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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 5 Drama Korea, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Epi 5 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 5 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] L.U.C.A._ The Beginning E05 NEXT















Is this Zi O?

It’s you, isn’t it?

Where are you?

I’ll be right there. Wait for me.

I don’t know.

I don’t know where I am.

Okay. You’re calling from a payphone, right?

I’ll track this number and find
where you are, so just stay there.


Answer me.

Don’t yell at me.

Just wait there.

You must do everything you can to find him.

If he goes out of control,

many people could die.

And if he gets married and has a kid,

who knows what will be born?

It’ll be hard to say…

whether it’s human or not.

He may seem human now, but
that can easily change.

Depending on which animal awakens inside him,

he could turn into a
completely different species.

He’ll do whatever he can to stay alive.

Wouldn’t humans do the same?

This isn’t about ontology.

This is about biology.

Do you understand? You must catch him.




I’m going to go inside and send
this over to the academy for review.

Gu Reum, shoot him if you need to.

He shouldn’t exist in this world.

But what if he also has feelings?

If he shares even the slightest
bit of human emotions,

that would mean he isn’t a monster.

He’s a monster.

He’s a terrible mixed breed.

He will completely destroy the ecosystem.

If you can’t catch him, it’s
better to just kill him.

Why do people hate me so much?

Did you get into a fight?

I was always alone.

But now there’s literally no one by my side.

It never bothered me until now.

But I guess this is how it feels.

Did you also feel this way?

How did you endure it all when
you still remember everything?

Shoot him if you need to.

He shouldn’t exist in this world.

Come on in.

I’m going to work.

Don’t do anything,

and don’t go anywhere. Just stay here.

If you’re hungry, you can fix
yourself something to eat.

And make sure you clean up.

Don’t look at me like that.

I’m not going to pity you
or try to understand you.

To me, you’re either a
suspect in a murder case…

or a witness in a missing persons case.

The bathroom is over there. And my room…

I’ll kill you if you go in there.

I’ll see you after work.

Take a seat.

Did you get into a fight?

Did you get beaten up?

Was it those guys again?


But you have a special gift.

Can’t you…

just use that?

I’m sure humans are no match for you.

With the power you have,

couldn’t you simply destroy
the ecosystem built by humans?

I’m also human. Why would I destroy that?

Just admit it already.

You’re not a normal human being.

I want to be.

And what I have isn’t a gift. It’s a curse.

I’m sorry. I guess you’re right.

Because of that power of yours,

you probably never had
the chance to love anyone.

You’ve never loved anyone, have you?

Did I guess correctly?

I guess I did.

Clean up after you eat.


Bank networks that crashed…

due to last night’s large
scale cyber terror attack…

have yet to be restored.

It looks like it will cause
many people inconvenience.

The networks that were
attacked were not only banks…

but also online shopping
malls, email service providers,

and many more that add up to
a total of 13 online networks.

And one of them also turned out to
be the National Forensic Service.

Thus, the cybercrime team has
begun investigating right away.

The police think an organization
of hackers was involved…

and did not deny the possibility…

that North Korea could be behind the attack.

– What happened to the files?
– Sir, did you see the news?

It’s really bad. The entire system is down.

Let me see.

Did you guys also lose all your files?

Don’t even get me started.

The entire server is gone.

I’m not sure if we can save any of
our research materials or papers.

What about the files I sent you?

The same thing happened to those too.

Professor, you have
everything backed up, right?

All our computers are down as well.

So you can’t access any of
the information right now?

Do you think someone who was after
the info deliberately did this?

Gosh, no way.

All those banks and online
shopping malls were also attacked.

I heard it was caused by
North Korea’s cyberattack.

Professor, do you really not
have the original documents?

I’ll call you later.

You finally retrieved Z-0.

Well done.

We’ve destroyed all the
reports and documents,

and the police will close the
case as North Korea’s cyberattack.

Good job.

A new world will begin now.

When a spacecraft is launched,

this is the part that does the actual work.

Just to send this to space,

all this energy is spent and discarded.

The way humans use energy
is very inefficient.

They waste too much of it.

I heard he can…

generate a considerable
amount of electricity.

Our speculation…

is that he keeps on evolving.

Think about other kids like
him being born into this world.

They can charge their phones
by just holding them…

and move electric cars just by
holding onto the steering wheels.

We’ll retrieve Z-0 and produce 101 clones.

Then we’ll take a leap.

But why 101 clones?

101 clones. It’s quite ambiguous, isn’t it?

It’ll pique people’s curiosity.

And we’ll produce their clones.

The moment 1.01 million angels are born,

this world will fundamentally change.

And we’ll obtain all the wealth
and honor anyone can ever have.

A new era will begin.

A glorious era.

The children who trust and
obey us will rule the world.

That was…

Z-0’s fate.

Our first successful experiment that was…

supposed to be destroyed after
giving his cells to the others.


But he’s lived for way too long.

Now that we’ve retrieved him,
we’ll burn him to ashes…

as soon as we clone his cells.

Yes, we should.

We’re really almost there now,

but you’ll have a lot to do
until we reach our final goals.

Soon, you’ll be appointed…

as the Director of the
National Intelligence Service.

Please stay focused.

Thank you.

I’ll always have your back.

Excuse me. It’s the lab.

Hey, what’s up?


Wake up. Get up!

You piece of…

The car blew up on our way
back here after retrieving him.

– Let go.
– We gave him sedatives,

but he still woke up, so there
wasn’t anything we could do.

You little…

Don’t you dare glare at me like that!

I’m sorry.

Wake him up.

Wake him up!

He needs absolute rest right now.

Give him stimulants. Do whatever
it takes to wake him up!

Yes, sir.

Bring 25mL.

You shouldn’t be walking around
now. I told you to lie down.

I have a favor to ask.

Okay, let’s go back to the treatment room.

You shouldn’t be moving around now.

Make me stronger.

What are you talking about?

The injection I got right here.

I can get it elsewhere, right?

You can inject it all over my body.

Why are you being like
this? Did something happen?

Please just do it for me.

No, it’s dangerous.

If there are adverse effects,
we’ll have to cut them off.

You should’ve just cut it off back then.

Instead of making me become like this,

you should’ve just cut it all off back then.

What is this?

I’m neither a human nor a monster.

Make me become at least one of the two.

So? Which one do you want to become?

What do you really want to become?

Do you know how many times we
injected sedatives into Z-0?

It was enough to kill him, but
he woke up and did this to me.

What should I become…

to be able to catch him?

You have to make me that strong
if you want me to get him.

Stop talking nonsense.

No matter what you do, you’ll never
beat those born with such powers.

– Please do it for me.
– No!

Hey, get him out of here.

Do it for him.

And for me too.

I want to put an end to this,

whether that means I’ll stay human…

or become a half-monster.


– Easy!
– Shut it!

– Hey!
– Come on!

– Come on in.
– Hey, come in.

– Be quiet and come inside.
– Goodness.

– Hey!
– Don’t cause trouble.

– Hey, move it.
– Stand over there.

– Form a line. Go further.
– Stand over there.

Look here. 1, 2, 3!

Look up!

– Left face.
– Left face!

– Come on!
– 1, 2, 3.

About face.

About face.

Move it, will you?

– Hey, come on.
– Shall I request a warrant?

I told you. I didn’t do it!

– Seriously!
– We still need your statement.

– I didn’t do it!
– Did you receive it?

– Damn it!
– Where were we?

Okay, I heard you. What is your name?

– Gosh, it wasn’t me!
– All right, just give me your name!

– This will hurt.
– Just do it.

Are you sure you won’t regret this?

Do it.

You know what the adverse effects are.

It stimulates the cells to a great degree,

which strengthens your muscles
and helps you recover faster.

But it also means that your cells
can age and die faster as well.

Stuff like that, right?

It may also cause infertility.

If you’re going to change
your mind, tell me now.

It would still be better to share the pain.

Go ahead.


Don’t do it.

It hurts.

Change. Your underwear too.

Don’t even think about washing
your clothes. Throw them out.

– Did you have dinner?
– Not yet.


Not yet.

Unless you can survive
without eating, just eat.


Zi O is here.

Is everything okay?

I’m keeping him here for now.

You’re keeping him with you?

– Where?
– I have him. He’s fine.

Put handcuffs on him. Don’t get any ideas.

Lock him up at the police station.


– Okay.
– I don’t like that response.

He’s much more dangerous than you think.

Don’t pity him.

Don’t agitate him in order
to find your parents.

No one knows how he’ll change.

He’s not that bad.

What do you mean? Just do as I say.

I’ll go to the station tomorrow.
Put him in the holding cell.

You have a gun, right?


Shoot him if necessary. I’ll
take the blame with you.

Hold on. I’ll call you back.

Are you all right?

I’m fine. I was just surprised, that’s all.

Are you sure you’re all right?

I didn’t hit you, did I?

I fell because I was surprised.

Watch where you’re going next time.

That scared me.

Get the documents once you hear from me.



are you?

What are you doing in my house?

What’s your name?

What’s wrong?

Don’t do that.

Don’t! You’re scaring me!

Dad! Dad!

I said I’d kill you if you came in.

Get out.

It was you.

– What?
– That kid.

The kid who was scared was you.

I remember going to your home.

Who are you?

What are you doing?

Where did you get Z-0’s biological data?

Where’s the original data?

Just answer those two questions.

Who are you? Why are you asking that?

This is refined ethanol.

It’ll be the same as
drinking two bottles of soju.

What are you doing?

I work for NFS.

You think we can’t handle this much?

During the Cold War between
East and West Germany,

this was how respected
scholars were eliminated.

After injecting them with ethanol,

they threw in some liquor bottles in the car.

And they put a very young
girl in the seat next to them.

The news will say the
next day that they died…

while drinking and
partying with a young girl.

They killed the people and their reputations.

I’ll spare your reputation,

so tell me.

Gu Reum…

Gu Reum brought him.

So I examined him.

Do you mean that female detective?


Are they together now?

No. He left.

He’s gone.

I need to run more tests.

– Where’s the original data?
– It’s gone.

– I lost them all.
– Did you print them out?


– How many copies?
– One.

Just one.

I can’t lose it.

That’s all that’s left.

One printed copy in Professor Oh’s office.

I’ll get it now.


After my mom and dad disappeared,

I didn’t know what to do.

I was only 10.

Back then, I didn’t know
what it meant to go missing.

I started to investigate once I became a cop.

But strangely, everyone my dad knew…

was all gone.

His friend, his colleague,

classmate, the person he lent money to,

the person who deposited the
money he lent the money to…


The company where she worked.

His classmate’s church.


Everyone either died or has gone missing.

I’ve never searched for
someone this desperately.

I’ve been a cop for 10 years,

and I’ve never failed in
tracking down people…

when I did this much work.

I was totally stuck, but then…


You showed up.

But I only remember you.


don’t even remember why I went there.

This man…

is the key to finding your lost memories.

“Ryu Jeung Kwon”?

What is his relationship to me?

I’m not sure,

but I heard he knows everything about you.

I bet you’re hoping I’m the
one who killed your parents.

Because if I’m the culprit,
you can put an end to it all.

If it wasn’t me, it means you
have to find the real culprit.

You’re right.

If you’re the bad guy, I can put
an end to this once and for all.

When you’ve worked as a cop for many years,

you can tell whether someone
is a good person or not…

by just looking at their eyes.

But with you, I’m not sure.

I’m hoping I was the one that did it.

Because that means arresting
me will give you closure…

and help you move on.

You don’t have to live in pain any longer.

If it really is you, I won’t arrest you.

I’ll just kill you.

I bet you’ve never been in love either.

Don’t undermine me.

Plan well so you can
commit the perfect crime.

Don’t be convicted of murder
after killing someone like me.


The person you have reached is not available.

Please leave a message…


I haven’t been able to reach you all day.

Don’t come here. I’ll pick another spot.

Gu Reum.

What now?

What will you yell at me about this time?

I’m working hard.

I really didn’t put your
phone inside the microwave.

– Did you hear the news?
– What news?

So you haven’t heard?

What’s going on? Did something happen?

Let’s go. I’ll tell you on the way.

Hey, Gu Reum!

Goodness. Yes, go.

Gu Reum!

Gu Reum!

Wait! Just a second!

Gu Reum, calm down.

– They need to do an autopsy now.
– Hold on.

– Wait until the autopsy is done.
– Just a second!

I heard Gu Reum and
Professor Oh were very close.


And he was very fond of her.

Yes, he was.

Hands off.

Let go.

“I wish he was my father.”

Has anyone ever made you feel that way?

I went to his funeral today.

I’ve been on my own for a long time.

And now, I’m really alone.

I have no one.

I’m truly alone now.

It’s easier that way.

You looked all devastated
because you felt so alone.

Life is no big deal.

You just watch other people
die while you’re alive,

but you don’t need to worry
about that if you’re alone.

Good for you that you’re such a loner.

Don’t run away.

Don’t go until I tell you to.

Don’t go. Ever.

I won’t go.



Why not?

It’s a closed case. Why would
we request an investigation?

You know as well as I do that
Professor Oh doesn’t drink.

He got into an accident because
someone who doesn’t drink drank.

Why did he drink that
much alcohol in his car?

It wasn’t a simple DUI.

There’s no evidence of foul play.

Look at the circumstances.

Evidence, not circumstances.

There something called
circumstantial evidence.

Didn’t you see the autopsy report?
There was nothing in the lungs.

No one forced the liquor down his throat.

He drank it voluntarily.

He was on the phone with me.

He said he’d call me right
back, and then that happened.

If it were an accident, his
dashcam wouldn’t have been off.

Did I turn it off?

I’ll just check his call records and email.

The prosecutor already closed the case.

They said to close it!

Will they reopen the case because we say so?

I was taught that a cop must suspect
and confirm their suspicions.

How can a cop drop it when it’s suspicious…

just because it’s closed?

Yes, we can.

Aren’t you ashamed?

Even if I am, that’s the rule.

What if I find evidence?

Will you bury it then too,
saying it’s a closed case?

Do you have evidence?

Not yet.

Come to me once you do.

Exactly. Request a warrant
so that I can find evidence.

Okay. Fine. I’ll do it. Wait a second.

Where is it?

Here. Shoot me.

– Captain.
– Shoot me,

and do everything you want!

– It’s empty.
– Want bullets?

– Yes.
– You’ll shoot me?

You said to.

Must you do this?

I will investigate this.

Okay, do it. Do it!

Investigate! Go ahead!

But you’re not a part of our family anymore.

You make the team look
bad and do as you please.

What about your senior detectives here?

You think they’re all useless, right?

If that’s how you plan to
work, go back to Major Crimes.

I’ll send you if you want.


He has such a temper.

Are you all right?

I’m sorry.

It’s not like they’ll give
us a warrant if we ask.

Put together a convincing scenario…

and shove it in their faces
so that they can’t complain.

I’ll do it.

It’ll be hard to get a warrant,

so question people in Professor Oh’s life.

You’re an expert on digging
into people’s lives.

Sorry I can’t help you.

The female detective is heading to NFS.

We’ll get her on her way back,

so get set up on the road.

No, there was nothing strange.


Like… Did he get a call from someone?

No, nobody.

Everyone was frantic that day.

All of the computers were
down because we were hacked.

The phones were ringing off the hook.

IT people were coming in and out nonstop.

That’s right.

Professor Oh had sent the
academy some material.

He was on the phone for a while about it.

Do you know who at the academy?

I’m not sure.

But it’ll be useless.

The academy’s system was hacked too.

I heard that they lost
all of their files too.

Maybe that was why he drank.

Have you…

ever drunk with Professor Oh?


Not even once.

He turns red after just one drink,

so he hated going to drinking events.


Is that for the professor?


Let’s go.


Just leave it.

General Affairs will do it in a few days.

I’ll clean a little before I go.

We’re nearing the spot.

Turn off the engine.

Turning off the engine.

Step on the brake and turn on the engine.

Darn it.

Darn it.

Breaking news.

We just received word that
around 1pm this afternoon,

a Violent Crimes detective was abducted…

by unidentified perpetrators
on Route 13 in Juan.

This is the first time an active detective…

was abducted in broad daylight.

The detective who was
abducted is Lieutenant Ha,

a female detective who had solved…

numerous violent crime cases.

According to the police,

she was returning to the station from NFS.

The car disappeared,

and all that remained at the
scene was a knife handle.

Given how this occurred on an isolated road,

the perpetrators seem to have
known what route she’d take…

and ambushed her.

Considering the meticulous plan…

and the circumstances
surrounding the incident…

Zi O.

Are you alone?

Why? So you can sell me out again?

Hey. That’s… That’s a misunderstanding.

I didn’t sell you out. I
gave you to them for free.

I didn’t receive anything.

Look what they did to this place.

But I didn’t even get money
to replace the window.

– Where’s the phone?
– Zi O.

Call them.

– Stop that.
– Call. Now.

What do you mean?

– Sell me out.
– That’s not it.

– Sell me out.
– What are you talking about?

I didn’t get a dime from them.

Why are you doing this to me?

I won’t run anymore.

Call them.


Hello. So… I’m with him now.

He says to sell him out to you.

Was it you?

– It’s you.
– Why did you do it?

This is the beginning.

If you still don’t show up,
I’ll kill everyone you know.

I’ll find everyone who ever
talked to you, and kill them.

– Where’s the woman?
– Right here.

I’ll give you the address. Come.

– No.
– Even if she dies?

If you want me, you come and get me.

LC Plaza in two hours.

If you don’t listen, she dies.

Kill her after you kill me. Bring her.

He must like you. He’s freaking out.

You killed him.

– Who?
– I’ve killed quite a few people.

Professor Oh. You people did it!

You gave him Z-0’s biological information.

He died because of you.

He’d be alive if you had stayed still.

Untie me, you dirtbag!
I’m going to kill you all!

You’ll die soon too.

Don’t waste your energy.

I’m borrowing your phone.

No. I still have a year left in the contract.

I didn’t get insurance. If you take it…


Go on. Go.

Hey. I don’t care where and how you live,

but please cut ties with me, okay?

Don’t come to me ever again.

Even if we cross paths, just keep walking.

Don’t look at me like that.

Even still…

I was always on your side.

Even when you set fire to the church,

I lied that it wasn’t you.

Yes. No matter how scared I was,
I always opened the door for you.

I did that because we were friends.

– Are we even friends?
– That’s right, we’re friends.

Are we true friends?

Neither of us has friends anyway.

We have no friends, so we’re
friendly to each other.

I’ll be back if I need to.

I said don’t come back.

As you already know,

I hardly remember anything.

I’ll remember only good
things about you from now on.

What the…

Are we starting a relationship or something?


– I’m taking your car.
– Hey. Hey.

No. No.

Hey. I still have payments left on that!

Hey! Hey…

Darn it!

– Are you here?
– Where’s the woman?

Come and see for yourself.

After I’ve confirmed her face. Call me.

– I can’t see her face.
– Confirm.

Say goodbye.

We should meet.

Come to the first floor.
Elevator number three.

Try anything stupid, and this woman dies.

First floor. Elevator number three.

Kill her if anything happens.

That rat.

Are you okay?

We have to get those scumbags.

They killed Professor Oh.

Gu Reum.

Who said you could say my name?


If I don’t die,

I’ll go to you.

What are you talking about?

I’ll stay alive and find you.

Even if I don’t remember
you, I’ll still find you.

So run away.

– What?
– I’m going to fight.


– I’ll fight. You…
– Later.

You need to stay alive to figure out…

whether or not I killed your parents.

What if I’m the killer?

You have to be alive to kill me.

So live.

You can’t do it alone.

It’s too dangerous.


Don’t you smell burning flesh?

I don’t see Tae Oh.

Track Tae Oh’s phone.

I got a signal.

His phone just turned off.

– Do you have its location?
– Of course.

Who are you guys?

Do you know…

what the toughest training
I’ve ever received was?

Hostage situation.

What I must do if the enemy…

takes me hostage.

Some of my peers died during that training.

I’ll ask one last time. Who are you people?

You can’t get me to say anything.

All you can do…

is beat me up.

You’ll get more nervous the more you hit me.


Because I won’t say a word.

Darn it!

You’ll either kill me…

or run away in fear.

Get started!



He’s alive, but…

his arm…

Yes, Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum is on our team.

I understand.

I said I got it.

It means, I’ll look into it.

I’ll look into it and call you back.

I’m busy dealing with the situation.

How can I be quick?

Didn’t you see the news?

She’s the detective who was abducted.

Gu Reum!

Gu Reum! What happened?

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

How did you escape?


She needs a doctor.


She needs to be treated first…

I said, quiet!

Were you really abducted?

I escaped from the trunk of their car.

Remember the plates I asked
to run a few days ago?

I think it was them.


Come with me. You too.



You used your brain, but not well enough.

We’re experts on luring and tailing.

You came all this way. We
should put an end to each other.

If you take me down,

you can enter here.

Everything about you is in here.


Where’s Zi O? Where are you hiding him?

Secretly make a few copies
of the somatic cells.

Kill all the other researchers too.

We can’t let word get out
that a scientist invented it.

What is all this?

I don’t think she should’ve come to our team.

Who are you?

It seems professional,
like it’s an organization.

I’ll kill him myself.

Where are you?

Zi O.

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