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Lovestruck in the City Episode 14 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Lovestruck in the City Episode 14 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Lovestruck in the City Episode 14 Drama Korea, Lovestruck in the City Epi 14 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Lovestruck in the City Episode 14 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 14 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Get home safe.


Rin-i’s here.

What’s going on?
Why are you two here together?


Were you having a meeting
with his company?


But all the documents
you brought yesterday are still at home.

We had to speed things up. That’s why.

You didn’t have to drop me home,
but you insisted.

Thank you. Get home safe.

I’ll go in first.

Jae-won, do you want ramyeon?


Don’t bother him. He’s a busy man.

You’re not hungry, are you?

I am.

Still, you don’t want ramyeon, do you?

I do.

-Let’s eat. I have time.

Go in first. Let me park my car.

-Eun-o’s special cockle ramyeon!
-Eun-o’s special cockle ramyeon!

-It looks good.
-It does.

Ms. Lee, thank you.

It’s so delicious.

-Jae-won, she invented this.

I love cockles. Why didn’t I
think of adding this to ramyeon?


Mine has so many cockles.


-When will you start working?
-I won’t.

We had a talk.
I didn’t like the conditions.

You’re not the one that could decide.
We may not hire you.

We don’t hire just anyone.

You must be on a power trip.

You must not have read
the request thoroughly.

It says that many companies
will be competing against each other,

and our employees will evaluate
their proposals and take a vote.

We made it clear.

-Could she be disqualified?

Don’t be ridiculous. I won’t be.

Just so you know,

O3 is the smallest among them.

The size of a company
has nothing to do with its capacity.

Anyway, I have no time,
and it doesn’t suit my company.

-So I won’t do it.

I don’t think
you’re in a position to be picky.

Why not? O3 is flourishing these days.

I’m about to reap what I sowed
and receive hundreds of offers.

Kyeong-jun probably told him
that you were about to starve to death.

Starve how? I was not.

You need to get this gig.
You’d better win that bidding.

The landlord called us
about raising our rent.

What? Why are you telling me that now?

I got the call this morning.

So I’m telling you pretty soon.

So? By how much?

-Twenty percent.

Damn it! How could they do that?

Do they want us to freeze to death
this winter? Are they serious?

There’s a rent fee price cap.

They can only raise it
by five percent at most.

Are you stupid?
Why didn’t you say anything?

Even five percent is absurd. It’s not like
I can make money grow from trees.

I can’t pay more than that.

Kyeong-jun said
the old Eun-o used to be kind and calm.

-I’m speechless.
-Who in the world is she?

She’s neither my beloved Yoon Seon-a
nor the kindhearted Lee Eun-o.

I just can’t understand her.

Tell the landlord I’m on my way.

-You do it.
-You signed the contract.

Sorry to say this right now,

but the bidding is just around the corner,

Yes, this isn’t the time for that.


If you look at the maintenance
and equipment fees for the building…

Mr. Choi, may I have a word with you?

What is it?

I asked the owner
of the house in Buam-dong

to wait until the end of this month.

Why won’t you give up on your design?

They won’t be able to move in
by the set date.

Where will they live then?

What did you tell me last time?

You said you’d give up
because you can’t modify it.

-I think I’ll figure it out.
-Sure, you’ll find a way.

After you redesign the entire building.

You know you’ll have to move and rebuild
the water supply and drainage.

You’re an expert. What’s wrong with you?

Why won’t you talk? Answer me.

Because you’re right.

Kyeong-jun, everything you said is right.

Have you ever wondered

how many houses
in Seoul are over a century old?

They all get demolished
in less than 20 to 30 years.

If we’re going to build a house
with every material we want to use,

I want to have no regrets,

and I want the family to live there
for generations on end.

You and your bluffing. Hold on.

I’ll give you ten more days.

I can’t give you more than that.

Did the meeting for the materials go well?

I don’t know. Why were you late?

I had a meeting with Ms. Lee
early in the morning.

Didn’t you hand over everything?

I thought I did, but I had forgotten
to give her something. That’s why.

What’s this?

Where was Eun-o planning to go

with this empty suitcase?

-Right, your necklace.

Right, your necklace.

What are the rings for? A new boyfriend?


Hello. Are you busy?

Do you remember the open house party
you did last time?

Yes, could you send me the reference?

I saw the video your company made

and wanted to refer to it.


I’m thinking of going with acoustic music
for the performance.

Could you send me
the list of artists as well?

Of course, you’re investing in me.

You just wait.
O3 will grow big and help you out.

Okay, thank you.

I guess that will do.

Let’s see.

Are you here to see Rin-i?


I guess she didn’t tell you.

She got fired today.
Our manager’s sister-in-law will take…

What? That’s just ridiculous.

So where is Rin-i?

She didn’t come here.

Then where is she? She wasn’t home either.

She’s not a kid.
Are you worried that she lost her way?

Did you really agree to buy that
for 350,000 won?


I only gave in
because she was pestering me.

I searched it up.
It really costs 1,2 million won.

And it’s a famous brand.

That’s right. And you know what?
That’s brand new.

It has never been used
or displayed before.

It’s really brand new, idiot.

Why did you say you got it for free?

Did you lie to her again?
Because she’d get mad about the price?

Why didn’t you catch on sooner?

I gave you all sorts of signals.

Did you?

You’re really unhelpful.

You’re the problem here, not me.

Why are you complicating your romance?

I don’t want someone who’s been single
for two years to lecture me.

Where in the world is she?

Isn’t her boss crazy?

Should I report him
for wrongful dismissal?

-Should I?

What if she’s crying somewhere right now?

She must be furious and upset.

She said she needed to get an extra job.

-How could she get fired?

You don’t know what Rin-i’s like.

Don’t worry. I’m sure she’s doing fine.

Are you sure? How do you know that?

-Are you her dad?
-I am indeed, Mr. Choi.

You should go back home.

Good job.

You’re good on the leash.

What’s going on?

I missed you, you know?

And here you are!

I read your mind.

Then you must have also known
I was craving spaghetti.

You bet.

I know everything about you, Rin-i.

Of course, you do.

-It looks so delicious.
-It’s done. Wash your hands.


We should throw this away.

No, I can glue it back.

Put it there. I’ll be back.

Why would she glue it back?

Rin-i, this portable gas stove
looks dangerous.

The induction cooktop will be fixed soon.

-Should I buy a cheap one?
-Thank you for the meal.

This is so good.
I thought I was starving to death.

-Eat up. I made a lot.
-You too.


I heard you got fired
from the cosmetics store.

How did you know?

Did you come to see me?
You should have called me.

I got a new job.

-What is it?
-Dog walking.

There’s a house near that playground,
and they have a big dog.

I’ll be walking their dog
two hours every day.

Guess how much the rate is.

It’s 15,000 won per hour.
That’s 30,000 won for 2 hours.

Won’t you be cold?

How can you walk around for that long
in this weather?

No, dog walking is fun.

I’ll be exercising
and making money as well.

This is good.


Is there anything
you’d like to learn or study?

I do study.

I also attend
those environmental seminars.

No, not that kind of studying.

Didn’t you say
you want to become a teacher?

We all have grand dreams
when we’re little.

No, I think that occupation
will suit you well.

After all, you like kids.

I think you’ll make
a great elementary school teacher.

How about going
to Seoul National University of Education?

Give it some serious thought.

I heard many people study
to become a teacher at a later age.


It’s not for me. I told you last time.

I’m truly happy with my life right now.

Besides, the tuition is too expensive.

You have me.
If you want, I can pay for your tuition.

Think about it.


I have something to show you.

Ta-da. It’s 350,000 won.

Geon paid me for that bedside table.

I’ll buy you a muffler.

All right. Let’s finish our meal.

It’s so good.

This is a neighboring house. Number 56-9.

They want us to rebuild the wall
between them and our house.

Let me see.

Like this.

Like this?

I see.

We have the bidding result
for the complex cultural center.


See? I told you she’d get it.

-You may proceed.
-Yes, sir.

Will they stop complaining
if we fix this wall?

Hold on. Let me tell Eun-o
about the bidding result.



You knew I tried to find you for a year.

You heard it from Rin-i and Kyeong-jun,
but you did nothing.



I found nothing
when I searched for “Yoon Seon-a.”

I found a book at a bookstore
someone I know used to read.

Bratislava, Poznań,

Trieste, and Riga.

Due to their unfamiliar names,
these cities sound more romantic.

He wanted to walk
the alleyways in Europe together.

How are you doing?

I’m doing great.


You said you got over it.

Tonight, I’m reminded
of the memories that radiated

and dissipated
like a midsummer night’s dream.

My proposals have been rejected,
and I haven’t received any job offers.

Despite the endless worries

that have made me gloomy,
I can still hold on

thanks to the memories
of dancing in the rain like a kid.

Those memories make me smile once again.

Lee Eun-o, you can do it.

I’m always cranky.

But I turn gentle when I fall in love.

What are you like when you’re in love?

But when they come back,
they forget about it and just move on.

So did you get over me?

Was it just a piece of memory?

You know nothing about me.

About my feelings, personality,
thoughts, or preferences.

You know nothing.

What’s with the jump ropes?
Nighttime workout?

Look who’s talking. Go in.

There’s a package downstairs.

Why didn’t you pick it up?


it was yours.

That little…

-What was that?
-What was that?

What is it?

What? O3?

This is Seon-a’s…

I mean, Eun-o’s car.

This is unbelievable.

Why did it have to be hers?

No way.

Jae-won, you lunatic.

How could you…

What should I tell her?

I should call her.

What should I say?
This is driving me crazy.



I’m really sorry, but I…

No. This is Park Jae-won.

I was parking, and I think

I bumped into your car.
You should come and check.

It’s nothing serious.

It’s just a scratch.

It’s a small scratch. A teeny one.

How is that a teeny scratch?


Move aside.

-How is that teeny?
-You can barely see it from afar.

Hang up first.

Hey. Your car is fine,
but mine is smashed up.

Come on. How is this “smashed up”?

And you should have parked
a bit more to the–

-This is in front of my house.
-Yes, you’re right.

As the owner of this house,

you should’ve parked a bit closer.

What did I do so wrong?
I parked flawlessly.

Right, it’s all my fault.

You did nothing wrong.

It’s my fault for coming here
and hitting your car.

It’s my fault for being Park Jae-won

and having you as my ex-wife.

“Ex-wife”? Hey.

-Don’t say that.
-Why not? You are my ex-wife.

When I asked you to marry me,

you happily demanded a proposal.
Why? Is it irritating?

-I’m sick of it.

You’re sick of it?

Why did you seduce me?

You had an ulterior motive, didn’t you?

Talking about the field and the rain
as you convinced me

to get a driver’s license.

You could’ve not fallen for me
when I was talking about those things.

Did you not seduce me then? You did.

-You were more passionate about it.
-Was I? When?

Why did you grab my hand
when we first met?

I was standing still, but you grabbed me.

We were playing a game.
I wanted the prize.

Coincidentally, you were in front of me.

You were within arm’s reach.

If it was another woman,
you would’ve grabbed her instead, right?

What is this? You’re jealous, aren’t you?

Forget it. Pay for the damages.

I will. Call the insurance…

No, forget it. How much is it?

-Are you showing off your money?
-How is this…

They said you used to be kindhearted.

But you’re so weird now.

Look who’s talking.
You acted so nonchalant,

but you’re so obsessive now.

This is all because of you!

Where is the kindhearted Eun-o?

Forget about Seon-a. Where is she?

She’s right here.
What will you do about it?

No, you’re not kind at all.

I bet you were always mean.

-I bet Kyeong-jun didn’t know.
-Move your car!

Fine. I’ll move it!

You horrible woman.

Move your car, you lunatic.

Why did you kick…

This is…

This is our wedding ring.

I threw mine away in Cheonggyecheon.

Where is it?

What is this?

Is this our ring?


The rings on your necklace I heard…

-They’re our rings, aren’t they?

What do you mean? They are.

-Move aside. Let me check.
-I said no.

-It’s not ours.

I was right. They’re ours.

I’m right.

Give them back. They’re mine.

I threw this away in Cheonggyecheon.
Why do you have it?

-Give them back.

What’s your deal?

Why are you tormenting me?


These are our wedding rings.

You didn’t throw yours away.

You lied that you moved on, didn’t you?

I found out everything.

What do you mean?

You had my cameras
and printed all of our photos.

And these rings.

They are our wedding rings.
You had yours all along.

Eun-o, what is going on?

Tell me what your true feelings are!

Can’t you just pretend not to know me?


I really don’t want my friends
to find out.

Are you that embarrassed
about your alias in Yangyang?

you’re Kyeong-jun’s cousin.

You’re right. I’m his cousin. So what?

Why do we have to break up
because of that?

Can’t you just break up with me?

Do you really mean it?

You don’t.

I can tell.

Tell me.

Look at me.


Hey, Eun-o.

When you looked for my ring
when you were in Cheonggyecheon,

what were you thinking?

You thought of me.


still love…

Subtitle translation by: Soo-ji Kim

Ripped by TTEOKBOKKIsubs

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