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Love Scene Number Episode 2 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love Scene Number Episode 2 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love Scene Number Episode 2 Drama Korea, Love Scene Number Epi 2 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love Scene Number Episode 2 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love Scene Number Episode 2 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] Love Scene Number E01-E02 NEXT

Do you believe that a
perfect relationship exists?

To me, relationships are
all about “take and give.”

We all have merits of our own,

but that also means
we all have flaws.

It’s naive to believe that one
can fulfill your every need.

I’m not one to ask for much.

I only wish for what that
certain person can offer.

That’s right.

I’m currently in a
relationship with three guys.

Easy and fun to be around.

It’s almost as if
he looks up to me.

He’s the younger
guy, aka Pocket Boy.

Intellectual and mature.

He understands my situation
regardless of what that is.

The mature boyfriend.

Last but not least…

is the sexy man who knows…

what women want.

That makes three.

You may be getting your
entire fill by receiving…

what all three
men have to offer,

but the three men are left to
share you among themselves.

How’s that fair?

It was always the guys
who came up to me first.

– Then…
– You’re…


– My girlfriend.
– My girlfriend.

We’re each giving each other
what the other person needs,

so I don’t see an issue.

Do the men know
that others exist?

The fact that they don’t
know makes this perfect.


What the…

Why are you always here
instead of at your own place?

Well, because your
place is cleaner.

And better stocked.

Still, you should’ve told me
that you were coming over.

As if it’s anything new.

– Aussie cheese fries?
– Double the bacon.

– Nice!
– Stop.

Humans are supposed
to use tools.

Gimbap. That’s what I’m craving.

Are you kidding me?

Not the kind you buy, but
the kind you make at home.

The homemade gimbap
by Do Han Wool.

They’re better than drugs.


Gimbap by Do Han Wool.

Forget it.


What? Why are you
throwing a fit?

– Give me this.
– Not that one.

– I want it!
– It’s a limited edition.

It wasn’t easy for
me to get that.

Choose from the
others I have, okay?

Like what?

How about I take
Buk-boogie instead?

What? Of course, you can’t.

No can do then.


just have to steal it.

Hey. Wait. Nam Du Ah!



I’ll get going then.

Then there’s the fourth guy.

My friend, Do Han Wool.


I bet you miss me.
You can come over.

Right now, of course.

My mom and dad?
They went on a trip.

Just know that I
won’t wait long.

Wash your hands first.

Du Ah, how about some
éclairs for breakfast?

It’s 10am! Didn’t you
say you had a class?

What? Darn, I’ll be late.

Your clothes. Don’t
forget your clothes!

I’ve never seen these before.

– They’re éclairs.
– Nice.

Is it good?

Nothing is better for
breakfast than sweet desserts.

Wait. That reminds me.

I brought the books.


Gosh. Thank you, Du Ah.
I’ll make good use of them.

I’ve written a lot
in those though.

These aren’t just
ordinary books.

I asked for these so that
some of your energy…

will rub off me and help
me get a good score.

If that’s the case, I’ll give
you some of my other books too.

Did you know…

that we only get to experience
a limited amount of joy in life?

I wonder if I should be
getting my fill just with you.

He never seems to say the
same flirtatious line twice.

Crafty and creative. Nice.

Du Ah, are you free?

What is it, sir?

This. Would you like
to join my team?

“Society of Clinical
Psychology Symposium”.

Yes, but it’s not
just any symposium…

I’ll take this.

No, I meant we should
participate together. Du Ah.

I want to take the
professor’s class,

but I don’t know what to do…

since I’m only in
my second year.

If you didn’t take
developmental psychology,

you won’t be able to take it.

The professor asks each student
when you took that class.

It may be difficult to take it.

I took that class last year.


The professor’s teaching
style and the exams…

are very similar to that class.

They’re very…




Well, yes.


I want to write a
dissertation about polyamory.

– What?
– For the symposium.

I’m almost done with
the dissertation plan.

By polyamory, do you mean…

The practice of being in
multiple open relationships.

You don’t restrict your partner
from having multiple relationships.

A type of relationship where
you maintain relationships…

with several partners?

You mean…

That’s right.

A close friend of
yours, a writer,

wrote about it.

An increasing number of
people around the world…

are choosing not to get married.

That just proves that
there are flaws…

in the current marriage system.

Times have changed, and that
means people will change as well.

This is the perfect
time to research this.


Please introduce me to her.

I want to interview her.


I came here to interview you.

Sure. You can do that.

But first, let me ask
you a few questions.

Ask me?

Why did I… No. Why did my
book catch your attention?

I’d like to know that first.

What are you curious about?

After reading my book, this is what
people are the most curious about.

“Why did they become

“How did they date…”

“multiple people at a time
and even get married?”

That’s what they’re
curious about.

But you can’t explain it.

Of course not. This is
just an inclination.

It’s the same thing as asking
why a guy likes a woman.


It’s an inclination.
You’re just born with it.

But how they began…

and their method of doing it…

are different.

What about you?


You’re not in an ordinary
relationship, are you?

How is it?

You’re not going to show this
video to anyone else, are you?

If you’re worried,
should I turn this off?

Once I’m done, you’ll
do the same, right?

– Of course.
– Then it’s fine.

I’m in a perfect relationship.

I beg to differ.

Before deciding what kind of
relationship is the most ideal,

you should determine
the sincerity…

Coming. I’m coming.

Okay, I’m coming.

This is you, right?
It’s you, isn’t it?

What is this?

This was posted on our
school’s online community.

This is your house.

“I’m Exposing the
Double Life…”

“of an Extremely Intelligent Student
from Social Science Class of 2017.”

“From the outside, she looks
like a perfect, golden child.”

“But the truth is, she’s
in a messy relationship…”

“with three guys…”

“and is deceiving them.”

This should be taken seriously.

Someone who came to your
house took this photo…

and spread such a
ridiculous rumour about you.

“A week from now, on
the 19th at noon,”

“I’ll reveal her identity.”

Then there’s only six days left.

Let’s tell the administrators
to delete this post immediately.

What are you talking about?

Do you want everyone
to know that it’s me?

I can ask them.

Or it could be anonymous.


It’s useless to ask them
to delete it right now.

Then you’ll let this be?

It’s very unlikely that anyone
will know that this is me.

Deleting this post

will only provoke
this individual.

By the way, why are
you so nonchalant?

Do you know who took this?

– Perhaps.
– Who is it?

I’ll take care of
this. You can go home.

Don’t be absurd.

What will you do on your own?

Then what can you do?

I’m the one who found that post.

I’m not leaving until
you explain it to me.


These are the suspects who
could’ve taken this photo.

There are three in total.

It steadily grows…

Yeon Sang Woo, a senior of
mine and a graduate student.

Han Si Han, an engineering
student, class of 2018.

Yoo Da Ham, a fourth-year
student from K University.

– They’ve been here at least once.
– Stop it.

So that post is true?

You were dating
three guys at once?

– So what?
– How could you be so fearless…

as to bring a guy home
when you’re living alone?

Hey, you’re a guy too.
And you’re here with me.

Are you comparing me with them?

What’s so different about you?

Han Wool,

I don’t understand why you’re
reacting this way. It baffles me.

There are consequences.

Don’t you see the consequences?

It all happened because…

Are you saying it’s
because I was careless?

No. That’s not what I meant.


I can take care of it.
You really should go home.

Du Ah.

What’s your relationship
with those three anyway?

I said, I can take care of it.

I’ll find out why he did this…

and what he wants first.
Then I can stop him.

I don’t care.

Just end your relationship
with all of them right now.

Then he’ll reveal who
I am right away…

without waiting for a week.

Like I said, he wants me to
recognize myself in the picture.

He wants to see how I’ll react.

If I end my relationship
with all three of them…

without even knowing
who posted it,

he’ll do something
even more provoking…

to corner me.

Go home. It’s late.

I have to get up early tomorrow.

Tell me if you need anything.

I’ll help you.

Okay. I will.

A perfect relationship. A
perfect relationship, my foot.

I’ve been completely fooled.

What do I do?

Who is it? Who did it?

It’s one of the three.

Think. Think, Du Ah.

I can find him. There are only
a limited number of suspects.

Who’s the most likely?

By analysing, I can find him.

It’s one of the three.

Among the three,

suspect number one
is Yeon Sang Woo.

Are you okay? Why are you
crying? Are you not feeling well?

What’s wrong?

He fell in love with me
the moment he saw me.

He’s an open-minded grown man
who can accept whatever I say…

without prejudice.

He’s been at my place twice.

That means he’s had two
chances to take the picture.

Can you get my cardigan
from the kitchen?

Yes, sure.

I’d say he’s had more
than enough chances.


suspect number
two is Han Si Han.

Hey, Du Ah.


There’s something
I want to show you.

Okay. What is it?

This is an app I developed.

Your name, Du Ah, means love.

Whenever anyone in the world
searches for a word that means love,

a heart will pop up.

Do you mean that’s
how you feel about me?

He’s an innocent, younger guy…

who told me he’d had a
crush on me for two years…

since he entered university.

He’s been at my place once.

That means he’s had only one
chance to take the picture.

But if he really wanted to, it
wouldn’t have been impossible.

The last suspect, Yoo Da Ham,

is the only one who
doesn’t go to my school.

From the moment we first met,

we were strongly
attracted to each other.

He’s an immensely sexy man.

He’s been at my place…

a lot of times. Countless
times, actually.

Therefore, he’s had
the most chances…

to take the picture as well.

People behave…

more morally in the morning
than in the afternoon.

It’s called the morning
morality effect.

That means I have a higher chance
to catch his lie in the morning.

What’s up? What are you
doing at my school so early?

Actually, there’s been a bit of
an incident at my school lately.

A freshman girl broke
up with her boyfriend,

and he spread her
personal pictures…

all over social media.

In the end, the cops
showed up and everything.

– The cops?
– Yes.

Apparently, the
girl made a report.

The guy should have just accepted
the breakup and dealt with it.

The thing is, she turned out
to have been two-timing him.

That’s not an excuse.

What she did is wrong,

but he shouldn’t have
reacted that way.

Has that been troubling you?


I’ll see you soon.

See you.

Da Ham.


Do you want to come over later?


Gosh, I’m sorry.

– I shouldn’t drink alcohol.
– What?

I’ll lose muscle mass.

This is my mom’s
favourite bottle.

You haven’t had any alcohol
in a while, so it’ll be fine.

– Cheers.
– Okay.

Let’s do a love shot.

– Bottoms up.
– The entire glass?


Gosh, you’re amazing.


What is this?

October 12, Monday.

– This is my house.
– Morning body check.

Hi, Da Ham.

I love you.

Who is it?

Gosh, why is he…

What are you doing here?

Someone’s in there, right?

I said I’d take care of it.

Is he one of those three guys?

I should find out who it is.

Is that important right now?

If he’s the one who posted that,

you could be in
danger right now.

– Hey.
– He’s a neighbour.

He’s a neighbour
from downstairs.

I think we were a bit loud.

We were loud?

I’m sorry for causing a
ruckus at such a late hour.

I should go home.

– I’ll call you. Goodnight.
– Okay.


What do you think will
happen if you get involved?

That’ll be even more dangerous
since you’ll be provoking him.

Why aren’t you asking
them right away?

I told you.

They wouldn’t confess that way.

Are you sure it’s not because
you don’t want to admit…

that you were betrayed by
those guys you looked down on?

What do you know about
me to say such things?

Do you know…

what I’m thinking?

You’re right.

What do I know?

Don’t skip your meals.


Come to the elevator right now.

A plaid shirt?

Du Ah.


What brings you to my house?

I’ve always wanted to visit.

Here you go.

Du Ah…

Goodness, I forgot
to buy beverages.

I’m totally parched. Could
you buy me some beverages?


– Right now.
– Okay. I won’t take long.


It’s not in the gallery.


“Du Ah”?

Is it me?


Why did he screenshot all my
photos from my social media?

Right, the plaid shirt.

The plaid shirt…

No, these are different.

These aren’t it.

What the…


A Ra?


Ji Min?


Su Jin?

Are these all…


I got us some beverages.

What did you get?

Actually, these should
be set to the side.

Don’t. Don’t!

I’m not interested in
doing this with you.

Du Ah, I’m sorry.

I must’ve been insane just now.

This isn’t who I am.

I hope you don’t…


Du Ah, I didn’t mean it.

Yes, Professor. I’ll be
right there. Just a moment.



Why has the cloud
been wiped clean?

This is where Sang
Woo saves his photos.

Did he delete them on purpose?

What the…

Oh, hey. Is Sang Woo not here?

Yes, it seems like he
stepped out for a moment.

Did you have an appointment?

Oh, I must be here early.

I guess he’ll be here.

He’ll soon be here, right?

Anyway, take care.

Sure thing. I’ll see you around.

No, it’s fine. It’s no big deal.

I found her intriguing.

– Du Ah?
– Yes.

I get this from
students these days.

They have strong egos…

but nothing of substance.
Du Ah’s like that too.

She thinks that
what she learned…

is the way of the universe
and wants to apply…

technological terms and
theories everywhere.

I guess I know the type.

It’s adorable,

but her thoughts are
still quite young.

She believes she has
great insight on things,

so who am I to burst her bubble?

Kids her age are all like that.

– Su Min.
– Yes?

– Did you see the post?
– Which one?

The three-timing girl from
Social Science Class of 2017.

No way. Who is it though?

I don’t know, but aren’t
her legs to die for?

No wonder she’s able to
date three guys at once.

Did a peeping Tom take this?

– Beats me.
– Is there more about her?

I think I have an idea
of who it is though.


Du Ah?


What’s that?

You see, I suddenly
had this wild thought.

“Could that be the only
photo which was taken of me?”

Perhaps, did he try to get
more photos of me and…

Are you talking
about your house?

Yes. A device
could’ve been set up.

It’s why I bought this gadget.

Can this small device
help you locate anything?

It detects
electromagnetic waves.

So if there’s a camera in there,

a light will bounce off of it…

no matter how small
the camera is.

Have you checked? Have
you given it a try?


I was too scared to go inside.

It terrifies me to think that
a device could be in there.

It’s why I can’t
get myself to go in.

Give me that.

I’ll do it instead. I’ll see
if there are any cameras.

No, wait. I’ll come with you.

I want to.

Come on.

Wait. What was that?

Nothing’s there.

How did things get this far?

I’m just glad nothing is here.

So how did it go…

with your search?

Don’t ask. It’s so annoying.

Tell me what’s going on. You’re
running out of time anyway.

What is it that
you want to hear?


Why though?

So that you can laugh at me?

Fine, we’ll laugh together.

You asked me why I
didn’t confront them…

even though I knew it was
one of the three, right?

Yes, you’re right.

I didn’t want to admit
that I was wrong.


do you know what’s hilarious?

I’ve been completely fooled.

I thought that I
was in control…

and that I had all three of
them perfectly under control.

Far from it. They were
fooling me the whole time.

All of them.

All three of them.

I thought that
the younger guy…

had been head over
heels for me for years.

In reality, he was a psycho…

who uses women who
like him as ATMs.

Are these all…

I believed that the old guy…

was generous enough to
embrace all my weaknesses.

But her thoughts are
still quite young.

Sure, I’ll introduce
you to her. We’re close.

While pretending to be easy-going,
he talks behind his girl’s back.

Such a mean pervert.

The other guy, the
good-looking one,

turns out to be a
huge narcissist…

who loves no one but himself.

It’s not me that he wanted.

He was just intoxicated
by himself…

having sex with an attractive,
smart girl like me.

While I thought the three of
them make one perfect man,

all three of them
turn out to be trash!


Aren’t you the one…

who fooled them first?

There was no trust
there to begin with.

What were you expecting?

All of those guys
wanted me first.

I gave them as much
as they wanted…

and expected to get
just as much in return.

Is this some kind of deal?

Dating is a relationship
between two people.

It’s important that partners benefit
equally from the relationship.

That’s the value of dating.


Who cares about
that when dating?

Are you sure…

you’re not the one with prejudice
or fantasies about dating?

Emotional stability, a bond,

comfort, admiration, fun,
and sexual satisfaction.

Those are the benefits.

I wanted all of that,

but no one man could give me those.
That’s why I dated more than one.

Is that so wrong?

I worked hard to
get what I want.

Was that for your partners?

Or for yourself?

Du Ah, dating is not research.

You do it with your
heart, not your head.

So? Are you saying
I was wrong…

and deserved what happened?


I feel sorry for you.

Did you break up with me…

to live like this?

– Han Wool.
– You must be tired. I’ll be going.





– What a horrible person.
– Disgusting.

– It’s sick.
– I hate people like that.

– I heard she’s in our department.
– I feel sorry for the guys.

I’m scared my girlfriend
might be like her.

– What a disgrace to our school.
– You should die.

How awful.

– I loathe people like her.
– I hope she dies.

What’s wrong?

Come in.

– Do you feel okay now?
– Yes.

So? Did you check what
made the alarm go off?


I was too scared.

I’ll go check. Wait here.

No, don’t…

Oh, I’m at Han Wool’s.

Why on earth did I
sleep here last night?

Right, now I remember.

Han Wool?

Do Han Wool?

Maybe he went to the
convenience store.



Where’s your dad?


Is this password-protected?

Yes, I knew it.

It’s not like he has
anything to hide.

What’s with all these photos?

Why does he have this?

Could this be the original?


Hold on.

Do Han Wool…

Where is it?

It’s not here.
Why isn’t it here?

It’s not in his closet!


Where are you right now?



Han Si Han?

I have something to say…

regarding the online post
associated with this photo.

Meet me at 11am tomorrow…

under the big tree
at Changrim Park.



is this direct message true?

Is Du Ah really the girl that’s dating…

three guys at once?

I didn’t send the message.

Ghosh. I’m not getting any replies.


I also think we’d be
better off just as friends.

If we start dating each other,
we might fight and break up.

And I don’t like that.

Let’s just continue to be friends
like we have been all this time.

I’m okay.

Love and hatred.

When love meets a sense of betrayal,

it turns into resentment.

So Du Ah admitted that she
was seeing the three of us.

And she thinks one of us wrote that post?

That’s it. Right?


Based on what?

It has to be one of you guys…

because the person who posted that
has recently been inside her house.

Where are you going?

I don’t understand why I should stay.

I see. So it was you?

Don’t talk nonsense. I
just found out about it.

– You know what?
– Get your hands off me.

– Hey.
– Just sit down.

Tell me the truth. You three
had no idea about that post?

Of course, not!

An online community forum?
Who does that? It’s so petty.

Fine. Let’s say one of us found out.

Why would anyone post that there?
It’s like disgracing yourself.

You might not know this because you’re young.

If you post anything on that
forum, it only takes seconds…

for everyone at school to find out.

Right. Why would we post something like that?

– Do you have evidence?
– First,

let’s check the facts.

What’s your relationship with her?

My relationship with her?


Let’s do it by a show of hands.

Raise your hand if you held her hand.

My goodness. We’re not some five-year-olds.

What is this?

Darn it.

First base, anyone?

Beyond first base?

Did you sleep with her?

You didn’t?


What did you just say?

“Hey”? How dare you talk
to me like that? You jerk.

There are some things you
should just keep to yourself.

Gosh. Do you want to duke it out, pretty boy?

– Gosh. Do you think you can fight?
– You jerk!

– Come here. Fine. Let’s do it.
– Sure. Go ahead.

– How many times?
– Gosh.

How many times did you do it?

– Gosh.
– Why does that matter now?

Wait a minute. Yes, it does matter.

You only kissed her a few times.
That’s not a serious relationship.

I don’t think she was serious
with you two. Aren’t I right?


What about you? Having sex doesn’t
mean it was a serious relationship.

You were just friends with benefits.

– What? Friends with benefits?
– Hey.

– Hey.
– Were you there?

How do you know it wasn’t more than just sex?

– Hey, were you there?
– He’s guilty.

He’s overreacting because he’s guilty.

He was just some warm body she had sex with.

She didn’t see him as a real…

Hey, what are you doing?

– Stop that.
– Stay out of it.

Come on.


– Hey, let go of me.
– Hey.

– Hey!
– You, come here.


To me, Du Ah was…

a woman who had so much respect
from me before my girlfriend.

And we were perfect for each other.

We had the same styles,
habits, palate, and everything.

We saw eye to eye on everything.

I was a year younger than her,
but she always respected me.

Same here.

I didn’t feel any age gap with her.

We were truly equal in our relationship.

Since I wanted a serious
long-term relationship with her,

I didn’t sleep with her right away.

Waiting has nothing to
do with cherishing her.

If you love someone, don’t you want
to touch her and make love to her?


Hey, stop crying.

Du Ah.

Who on earth are you?


No matter how hard I tried to
think, or understand what you did,

I don’t get it.

Why did you do it?

It was you of all people.

Why did you post my photos…

and write something like that on that forum?

Please make me understand why you did it.

Calm down. And say that again.

What are you talking about?
Do you think I posted it?

That’s my tablet PC.

Check what’s in the
gallery on your tablet PC.

These photos…

Why are they in my tablet PC?

Are you asking me that?

I really didn’t know why these photos…

Hold on.


No. This is a misunderstanding.

I really didn’t know about this.

I think the photos I have in my phone…

got synced to my tablet PC.

Why did you do it?

Why are you asking me that?

There’s no way I would
do something like that.

I’m telling the truth. Listen.

I just found out that I had
these photos in my phone.

I found out because you pointed it out.

You know that I sometimes take photos…

because I accidentally tap the wrong buttons.

Then, where were you just now?

Just now?

I was with them just now.

The three guys you were dating.

Why would you meet those three?

There’s not much time left.

– We must sort this out.
– Without telling me?

You wouldn’t have told me if
I hadn’t asked, would you?

You’re doing this…

and you want me to trust you?

I didn’t tell you first in
case you get the wrong idea.

When I figured out which of them did this,

I was going to tell you then.

So which of the three was it?

I don’t know.

Maybe finding the culprit
wasn’t your goal at all.

Not only did you make that post,

but you wanted to…

meet the three guys and
ruin my messy relationships.

What are you saying?

– Why would I do that?
– Because you hate me.

Because you think…

I ignore your feelings and do as I please.

You think I hate you,

so I want to ruin your
relationships with those guys?

Wasn’t that the reason you wrote
that post in the first place?

Yes. It’s true that I resent you.

How could you do this to me?

I asked if you broke up
with me just to do this.

I was serious.

When this happened,

you first suspected those three guys.

You nonchalantly dated
three guys at the same time,

and suspected them as soon
as something happened.

I resented you for leaving me
just to do something like this.

Are you done talking?

What makes you so special?

I’m not special.

That’s why you dumped me.

You did the right thing.

I’m actually a really selfish piece of trash.

I wished that you’d suffer as much as I did,

and when I saw what happened
to you after what you did…


You had it coming.

That darn post.

It should’ve been me who wrote it!

Do Han Wool!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Wasn’t that Do Han Wool guy a bit suspicious?

Could he be the one who wrote the post?

– I thought so too.
– Isn’t he actually…

the one who knows most about Du Ah?

He’s obviously the most likely suspect.

It’s possible that all this…

was Do Han Wool’s big picture.

– What big picture?
– Let’s say that…

– he has feelings for Du Ah.
– Yes.

And he found out that
she’s dating three guys.

– Yes.
– How would you ruin that?

You’re right.

We shouldn’t just sit back and watch.

The three of us should
get together for a chat.


What’s his name? Sang Woo?

Where’d he go?

He’s over there.

What are you doing?

Is that alcohol? My gosh.

Give me that.

Let’s have a real drink. It’s okay.

Let’s go and have our chat.

I resented you for leaving me
just to do something like this.

I’m not special.

That’s why you dumped me.

What a jerk.

What’s going on?

We are victims.

We’re bleeding a gruesome amount.

We’re victims.


How could she do this to us?

Why are you crying again?

That’s enough!

Yes. Let’s get together.

We must think of our pride now at least.

None of us are to see Nam Du Ah again.

– Yes!
– Let’s do that.

Let’s ditch her. Delete her
number. Delete her number.

Don’t call her. And don’t take her calls.

– Delete it.
– Delete it.

I deleted it!

– You deleted it!
– You deleted it.

Let’s cheer each other on.

1, 2, 3.

– Let’s do this!
– Let’s do this!

– Let’s have a drink.
– What’s this?


Don’t do it.



Of course, I won’t take it.

– I’m a man.
– Yes, you are.


Am I your second choice or something?

Forget it.

It’s an alarm.

Should we order more alcohol?

– Ma’am!
– Hold back.

Come on. Let’s not do this.

We should not let Du Ah control us!

We can’t go down like this.

Why won’t anyone pick up?

Now I can’t find out who posted it.

I have just one day left.


No. Don’t give up.

Like Do Han Wool said,

I should contact the forum moderator.

I’m hungry.

I didn’t eat anything all day.

What a jerk.

Why do you always look at my
tablet PC without my permission?

It’s mine, you know.

You never keep it locked, and
you always put it wherever.

So I kind of thought of it as mine.

That’s right. Han Wool
never locked his tablet PC.

What if someone knew it was his,

found my photo in there either
by coincidence or on purpose,

and sent it to his or her cell phone?


Yes, that’s totally plausible.


Why didn’t I think of this?

– Du Ah.
– Let me see your tablet PC.

What? Okay.

Where’s the photo?

October 8, 4pm.

Yes, my memory was right.

– Hey, hurry up.
– I’m out.

The day Han Wool came over to my house.

– Let me go to the bathroom.
– My gosh, come on.

Then it happened four days after that day.

Did you show your tablet PC to anyone…

between October 9 and October 12, 7pm?

Did anyone look through your tablet PC?

Wait a second.

Did you take it to school
or leave it anywhere?

Think about it carefully.

I know you had it with you over the weekend.

Friday. What about on Friday?

I only had one class, but it
got canceled, so I stayed home.

What about Monday?

I went to school that day
because I had a team meeting.

Did you go somewhere
without your tablet PC…

during the team meeting?

Think about it carefully.
That’s when it happened.

That’s the only time anyone
could’ve stolen that photo from you.

I remember going to the bathroom with Jun Su.

And you didn’t take your tablet PC with you?


How many people were on your team?

Three in total including myself.

Lee Ju Yeon?

What did you say?

But what are you going
to do after you find out?

Just tell me. I’ll deal with it on my own.

It might not be her.

And even if it is, don’t
deal with it on your own.

Han Wool.

Lee Ju Yeon.

She studies the same major as you.

Same major as me?

I’m off now.

Du Ah.

About what I said earlier…

I was a bit too harsh.

I’m sorry.

Was it all a lie?

You meant every word you said,
so you don’t need to be sorry.

I’m so honored that I got to interview you.

I’m a huge fan.

I really loved the lecture you did last time.

Another student was supposed to interview me,

but she suddenly had to deal
with a personal problem.

By any chance, are you
talking about Nam Du Ah?

Oh, right. You guys study the same major.

Did something happen to her?

I can’t tell you specifically.

But I heard she’s getting
ready to sue someone…

because that person uploaded
her personal life online.

Did someone say something false about her?

Well, I wouldn’t say it was completely false.

But even if it’s true, she can still
sue that person for defamation.

She shouldn’t have done anything
to get her in that position.

Why would she file a lawsuit
when she’s the one at fault?

Why do assailants always have
the same kind of argument?


How did you…

How did I know it was you?

The photo.

The photo you sent from Han Wool’s tablet PC.

That was the key evidence.

– “Who’s the culprit?”
– Then our team should…

“Who stole that photo and
uploaded a post online?”

The source was the tablet PC.

The tablet PC was left unattended
on Monday during the team meeting.

– Ju Yeon.
– That left me with two suspects.

His teammates, Hong Jun Su and Lee Ju Yeon.

Let’s go to the bathroom.

I’m not sure if you meant
bad from the very beginning.

At first, you could’ve
done it out of curiosity.

You looked through his tablet
PC since it wasn’t locked,

and you happened to find
a photo of me in there.

Then you sent it to your cell phone.

You could’ve done all that impulsively.

But three days later,

you used that photo to upload a post online.

And that wasn’t you being
impulsive or curious.

You did it out of malice.

You thought it was safe since that
photo was from Han Wool’s tablet PC.

Then you trimmed the photo and uploaded it…

so it’d be hard to recognize who it was.

And you were careful with what you wrote…

so that it wouldn’t get
you in any legal trouble.

If anything went south, you
were going to frame Han Wool.

You minimized the possibility
of your getting in danger,

and at the same time, you managed
to attack me very successfully.

Do you have nothing better to do?

– Hey.
– Why did you bother to do all that?


how did you know that I
was dating three guys?

You want to know why I did it?

You think everyone is a joke, don’t you?

You look down on everyone.

You don’t treat people as human beings.

You think of them like tools or nice scenery.

That’s why you didn’t even think
it was necessary to hide it.

It was so obvious.

The guys are dumb to have gotten fooled.

There wasn’t a grand
motivation behind what I did.

I just don’t like you. That’s why.

Girls like you are the reason
why people badmouth women.

You go around dating anyone.

You’re so easy and have
no morals or ethics…

Gosh, I’m sorry.

I couldn’t bear to hear what
was coming out of your mouth.

– Hey!
– What do you mean I’m easy?

I’m not easy at all.

I don’t date just anyone.

I picked my guys. They just
happened to be more than one.

– That kind of attitude is…
– But…

how is that the reason
why women get badmouthed?

If you think I did something wrong,

you should badmouth me.

If people blame my actions on my gender,

that only shows how uneducated they are.

Girls like you are the problem, not me.

Girls like you make a ridiculous
generalization like…

“Women are their own enemies.”

And you conveniently give
an excuse to some fools.

If you don’t like how I
behave, just say it to my face.

And if you don’t want to face me,

just badmouth me to your friends.

What you did was a foul play…

because you knew that the method you chose…

was the most humiliating way
to attack me as a fellow woman.

And that’s what you were going for.

You are so annoying.

Yes. So what?

You’re so irritating.

It would’ve been nice if
this was the end of it.

But this is unfortunate.


Your photo got posted, after all.


These jerks.

I should have talked with
everyone from the get-go.

If I had done that…

– “Identity of the Double-Life…”
– “Identity of the Double-Life…”

– “Sexy Brainstorm Revealed”.
– “Sexy Brainstorm Revealed”.

This lame post wouldn’t have
been up in the first place.

Did you think I wouldn’t know?
Or did you do this on purpose?

Every sentence in this post is
poorly constructed and immature.

This is quite embarrassing
to read this, Da Ham.

“She was…”

“a coldhearted woman, unable
to love anyone by nature.”



“She exploited men’s fatefulness for her.”

“Cool-hearted”? It’s “coldhearted”.

You knew what that meant
when you typed it, right?

It means I’m a cold person.

– Listen…
– Whenever you misspelled words,

it was such a turn-off. Did you know that?

Oh, right. Si Han, you provided the photo.

Did you think I wouldn’t
know it came from you?

DA? Du Ah’s Folder?

You saved every single photo
I posted on my social media.

I posted the photos but
deleted them right away.

And you’re the only one who would save them.

Of course. Sang Woo, you
were the one who came up…

with the idea, right?

Du Ah is planning to go to
a graduate school next year.

– Let’s write that.
– Graduate school.

And among the three of you,
you were the only one…

who knew I was preparing to
attend a graduate school.

All of you were sloppy with the post.

Then, did you call us here,
so you can tell us that?

You lied. You said you wanted to see us.

I didn’t want to “see” you in a good way.

What did you expect?

Now that you know we were behind that,

– you called us here, so…
– We’re breaking up.

How can I be in a relationship
with guys who exposed me like this?

How could you break up with us in a group?

Efficiency isn’t the key here.

You should know there are
etiquettes in breakups.

Don’t expect any etiquettes from a
girl who dates three guys at once.

Were we even in a relationship?

Do you think you can just
toy with people’s hearts?

Which one of us dated you first?

Why does that matter now?


After all we’ve been through,
we deserve to know the truth.

Will that help you put an end to this?

Well, we want to hear your answer first.

Number 1, number 2, and number 3.

Why did you end up dating three guys at once?

Because I was dating three of you
at once, we never got into fights.

That’s why our relationships were good.

My expectations from you
were within your capacities.

What was out of my capacities?

Well, do I have to spell it out for you?

You must.

I believe relationships require
etiquettes and protocols.

“Etiquettes and protocols”?

You shouldn’t deceive or
betray your partner…

out of your consideration for
them. That’s basic etiquette.

Just like we started dating through
communication and agreement,

breakups should follow the same protocol.

That’s what you need to do for us.

So you need me to follow
the protocol now, right?

I need to explain to you why
I chose this kind of method.

Yes. You must explain it to us.

Darn it. I didn’t want to talk about this.

Having a guy who had a
crush on me for a year…

is so valuable…

because he makes me think
that I’m a good woman.

He makes me feel better.

But when I wanted to rely
on someone and needed help,

he couldn’t do that for me. Not at all.

So I satisfied that part of my life…

by dating a mature man…

whom I could rely on and ask for help.

But unfortunately, I wasn’t
sexually attracted to him at all.

And the third guy was able
to satisfy my sexual needs.

Of course. As for the lacking qualities…

of the third guy, the other two guys…

definitely filled in for him.

How could you use my
feelings to boost your ego?

A mature man is still a
man! I have needs too!

You don’t think you can talk to me?

Have you ever tried to talk to
me other than sleeping with me?

Hey, why aren’t you answering your phone?

What is this about?

I don’t want you to be shocked.

Like the culprit warned you,

there was a post on the
online community forum.

I know.

– You know?
– Yes.

But the writing seemed a
bit different. It’s weird.

I think…

Do you have anyone in mind?

The three of them are inside.

– Who?
– The writers behind the post.

Han Si Han, Yeon Sang Woo, and Yoo Da Ham.

– What?
– Let’s talk later. Bye.

Hey. You can’t just go in like that.

Are you in trouble now?

I called them here.

So I can break up with all
of them like you suggested.

– Break up with them?
– You told me to stop all this.

You wanted me to break up with all of them.

This all worked out.

I can’t date guys who exposed me like that.

So you called all of them here?

Yes. That’s the easiest
way to deal with this.

Why do you think they wrote a post like that?


So you can say you should’ve
written that yourself?


Why do you keep acting like the victim?

I didn’t leave you.

If you were so hurt by our breakup,
you shouldn’t have been my friend.

You didn’t have to see me.

If you hated me that much,

why did you stay friends with me?

How could I not see you?

I wouldn’t be able to live without you.

After that incident the
day before my enlistment,

you were the one who went radio silent at me.

I called you right before I
had to enter my boot camp.

I left voice messages at the
payphone, but you never called.

And you wanted to stay friends
when I got out on my first leave.

As if nothing happened.

I couldn’t live without you.

And to stay by your side, being
your friend was the only option.

What other choice did I have?

“Partners benefit equally
from the relationship”?

People you’ve exchanged benefits with…

made posts like that. Is
that your value of love?

Let me ask just one thing.

Have you ever loved anyone?

Du Ah, are you free?

That post. About the girl
in the class of 2021.

It’s you, right?

What do you mean?

Stop pretending.

I could tell right away from the photo.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m not trying to rebuke or criticize you…

for what you did.

If you’re already dating three guys,

do you think you could squeeze me in?

I don’t go around spreading gossip.

I’d always had feelings for you…

for a while now.

You really know nothing about women.

There’s no way you can
get a woman to date you…

by starting a conversation
with blackmail and slander.

If you wish to win her
over, put in some effort.

What does she like, what
is she interested in?

What could you do to please her?

At least try to figure that out.

You didn’t even give me a chance to try.

Trying to win that opportunity
is where the work begins.

No one is left now.

Perhaps there was no one from the very start.

That’s fine. You’re 23 years old.

You can try this and that and
every kind of relationship.

You can still bounce back.

It’s easy to recover.

But then you could get badly
burned and give up altogether.

But what’s wrong with that? That’s life too.

The whole process is the history of dating.

Is it?

It’s okay.

They say that loving yourself…

is a romance that lasts a lifetime.

Ditch everything else and love yourself.

Do you know what your tragedy is?

You think too much.

You think you’re so smart,
you use your brain too much.

While others think 2 steps ahead,
you think 3, 4 steps ahead.

I don’t torture my brain on
purpose. It just works that way.

Anyway, there’s a certain timing…

when you must be especially mindless.

When is that?

When you’re having sex.

I should be mindless when I’m doing it?

Sex should be just that. Sex.

Don’t give it any more meaning.

The moment you crossed
the line with a friend,

Nam Du Ah got locked up in this fence.

“Can I handle these emotions?”

Your heart puts on the brakes.

The brakes.

When that man suddenly said he loves you.

What did you think then?

Everything in life has a timing.

Timing can bring people together,
but it can also distance people.

I’ll write to you every day.


Take care.



I won’t write.

Don’t join the army.

If you join the army,

who am I to eat with,

watch movies with,

and hang out with?

I have no friends.

I’ll visit you often.


Can you just not go?

We were closer than anyone,

and the best of friends.

The reason our relationship changed…

was that Han Wool enlisted.

I love you.

Just once, before he enlisted,

That was our first and last time.

I couldn’t believe in love.

Rather than ruin our friendship
with an imperfect affection,

I thought it was best we remain as friends.

I decided from my own perspective.

Han Wool.

Let’s go inside. Let’s talk inside.

Did you drink?

With whom?

Just someone.

I’m sorry.

For what?

This wouldn’t have happened…

if I had been more careful with my tablet PC.

I know it’s too late,

but I feel like I should apologize.


I’m also sorry for always apologizing…

after speaking my mind out loud.


I’m also sorry for being
so emotional with you…

when you were the one
having the hardest time.

It’s okay.

It’s all in the past now.

But still,

how could you not contact
me for a whole week?

I’m sorry for that too.

I’d also like to apologize.

Because you were always so nice to me,

I let myself cross the line.

I just thought you’d still be there for me…

no matter how mean I was to you.

I shouldn’t have done that.

No, you were nothing like that.

But Han Wool.

You should be apologizing to me
about something else, you know.


The day before you went to the army,

you told me you loved me all of a sudden.

It’s true that I was confused.

When I heard that you were
suddenly going to go to the army,

I found myself feeling peculiar.

I kept wondering…

why I was feeling that way.

Especially on the very last day.

But that’s when you suddenly
told me you loved me.

I love you.

I was flustered.

I couldn’t give you an answer,

but you seemed so resolute about it.

And that’s why it scared me.

You know I tend to think too much.

I don’t think I was brave enough…

to take our relationship to another level.


after I ran away from you,

I felt lonely.

You know you’re my only friend.

After I ran away from my
only friend, schoolmate,

and the only guy…

I felt a connection with,

I suddenly felt so lost.

That’s why I tried to come up with a way…

to fill your space.

And that’s why you dated those three guys?

– Yes.
– You’re stupid.

It’s impossible to fill my space.


Du Ah.

Then how about now?


I’m right here next to you.

You don’t need those guys
to replace me anymore.

Will you let me…

stay beside you again?

Han Wool.


I think there’s an expiry date…

for all relationships.

You’re so precious to me.

I love you and care for you so much.

But I think that’s because we’re friends.

We’re so perfect as friends.

And I don’t…

want to ruin what we have.

You think we’re perfect as friends?

Just be honest with me.

Whether I remain as a
friend or your boyfriend,

do you feel like you can live without me now?

I should go.

I’m sorry.

You’ll be fine.

My gosh.

Friends or lovers.

Why was I so caught up with the labels…

that determined relationships?

All the leaves are brown

And the sky is gray

I’ve been for a walk

On a winter’s day

I’d be safe and warm

Come on. Don’t spill food when you eat!

– Brat.
– “Brat”?

Am I your brat?

I’m turning. Hey, I’m turning.

Buk-boogie. Hey, Buk-boogie.

On me?

Oh, my! I think it likes me.

I didn’t know how to love him.

But I realized that if I
wanted him by my side…

and didn’t want to lose him,
I should have been honest.

I should have been honest
when I needed to be honest.

And I realized that too late.


I’m sure a coincidence will
bring us together again.

That fool.



All you do is sleep, you know?


Is this Do Han Wool?


Yes, this is he.

I have a package for you.

Du Ah.



This is so typical of Du Ah.



There are no coincidences
in the world, you fool.

Hey, Du Ah.




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