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Mr. Queen Episode 16 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Mr. Queen Episode 16 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Mr. Queen Episode 16 Drama Korea, Mr. Queen Epi 16 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Mr. Queen Episode 16 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film subtitle Indonesia.

Mr. Queen Episode 16 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Oh, my! What should I do?


What do you think this is
that you said it is precious?

Why is Dongmongseonseup precious to you?

– It’s…
– Was it you?

The person who saved me. Was it you?

Did you save me from the well?

Yes. It was me.

Did you already forget?

I went through so much
trouble to carry you back.

My arms are still sore from that day.

I can’t believe you already
forgot about that. You’re so mean.

I am talking about eight years ago.

That wasn’t the first time
you fell into the well?

Why are you so absentminded?

Then why is this book important to you?

It looks like something that would
appear on “Authentic Masterpieces”.

You are saying weird things again.

After I had a dream about
getting stuck in the well,

I was reminded of you right away.

I thought it was because
you saved me from the well,

but since then…

you constantly overlap with the
girl that saved me eight years ago.

I thought that you might be that girl.

It doesn’t taste good when
the noodles get soggy.

Do you want some?

Enjoy it.

My goodness.

Blow on the noodles and
take your time eating them.

What are you reading so intently?

It is a book on tactics used
during the Ming Dynasty.

A book on tactics?

The military?

Are you starting a war or something?

If I want to establish royal authority,

I need a strong military to support me.

Do you still have nightmares…

about dying as an incompetent king?

I do on occasion.

Even if that really happens, it’s
not because you’re inadequate.

That’s just the flow of history.

Within the flow of the universe,
you just happened to be there.

It’s not your fault.

That could be.

So don’t struggle so much in pain.

If it’s your destiny,

you can’t stop it anyway.

When I wake up from a nightmare,

I sometimes have a strange feeling.

As if that dream is the present,

and we are currently in the past.

It is as though I am having a dream
in the last moments of my life…

before my death as an incompetent king.

A dream about this moment…

when I still have a chance and
can still try to do something.

It could be that…

I am doing this to fight against my destiny.

I want to put everything on the line
for this man who is bound to lose.


You will end up winning in that fight.

I always choose the winning side.

As long as I’m on your side,
you will end up winning.

Your confidence is reassuring.

It’s because I have a secret weapon.

I know the future.

Do you remember…

when I told you that I’m a man who
came from 200 years in the future?

Yes, I do. That absurd story.

What if that’s the truth…

and I give you the knowledge of the future?

Do you expect me to believe that?

If it’s hard to believe,

just think that I had a dream.
A vivid dream of the future.

My gosh.

If that is the case, I will not
believe in that absurd story,

but I will listen to it.

What is Joseon like in 200 years?

Well, then…

This is just a story that I’m making up,

but we don’t call it Joseon anymore.

The Republic of Korea.
That’s the future of Joseon.

“The Republic of Korea”?

In the Republic of Korea, the
people choose their own king.

That does not make sense.

You should say something that makes sense…

for me to believe or fall for it.

We’ll be in trouble if you’re
already starting to doubt me.

This is just the beginning
of my ridiculous story.

In 200 years, there is no such
thing as a commoner or a noble.

Are you saying that people will
no longer be divided by class?

Of course, there will be a
different type of ranking.

Dirt spoons and silver spoons.

You identify people with spoons
instead of identity tags?

Then do the people bring spoons
when they choose the king?

It’s called voting.

After you turn 18,

you are given the right
to choose the king by law.

– You can choose the king?
– That’s right.

Why is it when you turn 18?

The Queen was running around
the Palace all day like that.

Good job.

From now on, your job is to keep an
eye on everything the Queen does.

Byeong In.

Since you have become the
youngest Minister of War,

you have become more handsome.

Is that all?

– Of course not.
– I knew it.


By the way, Byeong In.

Is it impossible for our family…

to get along with the King?

He is special to the Queen,

and he does not seem to be a bad person.

The King does not sincerely
cherish the Queen.

He will always corner the Queen into
a deadly situation for his own gain.

I did not see him that way.

That is what I hate most about him.

He hides behind a mask and women.

He hides his true self and
fools others with his two faces.

The Queen has also been
fooled by that face…

and is willing to turn her back on
her family for the sake of the King.

However, the King will only
use those feelings of hers.

According to what I have heard,
it is actually the King…

who is head over heels for the Queen.

When it comes to the King’s love life,

what the court maids say among
themselves is the most exact.

Last night, the two of them
were so deep in conversation…

that the lights of Huijeongjeon
Hall were on all night.

If Cheoljong succeeds,

then the world in 200 years
will be different too, right?

If history changes, then the
Japanese Occupation won’t happen,

and a scumbag like Mr. Han
won’t exist either.

I’m not doing this for Cheoljong.

This is purely for my benefit.

Saving you…

is how I save myself.

Your Highness.

Your Highness. Your father has collapsed.

My goodness.

No need to get up.

– How did this happen?
– It is dangerous.

Why would you come all the way here?

No. The Palace is more dangerous.

Your Highness. You should
stay here from now on.

I will protect you and
make sure you are safe.

You must have collapsed because
of what had happened to me.

It is all my fault.

I might as well have given
you the poison myself.

I made such a useless item and
did not take good care of it.

They were the ones who were wrong.

It is not your fault, so
please do not blame yourself.

Just focus on regaining your health.

I am fine.

As long as you are happy, I am fine.

So Your Highness,

step down from your position now.

– Father.
– So Yong.

When your mother had you,

there was something she
would always say to me.

She said that you would live
in a better world than she did.

That you will get to do
everything she could not do.

The expectation that you will
live a better life than hers…

was your mother’s last wish.

How will I…

face your mother in the afterworld now?


I will do everything that
Mother wanted for me.

I intend to get revenge for
everything they did to me and more.

Your Highness.

So you must not become weak like this either.

There is something you must do for me.

Okay. Tell me about whatever you need.

I will do whatever you want.



This is unexpected from
someone as frugal as him.

What if he makes us pay
double for it later on?

Oh, my.

Thank you.

Lord Kim and the Queen…

will have a long life too.

Did he give him a whole bag of rice?

He must have really lost his mind.

He kindly lost his mind.

There is something you must do.

Take your hands off the corruption…

and build your reputation.

Are you really going to sell all
of this and give it to people?

Of course.

It is not like I can take all
this wealth to the grave with me.

Excuse me. Could you let go?

Materialism is a habit.

Your father made a huge decision.

That’s not all.

This is the ledger you were looking for.

Father remembered everything that was in it.

Everyone was more trashy than we thought.

The Left State Councilor messed
around a lot with exchanging grain.

He siphoned off the grains
using various methods,

but the amount is substantial.

The Chief State Councilor’s
specialty is messing with the land.

For example, he’ll force a quarry
on someone and make them work on it,

and then hit them with a lot of taxes.

There’s nobody who didn’t pocket something,

and there’s nothing they didn’t pocket.

There were military and
employment corruptions.

Instead of sending a boat filled with salt,

they filled it with rocks and made it sink,

and took all that salt for themselves.

They committed such fraud with
the gifts for the King like that.

Among all of this, the crooked loan-sharks…

were the ones that made me most upset.

They would raise the taxes for farmers…

and lend them the money with
a five percent interest.

Their debt will go up with
every breath they take.

Their behavior is no better than a gangster.

Your father’s memory regarding wealth…

is really incredible.

Right, so…

how will you deal with the whistle-blower?

Your father is the leading
figure in all of this corruption.

His crimes do not disappear with this.

– However…
– What do you mean by “however”?

Your father is just another one
of the corrupt people to me.


he is your only blood relative.

What if we do this?

They say that upon looking at
one’s merits and demerits…

if they have more merits,

it can excuse the demerits.

You want him to get more merits?

For example?

For example,

he can cooperate in collecting evidence.

It is hard to punish them with
what is in that ledger alone.

In return, you will make sure
to protect the identity…

of the whistle-blower.

Of course.

Your Majesty. It is time for you
to attend the royal conference.


The royal conference?

If you want to incinerate trash,
you have to go to the dump.

Unless it’s a regency by the king’s mother,

a woman can’t enter the royal conference.

I appoint my brother, Prince Yeongpyeong,

as the commissioner of Ijungchung.

– You must not do that.
– You must not do that.

Why is that?

The responsibility and work
that is required are too much…

for someone as inexperienced as
Prince Yeongpyeong to handle.

In return, there are no powers
that he is connected to.

The biggest virtue to oversee
Ijungchung is just that.


does it look like I am asking
for your permission right now?

Gosh, Cheoljong.

I have sent a secret inspector
to the most urgent Yeongnam area.

The crimes of those who
habitually exploit others…

will be punished according to
the letters of the penal code.

And their illegally gathered assets…

will be used to help the people.

They will set an example to
all eight of our governors…

and will be forced to turn themselves in.

– We object, Your Majesty.
– We object, Your Majesty.

The Ministry of War has already
dispatched military leaders.

Did you dispatch them without my permission?


the heinous incidents caused
by the Donghak believers…

resemble political uprisings…

that threatened the sovereignty
of Joseon in the past.

So we were in a crisis that
required swift decisions.

I am sure the Border Defense
Council decided however they wanted.

The Donghak believers caused a commotion…

and threatened a civil servant.

And in the end, they
injured the civil servant.

We had to quickly catch and
execute the leader of the gang.

To prevent a repeat offense,

we had to eradicate the source.

“Eradicate the source”?

We captured, imprisoned, and punished…

followers and as well
as preachers of Donghak.

The problem Joseon faces stems from…

a group of thieves!

To truly eradicate the source,

I am letting Samjung Ijungchung
to investigate to help people!

As you only sit on your throne,

you do not understand the nature of people.

If we start complying with their
demands, it will never end.

We must oppress them with our power…

to ensure they never cause another uprising.

– I agree, Your Majesty.
– I agree, Your Majesty.

I will review the prisoners to see…

if any injustices have been
done to innocent people.

Moreover, I will gravely
punish the bandits…

and set an example with them.

I order to punish the governors
and military leaders…

who caused trouble.

He wants to subdue the uprising
with just the penal code.

He is so naive.

Before the uprising gets out of control,

I will send down more soldiers
and subdue the Donghak believers.

What are you doing?

Apply the toner before my face gets dry.

Your Highness, we do not have that anymore.

Should I ask the Queen to bring more toner?

I should not.

Of course, I should not. Forget I asked.

– You may go.
– Yes, Your Highness.

Is it still difficult for
you to forgive the Queen?

Once you read the letters she exchanged…

with the King, you will
not be asking me that.

Forgiveness will not resolve this issue.

Their love letters were all very silly.

They were willing to sacrifice
their lives for each other.

Is this the reward I get from
being loyal to your family?

You framed our family for
everything and banished our family.

You branded our family as the rebels…

and ruined our future.

How could you just hang us out to dry?

Consider yourselves lucky that
your family was not executed.

At least, your family is alive.

Come work at the palace by my side.

I will prove to you…

that I am different from my father.

Drinks taste the best during the day.

Of course.

Drinks in broad daylight.

This is a shrimp. This is a rare ingredient.

– Who are you?
– Who are you?

You are drinking here during the day.

What? How dare you speak to me that way?

Who do you think you are?

Let me see.


I am the secret inspector.

Oh, it is this way.

I heard there are a lot of fake
secret inspectors these days.

I will not fall for your trick.

The horse requisition tablet is not
as powerful as it had been before.

Here comes the secret inspector.

Spare me.

Nowadays, a rifle works better
than a horse requisition tablet.


We are men. We do not drink
tea and eat refreshments.

I wonder why she wanted to see us.

The King is giving us the stick.
And the Queen, the carrot.

Perhaps, that is their plan.

She must want to emphasize
that we are from the same clan.

But it will not work.

We can just play along.

– Sure.
– Let us go.

It has been quite some
time since my installation.

But I failed to invite my
clan for some refreshments.

I have been very busy lately.

Please forgive me.

It is not much, but I prepared them for you.

Please enjoy them.

This is alcohol, not tea.

Pretend that it is tea.

The King has declared to reduce
the number of side dishes.

How can his royal subjects
gather around and drink?

If he finds out…

But you deceived us, Your Highness.

Did you set us up?

– Unbelievable.
– How could she do that?

Stop being so annoying.
You’re ruining my mood.

But you annoyed us first.

What? Who do you think we are?

I exactly know who you are.

You are the evil of society.

– “Evil”?
– “Evil”?

To put it in your terms, you are
like some plague in this era.

– What?
– What?

Why must we endure this kind of criticism?

Let us go.

Why are you doing this to us?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

You’re Chief State Councillor
indeed. You’re quite smart.


Why am I doing this, you ask?

I’m trying to tell you not
to get in the King’s way.

Whenever you object to the King’s idea,

just know that I will start
from the back and get you…

one at a time.

Consider yourselves warned.

Unless having a court…

without anyone from our clan is your goal,

you should watch out.

You still belong to the Andong Kim clan.

That is why I will change my family name.

From now on, my name is not
Kim So Yong. It’s Jang So Yong.

– What?
– What on earth…

You must be dense since the clan
helped you get these positions.

Everyone, write this down.

No more objections.

No more appeals. No more conspiring together.

No more going to Oktajeong.

Why Oktajeong?

Because I can’t go.

So the order was executed
without any problems.

The Grand Queen Dowager
took great care of it.

Today, I am here with a request.

Now that you have joined hands with my clan,

do not threaten or do anything
to harm the Queen any longer…

for she, too, belongs to the clan.

The King is our enemy.

We should not point our swords at
each other only to help our enemy.


No more shamanic rituals and
talismans. I have quit them all.

– Your Highness.
– I must report something to you.

Yes, I should read books
written in that era…

to understand the language of that time.

Gosh, it’s so hard to explain
swear words in a friendly manner.

What should I read to learn
some new slang words of Joseon?

You will not find such
a book at this library.

Then where should I go?

You should refer to those novels…

sold at the general store outside the palace.

What are they about?

I’ve only heard about
them. I’ve never read them.

I know a few.

One is a story about a dedicated wife…

who dies after her husband betrays her.

Her spirit returns with a beauty
mark right next to her mouth…

to get her revenge.

This story sounds so familiar.

What’s the title of this novel?

“Temptation of Wife”.

You said you never read them.

I only know the titles.

And? Anything else?

This one came out recently.

It’s about a noble lady.

Her husband has an affair with
a neighbor’s young daughter.

“A World of Married Couple”.

Court Lady Choi, why are you getting
so worked up when you never read it?

My apologies.

My gosh, all women would feel
the same way about these stories.

Why did you do that?

Give us some privacy.

Yes, Your Highness.

You need the power of the
clan to ensure your safety.

Why make them turn their backs on you?

I guess you’ve forgotten the fact…

that those old folks tried to kill me.

I am working on paving a path…

so you can return.

I don’t want to return.

You see, I went through hoops…

to get on the Grand Queen
Dowager’s good side.

I never had to work this
hard even at the Blue House.

But do you know what I got in return?

Poisoned ice.

That was because of the rumors
that the Jo clan had spread.

I told you that I would keep you safe.

Let me be clear.

With these things, it’s
never good to drag it out.

I do not feel the same way as you do,

and I have no interest
in using your feelings.

I am…

already on a different path,

so it’d be best for us
to just go our own way.

But I belong to you, Your Highness.

Why the King, of all people?

If he is out of the picture,
I will happily do…

anything you want me to do.
So why does it have to be him?

This has nothing to do with him.

I just have no feelings for you.

Do not let my hand go, So Yong.

You are my everything.

You must depict…

everything in detail,
including each strand of hair.

And try to see beyond His
Majesty’s appearance…

so you can depict his
inner strength and dignity.

Your own style should not come through.

My Queen.

Are you concerned about something?

No, not really.

But I feel bad.

My Queen.

What are you doing?

When I smile like this, I sound like a king.

And when I go crossed-eyed,
I sound like a eunuch.

Is this not funny?

I find it extremely
difficult to make you laugh.

Well, then…

When I hunch down like this,
I sound like a servant.

And when I stand tall,
I sound like a warrior.

Is this not funny?

You laughed.

Your Majesty.

– Please return to your pose.
– Right.

I will make you laugh again later.

By the way, what’s with this
portrait out of the blue?

According to the rule of Jo and Jong,

King Sunjong will receive
the honorable title of Sunjo,

which means I will also be revered,

so I wanted to commemorate it.

The rule of Jo and Jong…

Gosh, I know I’ve heard of it.

When deciding on a king’s posthumous title,

“Jo” is used for those who
made great contributions,

and “Jong” is used for those
praised for their virtue.

Right, I remember now.

Your Highness, here is what you asked for.

Let’s see.

This looks great.

Do you wish to learn swordsmanship?

I am a great swordsman.

I don’t even need to learn it.

When it comes to knives, I’m already a pro.

This is a gift for someone special.

“Someone special”?

Is it my turn?

So you’ve been waiting for this?

Oh, I’m sorry.

You’ve been ousted,

so I wasn’t sure whether or
not I should bother with you.

That is funny.

You suggested forming an alliance…

but left without even saying goodbye.

You have clearly failed to keep
your husband under your control.

Is that why you could not ensure my safety?

You see, I had a plan.

Until you messed with me, that is.

What kind of plan?

I had planned to live a safe, boring life.

Unsheathe the sword.

I do not fight with women.

I got it as a gift for you, in
place of a retirement ceremony.

All your achievements are
engraved on the blade,

so have a look.

That’s the life you’ve led.

You said I wouldn’t be able…

to do anything even though I’m
the Queen because I’m a woman.

Just wait and see. I’ll show
you what I’m capable of.

I won’t filter what I say,
and I’ll be unstoppable…

because I’ve got nothing to lose now.

Your Majesty, Royal Noble
Consort Eui is here.

She may enter.

How are you feeling?

I have sorted out my thoughts
as I practiced archery.

And I found some peace.

I am glad to hear that.

It is late, but you still
have a lot of work left.

It is not enough to concern you.


Had I known you would cherish
this book as much as you do now,

I should have tried to keep it cleaner.

Look at these scribbles.

You seem busy. I have taken
too much of your time.

I will get going now.

My Consort.

There is something I have not told you yet.

I did not fancy you…

just because we met at the well…

eight years ago.

When I returned to Hanyang and met you,

I liked you then.

Your Majesty, Prince Yeongpyeong is here.

I did not know you were here.

I was just about to leave.

I will leave you be.

What did you talk about?

Looking away from the truth
no one wants to expose…

must be the right thing to do.

Look at his passionate eyes.

He’s such an enthusiast of social science.

You’ve been waiting for my class all day.

Well, I do not believe
you, but you can tell me…

your stories about the
future like last night.

Here’s today’s topic.

Constitutional monarchy.

“Constitutional monarchy”?

There are monarchs, but they
do not govern over people.

The sovereignty still exists,
but the people have the power.

There’s a country called Bhutan.

That is such a strange name.

There’s a king named Jigme Khesar
which sounds even more unfamiliar.

This country used to follow an
absolute monarchy like Joseon.

But he changed it to a
constitutional monarchy.


He was afraid that a tyrannical
ruler might rise to the throne…

and ruin the country someday.

So he constitutionalized the country first.

And he rules over the
country based on the law.

So the kingship is just a symbol.

King Jigme Khesar is wise.

Which Chinese letter does he use for “Ji”?

We should go home now.


Where is that?

My goodness. My friend, you had one too many.

You cannot remember where your house is.

Okay. You know what? This is it for me.

I must go back home and get some rest.

I do not have a home.

I have nothing.

I neither have a place
to go nor own anything.

I have nothing now.

I did not fancy you just
because we met at the well…

eight years ago.


There is no way he knows the truth.

You cannot enter now, Your Highness.

I must see His Majesty now.


Your Majesty, it is Hwa Jin.

So you want me to complete…

the book on tactics with the Queen…

who is pretending to be a man.


Cast away your prejudices.

She is devising to create
an original weapon…

no one has seen or heard of.

Well, then. Let us hear it.

Before we do that, I have a killer
method of training soldiers.

Why don’t I start with that?

“A killer method”?

1, 2, 3.


I can’t even hear you. Is
that the best you can do?

Okay. I got it. Let us talk about the weapon.

This is only the 8th session.
There are 14 training sessions.

You will not say the last number.

If you do, you will start over.

1, 2, 3…


1, 2, 3…

– Keep your gaze straight.
– Seven.

It is dangerous to let her
in on our military strategy.

The Queen declared war on her clan.

She does not need to prove
that she is on our side now.

Your Highness.

– Raise your legs.
– 2, 3.

– Eight.
– Gosh.

Eight was the last number.

Start over.

Wait. You said this was a “killer” method.

Will this end when I die?

Start over now.

– Hurry.
– One.

Your Highness.

Because you’re slowly turning
into a monster every day,

without even realizing it.

This fake record…

is enough to bring down Left State Councilor.

– I want you to get him now.
– Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, Royal Noble
Consort Eui is here.

Let her in.

I have something to tell you.

Prince Yeongpyeong, could
you leave us be for a moment?

– Your Highness.
– Please.

You have been talking to the
Queen in the evening lately.

May I ask what you discussed with her?

We talked about the future
of Joseon I dream of.

I thought I would be the one whom
you would share your dreams with.

When the Queen has won you over,

all I have done is being swayed by falsehood.

I will not be swayed any longer.

The owner of Dongmongseonseup…

is not me.

You already knew this.

Then why did you not say anything?

Because it would not change anything.

Why would it not change anything?

You no longer have any trust in me.

The way you look at me is no longer the same.

Just because of a single lie,

the time that I have spent
with you does not disappear.

The fact that I loved you for two years…

does not change.

I am sure you pretended
not to know for my benefit.

That is the type of person you are.

Just because you looked at me and
pretended not to know anything,

did you think that would make me happy?

– Hwa Jin.
– I defamed the Queen.


found the ledger in Great
Lord Yeongeun’s home…

and gave it to the Queen Dowager.

Why would you…

It is because…

I hated the Queen.

Despite seeing that ledger,

were you unaware that it
was something that I needed?

I knew it, but I did it anyway.

How could you do this to me?

You knew about my dream
better than anyone else.

You stepped on my dream.

My dream…

My dream was you.

However, your heart started
to move towards the Queen.

You tried your best for my sake,

but I could see how you could
not help but be drawn to her.

That made me more miserable.

That is how I lost myself.

It is my fault.

I made you like this.

It is my fault.

I should not have loved
without taking care of myself.

I will go…

find myself now.


That nasty lord!

Give me the next one.


Your Highness. Are you not going
to Huijeongjeon Hall tonight?

Should I just skip tonight?

My Cheoljong will be desperately
waiting for me to come.

I had no idea that I would have the
soul of an educator inside me too.

Let me read one more page first.


Hey, Jong. I’m really sorry. I
meant to read just one more page,

but I couldn’t stop.

Why haven’t you gotten changed yet?

What? Why are you giving this to me?

Did you not say to return this
to you if I wanted to live?

You can hurt someone by
not knowing the truth.

It took too long…

for me to return this to its owner.

I am sorry…

for not recognizing you.

It’s the same for me.

I wasn’t honest with you
for a very long time too.

It came back to its rightful
owner after eight years.

We cannot turn back all of
our missed opportunities.


I will never misunderstand you or
confuse you with another again.

But what happened to you…

during the past eight years?

You seemed a bit strange then,
but you were not this strange.

Did I miss something?

Good question.

It looks good. Although
I don’t know what it is.

It is medicine.

Anything that you eat in secret must be good.


– This smells like liquor.
– My gosh.

It is called pear blossom wine.

It is a liquor you make when
the pear blossoms bloom…

and drink when the scent
of pear blossoms spread.

Can you give me a glass?

I just had the last of it.

It takes a lot of effort to
make, so I have been saving it.

– But because of you…
– Gosh.

How do you make this?

First, make a dough by adding
water to nonglutinous rice powder.

Then you flatten the dough
and make a hole in the middle.

Then you place it to the die.

It looks like a donut.


Anyways, cook it in hot water, take it out,

mash it, and let it cool.

take pear blossoms and the
yeast you prepared in advance…

and make a dough again.

Then you put it in a liquor
jug and cover the lid.

After three days have passed…

Do you drink it then?

Of course not.

You stir it up.

Then after 20 days,

that is when you can drink it.

Time, please pass quickly.

Please ripen quickly.

Left State Councilor Kim Seok Geun…

is guilty of colluding with local leaders…

to exploit farmers and alter
records for personal gain.

He will be stripped of
his government position,

and all of his assets will be confiscated,

and be charged for theft.

How dare you!

Let go of me. I said let go!

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

I had no idea that the
Queen’s warning would be real.

As the seat for Left
State Councilor is empty,

I appoint Consort Min’s father,

Lord Min Woo Jin of the Yeoheung Min clan.

We object, Your Majesty.

– We object, Your Majesty.
– We object, Your Majesty.

There is no need to sit.

When will my regency be resumed?

It must be done before the King ruins Joseon.

We will no longer lose
our family’s positions.

Furthermore, we have begun
organizing the military,

so it will not be long
before the fall of the King.


I am not that patient.

Yes, Your Highness.

However, I heard something strange.

That the Queen is teaching
the King blasphemous ideals.





She still has this book?

Are they all believers of Donghak?

Yes, sir.

– Come here!
– Mommy!

Why are you taking that little child?

Seon! Seon!

Do you recognize this handwriting?

This is a secret code that
Donghak believers use.

War is all about what kinds of items
you can bring to the battlefield.

“Items”? What does that mean?

Is this some kind of proverb?

A grenade may be more
effective than 10 soldiers.

It sounds like you are just making it up.

Oh, right.

I just remembered there
are 15 training sessions.

That name sounds very credible, “grenade”.

If you put some gunpowder in a
pouch like this and throw it,

it’ll explode like this.

We already have that.

The Flying Thunderbolt.

Really? Then what about bulletproof suits?

Clothes that protect you from bullets?

You mean, the armor?

No, it’s worn inside the armor.

Oh, I see.

Special Director Hong!

I was just passing by but
noticed that your lights were on.

Oh, good to see you.

Hey, look at you having fun without me.

I can’t believe you invited
these two but not me.

– Oh, boy.
– My gosh!

Lee Saeng Mang!

You are alive!

I was so worried about you.

Finally, we meet again. Finally!

Oh, it’s good to see you indeed.

You never went back to Oktajeong after that?

I drank gallons of wine…

at Oktajeong all by myself
hoping to run into you there.

Lee Saeng Mang!

Hands off. Will you identify yourself first?

Who are you?

I am Lee Saeng Mang’s close friend.

“Friend”? I am…

– Do not…
– I am…

Hold on. You look familiar for some reason.

Meet my buddy, Jong Cheol.

What? Why…

If you’re not Jong Cheol, then who are you?

I am Jong Cheol.

Nice! I won!

What kind of life must one
have led to be so good at this?

Let’s just say, I wasted my entire youth.

You sure are my friend.

We are so much alike.

Gosh, this looks like a lucky spot.

Are you hiding a few cards somewhere?

It’s not easy to get that
trump card, you know.

Blame your lack of luck,

not my good fortune.

All right, let us play another round.

The losers will make the
winner’s wish come true.

Hey, watch your hat.

The insider.

The outsider.

And there are people like me,
who stick to their beliefs.

What a combination.

Let me help you…

All that neolttwigi taught me that skill.

She sure is the winner.

I cannot believe they used
such detailed evidence…

to oust the Left State Councilor.

This means… I am certain they
got their hands on the ledger.

Then the real war begins now.


We shall begin the cleanup
operation expecting a bloodbath.

If you do not wish to be bogged down by this,

give up your greed and be
ready to shed some blood.

“Shed some blood”?

Those who accepted bribes for
giving out government jobs…

shall resign voluntarily.

If you accumulated wealth
through the grains…

and gifts from the people,

return them to where they belong.

And you must take care of those…

who manipulated any records for
you and know the situation well.



any of us gets caught because
the cleanup is not done properly,

that person will take the fall.

Even without the Andong Kim clan,

Kim Byeong In’s influence
only keeps on growing.

I feel as though we are at a standstill.

We must dig up dirt on Kim Byeong In.

It looks like he helped some people
obtain positions in the government,

but we can only get him locked up
if he received something in return.

It does not look like this jerk
received anything from them.

And those who received such help from him…

are incredibly loyal to him,

so we can’t win them over to our side.

It seems that he has built
an invincible fortress.

You lads are already here.

Lee Saeng Mang is not here yet?

Oh, hold on.

I have to say, he is very diligent.

He comes here every day
to play tujeon with us.

Do you not have a job?

This is my job.

How can this be called a job?

Hey, I asked you a question.

Today, I feel like you’re mine

But you’re not mine

Oh, hello.

I came to complain about the Queen.

Oh, me too.

Well, you can go first.


Your Highness!

Stop making me so angry!

If you keep it up, you’ll
fall into a bucket of manure!

Oh, dear.

It’s rare to meet someone who
can swear better than I can.

But let me give you some advice.
If you shout from here…

My gosh.

– Well, I should warm up too.
– Okay.

You piece of… You drive me bonkers.

I shall teach you a lesson!

My gosh.

– How about we do it together?
– Sure.

– Your Highness!
– Your Highness!

I love you, pear blossom wine!

Pear blossom wine, you’re a thing of beauty!

All right.

You two should try this too.

Just a little taste. Here.

Here, you too.

What a beautiful color, Your Highness.

And it has such a delectable aroma.

It’s ripe. It’s aged perfectly.

You two, what have you been up
to that you’ve lost your voices?

Let’s see.

– Your Highness!
– Your Highness.

Is it because I haven’t eaten anything?

Then this will be my dessert!

See you again, pear blossom wine!

My beautiful pear blossom wine!

My pear blossom wine.

I ran here because I wanted
to give you this in person.

The book is finally ready.


Nice title.

All thanks to you.

All I did was tell you what I saw.

On the next page…

That day, Special Director Hong…

He wets his pants whenever
he sees these drawings.

My gosh, these drawings look awesome.

My Queen.

Are you not lonely?

I lived as a commoner only for
a short while, but I still…

battled with loneliness…

and had a hard time adjusting
when I first got here.

Since you are so different,
you must feel very lonely here.

I am truly worried.

I don’t have time to be lonely.

Predicaments await me every day,
and I’m busy running around.

Someone even made a dictionary
to understand me better.

Thanks to him, I don’t feel lonely at all.

Is this finally the noodle moment?

Shall I say it or not?


That wasn’t intentional.
I’ve been feeling queasy…

Bring the royal physician at once.

Is it something serious?

Her Highness is pregnant.

What? “Pregnant”?

I’m pregnant?

Congratulations, Your Highness.

My Queen, thank you.

– Congratulations, Your Highness!
– Congratulations, Your Highness!

I am becoming a father!




I’m pregnant?

The real prenatal education begins today.

You must stay away from such unusual tastes.

I assume you spread the
rumors as I told you to?

They did not actually
spend the night together.

What is with this pose? This is embarrassing.

This isn’t enough to quell the rumors.

If you say so…

What everyone believes becomes the truth.

Bring the Queen’s head to me at once.

This is an order.

If I wish to live, everyone
around me will die.

Hence, I will embrace everything.

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