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Mr. Queen Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Mr. Queen Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Mr. Queen Episode 5 Drama Korea, Mr. Queen Epi 5 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Mr. Queen Episode 5 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film subtitle Indonesia.

Mr. Queen Episode 5 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Everyone has a fatal weakness.

Even Superman becomes nothing
more than a pervert…

who wears underwear on the outside
when faced with kryptonite.

If Superman becomes like that,

imagine what would happen
to ordinary people.

I will tell you the truth.

Grand Queen Dowager, I
will obey your order!

She is not the one who
should be beheaded!

Your Majesty.


Will you go against
the King’s order?

To an ordinary person, this world
is like a minefield of weakness.

We become one
another’s weakness…

and drag everyone
to the underworld.

Even someone as perfect as me,
Jang Bong Hwan, had a weakness.

That is none other than…

I can’t bear to see some other
guy looking cooler than me.

Those who tried to
harm the Queen were…


Especially when it’s in front
of a woman I’m interested in.

I need to be the coolest person
in front of them to be satisfied.

You could say it’s
the only weakness…

of someone who is so perfect.

Since I am the alleged
victim of this incident,

allow me to shed
light on the truth.


was trying to take my own life.

I won’t let you be the
only cool one here.

Stay still, Cheoljong.

I should be the hero.

So please do not hurt those
who did nothing wrong.

Nice one.

What kind of a ludicrous
statement is this?

Grand Queen Dowager.

I apologize, but I was
trying to end my own life.


This is the suicide note that
I carry with me all the time.

I am going back tonight anyway.

I don’t care if things
get chaotic here.

Why on earth would you do that?

Furthermore, why would you
try to end your life…

on the night before
you became queen?

The thing is…

What on earth is the reason?

The reason why I was so depressed
that I wanted to die was…

I’m sure I had a reason.

Your Highness!

Darn it!

Your Highness!

So Yong.

Is he going to
carry me right now?


Don’t come near me. Go away!

Grand Queen Dowager.

The Queen is saying
false things…

in order to save the life
of someone lesser than her.

Please look fondly upon
the virtuous heart…

of forgiving someone who had
committed a great sin against her,

and show mercy.

Oh, my. Is that how
he translated it?

What is so interesting that
so many people have gathered?


Your Highness.

What on earth has happened?

All right then.

Since the Queen
is trying so hard,

I will show mercy after
seeing her efforts.


It has been a while since we had
such an interesting spectacle.

I wonder what the Queen was
thinking when doing that.

Perhaps it is the
heart of a woman.

Regardless, we can be sure that it
was not a plan from the Kim clan.


Are you going to
Seoneonjeon Hall?

I need something other
than prayer today.

She is nothing but a
weak Royal Noble Consort,

but she is our only arrow.

So we must put some
poison on that arrowhead.


What do you mean she
tried to end her life?

What do you mean by that?

I need to bide my time and
wake up at the right moment.

I am such a foolish father
to not realize that.

I have committed a great sin.

I have committed a great sin.

It is all my fault.

I should have taken
better care of her.

This is all because
I am lacking.

What on earth is the reason?

You should know since you
assist her in close proximity.

She would try to jump into the water
multiple times whenever she could,

and I thought it was because
of the shock from falling in.

“Multiple times”?

How much was she suffering?

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

My gosh. Enough already.

If you keep crying,
I can’t wake up.

This is not the time
for us to be crying.

If she sees us crying,

imagine how upset she would be.

That’s right.

You are right.

At times like this, we must
stand by her side and be brave.

Should I get up now?

– So Yong.
– My gosh.

When your mother
gave birth to you,

she lost her life.

Is he starting again?

Your Highness.

Her Highness grew up…

without ever getting the chance
to see her mother’s face.

I feel so bad for her.

I had no idea that she
was suffering so much,

and all I did was telling her
she could not do this or that.

I would chase after her…

and nag her all the time.

I might as well have been…

the person who pushed
her into the lake.

Goodness, Your Highness.

Your Highness!

I give up.

This is not a
situation I can handle.


My Queen.


take care of yourself.

Your pathetic father…

apologizes to you.

Byeong In.

I am entering the Palace today.

I am finally meeting the
King for the first time.

Are you that happy?

It is because I am curious.

One day, he appears
as an ugly fool,

and on a different day, he looks
as though he was made from jade.

In my dreams.

Last night, he looked
exactly like you.

I believed that I had to give
up on you to make you happy.

You were so happy before
you entered the Palace.

However, after entering the Palace,
you tried to end your own life.

Is it because of that?

She is crazy! She
has lost her mind!


She spent the past few nights with
the King. Are you sure that…

she was not the one who was
won over instead of the King?

Please calm down, Your Highness.

There is nothing to be
gained from being mad.

How can I not be mad?

We lost the perfect opportunity
like this so easily.

I cannot believe we shot
ourselves in the foot!

Furthermore, did you see the
King’s behavior just now?

That arrogant glare.

I saved him from living his days
as a countryman and made him king,

yet he dared to rebel
against me like that?

We must discipline
him if he rebels.

I will tighten the reigns,
so he knows his place.

What is the point of spending
time taking care of myself?

It all falls apart when I
worry over something once.

Call for Park, the doctor.

Yes, sir.

To be honest, the
Queen came to see me…

on the night she
fell into the lake.

Grand Queen Dowager. I…

will leave the Palace.

What are you talking about?

I cannot endure the
position of Queen.

I do not want to
live in such misery.

I had heard the rumors that
you have been acting atrocious,

but it was all on purpose…

so that you would
not become Queen.

How cute.

I cannot believe you thought you
could get your way like that.

You were taking your lessons
diligently to become a queen.

I do not know what
suddenly changed your mind,

but I do not wish
to know either.

Your fate was decided
upon your birth.

You were to become queen
and serve your family.

That is your fate and
the reason you exist.

Did you rise to your
position on your own?

No, you did not.

That is why you cannot step
down on your own either.

If you want to die,
die in the Palace.

I thought she said such things
because kids these days are…

too sheltered they make a
big deal out of small things.

That is why I did not
give it much thought.

I never considered that she jumped
into the lake to commit suicide.

If she was willing to end her
life to avoid becoming queen,

her crazy behavior
today is also…

A way to step down from
her position as Queen.

If that is the case,

I will not let the
Queen get away with it.

Wait for me! What if you fall?

I told you that you
could take your time.

Who dares to block my way?

Grand Queen Dowager?

You will not be able to go home.

– What?
– The Queen, Jang Bong Hwan,

has been ordered to stay here
forever until the day he rots,

and live in pain
while being impotent.


I don’t want to.

I don’t want to be impotent!

Your Highness!

What a terrible nightmare.

You tried to commit
suicide in the lake…

and just now, you fainted
and I was so worried…

Calm down. I understand
how you feel.

I am going to die with you!

That’s enough already.

I’ve already reached the max amount
of tears I can handle for a day.

It’s not like it’s contagious,
but how can you cry three times?

I ended up falling asleep
while waiting for you to stop.

Right. I am sure you do
not wish to see me cry.

You are pretty when you smile.

What about Court Lady Choi?

She insisted on bringing
your medicine herself.

Great Lord Yeongeun
stayed by your side…

and returned home when
the sun went down.

If you woke up a bit sooner,
you could have seen him.

Thank goodness I didn’t see him.


If he finds out
that a guy’s soul…

is occupying his
precious daughter’s body,

he would be so upset.

Let’s hurry before Court
Lady Choi comes back.

I’m sure the lake is
filled now, right?

You want to go to the
lake at this hour?

Today is finally the day.

– You are in a good mood now, right?
– Of course.

All I have left to do
is to go back home…

and leave an afterglow
of a handsome man.

Oh, right.

– Hong Yeon.
– Yes, Your Highness.

I was able to endure
this thanks to you.

I don’t know about anyone
else, but I’ll miss you.

Oh, that’s right. I’ll
miss Court Lady Choi too.

Hong Yeon. There’s a will you
must leave for your descendants.

A will?

Buy land in Gangnam.

You have to tell them this.

If you leave it for
about 200 years,

your future generations
will live wealthy.

This is all I can give you.

Okay, let’s go.

Your Highness.
Please be careful.

Keep up your energy.

Hurry. You must hurry.

What is this?

Why did you go back
to the old method…

when I created a
perfect system for you?

The thing is…

The well has dried up.

That is why we have been
getting water from over there…

and bringing it
over here, but…

Can you tell me that again?
I think I misheard you.

It sounds like you’re telling me you
won’t be able to fill it by today.

Please forgive
us, Your Highness.

– Please forgive us, Your Highness.
– Please forgive us, Your Highness.

A high-ranking government
official must keep his promises.

You said you would
fill the lake by today.

The closest well from here…

is still far away.

It will take at least
a week and a half…

Please kill me!

– Please kill me!
– Please kill me!

– Please kill me!
– Please kill me!

Why do you guys always
ask to be killed?

Is it because you don’t
believe I’ll actually kill you?

Do you want me to show you
what behavioral integrity is?

Do you want to face the consequences
of depositing a fake check?

Forget it. I’m sure it will still
work even if it’s not filled.

No, Your Highness.

Why are you acting
like this too?

I will not allow you
to end your life again.

It’s not like that.

I’m not trying to die.

Then what are you trying to do?


I’m trying to live. This
is the only way I can live!

You can go after
you kill me first!

Gosh. How come you’re so strong?

Let go of me.

If that granny
changes her mind…

and gets rid of the water in
the lake again, I’m doomed!

Everyone, stop Her Highness!

How dare we touch Her Highness?

Your Highness!

Please no!

I will stop nagging
you from now on!

I will never say no to you!

You cannot do this,
Your Highness!

You said you wouldn’t.

You said you wouldn’t
say no to me!

Darn it.

You cannot do that.

Even if you tickle me…

I have lost my ability
to laugh a long time ago.

Darn it.

I won’t do it. Forget it.

Darn it.

Gosh. Darn it.

So you don’t want me
to go in there, right?


Raise your head.

Straighten your back.

Can you swim?

Is that it?

If I go farther, the
water will be deeper.

Okay. Go ahead.

– Gosh.
– Yes, that’s it!

I slipped!

– Darn it.
– Your Highness.

The Grand Queen Dowager asked
for your attendance immediately.

Darn it.

Lee Saeng Mang. That name
was my foreshadowing.

Darn it.

– My gosh.
– Goodness. Nice.


What is wrong?

Do you get this kind of
feeling too from time to time?

You know, everyone is busy
doing something except for me.

You are the center
of my world, my lord.

Well, people who have
great hunches like me…

sometimes get the
wrong hunch like today.

I did not order naengmyeon.

You give me the pleasure
of serving you every night.

It is from my heart.

Let me say something.

It might seem to you I am here to
have fun, but that is not true.

I am only here because I need
to find out the whereabouts…

of Lee Saeng Mang
who had disappeared.

But why are you desperately
looking for that man?

I get the feeling
that there is…

an important secret
behind his disappearance.

My sixth sense tells me…

that Lee Saeng Mang…

is at the center of the problem.

– What problem?
– I do not know.


They are testing me right now.

– About today…
– It is my fault.

For forcing you to marry him
when you did not want to.

Do you not want to be
the Queen that badly?

Enough to throw
away your own life?

Enough to be deposed
as the Queen?

She tried to end her life because
she didn’t want to be the Queen?


As you desperately want it, I
will let you leave the palace.

I will depose you.

You will be stuck at your
house and never be able to…

set foot outside for
the rest of your life.


I can only go back
through the lake here.

I do not remember it.

I have not regained my memories
since falling into the lake.

You have not regained
your memories,

but you remember that you
wanted to kill yourself?

I still have painful feelings.

And I am sure that I was the one
who embroidered the suicide note.

But I do not know why I
wanted to kill myself.

If you have not
regained your memories,

why did you interfere?

As you cannot give me a reason,

I take that you just
wanted to go against me.


I do not have any
intention to oppose you.

Today, you have directly
challenged my authority.

I must get out of this.

But I don’t have a solution.
Gosh, I can’t think of one.

And I cannot forgive you for it.

I deserve death, Your Highness.

You ought to end my life.

I am confused due to
the lack of my memories,

but I cannot turn my
back on my family…

or my husband.

Please punish me…

with poison, so I
can end this pain.

What they really want
isn’t deposing the Queen.

Is it that easy for you
to give up on your life?

You jumped into
the lake yourself.

And now, you want
to drink the poison?

Why are you so weak?

They want to confirm that they
have power over the Queen.

My foolish decision
to end my life…

caused this whole

My action deserves death.

So I beg you to punish me
with death, Your Highness.

Your death will
not fix anything.

The Queen Dowager will have…

an advantage over you
because of this incident.

But this goes beyond you.

This will be a disadvantage
against the entire Kim clan.

– I will try…
– Please calm down.

I will ask this one last
time, Your Highness.

Do you truly want
to leave the palace?

I want to…

live in the palace.

What do you think,
Your Highness?

As I do not hold any old memories,
I have been born a new person.

I will become the perfect queen.

I do not believe promises
that come in words.

I will show you with my actions.

Please give her a
chance, Your Highness.


I am truly grateful
for your kindness.

I will never worry
you from now on.

I am not worried.


Because we do not
have any weaknesses.

If there is a problem,

we can carve it out.

He meant it.

It’s a real warning.

It’s so dark.

Should I bring more
lanterns, Your Highness?

No. I was talking
about my future.

Prince Yeongpyeong raided
the place with his men.

“His men”?

Were they royal guards?

They were specially trained.

How many?

Not many.

– Seven.
– They have been training…

only seven men in hiding?

You are out of medicine.

You would’ve become the best warrior
if it weren’t for the disease.

I’m grateful…

that I am alive
due to your help.

Thank you, my lord.

If you fail once again no
matter what the reason is,

you will not get this
medicine anymore.

I will keep that in mind.

So far, we thought…

the Queen fell into the lake to
frame Royal Noble Consort Eui.

We also thought she lied she lost
memories with an ulterior motive.

I cannot believe that she
tried to end her own life.

She might have planned all this
to win over you, Your Majesty.

She planned this as she expected
me to stand up for Consort Eui?

If you did not come forward,

she could have
framed Her Highness.

If you did step up,

she could have persuaded you.

Prince Yeongpyeong,
you assume…

everything the Queen says and
does is out of hidden malice.

The Queen…

is the core of the Kim clan.

What kind of people are they?

They are the ones that
killed our whole family.

I cannot…

forget it even for a moment.

I cannot forget it either.

But look at what the Queen
has chosen to do today.

She revealed the truth for
me who tried to kill her…

and Royal Noble Consort Eui
she came up against so much.

Do you still think your unchanged
hostility towards her…

is right?

– Your Majesty.
– If it is really a suicide attempt,

I killed the Queen twice.

Why are you here?

I have something to say.

You made things
complicated for nothing.

My fate is already in
your family’s hands.

Just ask me to hand over
the letter next time.

Do you not like me…

because I’m from
the Andong Kim clan?

I did not say I do not like you.

Do you like me then?

If I were not Andong Kim,

do you think you would have
seen me in a different light?

No, I would have not.

You became the Queen because
you are from the Kim clan.

I always tried my best.

I am not going to be crowned as
queen just because of my name.

I dedicated my whole life
to this yet people say…

You will get what you
wanted so bad tomorrow.

It is late and we have an
important event tomorrow.

Please go to your
bed chamber now.

You should love me.

Is that an order?

My coldness pushed
her into the lake.

If she tried to end her own
life because of your coldness,

she would have fallen
into the lake by herself.

But she manipulated the letter
and fell in front of Her Highness.

I see an ulterior motive.

“Motive”, you say.

I should go to see the Queen.

The bad ones come with a smile.

If she did that
to change my mind,

I would be able to
tell by her attitude.

Please take care of Royal
Noble Consort Eui here.

Pretending to be a
perfect queen for 15 days.

Would I be able to stand it?

If it goes wrong, I’ll be trapped
in a suffocating woman’s body…

and imprisoned as a dethroned queen
in the suffocating Joseon era.

I dug my own grave.
Who can I blame?

Your Highness,
the King has come.

Of course, it’s Cheoljong.
That punk needs to be blamed.

I wouldn’t have stepped up
for her if he didn’t act cool.

Open it.

Before that, I wouldn’t have done
it if he was not incompetent.

Even before that, this
woman wouldn’t have…

tried to commit suicide
if he was nice to her.

– No, even way before that…
– My Queen.

How are you feeling?

You’re that worried about me and
still put a sword to my neck?

There’s not even one day I felt
comfortable after coming here.

As soon as I opened my eyes, they
said tomorrow is the wedding day.

My husband who sleeps under the same
blanket with me tries to kill me.

And even the family that was on
my side threatens to dethrone me.

What do you mean dethrone?

Why? Are you tempted?

It’s a perfect opportunity to put
Jo Hwa Jin in my place, right?

Why are you so worked
up like a fighting cock?

I did not come to
fight with you.

I get angry just by
looking at your face.

Don’t you think I would?

You who tried to kill me,

and your lover
you would die for.

I’m about to die as I’m
trying to save you two.

Before I kill myself, they will make
me kill myself first at this rate.

If I don’t get angry
in this situation,

am I a human? I’d be Buddha!

You must have so many reasons to
get angry at me. I understand.


Don’t try to understand me.

Don’t even say…

that you understand
after all that.

You should’ve understood me…

before putting a
sword to my neck.

No. You should’ve understood
this woman when she tried to…

kill herself on the
night before the wedding.

It’s late. Your understanding
means nothing now.

Hey, get out. I’m too
tired to get angry.

I will come back after your
emotions are stabilized.

Don’t come unless you’re
going to kneel and beg me.

I will come back.

I said don’t come!

Are they filling the
lake with water again?

Her Highness requested
Grand Queen Dowager.


I do not know the reason,

but I heard Her Highness
was at the lake today…

to supervise it by herself.

Your Majesty.

I am sorry for worrying you.

I was afraid that
I might lose you.

Are you hurt?

Your wound is more
painful to me…

than mine.


was very cruel to you, Hwa Jin.

I am sorry for dragging
you into this trouble.

Thinking how lonely and
painful you must have been…

because of the troubles
in the palace…

I did not call you
to share my tragedy.

So never do that again.

If you sacrifice
yourself to save me,

how can I stay sane?

I will never do something
that makes you afraid.

Until the situation is settled,

Prince Yeongpyeong
himself will guard you.

How about O Wol?

– Well…
– Special Director Hong has come.

Come in.

How is Royal Noble
Consort Eui’s maid doing?

She is getting treatment
at Royal Infirmary.

My brother did so much for this.

Thank you.

Did you meet with the Queen?


– How was she?
– She was angry.

– Pardon?
– She blamed me…

for my lack of affection which
forced her to end her life.

And she showed hatred
as I tried to kill her.

She exploded with her emotions.

To think that she did
this to win me over,

her action does not make sense.

On top of that,

the Kim clan tried
to depose her.

Moreover, Kim Byeong In
has not figured out…

that the piece of robe
belongs to Your Majesty.

I knew it.

The Queen remained
silent about it.

I do not know what
her intention is,

but it does seem the Queen
is acting on her own.

I thought I would be able to…

figure out what kind of person
she is by her decisions.

But she puzzles me even more.

Father, this is Byeong In.

Yes. Come in.

I thought you quit smoking.

I did.

I am sorry about
today’s incident.

Why would you apologize for it?

What do you plan to do?

I will try to talk
some sense into her.

And if she fails to
understand, she will be gone.

Who are you referring to?

It could be anyone.

There is no such thing
as an eternal ally.

I am afraid this is not the
right time to bring this up,

but I must tell you something.

Okay. Go ahead.

I have decided on the
magnitude of my dream.

I am happy to hear that.

Which position is it?

I will be the head of the
Department of Justice.

The head of the
Department of Justice?

Is being a warrior all
you want for your dream?

I will start from a position
where I can handle…

and make my own path.

Is that so?

You are saying, you want
to make your own path?

The Royal Noble
Consort Eui is here.

Do not move.

Your Highness.

I am sorry.

I should have
resisted to the end.

Your busted knees are the proof.

I know.

They are nothing.

With the medicinal
herbs for a few days,

I will be able to
run in no time.

Yes. I am sure you will recover.

Who would hurt you so
brutally like this?

I could not see anything
as he was wearing a mask.

But I do remember his voice.

Your Highness.

Please excuse me
for saying this.

When people who are not from
the royal family get hurt,

they cannot stay in the palace.

But how could she leave
the palace in this state?

That is the custom
of the palace.

Everything from here
shows no compassion.

If anyone tries…

to harm you on your way
out, use this as a bribe.

Once you get out of the palace,

use this to keep
you comfortable.

No. This is too much.

I will send a
letter to my family.

Do not worry.

Thank you for your service.

I am too ashamed
to face Lord Jo.

I cannot go.

O Wol, you and I have
grown up together.

You are my family.

You must hang in there,

for me to do the same.

Be more courageous for me.

You must live.

Do this for me.

– What happened?
– It was crazy yesterday.

The Queen…

My lord.

Did you hear?

High Majesty threw daggers with
his eyes at Grand Queen Dowager.

His eyes got so big.

Hey. You.

His Majesty lifted her in
front of the Queen and…

Royal Chef, did you hear?

His Majesty held the sword
and the Grand Queen Dowager…

Did you hear what happened
at Donggungjeon Hall?

I heard they do
that all the time.

The head of the Department of
Justice will be appointed today.

“Will be”?

We have a request
of an appointment.

Who has been recommended…

to be the head of the
Department of Justice?

It is Byeong In of
the Andong Kim clan.

That is quite a surprise.

I am sure there are many candidates
in the Department of Justice.

If I appoint someone who has
passed the civil service exam…

as the head of the
Department of Justice,

there will be complaints.
Do you not think so?

We unanimously agreed
on this recommendation.


I did not expect such
harmony among my people.

As I have heard, he must
be an excellent individual.

The royal notice of appointment
has already been prepared?

To catch up with your swift
decisions as I am a slow king,

perhaps, I should
cut down on my sleep.

Please do not say so.

You must take care of your
health and produce an heir.

He is no king. He
is a breeding horse.

You are always humble. Please
do not lose your humility.

Yes, Your Highness.

The Pungyang Jo clan…

has brought this
disaster upon ourselves.

Because of Royal Noble Consort
Eui’s false confession,

we have suffered
such a humiliation.

The failure is the
cause, not the result.


That is what the
Queen Dowager said.

We agreed on the appointment
of Kim Byeong In…

and helped them reinforce
their tradition…

because we lost.

More defeats will decrease
our chance of winning.

She said…

we must make the move first.

Do you think O Wol was
able to recover a bit?

I will look into
how she is doing.

She is a lively girl, so she
is always running around.

She will never be able
to run around again.

If she had not come to
the palace with me…

Do not think too much about it.

Sometimes, thinking
can put you in a swamp.

The more struggle, the deeper you
fall. It will be more painful.

What do you do…

to clear your head when you
have a lot on your mind?


go to Special Director Hong.

He can comfort you.

He is so silly.

When I am with him,
he makes me angry.

And when I vent my anger on him,

I am out of the swamp
before I notice it.

Then can you make me angry?

– That is…
– Or…

You must not move.

I have finished.

What is wrong?

It is nothing.

Did you get hurt?

You must not touch me.

I have a cramp.

Has it been that long?

Thank goodness.

You focused so hard that
you forgot the time.

If you wanted to sew, you
should do it in Daejojeon Hall.

Why are you doing it
in the royal kitchen?

But are you really
sewing something?

I promised to be reborn
as the perfect queen.

Did you say perfect?

You must be free. Do you want
me to give you some work?

Oh, my back.

When will I finish all of this?

What happened?

– Come in.
– Wait.

Is that from
Tongmyeongjeon Hall?

– Yes, Your Highness.
– Let me see.

Since she has tasted a
new dish that I made,

I’m sure she’s tired of the
same old meals she used to have.

Okay. Bring this to the saboksi.

If they cover the food palanquin
with a cloth about this size,

it will prevent the
food from getting cold.

Tell them to make it nicely.

All right.

Are you going to the lake
after sending me off?

Have you seen anyone who…

work so hard like this
when they want to die?

Also, you must’ve forgotten
because it’s become so natural,

but I’m being watched by a CCTV.

What are you worried about?

Now, shall I try
to work my magic?

Your Highness!


Your Highness!

Hey, you. Is the
ground meat ready?


Hurry up and bring it over.

Bring me some salt.

The Queen wants me to
bring this to her first.

My goodness.

Fine. Do whatever you want.

Let me see how well
things work out.

What if we asked the
Queen to prepare a meal…

Grand Queen Dowager, this
is the Head Inspector.

The Queen has prepared
lunch for you.

Should I tell him
not to bring it in?


What is it?

She is so tactless.

Your Highness.

Your lunch has arrived, but…


Be careful.

That is…

The Queen has told me that…

the theme of today’s
lunch is COSI.


I have never heard this before.

Is it from Mencius?

No, it is not. Is it from
“The Analects of Confucius”?

It means that…

the food is crunchy
on the outside…

and soft in the inside.

Oh, really?

The food palanquin is here!

Here. Take the dishes.

Be careful.

Your Highness.

She was very satisfied,
and she complimented you.

In particular, she saw
the food palanquin…

and asked how you came up
with such a briliant idea.

Of course. That’s
an obvious result.

It’s an item that was successful
in the competitive nation of Korea.

Josean’s deliveryman.

I’m so proud of myself.

Generally speaking, a woman
of the royal family…

must always be humble…

Are you…

going to nag me right now?

Must they be humble?
It was a question.

No. Life is hard even if
you live off your own pride.

I do not know what she is
saying, but it is still annoying.

It is a stroke of good luck
in the midst of misfortune…

that O Wol was able to survive.

I am sure this experience
has made you more aware…

of what kind of people
the Kim clan are.

I had no idea they
would go this far.

I am sure you are
scared and in shock.

However, this is
just the beginning.

They never give up
the game they missed.

They said the late king did
not die because of his disease.


He thought the Kim
clan is ruining Joseon.

Do you know your sin?

He dragged down Kim
Hong Geun in power…

and exiled him.

He revised the law on bribery.

He stood up…

against the Kim clan like that.

But they are not the kind of people
who would sit back and watch.


he avoided a misfortune…

and was finding evidence to
reveal the people behind it.

After the late King
had passed away,

his food taster disappeared.

He must have been poisoned.

If we had moved more quickly,

he would have been alive.

I told you. It is
not late for you yet.

But if you miss this
moment, it is too late.

It was a court maid
called O Wol this time.

But it will be you next time.

I will make appeals.

To request to
dethrone the Queen.

You do not have to do anything.

The King will like it that way.

All you need to do
is to approve it.

Queen Dowager,
please forgive me.

But I need your help.

All you need to care
about is the King’s heart.

The King will see the Queen in
a different light after this.

Without knowing
her ill intention.

The weather is gloomy
today. It might rain.

Court Lady Han.

The room is dark.
Light the candles.

Yes, Your Highness.

You will not see
His Majesty tonight.

Why are you…

Will you be satisfied only
after taking everything I have?

Did you change the
content of the letter?

You changed something that
is even more important.

Why can I not
change such a thing?

I am not sure what
you are talking about.

I know your lies.

If His Majesty knows
the truth I know,

you will understand me.

The feeling when your loved one
is looking at you with despise.

How cruel it is…

to see those eyes…

for the rest of your life.

If you want to keep the
lie, leave the palace.

You found my weakness.

Reveal the truth to the King.

But you will have to reveal
another truth as well.

That you…

tried to kill His Majesty.

You know everything.


can not do anything.

I swear…

you will also lose
someone dear to you.

What is the matter?

You know it as well.

His Majesty…

is weak when he feels guilty.

It is what you have
to pay for surviving.

It is what guilt is.

Did you go this far just
to win the King’s heart?

Hurry and take them in
before they get wet.

Hurry and take them in.

The cloud looked unusual
for the last few days.

It is finally raining.

My rank in this life is higher
than my rank in the real life.

But why is my life
more miserable?

Your Highness.

Do you think I have this
life and the next life too?

According to the parallel
universe theory, it’s possible.


This is our current life.

This is another life, Okay?

It is freaking difficult.

The way she speaks…

became weird hanging
out with the Queen.

Do you think this puppy was
also a human in the past life?

It’s possible.

That Mr. Fool over there too?

Sure. He would’ve done
anything I asked him to do.

How about me?

You will always be
Court Lady Choi.

Hong Yeon, you…

Do you think my parents…

will have a comfortable
life in their other life?


My mother has four
fingernails only.

She lost her fingernails while
picking out stones in cold winter.

In her other life, she would
have ten fingernails, right?

Yes, right.

My father’s eye would
be perfectly fine, too.

What happened to your father?

– He was whipped with a pitchfork.
– What?

He must have borrowed rice to
fulfill the military duty…

and have not paid the interest.

They need to threaten people
to make them pay it back.

one out of every two households has
someone that is disabled like that.

Don’t worry.

In their other life, all your
mother’s fingernails are so shiny…

that she doesn’t need
to get her nails done.

Your father’s eyes…

are sparkling as if he’s
wearing colored contacts.

I want to see my mother
with ten pretty fingernails.


Me too.

I want to see my mom.

You do not even know
your mother’s face.

Oh, no.

Why did you bring up her mom?

I mean, it’s another mom.

I was talking about Lady Lee Soon
Shin who is alive and healthy.

She’s even doing Zumba
for fun these days.

Why are you making me
feel like an orphan?

Gathering at the royal kitchen
where women are forbidden…

and whining like that.

I cannot understand women.



It’s raining and sentimental.

Hey. Bring me some
pajeon and makgeoli.

You should go to
Daejojeon Hall quickly.

The rain is not going
to stop for a while.

How do you know?

Are you a supercomputer from the
Meteorological Administration?

I do not understand what
you are talking about,

but given my wrist
hurts like this again,

it will rain heavily overnight.

How heavy will it be?

I am not sure.

If it hurts this much,
it will pour buckets…

for a good several
hours at least.

Pouring buckets?

Then the lakes and wells
will be filled with water?

Head Eunuch.

Yes, Your Majesty.


To focus on the
consecutive bed-sharing,

I want to go to my bed
chamber after reading more.

It is late. You may leave first.

Yes, Your Majesty.


I will come back after your
emotions are stabilized.

Don’t come unless you’re
going to kneel and beg me.

I said don’t come!

I knee every day,

but I did not kneel before
the person I should.

Your Highness!

You are going to catch a cold!

Catching a cold is nothing!

When the sky is
helping me like this!

Oh, my, Your Highness.
You cannot do this!

Please come to your senses.

Your Highness.

Your Highness?

Once again.

What are you saying,
Your Highness?

Okay! Yes! This is great!

Your Highness.

What is that, Your Highness?

What kind of woman is she?

She is so unpredictable.

Oh, yes! Okay!

What is the matter,
Your Highness?

Why are you alone unlike usual?

Did you come out to
get rained on too?

I came to apologize to you.

Never mind. I
don’t care anymore.


I cannot turn a
blind eye like this.

I said never mind.
Why are you so clingy?


I’m a simple person.

I curse when I’m
glad to see someone,

and I pick a fight
when I’m thankful.

I hate sweet talkers so,

get lost.

“Get lost”?

I gathered my
courage to apologize,

and that is the only
thing you can say?

Hey. If it’s up to a person
who apologizes and…

not a person who is apologized
to, is it an apology?

But there are rules
for the royal family.

Until when are you going to
speak in a weird way like that?

Until today. Just until today.

Everything will be back
to its place tomorrow!

Yes! Ah, yes!

Your Highness.

– Ah, yes!
– Your Highness!


Your Highness! Please
come to your senses.


I cannot share a bed with you today
because you have hurt my feelings.

Sleep by yourself tonight.

Oh, yes! I’m so
happy to hear that!

That was a smooth move.

Did you come out
without an umbrella?

It feels great to get rained
on like this sometimes.

It feels like it washes
all the worries away.

Don’t feel sad.

Your Highness,
will you go inside?

Oh, my goodness. Your Highness!


What is it? Why is it
thundering at this very moment?

The sky is enraged!

Be enraged!

Be enraged by my pelvic
movements and pour it more!

Your Highness! You
cannot do that!

Oh, yes!


Your Highness!

The Queen’s mental illness
is getting worse every day.

She tries to end her own
life at every chance.

The core of the Internal
Court is shaking.

Would it not be right…

to petition for
dethroning the Queen?

– You are right.
– Yes.

It is time for the
Pungyang Jo clan…

to gather strength.

They have shown their
vulnerable neck in front of you.

You must bite it off.

The core of the Internal
Court is in danger.

Dethroning the Queen is
the right thing to do.

There was an immortal
being called Achilles.

But the heel was his
only vulnerable spot.

They say he died from
an arrow in that heel.

That’s the origin of the
expression, “Achilles’ heel”.

The actual reason
behind his death…

is that there was no artisan
to make armor boots for him.

They say…

We might’ve not needed each other
if we didn’t have a weakness.

Avoiding danger…

We’re each other’s weaknesses,
dragging each other to our misery.

But we also make up for each other’s
weakness and save each other.

Hong Yeon.

You must keep my will
to buy land in Gangnam.

Yes, Your Highness.

Court Lady Choi.

You went through a
lot because of me.




I should write
something to celebrate.

Now, everything will go
back to where it should be.




The Queen is the most
eccentric and strange person…

I have met in my entire life.

As if she has come
from a different world.

Whose soul are you
trying to call upon?

Then I’m sure this woman has
completely lost her mind.

The internal crisis
is more dangerous…

than the crisis from
outside, do you not agree?

You are saying, there
is an internal crisis…

that was not there before.

That means…

The interest that His Majesty
has towards the Queen…

will end up becoming
our weakness.

Then today will be our
first day together.


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