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She Would Never Know Episode 11 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

She Would Never Know Episode 11 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, She Would Never Know Episode 11 Drama Korea, She Would Never Know Epi 11 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, She Would Never Know Episode 11 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

She Would Never Know Episode 11 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] She Would Never Know episode 11

[All places, characters, firms and events
depicted in this show are fictitious.] [Episode 11]

Go in and get some sleep, Senior Yoon.

What about you?

I’m going to sleep in the car.

In the car?


It’s a bit small and uncomfortable,

but it’s better for you
to get a good night’s sleep.

But you know,

it’s very cold today.

The weather app said it’s -20°C,

but I feel like it’s -40°C.

This is how you
freeze to death in your sleep.

It starts with the mouth.


Why don’t you sleep in the tent?


I’ll sleep in the car.

Oh, that’s not…


How about we sleep in here together?


Are you cold?


You don’t have to
address me professionally.

You can just call me by my name.

How should I call you then?

Song-ah. Like that?

Then address me comfortably too.


How about I just call you Mr. Hyun-seung?

And I call you Ms. Song-ah?

That would be awkward.

Let’s just do whatever feels natural.

This is how I sleep.

This is how I sleep.

I feel like I’m dreaming every day.

[Good morning.] [Senior Yoon Song-ah] [I get to start my day with you.] [I get to express my feelings for you.] [I’m getting sleepy.]

Good night.

[Okay.] [See you tomorrow.]


[I can look forward to starting
a new day with you.] [I feel like I’m dreaming.]

Do you know what I’ve been thinking?

That I’m lucky.

You’re the one who knows
what I’ve been through.

When I finally realized how I felt,

you were still there waiting for me.

And the one who likes me this much

isn’t just anyone.

He’s the man looking at me right now.

So I feel lucky and thankful
for each moment.

I’m happy that I’m with you.

Can I use your arm as my pillow?

Good night.

Good night.

[Wait. I’ll change into
mourning clothes too.]

He’s not worth your trouble.

You’ve taken a look at him, go home.

Go home. I’m going to get some rest.

That jerk.

Are you not going to dance, Hyo-joo?

Why are you drinking so much?

Is she upset about
her wedding getting postponed?

Are you leaving?

[Identification Card] [Lee Se-dong] [Hyo-joo] [The receiver is unable to take the call.] [Please leave a message…] [Chanmi’s Diner]

I’m sorry I can’t stay till the evening.

Go eat something good.

You want me to pick you up
tomorrow morning?

How about a short early morning date?

I’ll come to you.

I want to see you earlier too.

Get going now.

I don’t want to go now.

I don’t want to go.

I can’t go now.

Stop it and go.


This one.

Start with the thumb.

Ooh, that’s pretty.

You’re home.


You didn’t go to work?

I will go soon.

What about you?

-Did you enjoy it?

I mean, did you enjoy the scenery?



You didn’t get the chance to look around?

You know what?

The scenery was the last thing on my mind.

Hey, girl!

And you almost didn’t give him a chance.

Well, I’m thankful I did.

Oh, by the way,

I’ll be at the main shop
starting next week.

So suddenly? Why?

Because I’m the manager of that shop now.

I got promoted.


That’s great! Congratulations!

Oh, my. I have to get to work.

I’m late.

Let’s talk after I get back.

Yes, I just got here.

I’ll go up and grab a table.

Long time no see.

How have you been?

You’re back in Korea?

I have something to take care of.

What brings you here?

I’m meeting my siblings for lunch.


I should get going.

Enjoy your lunch.

[You ran into I-joon?]

Are you okay?

What’s not to be okay about?

Years since he became her ex-fiance.

I was just a bit taken aback.

I hadn’t seen him since then.

He looked the same
as he did a few years ago.

The life as a professor in the States
must be smooth.

Well, she’s become more beautiful too.


What about me?

You’re beautiful too.

Is he married?

I didn’t ask.

I’m sure he is.

He’s capable and nice.

It’d be weird if he isn’t.

It’d be nice to have a husband
or boyfriend to show off.

You should’ve said
you were seeing your husband.




Why would you make her lie like that?

It’s better than being mortified.

I’m dating someone.

Yes, that’s what you should’ve told him.

What was that?



Are you really seeing someone?


You’re dating someone?


-Who is it?
-Since when?

-How old is he?
-What does he do?

I’ll tell you all about it later, okay?


-Come on.
-Stop it.

-Come on.

You go, girl.

[I’m here.] [Senior Yoon Song-ah]

Senior Yoon.


Good morning.

Thank you.

Let’s go.

It’s the weather.
The weather is just great.

Are you going to be like this at work?

If you keep looking at me and smile,

everyone’s going to find out about us.

I’m not that great at
hiding my feelings, to be honest.

No can do.

I’ll have to try harder
so we don’t get caught.

Leave it to me.

Senior Yoon, this is yours.


It’s yours.


Hey, Hyun-seung.

Are you guys here for some coffee?


I don’t think I want any.

Okay then. Please excuse me.

Enjoy your coffee.

Are they pretending
not to be in a relationship?

Seems like it.

They’re trying too hard.

Let’s pretend like we don’t know anything.

You want some coffee?

I don’t want any.

Have some coffee.

I have a favor to ask you.

Can you spare me a few minutes?

It’s about the Renew Stick.

I was wondering which
foundation we can put in it.

What? Were you expecting something else?

What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

What would I expect?

Right, what would you expect though?

Hold on.

Were you expecting
a secret date or something?


So what?

You don’t know which foundation to choose?

Did you talk with the lab?

They said any foundation will do.

But since it has to be applied
with a cotton swab,

I think a matte one
would be too irritating.

We should go with moist or semi-matte.

Let’s test it first.
There’s nothing better than that.

This is yours.

What do you think? Does it go on smoothly?

Yes. But…

Did I dab too much?

It feels a bit thick.


This is really convenient.

It removes makeup so easily.

I wish I could create
a successful product like this.

Your Renew Stick will do great.

You can do it.


Can the lab take care
of the sealing issue?

This is different from oil products.

Product Planning will take care of that,

but I think it’s doable.

Oh, Senior Yoon.

Let’s go on a date after I wrap this up.


Yes, sir.

I just heard it from Product Planning.

Seolyoon’s preparing the Renew Stick too.

Why is Seolyoon doing it?

You didn’t know, right? Just as I thought.

I can’t believe those people.


What is it?


Daejeon isn’t meeting its quota again.

What’s their sales department doing?

Are you releasing the Renew Stick?

Why do you ask?

Our team is planning on a solo release,

but I heard Seolyoon
is preparing that too.

We’re different brands anyway.

What’s the problem?

This is a multi-brand company.

When the lab develops something,

all the brands release their own version.

But this product is my idea,
not the lab’s idea.

You’re scheduled to release
next month as we are.

If you could, please postpone the release.

We’re going to follow
our brand’s timetable.

Chae Hyun-seung,

you’re just an ABM.

You think you can order us around?

I know you’re impudent,
but this is going too far.

Do I need to teach you a thing or two?

-What’s going on?

It’s about the Renew Stick.

He told me not to release it.

I was only asking
if you could adjust your timeline.

Look here, Chae Hyun-seung.

Don’t tell me you’re this naive.

You can’t tell us what to do.

Is this a college group assignment?

You said you know when to butt in and out.

But you don’t know when to shut up.

Stop wasting time,
and go get the shipment records.

Yes, sir.

I’ll print that thing.

So we’re asking you to meditate.

We can’t come to a resolution on our own.


Does Seolyoon have to release it?

We haven’t made a final decision.

We were just looking into some options

to meet our sales goal.

We did consider that it might affect KLAR,

but we are different brands anyway.

So I think it will be okay.

But it’s not like
it won’t negatively affect us.

This idea is a contest winner.

You could’ve discussed it
with the developer.

I would’ve done that
if we decided to release it.

But we’re still reviewing that option.

Why are you making me the villain?

You’re breaking my heart, Manager Kwon.

When’s the release date again?

We’re thinking of mid-December.

If we have a new release in December,

we can avoid negative growth this year.

ABM Chae Hyun-seung.

Yes, sir.

Is there no way
to release it with Seolyoon?

I know you want it to be
KLAR release only.

But BM Seo is right.

You’re two different brands.

It’s not like the Renew Stick
has a solid brand identity.

It can be released by more than one brand.

We’ll release it together.

Keep me posted on the development process.


I want to give him some punches.


BM Seo is unbelievable.

He really is deplorable.

Do you have to be like that to be a BM?

He only thinks about sales.

He lacks integrity
and business principles.

Someone like me can never be a BM.

Yoo-sun, don’t worry.

With your temper,
you’ll be the perfect BM.

You should go get a temper.

You could’ve protested
in front of the director,

or grab BM Seo by the collar.

I might get fired for that.

Will you keep food
on the table for my family?

If you say yes,
I’ll go to BM Seo right now,

grab him by the collar
and punch him in the face.

Manager Kwon did more than enough for me.

I’m really okay.

Don’t worry about me.

No way.

It’s your first product.

You must feel as if your baby got stolen.

You won’t be able to do it,

so we’ll curse for you.

That fricking jerk!

She’s right.
Get upset as much as you want.

And then put it all behind tomorrow.

You’ll experience all sorts of
injustice at work.

He’ll surely get his karma back.

Just shake it off.

What? I say nice words occasionally.

Do you want a drink?

Oh, yes.


Why are you so warm-hearted suddenly?

I’m getting burned here.

Thank you.

If only we had our BM with us.

I mean the director. I wish he were here.

BM Seo wouldn’t have
dreamed of pulling this.

There’s no way he’d be able to.

The director is taking a very long break.

He’s probably not returning anytime soon.

He barely used his leave days
because of work.

Anyway! Let’s drink, Hyun-seung.


Thank you.

Excuse me. Passing through.

Thank you.

Excuse me. Passing through.

Excuse me. Passing through.

Hey, it’s you.

Get up. I’ll take you home.

This is the only way
to make you look at me.

Let’s go.

Where to, sir?

To Director Lee Jae-woon’s place, please.

Go to your place.

That’s where I live now.

Right here.


Hyo-joo. Hey.

Darn it.

Why did she drink so much?

Was she with you?

I think she was with her friends.

Good lord.

Come on.

I’ll go now.


Why do you look so scrawny? Are you okay?

What’s not to be okay about?

Knock it off.

Let me know if you need anything.

And also,

I know things are hard.

But don’t leave Hyo-joo alone too much.


Do you want me to scratch BM Seo’s car?


Shall I?



Give me a hug, please.

Right now?

Okay. Come here.

I know you’re very upset.

But don’t be too broken up about it.

It means you thought of
a fantastic product.

Shake it all off,

and just have fun making it.

It gets really hectic,

but you’ll have so much fun
once the product is out.

Let’s just focus on the fun part.


It’s frustrating though.

I wish I could get back at him for this.

Don’t go scratching his car.

Maybe I should puncture his tires too.

It’s nothing.

What is it?


a thought crosses my mind.

What if the Renew Stick is a promotion,

and not a new release?

But it might be a waste of a good product.

I like it.

Really? You’d be okay with that?

Yes. I think it’s a great idea.

Why didn’t I ever think of that?

Impressive, Senior Yoon. You’re the best!

I’m not your senior for nothing.

Hey now.

You’re not my senior right now.

-You’re my girlfriend.

Be careful.

-Are you scared?
-Yes, put me down!

Okay. I’ll put you down but I need a kiss.

One more.

-Come on.
-Two kisses.

-Okay, then. Careful.
-Put me down now.


Stop it.

You want me to stop?

Renew Stick as a promotional gift?

Yes, this is a niche product.

So instead of selling it right away,

it’ll be good to test it
by giving it away as a freebie.

There are many parties
and events in December,

so it’ll catch
the customers’ attention too.

That makes sense.

Color makeup customers will love it.

Basic skincare, too.

Since the skin gets dry during winter,

they can carry it everywhere to apply.

It’s a good idea,
but are you sure about that?

It’s your first product.

Are you okay with it being a freebie?

If the customers like it,

we can release it later.

It’s better than making
premature release and getting low sales.

I think it’s better this way.

Okay then.

I’ll talk to Director Lee Jae-shin.

Oh, right.

Go prepare all the new material codes.

Yes, sir.

That’s a smart move.

How did you think of this?

BM Seo will completely lose it.

This is so satisfying.

I told you. He’ll get his karma.

He’s getting what he deserves.

I’m scared of you the most, Manager Kang.

Shall we wrap up?

Then proceed like that.

We’ll talk about it more once I’m back.

Yes, sir. I’ll let you know
if there are any changes.


Come on in.

Will you be dining alone?


Sit anywhere you like.

Min-sook, can you get his order?


I’ll take that.

What would you like to order?

One rice soup, please.

One rice soup.

That’s all you’re going to eat?

Eat some more.

I just need to wipe these dry.

Are you about 35 years old now?


It’s been, what, 22 years?

I thought it might
have been you last time.

So I called Yoo-mi’s mom.

She told me you contacted her.

It was unexpected.

I didn’t think you’d look for me.

Father passed away recently.

It was a car accident.

That’s a relief.

That man is a waste of space.

He should’ve died a long time ago.

Did you come here to tell me that?

I just…

I wondered how you’re doing.

Not much to it.

I was unlucky to begin with,

so nothing much changed.

This is as good as it gets.

I need to know.

Do you have any regrets?

This is much better.

Better than when I was
living with your father.

You look like you’re doing okay.

You’re always smart.

I guess you used it to your advantage.

Well done.

Come on in.

What would you like to order?

Two rice soups, please.


Why did you come here?

Do you feel better
seeing me living like this?

You asked if I have any regrets?

I don’t even regret abandoning you.

Don’t come back here.

Consider me dead.

I’ve never needed you anyway.

A promotional gift?

That’s a low move, Chae Hyun-seung.

You’re making our products as freebies?

It’s a new release.

Of course, when I reviewed this option,

I thought hard about
how this might affect Seolyoon.

Of course it’ll affect us.

Just release it as a new product.

But then I got to thinking,
and you were right.

We are two different brands anyway.

You said that it would be okay.

So I think it will be alright.

But this is a different case.

If you give it out as a freebie,

how would that make us look?

We’re not going to just give it out.

It’ll only be given upon purchase.

Ahh, wait. Hyun-seung.

Is there something in my eye? It stings.

So then…

How will KLAR make up for sales
with no new release?

Oh, we’re thinking of
an additional promotion.

I’ll get that reported to you soon.

Director, this isn’t right.

We need to boost sales.

We need to avoid negative growth.

Right. We don’t want that.

-So then…
-So then,

you should get to thinking very hard.

If you want to keep your position,

what does Seolyoon need to do
to avoid negative growth?

I’m quite a reasonable person.

ABM Chae is just using
the same logic as you.

Isn’t it?

Yes, sir.

ABM Chae Hyun-seung,

you’re tenacious.

I mean it in a good way.

Thank you, sir.

A marketer must make
hard decisions about his product.

Your idea was great,
and you showed determination.

I received a lot of help with my idea.

From ABM Yoon Song-ah.

She was my trainer.

So you learned from the best.
It definitely shows.

It’s such a shame.

Keep up the good work.

I’ll be watching you.

Yes, sir.

I’m off.

See you tomorrow.


You’re making training samples again?

Yes, I want to get it out of the way.

There are so many
chores with color makeup.

New product every month,

new sample every month.

And it’s not quick work either.

Can you help her, Hyun-seung?

Oh, I have a prior engagement.

It’s easier if I do it alone.

I’ll be heading out now.

I’m sorry I can’t help.

It’s fine.

Alright, Song-ah. See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

You didn’t leave?

So how many do you have to make?

I need 500 of them.

I’ll put them in the container.

You close the lid.

Okay, I got this.

Let’s wear an apron first.

Such a baby.



You need to wear one too.

I don’t think I need one.


If it gets on your clothes,

you won’t be able to wash it off.

Come here.

Ahh, I don’t need it.

Okay. How do you want it?


Pretty? A butterfly then.

Don’t I look good in an apron?

-It’s not a bad look.
-I’m a very good cook.

Oh, really?

Do you want me to show you?

Is this your way of trying
to get me to come over?


Come on.

Focus on work for today, former trainee.

Right, we’re at work.

Okay. Understood.

But when are you going to come over?

Come on, tell me.

Korean, Chinese or Western cuisine.

My Japanese cuisine isn’t good enough.

Pick from Korean, Chinese or Western.

What the heck!


You’re still here.

That’s hilarious!

Totally unexpected, Manager Kwon.

You’ve turned KLAR upside down.

I told you it was 500.

I told you 500.

Hurry up if you want to get home tonight.

How is the food, Yeon-seung?

It’s delicious.

You really know a lot about food.

I’m glad that you like it.

You’re not eating much.

Isn’t this the kind of food you like?

I’m eating.

Should I order something else for you?


I know this is your favorite. Eat up.


The empty seat next to you looks huge.

It’d be nice if someone
were sitting there.

What if I set you up with someone else?

You know anyone around you?

Of course not.

If you did, that would’ve
happened ages ago.

Oh, how about Nurse Kim?
Is she dating anyone?

He’s fine on his own.

This is how he is.

He acts all unimpressed,

but he actually cares about you.

You know that, right?

Of course.

I’m used to it.

Right, you’ve been friends since college.

I’m glad my husband has a friend like you.

What were you two like in college?

I liked him.

I wanted to get close to him.

You know.

Some people just draw others in.

Oh? That’s how he was?

Still, it wouldn’t have been easy
to befriend him.

How did you get close?

Should I ask for dessert
if you’re done with it?

-We don’t want to keep Ha-eun waiting.

We need to go home soon.

I’ll ask for dessert.

Did something happen between you two?

You’ve never been talkative,
so that’s fine.

But you abruptly ended dinner.

You barely ate too.

I’m just not feeling that well.

Why didn’t you tell me?
We would’ve canceled it.

Is it bad?

I’m feeling better.

Can I turn on some music?

Go ahead.

Do you like it?

Isn’t it great?

Everything’s all set up.

We just need to bring in our stuff.

Let’s move at the end of this week.

Why so sudden?

Aren’t you going to stay
with me until I leave?

Because of you.

You’re taking your father’s passing
harder than I thought.

I figured a change of
environment might be good.

I also want to live
a newlywed life somewhere new.

You could’ve discussed it with me first.

How? You didn’t even pick up the phone.

That won’t happen anymore.

It’s all over now.

You’re doing this again.

You’re always doing this.

You don’t tell me about the problem.

You just say it’s over.

I feel like I’m staring at a brick wall.

Do you know how frustrating it is?

Is it so hard for you to open up to me?

I’m the only one you’ve got now.

Let’s not do this right now.

You’re pushing me away again.

Then why did you tell me
you’ll be better to begin with?

Why did you get my hopes up
and leave me in misery again?

How much more do I have to tolerate?

I didn’t ask you to tolerate anything.

You know what we have isn’t normal.

You know how we began.

You forced this on me
by attempting suicide.

What else could I have done?

If I hadn’t done that,
you’d never look my way.

Since you agreed to this,

shouldn’t you at least make an effort?

This is me making an effort!

But it’s not enough for you,

so you keep driving me crazy.

When will you be satisfied?

What more do you want from me?

So I’m the only problem?

You’re not at fault at all?

Then what do you want from me?

I forced this on you,

so I should shut up about it?

Should I just accept whatever you do?

That’s not what I said!

That’s exactly what you meant!

If this is your best effort,
then I don’t need it.

I’m not a charity case.

If this is the best you can do,

let’s just end it all then!

You really want to end it?


Are you serious?

Is that really what you want?


I can’t do this anymore.

[My sister…] [Can you please accept her?] [She says she can’t live without you.]

How are you feeling?


It’s much better.


Did you get home okay yesterday?

I was worried I might have
made you uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to ignore your wife,

and ended up saying that.

I didn’t mean anything by it.

I see you because you’re my friend.


I want to make sure you feel the same way.

Sure, friend.

Take care of your wrist.

Guard it before it’s damaged for good.


Oh, I see.


I’ll check and get back to you right away.

Manager Kang?

I’m sorry.

It’s about an event in Daejeon.

They’re asking for
1,000 Aqua promotional gifts.

Can we do that?

Don’t we have to check our inventory?

What do you think?


We’ll still have some stock left

even after we meet 120% of our target.

I think we can give them 1,000.

Do it then.


You can decide that by yourself now.

Recent events tell me
you’re more than capable.

Just keep me updated.

Okay. Thank you.

Our newbie is now all grown up.

You happy, Hyun-seung?


Anyone want coffee? My treat.


-Hot americano.

-Can I get something fancy?
-Sure you can.

Can I get two?

Two? Of course!

It seemed like
you were taking credit earlier.

[Letter of Resignation] [Letter of Resignation] [Lee Jae-shin] [The caller’s phone is turned off.] [Please leave a message after the tone.]

Fresh coffee has arrived.

Coffee is here!

-Hot americano for me.
-Latte for me.

My latte.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.

This is yours.

Thank you.

Thanks for the coffee, Hyun-seung.


It’s so delicious.

I can drink their coffee every day
and not get sick of it.

This smells so good.

Doesn’t it?

When did Director Lee Jae-shin stop by?


We didn’t see him today.

I thought he’s coming back tomorrow.

Is something wrong?


It seems urgent.

Did something happen?



[Did something happen
between you and Jae-shin?]



[The caller’s phone is turned off.] [Please leave a message after the tone.] [After the tone…] [If this is the best you can do,] [let’s just end it all then!]

Yes. I can’t do this anymore.

[Jae-shin] [The caller’s phone is turned off.] [Please leave a message after the tone.]

It’s not every day we get off work
at the same time.

Right. This is very uncommon.

Shouldn’t we grab a drink to celebrate?

You and your celebrations.

Go home and play with
your children for once.

It’s not my problem.

They are too busy to play with me.

Nobody’s down for dinner? I’m buying.

Enjoy it by yourself.

Manager Kang, how about some beef?

I have a date.

A date?

I don’t understand
why you guys are rejecting me.

You’ll buy us beef BBQ?

How about beef rice soup?



I don’t have the money.

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is Lee Jae-shin?

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