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Mr. Queen Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Mr. Queen Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Mr. Queen Episode 4 Drama Korea, Mr. Queen Epi 4 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Mr. Queen Episode 4 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film subtitle Indonesia.

Mr. Queen Episode 4 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] Mr. Queen E04 NEXT



I smelled this that night too.
It filled the entire room.

This scent was embedded
into his sleeve too.

It was you.

You were…

In the worst-case scenario,
I must go for my left sleeve.

What I needed most at
this moment was you.


This tea.

I am glad that you like it.

He has been staying close by me
all this time to figure out…

if I remember that.

Your Highness, why do you look so pale?

You are even sweating.

It’s okay.

I’m just tired after
staying up last night.

At times like that, this
tea is very helpful.

You should have some
and go straight to bed.

Taste it.

You may drink it now.

I will pour it myself.
You may be excused.

Please have some. The
aroma is very nice.

I have to pretend not to know.
That’s the only way I can live.

Why does he keep telling
me to drink the tea?

Perhaps there’s poison in it?

What is wrong?

It tastes…

very good.

Thank goodness.

How long has it been
since you had dinner?

If I’m on an empty stomach,
the poison will spread faster.

That’s why he wants to know.

You are quite interested
in what I do these days.

I had been busy.

I always had a great interest…

in you and your family.


you should have some of this.

Consider it a display of affection.

If that is what you would like.

Maybe it isn’t.

You little jerk.

You said it was a display of affection.

What are you trying to do?

Let go of me. I need to vomit.

Do you think that I poisoned you?

Why? Is there a reason why you think so?

Let us wait.

If time passes and you are okay,

my innocence will be proven.

What if I don’t want to?

If you were poisoned, your
tongue will be paralyzed first.

If you feel as though your
tongue is becoming stiff,

do not hesitate and move your hand.

Do you think I can’t do it?

I think you can.

Furthermore, I think
you will do it well.

You got that right.

Even if I die, I won’t die alone.


– Your Highness.
– I cannot do this anymore.

I cannot do this even if
my life depends on it.

I feel like I am going to die too.

Be careful.

Do you intend to hurt me in your sleep?

Something is strange.

What did you make me drink?

I have a question for you.

The other night, when I
went to the royal villa,

where did you go?

I’m going to leave.

I have to get out of here.

I can’t die here when the way
out is right in front of my eyes.

What happened to you that night?

This is dangerous. I
shouldn’t say anything.


What did you say?

That night,

you tried…

to kill me.

She knows.

If you knew this,

why did you hide the fact
that you knew until now?

What are you planning?

Because I didn’t know.

I just found out thanks
to that tea you drink.

That’s too bad.

If I had known sooner,
I would’ve killed you.

You evil jerk.

Regardless of how crazy
you are over another girl,

how could you try to kill your wife?

How can you call yourself a human?

Jo Hwa Jin is your royal concubine.

Isn’t being able to legally
commit adultery enough?

Did you really have to kill
your wife with your own hands?

She does not know why.

My Queen.

You heard something you should
not have heard that night.

What did you hear?

Answer me! What did you hear?

There is another reason?

So you’re saying you have
a very valid reason…

why you’re trying to kill this woman?

Is that it?

Stop kidding yourself.

Whether it’s because
I heard something…

or because you’re madly in
love with another woman,

there’s only one reason
why you’d try to kill me.

It’s because I’m weaker than you.

You wouldn’t have been able to
attack me if I was stronger.

It’s because I’m easy to kill.

It’s because I’m weaker than you.

That’s the real reason.

Here. Try again.

Prove that you’re just a murderer
who would kill a weak person.

Darn it.

Gosh, I’m so mad.

Your Highness.

How dare he make light of me?

If I was the real me, I could
knock him out with just one punch!

Darn it!

What happened?

I always thought I was a weak person
fighting against a strong person.

That is why I believed that
my actions and methods…

were all valid.

The Queen already knows…

that I tried to kill her.

I thought there were plenty of
reasons why the Queen should die.

It was not only because she
overheard our conversation.

It was because she condoned and
contributed to their tyranny.

That is why I believed it
was valid to kill the Queen.

However, that was nothing
but a cowardly excuse.

I am still not confident enough to
fight against my strong opponents,

so that is why I went after
the Queen, who is the weakest.

– Your Majesty.
– If I am fighting against the weak,

how am I any different
from those people?

You must focus on the righteous goal.

If the results are righteous,
the means are also righteous.

The Kim clan is not one you can
beat with a righteous method.

You must not be shaken.

I am sure that they are
planning something scary.

The Queen is the only one
who knows right now…

as she just found out herself.

You must prevent the Queen
from speaking right now.

It is only a matter of time
before they all find out.

I will not use cowardly methods anymore.

Your Majesty.

I judged the Queen easily because
she is a part of the Kim clan.

However, everything she
has done was unexpected.

In any case, I’m not the
person you think I am.

What you see isn’t everything.

The Queen told me that she
was a different person.

Perhaps the Queen was
trying to tell me that…

she is cut from a different cloth
and can make a different decision.

What are you expecting from her?

The Queen is nothing but…

a member of the Kim clan.

I may be nothing more
than a puppet king,

but they cannot do anything
just based on the Queen’s words.

They do not have any
definitive evidence.

I will watch to see what kind
of decision the Queen makes.

That will help me figure out
what kind of person she is.

I found the source of this fabric,

and it is from the palace.

If you were to steal this
precious gift from the king,

they would get caught.

It would not be possible with
the power of any noble person.

Goodness. I wonder how much
you will pay me for my efforts.

I went through quite
a lot, Young Master.

Good job.

From now on, please leave all the
hard, difficult, and dirty things…

to me, sir.

The palace…

Simply having…

Royal Noble Consort Eui shake the
King’s heart will not be enough.

We need an opportunity that
will capture his heart for sure.

Right now, the Royal Noble Consort’s
weakness is the lake incident.

If that is the case…

We must create the criminal.

It must be a weak person who
has no one on their side,

like a baby deer that
does not have a mother.

It must be someone like that.

Where did the person playing tujeon go?

What are you doing instead
of putting down your card?

You would not even notice
if I stole your nose.

The thing is…

Never mind. It is nothing.

You must be worried about something.

I think that vicious criminals are
roaming the streets these days.

I made a new friend recently.

His name is Lee Saeng Mang.

But I think…

he was also attacked
by a terrible person…

who is roaming around
outside of the Palace.

“Also”? Did someone else get attacked?

You know that I am very keen.

My cousin, Byeong In,

seems to be…

trying to find someone
from a piece of a robe.

My sixth sense tells me…

that the owner of the robe,
who is a heinous criminal,

must have harmed…

my friend…

and had a run-in with my cousin.

What are your thoughts on that?

I cannot believe they are wasting
such a talented scholar like you…

at Royal Confucian Academy.

This is a huge loss for our kingdom.

It looks like you are as sharp as I am.

I am certain something dangerous
is happening out there.

Spare me.

I will do anything you ask
of me. Please spare me.

My lord. My master.

My lady.

I do not know who you
are, but I am begging you.


I did not see anything.

Raise your head.

No. I do not wish to die.

You will not be able
to see my face anyway.

Someone powerful wants
an answer from you.

I do not know anything.

What would a lowly girl
like me know anything?

You know…

who tried to harm the Queen
by pushing her into the lake.

You can only live once
you give me that name.

Please forgive me, Your Highness.

It tastes awful,

but it sure is effective.

Yesterday, the Queen’s father
brought something very special.

Drinking it on an empty stomach…

helps me feel rejuvenated
throughout the day.

It seems he always knows how to
get his hands on the rare items.

As he is an advisor of the
Royal Cuisine Office…

and handles the royal offerings,

that only seems fitting.

By the way,

how is our plan regarding
the royal villa going?

I have the right person in mind,

so I have prepared it.

I see. Once it is wrapped up by today,

there will be one less
thing for me to frown about.


This will be an ironclad plan this time.

Kim Byeong In…

has been investigating the incident…

with a piece of His Majesty’s robe.

I took care of the robe.

But now that the Queen
knows the truth…

If Kim Byeong In finds out
everything and comes after me,

my judgment about the
Queen has been wrong.

– It is too risky to gamble that.
– I am aware.

However, if I am right,

innocent people will not be hurt.

It is my father-in-law’s first
day as the royal guard commander.

Your Majesty.

I thought you were
still at Daejojeon Hall.

I came here for an inspection.

I need to share important
knowledge with Prince Yeongpyeong.

Are you that shocked?

Head Eunuch.


What a psychopath.

I thought he was just a
dummy, but it was all an act.

A king tried to kill a queen himself?

If I expose him to a huge
scandal like this one,

I’ll be in the middle of a conflict
and it will be more dangerous.

I’ll wait until they finish
filling the lake with water.

I’ll stay quiet until then
and go back to my life.

Your arms must have gone numb.

You have been crossing
your arms for a long time.

This helps me calm down.

I couldn’t stop talking
even when I wanted to stop.

What did he put in my tea?

I knew it. I shouldn’t let my
guard down even for a second.

By the way, if he wanted to kill
me, he could’ve just poisoned me.



Why must I care about that psychopath?

I need to go and check on
the progress of the lake.

Do you have some kind of whip?

I need to take care of this immediately.

Your Highness.

The Grand Queen Dowager
has called for you.

Come on. I don’t need her now.

Darn it.

This is annoying. Why does
she want to see me again?


Let us keep going. You
can do it. Hang in there.

What are you doing? Hurry.

– Over here.
– Keep moving.


Hurry up. You must hurry up.

This is urgent. You must hurry up.

You must keep going.

Be careful. Hurry up.

I cannot hold it in any longer.

I must go to the bathroom.
I will be back soon.

We are so busy right now. Hurry up.


I heard that you were coming,
so I was waiting for you.

But what is this about?

The Queen Dowager is very keen on you.

I am honored.

I heard that your younger
sibling became a slave…

because of your family’s debt.

Yes. I only have my younger
sibling left in this world.

I heard you are quite concerned…

and that you are doing
everything you can to restore…

your younger sibling’s social standing.

I am saving up my money
in every way I can.

But the debt is way too big.

As the Queen Dowager cherishes you,

she has made an offer.

You will never get a
chance like this again.

How long will it take?

It will not take long.

Make her confess to this as well.

And the person who sent the letter…

is the Queen Dowager.

Yes, my lord.

If I take the blame for such an act,

my younger sibling and I
will not be able to live.

You do not have to worry
about your sibling.

Your sacrifice…

will give a new life to
your younger sibling.


How long do you think…

your younger sibling will be
able to handle such a hard life?

What if something bad
happens tomorrow…

including the misfortunes?

“Something bad”?

Did you ask for me, Grand Queen Dowager?

I summoned you…

for I wish to put you in charge
of something very important.

Gosh, what now? What a hassle.

It is too early for me to be in
charge of an important matter…

for I still have a lot to learn.

Well, is that so?

What a shame.

I wish to select royal concubines
who are absolutely exquisite…

and can smite and bewitch the King.

I suppose I have no choice
but to do it myself.

Mencius said…

that the virtuous
enjoy abundant support.

Develop virtues, and help will follow.

Even though I still have a lot to learn,

many are willing to help me due
to my efforts to be virtuous.

Hence, I will do my best.

By the way,

as for the royal concubines,
what is the maximum?


Oh, what I meant was…
How many can we select…

at the most?

Well, the classics say…

that a king should have 6 royal
concubines, 3 royal wives,

9 concubines, 27 consorts,

and 81 royal mistresses…

– serving him.
– Hold on.

6 plus 3.



And 81?

However, we should keep it
modest and select about three.

Come on.

I mean, yes!


His Majesty already has
one royal concubine,

so we should select two more. Correct?

No, select three more.

Royal Noble Consort Eui brought a
court lady named O Wol with her.

Oh, that maid who follows her around?

She said something foolish,

out of loyalty to Royal
Noble Consort Eui.

She said that you
jumped into the lake…

in front of her to frame Jo Hwa Jin.

She has been spreading such rumors.

The King lied to protect Hwa
Jin, and she ruined it all.

The King?

I am about to take away
the King’s favorite toy,

so I would like to gift
him with a new toy.

All right. I would like you to
prepare today’s lunch as well.

I can no longer eat meals
prepared by someone else.

Gosh, this is not good.

What if you eat the healthy
foods I make every day…

and start looking younger than I do?

I would not like that.

I should completely win her
over until the lake fills up.

So things are going the
way Kim So Yong wanted.

She has managed to
totally trap Jo Hwa Jin.

Hey, woman. You’ll be
punished for this, big-time.

I feel bad for Jo Hwa Jin.

Who cares though? None of this
will matter when I go back.

I don’t have time to
worry about someone else.

I need to figure out my life first.

Go faster.

Oh, you two ladies can take your time.

If you rush, you might trip and fall.


Move it. Faster, faster, faster!

Faster! Yes, that’s
it. Go faster. Faster!

Faster! Move it.

That’s it!

Gosh, this feels nice.

Only high-class folks
can enjoy this privilege.


This is nice!

Hello, Lord Kim.

This is your last day, is it not?

You must be sad.

No, I am sure you will
do a much better job.

My gosh.

What a handsome horse.

It was bestowed by His Majesty
for the royal guard commander.

Hop on.

Gosh, no. It has been ages
since I last rode a horse.

And the position is not
officially mine until I receive…

the certificate at the
meeting later today.

– I will do it another time.
– All right.

My gosh, Lord Kim. Can you ride a horse?

Who might you be?

I am His Majesty’s best friend.

And the court maids named me as
1 of the 5 most charming men…

You do not need to know who he is.

Prince Yeongpyeong was not
even included in the ranking.

Anyhow, your physique…

is not exactly suitable
for horseback riding.

And this horse is exceptionally tall.

Can you even hop on with
those short legs of yours?

What are you talking about?

Back in the old days,

I used to ride hands-free.

That is how good I was.

I was always so relaxed
while riding a horse.

Once, I fell asleep on a
horse and even had a dream.

Gosh, I am dead serious.

I will prove it to you. Hold this.

You do not have to do this.
Do not force yourself.

Goodness, shut it!

I can still do it!

Well, I suppose I was wrong.

Hey, can you…

Please… Oh, boy.

See? That was easy.


No! Oh, dear.

There, I got you.

Gosh, oh boy.

Gosh, my goodness.

– Lord Kim!
– My legs! Gosh, my legs.

My legs!

Potatoes, salt, and milk.


I have never heard of
such an ingredient before.

It is also called tarak.

Oh, I see.

It is such a rare ingredient, yet
she will waste it as if it is water.

There’s no way you’d have butter.

Do you have black pepper?

Yes, Your Highness.

It is more valuable than gold, yet
she will waste it as if it is sand.

But she would not listen to
me, so I will not say anything.

I can hear you, okay?

– Your Highness!
– My gosh.

I told you to take your
time. Why did you run?

Court Lady Choi was on her way here too.

She’s not young. What if
she fainted while running?

I am here!

I may be a little slow,

but I will never faint.

She is a persevering lady.

– All right. Pour it in.
– Yes, Your Highness.

That’s it?

– Are you kidding me?
– Well, the thing is…

Your Highness, tarak is
such a rare ingredient.

That is why I need it.

When it comes to cooking,
ingredients are everything.

If we squeeze all the milk
out, calves will starve.

And she is thoughtful.

My gosh, that is sad.

Have you heard of intermittent fasting?

Fasting once in a while
is good for your health.

All right. Fill the cauldron
up to here with tarak.

If it’s short of even one drop…
You know what happens, right?

Yes, Your Highness.


Who are you?

How dare a girl enters the royal…

“Achoo, achoo.”

Come here.

What’s your name?

Dam Hyang.

You’re raising a dog at the palace.

The dog has a higher position than I do.

The dog came over here
with an envoy from Ming.

They said the dog has a
rare pedigree or something.

Ming? That was 200 years ago.

If the dog mated with other
breeds for the past centuries,

this one is just a mutt.

What’s the mutt’s name?

The dog does not have a name.

Really? Then,

– let’s call it D-0-9.
– “D-0-9”?


All right.

D-O-G. Here’s another
way to spell this word.




Look. It looks like a “dog”, doesn’t it?

So it’s D-0-9.

I see. D-0-9.

You keep coming here
because you’re hungry.


All right.


Try it.


Why won’t you eat?

I cannot eat this because it
looks too pretty, Your Highness.

Don’t worry. It’s not free.

After you finish that, help
me prepare the potatoes.

She cannot.

I will not object to your presence
here as you are the Queen.

But traditionally,
women are not allowed…

to touch the royal meals.

They can only help
decorate the dishes…

and serve the meals.

A lowly girl like her without
any official position cannot…

A small child like her,

cannot be involved in cooking the meals.

Gosh, you’re such a boomer.

You should try it too. “What a boomer.”

– What a boomer.
– What?

Gosh, you pronounced that
word perfectly and clearly.

So you can call him a b00mer too.

Go on. Eat.

It tastes like I am eating the cloud.

You’re good at describing food.

You could have your own eating show.


By the way, isn’t she too
young to be at the palace?

Her parents failed to pay taxes,

so she was caught,
wandering on the streets.

So all of her family became slaves.

And her so-called father
ran away by himself.

Goodness. How can a
father do such a thing?

Royal Chef.

How could you say that in front of her?

Dam Hyang.

You should only see and
hear beautiful things, okay?


Go ahead.


What? F-0-0-L?


Why are you making the
potato balls so big?

What’s taking so long with the milk?

Your Highness.

I have milked all the cows
we have at the palace…

until there is not a
single drop left in them.

Good job.

Yes, Your Highness.

The milk porridge.

Why are you adding the potato
balls into that precious porridge?


Goodness. Are you my mother-in-law?

These days, mothers-in-law try not
to cross their daughters-in-law.


Why would mothers-in-law
worry about crossing them?

That is absurd.


I will bring this to her personally.

This is delicious.

By the way,

as the food got cold, the
potato balls have gotten hard.

And this precious milk
porridge spilled over the bowl.

That is quite a shame.

I understand, though.

No one can be perfect all the time.

What’s the point of
cooking a perfect dish?

It’s not served properly.

How could I deliver the food
swiftly before it gets cold…

without spilling any food?

That’s the key.

Life experts.

Take it.

I told you to glue that ages ago.

You still did not finish this?

– What are you doing?
– Hurry up.

– Your Highness.
– Your Highness.

Your Highness.

I need a palanquin. A food palanquin.

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

A food palanquin?

– A food palanquin?
– A food palanquin?

– What’s a food palanquin?
– A food palanquin?

A food palanquin?

– What?
– A food palanquin?

– What are you saying?
– A food palanquin.

– What?
– A food palanquin.

Be careful.

All right.


Her Highness is here.

– All right. 1, 2.
– 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2.
– All right.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– What? This is it?
– 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2.
– 1, 2.

– Did you really stay up all night?
– Yes, Your Highness.

We worked in shifts.

We brought water and pour it
into the lake all night long.

But this is a big lake.

– 1, 2.
– 1, 2.

My gosh. It took only one
day to get rid of the water.

But why does it take so
long to fill it again?

As the lake is elevated,
removing the water…

can be easily done by making holes.

I bet they were slacking
because there was…

no supervisor at the lake.

– 1, 2.
– 1, 2.

How about a bowl of makgeolli…

after we are relieved
of our duties tonight?


What do you think? What?

I asked you a question! You punks.


What brings you here alone?

Her Highness wants cool refreshments.

The Queen?

Is that so?

Then, I will make a simple
bowl of azalea hwachae.

After the first harvest,

the omija berries have ripened nicely.

And the brewed tea of the berries
will be sweetened with honey.

I will add pears and tangerines
to make it more refreshing.

That way, I do not have to
be extravagant and use ice…

while still making it
taste cool and refreshing.

Since there are no azaleas right now,

I will use the evening primrose.
I will take out the pistil,

put some starch on it,

put it in some boiling water,

and then cool it in some cold water.

Then I will place them on
top of the hwachae bowl.

Then the finishing touch will
be three pine nuts at the end.

I can make such a beverage
with my eyes closed.

Like this.

I watched you make it
with your eyes wide open.

Why does she only watch me?

It’s embarrassing me.

Keep up your energy.

Your Highness. This is the
beverage that you asked for.

What? Okay. Let me see.

I’m not in any position to be like this,

but they say if you can’t
beat them, join them.

This is nice.


How long will this take?

At this rate, we will
be done by tonight.

You have until sunset.

That is impossible.

My gosh. Then be sure
to finish it by today.

If not, it will be off with your heads.

Yes, Your Highness.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

Tell the royal chef…

– to give everyone here this drink.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– To all these people?
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

– 1, 2. 1, 2.
– 1, 2. 1, 2.

Seeing as to how she’s here already,
she must have fallen for my skills.

I am sure she wants me
to make another beverage.

Yes, please speak.

The Queen would like you
to make another beverage.

I knew she would want some more.

Did she drop the bowl
because it was so delicious?

Or did she shed tears?

Court Lady Choi, I am…

this kind of person.

– Royal Chef.
– Royal Chef.

Goodness, that is enough.

Royal Chef, the thing is…

Of course. I will make
some for you as well.

I guess you also like my beverage…

more than average.

Did you see what I did there?

That was funny.

I will make another one. Please wait.

While you’re making one,
could you make some more?

Of course. How many would you like?

– Here you go.
– This looks delicious.

Thank you.

– Thank you, Your Highness.
– No problem.

This is so precious.
Thank you, Your Highness.

At least you are aware.

Thank you for your
generosity, Your Highness.

Thank you for your
generosity, Your Highness.

No problem. This isn’t much.

Go ahead and drink up.

This is so delicious.

They are so easy to put to work.

My hiding skills are so perfect
that even a bird was fooled.

I made such an effort,

and I was just starting to feel thirsty.

You have been making such
an effort since yesterday.

Although I am not sure
what you are doing.

Can you see me?

Of course. You are so easy to see.

I’m easy to see?

That is what I mean.

Earlier, two court ladies
had no idea I was here,

and they said all sorts of things.

I must return to assist the Queen.

The bowl.

Since I was just caught,

this is enough for today.

When she saw me,

I went to her and became a flower.

Oh, no.

You will get hurt.

Do not touch it with your bare hands.

The feeling that makes you willing
to get hurt and be in pain.

That is love.

I am asking around.

I am sure it is nothing serious,
so do not worry too much.

O Wol is not the type of person
to disappear without a word.

I am certain that something
has happened to her.

The Queen Dowager is entering.

Queen Dowager.

Everyone may leave.

You must bear in mind
everything I say from now on.

The only person you can
trust in this palace is me,

the person who is on
the same boat as you.

You must tell me everything
without leaving anything out.

That is the only way that
child and we can live.

This is so nice.

Prince Yeongpyeong, Head Eunuch, and me.

Head Eunuch.

As the Queen wanted my
book, “Changes of Zhou”,

I had asked you to get me
another copy. Did you get it?


You never gave me such orders.

My goodness, Head Eunuch.

Are you losing your
memory with your old age?

I am certain I told you to do so.

You should go to Gyujanggak Library
right now and give them my orders.

Do you want me to do that right now?

Then do you intend to forget again?

I will do so after I accompany
you to Daejojeon Hall.

It is not like I am going alone,
Prince Yeongpyeong is guarding me.

What are you worried about?

You should hurry up and go.

Yes, Your Majesty.

My goodness, did I
just bump into a rock?

Head Eunuch.

– Are you hurt?
– No, I am fine.

Looks like your nose is broken.

No, my nose!

Gosh, am I bleeding? Goodness!

This is just what my nose looks like!

No way. How can a human
nose look like that?

You should head over to the
Royal Infirmary right away.

Goodness, gracious. I
told you that I am fine!

O Wol, the court maid who is missing,

entered the palace with
Royal Noble Consort Eui…

on the day when the
Queen fell into the lake.

I bet they are planning to
make her give false testimony.

All of this happened as soon
as the Queen found out…

that you were the one with the sword.

Her target is Royal Noble
Consort Eui, not me.


Is that the Queen’s choice?

Your Majesty.

Hwa Jin.

I apologize.

You have nothing to
apologize for, Hwa Jin.

All of this is my fault.

What do you mean?

A little while ago, I tried to
get rid of the Queen myself.

She wishes to get back at me,

and that is why she is trying to
frame you for the lake incident.

They use this trick all the time.

Using fabricated evidence
to trap innocent people.

I will tell everyone that
I tried to kill the Queen.

Your Majesty.

Both you and I know a
great deal about revenge.

Inflicting the same harm or pain.

That is what revenge is.

The Queen wishes to hold her sword…

to Hwa Jin’s throat just
like what I did to her.

The only way we can kill her
vengeful determination…

is by me kneeling before her.

There is no other way.

She planned all this…

to frame me.

I will step in and put
an end to all of this.

Do not forget about the great
cause you have been working toward.

Do you not remember all the insults
you have been putting up with…

for the past two years to
prepare for what is to come?

For the sake of the great cause,

Your Majesty must get
out of this unscathed.

Never in my life did
I wish to be a king,

a mere puppet king at that.

I came to this palace for one reason.

To not run away anymore.

Thus, do not tell me to run away.

I will not run away again.

I will search every nook and cranny…

and find O Wol.

They must be interrogating
her somewhere in the palace…

so they can punish Royal
Noble Consort Eui…

as soon as they manage to squeeze
a false statement out of her.

I must ask Your Majesty to wait…

until I find her.

I will.

However, I will step in in
the worst-case scenario.

And if that happens, do not stop me.

This is a royal order.

Too many lives have been lost already.

I do not wish…

to lose anyone else today.

Your Majesty must not get hurt.

I will not be hurt.

Whether I must kneel and crawl on
the ground like they want me to,

or play dumb and call
it a misunderstanding,

I will do whatever it takes to
make sure I will not be hurt.

Your Majesty.

Lads, you should all
put on your uniform.

We are looking for a court maid.

We suspect that she is
somewhere in the palace.

Make sure no one sees you.

Be extremely careful.

Gosh, I’m bored out of my mind.

Is there anything I can
do to entertain myself?

Your Highness.

A few days ago, I managed
to get my hands…

on these silk threads from Qing.

You’ve been carrying
this around every day?

I figured you’d eventually want
to pick up your hobby again.

I’m sorry, but no thanks.

When I sew,

I prick my fingers with
the needle nonstop.

That is why…

I prepared this as well.

Are you giving me the finger?

What do you mean? This
is a sewing thimble.

Are you craving finger
taffy, Your Highness?

Court Lady Choi.

Do you really not know what that means?

Hong Yeon, you don’t know either?

Is there a meaning
behind a sewing thimble?

I prepared this so you won’t
prick your fingers while sewing.

Gosh, I don’t know if I believe you.

Your Majesty, I was concerned.

You got here before I did, Head Eunuch.

It took me a while as I wanted to
keep my royal dignity while walking.

Is the Queen inside?

I heard Her Highness is
by the lake at the moment.

The lake? Why?

What Royal Noble Consort Eui told me…

is the same as that
the King had told me.

She said she did not even
see the Queen that night.

She told me that she ran away
upon hearing a loud thud.

However, I am not sure whether or
not she is telling me the truth.

But it seems that the woman…

spotted by the Head Inspector and
the workers who were stealing…

the gifts for the King was
actually Royal Noble Consort Eui.

Or is she simply caught in
the trap set up by the Queen?

Before she could even spread her wings?

Your Highness.

Royal Noble Consort Eui is
at Tongmyeongjeon Hall now.

I will protect you, Your Majesty.

She came of her own accord.

I suppose she was a lot closer
to O Wol than we had thought.

I am glad. This is
easier than we thought.

Since she came of her own accord,

you should make her
confess to it voluntarily.

Health comes first,

so I shall finish this
meal before I do that.

You are absolutely right.

This is wrong.

Lady Hwa Jin would
never do such a thing.

You cannot change the
truth by killing me.

You poor thing.

You are like a loyal
dog licking the hand…

of its master holding
a sword to kill it.

Even if you confess to
it, it is too late now.

Your master, Lady Hwa Jin,
has dumped it all on you.

No, that cannot be…


My gosh, you’re good.


– Darn it.
– That thread is highly valuable.

Gosh, this is the problem
with rare, valuable stuff.

They’re too weak.

Let’s see.

Let’s find something
sturdier and stronger.

“Desert your false self”?

“Desert your false self”?

What is this?

You used to embroider those letters
whenever you had a moment to spare.

I do not understand what
they mean for I cannot read,

but I am certain it is a beautiful poem.

I have never seen it before.

For some reason, she worked on other
embroideries whenever you came.

It must be a poem about love, right?

This must be a will.

I embroidered these letters
before I fell into the lake?

Is that what you’re saying?

Yes, Your Highness.

Didn’t I also…

have trouble falling asleep
and lose my appetite?

Yes, you did. And you
kept sighing nonstop.

And I always looked downcast.

On some days, you broke
into tears for no reason.

Your Highness, you must
have regained your memory!


Did I give things I used to
treasure to others for no reason?

You gave me this…

although you used to
treasure it so much.


you gave a ring to Court Lady Choi.

Jo Hwa Jin was wrong.

Kim So Yong wasn’t trying to trap her.

She wanted to take her own life.

Isn’t that Cheoljong?

– Greet His Majesty!
– Goodness.

Didn’t he say a king should never run?

Gosh, seeing that face is making
my blood pressure rise again.


Do you want to fight?

Hey, do you want a showdown?

Is this it? Is this your choice?

What is this about?

Are you playing dumb again?

Was I fooled by your
deceitful eyes and lies?

You’re the one who’s been
deceiving me all this time.

I had no idea you were the
one who’d tried to kill me…

and even slept in the same room as you.

So aren’t I the one who
should be angry now?

You said yourself…

that only a coward targets
the one who is the weakest.

If you are trying to get back at me…

in the same manner,

I will not sit back and
let you have your way.

What’s he talking about?


What should I do…

with this foolish weakling?

Grand Queen Dowager.

If you wish to hold someone
accountable for what happened,

let me be the one.

Care to elaborate? Who
am I holding accountable?

My court maid, O Wol, is missing.

And I have something to do with it?

Why do you think so?

Because there is something
you need to hear.

I will say what you wish to hear.

Let us hear it, then.

The moment the Queen fell into the lake,

I was with her.

I swear…

you will also lose someone dear to you.

My emotions got the better of me,

and I pushed the Queen into the
lake on the spur of the moment.

So please allow me to take sole
responsibility for what happened.

Please do not harm those
who did nothing wrong.

I will gladly accept any
punishment for what I did.

Is that so?

You must be well aware of
what this letter is about.

You received this letter
from the Queen Dowager.

O Wol gave us this letter.

The location, date, and time
written in this letter…

coincide with when and where
the Queen’s accident took place.

What do you think that means?

I never received such a letter.

Did you think you would be able
to cover it up on your own?

I suppose you think
very highly of yourself.

You know, you are a mere tail.

Grand Queen Dowager.

I can assure you that letter is fake.

I am sure it is not.

Since they are from the same Jo family,

the two of them obviously
share the same goal.

The Queen Dowager would never
join hands with anyone…

on such a heinous act even
if they are from her family.

Then who fabricated this fake letter?

I suppose you needed someone…

to back up your plan.

Greet His Majesty!

Your Majesty.

Grand Queen Dowager.

You are here. This is good.

Royal Noble Consort Eui has
confessed to what she did.

She said that she pushed the
Queen into the lake to harm her.

That is not true.

Your Majesty, come to your senses!

I understand that you are head
over heels for this woman,

but I cannot let you be in
charge of the royal court,

knowing how clouded your judgment is!

Are you trying to protect
that ruthless criminal?

She tried to harm the Queen, your wife.

You tell him.

Who tried to harm the Queen?

It was me.

Hwa Jin.

Did you hear that, right?

If you wish to insist that she is
simply trying to take the fall,

I will give you a chance to prove it.

You may enter now!

Now that we have her confession,
what should we do with her?

We will need her as a
witness, so treat her.

What is this about?

Get them!

If you admit to it
right here before me…

and agree to be beheaded,

I will not doubt you.

Cheoljong said he sees himself…

being beheaded every night in his dream.

He’s totally frozen now.

They’re doomed.

I will tell you the truth.

Grand Queen Dowager, I
will obey your order!

She is not the one who
should be beheaded!

Your Majesty.


Will you go against the King’s order?

Cheoljong, that punk.

He’s pretty cool.

Why is he acting all cool and tough?

Hold on.

The lake will fill up tonight,

which means I can go back.

Those who tried to
harm the Queen were…


– My goodness.
– Oh, no!

What is the matter?

The water is gone.


Darn it.

We have been using so much water…

that the well has dried up.

Oh, dear.

I’m so dead.

Since I am the alleged
victim of this incident,

allow me to shed light on the truth.


was trying to take my own life.

I won’t let you be the
only cool one here.

I should be the hero.

I’m going back, so it doesn’t matter.

So please do not hurt those
who did nothing wrong.

Nice one.




Prince Yeongpyeong raided
the place with assassins.

It seemed like they’d
received special training.

If a problem arises,
you can just cut it out.

The well has dried up.

I believed…

that I had to give up on
you to make you happy.

That arrogant glare.

How dare he?

The Queen’s condition
is worsening by the day.

Wouldn’t it be right to…

petition the King to depose the Queen?

Now, everything will go
back to where it should be.

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