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She Would Never Know Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

She Would Never Know Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, She Would Never Know Episode 8 Drama Korea, She Would Never Know Epi 8 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, She Would Never Know Episode 8 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

She Would Never Know Episode 8 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] She Would Never Know E08 NEXT



I need to go to the basement.


An announcement about the Europe Project
will be released soon.

Don’t worry, your name isn’t on the list.

I’m running KLAR as well as
the Europe Project,

so we’ll still run into each other.

But don’t mind me.

Be patient for a couple of months.

You don’t have to mind me either.

I’m okay.

This will be the last time
we talk privately.

Don’t mention the past again.

Let bygones be bygones.

Don’t worry.

That’s what I want too.


Why are you two together?

Let’s go, Senior Yoon.

You can go now.

You’re busy. Get back to work.


By the way,

what you said earlier…

Oh, that?

Actually, I saw her at the store before.

At the store?


I thought she was a store employee.

When I saw you together,
I was surprised, so…

Is she an HQ employee?

Is she your subordinate?

Yes, she’s on my team.

Then who’s the man?

Are they dating?


I see.

They look good together.

I’ll get going now.

Drive safely.



I’m so tired.

You must be tired, Manager Ahn.

I’ve prepared a piping hot cup of coffee.

Thank you.

-It’s sweet and delicious.

Call me whenever you’re tired.


This is so good.

So good.

Oh, my gosh. How can I carry this?

It looks so heavy.

I’ll carry it!

I’ll carry it, Manager Ahn.

-It’s heavy.

You don’t have to do it.
It goes in the mailroom.

Oh, the mailroom.




You’re leaving?


Take care.


Did something happen
between you and Manager Ahn?

Manager Ahn?

Did you make a mistake?

Why are you walking on eggshells
around her?

Nothing happened.


How far are you going to go?

Sorry. What I did back there…

It’s okay.

You don’t have to make excuses.

You did it to help me.

Senior Yoon…

You should go inside.

What about you?

I have an urgent business.

You go up first.

Okay then.

-See you later.

I owe her something.

-You owe her?
-Yes, but…

The elevator door is closing.

Okay then.

-Don’t work too late.
-I won’t.

See you tomorrow.


Manager Ahn!

How could I not know about that?

It’s right before my eyes
and yet I couldn’t tell.

My goodness! Your crush is Song…


Manager Ahn!

Anyway, you’re lucky I caught you.

If it was someone else,

the entire company
would’ve been in an uproar.

If you need anything,
please tell me at any time.

You like her so much.

I feel sorry for you.

I’m always rooting for you, Hyun-seung.

First floor!


First floor!

First floor.

Go for it!



So when are we going to meet?

I didn’t know I’d see you this soon.

I was just asking,

and you said you haven’t had dinner.


you’ve hardly eaten anything.

Oh, right, I…

You don’t have to force yourself.

You’ll upset your stomach.

Are you upset?

Because I lied about not having dinner?

I prefer a man who doesn’t lie.

Okay, I’ll never lie to you again.

Even if it’s trivial.

Do you always try to
please other people like this?

No, I’m only doing it for you.

By the way,

what do you do?

I make clothes.

What kind of clothes?
There are so many kinds of them.

Wedding dresses.

I took over my mother’s shop.

I see.

Too bad. If I had known earlier,

I’d ask you to make
my sister’s wedding dress.

No, I’d better not.

Her temper is so…

I think I made a mistake.


A bad-tempered sister-in-law

is a turn-off, right?

This is only the first time
we’re eating together.

You’re right.

Go on and eat.

I’ll drink cold water and get a grip.

Excuse me! Can I get some cold water?


We don’t know about each other’s age yet.

I’m 37 years old.

Two years apart then.

You’re 39 years old?



35 years old?



Why are you flustered?

There’s no reason for it.

Oh, I like this place.

But you don’t like me?

Go away.

Hello? Where’s the owner?

Get behind me.

Hi, sweetie. Why are you here alone?


I’m sorry, I lost my grip.

I’m sorry.

It’s okay.


Are you alright?

Oh, I…

I’m still scared.

There are so many dogs here.

Let’s go.

This dish looks good.

So you can do it this way.

Are you watching something fun?


Is it more fun than what I’m watching?

I want to watch too.

Are you really watching this?

Yes, I’m watching this.

It can’t be.

It looked like it was so much fun.

Time for bed, Ha-eun!


What are you working on so hard?

I told you.

Chef Ryu and I are
working on a cooking class.

I’m looking for references.

Take it easy. You must be tired.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself.

Tuck Ha-eun in for me.

Right, Ha-eun.

Good night, Mom!

Good night, sweetie!

Let’s go.

Your uterine myoma has grown.

It’s grown?

It used to be the same.

You said you’ve been
feeling pain recently?

And there’s some bleeding?

I came because my lower belly hurt more.

It looks like

it’s suddenly grown bigger recently.

It’s a low chance,

but we should perform surgery
and take a biopsy of it.

Then is it…

Is it cancer?

I can’t say for sure.

Let’s perform surgery first.





Senior Yoon! I’ll do it.

Will you?



We’re set to go, right?

Yes, I think so.

Wow, this place brings back memories.

It seems like only yesterday
I saw you here.


It feels strange seeing you here.

I didn’t know I’d see you again.

Thanks for what you did back then.

You brought me something to eat.

I was so hungry at that time,
I was about to go crazy.

I would’ve snapped off a desk leg
and gnawed it down.

A desk leg?

Oh, a desk leg.

I missed out on a good show.

Gnawing on a desk leg
sounds like a circus act.

You’ll make this noise when you eat it.

A circus act?


It’s not too late.

Want me to snap off a desk leg
and beat you with it?

Come in, please.

Stop joking…


You should’ve believed me.

Shut up.

-Sit here.
-Hi, please come in.

Come over here, please.

Oh, you brought your papers?

Read this carefully,

and ask me what you’d like to know.

This is my business card.

Thank you.

Read this carefully,

and take your time to ask me questions.


Something good is going on?

Huh? Nothing.


You know about it, right?

About what?

Song-ah and Hyun-seung!

They are busted?

So busted.

If you know it, you should’ve told me.

I almost set Hyun-seung
up on a blind date.

How could I? They are dating secretly.

Dating? What do you mean?

You said you know.

I do.

About Hyun-seung’s crush.


It’s a crush?

They’re dating?

Aren’t they flirting?


Aren’t they dating?


I can’t believe the first day
is so hectic this year.

It’s not usually like this, right?

Usually, the last day is the busiest day.

What about lunch? Where should we go?

Have you been to the cafeteria?

No. Is it good?

Not bad. Let’s go there.


This way.

Chae Hyun-seung!

It’s really you.

Long time no see.

Yes, it’s been a while.

What are you doing here?

Are you here for the campus recruiting?


Me too.

I’ll go on ahead.

No, Senior Yoon.

Let’s go together.

We’re going somewhere.

Sorry. See you when the day’s over.

You’re at KLAR, right? I’ll go find you.

I have other plans.

I’ll get going now.

Let’s go, Senior Yoon.

Why are we here?

I told you.

You’ll have to carefully
watch your actions.

And that includes what you wear.

I picked out the clothes
that will suit you well.

And they will become
your taste after this.

Let’s begin.

This one.

Yes, sir.

You look better than I expected.

Thanks for today.

Don’t be.

To some extent, I’m putting
shackles on you.

You’ll be criticized non-stop
about your conduct.

About what you must do
and must not do in our family.

By the way, how’s your dad?

He hasn’t called you yet?

If he sees your marriage announcement,

he’ll come to you soon.

Don’t worry. That won’t happen.

You met him already?

As a courtesy to join your family,

I’ve taken care of him.

Good job.

We’re here.

Can I really go?

They’re your friends from college.

The junior we met earlier
told you to come.

Don’t be so nervous.

The owner here is our senior.

Everyone is friendly and fun.

It’ll be fine.

Since I’m already here,

should I join for a while?



Strawberries, go!

I like strawberries!



I’m here!


Why has it been so long?

-Long time no see!

-Sorry. It’s been a while.
-Remember me?

Of course, I remember you.

Where should we sit?

-Over here.

Move over. Here.


Sit here.

-Thank you.

You got lucky with food.
You’re here just in time.

Is this the senior
you’ve been talking about?


Say hi.

This is the owner I told you about.

Oh, hello…

Sit down.

Oh, okay.

Hello, I’m Yoon Song-ah.
I work with Hyun-seung.

Nice to meet you.

I’m this fool’s senior, Kim Jong-hyuk.

You must’ve gone through a lot
training this fool.

Hyun-seung is really good at his job,

so I receive a lot of help.

You’re so kind.

How did you end up with this idiot?

Oh, come on.

What did you say? You need more soju?


More soju?



Hey, guys!

Eat whatever you like today.

Hyun-seung is buying everything!

Ready, go!

Chae Hyun-seung!

Seriously, guys…

Hye-jung’s voice wasn’t loud enough.

Chae Hyun-seung!

Unemployed, alright.

Here come the drinks!

One here.

I’ll pour you one.


How’s work? Is it fun?


It’s fun. The office vibe is good.

And there are a lot of
good seniors like her.

Wow, you know how to
lead a good social life!

What about making products?

Can you really make whatever you want?

Not really.

But things do go as marketers plan them.

From product planning
to the container and design,

we control everything.

Hyun-seung, what’s the
best cushion foundation?

Of course it’s KLAR.

-Oh, my bad.
-Come on.

By the way, are you wearing makeup?


He’s unbelievable, Hyun-seung.

He always wears makeup, even during tests.

Great self-discipline.

Hey! It’s about my pride.

Of course it is.

You really…

Senior Yoon,

can I have your business card?

My business card?

I want to go to KLAR too.

I want to ask you a bunch of questions.

Hey, shouldn’t the order go like this?

Come on, you’re still a newbie.

If I have questions,
she’d answer me better.

So move over, please.

Can I have your business card?

Sure, I’ll give it to you.

He seized his chance.

I’m so embarrassed.

Thank you.

Can I have one too?

Of course.

If you have any questions,
contact me anytime.

Really? Thank you.

Me too…

No, I’m not drunk!

One, two, three, four!

Orange, orange, oh!

Orange, orange, oh!

-Why didn’t you catch it?


Drink! Here goes the shot!

Isn’t this too much?

Gulp it down!

Don’t sneak away, drink it already!

Rice cake, four.

Rice cake.

Fish cake, eight.

Fish cake!


Tuna, tuna…

-You have to drink.

Come on. Seriously.

Get used to this.

They’ll give you a lot of help
from now onward.

Sorry for being late.

This is Jae-shin,
the one I told you about.

Come in.

The sky is spinning in circles.

I think I’m going to die.

Don’t worry. People won’t die that easily.

No, I mean it.

It’s your fault you suck at games.

You slipped and lost every time.

You’re too good at it.

You said it was your first time playing,

and yet you never lost.

You didn’t even offer to drink for me.

Don’t you know my motto?

When training juniors…

You raise them to be strong.

But this is too much, isn’t it?

Are you feeling that bad?

I think I’ll be okay in a little while.

You should go home.

And hear later that you die on the street?

I knew it.

You’re the best.

Get some rest.


You must’ve had a really fun college life.

I guess.

What about you?

It was hard enough just to attend classes.

I tutored kids, worked part-time jobs…

I had no time to make friends,

let alone join club activities.

I wanted to be independent,
so don’t feel bad.

Anyway, seeing you today made me jealous.

A college life like that
would’ve been fun.

And it was different seeing you
as someone else’s senior.

I was cool, right?


I’ll invite you again some time.

I’ll invite you anytime, so please come.

The door is wide open.

I think you’ve sobered up now. Let’s go.


What’s wrong?

You okay?


Five minutes.

Just stay like this for five minutes.

Who are you?


So you’re Jae-shin’s father?

Oh, yes.

As it says there, I’m Jae-shin’s father.

He’s a spitting image of me.


have you heard about me from him?

I only know you exist.

He doesn’t like me that much.

I guess that’s how it is
between every father and son.

By the way, you’re very lovely.

My son has great taste in women,
just like his old man.

How did you find me here?


The wedding announcement
was huge in the news.

I did a little digging.
It was easy to find.

I don’t have an ulterior motive.

You’ll be joining our family now.

I should see you at least once.

It’ll be weird to see you
for the first time at the wedding.

You’re coming to our wedding?

Of course, I am.

It’s my one and only son’s wedding.

But don’t worry.

I look shabby today
because I was in a rush.

But if I clean myself up,
I’d look like a movie star.

In order to do that,

I need some money.

Oh, where are you going to live?

How much do you want?

How much?

Tell me.

Come on.

That’s not why I come.

I guess I should consider your position.

And I am sort of badly-off these days.

One big one…


two big ones will do.

Why should I?


Do I seem

like a pushover to you?


Since my daughter-in-law
dutifully offered first…

I told you I didn’t come to get anything!

So you don’t need the money?

Oh, thank you!

It was inconvenient for me all day
because I lost this.

You’re an office worker.

How could you lose your employee card?

You’re a newbie and yet
you’re already laid-back.

I’ve been working long enough
to be laid-back.

How confident.

-The food’s here.
-Here’s your food.

Thank you.

Looks good.

Thank you.


My stomach is burning.

You’re still very young.

When I was your age,
I drank a crate of soju…

Yes, I know.

You drank a crate of soju
and a crate of beer

but you felt nothing.

I know it all.

Slick as a whistle.

You pretended to be cool
in front of that senior of yours.

Did I?

You like her, don’t you?

What are you talking about?

I knew it! I’m right!

It’s so obvious. How can she not know?

Is it that obvious?


Just tell her.

I should be more careful.

So that I can be around her.


Why the sudden sad vibe?

We’ll first knead the dough
for buckwheat noodles.

First, put in buckwheat flour.

We also use hard wheat flour.

Kneading with hot water
is called scalding.

You use this method to make thin noodles.

Scrub the buckwheat noodles
as hard as you can.

Remove the starch to get a chewy texture.

Oh, this is sesame oil.

They are edible flowers.

Would you like to try it?

Is it good?

It’s really good.

Is it?

You’re right.

Your cooking is better though.

I agree.

You two must be together.


You’re not?

You seem close.

Oh, no. We’re…


Just close friends.

Oh, I see. Good for you guys.

You can come to places like this.
I envy you.

It’s good to have a friend.

Thank you for today.

I learned a lot.

That’s good.

You’ll do it then?

Yes. I’ll check my schedule
and let you know.

Oh, and…

Sorry about earlier.

I went ahead and said we were friends.

If I said I was your husband’s friend,

she’d look at us in a funny way.

Come to think of it, that’s possible.

You have a lot of friends, don’t you?

I do.

But what’s the use?

They’re all married
and busy raising their kids.

I got married early.

I was busy raising Ha-eun,

so I couldn’t see them.

Now, it’s the opposite.

I know all the moms of Ha-eun’s friends.

But they are different from my friends.

I guess you’re right.

What about you? Do you have many friends?

Not really, I only have Woo-hyun.

It’s sad, right?

What’s wrong with that?

My husband is the same too.

You’re peas in a pod.

By the way, how did you two
become friends?

Oh, about that…

What is it?


Sorry, I have to go to my next schedule.


-I’ll see you next time.

Doctor, that was the last patient.

Okay, well done today.


Over here!

That was quick.

We were wrapping up.

Your restaurant?

It’s my day off.

You’re hosting a cooking class
with my wife?

Yes, I’m going to give it a go.

It’s boring managing the restaurant.

It’s good that your place
is doing well so quickly.

Has it been six months now?


Around that.

Should I prepare what Manager Kwon
asked by tomorrow?


You’re leaving now?


You’re getting off work late.

Why are you here?

You didn’t answer my texts.

There was no reason to answer.

You’re still very angry.

Let’s go, Senior Yoon.

I’ll keep coming.

Until you agree to meet me.


What do you want to say?

Who was that woman?

Your girlfriend?

It’s so strange.

That you’re looking at me like this.

If you don’t have anything
to say in particular,

I’ll leave now.

I miss you so much.

Did you ever think about me?

I know I’m being shameless.

Acting like this after what I did to you.

I thought I made myself clear.

When I say it’s the last time,
it’s really the last time.

But you still chose him.

I was young.

That’s why I preferred someone
who shared the pain.

But in reality, it wore me down.

You always said it’d be fine.

That everything would be alright.
And I missed that.

You’re the one

that I really need.


you can’t do this.

You can’t win or discard people
based on your needs.

Also, there’s someone I like.

I like her a lot.


That woman?


What about her?

Does she feel the same way?

The important thing is
I’m not going back to you.

Just accept my feelings then.

I can’t give up on my feelings
just because you like her.

When you grow weary of your crush,

you’ll look at me one day, right?

I won’t become weary.

Even if we get further apart,

I still won’t become weary.

Then I’ll keep my eyes fixed on you too.

I don’t think I’ll become weary either.

Don’t you think that’s an obsession?

It seems to me that we’re the same.

You and I.

Unrequited love is nothing more
than a selfish thought.

She’s got a lot of nerve! How shameless!

What a jerk.

She’s talking a load of trash!
Ignore her!

But it’s not that easy.

Of course, it’ll trouble your mind.

You said you won’t be greedy,

but you can’t control your feelings.

But still, there’s a way.

Keep your feelings
to yourself till the end.

Because you want to stay by her side.

It’ll be hard to keep hiding it.


I’m tearing up.

Anyway, Little Brother.

I’ll call you Little Brother, okay?

From now on, just focus on
your feelings.

Don’t look at anything around you.

Just look at your heart.


Keep that in mind!

I’ve been through it.

The same thing as you.

I pretended I didn’t know.

I held out, pleading and begging.

That’s what I did.

But do you know how it ended?

She dumped me in the end.

Unrequited love is nothing more
than a selfish thought.


Are you alright?

Have you been talking all night

without having dinner?

We didn’t talk that long.

That woman

is the girl you mentioned before, right?

Is she asking you to get back together?

You read my mind.

It’s obvious.

She came to the office
because you ignored her texts.

These people always do that.

They tear you into pieces

and leave you for someone else.

Then, they come back
as though nothing’s happened.

It’s more appalling that they think
they can undo what’s happened.

You must be upset.

Not that much.

Don’t lie.

Your face says otherwise.

It’s okay.

I used to be such a mess in front of you.

Did something else happen?

Are you worried?

Of course.


What do you mean why?

Because you’re a junior that I value.

Senior Yoon.

Yes? Talk to me.

The more I think about it,

the more I realize I’m being too greedy.

I still like you a lot.

I don’t want to
keep the distance I promised.

I was lying.

I want to stay by your side
even if it’s like this.

I was going to hide my feelings,

but it’ll come out eventually.

Then you’ll be shocked again

and feel sorry for me.

I’ll become a burden to you.

I don’t want to see you like that again.

So I’m going to give you up.

I’ll try to become distant from you.

When you say no, it means no.

So don’t be surprised if I seem different.

And don’t be hurt.

I can’t be the same as before.

All my friends say you’re awesome.

They’re asking if you can set them up
with your friends.

There’s only Jae-woon.

There’s no one then.

I need to keep my conscience clear.


For meeting up with my friends.

By the way, I met your father
earlier today.

My father?

Yes. He came to my studio.

He saw our wedding article.

I think he came to me
because he was afraid to go to you.

What did he say?

Seemed like he can barely make ends meet.

Why didn’t you call me?

I thought about it,

but I didn’t want to stress you out.

I took care of him.

He’s no longer my father.

So don’t give him money ever again.

Don’t even talk to him.

Did I make a mistake?

So I’m going to give you up.

I’ll try to become distant from you.

Iced Americano with two shots of espresso

and two pumps of vanilla syrup.


Oh! Song-ah!

Oh, hello.

You’re here alone?


When will they send
the new eyeshadow sample?

They said within this week,
but I’ll check again.


By the way,

Hyun-seung’s new product idea is great.

The team leader pulled out a list.

Hyun-seung is on the presentation list.


The official email will be sent tomorrow,

but you can tell him in advance.


How do you feel?

I knew you’d make the PowerPoint list.

All that’s left is the first place.

I’ll do my best.

What do you mean?

You’ll win first place
even without doing your best.

What are you doing there, Song-ah?


Hyun-seung made the presentation list.

Congratulations. You worked hard.

Thank you. It’s all thanks to you.

Come on.

Let’s go out for drinks.

To wish for first place.
What do you think?

I’m in.

Of course, you are.

How about you?


Of course, you’re the hero.

What do you want to eat?

Anything’s fine.

We should go where you want to go.


Wow! This is so good!

You must order makgeolli
and pajeon on rainy days.

You used Hyun-seung
as an excuse to drink, right?

Kind of.

It’s a good day to drink together.

I’ll order fried pepper.

Ma’am, fried pepper
and assorted jeon, please!


Do you want anything?

No, you ordered everything.

I’ll just eat that.

I wanted beef jeon though.

Why are you feeling down?

Just drink.

Yes, let’s drink.

-You’re very tactful.
-Of course.


No one is going home early, okay?

No one will go.


First place!

Go for it!

Go for it!

Listen to the sound of rain.

I hope the food comes soon.


I knew it.

He can’t hold his liquor.

Where is Song-ah anyway?

Why don’t you go look for her, Hyun-seung?

Yes, you should go.

The youngest one should step up.

Okay, I’ll go look for her then.

I told you it’s a crush.

They’re flirting.

I said they’re dating.

I heard it with my own ears.

I saw it with my own eyes.

They held hands and ran.

They held hands again?

Again? When?

Geez! What is this?

I got it.


no one is leaving early.

We’ll go to work in the morning.

Go back to sleep.

Sleep well, Manager Kwon.

It started in Samcheok.

It doesn’t make sense
if they’re still not dating.

Maybe the crush became a relationship,

then they broke up

and now they’re flirting.

Geez! What is it?


Relationships are so complicated.

I give up.

-They’re flirting.
-Go back to sleep.

Are you okay?


What about you?

Me too.

I’ll go back inside.



I’m sorry.

It’s okay.

I’m going in now.


First, the selling points of Aqua Cushion.

There are two things you need to remember.

Triple functional cosmetics.

Dermatologically tested
for sensitive skin.

Remember these two aspects.

Specifically, it brightens the skin,
treats wrinkles

and blocks UV rays.
It has three functions.

Take note of that.

It’s best for those who want to moisturize

and those who want
a skin-lightening effect…



Where is Manager Ahn?

She’ll be here later.

The previous training session
hasn’t ended yet.

Wait in the next lecture room,
I’ll call for you.


Inflacin X that helps soothe the skin…

You’re here.

Where’s Manager Ahn?

She went to solve issues
with the new product.


Is it serious?

One of the materials for the container
is running late.

How is it going with your presentation?



You can come in five minutes later.

If I don’t like this,

I become the bad person, is it?

I can’t ask you if you need any help.

We can’t laugh together anymore.

I can’t even look at you in the eyes.

I don’t like this.

I’m the bad person, right?

Even so,

I’ll just be the bad person.

So don’t give up.

Don’t become distant

from me.

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