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Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 3 Drama Korea, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Epi 3 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 3 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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No, wait.

Damn it!

Who is it?

A woman?

Are you cheating?

Call her.

Let’s talk inside.

I’m seeing someone.

-I’m sorry.
-If you kill someone,

will an apology cut it?

I’m asking you since you’re a lawyer.

Would apologizing after a murder
make one innocent?

You had an affair?

Was there anything physical?

Did you sleep with her?

Who is she?
Does she live in Nonhyeon-dong?

Tell me everything in detail
like a lawyer does!

What if I tell you?

That won’t make you feel any better.

Since when?

-It doesn’t matter.
-Doesn’t it?

Then what does matter? Tell me!

-You won’t forgive me anyway.
-Of course not.

So what?

Bring her here
or let me talk to her on the phone.

Answer me!

Let me think about it.

Think about what?
Is this the time for that?

Were you even thinking
when you were cheating?

This is adultery, isn’t it?

Were you being rational
when you were committing adultery?

You’re not even begging forgiveness.

Are you even human?

Hold on.

Let me stop this bleeding.


Where are you?

Don’t people say that you look better
in person?

-Do I?

Do you have any upcoming performances?
I want to watch one.

I’m preparing for one.

By the way, my name’s Nam Ga-bin.

I’m A Mi. That’s my real name.

I’m Song Won.

How about a late lunch
slash early dinner tomorrow?

So we won’t gain weight.

I’d love that.

Im Young-woong is amazing.

He’s a hero.


You’re so pretty. You really are.



Get up.

Why did you wake me up?

I think you love Dongmi more than me.

You even dreamed about her.

I did?

Are you tired from our Busan trip?

-You’ve aged.
-I just ate too much.

Did you call Sa-hyeon?

He came because he missed my food.

How do you know?
Do you read people’s minds now?

Do you want to make a bet?
He must have no food left at home.

What are you talking about?

Last time I checked,
his fridge was full of food.

I filled it up.

But what’s the use? They don’t eat it.

Call him and ask him why he came by.

I think our eldest son’s here.

It’s me.


Come in.

What brings you here at this hour?

Is Sa-hyeon in the bathroom?

No, it’s just me.

Is something wrong?

Sa-hyeon stopped by this afternoon.

Did you two fight?

-Would you like tea or fruit?
-Water, please.

What about dinner?

Sa-hyeon is seeing a woman.

-A woman?
-He’s cheating on me.

Is Sa-hyeon cheating?

-Are you sure?

He acknowledged it.

I just found out.

-Who is it?
-He won’t tell.

That little…

He’s just refusing to tell me anything.

-Tell him to come right now.
-You should be the one to call.

Call him then.


-Where are you?
-It’s me.

-Hello, Mom.
-Come here this instant.

Is Dad there too?

I have my reasons.

-Hide all the golf clubs–
-Come here!


Did you not suspect him?


You should calm down first.

Things like this could happen
in a marriage.

But Sa-hyeon of all people?
I just can’t believe it.

You’re right.
I know I gave birth to him, but…

He’s just not the type.

And he calls himself a man…

Maybe he got drunk at a bar
and got carried away.

-Right, honey?
-What do you mean?

Did I ever get carried away
and make such a mistake?

Watch what you say.
She might get the wrong idea.

Hey, hide this somewhere.

If he asks you, say you can’t find it.

Yes, ma’am.

In the storage.

Mom, there’s this one menace in our class.

They refused to listen
to the teacher’s warnings,

so the teacher told them to read a book
during breaktime.

-Your homeroom teacher did?

And surprisingly, that menace

started reading a book quietly.

So I went over and said,
“What are you doing, buddy?”

They were reading a comic book.

-He’s a boy, right?

You usually call him buddy?

No, I just didn’t want to tell you
his real name.

Because it’s not about a good thing?


Look at how thoughtful she is.

It wouldn’t have mattered
to tell us his name.

We wouldn’t know him anyway.

You’re right. You’re such an angel.
A wise one at that.

You respected his privacy.

You’re drinking alone?

I couldn’t sleep.

It’s probably due to lack of exercise.

Tell Yu-sin to come join us
for golfing tomorrow.


Your mom’s calling.

You pick it up.

Hello, Mother.

-Is Yu-sin taking a shower?

Are you guys free tomorrow?

Your father-in-law wants to go golfing.
It’s been a while.

He has no respect for me

because I have no family here.

Don’t be ridiculous.

Don’t call your parents and worry them.
I’m sure it’s nothing serious.

Your mascara is running.

How could it be nothing serious?

Don’t cry.

If you go to work with swollen eyes–

It’s just a recording on the weekends.

You’re also our daughter.

We’ve been married
for less than three years.

How could he?

This could be better

than him getting into an accident.

People get into random accidents
and get hurt or die.

My heart has been ripped into pieces.

Was he ever
in a serious relationship before?

-No, he was busy studying.
-He was.

A fellow law student.

Her father had a big herbal market
at Gyeongdong Market.

Her mother…

Is she married?

We don’t know.

That was ages ago.

How long did it last?

Less than a year.

It must be some girl from a bar.

If not, why would Sa-hyeon cheat
on such a beautiful, well-known–

Her number was saved as “Nonhyeon-dong.”

Exactly. That just means
they’re not that close–

Dongmi, we’ll play later.

What’s going on?

Is everything she told us true?

-You’re dead meat.

Honey! Let’s hear him out first!

Sit down.

They say one bad apple spoils the bunch.

Who’s she? How did you meet her?

-That doesn’t matter.
-Then what does?

You’re still wet behind the ears.
You should’ve been busy focusing on work.

You know I’m hardworking.

Is she your ex? From your law school?

-Then who?

Does that matter?

Here you go again.

Calm down.

They say being rational is the solution
to all troubles.

-You should be levelheaded–
-Are you repenting?

I know it wasn’t right.

Look at him squirming his way out.

He’s not acknowledging he’s at fault.

It’s because of his job.

What does that have to do with this?

It’s just what he does as a lawyer.

I didn’t do anything wrong,
but you’re bashing me in front of her.

As the chairman of the club,
you’re good at golfing.

And he answers back like this
because he’s a lawyer.

It’s instinctive.

Tell her you’re sorry
and that it won’t happen again.

Demand a written promise.

How will I trust him?
He completely deceived me.

Tell me. Have I ever caused trouble
with something like this?

-Have I ever broken your mom’s heart?

Then how could a lawyer do such a thing?

I had no idea this was his true face.

Does she know you’re married?


Of course she knows. He’s wearing a ring.

He could’ve taken it off.

-Let me see her photo.
-I don’t have the phone.

Sa-hyeon, is this who you really are?

You’d stoop so low?

What will you do about this?

You must know her number.
Bring her here this instant!

Is she pretty? Prettier than her?

Does that even matter right now?

He must’ve fallen for her looks.


She approached you,
knowing you were a lawyer

and the son of a country club owner.
Am I right?


It doesn’t matter.

Then what matters?

What will you do?
Let’s put an end to this tonight!

Ask her for forgiveness now.

You can’t forgive me, right?

I know I was wrong.

I’ll do as you say.

What do you mean?

You’ll get a divorce if I say so?


Honey! Please!

You’re not from a broken family.

We won’t allow that.

How dare you utter such a thing
in front of us?

Let’s do it.

He just feels terrible
and doesn’t know what to do.

Ask her for forgiveness. Now!

Man up and acknowledge your mistakes.

I’m sorry.

You’re just sorry?

I’m sorry for worrying you.

Is this why you came by this afternoon?


He wanted to tell the truth
and take care of this situation.

There are many ways to do that,

and I know what she’s like.

Can you forgive me?

-Imagine being in my shoes.

-So what do you want to do?
-He’s kneeling.

He values actions above words.

I also think

our trust has been broken.
We can’t go back.

It’s all up to you.
You just need to put an end to it.

Let me talk to him.

What’s her name?

Do you love her?

Tell me the truth.

Is it love?

Stop talking nonsense!


This. The club. My golf club!

-I don’t know where it is.
-Front door!

Yes, sir.

Are you out of your mind?

We’re done talking then.

Hye-ryung, sit back down.

Cornering him won’t fix anything.

Didn’t you marry Hye-ryung
because you couldn’t live without her?

Being naive, you’re taking
your fleeting emotions too seriously.

How long has it been
for you to call it love?

A man can only love once.

You told me that before, didn’t you?

Whether it’s love or not,
ask her for forgiveness and end it today.

Tell him you’ll do so.

I’m sorry, Dad.

-You won’t end it?

You bastard!

No, Hye-ryung! Go stop her!

Give me your key. I’ll send Mr. Kim.

You better take care of this!

Dongmi, sorry. See you next time.

This is why I told him…

to reconsider marrying her.

I’m sure he’s fallen for a younger girl.

He finally realized it’s difficult

to live with an older, spoiled woman.

Hye-ryung has quite an ego.

She won’t let this pass.

Are you even human?

How long has it been?

Answer me.

This is between us.

Was I talking about someone else?

You’re the one who deceived me,
not someone else.

I’m driving right now.

Stop the car.

-Stop it.
-And then?

I’m going to take a cab.

We’re almost there.

No, we’re not.

-She’s asleep.

-Isn’t this refreshing?

Let’s do this often. Ji-a likes it.

We should while we still can.

Once she’s in middle school,
she’ll hate it and be busy studying.

I doubt she’d be like that.

You shouldn’t expect anything
from your child.

They won’t grow up
exactly the way you want them to.

Not every child is like that.

This is good.

The ambiance is definitely important
when having wine.

Not for me.

It’s about who I’m with.

It’d taste bad if I was by myself.

I’m going to enjoy my wine tonight.

Don’t drink too much.
We have to check out early.

Will you be okay? You could’ve said no
if you’re too tired.


Golfing will rejuvenate me.

I know Ji-a’s our child,
but I’m so proud of her.

It’s not like we’d tell someone else.

I would’ve mentioned his name
to my family.

How could a 12-year-old think
about respecting her friend’s privacy?

You’re right.
She’s better than some adults.

There are many who blabber
without thinking these days,

who can’t act their age.

She takes after someone.

And it’s obviously her wise mom.

She has your character.

You’re a very thoughtful man.

You’re right. I have good genes,

and you taught her well.

Thanks to you, I can focus on my hospital
with no concerns.

You’re a wonderful father and husband.

You’re excellent.

They say compliments can even make
a whale dance.

But you’re the only woman
who makes my spirit dance.

Come here.

Forget it.

Come on.

You should send her a text.

And say what?

Tell her to trust us and calm down.

That’s easier said than done.

She never saw this coming.

And “dead meat”? You sounded so ignorant.

How dare you say that?

Imagine what Hye-ryung must’ve thought

when she heard her father-in-law say that.

My face got so red when I heard it.

Those were hot flushes
due to your menopause, not me.

Some professor said on TV

that refinement comes from one’s words,
not one’s clothing.

I’ll pack some clothes for now.

Once the papers are submitted,
I’ll take all my belongings.

You must already have a place to stay.

Hyo-seong said I could stay
at his other studio apartment.

Everything else will be the same.

My paycheck will be wired to you as usual.

Do you think they’ve departed?

Of course. They’re always the first
to arrive.

If I didn’t have to golf today,
I would’ve visited them

to see how they’re doing.

They probably argued all night.

You know how Hye-ryung is.

She probably bashed him all night.

What if she keeps him awake
and torments him for days?

-He deserves it.
-I hope she didn’t hit him.

She’s pretty,

but she can be quite cold-hearted.


Why would Hye-ryung’s husband call me?



I’m not sure if you remember me,

but I’m Lawyer Pan Sa-hyeon.

I gave you advice
regarding your friend last year.

Of course, I do. Hello.

I’m sorry for calling you so early.

It’s okay. I’m outside anyway.

Did Hye-ryung call you by any chance?


Did something happen?

Well, yes.

We had a fight last night. I woke up,
and she’s not here. And her phone’s off.

Oh, my.

Do you know where she could be?

Let me think.


It’s nothing serious, right?


Promise me you won’t disappear on me

even if I upset you.

Who knows?

During lunchtime,

the nursing director gave us men
some advice.

She said we should reconcile
on the same day.

We should make up before going to bed.

We did that most of the time.

-Did Director Joo arrive?
-Yes, he did.

Come in.


Are you Mr. Park Hae-gang’s brother?

Yes. He’s my older brother.

We were in the same club.
We were different majors though.

I see.

You guys look like twins.
You look so alike.

We are. He was born 15 minutes early.

What’s he up to these days?
We lost touch after graduating.

He died.


When he was 32 years old.


It was an accident.

-Is this new?

Does it look too young?

All golf clothes are like that.

You’re so stylish.

You look like
you’re in your 30s from behind.

Since we’re the same age,
let’s speak casually.


You seem pretty healthy.

It’s just that I’ve gotten older.

So I thought I should get
some restoratives like my friends.

Is your stamina getting worse?

Not really, but I just thought
it’d be nice to take some.


Do you live around here?

You too?

No, I live in Pyeongchang-dong.

That’s a nice neighborhood.

Your wife is beautiful.

One son?

Yes. We got married a bit late.

Bring your wife next time.

I’ll give her some good restoratives
as well.

She doesn’t like to take them.

That was a good one.

I’m getting a bit hungry.

Please go to the restaurant.


She was amazing. She’s a good golfer.

Do you spend all day practicing?

You’re right. I practice every day.

-She’s definitely improved.
-Stop it.

I’m just trying not to be
an inconvenience.

Lucky you.
You can golf every day for free.

-She’s not too interested in golfing.

Then what interests you?

Household chores, of course. Right?

No. It’s nagging you.

All husbands may seem like
they’re in charge,

but in fact, they’re being controlled
by their wives.

That’s not true. He’s…

-All right.

-I love the view.
-Yes, it is.

Do you know them?

-Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

Excuse me.

Are you…

Kim Dong-mi by any chance?



May I ask who you are?

Who are you?

Did you use to live in Jinui-myeon,


Are you Mr. Kim Su-gil’s only child?


I’m the son of the chicken farm owner.

-Goodness. Are you Pan–

Oh, dear.

-You haven’t changed.

Not one bit.

He’s a hometown friend.

Goodness, it’s nice to meet you.

Hello, I’m Pan Mun-ho.

He’s the owner of this country club.

I see. I’m sorry, but I didn’t bring
my business card.

This is my son and his wife.

-It’s nice to meet you.

She’s my wife.


Where are my suitcases?

In Hyang-gi’s room.

No. In the closet on the veranda.


-I want to talk with you.

Are you packing your bags?


When Mom told us about you,
U-ram and I were shook up.

I’m sorry.

I just don’t get it.

I tried thinking in your shoes.

I know

this is between you and Mom.

But it’s still not right

for any of us.

Many people live to 80 or 90 nowadays.

You guys are just 50 years old
and have been married for 20 years.

You may have known each other
for 30 years,

but U-ram is only 12, and I’m 20.

We still need our parents.

We need both you and Mom.

We’ll be emotionally stable that way.

Nothing will change.

I will fulfill my duties.

I’ll support you financially
until you get married.

I’ll just be living elsewhere.

I heard you want to be
officially divorced.

Do you think you can buy a family?

No, you can’t.

Even if we go broke and have to starve…

Even if you lose your job
and can’t make any money,

we won’t turn our backs on you.

We can eat gruel.

U-ram and I just need our parents.

I did disappoint you once.

When you were against it,

I chose to major in drama and theater arts
then backed out.

Once I get into another college,
I’ll work part-time and chip in.

I won’t disappoint you again.

So please do the same for us.

I’m not actually disappointed.

I’m hurt and heartbroken.

Imagine how Mom must feel.

Yesterday, I went out with U-ram
and bought him his favorite gelato.

But he couldn’t enjoy it.

He asked how we could live

without you.

When U-ram was born,

Mom had a really tough time giving birth.

Remember how happy you were
as you held him?

He’s your precious son.

He’s your adorable, youngest son.

You shouldn’t break his heart.

After all, you’re his dad.


Please put off this decision
until U-ram becomes my age.

If you still want a divorce then,
we won’t stop you.

We’ll willingly let you go.

I will take care of Mom
until the day she dies,

so you can leave with no worries then.

She’s right.

I feel the same way.

I beg you.

Every time we play catch,

I feel so happy.

Cycling, skating, and skiing.

You taught me all of them.

Mom and Hyang-gi are also precious to me,

but I’ve never thought

about not having you in my life.

The mere thought of it scares me,
and I hate it.

I told you I want to get married one day.

What if our family becomes a flaw
when I do?

Then what’ll happen to U-ram and me?

If I’d known this would happen
before I was born and had a choice,

then I wouldn’t have been born to you two.

You gave birth to us
because you wanted to.

I believe you and Mom’s duties

as our parents come before

your individual happiness.

I agree.

Please keep

the promise you made in front of everyone…

on your wedding day.

I’m begging you as your daughter.

Thank you, Lord,

that Hyang-gi and U-ram are–



Here. We bought this for you.

What is it? What did you buy?

Open it. Hurry up.

You can exchange it if you don’t like it.

U-ram wanted to get you
something pretty to wear.

He’s a better child than me.

Let’s get out of here
so she can try it on.

What do you learn at the English academy?

Does it fit you well?


You look amazing.

How much did it cost?
I’ll give you the money.

It wasn’t that expensive.

It’s a gift.

Don’t just keep it in the closet.
Wear it often, okay?

Okay. Thank you, guys.

We’re the ones who are always grateful.

You’ve taken such good care of us.

-Over here.

-Come on over.
-You’re here early.

-Am I late?
-Of course not. We just arrived early.

I’ll come earlier from now on.

We’ve already ordered.

Dong-mi. You’re so pretty. You really are.

That was close.
You hit it a bit too strong.

Did you two use to date?

With Mun-ho?

I was in elementary school back then.

Then why so happy?


No, him.

Because he met someone from hometown.

-Nice putting.

He’s doing well today. How amazing.

Thank you.

Yes, sir. Yes.

Our chairman would like to treat you
to a meal at the clubhouse

when you’re done.

Burrata salad, beef carpaccio,

calamari, rib-eye steak,
and an eggs Benedict.


Have you seen After Wedding?

-Wasn’t it fun?

Don’t you think it’s even more dramatic
than Korean dramas?

Just more elegantly disguised.

You’re right. It’s easy to see

mothers-in-law getting slapped
in American dramas.

Yes, it’s so shocking.

When will you be done with work?

I even called Ms. Sa.

-I was worried.
-About me?

So you want a divorce.

-Given the situation–
-That’s just an excuse.

You’re dying to get a divorce.

I’ll divorce you, but on one condition.

I want to see her in person.

Then I’ll sign the papers right away.

I have no regrets,
but I must see for myself.

When will you bring her?

I won’t grab her hair, so don’t worry.

-Anything but that.

-They’ll be here soon.
-Yes, sir.

Was she your first love?

Kim Dong-mi?

You just couldn’t forget about her,
so you even named our dog after her.

-That’s just a coincidence.
-A coincidence?

That’s a load of nonsense.

They’re going to hear you.

Hearts were coming out of your eyes.

Stop talking nonsense.

When’s my birthday then?

Tell me. When is it?

Does that even matter?

This is exactly like father, like son.

I didn’t cheat on you.

This is an emotional affair.

Stop nagging me and call them again.

Hye-ryung came home.

Just like that?

Over here.

I thought you already had lunch.

Just a bit. I didn’t eat much.

How well did you do today?

I approached him after learning
he was the only son

of Sin Central Medical Center.

He was popular among girls,

so it wasn’t easy.

Anyway, he asked me to marry him.
Then once we set our wedding date,

I was worried.

I never learned
how to be a daughter-in-law

or a wife for that matter..

My high school friend’s mom taught
future brides how to cook.

I told her everything
and asked for her help.

My pride was hurt, and I was embarrassed.

But I didn’t want my in-laws
to find fault with me.

I wanted a family of my own
and to live happily.

I’m grateful to my in-laws.

Their son was a great catch,

and many influential families
offered their daughters.

But they accepted me.

You were blessed.

A blessing should happen on its own.

He should’ve fallen for me

without me trying
to secretly win his heart.

I learned that one’s life pans out

differently depending
on one’s effort and patience.

I also understand what they mean
when they say

heaven helps those who make an effort.

I strived to do my best.

My husband told me several times
to quit work

and just focus on raising Ji-a.

But I refused.

I wanted to be the best at everything.

Even with a helper, I have my own tasks
and sometimes it’s too much.

I don’t want to become too lax,

so I go out and observe
well-dressed women.

Because I don’t want to look like
a mere housewife.

I don’t want him to lose interest.

It’s tiresome and exhausting,
but I dress up every day.

And my husband’s content
and treats me well.

More than anyone else.

Thank you for having
such a happy marriage life.

You’re much better than me.

A small part of me wants you
to be just as happy.


if I see you look happy with Ji-a,

it’ll remind me of Dad
who should be there as well.

That’s why I’m not ready for this yet.

So wait.

I’m terminally ill.

I may not be here

by the time you look for me.

I probably won’t be.

How’s the food?

It’s good.

It’s the best fish I’ve ever had.

I put a lot of thought into it.

I even brought in a chef
from Myeongdong Hotel.

No wonder.

You look so young for your age.

I’m flattered.

You dyed your hair, right?

No, I didn’t.

Goodness. Then how do you look so–

-Actually, she–
-Every time he dyed his hair,

his scalp would become irritated.

So I got him a wig.

I see. It fits you perfectly.

I knew it.

It’s not good
to look old these days, right?

Right. Many people live to 100 nowadays.

By the way, how did you two meet?

Then how did you meet Mun-ho, ma’am?

How should I address you?

You’re older than me, right?

Yes, you’re young.

Good for you.

Speak casually.

-Actually, I lost–
-We met at his hospital.

It was my first workplace.

It was his second marriage but my first.

So you seduced him and became his wife.

His late wife was such a good person.

But she passed away too soon.

I see.

Our director here is

a respectable hospital director.

But I respect him as a husband too.

And I love him.

Thank you.

She just won’t stop calling me that.

I’m no longer a director, you know?

You’re still a director nonetheless.

Just an honorary one.

Would you like a bit more?


Let me.

You’re going to sleep well today.

When I have trouble sleeping,
she even sings me a lullaby.


You two look great together.

Don’t you think so?

It feels great whenever I see

old couples who still love each other
even more than young ones.

-At times, it’s even beautiful.

Thank you for saying that.

-Try this.

It’s soft beef tenderloin.

You too.

Put that down.

Your eldest son…

He runs a large driving range
and manages this place too.

I see.

My youngest son is a lawyer.

His wife

used to be an announcer.
Now, she’s on a music program.

It’s a radio show.

Is your daughter-in-law Boo Hye-ryung?


-She’s our DJ.

I even spoke with her husband
on my way here.

-She’s a producer.

Is that so?

What a coincidence.

It is a small world indeed.

Maybe she didn’t want to brag
about her rich in-laws.

She probably didn’t want people
to ask her a favor.

-What if people at work find it out?

Everyone plays golf nowadays, you know?

Excuse me.

Could you wrap this up for me?

Did he go somewhere?

He must be in Nonhyeon-dong.

Should I order something for you?

I’m not hungry. I had two lunches.

Sa Pi-young, is it?

Yes, she’s the producer of our program.

Her family visited our golf club today.

Going down.

You need a baby.

If you had one,
he wouldn’t have wanted a divorce.

He may cheat but never divorce you.

I’ve seen many couples with kids break up.

They’re different.

Sa-hyeon grew up in a harmonious family.

He knows better than to let his kid

grow up without a father.

Have a serious talk with him.

Tell him you’re willing to have one.

Don’t just bash him.

I’ve made up my mind.

They say a couple’s bond
can become strong overnight.

You’ve been married
for almost three years now.

He wants a divorce. She must be…

I bet he fell for someone younger.

That’s what his dad said too.

You should be more rational
at times like this.

I am being rational right now.

If I wasn’t…

You didn’t hit him, right?

No matter how much you hate him,
you shouldn’t use violence.

Look at the big picture
and determine what the best decision is.

-Something this trivial–
-How could you say it’s trivial?

Don’t let that wench get her way.

Sa-hyeon has good character,
is handsome, and has a good job–

After everything he’s done to me?

Look at her talking back
to every single thing I say.

I’m her mother-in-law.

Sa-hyeon must’ve been tormented by her.

He’s just naive.
If not, he would’ve never gotten caught.

He deceived me by using
two separate phones.

Would you have even imagined that?

In any case, getting a divorce
won’t do you any good.

You’ll have a tough life
living as a divorcée.

And do you think you’ll ever find
another man like him?


You’ll be a divorcée.

You may be a pretty, hotshot DJ,

but would a competent and wealthy
young man fall for you?

Wealthy men in their 50s look for women
who are 20 or 30 years younger.

I’m sick of this marriage life.

whether it be single or divorced men,

all of them have dirty pasts.

They’ve all dated several people
in the past.

But no one makes an issue of it.

Think of it like that.
Everything depends on how you look at it.

You’ll be dating other divorcés anyway.

They say those you’ve known
for a long time are good people for you.

I know you’re furious,

but turn a blind eye this once.

Patience is a virtue.


How about this?

Don’t say anything,
and let him be for now.

We’ll teach him a lesson
and make sure he repents.

Just trust us.

You should understand
as you’re older than him.

Boys will always be boys.

You’ll understand that as you get older.

They always cause problems.

It’s best to get it over with.
We’ll make sure he never does it again.

I still want to see who that wench is.

What for? That won’t do you any good.

And once the dust settles,

you should have a baby.

Your elders know best.

Children are like bridges between you
and your husband.

Let me take a photo of your family.

I know you hate me,

but please give these gifts to her.

She doesn’t need to know
that they’re from me.


I thought about it

and realized that I lacked a lot.

I made sure you had clean clothes,

tasty food,

and continued working
even though it was difficult.

I was certain that I was a perfect wife.

But those are the only things
I’ve done for you.

I pretty much neglected you,
saying that I was busy

or exhausted.

Cooking food isn’t everything.

And anyone can do household chores
if we pay them.

I would’ve felt lonely as well
had I been in your shoes.

Every time you looked at me,
I always looked tired.

I just lived my life.

I didn’t bother to bond with you
as a married couple.

I’m just as guilty.

I’m sorry.

We once invited a couples counselor
on our program.

They said wives are the ones who create

the ambiance at home.

We should try hard

for the sake of our kids.

Tell me what you wish for
or how you want me to change.

I stopped using pain-relief patches.

But your wrists will hurt more.
I didn’t mean it.

I was just angry at myself.

If I had a well-paying job,

you wouldn’t have to work so hard
or need those patches.

You would be getting dolled up
like the other wives.

I don’t care about that.

I’m happy as long as our family
is healthy, harmonious,

and our kids are successful.

From now on, I’ll become
more self-aware and try harder.

You must be tired. Go to sleep.

You are…

a great woman.

Sa Pi-young is the producer,
and Mr. Seo is the engineer.

I can’t believe you.

-How can you eat right now?
-He and his sister persuaded him

-to change his mind.

If I end up dying before she does,

I want you to take good care of her.

As if I’d let you die so soon.

She’s pregnant.

-Hye-ryung is?

Then who?

That punk-ass brat.

However devoted,
a daughter-in-law is not blood-related…

Are you happy to live
as we were designed to?

Yes, I’m happy.

Dad, I need your help.
It’s for your future grandchild.

-I need to ask for forgiveness.

For what?

Can you first promise not to get angry?

Subtitle translation by: Soo-ji Kim

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