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She Would Never Know Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

She Would Never Know Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, She Would Never Know Episode 9 Drama Korea, She Would Never Know Epi 9 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, She Would Never Know Episode 9 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download Drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

She Would Never Know Episode 9 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: [English] She Would Never Know E09 NEXT


If I don’t like this,

does it make me a bad person?

I can’t ask if you need any help.

We can’t laugh together anymore.

I can’t even look at you in the eyes.

I don’t like this.

I’m a bad person, right?

Even so,

I’ll just be the bad person.

So don’t give up.

Don’t become distant

from me.


I’m coming.

Come in when you’re ready, Hyun-seung.


Next, the selling points of
Pearlsation eyeshadow.

The combination of
shimmering pearl and glitters

creates a transparent sparkle
in our glossy eyeshadow.

Please emphasize that it has
a transparent sparkle.

I’ll now talk about our target customers.

Customers who want to
make their eyes pop…

Let me do it.


What I said earlier…


I won’t misunderstand.


You need time to get used
to the sudden distancing.

The feelings you told me

usually arise as people get to know
more about each other.

So you don’t have to worry.


So you think

I was just saying it because
things get awkward between us?

But that’s not it.

Actually, I’m not so sure either.

I don’t know how far I want this to go.

But what’s certain is that

I can’t let you get far from me.

I can’t bear it.

I’ll do my best to figure it out.

So could you please

stop distancing yourself from me

and just stay where you are?

If it’s not too late yet.



Why did you reject him in the first place?

What if he says it’s too late?

Where can you find a guy like him?

What’s the direction of his house?


I want to give him a big bow.

Hey, get up. Bow and say thank you to him.

Stop that.

Sit down.

I know.

And I’m grateful to him.

How could I possibly not know that?


What’s making you uncertain then?

It’s just…

I don’t know why I can’t let him go.

Is it because he’s been so nice to me
that I’ve become greedy?

Or is it because I’ve unreasonably

fell for him?


Why would it be unreasonable?

He’s so sincere.
It’d be unreasonable not to like him back.

Don’t you agree?

It’s hard to realize what’s in your heart.

But once you know it, it’s a home run.

Straight to being certain.

You’re not that far off.

So what should you do now?

Stop using your head
and trust your instincts.

The instinct that is bubbling
and boiling inside you.

Focus solely on that.

Good morning.


How was yesterday’s training?


Nothing special happened?


I’m going to the pantry.
Do you want some coffee?

No, thanks.



Drink this then.

I’ll make another one.




Our BM Lee!

He got promoted to director right away.

When did they form this project team

behind my back?

You didn’t know either?

No, I didn’t.

If I’d known, I would’ve told you.

Why? You want to go?

Isn’t that obvious?

I’ll have a bright future ahead if I join.

I’m annoyed as it is
for not getting promoted.

You’ll get promoted this year
if there’s no hiccup.

Do you know how hard you have to work
on new projects?

You’d lose all your hair
because of the pressure.

It’d also be hard to get good results.

If they’d asked me to go,

I would’ve said no.

Who would become our new BM though?


You all are working hard, right?

Wow, this spot gets the best light.

My orchid…

I should put it here.

Keep up the good work.

Yes, sir.

You guys are top-notch.

Thank you, sir.


He’s getting his hopes up big time.

If BM Seo becomes our new BM,

I’ll jump into the new project
with my life.

Thank you, sir.

I’ll work harder from now on.

What will you do
about KLAR’s BM position?

Until the end of the year, BM Lee…


Director Lee will manage
both teams at once

until we find a replacement.

We’ll have to see if we should choose one
from the other BMs

or find a new BM.

Come in.


Congratulations, Director Lee.


Why are you here?

It’s not even a big deal.

I came to see you, Grandpa.

I won’t be able to see you

once we go on our honeymoon.

So I was wondering.

Can we go to your house for dinner?

We can celebrate Jae-shin’s promotion too.

Is that okay, Grandpa?

Uncle, what’s on your mind?

Huh? Nothing.

Did you pick something you like?

Are you still heartbroken
after being rejected?

I didn’t get rejected.


there’s no shame in getting rejected.

You can’t expect everyone to like you.

But I really wasn’t rejected.

I think I have a little hope.

Hope is good.

But what’s with that expression?

I’m scared it might turn out differently.

I’m not certain yet.

But your feelings are, right?

You still like that auntie, don’t you?

Just focus on your hope then.

Love is straightforward.

That’s what suits you too.

Want me to teach you anything else?


Buy this for me.

You want that?

You cute little squirt.

Sitting together like this

makes me feel that
we’re really becoming a family.

Let’s eat together whenever we have time

before we leave, Grandpa.

Would you like a drink, Grandpa?


Could I do that first?

I would like to pour you a glass.

Pour me a glass too, please.

From now on,

report directly to me
about the Europe Project.


Yes, sir. I’ll do that.

I don’t want to see
the same mistake again.

I’ll make it to the top three
in the European market in five years.

I look forward to that.

Want something to drink?


Wait just a second.

You did so well today.

Seemed like Grandpa was satisfied
with you too.

It’s just the beginning.

Since he’s given me a chance
to exert my competence,

I’ll show him what I can do.

I’ve come all this way to do this.

I’m so lucky I fell in love with you.

Do your best to show all that you have.

That’s what Grandpa expects too.

But you can’t neglect me
while you do that.

Bear it in mind.

You don’t have to be insecure anymore.

I promise.

I won’t ever make you feel insecure again.

I wish our wedding day will come sooner.

I’d be so happy.


I’m Kim Min-seong
from the Pra Valley Team.


First of all, I’d like to thank the judges

for giving me the chance
to do this presentation.

The new product I’ll introduce today

is a combination of eyeshadow and brush.

It’s called Shadow Rush.

In the gripping part of the brush,

I put in powder eyeshadows.

When you press the top part,

the eyeshadow will come out
through the brush tip,

which you can apply directly to your eyes.

It’s very innovative.

How do you feel?

Looking at this makes you
feel good, isn’t it?

What if you can apply this on your face

right after washing it?

It’s a gel-type cube formula
that won’t freeze.

You can take out the essence, one by one,
from the freezer,

according to your skin condition.

It’s called Good Morning Ice Cube Booster.

This gel-type cube formula
that won’t freeze

is different from our existing products.

By rolling it onto your skin,

you can see a natural skin
layering effect as well.

He must be so nervous.

I wonder how he’s doing.

It’d be great if he can win first place.

Of course.

Are you not worried, Song-ah?

He’ll do well. He’s already exceptional.

You helped him a lot, right?

You two usually take care of each other.


This time, he did it by himself.


Of course, it was all him.

Did you clear things out?

Did you come to the conclusion
that he’s no good?


He’s young, so he’s kind of slow, huh?


You three are talking
about his presentation, right?

Of course.

What else would it be?


What’s this?

When did the three of you
become so united?

-Since we joined the company.







I’m Chae Hyun-seung from KLAR Team.

Before I begin, may I know

if there’s anyone who applied
mascara or eyeliner today?


What’s the most inconvenient thing
for you throughout the day?

My eye makeup smudges under my eyes.

Even though they’re waterproof,

I look like a panda in the afternoon.


A lot of people will become a panda
like this at the end of the day.

I tried it myself,

and I was no exception.

There are a lot of
makeup correction products.

But one thing is lacking.

They can remove makeup

but they can’t let you touch up makeup.

They also remove the eye cream
that you’ve applied in the morning.

So today,

I’ve brought this product.

Makeup Renew Stick.

We have eye cream on one side of the swab

and foundation on the other end.

It’s a makeup correction stick.

Eye cream? Not cleanser?

It’s eye cream.

Please look at the screen on your left.

It’s a tip I learned from the store.

Like this.

You can remove makeup
by simply using eye cream.

Can you see this?

You can protect the area around the eyes

without removing the foundation.

Run over like this

and tap it in. Then it’s all done.

Now, you don’t have to
carry around a heavy pouch.

All you need is this simple and easy
Makeup Renew Stick.

Also, it gives our existing customers

a chance to use our eye cream
and foundation,

thereby expanding their purchase.

This is the end of my presentation.

Thank you.

We’ve prepared mushrooms

and chopped vegetables into pieces.

It’s easy, right?


Now, we’ll clean the abalone
for the abalone rice.

The parboiled abalone…

Here, Chef.

Thank you.

Take the abalone in your left hand

and a spoon in your right.

You can remove it in one go.

I’ll show you.

Like this.

Easy, right?

Let’s clean it now.

We’ll use the intestines, so keep them.

Make a cut like a cross.

Shall we talk while waiting
for it to cook?

Is this really your first time
doing a cooking class?

-You’re really good.

She helped me a lot.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.

Thanks to you, we’re enjoying
this valuable experience.

Please help promote his restaurant then.

No, that’s okay.

It’s doing well on its own,
so I humbly ask you not to.

I did well today, right?

Of course. Didn’t you see their reaction?

I had fun too.

I was cooking,
but it didn’t feel like work.

Thank you.

For the preparation and today’s class.

When I set out to do something,
I do it well.

I actually like taking action.

I was always the class president in school

and student representative in college.

But I think I grew insecure
as I raised Ha-eun.

I’m worried that if I take action,

Ha-eun might suffer the repercussions.

It’s still hard dealing with moms.

They’re all older than me.

Then shall we do
the cooking class regularly?

Do you want to be the manager?



You’ll gather people
and manage them like now.

Sometimes you can be my assistant too.

Why not?

I’m good at pushing things through.

Should I draw up a curriculum first?

Be careful.


Thank you. I almost fell.

Come this way.

Hyun-seung is back!

How did it go?

Oh, well…


It’s okay. You did your best.

Good work.

Who won first place?

Oh, that.

I’m worried…

Did something happen?

Winning first place 3 years in a row is…

-It’s hard. So hard.
-Of course, it’s hard.

But four years in a row will be harder.

I feel so sorry for my junior.


So you won first place?

Let’s go out for beef BBQ.

You really won?

You won first place?

-Yes! First place!
-Great job!

Hyun-seung! You!


We should go today.

Good job.

You did so well.


-I told you I knew you’d win.
-We should go today.

I told you that time.

Thank you for helping us.

Please help yourself.

I hardly did anything.

Congratulations on winning second place.

You worked hard too, Min-seong.

I like your idea.


Our bosses have no insight.

I should sell my idea to our competitors.

Before you sell it to our competitors,

can you give it to me first?

I’d like to ask our manufacturers
to see if it’s feasible.

Really? You’re really interested?

Of course.

Wow, Senior Yoon.

You’re very perceptive!

I envy you, Hyun-seung.

My senior, Manager Jung,
is such a blockhead.

I don’t want to talk about him.

Let’s drink up.


-Good work.
-Good job.

By the way,

you don’t have a boyfriend, right?

A boyfriend?

Yes. I have a friend.

He’s really great.

Want to see a picture?


Take a look.

What do you think?

Handsome, right?

Yes, he is.

Should I give him your number?

No! It’s okay.

You don’t like him?

The photo doesn’t do him justice.

He’s really handsome
if you meet him in person.

I’m not interested in blind dates
for the moment.

I have someone I’m concerned about.

But thanks anyway, I appreciate it.

That’s too bad.

You two would be perfect for each other.

If you want a blind date, call me.

I know many great guys.

Hey, you’ve hardly eaten.

Try this.

It’s so good.

Thank you.

This place is great.


I paid with Se-rim’s credit card.

-Don’t worry.

Want to go for a cup of coffee?

Senior Yoon?

Let’s do coffee some other time.

Why? You have other plans?

No, I’m just a bit tired.

Let’s just get a quick cup of coffee.

We should do it next time.

I have to head home too.

Okay, then.

We’ll be going this way.




Are you not feeling well?

You didn’t drink.

I’m good.

Do you have to go home right away?

It’s all thanks to you.

Thanks to your help,

I was able to get a good result.


I’ve won two years in a row.

I bet my guidance was excellent.

You are blessed with a great trainer.

You are blessed with a great trainee.

You’re right.


Can you tell me I did a good job
one more time?

Good job.

Come on.

That’s it?

Would you pat my head?

Since I got first place.

Good job.

Wait, I think you have a fever.

Come here.

You have a fever.

Let’s go.

I think I’m fine though.

You have a high fever.

Let’s go.

-I’m fine…
-Let’s go.


It’s two months’ payment.

I think it’d be better for you
to find a job somewhere else.

I don’t know if I’d be able
to reopen this place or not.

You’re going to close the shop?

What’s wrong?

You don’t need to know.

Honey, try this.

I learned this from Chef Ryu today.

What do you think?

It’s good.

Chef Ryu is really good.

He not only cooks well
but also speaks well.

All the moms in the group chat
are his fans now.


I’m thinking about starting
an official cooking class.

Chef Ryu wants to do it too.

I think it’ll be fun
if I become the manager.

I found the right job for me.

What do you think?

If you want to do it, you should.

Do whatever you want.

Do you still care about me?

Sometimes, I kind of wonder.

You seem indifferent
rather than being considerate.

Who else can I talk to
about things like this?

You’re all I have.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Forget it.

I should be the one to take you home.

It’s okay.

Do you have medicine at home?


I probably do.

I’ll get you medicine before I leave,
just in case.

Go inside.

I’m really fine.

Hurry. Go inside.



-Thank you.

Your call cannot be connected.

The password to my house is my birthday.

Is it this?


Don’t be sick.

It makes me sad.


Will you step outside for a while?

What brings you here?

You said you’d be working late.

Here. I brought salad and a sandwich.

So you won’t feel too burdened.

And also,


I was passing by and it’s so pretty.

Go ahead and work.

I won’t bother you.

Are you busy?


I’m going to take a break.

Come in.

There’s nothing much to see.

No, there’s a lot.


You’re working on this now?


I’m preparing for a pop-up store
in a department store.

I’m curious if I’m going the right way.

So I want to step out
in front of a lot of people.

But I’m regretting that now.

I think I’m not ready yet.

Not ready for what?

To be hated.

Until now, all my clients
liked my dresses.

But now, I’ll be showing them to everyone.

Someone is going to say this.

Man, why is this dress so expensive?

It’s not even that pretty.

What should I do
if I grab them by the collar?

Sometimes, I lose my temper.

Grab them, then.

I’ll be responsible for the rest.

The settlement money
would be catastrophic.

I told you. I’m very capable.

You can cause all the trouble you want.

Just give me a pretext to deal with it.

Let’s start with

being your boyfriend.

Start with?

For now.

By the way,

do you make men’s suits?

Normally, you’d have to wait for months.
But since I’m doing this now,

I’ll have to overcharge you.


Overcharge me all you want.

Put your arms up.

I guess I’m the only one trembling.

If you don’t step back,

I’m going to do it.

Is this what you meant?

You’re awake.

I just got up.

What about your fever?

Are you worried?

Of course, I did.

Take care of yourself.

You said I don’t take care of myself,

but I think you’re worse than me.

I’m so happy

to be scolded by you.

Take some medicine.

-I’ll get it for you.
-Senior Yoon.

You can take your time.

But if you come to me,

I’ll show you
the most beautiful love ever.

I’ll go get your medicine.

Where have you been?


Did you just come back?


I took a walk.

Wearing like this?

Why? This is an appropriate outfit
for taking a walk.

Go to sleep. I’m going to bed.

Good morning.

How do you feel?

I’m totally fine.

Someone took real good care of me.

You didn’t sleep much, right?

Are you tired?

Not at all.

That’s good.

Let’s have dinner if you’re free tonight.

I owe you.



Wow, your room looks better than mine.

Want to switch?

Should I?

Forget it. Hyo-joo will raise hell.

You have plans?

I need to see the chairman.

I have something to report.


I don’t have to compete with you, right?

Why? You think you can’t beat me?


Why? Do I look like I’ve no confidence?

-Put it back on.

What do you think about BM Seo for KLAR?

BM Seo?

Based on career experience,
he’s a safe bet.

He seems to want it too.

It’s not an unreasonable choice.

Let’s talk about it over drinks later.

I’ll call you.

Let go! Lee Jae-shin is my son!

Go check it.

Stop talking nonsense.

Let go of me!



Son, I came here to see you…

I have no money to give you. Leave.

I found your mom.

My mom?

You know the Yu-mi Supermarket
in our old neighborhood?

Yu-mi’s mother saw your mom.

Come with me to see her.

I don’t have parents.

My so-called father took my money
and cut ties with me.

My so-called mother left me in that ditch.

She doesn’t exist to me.

So stop visiting a stranger
and causing problems.

You bastard.

Bad parents are not even human, is it?

You marry into a rich family

and abandon your parents.

But you know,

no matter how hard you deny it,

you’re still my son.

Got it?

You can try all you want.

But those lofty fellows

won’t treat you like one of them.

A lap dog.

You’re a lap dog they’ll exploit,
and then they’ll throw you away.

Whose fault is it
that I’m living like a lap dog?

If it weren’t for you two…


All you do is blame your parents.

We’re the sinners!

Forget it!

I don’t need a son like you.


Stay out of my life then.


Let’s see how well you live!

You’re going to regret this!

This Mille-Feuille is much easier to make.

I’ll prepare beef sticky rice
Mille-Feuille next time.

Okay. I’ll notify the moms
in our group chat.


Do you want a glass of beer? I’m thirsty.

What about your work at the restaurant?

It’s just one glass.

-I’ll have one then.

Be right back.

I forgot the bottle opener.

Hold on.

Huh? Where is it?

Just bring a spoon.

A spoon?

You know how to open it with this?

You don’t?

Grab it like this.

I see why you were
a student representative.

That was loud.

I was shocked.

So refreshing.

One more glass?

Do you like to drink?

Not a lot.

But if there’s someone to drink with,

I’ll have a glass or two.

What about you?

Me too.

I just drink with Woo-hyun.

By the way…

What is it like drinking with him?

Boring, right?

He is kind of boring.


He doesn’t respond to what I say.

Do you do all the talking too?


I know how he’s like,

but sometimes I’m hurt.

I can’t feel his affection
if he doesn’t express it.



I ran my mouth too much

in front of his friend.


I guess I feel at ease with you.

I’m certain

that he thinks the world of you.

You’re very precious to him.

For sure.

I can see that.

Do you want to be real friends?

Let’s be friends.

Rock, paper, scissors!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Rock, paper, scissors! Scissors!

We’ll get going now.

-Okay, Bye.
-Bye. See you tomorrow.

-Bye, Ha-eun.

What does Jae-young like about you?

How can there be just one thing?

He probably likes everything about me.

It’s not love if you only
like one thing about that person.

You really make me speechless.

Why were you so late?

Where’s the car?

I had a glass of beer.

I made a friend today.

What kind of friend?

Just a friend.

Like your friends.

A friend I can eat and talk with.

Do you not have friends until now?


Because you seem really excited.

I like my friend

and what he says to me.


What is it?

Sweetie, can I talk to you right now?

What’s the matter?

What time are you coming?

Where to?

Your home.

You’ll come back
right after work, right?

You’re in Seoul?


I’m cooking kimchi stew with pork
for you right now.

If you come back right after work…

Wait. What time is it now?

Huh? Right.

You’ll come before 7 p.m., right?

You should’ve told me you were coming.

I have plans tonight.

I’m here already. Can’t you cancel it?

It’s an office gathering.

But I made all this.

Hey, why don’t you skip it?

Tell them your mom’s home
and just slip out of it.

They can do the gathering without you.

You’ll skip it, right?

Hang up for now.

I’m working.

Okay, then on your way home…

You heartless girl.

That jerk.

Disrespecting the person who raised him…

What is it?

Lee Se-dong, this is the police.
Open the door.

We know you’re inside. Open up.


Lee Se-dong!

I got the keys.

Get him!

Hey! Stop right there!

Hey, Lee Se-dong!



You can get out of the gathering.

They’re just going to drink anyway.

Why would you go?

It’s better to eat at home with your mom.

Are you done already?

How long are you staying?

I just came today.

I’m going to stay for a while.

What about the shop?

I put up a memo that I’m closing shop
for a while.

What are you doing this weekend?

Want to go shopping with me?

No. How about taking a few days off?

Let’s go to Jeju Island.

I heard it’s great this time of year.

Just stay until this weekend.

It’s not good to close the shop that long.

I’m going to bed.

No, stay and talk with me for a while.

You’ll take time off work, right?

I’m not a free-timer. I have a job.

I can’t drop everything
just because of you.

Don’t you know that?

Come on.

Of course, I know.

But if you have your reasons,
you can take time off.

When I suggest something,

you never just agree to do it.

-What about you?
-What about me?

You never think about me at all.

Even today.

You barged in here
knowing I have a roommate.

You forced me to cancel my plans.

It’s Ga-young.
She’s an old friend, so it’s okay.

Are you that upset about missing out?

You didn’t even ask why I’ve come.

Be honest.

You were going to meet
a guy tonight, right?

Do you have a boyfriend?

What if I do?

Really? You really have a boyfriend?

What does he do?

No, forget it.

Stop seeing him.

Break up with him.

No man for you.


I’m dying.

It’s cancer.


Oh, really?

Thank you.

I’ll call you back.


I asked a doctor I know.

She said there’s only
a small chance of cancer.

Get the surgery.

So that you can get a biopsy.

I’ll set up an appointment tomorrow.

I don’t want to get surgery.

What then?

It’s a small chance,
but it can still be cancer.

Then what are you going to do?

What if it turns out to be cancer?

Are you just going to die then?

How could you talk about death so easily?

Are you not worried
that I might have cancer?

That’s why I’m telling you to get surgery.

That’s what you should do.

What if I don’t wake up
from the anesthesia?

If only your father were alive,

he would’ve been so worried about me.

Unlike my daughter

who is acting like it doesn’t concern her.

Don’t get surgery then.

And don’t complain to me when it hurts.

How could you?

I’m bothersome to you, is it?

If I get cancer,
it’ll be troublesome for you.

So you want me to get surgery
and get rid of me, is it?

Spit it out.

What did I do to you that was so wrong?


After your father passed away,

it was so hard for me
that I was dependent on you.

Is that a sin?

You’ve abandoned me
to live your life in Seoul now!

You’re dating too,
which I told you not to!

Are you going to marry that guy?

Well, are you?

Are you going to discard me completely?

How long are you going to do this?

What now?

You knew Dad was having an affair!

You knew. And I did too.

What do you mean?

Dad didn’t have an affair.

Stop talking nonsense.

If you’re going to hate someone,
just hate me then.

Why are you pretending not to know?

Can’t you believe that Dad betrayed you?

Or is that the only way to torment me?


Do you know what was
really horrible for me?

I know what kind of person Dad was.

I know that you know too.

But when you bound me to your side,

you kept talking about Dad.

If only Dad were here…

Like Dad. Instead of Dad. Dad!

Why can’t you break away from him?

Why do you keep tormenting me?

Why did you have to
drag everything out like this?


When did you know?

Why didn’t you tell me?

You pretended not to know,
like what you’re doing now.

How can I tell you anything then?

Still, you should’ve told me.

You’re making me a fool.


I’m home.


Here to see your dad?


Don’t run, kids!


Honey, I’m home!

-Where’s Song-ah?
-In her room.

Song-ah, Dad’s home!

Sweetie, I’m home.

I’m opening the door.


She’s already asleep.

You must be hungry.

I’m home.

I went to give Dad some sandwiches.



Hi, Sweetie.

Why are you here?

Are you alright?


Of course, I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be?

I can’t seem to find your dad.

I’ll tell him to eat this
for a late-night snack.

Let’s go, Sweetie.

Senior Yoon.


What brings you here at this hour?


I wanted to eat ice cream.

And you popped into my head.

Something happened, right?

Were you crying?

Why would I cry?

There’s nothing to cry about.

If it’s okay for you,
let’s go out for ice cream…

Starting from this moment,

I can’t hear anything.

No one can see you.


you can cry here.

Want to go for ice cream?

I like you.

I like you too.


You know him, right?
He’s my right-hand man.

Yes, sir.

Has it been confirmed
that you’ll come to our team?

It’s really over now, right?

Don’t think of it that way.


I’m Chae Hyun-seung.
I’m her junior at work.

He’s really not your boyfriend?

I miss you.

Now you’re a bit surprised.

It’ll be the most beautiful thing
in the world.

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