Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 9 Drama Korea, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Epi 9 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 9 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] Love ft. Marriage and Divorce E09 NEXT

As long as her man loves her,
a woman will never age.

Is that what your parents taught you?

To seduce a married man
and become a homewrecker?

You can’t live
with someone you don’t love.

Once the love is gone,
you stick together through your bond.

What do you think about getting a divorce?

If you want to be loved, be lovable.

Why are you back? Go back. You know me.

What should I do to make up with you?

I had a conception dream last night.

I’m serious. I’ll tell you later.

Jump in.
Let’s see how much you’ve improved.

Si-eun. Will you let me leave?

-Leave where?
-Leave you.


Pi-young thinks
her dad died because of me.

Who are you to tell my husband
about our family? You have no right.

Just like you took Dad from me,
she’ll be taken from you too.

You have me, darling.

Cry whenever you want to.
But only in my arms.

Dong-mi, are you sure you won’t resent me
for living a long life?

You really want to end this?

I’ll tell the kids myself.

-Then convince me.
-I hate the smell of your patches.

Smelling them even in bed

reminds me of
what an incompetent husband I am.

Your dad and I decided to live apart
for a while.

You’re not getting a divorce, are you?
You are?

Explain. A woman?

Are you cheating?

Is everything she told us true?

-You’re dead meat.

Do you love her? Tell me the truth.

Stop talking nonsense!

You’re so stylish.

Dongmi, here you go.

Dong-mi. You’re so pretty. You really are.

Are you Kim Dong-mi by any chance?

-You dyed your hair, right?
-I got him a wig.

I knew it.

Did you two use to date?

Does menopause pester you, too?

Mind your language.

By the way,
I saw Mr. Seo at your in-law’s golf club.

He seemed like a different person.

So you want a divorce.
But on one condition.

I want to see her in person.

My name’s Nam Ga-bin.

-I’m A Mi.
-I’m Song Won.

Mom. I almost got doused
with water last night.

I can’t believe you.
How can you eat right now?

Sa Pi-young is the producer,
and Mr. Seo is the engineer.

You’re the reason
I made a mistake on-air and got an earful!

Why is that my fault?

If I end up dying before she does,

I want you to take good care of her.

As if I’d allow you to leave so soon.

-She’s pregnant.

-Then who?

I need your help.
It’s for your future grandchild.


make you laugh tomorrow.

I don’t have to call you by your name
if I don’t laugh, right?

-Hello, Ms. Kim.
-Your father collapsed.

Perform CPR right now.


How am I supposed to live now?

-You startled me.
-I give up.

Let’s have a baby.

I’m sorry. She’s pregnant.

She’s pregnant?

She says she’s not hungry.

Lean on me from now on.
Though I’m not as good as Dad.

He is cheating on you.

Others can’t possibly know
about other couples.

You saw me. Why didn’t you wait?

-How was Mother today?
-Without me, she’d starve.

Cutting back on food for a few days
might be better for her.

I’m seeing someone.

-Don’t say my name.

And I’ll have a baby
as you’ve always wanted.

Did she really provide
enough emergency care?

She used to be a nurse, remember?

If you hurt them, I’ll never forgive you.

I’ll do anything to get revenge.

Where did you spend the night?

-At a friend’s house.
-Female or male?

-Remember taking me to Hanguk World?
-I remember.

I know we’re still mourning for Dad,
but let’s have fun for today.

Thank you.

I had a great day with Ji-a today.

This is Sa Pi-young.

-Hye-ryung coughed up blood.

I saw my dad, who I respected and loved,

getting in a car with some other woman
with my own eyes.

Mom got that car for you
on your birthday with the money

she saved up
while she worked her butt off!

I finally know how it feels
to be heartbroken.

I’ll end it.
She’s not begging to get married,

so I just need to cut her off.

Take us to the woman.

-Where is she?

I married your father because I wanted

to take care of you myself.

While talking about drugs
and gambling last time,

you told us never to go down
the wrong path.

Then did you think
having an affair was right?

Let’s be honest.

You should also get the chance
to meet other men.

Shut up. Don’t you dare pretend
to care for me.

But we could part ways better.

By wishing each other good luck?
By praying for each other?

Was what Hyang-gi did not enough?

Dad, a male wolf
grows old with only one female wolf.

Shouldn’t a person be better than a wolf?

That’s right.
I’m sorry for being lesser than a wolf.

Happy now?

Ask anyone on the streets

if it’s possible for a man
to love one woman forever.

It’s not like I’m Jesus Christ.

I’m no Buddha either!

-I’m going to Jeju Island.
-Is it for a family event?

-Come with me.
-We should go.

What time is his flight?

He’ll board soon. It’s the 3 p.m. flight.

I barely slept last night
due to the excitement.


Mi, do you eat sea urchin noodles?

Why not? It’s really good.

I did some research,
and black pig seems famous.

There’s a place I go
that grills pork on briquettes.

I love barley shindari.

It’s so good.

Is the food called barley shindari?


Our plane’s boarding.

Your ticket’s been confirmed.

It’s been confirmed.

You may board.

Your ticket’s been confirmed.

Dear passengers

-who are taking the 3 p.m. flight
-Here are our seats.

to Jeju International Airport,
welcome aboard.

It will take

-Hello, may I help you find your seat?
-one hour to Jeju International Airport.

-Thank you.
-For a safe flight,

please switch all electronic devices,
including smartphones, to airplane mode.

I checked the weather in Jeju,
and it’s nice.

We’re in luck.

When a friend of mine wants
to go on a trip, it always rains.


-Are you going to Jeju Island?

They’re my friends.

He’s my doctor.



-Would you like something to drink?
-Grapefruit juice, please.

Ji-a, get up.

-Is Dad coming home today?

He’ll buy me gifts, right?

What gifts? He’s only gone for five days.

You want me to wear that?

-It’s too princess-like.
-Not at all.

You won’t be able to wear them
when you grow up.

Get up.

-What’s the menu today?

I haven’t had any Korean food
since Dad left.

Muesli is healthy for you.

-Low-calorie too.
-I prefer rice.

Enjoy that for dinner.
I’ll make you braised short ribs.

I’m good.

-You’re skipping dinner?

-What about breakfast?
-That too.

-Let me know if you change your mind.

I’d like some steak.

And for breakfast?

-An omelet, please.

May I have some wine later?


-Me too.

Were any of you diagnosed with diabetes?

Many people fail to notice

how your blood sugar level
skyrockets after a meal.

Two hours after a good breakfast,

it will read about 155 mg/dL.

This is just
an impaired glucose tolerance,

not diabetes, so many people are relieved.

If you consume carbohydrates such as rice,
bread, noodles, rice cakes,

or even orange juice or fruit,

the highest blood sugar level

about 30 minutes to an hour later
before insulin kicks in

is 200 mg/dL or more for most people.

Your blood vessels usually suffer damage
at around 200,

but it depends on your health.

At worst, your blood vessels could
be damaged at 140 mg/dL.

If this continues every meal
for a long time,

your heart blood vessels could be damaged.

That would lead to myocardial infarction.

You may think it’s a heart disease,

but it’s a complication of diabetes.

-Gosh, that’s frightening.

I had no idea.

Maybe we should’ve tagged along
with Yu-sin to the US.

It’s only for five days.
You’d be too jet-lagged.

I’d be fine though.

That’s the problem with the States.
It’s too far away.

Would you like
some homemade kalguksu for lunch?

-Will you make it yourself?

I’d love that.

-What about kaljebi?

It’s a mixture of sujebi and kalguksu.

-I’m here.

-We don’t have flour, do we?

Can you go to the mart and buy some?

It’s hot, so be careful.

I’d like one too.

This is nice.

It’s been ages since we slept so well.

I know.

What if you get bombarded with work
in a month or two?

People are willing to do anything
when they’re desperate.

Gwan-hui would never do that.

You two may be close,
but he is the president of a law firm now.

He’ll value the earnings
more than your friendship.

He probably hired you
because he needed you in that sense.

I’ll broaden my experience
and my connections

to set up my own law firm.

Come here.

-Don’t you feel fat?

What will you do with this?

-I look good enough.
-You should wear less than size 30.

How could I? I’m not a model.

You have time to exercise now.

I have no time for that.
I hurry home after work.

And? Do I wait for you at home?
Are you that lazy?

Come on. Let me rest for once.

Ever since elementary school…
No. Since kindergarten.

I’ve always been busy.

I don’t mind you resting,
but it’s easy to gain weight.

My husband shouldn’t look like
a middle-aged man.

Take care of yourself.

You’re the only one who needs to do that.

I’m no celebrity or model.

The clients don’t want a lawyer
who looks like a pretty boy.

What do you mean?
You’ll look sharp and intelligent

I’m not saying I’m going to become fat.

But a lawyer should have a big build
and look reliable.

You can look like that
after you set up your law firm.

All the successful lawyers
on American shows are slim and muscular.

They’re actors. That’s not the case
in real life.

Anyway, I don’t want a husband
who has a big belly.

It’s not just me. Most women don’t.

If you don’t start now,

you’ll have to work out
three to four times harder in the future.

Can’t we just live
like an average married couple?

Let’s have a lovey-dovey marriage life.

Why do you think I got married?

To live like that,

our software matters,

but so does our hardware.

Would you like it
if I had a fat waist and flabby arms?

Would you want to hug me?

Yes, I would. I’d love you
even if you were a chubby pig.

I know you’ll hate it if I get fat.

I won’t. You think I married you
for your looks, woman?

“Woman”? Mind your words.

Don’t give me that attitude.
I’m older than you.

You want to be the grown-up here
just because you’re a year older?

Would you like me
to be rude to you as well?

Address me with respect,
and I’ll do the same.


-That’s ticklish. Stop it.

Call me with respect.



We shouldn’t change our honorifics.

-If you don’t register at a gym, I will.
-Let’s do it together.

Playing the drums is a serious workout.
Look at my arms.

Get up and take a walk
or ride the bicycle.

I’m going back to sleep.

I could sleep for days on end.

Oh, no!


I’m sorry. I made you trip over, didn’t I?

Are you hurt?

You scraped your knee.

-I’m so sorry.
-It’s okay.

She tripped over my leg.

Do you have any band-aids and ointment?


You should sit back down.

-I was trying to be careful.
-I’m sorry.

I feel terrible.

Don’t be. It was just bad timing.

How’s your back?

You could have sprained it.

I think I’m okay.

-Let me do it for you.
-I scraped my knee a bit.

It must be sore.

-Thank you.
-Is there anything else you need?

-How about a cup of water?
-No, I’m okay.

Would you like to switch seats?

-There are no empty seats.
-It’s okay.



Thank you for writing for us.

I’m the one who should thank you.

Let me know
if my script is hard to read out loud.

Don’t be absurd.

Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?

Do you like the title?

Totally. Thank you so much.

It wasn’t easy.

I know. There are so many radio programs,

and I couldn’t think
of any good title for our program.

Treat her to a proper meal.

Of course. Be my guest.

You don’t need to.

-Are you bruised anywhere?
-I’m okay.

-Did I surprise you?

You could have gotten badly injured.

We have five hours left.

Is that lavatory spacious?

The one up further is.


-A hot pot bulgogi.

-Thank you.

Excuse me.

-Do you work out?
-I do.

Where do you work out?
You’re in great shape.

At River Park Fitness.

You need to find a good trainer.

You might get hurt
if you learn from a rookie trainer.

Could you introduce me to a good trainer?

-Can I get a gin tonic?

Are you okay?

-Are you sure you’re not injured?

You’re wide awake because of me, right?

I’ve slept enough.

Besides, I need to stay awake
to avoid jet lag.

Are you a gyopo?

How did you know?

I just got that feeling.

-Is Korea very cold now?
-Yes, a bit.

Do you get cold easily?

Yes. I live in LA.

-Since when?
-Since I was four.

But you’re fluent in Korean.
Your pronunciation is accurate.

Because I’m Korean.

My parents made me
speak in Korean at home.

Do you visit Korea often?

This is my second trip.

My maternal grandmother passed away,

so I have no relatives there.

How many countries have you visited?

A bit over ten?

Which was your most favorite?


Provence is nice.

A few years back,
I got on a train in Switzerland.

The seats were facing each other.

A teenage boy took out an apple
and started eating it.

He ate it without making a sound.

Watching him eat made me tense.


He was careful

not to make a sound.

Honestly, isn’t it okay to make a sound
when you chew on an apple?

How do you do that?

Is your saliva acidic?

It’s just a habit I’ve developed
ever since I was young.

Isn’t it stressful?

Not at all.

It’s actually more difficult for me
to chew loudly.

Don’t mind me.

How do you do that?

Is your saliva acidic?

It’s just a habit I’ve developed
ever since I was young.

Isn’t it stressful?

Not at all.

It’s actually more difficult for me
to chew loudly.

Don’t mind me.

Is Trainer Kang Jun here?
Someone recommended him to me.

-He’s in session.
-Push your bottom back more as you sit.

That’s it. Lower.

Go down lower.

Good. Then exhale as you go up.

That’s good. You’re doing well.

Lower your bottom more.

Be careful. It’s hot.

I’ll skip breakfast.

-No yogurt or fruit either?

-Are you not feeling well?
-I have an upset stomach.

Do you feel cold and stuffy?

I do.

Pills won’t help for acute indigestion.

It’s best to vomit.

It’s not that bad.

Give me your hand.

I’ll give you first aid.
You’ll be okay in no time.

Your hand is icy cold.

This is going to hurt.

Right hand.

Maybe it was the apple.

You stressed yourself out
by trying to eat it quietly.

All done. You’ll feel okay soon.

Your hands will feel warm again.

Keep massaging them.

This is fascinating. Are you a doctor?

-An oriental doctor?
-I’m a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist?

Thank you. It was really painful.

-After stuffing myself…
-What do you mean?

-Didn’t you think of me that way?

-At the LA airport lounge.
-It’s normal to eat that much.

I ate more than you did.

I just wanted to sleep.

May I ask which hospital you work at?

-I’ll treat you to a meal.
-That’s okay.

I’ll give you my business card
once we land.

You can speak casually to me.

My dad said it’s also rude to just listen

when someone older than you
is speaking formally to you.

-You’re much older than me.
-By how many years?

Are you 36? 35?

What’s our age gap if I’m 36?

Eight years. I’m 28.

I thought you were a student.
You look much younger than your age.

-You get that a lot, don’t you?
-Yes, I guess so.

Why are you visiting Korea?

You should tell me your age too.

You got it right.


-Did you think I was older?
-Not at all.

I am much older than you.
We’re 16 years apart.

That’s unbelievable.

You look much younger than your age.

Are you married?

It’s rude to ask that.

Not if you ask a fellow Korean.

Yes, I’m married.

But my wife doesn’t let me wear the ring

when I go abroad by myself.

Why not?

I once left my ring in the hotel bathroom
when I was in Italy.

You lost your wedding ring?

I got a new one with the same design.

She must’ve been disappointed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing
shortly at Incheon International airport.

-Is anyone picking you up?
-Please fasten…

-…your seatbelts.

Thank you.

Did you enjoy your flight?

-Yes, thanks to you.
-It was comfortable.

I hope to see you again.

Thank you.

Won’t you be cold?

I have outerwear in my car.

Did you not bring one?

I did,
but I’ll be getting in a car anyway.

Do you have a lot of luggage?

Two suitcases.


I’m Shin Yu-sin.

I’m A Mi.

-That’s your real name, right?
-It is.

If you ever have trouble sleeping
or struggle mentally,

come see me anytime.

I won’t charge you.


The cafeteria food is good too.

Can I just go there to eat?

Of course.

What’s wrong?

The person who was going to pick me up
just found out

that his father passed away.

-So he can’t come?

Do you know where you’ll be staying?

Yes, I got the address.

If you want, I could drop you off.

I parked my car here.

If you feel uncomfortable,
I’ll take you to a cab.

Just to be safe,
I’ll write down the license plate number.

It’s not that I’m uncomfortable,
but you should hurry home.

Let me see the address.

It’s near Gangnam Station.

Then we’re heading the same way.

If it wasn’t for me,
you’d already been on your way home.

It will only take an extra 20 minutes.

Get in.

It’s cold. Go on.

It will get warm soon.

-Aren’t you tired?
-No, Doctor.

-I’ll address you that way.
-Or just call me by my name.

In the States, they even call
their parents that way.

-I don’t think that’s right, though.

You can listen to some music.

I’ll drive safely.
I’ve been driving for 25 years now.

Any accidents?

-Yes. Aren’t I lucky?

I’ve been lucky as well.

You shouldn’t drive in Seoul.
It’s dangerous.

-How long will you be here?
-I’m not sure.

It could only be a few days.

Take a nap.
I don’t think you slept on the plane.

-I couldn’t.

A short nap will be very refreshing.

It’s okay.

I want to appreciate the view.

Can’t you do that tomorrow?

Are you uncomfortable?

Then I would’ve parted ways back there.

We chatted for hours on the plane.
Why would I be uncomfortable?

You should eat first.

Can you hang in there
for about 40 to 50 minutes?

Of course.

Aren’t you hungry?

I had an apple and a glass of gin tonic.

-That’s enough?
-To be honest, I’m hungry too.

I suddenly felt famished
after getting off the plane.

I found a good restaurant.

I know all the good restaurants.

Gangnam will be crowded,
so we should eat beforehand.

I tend to get irritable
on an empty stomach.

I should watch out.

Happy birthday.

I thought we’d do this over dinner.

We can’t do this at a restaurant.
You’d feel embarrassed.

U-ram, sing for us.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Dad

Happy birthday to you

What did you wish for?

For us to stay happy like this
for a long time.

You are such a simple person.

The simplest wishes are the most valuable
and the hardest.

That’s true.

Let’s just have a taste.
We’ll have this for dessert later.

-I want a lot.
-You’ll get fat.

-What’s it to you?
-Let me.

I want this year’s birthday
to be a bit different.

In what way?

Instead of us giving you gifts,
why don’t you give us one?

-Yes. I want to receive one.

-Is that a bitter smile?

What do you want for a gift?

I know. She wants your love. Right?

Love is a given in a family.

Cosmetics? A purse?

I want your car.

My car? You’re kidding, right?

It’s for your health.

Besides, I need a car as well.

You barely walk. You don’t walk often.

I walk a lot around the campus.
And I try to use the stairs too.

Use public transportation.

It’ll also save you time.
It’s killing two birds with one stone.

-Are you sure this is for me?
-Of course.

It only takes 40 minutes by subway.

You could read while commuting.

All right.

Does this mean you’ll be drinking
more often?

Of course.

Hand over your car keys today.
I’ll drive you to the restaurant.

Anything you say.

-What else?

-Valet parking?
-Yes, please.

Is Italian food okay?

Yes, but isn’t there a dress code here?

You’re fine.

Course A has the most food.

-Can you finish it?

-Two Course A’s, please.
-And your drinks?

Have a glass of wine to unwind.

You’re not drinking, right?

I have to drive.

Then water will do.

Me too.

-I’ll go wash my hands.

-Let me hang that for you.
-Thank you.




Are you on your way?

Sorry. I ran into a friend
from middle school back in the plane.

-It’d be a hassle to make time later on.

I’ll have dinner with him.

But I cooked dried yellow corvina
and braised short ribs, your favorite.

I’ll have it tomorrow. Leave some for me.


-Don’t drink tonight.
-Of course not. I’m driving.

Bye. I miss you.

You and your words.


I miss you too.


Okay. Don’t worry.

Where is the funeral taking place?

Okay. Goodbye.

Mr. Ko asked if I had arrived
at the apartment.

It’ll be hectic there today.

It’s best to visit tomorrow.

-I was told not to come.
-I understand.

Isn’t your wife waiting
to have dinner with you?

Most wives these days
prefer their husbands to eat out.

What? Why?

Because they wouldn’t have to worry
about making food for them.

I’m kidding.

She’s at a gathering today.

Are we having Chinese food?

-A barbecue?

Meat is always good.

You love all kinds of food.

You love pizza, jjajangmyeon,
hamburgers, and spaghetti.

You’re right.

You can go on foot.
Hyang-gi, sit next to me.

It’s too far to go by foot.
What’s gotten into you today?

I’ll walk with you, Dad.

It’s my birthday today, remember?

What is this?

A gift.


Get in.

What is this?

It’s so nice.

The engine sounds different.

What do you know?

You deserve to drive a good car.
You’re the head of your department.

Didn’t you want this car?

Wasn’t this too much for you?

Awesome. It’s so wide back here.

Mom, it sure feels different.

Dad, you’re not trembling, are you?

The meat melts in my mouth.

No wonder they rave
about Korean beef on TV.

It’s indeed different.

-Do you believe in blood types?
-Not really.

Many Americans don’t even know
their blood types.

That’s true.

I’m blood type O.

-Not blood type A?

In penitentiaries,

inmates with blood type O are
mostly violent offenders

because they’re hot-tempered.

I’m not like that.

Blood type B’s tend to commit fraud.

You’ll never find blood type A’s or AB’s.

They’re all at mental hospitals.

You think I should be
in a mental hospital?

It was just a joke.

What’s your blood type?

What do you think?

You must not be blood type B.

-Blood type A?
-You’re right.

Instead of being admitted to a hospital,
I chose to get a job there.

I can sympathize with my patients.

Your turn, Ms. A.

Why don’t you call me by my first name?

For whose sake?


But we just met.

Do you know what I mean?

“We’ve just met”?


We don’t call someone
we just met by their name.

Do you have any siblings?

Two younger brothers.
What about you, Doctor?

You don’t need to address me like that.
You’re not my patient.

In Korean dramas, the way they address
each other is so complicated.

That’s because we value manners.

I grew up alone.

I had an older brother,
but he passed away when I was seven.

Growing up,

I envied my friends who had many siblings,
especially younger sisters.

You’re like me.

I’ve wanted an older brother or sister.

I can’t be your sister,
but would you like me to be your brother?


We should celebrate today with some wine.

What kind of house wine do you have?

Let’s drop the honorifics from now on.

I need to teach my princess
how to swim soon.


When it gets warmer.

Let’s learn how to swim together.

-Lucky you.


Aren’t you hungry?

-Do you want something to eat?

Okay. Let’s go.

-How have you been?

The wine tastes good today.

It’s nice here.

-Isn’t it?
-It’s pretty nice.

-I’m glad we came.
-Hye-ryung, I thought you were hungry.

The wine tastes good today.

She’s watching what she eats.

What do you want?

Let’s meet like this sometimes.

-It’s fun.

Seoul is so beautiful.

Well, during the day…
I wouldn’t say it looks dreary,

but it looks a bit cold.

We’re not in a hurry.
You can take your time.

Yes, sir. I’m sorry.

Which way is Building 107?

This is our first time here too.
But I’m sure there’s a sign.

We’re here.

Is this it?

-Is this Building 107?

How much is it?

-I forgot to exchange my bills.
-You can pay me later.


Put this on.

You’ll catch a cold if it’s chilly.

What about you?

I don’t get cold easily

Put it on.

Take your time.

-Can you open the trunk?

-I’ll be back soon.

I can carry one of them.

-Do you know the passcode?

Door opening.

-What is it?
-I thought we were talking casually.

-It suits you.
-It’s really warm and light.

Then keep it. It’s my gift.

It’s nicer than I thought.

Someone should’ve been here
to welcome you.

You came all the way from LA
only to enter the empty house alone.

But I’m not alone.

Had you not tripped over me,
you would’ve been.

And he let me stay here for free.

Didn’t you say your father helped him out
when he studied abroad?

This isn’t free.
He’s repaying the kindness.

And in that case,
he should’ve been more considerate.

Will you be okay on your own?

What if I say no? Will you stay with me?

Come with me. We have two empty rooms.

Don’t worry about me, and go home.
The driver is waiting.


It’s chilly. You can have it.
Or give it back next time.

The room temperature was 24°C,
so I’ll set it at 27°C.


You can unpack now.
Right. Sit down for a minute.

Things to remember.

Don’t open the door for anyone from now.

Even if the building manager comes,
chain the door before you open it.

-Is the owner Mr. Ko?

Don’t let him inside the house either.

Always lock the door.

Do you understand? You need to be careful.

Women who are on their own
need to be careful, wherever they go.

-And don’t go clubbing.

Do you like to dance?

No, not really.

I’ll get going, then.

Keep that on until it gets warmer.

Don’t come out.
Call me if anything happens.

-You have my business card, right?
-Don’t you want my number?

Send me a text once you’re done unpacking.

Okay. Thank you so much for today.

And thanks for the delicious dinner.


Text me.

He was literally crawling around.

Hey, he’s here.

Have a glass.

-Let’s drink.

-He’s so handsome.

He looks a bit old, but…

Did you drive here?

No, I took a cab.
Are you calling for a chauffeur?

No, my husband.

-We should have another bottle.
-We should.


Are you guys still lovey-dovey?

Isn’t it obvious?

Does he listen to you?

Don’t men who are a couple of years
younger tend to talk back?

He’s not like that.

Have you ever shown him
your true self? No, right?

-What true self?
-You’re terrifying when you get mad.

Come pick me up.

I met up with Do-hui and Seo-yun.
I had a few drinks.

We’re at Crystal Bar.

It’s like I’m living with a queen,
not a wife.

What were you praying for so earnestly?

Don’t mind me.

Why shouldn’t I care? I’m your sister.

I prayed that I’ll be able to meet
someone like Mom.

A loving wife like her.

Lord, I pray that I’ll meet a man
who is giving and considerate.

Women feel the same way.
What do you think?

-About what?
-Imagine you’re a woman.

Would you like a man who always receives
or one that always gives?

-One that always gives.

You should be successful
and treat the love of your life well.

Women will leave their men
if they’re stingy. They won’t love them.

-Do you know why?
-I do.

Because they prefer money to the man.
They’re superficial.

If a man is being stingy,

that means he doesn’t love her.

You’d give anything for love.

Look at Mom and Dad.

If a man is sincere and devoted,
his wife will love him dearly.

Let’s say there are two men.

One is very rich.

The other is kind but poor.

Mom didn’t marry Dad
because he was wealthy.

She fell in love with his heart.

During his second year of university,
he wanted to treat her

to a fancy hotel dinner for her birthday.

So he worked at a construction site
for ten days.


Her family was rich.

But all he could bought her was
cheap noodles, tteokbokki, and gimbap.

His heart broke
as he watched her eat that.

She still can’t forget the taste
of the spaghetti and the steak.

Imagine working at a construction site
during the summer.

It’d be exhausting.

Just standing under the sun
is scorching hot.

That’s what true love is.

Will you be able to do that?

I’m not sure to be honest.

Then you won’t be able to meet
someone like Mom. Dream on.

I should treat them well.

But you shouldn’t be good
to every girl out there.

You’re not a fool.

Only do so to the girl
you believe deserves your love.

Do you think you can devote yourself
like Mom does?

Of course. I learned from the best.

But do you think someone that great
would like you?

I’m a queen, you know?

That’s your opinion. Or a delusion.

Just wait and see.

She’ll come to her senses sooner or later.


I’ve missed you, Ji-a.

Me too.

Why are you home so late
when you just had dinner?

It’s not that late.

And I had a glass of wine. Just one glass.

-Iced tea?

I have to do the laundry.

It can wait. It’s been five days.

No, it’s been six days since we last met.

Take those off.

-Looking for your gift?

I’m sorry, but I didn’t buy one this time.

-I’m serious.

He really didn’t buy anything for you.


He didn’t get me anything either.

Ji-a was so excited.

You disappointed her this time.

What did you want?

-Be more specific.

A gift is a gift.
There’s no need to be specific.

I thought about it,
and there was nothing you didn’t have.

You have plenty of clothes and dolls.

I’m too old for dolls.

You have many pens too.

Didn’t you even bother
to buy me some chocolate?


What? How could you hit me?

Sit down, Ji-a.

You should only buy things
that you really need.

That’s true.

Look at how clean and tidy our house is.

Your mom and I only buy things
that we really need.

If I ever buy you gifts,
I guess you won’t like them

if you don’t need them.

I’ve bought you so many gifts until now

for your birthday and when I went abroad.

You feel happy when you receive them,
but that’s it.

Most of them are stored somewhere.

You outgrow your clothes quickly.
They won’t last long.

Isn’t it a waste to buy things
that you won’t even use?

That’s true.

They say those who stop the scolding…

I mean,

those who stop the fight
are worse than those who scold you.

Why are you getting mad at me?

Why am I getting blamed for this?
Are you mad at me?

You often see on TV how kids in Africa
suffer from poverty.

Compared to them,
you’re living a life of luxury.

Do we not have chocolate at home?

We do,

but it feels different
when you buy it for me.

Anyway, I would like you

to only buy things that you need
from now on.

Think at least three times
whether you really need them or not.

If you start buying things
just for the sake of it,

not only will you be wasting your money,

but it will also overwhelm you.

Do you understand?

You don’t?

What a good girl.

You should go shower.

Besides, Korean things are the best.

There wasn’t anything to buy.

Dad, in that case,
could you give me some money?

-Yes. As a gift.

My face is so red.

Why do I need to pee so often these days?

I need to take this.

I need to go to the restroom.


That took a while.

-You recognized me earlier, didn’t you?
-I did.

We’ll be working together now.


You could’ve said hi first, couldn’t you?

-Do you want an iced coffee?
-Your name was…

What was it again? I’m sorry.

-It’s Seo Ban.
-Right. Seo Ban.

-I’m the executive manager.
-Yes, sir. Mr. Seo.

We should say hi to each other
from now on.


Mr. Seo.

How about elaborating when you talk?

I’m not trying to give you advice.


you don’t seem approachable.

-I’m sorry for not greeting–
-If you are, tell me the reason.

-Maybe next time.
-When I’m sober?

I told you. You should elaborate more.

I’m not that considerate.

You’re not that considerate?

I wonder why you’re not that considerate.

I’d like a glass of that.

I think you’ve had enough.

Do you know him?

-Who are you?

You are so handsome.

You know that, don’t you?

I said I want a glass of that.

This wench’s totally hammered today.

Mr. Seo.


Tell me the reason.

Shouldn’t you keep an eye
on your bags and clothes?

Hi, honey.

This is my husband.

He’s the engineer and executive manager.


Hello. She came with her friends.

I see.

-Pay the bill.

Wait. We did pay.


-See you.
-Okay. I’ll invite you over some time.

Let’s go.

Mr. Seo, you’re so cold.

Come on.

Isn’t that Boo Hye-ryung?

The chauffeur’s here.

She looks much better in person.

Wasn’t it hilarious?

-Did you see how she made a mistake?

-Where should we go next?

-It was so funny.
-Wasn’t it nice here?

Who sat next to you?

Who sat next to you on the plane?

I love the car, but I know it wasn’t
easy for you to save up the money.

-It wasn’t that hard.
-I’ll do better.

Dongmi’s leg is swollen!

You care about a dog’s legs
more than my fingers?

But they’re not swollen.

You know what they say
about never sharing recipes.

Exhale as you stand up. Exhale.

-Look forward, please.
-Is your jacket in your car?

You didn’t bring it home.

I gave it to that friend.

-Isn’t that expensive?


I have a favor.

Will you grant it?

Subtitle translation by: Soo-ji Kim

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