Master In The House Episode 159 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Master In The House Episode 159 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: Master In The House Episode 159

(Lunar New Year’s
special variety show)

(“The Penthouse”
in Master in the House)

(“The Penthouse” is the end
of human desires.)

(Women living there…)

(had a hidden desire
for a variety show.)

(Lee Ji Ah)

(Kim So Yeon)


(Are the members moving to
Hera Palace to meet them?)

(Or that’s what it seemed.)

(The members are invited
to a dance studio.)

It’s my favorite.

– Hello.
– Hello.

Morning snacks are the best.

It’s delicious.

I bought it on the way.

I love it.

(Seung Gi treated them
with a morning snack.)

It’s pretty much eating
raw potatoes.

It’s very easy to eat.
They’re bite-size pieces.

It’s good.

– It’s good.
– It’s good though.

It has a unique texture.

You eat snacks every day.

Snacks are the best
to cure hangovers.

I eat it with seaweed soup
in the morning.

(You’re working so hard.)

Do you remember 1997?

What? 1997?

What did you do in 1997?

I was a fourth-grader.

– I was a 5th-grader.
– 4th-grader.

I was a 10th-grader.

– You were in high school?
– Yes. You were a ninth-grader.

Ninth-grader. Yes.

I was born in 1997.

You’re that young?

You’re that young? No way.

That was shocking.

What? What’s he talking about?

– Eun Woo was born in 1997.
– What do you mean?

That’s when you were born?

That’s a big age gap.

There’s a big age gap
between Eun Woo and us.

That’s a big gap.

You were born in 1997?

When I was playing soccer?

(Master in the House brings
all generations together.)

I think at the time,

– H.O.T. debuted.
– Right.

Because the girl I had a crush on
was a big fan of H.O.T.

She always dressed like them.

As for girl groups,

there were Fin.K.L and S.E.S.


They were both famous,
but I liked S.E.S. more.

Me too.

It shouldn’t happen,
but people were divided into groups.

If they liked one singer,
then they hated other singers’ fans.

– They had that at the time.
– Yes.

I liked H.O.T. and S.E.S. too.

At the time, people with
a good sense of fashion…

wore hip-hop pants and tight shirts.

Oh, right.

You’re right.

(Idols at that time influenced
everyday fashion.)

It’s similar to the pants
I’m wearing now.

They looked like these.


That’s right.

That’s it.

(It reminds me of old memories.)


Why did you ask about 1997?

Today’s master is
a first-generation idol…

who debuted in 1997, the year
Eun Woo was born.

Then it’s definitely someone I know.

– I know first-generation idols.
– We know for sure.

We know for sure.

First-generation idols?

(A big senior to Eun Woo
who’s an idol singer)

It’s my senior.

So I prepared a hit song medley…

of first-generation idols
including today’s master.

(The 1st generation
idol singers’ hit song medley)

(The master’s song is included
in the hit song medley.)

– Okay.
– You?

(The master’s song is included
in the hit song medley.)

Even when I turn 70,

I’ll still listen to songs
from that time.

(Let’s listen to the hit songs
of the late 20th century.)

(“Candy” by H.O.T.)

(He knows this song.)

I know this one.

It brings back old memories.

(He’s raring to dance.)

(A song that is never left out
in the 1st generation hit songs)

It brings back old memories.

(It brings back old memories.)

(He’s wearing a hot item
from that period.)

Sung Rok looks good in it.



It brings back old memories.

(They begin to dance
as they used to in the past.)

Oh, my. This is…

(Trademark of “Candy”)

(So-called the power racer dance)

– Isn’t that…
– It’s this one.

(Bouncing on the floor)

– Good job.
– Good job.

Good job.

(Eun Woo imitates.)

– Good job.
– This one.

(The killing part)

– Oh, this one.
– I know this one.

(The killing part)

(It’s exciting and brings back

People kept asking who Danji is.

(Tony, who’s Danji?)

(What’s the next song?)

(“The Way This Guy Lives”

– “The Way This Guy Lives”.
– I need to take my jacket off.

There are sunglasses.

(The reason
he has to take off his jacket)


(Gentle version)

Dong Hyun.

(Powerful version)

(He might reach the ceiling.)

(He’s a weird version.)

(Dancing to the beat)

It reminds me of the old days.

(While everyone is dancing
and immersed in memories,)

(there is someone watching them.)

(“The Way This Guy Lives”
with excitement)

(What’s next?)


(A countdown?)

This must be the one.
It must be the master.

– Right.
– It’s S.E.S.

(The hit song
of the 1st-generation idol band)

– It’s a masterpiece.
– I loved this song.


Wait, Eric was in it?

(Eric in charge of English rap)

Can you sing the English rap
at first?

There’s English.

– There’s English.
– Andy’s there too.

(Andy and Eric, Dong-dy and Se-ric)

That’s nonsense English.

(He gives up on it.)

(To the left)

(Left hook)

To the left?

(The English rap ends.)

They were just random English words.

(The fairy appears.)

– That’s Eugene.
– Yes.

She was the best.

I was a fan of Eugene in S.E.S.

She was your favorite.

(Lost in memories)

(Oh, my.)

(The boy fans do
a group choreography.)

How am I still remembering this?

My body remembers it.

(Swaying as they remember)

It moves your hands.

(Even Eun Woo who was born in 1997
knows the dance from 1997.)

How do I remember the dance?

– She was very flexible.
– Seeing how we’re able to do it,

the dance wasn’t that difficult.

Eugene was very flexible.

(Completely absorbed)

– What?
– What?

(The fairy appears.)


– What?
– She startled me.


(The original fairy came straight
from the screen.)

I thought Eugene…

came out of the television.

(He still dances as he speaks.)

(The originator of the center
in girl bands)

(A perfect finish)



– Hello.
– Today’s master…

– is Eugene.
– Hello.

(Today, she’s Eugene,
not Oh Yoon Hee.)

I was really surprised.

I thought she was a ghost.

– I was startled.
– Se Hyeong was…

telling us you were his favorite.

I’m so glad to see her,

but I’m very immersed in her drama,

so I’m happy but not happy
to see her.

You’re not a fairy.

She’s Oh Yoon Hee.

How dare you come here?

You’re a thief.


(The highest viewer rating
of 30 percent)

(The heroine of “The Penthouse”)

(She passionately acted the role
of Oh Yoon Hee.)

(Many people know about it,)

(but it seems there’s someone
who still doesn’t know.)

(That I was an original fairy.)

(The start of the girl band
sensation, S.E.S.)

(“I Love You”, “Show Me Your Love”)


(The original fairy)

(The pretty centerpiece)

(Today’s master, Eugene)

(We won’t let you appear alone,
Yoon Hee.)

(They came to life
from their dramas.)

(Should I tell you everything?)

(Spoiler alert)


(Followed by “The Penthouse”,)

(the fairy’s house)

(And the adorable little fairy)

(The smile of an uncle)

(Is Blackpink cooler
or your mother?)


(The fairy became a mother
in no time.)

You look exactly the same
as in the monitor.

– Well…
– Many people…

tell you you haven’t changed, right?

They do, but…

They do,

but I don’t accept it as it is.

– You don’t.
– I just think they’re being polite.

– No, we mean it.
– We mean it.

– You’re still the same.
– It’s incredible.

But I wanted to look like
the old me,

so I’m wearing hip-hop pants
after 20 years.

(She took out her hip-hop pants
after 20 years.)

This type of pants was so popular.

– Yes.
– The long ones.

We used to sweep
all the dust on the floor.

This is…

the style you brought into fashion.

You’re right. We used to…

wear baggy pants.

This is the almost exact outfit
we wore for our music video…

of “I’m Your Girl”
from our first album.

“I’m Your Girl” was
in the first album?

– It was your debut song?
– Yes, our debut song.

They swept the country
with their debut song.

– Our debut song.
– It was sensational.

When her debut song came out,

I was in high school,
which was about 20 years ago.

I watched when she performed
in Daejeon Expo Park.

I was there to watch it.

– I remember going there.
– I even have a photo.

I even have a photo of it.

You took a picture with her?

No, not with her.
I took it from afar.

How would I have taken it with her?

– I was watching from a distance.
– There weren’t any good cameras,

so we had to hold out our arms
like this.

Like this.

(He captured the memory
in his camera.)

Eun Woo was…

born in 1997…

– I checked and he was born in 1997.
– Yes.

– You were, right?
– Yes.

He was born in 1997.



But he still knows the song.

– Do you?
– Don’t they look the same age?

When have you heard the name
of S.E.S.?

After I made the debut.

(He can’t lie.)

When they play old footage
on holidays?

At the end of the year,

they do a cover of the legendary
singers at an awards ceremony.

– And S.E.S. is always one of them.
– You could say…

You could say…

the term “center” of a girl band…

– That’s…
– was created because of you.

Oh, really?

– You’re the original center.
– The original center?

(Eugene was everyone’s favorite.)

– Really.
– Thank you.

I saw it online,

and of all the center members
of girl bands in history,

she took first place.

– Really?
– Yes.


Didn’t people say she’s
the Korean Olivia Hussey?


You must have heard.

(She looked like an actress
even before the debut.)

You don’t tend to reject
compliments, do you?

I enjoy them.

I’m seeing Eun Woo for the first
time, and he’s a good man.



Maybe it’s because I’m
too in the drama,

but I feel like she’ll backstab us
pretending to be nice.

Do I look like Oh Yoon Hee?

Her eyes changed all of a sudden.


– I’m scared.
– Be careful around railings today.

Be careful when you’re near
a railing.

(You don’t know when she’ll turn
into Oh Yoon Hee.)

Is your neck okay now?

– It’s gone now.
– It’s okay?

– That’s a relief.
– Right.

Because it was makeup.

“The Penthouse” has…

continuous twists in the storyline.

It was a drama…

that I couldn’t stop watching.

And it’s fun…

because they don’t even tell
the actors.

I didn’t know I was the true culprit
until it happened.

– Really?
– Yes.

I found out when that part
of the script was given to us.

– Yes, so…
– Were you cast at first…

thinking you were playing
a good character?

No, I heard that the character…

will become evil as time passes.

But I had no idea I would be…

a murderer.

We obviously know about your past,

but I don’t think some young people
would know you were a singer.

– They may think you’re an actress.
– Yes, you’re right.

On Instagram recently,

I posted a picture and wrote…

that I’m listening to the song
by S.E.S.

The comments said,
“You were a member of S.E.S.?”

– There were many.
– Really?

Yes, that’s what they commented.

So I was a bit taken aback.

I realized that younger people
might not know…

I was in S.E.S.

He was born in the year
I made the debut.

I’m sure there are people
what S.E.S. stands for.

Not many know about it.

– Even I don’t know.
– I know.

You don’t? I’ll tell you.

You don’t know what S.E.S.
stands for?

– I know.
– Isn’t it “SES”?

I know.

I know.

It’s precisely S, period, E, period,
and S.

– Right.
– Isn’t it their names?

– The periods have to be there.
– It was…

made of the members’ initials.

He’s right.

Shoo, Eugene…

The first one is Bada which means
the sea in Korean.

– Then Eugene and Shoo.
– Eugene and Shoo.

I knew that.

– Hence the name S.E.S.
– Right.

(He showed how big of a fan he is.)

She’s at the center
even in the name.


– I can’t believe you knew.
– Of course, I knew.

A true fan must know.

They’re all fake fans.

(Lee Seung Gi, the Seoul branch
of S.E.S. fan club)


I really loved the song,
“Dreams Come True”.

– Really?
– Yes, I loved it.

I even copied the dance.
“Dreams Come True”.

Show us the dance.

It’s similar!

This is it.

(You can be the judge of that.)

Do you have to do that
with your legs?

– Isn’t that the cheap dance?
– No way.

– He’s doing it to be funny.
– Or was it this?


It’s very similar.

Which album was
“Dreams Come True” in?

I think it was in the third album?

– It was the 2nd album.
– Yes, the 2nd album.

(The fan’s knowledge about his star
is 2 percent inaccurate.)

I was a huge fan. A huge fan.

She had the hair that made her
look like she was from space.

(He even remembers her looking
like someone from space.)

Actually, I used to
really love dancing.

I still love dancing.

But dancing isn’t part
of my life anymore.

I’m shooting a drama.

When I’m not shooting it,
I look after my kids.

I suddenly felt like dancing,
and I missed dancing.

So I thought perhaps I should
use this as an opportunity…

and dance all I want.

She came here to dance.)

– Okay.
– So…

– this is just a club for you then.
– Yes.

I will just think that
I am at a club.

(How did she know that
the members love to dance?)

– All right.
– Yes.

Will you show us a dance medley
of S.E.S. songs?

Today… Yes. I think I can do it.

You must’ve practiced a little.

While shooting the drama,

I gave up my sleep
and watched the videos.

I tried to remind myself
how I used to dance.

I watched my old videos.


I prepared to quiz you about S.E.S.

– I’m confident about it.
– We have the advantage.

– I am confident.
– We… Wait.

– What if we get the answer?
– I wouldn’t know the answers.

If you get the answer, I will dance.

I will make sure to get the answer.

We will make you dance
all day today.

All right.

I can get the answer.

What if we don’t get any answers
and she can’t dance?

She’s come here to dance,

– but we won’t get any answers.
– I know.

I can get the answers.

By the way, what should we call her?

Ms. Eugene? Eugene?

– Eugene.
– Eugene.

“Because You’re My Girl”.

(“Because You’re My Girl”)

I want to hear that song.

I can’t sing it for you
since you’re already taken.

– She’s taken.
– She’s taken.

– I can’t…
– But I need to clarify something.

– We are the same age.
– Right.

– How should I call her?
– You should…

– just call her by her name.
– “Eugene”.

How can I do that?

No. No.

Today is the only chance
you have to become her friend.

– Call her Eugene.
– Okay. I will call her that.

– Try it.
– Eugene.

I will call her Yoo Jin Ah.

Ms. Yoo Jin Ah.

Ms. Yoo Jin Ah.

– Ms. Yoo Jin Ah.
– Ms. Yoo Jin Ah.

– Lady Eugene.
– Lady Eugene.

– Lady Eugene.
– Lady Eugene.

You do look like a servant.

– Lady Eugene.
– Lady Eugene.

I got all the firewood, ma’am.

(I got all the firewood, ma’am.)

Lady Eugene.

If it’s an individual match,
the person who gets more answers…

– There should be a reward.
– should…

Is there such a thing?

Shouldn’t there be something
that will make us feel good?

The sole purpose of this quiz
is to make me dance.

Right. That’s why I prepared
this quiz.

I will have a lot of fun.
Don’t get embarrassed.



– Okay.
– You can relieve all the stress.

I have a favor to ask.
When I dance,

please move back a little.


I need a big space.
My steps are big.

I’m excited.

I thought she would ask us
to dance with her.

She’s not the type who gets shy.

I feel shy all of a sudden.

It’s obvious that she’s an old
generation idol.

She keeps giving a thumbs up.

Thumbs up.

– She keeps giving a thumbs up.
– Thumbs up.

I do this a lot too.

– Thumbs up.
– Thumbs up.

I give two thumbs up.

I might turn into Oh Yoon Hee.

(Please don’t turn into
Oh Yoon Hee.)

– I’m scared.
– Yes.

I named the quiz,
“S.E.S. History Quiz”.

I am the MC, Eugene.

(I’m today’s MC, Eugene.)

(It’s going to be fun.)

All right.
Here is the first question.

June 1999,
at Jamsil Olympic Stadium,

S.E.S. became the first
Korean pop girl group…

to perform at a concert
of this pop singer.

– I…
– We performed on the stage.

– It was a big issue at the time.
– I got it.

– I got it. Seung Gi.
– Who’s the pop singer?

– Seung Gi.
– Sung Rok.

– Seung Gi.
– Seung Gi was faster.

Michael Jackson?

(Michael Jackson?)

(They performed
with the emperor of pop music?)

(Seung Gi got the answer.)

Michael Jackson came to Korea?

(Michael Jackson came to Korea?)

– Right. Right.
– Michael Jackson came to Korea.

– He came to Korea.
– The fabulous group S.E.S…

– No way.
– will perform their new song.

“I Love You”.

I love “I Love You”.

(Someone got the answer,
so she gets to dance.)

(It’s my turn.)

– I know this song.
– I was going to get this one.

I know this song too.

(“I Love You” was from their
2nd album “Dreams Come True”.)

(Their school uniform concept
perfectly matched…)

(their girly image. Just 2 weeks
after coming out with the song,)

(the song ranked 1st
in many music shows.)

Look at that.


– Was she in middle school?
– I know.

(Eugene, 18, fairy at the time)

– Was she in middle school?
– I know.

(She still looks as beautiful
as she was 20 years ago.)

She looks the same.

– She’s…
– She’s like a fairy.

(She still remembers
the dance moves from that time.)

She still knows the dance moves.

(She still remembers
the dance moves from that time.)

She was so pretty.

(When she dances, she dances
like it’s her first performance.)

(His heart races.)


You should dance beside me.

(They are ready.)

I need someone
to clap my hands with.


(Doing the cute dance
from the turn of the century,)

(they travel back…)

What are you doing?

(to the 90s.)

(That was exciting!)

I love it.

Isn’t she still…

– a very good dancer?
– She is.

Thank you Seung Gi
for getting the answer.

Of course.

It’s not my song, so why do I
remember the dance like it’s mine?

(My hands moved right away.)

She’s still a great dancer.


– You seem very tired.
– I know.

– I’m tired. Shall we?
– Shall we sit down?

(Feeling tired, she sits back down.)

I’m too old for this.

Give her an IV fluid injection too.

– Water and yakgwa, please.
– Yakgwa?

– Yakgwa?
– Rice cake.

I didn’t get to sleep at all.

– Yes. So…
– It’s like that.

She stayed up all night
shooting the drama.

She came here
without getting any sleep.

– Yes.
– That’s crazy.

I wonder what happens
in “The Penthouse 2”.

(What did she shoot
for “The Penthouse 2”?)

She’s still pretty, but she used
to be so pretty in the past.

She was so pretty back then.

– How old were you then?
– How old were you?

That was the second album,
so I was 18.

– Right? She looked like a student.
– Junior in high school.

– Yes. I was 18.
– You looked like a student.

(She was young.)

There was a concert called
“Michael Jackson and Friends”.

– Right. Right. Right.
– It was a charity concert.

At the time, Boyz II Men,
Mariah Carey…

– Amazing.
– They are amazing artists.

– They came to Korea?
– They came.

H.O.T. and S.E.S.
represented Korea…

and performed on the stage.

Being able to
perform on the same stage…

– was a huge honor.
– Right.

– Give us the 2nd question.
– Here’s the 2nd question.

The first-generation
idol fan club members…

always carried something.

– Balloon.
– Right.

Don’t they still do that?

Now they hold up the light sticks.
They use the light sticks now.

They can’t inflate the balloon
every time.

(When you inflate balloons,
you get dizzy.)

Here comes the quiz.
What was the color of…

– S.E.S.’s balloon?
– Sung Rok!

I got it!

(What was the color
of S.E.S.’s balloon?)

(Sung Rok!)

He said “I got it”,
and I said “Sung Rok”.

– Right. Sung Rok.
– Sung Rok.

– The balloon color was…
– What was it?


(Sung Rok said orange.)

(Do you remember, friends?)

(Do you remember the balloons
we used to shake?)

– No?
– Orange was SHINHWA.

– Dong Hyun.
– Dong Hyun.

– Dong Hyun.
– The fan from Daejeon.

It’s purple.


(Oh, dear.)

Three syllables.


(Three syllables.)

(He’s right.)

I got it.

Light purple?

(Light purple?)

Very similar.

I got it. Water violet.

(Water violet?)

(That’s different.)

– Water violet?
– Why can’t they think of this?

Isn’t it purple?

(It’s like this.)

– I got it.
– I got it.

– Cha Eun Woo.
– Cha Eun Woo.

(Eun Woo’s answer is…)

Pearl violet.


(Eun Woo’s answer
is pearl violet?)

Pearl violet?

– Pearl violet?
– Pearl violet.

– Pearl violet.
– How am I to know that?

(The friends’
pearl violet balloons…)

(always cheered for S.E.S.)

(Cheon Seo Jin introduces
Oh Yoon Hee’s performance.)

– I remember that violet outfit.
– The alien.

I love this song.

This one.

It’s a good stretching routine.

(S.E.S. is best known
for “Dreams Come True”.)

What’s up with their clothes?


What’s up with their clothes?

(She still can’t give up the dance.)

It’s like a stylish training suit.

(“Dreams Come True” was
their 2nd album title song.)

The dance is so dynamic.

(The mysterious
and dreamlike mood of the song…)

(gave them the fairy image. Through
this album, they showcased…)

(their singing ability
and potential to grow.)


Watching that suddenly
made me realize…

that I am doing the show
with Eugene.

I suddenly realized it.

I suddenly remembered the past.

– I suddenly…
– It’s like riding a time machine.

Yes. You no longer
look like Oh Yoon Hee.

– Really?
– You were Oh Yoon Hee at first.

But now I can see you
as Eugene of S.E.S.

– Really? Only now?
– Yes. Only now.

Is this the dance
Dong Hyun did a while ago?

Right. He danced
like this awhile ago.


– Show me. I will copy you.
– I…

Like this.


– That’s…
– That’s nice too.

It’s funny.

It’s like that dance.

(It’s scary that it might
show up in our dream.)

I thought it went like this.

– So funny.
– You’re actually very flexible.

I’m flexible?

He dances well, doesn’t he?
Let’s make him an album.

Let’s do that.

Let’s make him an album.

When you were working
as a member of S.E.S.,

you must’ve had so many gigs and
you must’ve stayed up many nights.

Yes. You’re right.

At the time…

I only got 1 to 2 hours
of sleep each day.

I was so tired.

We were sleeping like a dead person,
and they put the makeup on us.

When we woke up,
the makeup was already done.

– My goodness.
– Yes.

When we woke up,
we were in the province.

When we woke up,
we were in another province.

Our schedule was so intense.

One day, we performed
in a music show in Yeouido.

We rode a ferry in the Han River
and went to Gangnam.

We took a helicopter there
and went to a province.

(Yeouido to Gangnam
and Gangnam to a province)

It was like that back then.

Yes. It was crazy then.

– Right.
– Yes.

They were incredible.

Here’s the next question.

It’s about a record S.E.S. holds.

A record.

Among all the Korean female singers,
S.E.S. is the group…

that “blank” the most.

– What will go in the blank?
– Beautiful!

Seung Gi.

(He forgot to say his name
and expressed his love.)

Seung Gi.

It was the group…

(Seung Gi gives it a go.)

that ranked first
the most number of times.

– It sounds right.
– It’s similar.

It’s similar?

Among all the Korean female singers,

(Among all the Korean female
singers, S.E.S. did this the most.)

I got it. Among all the Korean
female singers, S.E.S. is…

the scariest.

(They are the scariest?)

The scariest.

Among all the Korean female singers,

S.E.S. is the most bipolar one.

(The most bipolar one?)

Oh Yoon Hee.

I will give you a hint.

These days,

this record isn’t that important.

– Sung Rok.
– Sung Rok.

Among all the Korean female singers,

S.E.S. sold the most
number of album copies.

That must be it.


I couldn’t think of
the album copies.

What’s the song this time?

I had no idea.


It’s “Just a Feeling”.

(“Just a Feeling”
from the 5th album)

(She’s excited to the max.)

Isn’t this Fin.K.L’s move?

(Isn’t this Fin.K.L’s move?)

(Dancing hard)

(She ignores the viewer’s opinion
and continues to dance.)

Wait. Isn’t this Fin.K.L’s move?

Isn’t this from “Forever Love”?

Don’t they do this?

– Right.
– That’s it.

How about “Just a Feeling”?

(This is S.E.S.)

(Aren’t they similar?)

What’s the difference? Hold on.

What’s the difference?

– What…
– You felt it, didn’t you?

No. No.

It feels different.

(It feels different.)

– It feels different.
– Yes.

– Show us Fin.K.L’s move.
– You have to be cute.


(For “Forever Love”, you have to
dance shyly and cutely.)

How about “Just a Feeling”?

It’s different.

That’s not
how you danced a while ago.

I think you just stretched
your arms a little more.

She did this at first.

But suddenly she did this.

I know.

You didn’t do that at first.

(Are you going over the line?)

You didn’t do that at first.

It’s Oh Yoon Hee! Oh Yoon Hee!

No. They are different.

– Her eyes are…
– Show us again.

Show us the video.

(Confidently and cheerfully,)

(you dance the way you feel.)

You do this here.

It’s like this.

– It’s like this.
– Like this.

– Move sideways.
– From here.

– 1, 2, 3.
– Let’s dance together.

(Follow the rhythm your body feels.)

Open your arms.

(Don’t hesitate and
follow your dancer instinct.)

– To the side. This is it.
– To the side.

(Don’t hesitate and
follow your dancer instinct.)


(Give yourself to me,
I will take you)

This is it.

(I love it.)

You just have to keep
your arms separated.

– Right.
– Keep your arms separated.

Follow your feeling.

The feeling.

Right. Right.

(She reviewed it.)

Suddenly, I thought of a question.
Why don’t you fill in the blank?

“I’m the most ‘blank’
celebrity in Korea.”

– That’s it.
– I can think of one.

What is it?

(She’s curious.)

I’m the celebrity who fights
the best in Korea.

(I’m the celebrity who fights
the best in Korea.)

– You…
– I used to be a fighter.

– You’re a fighter.
– Yes.

If I fight in a cage
according to the rules…

What if you fight
against Julien Kang?

(What if he fights Julien Kang?)

Julien Kang?

(What? Julien Kang?)

Should we arrange a fight?

Julien Kang, did you say?

(Come on, Julien Kang.)

If he was stronger than me,

he would go to the UFC
and make a lot of money.


How about Ma Dong Seok?

Dong Seok?

(Come to the cage of truth.)


How about Ho Dong?

(How about Ho Dong?)

Kang Ho Dong?

(Kang Ho Dong?)

– You’re the best.
– Anyway,

I used to fight
in a global competition.

– He’s great.
– I want this to get aired.

– I…
– Gosh…


Bring it on.

Then I will fight.

Incredible. It’s true though.

– Right.
– Okay.

The person who gets
the most number of answers…

– will get…
– Yes?

extra rice when we go home.

(She promises to give
extra rice to the winner.)

So she’s cooking for us at home.

– If…
– Then…

What’s the score now?

– I got 1 right.
– We all got 1 right.

– 1, 1.
– Okay.

(He’s the only one
who hasn’t scored a point.)

Dong Hyun.

If Dong Hyun gets the answer,
we will eat together.

– Okay.
– If not,

he will eat delivery food alone.

– Alone?
– Yes.

You will eat what we pick.

– Okay.
– Okay.

Master in the House members
have a really strong bond, you know.

We will help Dong Hyun
get the answer…

so that we can all eat together.
How nice would that be?

– Right.
– One question still remains.

Okay. Let’s help Dong Hyun.

– Okay.
– Okay.

Let’s start.

– Okay.
– Give us the question.

Here’s the song quiz.

Listen to the intro…

and guess which S.E.S. song it is.

– Okay.
– Okay.

He emphasized
so many times that…

– he’s an S.E.S. fan from Daejeon.
– I am the true fan.

Listen carefully, Dong Hyun.

(Listen carefully, Dong Hyun.)

– Okay.
– Please play the song.

(Play the song.)

– I got it.
– Seung Gi.


(You said you had a strong bond.)

(You said you would help Dong Hyun.)

Seung Gi.

(He covers Dong Hyun’s mouth.)

Get it. Hurry!

– Seung Gi. Seung Gi. Get it.
– Get it.

I got it. S.E.S. “Love”.

(S.E.S. “Love”)

– Oh, dear.
– Yes!

(Sung Rok got the answer.)

– How can you…
– We did it.

(Dong Hyun will eat alone.)

That’s cheating.

Yes! Yes!

(They have the strongest bond.)

(Except for one.)

– That’s cheating.
– What was that talk about the bond?



(How can he be so happy?)

He got it right away.

I love this song.

– I…
– I love the dance of this song.

(It’s a song from the 3rd album,
which led them to their prime.)

(It’s as refreshing as drinking
100 bottles of Pocari Sweat.)

This song.

I know this song!

I will give you my love

(She’s just as cheerful as…)

(she was 20 years ago.)

It’s similar to…

(The master puts on
an encore performance.)

(“Just In Love” is from their
4.5th album, a masterpiece.)

I know this song.

(It’s a dance song with
a hopeful message.)

(Even while doing all-night shoots,
she made time to prepare…)

(for this touching
encore performance.)


They’ve got so many amazing songs.

You have to stick out your hip.



Dancing together,

I could tell why they were legends.

– My goodness.
– Their songs are…

ingrained in our bodies
and memories.

But she breathed
quite heavily though.

(Her breath changed.)

We can’t deny
that you got weaker.

I know.

Other than that,
she’s still exactly the same.

– She’s still the same.
– This is funny.

It quenched my thirst.

I think I will be fine
for another 3, 4 years.

– You said you’d cook for us.
– Yes.

I made you spend your energy.

He didn’t ask, “Are we
going to your house?”

“You said you’d cook for us.”

(They will go and eat
the food she cooks for them.)

I knew the answer. “Love”.

– Let’s go to her house then.
– Okay.

Let’s go.

(Welcome to Hera Palace.)

(In “The Penthouse”, Hera Palace
is the dream space.)

(It’s so pretty!)

(Is this really ours?)

(They arrive at the master’s place.)

This is…

where Eugene the fairy lives.

– It’s Eugene’s…
– You’re the first guests.

– Really?
– It’s…

(They are her first guests.)


It already smells incredible.

It smells like a fairy.

(The fairy family welcomes
the first guests.)

Lo Hee’s gotten so big.

– Look at the baby.
– Lo Rin.

So adorable.

– Look at their shoes.
– Look at the baby shoes.

– So cute.
– Look at the baby shoes.

– The baby shoes are so cute.
– So cute.

(He smiles as a father himself.)

So cute.

– Excuse us.
– Come in.

(Welcome to the fairy’s nest.)

– It’s so lovely.
– Welcome.


(Welcome, Uncles.)

– It’s lovely.
– Welcome.


– Come in.
– It looks like it’s decorated…

for the kids, but it’s still neat.

This house is actually for the kids.

– It’s so neat.
– It’s very spacious.


(This is the visualization
of the word “neat”.)

(Everything is perfectly aligned
and organized to perfection.)

(The Excellence Award trophy
reminds us of a glorious memory.)

The floor is covered with mats.

The floor is covered with mats
for the children.

We have these at home too.

– We had to do it for the kids.
– Right.

This is a perfect kitchen for me.

(We see the traces
of Mommy Eugene…)

(everywhere in the house.)

(The girls’ schedule is
meticulously written down.)

Usually, people go with one style.

This is modern.
But that’s vintage.

Yes. They are mixed.

What’s this color?

– Cebu?
– Coral?

(Vintage props are placed
alongside the modern furniture.)

(It’s filled with charming details.)

Even the dining table chairs
are different colors.

It’s stylish.

Did you choose this because
this is your fan club color?

We bought all of these
when we first got married.

That’s why they look vintage.
I’ve been married for 10 years.

– Has it already been 10 years?
– Yes. It’s the 10th year.

Do you still feel like newlyweds?


(She’s very firm.)

– You were very firm.
– We…

We don’t feel like newlyweds
anymore, but I’m still happy.

Your wedding photos
are still everywhere.

(They’ve been happy
for 10 years,)

(and the traces of their love
are everywhere.)

You can see the sea
in the distance.

– It’s over there.
– The sea.

You can see the sea
in the distance.

This is Central Park.

– This is Central Park.
– Yes.

– We have shoots here all the time.
– It’s lovely in spring and summer.

The lights must be so pretty
at night.

When the girls go to bed,

I sit on the small chair and relax.

I will be like,
“I’m done for the day.”

(Master’s husband)

(Play with us, Daddy.)

Master Eugene,

– did you make this yourself?
– Yes. Yes.


– She knits too?
– My goodness.

Did you knit this yourself?

– It’s so lovely.
– Look at this.

This is so lovely.

– When the girls were young…
– Did she knit all of these?

Look at this hat. Look at this hat.
So cute!

Did you knit these yourself?

Yes. I made that just recently.

You made all of these yourself?

– Yes. I knitted them myself.
– This is really adorable.

I love knitting.

When I got pregnant,
I knitted a lot for prenatal care.

I love making something
with my hands.

I’m knitting scarves for the girls.

This is the most basic one.
You only need to know one technique.

When you knit it like this,

you can make one scarf
in 2, 3 hours.

As you can see, the thread is thick.

I remember this. When you knit,

it doesn’t take just 1 to 2 hours.
It takes days, you know.

At first, I bought yellow threads.

By the time I finished,
they were brown.

– They got dirty.
– They got dirty.

This is how you make it.

This is a dress.
It’s really adorable.

It’s so cute.

– I love it.
– Is this a sock?

Socks for an infant.

– You put the baby’s foot in here.
– Will a foot fit in it?

– There’s an elastic band too.
– That’s so cute.

That looks really cute.

(This is how the fairy junior
looked wearing it.)

It’s fun to make it
and to see the girls in it.

– It’s like playing with dolls.
– It’s…

They love it when you make
things for them, don’t they?

They love it.

– It’s so pretty.
– It’s like a store-bought one.

– Whose is it for?
– Lo Hee.

– Does it fit her?
– It fits her.

– That’s a shame.
– Lo Hee…


– My baby…
– How about this one?

– Is this for Lo Rin?
– Anything she doesn’t wear?

That’s for Lo Rin.

– Does it fit her too?
– It fits her.

That’s a shame.

(He’s as greedy as
a resident of Hera Palace.)

Lo Hee came back
from kindergarten…

– and waited for you.
– Is she here?

Yes. She’s here.

– Is Lo Hee 7 years old?
– Yes. She’s 7 years old.

Lo Hee.

She’s the one
who owns this sweater.

Lo Hee. Come here and say hi.

(Fairy Junior appears.)


– Hello, Lo Hee.
– Say hello to them.

(She’s shy.)

– Hello, Lo Hee.
– Say hello to them.

Her hair is all frizzy.

– She’s got a lot of baby hair.
– How cute.

– Sit next to me.
– She’s grown so much.

– She’s so adorable.
– How old are you now?

– 7.
– 7.

– How cute.
– She’s shy.

We’ve seen you on TV…

when you were a baby.

(It was just like yesterday
when she took the first step.)

Recently, she went to see
a dentist for the first time.

Why don’t you show them
your tooth?

Where? My goodness.

Where is it?

Your tooth is silver.

– It was her first dental treatment.
– It’s nicely done.

– When she came back…
– Is it different from this silver?

No, they are almost the same.

– They are almost the same.
– They are the same.

I think it’s gold.

No, it’s silver. It’s not gold.

She’s so cute.

Lo Hee, between
the clothes your mom knitted…

and the clothes she bought,
which one do you like more?

(Thinking carefully)

(She likes what I make for her.)

I like the bought clothes.

(She likes the bought clothes.)

(The seven-year-old is very honest.)

They sell those for a reason.

Lo Hee. You like
store-bought clothes more…

than the clothes I make for you?

I won’t make it anymore.

(The romance of knitting clothes
is shattered.)

How can she…

She didn’t think for a second.

What a twist.

– You love this dress though.
– Yes.


Can you tell us which one
you don’t need anymore?

What would you say?

– None.
– None?


You have to keep wearing them then.
Are you okay with that?


My goodness.

She’s so cute.

How adorable.

Lo Hee, do you know…

what your mom do in the past?

– What did she do?
– Sing.

– Sing.
– She used to sing.

Do you know the name of her group?

– The name?
– S.E.S.

(She knows which group
her mom was in.)

Who’s more awesome?
BLACKPINK or your mom?

My mom.

(She answers the question
right away.)

That was quick.

She didn’t even hesitate
for a split second.

To be honest,
she really loves BLACKPINK.

She always sings and dances
to their songs.

Is there a song of your mom’s
that you like?

– What is it?
– Which one is it?


– “Remember”.
– “Remember”.

It’s in our 20th-anniversary album.

She has good pronunciation.


(Despite her busy schedule,)

(she always gives her all…)

(when she has to fulfill her role
as a mom.)

Good girl. Act cute.

(Acting cute)

This is so fascinating.

You returned to being Eugene again
from your role as Oh Yoon Hee.

– This is a different me.
– But now, you’re a mom.

It’s time to go to your academy.

Go with Grandma, okay?

– Goodbye.
– Say goodbye.

– Bye, Lo Hee.
– Say goodbye.

– Goodbye.
– “Goodbye.”

– Have fun.
– Bye.

Bye, Lo Hee.

Have fun doing ballet.


She’s so pretty.

Her cheeks are to die for.

She’s so pretty.

I heard you were cooking us food.

That’s all you talk about.

– Let’s eat first.
– Should we?

What’s the menu?

You’ll be having healthy food.

I love healthy food.

– That’s great.
– I like it.

I’ve served this food
to my friends several times,

and they all loved it.

It must be tasty.

I’m excited.

It must be delicious.

(The fairy has created
some wonderful food.)

(It’s very simple…)

(and perfect.)

(The tastiness of her food
has no limit.)

(Even she is impressed by her food.)

– Nice.
– Nice.

You can’t eat, though.

– What?
– Right.

But still…

What a shame.

We should order him food, though.

I’ll buy it myself.

– What do you crave?
– Who wants some?

I like all kinds of food.

– Among these…
– I like Korean cuisine.

They sell single portions
these days.

They deliver spicy beef soup
and bossam.

He’ll like this.

This one’s great.

– This one looks healthy.
– It’s good.

(They burst into laughter
after seeing the dish.)

Are you still deciding on the menu?

– Well… I found one.
– Aren’t you going to ask me?

– You’re not going to ask me?
– He’s the one who’ll eat it.

– I actually crave this right now.
– Hold on. Hey.

– It’s really good for your health.
– What could it be?

You guys can knit, and we can cook.

– Let’s go cook.
– Okay.

– Let’s go.
– Did you order it?

We did.

We’re finally eating.

The ingredients look very fresh.

– Don’t they look healthy?
– Yes.

(From refreshing sprouts…)

The moment I saw them,
I knew today’s meal would be tasty.

They’re my favorite ingredients.

Every time I invite my friends over,

they ask
if I can make this for them.

This is not fattening at all.

– It’s very simple.
– Really?

Anyone could make this.

First of all, we need to peel
the cucumbers and carrots.

You just need to julienne them.

– Really?
– Yes.

– Okay.
– Do it here.

– Okay. I’ll peel them for you.
– Okay.

How many should I peel?

(The master is really on the ball.)

Se Hyeong, please chop
the bell peppers.

Take out the seeds
and chop off the stem.

– Julienne them, please.
– Okay.

– Got it.
– And then,

place them on the plate.

Okay, I got it.

Make the slices long.

– Chop the cucumbers too.
– Don’t worry.

– Don’t you worry.
– Okay.

Cut the cucumbers in half
and julienne them.

No, that’s not how you do it.

This is wrong.


(She gives a terrifying chuckle.)

(We’re familiar with this chuckle.)

(He’s frightened.)

(The Oh Yoon Hee inside her
is squirming.)


Make long pieces.

Like this.


– Okay.
– Yours were too short.

– Okay.
– You can use that long one.

– Okay.
– Chop them like this.

I started off wrong.

You need to place the salmon
on a plate as well.



– Salmon?
– That sounds tasty.

I think Dong Hyun’s dish is better.

(What am I having?)

– What am I…
– Dong Hyun.

– You’ll be forever grateful.
– You’ll be really healthy.


(A shockingly healthy dish
awaits him.)

(While doing her job,
she keeps an eye on Se Hyeong.)

To be honest, you chopped
a bit too much. What a waste.

(You chopped too much
of the bell pepper.)

I’ll chop it again.

– Don’t worry.
– Okay.

(She doesn’t condone
wasting ingredients.)

(After peeling the cucumbers,
Sung Rok spaces out.)


(Are you slacking off?)

(He slowly moves away.)

– Can you chop some eggs?
– Okay.

(Then he makes a U-turn.)

– Like this?
– That’s it.

– Are you mad?
– No.

Thanks to Oh Yoon Hee,
I’ve developed a bad image.


This won’t do.

She gave me a bad reputation.

You’re both benevolent and evil.
Even I’m confused.

(They’re flustered as well.)

– Now…
– You should bring it to the top.

You connect the first one
to the last.

I think you’re almost done.

It looks longer.

(Who am I? Where am I?)

– You’re flustered, aren’t you?
– No, I’m not.

(They’re having a good time.)

Did I have to bring it
to the bottom?

I’m done.

That was a bit too much.

(They look like
two grandmas knitting.)

(I love you)

(My everything)


(Don’t make me jealous)

“Don’t make me jealous”?
Those are the lyrics?

(He’s embarrassed.)

I’m confused. I know too much.

(Just a feeling)

(Eun Woo sings one of her songs
as well.)

(Is he singing my song?)

Gosh, this is beautiful.

(Gosh, this is beautiful.)

(Dong Hyun becomes competitive.)

(She was listening in.)

(They strive to win her heart.)

– Do more.
– We can eat more later.

(She’s not listening.)

(They’re all so hardworking.)

Don’t we need to make the sauce
for the salmon?

You’re right.

– The sauce is what’s important.
– It’s easy to make.

– Mayonnaise is the base.
– Just…

There are many people today, so…

(She prepares a generous amount.)

Are you okay with using jalapeno?

So that’s what’s important.

– Is that salt?
– No, it’s sugar.

This will be sweet and spicy.

You added jalapeno, sugar,
and mayonnaise.

– I’ll be adding fish roe too.
– Fish roe.

– Is that it?
– Then it’s done.

– Okay.
– You can adjust it to your taste.

(The sauce
for the salad salmon rolls is done.)

Are we having wraps?

– You can wrap it with a laver.
– We’re doing it ourselves?

Yes. We’re done.

Isn’t it simple?

You don’t need to be good
at cooking to do this.

(Once they place the salmon
in the plate…)

Anyone could make this.

This looks good.

(Anyone could make this dish.)

(The salad salmon roll is complete.)

Where did the plate go?

We don’t need it.

I’ve ordered food for Dong Hyun.

Leave it there.

He can still sit at the table,

– Yes, he should.
– Keep it there for now.

(He’s desperate.)

You don’t need it.
You’ll get your own plate.

(What could
Dong Hyun’s mysterious meal be?)

– Mom.
– Oh, my!

– What a surprise!
– She’s so cute.

(Her youngest daughter appears.)


– What a surprise!
– She’s so cute.

(They’re all smiling
from ear to ear.)

– Goodness. Hi.
– She’s so adorable.

(Kim Lo Rin: 2nd daughter,
30 months old)

Hug me.

– Mommy.
– Hug Mommy.

– Goodness.
– She’s here.

– Mommy.
– Hug Mommy.

(She runs into her mom’s arms.)

– She’s so pretty.
– Lo Rin.

– Mommy.
– What is this?

(My teacher wanted you to have it.)

What is this?

– “Lovely New Year’s Gift”.
– This…

– Open it.
– Open it?

Okay. Sit down.

– Lo Rin.
– She’s so cute.

– She’s adorable.
– How cute.

You want to sit on my lap? Okay.

(Lo Rin loves her mom.)

– Is this from your teacher?
– Yes.

Gosh, it looks delicious.

(It’s the number 5 New Year’s gift.)

– Do you want it?
– Your teacher bought it for you.

– It’s yakgwa.
– What is this?

– Do you know what this is for?
– Yes.

– What is this?
– What is that?

Say, “yut”.


Say, “yut”.

– Yut.
– Yut.

– Yut.
– Yut.

Good job.

In Korean age, she’s 4.
But she’s actually 30 months old.

She’s not fully three years
just yet.


I’m making this for you.

I’ve been making this for you.

Lo Rin,
which color do you like more?

– Which one do you like more?
– Pick one.

– This one?
– That one?

– Really?
– High-five.

– You don’t like this? How’s this?
– How about this?

– Do you not like it?
– No.

She doesn’t like it.

(Dong Hyun gets a KO.)

Like this.

– How cute.
– How adorable.

– It looks so good on her.
– How pretty.

How cute.

– How adorable.
– “Don’t catch a cold!”

– How pretty.
– How adorable.

– How adorable.
– She’s so adorable.

So adorable.

She’s so cute.

I want to go on the slides.

– The slides?
– You want to slide down my legs?

You want to slide down mine instead?

You can go all the way down
like this.

Like this.


(Dong Hyun is rejected
for the second time.)

I didn’t want you to do that either.

Right? It sounded
like a bad idea to me too.

(Uncles, time to eat!)

Here you go.

– This looks delicious.
– Absolutely.

– Look at all of that!
– This is my favorite.

This looks delicious.

(Spring salmon rolls)

It looks amazing.

This is my favorite breakfast food.

But you can’t eat it.


(I can’t eat because I lost.)

I’ll serve you, Dong Hyun.

(Seung Gi will cook for Dong Hyun!)

You’ll thank me for sure.


(So excited)

This will be delicious.

(What is he making?)

You can prepare this
the night before…

– I love this.
– and store in the fridge.

I really want to try some.

– You should eat with us.
– Here.

(Here’s your order.)

What’s this?

The porridge here is delicious.

(Plain porridge)

(It’s just plain porridge.)

Do we have a ladle here?

Why do you need a ladle?

(He put some garnish on top
because he felt bad.)

I mean it.

(He has to eat plain porridge
while watching others eat salmon.)

It’s amazing.

Are you serious?

I should get him some pollack roe
or something.

(This is so unfortunate.)

It’s Lo Rin’s plate.

That’s right.

– It’s for Lo Rin?
– Yes.

Shall we start eating?

Yes, please eat.

You can top the laver
with whatever you’d like.

– It looks good.
– Usually,

you get…

some rice on the laver first
like you would for gimbap.

This is my first meal.

This is her first meal
after shooting all night.

The salmon is the main part,
so add lots of salmon.

– That looks delicious.
– Add anything you want…

and eat up.

It takes…

quite some work to prepare

– but it’s so easy to eat.
– Right.

Get some pickled radish too.

That looks delicious.

(Everyone is busy making
their salmon rolls,)

(but all Dong Hyun has is
a bunny plate and porridge.)

Can I just try making one?

It just looks fun.

It looks like so much fun to make.

You should eat your porridge.

I’m going to.

I just want to try making one.

The sauce is good.

The sauce!

It’s fatty,

but get a spoonful.

– It looks delicious.
– This is…

This is…

I added too much salmon in mine.

(Top with all the vegetables
you’d like, wrap it up, and eat.)

Wrap it up and eat it.

– It’s…
– Shall I try it?

basically like salmon gimbap.

It looks scrumptious.

(Taking a big bite)

– You look so happy.
– Is it good?

(Amazing flavors are bursting
inside her mouth.)

It looks incredible.

It looks amazing.

(The vegetables, salmon, and laver
create some amazing flavors!)

Can we let Dong Hyun
just have one?


– It’s delicious.
– Just one.

(Eun Woo is delighted
and Dong Hyun is depressed.)

– Really?
– Yes.

I don’t think you can fit that
in one bite.

I’m going to take multiple bites.

(The healthy salmon rolls need
no heat to cook.)

You’re being too greedy.

It’s amazing.

I can see why your friends ask you
to make them for you.

It looks really good.

I’ve never had anything
like this before.

(What does Chef Yang think
of the salmon rolls?)


It’s so good.

I love how the sauce has a kick.

Yes, I’ve added a lot
of jalapeno in it.

That’s why it’s spicy!
It’s the jalapenos.

– Actually… Yes.
– That’s where the kick comes from.

And it has fish roe inside
for texture.

– That’s right.
– The jalapenos were…

such a good idea.

It’s healthy but delicious.

I could keep eating.

And it’s all vegetables too.

It’s like salmon gimbap.

(He’s sad.)

It looks delicious.

(Your desperate eyes are

I love eating like that.

I’m so glad I don’t have to eat
plain porridge.

(What a relief.)

This is good too.

I can’t believe he’s eating
plain porridge with soy sauce.

It’s like he’s a sick patient.

It’s good.

You’ll be healthy.

(Taking a sad spoonful)

– Did you add the sauce?
– Isn’t this glue for walls?

(Isn’t this glue for walls?)

– That’s right.
– Dong Hyun, please get working.

It tastes like glue.

(A flavor description
nobody has used before)

Try some. It really tastes
like glue.

It’s like the glue for walls.

It’s sticky.

Just try some.

You’ll think of walls right away.


– Glue for walls?
– It’s very sticky.

It’s gluing my mouth shut.

We’ve got enough footage of you
being sad. Get eating.

(You have to glue all the walls.)

– Is it good?
– Is it good?

Why don’t we let Dong Hyun
just have one?

You can make one roll, then.

– Just one?
– Just one.

But you can only use one chopstick
to make your roll.

What kind of a deal is that?

I’m not being mad.
I’m just asking a question.

I’m asking nicely.

You can add as many toppings
as you’d like.

– As many as I want?
– Yes,

– but use only one chopstick.
– Fine.

(He’s deciding.)

It’s a tough decision to make.

(He’s deciding.)


(His first pick is
the salmon slices.)

(He got three slices at once.)

– That’s impressive.
– Three slices.

It’ll be too fatty.

I don’t care. I only have
one chance.

(This is his only shot.)

(His second pick is the eggs.)

Your roll is going to explode.

You only get one attempt
at each topping.

How can I get these?


He failed!

(He failed in getting
the red bell pepper slices.)

No red bell peppers for you.

This is never going to work!

(Thank goodness for carrots!)

– No way.
– Carrots are important.


(Feeling like he has
the whole world)

I didn’t pick them up yet.

– It’s a clean chopstick.
– Okay.

(He got a lot of greens.)

– What a full roll.
– I’m done.

– I’m all good.
– What about rice?

Here I go.

I can just scoop like this.

– What a good roll.
– That’s so much.

How are you going to eat it?

– Let’s do it.
– Here I go.

Can you eat it all in one bite?

I just have to stuff it in.

I guess my roll is quite big.

– How can you fit that in one bite?
– How did you…

get all of that with one chopstick?

Can a human fit all of that
into one bite?

I think it’ll be possible.

(This is a nerve-racking moment.)

– That’s huge.
– It’s spilling!

Here I go!

(He’s feeling all better
with this one bite!)

– Is it good?
– He’s enjoying it.

Isn’t it so much better
after eating plain porridge?

(So good that he’s in tears)

I can taste now.

– You can?
– My sense of flavor is back.


It’s delicious.

(Just one roll can make someone
this happy.)

It keeps getting better.

(He can’t stop being in awe.)

I have…

something to give you.

This is for Sung Rok.

– For me?
– Yes.

It’s soap, shampoo,

lotion, and sunscreen for kids.

– I made them.
– Really?

– Really?
– Yes.

I make them…

for my kids.

I didn’t get you anything.

– That’s fine.
– That’s amazing.

You’re so busy with acting too.
That’s impressive.

Based on her knitting skills,
you can tell she’s crafty.

Now that I have kids,

I realize that raising kids is
the hardest thing to do.

As for my husband,

because I’m working right now,
he has no choice…

but to look after them.

He’s been devoting his life
to the kids for the past year.

I really appreciate it.

That’s why on our way out to work,

we wish the person staying home
good luck before we leave.

That’s absolutely necessary.

– Absolutely?
– It’s the key.

Going out to work is
100 times easier than watching kids.

I spent a whole day watching
my kids once,

and after, I bowed to my wife
on my way out to work.

I really feel bad for my wife.


I wish my husband good luck
every time I go to work.

I have to wish him good luck.

What if both of you have to work?

That hasn’t happened yet.

– We make sure that doesn’t happen.
– You do that on purpose?

So, if you have a big project
to work on,

even if he has work to do,

– he can’t work?
– No, he can’t.

If both of us work,

there’s nobody to watch the kids.

(If both of them work,
there’s nobody to watch the kids.)

So I told him…

that I’ll only take on a project
if it’s absolutely incredible,

but if I can, I’ll try to stay home.

(I’ll try to stay home
after “The Penthouse”.)

I’ll only take on a project
if I really want to,

but I’ll watch the kids
and stay home so that he can work.

That’s what I told him.

It’s a dilemma.

(They’re a healthy couple who can
delegate well.)

That’s right. How did you feel…

when the first episode
of “The Penthouse” aired?

That was your first drama
in five years.

That was my first time being back
on screen in five years,

but it was such a difficult role.

Yes, most of your roles in the past
have been good roles.

– It’s your first antagonist role.
– I thought about it a lot.

Taking on the role took
a lot of consideration.

– It was a difficult decision.
– What made you get brave, though?

You’ve never done
a role like this before.

First, the writer
and the director…

were so actively trying…

– to convince me.
– They convinced you.

I told them that I feel like I don’t
really fit the role,

but that’s why they wanted me
even more.

They wanted someone
totally unexpected…

to take on this role.

(She was gone from
the public’s eye for 5 years.)

(It was her first step she took
with an exciting heart.)

(She courageously took over
the role as Oh Yoon Hee.)

That’s when I realized
it could be a great opportunity.

I did it because I knew
it’d be a challenge.

I was really scared.

“What if I can’t do this very well?”

“I haven’t acted in a while.”

These thoughts scared me.

Do you read online comments?

I did for this drama.

I actually find it very fun.

People really did hate me too.

(She admits it nonchalantly.)

When I first appeared,
I acted with So Yeon,

who played the role of
Cheon Seo Jin.

It was a scene when
we fought over a trophy.

The situation was
really unfavorable for me.

I was trying to show how
unjust it was.

My character was too intimidating.

The comments said…

“What makes you think
you deserve the trophy?”

(Was Oh Yoon Hee’s
true character?)

– You were too into it.
– Yes.

But I was too threatening and
came off really strong.

That’s when I realized
I deserve that feedback.

(They helped her to think
more about her acting.)

I hope you don’t read those.

But those comments helped me…

to work harder.

I think it helped me
to get good results too.

Then you should read them.

(A change in attitude)

You should read them in detail.

– Read every character.
– She should.

(She a hardworking actress
who monitors viewers’ feedback.)

From this conversation…

Remember how we talked
about choosing between…

– work and marriage?
– Yes.

But from watching her,

I realized you don’t have
to make a choice.

You just have to work hard at both.

– True.
– You don’t have to give one up.

If you just work hard at both,

you can be like her.

– Of course.
– You’re right.

I think it’s also because
of a sense of responsibility.


It was my first drama in 5 years
since I had my second child.

(Responsibility as a mother)

To be honest, as I raised her,

I was really worried.

“Will I able to act again?”

“Will there be any
good roles for me?”

I’d be lying if I say
I didn’t worry about it.

(Responsibility to do best
both at home and work.)

I realized that I can’t give up…

on any of them.

That’s what I thought.

If I want to keep this career,

I think I just do my best…

at the given situation.

I think you’re the type
who always gives her best.

I don’t look long-term.

I don’t have yearly plans.

For me, today is very important.

But I still want to live harder
today than yesterday.

I’d do my best today to
live another happy day.

Carpe diem.

– What?
– Yes. It’s carpe diem.

– Carpe Diem said that?
– Yes.

– Carpe diem.
– He said that?

– No.
– No.

I see.

It came out from
the movie “Dead Poets Society”.

You’re correct.

We need it.

(After finishing their dinner)

After dinner,

our plan tomorrow…

Tomorrow, I’ll invite
my two great friends.

I’m really close with them
these days.

– You’re close?
– Yes.

– Really?
– Yes, my close friends.

We were hoping to do a small rally.

They have short tempers.


Are they going to push me
off the handrail?


(Their lips are getting dry.)

(The dangerous women are coming!)

We should get prepared
for tomorrow.

We’ll make sure that
this rally will boost your unity.

Yes. We’re experts at rallies.

We can do it!

(Cheon Seo Jin gets ready
to participate in the rally.)

(And Shim Su Ryeon)

I’ll just spoil everything.

– Just spill it.
– I think I will.

We’ll spoil it together.

I’m sure SBS will take care of it.

Wouldn’t they cut us out entirely?

Is Eugene…

– She’s coming with them.
– Together?

– Together?
– Together?

Is she already on their team?

Are your friends here?

Yes, they’re already waiting for us.

Did you prepare well
for the rally today?

– Did you?
– Yes, it’ll be perfect.

– Just trust us.
– Really?

Don’t worry and just trust us.

But it costs higher than we thought.

You’ll need to pay us extra.

– Is that so?
– Yes.

I’m not joking.


Don’t smile.

(A straight face?)


– Oh Yoon Hee!
– It’s Oh Yoon Hee!

(Yoon Hee is here again!)

– Se Hyeong.
– Lucky there’re no handrails.

– Watch out for the handrails.
– You could’ve gotten stabbed.

You’re funny.

You look more relaxed than before.




– Hello.
– It’s like the drama!

(They’re the ones who got us
addicted to the Penthouse.)

It’s Shim Su Ryeon
and Cheon Seo Jin.

– Hello.
– It’s nice to meet you.

(Lee Ji Ah, who played
the role of Shim Su Ryeon)

Your dress looks as if
you came straight out of the drama!

– Please sit.
– Please.

– Hello.
– Hello.

– Nice to meet you.
– Hello.


– Welcome, you two.
– Amazing.

(It’s nice to meet you.)

– So Yeon…
– Nice to meet you.

How should we call you?
In fact, we…

all know you as Kim So Yeon.

– Viewers think you’re Seo Jin.
– Yes, Cheon Seo Jin.

– Whatever you want.
– Stop acting.

(Don’t pretend to be nice.)

After watching Cheon Seo Jin,
I feel like you’re acting.

Everyone’s intimidated.

– It’s the dress.
– The fake winner, Cheon Seo Jin.

(He’s a true fan
of “The Penthouse”.)

(Fan service)

(She reacts even
between short moments.)

Eugene told us yesterday…

that she wants to redo the scene
where she calls you the thief.

What do you think?

After she mentioned it,
I watched it again.

She really did look mean.

That’s my point.

– Yes.
– “Are you the judge?”

True! There are no answers.

You’re picked based on
the voice and potential.

But your voice cracked!

(She recites Cheon Seo Jin’s
famous line.)

Cheon Seo Jin, your voice cracked.

Oh Yoon Hee!

(They’re watching “The Penthouse”
from the first row.)

It’s really funny.

I was about to hand her this trophy.

The funny thing is…

whenever she meets me on the set,

she greets me by saying,
“Oh Yoon Hee”!

But the more I hear it,
the more I like it.

I plan to record it someday.

– I’ll use it as my alarm.
– I can hear it.

– It’d be great.
– It’s 7 a.m!

– It’s 7 a.m!
– Why aren’t you up yet?

(Cheon Seo Jin mode is on.)

– I want to record it too.
– Isn’t it great?

I have difficulties getting up.

(She gets polite so suddenly.)

(Cheon Seo Jin mode is off.)

It’ll sell well.

– You’re funny.
– Can you say it again?

Please say, “Lee Seung Gi,
why aren’t you up yet?”

Lee Seung Gi,
when will you ever get up?

(Cheon Seo Jin mode is on.)

(Cheon Seo Jin mode is off.)

Please remain behind
after the shoot to get it.

She’ll record it for
each and every one of you.

If you ever need it, sure.

She’ll do it if anyone needs it.

– For those who need it.
– Sure.

– She’ll do it for anyone.
– She’s hilarious.

When we’re shooting,
after screaming our lungs out,

as soon as the director stops us,

she gets shy immediately.


Even when she’s angry,
if she makes a mistake,

she suddenly says,
“I’m sorry. I’ll go again.”

She goes on both ends.

I can’t help but
comment on your dress.

I can’t believe I wore a dress
that makes me look like ketchup.

I don’t know why I chose this.

It’s the color of blood.

Right! It’s the color of blood.

You react actively to everyone.

– To everything.
– To everything.

She reacts to everything.
I wonder…

is it out of habit?

I don’t laugh when it’s not funny.

– Really?
– I don’t know why we’re doing this.

She also acts like this
away from cameras,

– not just in front of cameras.
– She’s always like this.

– Always?
– Always?

– She’s cute.
– When she…

reacted to my blood comment
earlier, I was touched.

– I just said it, but she responded.
– It’s funny.

I was touched.

I really thought it was funny.

She’s really funny.

– Thank you.
– Your reactions…

are like minced onions
for everyone.

(Her reactions can resurrect
even the dead comments.)

She’s so sweet with her reactions.

(She’s not Cheon Seo Jin,
she’s Sweet Jin.)

– It’s hilarious.
– I was curious…

about what happens to Shim Su Ryeon!

I think the viewers
are most anxious to know…

whether Shim Su Ryeon will return…

to the second season.

People are debating
whether she died or not.

I’ve seen on social media…

that you’re not on the cast list
for the second season.

People were talking about it.

– Anyway…
– It must be top-secret.

I think “The Penthouse” fans
who are watching the show…

must be even more confused.

She can’t talk about it.

She can’t say whether
she came back from the set or not.

– True.
– Maybe she’s here for Eugene.

Since you’re close with her,
why don’t you ask her?

But it could be a spoiler.


I almost said it.

– “I…”
– Stop!

I think she wants to.

I’m easily persuaded.

You’re gullible.

– You must be really gullible.
– Wait.

Do you want me to
give you a big spoiler?

(Do you want me to
give you a big spoiler?)

Go ahead.

– For real?
– Hold on.

– Shim Su Ryeon.
– Shim Su Ryeon.

Did she survive dramatically?

(Did Master in the House
catch a big fish?)

(A shocking twist no one expected)

(Cheon Seo Jin’s splendid play)

(We admit it.)

(Joo Dong Tae,
a keen viewer of “The Penthouse”)

(Absorbed in a moment)

(Live broadcast of “The Penthouse”
housewarming party)

(Their double lives
are full of twists.)

(She reveals the fact.)

(Legendary excitement
and attractive main character)

(The romantic Penthouse)

(I didn’t know I like this.)

(Fatal charms of residents)

(Standing up suddenly again)

(“The Penthouse, Season 1.9”)

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