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Mr. Queen Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Mr. Queen Episode 19 Drama Korea, Mr. Queen Epi 19 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Mr. Queen Episode 19 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film subtitle Indonesia.

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Who are you?

What on earth have you done to So Yong?

Let go of me!

If you do not want to die, answer me.

I didn’t do anything.

I just opened my eyes, and
I was in this woman’s body.

Where is the real So Yong?

I don’t know either.

I don’t know if she’s dead or alive.

I am going to kill you.

Byeong In.

How long were you inside So Yong’s body?

Ever since the day I woke up
after I fell into the lake.

You said you knew everything
about So Yong and me.

I could suddenly read all her memories.

I found you.

Get up…

if you do not want to die here.

Join hands with me, just until
you can get out of this unscathed.

– What are you up to?
– If such memories are intact,

So Yong is still alive inside you.

So stay alive.

You must stay alive.

I knew it.

The woman that you are in love with…

Stop what you are doing.

I do not wish to hurt you,
so get out of our way.

You are so full of yourself!

Get them!

The Minister of War has gone against orders!

From now on, you will follow my orders!

– Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir!

You’re bleeding too much.

We need to stop it.

What is this?

It is a letter plotting treason.

Protect yourself with this.

Do you remember playing
hide-and-seek when we were young?

I will give you until the count of 10,

so run away and hide.

Come with me.

He is coming after us.

It is meaningless.


Do not look back no matter what.


Save So Yong.


I said you have until the count of 10.

1, 2, 3…

5, 6…

Who sent you here?

Who else?

It was your father.

9, 10.

I told you not to look back.

Go after the Queen!

Byeong In.

Come here. We should walk together.

I am going to put it in my hair when
I meet the King for the first time.

Can you help me choose one?

It does not need to be fancy,

but I want the design to be special.

Look forward…


always looked at you.

I even saw the side of you…

that you did not know about.


Why did I…

not recognize it?

She could not have gotten too far. Find her!

Where did she go?

Look everywhere for her!

– Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir.

Over there!

What can I do with this
thing when I’m all by myself?

I don’t even know where I am now.

What can I actually do here?

I couldn’t do anything when
everyone died right before my eyes!


It’s over.

No matter how hard people try,

some things aren’t meant to happen.

Fine. Take me.

It’s all over anyway.


My Queen.

You were alive.

I am glad.

I am so glad.

We are okay now.

You are alive, so we will be okay.

That is all I need.

Everyone died.

Court Lady Choi,

Hong Yeon, and Kim Byeong In.

Everyone died.

Kim Byeong In died?

He died because of me.

Everyone died all because of me.

Calm down.

My Queen, calm down.

Hong Yeon and Court Lady Choi…

are fine.

Your Highness!

Hong Yeon!

Your Highness.

Are you okay?

I’m okay. What about Court Lady Choi?

Your Highness!

Court Lady Choi.

– Oh, no. Court Lady Choi.
– Your Highness.

It is as I expected. It is
dangerous to be outside the palace.

It must hurt a lot.

It hurts like crazy.

Oh, no.


But do not worry…

because it means that I am not dying.

If this were a critical injury, I
would not even have felt the pain.

But he swung his sword at you.

Well, should we say that I was lucky?

Back off!

And he was a lousy swordsman,
so that helped too.

I really thought something
happened to you two!

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

I am so sorry. Oh, no.

– Are you okay?
– Yes.

I am sorry.

But where were you, Your Highness?

I was also out looking for you.

But I could not find you.

Many people went out to find you.

But the man who found you is the King.

– Your Highness.
– We missed you.

I am so glad that you are safe.

My goodness.

Oh, my.

I must wipe that.

You are pregnant.

Why did you come all the way here?

You wouldn’t return for days.

So I came out to greet you.

You always surprise me.

I had no choice.

Because without you at the palace,

it felt like a blackout.

Everywhere I turned was dark.


let me explain what a blackout is.

You do not have to explain
it. I know how you feel.

I felt the same way.

I missed you.

The pain in my heart was greater…

than the pain my body felt from the injuries.

I will never leave you alone, My Queen.

I am sorry.

– Is your injury serious?
– I am okay.

I will be as good as new with some medicine.

Did you figure out the
group that attacked you?

I saw a very familiar face.

These are Donghak believers!

I saw the King.




The state of emergency has been declared.

How dare a woman roams around by herself?

I am the deposed queen, Jo.

As I am ashamed to show my face now,

I just wanted to get some fresh
air when no one is around.

It is not safe to go out these
days. Please go back in quickly.

I understand. Thank you.

The greedy Kim clan tried to kill the King…

to frame the innocent.

Fate decided to save the King’s life.

Where is it acceptable to fill
the throne that is not empty?


My lord!

This was on the streets, my lord.

What is the matter that you
are making a fuss about?

My goodness.


If so, Her Highness…

did not go away to recover.

As expected,

Lord Kim Jwa Geun sees through Kim Byeong In.

I cannot believe he even
expected his betrayal.

His lordship wants us to remain
silent about Kim Byeong In’s death.

– Yes, Father.
– Anyway,

you also made connections with
Lord Kim Jwa Geun this time.

We missed the Queen.

We should make another contribution…

to make up for it. Do you not think so?

My gosh. If you boil it that
long, it will become too squishy.

Leave him alone.

After the Queen left to recover,

he has not been in his right mind.

They say affection grew from hate
is deeper than the one from love.

I guess he grew attached to
her so much while she was here.

I cannot believe the King
has gone in vain like this.

He sincerely cared about his people.

As expected, you were here alone.

Well, I have no one to welcome me at home.

Her Highness is greatly
troubled as well, is she not?

I do not know what to say to
you either, Court Lady Choi.

To me, your existence already…

greatly consoled and comforted me.

So I even forgot about
the nagging for a moment.

I feel the same. Thanks to you…

Would you like some?

No, I am fine.

I am a little busy.

Just a moment. I should
give you something at least.

I like you.

I love you.

I am in no place to express…

those feelings, so…

so you…

should meet a good partner…

to share your loneliness.

Court Lady Choi.

I knew something was weird.

How is the cooking going?

Oh, no, no!

Royal Chef!

Oh, I ruined it.

It is a rare sight to see
Royal Chef ruining his food.

What happened to you?

Nothing happened to me. It
happened to the country.

The lower part of the country is in panic.

So there have been no gifts
for the past few days.

Royal Chef.

I heard a strange bill was pasted
on the wall on the streets.

The ones who harmed the King…

If it is not Donghak followers,
who would do such a thing?

They should suffer capital
punishment. We should kill them all!

Kill? Do you even know how to do it?

Keep your mouth shut.

Tell me about it.

I have worn this for too long.
I started to get tired of it.

I guess it is time to take it off.

You can do it, right? You have
been working for me for 10 years.


Where are you going?

Who is going to prepare the meal?

There are many people in
Joseon who can be Royal Chef.

What is going on?

There has been a strange bill
on the streets for several days.

They say it is about a
rumor related to the King.

My goodness.

Is a mere rumor important now?

Everything will be over after
the enthronement ceremony.

What we should worry about now…

is the letter our lives depend on.

It is indeed suspicious that we have
not seen Kim Byeong In these days.

The Queen left to prepare for delivery.

And Kim Byeong In is gone too?

The King’s death and the Queen’s travel.

Something is suspicious.

If both are lies…

He hid the Queen who opposed…

the idea of faking the death somewhere…

and Kim Byeong In took her side?

Then Kim Byeong In will write the letter…

to bring down the Kim clan.

It’s cold.

Is it cold?

This is embarrassing.

Oh, hold on.

As soon as you left, it
suddenly became so cold.

Did you feel cold because I was not with you?

I am grateful for your overflowing affection.

2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3,

2, 1, 2, 3,

– 4, 1, 2, 3, 4.
– Keep going.

That is…

It is the training you told me.

That is why you wrote a
book on military tactics.

I cannot believe His Majesty
is a Donghak believer.

I even hid it from them.

Like a merchant with discontent
against the country helping them.

Why did you do such a dangerous thing?

They say my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

The corrupted is our common enemy.

But isn’t the scale too small?

Where is everyone?

Do you want us to gather in one
place and get killed at once?

Everyone will gather only
when the time has come.

It is safe to be scattered before then!

Are you the boss here?

Yes, I am.

1, 2, 3, 4,

1, 2, 3, 5,

1, 2, 3, 6,

1, 2, 3, 7,

– 1, 2, 3, 8.
– Nice to meet you.

I can tell you’re the boss from your face.

The scar around your eye
looks particularly fierce.

I’m glad to meet you.

The one who lives long is the boss here.

If the boss dies, the next
person becomes the boss.

So being the boss means
surviving the longest.

If I die, the one over there is the boss.

9, 1, 2, 3, 10.

A boy that young?

I heard my Dam Hyang and you know each other.

“My Dam Hyang”?

Are you perhaps…

He is Dam Hyang’s father
we have been looking for.

The one who was hit in
the eye with a pitchfork?

The world is small!

If it were not for my Dam Hyang, I
would have killed this guy already.

If I meet the darn King who made
the country become like this,

I will cut his throat as soon as
I see him. That is what I thought.

Thank your daughter.

You could die trying to kill me.


I should have not saved you.

I should have just cut your
wrist with the straw cutter.

3, 10.

Until when do we repeat this only?

You should have moved on by yourself!

Do I have to tell you every time?

Dam Hyang had saved you.
And she saved me as well.

The King did not give up on his people.

That is why his people saved the King.

By the way, what happened to
the soldiers chasing after me?

Most of the men here were
born and raised here.

They are hunters and herb diggers.

They know these mountains inside out.

The soldiers will not be able
to outwit these men here.

What about that weird guy
wearing the goblin mask?

Did you catch him?

– The goblin mask?
– 1, 2,

3. 1, 2…

Did he chase you too?

He tried to kill me.

Kim Byeong In died…

when he tried to stop that guy.

The man with the mask…

works for Kim Jwa Geun.

Kim Jwa Geun has returned.

1, 2, 3. 7 sets.

1, 2, 3. 8 sets.

1, 2, 3. 9 sets.

1, 2, 3. 10 sets.

This is like the Death Note.

It means it has all the names of…

corrupted politicians we can get rid of.

We just need to find a way
to go back to the palace.

If we were to gather all of our men…

from all over the empire,
how many would we have?

If we were to gather them
from all over the empire,

we might have about 1,000 men.

– Is that it?
– That is not a small number.

Risking lives is not easy.

Then, why didn’t you kill the governors?

You should have gone for
their heads to win the war.

Do you think we are some
blood-thirsty hyenas?

Even people of low status like us…

can instill fear in our rulers
if we join hands together.

We wanted to show them that.

I see. So it was like a PR move?

That is a good strategy.

You did not give them an excuse
to launch a fight against you.

We may be dense,

but we knew that if we went
head-to-head, we would lose.

They just recruited 1,000 soldiers.

I risked my life to save our empire!

How could you not recognize my goodwill?

– Royal Chef?
– Unbelievable.

“Royal Chef”?

How can we trust a man
who came from the palace?

Forget it.

Fine. I will go back. Untie me.

Okay. I will untie it myself.

Why are you all scowling at me?

You are way younger than
me. Where are your manners?

I will not stay even if you beg me!


You came in here as you please,

but it is a different story
when you want to leave.

This feels quite familiar to me.

You saw all of our faces.

And you even found out our base.

Do you think you can walk out alive?



Darn it. Oh, no.

– Hey.
– Royal Chef.

I guess it is my time to
go. I am hearing things now.

Hey, Man Bok.

Your Highness! Why are you…

Your Majesty!

Royal Chef!

Court Lady Choi!

Court Lady Choi.

– Royal Chef.
– Court Lady Choi.

What happened?

Who did this to you?

What is this?

– Royal Chef.
– I knew you would save me.

What brings you here, Royal Chef?

Your Highness.

I heard that people who were
unhappy with the empire came here.

So I asked around to find this base.

And people who disappeared
from the palace are here.

Royal Chef, were you unhappy
with our empire as well?

Seeing how things are going at the palace,

even, I who was perfectly happy, am unhappy.

How are things going at the palace?

Oh, that. Your Highness.

Change your clothes first.

And cover up when you have to sneeze.

The enthronement ceremony
will happen tomorrow.

So every second counts.

Thank you for your hard work.

By the way, why are Donghak believers…

fighting back harder when
we put them in their place?

What I have been hearing does not sound good.

The thing about fighting is, the
more your opponent steps away,

the more you believe your actions
are justified and become angrier.

Therefore, the only solution is
to giving them a harsher lesson.

As soon as the ceremony ends,

I will utilize cannons to
get them under control.

You are carrying a sword. I
have not seen that in a while.

Is the palace not safe anymore?

This was a gift from the Queen.

– The Queen?
– Actually,

I am afraid that I have
some bad news this morning.

Byeong In sacrificed his life…

to save the Queen.

So that was the end of him.

The only drawback of being in
youth is the foolishness…

of sacrificing everything
to one’s fleeting feelings.

So is the Queen alive?


The King was the one who saved the Queen.

So the King and the Queen are both alive?

It makes me wonder…

if no one is competent anymore
or they are just that clever.

I am sorry. That is why…

A while ago, when we tried to serve…

the ice with arsenic to the Queen,

the King knew about it and ran to us.

I believe…

there was a rat who has been
listening to us all long.

You were the one who gave her as a present.

You personally made her go blind and deaf.

I was overly sensitive…

as we are about to have
an important ceremony.

I understand.

Let us hold the enthronement
ceremony as soon as we can.

Do not forget that those two
had defeated you once before.

I will stake my life…

on this fight.

I have a great idea.

This will allow us to pass the
gate to Hanyang and the palace.

What is this amazing idea?

These people are used to eating
food made with fresh ingredients.

How long can they wait
without such fresh food?

The Grand Queen Dowager
is a very picky eater.

She won’t be able to stand it.

Not that.

That one.

That one.

That’s why…

this door will never be closed
even if all the doors are closed.

It’s the door used to deliver ingredients.

We need some information on
the wagon for royal offerings.

At the palace, there is a
system for the royal offerings.

Every day, the royal kitchen
receives over 50 wagons.

On top of that, there are special
offerings for every month.

And some offerings that
come in every four months.

– Keep it simple. Get to the point.
– Okay. The point.

62 wagons will enter the palace…

on the morning of the enthronement ceremony.

However, the state of
emergency has been declared.

I am sure they will inspect the
royal offerings more thoroughly.

But what if there is a
wagon no one knows about?

The secret wagon of Head Inspector.

Gosh, you are here.

This wagon belongs to us. Let them in.

– All right. Come on in.
– Okay.

According to the Royal Chef,

Head Inspector tends to swap them.


Well, those high-ranking officials
don’t have a refined palate like me.

He swaps some of the royal offerings…

with ingredients that are
slightly less inferior.

And Head Inspector’s secret wagon carries…

the ingredients he uses to
swap with royal offerings.

And only a handful of people know that.

Gosh, I knew it.

It should not be called the
palace, but the den of thieves.

I am sorry, Your Majesty.

I just considered it a custom.

Rotten trees are bound to have holes.

And we can use those holes to our advantage.

Everyone, gather your hands.

– Gather your hands.
– Everyone?

Get your hands here. Do it.

– Get them here.
– Gosh.

1, 2, 3.

Let’s go!

– Let’s go!
– Let’s go!

Let’s go.

– Are you ready?
– Yes. Let’s go.

– Man Bok.
– Yes, Your Majesty.


– He even changed?
– Let us go.

Thank you.

And I’m sorry.

You were special to Kim So Yong too.

I want to bury him myself.


Rest in peace.

Shall we get going?

You may speak.

The Queen should be preparing
for the birth of her child…

with her mother,

but since that is not possible,
I would like to help her myself.

I came here to ask where she is recuperating.

The Queen is pregnant with
the heir to the throne,

so I cannot reveal the location
for the sake of her safety.

I have made sure that she
has everything she needs,

so do not worry.



Did she really go someplace to recuperate?

You did not hurt her, did you?

The Queen has run away.

We are protecting her honor.

– She ran away?
– She falsely believes that…

the King is alive, so she left the Palace.

I apologize,

but I will speak without reserve
to the Grand Queen Dowager.

Your behavior does not help our family.

Rather, you are dirtying
the name of our family.

Do you not realize…

what future generations
will say about our family?

Are you in any position to say that to me?

At the very least, I know how to be ashamed.

Your shame is what makes it a crime.

If you do not feel
ashamed, it is not a crime.

If it is not for the sake
of our family’s honor,

what is it that you wish to
obtain by going so far…

as to hurt the King?

My time must not end…

until the moment I let
go of everything myself.

You can hear.

– Over here.
– Oh, Dae Ho.

Your Majesty.

I see you came before us.

– Yes, Your Majesty.
– Yes, Your Majesty.

Gosh, my knees hurt so badly.

Your Highness.


I am glad to see you alive.
You have been through so much.

We are glad that you are safe, Your Majesty.

Does anyone have cigarettes?

Your Highness, the ground is cold.

I would love nothing more than an
ice-cold can of beer right now.

This place isn’t that great,

so why did we come all the way here?

This is a safe place that has
not been revealed to anyone.

Is that so? It would be hard to
reveal even if you wanted to.

Gosh, my legs.

Darn it.

Not yet.

It’s been long enough.

This is our last chance. We must be careful.

It is time.

Is it that delicious?

– Here you go.
– Here you go.

Oh, my goodness.

It tastes so good.

Why are you asking for trouble?

People like me are bound to die anyway,

so we have no choice.

You guys are in the highest
positions in all of Joseon.

If you just turned a blind eye,
will you not live in comfort?

There was a time in my life…

where living was just a
nightmare I had to endure.

I endured everything with
the thought of revenge…

against those who killed
my parents and siblings.

Then I began to see Joseon rotting,

and I saw the people who
were suffering within it.

You are a King with very keen eyes.

I thought everyone who lived
in the Palace was blind.

If we succeed this time,

you will not end up like them, will you?

I am…

dreaming of a new Joseon.

You called it “voting”, right?


When the people choose their own king.

Yes. Voting.

That doesn’t mean the world
becomes perfect though.

Well, it is already perfect.

You can always change when it goes wrong.

Both the King and the Queen are crazy.

Okay, go to bed early since
the big event is waiting.

Good night.

If you really came from the future,

you must know the result
of this fight as well.

What happens?

You will lose.

But I will bet everything on you.

Do you not always take sides with the winner?

It’s okay.

I’m already screwed in this life.

Even if I bet everything,
there’s nothing much.

You put all your eggs in my basket.

Yes. All in. I went all-in in you.

Then even if I fail, I will do my best.

Until this guy called fate gets tired of me.

I will not let him eat me up easily.

I cannot believe…

I am no help to His Majesty
as I am stuck in here.

Do you think Her Highness met His Majesty?

Even if they met, what
can they do by themselves?

I’m not sure if there is a way…

to stop the enthronement in here.

What if we use Kim Hwan…

Special Director Hong.

You came again?

I brought something.

What is it?

I am collecting appeals…

to take you two out as well.

But is there any way I can
help you more properly?

The way to help us?

Yes. Tell me anything.

– Anything?
– Yes.

There is nothing I cannot
do if it is for you.

Why do you…

believe people so easily?

Is it your job to feed swindlers?

How are you going to
survive in this cruel world?

Sorry, I was wrong.

– What did you do wrong?
– I do not know what it is,

but if you tell me, I will never do it again.

What you did wrong…

is to trust a person like me.

I tried to get close to
you to dig up information.

But you had no idea.

What is all this?


you did not think of me
as a friend all this time?


I did not think of you…

as my friend. Not even for a second.

So do not ever come back.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Are you blaming me…

for making it impossible
to use him any longer?

I was not looking at you.

Such disgrace just happened
in front of my eyes.

You must have been very tired.

I didn’t water it down.

I mixed it with soju.

Golden ratio, somaek.

It seems like you are having a good dream.

I am relieved.

What on earth were you dreaming about?

The royal portrait was burning.

The fire swallowed the
entire Seonwonjeon Hall.

And I was stuck here alone when the fire…

Today is an important day.

I cannot waste a drop.

Powder my face without any flaw.


For His Majesty’s safety,

I issued a curfew order in
the palace as well today.

Except for soldiers,

everyone must stay indoors in the palace.


I did not call the royal family
as well as instrument players.

Please let the ceremony take place quietly.

Even the royal family?

It is safe that way.


What I say is right.

I understand.

Your Highness, are you not scared?

Don’t worry.

Religious people I met
sometimes on the streets…

told me my ancestors are blessing me a lot.

I’m going to use the bliss this time.

Your Highness.

More than any other day, you
look like the Queen I know.

Let’s not create the mood.

It seems like today is the last
day. It’s just the beginning.

You are right, Your Highness.

Please meet us in the palace tonight.

I will. I’ll get going.

Do not die.

What is so good about living?

Even if our lives are unfortunate
and pathetic, let us live longer.

If we succeed this time,

I will “vote” you as the King or whatever.

Thank you.

Shall we go?

It’s time to go home.

Criminal Lee Gyeong Eung…

hid the identity of Donghak
believers who committed treason.

He will be deprived of the office…

and go into exile.

Criminal Hong Doo Il…

lost the firearms.

He will work at the Personnel
Clerk’s Office of the Ganghwa…

Local Government as a
government slave for 600 days.

After the enthronement ceremony,

I will immediately carry out your execution.

There was no accomplishment
to write for the acting King.

It gave us a hard time.

The royal funeral is not over yet.

Is it appropriate to
smile showing your teeth?

My apologies.

Whether the enthronement
ceremony will take place…

without any trouble or not depends on you.

Yes, my lord. I will make
sure to perform my duty so…

the absence of Minister of War
does not affect the result.

By the way,

when is Minister of War coming to the palace?

I guess you want to know the
whereabouts of the letter.

Everyone is caring about it.

Do not worry. I am taking care of it.

Of course.

The King and the Pungyang Jo clan…

will become my puppets from now on.

Mister, I’ll pay you double to the palace.


Hey, we’re good people.

If the Head Inspector or anybody
notice something suspicious,

we can become bad people for real.

Whether human nature is
good or bad, I don’t care.

It all depends on what the others do.

Just act naturally.

Let’s go.

Let us go.

It’s uncomfortable. Move a little.

Like this?

Is this your elbow?

Stop poking me.

If you press my stomach like that…

My gosh.


Come on.

I can finally see something.

In here…

We don’t have time for this.

Yes, we should get it together.

I’m glad I didn’t hide with the guard here.

Why do you have to say that?

Move a little. Let me change my position.

My gosh.

It’s comfortable now.

I also think this position is the best.

We’ll get caught because of the
sound of your heart beating.

Why are you so scared?

It is not just the sound from my heart.

It is also not because I am scared.

It is because of you, My Queen.

It is not because I am scared either.

It is from England.

It is much stronger and faster.

If the King shows himself in the palace,

aim at his heart.

Are you new workers?

Yes, we are.

Come on in.


– Search it.
– Yes, sir!

There is nothing suspicious.


As soon as the enthronement
ceremony ends, I will kill them all.

It’s the same feeling I have before
the final boss shows up in games.

I’m amazing with knives.

I was crazy. Hearing it
was a special mission,

my heart boiled.

The change you were afraid of
so much has already started.

What in the world are you doing?

The king and Donghak
believers on the same side?

I am the family of those you killed.

I am the king of the people you trampled on!

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