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Mr. Queen Episode 18 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Mr. Queen Episode 18 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Mr. Queen Episode 18 Drama Korea, Mr. Queen Epi 18 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Mr. Queen Episode 18 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film subtitle Indonesia.

Mr. Queen Episode 18 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Stop! Hold on!


Did the King come to see
me while I was sleeping?

Yes, Your Highness.

It wasn’t a dream then.

Why is he acting like this all of a sudden?

As if he’s being chased.

The uprising of the rebel
army is getting quite serious.

Even still, that seems a bit…

Do not worry, Your Highness.

Yes. The King will return soon.


There must be a reason why
he’s leaving in such a hurry.

He’s just going to check
on them and come back soon.

It’s better for him to
finish his job quickly…

rather than wait for me to come
all the way down to say goodbye.

That’s why he left without a word.

The owner of that seat is changing now.

You could have taken care of it at once.

It was possible because the
Queen made her decision.

The Queen?

She has chosen her family…

over the King for the sake of her baby.

If that is the case, I should
accept the Queen again…

for the sake of the heir to the throne.

I will ensure that you will not
have to fight for your power again.

You should give up.

I’d like some more of this.

Are you sure you are not eating too much?

Humans are an adaptive species.

It was bland and subtle,

but now I can taste the natural
flavors of the ingredients.

I don’t get tired of it
no matter how much I eat.

Rather, the more I eat, the hungrier I get.

This little thing eats so much.

Fine. I’ll stop eating.

I’m really fine. Why do you
keep looking at me like that?

I should go on a walk to digest.

Let me have some more of this first.

The weather is insane.

This kind of view needs to
be photographed and posted.

It is not too late for me…

to understand you.

Let us do as you said.

No touching.

You truly are my anti-fan.

I was very concerned, but I
have figured out a way now.

So don’t like me.

But I still like you.

Even if you have more flaws
than anybody else in the world,

I still like you.

Oh, my. All the memories are coming back.

This won’t do. This place is too dangerous.

– Your Highness.
– Your Highness.

I was almost in trouble.

The lake is is too crucial.

Then, today is our first day.

Let’s form an alliance.


Starting now, the no-touching
rule does not apply between us.

Darn it.

Every part of this palace
is a minefield of memories.

Why is the Palace so empty today?

Why is it so big for no reason?


Your Highness.

Your Highness, the Minister of War is here.

I went to Daejojeon Hall,
but you were not there.

Did something happen to the King?


You’re bleeding.

Did you get hurt?

It is nothing a but a small
injury that I got during training.

It is late, but I came to
congratulate you on your pregnancy.

Thank you.

What do you think about
making amends with the clan…

for the sake of your baby?

I’m pretty sure we finished
talking about that last time.

It does not matter if you let go of my hand.

However, you should not be too isolated.

You already know…

that this Palace is not an
easy place to live alone.

Thanks for your advice, but I’m not alone.

I’m pretty sure you know that too.

If you need someone to help you,

you can grab my hand at any time.

I will put everything on the line…

to protect you and your baby.

The sighs and resentment of
the people have grown recently.

It just so happens that it
has arrived at this behavior,

so I have left the royal
throne to see for myself.

The nation’s affairs are
important, so while I am gone,

follow the decisions made
by the Grand Queen Dowager.

This is the King’s command.

In order to fill the King’s spot and
handle political affairs properly,

I will change the personnel.

The former Left State Councilor,

Kim Seok Geun, will return to his post,

and the former Minister
of War, Kim Chang Hyup,

will become the Royal Guard Commander.

The current Royal Guard
Commander, Prince Yeongpyeong,

will focus on his duties as
the commissioner of Ijungchung.

The King has gone on a rough path.

If anyone tries to ruin the King’s
reputation with strange rumors,

I guarantee that their
tongue will not be safe.

My baby.

You’re really cute.

Do everything…

that you want to do.

Nothing is better than calligraphy
when you’re feeling restless.

My baby. Do you miss your dad too?

Say “Daddy, please come back soon.”

I think it just kicked. Did it answer me?

Isn’t it too early to feel fetal movement?

It’s too early.

Is he a genius?

Oh my gosh. My baby must be a genius!

Why am I making such a fuss?

Your Highness.

I just had a really bad feeling.

A bad feeling that I’ll
become a fastidious parent…

who is a mix of a doting
dad an overprotective mom.

Your baby is very precious.

No matter how fastidious you
are, it would not be enough.

I am sure that your baby
will be just like you…

Why would you say something so foreboding?


Why is my baby becoming like me foreboding?

It is time for you to take
your medicine, Your Highness.

Drink up.

Good job.

Her Highness said “my baby”.

Good job.

What did they put in the medicine?

Is it medicine to prevent
dementia, not miscarriages?

It’s like I had chongmyungtang.
I can’t stop thinking.

I can’t sleep because I’m being
hit with a whirlwind of memories.

His name is Cheoljong, so I’ll stitch in CJ.

Did you really finish this in one night?

I wondered why people did embroidery.

When I keep my hands busy, I
don’t think about anything.

It’s nice.

You have amazing embroidery skills.

How beautiful.

This silk is from Jinju, Gyeongsang Province.

I thought wearing this as a scarf…

on a cold day like this would be perfect.

I am sure His Majesty
will be happy with that.

No, this is for me.

My body feels stiff because
I’ve been sitting down too long.

Do you want to play some fun games?

– Yes, Your Highness.
– Yes, Your Highness.


I got it. The King.

Over there.

Head Eunuch?

Right. It’s the King whom Head Eunuch serves.

The answer is Head Eunuch.

Is that so? I didn’t see that.



The King!


The King.


The King.


This is way too easy.

He’s pitiful like an abandoned dog.

The King?

Your Highness.

Do you miss him that much?

You had a great relationship with him.

My gosh, that’s not it. Don’t overreact.

Gosh. What?

This isn’t fun. Give me
back my needle and thread.

Your Highness, are you all right?


I’m not all right.

It hurts so much.

How can this tiny needle hurt so much?

This is all because of my hormones.

Now that I’m pregnant,

I easily worry. And I have a lot on my mind.

I cry a lot as well.

It’s not coming from me.

It’s the hormones.

I feel so much pain in my heart.

My gosh. It feels like the
needle carved out my heart.

Your Highness.

Oh, no.

What’s wrong with me?

We are still looking for the body.

Please give me some time.

I cannot wait.

We must hurry even more if the King is alive.

I will announce the fate the
King faced. Get it ready.

Yes, Your Highness.

I am completely geared up.

The needle can’t make me cry now.

Oh my gosh!

– Your Highness.
– You startled me.

I almost lost my unborn child.

How could you say something like that?

Your Highness.

What is it? You’re scaring me.

Is the King hurt?

His Majesty…

His Majesty…


left this world.

What if I didn’t fall asleep that night?

His Majesty…

has left this world.

What if I asked you to stay?

Please return to us, Your Majesty!

Please return to us, Your Majesty!

Please return to us, Your Majesty!

What if I never came to Joseon…

and we never met?

You would still be alive now.


Return here?

How can anyone ask a dead king to come back?

That is one horrifying request.

And we still have not found the body.

Asking him to return is making my hair rise.

If I could, I want to crown a new king.

But if I do not follow the custom…

of waiting for the late king’s revival,

I am sure this will come back
and damage my political agenda.

Even if the King is alive,

he will not be able to
come back to the palace.

I will seal off the gates…

until the enthronement ends.


As long as we can proceed with
the enthronement in five days,

he will not be the king anymore.

So it will not be treason
even if we have to kill him.

How long must I wait for
the Queen to come around?

Does she even want to
reconcile with the clan?

I will tell her to get herself
together and visit you…

as soon as possible.


What is the point of all of this…

when you’re not here?


My baby.

Do not be sensitive to the smell of food.

Do not make things hard on your dear mother.

You can run around all
you want during the day.

But when your dear mother
wants to sleep, stop that.

When you come out of this world,

please come out quickly,

so you do not put your mother
through a lot of trouble.

More importantly, come into
this world as a healthy baby.

I am very much looking forward
to the day when we will meet.

I promise to be next to you…

when you take your first
breath in this world.

Even if this world seems strange
to you, do not be afraid.

Show your respect.

Was this your plan all along?

His Majesty already knew of this danger.

But to save you,

he put himself in danger and left the Palace.

What are you talking about?

Prince Yeongpyeong shall
be imprisoned at once.

– No!
– Your Highness!

What are you doing?

Why would you take it out
on Her Highness the Queen?

His Majesty passed away because
of the Donghak believers.

The rebel army does not even
behead county governors.

Are you saying they dared to
kill His Majesty the King?

Do you expect me to
believe such a blatant lie?

Kim Byeong In, your
soldiers killed His Majesty.

You and the Queen led His Majesty to death,

so I shall end her life
with my own two hands.

No, please!

Your Highness…

For the sake of the baby
inside Her Highness’s womb,

please do not hurt her.

Her Highness knows nothing about it.



Gosh! Your Highness!

Lock him up.

Are you all right?

What was he saying?

Your soldiers hurt His Majesty?

You two, leave the room.

– Your Highness.
– It’s okay.

When a misfortune befalls you,
you need someone to blame.

Prince Yeongpyeong is being delusional,

so do not take it to heart.

Why are you imprisoning Prince Yeongpyeong?

I have evidence to believe
that he dismissed…

the Donghak believers who had sneaked into…

the Royal Guard Division and concealed it.

They seemed to be linked to the
incident involving His Majesty,

so I was going to investigate
Prince Yeongpyeong.

I should have acted sooner.

What exactly are you talking about?

You’re talking as if Prince
Yeongpyeong killed the King.

Someone inside the palace must
have given the Donghak believers…

information on when the King
entered and left the palace.

It must have been someone who
could access the information,

which means it was most
likely Prince Yeongpyeong.

Are you sure the Donghak believers
assassinated His Majesty?

There is something more important
you should be focused on now.

Now, only the people in
our clan can protect you…

and your baby.

Please do not concern
yourself with useless things.

You must reconcile with the
Grand Queen Dowager at once.

If you miss this opportunity,

you may never be able to mend
your relationship with the clan.

Prince Yeongpyeong, I wish to
be born as you in my next life.

“Find evidence.” It sounds very simple,

but it actually requires a lot of work…

I see that everyone is here.

I do not think it is appropriate…

to gather at a kisaeng parlor
during the King’s funeral.

I purposely chose this
place so we could all relax.

Now with that said, we can all be
honest while we’re here at least.

The King’s death…

should be celebrated.

Let us drink.

The rebel mobs are going bonkers.

I am worried about the future of Joseon.

At this rate, the Donghak believers…

could raid Hanyang soon.

And if that happens, everyone here…

will be hurt.

That is why I think we
should seal off the palace…

as well as the entire
fortress walls around Hanyang.

We will declare a state of emergency
and strictly restrict entry.

Anyone who looks suspicious
shall be detained.

That way, we can get rid of
all the followers of Donghak.

That is a brilliant idea.

The Queen must be losing her mind.

She was never all there to begin with.

She thought she had all the
power now that she’s pregnant,

but the King ended up like that.
I bet she is in shock right now.

Now, if she gives birth to a baby prince,

it’ll actually get her killed.

Look at you saying something
useful for a change.

We have to change the
candles and incense sticks.

Your Highness, I’ll die from
a heart attack at this rate.

They’re guarding a dead person like this?

Does this look normal to you?

We must hurry.

Thanks for doing that.

The body is greatly damaged.

Especially his face.

He is so badly hurt that
he is hardly recognizable.


You rats, I did not do anything wrong.

Those who rightfully deserve to be
locked up always raise their voices.

You are guilty of misplacing
dozens of firearms.

How dare you falsely accuse me
of something so dishonorable?

What kind of idiot misplaces
firearms of all things?

I see that idiot right here.

The firearm storage has been robbed.

I suppose you are not even curious…

about what Prince Yeongpyeong is guilty of.

Do not worry. You won’t be here for long.


What does that mean? Then…

will we be executed?

I’m totally fine with
staying here for a long time.

I love sleeping on the floor…

Hey, you!

That’s right.

Let’s talk it out. I know we can do it.

Kim Byeong In tried to send
Cheoljong to the rebel army…

using me as bait to kill him.

But this is someone else’s
corpse, which means…

things didn’t go according to his plan.

So he’s locking up Cheoljong’s
men who can help him return.

I can’t focus because you
two keep sobbing like that.

Come closer.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

But the two of you must take it to the grave.

The King…

is alive.

Yes, of course.

His Majesty will be alive
in your heart forever.


I touched the body from head to toe.

But it’s not him.

From head to toe?

I will not elaborate on it.

– My gosh.
– If he is alive,

how come he has not returned yet?

He is either hurt or tied up somewhere.

– Court Lady Choi.
– Yes.

Is there a law that prevents anyone
from ascending to the throne…

as soon as the late king has passed away?

Yes. There’s a custom called sangwibok.

We must wait for the late king’s
spirit to return for five days.

And the next king can only ascend
to the throne after five days.

Then, we have six days including
the day of enthronement.

They’ll try everything in their playbook…

to make sure he never comes
back in those six days.

How many court maids do
we have at the Palace?

There are about 230 court maids.

And if I were to include court servants,

there must be over 600 girls.

600 living surveillance cameras.

If all of them say 1 word,
there will be 600 words.

Let’s use these court maids.

– Pardon?
– Pardon?

I should ruin the enthronement ceremony.

Are we on the same team?

Let’s do this.

– Yes.
– Yes.


If His Majesty is alive…

As our empire faces many hardships,

installing a new king cannot be postponed.

As for the new king who will
continue to serve with royal duties,

I crown the 32nd descendant…

of Prince Minheung, Yi Gyeong Won, as King.

And the King had left this world…

due to the uprising by the rebels…

“These heinous Donghak
believers who have stolen…”

“the King from us will not be shown mercy.”

“I declare that every single one…”

“of Donghak believers will be annihilated.”

The Donghak believers got
themselves in trouble.

Those rascals.

Byeong In.

Why did you lock up…

Prince Yeongpyeong and Special Director Hong?

Depending on who sits on the royal throne,

the power dynamic changes.

This is not the first time that has happened.

Even so. It has not been
long since the King’s death.

How can you lock up innocent people?


Siding with a weaker side is a crime too.

Byeong In, how far will you take this?

I plan to take on more power.

To protect what is dear to my heart,

I need more power.

Make my lips look lifeless.

You already look like a living corpse.

Then, make me look like a real corpse.

Must you go this far?

I’m the only one the King has now.

Even if they want to get rid of me,

they won’t lock up a pregnant woman.

How do I look?

– You look like a real corpse.
– Really?

The Grand Queen Dowager is here.

These two are definitely bringing
their A-game to their show.

But I’ll take the Grand Award tonight.

Your Majesty.

How can you leave me here?

What about our child?


Your Majesty.

– Your Highness.
– Your Majesty.

Your Highness.

Your Majesty.

Call the royal physician now. Call him now!

– Your Majesty.
– Your Highness.

If I stay here a second
longer, I might curse at them.

Move, move.

– Your Majesty!
– Your Highness.

– Your Highness.
– Your Majesty.

My goodness.

Oh, no. Goodness.

My goodness.

Oh, no. Goodness.

Did you call for me?

I know you must have been
shocked to hear the news.

What happened to him over the past few days?

How could he pass away so suddenly like this?

The King…

is alive.

I called you to tell you that.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

So listen.

This is just getting started.


In four days, we will be
able to stabilize our empire.

Thanks to the King, we got
rid of the Donghak believers.

And the rest of the lowlifes
will try to protect themselves.

Given how this is unfolding,
we can say that…

he sacrificed his life to save the empire.

Before that happens,

I had a small concern,

so I asked for your attendance here.

The Andong Kim clan and
the Pungyang Jo clan…

have been enemies for a long time.

To oppose a common enemy, the King,

we have joined hands for the time being.

But now that the King is out of the picture,

I am afraid that the two clans
will start attacking each other…

and compete against each other.


before we proceed with a new agenda,

I have prepared something to strengthen…

the alliance between the two clans.

“A rebellion in the court…”

Restoration and dethronement?


That means…

you are plotting treason.

That is something deep in all of your hearts.

The King is dead anyway.

Why would we leave this kind of document?

It is to make sure that we
all share responsibility.

It will prevent either clan to
breach the terms of our alliance.

I am leaving evidence to show
that we are in the same boat.

As long as you agree to this,

I guarantee that the two
clans will be able to…

coexist in a balanced power dynamic.

This means that…

you want to have control of our lives.

We cannot agree to something like that.

What are you doing?

How dare you mobilize the soldiers?

You must agree to my term…

to make it out alive of this room.


Your Highness.

Yes. Come in.

– Your Highness.
– Did you find out anything?

Like you said, the gates of the Palace…

and all the gates around
Hanyang have been closed.

I knew it.

What about the soldiers?

There is a place…

where the soldiers are stationed
and continuing to search.

It is near a cliff.

I found you, Cheoljong. I will save you.

I’m getting sleepy. The
two of you should go too.

Gosh, I’m so sleepy.

I’m so sleepy.

Have a safe night, Your Highness.

Sweet dreams, Your Highness.

Okay. Good night to you both.

Yes, Your Highness.

Be healthy.


You shouldn’t be careless
when it comes to your health.

– Yes, Your Highness.
– Yes, Your Highness.

Where is the Queen?

She had fainted due to the shock,

but she recovered quickly.

She fainted?

Where are you going?

This is not what I think, is it?

Are you really going to take this far?

– Don’t mind me.
– You cannot go.

If you leave the Palace,
you will be in danger.

Do you think that I’m unaware of that?

I know everything.

I know you used me as
bait to corner the King,

and that you were the one who
pointed a sword at the King.

I know everything.

As long as you are safe,

I am okay with you hating me.

So resent me all you want.

And give up.

The King is dead anyway.

No. He’s not dead.

You know that the King is
not one to die so easily.

Isn’t that why you closed the Palace
gates and rushed the enthronement?

Your Highness.


You must turn your back on
the King so that you can live.

You asked why I chose the King, right?

I’ll give you my answer now.

If someone has to become a king,

I think His Majesty is the
best person for the job.

He is the most suitable person to be a king.

So don’t try to stop me
from giving my vote to him.

If you continue to stop me,

I have no choice either.

How could you point an arrow at me, So Yong?

You know how I feel.

If you loved her so much,

shouldn’t you have figured out…

the changes that occurred to Kim So Yong?

Look at me.

Am I really the woman you
longed for all this time?

I’m a completely different person
inside, but you had no idea.

The person you loved…

is nothing but a shell.

– So Yong.
– The real Kim So Yong you loved…

is no longer here.

What on earth are you saying?

The real Kim So Yong wouldn’t have
been able to shoot an arrow at you.

Because at the very least, she
cared for you as a brother.

But I’m different.

I can shoot you as much as I want.

I warned you!

I didn’t think I’d really hit him.

What are you two doing?

You made it so obvious, so we
thought you wanted us to come too.

I came so that I could live.

If you are not in front of me, I
feel like I might die from anxiety.

Forget it. Go back.

No, Your Highness.

If you must go alone, step on me as you go.

There are only four days left.

The enthronement is in four days.

How will you search the entire forest…

and find the King by yourself?

Did you just laugh at me?

Yes, Your Highness.

There are so many wild
beasts in the mountains.

You will not be able to
endure it by yourself.

You will end up a meal for dholes…

Or the soldiers may find you
after you have frozen to death.

Oh, my. I’m so scared. I’m shaking.

Say whatever you want. It won’t scare me.

Let us go back.

Since Her Highness does not
want us to come with her,

we will be punished for
failing to stop the Queen…

and be forced to drink a bowl of poison…

and fall into an eternal sleep.

Okay, fine. You can come with me.

It’s not like I’m going on a vacation.

Why do you want to follow me?

How will you pass the fortress of Hanyang?

I was planning to jump over the
walls with my incredible skills,

but I can’t now since I
have two people with me.

The fortress of Hanyang is really
high, so how can you jump over it?

Why do you keep laughing at me?

We have prepared everything,
so do not worry, Your Highness.

Your Highness.

I thought we were having drinks to celebrate,

but your face looks like you are
having drinks as you were defeated.

How can your injury heal like this?

Where did you get hurt?

If you try to take away my glass again,

I will cut off your hand.

If you loved her so much,

shouldn’t you have figured out…

the changes that occurred to Kim So Yong?

Last night, he looked exactly like you.

What? Love?

Why would you say something so disgusting?

I’m already confused about my identity.

Why would you talk about love now?

You are late.

Go to your room and get some rest.

The furnace has been lit, so it will be warm.

Why are you not asking me any questions?

That is what a father is like.

What has been made?

A letter plotting treason.

Without even consulting me?
That is extremely risky.

Once we get our hands on it, it
will become a weapon we can use,

so please do not be concerned.

I will bring it to you.

But you were accused of treason.

If you return as soon as the King is gone…

It will look suspicious.

I do not need a position in the Royal Court.

I will be happy…

if I can continue to quietly
assist you behind the scenes.

By the way, I heard the Queen
left the palace at night.

How dare a queen run away
in the middle of the night?

I haven’t told anyone as it
is a disgrace to the family,

but you already know about it.

Knowing the Queen’s personality,

I do not think she simply ran away.

Then what?

I bet she wants to find the King to
return everything back to its place.

She must be convinced that the King is alive.

And she has a reason to
believe that he is alive?

She voluntarily took off the
queen’s gown and left the palace,

so she is…

nothing more than an ordinary woman now.

Even though I knew that she was lying,

I tried to accept her because
Byeong In tried so hard.

The King and the Queen seem
to love each other dearly,

so we shall bury them together
in the middle of nowhere.

Will you take care of it?

My lord.

I have returned to assist
the Grand Queen Dowager.

Are these the people who
took the King’s life?


We are mere herb gatherers.

We have never even met His Majesty.

Then I shall say that you lowborn vermin…

caught the dragon without even realizing it.

You got up right away,
which means you’re fine.

I thought you were dead.

Who are you?

What do you think? A
herb gatherer, obviously.

Why else would I be in the woods?

Did you save my life?

Not exactly. Let’s just say I
found you and brought you here.

You were wearing expensive clothes,

so I figured you’d give me something…

in return for saving your life.

Nothing’s free in life, you know?

But you don’t have anything
that’s worth money.

The fabric did look expensive,

but I couldn’t sell it
because it was all torn.

So I burned everything.

Did you burn everything?

I keep seeing soldiers
searching through the woods.

Did I get myself in trouble
by bringing you here?


If you run away without paying
me for treating your wounds,

I will chop your hands off using this.

Don’t you forget that.

I only brought you the nicest ones.

So? Please continue, Your Highness.

So they’re using a fake
corpse to hold the funeral.

If they manage to hold out for
six days and enthrone a new king,

it’s game over.

How did you figure that out?

Evil jerks are always predictable.

Those jerks… They deserve to be punished!

So this is the confession
written by a Donghak believer.

I already have someone we can pin this on,

so find the right time to announce it…

after the enthronement.


May I ask you to oversee the guards
at the palace for the time being?


I wish…

to bring the heads of the
King and the Queen myself.


Byeong In!

You are heading out to
look for the Queen, right?

Why did she leave the palace?

You must know the reason.
You two are very close.

The Queen is no longer the
So Yong I used to know.


I must go bring His Majesty back.

What a sloppy-looking lock.
Maybe I can unlock this.

There’s got to be a secondary lock somewhere.

I’m surprised you unlocked that thing.

Special Director Hong.

Prince Yeongpyeong, are you all right?

What brings you here?

I’m friends with everyone
inside the palace, you know.

You got locked up just because
you’re the King’s close friends.

Don’t worry about anything.

I will get you out no matter what.

Gosh, you…

Your loyalty remains unchanged
even in this turbulent situation.

Of course.

You didn’t befriend me because I’m
a member of the Andong Kim clan.

And I didn’t befriend you because
you’re the King’s close friend.

– Right.
– The thing is though,

it’s utter chaos right now, whether
it’s in or outside the palace.

They want to wipe out the Donghak
believers for killing the King.

I’m afraid they’d hurt innocent people.


even the Queen disappeared overnight.

What do you mean the Queen disappeared?

She sneaked out of the palace…

with her court lady and court maid.

Byeong In just left the palace…

to look for her,

but the impression I got
from him concerns me.

Why are you concerned?

Maybe it’s just in my head,

but he looked as though…

he wanted to hurt her.

My gosh.

What? Why?

What is it?

Now, we’re good.

Let us go.

What was that about, Court
Lady Choi? You scared me.

You have to be careful at all times.

Good point.

You’re always so careful. I give you that.

Go. Keep going.

Here, let me help you.

Gosh, please be careful.

My gosh, I can’t believe
you brought these things!

What’s this?

Candied bellflower roots.

Candied bellflower roots?

I got it from someone special,
so I’ve been treasuring it.

You can have it, Your Highness.

– Then I’ll try one.
– Sure.

My gosh, it’s so good! Here, try one.

Hong Yeon, you too?

– All right.
– Here, you try one too.

Thank you.

It’s so good.

Court Lady Choi! My gosh.

– I am fine.
– Are you all right?

Yes, I’m okay.

Oh, boy. I am totally fine, Your Highness.

– Let’s keep going.
– Okay!

Where is His Majesty?

Your Highness, you were
raised like a precious flower.

Are you really okay with sleeping here?

Yes, I’ve done this many times.

Really? You have?

Even I have never done this before.

Come on. This is nothing.

Have you walked 400km carrying
military gear that weighs 50kg?


Look at you bluffing. 400km? Come on.

Fine, I exaggerated it a little.

But I’ve definitely walked 200km.

During our cold-weather operations,
we melted ice and drank…

Sure, sure. We believe you.

Hey! I’m dead serious.

Of course, Your Highness.

I don’t want you to catch a cold.

We can’t even start a bonfire
because we don’t want to be caught.

I’m worried about how we’ll
sleep through this cold night.

We’re sorry you have to go
through this, Your Highness.

Come on. It’s not cold at all.

This is nothing compared to
those cold-weather operations.

Your Highness.

Turn off the AC, will you?

I might catch a cold.

We have not found her.

Split into teams and comb
through the mountain.

– Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir!

For some reason, I’m getting
a good feeling today.

This sunny weather makes me feel
like we’ll find His Majesty today.

– We have no time for this. Hurry.
– Right, okay.

– Let us hurry.
– We should hurry.

– Is it this way?
– Yes, Your Highness. Keep going…

We are almost there.

We’ll arrive at the cliff shortly.

You sure are in your 20s.

You’re full of energy!

– Let’s take a quick break.
– Yes, Your Highness.

I have to say, the world
looks like a brighter place…

now that we are out of
the palace, Your Highness.

You used to hate leaving the palace.

My gosh.

What about you, Hong Yeon?

What’s your preference?
In or outside the palace?

Wherever you are, Your Highness.

– My goodness.
– Hey, cut it out.

Your Highness, they’re here.

There they are. Get them!

Run! We must get out of here.

– Okay.
– Run!

Hong Yeon, escort Her Highness. Go!

Court Lady Choi, what are
you doing? Court Lady Choi!

Don’t you dare, you jerks! I won’t let you!

Your Highness, we must get out of here.

– Court Lady Choi!
– I won’t let you!

Let go!

Your Highness…


Back off!

– Court Lady Choi!
– Your Highness!

No, please…

Chase them!

Please stop.

No! Please don’t.

– Court Lady Choi!
– Your Highness! Please…

– Court Lady Choi!
– No. No!

– No! Court Lady Choi!
– We must go, Your Highness!

Court Lady Choi!

Your Highness!

Run! Please run, Your Highness!

Your Highness, I hope you find His Majesty.

Hong Yeon!

Over there!

Who are you?

What on earth have you done to So Yong?


You said you knew everything
about me and So Yong.

I could suddenly read…

all her memories.

So Yong is still alive inside
you if such memories are intact.

Join hands with me, just until
you can get out of this unscathed.

I knew it. You are so full of yourself!

Get them!

Go after the Queen!

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