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Master In The House Episode 158 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Master In The House Episode 158 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Master In The House Episode 158

(The members wait for
today’s master…)

This place.

(in a splendid wedding hall.)

Hang on.

Isn’t this the place we met Juck?

– Yes. For the wedding.
– Yes.

Who is it?
Who’s getting married today?

You have to throw it.

– The petals.
– The petals.

Is someone getting married
on our show?

This is awesome.

I think it’s either Seung Gi or
Se Hyeong. Eun Woo’s too young.

The production crew keeps
bringing us here…

for you to get married soon.

Are they giving us
the marriage spirit?


We’re old enough to think about it.

We should either live alone or…

I don’t know. I really don’t.

Just go with the flow.

I think…

– you marry the person…
– It’s destined.

you’re meant to be with.

I think that’s very rare.

Some people get together
by destiny.

Some people are meant to be
for each other.

But you have to put
a lot of effort,

and you have to sacrifice at times.

Did you sacrifice a lot?

No, I didn’t.
I didn’t sacrifice anything.

Why are your lips turning blue
all of a sudden?

I didn’t sacrifice anything.

You didn’t exercise today,
but why are your lips purple?

I never sacrificed myself once.

(Emphasizing it again)

Come on.

I’m happy every day.

It can’t get any better.

– Every single day.
– Isn’t it a lie…

that you’re happy every day?

(Dong Hyun. Pull yourself together.)

Be honest.

– I think…
– How can you be happy every day?

Be sincere.

– You want me to be sincere?
– Yes.

I thought…

I can be happy only up to 100.

But the next day, I reached 110.

The next day, I reached 120.

– So far…
– Dong Hyun.

That means…

you thought happiness
could reach up to 200.

– But I started from 100?
– Yes.

That’s not true.

I see.

Personally, I highly recommend it.

Because people tell me…

that it was a good decision
to get married.

Things worked out better
after I got married.

What went well
after you got married?

– “My Love from the Star”.
– “My Love from the Star”?

(Is it “My Love from the Star”?)

(He went beyond Korea…)

(and became famous in Asia.)

(Was that the power of marriage?)

– Wasn’t that before he got married?
– That was before.

(That was before I got married.)

(Unfortunately, Eun Woo’s favorite
was before he got married.)

I starred in “The Last Empress”
after I got married.

(“The Last Empress”)

– I also starred in “Vagabond”.
– You appeared in “Vagabond”.

“My Love from the Star” was
the biggest hit.

(Eun Woo points out
the brutal fact.)

(Honey. I’m still happy every day.)

– Honestly, that was a huge hit.
– “A huge hit”.

That stirred up all of Asia.

– It stirred up Asia.
– That’s right.

(If that was after I got married,
it would’ve stirred up the world.)

– That’s sharp.
– I highly recommend it too.

How’s your record as a fighter
after you got married?

I lost right before marriage.

Since then I haven’t lost.

– Really?
– Until now?

(That must be the power
of marriage.)

Because I never fought once.

(Proud of himself)

(No match, no win, and no loss
after marriage)

– Right.
– I am undefeated.

– You are.
– I’m undefeated.

– That’s a great marriage.
– It sure is.

(This is how good marriage is.)

– I love it.
– But…

I think you should get married.

But in the past, I used to vaguely
think that I’d get married.

Now at my age,

I have to decide between living
alone and getting married.

I’m standing at a crossroads.

If I were to choose whether
I want to get married or not,

I definitely want to.

But I don’t think I should
make a girlfriend…

and get married for marriage’s sake.

I’d like to get married if there’s
a woman I want to marry.

– That’s my opinion.
– That sounds correct.

– How about you, Eun Woo?
– Me?

I do want to get married,
though it’s a vague idea.

I want to because…

people live up to 100 years
these days, and it’d get lonely.

A spouse is also your partner,
so I want to,

but I haven’t thought
that deeply about it.

(Single people worry
it’ll be too lonely.)

– Everyone,
– Yes.

you got a wedding invitation.

A wedding invitation?
Who’s getting married?

(Se Hyeong comes in haste
to get the invitation.)


(Why is Se Hyeong bringing
the invitation?)

Is it yours?

(Are you getting married?)

No way.

Don’t surprise us…

on air.

– Are you serious?
– Are you serious?

Se Hyeong…

Why did you go and get it?

I just went and got it.

It’s not yours, is it?
It says, “Yang Se Hyeong.”

Your name is on it!

No, your name is also on it.

Oh, all our names are on it.
You startled me.

I thought he was
actually getting married.

This is amazing.
“We’re getting married.”

“We’re getting married.”

(“We’re getting married.”)

(“We’re getting married.”)

It’s fun talking about marriage.

– It’s fun.
– Guys.

(In the invitation…)


“Groom Lee Seung Gi”?

(“We’re getting married.”)

(“Lee Seung Gi and his spouse”)

Why are you telling me about my
wedding that I haven’t heard of?

– What?
– What’s this?

Our names are on it.

Yours says, “Kim Dong Hyun
and Song Ha Yul.”

– My wife is on mine too.
– Right.

My spouse section is empty.

– Me too.
– Me too.

(The single people have nothing
on the spouse section.)

What would it be?

It’s fun talking about marriage.

Are you having us go on blind dates
and getting us married?

Is that what this is?


It must be fun.

As you have heard,

our country has
the lowest birthrate…

– among OECD countries.
– Right. I’m worried.

According to the National
Statistical Office,

marriage registrations have been

for 8 years since 2012.

(“Marriage Is Choice,
the Lowest Marriage Statistics”)

One out of four single people…

chooses not to get married.

(Due to financial
and relationship pressures…)

– They’d rather live alone.
– It’s easier that way.

You’re also financially stronger.

– Right.
– Financially,

it’s tough to buy a house
these days.

(Marriage now became
an individual’s choice.)

As more people choose
to stay single lately,

today’s masters want to share
the joy of marriage with others.

This couple promotes marriage.

– Is it Choi Soo Jong?
– They promote marriage?

– Or Cha In Pyo.
– Is it him?

They promote marriage?

Spend a day with the couple…

and figure out how you want
to tell people…

about your new start in writing.

(Finish your wedding invitation!)

You can write it
in the empty area…

of the future invitation.

– That’s why it was empty.
– The invitation.

I will now give you the actual
invitation today’s masters used.

– I’ll…
– It looks neat.

– read the invitation.
– Okay.

(Revealing the masters’
wedding invitation)

– There’s a gem.
– Is there?

“We clearly remember
our first awkward encounter.”

“Woo Jung’s smile is
particularly pretty.”

(I know who that is.)

“And the one who particularly liked
her smile is…”

“Gyo Jin.”

(“The one who particularly liked
her smile is Gyo Jin.”)

(Do you all get it?)

(Woo Jung and Gyo Jin)

It feels a lot different
from seven years ago.


We’ve become veterans.

I was so pretty back then.

(They burst into laughter
just by looking at each other.)

“After about a decade,”

“we want to always be able
to laugh together.”

“If it’s with our loved ones,”

“it will be our greatest joy.”

(Why wouldn’t you want to do it
when it’s this good?)

(Or do they want to drag others down
with them?)

(Here comes the couple
who promotes marriage!)

What’s happening?

– Really?
– Really?

No way!

(Just like the day they took
their first step with full hearts)


Watch the stairs.

(So sweet)

– Nice to meet you.
– Hello.

– Hello.
– Hello.

(The couple becomes happier
just by looking.)

– I thought…
– Hello.

I think I understand
why they promote marriage.

– Hello.
– Hello.

Are you getting married again today?

(They look great together.)

– Hello.
– Hello.

– You look great.
– It’s nice to see you!

(The new couple of the dream
for those in their 20s and 30s)

– It’s so good to see you.
– Hello.

(In Gyo Jin and So E Hyun)

(13 years of friendship)

(7 years of marriage)

(They’ve spent more
than half their lives together,)

(yet they still automatically smile
when they look at each other.)

(Woo Jung, I love you!)

(Is every day of their wedded life
like a movie?)

(He tears up at the thought of her.)

(Gyo Jin is about to burst out


(The couple that leads others
to marriage)


(Is this what marriage is like?)

(This is a fraud.)

(Seung Gi is startled.)

(We’ve never seen them like this.)

(The true story of their real life)

Thank you.

(An explosive…)


(But in a marriage,)

(even when your husband is
being humiliated,)

(you compliment him
that he looked awesome.)

(What type of person would you marry
if you were to be reborn?)

(It would be you.)

(“Get married, everyone!”
Masters In Gyo Jin and So E Hyun)

They highly recommend
getting married.

We have In Gyo Jin and So E Hyun.

There are couples of the nation.
We had Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra.

– Right.
– Cha In Pyo…

– And Shin Ae Ra.
– and Shin Ae Ra.

But the generation shifted…

and these two became the next ones.

– Exactly.
– It must be so fun…

living like the two of you.

I think it would be fun
if I could live like you.

Wait, what’s wrong
with the atmosphere?

We have to make things clear.

There are misunderstandings
and truths.

We’re not exactly like
Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra.

We’re not.

I want to ask a fundamental

by asking if you’re happy
with your wedded life.

Out of 100.

– Our wedded life?
– Yes.

– Our overall wedded life?
– Yes.

Out of 100.

– Out of 100…
– This must be tough to answer.

It is tough.

(He’s even more conscious.)


– I think I’d give 90 points.
– 90 points.

(I see. 90 points.)

I’d give it 95 points.

Wait, this is…

I’d give it 95 points.

(I’m done for.)

Let’s take a short break. 1, 2, 3.

It was…

It was 95.

(She’s usually serious
about teasing her husband.)

– We had a slight issue.
– Five points.


We all have different standards.

Then why did you deduct
those 10 points?

Well, I think…

– What?
– What are you doing with your hair?

Those 10 points are…

– It’s…
– He’s thinking.

– I can see it.
– For instance,

it’s not perfectly…

It doesn’t make you
100 percent happy.

There are also difficult moments.

(Wanting some agreement)

Am I right?


– No, there aren’t.
– He doesn’t think so.

There aren’t any tough moments.

(I see. So they’re happy every day.)

– What about you, Sung Rok?
– Take it to him.

I’m on cloud nine every day.

– I see.
– I’ll go home first, so…

Anyway, it makes you wonder…

what your life would have been like
if you weren’t married.

“How would I have been living
if I wasn’t married?”

I believe that all men have
that curiosity.

So the curiosity took 10 points off.

This is exactly
what I needed to hear.

They kept saying
their marriage was perfect.

But that’s not possible.

I think about these things,
you know.

(Se Hyeong is at the age
where he’s serious about marriage.)

You’ve come to
the right place today.

– We’ve come to the right place?
– I mean I’m glad I’m here.

I came here. I came here.

He’s a marriage consultant.

He’s trying to start a business.

It’s good that I’m here today.

I used to think about these things.

– Really?
– Yes.

(We will solve all your questions
about marriage.)

This is what single people
must be most curious about.

When you meet
someone you’re destined to marry,

do you realize it right away
if that person is the one?

Right. People say that all the time.

All the married people say that.

When you first met, did you
know you were going to get married?


– They’re not answering right away.
– No. No.

When we first met,
we couldn’t think…

of marriage.

– I was in high school.
– She was in high school.

(When they first met,
E Hyun was in high school.)

As of this year, we’ve known
for 20 years.

– 20 years.
– Married for 8 years.

You dated other people
before you got together?

– Yes.
– Of course.

We knew who
each other was dating.

We knew everyone.

– We were really good friends.
– No way.

– I see.
– We were really good friends.

But whenever he was dating someone,

I felt something deep inside.

I felt annoyed.

I just felt really annoyed.

She wasn’t too thrilled.

I heard that
he was going out with someone.

I felt extremely annoyed
deep inside.

Even though he wasn’t yours.

We weren’t dating.

You don’t understand this?

Don’t you feel that with someone?

When I heard that he was dating,
I felt really annoyed.

I’ve never heard
about something like this.

But it’s not that there was
something between us then.

– So you lived like that.
– They…

How many years did that last?

(They didn’t date…)

– More than 10 years.
– About 15 years.

Just like that.

There were times…

(They stayed as friends.)

– when I felt attracted to her.
– You felt attracted.

We were shooting
a drama together.

In that drama,
we had to act as a couple.

We were the lead characters.

In the drama?

Was that when you first
kissed and held hands?

– The first time we actually kissed.
– The first time we actually kissed.

Was there a kissing scene?

– There was.
– There were tons.

I was so nervous.

– And I had feelings for her.
– Right.

– You would get nervous.
– I was so nervous.

There were a couple
of kissing scenes.

Towards the end,

I thought I would
express my feelings this time.

I suddenly thought of it
when I was shooting that scene.

So I practiced.

(He was serious
about the kissing scene.)

(To express his feelings,)

(he stuck out his lips
and closed his eyes gently.)

(He feels butterflies.)

I thought I would do my best…

and actually feel it.
Wait. Not feel it.

– Feel it?
– What?

(Immersing in the situation,
he became aggressive.)


– No. No. No.
– I think…

this is what really
went on in his mind.

How can you do that
at a workplace?

– Gyo Jin!
– My goodness.

How can you do that
at a workplace?

I’ve never heard someone say that.

He didn’t want to act anymore.
He wanted to feel it.

(He can’t take it back.)

He wanted to feel the kiss.

A mistake is not tolerated here.

(He realizes right away how scary
the variety show hyenas are.)

Before getting married,
when did you date?

– You’re curious now, aren’t you?
– I am.

(He’s happy
that everyone’s curious.)

First, we never dated.


(What does she mean?)

We didn’t start the relationship
to just date.

Our relationship began
with marriage in mind.

– Right.
– You decided to get married?

You brought up marriage
before you even started dating?

On the day we got together,
she asked me to marry her.

– You said it first?
– Yes.

– We ordered meat and soju.
– Nice. Just the two of you.

After taking a shot…

(They needed to get
the help of alcohol.)



After taking a shot, I asked him.

“Do you want to marry me?”

“Do you want to marry me?”


(She said that.)

That’s the best.

That makes my heart race.

His cheeks are red.

– He’s too into it.
– It’s…

– This is so interesting.
– Why are you so excited?

This is such an interesting story.

You have someone, don’t you?

I don’t.

When the two of you
were talking, he said,

“I think I know.”

– Right. Right.
– He said, “I think I know.”

– What do you know?
– I have experiences.

I have experiences.

I’m 37 for crying out loud.

I’ve experienced many things.

He’s actually older than he looks.

Do you think I haven’t
experienced it, you child?

(Do you think I haven’t
experienced it, you child?)

When she asked me to marry her,

I was flustered.
But I pretended I was not,

and I said, “Marry you?”

(Marry you?)

– It’s like a drama.
– It’s like a drama.

She said,

“It’s just that
why would we bother dating?”

“We should just get married.”

She said we should just get married
if we are going to date.

So I said,

“Okay. Let’s do that.”

(He pretended he was not
flustered and said yes.)

So everything was decided that day.

– We started getting ready for it.
– That day, we started…

– preparing our wedding.
– Right away?

– That day.
– While eating meat?

– We called our parents.
– That day?

Here’s what I’m curious about.

You were convinced.
But from when you were preparing…

the wedding to the early
days of your marriage,

– you two…
– We fought so much.

That’s when we started fighting.

You didn’t fight
before you started dating.

For more than 10 years,

– We never fought.
– we never even argued.

– But preparing for the wedding…
– No way.

Gosh. We really…

– That happens a lot.
– I wondered if he was…

the man I knew.

It went that far.

I thought he had been
scamming me all along.

Gosh. We really…

Because people don’t
see other people go through it,

when they fight, they wonder
if they are not compatible.

– Right.
– “Other people seem to be fine.”

– “Are we not meant to be?”
– You know it very well.

(He’s not married, but he knows
a lot about marriage.)

I used to think to myself,
“Is this what marriage is?”

But thinking back, I realize
that it was nothing.

– It’s just what happens.
– So the two of you…

(It’s unavoidable to
get into conflicts.)

Two people who have lived
a long time apart…

suddenly get bound by law
as one entity.

They say you are a married couple.

But I was not sharing
everything inside my heart.

It was as if we were still dating.
I had my ego.

(His body starts to feel stiff.)

I didn’t want to ask her for help.
There was a time like that.

We didn’t go, “We are married now.”

“Let’s talk about everything.”
It wasn’t like that.

That’s why we had
troubles in the beginning.

– After you got married?
– Of course.

My husband…

is very chatty.

He can talk all night.

(She drops a fact.)

– That’s not good.
– The sun actually went down.

– The sun actually went down.
– It’s going down.

– I think we should go home.
– Your home?

Right. I heard
that’s what you do.

(He’s sad that he didn’t get to
finish talking.)

– We moved.
– You moved?

We moved.

– Are we the first guests?
– You are the first guests.

Really? You never
showed your house on TV?

– Never.
– Really?

We are grateful for the invitation.

– Let’s go to your home.
– Sure. Thank you.

– Thank you.
– Let’s clap.

(Invitation, We’re Getting Married)

(The Way In-So Couple Lives)

Come in.

Thank you.

– It’s the masters’…
– It’s never been shown on TV.

– We are entering…
– It’s so nice.

– their new house.
– Welcome.

– What?
– Did you remodel it?

– We did.
– I can tell they did.

– Right.
– Right.

(The first customer enters.)

It’s really spacious.

(It’s a new home for In-So Family
with a white interior.)

I chose every bulb and doorknob.

I love this.

What’s this?

It’s so spacious.

– It’s really big.
– It’s really nice.

It’s so open.

So much light comes in.

– It’s warm.
– It’s warm.

This place would be great in winter.

(There’s a sun-drenched
living room.)

This dining table is so cozy.

It’s so nice.

When you sit down…

The living room is great.

– The living room is amazing.
– The kitchen is great.

– This is my dream kitchen.
– It’s my dream too.

Like this.

They got marble floors too.

– They are tiles.
– Tiles that look similar.

The floors get nicely heated.

He doesn’t know anything precisely.

(He tried to help but failed.)

We decorated this countertop
with what the girls made.


We tried to look for the things
the four of us can do together.

It makes us realize that it’s so fun
for the four of us to play together.

– Right.
– Yes.

There are traces of
their children everywhere.

– This.
– Right.

It’s really fun to put together.

– Right. Lego.
– It’s Lego.

What’s that? Is it different?

You can make
different things with it.

You can build a castle.

– A windmill.
– They did a good job then.

The fathers are really interested.

How cute.

How old were they?

Ha Eun was four.

They were 1 and 4.

(What would their
master bedroom look like?)

– You can look at our bedroom.
– Your bedroom.

The bedroom.

Follow us to the bedroom.

(It’s a suite for
the lovely In-So Couple.)

Excuse us.

Why is there a baby doll here?

Our second child
sometimes plays here.

When you get married,
the bed isn’t just for you two.

– Your children use it too.
– Right.

(It’s a cozy bedroom
for the couple.)

This is what I envy…

about married couples.

Every part of the place
has traces of their children.


It’s so snug.

I know.

– It’s so nice.
– It’s really nicely decorated.

– Are you their mother-in-law?
– It’s so nice.

– Is he your mother-in-law?
– He’s like my mother-in-law.


They cleverly used mirrors.


(Meanwhile, Gyo Jin…)

Since guests are here…

(is preparing a small event.)

(He looks very happy
even though he’s alone.)

This is a room for the girls.

There are the girls’ drawings.

(Only one wall is very colorful.)

You made it easy to clean.

– It’s a chalkboard.
– It’s a chalkboard.

A house with children needs…

a space where they can draw.

Right. One wall has to be
dedicated to drawing.

(It looks fun.)

– She’s right.
– My goodness.

What’s this… No way.
What is this?

(There are the bedrooms
for the girls inside.)

The girls must love this.

It’s like a princess room.

Everything is light pink and blue.

Very detailed.

Isn’t this the chandelier kids love?

Right. Right.

You can change the color
however you want.

I’ve heard about this.

Look at the light. It’s a cloud.

– It’s a cloud.
– So cute.

The girls must love it.

(Do you remember, honey?)

(The parasols we saw
in Bali during our honeymoon.)

Let’s go!

(Aren’t the parasols flipped?)


It looks like you have
never done this before.

No. No.

– I…
– It’s your first time, isn’t it?

It’s not.

Don’t you think you sliced
the lemons too thick?

– They should be cut neatly.
– The parasols got flipped.

How can you let them get flipped?

– What’s this?
– I love it this way.

It’s like an umbrella that got
flipped by a strong wind.


But it’s just a fun thing to have.

Please wait a little bit.
It just has to taste good. Right?

He’s so funny when he talks.


– Thank you.
– Thank you.

– Thank you.
– It’s nothing much.

– Take a welcome drink.
– A welcome drink.

(It’s the first small event.)

(A welcome drink)

You are the first guests.

Thank you for coming.

– Thank you.
– He’s great.

He’s good at putting on an event.

It suits the floor well, doesn’t it?


(Do you like it?)

It suits the floor well, doesn’t it?

Shouldn’t you have done this…

as soon as we entered?

Is it all right to do this?
Who’s going to clean up?

It’s hard to clean it up.

– Did he really prepare this event?
– Yes.

She doesn’t seem very happy.

– Well…
– Do you know this?

What is it?


Why isn’t it coming out? What?

He’s clumsy
whatever event he puts on.

Shouldn’t they fly out fast?


– There you go.
– There.

(They finally come out.)

– It’s done.
– It’s done.

Is it done? I’ve used up everything.


(It’s very messy.)

– “Get married.”
– “Get married.”

“Get married.”

It’s nothing much.
But when the time comes,

– you should marry someone nice.
– Thank you.

You step on the rose petals
like these at a wedding.

Does he sometimes
put on events like this?

Yes. Very clumsily.

– Clumsily.
– But it looks nice.

– Clumsy yet…
– Clumsy yet cute.

– This makes it more charming.
– Small things are fun.

Right. Right.

I will clean these up first.

(He cleans them up.)

– By the way…
– My goodness.

– No. No.
– Let’s leave them here.

– Let’s do that.
– Just leave them there.

– Kids would love this.
– Great.

It’s like a holiday.

– It’s nice that everyone is here.
– It’s like we’ve…

collected money for a game.

Or is it not?

You must’ve met…

– couples that are not married.
– Yes.

When you saw them,

could you tell if they were
going to get married…

or if they would
have a good marriage?

We matched three
married couples.

What do you mean by that?

– We matched them.
– We matched his friend…

with my friend.

And three couples got married?

– They got married.
– They all had children.

(No way.)

– Really?
– Are they living happily?

– They are happily married.
– Really?

They seem to have
good people around them.

They should match…

Se Hyeong with someone.

– He’s blushing.
– I am…

(I’m blushing.)

– That would be amazing.
– I need it,

and Seung Gi needs it too.

– You’re blushing.
– And so does Eun Woo.

– To us single people,
– You are the oldest.

they are like angels.


Lots of single people
will come to you.


(Yang Se Hyeong, hyper bachelor)

– I hope they do.
– I have a question.

What mindset should I have
as a person in his 20s?

– Meet a lot of people.
– He’s still…

He’s still too young
to think about marriage.

It would be nice
to meet and experience…

many people.

I am not saying you should
date a lot of people.

You should experience
different kinds of people.

Meet a lot of people.

– They say that’s important.
– Yes.

I am curious.

What do you two talk about?

When you talk to each other.

We talk like best friends.

– That’s important.
– That’s important.

The conversation never
stops flowing.


(The Way In-So Couple Lives)

(One. We Are Chatty)

We were going from Seoul to Busan.

There was less than two minutes
of silence.

Your voices would’ve gone hoarse.

– I know.
– Even we don’t do that.

When we got to around Daejeon,

Gyo Jin said he was too thirsty
and he asked that we take a break.

We said we wouldn’t talk
for just five minutes.

It was so funny to
count those five minutes.

Do you badmouth other people?

We talk about all sorts of things.

– How did you know?
– That takes the longest time.

We know too many people in common.

I can’t deny it.

That’s a part of it.

It’s very important to be able to…

talk to each other well.

– It’s very important.
– It’s the most important thing.

It’s the best to live with someone
who you can talk to.

You must spend a lot more time
as a family these days.

We spend so much time together.

Until recently…

The girls couldn’t
go to kindergarten.

So the four of us
always stayed together.

I see.

So we came up with
a curriculum for the girls.

There’s gym class.
Ballet class. Art class.

We make things and have fun.

(In-So Kindergarten opened.)

(Ballet class, art class)

They play with paints.

The four of us would make things.

We work out together.

(So Eun’s advanced art class)

(Is it here?)

– That sounds fun.
– That sounds fun.

I know.

I think I would love that.

I love playing together.

“What should we do today?”

You get home excited.

There must be people…

who are not like Gyo Jin.

– Right.
– Right.

Everyone lives by different values.

Some might hate marriage.
Some might not want to marry.

– To some, it’s not a priority.
– Right.

But here’s why we decided
to join the show today.

When we got married…

and lived like this,

it turned out to be fun.
We have the know-hows.

I am sure about this one thing.

One of the things
I think I’ve done a good job…

as a husband and as a father is…

that I always enjoy
my family’s hobbies.

(Enjoy your family’s hobbies.)

– That’s important.
– I join them.

(The Way In-So Couple Lives)

(Two. We Steal Each Other’s Hobbies)

When I asked her
what she liked doing,

she said she liked
ballet, yoga, and Pilates.

So I even went to do ballet.
She asked me to come along.

– Really?
– Yes. I was curious.

– Really?
– I went.

I didn’t like it.
I didn’t like ballet.

But when I got all stiff,

she giggled and laughed.

It was so fun to do it together.

“I can’t do it. I can’t.”

She likes those things.

I don’t do it because
I like doing ballet.

I love seeing my wife
being happy and smiling.

You are amazing.

He’s very wise.

Is there something else other
than the ballet you did together?

Because we can’t
go outside these days…

– We train at home.
– We do yoga.

We do yoga and Pilates.

– So that’s a yoga mat.
– Yes.

Do you do yoga for couples?

Yes. Yoga for couples.
Have you never done it?

– I’ve never done it.
– I’ve never done it.

We’ve been doing it
for quite some time.

Can you show us some exercises?

Yoga for couples?

(The Way In-So Couple Lives)

– It’s a very simple one.
– It’s a simple one.

You do it separately.

– It’s…
– What is it?

– It’s not something difficult.
– You do it separately.

– You…
– Wait. Your leg.

You do it without warming up?

Come on.

– It’s…
– Will they stretch their legs?

I’m not wearing stretchy clothes.

All right.

Stretch your leg.

I’m not wearing stretchy clothes.

All right. Straighten your leg.

– Don’t straighten it all the way.
– Did you hear the cracking sound?

I’m fine.

– There was a cracking sound.
– Lift it up.

Like this.

(They overcome the hurdle…)

(and manage to straighten
both of their legs.)

– That’s nice.
– That’s hard.

– They are good.
– Straighten the legs.

Shouldn’t you straighten
your back a little more?


Even this is really hard to do.

I know.

This is hard.


– They straightened their legs.
– You work out your legs…

Wait. Wait.

(Honey, I’ve reached my limit.)

You work out your legs like this.

It looked really nice though.

– Really?
– Seung Gi’s done some yoga.

I like yoga, but I can’t
go to yoga classes these days.

– Your body would remember.
– Goodness.

Mr. Outer Hook.

Mr. Outer Hook?

– Do whatever you like.
– Should we lift this one first?

1, 2, 3.

(Breathing together,
they lift one leg up first.)


1, 2, 3.

(They manage to lift up
both of their legs.)

The posture is perfect.

– Their legs got straightened.
– This is how you do it.

– It’s…
– They are better than us.

They can get married.

– They can get married?
– They can do this…

– Should we marry?
– when they get married.

– You can do it when you marry.
– It feels nice.

It’s nice that you have to
face each other.

– It’s fun.
– It’s fun, isn’t it?

It makes you smile.

(It’s a good workout,
and it makes you smile too.)

You can try this with your child.

– Nice.
– You lift the child like this.

She asked me why I did it
for the girls but not for her.

You have to straighten your arms
and your legs too.

You have to form a straight line.

(Horizontal line
and a vertical line)

– You could let go of your hands.
– Straighten your legs.

Don’t get anxious. You are fine.

You are trembling too much.

– Gyo Jin.
– It’s been a while. That’s all.

– Your legs…
– Right.

Your legs trembled so much.

(His legs trembled so much.)

– You grab the ankles.
– This one is…

This is a hard one.
This is a really hard one.

– Grab the ankles.
– My goodness.

Like this.

The one at the top
has to do a plank.

– It’s a really tough one.
– Couples do this pose…

and post it on social media.

– People post it.
– This is…

This is that.

A couple would do this
at a beach.

(You have to fully trust each other
to do the yoga for couples.)

Eun Woo and Sung Rok
should try it.

With Sung Rok?

– Can I be in the bottom?
– My goodness.

He lied down so naturally.

(He lied down right away.)

He lied down so naturally.

Fathers love lying down.

(He feels guilty.)

– Fathers love lying down.
– Here we go.

They lie down
whenever there’s a chance.

– It’s a piece of cake for them.
– Eun Woo.

– They are very stable.
– They are good.

Is there an upgraded version?

An upgraded version? Right?
Do push-ups.

– Really?
– 1, 2, 3.

You have to do push-ups together.

(Why are they trying to look cool?)

Should we do this?


1, 2, 3.

(It’s hard enough
to maintain the pose.)

(They are doing
the push-ups too.)

(She’s amused by
the upgraded yoga for couples.)

(Everyone’s happy
except for one.)

Right now…

Whenever E Hyun shouts,

Gyo Jin gets anxious.

– He’s worried that he has to do it.
– Try it once.

– Let us see how cool you are.
– Try it.

Se Hyeong should do it.

– Try it.
– Me?

– We were just trying to be funny.
– Me?

– Or Eun Woo can do it.
– I can manage this.

Seung Gi can do it with you.
You should go on top.

– I should go on top?
– You should go on top.

– Go on top.
– Go on top.

It’s harder to go on top.

– Eun Woo looked great, didn’t he?
– It’s really hard.

– Right.
– He will go on top?

– He…
– Gyo Jin can manage it.

1, 2.

Great. Let’s go.

Aren’t the socks too funny?

– Let’s go. Start.
– 1, 2, 3.

– My goodness.
– Okay.

(She finds it hilarious.)

(He does push-ups
loudly and doggedly.)



This is good enough. Stop.

(It’s so funny.)

(Seung Gi is still working,
and Gyo Jin is broken.)

(Don’t look, honey.)

(She’s really enjoying it.)

(After being used
in the yoga for couples,)

(he exits in a humiliating way.)

– It was…
– That was funny.

You were great.

How fun is this?

Did you say he was great?

– It’s…
– She said he was great.

This is why they are married.

How can you make fun of him
when his wife is next to him?

– Make fun of him?
– He was made fun of.

But how was it? Wasn’t it fun?

See how happy she looks.
She’s happy.

– You are happy, aren’t you?
– They like having fun together.

Even if you look foolish,

it’s all good as long as
your wife is happy.

That’s what I want.

– He’s amazing.
– She feels happy…

when she laughs hard.

– Right. Right.
– You are happy, aren’t you?

Yes. I’m happy.

(Seeing her husband
rattling made her happy.)

– I’m really happy.
– This is really funny.

I thought yoga for couples
would be embarrassing,

but it’s not.

– It’s really fun.
– It’s fun, isn’t it?

– You can have fun with kids.
– You can play for 1 to 2 hours.

(Imagining it gets him excited.)

– It’s about time…
– Yes?

Ha Eun and So Eun will come home.

– From kindergarten?
– Yes.

– We will cook then.
– Yes.

I will pick them up.


– Bye.
– Bye.

(They cook before the girls arrive.)

(They have to cook.)

Should we just order food?

(Should we just order food?)

He truly sounded like a dad.

After setting up
everything, they say,

“Should we just order food?”

I cook things that kids love.

Soy sauce egg rice, for example.

Soy sauce egg rice.

– Soy sauce egg rice is good, right?
– It’s really good.

I love it.

Shall we cook
kimchi fried rice first?

– Okay.
– Let’s do it.


By the way,

we’ve got kimchi, canned ham,

scallions, and onion.

Do you have your special recipe?

Do you only use
the basic ingredients?

– There’s no such thing.
– No such thing?

– Is this all then?
– I will use the basic ingredients.

– Do we just have to fry them?
– It will be perfect.

Let’s wait for it. He will
fry them up nicely.

Let’s prepare the ingredients first.

How should we fry the kimchi?

Should we make scallion oil?

– Yes. Let’s make scallion oil.
– Kimchi?

Kimchi? You don’t have to…

– make scallion oil for kimchi.
– Cooking oil.

You can just fry kimchi in oil.

– Should we do that then?
– No. No.

– Let’s skip the scallions then.
– That’s not it.

(He’s very gullible.)

No. No. That’s not it.

– Just follow your recipe.
– I add scallions to oil.

I stir-fry it with onion.

(He stir-fries the scallions
with onion.)

Okay. That would be good.

I also add tuna to it.

When you add onion,

it adds a little bit of
sweetness to the dish.

– Onion…
– You won’t cut the end bit?

– Should I?
– It doesn’t matter.

You should…

chop it finely.

He’s really good at it.

You look more professional.


You shouldn’t be too good when
you’re at another person’s house.

– Now…
– You put that in here?

(He adds his
secret ingredient, tuna.)

When you add kimchi,
because it’s seasoned with garlic,

– it will smell incredible.
– Right.

(I will show you how delicious
my kimchi fried rice is!)


Hold on.

Are you making 100 portions?


Are we in the military?

This pan is too small.

(What should we do?)

– We should halve it.
– Right.

– First…
– Cook it first.


It looks like Chinese food.

Gosh, this kimchi looks so raw.


Should we order in?

– Come on. Don’t give up already.
– Never mind.

Give me half of it.
I’ll cook it over there.

– Do you want to do that?
– Give me the pan.

– Where did it go?
– Where did it go?

– It’s here.
– I’ll wash it.

I’ve never cooked food
for seven people before.

It’s really difficult to make
large portions of food.

Yes, I’m flustered.

– That’s it.
– I miscalculated.

(How bad is it?)

I dropped some.

It smells so good.

(This won’t do.)

I’ll add some gochujang to this.

(He takes over.)

This is raw kimchi.

Yes, it is.

I should cook it longer…

to get rid of all the moisture.

(He’s determined to salvage it.)

(You’re good.)

It’d be really delicious
with some gochujang.

– Let’s add some red pepper powder.
– Should we?

– A little bit.
– That’s enough.

I need a bit of soy sauce.


Just a little bit.

That’s enough.

Great. This is good.

– Should we stir-fry it now, sir?
– Sure.

It should look scrumptious.

– Are you his assistant?
– No, I’m not.

I value diversity.

We should try out
other people’s dishes too.

(It doesn’t matter who’s cooking.)

Is Seung Gi cooking?

– I need some laver flakes.
– Laver flakes?

– You’re reviving it.
– Sesame oil.

It’s looking alive.

Pour it slowly.

Only a bit.

Okay. That’s enough.

Doesn’t it look alive?

– I think ours will be awesome.
– It’ll be delicious.

Like this?

Should we start plating it?
I think we should.

Spread it out.

(The members are all busy.)

I should be the one
cooking for them.

Something’s wrong here.

(Something’s very wrong.)

This reminds me of when I used…

to cook food at home with my friends
when I had lived alone.

I’m getting teary-eyed.

You’re already about to cry?

I’m getting nostalgic.

The more we talk, the more I think
that marriage isn’t right for me.

(He feels guilty.)

Gyo Jin, how often do you want
to go back to being single?


In a day or a year?

– In a year.
– In a year?

At the beginning of the year,
I realize that I’ve become older.

Then in March
when the breezes blow.

Then in May when it gets warmer.

So you want to be single again
during the odd months.

(Every odd month,
he wants to be single again.)

I have a question.

I know you love your wife dearly.

(He tries to bait him.)

But is there something about her…

that you’d like her to change?

(This will be aired, Gyo Jin.)

My wife is…

– Is there anything?
– I love everything about her.

– I really do.
– Pick one thing.

– No.
– Every single human being…

– ought to have a flaw.
– No.

I love everything about her. I do.

But she has trouble getting up
in the morning.

She does?

She really can’t wake up
in the morning.

Often times, I get up first.

Isn’t that cute?

It is.

(Of course, it is.)


there are times when she sleeps
longer than she expected.

(He spills the beans.)

Then it’s no longer cute.

Those times, I feel like she should
cut down on sleeping.

They say beautiful women
tend to be sleepyheads.

Exactly, so I should
just let her be.

I should.

(His gullibility makes him
that much cuter.)

“I should just let her be.”

Let me ask you something
that I’m curious about.

I’m only asking
because your husband isn’t here.

Does he help out
around the house?

Around the house?

Does he help out regularly?

After we moved,
he’s been trying to help out more.

– So he didn’t in the past.
– Right.

(I’ve got you.)

Is he in charge of playing
with your kids?

Yes, that’s what he does.

– And you do household chores.
– Right.

During those times,

I want to rest as well.

If I must say one thing, that’s it.

(At times, one feels exhausted
during one’s marriage life.)

But then, a thought crossed my mind.

“It’s more efficient to divide up
the things we’re good at.”

That’s what I thought and didn’t see
the need for us to change.

Even if he cleans up the house,

I have to re-do it anyway.

“I shouldn’t be stressed over this.”

“We should each do things
that we’re good at.”

(Instead of pointing fingers,
they do what they do best.)

– That’s important.
– Yes.

– You’re right.
– He does what he’s good at.

And I do the same.

We decided not to be stressed
over such things.

Everyone lives similarly.

Was there ever a time
in your marriage life when…

I’m not talking about regretting it.

But were there ever moments
when you thought…

living alone could’ve been better?

Of course.

There are many times.

Like when?

– I…
– What about you?

– What? Why are you asking me?
– What about you?

Of course, we all have
those moments.

I’m desperate to hear some facts.

On TV, everyone talks
about how lovely marriage life is.

That’s not true.

Every now and then,
I want to put everything down…

and be alone.

I just get that exhausted
with two kids.

– No, I have 3 kids.
– 3 kids.

I have 3 kids,
and there’s so much to do.

That’s when I feel very frustrated.

But then,

when I see them laughing together…

It makes everything better?

Yes. I feel like they’re the reason
for my existence.

I can totally relate.

– Right?
– This is how I feel.

– It’s true.
– If I have to pick, then it’s that.

But what’s more important
is my family…

– and them being happy.
– Those moments.

That’s when it all becomes better.

You find joy in your life.

(She agrees with him.)

It’s much more valuable.
Seeing your cute baby growing…

brings so much joy.

– Right. That’s how…
– You may be unhappy at times,

– you become a parent.
– but it makes up for everything.

(These two lovebirds…)

(got married
and relied on each other.)

(Now, they’re growing as parents.)

I found one similarity
between you guys.

(The upside of marriage is…)

It’s your children.
That’s what came to mind just now.


(Meanwhile, they’re done making
Gyo Jin’s kimchi fried rice.)

We’re done.

It looks so good.
You guys are great.

(Tuna and kimchi fried rice,
by Chef Seung Gi and his assistant)

– Ours looks nice.
– It’s done.

(Ham and kimchi fried rice,
by Sung Rok and Eun Woo.)

This is how dads prepare
kimchi fried rice.

(Gyo Jin has contributed nothing
to this meal.)

Are four bowls enough?

(You’re right.)

We’ve reached our limit.

(There are 7 people, though.)

I’m not hungry.

Maybe it’s because
I’ve been smelling it too much.

But I feel full and dizzy.

– I’m not hungry.
– All right.

– Let’s feed them instead.
– Yes.

– Let’s do that.
– Okay.

(They leave the food for those
who’ll return.)

It’s our house!

– They must be here.
– They’re here.

(They’re here.)

I heard a cute voice.

Ha Eun, say that you’re home.

I’m home.


– Take off your shoes.
– Hi.

– Ha Eun is…
– All right.

Ha Eun and So Eun are home, guys.

– Hi.
– Hi.


What is this?

(In Ha Eun: 7, In So Eun: 5)

– What is this?
– Hi.

– Stand still.
– Hi.

– Stand still.
– Hold your hands and greet them.

– Hello.
– Hello.

Good job.

How cute.

– You’re very shy, aren’t you?
– They’re so shy.

Say, “Hello, my name is In Ha Eun.”

I’m shy.

Introduce yourselves.

How old are you, Ha Eun?

– I’m seven.
– What’s your name?

– In Ha Eun.
– Where are you looking?

Look at them.

What’s your name?

– In Ha Eun.
– How adorable.

So Eun, how old are you?


– I’m five.
– I see.

How cute.

(She melts their hearts.)

– They have cute voices.
– They’re so adorable.

They are.

– So Eun got hurt recently.
– Right.

She has a bruise.

– You got hurt?
– It’s been five days now.

– It’s been a while.
– I see.

She hit her head on a bookshelf.

Your dad cooked something.

Do you want to eat?

– What’s your favorite dish?
– How about this?

What was the most delicious dish
that I made?

Ha Eun, be honest.

– Egg rice.
– Egg rice?

Egg rice.


Whose dish do you like better?
Mom’s or Dad’s?


– I see.
– Both of them?

(Thanks, my daughters.)

So Eun, whose dish
do you like more? Dad’s…

or Mom’s?

– Both!
– Both?

She’s adorable.

– She was taught well.
– Right.

We spent about half an hour
this morning on it.

(We spent about half an hour
this morning on it.)

The kids said that they want
to bow to you guys…

since it’s the Lunar New Year.

I see!

We’ll get ready.

– Get ready?
– Yes, we’ll be back.

We should go and get some money.

Where’s the nearest bank?

– Where can I find an ATM?
– Wait.

– Do you have anything?
– I have one-dollar bills.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine.

– I have one-dollar bills.
– Great.

You don’t look satisfied
with one-dollar bills.


No, I mean it.

Just give us
your bank account number.

It’s 356…

Hold on.

I’m kidding. It’s fine.

They’ve never really received
money from people before.

It’s fine.

Someone can give them money.
I’ll give them this.

– I’ll give this.
– I’ll give this.

You two look adorable!

(They’re back in their hanbok.)

You even braided your hair!

You look stunning.

(Daddy’s girls are dressed
in their hanbok.)

You two look precious.

Can you show them your hanbok?

– You look beautiful.
– That’s incredible.

You look adorable.

(They’re so cute.)

– Here we go.
– Ready!

1, 2, 3.

– Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year!

(Happy New Year!)

That was great.

Time for us to give you
your New Year’s money.

Do you want some money?


(What’s that?)

Are you ready
for your New Year’s allowance?

– Say, “Thank you.”
– You can choose…

only one uncle to get
the allowance from.

Whose do you want to take?

(Uncle number two, Sung Rok,
has boardgame bills.)

– Take the best-looking money.
– The best-looking bills.

Here’s your New Year’s allowance.

(Uncle number three, Se Hyeong,
has real bills.)

Which uncle are you going to go to?

(The biggest life decision she’s
making since her first birthday)

– Take the blue bills.
– Come with Dad.

– Ha Eun too.
– Let’s go with Ha Eun.

– Whose are you taking?
– Let’s see.

(Who will Ha Eun and So Eun go to?)

(Ha Eun took boardgame bills
and So Eun took real bills.)

(So Eun chose
a ten-dollar bill too.)

She took the biggest bill!

She’s clearly well-educated
on her money.

She knows money well.

So Eun, do you want to trade?
I have two.

You want to change your bill
with two of mine?

You want to?

– You want to?
– Yes.

– You want to trade?
– That’s unnecessary.

(Why would you trade?)

– You want to trade?
– That’s unnecessary.

She really has no idea.

– No, she doesn’t.
– She has no idea.

No, you can take this too.

It’s all yours.

– Great job.
– Great job.

They’re adorable.

– They’re beautiful.
– Absolutely precious.

– They’re so well-mannered too.
– Indeed.

(He can’t take his eyes
off of the girls.)

I wonder how it feels like.

Yes, to have a family,

and have your own children.

They’re adorable.

This is…

the happiest moment of my life.

Getting married and having kids is
the best thing that’s happened.

(Amazing emotions they wouldn’t
have known without marriage)

Here comes the zombie!

(After the bows, the uncles are
playing zombie with the two girls.)

Here comes the zombie!

(How adorable.)

How scary!

– Uncle is a zombie.
– It’s a zombie!

Look at you!

(If you get bitten, you’ll want
to have a daughter immediately.)

So scared!

Should we eat now?

Yes, let’s eat.

(There are four bowls
of fried rice…)

(and seven people.)

(He said that he’s not hungry…)

(and they said
that they’ll be fine,)

(But they’re getting nervous…)

(to see E Hyun approaching.)

Why are there only four bowls
of rice?

(Why are there only four bowls
of rice?)


It would’ve been nice
if we had more,

but we ended up with four.

To focus on our work…

This has too much.

(He can’t say anything.)

(Picking his nose)

We have so many people here.

This isn’t good. They’re guests.

– Then…
– We’re not hungry.

(We’re not hungry.)

We were cooking,
then realized we weren’t hungry.

We ate while cooking.

And the key is…

that there were only four sets
of everything here.

That’s why we couldn’t cook more.

There were only four sets
of cutleries and dishes.

That’s right.

– Let’s eat first.
– Yes, let’s.

– Let’s eat together.
– Try this too.

(Seung Gi and Gyo Jin’s
kimchi fried rice)

(Sung Rok and Eun Woo’s
ham and kimchi fried rice)

Let’s all get some on our plates
and try some.

You can try first.

Try it first.

– Let’s eat together.
– You know…

what my kimchi fried rice
tastes like, right?

It’s hard to make
bad kimchi fried rice.

(I hope he did better
than he usually does.)

Why am I getting so nervous?

– Me too.
– Same here.

It’s like we’re
on “Korean Food War”.

– Don’t they have more?
– It’s delicious.

– Right?
– Try some.


– It’s good.
– It’s good.

Don’t you think it’s incredible?

(So cute)


It’s so good.

(A bowl full of fried rice)

– He’s such a good cook.
– I agree.


It’s so good even though it got
a little cold.

It’s so good!

It’s really good.

(Among everyone who’s busy
enjoying the food,)

It’s tasty.

(there’s one person
who stands out in particular.)

Kimchi fried rice is a classic.

The kimchi was good, to begin with.

(He’s like a food fighter.)

Didn’t you say
that you weren’t hungry?

(Didn’t you say
that you weren’t hungry?)

I wasn’t, but this is too delicious.

It is.

That’s hilarious.

(I can’t believe him.)

Watching you two live together…

makes me want a life like that too.

Is there something in particular
that you think people should…

look for when they’re looking
to get married?

– Anything in particular?
– To look for in a person?

Yes, something you’d look for
in a person you’d want to marry.

Someone we shouldn’t let go of.

Something that makes a person
a keeper.

(He’s at a good age for marriage,
so he’s all ears.)

(What’s the best trait in a partner
that the best couple would say?)

Someone who you can have
a good conversation with.

It’s good to meet someone


and from a good family,

but above all,

you have to meet someone who you
can have a good conversation with.

Someone who you can have
heart-to-heart conversations with.

(Someone who you can have
heart-to-heart conversations with)

Someone who you can do that with
and not feel ashamed about it.

(Someone who you can do that with
and not feel ashamed about it)

– Not feel ashamed.
– It’s amazing.

(Someone who you can do that with
and not feel ashamed about it)

It’s amazing.

It could be embarrassing at first…

when you first have
a heart-to-heart,

but you have to be able to say,
“It’s fine. It’s my partner.”

(It’s okay since it’s this person.)

(Someone who you can reveal
all of your inner thoughts with)

(Feeling pathetic,)

(thankful, and apologetic)

(Someone who you can show
all sides of you)

Someone who you can have
a good talk with is so important.

– It’s the most important one.
– Indeed.

Someone who you don’t have…

– to hide anything from.
– Show all sides of you.

It’s difficult to reveal everything
to another person.

I can’t even do that with my family.

– Not even with your parents.
– No, you can’t.

– It’s harder with parents…
– That’s right.

because you don’t want…

to worry them.

– Friends too.
– Even with friends,

they get busy with their lives.

It’s not easy to just sit them down
and talk about everything.

(It’s hard to tell your friend
everything too.)

If you think about it, there’s
nobody that you can…

– just say everything to.
– No, there isn’t.

– It’s hard to do that.
– That’s right.

– Indeed.
– Even in a marriage,

it’s not easy to just let
all of it out.

– It must take time.
– It took so long for us too.

It’s our first time having
each other…

that we can tell everything to.

It hasn’t been that long…

since I began telling Gyo Jin…

about my deepest insecurities…

and darkest struggles.

But once I did that,

I felt so much at ease.

I joke around a lot…

and say things lightly.

You can tell now that you’ve spent
time with him, right?

(You can tell now that you’ve spent
time with him, right?)

– Well…
– You know what he means now, right?

(Say no more, we got it.)

Should I stop? Okay.

That’s not what I meant.

So, what do you think is important
when looking for a partner?

I married you.

(I married you.)

No, no.

– Tell us what we should look for.
– Tell them.

– What do we look for?
– No, actually…

You should look for…

We also talked a lot about this.

Someone who you can be friends with.

Yes, someone who you can be
friends with.

A friend? I see.

I can hang out with him
like he’s a friend, drink with him,

and have fun with him.

(When they’re together,)

(they can’t help but laugh.)

(They have the most fun
when they’re together.)

(They’re each other’s best friends.)

– It’s been a while.
– My wife!

(Cracking open)

(I love it!)

We’re ready to pay.

(Being in a marriage is like having
a best friend at all times.)

Aren’t you happy?

Yes, I am.

He’s showing off again.
Even until the end.

(When is Gyo Jin the most thankful
for his wife and best friend?)

Sometimes, I go
through something difficult…

and get very stressed.

And E Hyun can tell right away.

– Of course.
– She can sense it right away.

So I’m just sitting there.

After looking at me
for 20 to 30 minutes,

She asks, “Gyo Jin, do you
want to grab a beer later?”

She asks me first.

It’s not about the beer.

But the look on her face
as she says it was really cute.

She must’ve tried hard to find
the right time to ask me.

Looking at her…

– She’s definitely on your side.
– Of course.

It’s enough of a reason…

– for one to get married.
– True.

It’s really big.

It’s so pretty.

I think your spouse is
the only person…

who can see your problems
and come up with a solution.

– I agree.
– Right.

You’d just grab a beer together.

– Correct.
– Then everything…

– will be fine.
– True.

– That’s the most precious time.
– True.

It’s important for the couple
to spend time together.

– True.
– Exactly.

I see.

I’m getting jealous.

– Me too.
– For me,

I really don’t believe
in a match made in heaven.

I don’t believe it,
and I don’t really like it too.

But I think you two are
a match made in heaven.

I agree.

(But I think you two are
a match made in heaven.)

– I think…
– We should do our best.

– It’s fine. We’re…
– I feel pressured.

I don’t think we’re
a match made in heaven.

We’re closer to a match made
in heaven through hard work.

(A match made in heaven
through hard work)

From watching you two…

I know that one can be
very happy by living alone.

– It’s possible.
– Yes.

– Life as a single is great.
– Great?

– So suddenly?
– I’m just saying.

(She abruptly speaks her heart.)

That was really genuine.

What aspects are you talking about?

– Isn’t it great.
– It’s so convenient.

– Honey, we’re on TV.
– Yes?

You’re right.

– I shouldn’t say it.
– Anyway…

I think Dong Hyun is saying
although being single is great,

– It’s great.
– It’s great, but…

you should get married.

Being a couple is also great.

– Being a couple is also great.
– Being a couple?

– I like that.
– Being a couple is great.

– Being a couple.
– It’s great. Right?

You can spend time together at home.

It’s different from dating.

– True.
– In addition,

my parents really love her.

And her parents are
really fond of me too.

It feels as if everyone
in the family…

is making a big hug.

I think the sense of feeling
tied to a family is great.

I can live with Gyo Jin
because my in-laws are great.

They’re just great people.

You’re really great for each other.

I agree.

(More than the destiny
between the two people,)

(they now formed a family
for each other.)

A thought always crosses my mind
whenever I look at Ha Eun.

This is how my father-in-law
must’ve felt when he watched…

my wife as a young girl.

My wife must’ve been
as precious and valuable…

as much as I value my daughter.

I really think like that.

(Before being my wife,
she’s also a daughter.)

It forces me to treat her better.

That’s pretty amazing.

I want to get married.

(I want to get married.)

Are you serious?

I already heard many times
on the importance of conversations.

I should be able to talk about
the most embarrassing things,

and still be able to have
a good conversation with her.

I know it’s not easy,
but I also do know…

that’s possible when you
get married or become a family.

– True.
– I think…

everyone wants to have someone
to talk to and be on my side.

Eun Woo is about to cry.

I can’t talk.

– I’ve never seen him like this.
– Really?

He looks very desolate.

Is everything okay?

– No way.
– Eun Woo…

Were you divorced?

(He goes too far to cheer
Eun Woo up.)

You’re not like this.
I was too surprised.

– You’re tearing up.
– Seriously.

– He’s a strong person.
– Yes.

(The older members are shocked
to see this side of him.)

– Why are you crying?
– No!

– What’s wrong?
– Goodness.


(He got too emotional.)


He must be going
through a lot these days.

But he doesn’t have anyone
to talk to.

– He’s not a talkative type too.
– He’s not.

He’s very cautious.

I’m sorry.

He needs to talk it out,
but since he doesn’t,

it just keeps building up.

I just…

(The phrase “someone
completely on my side”…)

think that it’s really not easy
to really say that someone…

(resonated deeply for Eun Woo.)

– is really on my side.
– True.


I’m not just talking about
love or marriage.

To actually be able to
have a good conversation…

and to show even
the ugliest side of me…

(To be able to share
my deepest thoughts with someone)

is a little…

hard for me. But I really want to.

I know. You really want to,
but you just can’t.

(I don’t think I’ve done it,
even if I really want to.)

– It’s important.
– We’re on your side.

We’re on your side, Eun Woo.

– Seriously.
– You’re the best.

I’ll be on your side too.

(A new addition to Eun Woo’s team!)

– We’ll always be on your side.
– We’ll always be on your side.

I don’t know why I got so emotional.

It’s nothing to cry about.

– I think marriage is great.
– I know.

Marriage is about understanding
even these things.

(Marriage is about finding someone
who’ll always be on your side.)

Should we now write
our wedding invitations?

– Let’s try.
– That…

– Groom Lee Seung Gi.
– That’s me.

Groom Cha Eun Woo.

Groom Kim Dong Hyun.

– Groom Shin Sung Rok.
– Thank you.

Delivering information.

I’m curious.



(They’re writing
their wedding invitations.)

It’s really hard to write.

– They’re all very serious.
– They are.

(Everyone is very serious.)

I’m done. I’m finished.

He finished.

I just wrote down everything
that came to my mind.

(The invitation of Se Hyeong,
who’s most into the show today.)

“Invitation introduction.”

“Happiness. Wish. Blessing. Hope.
Love. Passion.”


“Naengmyeon. Chicken. Pork belly.
Chilled cucumber soup.”

“Seasoned eggplants.”


“Sunset. Sunlight. Drizzle.
Shades. Winds.”

“These are the things I like.”

“I’ve met someone more precious
than all these things together.”

(How romantic!)

“Please check the guest list.”

“I look forward to
your wedding gifts.”

– It’s cute.
– It’s well written.

It was cute.

– It was good.
– It was cute.

“Seasoned eggplants”?

– I think Se Hyeong’s ready.
– I agree.

(He’s definitely at the right age.)

I like it.

– Dong Hyun, go next.
– Me?

“The groom Kim Dong Hyun and
the bride Song Ha Yul.”

“Invitation introduction.”

“To a boy with vague future,”

“a girl came as his lamplight.”

(A lamplight?)

It’s good.

I’m sorry. Goodness.

Leave me alone.

You said seasoned cucumbers
and pork belly!

– We’re the same.
– Fine.

How is it different
from seasoned eggplants?

The word “lamplight”
is too cheezy.

– What are you talking about?
– Keep going.

– Right.
– It’s fine.

– I’m sorry.
– It was good.

(Holding back his laughter)

“That lamplight became
the warm sunlight.”

“And the boy’s dream
finally came true.”

(I shouldn’t laugh.)

“The boy and the girl
are finally uniting as one…

“to make their last wish come true.”

“Uniting as one”?

Are you from the Joseon Dynasty?

“Please come and congratulate us.”

“With your positive energy,”

“we’ll try to live a happy life.”

– “Uniting”?
– Goodness.

– I haven’t heard it in a while.
– I feel like he should be carried.

I thought that word is used widely.

He even drew a map.

Hang on.

– What?
– Wait a minute.

Be quiet.

He even drew a map.

You need to get off of
a subway station.

The name of the station is “Love”.

(It’s Love Station.)

(Love Station)

(He’s the train driver
of her heart.)


(Now, they’re in tears.)

They usually have maps.
I’m trying to be detailed.

It’s impressive.

– You’re very romantic.
– It’s a thing.

– “Love Station”?
– Goodness.

“Love Station”?

(Meanwhile, this man
is now in a dilemma.)

– This…
– I wrote down too much.

Mine’s not good too.

Let me read it.

(He bursts into laughter
as soon as he sees it.)


– Don’t!
– What is it?

– Don’t!
– What is it?

It’s really strange!

(What did he write?)

“Born as a human
but return to nothing.”

“Other than life and death,”

“marriage is something I’d
like to experience only once.”

(It’s beyond seriousness.
He’s very determined.)

I’m just trying to say,
I’ll never get a divorce.

“Return to nothing”? Isn’t it
a line from a drama?

– From “Goblin”.
– Yes, “Goblin”.

If he didn’t say marriage,

it sounds closer to a letter
for his 70th or 60th birthday.

It has a great meaning, but…



(How did Sung Rok re-write
his wedding invitations?)


During my wedding…

Are you crying again?

What’s gotten into you lately?

– I can’t read these three lines.
– Get him some tissues.

(He’s tearing up
even before reading.)

– It doesn’t say much.
– Okay.

(His voice is trembling.)

He’s crying every week.

He just said he couldn’t read
these three lines.

– The last 3 lines.
– The last 3 lines.

Let’s listen.

My goodness.

I’m going to tear up.


(Tearing up)

“10 years of marriage,”

(Wedding invitation)

“we’re having a vow renewal.”

“We were very happy
during the last 10 years.”

“We will continue to be happy…”

“with your blessings.”

“You will…”

“come, right?”

“Thank you.”

(Is that all?)


What? What’s that about?

(Feeling betrayed)

It ends with…

“You will come, right? Thank you.”

Wait. Did someone not
attend your wedding?

I mean…

– I guess no one went.
– What on earth is this?

– I’m sorry, but…
– Why did you cry?

I thought there was something else.

Which part made you cry?

Which part was it?

Are you having a tough time?

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I thought my husband was the biggest
crybaby, but he’s worse.

– I mean…
– But…

I wrote it without thinking,
but when I read it,

it reminded me of the time
we spent together.

– That’s why.
– He was…

– overwhelmed with emotion.
– Right.

It suddenly overwhelmed me.


Eun Woo the dark horse.

“The day the world
looked beautiful…”

“and became warm,”

“I met a reliable supporter…”

“who’s willing to
accept and embrace…”

“each other’s weakness as a whole.”

“We’re going to hold our hands tight
and walk together…”

“for the rest of our lives.”

(That’s nice.)

“We’re now married.”

“I love you.”

Yours is the best.

(His wedding invitation is
full of sincerity.)

That was very good.

That’s accurate.

That’s exactly it.

Can I use it later?

– I think I saw it before.
– You can come up with a new one.

You need to know this.

Holding hands tight means…

you’re walking sideways.

– That’s right.
– If you hold hands like that,

– you have to walk like this.
– Like this.

(They’ll be walking like crabs.)

One person has to walk backward.


I’ll carry her.

That’s cool. You’re cool.

But Love Station is a lot cooler.

“Love Station”.

From now on…

“Where are you, Se Hyeong?”
“I’m at Love Station.”

(They return to Love Station.)

“Where do you think?
I’m at Love Station.”

“I’m holding a lamp.
Can’t you see me?”

(Each other’s lamp and best friend)

“I’m holding a lamp for you.”

“I’ll be your lamp.”

(The person who always smiles
next to me)

– Let’s be friends forever.
– Thank you.

(My only one, that’s my spouse.)

(Master in the House finally meets
“The Penthouse”.)

(The ladies of “The Penthouse”…)

(that hit Korea with insanity
are coming.)

(Are they really coming?)

(It must be true.)

(It’s true!)

(Everyone knows.)

(Feeling guilty)

(The door to “The Penthouse”
with a shocking secret is coming.)

(Oh, my goodness. It can’t be.
That can’t be true.)

(“Master in the House
in the Penthouse”)

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