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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 8 Drama Korea, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Epi 8 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 8 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] L.U.C.A._ The Beginning E08 NEXT






Is this it?

I think so.

It’s nice.

It’s decent enough to stay for a few days.


Here you go.



I put the suicide note in his pocket.


Today will be another clear day.

– The fine dust level is average.
– Come on.

However, later in the evening,
there will be a shower…

in the mountain range, along
with thunder and lightning.


We will move onto the next news.

Kim, a former researcher at Human Tech,

was found dead this morning…

in a forest by the coast.

The police announced that
he committed suicide…

since there were no signs of murder
and a suicide note was found.

Kim had been suffering
from severe depression…

after the murder incident
that occurred at Human Tech,

which was committed by Lieutenant Ha.

And they assume that he committed suicide…

because he couldn’t bear the mental suffering.

It’s been over three months
since the incident occurred.

However, the police have failed
to find any leads on the case.


I think I need to go.

Why all of a sudden?

He died.


I don’t know.

Another person died because of me.

We did stay for a long time. It was
only supposed to be for a few days.

I was scared to go down the mountain.

But now I think I should go,
no matter how scared I am.

Can’t you just forget about it?

Is that possible for you?

Your father suddenly showed
up and said he will kill you.

Can you just forget that?

The lambs here…

are sick and weak.

They’re not strong enough
to survive in a herd.

My job is to make them healthy again
and return them to the ranch owner.

I don’t really think of
much when I look after them.

We can’t live like this forever.

We can’t just continue to be hopeless…

and live here until we die.

I give those lambs hope.

Isn’t that enough?

You can’t always look for
hope in an uncertain future.

Stop making excuses. We ran
away from the real world.

Penguins didn’t run away to go to Antarctica.

They chose to live there.

Do you want to keep fighting?

Is that the kind of world you want to live in?

– What happened?
– What was that?

My gosh.

How did you endure it all when
you still remember everything?

Live here with me.

Let’s live here together.

I’m not a penguin.

And this isn’t Antarctica.

Should I just live here?

Would I be able to go on living?

Should I just be a penguin?

It’s just not a good fit.

What are you doing?

I see you’re still here.

What are you doing there?

You should’ve come a bit later.

I had to finish in a rush.

What is that?

This place is so dreary.

I noticed that there isn’t a
single flower in this entire lab.

Being sentimental is the last
thing we should be doing right now.

It’s nice and pretty. Thank you.

Thank you.

I’ll be off then.

Take it outside.

There shouldn’t be any flowers in the lab.


Let me check the log history.

She made a hard drive copy.

Go get her!

This thought hit me yesterday.

“I lost everything. It’s all over now.”

I thought the opposite.

“There’s nothing more I can
wish for. It’s a new beginning.”

New beginning, my foot.

We have nothing.

No future and no hope.

But I have you.

Stop talking nonsense.

And you have me.

You might be able to live like this
since you’re different from others,

but I can’t. I’m just an ordinary person.

I’m sorry.

It’s okay.

I didn’t want to be different,

so I hid myself all my life.

Whenever anyone saw what
my strange powers could do,

I begged them to please just
treat me like a normal person.

But it never worked.

No one accepted me.

Because this world is full of scars.

That’s life, after all.

It gives us pain and strength.

If you go back now, is there
such a person in your life?

Someone who gives you
strength and comforts you.

No. I’m racking my brain…

but can’t think of anyone.

I don’t know what to do.

Last night, I thought…

maybe I should just live here, in hiding.

Was it because of the rain?
I felt calm and relaxed.

But now that it’s morning,

and the rain has stopped…

Do you know how I feel now?

I feel even less confident.

Now that I can see everything
clearly, I’m even more scared.

We both know that staying
here isn’t the best solution.

It’s not like it’ll rain every night.

It won’t rain…

every night.

I know.

That’s just a fantasy. This place is too.

It’s not the real world.

Reality is where the real world resides.

I should get back to reality
even if I’ll get hurt and die.

Gu Reum.

The world is like this scenery.

If you don’t want to deal with it,
all you need to do is look away.

Zi O.

I’ll get going.

Stay one more day.

Let’s go for a walk and clear our heads.

I heard some people experience
more static shocks than others do.

Apparently, I was one of them.

Who said that?

My father.

It was so bad even when I was a newborn,

so he moved me there to treat me.

That place wasn’t a hospital.

I guess he took me there because
he was a research scientist.

He said your father worked there too.

My dad?

I clearly heard him say
that it was your father.

Was her name Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum?

He always showed me photos of his
daughter and bragged about her.

But that’s not where my dad worked.

I heard he worked there.

But how?

He treated me.

I heard he adored me.

I guess that’s why he took me to your home.

So what happened to him?

He started a fire at the
lab and ran away with you.

You followed him without resisting at all.

He tried to sell you.

There must’ve been an
accident. That’s all I know.

Was my dad also participating
in a research project like that?

All I heard was he treated
me. He wanted to cure me.

He said your dad was a wonderful person.

So let him go now. Your mother too.

The implantation was done
perfectly for all three mothers.

And they’re all healthy.

In 10 months from now, 3 more babies
who are like Zi O will be born.

They’ll be stronger than Zi O.

We’ll have to keep injecting
the drugs into them…

to make sure their cells won’t
suddenly start to differentiate.

This news will make the leader very happy.

If she says that these babies
are angels who have descended,

the believers will give her all their money.

Right, it looks like she’s been
going to the villa every day.

Of course.

All three baby angels…

have answered our prayers.

They will protect you
until the day they descend.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

I should thank you.

10 months from now, all 3 of
you will become immortal…

as the angels’ mothers.

Your souls will become free,
and you’ll gain the divine eye,

which will show you the beginning
and end of this universe.

I’m sure she’s busy selling
immortality, the Divinity,

and the universe to those crazy believers.

Whether you’re selling gum or faith,
it’s definitely not an easy task.

I have huge respect for salespeople.

Just get to the point.

You promised to give me
the rest of the embryos…

when the implantation is complete.

– Right, I did.
– Hand them over now.

I want to quit with a good severance package.

This lab and that cult…
Gosh, I’m sick of everything.

Who will you sell them to?

Whoever that offers the most.

Will you be okay?

The leader won’t let it go unpunished.

Yoo Na ran off with all the data, you know.

We’ll just dump it on her.

The capsule must be placed…

in the same kind of freezer within 56 hours…

or should be thawed properly.

Of course. I read up on
how they should be handled.

What? They’re not here.

I swear, they were here.

What are you saying?

Where did you put them?

I left them here, I swear.

And I’m the only one who knows the door code.

If that is the case, where did they go?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Where are they?

Where did you put them?

Why you…

Do you want to be found dead
among the homeless on the streets?

I can easily kill you in a way
that no one would ever find out!

I said, I don’t know!

I only used three for implantation
and kept the rest here.

I’m the only one who knows that
there are remaining embryos.

That means you’re the culprit!

Who would…

I only used three for implantation
and kept the rest here.

I’m the only one who knows that
there are remaining embryos.

That means you’re the culprit!

Who would…

You’re not keeping me captive, are you?

The guards look pretty big.

Are you still deciding?

No. I decided long ago.

Then hand over the lab notes and the embryos.

You said if I bring them before
the deputy chief takes them,

you’ll give me something that I want.

Be it a person or an object.

I did.

I want Captain’s freedom.

Then I’ll give you everything.

I’ll do it once you show me the goods.

Promise first.

You’re in no position to play tough.

Once they give birth,

you and the embryos will be useless.

I want Captain’s freedom. That’s all.

I had an inkling, but I’m moved to tears.

But didn’t you consider the possibility…

that he may die in order to make you talk?

Don’t be naive.

You’ll be on the bottom forever.

I won’t sit still either.

Will you kill me or something?


Thinking that way is being naive.


Zi O.

What is it? Is something wrong?

Even yesterday, I thought he could live.

I thought I could save him.

Was he sick already or did he get sick?

He was just weak.

Are you okay?

He was weak since the day he was born,

and couldn’t even drink his mom’s milk.

They brought him here and got
him strong enough to go back,

but he couldn’t adjust to being in a pen.

No one took him.

Same as me.

I’ll stay a few more days.

I won’t stay too long.

Let’s eat.

There. How fun.


It’s hot. Hot.


What are you reading?

About dolphins.

“Dolphins are like riddles.”

“They are a type of whale.”


No, no. Grab on. No.


Next on the news.

It has been several months since
Lieutenant Ha’s Murder Case,

during which she assaulted a fellow officer,

took his gun, and fled while
under suspicion of murder.

The police failed to locate her,

and the case remains unsolved.

What are you doing?


I hear there are problems
with the ultrasounds.

The fetuses are emitting minute currents…

which are causing interference.

It’s just that we can’t see them.
They say they’re all healthy.

The day of glory for which we’ve
waited decades is approaching.

We can’t have any problems.

Are you still searching for Yoo Na?

I’m sure we’d know by now if she
gave or sold them to someone,

but we’ve heard nothing.

I think she may be keeping them as insurance.


Do you have insurance that I don’t know about?

Would I admit it if I did?

They say everyone is one in
heart when sowing the seeds,

but wants different things
once the fruits grow.

Don’t you do that.

I’ll compensate you so well,
that you’ll think it’s excessive.

You can’t betray me. Ever. Okay?

Hearing you say that,

I feel like you’ll be
the one throwing me away.

If anyone throws away the other, it’ll be I.

So don’t you change.

Got that?

– They’re so tiny.
– They really are.


– Report it.
– There’s nothing unusual.

What about Yoo Na?

I don’t see her yet.

Keep monitoring.

He shouldn’t exist in this world.

And if he gets married and has a kid,

who knows what will be born?

He’s a monster. He’s a terrible mixed breed.

He will completely destroy the ecosystem.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Gu Reum! Are you all right? What’s wrong?

– What is it?
– I’m fine.

Does it happen often?

Just here and there.

Actually, yes. It happens quite often.

Is it normal for a fetus
to move around this much?

No idea.

This is my first pregnancy.

Me too.


I’ve never even thought of getting married,

let alone getting pregnant…

without getting married.

I always thought family…

was the most selfish social
unit formed by the weak.

I was confident that I would
never have to lean on someone,

so I thought I’d never feel
the need to start a family.

You were acting all tough.

It was out of fear, I guess.

When our baby is born…

What if our baby is a monster like me?

What do we do if our baby is
shunned by the world, just like me?

Zi O.

I really hope our baby takes after you…

and is nothing like me.

I hope our baby is beautiful
from head to toe, like you.

You’re not a monster,

so our baby will never be a monster.

Answer me.

I won’t let our baby live like me,

even if I must destroy the
world and build a new one.

I simply won’t let it happen.

That won’t happen.

Our thoughts are what create monsters.

Don’t say things like that
again. Do you understand?



Come here.

My sweetheart.

Hey, Won Yi.

I don’t care to know what you’ve been up to,

so let’s not ask each other things like,

“How have you been? How are things?”.

– How have you been?
– You little…

Anyway, hand over the money first.

It’s 1,500 dollars each. 3,000 dollars for 2.

These aren’t fake bills, right?

Did you bring the ID cards?

Hold on. Where did I put them?


You’re Jin Fengguo, and she’s Li Xuenan.

Here are cell phones
registered under your names.

Let me count these.

What are these?

Your ID cards.

These are alien registration cards.

Right, foreigner ID cards.

Jin Fengguo and Li Xuenan.

I asked for a driver’s license.

Be quiet! You’re distracting me.

I’m sure it’s the correct
amount. Right? It’d better be.

Zi O.

You’re a fugitive now.

Does nationality really matter to you?

But these are for Chinese nationals…

Shouldn’t you be grateful?

China keeps the US on its toes.

This won’t do.

I’ve already paid the health
insurance fees under those names,

so use them for the time being.

A few years down the road,

I’ll get you guys the F-5
permanent residency visa.

But you know that visa is expensive, right?

You can’t ask for a discount, okay?

I need an ID card as a Korean citizen.

China is the best.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “G2”.

They’re G2.

Global number 2, G2.

I need to order a birth certificate.

Aren’t you a little too old
to need a birth certificate?

What? Do you want to go back to age one?

Not for me. It’s for my baby.

Who? Your baby?

I’m becoming a father. My
baby will be born next month.

Hold on. So you’re saying…

you got that murderer cop pregnant?


Are you crazy?

You’re one reckless punk.

I understand that you two
were on the run together,

and it must’ve been hard to
resist the temptation, but still!

No way.

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

No, it’s for real.

No. You’ll be a father? No way.


What about the wedding?

Not yet.

Right, you can worry about that…

after you get a paternity test
done when the baby is born.

But you know, that woman is a murderer.

No, that’s not true.

What are you talking about?
The police are looking for her.

And there are so many other criminals.

Why that woman, of all people?

Anyway, I’ll use this to go to
the hospital for the time being,

so make sure you get me a
Korean one by next month.

I’m off.

Where do you think you’re going? Sit down.

Can you afford to raise the baby?

I’ve been trying to earn money,
picking up odd jobs here and there.

– Are you determined to do this?
– As if that will actually help me.

You’d better be ready and
fully determined. Otherwise,

the kid will turn out like us. Understand?

I’ll call you when I have
your driver’s license ready.

Use this to buy baby formula.

Buy the best one.


Won Yi.

All of you managed to get
through such an ordeal.

You are giving birth soon,

so I’ll take you all to the chapel today.

The staff will bring your
belongings, so just come with me.

Shall we?


We just want to make sure.

Everything is okay, right?

What do you mean?

The baby moves around a lot.

When it’s kicking, how should I describe it?

It’s felt throughout the body.

This is our first pregnancy,

but no one ever told us that it’d be this bad.

That baby inside your
womb is no ordinary child.

They’re not mere kicks.

It’s proof that your children
will shake up the whole world.

One more thing.

Last month, I started to feel…

as though an electric current
was flowing through my body.

It’s not just a mild sensation.

I thought I was the only one, but
everyone else has experienced it.

You felt an electric current?

Was it strong?

If it was bearable, I wouldn’t
be bringing it up now.

We’ve all fainted a few times.

It starts in the womb and
radiates through the body.

When it happens, I feel as
though all my blood is drying up.

– My gosh!
– She’s here!

What a beautiful collective madness.

No, let’s just take everything.

Shall I put them in here?

Yes. This one too.

If my mom was around, she’d
take care of everything for me.

We can do this, right?


We’ll live a great life
together, so don’t worry.

Thanks for saying that.

Oh, right.

What is this? A gift?


Did you buy this?

I never thought you’d buy me stuff like this.


How do I look? Do I look pretty?

Yes, very pretty.

It’s too white for work clothes.

It’s not for work.

It’s your wedding dress.

– Ready? Here I come.
– Okay.

– Hold on. Are you ready?
– Yes.

Oh, no. We missed it.

– Hold on.
– What?

I think we missed it. It’s too fast.

– Come and look at this.
– What?

It took the photo while I was running.

Okay, I’ve changed it to five seconds.

– Gosh!
– Hurry!

Hold on.

Stay still.

It already took the photo.

That came out nice. Let’s go with this one.

No, we have to retake it.



It’s kind of… You know.

– It looks good to me.
– You look pretty. But look at me.

I’m not smiling or not smiling.

And what’s with my hair?

It’s fine. You look good.

And wedding pictures are good as
long as the bride looks pretty.

– It’s fine.
– Okay, let’s retake it.

But… It’ll look the same.

– Okay.
– 1, 2, 3.

You look so pretty.

Are we done once the babies are born?

There will be variables
depending on the fetus.

You said they were healthy.

We don’t care what happens
to the women. Get the babies.

Zi O.

Keep breathing. Don’t stop.

Come on. Breathe.

Please hang in there. A little more.

Okay, breathe. Take in a deep breath.

And exhale. Push it out. One more time.

– I’ll give her a sedative.
– No.

– Doctor.
– Prepare to operate.

We just need the baby.

The baby is crowning.

Okay, one more time. Take a deep breath.

And exhale and push.

Okay. One more time.

Take a deep breath.

And exhale.


What will happen to me?

Stay with me. You have to hang on.

It’s your baby. You can do this. Hang on.

Wake up!



You did great.

Come and hold your baby.

Hold our baby.

Should we wait a few days?

Once you’ve calmed down?

How could this happen?

The fetus was too strong.

Too much for a human to endure.

But Z-0 was born.

We increased the abilities compared to Z-0.

We stabilized it to make sure
the surrogates could endure it,

but as the cells awoke at the end…


So what now?

What else? We have to get Z-0 back.

Don’t suggest options with
very low probabilities.

Do you have an idea?

We extracted cells from the fetus
and placed them in the incubator.

We’ll get the same fetus then.

If we weaken it, its abilities are weaker.

If we strengthen it, the
surrogates can’t handle it.

What is this, a Mobius strip?

You keep your mouth shut.

Capturing Z-0 is the only way.

You couldn’t control him and cost us the lab.

Will you bring him here and lose this too?

Can you weaken the cells?

I’ll have to reedit all
of the DNA from scratch.

But I’ll have to try.

Let’s say you do.

When will we know whether
or not you’ve succeeded?

We need to transfer the
embryos into surrogates…

and wait 10 months to see the result.

It’s better to get Z-0’s original cells…

Hey, kid!

He conducts the research,
and I provide the funding.

You keep your mouth shut
and do as you’re told.

Did you forget that I made
you who you are today?

Did you forget I’m the one who
kept you in that organization?

You can’t get rid of me,
but I can cut you off.

Get a clue.

Okay. I give up.

I’m out.

Mr. Kim.

I blew over 20 years here.

I’m too old to clean up your
messes for something impossible.

You two…

can create your beautiful day of glory.



– Hello, sir.
– Where are you?

I’m taking a break outside.

Are you still looking for Yoo Na?


Kill her later. You need to catch Z-0 first.

Come to the office.

The deputy chief called…

That louse.

Rude brat.


It’s time for you to give me the embryos.

Captain gets his freedom first.

You haven’t changed.

You may kill me if I keep it up.

You’ll kill Captain too. Right?

You do this, knowing that?

I thought about it,

and it may be better to
die than live like this.

– You’re stubborn.
– I’m resolute.

Are the embryos safe?


I’ll free Lee Son from Mr. Kim’s grasp.

Will that do?

– That will do.
– I’ll do it then.

Will you really?

How will you guarantee it?

Ms. Jung?

Lee Son…

mistook a grenade for a flare
during an anti-terrorist training…

and nine people died.

You killed five people
during simulation training…

by shooting live bullets instead of blanks.

You were sentenced to life
and tried to kill yourself.

Who are you?

Deputy Chief Kim staged all of that.

Did you not know at all?

I had an inkling.

It’s one of the favorite
methods of the older generation.

Destroy someone completely and then save them.

Then they become your slaves.

Naturally, I don’t like that method.

You’ve done well until now.

But it’ll be difficult
to mend your reputation.

It’ll be impossible to get a retrial too.

But we’ll give you freedom.

A new identity and money.

How will you prove you’re not like him?

I don’t know.

By faith?

Our baby is a girl.

I know.

She looks nothing like me.
She looks just like you.

I’m so glad.

I was too out of it to
count her fingers and toes.

I did.

She has 10 of each. They’re pretty like yours.

We need a name. Do you have any in mind?

May I name her?

What do you mean? You’re her dad.


Name her.

Nothing too long like Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum.

Nothing too ambiguous like Lee Sul Ran.

Give her a pretty name.


Don’t go to a naming
service. Name her yourself.

Gu Reum. Our IDs are here.

Do you have to go now?

Can’t you go later? After I’m discharged.

I’ll be back soon.

We need them right away so
that we can register her birth.

I’ll be back soon.

I’m a dad.

– Are you that happy?
– Yes, I am.

I’m happy but in a different way.

I can’t explain in words.

Sure. If you could explain
well, we’d be lecturers.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A girl. She’s really pretty.

Look at this proud dad.

– What’s her name?
– She doesn’t have one yet.

I have one in mind,

but I don’t want to jinx
her by naming her myself.

Right. That’s true. You have a point.

Should I name her instead?

I have better luck than you.

– I’m a good person.
– No.

You punk. Seriously.

Take them.


Thanks. How much do I owe you?

Well… I’ll take a million dollars.

I still have the money you
returned to me last time.

Forget it.

– It’s your wedding gift.
– I really don’t have to pay you?

No way, you punk.

Do you know how much this is worth?
You should at least show gratitude.


Hey, I said it’s fine. Why
do you keep trying to pay me?

That’s a wedding gift.

That’s right. Here. They’re supplements.

Give them to the murderer detective.

She didn’t commit murder.

My bad. The fugitive detective.

I guess she’s a mom now.

Thanks. I’ll give it to her.


What? No drink?

I should go. Let’s drink another time.

Hey. I committed a crime for you.

Shouldn’t you at least have a drink with me?

I can’t remember what my baby looks like.

You said she was pretty.

She is. She’s pretty, but I can’t
remember. I want to see her.

Fine. Then… How about a quick drink?

I couldn’t even hold my baby yet.

Get lost, punk. Go. You jerk.

– Thanks, Won Yi.
– How much?

I’ll thank you for 50 years.

At our age?

You’ll grow old and die while being thankful.

Thanks for being friends with someone like me.

You won’t shock me, will you?


Look at this.

It hurts. Let go.




Ms. Lee Sul Ran, it’s time
to sterilize the nursery.

– Please take your baby.
– Okay.

Two skeletal remains were
found in the car at the scene.

The police stated that
based on the license plate,

they deduce the deceased to be Ha Young Jae…

and his wife, Lee Yun Kyung.

They had been missing since 20 years ago.

It appears they fell into an isolated valley,

which was why they were not found until now.

Whereas the exterior of the car
was not significantly damaged,

the interior was completely
destroyed by a fire.

According to NFS,

there was no flammable material
found inside of the car,

and they were unable to
find the source of the fire.

Further considering all the
wires in the car were burned,

it seems a sudden surge of
electricity shot through the car.

Dad! Dad!

Violent Crimes Unit.



– Yoo Chul.
– Yes? Who’s this?

It’s me.

I don’t know any woman who’d call…

Hey, you.

It’s you, isn’t it?


Yes, it is.


Where are you?

Are you alone?

Of course not.

Do you remember my number?

Write it down. 010…


Where are you?

You punk.

Running away won’t solve things.

It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.

I know.

The evidence is foolproof,
but I know it wasn’t you.

It’s very sketchy.

– Let me ask you something.
– What?

What’s going on with the Ha Young Jae case?

Ha Young Jae?

– Who’s that?
– Missing person from 20 years ago.

Yes, that.

Why do you ask?

Were they really in an accident
because of a surge of electricity?

We wouldn’t know.

That’s what NFS says, so we
assume that’s what happened.

Anyway, the outside of the car is fine,

but everything including the
wires on the inside was burned.

So it’s possible.

Why do you ask?

Get me a sample of the victims’ DNA.

Gu Reum. You’re in no position to do that.

Call me once you have it.

And you can’t tell Captain, okay?

I’ll call you again later.

Hey. Hello?

What the…

Why are you so jumpy?

What do you mean? I wasn’t jumpy.


Whom were you whispering to?

– Are you cheating?
– Gosh. I am not.

It’s a friend. Just a friend.

A girl?

It’s a guy. Gosh.

I need to take a leak.
I’m going to the bathroom.

It’s me.

Check the number that called
the office just now…

and Kim Yoo Chul’s call history.

He treated me.

I heard he adored me.

I guess that’s why he took me to your home.

So let him go now. Your mother too.


Do you want me to hold you?

Come here.



Where are the mom…

and the baby from room 303?

What’s her name?

Ha… Lee Sul Ran.

– Lee Sul Ran.
– Yes.



– She was discharged.
– What?

She left a few minutes ago with her guardian.

I’m her guardian.

She paid with her guardian and left.

But I’m her guardian. I’m her husband.

Well… She left with her guardian.

With whom?

What’s going on?

He’s Korean Chinese.

I told him she was discharged,
but he insists he’s the husband.

Hello. You remember me, right?

I’ve been here the entire time.

Please don’t cause a scene here.

I’m her husband. At least
tell me with whom she left…

Can I check the security videos?

Yes, but due to privacy concerns,

only people directly
involved may look at them.

I signed the forms as the
guardian when she came in,

and here’s my ID.

Wait. Stop.

Do you know him?


Detective Ha?

No. Who are you?

Why you…

I remember you.

Who are you?

You’ll wake the baby.

If you want to save your baby, do as we say.

We’ll leave quietly.

Pack your bag and pay the bill.

Act natural.

Give me my baby.

Once we arrive.

Where are we going?

Just give me my baby. I’ll go quietly.

Who are you people?

What’s your relationship with Detective Kim?

Whose baby is that?

She’s mine.

Don’t tell me Z-0 is the dad.



Do they know that’s how you are?

Where’s Gu Reum?

Kill them all. Don’t leave any trace of them.

Live for yourself, not for me.

That can’t be possible.

Is Zi O the dad?

You may end up dead.

I don’t care.

For the first time, I want to
live. I have hope and courage.

Did Z-0 really do that?

Hurt Gu Reum and our baby,
and all of you are dead.


It’s really Z-0, right?

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