roped me into this so I could
prove my loyalty to the country.

Are you sure this is how it’s done?

You see, we’re just small fry.

It’s normal that we don’t know everything.

Just as ants don’t know about space?

If you don’t like it, leave.

What about this leg?

It’ll rot and fall off without the shots.

Isn’t that why you’re
obeying with your mouth shut?

Stop whining.

Sure, I’m just whining.

What’s the big deal about an arm and a leg?

But we’re doing who-knows-what
just to keep them.

That female cop will get
a new cell phone tomorrow.

They planted a tracker, so
keep a close eye on her.

A half day? Why?

I got 15 stitches.

Back in my day, we stapled
it and continued working.

You’ve got it good.

That’s why people call you…

a “kkondae”, condescending older person.

It’s an honor.

“Kkondae” was added to
the British dictionary.

You mean English dictionary.

I’m injured.

What will you do if you leave early?

– Rest.
– Rest and do what?

You used to nag that I didn’t rest enough.

Now, you nag because I want to rest.

You wouldn’t rest even when I told you to.

So it’s suspicious that you suddenly want to.

Look. I’m injured.


Who is that?

– Wait.
– Kim Hwang Shik. You recognize him?

He was in the subway station.

He committed suicide by
jumping in front of a subway.

No way.

That was an accident.

If we say it was an accident,
we need to explain it.

Why was he there at that hour?

Who sent him there? Why?

But there’s no need if
we say it was suicide…

since it’s personal.

Why was it suicide?

That’s what the police announced.

Which police? This is our case.

– They did.
– “They” who?

I don’t know. We were told to
hand it over, and to drop it.

They didn’t say who from
which unit was investigating.

If they took the case,
they should tell you…

who’s taking it, where
to send what you have…

This is above lowly cop’s
paygrade, is that it?

This punk. Lowly cop?

We have the right to investigate.

Then where did this case go?

I don’t know. They said
to drop it, so we did.

– You should as well.
– Captain.

I’m telling you in case you stir up trouble.

Why are you just taking
it without any complaints?

I did complain. I complained like crazy.

I mean…

You were kicked out for
insubordination, right?

For investigating a supervisor.

You were sent here because
you were with Major Crimes.

Violent Crimes guys like us
would’ve lost our badges.

So don’t stick your nose around
after leaving work early.

Just sit down and rest.

You have a new phone.

Submit your old one and go home.

You found her? Where is she?

I’ll join you guys, so keep me updated.

Seriously. You rude brat.

Sit in the front. Do you
think you’re a chairman?

Hey. Sit in the back.

It feels weird sitting side by side.

Go back.

Which a children’s home?

You don’t remember being
in a children’s home?

I’ve never been to one.

People may lie, but documents never do.

Sit in the back.

What does it matter where I sit?

It’s me you hate, not where I sit.

Want to ride in the trunk?

Let’s go.

How may I help you?

Well… Just a minute.

I’m Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum.

I’m here to see Sister Stella.

Are you the detective who called?

She’s waiting for you. Please come in.

I’ll ask the questions. You stay quiet.

Sister Stella.

Hello. I’m Ha Neul Ae Gu
Reum. I called earlier.

I sense very good energy from you.

Too good for a detective.

I don’t know what brings you here,

but since you’re here anyway, I’ll bless you.

You seem to be with someone else.

Yes, we came together.

Bless you.

Say something.

Thank you.

She’s still at a church.

Is she praying?

Can I get some sort of a reaction?

Haven’t you read her profile?

She isn’t religious.

I’m looking for someone.

It has been a while since we
closed the children’s home…

for this and that reason.

So I’m not sure I’ll remember.

For whom are you searching?

It has been over 20 years,

but did you know Jang Jae
Woo and Hwang Eun Gyeong?

I don’t know.


According to their family, they
were a member of his church.

They left to go to mass
that day and went missing.

I’ve spent my entire life here.

If that had happened,

the police would’ve come.

I’ve never heard of any member
of our church going missing.

It was a missing person case,
but the police never came?

Not for that, no.

Then what for?

There was…

a fire in the church.

They came for the first time then.

I see.

Then do you remember the name Zi O?

Do you?

Zi O?

I remember him.

How could I forget that name?

Do you know…

who dropped him off here?


He came on his own.

I went out one morning,

and he was standing by
the statue of Virgin Mary.

“Did you come here on your own?”

“Did someone bring you here?”

I kept asking, but he said the same thing.

Zi O. Zi O.

That became his name.

Do you remember exactly what date,
or what month and year it was?

I don’t remember.

It was so long ago.

It has been over 20 years.

Did anyone come to see him…

or sponsor him at some point?

Why do you ask?

What do you want to know?

I was wondering if there was
anyone related to him in some way.

Did he do something wrong?


Did someone adopt him?

Yes, there were several.

Was there a man named
Ha Young Jae among them?

Ha Young Jae.

Ha Young Jae.


I’ve never heard that name before.

Your memory may be imperfect,

so may I see your documents?


It’s impossible for me not to remember.

I can’t forget a single detail…

related to that child.

Whenever someone took him to adopt him,

they brought him back the day after.

They said they couldn’t keep him.

They all said that they couldn’t
raise him for a single day.

They looked terrified when they brought him,

and left as if they were running away.

So… Sister.

That’s how he was.

He was too difficult for everyone.

I see.

– That child…
– You don’t need to continue.


If you’re involved with
him, you need to know this.

He set this church on fire.

That’s when I hurt my eyes.

Stay away from him.

He doesn’t remember being here.

He was always like that.

Even after starting the fire,

he said he didn’t remember,
and that it wasn’t him.

Do you know why?

– Why?
– Inside of him…

lies a demon.

The demon started the fire,

and the child didn’t remember.


That child…

was a demon.

He changed faces as needed in the situation.

I didn’t start the fire.

I never did that. I’ve never even been here.

How could I have started the fire?

Zi O?

Are you Zi O?

No. It can’t be.

He couldn’t come in here.


If you are that child,
you couldn’t come in here!

If I am that child, I’m right here.

Your face.

Your face.

You are…

Zi O.

You really are Zi O.

Yes, he is.

Sister Stella!

Sister Stella!


Dear Saint Michael the Archangel.

Please protect us in battle.

Please protect us from the demon’s trickery.

We pray desperately to the Mighty One.

Please lock him up.

You are the leader of the holy soldiers.

The demons roam the earth to destroy souls.

Please send them to the fiery pit.

Please send them to the fiery pit.

Is that me?

Was I that unbearable?

You’re a demon.

You are a demon.

You’re a demon who should’ve
burned to death before coming here.

How did you get in here?
You’re the child of a demon!

Dear Saint Michael the Archangel.

Please protect us in battle.

Please protect us from the demon’s trickery.

I’ve never been here before.

It wasn’t me.

Do you know how many people you killed?

Those young children.

Those righteous sisters. You burned them all.

No. It wasn’t me.

You’re a demon.

You’re a demon manifested.

We will burn to death here today.

I will not lose to you
again. I will not lose.

Dear Saint Michael the Archangel.

Please protect us in battle.

Please protect us.

Please protect us from the demon’s trickery.

Please protect us.

Please. Dear the Almighty…

– Please…
– Let’s go.

Please protect us.

That’s enough. Let’s go.

Dear Saint Michael the Archangel.

Please protect us in battle.

Please protect us from the demon’s trickery.

Please. Dear the Almighty…

Who are you?

Where am I?

I don’t know.

I didn’t do it.

I don’t know anything.

Please drive out the demon.

Please drive out the demon.

Please send this cunning
snake to the fiery pit.

Please send him to the fiery pit.

Please cast away this evil fox to hades.

Please cast him away.

– Stop it!
– Please bind the foolish monster…

with a chain and send him to the fiery pit.

– Stop it!
– With this holy water,

please cast away the demon!

Please send this cunning
snake to the fiery pit.

Please cast away this evil fox…

Stop it!

He’s nothing but a demon’s
snake and fox. Please…

Please do not let your children…

suffer tribulation and fall into temptation.

Stop it.

Please protect us from the demon’s trickery.

I beg of you! Please lock him up!

I said to stop.

Please send the demon and
all the evil spirits…

that roam the earth to the fiery pit!

Stop it!

I knew nothing, but you
turned me into a monster.

I was human until you called me a monster.

You’re the one who made me a monster.

Go to the fiery pit, you monster.

Why should I?

You are…

a monster filled completely
by an evil spirit!

Why should I?

Lead this monster…

into the fiery pit.

Stop it!


I don’t want to know more. I’m scared.

That’s the key to finding out who you are.

Can I trust you?

Please bring Zi O safely.

I can say it for sure not. He isn’t human.

Zi O, right? Zi O?

Someone knows we’re together.

It wouldn’t be a conspiracy, right?

Should we run away?

You were the only person who
didn’t think I was dangerous.

You were the only one.

Stop it.

I remember now.

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