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Lovestruck in the City Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Lovestruck in the City Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Lovestruck in the City Episode 3 Drama Korea, Lovestruck in the City Epi 3 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Lovestruck in the City Episode 3 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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-See you later. Bye.


Oh, hi.

-Let’s go eat breakfast.

Dog, I bet you’re hungry, too.

Did you sleep well?

I woke up and saw you
sleeping like a baby.

I stared at your face for a while.

You looked cute.

I saw you talking to Gyeong-gu earlier.

-What did you talk about?

Oh, Gyeong-gu and I are
going to the movies tonight.

They’re reshowing one of
Christopher Nolan’s movies.

I love his movies, you know.

So does Gyeong-gu.

So we’re going to watch it together.

I like Nolan’s movies, too.
Christopher Nolan.

Who on Earth doesn’t?


The first thing I thought was…

“Did I mess up last night?
Didn’t she want me last night?”

She realized you weren’t it
after sleeping with you.

That’s not true.

I’m good, you know.

I can’t explain how good I am here,

but I’m good at it. Okay?

I’m good. You don’t have to tell me that.

Why didn’t you think
it could’ve been a one-night stand?

Aren’t you that single guy
who hasn’t dated for two years?

Are you making fun of me with that?
This is ridiculous.

I used to be quite popular.

How strange. We never agree.

If we ever meet,
I’d like to share a piece of advice.

Don’t think about dating
when you don’t understand women.

That’s why I was dumped. So what?

It’s all right. I got dumped, too.
It’s no big deal.

Isn’t it because
he told her that he loved her?

What’s wrong with saying that?

It could’ve been too much.

Sleeping together doesn’t mean
you’re in love.

I know that.

I do think I took it a bit too far.

She just wanted to sleep with the guy,

but he said, “I love you.”

I would’ve run away, too, if I was her.

I wouldn’t sleep with you
if you were a girl.

Yeah, me, neither.

I really want to meet you in person.

Why would we meet?
It’s clear that we can’t get along.

Do you really need me to spell it out?

Kissing each other the next morning
like a long-term couple.

That’s weirder.

Why? It’s not bad for a start.

I guess she didn’t want to start anything.

Focus on your love life.
You’ve been single for two years.

I’m staying single voluntarily. Okay?

It’s not that I don’t want to. I can’t…

It’s not that I can’t date.
I choose not to.

There is a solution
to this kind of problem.

What can you do? She doesn’t want him.

If she treats it like a one-night stand,
you do the same.

-What do you think?
-Hold on.

What? Have you ever done it?



But why would you say that?

I would’ve forgotten her
if she wasn’t around. But she was.

And you know what she did?
She drove me crazy.

Gyeong-gu and I are
going to the movies tonight.

Darn it.

Hey, Seon-a. Did you watch…

What’s with her?
Am I invisible or something?

-You’re here.

Did Mr. Kang In-su pick up his board?

He can’t come today.
He’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Seriously? It’s like she’s ignoring me.

Jae-won, you can play the guitar?

Of course. And I’m pretty good at it.

Are you learning the ukulele?


Rather than the ukulele,
I think learning the guitar…

Learning the guitar might be…


-Nice! There it goes!

-We got it.

One more time.


It’s okay.

Damn it.

Here’s your ramyeon.

I heard you went roller-skating
with Gyeong-gu.

-Are you good at roller-skating?

No. I fell a lot yesterday.

So that’s why you’re limping.

The pain relief patch.


Damn it. What am I doing?

Forget it. Don’t do it.

I won’t help her.

Why should I?

I take back that
I’m attracted to strange women.

Now, I like normal women.

Rational, ordinary women.

A plain Jane who’s ordinary and typical.

Someone predictable
who behaves as expected.

I don’t want to be toyed with.


So what does it mean to be normal?

There are countless women in the world,

and all of them are normal.

I really wish men could broaden
their imagination.

Every woman is different.

That’s why it’s fun.
I can have a variety of experiences.


Oh, gosh!

What’s this?

Damn it.



By the way,

-how did we end up here?

-You don’t remember?
-I didn’t remember.

But I couldn’t say so.

“What if she gets offended?”

I just didn’t want to hurt her.

It’s still a mystery to me.

I was definitely drinking
with my friends that night.

How did I end up there,

why was she wearing my T-shirt,

and who…

took off my clothes?

Do you want to grab a bite?
What do you like?

Well, I… What about you?

Ox blood hangover soup.

-What about you?
-Well, yes.

I love it.

Oh, right.

What’s your name?

Kang Geon.

I’m Oh Seon-yeong.

If you’re not hungry…

Shall we leave a bit later?

Open your heart.
You’ll be able to enjoy your life more.

I’m always ready to throw myself
into the sea of adventures.

Here’s what hurt me the most.

-Thanks, man.

-Leave it there.

-Okay. Eat up.
-Thank you.

-What’s that?
-Look at this.

Wait. That’s…

Gosh. She’s just amazing.

I went surfing with Seon-a yesterday.
She can do a bottom turn now.



Did you teach her?


Someone else must have taught her.
See you.


She’s incredible.

Who taught her how to surf? It was me.

Who should have taught her
the bottom turn?

It should’ve been me, of course.

Damn it.

I guess I can’t surf today.
The waves are too calm today.

Since when did you like waves so much?

I should just take a nap.

Hey, Seon-a.

I heard you can do a bottom turn now.

Yes, I can.

I was going to teach you how to do it.

But since it’s pretty dangerous,
I was worried you might get hurt.

So I’ve been checking the waves
for the right day.

Well, but…

you already know.

You’re angry with me, right?


Yes. You did disappoint me–

Can I go over to your trailer later?

Yoon Seon-a, get up.

What’s the deal with you?

Are you toying with me?

Okay. I won’t come over, then.

Is that all you have to say?


You didn’t go surfing, right?

The waves are quiet today.

Tell me about it.

-Going somewhere?
-Yes, to the movies.

I see. To the movies.

You must love movies.
You go to the movies so often.

I mean,

I know you went to the movies with Seon-a.

Christopher Nolan’s films.

That? I couldn’t go that night.

-Why not?
-We were going to watch it together,

but she said she’d watch it with you.

So I’m watching it alone today.

You didn’t go with her?

See you.

Enjoy your movie.

The weather is damn beautiful.


-It says, “no honorifics”.
-We can’t use honorifics here.



What do you want? That’s the menu.



I see. I knew it.

People who aren’t adventurous
always order that.

Then, can you read everything here?

Of course.

I was perfect from day one.

Hong Kong, wonton mein.

-What about this?
-Cambodia, kuy teav.

Then, what’s this?

Myanmar, mohinga.

-What about this?
-Germany, spätzle.

The noodles will get soggy.
So, what will you have?

This one. Wonton mein.

-Wonton mein.
-Wonton mein.

Wonton mein.
Okay. Two bowls of wonton mein.

Does your offer to come over
to my trailer still stand?

It will rain tomorrow.

Let’s go to a field and wait for the rain.

-My Seon-a!

I got an octopus.

Put it in a big bowl.
I’ll prepare it right away.

-Okay, I will.
-Thank you.

If you don’t come by 6 p.m.,
I’ll take it as an “I don’t like you.”

How could I go?

My shift ends at 10 p.m. today.

If you don’t come by 6 p.m.,
I’ll take it as an “I don’t like you.”

I thought if I left it
as a mere one-night stand,

it might be better.

I knew…

that I’d hurt him.

I did that on purpose.
I pretended to be clueless.

I thought it might be better
if I left it as a one-night stand.


when I was lying down in the shade
he made for me,

this suddenly crossed my mind.

“Think about what made you
come all the way to Yangyang.”

I came here because I hated myself.

I hated myself, Lee Eun-o.

Bye. Come again.

-We will.
-Promise me.


You startled me!

Ra-ra, can I get off early today?

-To go to Jae-won.

-No. I’ll go now.

-Fire me if you want to. Bye.

I decided to become Yoon Seon-a

and leave the coward Lee Eun-o behind.

I decided to do everything
I ever wanted to do,

rolling with the punches
and following my heart.

I always thought that I would live
as if every day was a party.

I don’t need to hold in my feelings.

6:48 P.M.

This is humiliating.

Damn it.

I won’t wait for an hour. Never.

Hey, Seon-a.

I thought you weren’t coming–

Be it one night, ten days,
or several years.

I just thought it’d be okay
as long as I was with him

because he never asked me “why.”

See? He’s not asking me even now
why I ran and hugged him,

or why I’m being fickle.

I’m glad you didn’t get too far.

I should’ve waited longer.

-So you didn’t have to run.

I got you, so it’s okay.

Do you know that you’re really weird?

Yes. I am weird.

But why do I…

like you so much?


Subtitle translation by: Won-hyang Son

Ripped by TTEOKBOKKIsubs

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