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River Where The Moon Rises Episode 3 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] River Where the Moon Rises E03 NEXT




No need to thank me.


You cannot just walk off.

What are you doing?

I know you.

I know you.

How would you know me?

The killer.


“The devil who kills.”

We never met. Do not talk nonsense.

Men are dying and you did not bat
an eyelid. That makes you a killer.

What are you?

I work at the palace.

I visited my family and
got lost on the way back.

That is a relief, then.

If a pretty girl like
you were really a killer,

I would have been very sad.

If you just walk off, you are a killer.

You are no maid.

You should treat them at least.

They will really die if
you leave them like that.

These are some precious herbs
I picked from the mountainside.

Grind it up and put it on their wounds.

You made such a fuss,

I thought you would bury the deer.

I meant we should not torment it to death.

Hunting is a necessity.

It is survival and the way of nature.

Oh, dear. I think I am dying.

Stay still.

Stay still.


– I said go.
– Okay. Thank you.

I almost died. Wait up.

Happy now?


What are you doing?

You got hurt too.


From now on, do not hurt others…

and look after yourself as well.

Your life is precious.

You startled me.

You fool! Where have you been?

I brought your favorite, Mom. Meat.

Come here! Come closer!

I smell human blood.

Did you meet someone?

What human blood?

It is deer blood.

I heard it cry out…

and decided to rescue
it from a painful death.

And then I…

You fool. You will be the death of me.

But… It is true, Mother.

We could be raided at any time.

We must move.

I did not meet anyone.

Poachers are people too.

What if they were to report us?

There are many Goguryeo farmers…

who lost their land and wander.

The first day of the coming month
is your father’s death anniversary.

I know that.

You vowed to not see, hear, or
get involved in worldly matters.

You cannot forget that.

For your father’s sake,

for the rest of your life,
you must live as a fool.

I said I get it.

No, the deer meat. Are you
going to let me starve?

Just wait here.

I will cook it up nicely.

I heard you caught some poachers.

Word travels fast.

We rushed over, but we were too late.

Did you get them on your own?

You are too curious.

Did you come just to ask me that?

My dad sent me.

We have an empty house.

You and Lady Sa can move to Ghost Valley.

Do not refuse this time.

We all live in hiding in some mountain.

This place is just as good as Ghost Valley.

Both Mother and I feel more comfortable here.

I knew you would say that.

Hey. Is this all you picked?

It is getting harder to find
wild animals and good herbs.

Oh. Pil Gu said that…

Mount Songhak is the place to go.

There are herbs everywhere.

Mount Songhak?

You will not find anything like this.

Come and take a look.

For what reason do they want more taxes?

They are building Jangan Castle.

Every commoner must hand in a roll of cloth.

My goodness. The king is so ruthless.

A roll of cloth?

He might as well ask for
a roll of human skin.

Why will not the spirits take him?

These days, he spends
time drinking with women.

He does not even run the country.

That works for the nobles
on the Five Tribe council.

Darn my life.

Of all the Goguryeo lords,

now none are loyal to the king.

Did you say they are Cheonjubang?

Thanks to the migrants, we got
rid of the king’s family…

without getting blood on our hands.

Are those in the palace the only ones left?

Preparations for that have already begun.

What do you mean by that?

Are you really going to
attack during the ceremony?

The Daedaero disapproved,

so we planned it ourselves.

– But…
– Let us not mention it anymore.



The King of Goguryeo was
always the suspicious type.

It got much worse since his queen died.

The problem is, he has many bedrooms,

and he sleeps in a different one each night.

We cannot tell where he will
sleep on any given night.

His bodyguards are also on high alert.

Our only opportunity…

is when he climbs Mount Songhak’s Cheonjedan.

I will contact the head shaman
until right before the ceremony.

Disguise as a servant girl
and right after the ceremony,

disguise yourself as a shaman.

The place marked there is the shrine.



Where are you going?

To Magnolia Hall with the prince.

I have a present for our sister
to offer at the ceremony.

You do not have a sister.

Princess Pyeonggang is not your true sister.

The late Queen Yeon had an affair,

and she was the dirty result.

So you need not care about a ceremony…

for that dead brat.

Let us go.

Take this to Magnolia Hall.


Who are you?

I apologize, Madam.

The Crown Prince told me to bring this here.

Put it on that small table.

Your Highness?

Did you see where the
maid who just left went?

A maid? What maid?

Did you see anyone?

You must be seeing things.

This garden has such beautiful flowers.

How about I move into Magnolia Hall?

– Please.
– I was just kidding.

Your Highness. Princess.


Is my sister truly dead?

Tomorrow is the ceremony to send her off.

Her farewell ceremony.

Would we ever host such a
ceremony for the living?

The nobles forced me to
sit through the rites.

Tomorrow will be the last one.

But no one found her body.

She could be alive.

Princess Pyeonggang is dead.

– Father.
– Do not…

mention her again.


My goodness. Did you drink yet again?

No ceremony is complete without a drink.

Let us finish this in a hurry
and return to the palace.

We should all get drunk.

Go Geon, Lord of Songhak Fortress
greets His Majesty the King.

We have not met in a long time.

You must be proud of your eldest son.

I instructed him to be on high alert today.

Can I trust that you did?

I fear that…

I am only in charge due to
my fortunate birth rite.

You should put more trust in
your bodyguards than my soldiers.

Are they not the elite
that can take on 100 men?

You even speak in jest.

Your son is better than you.


We must cancel the ceremony.


One of the shamans is an impostor.

She has to be an assassin.

– Are you sure of that?
– Yes.

She changed into their costume…

and mixed in with the group.



Ruining the ceremony could cause
more trouble than we can handle.

The king is in danger.

That is why you must watch carefully.

Speak. Where is Wol Gwang?

He… He went to Mount Geumgang to meditate.

He will return in a month’s time.

Do you mean that Wol Gwang…

is not here?

I am sorry.

I am so sorry.

Wol Gwang!



Stop, stop! I said stop!

– Stop! Stop!
– Your Majesty!



How come you…

Keep climbing!

Hold on tight!

Come on, climb up quick!

What on earth happened?

Darn it.

Ga Jin failed?

Find her quickly.

We must find her before
anyone from Goguryeo does.

– Yes, Chief.
– Yes, Chief.

You should recover on your
own if I have done this much.

Please save me.

Save me.

She would not have taken the mountain pass.

Search the forest thoroughly.

– Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir.


Where are we going?

Do not worry.

I am not going to kill you.

My goodness.

I told you not to sneak up on me like that.

What did you catch this time?

Did you catch a deer or an elk?

My goodness…

You brought someone?

It is not just anyone.

She is injured.

My gosh. My goodness.

If she got hurt,

you should have taken her to
the village, not bring her here.

Things were chaotic down the mountain.

Do not worry.

Once she is all better, I will send her away.

My goodness.



I ran into some soldiers…

while I was outside picking herbs.

And she saved me.

Did you get hurt?

No, I am fine.

She tried to save my life.

How could I just leave her there?

She got hit by an arrow because of me.

Let her stay for a few days.

There is nothing I can do anyway. I am blind.


Okay, do whatever you want.

Now that we have one more person here,

your old mother will stay up all night…

to sew her clothes and cook for her.

Goodness, my entire body aches.

Goodness, my body.

And once…

the soldiers come to find her here,

I will accept my fate and die.

Goodness, my darn life.

I have such an unfortunate life.




Fight properly!


You need to learn how to fight…

in order to protect me!

You witch!

Who do you think you are?

How dare you look at me that way!

Get lost! Go!

Get away! Get lost!

The time has come.

She is here to take me away.

She is here to take me with her.

Fine. Take me with you.

Take me with you, Pyeonggang.

Goodness, what are we going to do?

He will not be able to
go to war in that state.

Should I take care of him tonight?

Go ahead.

If you get lucky and get
pregnant with a prince,

it will be even better.

That is not what I meant.

What a way to wake up.


From now on, do not hurt others…

and look after yourself as well.

Your life is precious.

What am I doing here?

You begged me to save you.

– I did?
– Yes, you did.

“Please save me.” That is what you said.

I said that?

Yes. My gosh.

Are you not eating the
porridge because you want rice?

I am not hungry.

Mother, stop staring at her.
She will not be able to eat.

I am not staring. I cannot
see anything anyway.

What is your name?

Yeom Ga Jin.

My goodness, what a pretty name.

What do you do for a living?

She is a maid.

She works at the palace.

I did not ask you.

Does that mean you work for the king?

– Yes.
– I see.

That explains your gentle voice…

and pretty face.

You cannot even see her.

I do not need to see to know.

By the way,

how did you get to know Dal?

Oh, that is my name.

On Dal.

You did not even tell her your name?

We had no time for that.


Ga Jin…

Thank you for the food.

You are done already? You should eat more.

Eat a bit more.

I need to go to the bathroom.


She barely even ate anything.

You were angry at me for bringing her home.

Why are you asking her so many questions?

I can tell by touching her hands
that she is not a kitchen maid.

She is a maid who works at the palace.

But her hands are too rough to be a maid.

I wonder what she does.

Get over here!


Come here! Come here!


You are dead.

I caught you!

Mother, you were supposed to
catch the chicken, not her.

If she saw me, she should have avoided me.

I am the one who is blind.

– My goodness.
– My gosh.

Mother, now that you are lying here,

take a look at the sky.

The sky is beautiful.

It is so blue.

You are right.

It is very blue.

How nice.

Get changed.

My mother stayed up all
night sewing that for you.

It may not be fancy, but it will do.

What did you just say?

I made that even though I am blind.
You should give me more credit.

What is the matter with you?

Just get out here already.

– Ga Jin!
– Be quiet.

Ga Jin, you are alive.

We searched all over Mount
Songhak, Mount Samjeong,

and Mount Daeseong to find you.

What about the chief?

He told us to find you and bring you back.

What happened?

I do not know.

Why did I do that?

Is that supposed to be
a question or an answer?

Mother, why are you going through her stuff?

You told me she is a maid on the run.

Why does a maid have all these weapons?

Well, let me explain.

Is she a killer?

Is she the reason why there
were soldiers last night?

Answer me.


I want her gone right now.

Mother, she has not even recovered yet.

And then what?

Do you think we will be safe here?

Do you think a killer will let us live…

even after having seen her face?

Is anyone home?

Weol Yi?


The village ladies told me
to give you some vegetables.

You did not have to come
all the way here to do that.

My goodness, that is just how
much we all care about you.

By the way, Dal, the traps
you set up are a mess.

By any chance,

do you think the lady you saved…

cut them open and ran away?


By the way, who is the guy who lives here?


He set up tons of traps.

We were able to avoid
getting caught thanks to me.

– If not…
– Ga Jin!


Yeom Ga Jin!

Why are you not killing him?

He saw your face.

Then you should kill him That is our rule.

Yeom Ga Jin!

His life is precious.


What did you just say?

She said his life is precious.

So what? You are going to break the rules?

If you let him live, the
chief will punish you.

I want you guys to go back.

Do not tell anyone that you found me.

If you cannot kill him,

we will do it for you.

If we must kill him, I will do it myself.


There is a way not to kill him.

What is that?

Seduce him and get married.

Then he will become one of us,

so you will not have to kill him.

That is how Deuk Jae got
himself a wife last year.

Cut the nonsense.

What? Ga Jin does not want to kill him.

Ga Jin, what is it that you want?

Yeom Ga Jin!

Should I kill him…

or seduce him?

Yeom Ga Jin!

What are you doing in there?

Gosh, I looked everywhere for you.

Here. Hold onto this.

Get lost.

What are you staring at?

Did you catch a cold?

Do you have a fever?

No, I do not.

I think you do.

Oh, dear. Your wound might get infected.

I have my appetite back, so I am all good.

It is not cooked yet.

Tell me if you are going to leave.

Do not just go about and mess up my traps.

Your traps are covered in many layers.

Why did you set up so many?

Are you that scared of wild animals?

I am not afraid of animals.

I am afraid of humans.


I was worried because I thought
you went down the mountain.

You were worried…

about me?

My mother told me…

to make you pay for the herbs,

at least.

You have a quick eye for a profit
for people living in the mountain.

Why do you not make a living by
selling things in the village?

Why do you live in hiding?

I do not know.

How did your mother hurt her eyes?

It just happened.

It is okay. You do not have to tell me.



Father, Father!


Father. Father…

Did you come with Un Am?


The princess made it to Yibullansa.

Well done.

I am proud of you.


I wanted to tell you…

I am sorry…

for making you break your sword.

I know.

Father, let us escape from here.

Come with me, Father.

Come with me.


A general cannot disobey the king’s order.

Father… What about me?

How should I live without you?

What about the villagers?

I am here to save those lives.



There will be…

no revenge.

There should be no resentment…

in your life.

Live an ordinary life… No.

Live like a fool…

and live peacefully…

and quietly.

A fool?






Father… Father…



– How could they do this?
– My goodness.

– My gosh.
– I cannot believe this.

This cannot be happening.

– Poor him.
– Be quiet!

General, I will take good care of the tribe.

Do not worry about your son.

I will protect him.

– Father!
– No!

Dal! Do not be like this.

– Dal!
– Let go of me!

I have to go see my father.

I have to take his body!

No! I cannot lose you too.

I am not afraid of death.

Let go of me!

You cannot go!


What do you think you are doing?

Lady Sa.

Lady Sa!

Lady Sa!

Lady Sa…

Lady Sa!

Lady Sa! Lady Sa!

Lady Sa.

Lady Sa…

From today,

you will be…

my son!

Are you going to…

– leave your blind mother?
– Lady Sa…

Lady Sa…

Lady Sa…

Lady Sa…

These are from a wild-walnut tree.

They kill the worms in your body.

And these are spicebush leaves.

They help relieve an upset
stomach or clogged arteries.

Starworts help get rid of a cold or phlegm.


this is what you need the most.

Fo-ti root.

If you put its leaf on a wound,

it gets rid of all the pus.

What do you think? Do they interest you?

– What?
– What?

What are you doing?

People pay good money for these.

You need to make a living too.

Did you not say that you
ran away from the palace?

This may be wilder than working as a maid,

but it is not that bad.

And you will not have nightmares.

Is that you, Dal?


You should go to bed.

Come here.

What about the girl?

I brought her back.

She went out for a walk and got lost.

Is she pretty?

– What?
– Is she so beautiful…

that you are crazy for her?

Mother, have you lost your mind?

Do not make me repeat myself.

As soon as the day breaks,
get her out of here.

Otherwise, I will kick her out myself.


Are you in there?

Yes, Father.

You will start working at
the palace from tomorrow.

You will need to guard the palace.


Until the assassin is caught, the
responsibility rests with you.

You asked me to guard the king
during the ceremony out of the blue,

and now you want me to catch the assassin?

Do you want me to do the job halfheartedly…

and lose the assassin?

That is a wild speculation.

Then can I really…

catch the assassin?

I will catch her and
offer her to His Majesty.

He will be proud of you.

And he will appoint you
to a more important post.

I am not interested…

in politics.

But I will make sure to catch the assassin.

The king is in danger.

That is why you must watch carefully.


cannot find out the shameful
secret of our family.

Yeom Deuk…

Yeom Deuk!

Yeom Deuk!

Yeom Deuk.

Yeom Deuk!

Tae Mo, that jerk!

He must have drugged Yeom
Deuk to find where Ga Jin is.

Yeom Deuk, pull yourself together.

It is me, Tara Jin.

Do not come back. Do not ever come back!



Do not forget what I have just said.


Ga Jin.

Why are you here? I was going to see Chief.

What is wrong?

Ma Tae Mo turned your house upside down.

What about my father?

He is fine.

San is taking care of him.

– Let us go.
– Wait.

Yeom Deuk said you should never come back.


He told you to never come back…

and find your real parents first.

My real parents?

What does he mean by that?

Well, he meant…

Chief said you are an orphan.

What did you say?

Gosh, I will just tell you. Yeom
Deuk does not have a family.

That is why Chief told him
to raise you as his daughter.

Stop joking. It is not funny.

He said there is this necklace…

that belongs to you.

He said that will be a token to
help you find your real parents.

A necklace?

But Ma Tae Mo must have taken that.


you are saying I am an orphan, right?



You have not killed him?

You told me to seduce him instead.

You? As if.


Your friend came to pick you up?

– Yes, she is my childhood…
– We met each other in the palace.

She is my hometown friend.

And we worked at the palace together.

I see.

How did you come all the way here?

I followed the footsteps.

What is with you?

Why are you interrogating us?

I am just checking…

if it is okay…

to just send you away like this…

and if the place you are going to is safe.

Oh, I do not have any money
to give you, but take this.

I carved it myself.

The Sunno Tribe… I mean…

Anyway, this means that
we are on the same side.

Same side?

Yes, we are on the same side.

But I have nothing to give you.


Yes, you do.

Darn you!


That sneaky girl…

managed to seduce Dal.

Even if I am scared…

and cannot find out…

who I am and what happened to my family,

then I will not be able to do anything.

We must save her.

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