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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 4 Drama Korea, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Epi 3 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 4 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] L.U.C.A._ The Beginning E04 NEXT






Who are you?

Where am I?

I don’t know.

I didn’t do it.

I don’t know anything.

Please drive out the demon.

Please drive out the demon.

Please send this cunning
snake to the fiery pit.

Please send him to the fiery pit.

Please cast away this evil fox to hades.

Please cast him away.

– Stop it!
– Please bind the foolish monster…

with a chain and send him to the fiery pit.

– Stop it.
– Please protect us…

from the demon’s trickery.

I beg of you!

Please lock him up!

I said to stop.

Please send the demon and
all the evil spirits…

that roam the earth to the fiery pit!

Stop it!

I knew nothing, but you
turned me into a monster.

I was human until you called me a monster.

You’re the one who made me a monster.

Go to the fiery pit, you monster.

Why should I?

You are…

a monster filled completely
by an evil spirit!

Why should I?


Lead this monster…

into the fiery pit.

Stop it!

Drive faster.

Are you okay?

Let’s go.


It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.

We’re going inside?

We’ll suffocate to death
before we even find him.

Zi O, let’s go outside and play.


Hey, get to your senses. If you stay here…

I remember.

It was me. I was here.

I set this place on fire.

Do you remember coming to my house?

Do you know where my parents went?

You don’t remember?

Let’s go.

Sister. Sister Stella.

Get in. Hurry.


Wait here for a moment.

Where did the man go?

Are they not here?

Her car’s gone.

I told you we shouldn’t go inside.

If we waited here, we
would’ve caught them already.

What about her cell phone?

I can’t trace their location.

I think she turned it off.

Either that, or it turned off on its own.

Since when were you…

able to do…

You know, the sparks?

There are times when I want to die.

When things get too tough and painful,

I think to myself that I
might be better off dead…

and that I’d be able to feel
at ease if my life just ended.

And whenever I think that way,

my body starts to heat up.

I don’t know how it’s possible.

It’s just what happens.

And everything starts to look blue.

Whenever I feel the urge to die,

it’s as if my body is struggling not to.

The moment you feel like dying…

is actually when you want to live the most.

No, that’s not how I felt.

I personally disagree.

When you fell from the rooftop,

ran away from the hospital,

and even just now, it seemed
like you really wanted to live.

Anyway, you burned yourself…

to stay alive.

And I’m not interested in whether or not…

you were there…

or that you set the curtains on fire.

I need to know what happened…

right before you ended up at the orphanage.

You said you’re going to
dig through my brain, right?

I want you to stop.

I no longer want to find
out what’s in my brain.

I told you not to make a mistake.

You missed him so many times already.

We checked the car that
was parked by the church,

and it turned out to be
the female cop’s vehicle.

She and Zi O are traveling together.

Her cell phone is turned
off, so we can’t trace her.

I think it’s because of
electromagnetic waves.

Once she turns it on, we’ll
trace her location again,

and I had my guys stand guard
at the police station…

and her house just in case.

We’ll find them soon.

– Did you eat?
– No, not yet.

Make sure you eat well.
Don’t skip your meals.

Yes, sir.

You know I don’t trust people, right?

– Yes, I know.
– But I trust you.

So bring me results.

Professor Ryu, I trust you too.

So let’s get this done, okay?


Are you okay?

I’m okay.

I’m sorry.

You can’t leave this place
because I saved your arm.

It’s better than not having it.

It’s just an arm after all,

but look at us.

Dr. Ryu.

If I bring Z-0 to you,

can you give me his arm?

Someone must’ve promised you…

that you’d get his arm.

Is it possible?

Science is a shadow of the Divinity.

Only your faith can produce results.

So just believe it, and it’ll happen?

“If I do a good job,.”

“I’ll get a normal arm.”

Should I just believe in it?

What else can you do other
than just believing it?

If there’s anything else, do that too.

So is it impossible?

It is possible in theory.

However, theories are
not what moves the world.

Variables do.

And I’m a slave…

to variables.

And so are you.

Everyone here…

is the same.

No one ever gives me an exact answer.


This place would be a headache
for a former military officer.

I understand how you feel,

but please bring Z-0 to me safely.

Don’t hurt him. Bring
him to me safe and sound.

I’ve been…

having dreams about meeting him every night.

Did you open it?

Yes, I did. Go ahead.

01M 5273.





Is this the right number?

Get in.

01M 5273

01M 5273.

This says that the car’s been scrapped.


It was owned by a car rental
company. But last year,

it was sent to a junkyard.

A typical way to turn a
vehicle into a burner car.

But why do you need this info?

It’s nothing.

Come on. Tell me.

The driver drove aggressively.

You weren’t feeling well, so you
left early. Why are you driving?

Okay, bye.

Hey, don’t tell me you’re up to something.

No, I’m not feeling well. I have to go.

Hey, Gu Reum.

A man who can produce a powerful
current like an electric eel…

or shoots out potent venom
like a jellyfish does.

Can you call that man human?

Jeung Kwon was actually working on it.

Professor, it’s me.

I need to talk to you about something.

Someone followed us.


No, not now.


I saw a car I didn’t see when
we arrived at the church.

I asked my colleague to look
it up, and it’s a burner car.

So who was it?

It’s a burner car, so I don’t know.


This person didn’t follow us.

They purposely came here.

Did you tell someone you’d be coming here?

No, I didn’t tell anyone.

Then how did this person find out?

Well, there are many ways to find out.

Planting a tracker in my car or
in my phone could be one way.

Or they could be watching us
in real time using satellites.

The thing is, “how” is not important here.

What matters here is who they’re after.


Yes, it’s got to be you.

Someone knows that I’m with you now.

And they used me because
they couldn’t track you down.

But why are they tracking a cop to find you?

Who are you, really?

You said you weren’t curious.

You may be more than just
a witness in a murder case.

I witnessed a murder case?

Forget it. Let’s go.

Where are we going?

To find out who you really are.


It’s okay.

I called him.

– Hello, Professor.
– Hey.

I was doing something inside.

Is this the friend you told me about?

He’s not really my friend.

He’s the guy who escaped from the hospital.

Nice to meet you. I’m Oh Jong Hwan.

This is my friend’s clinic.
I’m just borrowing it.

We’re the only ones here now,
so put your worries to rest.

Worries? About what?

We’ll run a few tests on you today.

It won’t take long.

What are you talking about?

What kinds of tests?

They’re just simple tests.

You didn’t tell me any of this.

I’m telling you now.

He said he’d run tests on me, not you.

You can’t just go ahead and
decide. I don’t want to do this.

Hey, hey!

I’m explaining the situation now.

You’re explaining after the fact.

Why should I listen to this?

These tests will help us find out…

who made you like this…

No, I mean… That’s not
a good way to put it.

If we do this, we can
find out who gave you…

such powers or whether you
obtained them naturally.

This is key in finding
out who you really are.

Let’s do it. We both want to know.

If we dig up my past memories and find out…

that I actually killed your
parents, then what will you do?


you’ll die too.

So you want to do this to decide
whether or not you should kill me.


Let’s go.

So what are we doing?

I’ll take some samples
of your blood and tissue.

But before we do that…

Have you seen this man?


I’m not sure…

whether I’ve never met him
or simply don’t remember him.

All right. Shall we?

I’ll take a sample of your epithelial cells.

Open wide.

I’ll get a few samples of
your skin cells for a biopsy.

No! Don’t!


I’ll get a sample of your
cerebrospinal fluid…

to test your immune and antibody response.

It’ll hurt quite a bit.

Let’s just get it done.

I’ll begin now.

Stop it.

Enough. Enough!

Don’t get up. It’s dangerous.

Oh my gosh.

What the…

Put this on.

Did it hurt a lot?

I won’t apologize.

Let’s go.

We’re almost done.

I don’t want to find out
anything more. Let me be.

Stop it.

Don’t do it.

Stop it.

Don’t do it.

Whenever someone shows up,

I get chills all over.

Especially when a stranger
appears in the dark.

But not you.

Both in the hospital and the subway station,

you were never dangerous to me.

You were the only one.

I thought I could be with you.

Let’s go.

The next test doesn’t hurt.

If I had killed your parents,

the hair all over my body would’ve stood up.

It wasn’t me.

Someone else did it.

Don’t try to find me again.

We’re almost done with the tests.

I don’t want to learn anything more.

I’m too scared.

If you won’t go, I’ll force you.

Are you interested in fixing up
your entire face while you’re at it?

I’m very interested,

but I have no money.

Are you sure you’ll be okay?

It’ll be a problem later on…

if you hide a suspect like this.

He came to my home…

a long time ago.

He did? How?

I’m not sure.

What did your dad do?

– Why?
– If it was in biotech,

maybe he worked with Zi O.

I saw him in a lab coat when I was a child.

So I thought he was a doctor…

but found out he was a
researcher at an aerospace lab.

That’s understandable.

Doctors are critical to space exploration.

But why did Zi O go to your home?

I don’t know.


what I know less is…

he disappeared…

with my mom and dad the next day.

What do you mean?

What I said. They disappeared…


to be seen again.

They went missing?

So that’s why you were holding onto him.

In case he knew something about your parents.


But that jerk ran away.

I have to catch him again. Let’s go.

Gu Reum.

That was…

the case you said you were
investigating separately, right?


That’s why you became a cop, right?

No. It’s all in the past.

You got kicked out of Major Crimes…

because you were investigating
your parents’ case.

Like today.

Do you think…

your mom and dad are alive?

Or do you think they passed away?

Isn’t it only natural?

Someone missing for five
years is presumed dead.

There are no records of their
whereabouts of spending.

No proof of life anywhere.

Not things like that.

Not things like that? What?

What else is there?

My mom and dad…

They shouldn’t be alive.

Because if they are, it means
they abandoned me and ran away.

And if they’re doing just fine, then I’m…

What do I do?

That’s just wrong, you know?

So they shouldn’t be alive.


I hope they’re alive somewhere.

I want to see them again,
even if it’s just once.

Gu Reum.

You’re you.


You have your own life.

I know that.

No, you don’t.

You’re your parents’ daughter,

and you’re a friend to some people.

And later on in life, you’ll become a mother.

You’ll be given many roles
throughout your life,

but here’s the most important thing.

You’re your own person.

You shouldn’t live the rest of
your life as someone’s daughter.

You need to live your life.

That sounds great and all, but…

it doesn’t make me feel better.

That’s because your
emotions are all dried up.

Now, that’s helpful.

Not letting go of your
parents may ruin your life.

And by the same token,
your husband or children…

may ruin your life in the future as well.

But don’t do that to yourself.

You make the final call on whether or not…

your life can be ruined.

Professor, let’s talk about work.

You’ll call me first when
the results are out, right?

Yes, of course.

Will the test results…

help us determine if Zi
O has something to do…

with that man, Ryu Jeung Kwon?

Each painter has his or her own unique…

style of painting and brushstrokes.

The same goes for us researchers.

Each research leaves its own unique
footprints, so we can figure it out.

So if this is actually
linked to Ryu Jeung Kwon,

and if we manage to track him down,

we’ll find out more about Zi O’s past, right?

Yes, I think so.

Okay, that’s all I needed to know.

I’ll be off, then.

Thank you for everything, Professor.

All right.

I’m so bored.

Stay focused.

How much longer are we going to stay here?

Until Z-0 shows up.

Sit straight.

I don’t want to.

Feel the wind.

I told you to sit straight.

Hard work is for fools.

It doesn’t look like he’ll show up today.

I saw your records.

My ex is in the military police.

I asked him to look you up.

Got a death wish?


you killed nine people?

But didn’t you do that
drill hundreds of times?


Unless you’re an idiot, I’m sure…

you could tell the difference
between a flare and a grenade.

I said, stop.


someone put explosives inside the flare?

The same thing happened to me.

During a bilateral drill.

I swear, I only took blanks with me.

– Sir!
– Hey, hurry!

What’s going on?

What happened?

Only after five people died, I
realized I had fired live ammo.

I had checked dozens of times
to make sure they were blanks,

so how was that possible?

We were never given any live
ammo as it was just a drill,

so how come my gun was loaded with live ammo?

After I was sentenced to life, I tried…

to kill myself twice.

Why didn’t you actually do it?

Because someone came to see me.


That I can’t tell you.

I promised that I won’t tell
anyone until the day I die.

But that person told me…

that I’d get a job…

and even a healthy leg if I obeyed.

That didn’t happen to you, did it?

The choice is yours.

Rot here for the rest of your
life, or you can work with me.


What kind of work?

For now, I’ll just say you’ll
be working for our country.

That couldn’t have been a setup, right?

I suppose you and I…

just happened to make a similar mistake.

A seemingly impossible one at that.

Just let it go. We won’t
make a mistake ever again.

Aren’t you sick of this?

Having to kill complete strangers…

without even knowing why
you have to kill them.

Wait inside the car.

How about we run away together?

To a place where no one can find us.

When it comes to hiding and going
undercover, no one can beat us.

Get in the car. I’ll
pretend I never heard that.

You’ll pretend you never heard it?

That’s the most cruel answer anyone can give.

You’re torturing me with hope.

Don’t expect anything from me.

If I run away alone,

will you track me down and kill me?

Yes, obviously.

I see.

Let’s forget this conversation.

Stay focused. And let me
know if anything happens.

I’ll join you again in the morning.

Are you running away?

He is. What a coward.




What’s this about?

I got you a coffee.


What’s with you today?

Are you going crazy?

No. I just like you. That’s all.

You must’ve caused some kind of trouble.


Come on. Why would I cause trouble?

Gosh, I just wanted to do
something nice for you.

My feelings are hurt.

Take this.


What is this?


Hey! How did this happen? You just got this!

How did this even happen?




Darn it.


Hello? Is someone there? Hello?

What the… You should talk if you call.


Zi O?

It’s you, right?


Why did you hang up, you jerk?

Zi O, it’s you, isn’t it?

Where are you? Do you not have bus money?

Should I pick you up?

– Who…
– “Who are you?” Right?

It’s me. Your friend Won Yi.

Don’t roam the streets, and come home.

You forget the address,
right? I’ll say it, so listen.





You shouldn’t have.

Thank you.

It’s the same number.

Something’s going on, isn’t it?

– No.
– It’s okay.

Consider me a brother and tell me.

I don’t have a brother.

Then consider me an uncle.

I don’t have an uncle, and
there’s nothing going on.


You’re not disgruntled with the team at all?


I really like our team.

You too.

Nothing’s wrong, right?

You’re clear in the head?

I am.

You have no concerns or complaints,

but you put your phone in the microwave?

A new phone that you had for a day.

General Affairs said it
was burned inside out.

That it was impossible
unless it was in a microwave.

I said you wouldn’t do that.

What’s the point in arguing?

Do you know how much they chewed me out?

Everyone says we got a psychopath.

Are you crazy?

What’s wrong with you?

– That’s not it.
– Then what? Are you a freak?

That’s why you got kicked out
of Major Crimes, isn’t it?

Excuse me.

Don’t pick up. You take it.

Yes, sir.

Hello? Violent Crimes. Ha Gu Reum speaking.

I said not to pick up.

Yes. Really?

Right away.

Where are you going? Freeze!

Get back here.

Get back here.

Get back here.

Sit down.

Hey! Hey!


That psychopath freak!

Who is it?

Who is it?

Zi O, you punk.

I thought you had died, you punk.

Come in. Come in, you punk.

When did you last shower? You smell awful.

Hey, come in. Wash up first.

Where are you going?
Where are you going, punk?

Take off your shoes. Take
your shoes off first.

Come in and wash up.

Hey. I saw you on the news.

But that’s not you.

You’re no fighter for justice.

You’re not even a sixth
cousin twice removed of one.


You used electricity again, right?

You punk. You always do that.

You roam around alone and use electricity,

get amnesia…

Then you call after a really long time.

And it’s not like you speak
on the phone. You just pant.

Then I go, “Zi O, it’s you,
right?” Then you go, “Who are you?”

Why you…

It’s me. Me.


Hey, but you’re impressive.

You don’t remember anything,
but you remember my number.

I can’t change my number because of you.

– Are we…
– Yes, we’re friends.

– Then…
– We left the orphanage…

and lived together, but you
always ran away to live alone.

Long time ago…

Hey. We were a fantastic pair.


You knocked them out and I
cleaned out their pockets.

You picked the lock and
I cleaned out the place.

Gosh, I feel good.

Let’s go.


Go, punk.

Just this once.

Hey. It’s this one.

Look at that.


Zi O.

Open it.

Go on. Open it.

Do it, punk.

What are you doing? Do it.


With your superpower electricity
and my quick speed…

We were as good as a mid-sized company.

Where were you this time?

– Were we…
– Yes, we were bad people.

You don’t think you were
a good person, do you?

Look at you, pretending to be shocked again.

Don’t go anywhere anymore. Stay
and run a business with me.

If you need an ID or passport,

I’ll make them for you.

You make things like that too?

Zi O. Who do you think made you your license?

– By any chance…
– By any chance what?

Do I know the people who are hunting you?


Hey. Are you sure you’re being hunted?

You always say that and that
you can’t stay for long.

Who’s after you?

You say it isn’t the
police. I’m dying to know.

– Who am I?
– Darn it.


Your terrible parents abandoned
you as soon as you were born.

That’s why the orphanage
registered your birth.

Right. Remember those older boys
that used to beat us up every day?

– No.
– No. Of course not.

Anyway, we got beat up
like crazy that day too.

Stop it!

– Let’s go.
– Let go!

Stop it!

– Get over here!
– Stop it!

It hurts!

But when I came to,

the church was ablaze.

I knew you’d burn it down one day.

Anyway, the sisters were going crazy,

and you and I ran away.


What could teenage boys do to survive?

We got free food, begged,

stole, and mugged.

What’s the conclusion?

Stop asking who you are,

and write this down.


you and I are nothings.

Why aren’t you writing it down? Seriously.

Hey. Let’s just get a tattoo.

“I am absolutely nothing.” What do you say?

Did I ever tell you what I did and where…

before I went to the orphanage?

Like whom I lived with.

– You did tell me one thing.
– What?

That you remembered nothing.

Hey. You probably used electricity
before you came to the orphanage.

Darn it.


Don’t go anywhere else. You’ll just suffer.

Stay here and work with me.

I’ll get people to take out
loans and you can collect.

If anyone won’t pay,

just flash your blue
eyes, and it’s game over.

It’s not hard to light up
your eyes and get money.

Am I right?

We have to wait again?

How do cops do stakeouts?

They deserve a raise.

Don’t glare at me like that.

Sit up.

Don’t look if you don’t want to.

Don’t kill me!

Where’s Zi O?

I… I don’t know! I really don’t!

You lived together.

That’s not true! He just bummed off of me!

It’s true! It is!

It’s true!

He bummed off of me, and then he left!

I haven’t heard from him since!

I know nothing!


I don’t know anything.

I don’t know, you scumbag!

I’m sorry, sir!

Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!

If Zi O calls or comes by…

I’ll… I’ll let you know right away.

I’ll let you know right away.

So please, sir…

Good. Let me know right away.

If you get tempted to change
your mind, remember this sound.

Yes, sir.

– Talk.
– It’s me.

What is it?

Zi O is here.

He’s in my home.

Keep him there. Do whatever it takes.

Yes, sir.

We found Z-0.

I looked it over.

This is why people aren’t
interested in science.

It’s all gibberish.


This is a DNA homology test.

What’s homology?

It’s the level of homogeneity
of different cells.

There are six different characteristics.

What does that mean?

There are at least six different
sets of genes in the body.


The biggest characteristic
is that of a knifefish.

What’s a knifefish?

Simply put, it’s like an electric eel.

But electric eels aren’t eels. They’re fish.

Regardless, he has the DNA of
electric eels mixed in, right?

That’s not all.

The immortal jellyfish. Sturgeon.

A bat. Fruit fly. All of their
characteristics are there.

If all of them are combined,

one can emit and sense electricity.

He’d have an insane recovery rate…

and have superhuman reflexes.

Is it possible to mix them?

It’s unusual,

it can be possible for someone
who solves LUCA’s secret.

What’s that?

Where do you think life began?

Me? My existence?


Well… My mom’s womb.


The cells with different characteristics,

a sperm and an egg, met to create you.

There must be similarities for the genes…

from both of them to mix.


If you look there and follow your way up,

there’s a cell that’s common to everyone.

That’s LUCA.

Last universal common ancestor.


is it a mutation?


A mutation cannot be this elaborate.

It was created.

A life form that was created?


Isn’t that beyond the realm of humans?

No. It was a technological intervention.

Although it was banned…

Is it Dr. Ryu Jeung Kwon?

99 percent.

He’s the only one with the
skills to merge DNA like this.

And he’s the only one this crazy.


do you think they’re the ones…

who hired those men that are after Zi O?

I’m not sure,

but I’ll have to request
a study from the academy.

I have to see if my analysis is correct.


If you see him again,

lock him up.

– You must.
– Why?

I can tell you now for sure.

He isn’t human.

What’s going on?


You came here again after being fooled twice?

There’s this abandoned dog.

A rescue group tries to catch him,

have him examined to see
if he had any diseases,

and feed him.

But he doesn’t realize that.

He just keeps running away. Like you.

I have no disease, and I eat just fine.

The dog must think the same.

Although the humans can tell he’s wrong.

– Let’s go.
– Don’t give me that garbage.

We lost.

Although we did catch him.

Go up and delete the cell phone history.

Clean everything up.

This is my research.

It took me 30 years.

I devoted my entire life
to it. And the results…

were submitted to the
academy without my name.

You should’ve stopped it.

My life’s work…

was shared with the rats in the academy.

Those punks in the academy are all morons.


They are way beneath me!

Who knows what they’ll do?

My research… My lifelong research!

What if those rats ruin it?

This is like giving free
licenses to use my patent.

It’s murder! This is how
you kill a scientist!

Why are you just sitting there?

You couldn’t have come this far without me.

Z-0 is the conclusion of
my research that cost…

billions of dollars!


is the one thing that proves my worth!

Do you realize that?

Are you done?

Get out and fix this.

Burn the server, do something.

Delete all of my material now.

You’re not acting, are you?

– What?
– You’re so passionate. It’s weird.


Your friend posted that. Oh Jong Hwan at NFS.

I feel like you asked him for help.

Crazy talk!

I offered up my soul…

for more funds for my research!

Why would I share it
with that stupid academy?

Why else?

Because you can’t do it alone…

without Ha Young Jae.

Maybe you asked for advice
and received warnings too.

It’s like a form of cheating. Am I wrong?

Of all the people to doubt…

All that NFS got…

was Z-0’s blood sample from the hospital.

But those documents…

are analyses of his blood
and epithelial tissue,

biopsies of his liver and
lungs, and even spinal fluid.

Did Z-0 get a physical or something?

No, he didn’t.

We have no choice…

but to deduce that you leaked them.

So… Explain it to me.

How did that happen?

I never did such a thing.

I wouldn’t do that!

Is it a desire for fame?

Scientists tend to be like that.

“I pulled off this impossible feat.”

“Give me a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Isn’t it your lifelong wish
to be in the Hall of Fame?


It is not.

I don’t need things like that.

You’re not a scientist without it.

I’ll have the documents removed.

But until we figure out how they got out,

I will not trust you.


you’re old enough.

Don’t lose your temper
just because you’re angry.

You look uneducated.



You got him?

Let’s do a video call.

Come in right now.

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

What are you doing? Stop it!

Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this? Stop it! Please!


It’s the child I mentioned.

Are you sure you won’t regret it?

Please give me…

enough money for my family to
settle down in another country.

Let’s confirm what you say is correct first.

You said you were buying me a snack.

You said we’d go on a picnic.

You said you wouldn’t give me any more shots!


Our people are with your wife now.

We have the money.

If the information you gave us is correct,

we’ll give it to your wife right away.

Stop it. Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Why are you doing this to me?

Who are you?


What I have isn’t an ability, it’s a curse.

It’ll be a whole new world.

The case was closed.

The prosecutor said…

He never should’ve come into this world.

Did you lose all the documents?

What about what I had sent?

Don’t you feel disgraced?

Yes, but that’s the rule.

I won’t run away anymore.

If you want me, come at me.

Don’t leave me until I say so.


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