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Love Scene Number Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Love Scene Number Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Love Scene Number Episode 3 Drama Korea, Love Scene Number Epi 3 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Love Scene Number Episode 3 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Love Scene Number Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] Love Scene Number E07-E08 NEXT

Is there anyone who lives their life…

thinking that the ground under them
could break apart at any given time?

That day,

at 3:35am…

Everything that I thought…

was impregnable fell apart.


Gosh, my back.

Do we have to use this?

It looks pretty.

How did it go all the way there?

That startled me.




You should’ve stacked…

my sanitary pads properly.
They all fell down.

It was so full.

You didn’t use any last month.

Come to think of it, I didn’t
have my period last month.

There’s no way I could be pregnant, right?

I can barely remember
how many navels you have.

Could there be something wrong with me?

I only have one navel.


Remember when you had something
growing on your chest,

and it was as big as your nipple?

Yes, it was situated perfectly to
be mistaken for a third nipple.

But it wasn’t my navel.

Eat up. The food’s getting cold.

I have to say, it’s been quite a long time.

It shouldn’t exceed 58 days.

Do you think I’m already…

Never mind.

Should I call the OB-GYN?
Should we go together…

What are you doing?

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?

What was that? Gosh.

I’m sorry.


I’m afraid we’re fully booked this week.

You can preorder by the end of this month.

No, we’re completely booked.

Okay. I’m sorry. Please
call again later. Goodbye.

Why are you already here?

There are even early birds
who come in earlier than me.

Right. I’ve placed the
subsidiary materials inside.

You could’ve just checked
them. They must’ve been heavy.

Goodness, I shouldn’t expect
to get paid if I’m that lazy.

I should starve too.

All right. Eat up, then.


You could give me another
customer’s product first.

I’ll pay more.

I’m sorry, but we can’t sell
you another customer’s product.

Do you think you can
maintain your business…

if you cause such a big
hassle over a single wardrobe?

If you keep this up…

Then look for some other shop
that’s willing to do that.

You should leave. We’re fine.



Where do you think you’re going
when I’m not done talking just yet?

You can talk with me.

Please sit down.

Can I open the door?


Did your period start?

No, it’s just a bloody discharge.

Let’s go to the OB-GYN. I’ll
book a time for tomorrow.

No, it’s okay.

I’m not in a hurry. We can go this weekend.

Actually, let’s just not go.

Let’s go. You should also
get your regular checkup.

Give me that.

Let’s go home.

What time is it?

It’s past 12am.


Gosh, my back.

Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

Why did you keep it a
secret for an entire month?

I was going to take care of it myself.


That’s not the problem.

You should’ve told me first.

I mean… Why did you feel
the need to keep it from me?

I didn’t want you to know.

You only made it worse.

That’s not the only lumber mill.

Had we known sooner, it
wouldn’t have gotten this worse.

The deadline is around the corner…


Where are you going?

Please do that.

– Hello.
– Hello.

It’s been a long time.

– Where’s your boss?
– He’s inside.

– Go over there.
– Okay.

Thank you so much for
helping us out so suddenly.

Goodness, you don’t need to be thankful.

We’re just happy that we
can work with you again.

Not at all.

We switched mills a long time ago.

I feel terrible asking
for your help like this.

It was really urgent.

You saved us.

Don’t say that. Don’t you worry.

Thank you. And I’m also
grateful for your understanding.

Now that we’ve joined hands again,

let’s work together for a very long time.

You can count on us.


Knock, knock.


Let’s go eat.

You can eat first. I’m fine.

You should join me.

It’s getting late and past dinner time.

Just like what we talked
about, I don’t deserve to eat.

Don’t say such a thing.

You wanted to take care of it yourself.

There was nothing you could do.

Don’t worry too much about it.

I’m not worried. I know she’ll do well.

She’s unlike me.

She’ll probably solve it
right away and not drag on…

for a month.

How did it go?

I solved it.

I knew I could count on you.

I wasn’t worried one bit.

Where’s my husband?

He’s in the workshop.

He has been there for several hours now.

– What is he up to?
– He’s sketching.

Let’s call it a day and go eat.

You’ve been through a lot. You
should have some Korean beef.

I can’t believe I wrestled with it
for a month when it was this simple.

Come on, I’m starving. Let’s go.

Gosh, this is nice.

It’s tasty.

Is there anything else I need to know?

I said no.

Gosh. We’ve been married for 20 years,

yet I still don’t know you.

I had no idea you were such a great liar.

I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell you.

They’re the same thing.

We’ve all been through a lot.

Let’s clink our glasses.

I have to drive. You can drink.

To be honest,

more than losing money and
not meeting the deadline,

I’m more hurt by the fact
that you kept it to yourself.

From now on, be open about these things.

Discuss it with me.


If I can’t solve these things,

what do you need me for?

What use am I?

That’s not what I meant.

I need to take this.


I got hurt. Can you put some ointment on me?

Sure, but what happened?

The storage closet in the bathroom.
I keep forgetting to fix it.

I hit it.

You should’ve been more careful.

I know. Gosh.

By the way, the bathroom light is too bright.

I think we should change it.


Wait outside. I’ll disinfect it.


Did you…

always have such a broad back?

It’s average.

No. It looks broader than before.

Maybe it’s because I gained weight.

I keep gaining belly fat.

I’m done.

You are?

The band wraps around your body tightly.

It covers all the fat that pokes out.

It makes your breasts look so pretty
that you just want to flaunt them.

You’ll want to flaunt them
since they look beautiful.

You can wear this underwear
during the summer.

You’re still awake?

Sleep first. I’ll join you
once I’m done watching this.

You should go to bed. You must be tired.

Go to bed.

Is there anyone here you’d like to work with?

Someone you’d like to do a duet with?

– Among everyone here?
– Yes, everyone.

All the singers.

To be honest…

You’ll get four sets and
extra hemline panties.

This is the best deal you can ever get.

– You’re right.
– I know.

They were all sold out
during the launching show.

Every time they appear on TV…





Which one do you like the most?

I can’t pick.

You’re still so awesome.

I’m not. Not at all.

It’s true.

Among the people I know,
you’re the most awesome.

That didn’t change.

I can see it in your face.

Look who’s talking.

Me? Come on.

Not me.

Have you been well?

Hey, Woon Beom. It’s been a long time.

When did you fly back?


They wanted to do this exhibition,

so I hurriedly flew back here.

You must be busy.

Will you be attending the meeting?

Right. In the evening.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to go.

It’d be nice to see everyone once again.

But my wife…

Hwa Ran is ill.

With what?

It’s not serious.

I think we’ll be here for some time.

We should have dinner next time.

Can you give me your number?

I’ll call you.

See you later.

Did you look around?

Yes. Let’s look around once more.

It’s so grand.



Gosh, this is nice.

By the way, I was so shocked.

I heard about how successful they were.

– They run a furniture shop.
– Right.

Chung Kyung played a key
role in the business.

It’s not about the looks.
Your skills matter the most.

In that case, she scores 120 out of 100.

Yes, that’s right.

– Gosh.
– Then am I minus 20 or something?


Let’s just drink.

Did you guys go to Myung Woon’s exhibition?

– We did. It was nice.
– You did?

If he flew back here,

at least Hwa Ran should’ve come here.

It’s been years, yet you’re
still pining for her.

– You jerk.
– Let’s be honest. Every guy…

in our neighborhood had a crush on her.

Hey, you should just shut it.

You startled me.

She’s here. Everyone!

Our dear writer is here.



It’s been ages.

We finally meet again.

It’s been a long time.
I’ve heard a lot about you.

I heard a lot about you too.

Right. You and Hwa Ran used to be close.

You should’ve told her to come.

Hwa Ran is pregnant. She should stay home.

No, wait. She was pregnant.

Oh, was it a slip of the tongue?

It’s all right. It’s
nothing to be ashamed of.

I don’t know about anyone else,

but she enjoys being sympathized with.

Had she recovered, she would’ve come here…

and told you all about it.

You should watch what you say
about someone who’s not even here.

Why should I do that when
I’m only stating the facts?

Whether it be true or not, you
have no right to bring that up.

What’s wrong?

I may not have the right,

but I do know very well
what kind of person she is.

Do you know her better than I do?

I’m saying we should be courteous.

Unlike you, others are tender
and can get hurt by your words.

Don’t say that.

I’m sorry. I think he’s drunk.

No, it’s fine.

– Hey.
– Oh, dear.



Can we have another bottle of soju, please?


I’m sorry. He’s not the type
to talk rashly like that.

He just drank one too many.

You don’t need to apologize on
his behalf. It’s really nothing.

Chung Kyung, you really
treat your husband well.

Lucky you. I’m jealous.

I don’t treat him that well.

Didn’t you guys start dating back in school?

You’ve been in love with
one man for over 20 years.

How does that feel?

Nothing really changed. Only time has passed.

Have you ever dreamed of being
in some other guy’s arms?

You have.

You thought of someone,
didn’t you? Who was it?

It’s no one.

Right, can I have your number?
I want to buy some furniture.

I saw your interview in the
magazine, and I loved it.

I want to customize all
the furniture in my studio.

Thank you.

Here. Call me anytime.

Hwa Ran had asked me…

to get your number.

Uncomfortable, right?

Forget it, then.

She likes you so much that
it’s actually strange.

I’m sure it’s uncomfortable.

It’s only possible because it’s me.

Most people wouldn’t want to talk
with her for even five minutes.


She already tires you
out by the way she talks.

But then, she calls you her lifesaver.

“Chung Kyung.”

She doesn’t know that doing
that makes people feel uneasy.

I’m not a lifesaver.

Of course, you are.

You basically saved her life.

Even if you didn’t,

she always had a soft spot for you…

since you have something she doesn’t.

There’s something she lacks?

I thought she had everything.

Yes, there is.

And it’s something you have.

What is it?


I’ll tell her that I forgot
to ask you for your number.

By the way,

have you always worn those kinds of clothes?

Why? Does it not suit me?

That’s not why. Hwa Ran
used to dress like you.

Do you have nothing to wear?

I never go out…

and always wear comfortable clothes to work.

You should’ve bought something new.

I have so many clothes that I never wore.

How does this look?

Wouldn’t you be too cold?

I’ll be wearing something on top.

How about this?

Wear that. It suits you.

You couldn’t even outdrink me.

– Hey.
– You lost.

– What a loser.
– Watch your head.

– Be careful.
– Go home safely.

– Bye.
– Bye.

The roads have been congested.

There is also an accident.

There’s quite a bit of traffic…

on the Olympic-daero and the Seongsan Bridge.

The congestion starts
from the Cheongdam Bridge.

It’ll take approximately an hour to travel…

from the Cheongdam Bridge
to the Gayang Bridge.

The Gangbyeon Expressway
will take about 50 minutes.

The Dongho Bridge toward
Ilsan is also congested.

As for Gangdong, the traffic jam starts…

from Yeouido to the Yeongdong Bridge.

The Olympic-daero will take
approximately 45 minutes.

– You’re drunk.
– That’s the current situation.

On the road from Bundang to Seoul,

there has been a car accident.

– No?
– From the crossway…

to the Tancheon 1 Bridge,
the traffic has gotten worse.

There’s also a traffic jam…

from Naegok Tunnel to Guryong Tunnel.

This is the end of the traffic report.


I stopped by the department
store due to work.

Today’s our wedding anniversary.

What? I totally forgot.

It’s okay. You’re not the type
to celebrate anniversaries.

But I love receiving gifts, right?


What could it be?

It’s nothing big.

This is embarrassing.

I thought it’d be nice
to get you new pajamas.

Gosh, why are my hands so rough?





Honey. Honey.

Gosh, wake up.

You can’t sleep here.

Get up. Come on.


My gosh.

Gosh, it’s cold.


Do husbands normally not come here?

We’re always together seven days a week.

You didn’t have to follow me here.

That’s more of a reason to come.

Ms. Jung Chung Kyung.

Yes. Let’s go.

You have multiple fibroids,

and one of them is pretty big in size.

It’s also located in a bad spot.

Is it serious?

The location of the fibroid
concerns me more than its size.

One of your options is to get surgery.

Do you plan to have a baby?


It’s possible to reduce
the size of the fibroid,

but it’s impossible to
get rid of it completely.

And if you often have
multiple fibroids like this,

you could also consider removing your uterus.

Remove it?

Due to its location, it keeps
pressuring your bladder.

And it could cause a pelvic
inflammatory disease.

What if she just gets rid of the fibroid?

Then will she be able to get pregnant?

Have you lost your mind?

We’re not in the situation to have a baby.

I can’t get pregnant.

Physically speaking, she
may be comparatively old,

but it’s still possible.

I’ll prescribe you some medicine for today.

Then you can get a shot before you leave.

Okay. Thank you.


Do you want a baby?


Have you been wanting me to get pregnant?

Do you know when we last had sex?

I can’t even remember
how many years it’s been.

Are you even able to get it up?

– Chung Kyung.
– You never mentioned this before.

So why the sudden change?

I just asked for no reason.

Don’t be ridiculous.

You couldn’t have asked that for no reason.

It means you’ve been thinking about that.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have
asked that all of a sudden.

I thought you weren’t ready to raise a baby.

You told me you didn’t want to
sacrifice our lives for a baby.

You said that 10 years ago.

You see,

during our entire marriage,

I was already swamped with…

taking care of our problems.

I was always busy paying back our loan.

We barely made ends meet.

And our lives finally started
to become a little more stable.

– I just…
– We’re in our mid 40s soon.

We’re not in our late
40s. We’re not in our 50s.

But I already have a hard
time taking care of myself.

And on top of that,

I might have to…

remove my uterus because of a fibroid.

How could you ask her…

if I could get pregnant
even after hearing that?

– I’m sorry.
– If we were going to have a baby,

that should’ve happened
10 years ago, not now.

Not now when we’re in our mid 40s!
It should’ve happened 10 years ago!

I think she has a cold.

I’m going to let her rest.

Yes. You should also take
the day off, Ms. Jang.

I’ll call you later in the evening.

Okay, bye.

Pumpkin soup?

Eating this…

reminds me of the past.

That day…

It’s been about 15 years, right?

I can’t even remember
what I ate a few days ago.

But strangely enough,

I can remember that day very clearly.

This soup…

The day…

you made me this soup
for the very first time.

I didn’t know the skin of sweet
pumpkins would be this hard.

Unlike the skin, the inside is really soft.

They’re harder to slice than zucchinis.

So much for its name, right?

I just thought they were sweet
because it’s called a sweet pumpkin.

There we go.

Should I use the rest of the
mung beans to make pancakes?

Actually, never mind. You
won’t like the greasy smell.

You should have a bite.

I cooled it down, so you
can have it right away.

Have a bite.

It’s delicious.

Have some more. Here.

Yes, you really liked it.


It was really good.

You had starved for days.

Anything would’ve tasted good.

My throat hurt…

even when I drank water.

And I didn’t even have the
energy to hold a spoon.

But it still tasted delicious.

How could it not taste good?

You worked so hard to make that for me.

So it just had to taste good.

Thank you for saying that.

I still remember how it felt…

to lose our child back then.

So how could I dare to get pregnant again?

Don’t you think so?

Don’t cry. You’re all grown up.

Why is he up?

Seeing that he got up…

just by seeing his cell phone light up…

means he wasn’t sleeping at all.

Since when did he keep
his cell phone on mute?

Since when…

did he mute his cell phone and
sleep with it under his pillow?






The woman…

who made my husband wake up…

just by making his cell phone light up.

Why does that woman…

have to be Kwon Hwa Ran of all people?

All the guys in the
neighborhood had a crush on her.

You must be cold.

And I liked her too.

Just a second.

– Here.
– Thanks.

The white lace bra that she wore…

was beautiful enough to
even appear in my dream.

But I was never able to wear it myself…

except for that one day.

It was an unplanned trip.

Up until then, my husband and I…

were just friends.

Come to think of it,

that day was when rumors spread…

saying the 23-year-old
Kwon Hwa Ran got pregnant.

The bathroom light is too bright.

I think we should change it.


Will I be able to live without my husband?

For the past 20 years, my husband was…

my friend.

These organic sanitary pads are
known to be really expensive.

It’s hard to find them too.

I heard they’re better for
you. I’ll buy them regularly.

He was my lover.


He was my business partner and companion.


And without a doubt, he was my best friend.

He was my man.

He was everything to me.

Will I be able to live without him?

Will I get used to it…

just like everyone else?

I don’t think I can do it.

I don’t think…

I can live without him.

Did they sleep together?

Since when have we stopped having sex?

I can’t do it.

Why couldn’t we do it?

Is it because of me?

We’ll go with the design
we discussed earlier.

It’ll cost this much.

I’ll text you the details.


Ji Sung.

You hired us, so I’ll buy you lunch.

Ms. Jang, you should have lunch with Mr. Woo.

Okay, I’ll do that.

I heard that Hwa Ran’s sick.

I didn’t know she’d miscarried.

I’d like to know what happened.

You didn’t ask last time.


our last meeting wasn’t
the time or place to ask.

I’d like to arrange to see her again,

but I don’t want to be rude.

This wasn’t the first time. It
happened a few times before.

It’s more a broken heart
than a physical illness.

Her husband’s so busy.

He can’t indulge her every whim.

So, eventually,

her broken heart makes
her physically sick too.

That’s what it is.

Isn’t she close with her husband?

He doesn’t seem to mind not having kids.

Hwa Ran insists on having
her husband’s child.

It’s almost an obsession.

She doesn’t seem to care about
the toll it takes on her body.

That’s why it happens.

What does Hwa Ran mean to my husband?

Was he trying to get something
he couldn’t get from me?

Is a physical affair…

better than an emotional one?

One or the other.

Which one could I forgive?

Which one is…


I prefer to do this by hand.

You know well.

It’s delicious. Try it.

She hurt herself at work.

It’s not bad, fortunately.

That’s too bad.

She’ll be more careful.

You’re such a good cook, Father.

I should learn from you when I have the time.

You’re too busy to visit often.

If there’s anything you want,
I’ll cook and send it to you.

Thank you.

Why did Mom’s food taste so bad?

It wasn’t too sweet, salty, or bitter.

It was oddly terrible.

But Dad,

you never complained about
her food while she lived.

That’s what your mom was like.

She was a housewife all her life,

but she was a poor housekeeper,

and she wasn’t a good cook.

Even though she tried hard.

Is that why you cheated on her?

If her food tasted bad,
you should’ve just said so.

I hated that more than you
sleeping naked with that woman.

It’s what Mom can’t give
you. You shouldn’t do that.

I’m sorry, Father. I’ll call you.


What’s wrong with this?

Shall we go?

I’m coming.

The prognosis isn’t too bad.

What will you do?

I’ll just have the surgery
to remove the cyst.

I’d like it done by a laparoscope.

That’s possible.

May I ask if,

after the surgery,

I can get a consult about
trying to get pregnant?

I must say it’ll be hard
to get pregnant naturally.

If you want,

I can recommend an infertility expert.

Why don’t you set a date for your surgery,

and then get an in-depth consultation?


What do you think, honey?

Why did you suddenly bring that up?

Without telling me?

It was too sudden at the time,

so I felt awkward.

I thought about it and realized that…

if we’re to have kids,

this might be our last chance.

What chance?

We never even considered getting pregnant.

That’s why we’re thinking about it now.

You want to be a dad.


If I can’t get pregnant naturally,

should we consider IVF?

It’s not a decision to make so easily.

Do you really want a baby?

Are you…

happy with me?

What kind of question is that?

Of course, I’m happy. Why, are you not?

No, it’s not that.

If we have a kid,

it makes us a family, not a couple.

We’re a family right now.

That’s not what I mean.

Artificial insemination and IVF…

aren’t easy procedures.

There can be side-effects,

and it’ll take a toll on your
health and it’ll exhaust you.

How will you deal with that?

The furniture that…

Ji Sung hired you to buy.

Why don’t you try making it?


You can be the main manufacturer.

I’ll help in any way I can.

Are you sure about that?

Why can’t we do it? You
used to make furniture too.

Shall I, then?

It’s been a while.

Who is it this early?



I’ll ask.

I’m sure it’ll be okay.


Who was it?

Myung Woon, our senior.

Han Myung Woon?

He wants to meet for a meal
if we’re free this weekend.

Okay, let’s do that. Are you up for it?

Hwa Ran’s not doing too well.


Never mind.



Did the chat go well?

She seems to have great
ideas about the interior.

She decided to let us make
all the furniture by hand.

That’s great.

Did Mr. Woo go out?

He left to go to a hospital.

To visit someone who’s sick, I think.

Did he not say where?

He told me while he was on the phone.

– Shall I call him?
– No. Don’t, it’s fine.



Are the exams done?

I shouldn’t waste your precious time.

I’m not that busy. Let’s
have something to eat.

Okay. Let me get changed first.

Why are you out here?

Where did you go without telling me?

What’s wrong? It’s cold, let’s talk inside.

Where were you?

At a hospital.

What for?

Your father’s physical.
I told you it’s today.

I told you two days ago
too, so I thought you knew.

Was that today?

Shouldn’t you have told Ms. Jang, though?

Why you’re leaving and when you’ll come back.

I’ll go and visit Dad.

Your father? Right now?

Yes. It’s the weekend tomorrow.

Let’s go.

No. I’ll go on my own.

– It’s dangerous to drive at night.
– I’ll take a taxi.

Why take a taxi alone at night?

– I’ll come with you.
– I don’t want you to.

I’ll just drop you off, then.

When will you come back home?

Will you spend the night?

– I’ll see.
– Your father.

He tried to hide it, but he’s
worried about his results.

Have a nice chat. He’ll
be pleased to see you.


Hello? Yes.

Then let them…

Who is it?

Just a moment.

It’s Ms. Jang. What’s wrong?


Go on inside.

Yes, go on.

No, I will…

Yes, make a call.

Thank you.

Do you have soju?

My husband has a woman.

No way.

I saw.

In the middle of the night,

he got up and left without making a sound.

So I followed him.

She called him to the
ER at the crack of dawn.

She wasn’t sick.

She looked fine.

So why did she call my husband?

I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s just…

Cheating isn’t just
sleeping with someone else.

He was so worried for her
and felt pity for her.

If that’s not love, what is?

In the middle of the night, I
didn’t even hear his phone ring,

but he left to go to her because she called!

What is that? What is that about?

Let’s go to your place.

– Go and…
– And say what?

That you know because you’ve done it?

Did you show that you know?

I didn’t say anything.

What’ll you do if you don’t?

I’ll pretend that I don’t know anything.

I’ll keep it deep inside…

and move on.

That’s easier said than done.

Ask him about it and talk about it.

Wouldn’t that be better?


What should I say?

It’ll be over, then. That
means I want to end it!

You can’t live like that.

My temper flares up a several times a day.

I can’t bear it.

How am I to bear it each time?

Each time,

my heart gets cut.

It gets shaved down like a block of wood.

It hurts so much.

How am I going to live like this?

Hello, sir. Come this way.

That won’t work. We must
finish by the end of the month.

Okay. I’ll come right over.

What’s wrong?

There was a miscommunication with
the import company. I must go.

I’ll come with you. Let’s tell Myung Woon…

No, you go ahead. We came all this way.

Tell Myung Woon for me.

I’m sorry. Woon Beom came all the way here,

but left on urgent business.

He couldn’t even say hi.

I was hoping to see you alone, Chung Kyung.

This worked out even better.

I’d always wanted to…

speak to you freely one day.

It was good to see you again.

Did something happen recently?

Not really. What could happen?

My wife doesn’t exactly
make you feel comfortable.

She stresses you out.

She put you through something
you didn’t have to suffer for.

I suffered?

It’s my fault.

Let me apologize instead.

But don’t worry too much.

No one crossed the line.

They don’t have that kind of relationship.

How long have you known?

Or rather, how much do you know?

Hwa Ran really wanted to have a baby.

We tried everything we could.

IVF didn’t work for her.

There were some side-effects.

It was a physical drainer,

but she was mentally drained too.

She’d pass out all the time
and go to the hospital often.

It exhausted me too,

and I wasn’t always available.

A few times, I got a call much later.


she stopped calling me altogether.

I guess she called Woon Beom.

The hospital she goes to.

I know a doctor there and he told me.

Hwa Ran knows that but still goes there.

So each time,

she used my husband?

So you’d notice? And get jealous?

So what?

Did you ask to meet to say that?

No. That’s not it.

I just wanted to see you, Chung Kyung.

How could you be…

We’re both so selfish, right?

I didn’t know you were like this.

– I used to…
– Like me.

I respected you.

I’m really sorry.

Woon Beom’s such a fool.

He has you for a wife, so why…

One reason marriage is boring…

is that when you go from dating…

to a married couple and live as a family,

you get no more opportunities
to rationally see…

what a catch you are.

You’re still beautiful.

Shall I help you?

With what?

Create a balance.

Even if it’s just once,

once you betray Woon Beom,

you’ll be able to live with it.


No. I’ll go straight to the hospital.

I’m sorry to cut things short.

Will you come with me?


I should go now.

Oh. Okay, then.

Let’s meet properly next
time. Just the two of us.


Are you all right?

I look all right to you, don’t I?

I look fine, right?

What did I say?

I said today is an important day.

I said I ovulate today!

How many times must I say?

How many times must I say it
for you to get the message?

Are you disregarding me?

Am I a nobody to you? Do I mean nothing?

How many times must I tell you?

Are you belittling me? How dare you!

You’re home.

Look at that.


When did you get home?

I came right home after the meeting.

Did you work things out?

Yes. We put the order in again right away,

so we’ll be able to meet the deadline.

I guess it wasn’t that urgent.

Yes, it was.

I went right away and took
care of it, that’s why.

You didn’t want to see Myung Woon, did you?

Why do you say that?

If you didn’t want to go in the first place,

you shouldn’t have made plans. What is this?

That’s not it.

Yes, it is.

Then you would’ve come back,

not sit here laughing at the TV.


Your wife was eating alone with another man.

How could you not call or text once?

Is it that much fun watching
TV? How can you drink right now?

What’s wrong with you? It
was Myung Woon of all people.

You don’t have to worry if it’s Myung Woon?

Why? Based on what?

What’s wrong? Did something happen?

Enough already!

Chung Kyung.

Do you even sleep at night?

Can you sleep while waiting for
texts on your silenced phone?

I silenced it so it wouldn’t wake you.

In case I’d wake up?

Not in case I’d find out?

What misconception do you have?

A few days ago…

You got a text.

And you got up and texted back immediately!

It’s strange! And suspicious!

Why didn’t you ask right away?

Who was it?

Hwa Ran. Myung Woon’s wife.

Why did…

Hwa Ran call you in the middle of the night?

I think she’s depressed.

She has no one to talk to, so I feel bad.

Is that all?

What do you mean? What else would it be?


Honey! Honey!

Didn’t you see this? It split.

I didn’t see it.

I’ll do it. We don’t have any extras, right?

You have a guest.


Stay here. I’ll go.

Chung Kyung.

It’s so good to see you.

I’ve missed you.

I begged Ji Sung because I wanted to see you.

What’s wrong with her?

She even requested furniture from you,

but she lied that she
didn’t have your number.

Why? Did you not want me…

to contact you?

It’s good to see you. It has been a while.


What brings you here?

What do you mean?

I wanted to order a dresser.

For my husband’s study.

He has a lot of things lying around.

We apologize,

but we don’t have time
to take any more orders.

I’m not in a rush.

I can wait.

I’ll just preorder it.


We can’t take any.

We have a lot of orders backed up.

We’re short-staffed,

so we can’t take on that much work.

I’m so hurt, Chung Kyung.

I’ve missed you a lot.

You’ve changed.

You used to do anything for me.

I should’ve told you
about our schedule first.

Please call in advance next time
so you don’t come for nothing.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

We can’t do it.

Our number’s written there.

Please call us.

Do you still say it’s nothing? Do you?

What is it? Why is she here?

Why did she come here?

I don’t know. I know nothing about it.

I haven’t taken her calls since.

Is there really nothing between you two?

I’ll be rational.

She called a married man in
the middle of the night…

and had the nerve to show up here.

Why should I care what you
did with someone like that?

– Stop that.
– Stop what?

I’m sorry for making you get the wrong idea,

but she’s not like that. So
don’t talk about her like that.

– What is she like, then?
– Not the type you think…

Nothing happened, and
there’s nothing between us.

So don’t say things like that.

– Hello?
– It’s me, Hwa Ran.

Woon Beom…

Your husband…

loves me.

I’m sorry, Chung Kyung.

This is what I went to
tell you, but I couldn’t.

Let’s grab some food together.

I want to apologize.

How long have you known?

You knew from the start, didn’t you?

You were testing my reaction
by saying those things.

Was it fun?

That’s why I’m sitting here,

don’t you think?

But it is a bit of a pain
to get involved like this.

You don’t look like it.

You gave her my number…

and knew she’d come to my workshop.

Weren’t you after that?

I don’t have that much time to kill.

I had no choice but to tell
her because she kept nagging.

You two are the same.

You pretended not to know and tested me.

Hwa Ran toyed with my
husband’s emotions for years,

then called me directly…

and asked me to meet.

And yet, you came.

Because she’ll keep contacting
my husband if I don’t.

We should end that today.

I guess you don’t want to get divorced?

Why should I?


Holding out is winning.

Chung Kyung

Chung Kyung. I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.

For what?

It was too hard for me.

You know. I’m not strong like you.

I can’t do anything on my own.

And… I was too scared.

I had no choice.

But you know, nothing happened.

What’s the standard for that “nothing”?

I love my husband too much.

I’m not the type that
can sleep with other men.

It’s just… When it got too hard for me,

I just…

couldn’t handle it.


Every time you didn’t feel
well or got depressed,

you sought my husband who
responded and came running…

whenever you contacted him?

You must be very angry.

I’m not angry.

Don’t lie.

How could you not be?

I’m the one who’s sorry.

– For what?
– I knew everything.


he went to the hospital
whenever you ended up there.

That he took your calls and
responded to your texts…

even if it was in the middle of the night.

I knew about it all.

Since when?

Since the beginning, naturally.

He tells me everything.

I told him to do it.

To go to you.

That’s not possible.

You sat back and watched your
husband love another woman?

How is that possible?

It isn’t love.

It’s pity.

Because we felt sorry for you.

I felt bad for you…

so I told my husband to do that.

But don’t contact him anymore.

There’s just so much pity
we can have for someone.

My husband and I are both exhausted.

If you want to vent…

or beg for attention,

do it to your husband.

You’re back.

I met with Hwa Ran today.

She asked me to meet.

She wanted to apologize.

She said that my husband…

That you love her…

and that she’s sorry.

What the…

Is she wrong?

That’s absurd.

I went to the ER that day.

I saw you standing there next to Hwa Ran.

I followed you and saw everything.

Then you must know.

Nothing happened.

She had no guardian, so I…

There were no feelings involved?

What you saw was everything.

You really don’t know, do you?

You don’t know how your
face looked back then.

You should’ve just slept with her.

What was that?

How can you say there
were no feelings involved?

– Chung Kyung.
– Why you?

How could you…

or all people?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you making me feel so pathetic?

How could you do this to me? How could you?

How could you?

Please, don’t do this.

Where are you going?

It’s not that big a deal.
There’s no reason for this.

That’s not for you to decern.

Hello, Father.



What are you doing?


Want to have some wine?

Right now?

Is it too late?

No. I’ll come.


Why do you need a place like
this when you have a home?

It’s good to have secrets from your spouse.

It’s more comfortable that way.

What kind of marriage is that?

Who cares?

I guess.

Who cares?

What do you want to do?

You said you’d help me, right?




Father. Father.

Father! Wake up.

Father! Wake up!



Pick up.






I told you.

You’re still just as pretty, Chung Kyung.



He has his own studio.

He doesn’t know that I know.

You scumbag!

Chung Kyung.

Chung Kyung.

Open up.

It’s me, Chung Kyung. It’s okay, so open up.

Open up. You…

This isn’t the time for this. Father…


passed away. You have to go.

Open up.

Open this door, Chung Kyung.



I was able to send my father
off properly thanks to you.

I want a divorce.

Let’s get a divorce.

I have no intention of breaking up with you.

We’ve seen each other’s worst.

How can we live together?

We have to live.

You and I, together.

We’re each other’s only family.

Is that possible?

It’ll be hard to forget,

but still.

I won’t lose you over that.


will you forgive me?

It wasn’t your fault.

It was my fault.

The wounds of the heart that we…

That you and I gave each other…

No one…

but the two of us…

can make them heal.

Let’s bury them.

Let’s let time heal them.

So let’s live together…

for a long, long time.

Please do that for me.

It’s snowing.

We have to do it, right?

Will it snow through the afternoon?

The meeting is in the afternoon, right?


I’ll drive you. It’s dangerous with the snow.

It tastes good.

Eat up.



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