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Running Man Episode 543 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

Running Man Episode 543 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, Running Man Episode 543 Drama Korea, Running Man Epi 543 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, Running Man Episode 543 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

Running Man Episode 543 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] Running Man E543 NEXT-KOCOWA

Running Man Episode 543
No Guests

(This episode is about a simulated
stock investment with toy money.)

(Please don’t follow their
reckless investment strategies.)

Today, I’m going
to show you what I can do.

I should win first place.

He’s the worst pushover here.

Small investors, come here.

(The stock-investment spree
is sweeping the country.)

(And small investors are
supporting the stock market.)

(The stock market is heating up
with a lot of investors jumping in.)

(I’ve just started
investing in stocks.)

(Those who don’t invest
in stocks these days are fools.)

(And with the stock
investment craze…)

(2021 Running Man
Investment Contest)

Gosh, I’m going to teach
you guys a lesson today.


A lesson about finance.


(Jeerren Buffett, Jee Seok Jin)

(Two women who are here
to show what they’ve got)

This doesn’t seem
like a TV show. Hello.

(Jeoktoma Song Ji Hyo,
Tiger Moth, Jeon So Min)

– Hello.
– Hello.


(Small Investor Yang Se Chan,
Lowest Limit Hunter Lee Kwang Soo)

(Moneybag Kim Muscles)

I said this in the elevator earlier.

He looks like a man who makes
7,000 to 8,000 dollars a year.

– A new recruit.
– Why would you say that?

He doesn’t belong here.

Then how much does he make a month?

600 dollars a month.

– Hey, 600 dollars a month?
– Only 600 dollars.

That’s even lower
than the legal minimum wage.

“I’ll work for just my bus fares!”

600 dollars a month?

All right. You novice investors.

What? Novice investors?

– Hello, novice investors.
– Hey.

Welcome, you novices.

(Smarty-pants Yu Jae Seok)

Welcome to my investment company.

– I just…
– Welcome.

– arrived from New York.
– What?

(I just arrived from New York.)

– I came from Manhattan.
– You should self-quarantine then.

– Self-quarantine.
– What? Self-quarantine?

You should go.

– Send him off.
– Please leave.

(Those who make lame jokes
should self-quarantine.)

Those who travel overseas
for national events…

– don’t have to self-quarantine.
– What’s with your shoes?

– You’re wearing running shoes.
– Your shoes are ridiculous.

(He’s wearing running shoes
with a suit.)

You don’t seem
like a professional investor.

This is a new trend
among New Yorkers.

– What? New Yorkers?
– A trend among New Yorkers.

– What?
– We should move busily.

Have you been to New York?

What? New York… Excuse me.
What are you talking about?

You should get your story straight.
What’s the deal?

– I have no plan.
– Did you just arrive from New York?

Will you keep saying that or not?

If you will,
you should self-quarantine.

Let me correct myself.
I’m from Gapyeong.

– Gapyeong?
– That’s not so far.

– Gapyeong?
– That sounds a lot better.

All right.

You should’ve been clear about that.

By the way, you look
nothing like an office worker.

He’s not an office worker.

I work in the private loan business.

Private loan business? I see.

– Private loan business.
– Private loan business?

– Right.
– If you fail to pay him back,

– you’ll be in big trouble.
– I work in private loans.

– That means he’s a loan shark.
– Exactly.

I got on the wrong road.

You’re in the loan business.

– A loan business.
– Right.

He collects money.

Look at your suit.
You don’t look like an investor.

I’m a fashionable office worker.

He’s just a bully.

– What?
– He’s just a bully.

His father runs a tailor shop.

You matched the suit
to your hair color.

No, that’s not it.

I just chose this
because spring is coming.

Since the soccer player,
Kim Byung Ji…

No, I’m not like Kim Byung Ji.

– He does look like Kim Byung Ji.
– That’s Kim Byung Ji’s hairstyle.

– No.
– With a ponytail.

– Just let him be. It’s hilarious.
– Okay.

Whatever I wear,
they always talk about my hair.

Are we waiting for Haha?

Hasn’t he arrived yet?
Or is he doing some mission?

He’s almost here.

– Seriously?
– Maybe he’s doing some mission.

Seriously, it’s his mindset
that’s a problem.

Weren’t you like him
when you were his age?

I came to work a day early
and spent the night there.

– You did?
– Sure.

– I heard you did that on purpose.
– Right.

Because you didn’t want to go home.

You got there a day early?

– On purpose?
– Sure.

Seok Jin is really funny.

You know his car. His Jeesla.

He recently had his car
wrapped in a unique color.

– Really?
– Right. It’s a light gray.

And on his YouTube channel,

he said, “If you see me
on the street, say hi to me.”

And since the car
has such a unique color,

a lot of people recognize him
on the streets.

– Right. People recognize him.
– Really?

There’s only one car
in that color in the country.

So last week,
he got rid of the car wrapping.

(He ended
the communication himself.)

Why? You should say hi to people.

I guess he hated it.

He’s the worst.

– Accept their greetings.
– He has two faces.

How could you…

– I’m sorry.
– You asked them to say hi.

– I’m sorry.
– He asked people to say hi to him.

– You shouldn’t be fake like that.
– But when people did…

I did say hello back to them.

You just got rid of the wrapping.

He even paid money to get rid of it.

My nose is running.

– Did he even pay money for that?
– He did.

That’s a waste of money.

And it has to be done by an expert.

It took four hours.

So you can’t just
take it off yourself?

It took six hours.

So what’s the color now?

– It’s back to the original color.
– Its original color.

Let’s not talk about the color.

Why? I want to say hello.

– It’s white.
– Don’t say the color.

Is it white?
It’s a white car, everyone.

– Don’t say that.
– White.

If you see the Jeesla on the street,
say hello to him.


he’s the worst
middle-aged man I know.

– He’s the worst.
– The worst middle-aged man?

– He’s here.
– He’s here.


– I’m sorry.
– He looks like an office worker.

The thing is…

Did you sleep in?

That’s because…

– You’re busy these days.
– Make an excuse.

– Say something.
– I went to Russia for business.

(He makes an excuse
about Russia stammering.)

– Russia?
– What did you do in Russia?

– You can’t say that.
– Hey.

Haha, that will get you in trouble.

– That’s not it.
– Think about it tying your shoes.

– You should say it as you get up.
– This is serious.

– Our viewers are mad.
– I’m sorry.

He can’t button up the jacket.

It’s because he gained weight.

He’s so fat now.

He gained a lot of weight.

– What happened?
– He can’t button it up.

I’m sorry.

(I’m sorry.)

He apologized sincerely.

– He really means it.
– I appreciate…

– his sincere apology.
– Things can happen in life.

All right. Today,

we will identify the best stock
investor of Running Man.

It’s called Running Man Investment
Contest: Genius Investors Race.

– Investment.
– Investment.

I know nothing about investment.

But it’s not like we are
investing in real stocks, right?

Yes, you are.

– We are?
– For real?

– Yes. I’ll explain.
– Really?

You all will get
the investment capital,

– 500 dollars in Running Money.
– 500 dollars?

And you will invest
in stocks you want.

The top two members with
the most money will get the prizes.

And the one with the least money
will get a penalty.

The top two.

You will have three chances
to make investments today.

With your own money,

– you can buy and sell stocks.
– Really?

We reconstructed the stock charts…

based on real stock prices
from 2011 to 2020…

and social issues.

So you can forecast
the stock prices and invest…

considering the social issues
of each year.

– So it’s based on the past.
– We’re doing this with past prices.

– Right.
– This is…

It sounds fun.

The prices of each stock item…

were randomly chosen
by the crew members…

among the actual prices
of the given year.

The prices can increase
hundreds of times.

You will make investments
on a yearly basis…

from 2011 to 2020.

20 minutes counts
as 1 year in the stock market.

Once a new year begins, stock prices
of the year will be revealed.

With those prices,

you’ll predict the stock prices
for the following year…

and make your investment.

That is, you should predict
the stock prices of each item…

that change every year
and make investments accordingly.

And after 10 years, in 2020,

the person with the most assets
will be the winner.

And you will perform two missions.

You will get points
according to your rankings.

With these points, you can
buy the information you need…

– at Information Exchange.
– This is important.

It means you can buy information
regarding stock trading.

– That sounds important.
– It’s important. I should buy it.

(Running Daily’s stock information
will play an important role.)

First, we will have
a warm-up mission…

to win some points
which you’ll use to buy information.

– It starts right away.
– It’s all about information.

Information is always important.

This is a warm-up mission to get
points and buy stock information.

It’s called Nerve-wracking
Money Bucket Flipping.

Money Bucket Flipping?

Player number 1 and 5 will
start flipping the money buckets.

They will start at the same time.

We place the money buckets
on the table with the R mark on top.

And you’re supposed to flip it.

If you get it to stand, you will
pass it to the person next to you.

And the person who ends up
with two money buckets is out.

This is hard.

This is difficult. You should try.

– So if you get caught…
– Right.

Okay. Shall I go first?

Let’s start. Ready, start.

Harder. More quickly.

– Gosh, this isn’t easy.
– Hard. Push it hard.

– It shouldn’t be too hard.
– I can’t do this.

You shouldn’t push it too hard.

It shouldn’t be too hard.

– Okay.
– He did it.

(He flips the bucket
for the first time.)

All right.

(Next up is Haha.)

Push it.

It should be harder than you think.

– It should be harder.
– Why can’t I do this?

Even harder than you think.

You have to do this.

Push it harder than that.

– Push it hard.
– Hey.


(Haha did it before Seok Jin.)

Catch him!

I did it.

– Hurry.
– There you go.

(Jong Kook did it right away.)


– What do we do?
– Hey.

You got it.

(Ji Hyo also did it with one shot.)

– On the first try.
– Hey, Yang Ssaebssaeb.

Hey, here it comes.

(Small Investor Yang is
being pursued aggressively.)

– I think this is broken.
– Do it right.

All right.

Is it my turn?

Se Chan is going to get caught.

I did it. Kwang Soo.

Jae Seok, hurry. Please.

This isn’t easy.

Why can’t I do this?


– Catch Seok Jin.
– It’s back to square one.

– Let’s catch Seok Jin.
– Hey.

– Hurry.
– Push it and move your finger.

– Hey.
– Come on.


– It’s not working.
– Gosh, it shouldn’t be too hard.

It shouldn’t be too hard.

Jae Seok.

– Why does he keep doing this?
– Okay.

(Seok Jin succeeds
right at that moment.)

Let’s catch Jae Seok.

– Go! Hurry.
– Catch Jae Seok.

(Let’s catch Jae Seok!)

– Let’s catch Jae Seok.
– We’re almost there.

(If he ends up with two buckets,
he’s eliminated.)

– Jae Seok is shaking.
– Catch Jae Seok.

Jae Seok’s hand is shaking.

(While his hand shakes,
Ji Hyo flips the bucket.)

– Catch Jae Seok.
– We’re almost there.

Jae Seok is shaking.

– Catch Jae Seok.
– Jae Seok’s hand is shaking.


Catch Jae Seok.

(Jae Seok is eliminated.)

(The poor gamer is eliminated
after one round.)

– We got him.
– He’s caught.

Your hand was shaking a lot.

You were trembling.

He’s a nervous wreck.

What a coward.

Jae Seok is the last.

You need to eliminate two more.

Jae Seok is the last. Good.

I’m so nervous.

How did they come up with this game?

This is fun.

It’s so thrilling.

– Then…
– All right then.

– Haha and…
– Se Chan,

Jong Kook, and So Min will start.

– Okay.
– No.

I’m so nervous.

Ready, start.

Gosh, that was close.

– Gosh, this is…
– Here.

(Jong Kook succeeds.)


– So Min will get caught.
– It’s coming to So Min.

Hurry and send it to me.

– Done.
– Gosh.

So Min and Ji Hyo are really good.

So Min is good.

– Okay.
– Haha.

– Darn it.
– He got two.

(Haha is out.)

– Darn it.
– He got two.

– Darn it.
– He got two.

Haha is out.

– Go away, Mr. Dirty Mustache.
– Mr. Dirty Mustache.

Go away, DM.

– DM is out.
– Mr. Dirty Mustache.

– This is simple.
– All right.



(If they survive this round,
they can get more points.)

Hey, this is…

– He did it.
– You shouldn’t hurry.

– Go.
– Let’s catch Jong Kook.


(They succeed so quickly.)

The three of us are really good.

I let my guard down.

– This is really hard.
– I let my guard down.

So Jae Seok is in last place.

– Oh no.
– He’s the last.

I’ll have to show you.

The last place gets zero points…

to buy information.

– Zero points?
– Oh, dear.

– Haha gets 1 point.
– 1 point.

– And Jong Kook gets 2 points.
– Okay.

And the rest gets five points each.

– Okay.
– That’s great.

– Oh no.
– It’s hard to flip it.

Just to let you know,
there are two types of information.

Level 1 Information
and Level 2 Information.

You can buy Level 1 Information
with 1 point,

and Level 2 Information
with 3 points.

I’ll buy it no matter what.

Let me tell you what it is about.

Level One Information
contains the issues of a company.

But we don’t know
how they will turn out.

So you mean they are real events.

Real events of
the corresponding year.

Real events.

But we don’t know how
they will affect the stock prices.

If you buy Level Two Information,

you can see whether
the stock price will rise or fall.

– Really?
– Really?

– My gosh.
– Does it say when?

– Okay.
– I have no idea about stocks.

We should buy stocks
at the beginning.

Please change your clothes
and gather again at the exchange.


(Now they will begin
the fierce information war.)

Let’s go.

I’ll show you what I’ve got today.

You’ll see what I can do.

Today, with my golden hands…

Small investors, come here.

Super pushover investors
should go there.

– I’m a small investor.
– Seok Jin.

– What?
– Pushovers should go over there.

(The Running Investors
are gathering around.)


You should teach me a lot.

Don’t worry.
I’ll take care of everything.

– Everyone.
– Yes.

You guys are famous
investors of Korea.

(Famous investors of Korea)

Famous investors? I like that.

(They’ve been acting like investors
with R money for 11 years.)

Are we going back
to January 1, 2011?

Yes. All right.

I don’t remember
the price index of that time.

I don’t remember
the KOSPI of that time.

– That’s when I was in the military.
– Really?

Did you read the newspaper a lot?

– You can’t do use your phones.
– Okay.

We are doing this
for a period of 10 years.

It ends with the results of 2020.

What happened in 2011?

– I can’t remember.
– I don’t remember anything.

Seok Jin seems really excited.

– He looks so thrilled.
– I know.

This place is the stock exchange
where you will make investments.

Investments will be made
on a yearly basis.

20 minutes counts as 1 year.

You can either go to
the Information Exchange…

to buy information
about the next year.

Yes, I want to buy it.

(Level 1 Information
offers comprehensive information.)

(Level 2 Information
offers detailed information.)

I can’t ask questions…

– when I don’t know anything.
– I know, right?

– I have no idea.
– You know nothing about stocks.

I don’t know anything.

Or you can buy stocks
at your Stock Exchange.

I should see what it is like
in 2011 first.

– Right. We should see what’s what.
– We should.

You have 500 dollars each
in your bag.

I have no points to buy information.

So I should just follow my guts.

You can do that.

Or you can pay money
and buy information from others.

Can we do that?

Can we share information
with others?

Yes. But the information isn’t…

written on paper.
You can only read it once.

– We have to memorize it then.
– So they can lie about it.

We should share
information together.

– What happened in 2011?
– I won’t get it even if I read it.

I don’t remember.

I’ll show you
the stock prices in 2011.

Pull up the prices.

– A Entertainment?
– My gosh.

Are they real
entertainment agencies?

Yes, they are.


You’ll get 20 minutes now.

You can start stock trading now.

Can we start?

(The 2011 Stock Market)


– It’s three dollars.
– IT.

– Biotechnology.
– You can start stock trading now.

Can we start?

– What?
– What’s that?

– I’ll invest all my money.
– One of us should…

– I think I know what it is.
– Jae Seok.

There’s one thing I know.

– Hang on.
– Now…

– One of them is…
– This is…

Can I decide…

– whether to invest or not?
– Sure.

There’s a shipbuilding company
whose stock price is 250 dollars.

What is this? What is 250 dollars?

– Is it per share?
– Per share.

Let me explain.

These are the prices of one share.

(The investment clock
of 2011 is ticking even now.)

I have 500 dollars. A Entertainment.

Hey, Jae Seok.

Come here. You…

What year did we
join the entertainment agency?

When did you join your agency?

(He takes advantage of his career
and checks entertainment companies.)

– I can’t tell you that.
– What year was it?

– I’ll share information with you.
– You will?

Wait. What year was that?

What happened in 2011?

– What did I do?
– That’s when he started it.

We started
Running Man in 2011, right?

This is what was good back then.

(This is what was good back then.)

The small investors are gathering.

The small investors are
gathering around.

We have a source.

– You should tell me too.
– The food company.

There were some chips…

that were popular back then.

The entertainment and beauty
industries were good in 2011.


The entertainment industry
wasn’t doing well back then.

Hang on.

– IT.
– What’s biotechnology?

Biotechnology is…

– You know…
– Biotech.

It has something
to do with the human body.

– Like medicine?
– Biotech.

Like life science.

– Medicine?
– It involves medicine.

What’s IT?

IT? IT is…



(He learned everything about
stock investment in one day.)

(The 2011 Stock Market)

The chemical industry did well too.

All right then.

(Jae Seok tries to recall
his memories and starts trading.)

In 2011,

I have to buy stocks…

– in beauty companies.
– Why is this only three dollars?

I should follow what Jae Seok does.

I’ll buy two shares.

And I’ll buy one share
in the chemical company.


(Kwang Soo invests
by eavesdropping.)

I’ll spend 500 dollars
on the chemical company.

– All of it?
– Yes.

(All his money in one company?)

– You can buy up to 12 shares.
– Wait.

The food company’s
stock price rose too.

– G Foods.
– G Foods?


And I’ll spend the rest in H Beauty.

H Beauty.


– Why are you watching me?
– No, I wasn’t.

– What…
– I’ll follow you.

– Don’t look at me.
– I have no information.

– These two.
– Are you done?

– I have 20 dollars left, right?
– Yes.

Six shares of B Entertainment.

– Six shares?
– Yes.

All right.

Hello, Hyeong Gu.

I’m the biggest investor here.

This is your chance to make money.

I’ll invest 100 dollars
in I Chemical.

(The self-proclaimed big investor
starts his investment.)

Gosh, you startled me.

Why are you being like this?

What did I do?

You’re distracting me
when I’m trying to make investments.

I’m done already.

I can’t make investments like this.

– I think you saw what I did.
– Because I had no information.

Don’t call me Beanpole.

You beanpole.

The Information Exchange is open.

You can buy information there.

I should buy information.


(I’m here to buy information.)

F Biotechnology.

I need information
about F Biotechnology.

You can choose either
Level 1 and Level 2.

1 point for Level 1
and 3 points for Level 2.

– I’ll buy Level 1.
– Level 1?

(So Min buys Level 1 Information
about F Bio and H Beauty.)

“Running Daily, 2012”

“The anti-cancer medicine
developed by the subsidiary…”

“of F Biotechnology
raised expectations.”

(Both are positive facts,)

If it raised expectations,
it’s a good thing.

(but it’s hard to predict how
they’ll affect the stock prices.)

I’d like to buy
F Biotechnology’s shares.

I’ll buy 200 dollars’ worth of them.

And one share of H Beauty as well.

Level 2 information on H Beauty.
I should use 3 points.

I mean, I have five points.


“Its stock price rose…”

“due to its aggressive expansion
in Southeast Asia.”

“H Beauty launched a new product.”

(The Level 2 information mentioned
the increase in the stock price.)


(That’s good.)

– I’ll be off.
– Okay.

I knew it. K-beauty has been popular
since then.

Where were you?

I got some information
on the stock market.

– Did you?
– Yes.

– You’re smiling happily.
– Pardon?

I want this to be private.

(Jee Seok Jin Stock Exchange)

I’d like to buy…

H Beauty’s…

(He’s talking quietly
to keep it confidential.)

I’ll buy as many shares of H Beauty
as I can.

– As many as possible.
– Is this your final decision?

Yes, it is. I won’t change my mind.

(He decided to spend all his money
to buy H Beauty’s shares!)

Gosh. I’m a super good investor,
but I can’t decide…

– Can I get information as well?
– Se Chan.

You can buy it.

– Shall I give you a gift?
– Yes, please.

– It’s perfect.
– But I think…

– Go all-in for the entertainment.
– Pardon?

An entertainment agency.

Not the one whose share price is
three dollars.

Invest all your money in a company
whose share price is 20 dollars.

– That company?
– Yes.

That’s the only thing I know.

– There are three in total.
– I’m giving you a gift.

Invest all your money
in that company as I said.

– You trust me, right?
– Okay. I’ll see you later.

– It’s not like that.
– In what year…

(Yang Se Chan’s Account Balance)

I’ll buy additional shares of
B Entertainment worth 130 dollars.

Additional shares of B Entertainment
worth 130 dollars…

– I already bought its shares.
– So Min.

So Min, shall I give you a gift?

– I got some information.
– Yes, please.

– You want it or not?
– Yes. I got two tips too.

– Really?
– Yes.

How about we share our information?

Sounds good.

(I got her!)

Go all-in
for the entertainment agencies.

– The entertainment agencies?
– Yes.

– Do you want to finalize it?
– No, wait.

I want one share of A Entertainment.

– Is that all?
– Yes. This is turned off.

(She bought shares of the 2
entertainments as Big Nose advised.)

– Is this your final decision?
– Yes. Thank you.

(While Seok Jin was trying to lure
So Min into an investment,)

(Jae Seok overheard the fake
information Seok Jin told.)

I’ll buy shares
of B Entertainment…

worth the amount of money
I have left.

(He bought B Entertainment’s shares
with the money he had left.)

You have to pay 500 dollars.

Gosh, seriously.

(Se Chan, So Min, and Jae Seok
were fooled by the fake news.)

I have done this before.

I don’t know…
Can you give me a minute?

I don’t know anything
about stocks.

If you tell me the company
and the number of shares,

you can buy as many shares
as you can with your money.

(Oh, I see.)

Then I’ll buy both C and D.

How many shares
would you like to buy?

– How many shares?
– The number of shares.

(When people like her start buying
the stocks, the price will go down.)

I know nothing
about stock investment.

What if…

I become addicted to it
in the future?

This is driving me nuts.

– First…
– Yes.

I don’t know.

I’ll spend all the money I have
to buy H Beauty’s shares.

(Jong Kook is also done
buying shares!)

I’ll just buy a share
of only this IT company.

– Just one?
– Yes.

You must not try to perfectly guess
the highs and lows,

but some people become too greedy.

– You see, I always…
– Seok Jin,

you seem so confident.

– I…
– Right.

I always bought the highest
and sold the lowest.

I have had a bad experience.

That was such great information.

Jae Seok, you couldn’t
get any, right?

– Get what?
– Information.

I don’t need any information.

I trust my hunches.

I hope your hunches are right.

I trust myself and nothing else.

– That’s ridiculous.
– Right.

I just trust myself.

– I see that.
– Everyone!

There’s a famous quote
regarding stock investment.

“Do not put all your eggs
in one basket.”

That means you shouldn’t go all-in
for one company.

– Then why did he go all-in?
– Bear that in mind.

Why did you put all your eggs
in one basket?

That’s my style.

– His nickname is Silly Basket.
– “Silly Basket”?

(He always goes all-in for 1 thing.)

It’s because he always puts
all he has in one basket.

I should sell my shares
when the price goes down, right?

That’s up to you. John Lee said,

“Hold on to blue ship stocks.”

– Holding?
– Yes.

I invested all the money I had
in shares.

I’m done.

This is so difficult.

How many companies
did you invest in?

– I went all-in for 1.
– Just 1 company?

– I’ll tell you the key point.
– What company?

– Sorry?
– In what company did you invest?

You must think long term.
No day-trading.

– Is that so?
– Yes.

– Then…
– Don’t sell your shares next year.

Buy shares to hold on to until 2020.

– People can be…
– But the price may go down.

– swayed by rumors.
– It may drop sharply.

They’re exchanging information
without knowing the stock market.

Listen. Stocks prices… Jae Seok,
stock prices are like waves.

When they go up, there will be
a time when they go down.

And when they go down,
that’s when they go back up.

– Hey.
– Hold on to it!


Hold on to it.

Keep holding on to it.

Let’s just go for it!

– Go up!
– Let’s go for it whatever happens.

– You small fries.
– What?

– I realized something about it.
– What is it?

It makes me have hope.

– Of course.
– Absolutely.

– It gives me hope.
– Of course.

It’s a meaningless hope though.

– Your life can change overnight.
– Bo Pil!

Hey! 2012 is coming soon.

– Here we go!
– It’s around the corner.

– Come on.
– Is it already 2012?

– What did I do in 2011?
– This is fun.

I think IU released
“Good Day” at around that time.

I’m pretty sure of it.

Why would you bring
the music industry up?

– What do you mean by that?
– We’re investing in stocks.

I’m giving you the information.

– But…
– It’s related to the company…

– we invested in.
– He’s working in the TV industry.

Every entertainment agency is
different from one another.

– We all should…
– Merger and acquisition…

You guys are obsessed
with petty issues,

and that’s a problem.

I’ll tell you what you should
think about.

– Jae Seok.
– Who was…

– the president in that year?
– He can’t understand what you say.

Should we consider things like that?

Also, think of the biggest events
that happened…

in 2011.

– Should we consider social issues?
– Yes.

Those things are
what you must consider.

Then is it possible that I
hit the jackpot while waiting?

– Yes. But it may go down too.
– I see.

The price may drop sharply,
but shares won’t become garbage.


– It’s garbage when it’s delisted.
– You’re right.

– But it may be delisted too.
– Am I right?

If a company listed on KOSDAQ
remains in the red for four years,

– it is reevaluated.
– He sounds like an expert.

– And…
– By the way…

– Then why did he lose money?
– You see… Listen, everyone.

In my entire life, I bought shares
that got delisted later three times.

– And I was a member…
– You’re…

You’re bragging about it?

of an online forum,
and my ID was “Red Hand”.

Why “Red Hand”?
Wasn’t it “Blue Hand”?

No, it wasn’t.

It’s because he had to stop
a nosebleed so many times.

– He stopped a nosebleed…
– Not to let others know.

with his hand so many times.

It’s almost 2012.

– It’s almost 2012.
– We’ll hear the New Year’s bell.

The New Year’s bell will ring soon.

(Who achieved the highest returns
in 2011?)

The New Korean Wave expanded…

(And which stocks will give wings
to the hopes of the investors?)

Pyeongchang won
an overwhelming victory.

(2012 will begin.)

I wonder how it will turn out.

– Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year.

2012 has begun.

Please reveal the stock prices
in 2012.

Happy New Year, everyone!

(He eavesdropped on others
and invested in I Chemical.)

Please reveal the stock prices
in 2012.

The prices will be revealed.
Let’s find out.

The prices will be revealed.

(Who will be happy
after the prices are revealed?)

(A Entertainment: 10 percent up,
B Entertainment: 900 percent up,)

(C IT: 17 percent down,
D IT: 33 percent down,)

(G Foods: 17 percent down,
J Shipbuilding: 20 percent up,)

(B Entertainment: 900 up, H Beauty:
20 up, I Chemical: 25 down)

– It went up.
– B Entertainment rose 900 percent?

– It went up.
– B Entertainment stock…

– rose 900 percent?
– Give me my money back.

(B Entertainment stock increased
by 900 percent!)

It rose 900 percent?

– It rose 900 percent?
– Give me my money back.

Give me my money back!

– My, J Shipbuilding stock…
– Hey.

B Entertainment stock
rose 900 percent?

(B Entertainment stock that Seok Jin
lied about actually rose.)

– It went up.
– It rose 900 percent?

(He’s excited,
but he can’t scream in joy.)

Stock prices are like waves.

When they go down,
they go back up again!

– How did B Entertainment do…
– Gosh. I went all-in.

– How did the price…
– I went all-in.

increase by 900 percent in 1 year?

(Those who were fooled by Seok Jin
hit the jackpot!)

– I think I bought B Entertainment.
– Did you?

– I bought B Entertainment, right?
– If only I bought…

50 dollars’ worth of
B Entertainment’s shares…

– What is it?
– Did you buy its shares?

I bought 100 shares.

– B Entertainment?
– Check the rate of return.

– What’s his rate of return?
– 540 percent!

540 percent!

(He became rich
with a 540 percent rate of return!)

I think I did well.

My rate of return is 540 percent.

How did it happen?

540 percent?

– They’re now worth 2,700 dollars.
– That’s unbelievable.

– 2,700 dollars.
– My gosh.

I invested my money
in B Entertainment!

Is that true?

Right after IU released her song
“Good Day”.

(10 years after the release
of IU’s “Good Day”,)

(Se Chan is having a good day
with R money.)

I invested in A Entertainment.
Why didn’t it go up higher?

(So Min also earned
328 percent profit.)

This is awesome.
It’s hard to believe.

I hit the jackpot.

I struck gold.


All my stocks went up.

– B Entertainment…
– Everyone else bought it.

Did you buy it too? Did you?

(How sweet.)

(Jae Seok earned
a 59 percent return.)

– Everyone else bought it.
– Hey!

Kwang Soo earned a profit.

He earned 42 dollars.

I invested in the same companies
as Jae Seok.

I expected a profit.

Hey, Ji Hyo lost 100 dollars.

Hey, don’t look.

Gosh. At the last minute…

(I wish I had known
what I know now.)

(The person who caused the gust
earned only a 20 percent profit.)

(Jong Kook earned
a 20 percent profit.)

(He earned a profit,
but feels like he lost money.)

– I think I might…
– That…

get hooked on stock investment.

– I’m worried.
– Right.

This is so much fun.

(She finally learned the fun
of stock investment.)

When you invest in stocks,

you often get jealous.

When you see others’ success,

you get jealous. Am I right?

(He feels jealous
whenever the stock market closes.)

I didn’t know I would feel this way,
comparing myself to others.

I earned a profit too.

Nevertheless, seeing those who
earned more than 100 percent,

I feel like I lost my money.

(This is why it’s important
to stay calm.)

So this is how it feels.
I know now.

(January 11, 2012)

(The stock market for 2012
has opened.)

Should I buy some information?

(Kwang Soo earned 8 percent.)

They say you should
hold on to your stocks.

I should sell I Chemical stocks
no matter what.

(But I should sell
I Chemical stocks.)

I’m going to buy some information.

But they say you should
hold on to your stocks.

(He told himself to focus on
long-term investments.)

I’ll buy Level One information
on H Beauty.

I’ll buy its shares
if it’s likely to go up.

I should buy something
that will go up.

(The tall investor became impatient
and plans to sell I Chemical.)

“H Beauty.”

“The marketing
and legal costs increased.”

What does this mean?

Just take it literally.

Does it mean the stock price
will go up or down?

Read it again and…

When the legal cost increases,

– does the stock price go up?
– I can’t tell you that.

I should ask someone else.

(I should ask someone else.)

What does it mean?

– Jae Seok, if the marketing…
– Yes?

and legal costs increased…

When a company carries out
a lot of marketing activities,

it would obviously cost
a lot of money,

but it could also increase
the sales.

Okay. Think about your agency,
King Kong by Starship.

Let’s say they put up
billboards that promote you…

to make you a star.

– It must cost them a lot of money.
– Yes.

But they do that
because it’s effective.

So the advertising cost would be
a loss, but they can make…

– a profit from it, right?
– A profit.

But you don’t know how it will
affect the stock price.

Then… Okay.

Oh, that’s what they mean
by marketing costs.

First, I’ll sell all the shares
of I Chemical.

And H Beauty…

– Do you want to buy its shares?
– Yes, I’ll buy its shares.

(Yu Jae Seok’s Account Balance)

(Jae Seok got information
on H Beauty from Kwang Soo.)

H Beauty.

– I’ll buy as many as I can.
– H Beauty’s shares?

I’m so upset. I’ll hold on to
A Entertainment’s shares.

Stock prices always fluctuate,
you know.

A Entertainment is…
Maybe its stocks…

(The 2 men with no experience
in investments discuss stocks.)


(They laugh too
out of embarrassment.)

– I know how this must look.
– Join us.

– We know nothing about stocks.
– Gosh.

It’s really funny.

– The two of us who know nothing…
– I haven’t seen people…

checking the stock prices
in a while.

They’re exchanging information
when they know nothing about stocks.

I think that biotechnology started
booming in 2016.

I should buy shares in biotechnology
companies before 2016.

I’ll go with
biotechnology companies.

I think the entertainment companies
will go downhill.

The IT companies’ stock prices
went down so much too.

If its stock is 300 dollars,
that means it’s a blue-chip stock.

It’s definitely a blue-chip stock.

But I think I should keep
H Beauty stocks longer.

K-beauty became
more and more popular.

(He’s recalling his stock history
with a serious look on his face.)

It became more and more popular.

You do have a lot of information.

Yes, I do.

– I don’t need to buy information.
– Okay!

I’d like to buy
F Biotechnology’s shares.

(Using his own big data, he decided
to invest in F Biotechnology.)

As many as I can.

(B Entertainment’s major shareholder
is buying information.)

I’d like to get
the Level Two information.

(Se Chan wants to see if he should
keep B Entertainment’s shares.)

Really? It drops in 2013, right?

(It’s going to crash!)

Gosh. Okay.

(The useful information
made him smile happily.)

It will go down.

This is so much fun!

I want to sell all the shares
of B Entertainment.

Okay. All of them have been sold.

I’d like to buy 1,000 dollars’ worth
of G Foods’ shares.

– 1,000 dollars?
– Yes.

This feels like
actual stock trading.

– What should I buy?
– B Entertainment.

– What?
– Hold on to it for two more years.

– Are you sure?
– Yes.

– Okay.
– B Entertainment…

– I was going to sell it.
– No, hold on to it.

Did you earn a lot?

Well, it’s not bad.

– You did well.
– You’re not allowed to see this.

– Hold on to it.
– Okay.

Make sure to hold on to…
When a stock goes up,

you should hold on to it longer.

– Not selling it?
– No.

Why would you sell it
when it’s going up?

(He leaves after putting
the naive novice in trouble.)

– You got information, right?
– Yes. Kwang Soo.

Did you buy any stocks?

– What is it?
– I got Level Two Information.

I remember it surged one time.

– B Entertainment stock will go up?
– Definitely.

It will go up even higher?

Yes. It will keep going up
until next year.

Don’t sell it.

(Kwang Soo is getting fooled again.)

– I’m telling you the truth.
– It will go up higher?

Yes, it’ll keep going up.

I’ll sell D IT.

(Ji Hyo invested in B Entertainment,
C IT, and H Beauty.)

H Beauty and…

(Jong Kook decided to
hold on to H Beauty’s shares.)

I’ll keep the shares of H Beauty.

(H Beauty, 100 dollars, 5 shares)

(I’ll go with C IT.)

I’ll go with C IT.

It’s not like I’m guessing
on an exam.

What am I doing?
Gosh, I’m so frustrated.

F Biotechnology,

B Entertainment,

and G Foods.

Guys, days are passing by.

– Days are passing by.
– I can’t wait.

(They’re all waiting
for the next year’s market.)

It makes me expectant somehow.

I’m a little excited.

– This is just a game.
– My gosh.

– It makes me expectant.
– This is so much fun.

I think I have potential.

– I don’t think you do.
– You’re wrong.

– This is what worries me.
– Did you earn a profit?

If So Min or Se Chan…

wins the contest,

they will think they really are
good at this.


They will open an account
for stock trading right away…

– And they’ll lose a lot of money.
– Exactly.

And then…

– I actually thought of doing it.
– Next week,

they will show up
with dark circles under the eyes.

They won’t be able to sleep.

Ji Hyo, do you know much
about stocks?

– Did you buy any stocks?
– Ji Hyo, did you buy any?

I suffered a loss.

You suffered a loss?

– We didn’t know.
– Ji Hyo.

– You lost money?
– We didn’t know.

What did you buy this time?

– Ji Hyo.
– I bought an IT company’s shares.

IT companies didn’t do well
in that year. Why did you…

I know nothing about stocks.

– What did you buy this time?
– IT companies…

I invested in some other companies
this time.

Why didn’t you keep it?

She sold it.

– The IT company…
– If you invest in stocks like that,

– you lose your money.
– I invested in an IT company.

– But I know nothing about stocks.
– Right?

– IT companies will boom.
– But you shouldn’t just guess.

I just went with my hunch.

Besides, I got information,
but I still didn’t know…

– what to do.
– Se Chan, you should…

Se Chan’s investment style
can be risky.

Investing all your money
in a low-priced stock like he did…

is a shortcut to bankruptcy.

Then why did you do that?

– Leave him be.
– I learned from my experience.

– Why did you…
– I’m young and rich.

I go all-in for a blue-chip stock
unlike him.

You know, right? He always…

advises someone who succeeded
in doing something.

– That’s true.
– Absolutely.

You need information…

– to earn a profit.
– That doesn’t matter.

Don’t you guys have
the knowledge…

of how the economy changed
from 2011 to 2020 in your head?

– You have that knowledge in yours?
– Of course, I do.

– Just go home.
– You know that.

– You do?
– Seok Jin, just go home.

Try to figure out how things are
going with your family.

– I’m speechless.
– How can you not know that?

You don’t even know
how your wife feels.

What’s the point of knowing
how the economy changed?

I didn’t buy shares
in any biotechnology companies.

(My love)

(Bye, oh, bye, oh)

– Biotechnology?
– Biotechnology stocks…

won’t go up this year.

– Invest in them in the future.
– Sorry, but how much did you earn?

– How much?
– 20 percent.

(He earned too little
for the knowledge he has.)

Hey, I earned
more than 500 percent.

Who are you to teach me?

What you’re doing is called…

“speculation”, and what I’m doing
is called “investment”.

You’re a speculator.

Look at him. He’s jealous.

You’re jealous, right?
I earned 540 percent.

He’s just…

– This is just a game, but he…
– You’re unbearably jealous, right?

– Help him out.
– Seok Jin.

– Are you jealous?
– No.

– I think you are.
– Not at all.

I’m just worried about you.

(The successful investor
teases Seok Jin.)

– You’re jealous, right?
– No, I’m not.

This year is almost gone.
It’s almost the end of the year.

– It’s coming soon.
– It’s coming soon.

– Let’s go!
– The new year is coming.

– Let’s go!
– Let’s go.

– The bell is about to ring.
– Please, please.

– Just this once.
– The New Year’s bell!

– Ring it!
– Help me out just this once.

It has come.

– It has come.
– The bell is ringing.

(Jong Kook kept H Beauty.
Kwang Soo kept B Entertainment.)

(Haha bought C IT’s shares
following his hunch.)

(Se Chan leaked fake information
and sold B Entertainment’s shares.)

(How did the stock market change
in 2013?)

Reveal the stock prices.

Oh, gosh! I hit the jackpot!

I hit the jackpot!

(A Entertainment: 37 percent up,
B Entertainment: 83 percent down,)

(C IT: 40 up, D IT: 25 up,
E Biotechnology: 20 up,)

(F Biotechnology: no change,
G Foods: 20 down,)

(H Beauty, 33 down,)

(I Chemical: 33 down,
J Shipbuilding: 17 up)

– I hit the jackpot!
– It’s okay.

Oh, man. This is driving me insane.

(B Entertainment stock dropped
by 83 percent!)

(Haha earned a 5 percent profit.)

(I hit the jackpot!)

(Total Value: 550 dollars,
profit: 28 dollars)

(He’s excited as if he earned
a 500 percent profit.)

(Se Chan earned a profit again
by switching to D IT!)

(He caused others to lose money
and earned a profit again!)

I am young and rich!

(I am Yang and Rich!)

Gosh. I’m in trouble.

But Se Chan told me
to hold on to it.

(Hang on. What is going on?)

(Both B Entertainment and H Beauty
stocks crashed.)

(Kwang Soo got scammed
and lost a lot of money.)

– Se Chan.
– I am young and rich!

Hey, you told me to hold on to it.

Hey, you shouldn’t listen to
everything others say.

– Hey.
– Whereas I made money,

some others must lose.

You two are those people, you punks.

He told me to hold on to it.

(You are responsible
for your own investment decisions.)

If I’m wrong this time, I promise…

It’s okay.

Why did H Beauty stocks go down?

Wasn’t K-beauty popular back then?

This is driving me nuts.

(He’s checking his balance
in shock.)


(He lost 50 percent.)

(Cut in half)

270 dollars?

It’s been cut in half.

Gosh. What do I do?
What should I do?

Where did my money go?

Where is my money?
Give me back my money.

I’m not doing this anymore.
Give me back my money.

Give me back my money.
I said I won’t do this anymore!

Give me back my money.
I’m going home.

I’m not doing this anymore.

I don’t even care about stocks.
Give it back now.

Give me back my money.

Give me back my money!

Jae Seok, the marketing cost…

– I’m just asking.
– Okay.

You told me
how marketing activities…

– That’s right.
– can help to make a profit…

But it doesn’t work well
in some cases.

Then should I hold on to it?

– Why are you asking me that?
– It’s just…

Why are you asking me that?

It’s because every stock I bought
went down.

– Gosh, seriously.
– Should I…

This is driving me nuts.

I should’ve sold B Entertainment.
What should I do?

I’m done for.

Did I lose? Gosh. Minus 71 percent.

(Total Value: 622 dollars,
loss: 1,520 dollars)

I can’t believe this.

Ji Hyo.

(And Ji Hyo has been suffering
losses for 2 years in a row.)

Ji Hyo.

Jae Seok,
I think that stock investment…

– Ji Hyo, why did you sell…
– doesn’t suit me.

the IT companies’ shares
when their prices went up?

I sold all the shares
of the IT company I had.

(Big Nose lost almost one-third.)

I lost 160 dollars. Hold on.

(The veteran investor
got burned by K-beauty.)

Beauty is the way.

Isn’t that when K-beauty
became popular?

K-beauty was supposed to be a hit.

That’s when K-beauty
took off like crazy.

– You’ve got to be kidding me.
– Didn’t K-beauty take off?

– Of course. It was a huge hit.
– How odd.

(He enters the Information Exchange
huffing and puffing.)

– Hello.
– Come on in.

(He enters the Information Exchange
huffing and puffing.)

Hold on.

– Hi.
– B Enter was five dollars, right?

(He buys Level 1 Information
on B Entertainment.)

With a famous IT company…

(He buys Level 1 Information
on B Entertainment.)

This is crazy.

An IT company?
But this is an entertainment agency.

(A merger between
two big IT companies?)

An IT company?
But this is an entertainment agency.

(How does this merger
affect B Entertainment?)

(Meanwhile, Haha purchases
information on H Beauty.)

This is too vague though.

(H Beauty in discussion
to find a foreign investor.)

In discussion.

Nothing’s been finalized yet then.

But what if…

this deal happens
before the year ends?

I remember hearing
something about this.

I don’t know if I should
sell these stocks or not.

(A silhouette appears
outside the door.)

(The spy is at the door
hoping to see something.)

(He secretly takes a photo
with his phone.)

(Thanks to the sly move, he gets
another piece of information.)

What happened in
the chemical industry in 2013?

– What?
– What happened?

The chemical industry?

I can’t tell which
company it is though.

Did you ask about
the beauty company earlier?

The one that’s in discussion
with a marketing deal?

Yes, they’re looking to invest.

They’ll soon sign a big deal then.

They will.

Wait, they will?

Will they sign it next year then?

– I…
– That’s what you should tell me.

– Tell me what matters!
– I’m…

I’m not an expert.

They were looking
to invest last year.

And that could soon
turn into a huge business deal.

It happens when you
invest in marketing.

Doesn’t B Entertainment
intrigue you?

– B Entertainment?
– Yes, B Entertainment.

– Do you know something?
– It’ll soon be a big hit.

I have information on them.

– It’ll be a big hit?
– What did you hear?

I mean, it’s still only
at five dollars.

I received information on them.

– What was it?
– What?

– No way.
– Hold on.

– Will it go up?
– You received information?

Will B Entertainment’s
stock price go up?

Come on, Kwang Soo.

Let me know what it is.

– What…
– Give me a hint.

– That’s not it.
– The stock price won’t go up.

– You never know yet.
– Listen to this.

I’ll tell you this one thing.

You were right to sell it.

– It used to be three dollars.
– How typical…

It went from 3 dollars to 5.

Se Chan is lost in thought.)

H Beauty.

I’ll buy 30 stocks.

(Yang and Rich
goes all-in for H Beauty.)

– Stop fussing, will you?
– That’s good.

(Yang Se Chan, H Beauty, 35 stocks)

I’ll keep these.

Up until 2015,

K-beauty is on an upward trend.

That I know.

I’ll keep them some more.

– Just once more.
– You seem agitated.

(His voice is trembling.)

I’ll keep these.

– I guess I have no choice.
– That worked out.

I Chemical wouldn’t…

drop for three years straight.

It’s why I also…

I’ll buy I Chemical’s stocks.

(He purchases more
of I Chemical’s stocks.)

It won’t drop
for three years straight.

– That’ll be 13 stocks.
– Can’t you allow that?

440 dollars.

(Seok Jin received information
on B Entertainment.)

440 dollars.

I’ll use it all to buy
B Entertainment’s stocks.

All of it.

You’re going all-in.

I’ll sell the rest.

The chemical industry
goes big at least once.

– Right?
– It does.

– It dropped for two years.
– I’m sure of it.

– The industry will go big.
– I can…

share this money, right?

– You see…
– Kwang Soo,

care to put on a show?

At a stock exchange?

We’re supposed to be
gentlemen today.

– But I have the money.
– Put on a show?

Do something with your hair
and I’ll…

I’ll give you money
to buy more stocks.

With my hair?

Look at all the money I have.

I tend to keep my money in my hands.

Look at me, bio

– Bio
– It should take off about now.

I know exactly when
the bioindustry took off.

I began investing in stocks
when biotechnology…

was the craze.

– He’s at it again.
– I’m aware of the exact year.

I’m sorry, but did you
make money off it?

I didn’t.

(He’s all talk.)

When everyone earned money…

off stocks
of biotechnology companies?

– You lost money at that time?
– Yes.

– Goodness.
– The stocks…

My rate of return
was 100 percent, but…

– Ji Hyo!
– She’s completely hooked.

She’s addicted to this.

– Ji Hyo?
– Ji Hyo’s in trouble.

Is she a day trader now?

I earned a lot
thanks to the beauty industry…

but lost a lot because of it too.

Don’t you know when…

– the beauty industry took off?
– Seok Jin.


Isn’t the year etched in your brain?

– I’m sorry to ask.
– Yes?

Did you earn any money
investing in the beauty industry?

– No.
– Then…

I lost money.

Who is he trying to lecture then?

You talk like someone
who earned big time.

I thought John Lee was here with us.

Who are you, John Jee?

– It’s not over yet.
– Right.

– The date is drawing near.
– We’re almost there.

(It’s the New Year again.)

– I’m given newfound hope.
– Let’s do this.

After the stock prices
of 2014 are revealed,

your account balance
will be revealed as well.

– Sure.
– Got it.

My lips keep drying up.

I’m going to earn
my original investment…

and then keep the cash on me.

– My original investment…
– Come on!

I’ll earn back
my original investment…

and take off to Jeju Island.

– Please…
– Please!

My heart’s pounding right now.

My heart’s pounding.

I’ll earn back
my original investment and take off.

I’ll keep waiting.

The beauty industry will take off.

Starting this year,
it’ll be on the rise.

It’ll be big this year and the next.

It’ll be huge.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best.

See? 150 percent!

– Nice!
– Finally!

– 150 percent.
– What did I tell you?

– 150 percent!
– H Beauty.

– See? 150 percent.
– 150 percent!

– Okay.
– 150 percent.

(Se Chan hits the jackpot since
he only bought H Beauty’s stocks.)

– 150 percent.
– What did I tell you?

(The winners of 2014 are
the shareholders of H Beauty.)

See? What did I tell you?

(Seok Jin sold H Beauty’s stocks
and only earned a small amount.)

See what I mean?
It’s the beauty industry.

H Beauty, 150 percent.

This was the year.

I sold all
the H Beauty stocks I had.

– Why didn’t you listen to me?
– I sold them all.

This was the year.

I sold H Beauty’s stocks…

and bought bio stocks instead.

(Yang and Rich!)

I’ll buy you a car.

– What did I tell you?
– Here comes Yang and Rich!

H Beauty.

– This was the year.
– 150 percent.

Here comes Yang and Rich!

I just sold
all of my H Beauty’s stocks.

I’ll buy you a car.

I sold all of my H Beauty’s stocks.

This was the year.

– Kwang Soo.
– I sold all their stocks…

and bought bio stocks.

How can a stock price
go up by 150 percent?

We were right.

(Get over here!)

(He takes Seok Jin by the collar.)

Give me back my money!

Hold on.

(Seok Jin’s advice is a disaster
for individual investors.)

(My head’s spinning.)

My heart’s pounding.

– It’s pounding like crazy.
– Hey!

– My heart’s pounding like crazy.
– This is insane.

– I…
– I hit the jackpot.

You’ll get goose bumps too
once you know.

In the year 2014,
your account balance ranking…

will be revealed.

Se Chan earned too much.

– Jae Seok…
– To be honest…

– I hit the jackpot.
– K-beauty.

Is Se Chan the richest?

(Who’s the richest in 2014?)

– I’m in 4th place.
– I’m in 6th place.

We only counted your stocks.

(Account Balance Ranking)

This is the ranking.

I’m in third place.

What’s with Jae Seok?

– What do you mean?
– Jae Seok…

I’m in third place.

I feel like I’ve been wronged.

I held on to H Beauty for two years,

but the price skyrocketed
as soon as I sold it.

This is crazy.

– That’s just his story.
– I mean…

What did you do?

I sold all of H Beauty’s stocks
that I had…

after keeping them for two years.

The information he had ruined me!

K-beauty took off.

I didn’t bother with
any information.

I should’ve gotten
some information myself.

I told you to invest in it.

– Let’s play the next game then.
– Sure.

This is making me dizzy
even though it’s not real money.

Kwang Soo, you’re in the last place.

I mean…

When will
the chemical industry bloom?

How can the stock price drop
for three years straight?

– It’ll go up though.
– When?

Do you even know
what this industry is?

What do you think chemicals are?

I remember seeing them
in science class.

You need to know
what the companies do.

(Kwang Soo proves that
you must analyze companies.)

– Are you all right, Ji Hyo?
– Here’s your first mission.

Just do as I say.

You’ll trick me.

I’m young and rich, Ji Hyo.

(Those who suddenly become rich
tend to flaunt that.)

Like the previous one, this game…

– is worth information points.
– Really?

In the first mission,

you’ll be convincing
the staff of Running Man.

This is Master Debaters.

I’m good at that.

– You must be good with words.
– That I can do.

After the topic is revealed,

you’ll be randomly split
into 2 teams of 4…

and will start a debate
regarding that given topic.

After listening to your debate,

30 members of the staff
in this auditorium…

will vote on the team
that was more convincing.

The team with the most votes
will win.

That sounds difficult.

You will be given
three topics in total.

The members of the winning team…

will receive
three points respectively.

So you can earn
a maximum of nine points.

That’s enough to earn big
for three years straight.

Points are this important.

– The information…
– We need the information.

The first topic is this.

(Who will win if Jae Seok and
Seok Jin get into a real fight?)

(A: Seok Jin will win.
B: Jae Seok will win.)


How can one argue this?


– Is it a physical fight?
– Physical, of course.

– A fistfight.
– One that’s for real.

A for Seok Jin and B for Jae Seok.

The rest will randomly
choose their sides.

– Taking the right side is crucial.
– This isn’t easy.


(It’s crucial to choose the side
that is more convincing.)



Darn it!

I guess you chose A.

How can one argue this?

Don’t you worry.

– I’m doomed.
– Don’t you worry.

Please hold up your spoons.

– B.
– I have B.

Please stand with
your respective teammates.

– Okay.
– Sure.

– Guys.
– As if this can be argued.

Jae Seok would even win
a worded argument.

Just the fact…

that I’m considered
as a match for Seok Jin…

– is upsetting.
– It hurts your pride.

– Also…
– We’ll never actually fight, but…

We can even show you
who’ll win right now.

– What?
– They’ll fight…

and Jae Seok will win.

– We can show you that.
– Stop it.

Go head to head.

Haven’t you been exercising at home?

It won’t even be close.

– Don’t go in that direction.
– He’ll be beaten up for real.

– He’ll be beaten up for real.
– Then which one should we go with?

Excuse me.

– All right.
– Here comes the fiery fist.

Let’s talk about the statistics.

– First, both of them wear glasses.
– Right.

– Fake versus real glasses.
– “Real glasses”?

(Fake glasses versus real glasses)

– Your glasses are real, right?
– Yes, they are.

You have a better chance of winning
since your glasses are fake.

– Of course.
– His glasses are real.

– For me… That’s a good point.
– Yes.

Let me just tell you one thing.
It’s simple.

Even if the four of you
come at me…

What did you say?

(What did you say?)

– What did you say?
– That’s not true.

– You can’t beat me.
– Smash, smash, smash.

(Smash, smash, smash)

You’ll be done in one blow.

– In one blow.
– Look here.

Se Chan said
something really important.

I’m going to take off my glasses,

and then take his off for him.

– Wait.
– Then he can’t see anything.

– All your moves are so petty.
– You sound so strong! It’s scary.

– Everyone, think about it.
– He’s never fought with anyone.

– If he can’t see…
– He can’t see anything.

See? He can’t see anything.

You’re over here.

(He got scared.)

Oh, no. He can see.

– He can see.
– Be careful.

You have to think of this.

You have to remember his character.

– That’s right.
– He’s right.

Do you think he will beat me up?
Do you think Jae Seok will beat me?

– That’s right.
– He can beat you up.

– How can Jae Seok beat Seok Jin?
– Do you think he will beat me up?

He will never beat me…

until I’m covered in blood!

– How can Jae Seok beat Seok Jin?
– Will he ever do that?

– He’s not the type to do that.
– But what if they get into a fight?

– Let’s suppose they’re in a fight.
– He might make you pass out…

– so you won’t be covered in blood.
– But do we have to…

go this far?

– Jae Seok.
– Do we have to go this far?

Do you think you can beat me
until my nose bleeds…

– and get bruises all over?
– I would never do that.

– I can’t beat you like that.
– But I can!


– Did you all hear that?
– We won!

I can beat you like that.

– He’s capable of beating Jae Seok.
– Since…

– Since I’m older than him.
– That’s right.

– He’s right.
– I can beat him since I’m older.

But he can never beat me.

But I can make him go without pain.

– In 1 blow.
– That’s right. In 1 blow.

– In 1 blow?
– Yes, in 1 blow.

He has no guts to do that,
and he’s not the type to do it.

No, I can do it if I don’t want to
make him feel pain.

– Of course.
– In one blow.

I can punch him when he goes,
“What did you just say?”

(He’s all talk now.)

– Then I’ll dodge…
– The end.

– and throw an uppercut.
– The end.

I’ll dodge your uppercut…

– and kick you with my knee.
– A knee kick.

I will simply
block your knee kick…

– and kick you with my knee.
– Wait a minute.

But your fist was blocking him.
How would you use your hands?

I got it out in the meantime.

I got it out to use it.

– That’s how you blocked him?
– And pushed his knee down.

No, that’s not it.

But he’s really sturdy.

I texted him saying… Seok Jin,
you need to show our texts.

– I saw him using his strength…
– Why don’t we take turns…

and kick each other’s butts?

– That’s good!
– He’s doing push-ups!

Look at that!

(A sudden push-up performance)

(The end)

– Hey.
– Shall we kick each other’s butts?

Sounds good.
If you make noise, then you lose.

– Seok Jin.
– Let’s kick each other’s butts.

Let’s see how tolerant you are.

– Good.
– If you make noise, you lose.

Tolerance is really important.

Everyone, we need to see
how tolerant they are.

– I’m kicking your butt first?
– Take this seriously.

– We’re kicking the butt, right?
– Check out his kick.

(Seok Jin goes first.)

Maybe it’s better to kick thighs.

– You need to kick the butt.
– Yes, not the thighs.

– All right. Of course.
– I’m kicking you for real.

Go ahead.

– Kick him for real.
– Yes, do it for real.


(That was strong.)

– Seok Jin kicked for real.
– Did you see that?

(Breathing out)

(Biting his lips)

Seok Jin kicked for real.

Did you see that?

– You kicked for real.
– Yes, I did.

– You saw, right?
– Jee Seok Jin!

– Did you see that?
– Jee Seok Jin!

– Did you see that?
– But it was right in the middle.

– Did you see him?
– Also, you kicked him…

with the tip of your foot
and poked the middle of his butt.

– That’s not fair.
– Seok Jin can kick for real.

– It’s my turn now.
– What is it, Jae Seok?

It’s my turn now.

Did you see how I used
my full weight?

I could feel it. I could feel you
kicking him for real.

I can tell you have experience
with fighting.

But Jae Seok has his chance.

– Come forward.
– Seok Jin.

– If you hold it, you win.
– If you don’t cry, you win.

I’m not sure he’ll be okay, though.

– You have to watch them, everyone.
– Will you be okay?

Seok Jin has experience
with fighting.

– Like this.
– It was really loud earlier.

Make it deep.

If you don’t cry, you win.

I’m not sure he’ll be okay, though.

– You have to watch them, everyone.
– Will you be okay?

Seok Jin has experience
with fighting.

– Like this.
– It was really loud earlier.

Make it deep.

– Make it deep.
– Gosh.

You made a noise.


What are you doing?

This makes you look weak.

– I think he made a noise.
– He made a noise.

– Didn’t you
– They’re all listening.

Didn’t he make a noise?

– I think he just made a noise.
– He did.

Please forget it.
Forget what just happened.

I’ll give it a go now.

– Kick him for real.
– Okay.

(Now it’s Jae Seok’s turn to kick.)


That was okay.

It wasn’t that strong.

– He didn’t kick that hard.
– It’s because he got softhearted.

– He got softhearted.
– It wasn’t hard. Did you see that?

– He didn’t kick hear.
– It’s because he’s softhearted.

– But…
– I kicked hard.

This is what’s important.
I didn’t kick hard, but you went…

(I didn’t kick hard,
but you went like this.)

– He can’t tolerate pain.
– You saw him, right?

He can’t tolerate pain.

The first debate has come to an end.

– All right.
– Okay.

– The staff members…
– They’ll pick Jae Seok unanimously.

who are convinced that Seok Jin
will win, lift up A.

Lift up B for Jae Seok.

– Is there anything you want to say?
– Let me say one last word.

He can’t beat someone whom
he’s been friends with for 30 years.

– He’d just get beaten and lose.
– That’s right.

Please keep that in mind.

That’s right. I don’t want to
deny what Seok Jin said.

– That’s right. That’s important.
– That’s right.

But if he needs a beating,
then he’ll have to be beaten.

Of course.

Of course. If he needs to be,
then he should be beaten.

– He can’t beat me for sure.
– I hope that doesn’t happen though.

– I hope that doesn’t happen.
– Jae Seok,

imagine Seok Jin apologizing to you
with a nosebleed.

– That will never happen.
– That won’t happen.

– Keep that in mind, everyone.
– Imagine if they fight for real.

The premise is if they ever fight.

– Pick B.
– All right. One…

(What will the staff members pick?)

– There are more A’s.
– Pick A. There are more A’s.

If you only consider the kicks…

(Which team will win 3 points each?)

– Of course they picked B.
– Okay, they all picked B.

– There are more B’s.
– B!

– B!
– Of course.

But you all saw their kicks.

(10 people picked Seok Jin,
20 people picked Jae Seok.)

– Wasn’t my kick harder?
– All right.

But there are a lot of people…

– who picked A.
– There are more A’s than I thought.

Why did you think
Seok Jin would win?

That’s even worse.

Why? You never know.

Hey, how would you know?

– But…
– I can totally stomp that punk.

Seok Jin, calm down.

– Hey, Seok Jin.
– What’s wrong with you?

– Are you mad, Seok Jin?
– I can punch him like this.

He’s sulking for the third time.

We’ll give three points to
all members of Team B.

All right, let’s collect
the spoons now.

Here’s the second topic.

(Will Jong Kook be able to
get married within 3 years?)

(A: He can, B: He can’t)

– I think he will.
– This is…

What would you pick, Jong Kook?
I’ll let you pick first.

– Me?
– Yes.

I’ll just pick randomly.

I have no idea also.

– This is so hard.
– Are you saying you can’t?

We need to be on Jong Kook’s team.

I picked A for this.

– Gosh.
– You’re in trouble.

I need to be on Jong Kook’s team.

This is driving me crazy. Hold on.

– It’s B.
– I’ll have to be with Jong Kook.

Okay, I’ll just accept
whatever I pick.

– He picked B.
– We’re in trouble.

– What did you pick? Is it A or B?
– Is it A?

You need to be on Team A.

– I picked A.
– You picked A?

– Okay.
– It’s settled then.

– It’s settled.
– We’ll win for sure.

That settles it.
It’s fine as long as he picked A.

– Then we’ll win for sure.
– That’s all that matters.

Those who picked B, come here.

– I picked B.
– Okay.

It’s fine as long as he picked A.

– I will get married. I need to.
– You need to get A.

We don’t have to
discuss this topic for long.

He said he wants to get married.

– So what can we say about that?
– That’s right.

– Of course.
– But Jong Kook…

plans to get married, to be precise.
He’s not going to get married.

– No, no.
– He plans to.

– He wants to get married.
– He has a plan to do so.

He can’t get married alone.

– Of course.
– Within three years…

I need to get married
within three years.

He needs to have a partner to marry,

but according to his daily routine,

it’s impossible for him
to meet someone new.

– No, I will meet someone.
– You’re mistaken.

Let me tell you, you’re mistaken.
There are decent people…

around Jong Kook.

– There are many.
– But…

he’s not actively taking part
in developing…

– any relationship.
– That’s right.

He’s restraining himself
from meeting someone new.

That’s what I’m saying.
He’s really unapproachable.

I just haven’t set my mind to it.

Anyway, I have to get married
within three years.

– That’s right.
– He says he has to get married.

– But…
– Isn’t that up to me?

Just because you want to,

– you need a partner to marry.
– That’s not it.

Just because you want to,
it doesn’t mean you can.

If there’s a decent person…

Are you seeing anyone right now?

I’m okay with anyone, actually.

– What you’re saying is…
– That’s not how marriage works.

– What?
– That’s not how marriage works

How are you so sure that person
will like you back?

– That’s right.
– Both of them need to agree.

But Jong Kook is capable of that.

He goes up to people
and talks to them.

If he really wants to,

he can go up to anyone
at a bus stop or something…

– and talk to the person.
– Jong Kook would never do that.

– Of course.
– He can never do that.

– No, he can.
– If he sets his mind to it,

– he can.
– How can he do that?

I’ve heard the rumors though.
At the Gangnam intersection,

there’s a muscular guy
who asks for people’s numbers.

(There’s a guy at the Gangnam
intersection who asks for numbers.)

While showing his nipples,
he’d go, “Hello.”

– “I’m Kim Nipple.”
– That’s enough.

– You’ve heard the rumor, right?
– “I like you.”

That’s not true.

(The muscular man
is ready to get married.)

– I think…
– Listen to Ji Hyo, it’s important.

According to
what I’ve learned so far,

Jong Kook dates one person
for a long time.

– That’s right.
– He sees one person for a while…

and sees if she is someone…

he can get married to.

– So…
– Three years is not long.

Based on my experience,

you can’t marry someone
if you see them for a long time.

– He realized it.
– Yes, I realized it.

You have to get married
within 2 or 3 months.

– 2 or 3 months?
– Come on.

– No way.
– That’s impossible.

– Jong Kook.
– He said he realized it,

so why are you arguing against him?

– I said I realized it.
– That’s not how it works.

He’ll make you pay for it
if you lift up B!

I think I’ll be able to get married.

– Do you think he’ll let you be?
– I will get married.

– I’ll be over 40 then.
– Are you going to curse him?

– That’s right. I’ll get married!
– He said he’ll get married.

What’s wrong with you all?

He said he’ll get married…

– within three years!
– All right. Let me…

explain realistically
why he has no other choice…

but to get married
within three years.

Before, he used to hold it in a lot.

He didn’t eat anything
besides protein.

– But now, he has chips too.
– He eats everything.

– He’s now doing things…
– He has ramyeon too.

– that normal humans do.
– That’s not convincing at all.

– “He now has chips.”
– “He has chips and jellies…”

– Just hear him out!
– That’s so childish!

He works out for three hours
after having chips.

– But still…
– He has no time to date anyone.

Then I can eat something nice
late at night…

– He’s open to it.
– with my girlfriend or wife-to-be.

So Min, say something.

I’m not supposed to think
this way, but as I listened,

– I think he might not be able to…
– Stop it.

– Darn it.
– You should keep quiet.

– Hey!
– Get out of here.

Get out of here.

– Get out of here.
– Get out!

– But…
– Go away.

Even back in my days,

it took me three years
to marry my wife.

He needs to date someone for
two years, book a venue,

meet each other’s parents…

– It’ll only take six months.
– What?

No, that’s not possible.
Hey, Jae Seok.

How long did it take you
to marry Kyung Eun…

from the point you met her?

It took a total of two years.

That’s pretty short.

– It doesn’t take three years.
– It doesn’t take that long.

That’s considered short.

What about you?

– What do you mean it’s short?
– It took me three years.

– No, don’t put it that way.
– How long did it take you?

– I didn’t take that long too.
– How long did it take?

– It didn’t take me that long.
– How long did you take?

– Don’t ask me.
– He said it took him three months.

– I know! He only took 3 months!
– He took shorter than me.

– It depends on each case,
– It took me six months.

but for Jong Kook,
three years is not enough for him.

I’m not saying
that he can’t get married.

It takes Jong Kook
a year and a half to kiss.

Jong Kook is very careful.
He’s a very careful person.

If he wants to meet someone,

but there’s no one to meet,

then I’ll introduce someone to him.

Of course! I must get married
within three years.

Who do you have in mind?

There’s someone
who’s a year older than me.

(There’s someone
who’s a year older than me.)


She likes Jong Kook so much.

– But the point is,
– Listen to him first.

– she’s always ready.
– That’s what’s important.

– That’s what’s important.
– But that’s a little…

– She’s always ready to go.
– Isn’t that a little…

– Isn’t she too old?
– That’s how much she’s ready.

– He has high standards.
– Wait! I can introduce him.

– There’s someone I have in mind.
– Right?

– People around him can help.
– She’s older than me.

There’s someone I know
whom I can introduce to him.

There are many people who like him.

– There’s a lot.
– Now you’re setting him up?

All right. Let’s check the results.

– I’m going to get married.
– Team A will win for sure.

We are on Team A.

– Jong Kook is on Team A.
– But everyone,

just consider
his lifestyle for now.

You guys came up with this topic.
You can’t all choose A.




(Which team did
the staff members pick?)

My gosh.

(There are more people
who chose A.)

– He’ll get married.
– A!

– Of course.
– Who chose B?

It’s three years.
That’s long enough.

Who are you?

Are you crazy?

– Honestly…
– He will get married.

I had to argue against it,
but I believed that you will.

That’s right.
I think he’ll get married.

– You know how we feel.
– I think you’ll marry for sure.

Of course he’ll get married
within three years.

Maybe next year.

I didn’t win any points.

I got nine points.

Each time you win,
we’ll give you three points.

Jae Seok earned nine points.

Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, and So Min
won six points each.

Wow, Jae Seok did really well.

Seok Jin, Kwang Soo, and Se Chan
won three points each.

– Haha earned nothing.
– All right.

What’s happening with our stocks?

The stock trading for 2014
will begin again.

Let’s start the time now.

I need to get information
on them again.

– I’ll just follow you.
– Share one if you have good info.

(After a fierce battle
to earn points,)

(the 2014 stock trading
has begun.)

– Se Chan,
– Yes?

how much do you have in total?

I have 7,000 dollars.

– 7,000?
– Yes.

(Yang Se Chan’s account balance)

I’m young and rich.

We should do a business together.

(We should do a business together.)

I know, right?

Which field though?
Is the beauty industry okay?

I just trust your guts, man.

Okay, just trust me.

So what are we investing in?

– Let’s go for H Beauty.
– H Beauty?

We have to stick to it.

The price for F Biotechnology
is stuck at 2 dollars.

– That’s…
– Seok Jin.

I think the price will rise
this year.

– This year?
– The thing is,

as far as I remember,

(His gaze is fixed on Jong Kook.)

everyone talked about
biotech stocks.

I remember that’s how it was
back in 2015.

F Biotechnology.

(Hearing the rumor, the big investor
heads to Information Exchange.)


– Hello.
– Hi.

(The super investor doesn’t easily
believe in the info that came free.)

F Biotechnology, please.

Here’s the envelope
for F Biotechnology.

(“F Biotechnology Requests
Sale Approval…”)

(“for Anti-cancer Drug that
Was Clinically Tested Abroad”)

(Will the stock price rise due to
high expectations for the new drug?)

All right, thank you.

(With his ability to eavesdrop
and insight, he got top info.)

My goodness.

I’m going all-in on F Biotechnology.

– All-in?
– I’ll add 600 dollars more.

Please keep it from the others.


F Biotechnology
that only costs two dollars…

is definitely going to
hit the jackpot at some point.

But I’m not sure when.

(Jong Kook has no idea when prices
will rise as he has no info.)

It costs only two dollars,
so it can’t go any lower than that.

I’ve been thinking long,

(Currently, Kwang Soo has the lowest
price-earnings ratio.)

J Shipbuilding’s price dropped.

(I Chemical, J Shipbuilding)

It’s either J Shipbuilding
or I Chemical.

– Are you saying…
– I set my mind…

on either one of the two.

– You think it’ll rebound?
– I’ll ask about J Shipbuilding,

– and…
– If there are favorable factors…

– “Rebound”?
– The price will rise again.

– After it dropped…
– Rebounds means it’ll rise again?

(Rebounds means it’ll rise again?)

I’m certain that J Shipbuilding
will rebound within this year.

(Pretends like nothing happened)

It’s showing signs of rebounding.

There’s an old saying that goes,
“Hold out.”

(“Hold out” is an old saying?)

J Shipbuilding will definitely
rebound within this year.

I’m torn between I Chemical
and J Shipbuilding though.

– Let me give you some advice.
– Okay.

You need to recover quickly, right?

Give me some tips, Seok Jin.

But you still have…

Kwang Soo is in last place.

So if you move at this pace,
you’ll never win.

– I’m in last place too.
– So you should…

You’re in last place too?

Then you two should…

– aim for big profits.
– I Chemical is rising too slowly?

The prices of I Chemical
and J Shipbuilding rise too slowly.

You’re taking
a lot of lessons today.

No, that’s not it.
He’s giving me some information.

For how many years has the price
for I Chemical dropped?

It constantly dropped
for three years.

That means it’s going to drop more.

Only the ones that are rising
will keep rising.

There’s this saying
that’s famous in stocks.

What is it?

Don’t get hit by the falling rain.

Avoid grabbing a knife
that’s falling.

– And…
– That’s right. I’ve heard of it.

get on a galloping horse.

(Get on a galloping horse.)

– Which one is the galloping horse?
– B Entertainment?

H Beauty!

H Beauty is galloping!

But I’m not sure if I should
buy H Beauty’s stocks.

I definitely gained experience
in stocks for all those years.

What’s your ranking?

I’m in sixth place.

I remember all those terms.


(Kwang Soo came to get
credible information instead.)

Level One Information
on J Shipbuilding, please.

Here’s Level One Information.

“International Oil Prices Dropped”.

– “Greece Faces Default”.
– Do you want to write it down?

(“International Oil Prices Dropped,
Greece Faces Default”)

Greece default…
What does that even mean?

That’s definitely bad, right?


Jae Seok, who is Default?

Default. Greece Default.

But it came out last week. Default.

– You heard it last week.
– Oh, default.

– What does it mean again?
– Something like a bubble economy…

No, that’s the lipstick effect.
Or not?

I only memorized the answer,
not the question.

It means going bankrupt.

It means they can’t
pay off their debts.

That’s about J Shipbuilding,
isn’t it?

– Let me see.
– Kwang Soo.

– Kwang Soo, how much do you have?
– You asked about J Shipbuilding?

– You agreed to listen to me.
– I have 10 dollars.

I’ll show you.

– I…
– J Shipbuilding.

No, don’t buy J Shipbuilding.

If it drops again, I’m done for.


I Chemical’s price
will go up though, right?

(Do you want me to
share the information?)

Do you want it?

(Will Se Chan share the information
on F Biotechnology?)

E Biotechnology.

(E Biotechnology)

(You want me to buy E Biotechnology
that costs 50 dollars?)

But E Biotechnology is…

(Se Chan only knows that the price
of F Biotechnology will increase.)

If a biotech stock
costs 60 dollars…

(A typical scene where
a small investor gets scammed.)

Jae Seok, should I buy
B Entertainment or E Biotechnology?

Just tell me that.

B Entertainment?
I’m in last place right now.

I’m really serious.

Should I buy
B Entertainment or E Biotechnology?

(Even for the mentor,
recommending an item is difficult.)

Kwang Soo.

(Kwang Soo.)

– Forget it. I won’t tell you.
– Go and listen to him…

– since he’s in first place.
– E Biotechnology?

I told you. E Biotechnology…

got approved by the FDA.

I’m not in the mood to joke around.
I’m totally serious.

Why would I fool you
when I have so much money?

I’ll give you my money later
if I’m wrong.

E Biotechnology
got approved by the FDA.

I’m not sure about the rest.

And that’s for E Biotechnology.

Gosh, I want to buy E Biotechnology.

You’re buying E Biotechnology?

I’ll invest everything
in E Biotechnology.

(As if they’re possessed,
they buy E Biotechnology stocks.)

(Yu Jae Seok’s account balance,
E Biotechnology)

(Okay. My plan worked.)

Should I go with the two-dollar one?

(Jong Kook had his eyes
on the 2-dollar F Biotechnology.)

I made up my mind.

(Kim Jong Kook’s account balance)

I will invest in H Beauty
for another year.

I will do that for another year.


I will wait for another year.


Ji Hyo said that investing in stocks
doesn’t suit her.

Earn money by working hard.

I think that’s my style.

I am the same.
I earn money by working hard.

If that’s your style, it will be
upsetting to lose money like this.

You were telling the truth, right?

– For goodness’ sake.
– I am desperate right now.

Take this.

If the prices fall again…

– If you don’t trust me, forget it.
– This is also for E Biotechnology.

This is also for E Biotechnology.

Please wrap it up.

If the prices fall again,
I will be done for.

The bell will ring.

Here it comes!

The price has to rise.
E Biotechnology!

– Do we need to sit down?
– E Biotechnology!

(He spread false rumors
about E Biotechnology.)

Hold on to it!

– Let’s see it.
– Here it comes.

– I can’t sit down and wait.
– Let’s go.


I told you that
H Beauty’s stock price will rise.

– Okay!
– E Biotechnology, 1,100 percent!

E Biotechnology!

Gosh, E Biotechnology.

F Biotechnology’s stock price
rose by 500 percent.

My goodness.

(E Biotechnology’s stock price
rose by 1,100 percent.)

(How did this happen?)

(Se Chan’s false information
gave them the biggest success.)

Kwang Soo, I had no idea.

No way. Hold on.

E Biotechnology!

Hold on to it!

E Biotechnology!

(Yu Jae Seok’s account balance)

(Jee Seok Jin’s account balance)

I invested all of my money
in biotechnology.

E Biotechnology’s stock price
rose by 1,100 percent.

Was it the year of biotechnology?

F Biotechnology’s stock price
rose by 500 percent.

(Song Ji Hyo’s account balance)

1,100 percent?

(She didn’t invest
in biotechnology.)

– It was E Biotechnology.
– 1,100 percent!

1,100 percent?

You have over 2,000 dollars.

Did you invest all of your money
in E Biotechnology?

Thank you.

Thank you.

– All right.
– FDA approved! E Biotechnology!


Was there really information
about the FDA?

No, there wasn’t.

– Was it a lie?
– It was a lie.

I knew about F Biotechnology,
but E Biotechnology was the jackpot.

E Biotechnology.
How much do I have now?

(The number of zeros multiplied.)

2,460 dollars.

I went from 200 dollars
to 2,460 dollars.

This is insane.

(Seok Jin is excited as well
since he invested in biotechnology.)

Is that all?

(He can’t help but become greedy.)

I invested in F Biotechnology.

Hold on.

– How much is that?
– How much does he have now?

– 45,000 dollars.
– 45,000 dollars?

I might make 100,000 dollars
at this rate!

That’s insane!

How did he go from 500 dollars
to 45,000 dollars?

– Is that even possible?
– He is a genius at this.

He has 772 percent.

– That’s incredible.
– 1,100 percent.

11 times.

(Se Chan’s account balance
keeps increasing each year.)

I have over 4,000 dollars now.

– I have over 4,000 dollars now.
– I don’t have much.

I invested in E Biotechnology
and F Biotechnology.

I am at the bottom.

(She realizes
that she is at the bottom.)

Se Chan, thank you.

So it was FDA approved.

Se Chan.

Do you know anything about
this year’s FDA approval?

FDA approval? I will have to see.

But E Biotechnology…

(Let’s see.)

(He checks Se Chan’s portfolio.)

Hold on. You knew
that E Biotechnology…

would be FDA approved,

but you didn’t invest a cent.

Look at this.

– Listen, Kwang Soo.
– Hold on.

E Biotechnology’s stock price
rose by 1,100 percent,

– but he invested in…
– He didn’t choose E Biotechnology.

– F Biotechnology.
– He chose F Biotechnology.

Even with my false information,
you made a 1,100-percent profit.

– I did.
– You should be satisfied.

– You didn’t lose any money.
– In any case, you are a savior.

You will go bankrupt…

because of swindlers like him.

– I need information.
– Information matters a lot.

(Having the correct information
is the only way to survive!)

I will go and look.

I will go and look
at the information.

It’s time to receive information.

(Jong Kook makes a move.)

Hello. I am back.

(A regular at Information Exchange
visits this year as well.)

This year…


With the information
you gave me last year,

I was able to make some money.

I will give you this as a thank you.

(He shows off with R money.)

Information on
E Biotechnology, please.

– Level One Information?
– Yes.

(He purchases Level 1 Information
on E Biotechnology.)

E Biotechnology.

“An official notice
of technology export contract…”

Does that mean they will export it?

What does it mean?

Isn’t it a good thing?

(He thinks it’s a good thing
because there are big words.)

What does it mean?

Jae Seok!

– Yes?
– What does “Official notice” mean?

(What does “Official notice” mean?)

“Official notice”.

That’s how the information starts.

What’s the full sentence?

(What’s the full sentence?)

I can’t tell you that.

Then I can’t tell you what it means.

It’s about E Biotechnology.

Is it a good thing?

It’s a good thing
to export technology, right?

– “Official notice”.
– I think it’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing
to export technology, right?

– It’s a good thing.
– That’s right.

Hold on to it.

(He ends up receiving
good information.)

E Biotechnology’s official notice
of technology export contract?

(E Biotechnology’s official notice
of technology export contract?)

In that case…

He gave me good information.

I will invest in E Biotechnology.

(Will E Biotechnology’s stock price
rise one more time?)

Did you ask about biotechnology?

– What?
– Biotechnology?

– I can’t tell you for free.
– Of course not.

I can give you 10 dollars.

I am sorry.

Jae Seok.

I am your friend.

– Please help me.
– I know that, but…

I am sorry.

Jae Seok, I will have
my fourth child soon.

(He uses a strong move.)

Raise the child well.

Will one member receive the penalty?

– Yes.
– Jae Seok.

I am at the bottom.

Please give me a tip.


I am at the bottom.

(Jae Seok decides to have mercy
on the novice.)

Buy E Biotechnology’s stock.

E Biotechnology?
You mean it, right? I trust you.

(He recommends E Biotechnology
based on the information he got.)

I got the information
from someone else.

I will buy E Biotechnology’s stock.

– You will sell H Beauty’s stocks.
– Yes.

So Min, did you receive information?

I got some Level One Information.

What do you know about foods?

It’s so strange.

Isn’t it unrelated
to the hotel business?

My information was about
Gangwon Province’s hotel business.

(Deregulation on
Gangwon’s province’s hotel business)

– What did it say?
– Something about deregulation.

– That was for foods?
– I don’t remember.

Yes. The information seemed to be
completely unrelated.

That was for foods?

(Seok Jin checks the information
on foods.)

Gangwon Province’s hotel business?

(She fails to receive help
even after sharing information.)


I will pull out of G Foods
and invest in I Chemical.

(She sells all her G Foods stocks
and buys I Chemical stocks.)

Gangwon Province’s hotel business?

It means the economy is improving.

I will invest all of the money…

(He uses the information…)

on G Foods.

(to purchase G Foods stocks.)

I will buy as much as I can.

Why isn’t
G Foods’ stock price rising?

Didn’t it rise?

(G Foods’ stock price
has fallen for 4 years.)

I see.

With 500 dollars,

(After looking at the chart)

I will buy G Foods stocks.

– G Foods?
– Yes.

Level Two Information
on E Biotechnology.

– I can buy it, right?
– Yes.

(He purchases Level 2 Information
on E Biotechnology.)

E Biotechnology.

E Biotechnology.

(E Biotechnology terminates
the technology export contract…)

(in a single day,
and stock prices fall.)

(Kwang Soo also checked
the information on E Biotechnology,)

(but the Level 2 Information
showed a twist.)

(Not knowing about the twist,
Jae Seok and Ji Hyo invested…)

(in E Biotechnology.)

Okay, okay.

E Biotechnology. Gosh.

Then I shouldn’t invest
in E Biotechnology.

(Which strategy will he use
this time?)

I invested in G Foods.

How much did you invest?

– I went all-in.
– All-in?

– Invest in E Biotechnology!
– E Biotechnology and G Foods.

(Invest in E Biotechnology!)

I invested in those two.

Buy some more stocks.

Listen to me.

Invest in E Biotechnology,
not G Foods.

Should I pull out of G Foods?

But there is information on G Foods.

Deregulation on
Gangwon’s province’s hotel business.

(He is giving me information
on G Foods.)

Don’t you trust me?

The stock price won’t rise
by 100 percent or 200 percent.

But E Biotechnology’s stock price
will rise by over 1,000 percent.

– That’s what you didn’t know.
– Hold on.

Invest in E Biotechnology.

(It’s easy to fool Kwang Soo.)

I will sell
all of my F Biotechnology stocks…

and invest 20,000 dollars
in G Foods.

(He invests in G Foods
thanks to Kwang Soo’s information.)

20,000 dollars in G Foods.


We will get ruined
if false information spreads.

– Seriously. It’s spreading.
– False information is spreading.

(It’s the year-end of 2015.)

– Let’s go.
– Please.

Happy New Year!

Let’s go, E Biotechnology!

(Se Chan’s recommendation,
E Biotechnology?)

(F Biotechnology?)


(The wealthy investors’ pick,
G Foods?)

Let’s go!

(All of them feel like
they will be rich!)

(Who will get to smile?)

The price rose.

(The 2016 Stock Market)

– What?
– The price rose.

– What rose?
– What is up with H Beauty?

– The price rose the same way.
– Thank goodness.

(E Biotechnology’s stock price fell
and G Foods’ stock price rose.)

(G Foods’ stock price rose
by 25 percent.)

What rose?

What is up with H Beauty?
The price rose the same way.

Thank goodness.

(He became the nouveau riche
through stocks.)

(E Biotechnology’s stock price fell
by 50 percent?)

Kwang Soo, I told you to sell
the E Biotechnology stocks.

The price rose the same way.

This is bad.

– Ji Hyo.
– The price rose the same way.

I trusted Kwang Soo’s information.

I guess it wasn’t reflected
in the stock price.

(He just lost half of his fortune.)

I listened to Kwang Soo…

and invested in G Foods.

– I went all-in.
– All-in?

– You earned money.
– 25 percent.

How did you get information
on E Biotechnology?

(Meanwhile, Ji Hyo lost
half of her money again.)

That little…

(She swears without realizing it.)

(This is how a novice investor
loses her entire fortune.)

I shouldn’t have trusted him.

It’s real information I received.

That was Level One Information.

Level Two Information was about
a drop in the stock price.

(An unexpected variable
made the stock price fall.)

I should have gotten
this information.

I only got Level One Information.

– This is driving me crazy.
– This is driving me crazy.

– I can’t believe Kwang Soo!
– I am sorry.

This is driving me crazy.

I beat him. Okay.

(Seok Jin got ahead of him.)

Minus 3,900 dollars?

(The E Biotechnology stockholder
becomes speechless.)

You invested in E Biotechnology,
didn’t you?

This is bad.


I will be able to buy
a Mercedes-Benz soon!

(Yang Se Chan’s account balance)

– I’m getting close to an E-Class.
– Really?

(He will be able
to buy an E-Class soon!)

– I made so much money.
– How much do you have now?

I have 57,000 dollars.

(I have 57,000 dollars.)

You went from 500 dollars
to 57,000 dollars.

You are a master investor.

He is like Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett?

(Some people made money,
and others lost money.)

Ji Hyo. I thought
it was correct information.

(This is how you lose a friend
by investing in stocks.)

Ji Hyo. I thought
it was correct information.

Jae Seok.

This is why we need information
of a higher level.

Don’t you have information points?

Jae Seok, I used them already.

– Don’t ask me for help.
– This is driving me crazy.

I am so upset because of you.

(Kwang Soo checks
his account balance.)

Why would the price rise again
after going up by 1,100 percent?

You fools.

(Lee Kwang Soo’s account balance)

(Seok Jin moved up
with his G Foods stocks.)

– Gosh.
– Nothing goes my way.

What’s the point
of earning money here?

I am losing money in real life.

This game makes life fun.

What’s the point
of earning R money here?

My stock prices fell in real life.

(The stockholder of G Foods
wakes up from the sweet dream.)

This is frustrating.

This is driving me crazy.

What is up with biotechnology?

It’s about time
the biotechnology stock prices fall.

I will sell
all the biotechnology stocks.

(She says a tearful goodbye
to biotechnology.)

Once I earn the principal amount,

I will be done.

I am sorry, but we won’t meet again.

– I heard that so many times.
– I am serious.

“I will stop investing in stocks
once I earn back my principal.”

I heard that so many times
from the actual investors.

Which stocks did you buy earlier?
G Foods?

Me? Ji Hyo, you should buy
F Biotechnology now.

Biotechnology is on the rise.

Get lost.

I am purchasing information.

When will I Chemical see the light?

I Chemical stock price
will rise this time.

I Chemical keeps falling.

(I Chemical stock price
didn’t rise for years.)

I should get information.

(The tall investor thinks
I Chemical stocks look cool.)

I want information on I Chemical.

– Level One Information?
– Yes.

The stock price fell
for four consecutive years.

“The government announces plans
to fight fine dust.”

(The government announces plans
to fight fine dust.)

How is this related to I Chemical?

Let me write it down.

(Why would you ask me that?)

I don’t know if it’s a good thing
or not.

(He ends up writing down the words
and exiting like last time.)

Jae Seok.

What does fine dust have to do
with the chemical industry?

Your information ruined me
last time.

This is the actual information.

– It’s real.
– What is it?

I am thinking about
investing in I Chemical.

– Fine dust was a big problem then.
– Yes.

“The government announces plans
to fight fine dust.”

It’s a good thing, right?

I will trust you this time.

This is actual information.

It’s real. I am serious.

(Without Jae Seok’s help,
Kwang Soo has to take a wild guess.)

It’s a good thing, right?

(He follows his mentor.)

It’s a good thing, right?

It’s real.

I will invest everything
in I Chemical.

– I Chemical?
– Yes.

(Jae Seok invests in I Chemical.)

I have to take this chance
if I want to win.

I will invest all of the money
in I Chemical.

– You will sell everything?
– Yes.

Guys, it’s December.

Wrap it up.

(Everyone is serious.)

Is that outfit okay?

Hold on. Come on, Jae Seok.

– Jae Seok.
– Hold on.

You need to put your pants on.
What is your problem?

I am wearing leggings.

Hold on.

– You can’t do that.
– Why not?

– You need to put your pants on.
– You are wearing leggings too.

I am wearing shorts over them.

You look ridiculous.

It’s too hot in here.

You should take them off
and put your pants on.

These are pants.

Those aren’t pants.

You are wearing leggings.

Jong Kook,
you are wearing leggings too.

I am wearing shorts over them.

Why can’t I wear them?

I hope I don’t end up
at the very bottom.

After this year…

(Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo’s minds
are on the penalty.)

If the price rises,

please take out all the money
no matter what I say.

– I need to quit.
– You want to cash everything out?


If the price falls,
I will have to try one more time.

If I remember correctly,

biotechnology rose in 2017.

Are you certain?

I invested in biotechnology stocks
and earned money back then.

You guys are acting like
stock experts.

(They are becoming more invested
as the years progress.)

People are becoming
very careful now.

It’s December.


That’s 15,000 dollars’ worth.

15,000 dollars? Hold on.

Let’s see.

Since I don’t have enough change,
I will give you a blank check.

I am getting a blank check now.

– Really?
– Yes.

(He started with an annual salary
of 7,000 dollars in the opening.)

– That’s incredible.
– I am jealous.

I will give you
a 9,000-dollar check.

A 9,000-dollar check?

10,000 dollars, right?

I will give you this.

I will buy 100 shares
in F Biotechnology.

(Other investors
try to beat Se Chan.)

– I will buy 100 shares.
– 100 shares in F Biotechnology.

I will invest all the money
in F Biotechnology.

I will go back to the beginning.

F Biotechnology.

– Will you invest everything?
– Yes. F Biotechnology.

You should listen to the people
around you.

I will buy
some F Biotechnology stocks.

(Jae Seok belatedly buys
F Biotechnology stocks.)

I will sell everything
and invest in G Foods.

(Jong Kook invests in G Foods.)

Gosh, I put all my eggs
in one basket.

I did it for a big break.

J Shipbuilding stock price
dropped so much.

It dropped so much.

J Shipbuilding, 10 shares.

All right. It’s time.

Please wrap it up.

– Let’s go.
– Please.

– Please.
– I need a big break.

Please let me succeed this year.

I need to earn money this year.

I need a big break.

(Everyone took chances
since only a few years remain!)

(The stock price will increase
the gap between the rich and poor.)

Happy New Year!

Come on!

Let me hear some good news.

I have no confidence.

(Many people invested
in F Biotechnology.)

(Kwang Soo and Jae Seok invested
in I Chemical.)

(Se Chan and Jong Kook picked
G Foods.)

– Please.
– Biotechnology.

(The stock prices of 2017
are revealed.)


– Biotechnology!
– G Foods.

(The stock prices of 2017
are shocking.)

(The investors’ fierce battle

(The novice investors…)

(dream of rising above
as they sell their souls to money.)

(As the real and fake information
get mixed up,)

(the rankings change dramatically.)

(The nouveau riche…)

(and investors have
a neck-and-neck match.)

(Who will become the winner
of this dangerous investment?)


(Long life, health, and blessing)

(Age is just a number.
Mr. Jee Seok Jin, happy birthday.)

(Seok Jin’s birthday returns
this year without a hitch.)

(The birthday man
shows off his good health.)

(The younger members only wish
that he will stay healthy.)

(There are many cool photos of me.)

I even had a photoshoot!

(Seok Jin is still youthful
and full of anger.)

(It’s time to give presents
to the greedy Seok Jin.)

(Each present is full
of the members’ love.)

(The birthday man
is highly satisfied.)

(Gold from
the village head arrives!)

(But the gold disappeared?)

(Where did Seok Jin’s gold go?)

(Seok Jin’s Day,
It’s Time to Find the Gold)

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Nonton Drama Korea Streaming Terupdate Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Online, Download Drama Korea, Tv Series dan Film Korea Terbaru Sub Indo. Nonton Streaming Drama Korea.

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