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She Would Never Know Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

She Would Never Know Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, She Would Never Know Episode 10 Drama Korea, She Would Never Know Epi 10 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, She Would Never Know Episode 10 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

She Would Never Know Episode 10 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] She Would Never Know E10 NEXT


Want to go for ice cream?

I like you.

I like you too.

It’s warm tea.

It’s hot, so grab it here.


So we’re officially in a relationship now?

-Are we not?
-Not that.

I didn’t say no.

If you said no, I was going to report you.

-To whom?

114, 112, 119, 120. All of them.


Thank you.

For coming to me.

I want to thank you too.

For waiting for me.

Single-malt is good.


How’s the Europe TF team?

We’re just starting,
so everyone’s very driven.

The dynamics between
the members are great.

That’s good.

It would’ve been better
if ABM Yoon’d join too.

Too bad she’s not on the team.

It’s a done deal.

Well, I hope you do well.

With the project and Hyo-joo.

Don’t make Hyo-joo feel lonely.

That’s the only thing I ask of you.

I don’t know why I’m so nervous.

It’s not even my wedding.

You should get married too.

Of course.

I’ll get married for sure.

You have someone in mind?


Ow, my stomach.

I need to go to the bathroom.

He’s in critical condition. Yes.

I’ll report immediately. Okay.

Mr. Lee Jae-shin.

What happened?


A warrant has been issued
in relation to the fraud.

He got into a car accident
while he was running away.


My money!

He needs surgery now,

but his blood pressure is too low.

They’re waiting for it to stabilize.

Make way.

Please make way.

Mr. Lee Se-dong, can you hear me?

Cardiac arrest!

Bring the paddles.

150 joules.

Charge 150 joules.

All clear!


Charge 200 joules.


Are you not going to bed?

Why did you fight with Song-ah?

She’s on edge because
a lot is going on at work.

Just ignore her.

Did you know too?


Know what?


Go to bed.


Thanks for driving me home.

You’re just going to leave?

It’s the first day we got together.

You should be sad to say goodbye to me.

It’s not that I’m not sad.

I’m still used to us
being a trainer and trainee.

We should get used to this quickly.

Now you’re a bit surprised.

You’re not surprised?

Are you kidding me?

I have to step it up then.

This is the furthest I’ll go today.

But if you want me to go further, I will.


Senior Yoon.

Actually, I wanted to ask
what happened today.

But no matter how close we are,

I know there’re some things
you want to keep to yourself.

I just hope you’re not too upset by it.


my mom and I…

Our relationship isn’t normal.

I keep getting mad at her.

We got into a fight again
and I left the house.

Even though she said she’s very sick.

Is it serious?

We’ll find out once she gets surgery.

So we’ll do that first.

It’ll be alright.

I’ll pray for her.


This one right here.

It’s wide for a reason.

Not only can you lean on it,

but you can also walk and run on it.

Hold the Olympic games
on it every four years.

Come on.

That’s why you shouldn’t suffer alone.

Tell me everything.




Are you okay?


I’ll take care of the rest,
leave them to me.


Wait, I’ll change into
mourning clothes too.

He’s not worth your trouble.

Take a look and go home.

I’m a part of your family now.


Director Lee.



I want to stay by Jae-shin’s side.

Not now.

Just do what Jae-shin asks of you.

Grandpa wouldn’t want you
to stay here too.

I can’t believe this happened
before his wedding.

Are they going to postpone the wedding?

Of course. The wedding’s two days later.

He doesn’t have any other family members?

Not even his mother?

Seems like there’s no one else.

Not even relatives.

Enough. Eat up,
we’ll leave after eating.


I don’t have any parents.


Stop visiting a stranger
and causing problems to him.

Bad parents are not even human, is it?

Forget it.

I don’t need a son like you.

Stay out of my life for good.

Let’s see how well you live!

You’re going to regret this!

You go in first.

You must be shocked.

Who would’ve thought…

The last thing I said to him was this.

Stay out of my life for good.

He never did what I asked.

But he accepted my request this time.

Don’t think of it that way.

It’s not that it happened
because of what you said.

I feel so empty.

It didn’t happen when
I was struggling so much,

but look what happened now.

I guess it’s all over now, right?

It’s really over now, right?



Send me the achievement level
for each sales team.

Okay, I’ll update it and send it to you.

Why is Song-ah absent today, Hyun-seung?

Oh, it’s because today, she…

Why are you asking me that?

I know, right?

Why did I ask you that?

Excuse me.

Yes, this is Chae Hyun-seung
from KLAR Team.

Oh, Chae Hyun-seung. I’m BM Seo.

Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.

Who was that?

Seolyoon’s BM.

BM Seo? Why?


Manager Kwon.


BM Seo wants our product calendar

and job assignment sheet.

Should I give it to him?

Why is he asking for that?

I don’t know.

Send him the materials. They’re no secret.

Why does he want the documents?

Is he really going to join our team?

Why is he asking Hyun-seung for them?

Since he’s the youngest, he can’t say no.

He’s so cheeky.

Don’t give him the materials.

-Here you go.

-Manager Jo.
-Yes, sir.

-Take a look.
-Yes, sir.

Is your work going well?



Get going then.

-I’ll leave now.

Sit over here.

The shape doesn’t look good
and the size is too big.

I think surgery is the best option.

Is there a possibility of it being cancer?

I can’t be sure.

I can’t tell from the ultrasound.

What will you do? Get surgery here?

Patient, please change into this.

Your surgery is tomorrow morning,

so no food after midnight.

Okay. Thank you.

That doctor is so cold.

It’s because she’s not the one who’s sick.

Stay here, I’ll go home
and get some stuff.

Don’t come back.

I can be alone.

Okay then.


My taste buds are finally being soothed.

That restaurant was so bad.
Let’s not go there again.

You’re quite picky.

Let’s just say my taste buds are delicate.

The scent is really good.

I acknowledge your taste in coffee.

Good-looking guys know their stuff.

You keep looking at your phone.

Are you expecting a call?


From whom?


What is it?

Something’s fishy.

Are you…


Have you eaten?

Hold this for a second.


Since you like it, it’s yours.

I’ll get going now.

Are you giving it to me?

Is he really dating?



Where are you?

In front of my house.

My mom’s hospitalized today.

I need to get some stuff.

Did you have lunch?

I had lunch by myself a while ago.

I also grabbed a bite with my mom.


You are feeling okay, right?


I’m not going to worry ahead.

As you said, everything’s going
to be alright.

I miss you so much.

You probably don’t know,

but I really want to say this to you.

I want to hear the sound of your voice.

I miss you. I like you.

I really want to say that.

I miss you.

I miss you too.

Look after Ha-eun for me.

Sorry, I’m the only one going on a date.

Have a great time with your anniversary.

Don’t worry about Ha-eun.

She has a lot to do, so don’t bother her.

I’m seven years old. I’m not a kid.

Thanks for taking care of her.

No problem.

Bye, Ha-eun.

-Have a good time.



do you know what a date is?

You don’t?

You haven’t been on one, huh?


Huh? It’s you!


What’s gotten into her?

So it was because of you

that Ha-eun called me Mommy?


I went through hell because of her.

I thought you were married.

So that’s why you mentioned
a divorce lawsuit.

Hello, little miss.



I’m sorry, but no.

You don’t match at all.

Match what?

You have to be tall and handsome
like my uncle.

And younger than my aunt.

Is your uncle a movie star?

It’s not easy to be
more attractive than me.


I’m younger than your aunt.

Yes. He’s two years younger.

That’s a lie.


Do you want to see my ID?



See? I’m two years younger.

He’s right.

Give me back.

But when you’re in love,

your heart is more important
than the requirements.

Do you like my aunt a lot?

I like her a lot.


I don’t know. Do I need to pick one?

I can’t pick just one.

Whether I see her or not,

I love her every minute, every second.

Isn’t this true love?

Do you like him too?


Do you?




I pass?


I don’t know why I’m so happy.



I saw it wrong.

My husband would never do that.



Hi, Sweetie.

Why are you here?

Are you alright?


Of course, I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be?

Take me with you!

Take me with you!

I can’t live without you!

I’m going too!


How can you leave me?

What am I supposed to do now?

I’m home.

What time is it?

I told you to come home
right after school.

What time is it now?

I was doing homework with my friends.

You can’t even do homework alone?

Were you really doing homework?
Or were you playing?


Don’t you feel sorry for me?

I’m alone without Dad,

and yet all you think about is yourself.

Now you’re the only one I have.

You should take care of me
on behalf of your father.

I’m not asking you to be exactly like him.

But you can’t even do this little thing.

If I’m so bothersome to you,

I should just kill myself, right?

I’m sorry.

I won’t be late again.

I’ll take your blood pressure.

Where’s your guardian?

I don’t have one.


You said you weren’t coming back.

Should I leave then?

You should’ve brought more toilet paper.

I’ll get going now.

See you tomorrow.

-See you tomorrow.
-See you.

He’s leaving on the dot.

-Where are you going?

Bye. Take it easy.

Hey, stop.

I knew it.

It’s more tiring for the carer
than the patient.

How can you eat kimbap
from the convenience store only?

I can never condone that.


I had no idea you would show up.

I’m sad to hear that.

You have no expectations from me.

I guess I haven’t shown you my charm.

That’s why you fell for me so late.

Are you blaming me for
our belated relationship?

As always, you’re smart.

Didn’t you say I could take my time?

You know how words change

when you’re trying
to get someone to like you.

Then I guess you were lying

when you talked about the beautiful love.

So that’s what made you fall for me.

No, it’s not.

It’s amazing.

To see this kind of expression from you.

Not only will our love be beautiful,

it’ll be the most beautiful thing
in the world.

It’ll be something that
others will be jealous of!

Totally beautiful.

I can’t believe it’s been eight years.

Seems like yesterday
was our first blind date.


When I saw you for the first time,

I thought it was a bust.

You did?

I thought you were a total fail.

Your mouth was drawn tight
as if you were dragged there.

You lowered your eyes
and didn’t say a thing.

You’re a Korean medicine doctor?

Yes. I passed the exam this year.

But when we were leaving,

do you know why I asked
when we’ll meet again?

Because you kept looking at me.

What are you going to do next?

Open your own clinic?

Or get a job at a big hospital?

I’ll work at a senior’s hospital
for a year.

Then, I’ll open my own clinic.

I heard competition is fierce now.

You can’t simply open a clinic.

Especially not in Gangnam.

That’s why the doctors also add skincare

or dieting to their practice.

They do.

But I’m thinking about
a clinic for children.

I see.

But you know…

I realized you always looked
at me when I was talking.

And this thought popped into my head.

If I marry him,

at least I won’t be
shouting echoes in the air.

No matter how long we live together,

we’ll have to face each other.

I don’t want anything grand from you.

I know your personality.

All I want is for you to

look at me and listen to me,

just like what you did on that day.



I don’t know why I like a nerd like you.


-How was it?
-It was great.


Let’s have dinner with Chef Ryu.

With Han-seo? Why?

I’m receiving a lot of help.

Also, we’ve decided to become friends.


We’ve been talking
and we have a lot in common.

Don’t take our relationship the wrong way.

We’re literally just friends.

He’s your best friend,

so it’s good that I’m friends with him.


You don’t like it?

It’s fine. I’ll set a date soon.

Let’s go.


You can go now. Give that to me.

This is heavier than it looks.

I’ll walk you to the door.

Where is it?

This way.

This way?

You bought such a big one.

There are mangoes
and a bunch of other fruits.

Is it heavy?

See for yourself.

-It’s really heavy.



Who are you?

Oh, he’s…

Hello, ma’am.

I’m Chae Hyun-seung.
I’m her junior at work.

Oh, you’re her office junior.


But why are you here?

Oh, that’s…

He came as a representative.

After learning you’re at the hospital.

Our team is like that.

If a family member is hospitalized,

the youngest one will come
as a representative.

Chae Hyun-seung is the youngest one.

Right, ABM Chae?

Yes, that’s right.
I’m the youngest one on our team.

This is our tradition, ma’am.

How nice.

Thank you.

Step inside for a bit.

There’s no need.

He was just leaving. Right?

Give that to me.

Here you go.

You can go now.

Thank you for coming, ABM Chae.


I hope you get better soon.

It’s such an honor to meet you today.

An honor…

Oh, dear.

I meant it’s a pleasure seeing you.

I’ll get going now.

Take care, ma’am.

Goodbye, Senior Yoon.

-Thanks for coming.

Come on. Let’s go.

He’s just your junior, right?

Of course.

Come on.



I’m sorry. My mom’s edgy
about my love life.

I’ll tell you the details next time.

It’s okay. The surgery
will go well tomorrow,

so don’t worry and get some sleep.

Is this your first time
coming to a place like this?

Yes, it is.


You’re a baby.

Manager Jo, transform him into a man.

Yes, sir. I’ll do my best.

You know him, right?
He’s my right-hand man.

I’ve never been introduced.

I’m Chae Hyun-seung from KLAR Team.

I’m Jo In-gyung.

BM Seo complimented you for your work.

I look forward to working with you.

By the way, why did you call me here?

Oh, nothing.

Just socializing and becoming friends.

Here. Let’s have a drink.

Now that I have a left-hand man as well,

my heart is feeling so full.

I should stop. Let’s drink!


-Nice to meet you.

Why didn’t you empty your glass?

I’m not familiar with whiskey.

Oh, is that so?

So adorable.

-He’ll be so much fun to take around with.
-Yes, sir.

Good marketing comes from
this kind of experience.

You have to do everything
except breaking the law.

Tag along with us.

We’ll teach you well.

Oh, so it’s true that
you’re coming to our team?

Oh, that?

Well, no. It’s not confirmed yet.

It’s as good as confirmed, sir.

Who will take that position if not you?


That’s true, but…

I’ve a question for you.

How is the KLAR Team?

Do you think it’s going well?

Yes, in my opinion.

I read that your trainer is Manager Kang.

Is she teaching you well?

Yes, she’s training me well.

Well, it might be different
if you meet another trainer.

Most young people nowadays are like that.

I’m a very understanding person.

But Manager Kang
seems very individualistic.

She doesn’t respect her seniors.

She’ll harm the team spirit.

I’ve had experience with her.

She’s rude.

Why do you think she’s that way?

Because her boss is too soft
to his subordinates.

Manager Kwon does let a lot slip by.

I know.

You agree with us, right?

I’m sorry,
but I don’t think I belong here.

I’ll get going now.

What are you doing?

How dare you stand up
without the BM’s permission?

Don’t you know who you are talking to?

Yes. I was naive and came unaware.

By the way…


This is for my drink.

Why you…


I hope you don’t use
the company’s credit card for this.


That bugger.

It must be uncomfortable here.

You are still awake?


What will happen if I don’t wake up
from the anesthetic?

You’ll wake up.

Stop worrying and go to sleep.

By the way,

the young man earlier…

He’s really not your boyfriend?

You said you have one.

I don’t. I wasn’t serious.


When did you know?

About Dad?


Is that important?

When I found out about it?

That’s all you care about, is it?

Mom, why don’t you break free from Dad?

Isn’t it exhausting?

Hanging on to someone who won’t return?

He betrayed you.

He just swayed for a moment.

He said he’d never leave me.

Anyway, he’s no longer here.

So stop it.

You can live your life to the fullest
all on your own.

If you need love,
it doesn’t have to be Dad.

Do you want to abandon me that badly?

That’s not what I’m saying.

Why lead the conversation that way?

Because you really think like that.

I’m right, am I not?

I’m just a burden to you.

If I don’t call,

you don’t call or text me at all.

I mean it.

Do you know how I
walk on eggshells around you?

I’m so sorry about how I treated you
after your dad died,

that I can’t say anything to you.

I couldn’t even call you
when I knew I was sick.

I was afraid you’d say
I’ve become more burdensome.

You only remember what I did wrong,

but you don’t have a clue
how heartless you’re being now.

Do you really feel sorry for me?

You think I have no sense of shame?


Set me free, Mom.

Whenever you’re like this,

it’s really hard for me.

It’s too much for me, Mom.

Go to bed.

I’m going to bed too.

You haven’t slept. Go get some rest.

I’ll go get the door.

Who is it?

Who are you?

Hello, is this Mr. Lee Jae-shin’s house?

I’m a detective.


What brings you here?

I’m Lee Jae-shin’s wife.

This is the belonging
of the late Lee Se-dong.

Please pass this on to him.


this is left by your father.

Throw it away.

Without checking what it is?

We should check it.

I’m opening it.

I said throw it away!

You don’t have to yell at me…

Go home. I’m going to get some rest.

Okay, let’s end the meeting here.

The director needs time,

so we’ll cover the total sales
of this month

and next month’s product schedule.


I wonder how the burial went.

Will the director come to work next week?

I think so.
He pushed back his honeymoon too.

There’s so much to worry about.

I wonder if Song-ah’s mother’s
surgery went well.



I know.

She said it ended well just now.

Oh, I…

I’m the youngest one in our team.

Since I’m the youngest,

I think she texted me
as I’m the team representative.

Nobody asked.

Looks like you two are quite close.

You two aren’t secretly dating, are you?

That’s funny.

No, we aren’t.


I have a…

I have an in-house interview.

Since I won first place.

I’ll go now.

-I’ll do my best.
-Fight on.

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

See you later.

Okay, here we go.
With a brighter expression.

Smile naturally.


Smile a bit more.

With a brighter expression.

Good. Great.

Okay, great.

If it’s awkward,
why don’t you hold a product?

-Hold it naturally.


Brighter smile.

Let’s get a shot from below.

Great. No, just like that.


Stop it.

Why? This is a good pose.

It’s very obvious.

Looks like he’s done this a lot.

A melancholy look. An autumn vibe.

A chic city boy.

Good, good.

Don’t space out.

Move your hand a bit more naturally.



A bit more to this side?

That’s great.

Let’s go get coffee.

Coffee? Okay.


Can you hold a product?

Good. No.

The other side.


Are you nervous?

A little.

You did great in the photoshoot.

I did?

Just relax.


We’ll start the interview now.


Please introduce yourself.

I’m ABM Chae Hyun-seung,
the youngest in the KLAR Team.

I work with a skincare
and door-to-door sales channel.

You’re still here.

Oh, hey. You worked overtime too?

I’m leaving now. What about you?

I’m leaving after I wrap this up.

-Get home safely.

Want to go for a drink?

Here you go.

Thank you.

Why is it just the two of you?

We were working overtime.

Min-seong left on the dot.

He was smart enough to do so.

Don’t work overtime.

It’ll become a habit.

Work isn’t about how well you do your job.

So long as you can endure it,
you’ll survive till the end.

Keep that in mind,

you little chicks.

You’re too big to be a chick.

I’m too big, but I’m as cute as a chick.



I give you words of wisdom
and this is what I get.

One bottle of soju, please.


How was the interview?

It was fun.

You’re dating, right?


What are you talking about?

You’re dating Senior Yoon Song-ah, right?


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You don’t know about this, right?

You make it so obvious when you’re dating.

You were like that in college too.

I thought it’d be best to let you know.

Be careful at work.
Unless you’re going public.

Is it that obvious?

How did you know it was Senior Yoon?

We weren’t together that much
after we started dating.

I could tell

from long ago.

I could see that you like her a lot.

I do.

Thanks anyway, I’ll be careful.

You have to keep this a secret.

Don’t tell Senior Yoon that you know.




You’ll be discharged today.

I’ll text you the result
of your biopsy in a few days.

Can we get the results sooner?

It’s the soonest you’ll get.

By the way, when I actually saw it,

the shape and size weren’t that bad.

You don’t have to worry so much.

Thank you.

Oksu-dong, please.

Just go to Yongsan Station, please.

I’m going to Chuncheon.

It’ll be hard for you to go alone.

How will you manage?

I feel more comfortable there.

I’m going to Chuncheon.


Where should I go?

To Yongsan Station, please.

Set me free, Mom.

Whenever you’re like this,

it’s really hard for me.

It’s too much for me, Mom.

Senior Yoon!

What do you think? Not bad, right?

Just wait. I’ll make it better.

Let’s do it together.


Pull it.


Should I stick it in here?

Yes, right there.


Be careful.

You’re so silly.

Clean it up.

She’s small but strong.

You really know how to do it?

It’s my first time.

It’s catching on.

Good job!

You’re good at it.

Great job!

Again! Do it again.

Be careful.

-Stop fooling around.
-Ow! You stepped on my foot!


Do you feel better now?

How about the cold?

I’m good.

My mom will

be okay, right?

I shouldn’t have gone too far.

I know it’ll become a knot in her heart.

But it’s strange though.

I can’t help saying those things to her.

That I hate it.

That it’s a burden.

That it’s hard for me.

As a matter of fact,

no matter how hard I try,

I can’t understand her.

Why is she so afraid of letting Dad go?

I thought I would get it.

I thought I would be able
to understand her

when I grew up and loved someone.

But I can’t understand her.

Maybe it’s because I’m determined.

Determined not to be like my mom.

That’s why I’m like this.

I don’t want to risk everything for love.

I don’t want to be like my mom.

It’s okay.

I’ll be the one.

I’ll risk everything for love.


The Renew Stick.

I heard Seolyoon is preparing it too.

Are you launching the Renew Stick?

It’s a different brand anyway.
What’s the problem?

ABM Chae Hyun-seung, you can’t accept
launching it with Seolyoon?

Why are you pushing me away again?

If you didn’t want this, you shouldn’t
have forced me into this.

If this is all you can do,
just end it then!

Let’s end this.

I’m not good at hiding my feelings.

Since I like someone so much…

Everyone will know we’re dating
because of you.

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