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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 6 Drama Korea, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Epi 6 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 6 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] L.U.C.A._ The Beginning E06 NEXT






You used your brain, but not well enough.

We’re experts…

on luring and tailing.

You came all this way. We
should put an end to each other.

If you take me down…


You can enter here.

Everything about you is in here.

Who you are. Where you’re from.

That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

That’s it?

Everything about me is in there?

You must’ve thought too highly of yourself.

That’s all you can ever do.

Get ready to treat him.

Let’s just leave him.

We need to treat him first.

He has the ability to cure himself.

– Let’s see how well that works.
– But still…

We need to conduct a performance test anyway.

Let’s use this opportunity
to check how well he can…

regenerate or recuperate himself.

I’m glad he came here in that state.

This is going to save us from
having to conduct another test.

As soon as we check his performance,

we’ll have to take him
apart for mass production.

So I want you to have all
the production lines ready.

And record the entire
process of his recovery.

I need to report this to the higher-ups.

Before you take Z-0 apart,

I want you to make several
clones of his somatic cells.


In this day and age, it’s
easy to clone people.

Well, it’s not that hard to do.

Do it without telling anyone.

“Without telling anyone”?

Let’s just keep it…

between the two of us.

Why are you suddenly asking me to do this?

What do you think will happen
if our research gets exposed?

All the researchers in this lab…

will end up in prison. You know that, right?

But that won’t happen as long
as we keep it confidential.

Once the experiment ends
and we start mass producing,

all the researchers in
this lab will go missing.

But I’m sure you’d like to stay alive.

Are you okay?

Is it over now?


This is just the beginning.

It’s going to turn into a war.

Captain, why are you doing this?

You need to give her time to grieve.

And to be honest, something
really could’ve happened.

I want you to stay here.

Don’t let anyone inside,
and don’t record anything.

What’s going on?

I don’t think…

she should’ve come to our team.

Captain, what’s going on?

It’s nice and quiet, isn’t it?

I need to ask you something.

I purposely didn’t call before I came here.

I think those guys know my whereabouts.


Last time, they even tailed me.

Is that so?

Where’s Zi O?

Why are you acting startled?

Why are you asking me?

You know what will happen to you
if you help a criminal hide, right?

Yes, I know. I won’t get severely punished.

This is no time for jokes.

I heard a fire recently
broke out at Euicheon Church.

The church didn’t call 911.

But they still had to check if
it was arson or an accident.

Apparently, the nun testified…

that a detective named Ha Gu Reum
and a guy named Zi O came together.

We’ll start investigating
what you’ve been up to.

But for now, where’s Zi O?

Do you want me to handcuff you first?

You’re treating me like a criminal.

Are you scared?

How about I handcuff myself first?

Let’s begin.

Zi O, it’s me.

Do you remember me?

Don’t you remember me?

It’s okay, Zi O.

You’re home.

This is your home.

Cut the nonsense.

Zi O.

I’m sorry I left you alone
for such a long time.

You must’ve been extremely lonely.

Who are you?

I thought I had lost you for good.

Who are you?


your father.

You’re my son.

Shouldn’t we tie him up?

– That’s what he’s doing.
– Where?

Do you really think…

you can tie him by force
and take him to the lab?

He’s not hugging him because he loves him.

He’s just doing that to keep him here.

He’s probably confusing him…

by telling him he’s his father.

I must say, Professor Ryu is truly evil.

Do you want a cup of water?

You punk.

You seem frustrated. That’s all.

You hid a criminal,

let him escape, and
obstructed a police officer.

“Obstructed a police officer”? No.

I was the only officer on duty at the time.

I can’t exactly “obstruct” myself, can I?

In a broad sense, it’s considered
obstruction of justice.

Since when did we see such a
big picture and make big moves?

What about the Act on the
Performance of Duties by Police?

That shouldn’t be a concern…

because I went to the church
upon receiving the tip,

but Zi O escaped.

But the nun said you two came in together.

Who do you trust more? Her or me?

Should I cross-examine the two of you?

Instead of suggesting a cross-examination,

shouldn’t you be understanding
and just let it go?

You need to be protective of your own.

This is why we can never
beat the prosecution.

When it comes to protecting
our own, we’re number one.

The prosecution can’t beat us.

– Then uncuff me?
– Where is Zi O?

– I don’t know.
– Where are you hiding him?

You said it was no longer
our case. We handed it over.

I really don’t know where he is.

Do you want some beef bone soup?

– No, thanks.
– Just have some.

Criminals always have beef bone soup here.

What will you do now, Captain?

She’s the youngest one on the team.

Order her a bowl of beef
bone soup and come with me.


You’re my father?

Why do you say that? How
can you be my father?

You must resent me a lot.

I don’t have parents.

I grew up in a children’s home, and I…

You don’t remember anything, right?

But that doesn’t change the
fact that I am your father.

Having no recollection doesn’t
mean the person doesn’t exist.

This man is the key to
finding your lost memories.

“Ryu Jeung Kwon”?

Do you know a man named Ryu Jeung Kwon?

I sure do.

Can I meet him? I want to meet him.

He’s the only person I can trust.

I won’t trust anyone else
until I talk to him in person.

You are talking to him now.

I’m Ryu Jeung Kwon.

I guess you’ve forgotten your father’s name.

I’m sure you have many questions for me.

“Why did you abandon me?”

“Why didn’t you come looking for me sooner?”

“Why did you almost get me
killed while trying to catch me?”

“Why am I different?”

“Am I a monster?”

But such questions are all meaningless.

“Does he love me?”

That’s the only question that matters.

All my life,

I’ve loved no one but you.

You’re the only person I ever loved.

That is why I’m not asking you any questions.

Why you left me…

and why you abandoned your own father.

Because I will always love you
no matter what your answers are.

Do you think he’s here?

He can’t be.

Then why are we here?

Just in case he’s here.


Hey, the door.

He’s not here.

Obviously, she wouldn’t hide him here.


This doesn’t look like Gu Reum’s hair.

Are your eyes like a microscope?

Let’s go. Let’s not snoop around.

Come on! Where are you going?


Is he a piece of paper? There’s
no way he’s behind that thing.

What is all this?

– Take a photo of this.
– Okay.

What has she been up to?

I don’t remember anything.

I do recall bits and pieces,
but I don’t know what they mean.

You must’ve produced a large amount
of electricity without realizing it,

and your body couldn’t handle it.

When that happens, your cells burn and die.

Your memory cells too.

So you were left…

only with the strongest
cells and deepest memories.

Then how come I don’t
remember anything about you?

If you are really my father, I
should have some memories of you.

Let’s eat.

Do I have a mother?

Yes, you do.

Where is she?

She’s no longer around.

Is she dead?

She left.

Because of me?

Some people experience static
shocks more often than others do.

It happens when you take your
clothes off or grab a handle.

It makes you jump.

For those who have it worse,
their laptops and phones…

break very often.

In your case, it was quite serious.

That’s why I brought you here
and started treating you.

So it was because of me.

Why did I leave?

That wasn’t your fault.

Then whose fault was it?

Ha Young Jae.

Ha Young Jae?

Was her name Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum?

He always showed me photos of his
daughter and bragged about her.

What happened to him?

He started a fire at the
lab and ran away with you.

You followed him without resisting at all.

Get him!

He tried to sell you.

Why would he sell me?

Because you’re special.

Many scientists wanted
to do experiments on you.

What happened after that?

You know the rest.

I heard you met his daughter.

So did I… Did I kill him?

You certainly have the ability to
kill others, whoever that may be.

Even if you actually killed someone,
it wouldn’t be strange at all.

So it was me.

No, not Ha Young Jae.

You were fond of him.

“I’ll show you the sky and
what the rain sounds like.”

“Let’s go see the rainbow together.”

He said stuff like that to
keep you under his thumb.

You’d never kill someone you’re fond of.

Then who killed him?

Time’s up.

– So what do you think?
– His recovery rate…

is 10 times higher than the human average.


I’ll tell you everything later.

I asked you who killed him.

Time’s up.

What do you mean? Just
tell me who killed him.

Remember this.

You must find the answer on your own.

The answer to what?

The way humans are now…
Is that what we ought to be?

Will we be the last mankind on this planet?

There are 2 questions,
but there’s only 1 answer.

It may be difficult, but fight it…

until you come up with the answer.

What is that?

Who are you?


Who are you?

I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you!

It hurts…

He’s incredible.

That’s enough to take down an elephant.

Take him to the experiment room and prep him.

Let’s go.

You did the right thing.

You fed your son a meal.
You did your part as a dad.

He didn’t eat a single bite.

You set the table for him. That’s enough.

You can’t spoon-feed him.

Being emotional isn’t our specialty.

Let’s go.

You didn’t eat.

– What is it?
– Look first.

Any questions?

Then let me.

Who are you?

Given the timing,

you must have gone without a warrant.

You trespassed into private property.

That’s not my question.

It’s a special crime to
trespass into a home at night.

That’s not it either.

Who are you?

I’m Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum.

Are you looking for your parents?

It’s nice seeing you well behaved.

Come with me. Let’s grab a drink.

Who drinks like that anymore? How unrefined.

About 20 years ago,

I was on this case.

The husband went missing.

All that was found at home was blood.

It was a classic murder and dismemberment.

It was obvious the wife did it.

The husband and wife were
both in their mid-20s.

They were a young couple.

All we needed was one piece of evidence.

That was all we needed.

But we couldn’t find it.

– What evidence?
– The body.

I worked on that case for over 10 years.

I searched for him every chance I had.

Sometimes, I felt bad not
working when I was on vacation…

and came back to work early.

“Wait until I find him.
You’re done for once I do.”

I couldn’t tell whether
I was investigating…

or being stubborn.

Did you know the victim?

I wouldn’t have been
called a psycho if I had.

He had nothing to do with me.

Then why?

Everyone has a case they can’t let go of.

Am I wrong?

Do you know what I thought later?

“I wish the statute of
limitations would expire quickly.”

It’s useless even if I obsess over it,

so I wanted an excuse to
end the investigation.

Since I couldn’t end it,

I wanted it to end and be beyond my control.


I could relax then.

It must have expired by now.

It did. A long time ago.

Are you relaxed now?

What do you think?

No way.

I’m totally relaxed. I don’t
have to investigate anymore.

I wonder why I did that back then.

Why did you do that back then?

That’s you in the picture,
isn’t it? That kid.

– Yes.
– And your parents went missing.

Did you see the case file?

How long have you been investigating?

– For nine years.
– How is Zi O involved?

I don’t know.

Then why was his personnel file there?

Is he a suspect?

I don’t know yet.

Be it murder or a missing persons case,

the statute of limitations has expired.

I know…

that I can’t punish the
killer even if I catch him.

But Captain.

Isn’t the statute of limitations such a joke?

They’re saying you can arrest
them only within a few years.

Even if someone you love dies,

they want you…

to be angry for only a few years.

That’s the law. So stop it.

If you promise to stop,

I won’t file a report.

I can’t promise that.

With that one case, I destroyed myself.

Don’t you do that too.

Promise to stop.

Gu Reum.

Let them go.

Let your mom and dad go.

Let the culprit go.

Let go of the times that you’re holding onto.

That’s the only way you can live.


I’ll let them inspect me.

It could end your career as a police officer.

Even if I must quit and start
a private investigation agency,

I will keep investigating the case.

You’re too stubborn.

What should I do, then?

You’ve done all you could.

I don’t expect you to do anything else.

I don’t care what you’ve been
up to. I know nothing about it.

The same goes for you going
to the church with him.


I’ll delete all of these photos too.

But from now on, no matter what you do,

don’t get caught.

If you do, I can’t protect you.




Where are you now?

Zi O…

How long has it been since the
three of us last gathered like this?

It’s definitely been a while.

The happy news made this possible.

So how’s our child doing?

We’ve finished the first round of tests,

but should I say it’s looking a little messy?

There are a lot of impurities in his body.

Had he never left, we would’ve
taken good care of him.

He’s been wandering around like a stray dog.

Can we clean him up?

We’ll give him a shock…

and burn all the weak cells.

When his body is only filled with
healthy cells and nothing else,

we’ll begin cloning his cells.

Those cells…

will become the Angel’s
sons and stand at our altar.

When the Almighty’s sons are
here… 10 million believers?


But to do that, we’ll need surrogate mothers.

Can that be arranged?

That is not humans’ work.

Our faith will make it happen.

We’ll count on you, then.

I look forward to hearing some good news.

Please take good care of our child.

Oh, I’m sorry.

First, we’ll see how much
stronger his cells can be.

We’ll apply shocks to the point that…

he can’t physically handle it,

so be ready to do CPR right
away if a cardiac arrest occurs.

We must keep him alive no matter what.

As soon as we confirm that his cells
can further evolve, we’ll check…

his immune and antibody
response again, so get ready.

– Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir.

You’ll kill Z-0 after his
cells are cloned, right?

Yes, that’s the plan.

He’s hard to manage, so he may
cause trouble down the road.

I want you to also kill everyone at the lab.

Does that include Director Ryu?

They are our divine children.

I don’t want rumors that a
mere scientist created them.

So you want me to get rid
of everyone who’s involved.

Shall I die too, then?

We’ll enjoy the glorious era together.

That evil witch…

You’ll be in a lot of pain
for the next few weeks.

What are you doing to me?

Why are you doing this?

Son, do you remember what I told you?

You are not my father.

Even if it’s true, I don’t
need a father like you.

But I need you.

We’re ready.

I’ll kill you all.


Turn it up.

It stopped just before it hit 1kV.

Well done, Zi O.

Let’s go up just a little higher.

Stop. What are you doing?

We’re trying to find out how
much voltage you can withstand.

Because the maximum amount
you can withstand…

equals the amount of
electricity you can generate.

Why are you doing this to me?

Let’s move it up to 2kV.


You are my father.

You’re just like me.

A monster.

You must know about the
experiments Pavlov conducted.

He rang the bell every time he fed his dogs.

Later on, the dogs started
salivating at the sound of the bell.

Most people know that story.

But what people don’t know is
that he had taps drilled…

into the sides of the dogs’ mouths
so the saliva could be collected.

And even if people knew,

no one would call Pavlov a monster.

Those poor animals have rashes all over,

and some even go blind.

But they’re never given any antibiotics…

or painkillers until they die.

Because they need to see
the effects of the tests.

I don’t think we humans have
the right to do that to animals.

We may have no such right, but
we have the power to do it.


What are you doing?

Well… The pictures from before.

I sent them to you too.


I saw them.

– I sent them to Gu Reum too.
– What did she say?

What else? She says to report her.

I knew it. We taught her right.

Someone from Violent Crimes
should have guts like that.

Will she be the only one being investigated?

It’s our case. We’ll all be investigated.

Why is this our case?

Not that. Zi O.

She took him to the church and freed him.

Darn it. Captain.

Why couldn’t you persuade her?
Now we’ll be dragged in too.

It’ll stay on my record for life.

Darn it.

We have no choice.

Wait. Yes, we do.

Think about it.

You and I are the only
ones who know about this.

If we keep our mouths shut,
they’ll never find out.

Right? Aren’t I right?

That’s right.

Should we?

Of course, we should.

No. We know how it is.

Nothing is tougher than
keeping your mouth shut.

Come on, Captain.

I’m a total pro.

You just have to be careful.

Then delete all of those pictures.

Okay. I’ll delete them.

What about you?

I deleted them already.


Thank you.

You don’t know what they look like
or the license plate number right?

It was the same people
from the subway station.


I looked up the car, but it was unregistered.

Those punks. They’re pros.

They’re pros and I feel like
they’re a part of an organization.

I think they hacked my engine control unit…

and made my car stop.

I kind of want this case.

– There’s something there.
– Right?

I told you it was strange from the get-go.

Want to join me?

– With that?
– I need to find someone.

I’d appreciate your help.


Don’t make things worse.

Let’s get through this without any problems.


whom are you looking for?

Can you keep a secret?

It’s a secret investigation
because it’s a secret.

You can’t tell anyone, not even Captain.

Okay, fine.

I’ve betrayed Captain
plenty of times already.

Who is it?

Wait. Don’t tell me.

– I don’t want to get involved…
– Ryu Jeung Kwon.

Ryu Jeung Kwon?

Who is he?

Darn it. Do it right!

Darn it.

His BP is back up.

Are you awake?

Good job.

You hung in there.

Hang on a little more.

Help me.

Raise it.


May I get information on
this man, Ryu Jeung Kwon?

I’m sorry. We can’t divulge
personal information.


You were his public defender.

He’s missing right now.

I remember.

No lawyer would represent him…

because the entire nation hated him.

The case was about human egg trafficking,

but there was insufficient
evidence no law on the matter,

so he was found guilty of
embezzlement and fraud.

May I see the case file?

The prison may have a copy.

The prison?


Do you have the surrogates ready?

You should watch since you’re here.

See how deep the faiths of our mothers are.



No one came to visit the
entire time he was here.

It was too long ago for me to know.

He never sent out a single letter.

From what I hear,

he received a lot of mail
from across the country.

They were all supposedly hate
mail telling him to drop dead.

Sort of like malicious comments these days.

Did they stop…

recording the attorney visits? Or…

This happens once in a while.

The convict probably dismissed his attorney.




He got a large commissary
deposit on this day.

How could this attorney not have visited?

Let’s see.

It’s obvious.

The person dropped off the
money without visiting him.

They either didn’t want to
see him or came on an errand.

That happens at times too.

The inmates have online accounts now,

but they had to come in person back then.

Is there a way to find out who came?

Let’s see. The date was…

Here it is. Kim Ji Sook.

Kim Ji Sook?

Kang Yong Su received money from Kim Ji Sook.

So I checked her account,

and she had made the
deposit here at Human Tech.










This is the electricity bill.

How large a building would
consume this much power?

This is quite high.

If it’s a single building,

I’d say about 20 to 30 stories.

What if it’s 2 buildings, 2-stories each?

It must have an underground
refrigerator or something.

It’s possible if it’s a
meat processing company.

I can give you details
if you submit a request.

It’s okay. That’s plenty.

Thank you.

What about security?

We called in everyone…

and stationed them throughout inside.

This is the last day.

If he explodes just before
he dies, we’re finished.

We must subdue him early
on. You may kill him.

Just one more day, okay?


Are we really killing Z-0 today?


What about what you promised me?

Promise? What promise?

That you’d give me his arm.

I did?

That’s right.

I’ll talk to the director.

Will just talking to him make it happen?

I’m sure it will.

Just do your job right today.

Do it.

Take it all the way.

I’m done.

I extracted the LUCA cells.

We created embryos of your clones.

We’ll breed them properly…

so they don’t end up like you.

I was wrong.

If people like you are humans,

then I should’ve lived as a monster.

You’ll die today.

With one injection, you’ll
go painlessly to paradise.

Try and kill me.

I won’t die.

I’ll stay alive…

and kill you all.


I like that.

– We’re ready.
– Okay.

We took only the best cells…

and created only the best embryos.

In two weeks, once we implant them
into the surrogates, it’ll be over.

You mean, that’s when it’ll start.

What about him? Are we killing him today?

We extracted everything we
need. He’s useless to us.

He’s too difficult to deal
with, so we should discard him.

The more I look at him, the
more I see he has my eyes.

Hello. We meet again.

What is it this time?

Is this everything?


Is it just the first and second floors?

– Why do you ask?
– I’m going to look around.

What is it?

Do you have a warrant?

Do you have a freezer?


This building’s electricity
bill is similar…

to that of a 20 to 30 story building.

At this size and with so few employees,

how is that possible?

Do you have a warrant?

They’re bringing it now.

All 17 members of my team
are rushing here now.

– I need to go home…
– Take me to the basement.

Let me meet the person in charge.

We have no basement.

Look around if you want.

Your eyes look scared.

Okay. I’ll find it myself.

It won’t hurt since it’s very strong.


I’ve got you.

You jerk.


Where’s the door to the basement?

You rat.

Talk, or you die.

Tell me.

Tell me!

You rat.

I’ll do it.

No, sir.

He’s my son.

If anyone kills him, it’ll be me.

Let me say goodbye.

Yes, sir.

They’re waiting outside.

Dispose of him right away.

I was born with seven fingers.

I was teased a lot ever since I was a child.

I got surgery and had them removed
when I was in middle school,

but my hand became paralyzed as a result.

I had seven perfectly fine fingers,
which only a very few people…

in the entire world had.

But just because it was
different from others,

I forfeited my superiority.

I know how difficult a life you’ve had.


pain wasn’t holding onto you.

You were latching onto pain. Just like I did.

You’re superior to everyone.


are proof that I was superior.

Stop babbling and kill me.

Why do you try to take the easy route?

Don’t you have any reason to live?

If I don’t die,

– I’ll go to you.
– What are you talking about?

I’ll stay alive and find you.

Even if I don’t remember
you, I’ll still find you.


You must live.


and find the answer to that question.

The elevator is at the end
of the hall on the right.

Run away.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

I’m your father.

You’re my son.

Goodbye, Zi O.

What is this?

This is your land of endless torment.

Get her!

Good work.

Act One is finally over.

Please do your best in Act Two as well.

Thank you.

Did he…


A regular person would’ve
died instantly, but for him,

it’ll take about a minute.

Gosh. I feel kind of sad.

I’m his mom after all.

What’s this? What’s going on?

Call them!

What is that?

Take them outside.

This way.


Leave your arm.

That arm is mine!

Where’s Ryu Jeung Kwon?

I don’t know.

Ryu Jeung Kwon!


Catch him quickly. He’s a murderer.

Doesn’t it seem like the media
is guiding the investigation?

So? Will you do as the media says?

I’ll tie up the loose ends.

Work for me from now on.

I’ll give you something you want.

Human Tech wasn’t the
target, Ryu Jeung Kwon was.

Name, Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum.

The police disclosed a photo…

Are you looking for Z-0?

I’ll kill them.

Please help me.

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