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Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 4 Drama Korea, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Epi 4 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 4 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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-What the heck?
-Damn it.

What’s going on?

What the heck?

Did you hurt your back?

No, I’m fine. Damn it.

Where are the nightgowns?

-Over there. Please follow me.
-Thank you.

Just a second. You can take a look.

Hello, this is No Wire.

Would you like to take a look?

What size is this?

Sister, what could you
desperately be praying for?

Thank you.

Turn the radio on.

-To Hye-ryung’s show?

I’d rather not be distracted.

It’s not for the songs.

We need to hear her voice
to know how she’s feeling.

-Is Hye-ryung here?
-Not yet.

I’m sorry. Hi, Ms. Lee.

“This happened ten years ago
when my mom turned 60.

She and her high school friends
agreed to party at a night club,

and I remember that night clearly.

She did her best
to look younger than her age.

I asked why she was dressed
in such a different way,

and she told me
she was going out with her old friends.

I thought nothing of it.

But it turned out that the five old ladies
went to a club in Gangnam.

A club that was known
for only letting in the hottest people.

Anyway, they entered the club
while encouraging each other,

and the waiters kindly escorted them.

They were thrilled to see
that their outfits, makeup,

and the dim lights made them
seem like they were in their 30s.

They followed the waiters escorting them

while being careful not to trip
on their high heels in the dark.

Then the waiter stopped

and pointed to a door
they should go through.

They figured
they were being escorted to a room

considering how they were older
than the average clubbers.

However, that door

was the back door leading outside.

They were being kindly gestured to leave.

-How silly.
-Talk about being humiliated.

The incident is still a sore memory
to my mom and her friends.

That outing of my mom’s

taught me to live my life
according to age.

I also learned how we must

sacrifice many things as we age.”

That’s right.

Giving up sounds so easy and simple,

and it might be easy
when it comes to hobbies or preferences.

But if it’s a person
that you must give up on,

then it won’t be easy.

Username 4475 says,

“The waiters would’ve been
more flustered than the moms.”

That may be right.

Username 3216 says,
“The mothers are adorable.”

Username 9338 says,
“I turned 40 this year,

but I still want to go clubbing. Boo-hoo.”

The fun comments keep coming up.

Username 3812 says,

“What you said really hit home with me,

I’ve given up on my son.”

I don’t know what led to that,

but it must have been devastating.

I hope this next song
can bring you a little solace.

It’s “Oh, My Darling” by Humming Love.

If you’re out there
dozing off after lunch,

sway gently to this beat,
and you’ll feel afresh.

Hye-ryung always has the best ad-libs.

Pan Sa-hyeon, you rascal.
Maybe I should have an affair too.

I’m Boo Hye-ryung.

I could seduce a pop singer
if I wanted to.

I’d give anything to buy eyes
that haven’t seen her dance.


Let me take a photo.

Please don’t.

Seriously? Don’t take photos.


Come here, Doctor. Join me.

-Gosh, my back.
-Take your time.

Dr. Shin.


-Did your daughter visit?

-How long did you walk?
-Quite long.

Then you’ll sleep well tonight.

-Has she eaten?
-A quarter of a rice bowl.

Doctor, you’re unbelievably handsome.

Just the sight of you makes my day.

And seeing you walk like this
makes my day too.

I’ll keep walking.

-Thank you.
-You’re welcome.


Boo Hye-ryung’s Love, Memories, and Music
comes to a close.

Listeners, don’t get exhausted
and stay lively throughout the day.

We’ll end the show
with an upbeat song today.

Here is “The Artist.”
Sa Pi-young is the producer,

and Mr. Seo is the engineer.

“Mr. Seo”?

Wasn’t the engineer’s name Seo Ban?


Was that a mistake?

I’m sorry.

I should change my name
to “Executive Manager.”

My mind went blank.

What do we do?

Yes, sir.


what would you do
if your parents got in an argument?

Would you look the other way
or would you get them to reconcile?

-That’s what I did.

Did your parents argue?

Not exactly.

Dad asked for a divorce.

Really? Why?

I’m sorry for causing a mess.

It’s all right.

We get good ratings,
so nothing much was said.

I’m sure Mr. Seo was a bit upset

even though he didn’t show it.

I was about to close the show
when his name slipped my mind.

Besides, it’s not like

I could leave the booth and ask his name.

I couldn’t text him either.

Why did you and your husband argue?

It was about having kids.
He suddenly suggested we have one.

Your kids would be blessed
with your genes.

Your beauty, his brains,

and your in-laws’ fortune.

If I were you, I’d have three.

Isn’t it exhausting?

You don’t know
because you’re not a mother yet.

Babies are adorable and fun to raise.

They’re adorable
and they bring you more joy.

Doors to another world open
the moment you take one in your arms.

-A miracle.
-It’s that good?

Words can’t possibly describe it all.

Imagine the universe in your arms.

So it’s like being
in the arms of a man for the first time.

-At what age?

By the way,
I saw Mr. Seo at your in-law’s golf club.

He didn’t see me though.

-Does Mr. Seo play golf?

Honestly, that’s unexpected.

I was surprised too.
He seemed like a different person.

Like a pro golfer almost.

His clothes were all from designer brands.


Was he with a woman?

With two men.

By the looks of it, he seemed like
a member of your in-laws’ golf club.

No way. The membership price is steep.

-I know.
-Someone must have invited him.

I’m just telling you what I saw.
You could find out.

Could he have a sponsor?
A middle-aged rich woman, perhaps?

No way. He’s not really
the flirtatious type.

He could have an alter ego.

A man living a double life.

Why else wouldn’t he marry?

He’s good-looking and has a decent job.

-He’s a mysterious old man.
-A mysterious bachelor.

Something came up,
so I’ll be having dinner outside.

I should grab some light dinner with Ji-a.

My husband will be late today.

Is that too much rice?

-It’s fine.
-Grilled hairtail and radish salad.

Dad’s favorite.

How do you get it golden-brown?
I can never grill it properly.

With time and effort.

-Thank you for the meal.

U-ram, measure your weight every morning.

Okay. I gained one kilogram,

but it’s because I got taller, not fatter.

But your pants still fit.

You didn’t even grow five centimeters.

I hear Winter Love is fun.
Want to go watch it?

Are you free?
What about the opening script?

-I can write it once I get back.
-And cut back on sleep?

Let’s go on the weekend.

I hear it’s tear-jerking,
but well-executed.

I hate sad movies.

-I prefer comedies.
-That will change with age.

You’re good at everything, Mom,
especially cooking.

I approve.

-You sound like an old man.
-Look here, fair lady.

I’m being a gentleman, not an old man.

Where did you pick that up?

In a comic book.

That reminds me.
Hye-ryung slipped up today, didn’t she?


It wasn’t anything big.

Our engineer’s name
suddenly slipped her mind.

“Sa Pi-young is the producer,
and Mr. Seo is the engineer.”

-Do we still have the portable bed?
-It’s in the shed.

Can you bring it out?
Sa-hyeon will be here for it soon.

-Yes, ma’am.
-And dust it.

I kept it well-covered.




Does he want the portable bed?


They’ll be sleeping apart.

I know, but I needed a reason
to get him here.

Hye-ryung will be fine
if we get Sa-hyeon to end things.

He’d better do as he’s told.

I can’t believe you.
How can you eat right now?

How’s Hye-ryung doing?

Not even a mutt
gets interrupted when eating.

I’m just hungry.

Yes, Mr. Choi.


Tell them I’ll be right there.


-What did Mr. Choi want?
-It’s about…

Chairman Oh.

He runs a big business abroad.

He’s here.

You need to end it right away.

Or kiss your inheritance goodbye.

Wait. Where’s my jacket from Italy?
Get it quick.

Did Hye-ryung kick you out of your room?


Just beg forgiveness and end the affair.

That’s the only option for you.

You know that your dad isn’t one to bluff.

No one can persuade him otherwise.

-I’ll say this again.

A true man should admit his mistakes.

You made a terrible mistake.

If you were a son-in-law, I’d…

She’s pregnant.



Then who?

She’s five weeks pregnant.

-Are you sure?


Does Hye-ryung know?

-We need to handle this.
-Did I get her pregnant?

Why should I?

I’ll do it myself, but I need…

I need your help.


I even had a conception dream.

Is it a girl or a boy?

Hold on a second.

Then the dream your father had…

-Dad had one too?
-This is huge. Goodness.

It is huge indeed.

What if Hye-ryung finds out?

And what about your father?

Hye-ryung’s the one
who didn’t want to have kids.

So you make one out of wedlock?

-You agreed to stay childless.
-Because Hye-ryung wanted to.

So this is what you do?
Are you kidding me?

Why marry her in the first place then?

-You were head over heels for her.
-I know.

This isn’t the time to question
who’s right and wrong,

but to join forces
and use collective wisdom.


when should I tell Hye-ryung?

She’ll freak out for sure.

She won’t. She’s not the type.
I’ll eat my hat if she does.

Whatever! This is your mess.

And I’ll take care of it.

Damn it!

-That hurts.
-I’m that furious!

We must stay calm at times like this.

Being rational is the solution
to any crisis.

That’s the case for us.

I need to live through this.
You and Dad too.

You should live a long, healthy life

and watch your grandchild grow up.

You’re shameless.

Mom, all you need to do is
to tell Dad about this.

I’ll handle the rest by myself.

Don’t blindly take Hye-ryung’s side

or mine for that matter.

You and Dad just need to remain neutral.

-It’s not that hard, is it?
-Not at all.

So you’re adamant
about divorcing Hye-ryung?

-Who is this other woman?

She deliberately got pregnant
to marry you.

That’s not the case.
This is a gift from God.

I’m caught between a rock
and a hard place. What do I do?

You’ll divorce Hye-ryung
because of the baby?

I don’t

love Hye-ryung anymore.

I can’t believe I wasted 10 months
carrying you in my womb.

Mom, what do you know about love?

You didn’t marry Dad
because you loved him.

-You were–
-But you loved Hye-ryung.

I know.

I fell out of love with her,
even when I thought I wouldn’t.

I loved her when I married her.
God knows that.

You’ll only get divorced again
after a few years.

Not this time.


-I’d like some water.
-Yes, ma’am.


I almost got doused with water last night.

I might have had a heart attack
from the water

if she didn’t trip and fall.

-Why would I lie?

You can ask her if you want.

I was lucky.

How will she react
if she finds out about the pregnancy?

I’ll run for it when I sense danger,
and save myself first.


Aren’t you happy, to be honest?

Deep down, I mean.

How old is she? Young, right?

I’ll tell you all about her
once I end it with Hye-ryung.

I can’t tell you right now.

You’re ashamed to introduce her.

Is she a bar hostess?

Are you insane?
Do you think I’m that stupid?

Sure, you’re the smartest.
You have to be smart to cheat.

Mom, please.
Will you stop putting it like that?

-Stop calling me a cheater.


Can’t you please think of this
from my perspective?

No, I can’t.

Mom, U-ram is quite prudent, you know.

How do you know that word?

Grandma taught me the word
while describing Dad.

Your dad isn’t just prudent,
but also sweet.


U-ram’s dad wanted a divorce,

but he and his sister
persuaded him to change his mind.


I guess it just crossed his mind.

He says that he knows

he’s been having mood swings.

I called it a mid-life crisis.

Yes, that’s what it is.

Si-eun, you look amazing all dressed up.

-Don’t flatter me.
-You look terrific.

I’m going to dress up from now.

This recent incident
made me look back on my life too.

My mother-in-law said,

“Women are still women,
even when they’re 100.

We should never lose our femininity.”

It’s easier said than done.

Si-eun, nothing’s easy in life.

But if you try hard, the effort pays off.

Marriage is something
that truly requires a lot of effort.

I knew you’d still be awake,
my beloved wife.

I missed you.

Come home late more often.
I’m loving the flattery.

Do you think this is flattery?

I’m kidding. Take a bath.

What will the grandchild will be like?

I wish I had known about it sooner.

I shouldn’t have persuaded Hye-ryung.

The soap smells great.

I’ll do it.

Just one scoop each.

I shouldn’t eat this, but it’s so good.

Why not?
A single scoop won’t make you fat.

Says the doctor?

I can back it up with facts. It’s true.

But we put Ji-a to bed.

She can have some tomorrow.

It’s weird how this tastes better
when you pick it up to eat at home.


Don’t make it a habit though.

You’re not like other women, you know.

When other husbands come home late,

most wives ask questions like
where they were and whom they were with.

How do you know that so well?

From watching my employees and friends.

Don’t you want to ask?

I do want to ask,

but you must be too tired to answer.

I guess it might be
if you asked me all the time,

but I’ll never be tired
of the questions you ask me. Never.

I trust you so much
that I don’t feel the need to.

-Besides, what?

You might think I have Othello syndrome,

since you’re a psychiatrist.

I’m sure there’s no other wife as wise

and generous as you are.

You’re truly one-of-a-kind, Sa Pi-young.

Is that flattery or a compliment?

The truth

from deep within my heart.

You know I can’t live without you.

The woman Sa-hyeon’s been seeing

is pregnant.

That’s why he can’t help it.
She has to give birth–

Should she get an abortion then?

-That punk-ass brat. I should–
-Stop it.

We can’t let the child grow up fatherless,

and we most certainly
can’t steal the baby away.

Betraying your devoted wife…

However devoted,
a daughter-in-law isn’t blood-related.

But a child is!

You know…

Pan Mun-ho?

Wake up, stubborn man.

You sure have gotten old.

Nothing’s left besides your vanity.

-What is it?
-Open up.

Let’s talk tomorrow.

Open up!

You’re the reason
I made a mistake on-air and got an earful!

Why is that my fault?

I couldn’t focus on my work!

And why did you lock the door?

I didn’t mean to!

Dongmi, here’s your breakfast.

Humans and animals are alike.

Childhood makes your breasts saggy.

-When did I get back last night?
-Around one in the morning.

So what did Sa-hyeon have to say?

It’s a long story.

You should eat first.

A long story?

Will he not break up?

Breakfast is ready.


If he doesn’t sort this out within a week,

I’ll be there to see him.

Thank you.

We’ll begin the weekly briefing.

Please, go ahead.

We’ll start with the abnormalities.

There were no issues
with the male patients in Ward Five.

There’s a 55-year-old male patient
who was supposed to be admitted

to Ward Seven last Thursday.

We were made aware
of a previous trauma to the head,

but his guardian told us
he couldn’t even go to the store

to buy drinks for the past two weeks,

so we suspected a cerebral hemorrhage.

We were correct,
and he was transferred to Joseon General.

He’ll be transferred back to our hospital
after his surgery.

That’s all.

Who’s his surgeon at Joseon General?

I’ll find out, sir.

What were the signs of his condition?

Are you sure?


How far along is she?

She’s now in her fifth week.

What’s done is done,

so maybe it’s time
to look for other options.

He wouldn’t tell me her age or occupation.

He’ll introduce her to us
once he divorces Hye-ryung.

Says who?

Who says we even want to meet her?

Think about it.

Isn’t Hye-ryung just as responsible?

She wanted a quiet marriage without kids,

but that meant she put her job first.

Even so,

how could we kick her to the curb

just because Sa-hyeon
got another woman pregnant?

I told him to take care of it on his own.

What can we do
when the kids are just as stubborn?

We can’t live their lives for them.

This isn’t right though. It just isn’t.

It’s not humane.

Kings in the past had dozens of wives.

I’m sure you understand him, man to man.

Not all humans think alike.

Not all men are like animals, you know.

I promised him

that I wouldn’t blindly take
anyone’s side.

The baby is also a living thing.

We can’t get it killed.

We can’t force Hye-ryung
to divorce him either.

Don’t you think so?

He completely betrayed us, you know.

Hye-ryung too.

Right. Don’t make any plans
for next weekend.

It’s my girl’s first birthday.

Really? Already?

They grow so fast.
Anyway, we’re only inviting close friends.

-Does she recognize you?
-Of course.

So forget about not having kids
and get one of your own.

-Your world changes.
-Maybe I will.


I added in the best ingredients.

Thank you.

Am I really paying enough?

Just buy me dinner sometime.

Of course. When are you free?

This is as good as what we get at home.

I think the nutritionist takes extra care
on Mondays.

-Because of me?

It’s a little bland,

but it’s hospital food, so it’s okay.

Ms. Kim said
she wants to try hospital food.

Hasn’t she tried it?

No, for over ten years.

Then she can come have some tomorrow.

Don’t you sometimes get lonely
being alone?

How am I alone?
I have you two, Pi-young, and–

You know what I mean.

I’m not sure.

I wouldn’t have minded a younger sibling.

I wanted to give you one,

but Ms. Kim…

You’re rubbing off on me.

Later on,

things could get messy
over the inheritance,

so she insisted that we focus
on giving you everything you need.

It’s not an easy decision.
As a woman herself,

she would’ve wanted a child of her own.

It’s not like she couldn’t afford to.

-To us, she’s–
-The best.

Time flies when we’re having fun,

and we’re getting old
whether we like it or not.

If I end up dying before she does,

I want you to take good care of her.

As if I’d allow you to leave so soon.

Enjoy your happiness longer.

I want to live until Ji-a gets married.

You can live way past that.

In a movie, a wife asks her husband

how long tomorrow will last.

The husband couldn’t seem to answer,

so she said, “Eternity and a day.”

“Eternity and a day.”
To anyone who’s listening,

how was your day so far?

Boo Hye-ryung’s Love, Memories, and Music
begins now.

Which movie is it from?

Take a guess.
I’ll treat you to a meal if you’re right.

Is it Eternity and a Day?

-You need to treat him to a meal.

I will.

Sure, but I’ll pay.

-Are we allowed to join you?
-Of course.

Hye-ryung, are you free for dinner?

Mr. Seo’s buying.

Sorry. My schedule’s full this week.

-Next week then.
-Don’t you forget it.

I feel bad.
You’re spending too much for us.

I’ll split the bill with you
since this is like a team dinner.

He should split it with me.
I’m the one who first offered to buy.

There’s no need to decide who should buy.

It doesn’t really matter who pays.

I thought you preferred Korean food
like soup or stew.

-I don’t like hot dishes.

Yes. I usually let my soup cool
before I eat it.

Did your mother approve of that or not?

She let me be.

Why aren’t you married?

I never said I wasn’t.

Gosh. Then, are you married?

We all thought you’re a bachelor.

Aren’t we the same age?

-Are we?
-You’re 50, aren’t you?


Did you just reveal a lady’s age?

I’m not a gentleman.

That’s not what I meant.

-Are you divorced then?

Many are curious
about confirmed bachelors,

but I’m just as curious

as to why people marry.

That’s how God made us.

To mate with the opposite sex.

Are you happy to live
as we were designed to?

Yes, I’m happy.

Are you happy on your own?

They say there’s no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.

Enough with the quotes.

I want to know if you’re really happy.

I have no idea.

I don’t know what happiness is,
so I don’t know what it is to be unhappy.

Then you’re not unhappy.

So you think it’s just a made-up word?

The word was coined by humans, wasn’t it?

I just don’t want it to sway me.

-Does it hurt your pride?

You must have a big ego then.

That is also a word
artificially coined by humans.

Did you aspire to become a writer,
not an engineer, when you were young?

Going down.

The doors are closing.

-It’s simple.
-I see.

-And clean.

This is what would describe it perfectly.

I’m suddenly craving cold noodles.

It’s almost whispering, “buckwheat.”

Let’s go. It’s not too late yet.

But we already had dinner.

So what if we did?
Having an extra bowl of cold noodles

is a breeze, as Ji-a says.

It’ll be over nine
after I get changed and all.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while
since we had cold noodles.

What the heck?

You’re quite good.

-Go on. You have an audience now.
-Forget it.

Why not show Mom and Dad?

Would you like it
if anyone peeked at you dancing?

I would.

-You’re home.


Mom’s eating dinner with the team.

Right. U-ram, why are you still up?

He lost track of time while dancing.

I did not!

He’s quite the dancer, Dad.

-Why don’t you show me?
-Next time.

That’s right.
Practice and do it perfectly.

Not for free though.

You’re not a pro dancer.

Besides, you’re too young
to be money hungry.


I’m on my way to court.

Okay. Bye.

He’s headed to court, so we’ll talk later.

We’ll have lunch by ourselves.

This place is still so popular.

Please stay in the car
while I stand in line.

-There’s no need.
-Waiting in line is half the fun.

Doesn’t Ji-a love cold noodles, too?

That’s right.
She’s enjoyed it since she was young.

She knows how to enjoy it.

I can’t believe how it’s harder
for kids to make time these days.

There’s a lot for them to learn.

Kids should have more fun outside.



-Are you here to eat cold noodles?
-That’s right.

-Yes, hello.

-The line seems long today.
-You can join us.

-Come on in.
-They’re with us.

I guess we were bound to meet today,
here or at the golf club.

-Right, Mun-ho?
-That’s right.

She calls him so sweetly.

I come here at least once
out of three times when I visit Seoul.

I see.

You two seem healthy enough,

but you can come to my hospital
if you feel sick.

I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.

You should, Mun-ho.

You too, Ye-jeong.

We have all experts except neurologists,
orthopedists, and ENT doctors.

You’re been having a rough time
with your menopause.

Not really. I’m just a little tired.

You break into a sweat so easily
these days.

As if you don’t.
Everyone sweats when eating hot food.

You even wake up every now and again
while sleeping.

That’s due to my pent-up anger!

Did he give you a hard time?

Of course not.
She’s had a good life thanks to me.

Don’t you agree?

He’s pickier than he seems.

Dong-mi, does menopause pester you, too?

Mind your language.

-How impolite. What a snob.
-I haven’t quite experienced it.

You must be taking estrogen then.

-I’m not.
-She’s not.

She hasn’t been taking any pills.

Her health care regimen is
better than mine, and I’m a doctor.

She helped me regain my health.

I used to be skinny, you see.

That’s not true.
You were fashionably slender.

Then am I not desirable now?

Men should be your size
when they become old, you know.

You look just perfect.

She takes good care of me.

Her cooking is so great
that I can’t help but stuff myself.

She doesn’t eat it.

Rather than eating it myself,

I feel more satisfied
when watching him eat my food.

What a cheesy old couple.


Hello, it’s been a while.

This is from the manager.

-I see.
-Please extend our gratitude.

Yes, ma’am.

The owner must be a patient of his.

-He must have recognized him.
-Seems that way.

We should’ve ordered boiled pork too.

-It wasn’t enough, was it?
-It was.

I’m trying to eat less.

We are going to karaoke.

Would you like to join us?

-We do it every now and then.

Singing helps you practice
abdominal breathing.


Why not?

We were wondering what to do
until our son gets off work anyway.

The emerald stream and green mountains

stay the same

But our lives

reshape day by day

It’s still one world though

It’s still our lives

Money, fame

And even love is now all meaningless


That was amazing.


are scarier than you think.

They’re not easy at all.

-She’s after the money.

I’m a lawyer.

I have first-hand experience
of the weirdest cases

and went to the doctor with her.

Here’s the sonogram.

Here. The dot.

Is it true?

It is.

There’s no need to sigh.

I should be thrilled about it then?

If Hye-ryung chooses to,

she could ruin your life.

She’s not the type you think she is.

-She’s a decent person.
-And you?

These are the cards I’ve been dealt.

Even marrying Hye-ryung…

My university friend
studied fortune-telling

and became an expert.

He said I’d marry twice.
I brushed it off at the time.

But it turns out…

Here I am.

Dad, I need your help.
It’s for your future grandchild.

What’s she like?

-An angel.
-Is Hye-ryung a devil then?

How can an angel have an affair
with a married man and get pregnant?

You’ll understand
once you hear the whole story later.

As if there is one.

Dad, you’re a man too, aren’t you?

You sound just like your mother.

Do men not have a conscience?

Also, stop addressing me informally.

What kind of grown son
speaks that way to his father?

I’m still your youngest.

I’m sure you’re aware of this by now,

but Hye-ryung thinks
the world revolves around her.

Didn’t you know?

Didn’t you think it through
before you married an announcer?

She’s like that every day though.

I have a limit too.

The marriage hasn’t been that long.

Anyway, I’ll persuade her
and resolve the issue this week.

So please don’t do anything,
even if Hye-ryung goes after me. Okay?

I’m begging you.

Let’s go before Hye-ryung comes home.

How can we possibly face her?





-I need to ask for forgiveness.
-For what?

Can you first promise not to get angry?

-What is it?
-Where are you?

At the art studio to pick Ji-a up.

Then I’ll tell you later.


What brings you here?

I’m here to have dinner with you.

I hope you like flowers.

Who hates flowers?

Should we eat out?

Or you can make me kimchi fried rice.

Have a seat.
I have kimchi and some fish to grill.

I got that photo taken
when I stopped by last week.

Didn’t Pi-young tell you?

It looks nice up here.

How could you take your friends’ money?

-Why not?
-You’re not a singer.

You’re just a student.

A pure and innocent one.

Being pure or innocent
has nothing to do with it.

A boy named Seong-jun heard me hum
and asked me to sing,

so I said, as a joke,
that I wouldn’t for free.

He then offered me money.

Why would I turn it down?

But from six friends?

I gave it all back today.

Why are the moms meddling in our business?

I would too if someone robbed you.

I didn’t force anyone.

I sang upon their request
and got paid for it.

Is that stealing?

In some ways,

your words sound right.

I am right.

I don’t think I did anything wrong.

It took me a month, you know.

Memorizing English lyrics wasn’t easy.

-Why did you memorize it?
-To sing it.

Because the song touches me.

Is that so?

I know it’s upsetting, but…

I get it.

You spent your time and energy
to practice the song,

so you could’ve thought

that it was okay to take money
for singing it.

Singers get paid, don’t they?

Because that’s their job.
But you’re only a student.

Singing isn’t your occupation.

Occupation or not,

I was fairly paid for my hard work.

If I’m not a shoeshine girl,

why do you give me pocket money
for cleaning Dad’s shoes?

Teachers get paid for teaching us.

What did I do wrong?

I didn’t bully or hit anyone.

I never forced anyone to pay me
or steal the money.

Those who told on me
after willingly paying me

and the moms who told my teacher
are all the same.

Ji-a, my daughter.

Logically, everything you said is right.

Nothing’s for free in this world,

so your friends weren’t wrong
to pay you to sing,

and you aren’t at fault for accepting it.

But your talent.

Your singing that your friends
wish to hear.

You could’ve performed without being paid.

That would make it more meaningful.

It’s not like we’re poor.

And we never taught you to be calculative.

Rather than earning some money,

I’d like my Ji-a to be someone
who can share

her love and friendship
out of the goodness of her heart.

That would make me a prouder parent.

It’s not wrong to share what you have
in exchange for money.

However, if you sing for your friends

when they want to hear it
for nothing in return,

your friends will like you more.

And that would give you a better image.

Sharing what you have
without expecting anything in return

isn’t something everyone can do.

Only those with a big heart can do it.

I understand what you’re saying.

It wasn’t very generous of me.

I admit it.

Did you accept U-ram’s money too?

Ji-a loves your gifts.


And people complimented me on this tie.

Don’t you feel lonely at times?

Not really.

Why not date someone?

At this age?

You’re still in your prime.

I know someone decent, you see.
Someone you’ll get along with.

I’m good.

We’ll be right back.


make you laugh tomorrow.

-What will I get in return?

I’m not sure. What should I do for you?

I’d like you to call me
in a different way.

Different how?

Call me by my name.

-Go ahead.
-Come on.

But you call him by his name.

It’s because we grew up
in the same neighborhood.


I don’t want to hear you
call me “Doctor” or “Director.”


Make me laugh tomorrow,
and I’ll give it a try.

No tickling, though.

Why would I tickle you?

How about a practice run?

Stop it. The masseuses will be back soon.

They’re not back yet.

Don’t you want to?


Don’t laugh. You’ll get wrinkles.

Did you date your wife
before getting married?


You must have made a lot of effort,
considering her beauty.

She liked me a lot too. We both did.

For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Know the movie?

Yes, I saw it twice.

While prescribing herbal medicine
that improves men’s stamina,

I kept wondering who the concoction

is actually for.

Your mistress? Or your wife?

Which is the case for you?

If it’s a mistress,
they have it delivered elsewhere.

They pick it up themselves like you

or have it delivered to their workplace.
Mostly, the latter.

How far have things gotten? Is it serious?

Does your wife still not know?


Break up immediately
unless your wife did something wrong too.

As if it’s that easy.

Easier said

than done.


How long has it been?

About a year now.

Is she single?

Does she want you to divorce your wife?

-They’re both important.

I can’t live without either of them.

I married my wife
because I loved her so much,

so I know how you feel.

But you have your kids to consider.

That’s why I’m in a dilemma.

I can’t decide what to do.

Call me anytime
when you need someone to talk to.


I feel like I’m talking to Hae-gang.

I’m just as comfortable too
like I’m with an old friend.

So what did you do wrong?

Should I get on my knees?

Enough with the jokes.

I stopped by your mom’s place

and had the dinner she cooked for me.

I offered to set her up with someone,
but she declined.

She seemed to be worried
about what you’d say.

Are you against the idea of her dating?

There’s an outpatient of mine
who’d be a good match.

Let her make the choice.

Do you have plans for lunch?

Yes, but not for dinner.

-Let’s meet at Napoli then.
-Got it. At what time?

-At 7 p.m.
-Got it.

-Book a table.

When will you make me laugh?

It’s not time yet.

-Are we going somewhere?

But you don’t need to dress up.

Don’t you think the three of us click?

We sure do.

I don’t have any friends in Korea,
so I’ve been lonely.

I’d love to get together
at least once a week.

We’re unmarried freelancers, so why not?

-Until you need to be on stage, I mean.
-Sure thing.

It’s just me in Korea too.
My entire family moved to Spain.

I see.

I haven’t been there yet,
but I hear it’s splendid.

It sure has a unique culture.

I’ve been to the Alhambra.

To Granada and Seville too.

The Alhambra is more beautiful at night.

It looks fantastic.

I’ll be sure to visit it sometime.

We should go together.
I’d love to go back there.

Trips are better with a company.

-A movie?

The mobile ticket’s on your phone, sir.

Got it.

-Here’s your coffee. Please enjoy.
-Looks great.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

We should get something to eat too.

What are we watching? Is it a fun one?


I don’t have to call you by your name
if I don’t laugh, right?

So you’ll hold it back?

I don’t like dark and serious movies.

Me neither.

I’m not one to like
robots battling either.

But Marvel movies will grow on you.

Count me out.

Korea is a good country, indeed.

There’s a defibrillator
practically everywhere.


Is that what we’re watching?


Your Spy is now open!

-That’s us.


Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park

I’ll let it slide

just this once. Bring her to me instead.

I need to see her in person.

Ji-a. Your maternal grandma’s here.

I’ll send over some medicine
for you to recover.

Don’t you dare send it.

-Have you ever done it for me?
-Get it yourself.

-You startled me.
-I give up.

-Let’s have a baby.
-She says he’s not hungry.

-Eat it with Ji-a.
-What are you doing now?

I’m alone as well. Should I come over now?

He was going to die soon anyway.
I’ve done my best until now.

Lean on me from now on.

Though I’m not as good as Dad.

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