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Running Man Episode 537 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Running Man Episode 537 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Previously with the Card Shark Association.

Eight card sharks from across the country gathered…

at the first Card Shark Association Meeting.

Jee Seok Jin was elected as the first chairperson,

and Yu Jae Seok ousted him and became the second chairperson.

(Yu Jae Seok ousted Big Nose and became the 2nd chairperson.)

A few months later,

the 2021 Card Shark Association New Year’s Party was held.

(The New Year’s party was held under Chairman Yu’s leadership.)

As soon as the party began,

a wind of change in leadership began to blow among the members.

(The wind of change of leadership began to blow among the members.)

If there were more than 20 caramels in the proposal box,

they could elect a new chairperson.

(The reckless Sally threw her hat into the ring.)

– Sally threw her hat into the ring. – 19 caramels in total.

(Chairman Yu made a plan to prevent it.)

But she lost by one vote. They failed to replace the chairman.

Chairman Yu got to serve another term as the chairman.


And then, the card sharks heard that their rankings…

would determine who gets to go home first.

Can you all step back a little?

The chairman was so eager to go home early…

that he became even more underhanded and extorted money from the members.

(Chairman Yu faced a backlash from the members in the end.)

As the card sharks’ backlash grew more intense,

he finally gets impeached…

and ends up getting rolled in the snow.

The draw for the third Card Shark Chairperson.

Kim Jong Kook becomes the third Card Shark Chairman.

(Members on the verge of bankruptcy get another chance.)

(The member who chose the room with the least number of members…)

(will get three times the amount of caramels they betted.)

(Jae Seok is granted the privilege of his former post and goes first.)

(He thinks it over and chooses room number 1.)

(Senior Card Shark Seok Jin chooses room number 1 too.)

(The third member Kwang Soo…)

(chooses room number 1 as well.)

(My goodness, not you!)

(They feel awful their telepathy connected.)

(They were drawn to each other. What happened to the other members?)

How many did you bet?

– Se Chan? – They’re loaning me 20.

And I have 17 caramels left right now.

– You’re putting all of them in? – All of them?

Of course, I’m going all-in.


Yes, we should make 20.

– 20 caramels… – There’s no need to keep caramels.

– But there are three rooms. – Are you keeping caramels?

– That’s not it. – That means…

you’re planning something.

– That’s not it. – Maybe she’s…

trying to overturn the election.

– She wants to be the chairwoman. – Sir.

– You’re the chairman, sir. – All right.

– I have 50 caramels in debt, sir. – Okay.

It’s a slim chance because there are three rooms.

There are so many members.

If you can just take 10 caramels away from my debt…

So Min kept saying she wanted to be a chairwoman.

I promise you that I will choose room number three.

Well, I personally want to…

stand behind you…

and follow you into the room you choose.

I can do that, right?

But then anyone could betray me after I get in.

Gosh, he’s so sly.

He’s so sly.

– You’re spiteful. – Come on, it’s me!

(Come on, it’s me!)

(Proving how close they are with his short and quick steps.)

– Are you partners? – Jong Kook.

Jong Kook.

(Jong Kook.)

I wish to be in the same room as you, Jong Kook.

Hey, Jong Kook doesn’t like it when people act cute.

Just grab her hand and twist.

Jong Kook, let’s have a meal together.

Just talk to each other…

and decide which room you’ll choose.

– You may go now. – If you just…

come to an agreement…

I went all-in.

Here’s the proposal box.

I’m completely broke.

(There are 12 caramels in the box thanks to Seok Jin.)

Thank you.

– There are three rooms upstairs. – All right.

– You may choose one room. – Okay.

(Se Chan doesn’t put any caramels in the box and goes upstairs.)

I’m totally broke now.

I’m coming in.

(The telepathic 3 are nervous about the 4th member.)

I’m coming in now.

This is psychology.

Shall I go into the 1st room I see? Room number 1.

(Will Se Chan choose room number 1 too?)


Shall I turn right and choose room number two?

Gosh, room number three is too far away.

(Yang Kka Chi talks to himself while he makes a deduction.)

(But then he looks at room number 1.)


I made up my mind.

I should…

choose the farthest room that no one else will choose.

(He’s in front of room number 3 but which room will he really go into?)

Here I go.

(He chose room number 3 with no one inside.)

This is it.

I think members will be packed in one room.

I just want to hear which room you’ll choose.

(Haha acts cute so he can use the chairman’s authority.)

Gosh, this really has to work…

so I can pay back my debt.

Gosh, can’t I get some information?

(Gosh, can’t I get some information?)

(He’s blatantly brown-nosing to the chairman.)

I have a lot of debt.

– The partner is sad. – It won’t be that easy.

Your partner is sad.

Why does this sound real to me?

This feels real.

– Like, it’s not a game but reality. – Your partner is sad.

It feels bad when someone close to you is in trouble.

So Min, how many will you put in?

Well, I will…

put 25 caramels in.

– Me too. – Jong Kook, which room?

(Jong Kook doesn’t answer.)

I’m off.

(She gets nothing from him and leaves.)

Come on. I was acting cute…

but Jong Kook didn’t respond to it.

I acted cute.

It’s so upsetting.

He didn’t give me any information either.

(There are 12 caramels in the proposal box.)

(And So Min adds another nine caramels.)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… There.

I have 50 caramels in debt.

(A total of 21 caramels means Jong Kook will be replaced.)

(The room Sally chose is…)

This is awesome.

(room number 2 with no one inside!)



Let’s see how many caramels are inside.

There’s a lot.

(The box is full.)


(Interested in room number 2)

(Please don’t come in here.)

(Haha chooses room number 2 and ends up with So Min.)

– Why did you choose this room? – Hey, this is a good thing.

(Zoned-out Jeoktoma is next.)

(Zoned-out Jeoktoma goes into room number 3.)

(2 members in room number 2, 2 members in room number 3)

(Only one room will be chosen.)

(3 in room 1, 2 in room 2, and 2 in room 3.)

(Now it depends on Jong Kook’s choice.)

– Everyone’s done. It’s your turn. – Okay.

You can use your chairman’s chance.

I’ll use the chance…

Also, for each mission,

(The chairperson gets one chance for every mission.)

(The chance is to make a rule and carry it out right away.)

(One time only chance only the chairperson can use.)

You can use your chairman’s chance.

I’ll use the chance…

(How will he use his chance?)

to know which room each member chose.

– Right now… – Yes.

(He’s planning to choose the room with the fewest members.)

– In room number one, there are… – All right.

– Jae Seok, Seok Jin, and Kwang Soo. – All right.

So Min and Haha are in room number two.

Se Chan and Ji Hyo are in room number three.

– There are 3, 2, and 2 members. – Okay, I got it.

So what will happen…

if I make it 3, 3, and 2?

– 3, 3, and 2? – Two rooms fail?

Yes, two rooms will fail.

– Then members in those rooms fail. – You’re right.

– And they get… – Nothing.

– And members in the other room? – They will be rewarded.

The members in the room you didn’t choose.

Well, then I should… I won’t make a lot of caramels.

Then I should take some caramels first.

You may go now.

I only need to leave 15 caramels.

Give me a minute. My goodness.

(Getting ready to step down while taking what he wants)

I should take some of this at least.

My goodness.

It’s the worst scenario.

(The victory depends on his choice. So which room will he choose?)

How did it go? Is it 2, 2, and 3?

– Is it 2, 2, and 3? – I’m sorry.

(Members in room number 2 fail.)

I had no choice.

– See? I said this would happen. – Because…

I could see that So Min was waiting for revenge.

Gosh, how could you do this to me?

The game is over!

3 members in room number 1, 3 members in room number 2,

and 2 members in room number 3.

– Yes! – Room number 3 wins.

(Ji Hyo and Se Chan in room number 3 win!)

– Jong Kook saved us. – Jong Kook!

– Jong Kook, thank you! – Thank you!

– I’ll pay you back. – You don’t have to.

– You’re the best. – Thank you so much.

– I’ll repay your kindness. – Yes, we will.

– We’ll pay you back. – Good luck.

– Okay. – Thank you, Jong Kook.

Thank you!

Okay, let’s go. It’s the last round.

Let’s play it fair and square.

(This game is a must at a card sharks’ gathering.)

(The Card Shark Association members’ favorite mission, Card Game of Wits)

– Won’t it come off? – Gosh, it hurts.

My goodness. It really hurts.

– Jae Seok. – It hurts.

– I should pick them up. – Jae Seok.


– That’s cheating. – You can’t do this.

That’s cheating.

– Just pick them up. – Don’t.

– Tell them they can’t do this. – Call the police.

– Come on. – What are you doing?

– He’s crazy. – Don’t do this.

– Don’t. – You can’t do that.

He goes crazy when someone drops caramels.

(As he drops caramels, beggars gather to pick them up.)

I can do whatever I want.

You should take those away.

– This isn’t right. – I just got one.

Take away one more caramel from the ones who were greedy.

– That’s a warning. – Seriously.

Okay, let’s do this. It’s the last round!

– Okay. – Let’s do this.

It’s time for me to play a remarkable part, right?

I’m sorry, but please take your hand out of the pocket.

Just take your hand out of the pocket.

How dare you tell me what to do?

(Punishing him right away)

(How dare you talk back to the chairman?)

– Are you all right, sir? – You did a good job.

Hey, what are you doing?

– What? – Now you’re…

– sticking to him? – You’re getting more and more…

(The person next to him talks and he hits him too.)

– Good job. – Are you okay, sir?

– I’m good. Good. – What on earth is he doing?

– What’s wrong with him? – Just calm down.

– What’s with this beggar? – Calm down.

– Hey. – Kwang Soo.

– What’s wrong with you? – He’s gone crazy, right?

– Just calm down. – He’s crazy.

– Calm down. – We’ll see when I become the boss.

– Okay. – Elect another chairperson.

After the meal,

these are the caramels Se Chan and Ji Hyo get.

– Gosh. – It was so close.

Se Chan gets this much.

– That much? – Wait.

My debts are settled, right?

– And you still got that many? – I get 57, right?

Se Chan.

Just give me a second.

– Come on. – Se Chan?


– Se Chan? – Yes.

Jong Kook.

– It’s a formal membership fee. – All right.

It’s okay to pay the fee, right?

– Should I… – Yes, if you want to.

Well, I want to…

– It’s not mandatory. – But I want to…

– Just pay the fee. – Yes, I want to…

pay the fee voluntarily.

I won’t even count it.

I’ll just pay without counting.

– But we’ll change the chairperson. – Yes, we’re going to.

– Oh, right. – He’s not the chairman anymore.

– Give me five. – Then why are you acting bossy?

Why did you tell him that already?

Wait a minute.

You didn’t have to tell him that.


(He’s not the chairman anymore?)

(If he’s not the chairman, Kka Chi becomes merciless.)

(The chairman gets really mad.)

(He comes to being Jong Kook and punishes Violent Kka Chi.)

Hey, calm down.

(He comes to being Jong Kook and punishes Violent Kka Chi.)

Pull yourself together.

It doesn’t matter if I’m the chairman or not!

– It’s me! – I know.

I would’ve lost caramels if I didn’t know.

– My goodness. – So the chairperson…

– has been replaced. – All right.

– 21 caramels were gathered. – Okay!

– There were 21 caramels? – Yes.

– I understand. – So…

the former chairman…

– will fill in the roulette. – All right.

– I’ll do my best if you pick me. – Sure.

If you support me,

I won’t let these beggars bother you anymore.

Please write my name down.

(Suddenly changes his attitude and grovels)

Please write my name down, sir.

(My back hurts because I got hit before.)

(As he turns away from Kwang Soo, Jae Seok offers him 2 caramels.)

– I can’t believe him. – Help me out.

I understand.

I’ve been holding this for you.

First, there are people I made promises to.

Jong Kook, please write my name on it.

– First, Ji Hyo. – Okay.

– Song… – Song Jeoktoma.

Song Jeoktoma.

– She accepted that nickname. – She calls herself that now.

She calls herself Song Jeoktoma.

– “I am Song Jeoktoma.” – Write Sanchez too, please.

(Write Sanchez too, please.)

– Your name is Sanchez? – Yes, that’s my name.

– I didn’t know your name until now. – My name is Sanchez.

– Please write Jong Kook Wannabe. – Sally too.

– Then I will… – He called himself JW.

Jong Kook Wannabe.

– Call me JW. – JW.

– JW. – Can I write five names?

– Two spots for Yang Kka Chi. – All right!

– One for Sanchez and Jee Ha Ryong. – Sanchez.

– Let’s go! – All right.

– I’m cheering for you. – I hope it’ll be me.

– Let’s go. – Yang Kka Chi! Please.

– Let’s go. – This is our last chance.

– Two spots for Yang Kka Chi. – Go, Haha!

– Sanchez and Jee Ha Ryong. – Let’s go!

– Let’s go! – I’m cheering for you.

I hope I’ll be chosen.

Here we go.

Let’s go, Mullet Gang!

– Are you ready? – Yes, let’s go.

I have no idea who will be the chairperson.

– Please let it be me. – What a shame.

– Yang Kka Chi. Please. – Here we go.

– Sanchez. – Go!

Please, please. Sanchez.


– Yang Kka Chi. – Haha.

– Jee Ha Ryong. – I hope it won’t be Se Chan.

– Jee Ha Ryong. – You hope I won’t be elected?

– Of course. – Jee Ha Ryong.

One spot is enough.

– Is it me? – Haha!

– Haha! – Ha Dong Hoon!

(The new chairman is Haha!)

– Okay. – Ha Dong Hoon!

Ha Dong Hoon!

(Haha became the chairman before the final match!)

– Ha Dong Hoon! – This is driving me nuts.

Oh, my. Haha, congratulations.

– Congratulations, Haha. – Congratulations.

Why, at this important juncture?

– For now… – I’m so upset.

– You see… – I’m completely upset.

Who earned caramels in the last game?

(Now that I’m wearing the armband…)

– Who earned caramels? – Ji Hyo and Se Chan.

But didn’t I give you five caramels earlier?

I know. Give me just three then.

– Give me just three caramels. – Is this what this position is for?

– Gosh. He’s practically a gangster. – Give me now.

Don’t call me a gangster.

– I mean… – Give me three caramels now.

I’ll give you five caramels of my own accord.

– Oh, my. Jong Kook. – Here you go.

I’m willing to give you this.

– Gosh. Those punks. – Exactly. This is driving me crazy.

Spend it for your own personal use.

Okay. Thank you.

He’s so annoying.

– Hey, that’s enough. – Gosh, he’s so annoying.

– I think you’ll go home early. – Come on.

So the third chairman has been elected.

Is he the last chairman by any chance?


– Now… – What a shame.

– This is the most important time. – I wish I was the last chairman.

– This is the most important time. – I couldn’t even run for chairman.

We’ll give you additional 20 caramels for the final game.

– Okay. – I’ll go all-in.

I’ll explain the final mission to you now.

Only five of you can play the game,

and the other three will take a number and wait.

– The chairman will decide it too. – Okay.

When someone goes bankrupt, that person will be replaced.

(When you go bankrupt, you’ll be disqualified.)


after two rounds, the person with the most caramels…

will receive the prize and go home right away.

– Right away? – Yes.

You can just pick up the envelope and leave.

That sounds awesome.

(After 2 rounds, the person with the most caramels gets to leave!)

(The 1st person to leave can go home 2 hours earlier than usual!)

– Can that person just leave? – Yes.

(The 1st person to leave can go home 2 hours earlier than usual!)

After the person in first place leaves,

– a new player will join the table. – Yes.

Another person will leave after two rounds.

Likewise, the person in first place will leave each time.

It’s better to play the game from the start.

(The 1st place in each game will leave and be replaced.)

– Can that person just leave? – Yes.

Only five of you will receive a prize.

– The rest three will get a penalty. – I see.

When you go bankrupt… Do you see the pawnshop over there?

– Yes. – At the pawnshop,

you can pawn any of your belongings including your clothes,

– and borrow 20 for each item. – Got it.

– 20 caramels for each item. – Okay. I think…

Are you saying we’ll end up wearing nothing but our underwear?

– Wearing nothing but underwear, – If I take off my jacket…

we should continue to play the game?

– That’s fine by me. – It’ll be inappropriate.

I can do it while wearing nothing but my underwear.

– Nothing but underwear. – Are you sure about this?

You should accept my wig, okay?

– I’ll pawn my wig. – No.

I’m wearing boxer briefs, so it’ll look like shorts.

– Me too. – Okay. Let’s do this.

– I’m wearing boxer briefs. – Me too.

The chairman should choose the 1st 5 people to play the game,

and the 6th, 7th, and 8th players to join the table later.

The people who start the game first will be at an advantage…

as they have more chances.

How about rock-paper-scissors? That’d be democratic.

– I’ll let you decide. – Me too.

Of course, it’s up to him. Why does it need to be democratic?

– You just shut your mouth. – Pardon?

You’re the former chairman.

– What? – Gosh, seriously. Why?

Did you see him? He was like this.

He was taken aback. He was surprised.

Why? What are you going to do?

He pushed Jong Kook even before he knew it.

– He was flustered. – Why?

He must’ve been really scared.

(As the hand moved on its own, the owner was flustered.)

– What was that? – He was…

He was taken aback.

I apologize.

He was taken aback.

Don’t do that again.

– You know… – He was like…

how I lose control sometimes, right?

– I know. – You know, right?

A moment of courage can…

– I don’t usually… – He was surprised when he…

heard this sound.

(His heart rate went up when he heard the sound.)

– Let’s have a match. – All right.

Let’s play the game together.

There should be an easy target too.

– True. – Let’s do this.

– I’ll be playing the game. – Okay.

– You know me, right? – Please pick me.

So will Jong Kook.

Thank you.

I knew he would choose me.


– Haha, if you… – Kka Chi, you’re in.

– Okay. – Gosh.

– Two seats are left. – And Ji Hyo.

– Okay. – That’s great.

It’s better for me not to join them now.

– You should choose 1 more person. – Oh, 1 more?

And you have to decide the 6th, 7th, and 8th players.

(Only 1 seat is left. The other 3 will be waiting!)

(Let me think.)

Please let me be the sixth player.

Since Sanchez is good at raising the stakes…

– Let me just tell you this. – He’s good at it.

– But Sanchez is… – Listen to me.

– It’ll be helpful for me. – Don’t play with amateurs.

– Sanchez acts recklessly sometimes. – He’s bold.

Don’t play with amateurs.

– Sanchez will join us. – Okay.

– I’m in. – Who’s next?

– Pick the sixth player. – Haha.

– Haha, please. – Kwang Soo will be the sixth.

– What about me? – And next…

– You’re the sixth player. – When can I play?

– You will join later. – Am I the last one?

– Then… – I gave you a caramel too.

I gave you one caramel.

– Is So Min the last one? – Okay.

– Then… – Let them play rock-paper-scissors.

What? Hey, So Min, calm down.

(She threw her bag on the floor as she kept being pushed back.)

Hey, So Min, calm down.

Gosh. She’s actually mad.

Okay, So Min. I pick you.

– Come on. – She’s actually upset.

I pick you, So Min.

– I pick you. – She actually got upset.

– How many times did I tell you? – I know.

– How could you do this to me? – I’m sorry.

– Hey, hey. – Oh, no. My caramels.

(Whenever caramels fall on the floor,)

(a gang of caramel thieves swarms around.)

(They probably like caramels most out of all adults in the country.)

Give me that.

(They probably like caramels most out of all adults in the country.)

(The adults who are serious when it comes to caramels)

– Give me that. Come on. – Gosh, seriously.

You mean punks.

– They’re unbelievable. – Exactly.

– My gosh. – Gosh, seriously.

Decide where we should sit too.

– I’ll sit here. – I see.

– Why are you wearing the armband? – So I’m the eighth, right?

– Please sit here. – Am I the eighth?

If you’re ready…

All right.

I’m so nervous.

– The final mission is… – I hope one of us will go bankrupt.

the upgraded version of the Card Game of Wits.

– It’s been upgraded? – I see.

In front of each of you, there’s a set of blue forehead cards…

– numbered from 1 to 10. – From 1 to 10.

And below them, there are two sets of red cards…

– numbered from 1 to 10. – 2 sets of red cards.

This time, you put one blue card on your forehead.

You can’t see the card.

– And then you pick two red cards. – Okay.

You should put 1 of those 2 cards in front of you…

– after checking the numbers. – I see.

Whether the number is higher or lower than the other,

you should put 1 of the 2 red cards in front of you…

so that the other players can see it.

– After checking the numbers… – So if you reveal…

The person with the highest total of the three cards wins.

If there are two winners, they divide the caramels.

(The person with the highest total of the 3 cards wins!)

Revealing the card with the lower number could be your strategy…

– or vice versa. – RIght.

So there’s one card that only the player can see.

All right. Let’s do this.

It’s important to decide which card you’ll show the others.

Before we begin, please put one forehead card on your forehead.

Let’s go!

(The player can’t see the card on his or her forehead.)

– This is important. – You should choose a good one.

I can see who will go bankrupt very soon.

The one sitting next to Sanchez…

(The players don’t know the numbers on their foreheads.)

– I must not see the number, right? – That’s right.

The highest number is… There’s no zero, right?

That’s right. They’re numbered from 1 to 10.

– That’s good. – Let me see.

Does he have a higher number?

We shouldn’t tell you that.

(The chairman picked 10 from the start.)

Can’t we see it?

– Oh, this is interesting. – They picked those numbers.

Is that so?

– Now, pick two red cards. – It’s not bad.

Now, pick two red cards and check the numbers.

(They’ll choose 2 red cards.)

– I choose these two. – Check the numbers.

And show only one of them to the other players.

(They’ll reveal only 1 of the 2 cards they picked!)

– After checking the numbers. – Gosh.


Can you not look at your cards like that?


– How else should we look at them? – I mean…

– But how should we look at them? – Tell us.

I’m sorry, but can you tell us the appropriate position?

– Like this. Do it like me. – Pardon?

That’s the appropriate position?

– Look at Se Chan. – Like this?

Like this?

– Is this okay? – Yes.

I look nice, right?

Don’t peek.

Aren’t we allowed to do this?

– Oh, gosh. – Of course, that’s not allowed.

It’s not allowed?

Now, please put 1 of the 2 cards in front of you.

(It’s time to reveal 1 of the 2 cards!)

They must’ve put down the one with the lower number.

That might be their strategy.

They might have put down the higher one.

Oh, my. He put down that card.

Hey, Jong Kook.

That might be the higher one.

He might’ve put down the higher one to make the others give up.

(The person with the highest total wins!)

(The current totals)

You may begin betting starting with the chairman.

– Bet, please. – Go ahead.

– Okay. – Go ahead.

(He bet only 1!)

– Just 1 caramel? – Just 1?

You should go big if you have a good hand.

– You’re betting just one too? – Yes.

I’ll see your one…

– It goes on quite long. – How many betting rounds are there?

– I’ll raise five more. – Until the game ends?

– You raise five more. – Yes.

– Are you done? – Yes.

I’ll fold.

She decided to fold already?

She decided to fold already?

I would call if my hand is not too bad.

You’ll fold too?

(Even the bold Sanchez gave up.)

I’ll fold.

(Sanchez and Song Jeoktoma are out.)

– You should never do that. – But it wasn’t so bad.

Se Chan, you checked your cards, right?

– Yes, I did. – Haha, it’s your turn.

– I’ll fold too. – Really?

– What? – Why?

Next up is Jong Kook.

(As Haha gave up, Jong Kook realized that he has a big number.)

– If you need more time to think… – I’ll raise 15 more.

– 15 more caramels. – Really?


20 caramels.

(Kim Grand Award bets a lot of caramels from the start.)

(Now, what’s important is Se Chan’s choice.)

With 15 more caramels, the number is 20.

– On top of five caramels… – That’s right.

I added the caramels on top of them.

Look at Se Chan. Se Chan.

(Look at Se Chan.)

Se Chan, will you go all-in?

– Jong Kook. – No takebacks.

I calculated wrong.

(I calculated wrong.)

(Instead of using the poker face,)

I calculated his numbers wrong.

(he calculated the one-digit numbers wrong.)

I thought I had a chance of winning,

but my calculation was completely off.

– I wondered why you didn’t fold. – Seriously.

I will fold.

– Okay. – Jong Kook is the winner.

– Check the cards. – Look at that.

Jong Kook did a good job.

(Was my number 10?)

– My goodness. – Look at that.

For the next round…

(Was the number on my head also 9?)

Was my number nine?

Didn’t you know? My goodness.

I had the best numbers.

I should have bet more caramels.

– They will have an advantage later. – That’s right.

They had small numbers this time.

It will be hard for Jong Kook to have big numbers now.

It will be hard.

For goodness’ sake.

It’s best to get high numbers at once…

and win all the caramels.

The first round is over.

One member will leave after the next round.

(The winner will be decided after the next round!)

(Kwang Soo volunteers to clean up.)

All of them are mine.

All of them are mine. My goodness.

Give them to me.

Jong Kook, please give me one.

– Thank you. Good luck. – Jong Kook.

Jong Kook, please give me one.

(The part-timer gets a tip.)

– Okay. – Let me know if you need a drink.

No, thank you.

– There is an ashtray too. – Jong Kook, I am ready.

Hold on.

– I will catch it like a seal. – I am thirsty.

(I am thirsty.)

I am thirsty.

– Jong Kook. – I am thirsty.

Are you thirsty?

– Yes. – Here you go.

I will get you water.

Come back to the table.

I don’t have any more caramels to give out.

I want to receive a caramel.

– Do you want to receive a caramel? – Yes.

Here comes the second round.

I need to win this time.

Please let it be a good number.

I haven’t had my lucky break yet.

Let’s see.

Let’s see. Let’s see.

Jae Seok. Gosh, Jae Seok.


Those who got small numbers earlier…

still have big numbers in their decks.

This is… Never mind.

Be quiet.

– Shall we go? – This is fascinating.

– This is incredible. – They picked strange numbers.

(He is acting cool with 2 on his forehead.)

Okay, okay.

This is…

(He is playing mind games by himself.)

(Jong Kook stifles his laughter.)

This is interesting.

The cards are interesting.

All right. Open a card each.

– This is a matter… – I picked one.

of showing the bigger number or the smaller number.

(He is using his poker face.)

In the beginning…

– If he does that… – Se Chan’s number is one.

One card.

Don’t save up on the caramels.

– All right. – Bet them.

(The current total)

Haha goes first, right?

(The current total)

(Haha bets first.)

Here comes one caramel.

Okay. One caramel.

Five caramels.


Are you seriously betting 5 caramels when your number is 1?


You did add the numbers, right?

I didn’t subtract them, okay?

I can fold, right?

– I will fold. – Okay.

Ji Hyo.

Will you bet on your hands?

Will you bet on your hands?

All right. It has begun.

(He bets with a small number on his forehead.)

– All right. – I will go all-in.

– Really? – It went into Ji Hyo’s box.

– Jae Seok! – That’s Ji Hyo’s box.

– I will go all-in. – How many caramels are there?

19 caramels.

I feel bad for him.

(Sanchez bet all 19 caramels.)

– I go big. – All right.

I feel bad for him.

Right now,

are you okay?

(Right now, are you okay?)

– Listen. – He will regret it.

I don’t think about the future.

It could go either way.

– I don’t think about the future. – That’s right.

– I don’t think about the future. – His choice will ruin the present.

I don’t think about the future.

– I calculated the maximum number. – I don’t think about the future.

All right.

– Let’s go. – Listen.

If the card he hasn’t revealed is 10,

his total is 18, right?

– You shouldn’t say that. – You shouldn’t say that.

(You shouldn’t say that.)

his total is 18, right?



– Is that it? – Listen.

– Hey. – Jae Seok is flustered.

He went all-in anyway.

(He unexpectedly found out about the small number on his forehead.)

I mean… How could you do that?

Hold on.

I mean… How could you do that?

Why did you say that?

What do you think you are doing?

– Listen. – No, no.

No, no. Hold on.

Jae Seok is the most surprised.

He keeps tapping on the table.

Look at his hand. He keeps tapping on the table.

– Guys. – You saw how he was, right?

He was acting all haughty.

– He suddenly became small. – How could you reveal the number?

– Seriously. – His jaw almost hit the floor.

How could you reveal that my total is 18?

Do I need to go into this knowing that two is on my forehead?



Do I need to go into this knowing that two is on my forehead?

Take off your clothes and go to the pawnshop later.

This is ridiculous.

Two is on his forehead.

Please decide.

(Sanchez bet caramels with 2 on his forehead,)

(so Haha raises.)

– I mean… – Put them in your box.

– If you lose… – I have to win no matter what.

Excuse me.

His numbers make me want to raise,

but I will fold because of Haha’s numbers.

– This is bad. – You should have kept going.

Se Chan needs to win.

I will fold.

(Se Chan folds as well.)

So it’s a match between Haha and Jae Seok.

– Open. – The last card must be 10.

– Jae Seok lost. – He lost.


(The current total)

– 4 and 8. – I saw those numbers.

I don’t know this number.

– It’s 8. – 8.


(Haha’s 2 cards make 12.)

(What’s the number on his hidden card?)

– He won. – He will get the caramels.

– 6? – 18.

(The hidden card is 6.)

(Haha’s total is 18!)

(Hidden card, opened card, and forehead card)

(Jae Seok’s hidden card must be 10 for it to be a tie.)

– 10? – It’s 8.

(It’s 8.)

(With the final score of 18 to 16, Haha wins!)


He is broke!

I was so close.

– Jae Seok, you are out. – He is broke.

That was great.

– I go next, right? – Kwang Soo, go on in.

– I think it’s my turn. – No, it’s Kwang Soo’s turn.

Please count the caramels.

(The winner is the member with the most number of caramels!)

The winner is the member with the most number of caramels.

This is fun. I don’t want to go home.

I have 32 caramels.

63 caramels.

– What? – 65 caramels.

65 caramels?

70 caramels.

– Jong Kook is the winner. – Jong Kook, you won.

– Okay! – 70 caramels?

– My goodness. – Does he get to go home?

I get to go home.

– Do you get to go home? – I am so annoyed.

I wanted to see this game through.

It was cool.

– I am so annoyed. – You are cool.

Please take the envelope for the first place.

Okay. Guys, use the caramels well.

– I am so annoyed. – Gift certificate.

– Do I take it? – It’s really thick.

My goodness.

– Does he really get to go home? – Really?

I will get going now.

Does he really get to go home?

– Bye, Jong Kook. – All right.

Do I really get to go home?

(Do I really get to go home?)

Gosh, thank you.

Can I really leave?

I am going.

So Min, sit down. For goodness’ sake.

– I want to leave work early. – What time is it now?

I feel so antsy now that one person has left.

I want to leave work.

– I am ready to go home! – Seriously.

You know that losers will get a penalty, right?

What’s the penalty?

– But the losers leave the last. – There is an additional penalty.

Then Jae Seok will get the penalty.

That’s not true.

I don’t have any debts.

He might pawn his belongings.

What will he pawn?

I should have worn more items.

Four each, right?

(At that moment)


(He puts a caramel in his mouth.)

(Humming in approval)


(Is it mine?)

Where did you get it?

You… You are in no position to eat a caramel.

– Why not? – You are broke.

It’s not like I will take these caramels home.

But they are cash here.

(He is in 1st place when it comes to getting absorbed.)

– That’s the way it is here. – Will you use them…

to buy something at a mart?

I can’t do that.

I can’t bet…

If either of the cards I see has a low number.

– Right? – Me neither.

Do you know why that’s the case? You are cowardly.

– Really? – You are weak.

You are small-minded.


– You sit there with high hopes. – Let’s see how you do later.

– Seriously. – I want to see them compete.

I know. I want them to have a 1-on-1 match.

Aren’t you the one who went all-in with two on your forehead?

That’s me. That’s me.

You did that with two on your forehead.

– Let’s begin. – Okay.

You have to go strong.

– Let’s go. – Hurry up.

– The forehead card. – Let’s go.


Gosh, she is playing a character again.

So Min.

She must have watched some movies.

So Min, are you getting chased?

(The look of a runaway)

– Are you getting chased? – I am hiding my face.

I will do well today.

– Let’s go. – Do I put it on my forehead?

(She has the smallest number.)

(Let’s see.)


Hold on. Their numbers will be reflected.

– Gosh. – Gosh.

(Their plan to see their numbers…)

(got busted.)

Gosh, it was going well.

I could have done this. That’s too bad.

The surface is reflective.

I can’t even wear sunglasses.

Those were the perfect sunglasses for pushovers.

– That’s too bad. – The easy target’s sunglasses.

We would’ve been able to see her cards.

Through the reflection.

Such amateurs.

Hold on a second.

Are you going to just sit around and leave?

Are you here to just watch?

I haven’t been offered a seat at the table yet.

(He’s only able to comment from the sidelines.)

My seat won’t open up.

– Of course. – Honestly,

it’s annoying.

– You’re having fun though. – Those clueless…

show their weaker card.

– Can you perform for us? – How?

Your outfit suits the dance.

The one where you elevate your feet.

– Which one? – The one with the feet.

– Should I kill some time then? – Please go ahead.

– Are you up to something there? – He’ll be performing.

– Would you like to see it? – Sure.

– So I walk… – Take a look.

– Like this. – Go, Seok Jin.

Welcome, Seok Sam.


(His triple axel)

(He receives caramels as payment.)

(While Corporal Jee is having fun…)

(His vile manager picks up the caramel.)


What on earth?

– Wait. – Jae Seok pocketed them all.

Seok Jin earned money for him.

They weren’t mine, were they?

All right.

Ji Hyo, you’re up first.

(The game begins!)

I’ll fold.


So Min, come on.

Is it my turn? I bet five.

– What? – You should go big.

I’d just love to take everything.

– Me too. – I want them all.

I’ll fold too.

(After contemplating, Haha also folds.)

You’ll now open your cards.

– Let’s do this. – Open them.

– I know I at least beat you. – Do I go first?

Can I take a look?

– Don’t be alarmed. – That’s five and…


(That’s what she gets for betting with the number 1 card.)

– I told you not to be alarmed. – What’s the other one?

It was nine.

– I told you not to be alarmed. – Her total is 15.

I have six.

What about this?

Is this also a six?

A nine, you idiot.

– You’re terrible with numbers. – Seriously?

How can we play…

with someone who can’t even read numbers?

– What’s the other one? – This is nine.

– That’s also 9. – This is also 9.

– Then he won. – This is a six.

9, 9, and 6.

– So a total of 24? – Yes.

I lost.

– What’s my number? – Eight.

– So it was an eight. – What do you have?

– 10? – Is that a 10?

– No, a 1. – A 1.

(Jo Kka Chi bet with a number 1 card.)


I thought he’d fold.

– You should’ve bet more. – Exactly.

I can’t believe it.

Why am I out here when that loser’s playing?

It was an eight?

The pot doesn’t grow with me sitting out here.

No, the game’s lacking a professional.

– Let’s carry on. – The game needs a professional.

(And in the next game…)

(And in the next game…)

Let’s open our cards.

So Min, you’re first.

– 8. – 8, 6…

– 6. – That’s 14.

And eight.

(Her total is 22.)

– 4, 6… – I’m glad I folded.

– 4… – That’s 22.

– 6, and 10. – What if she has a 10?

– 20. – You’re still in the lead.

– So Min’s still in the lead. – Right.

– It’s 24. – 8 times 2 equals 16.

– That’s 20. – Haha, you lost.

– Darn it. – You have a three.

– What? – A three.

– It’s an 8. – No, a 3.

His hidden card must be a 10.

3, 5, and 9.

(So Min wins the next round.)

(Let me collect my caramels.)

The loser fights back!

– All right. – So Min, gosh.


So Min might end up going home next.

This is a lot. Life’s all about one lucky punch.

I bet you thought I’d lose money today.

(We’re here to escort Ms. Jeon.)

– You must be leaving. – Can I go?

– Bye. – You’re allowed to leave?

– Did she finish in second place? – That’s right.

– I’ll get going, Chairman Ha. – Take care.

– From the ground up… – Bye, Se Chan.

– Bye. – Take care, everyone.

See you.

I had no idea I’d finish in second place.

Just so you know,

I can win games using my brain too.

(And like that, So Min leaves in 2nd place.)

One more can join the table.

– What? – We have room for one more.

– Come on. – Seok Jin, you’re up.

Only one can join?

So Min’s seat is empty now.

Why don’t you join us?

(I’ve been awaiting this moment for an hour now.)

– Join us. – There are no vacant seats.

Shall we?

Let’s do this!

First up,

choose a card to place on your foreheads.

(They choose a card to place on their foreheads.)

It’s hard to guess what’s on our foreheads.

I’ll make a random choice.

None seems to be threatening.

(He waited an hour to sit at the table.)

Seok Jin’s eyes are trembling.

(Will Big Nose be able to seize this opportunity?)

(He cautiously checks his cards.)

I’ll leave it to fate.

They’re neither good nor bad.

Will you be quiet?

They’re neither good nor bad.

(The bankrupt player discourages Big Nose.)

Will you be quiet?

(Take that!)

(After what it took for me to sit here?)

Seok Jin has waited an hour for this.

– You… – And even now…

I didn’t say much.

Will you be quiet?

You shouldn’t have let me see the cards.

I was…

I was going to go all-in, you know.

“They’re neither good nor bad.”

All right, let’s play.

Okay, I’ll go first.

(Total sum)

– That’s 34. – 34?


(The chairperson goes big.)

You’re done for.

– You know how I am, right? – Of course.

– Of course, I do. – After seeing what I have?

24, was it?

(Fold if you’re chicken.)

I only have 17,

– but… – Go ahead.

– Did you see that? – Sure.

I’ll fold.

My number isn’t high enough.

I’ll fold too.

– Then… – Seok Jin, what will it be?

– You’re all-in? – Yes.

Go all-in as well.

We should go big since we still have collateral.

We should go big since we still have collateral.

Maybe next time.

(He casually folds.)

(Is he kidding me?)

– He folded. – Seriously?

Your hidden number was one?

– What do I have on my forehead? – It was a high number.

I had a high number.

You ruined it for me!

– What did I say? – “Neither good nor bad.”

– I’m not wrong. – Are you kidding me?

They’re neither good nor bad.

I was looking forward to a betting game.

– What do you have? – What is it?

I bet he has a 10.

– Really? – He must have a 10.

I bet he has a 10 which makes his total 20.

(What’s the number written on Haha’s hidden card?)


How did you know I drew a 10?

– That’s 20. – 20.

(Haha has a total of 20.)

That’s a high number.

(What about Kwang Soo’s total then?)

– 22. – You have 22?

– 22. – You have 22?

– What? – 22.

– How… – I have 22!


I have 22!

– No way. – Hold on.

– How do you have 22? – I have 22.

9, 7, and 6.

– No way. – I have 22!


Are you kidding me?

– Neither good nor bad… – I’ll keep my mouth shut.

This card is always the issue.

[VIU Ver] SBS E537 Running Man
“2021 Card Shark Association New Year’s Party: The Return of Gamblers”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Synced with Subcake Android

(Ji Hyo chooses the highest number in the pile.)

Let me see.

(He has a good number this time.)

It’s all about the right timing.

I should go big this time.

The same number.

(Total sum)

I’ll go all-in.

I’m going all-in.

Me too.

(You too?)

Se Chan, you’re next.

– Aren’t you going all-in? – Five…

Can I bet just five?

– Of course, you can. – Seriously?

It’ll be over for one of us in this round anyway.

– How many are you betting? – Five, right?

– Yes, five. – How many do you have?

I have 17.


I’ll bet five as well.

That’s five.

I don’t know where his confidence comes from.

– Which cards did they choose? – I just don’t get it.

– I’ll fold. – Yes, that’s better.

– Then… – I’m…


I’m no small fish, you know.

Is there more to life?

Erase that mustache if you’re going to give a speech.

I can’t help that it grows.

27. I’m going all-in.

Okay. I’ll call…


And play my chance card.

(The chairperson plays his chance card.)

(What will Haha ask for?)

In what way?

I’ll swap the card on my forehead…

– Yes? – I don’t know what I have.

And swap it for the one Seok Jin has.

(Swapping the cards on their foreheads?)


Swap the card for what?

– The one on my forehead. – Your forehead?

– What an idiot. – With yours?

– The one on my forehead… – With the one I have?

The decision has been made.

A chairperson of this level?

How can he be so stupid?

– You… – What’s wrong?

Okay, let’s swap.

Wait, I drew a 10?

That’s how one can bend the rules?

Wait, I drew a 10?


He drew an eight, so…

He drew an eight, so…

(He now sees what he had.)

I’ve never seen such a lackluster game-changer before.

He’ll receive the penalty for sure today.


Why not change the cards…

– presented on the table? – How can you be so dumb?

These cards aren’t allowed.

– Why not? – Why aren’t they allowed?

It’s better than taking a chance with the one on your forehead.

Of course, you’re allowed to swap these cards.

You could’ve swapped…

– all your cards with his. – Unbelievable.

You did it in the most boring way possible.

He’s bad at the game and didn’t even make it funnier.

Can we just give him third place and get rid of him?

Get lost, will you?


Let’s see what he has.

You never know, right?

Please open your cards.

– What do you have? – Here.

Darn it.

– I have 20. – 20?

You have 20?

The six is upside down.

It’s not a nine.

Se Chan, are you kidding me?

Can someone teach him how to read numbers first?

– I… – Is it over for me then?

I have 8, 8, and 9.

(Forehead, Open, Hidden)

– That’s 25. – 25.

– That’s 25. – Unbelievable.

Can the chairperson be any dumber?

– He’s out of chances now? – See?

Haha, what’s your total?


8, 2, and 10.

(He would’ve won had he swapped the cards on the table.)

Am I allowed to leave then?

– No, I am. – No.

Seok Jin, you have 36 in debt.


But I had 29.

– You have 36 in debt. – You owe us 36.

No, wait.

Who are you arguing against?

So I’m supposed to pay you back?

– Pay back your debt of 36. – My debt?

I should pay back my debt of 36?


You’re pretending not to understand.

(He chooses to play dumb.)

– Is that with interest? – Yes.

Got it.

I have 44.

– Seok Jin? – I have 37.

– Then Seok Jin… – I won.

– Give us 36 first. – Pay back your debt.

Oh, I need to pay you back.

He’s one ridiculous debtor.

I need to pay back my debt first.

– How many do you have? – 33 caramels.

Se Chan, you are in third place.


– I am done. – Give me one caramel.

(He is the third person to get off work.)

I escaped.

I will remove the mullet now.


(Haha, Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo, Seok Jin, and Jae Seok remain.)


Will you pawn the hat?

– And my jacket. – Hat and jacket.

Jacket and…

If you can censor my lower body,

I will take off my pants too.

Here is a blanket.

That’s good. I will cover myself with a blanket.

Are you really going to do that?

Of course.

I refuse to stay here, okay?

I can play the game, right?

Hurry up.

– My goodness. – Here you go.


Here are my pants.

May I pawn an item too?

I will pawn an item.

– Hold on. Hyung Gu. – Yes?

– Here are my glasses. – I will pawn my glasses too.


(Is he taking off the microphone?)


– You need the microphone. – No, no. I don’t need it.

– You need the microphone. – Forget it.

– It’s the production crew’s. – I don’t need it.

– Forget it. – You can’t pawn it.

Two positions remain.

I have 100 caramels.

Jae Seok.

You can’t see without your glasses, can you?

– What? – You can’t see.

What’s the use of seeing?

What’s the use of seeing?

(What’s the use of seeing?)

(He lost his pants and his reason.)

What’s the use of seeing?

– Don’t you agree? – That’s right.

I will bet caramels no matter how many I have.

– Do you have 70 or 80? – I don’t know.

Pick the forehead card…

– right now. – Let’s do this.

This is for the fourth place.

We will be done after two more people leave.

(The current total)

Shall I go first?

– This is driving me crazy. – Who wants to go first?

I will go first.

I will bet two caramels.

(Seok Jin bets 2 caramels.)



– Fold? – Fold.


– Fold. – I only bet two caramels.

All right.

(Sanchez is the only one left.)

(Come on!)

Let’s go.

All right. I will eat one.

(For my blood sugar level, I will eat one caramel!)

(Weren’t you going to bet?)

– What? – I mean…

– What? – What are you going to do?

Are you going to bet or not? Eat that caramel first.

– Are you going to bet or not? – I will think while I eat.

– Sweets help you think. – It helps you think.

All right. Go ahead and eat.

(He pretends to be relaxed.)

Let’s eat a caramel each.

I can eat one too.

(Don’t bet any caramels.)

All right. I will fold.

(He gives up after replenishing his blood sugar level.)

(Unlike Seok Jin, no one placed a bet.)

What’s my number?

(With 10 and 9, he acquired 4 caramels.)

– You won those caramels. – Seriously.

I showed too big a number.

– It was too big. – It was too big.

(The last round to decide who gets 4th place)

The remaining members…

The usual members stayed behind. Isn’t that right?

I know.

(The current total)

(The current total)

Shall we begin?

All right.

(Kwang Soo’s cards are 9 and 9.)

I will bet 10 caramels.

He showed a nine.

I will fold.

I will fold.

Should I bet?

Will Song Jeoktoma bet caramels?

Ji Hyo, decide in five seconds.

– 5, 4… – Hold on.

Will you bet caramels?

My goodness.

If you want to beat me…

I think your total is no match for mine.

– My goodness. – I am sorry,

but this is our match. We aren’t even looking at you.

– Hey. – Okay?

– You don’t know this card. – Stay out of it.

Do you know what I have?

– Do you know what I have? – I don’t care.

I got a glimpse of it.

I saw it.

I don’t care.

Be quiet. This is a match between us.

I don’t know where his confidence comes from.

I can’t believe them.

What is it going to be?

My goodness.

What is it going to be?

Go ahead.

I will bet all the caramels.

(The three members have a tense moment.)

Did you guys take off your socks?

– Yes. – Yes.

Your feet stink.

– I was thinking about that. – Seriously.

I was thinking about that.

I couldn’t help but look at Ji Hyo.

It isn’t me.

– The smell is coming from there. – But Ji Hyo…

– It’s coming from there. – It isn’t me.

– It isn’t me. – Ji Hyo!

– It isn’t me. – Hey!

What are you doing?


– Hey! – I am sorry.

– He is wearing underwear. – For goodness’ sake.

Ji Hyo, decide in five seconds.

– 5, 4… – This is…

I will fold.

(Only Kwang Soo and Seok Jin remain.)


Stop stalling.

– Stop stalling. – Seok Jin.

– Hurry up. – I lost interest in this round.

Do you know what I have?

I actually do. I saw it.

You got a nickname.

– What is it? – One-two-three.



I will fold.

(Mr. One-two-three finally gives up.)

The numbers are 1, 2, and 3.

They are 1, 2, and 3.

– Jee Seok Sam. – 1, 2, 3.

– Jee Seok Sam. – Jee Seok Sam.

– Jee Seok Sam. – How did I get…

1, 2, and 3?

– That’s unbelievable. – Unbelievable.

Those of you who folded, why don’t you reveal the cards?

You could have beaten him.

– Really? – It was seven.

– 7, 2, 9. – Your number is big.

It’s nine.

What’s this one?

– She had 10! – No way!

(Was the hidden card 10?)

– Why did you fold? – Why did you fold?

Our totals seemed to be about the same.

– He had one number left too. – It’s the highest total.

Ji Hyo, I can’t believe you.

It’s the highest total.

– Seriously. – 8, 9, and 10.

– Was it 9? – I didn’t know the forehead card.

My numbers were 9, 9, and 1.

(My numbers were 9, 9, and 1.)

– I can’t believe you. – Okay!

I defended myself well.

(Song Jeoktoma had a humiliating defeat.)

If I hadn’t folded, I would have lost by one.

His numbers were 1, 2, and 3.

Kwang Soo…

I still wondered if I should bet caramels.

He won four caramels.

Is this really the right way to play the game?

I am so annoyed.

Kwang Soo won four caramels.

When will I go home?

We need to check the number of caramels.

Then I am the winner.

I have 76 caramels.

Ji Hyo, you are in fourth place.

– Really? – Go home, Ji Hyo.

Good luck. I am going.

– Bye. – Bye.

– My goodness. – One more person will go home.

(One spot remains.)

This is the last round. One spot remains.

I will get them.

– The last spot. – Okay.

– Now, – Only the professionals are here.

we will show you how the professionals play.

(The final match between the easy targets)

– All right. – Let’s pick two cards.

(After 2 rounds, only the 5th place will go home.)

(He shows 10.)


I don’t want to waste time.



Why didn’t you reveal a card?

Should I reveal a card?


What are you doing?

Really? Do they both have 10?

– Okay. – 10 and 10.

Is this the last game?

– You will play twice. – Twice.

You will play twice.

Then I will fold.

Come on.

(In that case…)

– How many caramels are inside? – Go ahead and count.

(Go ahead and count.)

(The one who is curious should do the counting.)

Tell me.

The two of you should play. I will fold as well.

Life always puts you…

at a crossroads.

They are really cool today.

– Let’s go. Stop stalling. – I think…

that happened today.

If he doesn’t fold, one will go home…

and the other will get the penalty.

– Bet, Seok Jin. – That’s a man’s life.

– I won’t think more. – Okay!

– Really? – Let’s go.

(They both go all-in for this battle.)

That’s hot.

Let’s go.

– The winner takes all. – Okay.

– Let’s check the numbers. – Let’s go.

The winner will go home.

– Shall we see the forehead card? – Shall we see?

Shall we see?

Both of us will stay.

It’s six.

It’s four.

– 16. – 14.

I don’t know how it will go.

The last card.

14 versus 16.


(Seok Jin’s hidden card needs to be bigger than Jae Seok’s by 2.)

(What’s Jae Seok’s hidden card?)


(Is Jae Seok’s hidden card 10?)


My number is 10 too.

My number is 10 too.

(Is Seok Jin’s number 10 as well?)

– 24? – My total is 24.

– It was an amazing match. – My number is 10 too.

Seok Jin!


All right. Life gives you…

several chances.

(Jae Seok takes Seok Jin’s caramels.)

– I won these. – 10?

My number is 10 too.

(Sanchez manages to get ahead.)

I got 10 and 10 too.

How did this happen?

We should play one last time.

A man shouldn’t do that.

– 80. – Both of us…

have caramels.

The three of us?

– Okay. – It will be meaningless to you.

This is our last chance.

He will definitely get the penalty.

(The 1st member who will get the penalty)

Put your clothes back on.

Get out.

– Hold on. – Put your clothes back on.

I need to put my clothes back on.

Put your clothes back on and lie on the snow.

With 10 and 10, he had no choice but to go all-in.

The forehead card.

– Shall we pick the forehead card? – Shall we do that?

Reveal one card.

– My goodness. – How did I get 10 and 10?

Let me go and get my glasses back.

– You are well off. – Yes. I have a lot of caramels.

(He retrieves his glasses with 20 caramels.)

(Haha must beat Sanchez.)


– Me too. – Okay.

I have no choice but to fold.

– What? – Come on.

I have no choice but to fold.


My numbers are too small.


They are too small.

– I have no choice. – 2, 3, and 4.

I got 1, 2, and 3.

– You got 2, 3, and 4. – You understand, right?

– If the caramels are combined… – The number might be higher.

You never know.

All right. Seven.

What’s your number?

(Forehead card, opened card, hidden card)

(Forehead card, opened card, hidden card)


Haha is winning by one point.

Please show it to the front at the same time.

– 1, 2, 3. – I also don’t know what it is.

(The hidden card will decide the outcome of these two.)

– 6. – 10.

Haha is winning by one point.

Please show it to the front at the same time.

– 1, 2, 3. – I also don’t know what it is.

(The hidden card will decide the outcome of these two.)

(The person who wins might get more caramels than Jae Seok.)

(Haha wins with a total of 21.)

(Haha acquired all of Kwang Soo’s caramels.)

– I’m going to eat them. – Haha won.

– I don’t know what will happen. – You saw that, didn’t you?

– We have to count them, right? – Yes.

It wasn’t time for me to get 10 more then.

Lee Kwang Soo and Jee Seok Jin are set to get the penalty.


If I join them, it will be a complete whole.

– 100. – 110.

– 130. – 130.

– 140. – 140.

In my opinion, Haha won.

– That’s right. – Really?

– Jae Seok got his glasses back. – I got my glasses back.




– Do you have 170? – 178.

(I have 178.)

How many do you have?

I don’t know. I think it’s about 150 something.

Haha goes home.

(159 versus 178, Haha is confirmed as 5th place.)


Why did you get your glasses back?

Why did you get them back?

Why did I…

(The naked chairman succeeds in saving face with 5th place.)

– Thank you. – But…

If I had won the last game, I could have won.

The penalty is to either get flogged or get splashed by a water basin.

We’ll give you the penalty panel you want at the same time.

If only one person chooses a panel from a team,

they won’t get the penalty.

(The person who chooses a different penalty will be exempt.)

– That’s unbelievable. – Wait a minute.

– Only one person who chooses… – Can I ask you a question?

Where will we get splashed by the water basin?

You will have to go outside.

Flogging will be better unconditionally.

But if all three of you choose to get flogged,

you will all get flogged.

If someone chooses to get splashed by a water basin, he will be exempt.

– The minority will win, right? – Yes, the minority will win.

– Earlier, I saw that… – Room number one…

– you chose room number one, right? – Yes.

– We ate lunch together. – Yes.

– Yes, lunch. – Yes.

– Nice to meet you. – Yes.

– We’re family, right? – Yes.

– We ate lunch together, right? – Yes.

– Yes. – Yes.

Room number one has bad energy.

Room number one’s location was bad.

– Did you decide? – Yes.

– I’m not going to look. – Show it to the camera.

– Turn it around. – Let’s go outside.

It will be the funniest if all three of them choose the same thing.


– Two. – I’m not going to look.

I’m going to leave it up to luck.

(Who will be the 1 person that will be exempt from the penalty?)


(Jae Seok and Kwang Soo choose the water basin.)

(Big Nose is the only one to survive.)

(Jae Seok and Kwang Soo will be splashed by a water basin.)

– Yes. – Good job.

Go outside to get splashed by a water basin and come back.

Get splashed by a water basin and cool yourselves down.

– This is what life is about. – I’m so dumbfounded.

Turning the tables.

Gosh, I can’t believe this.

(The two bottom card sharks appear while complaining.)

The penalty is simple.

You just have to pour it on each other.

Let’s do it toward the face.

1, 2…

(Kwang Soo is completely wet.)

I didn’t get splashed.

– Good job. – Good job.

Is this the end?

– Hey. – Why didn’t you get splashed?

The water splashed against each other in the air.

And that is how the Card Shark Association New Year’s Party ended.

(One week later)

– Hello. – Hello.

– Yes. – Hello.

Gosh, what is this?

– What are we doing today? – Today, are we…

– PowerPoint? – What are we doing today?

– Just sit comfortably. – Hello, good to see you.

(8 laptops are set up neatly.)

Are we going to do that again?

PowerPoint? I failed that time.

– What? – Can we please not do that?

My PowerPoint presentation was a mess at that time.

– Everything was edited out. – Hey.

(March 2020, Episode 494, Running Retreat Special)

(Rich, Poor, and Fun Retreat! Modern society is busy.)

(Let’s fall into old memories outside the puzzling smart world.)

(This is the place they presented their retreat plan presentation.)

Cry in Silence. It’s the same.

(He has a painful memory of being disregarded by everyone…)

(because of his elementary school level presentation.)

I’m bad at PowerPoint presentations. I’m embarrassed.

We have to use computers again.

We did this when Byeong Gyu was here.

– That’s right. The retreat. – Right, the retreat.

Byeong Gyu was cast in lead roles after Running Man.

– He’s trying to force a connection. – I really…

– felt proud of him. – He is causing such a fuss.

How many people became popular thanks to us?

Why can’t we become popular?

– Why can’t I become popular? – Make me popular.

When will I ever be able to act?

Gosh, this place is strange.

I’m not sure whether I can say this,

but I’m popular.

(They agree to this.)

I agree.

Do you think it’s time for you to clap?

I can’t help but agree to this.

I’m sorry, but I’m…

I also became popular with Running Man.

– Gosh. – I’ll go get grab Kim Muscles.

– What? – What about Kim Muscles?

– Kim Grand Award. – Go get…

– our Kook Jong. Kim Muscles. – Kim Grand Award.

Kim Grand Award is here.

(Kim Grand Award appears with presence to a grand announcement.)

– Kim Grand Award. – Shouldn’t we toss him up?

Stop it.

– How many weeks will you do this? – He’s so pretentious.

– Let’s toss you up. – You punk!

Come out, punk.

Why are you doing that?

Hello, Jong Kook.

– Older Brother. – Senior Grand Award.

– He’s Senior Grand Award. – Yes.

– Yes. – We ended up like this.

Seok Jin isn’t standing up to the end.

Seok Jin isn’t standing up to the end.

He didn’t stand up during the awards and he’s not standing up now.

– Kim Grand Award. – You’re my junior.

– Junior Grand Award. – Sit down here.


I warmed it up.

– I’m sorry, but… – But…

have you ever won the grand award before?

– What? – The grand award.

– I haven’t. – If you haven’t, go away then.

– I’ll go that way then. – Come here.

– Come here. – Haha got the top excellence award.

Go away. Top Excellence Award, please sit down here.

– Please move. – Okay.

– You won the top excellence award? – Yes.

Is that so?

(The top excellence award winner of 3 years ago moved to the corner.)

– Please move to the end. – Gosh.

– Yes. – Grand Award.

Haha, on your social media…

– That’s right. – Why are you dressed as a prince?


Cha Seung Won and Lee Jung Jae…

– What did you do? – Why did you do that?

He went to Song Yi like that and said “Hello”,

and she was really surprised.

– That’s right. – Song Yi was really surprised.

– She was so surprised, she cried. – That’s right. She cried.

(Haha’s youngest daughter Song Yi cried because he looked unfamiliar.)

– She was so surprised, she cried. – That’s right. She cried.

Who is Song Yi?

(Who is Song Yi?)

– What are you doing? – Seok Jin.

– Seok Jin. – He’s really…

– Pay some attention. – She’s his third child.

– Gosh, he’s driving me crazy. – Hey.

You should have said her full name. How would I know?

– Do you know my child’s name? – You should know “Song Yi”.

– Hyun Woo. – Hyun Woo.

– Jee Hyun Woo. – See? You know nothing about us.

You don’t even know my father’s name.

Do you know my father’s name?

– Mr. Jee Chang Gyun. – Oh, my.

What happened?

(Jae Seok got the name of Seok Jin’s father right.)

(His name popped out exactly like an answering machine.)

– What is with him? – Is that right?

– Really? – Yes.

– How does he know that? – How did you know that?

– He’s frightening. – How did you know that?

How does he know all of that?

– Oh, my. – He’s like a search engine.

– He’s frightening. – Yes.

– How does Jae Seok know that? – How does he know that?

Today’s special is Running Man Rewritten.

– Yes. – We will rewrite…

some of the content on Running Man’s website that has stayed the same…

– for 10 years now. – Really?

Isn’t it originally something like running around the city?

Is it still that?

Running around the city…

– It said something like landmarks. – Yes.

Does anyone know the production objective that Cho Hyo Jin wrote?

Isn’t it “Don’t walk, run.”?

It’s “From landmarks stuck in the city…”

Yes, “From landmarks where the lights are turned off…”

It’s something like, “Something will spread out…”

We will show you the content first.

– Take a look at this. – What was it?

– Strength… – We had to escape at that time.

“Kwon Hyeong Gu, Choi Hyung In, Kim Nam Joong,”

“Nam Joong, Sun Myung…”

“Yu Jae Seok, Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Song Ji Hyo,”

(They start to read the information from the top.)

I’m sorry, but is this in the order of age or what?

– What? – “Yu Jae Seok…”

Haha, Just move on.

(He’s curious about the criteria for the order of the names.)

– Just move on. – But…

– Why would you ask whether… – I’m so curious.

– it’s in the order of age? – It’s in the order of popularity.

– To say it’s in the order of age, – Yes.

– it’s ambiguous. – To say it’s in the order of age…

It’s also ambiguous to say it’s in the order of popularity.

– Haha, it’s also ambiguous… – How is this…

to say it’s in the order of popularity.

– It’s not in the order of age. – I guess it’s like…

– I guess it’s like… – Hey.

– Hey. – What is this order?

– Don’t talk about it. – Wait a minute.

– Just think about it in your mind. – Is it in the order of age?

– Just be quiet. – Just think about it in your mind.

– It could be the order of debuts. – Okay.

– That’s right. – The order of debuts.

– But then I should go to the front. – What?

– If it’s in the order of debuts… – Just be quiet.

Let’s just say it’s in the order of debuts.

– Let’s just say that. – It’s in the order of debuts.

Okay, let’s wrap it up like this.

It’s the casting order.

– Casting, okay? – Okay.

– Okay, do you get it? – Okay.

– That’s right. – That’s right.

– That’s right. – Okay, do you get it?

“An unexpected big laughter that…”

– “no one imagined.” – “No one imagined.”

“Landmarks that represent Korea.”

“Running Man will let you know about them.”

“Korea’s representative landmarks.”

“The top celebrities of Korea are gathered there.”

“They will do missions everywhere to win games…”

“and escape from that place before the next morning.”

It was like that in the past.

– This really must be changed. – Yes.

– It was still like this. – That was in the very beginning.

We were like that at the time because…

We would go to places like big shopping malls…

– after business hours. – That’s right.

– We had to shoot once they closed. – It was really fun.

– It was amazing. – We went there…

– after 10 p.m. – That’s right.

– Until the next morning. – We shot until the next morning.

– Until the opening hours. – Yes.

– Yes, at night. – So,

our staff and everyone went through so much trouble.

Yes, but if we didn’t have those times,

– Running Man won’t exist now. – Right.

– The experience accumulated. – That’s right.

– That’s right. – That’s right.

– But there is a need for change. – Yes.

The same production objective…

pops up when you search for us on search engines like the N website.

So you can define what kind of show…

Running Man is like…

– for people who first encounter us. – Gosh.

What should we say?

There’s also something else.

(Is the production objective not the only thing?)

– Member introductions. – Did something like that exist?

– I never saw this before. – I never saw this before.

– MC Yu? – I never saw this before.

(You can see these member intros on runningman.sbs.co.kr.)

– I never saw this before. – Where was this?

– What is this? – I never saw this before.

– What is this? – MC Yu…

– “Yooruce Willis,” – “Yooruce Willis,”

– “the pride of Running Man.” – “the pride of Running Man.”

What is that?

“The pride of Running Man”? What is that?

Why is he the pride of Running Man?


everything aside,

– I wore that for Episode 100. – Hey.

You were still young at that time.

(You can feel that times have passed from the old photo and intro.)

“MC Yu” is the nickname, and there’s a one-sentence comment.

“Yooruce Willis, the pride of Running Man.”

It’s my first time seeing this. Did something like that exist?

It’s also my first time seeing this.

– It says, “Big Brother Big Nose”. – That’s right.

“Big Brother Big Nose” is next.

– “He shouts ‘Start the race’…” – What is that?

– “in a cool manner.” – “Running Man’s…”

“big brother, Big Nose.”

It’s like this.

Honestly, he didn’t shout it in a cool manner in the beginning.

(Honestly, he didn’t shout it in a cool manner in the beginning.)

He’s offended right now.

– “Race start.” – He wasn’t that cool.

(In the beginning, he said that comment quietly by himself.)

(The race starter’s face became brighter and voice became louder.)

(“Race start”)

When I accepted the fact that I had to do it,

– I shouted it in a cool manner. – That’s right.

But it took about a year for me to accept that fact.

– It took over a year. – Yes, for me to accept it.

Let’s take a look at Jong Kook.

– Jong Kook is also young. – “All Mighty”.

– “Absolute power Kim Jong Kook.” – Gosh.

“He has a charm where strength and softness exist together.”

– “Strength and softness…” – Where is his softness?

– Where is his softness? – That makes no sense.

(Oh, my…)

Where is his softness?

It says “He has a strange charm.”

(The person who has a strange charm doesn’t know what to do.)

His charm is strange.

– It’s strange. – I have charm.

– Next. – “Haroro”.

It says “Haroro”.

Oh my. What is that photo?

What are those glasses?

“Haroro, what kind of character will suit him besides being a playboy?”

– He’s not a playboy anymore. – No.

– His playboy phase has passed. – He’s not a playboy anymore.

I gave my playboy attitude away.

He can’t be a playboy anymore.

“He’s the dad of three kids. He’s an old fossil now.”

“He’s the dad of three kids. He’s an old fossil now.”

(The dad who became an old fossil)

He’s the oldest among old fossils.

Ha Oldest Fossil.

– Ha Oldest Fossil. – Ha Oldest Fossil.

– No, I’m not! – He tries to act young.

– No! – He’s the oldest among old fossils.

“He tries to dress young.”

(Dad of three kids, An old fossil, Tries to dress young)

Let’s change it like that, okay?

That’s it. We’re done with Ha Old Fossil.

– “Ace”. – Let’s take a look at Ji Hyo.


It’s an old version.

She isn’t the only woman anymore.

That expression is also old-fashioned now.

– We don’t use that anymore. – We don’t use that anymore.

– So… – We have two women members.

– She’s not the only woman anymore. – That’s right.

– We called her that in the past. – What about this?

“She builds a wall against communicating with members,”

“but she participates in the shoot every week.”

(Diligent Cavewoman Ji Hyo)

“Unexpectedly, she’s Jeoktoma, the King of Common Sense.”

– What do you think? – “She also…”

– “runs on the stage today.” – “She also runs.”

“She also runs on the stage today.”

– “A veteran of variety shows”. – “A veteran”.

– “Veteran” is nice. – Yes, it’s nice.

– “Veteran”. – Let’s change that.

Okay, Kwang Soo.

– “Traitor Giraffe”. – “The icon of betrayal, Kwang Soo.”

– “His betrayals will continue.” – “His betrayals will continue.”

(The icon of betrayal, Kwang Soo. His betrayals will continue.)

– “His betrayal will be continued.” – This is okay.

We could continue using this.

– This is good. – This is…

We could continue using this.

– This is good. – This is…

– He likes this. – We can continue using this.

This is from 10 years ago. This is not okay.

This is good.

A lot has changed since it’s from 10 years ago.

He hasn’t changed that much.

– Nothing has changed. – It’s just you.

This is from 10 years ago. Please change it.

– He’s the same. – Okay.

– His betrayals were upgraded. – Just copy and paste the same one.

You have long front hair here.

You should change it to a photo where you have a mullet.

– We could color it with markers. – No,

– the hair doesn’t have to change. – Your face is also…

– So Min and I are also here. – What?

– “Whimsical charm, Jeon So Min.” – “Whimsical charm, Jeon So Min.”

“Variety show rising star that’s on another dimension.”

– They joined recently. – That’s right.

That was written in the early days.

– In the early days? – Yes.

I really like the part that says, “She has talking skills.”

– I really like that. – “Craziness” is omitted.

It doesn’t have “craziness” there.

– She also has “Crazy Poet”. – Yes.

– She has several nicknames. – “Crazy Poet”.

– You have to add a lot. – She also has “Crazy Poet”.

– Why am I… – What is wrong with yours?

Why are you called, “Unlucky”?

– Why am I called, “Unlucky”? – “Delinquent”.

Why are you called, “Unlucky”?

“Unlucky Rising Star”?

You must have not had any nicknames.

– Isn’t that right? – That’s really…

– written carelessly. – That’s right.

– I really hate you. – He’s…

– He’s… – You need to apologize to him.

Honestly, he’s not that unlucky.

That’s so upsetting.

– He has no characters. – He has no characters.

Isn’t “Variety Show Cheat Key” also cheating?

I’m not a cheat key. I was completely stuck.

What about this? “The cuttlefish of Running Man.”

– He couldn’t even change that. – What is…

– in front of “the youngest member”? – What?

What youngest member is it?

– Where is “the youngest member”? – “Running Man’s…”

We need to come up with some nicknames for Se Chan.

– It says “new”. – “The new youngest member”?


– That’s not it. – So Min.

– Why? – She couldn’t read…

– that Chinese character. – I couldn’t see it.

– I was wondering what it was. – Can’t you see it?

I can’t see it clearly, Jae Seok.

– As you can see, it’s really old. – Yes.

We didn’t change it since the early days.

– Okay. – So if you write…

everyone’s nicknames,

one-sentence comments,

and production objective from your ideas.

Okay, should we write them?

We will spin a roulette at the end of today.

The person who wins will have the power to change everything.

(The website will be changed to the roulette winner’s content.)

(All of the content will change according to how the winner likes.)

– Will you do it like that? – Yes, everything will be changed.

The entire website will be changed?

If you search for us, the winner’s production objective will pop up.

– Really? – Will that be it?

This is hard.

(You can read the changed website when the winner is announced…)

(after next week’s episode is aired on January 17.)

We must pay some attention to this then.

For example, it’s okay to write, “Haha’s Running Man”.

– Really? – Will you really change it to that?

– Of course. – Really?

(Who will be the lucky winner that will finally win?)

We must pay attention to write these then.

We must add “Beyond Korea”, right?

“Beyond Korea.”

– “To the whole world.” – Yes.

“A worldwide fandom…”

Are you an AI? Why are you making so much noise?

He keeps saying it out loud while writing.

Do you know what really surprised me?

I didn’t write “Type the text.”

But “Type the text.” suddenly popped up.

– You need to delete and type. – I was really surprised. What?

– You need to delete and type. – Do I have to delete it?

“The pride of Korean variety shows.”

“Based on a worldwide fandom beyond Korea…”

“A giant scale.”

“A tremendous amount of production cost.”

“Tom Cruise is also drooling over this show.”

That’s cool. That’s like a blockbuster.

“Young people like this program.”

Why is it already bad?

(Old fossils tend to obsess over things that young people like.)

– It’s already bad. – It means you’re old.

I already don’t want to see it.

“This variety show is a craze…”

“among young people.”

Gosh, this is perfect.

“Variety shows are disappearing these days.”

– Gosh. – Gosh, Jae Seok.

– The introduction is good, right? – That’s right.

“Variety shows are disappearing these days.” That’s good, Jae Seok.

– Isn’t it okay for a start? – Yes.

It’s good.

“Variety shows are disappearing these days. Running Man…”

“continues the life of the few remaining variety shows”

“Continues the life” looks weak.

Jae Seok, write how young people write these days.

You should at least add “It’s beyond amazing”.

“Based on a worldwide fandom beyond Korea,”

– Gosh, you… – “we became the center of…”

Let’s see what you will write for the introduction later.

“It’s beyond amazing” is the worst.

Gosh, it really is the worst.

“It’s beyond amazing, enough to wet my pants.”

“Beyond Korea” is too…

It sounds too much like bragging. Isn’t that right?

– But we need that. – We need that.

– We need that. – Yes.

– It’s kind of our pride. – Yes.

– We need things like that. – That’s right.

And we get to decide what to say anyway.

– Be quiet. – What?

– Jae Seok. – Be quiet.

– You’re loud though. – We must focus on writing.

– I was just telling him my opinion. – Be quiet.

– Be quiet. – Be quiet.

– Ji Hyo. – Yes?

Say something.

What about me?

– Say something. – What about me?

(The talk polarization is being alleviated.)

You should be quiet.

– You should say something, okay? – I was just telling him my opinion.

– Okay. – Share some airtime.

Yes, share it.

(They gladly share airtime by the choice of others.)

Before “Beyond Korea”,

I’m going to add “in no time”.

“In no time, beyond Korea…”

“Worldwide, in no time…”

I really want to write, “At the height of”.

That’s a really old expression.

Who uses “At the height of”?

– “At this time”. – It suits you.

– It suits you. – I’m going to add “In no time”.

(The pride of Korean variety shows, Betrayal and plots)

(A crazy psychological trap which is beyond amazing)

Everything got deleted.

– Do something to bring it back. – What?

(Haha requests urgent help.)

(It was restored safely with Kwang Soo’s “Ctrl” and “Z”.)

– That’s it. – I want to write,

“psychological warfare”. What should I do?

(He just has to click.)

– How did you do that? – Use this.


This is already… Try this.

How do you do this? What is wrong?

Like this.

Click on the bottom.

– Why won’t it work? – Oh, my.

Seok Jin is touching the laptop screen.

What is wrong with him?

Try doing this.

(He’s really doing it.)


Why won’t this work?

Okay, let’s take a look. Member introductions…

I will start with Jae Seok then.

(Member Introduction, Yu Jae Seok)

I think something like “True to the name” should be added.

“True to the name,”

– “he’s the center of Running Man.” – That’s good.


It’s about Jae Seok.

You can’t say it like that.

Why can’t I say it like that?

– I thought like this. – How?

“Yu Jae Seok’s last program facing his retirement in 2021.”

– What? – What is wrong with him?

“Yu Jae Seok’s last program facing his retirement in 2021.”

(Yu Jae Seok’s last program facing his retirement in 2021.)

What did you say?


What was that? Can he do that?

What’s wrong? I wrote whatever I want to write.

Wait and see what I write.

(They get started on their childish fight.)

This is what I wrote for myself.

“He’s there. What other explanation do you need?”

Let me explain.

“It will be his last program in this life.”

(“It will be his last program in this life.”)

(It suddenly becomes his last work.)

– Necessary… – “We hope he’s happy there.”

(The member introduction turns into a eulogy.)

Jong Kook. Right.

What should I write for Jong Kook?

(She’s very serious.)

(Member Introduction)

I briefly saw it.

(It looks like she’s badmouthing him.)

So that’s what you think of Jong Kook.

I see.

Okay, Ji Hyo.

– All right. – Okay.

– It makes you badmouth people. – Right?

– This is hard. – “Many celebrities join the show,”

“playing games and clearing missions together…”

“while going around to various places.”


– Are you still working on that? – Yes.

When will you write the member introduction?

You are still writing the production objective?

Just move on.

I need to write it well.

“Especially, this program is…”

Do I have to write Haha’s nickname at the back?

People call me Lee Jung Jae and Cha Seung Won these days.

Stop it. Stop calling yourself Lee Jung Jae and Cha Seung Won.

Their body proportions are different from yours.

That’s just what people think.

Who on earth are they? Don’t listen to what they say.

You have to pay attention to the criticisms.

He’s a true friend. He’s a true brother.

When people leave comments that you’re handsome, don’t listen.

Fans always say the nicest things.

Haha, you are not handsome.

“Kim Jong Kook, the gangster”.

This is a good one.

“He’s ugly, but he can’t accept it.”

“His fans spoiled him.”

– Are you talking about Haha? – Kwang Soo.

– Me? – Yes.

How am I spoiled?

“His fans…”

(His fans spoiled him.)

“His fans spoiled him.”

How do you like this, Ji Hyo?

“We can’t say that she gets along well with the members,”

“but we also can’t say that she doesn’t.”

– I like it. – I am being honest.

– Do you like it? – It’s fine.

She can get along with the members.

– She can. – Yes.

All right. What’s So Min’s nickname?

What about me?

I have lots of nicknames.

We have to give you a new nickname.

(He’s eager to come up with a new nickname for her.)


– Hey. – You’re bad at making up names.

I am trying.

What’s So Min’s character?

Zombie Hair.

Zombie IQ.

If you don’t have ideas, just don’t do it.


You are so childish, Seok Jin.

“Zombie IQ” is so childish.

I told you. He can’t come up with nicknames.

They are so bad that I can’t stand it.

I am just brainstorming.

– It’s not annoying at all. – I am not choosing them.

– What? – I am not choosing them.

I’m just brainstorming.

I think they are bad too.

“Zombie IQ”.

It’s not catchy. It’s strange.

I will write my honest opinion.

We are all being honest.

“Jee Seok Jin was going to leave the team in the first year.”

(Jee Seok Jin was going to leave the team in the first year.)

Very honest.

Is it necessary to say that there?

Why would you write that?

– We should just keep it to… – “Jee Seok Jin…”

Talk about that when you are around the producer.

– “Jee Seok Jin was going to…” – The current producer doesn’t mind.

“leave the team in the first year.”

“But now he says Running Man is the best,”

“and people hate him for it.”

(But now he says Running Man is the best,)

(and people hate him for it.)

It’s like a letter.

– Why would you write that? – He said he would be honest.

He said he would be honest, and he is actually…

– being very honest. – I can do whatever I want.

(He introduces the members with the utmost honesty.)

“Yang Se Chan. Ye Chan. Yangsebastien.”

“Ye Chan” sounds cute.

“Kim Jong Kook’s Favorite Doll.”

“But he badmouths me behind my back.”

(He’s genuinely flustered.)


Who did you hear that from?

That’s not true. Why would I badmouth you?

“He’s pretending to be innocent.”

“But once there’s proof”…

“But once there’s proof, I will kill him.”

(But once there’s proof, I will kill him.)

(He declares war.)

That’s like writing a diary.


– Haha. – You’re writing about me just now?

“Recently, he sent me…”

“half-dried herring”.

(Recently, he sent me half-dried herring.)

– But… – Isn’t that a diary?

You have to introduce the member.

Why would you write about him sending you half-dried herring?

I have to give an update on the latest news.

I need to give an update on the latest news.

– This is unbelievable. – Is that what…

the member introduction is supposed to be like?

Hey, you have to introduce the members.

– I get to decide that. – Why would you do that?

– Come on out, Se Chan. – Okay. Yangsebastien.


I got distracted in the middle.

Here’s the production objective.

“The eight people who grew up on love will make you laugh.”

(Production objective)

“Are you all ready to laugh your hearts out?”

Do you still use that expression?

“As the old saying goes,”

“‘The fruits of studying hard will show themselves later.'”

“Do you all know that saying?”

(The fruits of studying hard will show themselves later.)

“It means something good.”

“Korea’s one and only reality-variety show.”

“Open your eyes. Fun on a big scale will come.”

“Open your mouth. Laughter on a big scale will come.”

“Open your heart. A great lesson will come.”


– That’s my objective. – That’s a good one.

– Not bad at all. – Hey,

– I love it. – It’s the production objective.

– It’s very easy to grasp. – It’s simple.

To show that I’ve watched the previous episodes, I wrote,

“‘The fruits of studying hard will show themselves later.'”

– I love it. – You did a really good job. Bravo.

– Why are you so good? – It’s nice.

I will introduce Jae Seok first.

His nickname is “Crooked Teeth”.

“He’s popular, but he’s actually the ugliest.”

“But with his gift of gab, he tries hard to look handsome.”

“He’s the greatest MC.”

– That’s what I wrote. – That’s nice.


– how I introduced him. – Right.

Kwang Soo’s nickname is “A Class Actor Butler”.

“He doesn’t care about B Class actors.”

“He only cares about A Class actors.”

What’s wrong with him?

How do I only care about A Class actors?

He doesn’t care about B Class actors.

It’s just a catchphrase.

– What are you talking about? – If people have seen this show…

That’s nice.

What do you mean by “Class A” and “Class B”?

Next is Seok Jin.

His nickname is “Eternal Youth”.

“Growing the long hair on his ear to live long,”

“he’s a hard-working man who is soon-to-be 60.”

(He’s the man who is soon-to-be-60.)


– Nice. – I don’t have a long hair.

– Nice. – I don’t have hair on my ear.

Ji Hyo’s nickname is “Zoned-out Jeoktoma”.

“Gosh, I am sleepy. What are you looking at?”

“Why do you open your eyes like that? Get away!”

That’s very simple.

Those are the only things she says.

Next is Jong Kook.

He’s “Protein Monster”.

“He’s Protein Monster who’s got the surprising ability…”

“to make people uncomfortable with his excessive love.”

That’s nice.

I make people uncomfortable with my excessive love.

(He admits that he loves excessively.)



(What did he write about So Min?)

Here’s So Min.

“The Only Actress Who Looks Like Han Min Kwan.”

(The Only Actress Who Looks Like Han Min Kwan)

“Jeon So Min.”

“She’s confident she can be funnier than a comedian.”

“She’s okay with extreme makeup. She can do sketches.”

“She’s willing to be someone’s love interest.”

“She’s willing to be a loser, get betrayed, and shave her head.”


She’s willing to do many things.

She’s the only actress who looks like Han Min Kwan.

That’s funny.

Next is Haha.

He’s “Mr. Dirty Mustache Who Pretends to Be…”

“the Youngest Among the Celebrities Born in 1979.”

He’s “Mr. Dirty Mustache Who Pretends to Be…”

“the Youngest Among the Celebrities Born in 1979.”

That’s his nickname.

His nickname is “Mr. Dirty Mustache”.

– I love it. – He’s right.

– Right. – It would be…

– fun to go with his. – Right.

– He is Mr. Dirty Mustache. – Here’s the introduction.

“He’s the CEO of Quan Entertainment who works hard for his company…”

“as long as he’s given a small sum.”

– You’re right. – Nice.

– That’s a good one. – That’s the truth.

You are so precise.

– That’s a precise description. – That’s it.

– Very precise. – I introduced myself as well.

“The idol in the comedy world with lots of fans in their 20s.”

“Once people fall for him, they can’t fall out of love.”

“Are you ready to fall for him?”

“But actually, I won’t let anyone in.”

You’re joking.

Mr. Dirty Mustache!

– Who Pretends to Be Young. – Mr. Dirty Mustache.

– Mr. Dirty Mustache. – That’s all I have.

– That was… – That was fun.

That was really fun.

– That was a great one. – Next is…


– Mr. Dirty Mustache. – Mr. Dirty Mustache.

– Haha. – “Mr. Dirty Mustache…”

“Who Pretends to Be Young” is a nice one.

“The pride of Korea’s variety shows.”

– Great. – “Running Man has been…”

“keeping its place for 10 years.”

“It’s the gateway to becoming a star.”

“Running Man is the best man out there!”

What’s with “Gateway”?

“Betrayal and conspiracy. Love and friendship.”

“Cooperation and coordination. Reward and penalty.”

“Crazy psychological warfare.”

“It involves all of the above.”

“It’s beyond amazing. Get ready to have fun.”

(He tried to include all of the young people’s vocabularies.)

“It’s the special outing of Haha, the cutie…”

“who won the Top Excellence Award in 2020.”

– “The most extraordinary…” – “The special outing”.

“blockbuster content will be revealed every week!”

“The best show of SBS. May it last forever!”

– That was… – He’s good.

Mr. Dirty Mustache Who Pretends to Be Young is the worst.

“Yu Jae Seok.”

“He’s the Apgujeong-dong old fossil who’s been at it for 30 years.”

“He’s the ugliest. But he’s got the warmest heart too.”

“Korea’s best MC. The nation’s best MC, Yu Jae Seok!”

He wrote it well.

(He’s excited to hear his part.)

He’s flattering Jae Seok.

“Jee Seok Jin.”

“He’s been a rising star for 29 years!”

“He’s the founding member of the prison gang.”

“He’s the master talker of Korea.”

“He’s the nation’s old man, Jee Seok Jin.”

– I’m not the nation’s best MC. – He’s just an old man.

– Am I just an old man? – Great.

Jae Seok is the nation’s best MC. Seok Jin is the nation’s old man.

“Song Ji Hyo.”

“She’s a Jeoktoma who wants to become a rock.”

“She doesn’t want to do anything.”

“But she’s the ace whose intuition leads her team to victory.”

“She once had a crush on Haha…”

“and was heartbroken.”

“But being a cool guy, Haha asked her to be his sister.”

“Now, she and Haha are the cutest Mapo Siblings.”

(This is how they became brother and sister.)

They are going to be a team!

(They reaffirm their bond only to show people.)

You are crazy, aren’t you?

– He’s crazy. – “Lee Kwang Soo.”

“He’s the cheat key of variety show. He’s always up for anything.”

“It’s true. He’s kind-hearted and sometimes introverted.”

“But he’s a crazy man. He is really crazy. I swear. He is.”

– That’s true. – He wrote “really” so much.

– It’s hard to describe him. – So I’m just a crazy man.

– There’s nothing to write. – That’s when I got tired.

Why would you swear while introducing a member?

“Jeon So Min.”

“She’s the Crazy Poet. She’s crazier in the early mornings.”

“She went crazy last year, but she hasn’t come around yet.”

“But with her beautiful mind and looks,”

“she nearly made men’s hearts race.”

“With her amazing character, she is at the heart of the show.”

– Okay! – Great.

– I love it. – “Yang Se Chan.”

“An ugly man.”

“He’s got the strong appearance that incapacitates many apps.”

“He makes us laugh.”

– “He makes us laugh hard.” – What is that?

“With his amazing acting, he makes everyone get absorbed.”

“Yang Se Hyeong is a master of variety shows,”

“and Se Chan is Se Hyeong’s brother.”

(Yang Se Hyeong is a master of variety shows,)

(and Se Chan is Se Hyeong’s brother.)

“Honestly, he’s so charming…”

– “and funny.” – So suddenly?

“Honestly, he’s so charming…”

– “and funny.” – So suddenly?

“He’s a good man. Se Chan,”

– What are you doing? – “I like you.”

– Why are you writing him a letter? – “I’m sad you don’t call often.”

– “I’m sad you don’t call often.” – What are you doing?

– “But I understand.” – Are you writing a letter?

“You get what I mean, right?”

“Let’s drink. Call me. I love you. Yes, man!”

– Yes, man! – Is it a letter or what?

It’s like a letter. I like it. I’m touched.

“Kim Jong Kook.”

“Grand Award winner. He’s the master variety show star.”

“Live life like Kim Jong Kook.”

“He went from a gangster to a Grand Award winner.”

(He went from a gangster to a Grand Award winner.)

“Let’s look into his life, which he completely turned around.”

(He went from a gangster to a Grand Award winner.)


(Laughing his heart out)

“He’s got a strong body and mind.”

“He goes to ‘My Little Old Boy’ team dinners more. I hate him.”

– I love it. – “But I love you.”

– “But I love you.” – Nice.

He was afraid to upset Jong Kook, so he said “I love you.”


“He went from a gangster to a Grand Award winner.” Love it.

“Haha. The Lee Jung Jae of the variety show scene.”

“Ha Jung Woo of the music scene.”

“Cha Seung Won in the world of married couples.”

– What’s this? – “With his precious presence,”

– Nasty. – “he leads Running Man.”

“He suddenly appears and disappears. You never know what he’ll do next.”

“He’s cute and sexy.”

– He always… – “It’s crazy.”

“He’s popular but humble.”

“Haha is cool enough to let Jong Kook win the Grand Award.”

“What will he do next?”

– What is that? – He says that all the time.

(Their production objective presentations…)

(are about to get even better.)

(He’s the Hugh Grant of Jamwon-dong who pretends to love his family.)

(Jee Seok Jin, the Hugh Grant of Jamwon-dong)

(He’s burning the last embers of his variety show star career.)

(With the declaration of war,)

(will the presentation come to a devastating end?)

(Over the production objective,)

(they will laugh,)


(and get angry.)

(It’s the updating process that contains all emotions.)

(It’s the fight between the one who wants to be chosen…)

(and the one who wants to stop him at all costs.)

(Will they be able to update the production objective?)

(Production Objective Race: Running Man Rewritten 2)

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