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Lovestruck in the City Episode 13 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Lovestruck in the City Episode 13 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Lovestruck in the City Episode 13 Drama Korea, Lovestruck in the City Epi 13 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Lovestruck in the City Episode 13 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 13 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Lovestruck.in.the.City.S01E13.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-SH3LBY.ass






Oh, the product name has to show?

Like this?

It’s nice. Very sweet.

Have you ever blacked out after drinking?

Not even once.

I really don’t get
why people drink to the point

of blacking out.

We don’t cross the line.

Exactly. We just have
a few drinks to get buzzed.

That would annoy other people a lot.

Sorry, Jae-won.

Some end up at a police box
after getting drunk.

I’m a mess. I have blackouts a lot.

I’ve been to the police station
and cried on the streets.

I’ve done everything.

I won’t give you lame excuses.
I’ll be honest.

By the way, Geon’s friends are such liars.

Do you mean us?

I’ve heard stories from Geon.

I plead the Fifth.

They’re a bunch of messed-up idiots.


-Let’s go home now.
-You’re being a huge nuisance to us.

Don’t say that.

-Look at her sleeping soundly.
-Sleep tight


-The birds are asleep
-The birds are asleep

-And so is the lamb

-Stop. What are you doing?
-Thank you for your service. Salute.

Hello. You must be Rin-i’s friend.

I’m her boyfriend.

-Kyeong-jun, I smell a dog.
-When Rin-i’s drunk…

she sleeps in a doghouse.

-Coming. Here he is.
-Coming. Here he is.

-Kyeong-jun is here.
-Here he is.



Rin-i’s boyfriend sleeps in the elevator
whenever he’s drunk.

-Bye, Kyeong-jun.
-Bye, Kyeong-jun.

And Geon. He doesn’t remember a thing.

By the way,
do you know how he and I first met?

Geon is such a great singer.

He’s such an awesome dancer. He’s so cool.

Geon, you’re so cool.

-Do you guys know him?
-I think he teaches second grade.

I’ve never seen him before.
Doesn’t he teach first graders?

Do you know him, Ms. Oh?

It doesn’t matter who he is.

We came here to sing.

And Eun-o. She gets on a bus
whenever she gets drunk.

She always goes to the last stop.
All four of them are messed up.

Birds of a feather flock together.

It’s been proven by science.

Hello? Hey, Eun-o.

Hey. Hello?

What’s going on?

She sleeps when she’s drunk.
Did I just interrupt that?

She’s the most dangerous
when she wakes up after getting drunk.

This is killing me.
I can’t sleep sober now.

Darn it. I forgot to charge my phone.


What is she saying?


someone will be in danger.

If you

got a call from Eun-o
or saw her on the street,

I advise you to get
as far away from her as possible.



Who is this?

I got a bunch of weird texts from you.

This isn’t my phone.
It belongs to some young woman.

But she’s hammered.

She’s at the last stop of my route.

I’m the last driver,
so there are no more buses for the night.

What? Yes.

Wake up, miss.

What’s your name, miss?

It’s Lee Eun-o.

Lee… What?

-Lee Eun-o.

Who? Lee Eun?

Hold on, sir.

One moment.


Sir, where are you exactly?


-Is that our account book?
-Yes. Good morning.

What’s with the serious face?

I’ll switch to a cheaper phone plan.

My phone plan is too expensive.

Hang on.

Let me check if there are cheaper plans.

There’s one.

And I spent a lot more on food this month.

No wonder I felt so heavy!

Rin-i, what are you talking about?
You’re not heavy at all.

I can lift you with my fingers.

Why are you so sweet this morning?

Was I? Then…

Or should I get another part-time job?


Why don’t you get a proper job instead?

-But I’m working.
-It’s a part-time job.

I think it would be better
if you got a permanent job.


I don’t want to be chained
to commuting every day.

And I don’t want to get mixed up
with people at work.

I just like my life now.

Only having you, Eun-o, and Geon nearby

is enough for me.

Oh, right.

Geon will buy that nightstand
for 350,000 won.

No. I’m going to keep it here.

No. What about that one?

Sell it on the second-hand market.

No. I like the one you fixed for me
way more.

That’s an old nightstand.
I just painted on it.

Why would you want it?

The imported nightstand is
more expensive, sturdier,

suits you better, and better-quality,

Hey. It’s not about the price.
You painted that for me for hours.


You win. I give up.

I won!

-You lost.

Eun-o, are you up? I’m opening the door.

Where is she?

Where am I?

Miss! Please wake up! Please!

I’m coming.

Thank you.

“Pushover”? Who is that?

-Hey, don’t answer that.


Yes. Go ahead.
This is Lee Eun-o’s cell phone.

I see. Eun-o…

Wait. Who is this?

Eun-o is in a meeting now.



-That was rude.
-I learned it from you.

She left after drinking last night.

She must have returned after I fell asleep

and left this morning.

So, she’s in a meeting right now.

Right. Yes.

That’s a relief.

Let’s eat. I’m hungry.

-How did I end up here?
-How much do you remember?

-I was at the last stop–
-You were sitting on the bench.

I thought about leaving you there,
but it was too freezing.

I carried you to my car.

Then I carried you to my bed in my room.

You’ve gotten heavier than before.
Life must have been good to you.

My back almost broke.
Meanwhile, I lost 3kg.

Were you always this sarcastic?

What about you?

I don’t know.

It’s you who seems like
a total stranger to me.

Let’s eat first.
I know you feel awkward, but…

Forget breakfast. We should talk.

We couldn’t talk yesterday
because of my friends.

But I’m hungry.

What is it?

Seon-a loved this kind of breakfast.

Do you not?

-What do you like?
-You’re still being sarcastic.

You have no right to say that.
Wouldn’t you be sarcastic?


what’s this? Explain it to me first.


How could you be so harsh?

Did you track me down
to tell me I’m a horrible woman?

I’ll remove the heart in your name.

I changed your name on my phone.

No. I’ll delete your number.


I loved you.

I miss you.


I guess you still remember
my phone number.

Or it’s still saved on your phone.

What did you save me as?

If I had your number,

I would’ve saved you as Camera Thief.

Go ahead. It’s not too late.

I won’t. I doubt I’ll contact you again.

I’ll return the cameras. I said I would.

No, just keep them.
What’s the point of having them back?

Why would I want to keep them?

Why did you print my photos?

You printed all of our photos. Why?

Did you miss me?

Yes, I did.

They’re my souvenirs. So what?

You can do the same.

Fine. I’m sorry I couldn’t let it go
and tried to find you.

You knew I tried to find you for a year.

You heard it from Rin-i and Kyeong-jun,
but you did nothing.


Was it fun to watch me suffer in pain?

I was

worried if you were in an accident
and hospitalized,

and if that was the reason
you couldn’t call me.

I even e-mailed Ra-ra and Bin,
who had moved to South Africa.

I was in despair
when I didn’t get a reply.

When I saw someone
who resembled you on the street,

I ran after them to check.

-Every day, like a mad–
-Why did you live like that?

I said I stole your cameras.

How could you not take the hint?

People have flings on trips.

But when they come back,
they forget about it and just move on.

So did you get over me?

Was it just a piece of memory?

Then why did you marry me?

Why did you marry me?

I said it was for fun.

-You agreed.
-No, not for me. I was serious.

And you were, too.

You were fully aware
that I was serious about you, right?

So what?

Did we register our marriage or what?

-We didn’t.
-How could you be so brazen? How?

You weren’t like this in Yangyang.

-Seon-a, you–

Yoon Seon-a.

Seon-a wasn’t clumsy or brazen.
I bet she was great because…

Because she’s not me.

I’m Lee Eun-o.

The person you loved is Seon-a.

She’s an identity I made up,
so she’s not me.

You loved the fake version of me.

You probably loved her from head to toe.

But I’m not her.

You know nothing about me.

About my feelings, personality,
thoughts, or preferences.

You know nothing.

I’m so sorry I’m not…

Yoon Seon-a.

Damn it.

Get in. I’ll drop you off.

Just lend me your umbrella.

Would you do that for someone you hate?

Get in. The bus stop is far away.

Here. Come on.

I don’t drive when it rains.

It’s dangerous.


Gosh. Eun-o has quite a temper.

Seon-a had a temper too,
but she was so cute.

I said I’m sorry I’m not Seon-a.

If you’re sorry, don’t get mad at me.

You don’t have the right
to get angry with me.

Do you want some music?

Don’t touch it. It’s my car.

Are you always this cranky?


I’m always cranky.

But I turn gentle when I fall in love.

What are you like when you’re in love?

Jae-won is silly.

That’s why I liked him.

Aren’t you hungry?

Are you hungover?

This is weird.

I just can’t hate her.

I want to hate her, but I can’t.

Sir, there’s a meeting
with the Materials Management Team

for the bathroom in Sinsa-dong.

But our team leader hasn’t come in yet.

Okay, shall I delay the meeting?

Give me the list of the materials.
I’ll take a look first.


Guys, it’s raining.

Ramyeon is the best on rainy days.

-Is your meeting over, Eun-o?
-Yes. It’s over.

Get home safe.

Eun-o, where were you…


Rin-i’s here.

What’s going on?
Why are you two here together?

Subtitle translation by: Won-hyang Son

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