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Lovestruck in the City Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Lovestruck in the City Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Lovestruck in the City Episode 6 Drama Korea, Lovestruck in the City Epi 6 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Lovestruck in the City Episode 6 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Lovestruck in the City Episode 6 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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-What’s your relationship with Eun-o?
-We’re roommates.

No, to be precise…

Just roommates. We live together.

When I first met her?
Back in kindergarten. We’re best friends.

-Me too.
-I have my own place.

I rented this room as my workshop.

You misunderstood? Why?

I told you it’s been over two years
since I slept with a woman.

This isn’t something to brag about,
so why am I rambling?

Are you okay with your lover
having guy friends or female friends?

If my girlfriend has guy friends?

No, I’m not.

No man would understand.

If any guy says he does,

he’s lying.

The same goes for women.

Let me tell you what it means
that my man has a female friend.

It means you have a potential rival
who could take her from you anytime.

I may trust my man,
but not his female friend.

“My man”?

He may pretend to be her friend
with an ulterior motive.

I know such a guy.

He won her over
after eyeing her for over ten years.

He’s definitely something.

Kyeong-jun and me?


Do not demolish the playground!


We don’t have enough
nature-friendly rest areas as it is,

so how dare you try to demolish it?

How dare you think of getting rid
of these beautiful trees and flower beds

in order to build a building?

For our children and for all of us,

let’s protect our rest area ourselves!

We must protect it!

We object to the demolition
of the rest area in Seongsu-dong!

We object!

How dare you try to build a building
over this one and only playground?

-How dare you?
-How dare you?

We object to the demolition
of the rest area in Seongsu-dong!

-We object!
-We object!


-Do you live around here?

-I live in Bundang.

Then why are you demonstrating
over our town’s issue?

I like this playground. I come here often.

All the way from Bundang?

I’m interested in the environment.

So am I.

It’s absurd how they want to tear down
the park to build a building.

Don’t you remember me?

We were classmates in second grade.

I’m Choi Kyeong-jun, and you’re Suh Rin-i.

I guess you don’t remember
since I moved soon after.

We object to the demolition
of the rest area in Seongsu-dong!

We object!

How dare you try to build a building
over this one and only playground?

How dare you?



I’d never met anyone
who clicked so well with me.

I was exhilarated.

Guess what’s even more fascinating?

We kept running into each other.


Hello. Feel free to look around.

The clothes are all worn-out.

-Would you wear this?
-No one would.

Sure, new outfits are great.

But throwing these away would be
a waste of resources.

It pollutes the environment.

If you don’t understand
the purpose of bazaars, go somewhere else.

How about you hang out with us

instead of wasting time here?

Guys, I’m in high school.

How much is that?

This one looks nice.

I’ll buy everything here.
I wanted to donate some money anyway.

But they’re all for women.

I know. They’re for my mom.

If you don’t have an eye for such things,
you should just leave.


This is so pretty. What is this?

Is this an ornament?

-Like this?
-It’s a sponge.

I have lots of dishes to wash at home.
I can use this.

This will make it easier. Like this.

How did you know I was studying here?

My friend goes to your academy.

I came here to give this to him.

But strangely enough, you came out.
That’s why I’m giving it to you.

-What about your friend?
-My friend?

He said he already went home.

I see.

-Good luck tomorrow.

Thanks for the rice cakes.
I’ll make sure I pass.

Okay, good luck.

-You can do it.
-I can do it.

What’s even funnier is,

I texted him
every time I had a blind date.

“Can you tell me what you think
about this guy?” Like this.

Gosh, the weather is terrible. It is.


Do you like paintings?

Yes, I do.

I don’t know much about them.

I see.

I like it.
Today’s exhibition is quite nice.

By the way, who painted that?

Would you like to grab a meal?


-Good. Let’s go, then.

Something urgent came up. I’m sorry!

I had more fun doing those secret missions

than going on the blind dates.

I think that’s why I stopped going on
blind dates after he joined the military.

Since it wasn’t fun anymore.

Even when Kyeong-jun came out on leave,

he took care of my ill grandmother.

I’m just saying.



She just fell asleep.
Did you do well on the exam?

I don’t know. I just hope I pass.

Are you sure you want to be here?

It’s okay. I don’t have much to do anyway.

-Sit here.

That fool is just useless.

-Why is he here?
-He couldn’t write at home.


I’m sorry.

Here’s your Americano.


Could you give me your number?

You know I’ve been coming here, right?

Not today.

Salute. Sergeant Choi Kyeong-jun.

I have been discharged.
Reporting as ordered.

-You’ve been discharged?
-That’s correct, ma’am.





What are your future plans?

I have a lot to do.

I have to graduate from university
and get a job.

But most importantly,
I’m going to ask someone out.

I’ve had a crush on her
for a very long time.

What? Really?

Why didn’t you tell me?

Who is she? What does she do?

So can you give me some ideas?

Let’s see.

I think a surprise event
would be too much.

Just say, “I like you.
Want to go out with me?”

Isn’t that good and simple?

Right. You like simple things.

I’m not sure if she would, though.

I like you.

Want to go out with me?

Hey, that voice tone was great.

I’ve had a crush on you
for a very long time.

That’s so romantic.

I hope she says yes.

I didn’t know what you’d like,
so I pondered about it.

One second.

Let’s each grow one.

Sounds fun. Growing matching plants.


Will you

go out with me?


Go out with me.



Are you serious?


Look at me.

Look at this. Didn’t it grow so big?

The guy who won her over
more than a decade later?

That’s me.

None of that was coincidental.

He searched far and wide on the internet

to find Rin-i.

Anyway, you’d expect her to catch on,

but she had no idea.

What’s so special about love?
He wasted 20 years.

So I went through a lot.


I could bear it because she was pretty.

Come on, stop it.

When in love…

keep your cool.

Nonsense. Look who’s talking.

You only dated two months
and ruined your life.

Hello, sir.

I just wanted to let you know

some woman printed a bunch of photos here.

And you were in the photos.




-Marketing agency O3?

Sorry, wrong number.



Hey, pushover.

How many times have you done this?

It was a mistake.

A mistake?

Let me make a mistake as well.

-Come here!

Wait a minute!

Wait. Calm down.

Hear me out.

It wasn’t an important call.

It probably wasn’t.


Is it not important, you moron?

-Hey, come here.
-My head hurts!

The fact that they called

means it was one of the companies I–

They must’ve called again.

-Pick it up.
-Damn it.

Hello, this is marketing agency O3.

What? An order?

Hey, kid. Check the number–

Did you hang up?

I was still talking,

but this little boy just hung up on me.

Hey. Open the door.

-She wasn’t always like this.
-I won’t hit you. Open it.

Open it!

Look at her. She looked so kind.

She really was.

But a year ago, she disappeared
for a few months and…

-You’re slow.
-You’re dead meat.

It’s over. You’ve done well, Geon.

It’s all over.

Did you forget that this is my house?


-Don’t kill me!
-You dodged me? Come here.

Hey, you’re dead.

-I’m sorry.


-Jobless! Are you sleeping?
-Jobless! Are you sleeping?

-Get up!
-Get up!

What took you so long?

Do you know how long I’ve waited?

What’s wrong?
Did you fight with Eun-o again?

This is too exhausting.
She needs more work.

Kyeong-jun, does your company
have any tasks to give her?

-Why did you provoke her?
-Why would I?

-Hey, guys.

Why aren’t you coming in?

Hey, I’m going to beat you all tonight.

You two better not team up.

-How did she know?
-Plan B.

Got it.

She’s having pomegranate juice again.

She’s going to set up a honey trap again.

We should brace ourselves.

All right. 12,500 won per person.

All right. 50,000 won will be mine.

Look at those eyes.

Is this how you make money?

-Shut it. Just beat me then.

One hundred won per round.

Pay up after each round.

No IOUs between us.

-Got that?

Let’s begin. Hold your ears.

Right hand on the card.

-Left hand–
-Wrong hand and you’re out.

Let’s get on with it.

Ready or not. Rock, paper, scissors!

I’ll go first. Here I go.


-Come on.
-She’s right.

Pay up. Let’s hurry. The night is short.

It’s only the beginning.


-Give me.

-I’m sorry.
-Come on.

Never mind.



Pay up.

-It’s just a game.

-I love you.

Be careful.

Hurry up.

Got it. Here I go.

I hit it! I did it!

Five plums. The money’s mine.

What? There are five plums. What’s wrong?

-What are you doing?

He only has cards and no chips.

-Geon’s out!
-Geon’s out!

Don’t worry, Geon. I’ll beat Eun-o today.

With this 100 won,
I’ll take all of her money.

Kyeong-jun, give me power!

Defeat that gambling demon
with the power of love.

I didn’t know I had 100 won.
One more round?

How dare you? Put that back.

All right, then.

I’ll take her money.

Good. Let’s do that.

Do it.

Bring it on.


Here we go.

Fantastic job.

Let’s hurry.

Here we go.

-I’m on a roll.
-You did great, baby.

-Hand, what’s wrong with you?
-What are you doing?

-What’s wrong with me today?
-You suck. How did you win those?



-You’re doing so well!




Let’s do this.

-I’ll start now.

You and I

-Are here holding hands
-Are here holding hands

Stop right there.

It’s not over yet.

You just hit the bell
with your right hand.

The bell should be rung
with your left hand.

Wrong hand, and you’re out.

It’s okay.

You did great.

I have to say, it was a great match.

That was intense.

Great job.


I’ll keep the cameras.

No. I stole them from you.

That was my plan from the start.

If she still has them,

it means she didn’t steal them
to sell them.

When I recognized your face,
she paid and left in a hurry.

And here. She left one behind.

Damn it.

I just don’t get it.

If she was going to print all of them,
why did she leave me the message?

Give me 12,500 won each.

-Do you have 500 won?
-Give it to me.

I wired you the money.

I should report her as a gambler.

Hi, is this the police station?

We’re in trouble. Come here quickly, sir.

Help us. I beg you.

The second reason I broke up with Jae-won…

was them.

They have no idea
that I’m the Yoon Seon-a.


It’s Jae-won.

Hey, what is it?

Yes, I’m near Rin-i’s place.

The studio? Why?

I’m busy right now.

-I’m playing cards.
-Tell him to come over.

Yes, we’ll play again.

Do you want to come if you’re nearby?

Really? Should I?

-I’ll send you the address.

-Is it okay?

Will I finally get to meet the Jae-won
I heard so much about?

Two hundred meters until your destination.

You’ve arrived at your destination.
The navigation has ended.

It must be around here.

Yoon Seon-a?

Hey, Seon-a.


Yoon Seon-a!


Where did she go?

It was her.

I definitely saw her.

Hey, Kyeong-jun.

No, I’m nearby.

I saw Yoon Seon-a…

Never mind. I don’t think I can go.

No, something came up.


Why do you think I stole the cameras?

It’s because I found out
the Park Jae-won I’d met in Yangyang

was Kyeong-jun’s cousin
when I came back to Seoul.

Those cameras were full of my photos.

I couldn’t give them back to him.

I must find Seon-a.
And the cameras as well.


I can forget her, but not my cameras.

They’re really precious to me.


Catch the thief.

The camera thief.

I… A camera thief.


stole my cameras.

Her name is Yoon Seon-a.

I’d like to report

this heinous camera thief.

-It’s a small world.

It’s smaller than you think.

We may not recognize each other,
but we might have crossed paths.

We could have met in an alley.

Or we could’ve drank at the same bar.

Or we could run into each other
in the future.

Subtitle translation by: Soo-ji Kim

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