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Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 10 Drama Korea, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Epi 10 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 10 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Wasn’t it hilarious?

-Did you see how she made a mistake?

-Where should we go next?

-It was so funny.
-Wasn’t it nice here?

Excuse me.

Never mind.

Who is he? Your ex-boyfriend?


-She wasn’t familiar.
-He’s here.

We’ll get going first.

-We’ll be in touch, Ban.
-Sure thing.

-Hello, there.

-I parked over there.
-Yes, sir.

Stop the car!

Honey, wait!

Mr. Seo!

I can’t stand being curious, you know.
It keeps me up at night.

Please tell me why.

I’m sorry.

I’m not sorry at all.

Come on.

Honey, please.

She can’t seem to hold her liquor today.

My friends would’ve asked me
to introduce them to you if I’d said hi.

You wouldn’t have liked it.

They might have asked you to join us.

They’re the type to do that, that’s why.

Tell me, Mr. Seo.

What type of man are you, then?

Now I get it.

You’re a man with a kind heart.

You were being considerate.

But who’d care
if they asked you to introduce me to them?

Saying hello wouldn’t
wear out my pretty face.

You’re right. It might be a bit annoying.

Autographs and photo requests…

We’re blocking the road.

Mr. Seo, I’ll get going, then.


What a gentleman.
You were being thoughtful,

weren’t you?

I’m sorry. Let’s go.

Come on, honey.


-Honey, get in.

Hold on.

You’ll catch a cold. Aren’t you cold?

I’m not.

You smell incredible.

-How much did you miss me?
-Not to the moon and back.


But to the galaxy.

Did you sleep well?

How could I when my husband was away?

So? Did you have to fight your urges?

I’m holding a knife.

As if that would ever scare me.

-Let’s head inside.
-Don’t be ridiculous.

Have some fruit for the vitamins first.

But we have it every day.
Should I hold you?

I’d rather meet your eyes
and talk with you.

Just you and me.

What if you have to choose
between my looks, voice, and body?

-Your heart.
-My soul that loves you?

As long as you know that, I’m good.

Did your friend sit next to you?

No, we met in the lounge.

-On the plane?

Who sat next to you then?

Thankfully, no one.

When will he return home?

In about a month’s time.

-We should invite him over.
-I don’t want to bother you.

I’ll just treat him to a meal
before he goes back.

It must be that friend.

It’s a spam message.

I’m done unpacking now.
Thank you so much for today.

-Who is it?
-How should I know? Wrong number.



I feel something on my neck.



Sleep tight.

Call me if you need anything.

What are you up to?

U-ram leaves tomorrow at 7 a.m.

I’m going to pack him some sandwiches.

-With potato salad?

But they will stop at a rest area.

He doesn’t like the food sold there.

-One meal won’t hurt.
-It’s a mom’s love.

It’s for Gi-ppeum’s family too
to thank them for taking U-ram.

We took Gi-ppeum before too, you know.

Let me do it. Your wrists are bad enough.

The excitement will keep me up tonight.

Then have a glass of wine.

One glass won’t cut it once I get started.

I love the car,

but I know it wasn’t easy for you
to save up the money.

Cars are expensive.

It wasn’t that hard.

Either you spend it or save it.

I was planning to buy you one last year,
but it took me another year.

I’ll do better.

Come on over here.

Aren’t you tired?

I am. That’s exactly why I need you here,

my energy booster.


Ninth floor.

I’m also headed to River Park Fitness.

I see.

Does trainer Kang Jun teach well?

I happened to see you
working out yesterday.

He’s not my trainer though.

My trainer took a day off yesterday.

I see.

Did you join the gym?


But you’re already fit.
You want to get fitter?

Look who’s talking.

Every joint in my fingers aches.


-My hands.
-What about them?

-Massage them.
-Why would I? They’re not my hands.

But my finger joints are aching.
Both hands.

That hurts!

Don’t wear these too often.

You’re blaming my rings?

I saw you one day
wearing three on each hand.

Are you out of your mind?

It’s from all the cooking
I’ve done for the family!

As if you ever did a lot.

The housekeepers washed, prepped,

and cut all the ingredients.
Then they also cooked.

And how long have we had them?

About 20 years.

Make that 21.

You forget my birthday,
but that you remember.

Of course, I do. I have to pay for them.

That’s one more reason to hate you.

Go and see Dr. Cho when you’re in Seoul.

Get the infrared light treatment
and do your favorite paraffin hand dip.

The man brings home the money
while the woman spends it.

Why not say “wench” while you’re at it?

Why are you being so sarcastic?

You’re nagging me about spending money.
Are you worried about it?

No, but it upsets me.

I’ve taken care of a family of six
since marrying you.

Eight after we had our kids.

Are you saying

that my mother had you cook all her meals?

She’s the one who spent years

teaching the clueless girl from Seoul.

My mother did all that.

You’re spoiled.

Just dig me a grave, why don’t you?

I hate you, you know.

I only have myself to blame.

When will he ever eat humble pie
and realize how precious his wife is?

Dongmi, what’s wrong?

What should I do?

-Is Dongmi hurt?
-Her leg is swollen.

-Should I serve breakfast?
-Just a second.

Bring the car around.

-Are you going to the vet?

-Without eating breakfast?
-Is that important right now?

Dongmi’s leg is swollen!

You care about a dog’s legs
more than my fingers?

Where are my pants?

You’re taking her there yourself?

If you’re not going to volunteer, shut it.

Stop nagging me.

You think I’m nagging you?

I devoted my youth to this family,
but you don’t care about me.

-You said your fingers are numb.
-They also hurt.

But they’re not swollen.

Dongmi’s leg.

I guess you care about the dog more,
being a dog yourself.

Dongmi, How much does it hurt?
If only you could talk…

Pan Mun-ho.

Just wait until you fall sick.



I’m going to Dr. Cho. Come along.

No thanks!


How dare you yell at your husband?

You nearly blew my ears off!

It’s my mouth. I can do whatever I want.

I expect this attitude to be gone
when I return.

As if.

You’re the one
who should change his attitude!



Old age has made her childish.

Come here.


Okay, that’s it. Hang in there.

Okay, exhale. Good.


Exhale as you stand up. Exhale.

Inhale and spread your knees out more.
Straighten your torso.


Look forward, please.


That good-for-nothing.

How can he care more about the dog?

Dr. Cho, it’s me. Are you up?

My Dongmi…

No, the family dog.

I noticed that you treat dogs too.

I found her leg all swollen
in the morning.

So I’m about to head for your clinic.

Tell me about it.

I feel terrible for the poor thing.

What is this delicious smell?

Spicy braised chicken.

-Because Yu-sin will be here?

There’s no one quite like you.

Not even a birth mother
would be this devoted.

That was a tough session. Was it doable?

Of course.

-If your muscles ache, take a day off.
-No, I’m good.

Our lounge is over there.
You can have some water.

-Snacks too.

-Thank you for today.
-Good job.

Can I eat this?


If you eat that,
it will cancel out the workout.

It’s just for today.

It’s my first day.

-Did you pack that yourself?

-At this early hour?
-It’s simple.

Working out makes you hungry, doesn’t it?

There are diners downstairs.

Sorry for interrupting your meal.

-It’s all right.



-Soft tofu stew, please.
-Got it.


-Did you go to the gym?

-How was the trainer?

Can you see yourself losing weight?

Yes, my stomach is already flat.

It will come to nothing if you eat.

-I can’t starve though.
-Go to Seoul Muffin. They have salads.

I’m too exhausted to go there.
I don’t even know where it is.

You can look it up.

I’m at a diner in the building.

-What did you order?
-Soft tofu stew.

Are you crazy?

Rice isn’t good for weight loss,
and stews are high in sodium.

I’ll only have half a bowl.

Will you be able to stop midway?

Then, how about you pack
my breakfast for me?

-Pack your breakfast?
-Yes, salad with some meat.

Meat? Are you kidding me?
Am I a housewife?

Then quit your job and stay home.
I’ll provide for us both.

With your salary?

It’s too early for your nonsense.

How is it nonsense? I wasn’t kidding.

Let’s hang up.
I have to get ready for work.


-Head back inside. It’s cold.
-I’ll see you off.

It already feels different.

Do I look cool?

You always do.

-I’ll get going then.
-Sure. Roll up the window.

I think Yu-sin’s here.


Dr. Shin’s in the bathroom.

How did you sleep?
Did the jet lag keep you up?

I woke up briefly but went back to sleep.

What is it?

You seem younger than before.

At my age? Nonsense.

They say houses and women
depend on how they’re maintained.

I don’t dress up though.

I’ve never seen you lounge around.

-Are you hungry?
-A little.

Then wash your hands.

-Can I wash my hands here?

Who sat next to you on the plane?

A sweet young lady.

Yu-sin said

a pretty young lady sat next to him
on his plane back from LA.

No one.

You’re here.


-Take a look.
-What for?

The payment on the house
will be wired in two weeks.

I’ll wire it to your account.

Forget it. It was in your name anyway.

Only by name, though.

-It’s your inheritance.
-Breakfast is ready.

Spicy braised chicken.

She got up at the crack of dawn
to make this.

Thank you.

I forgot the plates.

It’s even better with the shrimps.

Didn’t you buy anything?
Not even a small gift?


Where’s the need for that
when it was a business trip?

Let’s not be so tacky.

Now, please dig in.

I didn’t buy any gifts this time.

That’s good.
Buying gifts is always a burden.

I hope it’s not salty.

Salty or bland.
It can always go either way.

It’s perfect.

I’m sure the new home owner’s pleased.

It was more than well-maintained.

It also has an ocean view.

He is. He thanked me for it.

Wasn’t Pi-young upset about the sell?

Now that Ji-a’s older,
they don’t vacation there.

-Why pay extra tax?
-He’s right.

I could have this chicken dish every day
and not get sick of it.

Your cooking is divine.

It’s impossible to eat
the same dish every day.

I mean it.

Why not share the recipe with Pi-young?

No way. You know what they say
about never sharing recipes.


It’s nothing special.
I use the same seasoning as others.



Is your jacket in your car?
You didn’t bring it home.

I gave it to that friend.

Isn’t that expensive?

He came in
with just a thin leather jacket,

and it was quite cold yesterday.

-For good?
-Sure. Why bother getting it back?

But it’s your favorite jacket,
and we can’t buy the same one.

It’s fine. I’ve worn it long enough.

I’m having breakfast.

Got it.

How is Dongmi doing, Mr. Pan?

Yes, I asked for her
to be well taken care of.

I thought Gyu-sik’s mom
couldn’t come today.

Someone else is filling in for a day.

I should get going.

-Have a good day today.
-Thank you.


I had such a big breakfast
that I won’t even want dinner.

Eating is everything.
It’ll add meat on those bones.

You should stay indoors since it’s cold.

I’ll be traveling by car anyway.

Have Ji-a spend the night here if she can.

Sure thing.

It’d be nice to go to a resort.

Then we’ll do that.

Ji-a will love to go skiing.

It’s been a while since we went skiing.


Yes, hello. You can wear those.

Yes, ma’am.

I must say,
you and your husband are gorgeous.

I just met your husband on the way in
and almost mistook him for a movie star.

He’s that handsome.

I see he takes after his father.


This is my wife.

It’s rude to assume people’s relationships
at first glance.

I’m sorry. You look so young.

The work here can be tricky,
which is why we pay extra.

-This way.
-I see.



People in this country

show too much interest
in other people’s lives.

So, you see…

What is it?

Never mind.

No, go ahead.

Maybe later.

You look good today.

I’m working out now.

-In the mornings?

Don’t you find women who work out
quite sexy?

Of course, they are.
Those hips in leggings, right?

Is there someone nice at your gym?

Of course not.
Since it’s early, most of them are men.

When will the document be done?

It’s urgent, and I need it in two days.

It’ll be done this morning.

Since you had rice for breakfast,
how about having bread for lunch?

-As in sandwiches.


So I’ve been thinking…

What would you say to a custom wig?

You want me to wear a wig?

You’ll definitely seem younger.

I hear it’s extremely uncomfortable.

Some of my friends wear wigs.

They say wigs are not
as uncomfortable anymore.

Hair dye will only damage your scalp.

I won’t force you to wear it
if it’s uncomfortable,

so let’s just get one custom-made.

Is that what you want?

Darker hair will make you look
20 years younger.

I’m not bald or anything.

I hate having our relationship mistaken.

Should I dye my hair gray then?

Sometimes, people think
we’re a couple having an affair.

It’s upsetting.

All right.

Let’s get one today.

Are you Park Hae-ryun,
head of the department?

Ms. Nam Ga-bin.

That’s right.

Please come on in.

-Sorry about the mess.
-It looks clean to me.

-Please have a seat.

Just a second.

That’s not necessary.

-Can I get you some coffee?
-It’s all right. Have a seat.

You must like surprises.

I don’t.

Did Professor Joo not tell you?


I told Professor Joo
I’d be coming over to greet you.

Is that so?

Professor Joo must’ve been
too busy with personal issues.

So that’s what happened.
Did you wait for me long?

-About 40 minutes.
-You should’ve called

or asked the department office.

-I figured you’d come sooner or later.
-You must be cold.

I should get you something warm.

It’s all right.

Truth be told, I haven’t seen
any of your performances yet.

I only heard about your work
through articles.

You get great reviews.

Some of them are negative.

Do you hate musicals?

Who doesn’t like musicals?

Then you must only watch
those with famous actors.

That’s hardly the case.

Besides, you’re more than well-known.

You look younger in person.

I’ve only been aging.

You were building a career,
not just getting old.

You’re avoiding my question.


I didn’t mean to.
I didn’t realize it either.

Being too busy with my life
would be the reason.

Our paths just never crossed, that’s all.

It’s not like I watched
all musicals either.

Anyway, it’s an honor to have you.

I don’t know how well I’ll manage,

but I’ll do my best
to help out my juniors.


That being said,

I apologize for
not being able to pay you much.

I’m not doing this for money anyway.

I came to say hello
and get an outline of what I must teach.

You’ll be teaching practical skills,
so the subjects will be

Musical Performance One
and Musical Performance Two.

It’s already noon.

Should I come back some other time?

You already made time for me
out of your busy schedule.

Did you bring your car?

-People will recognize you, so–

If it’s okay with you,
I’d love to buy lunch.

It won’t be okay.
The cafeteria is quite a walk.

-Did you bring a packed lunch?
-Yes, from home.

Eating outside is always a hassle.

Tofu rice balls today.

They look delicious.

Would you like some?
It’ll be better than the cafeteria food.


I see it was made with love.

No, let me.

But you’re the guest.

Exactly. I don’t want to be rude.

Have some soup too.

I don’t eat soup
since I rarely have time to cook it.

I mean, I do have time, but…

Anyway, I’m more used
to not having soup with my meals.

I see.

-Dig in.
-After you.

Won’t it be not enough for you
if I eat with you?

A full stomach makes me drowsy.

Eating a little less is
better for my health anyway.

Are you on a diet?

No. I live for delicious food, you know.

It’s good.

I didn’t know tofu rice balls
could be this good.

Your wife must be such a good cook.

It’s better than those you buy.

Eat all you want.

It’s better to enjoy it together.

I know what it’s like to eat alone.

Do you live alone?

At this age? Of course.

My family moved abroad,
so it’s just me in Korea.

I’ll get a paper cup.

I’ll drink from the bottle.

Thank you.

A few years back, during a performance,

I had to drink a bottle of water,

but the lid wouldn’t open.


I kept trying but to no avail,
so I improvised.

I asked another actor to open it for me,

even though it went against the script.

You’re quite quick-thinking.

Didn’t the audience laugh?

They did.

It’s really good.

Are those the student photos?


Undergraduates on the right,
postgraduates on the left.

-To memorize their names?

Your passion shows.

Did I not seem passionate at first glance?

That’s not what I meant.
When I first saw you,

I got the impression
that you’re calm and poised.

I’m on the clumsier side.

You hardly seem like the type.

Did my wife tell you where she was going?

No, she left without telling me.

Can I get something to drink?


Is there beer?

-Say you don’t know if he asks.
-Yes, ma’am.

How long will you be gone?

That depends on my husband.

How dare he think he can walk all over me?


The phone you called is turned off.
You’ll be directed to voicemail.

You even turned off your phone?

Should I grill a squid for you?

I’m good.

Some peanuts would be nice.

Did she leave in workout clothes?

No, sir.

I doubt she’s protesting, so…

I’m protesting.
I’m more than capable of doing so.

You must have some free time
now that exams are over.

Yes. Finally.

We have a seminar next month, so
introduce yourself to the department then.


How did you get the degree while working?

It wasn’t easy, but I found a way.

Let’s not be so formal.

We’re alumni after all.


Whenever I introduce myself
to new students,

I say my name
and that I was a student here in the 90s.

“I’m your professor,
but I’m also an alumnus here,

so feel free to tell me if you have
any problems or worries.”

Goodness. How compassionate.
It’s sweet of you.

-It’s me, professor.

The administration office sent a notice
regarding general courses.

How should it be handled?

Tell them it doesn’t concern us.


I’ll get going, then.

-I stole too much of your time.

I’ll treat you to a meal sometime
before the teachers’ seminar.


I can see myself out.

I truly enjoyed today’s lunch.

Call me if you have any questions.


I noticed that radio show hosts
have their own nicknames.

Yes, once we hold a contest
and offer a prize,

ideas will come flooding in.

What kind of music do you listen to?

It changes depending on my mood.

Who chooses the songs?

Ms. Sa usually does, every morning.

-I bet it’s not easy.
-Of course, it isn’t.

But nothing’s easy in this world.

Tell me about it.
Writing scripts is tough work,

and not everyone can host radio shows.

It gets fewer complaints
than TV shows, right?

You can say that,

but the listeners will try
and break in the new host.


There are all sorts of listeners out there

including die-hard fans.



I was a bit rude last night, wasn’t I?

No, it was fine.

I got wasted last night, you see.

He was at the wine bar
I went with my friends.

Are you one to make drunken mistakes?

My goodness. Mother?

Didn’t Sa-hyeon tell you?


He must’ve been busy all day.

You’re starting a new show,

so I wanted to lend you a hand
for a few days.

Did Father approve of this?

As if he’s one to argue with what I do.

He’ll require your assistance too, though.

-Is this uncomfortable for you?
-Of course not.

I’m more than grateful.

Then it’s settled.

Enjoy your mother-in-law’s meals
for a few days.

Why don’t you just rest while you’re here?

We can eat out–

You and Sa-hyeon both
eat out most of the time.

Anyway, go and wash up.


-Your mother’s here.

Yes, I gave her our lock combination.

-She’s staying for a few days.
-And she can at her son’s place.

My parents bought it for us anyway.

Even if they didn’t,
they should be always welcomed.

-But it’s uncomfortable.
-She’s no stranger.

-It was unexpected–
-I’m busy right now,

so bye.

I know it’s her son’s,
but she can’t just barge in.

-Why are you visiting Korea?
-No reason.

-A vacation?
-I have a meeting with an agency.

-In the entertainment industry?

We’ll meet in person
to talk about my career.

It might be modeling or acting.

Is it a trustworthy agency?

Jeon Hun and Lee Se-rang
are signed with it too.

Still, the industry’s known
to be dangerous in some ways.

It’s why my father
conducted a thorough research

and an acquaintance of his
met with the agency head in person.

Do you have no relatives in Seoul?

-How were you contacted?

-Through social media?

Anyway, you can never be too careful.

I’d rather you didn’t go alone.

The daughter of my dad’s friend
works in this industry,

so she agreed to accompany me.

Has this world always intrigued you?

-Not really.
-They why?

I’ve been helping my father
manage his hotels.

We have hotels
in Orange County and San Diego.

I see.

I was contacted right around the time
I was seeking change.



Your patient Lee Seung-il
would like to see you again.

He forgot to tell you something.

-In five minutes.


-It’s A Mi.

-I’m near your hospital right now.

If you’re busy, I’ll leave
your padded jacket with an employee.

How near?

I see. You wouldn’t be able
to wait half an hour, right?

-I can.
-I’ll see my last patient and come to you.



I’m sorry, but I need to meet someone now.

I’ll eat out today.

Meet whom?

A friend called out of the blue.
Something must be up.

Got it. You’ll probably have a drink then.

I won’t.

What if he suggests it?

He’s not really one to drink.

Anyway, enjoy your dinner
with our princess.



Ji-a, wake up.

But… I’m too sleepy.

You can’t sleep yet. Have dinner first.

What should I help you with?

You don’t need to.

Go wash the makeup off
Your eyes must be heavy.

I feel weird without my lashes.

-Are you making blue crab soup?

But braised crabs are better.

In this cold weather?
They’d get cold quickly.

Head back inside.
You’ll only get in the way.


The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message

after the beep.
Extra fees will be charged…

Where the hell did she go?

-Did you already drink something?

Would you like something?

You’re here anyway, so let’s have dinner.

And that you can keep.

But it’s too expensive.

How was the meeting?

I agreed to sign the contract.

Read it thoroughly first.

-There’s a standard contract.
-What did they say?

I’ll start by modeling
and do some commercials

while taking acting classes
for a few years

to be in TV drama shows.
The agency now produces its own.

Do you believe you have the talent?
To survive in the industry, I mean.

Well, I won’t know until I try,

but it sounds like fun.

I don’t want to only work at hotels
without taking other chances.

But it’s a safe family business.

I have younger siblings.

Besides, I can always go back
whenever I want to.

Then you’ll need that padded jacket.

Many wear over-sized jackets while working
on sets because of the outfits.

I guess you’re right.

Thank you, then. I’ll wear it well.

Then dinner should be on me.

What did you want to eat in Korea?

-A lot.
-Bibimbap and bulgogi?

I grew up eating those often
thanks to my mom.

Braised short ribs too.

I went to Korean restaurants a few times
to eat naengmyeon.

Temple cuisine is on the top of my list.

But you might not like it once you try it.

-Do you like healthy dishes?
-I do.

I know a place that serves temple cuisine,
but it must be booked in advance.

-So today–
-A Michelin-starred restaurant then.

Is there one nearby?

There’s a place called Monet Kitchen
that’s known for its French cuisine.

You’ve dressed too lightly again.

It was for the meeting.

-You should wait inside.
-I’m good.

It was too warm in there for me anyway.

Dinner will be on me today.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The same applies when you’re in Korea.

In Korea, the older one always buys.


Thank you.

I’m amazed by how even cafes have
valet parking.

Korea’s known for its surprises.

Yes, Dad.

Did your mom perhaps go to your place?

She did.

Wait. You didn’t know?


-Did you two argue?
-Of course not.

I’m sure you two bickered again.

No, we didn’t.

-Anyway, bye.

Yes, Father.

Your mother-in-law turned her phone off.

She’s in the middle of cooking dinner.
Let me put her on.

-It’s Father.

-What do you think you’re doing?

-What the hell are you doing there?

I can’t hear you. What did you say?

-Come home immediately!
-Okay, I will.

You hung up on me?

It’s better than I expected.

The taste?

That, the ambiance, and everything else.

When did you go to Italy?

The last visit was three years ago.

Where did you like best?

What about you, Yu-sin?

-Have you been to Amalfi Coast?

I love the cave there.

Yes, and the sea is
in the most beautiful color.

You love to eat, don’t you?

And it leads to indigestion, right?

I’ll be thinking of you
every time I get indigestion now.

You should be careful not to have it.
It’s quite painful.

Do you take after your mother?

Only in a way.

Some say I’m nothing like her.

What about you, Yu-sin?

For me, it was my grandfather.
He’s no longer with us, though.

When you think of your grandparents,

do you tear up?

Do you?

When I think of my grandma.

She raised me

until I left for the States
at the age of four.

I wasn’t around when she passed away.

And that still stings.

If you’re done, may I clear the table?


No, let me.

I have a favor.

Will you grant it?

It depends.

Just tell me.

Let’s go for the second round
and let me buy it.

I’m surprised to hear that.

I’ve watched a lot of Korean drama series.
I know the drinking culture in Korea.

I’ll tell you why later on, though.

The reason I’m buying drinks.

It’s blue crab soup.

-Mother, this is bad.
-What’s wrong?

I’ll be stuffing myself today.

Well, no one will be stopping you.

When did you do all this?

The gatkimchi is from home.

Did you roast the dried laver yourself?

Of course, with a layer of perilla oil.

I can smell the perilla oil!

Put on the gloves
so that your hands won’t smell.

Who cares when I’m eating at home?

-Have some of the broth.
-You should eat too.

-This seems like hard work.
-It hardly was.

-Is that all you’re eating?

But I cooked all this
for you to eat your fill.

I’d rather not look puffy tomorrow.

That’s how she always is.

But it’ll be nice to see
some meat on those bones.

Don’t you need the energy to work?

I’ll stick to the side dishes.

-How about a lettuce wrap?
-Sounds good.

Stick to this much.


Don’t be so stingy with his food.

-He has to eat less for dinner.
-It’s still early.

It’s 8 p.m.

A bowl of rice won’t make him fat.

Kids are too skinny and lanky these days
if you ask me.

You know what they say.
“Well-fed ghosts look better.”

Would he be this tall
if I hadn’t fed him well?

Fast food may make you gain weight,
but not lettuce wraps.

Would you like some scorched rice?

I’m good.

Bring my car around.

Mom, U-ram’s back!


How was it, son? Did you have fun skiing?

-Answer her properly, you brat.

Did you fall?

Only once this time. Where’s Dad?

Late, as always.

Other than golfing,
what else do you like doing?

I’ve been going horse riding for a while–

-What is it?

I had a dream yesterday,
while you were driving me home.

Yes, when you dozed off.
What was it about?

Promise me you won’t laugh.

I was riding a horse.

That’s hardly funny.
Are you sure it was a dream?

That I’m sure of.

Then maybe your career
will take off after all.

Dreaming about that is a good sign.

-Do you ride horses?
-I tried it as a kid,

but gave up since it petrified me.

Order a cocktail if it’s too strong.

I’ll stick to this.

When will you tell me
the reason for this drink?

-When I want to.
-I wonder when that’ll be.


When I find you comfortable.

Do I make you uncomfortable?
People rarely say that about me.

In my dream, you and I rode on horses
along the beach.

Maybe we’ll both find success.

-What’s your alcohol tolerance like?

-It depends on my mood.
-Same here.

Can we both get drunk today?

I have no reason to say no,
but why must we get drunk?


Did you buy drinks to mention your dream?

Of course not.

Do you really want to know?

Then let your body get drunk.

But not your heart.

How can I keep his heart
from getting drunk when I’m drunk?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

So that we can be safe from one another.

Empty your glass.

Now I’m feeling tipsy. It must be
because I’m mixing different kinds.

Are you a heavyweight?

Let’s down a few glasses
and drop the honorifics.

That’s my reason.

-I want us to be friends.

You say you want to be friends,
so I call you by your name,

-but you’re still formal with me.
-So are you.

I’m only following your lead.

I’ll be less formal then, young lady.

-Starting from now.
-We’ll drop the honorifics?

How about this, Ms. A. I mean, Mi.

Anyone who speaks formally…

-A smacking seems too much.
-Then, a penalty drink.

It’s not just for today though.

Speak formally again in a few days and–

We’ll drink as a penalty. Okay.

-Yes, Mr. Shin?



You get one free pass.

Your wife…

What’s she like?


a fine woman.

In every aspect?

That’s right.

Want some fruit?

No, ice pops.

We don’t have any.

I won’t buy any anymore.

Just like grown-ups enjoy alcohol,
kids my age enjoy ice pops.

Both are equally bad for you.

Even though that’s the case,
grown-ups still drink.

You also do once in a while.

I win, don’t I?

-Don’t we even have ice cream?
-I’ll buy some tomorrow.

If only they delivered ice cream too.

Isn’t this the TV series
about dads having affairs?

How did you know that?

I saw the title of the show online.

Do you know what an affair is?

Of course. I’m 12 now, remember?

I’ll go back to my room,
so enjoy the show without worrying.


What would you do…

Never mind.

What would I do

if my husband cheated on me?

-I wouldn’t let him get away with it.

What about you?

There’s no reason for me to think that
since your dad would never cheat on me.

Dad probably loves you more
than me, his daughter.

I’m sure you’ll be loved by your husband
even more than I’m loved by mine.

Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

Honey, what do I do?

Okay. I’ll be right there.

-I’m sorry, but my wife needs me now.

-What do you like?

-Male or female?
-Is this Truth or Dare?

You can be honest with me.

Why did you have to come here
and rub it in like that?

Is there anything you’d like to have?

-What is it?
-I’ll never forget about


How rude. She didn’t even ask me.

-Do I seem picky?
-I thought so.

Wash your hands at my place.



It’s my first time being all alone,
away from home.

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