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Master In The House Episode 157 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Master In The House Episode 157 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Master In The House Episode 157

(One snowy day in January)

I haven’t heard the bell
for a long time.

You’re wearing tteokbokki coats
and are in uniforms like a student.

You’re from
the “Reply 1988” generation.

I was surprised when I arrived.

(However, there are mysterious
writings on the blackboard.)

“Master in the House
Deity of Studying”.

(However, there are mysterious
writings on the blackboard.)

– Deity of studying?
– Is your theme actually…

(Feeling anxious)

Among us, the person who studied
back in school was…

– Eun Woo.
– Right. It’s Eun Woo.

What was your highest rank?

Third in school.

– In school?
– Really?


– In class?
– In school?

– Yes.
– Third in school?

Back in middle school.


He said it like it was nothing.
“Third in school”.

Seung Gi.
Weren’t you good at studying?

– What was your rank?
– Just a bit.


– Approximately?
– Yes, approximately.

I got 97.

I ranked 10th in school.

10th in school?

I got an average of 97
in the exam.

Third in school?

Back in middle school.

I’m very proud of myself.


I placed sixth from behind.

(I placed sixth from behind.)

When I went to school,
I was a basketball player.

– You were really into basketball.
– Sixth from behind.

When I did the worst,

I did worse than these athletes.

(Fierce battle for lower ranks
with sports talents)

There’s a class that is firm
like concrete at the bottom.

(SKY Castle of lower ranks)

That’s funny.

What about you, Dong Hyun?


(And a strong competitor
of this battle)

When I was into something,

I studied until I ran out of ink.

I still remember…

the periodic table.

(Reciting the periodic table)

– What was that?
– It’s chemistry.

You know the periodic table?

– It’s the periodic table.
– You mean like potassium?

Potassium, calcium.
I don’t know what’s after that.

I only know the initials.

When I’m into something,
I dig into it.

As you can expect,
today’s topic is…


(Today’s topic is studying.)


Okay. That sounds fun.

I became a celebrity
so I can avoid it.

(I became a celebrity
so I can avoid it.)

What are we studying today?

We’re going to give you questions…

from the real CSAT.

Real CSAT?

Why are you putting me through this?

(Both the end and a new start of the
long journey to the entrance exam)

(College Scholastic Ability Test)

Hang on.

(They’ll warm up their brains
with CSAT questions)

I’m doomed.

The person who feels confident
about the subject can solve it.

The first subject is math.

(The 1st class, math section)

(Korean examinees are most afraid
of the math section.)

Gosh. Math.

I pass.

(I pass.)

– Math. Pass.
– Math.


I was good at arithmetic,
but not math.

Actually, math and social studies
were my favorite.

(Math and social studies
were my favorite.)

Eun Woo. You’re our hope.

(A nobleman appears to help those
who gave up on mathematics)

The question is the same type
as the first question…

from Math B in the 2021 CSAT.

A real CSAT question?

– Math…
– Question number one?

(Is Eun Woo able to solve
the 2021 CSAT question?)

Question, please.

(1st class, math section)

What’s that?

(1st class, math section)

(Everyone is flustered.)

I don’t know what that symbol means.

I’ve never seen anything
like that before.

Maybe it wasn’t printed right.
It’s not printed properly.

Is 0 supposed to be small
or is it 40?

– Is that 40 or what?
– Is it misprinted?

(While there’s a controversy
on print,)

(Eun Woo begins to calculate
in his head.)

Is it 4°C?

Right. It’s 4°C.

What’s that in the back?
8 over 2 over 3?

– What’s zero?
– What is it?

4 to the power of 0.
4 to the power of 0?

– What’s the power of zero?
– Oh, I know.

I’ll give you a hint.

– 8 is…
– 8 is?

– someone’s…
– Someone’s?

(8 is someone’s square.)


– Eight is someone’s square?
– Yes.

Eight is someone’s brother?

Yes. It’s someone’s brother.

– Brother?
– Yes.

Dong Hyun.

It’s three people’s brother.

– Eight?
– Yes.


It’s more confusing.

(It’s more confusing.)

Okay. I almost got it.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…

– over three.
– It means…

– Here.
– What’s that?



That’s amazing.

I’ll explain.

It’s 8 to the power of 2 over 3.

– That means it’s lower than one.
– Yes.

When you divide 1 by 2 over 3,

between 1 to 10,

I got roughly 3.3.

It’s 3.33333.

So, for 4 to the power of 0,

I got a hint that the power of 0
is 1.

1 times 8 to the power of 3.33333.

When it’s 3.333,

you divide 8 by 3.3333.

Is that possible?

That proves you’re smart.

(That proves you’re smart.)

Okay, Eun Woo. Let’s do this.

– That was sexy.
– That was sexy.

That was sexy.

Hey. Look at that.

(Eun Woo looks sexy.)

(Let me try.)

I should’ve done that.

(Be careful
not to damage your teeth.)

I should’ve done that.

Here’s the solution.
4 to the power of 0…

is one.

– And eight…
– Yes.

is 2 raised to the power of 3.

It’s 2 over 3 of this.

You just need to
multiply them to solve it.

(Multiply the exponents)

Then you only have two left.

And 2 to the power of 2 is 4.

So the answer is four.

– Okay.
– That’s smart.

(Will Eun Woo have guessed
the correct answer?)

– Nice.
– The math question.

– He’s on a different level.
– It’s correct.

(Eun Woo was correct.)

(The official smart one
of Master in the House)

– That’s what we have to do.
– That’s cool.

When someone erases something
while solving math,

I always find it sexy.

When they…

Like, “This and this go away.”

“This goes, and you have four.”

– Did he look sexy?
– Yes, he looked so cool.


Okay. That was smart.

(Followed by the second problem)

Eun Woo is a genius.

The second subject is English.

(The 2nd class, English section)

– English?
– English?

(The CSAT English is switching its
course to practical English.)

– Okay.
– Seung Gi, show us what you’ve got.

I’ve always wanted to go
to a foreign language high school.

With the leadership course.

– And?
– I failed immediately.

(He failed immediately.)

“You have nothing else other than

(The interviewer said…)

You can redeem yourself here.

– Yes, I will.
– You can do it.

– Show us today.
– Here we go.

(I will relieve myself
of the pain today.)

Give us the problem.

– What?
– What?

(Listen to the material
about the 2020 Acting Program…)

(and choose the one
that’s not correct.)



It’s a listening problem?

It’s a listening quiz!

It’s a listening quiz?

Please turn off the AC.

It has to be completely quiet.

Where is the speaker from?
Asia or South America?

(Where is the speaker from?)

– North America.
– North America.

North America is fine.

(If he prepared for the foreign
language high school…)

He’s so funny.

– That makes me focus.
– It’s been so long.

You have to be quiet
when you hear that.

– I’m nervous.
– You can’t click your pens either.

– Like, “Don’t do that.”
– Quiet.


Listen to the material
about the 2020 Acting Program…

and choose the one
that’s not correct.

“Not correct.”

Have you ever thought about
becoming an actor?

We are hosting an acting seminar,
2020 Acting Program…

on Friday, October 12
at the local theater.

This event is open to anyone
aged 12 and older.

At the event, you will learn
all sorts of acting techniques…

from professional actors.

There will also be opportunities
to meet with local directors.

The directors are always looking
for new actors…

to star on television
or in commercials.

This year, George Hamilton,
the famous TV actor,

he will give the opening speech.

If you would like to attend,
please register in advance…

at www.actors.com.

Hope to see you there.

(Scratching his head)


The last one was a bit confusing.

– That last one.
– They did it on purpose.

They added something.


(Will Seung Gi guess
the correct answer?)

(Will he be able to redeem himself
after failing the admission?)

The answer is…

– number 3.
– Number 3.

(Seung Gi is correct.)

(Are you watching, the school
that failed him?)

“Professional actor.”

(In professional pronunciation)

– Not the director?
– Not the director.

The professional actors were to act.

(Seung Gi noticed the answer

You look really cool.


When I was listening to it,

I felt so comfortable and at ease.

(Anxiety 97.7 percent, conviction
0.3 percent, and comfort 0 percent)


I’ve still got it!

That was so cool.


(It was number 3.)

I thought you were applying for it
on television.

Apply for it on television?

(On television?)

(The directors are looking for
actors to star on television.)


(He chose the wrong answer
as he hears a familiar word.)

(5. You can register online.)

He said, “www,” at the end.

That was the confusing part.

I was confused after I chose
the answer,

but you have to move past it.

– Move past it.
– If you’re confused…

because of that
after already making up your mind,

you can’t solve the next ones.

– Right.
– You need to move past it.

(A bold decision for his future)

(The warm-up quiz is over.
Today’s topic is…)

Against the most intelligent people
in the show business,

you’ll have a match.

The Mini Bell Challenge is
what we’re doing.

The Mini Bell Challenge!

(The Mini Bell Challenge)

It sounds fun.

(The 2021 Mini Bell Challenge)

(Graduated early from science high
schools and went to KAIST)

(The most intelligent ones
in the show business are here.)

(I will trample all over them.)

(That doesn’t bother me at all.)

(Kneel. This is the difference
in eye levels between you and us.)


(The smarter members aren’t
doing so well.)

(It’s 28 years old?)

(Is this the end for us?)

(We’ll fight as a team!)

(The end of this match is unknown.)

(It’s not over until it’s over.)

(Who will be the last one to ring
the mini bell?)

(Who is the master to help them
ring the mini bell today?)

To improve your skills
in a short period of time,

we’ve invited
the deities of studying.

(The deities of studying
to the rescue?)

The deities of studying?

(For all students in Korea…)

(suffering from the pressure
of grades)

(To tell us everything about
studying from A to Z,)

(the legendary deities of studying
are coming!)

– It is him.
– It’s him.


– Nice to meet you.
– It’s a pleasure.

(Meeting the king of studying)

– Nice to meet you.
– It is him.

That’s amazing.

(You guys…)

(don’t study.)

(To awaken your brain
with his advice,)

(the original studying expert is

I’m here to make you
deities of studying.

I’m the studying method instructor,
Kang Sung Tae.

– Nice to meet you.
– Hello.


I go to Hankuk Academy
of Foreign Studies,

and I got a perfect score in
the 2021 CSAT. I’m Kim Ji Hoon.

– The CSAT…
– A perfect score in the 2021 CSAT?

(A perfect score?)

How many people
got a perfect score…

in the 2021 CSAT?

There were six people this year.

You’re one of those six?

(The king of studying
in the top 0.00001 percent)

(When you look up, “CSAT perfect
score,” online…)

(Which is tougher between winning
the lottery…)

(and getting a perfect CSAT score?)

(Is getting a perfect CSAT score

(than being struck by lightning?)

(Is the miracle of a perfect CSAT
score possible?)

(And I’ve made that miracle.)

Let me get your energy.

His energy.

It’s so nice to meet you.
I’ve never met one before.

– Let me get in there.
– He got a perfect score.

I want his energy too.

I’m going to get some
for my daughter.

(Me too.)

This is even more surprising
than meeting Mansour.

He got a perfect score!

I’m going to touch my daughter
with this hand.

– Look at this.
– He has such a fine hand.

Well done.

Do you get your nails done?


– Many people tell me they’re fine.
– His hands are so…

I got his energy.

That’s impressive.

What was your score, Master Kang?

Actually, I got 396 points.

– Out of 400?
– Yes.

So you got one wrong.

(So you got one wrong.)

– Two.
– You got two wrong.

(Two problems)

(And I got a perfect score.)

Are you belittling me
because I got two questions wrong?

(He got a perfect score
and quick wits.)

Two problems.

I have a question.

– So you haven’t graduated yet?
– I haven’t.

You’ll graduate soon.

Have you decided on the college
you want to go to?

Yes, I already applied for one.

– Which one is it?
– I’m curious.

I applied for the Department of
Economics at SNU.

(Department of Economics at SNU)

But don’t students usually apply…

– for more than one?
– Yes.

You can apply
for up to three schools.

But the other students might get
anxious if they’re…

pushed back from the list.

So I only applied for one. SNU.

(I only applied for SNU.)

(Admiring his merciful gesture)

Hang on. How many did you
apply for, Master Kang?

Me? I also applied for one.


(This is how they do us a favor.)

I can’t imagine what it’s like.

I have a question too.

You said there are six people
who got a perfect score.

– May we see your report card?
– Sure.

– You brought it?
– He has the report card.

– The CSAT report card?
– Yes.

– That’s…
– Who would…


It looks like a copy
of resident registration.

I’ve never seen this.
I didn’t even take the CSAT.

You normally get a perfect score
when there’s an error in the system.

That’s… Do you need it for later?

– No.
– You don’t, right?

I want to hang this up at home
like a lucky charm.

They’re all Rank One.

It’s so interesting.

– Anyway, he got a perfect score!
– Great job!

Getting a perfect score
on this CSAT has a special meaning.

– You all know why, right?
– We know.

They couldn’t go to school
because of COVID-19.


On the day of the exam,

they had to wear their masks
for four hours.

They took the exam without
being able to breathe properly.

And he still got a perfect score.

It’s like a miracle.

(He overcame the hurdle
and achieved a miraculous result.)

I heard we are doing
Mini Bell Challenge today.

– Yes.
– With smart people.

Can we get smarter
in a short amount of time?

It doesn’t make sense.

That’s why we are here.

I know the studying method
that can resurrect…

– the most hopeless students.
– The most hopeless students.

– I can save them with my first aid.
– Really?

I pinpoint
only what you need to know.

That’s my expertise.


Ji Hoon,

– you are still a student.
– Right.

I think teaching is another thing.

I believe new know-hows
would be more helpful…

than the old ones.

Right. He’s old school.

We just met an hour ago.

How can you be
so mean to me so soon?


– It’s so funny.
– He’s right though.

I can teach you the methods
from a teacher’s perspective.

He understands what a student needs.

They are like the best player
and the best manager.

Right, right.

If their coaching won’t save us,

it means we have to let
our brains rest in this life.


(It’s a precious opportunity
for their brains.)

While the deity of studying
was speaking,

I observed Ji Hoon and Dong Hyun.

Ji Hoon didn’t get distracted.
He listened well.

But Dong Hyun…

(He was very distracted.)

(Moving his fingers constantly)

(He’s doing his best
to listen carefully.)

It’s less appealing
than a ssireum story.

(It’s less appealing
than a ssireum story.)

– Athletes can’t stay seated.
– Ssireum was fun.

Ssireum stories were so interesting.

I don’t know about studying.

(I don’t know about studying.)

I am a big fan of
Master in the House.

It’s a very educational show.

I have just one complaint.

– What is it?
– What is it?

Dong Hyun is the pride
of Korea and the Marine Corps.

But you often make him…

look like a fool.

You make him…

look like a complete idiot.

(The deity of studying
preciously reminds us of it.)

Right. We never made him that way.

Because you said that,

about 1,000 people who didn’t know
that have found out.

It would’ve been better
if you didn’t touch on the subject.

Some people didn’t know about it.

But now more people know.

Here’s why I thought
I should say this.

It’s better not to say it.
You are talking about it again.

I am sorry. This is very important.

He’s the Korean UFC player
with the most number of wins.

And he was the first Korean
to enter UFC.

– Right.
– And…

what else is there?

(Fellow Marine’s Achievements)

– What else?
– There’s nothing else.

– There’s nothing else.
– Really?

(The fellow marine takes down
Dong Hyun, not ghosts.)

You can teach me today…

and transform my image.

But can you cope with it?

I will do whatever
you tell me to do.

– Really?
– Then…

the deity of studying will be
in charge of just Dong Hyun.

Right. I…

I want to learn from Ji Hoon.

– I want to learn from him too.
– Right.

– I want to learn from him too.
– Here’s why.

All the parents
watching the show…

I am sorry to say this, but they are
more interested in the person…

who got a perfect score on the CSAT.

They want to know how he studied.

Did your mother come along?

Are you his mother?

– Hello.
– Hello.


– Hello, ma’am.
– Hello.

When did you hear the news
that your son got a perfect score?

On the day of the exam,
he checked his exam papers…

and told me the news that night.

– That he got a perfect score.
– Yes.

Ma’am, I am curious.

In the drama “Sky Castle”,

other mothers swarm around
the mother of a student…

who gets a perfect score
on the CSAT.

– Right.
– They ask the lady…

about the secrets.

What is the thing the other mothers
are most curious about?

When I tell them that he didn’t
go to a tutoring academy…

and that he studied alone,
they become very curious about it.


I’ve been meaning to ask about that.

When he entered high school,
he didn’t want tutors anymore.

– You didn’t have tutors?
– Why not?

In middle school, I used to
attend tutoring academies.

I enjoyed spending time
with my friends.

It made me think that
I could teach myself…

the things I learn at the academy.

I took online classes for subjects
I needed help with.

– You didn’t have a personal tutor.
– No.

Have you watched
some lectures of…

the deity of studying?

I haven’t watched his lectures. But
I’ve watched his YouTube videos…

on how to study for exams.

How to prepare for the CSAT.

– He suddenly became happy.
– He suddenly became happy.

I didn’t know.

He suddenly became happy.

You should’ve told me that earlier.

(You adorable child.)

By the way, his mother has…

– a voice…
– Yes.

that sounds very clear.
She speaks very…

It’s because she is
an elementary school teacher.

(She is
an elementary school teacher.)

– She’s a teacher.
– She’s a teacher.

– No wonder.
– No wonder.

No wonder her child
got a perfect score.

She must’ve educated him
in a special method.

Which subject do you teach?

I work at an elementary school,
so I teach all subjects.

But I majored in art.

– Technology?
– Art.

– Art.
– Technology.

– Art.
– Please teach him.

There’s a subject called art.

In art class…

(The deity of studying
politely insults him.)

“There’s a subject called art.”

You draw.

You’re the one who treats me
like a complete idiot.

– No. No.
– I know that.

Art is a subject.

He’s my enemy.

That’s not possible.

– He’s far above me.
– All right.

He’s scary.

(The marines’ comradeship
will shortly…)

(The question is too easy.)

(create an incredible miracle.)

(The deity of studying will turn
this marine into an ace.)

(When everyone says no,
he will say yes.)

(The studying methods of the deities
of studying are revealed.)

(The deity of studying and Ji Hoon’s
Studying Method Listening Test)

Listen to the conversation…

and choose all the right
studying methods…

of the deity of studying
and Ji Hoon.

(1. Ji Hoon watches
online classes in slower speed)

(2. The deity of studying used
rope when he was studying)

(3. The deity of studying
established a library)

(4. Ji Hoon de-stresses
by reading comic books)

(5. Ji Hoon only took 1 notebook
on the day of the exam)

Ji Hoon said he
watched online classes.

He didn’t have any tutors.

When you watch an online class,
did you not get distracted?

Whenever I watched an online class,
I made it play two times faster.

When it’s fast, you have to
concentrate more to listen.

It prevents you from getting
distracted by other sounds.

So I always do that.

That’s a great tip.

It makes you only hear that.
And you can also save time.

And it’s much more time-efficient…

than going to a tutoring academy.

When I watch variety shows,

I make it 1.5 or 2 times faster.

When I do that,
I can’t look at my phone.

I have to keep my eyes on it.

– It’s like that, isn’t it?
– Yes. Yes.

(I should give it a try too.)

I’m a little different from Ji Hoon.

I went to a regular high school.

When I entered,

I was nearly at the bottom.


I turned the game around
at the last minute,

when I was studying for the exam
and got into college.

– Really?
– Then…

On your third year,
you really focused on studying.

I didn’t know how to study.

I was studying hard.

I thought I would get into
a good school if I slept less.

That’s what I thought at first.

But that wasn’t it.

You have to think about
how to spend your time well…

while you are awake.

So I said this
to my younger brother.

“I will sit on this chair.
Tie me up with a rope.”

“So I won’t fall.”

Tie you to the chair?

You have to go that far?

You have to go that far.

The rope actually influenced
my studies hugely.

Here’s the thing.

I got tied
whenever I started studying.

Whenever I…
I get distracted easily.

Whenever I tried getting up,
I couldn’t.

And I was reminded that I decided
to focus for an hour.

I sat back down…

and filled that time.

My goodness.

I set up that strategy.

I don’t know. Why would we
go to such extent?

– We are…
– We…

(He politely rejects.)

I am not saying you should
really tie yourself with a rope.

You should create an environment
where you will be forced to study.

Even if you sleep a lot,

whilst you are awake, you have to
concentrate as hard as you can…

and pour all your energy into it.
That’s it, isn’t it?

That’s it. It’s much harder
to study these days.

They can only stay home.

That’s why I created study rooms.

– What?
– Study rooms.

You created study rooms
when people can’t go to study rooms?

Yes. Kang Sung Tae’s
study rooms…

are free for all, and
they exist online.

– Online study rooms?
– What’s online study rooms?

It’s the latest trend.
Here’s how it’s done.

There are lots of online
video meeting platforms.

I study with them too.

(He studies with them too.)

Whenever we hold a session,
sometimes over 1,000 people join.

That means about 100 people
study with you in one window.

(It creates a studying environment
for students who can’t study alone.)

– It’s just like…
– Fascinating.

being in an actual study room
or library.

It’s a great idea.

– It’s nice.
– That’s one method.

Ji Hoon.

You got a perfect score,
and you studied hard.

Do you find studying fun?

No. I don’t think
I like studying that much.

– You don’t like it.
– It’s boring.


I didn’t care about
how long I studied.

I cared about the amount.

Every day, I gave myself
a goal for how much I would study.

– Right.
– When you do that, you don’t…

get caught up about time.
You think of ways to finish fast.

The faster you finish,
the more time you have to play.

So each day, I set the goal
in terms of amount.

I can relate with him on that.

You did that too?

My favorite drama “Iris” was
going to air at 10 p.m.

When I told myself
that I can watch the drama…

only if I finish studying
the amount I set for the day,

I didn’t get up from my seat.
I didn’t even go to the bathroom.

I used to do that.

– You were tenacious.
– I finished everything by 10 p.m.

(Eun Woo the Tenacious Member
was different all along.)

He’s tenacious.

When I hung out with
my close friends,

we de-stressed by reciting poems.

– You need to de-stress.
– By reciting poems.

How can you de-stress
by reciting poems?

I love poetry.

Let’s shake hands.

– Why?
– I majored in poetry…

at the Creative Writing Department
of Anyang Arts High School.

(He’s going to associate
himself with Ji Hoon like that?)

Using the words with
implicative meaning,

you convey the message
you have in mind.

(I know what you mean.)

I wonder what kind
of poems he writes.

– Can we see it?
– Can we see your poems?

– When I write poems…
– Let’s see them.

– He wrote a lot.
– Yes.

I started writing poems
when I was in middle school.

– I’ve written a lot since then.
– In middle school.

These are the poems
I started writing in high school.

(“High and Mighty Wind”)

It contains all the concerns
of an adolescent boy.

I think this is incredible.

(“Taking a Deep Breath”)

He used a good quality
notebook too.

(Being coy)

Let’s see.

– Ji Hoon has…
– Romantic.

this kind of sentimentality too.

The title is “Love”.


“You accidentally enter my eyes.”

“My eyes let you in.”

– “My eyes let you in.”
– Lovely expression.

“My eyes no longer see you.”

– Why not?
– “You are already…”

“in my head.”

His expressions are great.

You have to really like somebody
to say something like that.

“Because we are headed
different ways,”

“because our footsteps don’t match,”

“I turn back and
let you out of my head.”

(Why would you let her out?)

It’s… My goodness.

(Where did she go?)

“Oh, dear!”

“She left herself
in the corner of my heart.”

– “Oh, dear!”
– “Oh, dear!”

“My goodness!”

(She was headed to my heart.)

“I turn back and
start running back to her.”

“And she starts running with me
in my heart.”

(His heart softens.)

Here’s the fact.

He didn’t write this poem,
guessing what love is.

– Who was it?
– There was somebody.

– I guarantee you.
– I wrote it in middle school.

– I went to a boys’ middle school.
– Right.

So I just wrote it
based on my imagination.

There must’ve been
a girls’ middle school nearby.

This is like song lyrics
that make your heart race.

This is the best.

– “You accidentally enter my eyes.”
– Yes.

– “My eyes let you in.”
– “My eyes let you in.”

– That’s the best…
– Right?

That’s the best expression.

(While the members are excited,
the deity of studying is serious.)

(He looks at Ji Hoon’s poem
from his high school days.)

(Why is he counting?)

4, 5, 5, 2.

What were you counting?

The rules of versification.

Writing a poem is…

just like writing song lyrics.

“She only considers me as
a little brother. Just a brother.”

– That’s my song.
– It all ends with “er”.

– “Er”.
– That’s called a rhyme.

Then there are meters.

If you look here, you can see
that 2, 2, 3, 5 is repeated.

(These are meters.)

Rhyme and meters
create rhythm.

It’s a poem good enough
to appear on the CSAT.

(It’s a poem good enough
to appear on the CSAT.)

(The deity of studying is in love
with Ji Hoon’s poem.)

By the way, when you had…

only 10 days until the exam,

did you do anything differently?

At that time,

I summarized all the notes
I compiled over three years…

and reduced them to one sheet.

– I planned what to take with me.
– Just one sheet?

Yes. I summarized everything.

And I also tried to rest.

You packed everything you studied
over the years into one sheet?

For math,

the first page has the summary
of all the equations I’ve learned.

(He categorized
and summarized everything.)

I put everything on this page.

I just had to read this one page
before taking the exam.

– Just one page?
– Just this?

I prepared this so that I can
take the exam after reviewing this.

I think you could sell this.

(This is the one-sheet note of
the person who got a perfect score.)

– He’s incredible.
– For math,

he categorized everything.
Number of cases. Statistics.

Arithmetical progression.
Index Log.

He didn’t write everything.

It’s just for reminding himself
of the things he often got wrong…

and the equations he had
a hard time remembering.

He only wrote those things.

Just the things he needed.

Is it okay
if he takes a photo of it?

Don’t take a photo of that.

I am not. I am just looking. I just
want to read his letters better.

(He thought it might help him later
during the Mini Bell Challenge.)

Use glasses.

For Korean,
the most important thing…

is to stay strong.

It’s the first test
you will be taking.

So rather than reading something
from a notebook,

I wrote my notes
on mock exam sheets.

I thought reading my notes
written on the exam sheets…

would help me feel like I’m
taking the exam and stay strong.

I erased all the marks
on the mock exam sheets…

and wrote down all the things
I had to remember.

I summarized how to approach
each type of question.

“Reading comprehension”.

“All the information
is included in the given text.”

“Stay calm and cool-headed.”

“Don’t get excited about
the questions you know.”

“Don’t overestimate.”

“Don’t get flustered
just because the question is hard.”

– He wrote these things.
– It was to stay strong.

– He tried to stay strong.
– He tried to stay strong.

He strategizes well.

For deities of studying…

The CSAT is a big exam, right?

But they go to the exam
with the lightest bag.

They constantly reduce
what they studied…

until it fits on
just one sheet of paper.

I go to a CSAT site every year.

I see this
when I observe the students.

They carry all the books from
three years of studying to the exam.

Right. That was me.

They can’t stand tall.

Whenever I had an exam at school,
I took all my books with me.

There was also a student
who brought a suitcase.

He must’ve brought
all the books he had at home.

It may sound like
I am exaggerating,

but students take
all the books with them…

because they are anxious.

The more books you take
with you, the more anxious you get.

I think I got a good result
because I studied…

the questions that had been
come out in the previous exams.

So I brought a summary of
previous questions.

I prepared it.

He prepared it himself.

He knows what to do.
He’s perfect.

(His secret 1-sheet summary will
help them beat smart people.)

This is fun.

(The Mini Bell Challenge,
Summary Sheet)

He did it to catch your attention.

– Are you saying…
– These can come out in the quiz?

that the questions will be
drawn up from here?

That’s right.

(Trying to take a peek)

Dong Hyun would be…

studying with him,

so I excluded him
and got just four sheets.

Why? Why would you?

That’s just how it is.

– He’s very wise.
– You will be taught by…

That’s better, Dong Hyun.
It will be a private lesson.

Right. It’s a private lesson.

Tell me what you prepared.

I prepared something for him.

It’s right here.

You brought lots of things.

Perhaps he will take out
a 24m rope.

When you see this,
you will get a perfect score.

I want to see it.

First of all…

That’s too thick.

(He’s terrified.)

Current affairs.

Didn’t he say you should
carry a light bag?

Look at Dong Hyun.

– Look at him.
– I can tell you this clearly.

You will get a perfect score
when you finish reading these.

– You can win.
– How can I read all of these?

We are the marines.

(The deity of studying
ends it funnily.)

– Being a marine was tough.
– You are…

(The Marine Corps is
giving me a hard time.)

It’s perfect for resting my head
and sleeping.

(He looks very comfortable.)

(Will we be able to
ring the Mini Bell?)

Let’s go!

(Master in the House High School got
transformed by deities of studying.)

(However, their opponents are…)

(a group of smart celebrities
who never lost in studying.)

What is the capital
of Gojoseon?


Ask me something else.

Who’s Korea’s second President?

Yun Po Sun.

Ask me something else.

Shadow cabinet.

Ballon d’essai.

Modified nuclear family.

It’s a family form where
a married child lives…

in separate quarters
of the same house.

I want to write Chinese letters.

Isn’t it fun when you
sometimes write Chinese letters?

(Who are these people who are
having fun writing Chinese letters?)

You are so smart.

– Le Monde.
– Le Monde. The world.

Le Monde. It’s the name
of a French monthly newspaper.

– “Monde” means the world.
– Le Monde?

The world.

– It looks like that set.
– It’s similar.

They are here.

– It’s “The Golden Bell Challenge”.
– Wait.

– There are 2 men and 1 woman.
– And 1 woman.

The drawings are the hints.

We have to guess their names.
There’s the sun.

What is that? The stick figure.

What’s clear is that the first
person can’t draw.

– He hasn’t got much hair.
– The second one… PPTNZ.


What is it?

– I think I know.
– I know.

– What is it?
– Peppertones.

It’s Peppertones!

– Peppertones.
– Peppertones.

He’s erasing it right away.


– Then…
– Just put it down.

Shouldn’t I put it down?

– Isn’t she Yoon So Hui?
– Hello.

So Hui’s busted.

(Lee Jang Won and Shin Jae Pyeong
of Peppertones)

– Hello.
– Hello.

– Hello.
– Hello.

I’ve heard they’re
unbelievably smart.

They are really smart.

They are incredibly smart.

(They met at KAIST
and formed a band.)

(It’s a band that heals us
with their unique emotion.)

(Lee Jang Won and Shin Jae Pyeong
of Peppertones)

(She’s a former
engineering school goddess…)

(who turned into an actor.)

(She’s Yoon So Hui,)

(one of the smartest
female celebrities.)

– The two are from KAIST.

You are also from KAIST, right?

I am.

No way.

How can we compete
against people from KAIST?

– Come on.
– How do you get into KAIST?


What kind of people go to KAIST?

Well… People like us?



We are very familiar
with the school.

Can we ask you to introduce

– Your academic background.
– Boast about yourselves.

Put an emphasis
on your academic background.



He and I somehow…

started the band called

When I was in school,
I studied quite hard.

How hard do you mean?

I went to
a special-purpose high school.

– Which one?
– Which school?

– Gyeonggi Science High School.
– Gyeonggi Science High School.

I wanted to go to
a science high school.

I really wanted to
go to a science high school.

And I graduated there early.

You graduated there early.

My goodness.

(He’s famous in the entertainment
industry for being very smart.)

When did you graduate?

– In my sophomore year.
– That’s amazing.


Did you also graduate early,
Jang Won?

I graduated in my sophomore year.

– I guess everyone graduates early.
– He and I entered KAIST together.

We both studied computer science.

They are the sort of people
who make AlphaGo.

We’ve never made one.

Did you make AlphaGo?

I didn’t.

We must have a friend
who can make it.

(We must have a friend
who can make it.)


He’s got a friend
who can make AlphaGo?

Now, they make music.
They are Peppertones.

How about you, So Hui?

I graduated Sejong Science
High School in my sophomore year…

and went to KAIST.

I studied biomolecular engineering.

How did you get into
this business then?

After I entered college,
I was offered to be cast.

That’s how I entered the industry.

Didn’t you feel any regret
for having studied so hard?

Did I feel regret
for having studied hard?

I don’t know.

– I did study hard, but…
– You can put it to use today.

– What?
– I studied for today.

(He went to KAIST
to join the Mini Bell Challenge.)

He went to KAIST for it.

– Right.
– It was for today.

He’s very wise.

I studied for tens of years
for this.

(He studied for tens of years
for it.)

You can’t become smart overnight.

Right. Right.

(You can’t become smart overnight.)

But you can sometimes beat
smart kids through cramming.

(They read each other
before they compete.)

I think…

geniuses enjoy playing…

with the Rubik’s Cube.

The Rubik’s Cube.

Recently, I met Jang Won.

He was playing with
the Rubik’s Cube.

Honestly, I was lost for words.

Even when I mixed it up,

– He’s really good.
– he looked at it,

and solved it.

Are you confident about
solving the Rubik’s Cube?

I am not that confident.

I said this not knowing
that he brought those.

– I just said it.
– He kept it in his pocket.

We couldn’t solve it
no matter what we did,

so we dismantled it
and reassembled it.

We dismantled it and reassembled it.

Jae Pyeong and I love
playing with the Rubik’s Cube.

– Jae Pyeong likes it too?
– How good are you?

– Jae Pyeong…
– I have it too.

(I have it too.)



They carry it around.

(People carry the Rubik’s Cube
around, don’t they?)

If we mix them up,

in how many seconds
can you solve it?

I will make sure
that you don’t get bored.

(I will make sure
that you don’t get bored.)

I will make you feel…

that you are not wasting time on it.

All right, then.

Should we mix it up then?

You have to know
what you are doing to mix it well.

If you don’t know, you could
mix it up and not change anything.

Pay attention and
see which one is yours.

We have the same ones.
We don’t want them to get mixed up.

– If they get mixed up…
– Seung Gi can take Jae Pyeong’s.

– Take that.
– Okay.

Please don’t drop it on the ground.

Why not?

What would it do to it?

It will break the balance.

– He’s kidding, right?
– He’s joking.

That’s a KAIST style joke.

(It’s a KAIST style joke.)

It never touched the floor.

(He feels attached
to his Rubik’s Cube.)

– His hands are shaking.
– We should…

I will try it. It moves well.

– He hid them.
– We oiled it.

– We met up and oiled it.
– Really?

We did some maintenance work.

– It might break.
– You can’t let that happen.

(He looks very anxious.)

Mix it up and pass it to me.

– I will do it again.
– I want to try it too.

I think it’s impossible
to make it difficult to solve.

Make every side different.

Make sure there are no two cubes
of the same color.

– You shouldn’t make it come back.
– That’s not how you should do it.

Right. Turn it then.

It’s got magnets.

– Let me try it.
– Move everything.

It’s got magnets,
so there’s a little bit of friction.

It’s a luxurious one.

– He can solve it?
– How can he solve that?

– I don’t get it.
– I…

It’s a toy for geniuses.

Who wins if you two compete?

Jae Pyeong is a little faster.

Then Jang Won should…

Let’s see the bad one first.

(The bad one feels sad.)

We reserve the good one for later.
That’s just what we do.


Let’s see in how many seconds
Jang Won will solve it.

– I think this is just ridiculous.
– Ready.

And start.



– What?
– I think he got one row right.

What’s going on?

(This is not fast-forwarded.)

He’s using his pinkie to turn it.

What’s going on?

(He’s using his pinkie to turn it.)

I am so nervous.

– What?
– Is he not even looking?

I am so nervous.

– It’s like a Transformer.
– He’s done.

It’s almost there.

I am really nervous.

– I am really nervous.
– He got it.

What? How did he fix it?

I am so nervous.

(What did I just see?)


I failed, didn’t I?
Did you see how I did at the end?

– Did you see how clumsy I was?
– It’s like it was getting solved…

You were nervous.

My goodness.

It was like it was getting solved
by itself.

– It was like magic.
– It took you 22 seconds.

– You still only took 22 seconds.
– How many seconds?

22 seconds?

(He struggled,
but he finished in 22 seconds.)

– You still only took 22 seconds.
– How many seconds?

22 seconds?


(Smart kids go sulky
when they get one wrong.)

– What is it?
– I’m just joking.

He thinks that wasn’t fast enough.

I’m joking.

That’s really fascinating.

By the way,
how can these two meet?

– You shouldn’t think like that.
– You can’t solve it.

Can you see the middle part,
the circle?

That is fixed.

– That’s the axis, right?
– Yes.

Think of bringing the other
ones towards that axis.

– That would be easier.
– What is he saying?

Easier said than done.


Why don’t you compete
against one of us?

(Master in the House High School
wants to beat KAIST.)

One of us will gulp down a drink.

And you will solve that.
It will be a 1 on 1 match.

We will see who finishes faster.

He’s the true master.

I can do it.

His throat doesn’t feel anything.

(The man whose throat doesn’t
feel anything will represent them.)

He’s the throat champion.

We think we have
a big chance of winning.

Wait. His record was 22 seconds.

Jae Pyeong, can you
finish sooner than 22 seconds?

If I perform as usual, I can.

Let’s see.

I think you don’t need to
do your very best.

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

– He can’t gulp it down.
– You can’t…

– You can’t do it.
– gulp it down.

I can do it.

– Ready.
– Wait.



(Scientific brain
versus unscientific throat)


Come on, Dong Hyun.


Come on, Dong Hyun.

– Come on.
– You don’t feel anything.

I’m nervous.

(He solves the Rubik’s Cube
at a fast pace.)

Here he goes.

– That side is more interesting.
– Here he goes.


Here he goes.

(If he can’t be smart, he might
as well be good at drinking.)

(He downs the entire can.)

(He downs it in 10 seconds.)

– Kim Dong Hyun!
– Kim Dong Hyun!

Kim Dong Hyun!

(He’s proud over
the most trivial thing.)

(How could the Rubik’s Cube AlphaGo
lose to a human?)

Kim Dong Hyun!

– Dong Hyun, hold on.
– His throat can’t feel a thing.

– Don’t hit my stomach.
– Dong Hyun.

(His stomach is full of soda.)

(They’re shocked
by his incredible throat.)


– That was so quick.
– Finish it.

– You’re incredible.
– He’s unbelievable.

How far were you?

I only have one more step to go.

Like this.

All I had to do was this.

– That was close.
– It was a 2 to 3-second difference.

Dong Hyun beat…


He’s amazing.

He truly is.

– Okay.
– He was incredible.

– Really?
– I’ve never seen that before.

No one was watching me
during the match.

(She feels bad.)

– At first…
– Even Jang Won was watching them.

(The Rubik’s Cube AlphaGo
was all alone.)

(He gets teary-eyed.)

He kept looking at him.

All I smell is kimchi right now.

That’s all that I’m smelling.

(This is the aftermath
of downing a soda.)

I just smell kimchi.

(They have great respect
for Dong Hyun’s stomach.)

The two guys are good
at the Rubik’s Cube.

What are you personally good at?

– I’m good at driving.
– Driving?

– Driving?
– What do you mean by that?

(Don’t you usually say something
that you can prove right now?)

Due to my good driving senses,
I’ve never gotten into an accident.

Right. A friend of mine is majoring
in autonomous driving…

for their Ph.D.

– They said I knew a lot about cars.
– Autonomous driving.

– Hold on. Your friends study…
– Autonomous driving.

– autonomous driving, AlphaGo…
– AlphaGo.

You’re talking about those
self-driving vehicles, right?

There’s a major for that?

Yes, there’s a doctorate degree
for that.

– I know things like jiu jitsu.
– How amazing.

I’ll be your chauffeur
when it’s necessary.

(She brags about her skills.)

Just let me know when.

You can’t show us
your driving skill here,

so is there a talent or skill
that you can show us right now?

I think one of my talents…

is solving nonsense quizzes.

My dad enjoys telling dad jokes.

Nonsense quizzes? Like…

– what kind of cars penguins drive?
– Yes, things like that.

What is that?

Do you not know?

(They’re curious.)

– Do you not know?
– No.

Do you not know the type of cars
penguins drive? It’s famous.

The type of cars penguins drive.

– Do you not know?
– What could it be?

Hold on. What could it be?

– You need to get it right.
– Have you not seen those cars?

You need to get it right
in this situation.

– Penguins’ cars.
– She needs to get it?

– Cars penguins drive?
– Cars penguins drive?

– Yes.
– Peng-car?

It must be something car.

– Wrong!
– What is it?


That was a nonsense quiz.

– Are there even penguins there?
– Don’t you mean polar bears?

– You should show us proof…
– Aren’t they in the North Pole?

that there are penguins there.

– You should show us proof…
– Aren’t they in the North Pole?

that there are penguins there.

(They’re shocked.)

(The quiz turned
into a scientific debate.)

Gosh, I can’t do this anymore.
I just can’t.

Aren’t there only polar bears
and oil in Alaska?

– That’s what I thought.
– Are there penguins in the Arctic?

There’s also an airport.

How can I prove that
there are penguins in Alaska?

(The staff will prove it.)

(The strongest claim is that
there are no penguins…)

(that settled down there
on their own will.)

(There are a very small number
of them,)

(but they have been moved there

(Their suspicions were accurate.)


Which middle school
do penguins go to?

(This is the 2nd nonsense quiz.)

– I feel like I know this one.
– You’re a penguin expert.

There’s a middle school
that penguins go to.

– A middle school that they go to?
– Yes.

(What could it be?)

– What could it be?
– I want to get it right.

Me too.

– 5, 4,
– You need to get it right.

– 3, 2,
– Stop saying that.

– one. Time’s up.
– What is it?

Freezer Middle School.

(They’ve all frozen as well.)

I used to know a lot
of these ones back in the day.

(What are their reactions?)

That was good. That was.

– I’m happy with that one.
– You know many of these.

This one was much better
than the Alaska one.

(He feels proud.)

There’s also a high school.

– There’s a high school.
– There’s also that.

– A fridge!
– A fridge!

(A fridge)

(They’re passionate about this.)

– They have good practical skills.
– A freezer!

– Shouldn’t it be a freezer?
– That’s good too.

A freezer works too.

But So Hui failed to get it right.

Jang Won first said,

“You need to get it right
in this situation.”

Then he got all worked up
and said, “A fridge!”

I can’t stop myself
from saying the answer.

(That’s how a model student
is like.)

This just means So Hui doesn’t have
any talents of her own.

(She fails to prove herself.)

– They answered instead.
– She has no talents.

– I tried to be considerate.
– You tried?

– I really did.
– You did?

Do you think you can ring
the Golden Bell?

(Everyone has dreamed
of ringing the Golden Bell.)

(But not them.)

(Se Hyeong was full of potential.)

(Not with studying)

(They all ate well…)

(and grew up
as healthy individuals.)

(They finally receive teachings
from teachers…)

(and receive a late education.)

(The trivial knowledge they have
boosts their confidence.)

(Will they beat Team KAIST?)

(This absurd match will begin soon.)

All right. Hello.

(It’s nice to see you again,
Jo Jung Sik.)

It’s been a long time.

This is the Mini Bell Challenge.

I’m Jo Jung Sik,
the official announcer. Hello.

(This soon-to-be groom
will be the host.)

I’ve prepared many questions today.

I’ve even prepared
warm-up questions.

Then I heard you drank soda
and played with the Rubik’s Cube.

(He wants to begin the quiz
as soon as possible.)

– Half of my questions are gone.
– Goodness.

Let me explain the rules.

Master in the House members
and Team KAIST…

will have a trivia match.

– Okay.
– Okay.

– You’ll be in your teams.
– Okay.

You can discuss the answers
with your teammates.

(They can discuss with one another.)

– Really?
– And…

– We can win.
– one of you will write down…

the answer on the whiteboard.

The winning team will pick
one of its members…

to ring the Mini Bell.

– You’ll do that.
– So only one person…

– will ring it.
– Exactly.


To be honest,
I didn’t have much hope…

thinking this was
an individual match.

– But we all have specialties.
– Right.

So as a team,
we do have the potential to win.

We will trample on them.

(He’s shocked.)

I’m not intimidated one bit.

– You’re not?
– No, she’s not.

We should show them
what we’ve got.


The questions I have here…

have all appeared…

on variety programs.

– Okay!
– That’s good.

Isn’t that better for us?

– It’s much better.
– I think you’ll know many of them.

– Do you watch TV often?
– No.

Do you?


(We’ll obviously win.)

Team Master in the House can choose
the category.

Show us the categories.

Hold on.


If you look, there’s
language and literature,

music, culture and arts,

Chinese characters, flags,

current affairs, economy, sports,

arithmetic, and history.

There are various categories.

There’s no science.

What could flags be?

– I don’t know many.
– I don’t know them.

– Let’s dodge that one.
– We have no choice.

– They have the upper hand on that.
– Don’t look flustered.

Should we start with flags?

– Last time, didn’t you come last?
– Flags?

That’s exactly why
I made sure to memorize them.

– Okay.
– 1, 2, 3.

– Flags.
– Flags.

– We’re in trouble.
– We’re in trouble.

(They’re in trouble.)

(This category
isn’t their strength.)

What could it be?

First question.

Guess which country’s flag this is.

It’s not that hard. I’ll show you.
1, 2, 3.

(He recognizes it.)

– I know!
– No, don’t say the answer yet.

Not yet.

(Si An showed him this flag
two times.)


(The same flag came up once again.)

(His love for Ghana
was everlasting.)

(He had a love and hate relationship
with this flag.)

– I know!
– No, don’t say the answer yet.

Not yet.

– After your discussion…
– Don’t get all worked up.

(They have no idea.)

Do you know?

Do you know it?

– Okay.
– You can do it.

After your discussion,
write your answer down.

First… All right.

First, which country is that?

– We know.
– All right.

– I know it.
– That’s…

Which country?

– Cameroon.
– No.

It is.

I think it’s Ethiopia.

– No, Seung Gi had gotten it wrong.
– Isn’t it Ethiopia?

– Hey, that isn’t Ethiopia.
– Seung Gi had gotten it wrong.

– It’s Cameroon?
– Yes.

Seung Gi, you can do it.

I think it’s Cameroon too.

Sung Rok, don’t show
such big reactions.

You’re confusing me even more.

You’re making it worse.


– Okay.
– It’s an African flag, right?

– Maybe it’s Senegal.
– Senegal?


Yes, because there are 3 or 4 colors
on the flag.

There are 3 or 4 colors on the flag.

We’re doomed.

He thinks it’s Senegal because there
are 3 to 4 colors on the flag.

(He thinks it’s Senegal because
3 to 4 colors are on the flag.)

We’re in big trouble.

Jang Won, you have a great sense
of humor.

Thank you.

(Thank you.)

– Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year to you too.

This is too funny.

Is it 2 letters or 3 letters?

I don’t know. It’s five letters.

(Five letters?)

Ethiopia? That’s five letters!

What if it’s not? I don’t think
it’ll be that.

Let’s at least score one point.

What country does this flag
represent? 1, 2, 3.

(What are the two teams’ answers?)

Not at all.

– Costa Rica?
– Team KAIST wrote…

– “Costa Rica.”
– She wrote “Costa Kari”!

She wrote “Costa Kari”!


She thinks it’s Costa Rica!

He said that it’s five letters.

– The answer is…
– The answer is…

– Cameroon.
– Yes!

The flag of Cameroon has

– yellow, and red.
– All right!


We didn’t even mention Cameroon
as one of our options.

Not at all. Seung Gi said
that it’s five letters.

Everyone from Seung Gi’s elementary,
middle, and high schools!

Seung Gi is going to win!

Shoutout to Nogok Middle School
and Sanggye High School!

I should write that on my board too.

(Flowing with non-existent
school pride with one right answer)


You wrote “Costa Rica.”

Why is that? You mentioned Senegal.

– Because he said it’s 5 letters.
– Seung Gi said it’s 5 letters long.

You thought I was serious?

We trusted you.

You thought I was really going
to give you a hint?

Well, yes.

She’s so naive.

– What a clever man.
– Seung Gi, you’re terrible.

What did I do wrong?

– How could you?
– Come on.

We’re trying hard not to cry
because we have cameras here.


Team Master in the House can choose
the category…

– for the second question too.
– Okay!

Which category will you choose?

– We have to secure our place.
– With what?

With something we can win with.

Why don’t we go
with Chinese characters?

Secure the spot!


have the Level 4 Certificate
in Chinese characters.

– A certificate?
– It’s Level 4.

I know my 1,000 Chinese characters.

I’m quite well-versed
in Chinese characters too.

(I’m quite well-versed
in Chinese characters too.)

– Yes.
– My father is…

basically the top level
in Chinese characters.

He writes to me
in Chinese characters.

That’s impressive.

I make my own ink.

(I make my own ink.)

Every Sunday morning,

my father practiced his writing
on newspapers.

That’s me.

(So childish)

– His father!
– Should we get started, then?

Chinese characters doesn’t seem
like a bad idea now.

Jang Won is challenging Seung Gi
on Chinese characters.

Chinese characters.

(Choosing Chinese characters
after Jang Won’s comments)

We’re keeping this up
and moving onto Chinese characters.

Jang Won, this is your time
to shine.

Good luck!

(Ready to write
some Chinese characters)

This is a question
from “The Golden Bell Challenge”.

(A question
from “The Golden Bell Challenge”)

What Chinese character is used
to write the word, “gastronome”?

Please write the character.

I know this.

(I know this!)

It’s not the same character
used to write “beauty.”

– The score is tied at 5 to 5.
– Of course not!

(It’s not?)

(Dashing off with his brush)

It must be the same character
as “flavors.”

– Is it this?
– It’s not “beauty.”

– It’s “flavors.”
– What character is used?

Please write the Chinese character.

(What Chinese character is used
to write the word, “gastronome”?)

(Jang Won is writing as soon
as he hears the question.)

It’s not “beauty”?

It is.

(What’s Jang Won’s answer
that he wrote so confidently?)

It’s Seung Gi with Level 4
Certificate in Chinese characters…


Jang Won, an unofficial
top-level Chinese character student.

(What’s the answer?)

They wrote different characters.

1, 2, 3.

(Team KAIST wrote “beauty”
and the members wrote “flavors”.)

Is that right?

Is Seung Gi right?

Seung Gi wrote “flavors.”

Yes, “flavors.”

I think it’s “beauty.”

Jang Won wrote “beauty.”

I’m confident
that it’s not “beauty.”

I was looking up “gastronome”
one day, and…

The answer is “beauty”!

(The answer is “beauty.”)

Se Hyeong!

(I knew it.)

(I knew I felt confident
for no reason.)

A gastronome is someone
who has a special love for food,

or someone who enjoys great food.

(A gastronome)

(Erasing the character)

Unlike what people often think,
the character used is “beauty.”

This is exciting!

(This is exciting!)

I’m so happy.

(Their thirst for victory is
quenched with their first point.)

(In despair)

I guess it’s “beauty.”

Right. I remember now.

I saw it and I wondered…

why it was “beauty” that’s used.
I remember.

It’s “beauty.”

Se Hyeong!

He was so confident when he said
that it’s not “beauty.”

Se Hyeong!

(I’m sorry.)

– It’s a tie.
– It’s a tie.

I can finally breathe.

The two teams have
the same number of points now.

It’s 1 against 1.

Team KAIST can choose
the next category.

– At last.
– Finally.

– What should we choose?
– Eun Woo is quite smart.

Yes, I expect him to be good.

(Team KAIST is scared
of Eun Woo the most.)

I heard that he did well in school.

Let’s do arithmetic.

Don’t you think arithmetic is
our safest bet?

– Team KAIST, have you decided?
– We’re engineers. Arithmetic it is.

– Right.
– Please choose.

– We’ve chosen, right?
– Yes.

– Arithmetic.
– We’ll take arithmetic.


It’s arithmetic, not math.
We have a good chance.

– Right.
– Arithmetic!

Math and arithmetic are different.

– Arithmetic.
– Here’s the question. You ready?

– Yes.
– All right.

This is a question
from “The Golden Bell Challenge”.


Add the age when Chunhyang met

(Add the age when Chunhyang met

the number of years
between each Olympics,

(the number of years
between each Olympics…)

and the number
of metropolitan cities together.

This is arithmetic?


How is this arithmetic?

How can this be arithmetic?

– This is history with sports…
– Because you’re adding.

Literature too.

(Zoning out)

(Leaving Jae Pyeong,
who’s zoning out)


(Jang Won is busy writing)

(Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon,
Daegu, Ulsan, Busan)

This is all, right?


You’re so smart.

(You’re so smart.)

– This is all?
– Jang Won, you’re so smart.

– Great.
– Jang Won is so smart.

Chunhyang definitely met

before she was 20 years old.

Of course. It’s 14 or 15.

I think it’s 15.

– It’s around that age.
– I think it’s 15.

Do you know how old Chunhyang was?

Do you know how old Chunhyang was?

Do you just meet a woman
without knowing her age?

(A KAIST-style joke)

I’m getting confident now.

I think we can beat them.


– Then…
– The magistrate…

– Sung Rok!
– Remember the magistrate?

28 and youthful.

– What?
– 28 and youthful.

What’s that supposed to mean? 28?

– 28 and youthful means 16,
– What?


No, 28 and youthful is…

– 28 years old.
– Time is running out.

No, it’s 16,

All right, just go. Eun Woo, go.

– Really?
– Ready?

Eun Woo, you’re right.

– All right.
– Add them up.

This is an arithmetic question.
1, 2, 3.

Please hold up your answers!

– We wrote the same answer!
– Team Master in the House wrote 26!

So did Team KAIST.

How did you come up
with your answers?

Chunhyang’s age was 28 and youthful,

– meaning she was 16.
– 16 years old?

We don’t know if that’s Korean age
or international age yet.

But 28 and youthful is a term used
in Chunhyang’s story.


– See?
– You’re amazing!

– That’s impressive.
– Eun Woo, you’re amazing.

The Olympics is held
once every four years.

There are six metropolitan cities
in Korea.

– Six?
– Yes.

That’s 16, 4,

and 6, adding up to 26.

The answer is 26.

(Team KAIST versus
Team Master in the House, 2 to 2)


(Team KAIST versus
Team Master in the House, 2 to 2)

(His default reaction)

We wasted this question.

That was too bad.

This is when we should’ve
gotten ahead.

We should’ve gotten ahead here.

Exactly. We blew our chance.

We’re tied with Team KAIST!

– We’re doing amazing.
– We’re tied!

Next up is common knowledge.

– All right.
– Common knowledge.

This is highly likely going to be
a turning point in the game.

It’s a question
from “The Golden Bell Challenge”.

This is the word that describes
the faint ring of light…

that shines during an eclipse.

– I know this!
– The ring!

I know this.

What’s the outer-most layer…

of the sun called?

It’s “corona.”

– It’s “corona”.
– Be quiet!

(What’s the outer-most layer
of the sun called?)

The questions might come
from these too.

Please ask me if you need them.

Look at these.

– “Corona”?
– I had no idea.

I had no idea that “corona” was
even a word.

(His question actually came out!)

We would’ve had no idea
if we didn’t go through the list.

I knew as soon as he said


– Is it this?
– The ring of light?

It’s such an unfortunate name.

(What’s the outer-most layer
of the sun called?)

Both teams are ready. 1, 2, 3.

Please reveal your answers!

Both teams answered “corona.”

It’s a tight race. Both are right!

– How did you know that?
– I know.

– How did you know that?
– Both are right!

Who got this one?

So Hui knew right away.

– She’s amazing.
– I just knew.

Isn’t it because it’s shaped
like a crown?

“Corona” means “crown”
in Italian or something.

– Isn’t that right?
– Is that true?


Coronavirus is also called so…

because it’s shaped like a crown.

So Hui is precisely right.

That’s amazing.

We’ll move on to the next topic.

The topic is now Korean literature.

The following is an excerpt
from “The Tae Baek Mountains”,

written by Jo Jung Rae.

– Listen carefully.
– It’s an amazing book.

“Under the cruel coldness,
the North Korean partisans…”

“were freezing, starving,
or gunned to death.”

“They were gradually
disappearing in blank manner.”

Here, what is the word that will
fill in the place of “blank”?

It’s a Korean word that describes
a gradual change…

that takes place without knowing.

In the South Jeolla dialect,
it’s called seona-seona.

It’s also the same definition
as suna-suna. What’s the word?

– I know this.
– Here…

(What’s the Korean word that refers
to a gradual change?)

(So Hui knows the answer
to this question too.)

– It must be really hard.
– “Disappearing in blank manner”?

– The word for “blank”?
– Yes.

– A gradual change without knowing?
– A gradual change without knowing?

A gradual change that takes place
without knowing.

It must mean something gradual.

A little by little.

But I think Eun Woo
got the correct answer.

Is that the answer?

I think he got it right.
I saw it before.

– I’ll go with this answer.
– I think it’s correct.

It’s correct. Go for it.

– I think you got it.
– Please raise your answer.

Both teams wrote “Sinabro”.

It’s correct.

He got it right!

– Eun Woo!
– Awesome!

– Amazing!
– You got this.

– How did you know?
– You’re really smart.

– What’s with him?
– “Sinabro”?

– Impressive, Eun Woo.
– Amazing.

He’s smart.

– True.
– He’s smart.

We’ll now move on
to common knowledge.

For your information, it’s my
first time seeing this problem.

“This word refers to those
who goes to work…”

“with the goal of retiring
by the end of 30s…”

– and early 40s.
– Gosh, I know the answer.

Please, don’t let your guard down.

(Not credible)

– He didn’t finish reading.
– Wait.

“They radically reduce
their consumption in their 20s…”

“to prepare for their retirement.”

“What’s the word that
describes these people?”

I read this book called
“Trend Korea” every year.

I know these types of things.

Goodness, Se Hyeong!

– The five of us are quite smart.
– I read it every year.

Team KAIST is flustered.

That’s because they never imagined
of retiring in their 30s.


is thinking of
extending their retirement.

Jae Pyeong also wrote down
his answer.

Please show your answers.


(Guppies, FIRE)

Guppies or FIRE.

I think that’s the correct answer.

– No.
– One of you is correct.

– It’s FIRE.
– The answer is…

(Guppies, FIRE)


You are an investor!


– How does he know that?
– Who are guppies?

I just wrote anything down.

(Team KAIST versus
Team Master in the House, 4 to 5)

“BRICS refers to five economies
with remarkable growth…”

“in the early 2000s.
Name these five countries.”

– Five countries?
– Yes.


– Russia,
– Very smart.

– Only different by one.
– India,

China, and South Africa.

(South Africa is correct.)

– I got this one right.
– Hold on.

– I don’t know who came up with it.
– You did a good job.

But questions should raise
the status of Korea.

Why would you give a question
that doesn’t include Korea?

(Team KAIST versus
Team Master in the House, 5 to 5)

This is the actual final question.

– Are we tied?
– Are we tied?

We’re tied. The winner will
go for the final question.

This is the finals.

– This is the final round.
– Yes.

The question will decide
who’ll sit on the throne.

The winner will be determined
with this question.

This question was on
“You Quiz on the Block,”

Se Hyeong’s favorite show.

– Great.
– Then I know the answer.

Listen carefully.

“During the Japanese
invasion of Imjin,”

“Admiral Yi has employed
this traditional dance…”

“to fool the number of our soldiers
to the enemies. What is it?”

I know the answer.

– Okay.
– Is it…

(Seung Gi jots down the answer
as soon as he hears it.)

I know the answer.

– Okay.
– Is it…


(Shaking his head)

– That’s correct.
– Nine.

– That’s not it.
– 8, 7.

– You write it down.
– Six.

– You write it down.
– 7, 6.

(Dong Hyun is known
to know Admiral Yi very well.)

(I must answer the question
on Admiral Yi.)

– This is it.
– Two.

– No, he’s correct.
– 3, 2.

– This is it.
– Are you sure?

– No, you’re wrong.
– I’m telling you, I’m correct.

We’re divided.

– We aren’t divided.
– I’m correct.

Do you want us to win or not?
Just tell me that.

Do you want us to win or not?
Just tell me that.

– If you want to lose, do yours.
– Fine, show your answer.

– Let’s go with yours.
– I’m confident.

– Fine.
– It’s about Admiral Yi.



– Traditional dance?
– Traditional dance?

– I’ve never heard of it.
– Me too.

– I’ve never heard of it.
– Five.


(Shin Jae Pyeong, who
only reacted up until now,)

(confidently picks up
his whiteboard.)

(His real reaction
is about to begin.)

This is it. I’m confident.

– Please…
– I think it’s correct.

raise your answers!

(Reaction Shin Jae Pyeong versus
Admiral Yi Dong Hyun)

Team KAIST wrote down Jwibulnori.

Raise your answers!

Team KAIST wrote down Jwibulnori.

(Jwibulnori, Ganggangsullae)

Team Master in the House wrote down

Seung Gi first wrote down

I changed because we had
an Admiral Yi fan here.

I’m no longer confident
seeing what their answer.


– Are both incorrect?
– One of you is correct.

– Really?
– One of you is correct.

(One of them is correct.)

(Which team…)

(will the diety of victory
side with?)

The answer is Ganggangsullae!

(Dong Hyun guesses
the correct answer!)

The answer is Ganggangsullae!

– Yes!
– Yes!

(Team Master in the House won!)

(He is responsible
for reactions only.)


(The two people’s
quick tutoring worked!)

– I told you.
– Goodness.


I have a book at home for my baby.

It’s in a book for my baby.

Is it really Ganggangsullae?

We had a great time.

– Are you leaving?
– Let’s go.

Aren’t we done?

– Can you take your hands out?
– Sorry.

I’d like to say…

TLGF, but TL.

– What’s that?
– We just lost?

They lost, but it was a good fight.
But they lost.

(They lost, but it was a good fight.
But they lost.)

One of us must try
the final question.

– True.
– Eun Woo?

We don’t mind even if
Eun Woo gets it wrong.

I think it’s right
for Eun Woo to go.

Eun Woo shall try the final question
for the Mini Bell Challenge.

Eun Woo, please step up
to the chair.

(Eun Woo will try the final question
for the Mini Bell Challenge.)

– You must be nervous.
– Goodness.

Please sit down in the chair.

– Please sit.
– Ring the bell!

It suits you!

Eun Woo must be really nervous.

Here’s the last question.

(The final Mini Bell question!)

“What is the distance between
Ulleung-do, one of Korea’s…”

“most representative islands,
and Dokdo?”

Please write it down in kilometers.

The distance between Ulleungdo
and Dokdo?

Write down the distance between
the two islands in kilometers.

(It’s hard.)


– Write it down in kilometers.
– Isn’t it in a song?

– The song?
– It’s in the song.

(Southeast of Ulleongdo,
200Li by the ship)

– 200Li.
– 200Li by the ship.

– It’s 200Li.
– Please write down in kilometers.

(Eun Woo also recites the lyrics.)

In fact, we do know the distance…

by Li due to the lyrics.

But it may be hard to know
the distance in kilometers.

What is it in kilometers?


It’s really hard.

(Eun Woo writes something down.)

Can Eun Woo…


get it right?

– Got it.
– He wrote down the answer.

The final question of the Mini Bell!

Eun Woo, please show us
your answer!

(Eun Woo reveals his answer
to the final question!)

Southeast of Ulleongdo.

– Southeast of Ulleongdo.
– 200Li by ship.

(They get excited too early.)

I think he got it right.

– He’s amazing.
– Now.

I know that 10Li is 4km.

So I multiplied by 20 to get 80km.

– Please.
– Please.

– Eun Woo wrote down 80km.
– I’m getting nervous.

That was his answer.

Let’s ring this Mini Bell!

(Will the Mini Bell ring?)

The answer is…


(The answer is 87km.)

(I’m sorry, my friends.)


(His friends were going to
celebrate, but they stop.)

What’s going on?

It was a very difficult question.

It wasn’t easy.

80km and 87km.

It’s only a 7km difference.

He was very close to the answer.

In 2017, to celebrate
the 35th anniversary of the song,

considering the natural environment
and address,

it’s changed to
“Southeast of Ulleung Island 87k”.

It’s changed to 87km.

Oh, that’s right.
The lyrics changed.

Oh, really?

I think I’ve seen 87km before.

(Lyrics of
“The Korean Island Dokdo”)

I see.

For us to be able to say
that Dokdo Island is our land,

we need a united opinion.

The last question was intended…

for us to remember…

that it’s 87km.

It’s sad, but from now on,

I will remember that it’s 87k.

– Yes. Good job.
– Good job.

– Good job. You pretty much got it.
– Well done.

– You pretty much answered it.
– You did well.

(“Mini Bell Challenge”,
see you again if we can.)

It feels like I’m standing
at a fork.

(You’re invited to marriage,)

(the unknown future.)

Are we getting married?

(A representing entertainer couple
is here.)

(A secret world
of a celebrity couple)

(Well, not feel it.)

(The bachelors are too absorbed.)

(A couple that encourages marriage
reveals their new house.)

(I want green.)

(Do you think you married
the best man in this life?)

He’s the best.


(About someone who values me…)

(more than I value myself)

(She’s truly on his side.)

(The reason they stay together…)

(in a world where
being alone is natural)

Someone I won’t be embarrassed
to do that with.

(“My Wedding”)

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