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The Return of Superman Episode 370 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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The Return of Superman Episode 370 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: The Return of Superman Episode 370

Ha O, this is it.


How does it feel to be on a trip
with me? Good?

– I feel great.
– You do?

But where are we going?

Let’s go and check it out.

– Let’s see if it’s fun here.
– Where?

– Oh, my.
– What are those?

There is a palm tree
inside the house.

A refreshing palm tree
and an emerald-colored ocean…

unfold in this house.

It’s paradise on earth.
Welcome to Hawaii.

– Hawaii.
– Hawaii. That’s right, man.

– Where are we?
– We went to Hawaii before.

I thought about the time we spent
there and decorated the room.

– Does it feel like we’re in Hawaii?
– Yes.

They made a lot of memories
in Hawaii.

I see.

We saw the guitarist there.

– Kailua.
– That’s right. That’s Kailua.

Hello, Kailua. Have you been well?

Ha O, do you remember this?

I got on this surfboard
and went into the water, right?

Ha O, get on it. I’ll push you.

So they are at Kailua Beach
in Hawaii now.

– Should we put this on?
– Yes.

– Ta-da. You look so cute.
– Let’s set the mood at least.

Put this on too.
This is how you wear it.

You look so cute.

So cute.

Dad, you should wear it like me too.

(He will be
a free-spirited guy then.)

– Hold on.
– He looks like a local.

– But he looks good with the wig.
– Come here.

– Right.
– I like the yellow one.

You have to wear a hula skirt
when you go to Hawaii.

This is how you do the hula dance.
But I’m not good at it either.

1, 2.

(Moving his hip on Gary’s count)

3, 4. Yes, you’re doing well.

Hula, hula. Hula dance.

– Does it feel like we’re in Hawaii?
– Yes.

– Gosh, I’m tired.
– You are?

The Return of Superman Episode 362.

“Being with You
Brings Me Happiness”.

– Ha O.
– Yes?

There was something
I really wanted to do again.

What is it?

– It’s dalgona.
– Making dalgona is very dangerous.

It’s dangerous.

Oh, right. Ha O has a bitter
memory about making dalgona.

– He ruined the frying pan.
– No. No!

– It’s over.
– No!

(You can’t make dalgona anymore.)

I can do a good job today.

– How will you make it?
– Dalgona?

I wasn’t very good that day,
but I’ll do better today.


No, I can do it.

I can do it!

I’ll keep an eye on you.
I’ll watch you then.

– You’ll watch me?
– Yes.

That’s a lot of pressure.

It is, right?

– Don’t worry. I can do it.
– Then…

Then, I’ll press the dalgona.


– Do it well.
– I will.

– Go, Dad!
– Go!

Like the granny,
I’ll start with a ladle first.

Then, I’ll make a big one.

– What was that?
– Gosh, that startled me.

– The ladle caught on fire.
– What?



(Quickly handling it
in case he gets scolded)

– It’s burnt.
– Isn’t that burnt?

Ha O, I think it’s going well.

It’s working. It’s going well.

Here it goes.

All right. Move over.

I think it came out nicely.

– Hurry. Get the mold.
– It came out nicely!

– He did it.
– Hurry. Get the heart-shaped mold.

The heart-shaped one.
Ha O, put it there.

– Hurry and press it.
– Hurry before it hardens.

I did it.

Let’s press it now.

Press it.

(Once he presses on it hard…)

Gosh, it’s done.

Dad, you’re good!

Am I good or what?

– Well done. You didn’t burn it now.
– Right?

Well done.


I was worried about you.

– You were? Why were you worried?
– Yes.

In case you made mistakes.

I’ll show you what I can do.

– Then, can I eat a big one?
– Yes.

I’ll make a huge one. This won’t do.

Gosh, that sounds fun!

Oh, my gosh.

A bit smaller, please.

Are you saying that because
I might fail like the last time?

– Yes.
– I’m nervous about this.

(Please be careful.)

I’ll stay far.

Gosh, it’s melting.

It’s almost done.

Can I do it or what?

You cannot do it.

You failed the last time.

I won’t fail this time.
I’m Ha O’s Superman.


(Isn’t that too much baking powder?)

This won’t be enough.

Wait. He’s adding more?

No. That’s way too much.


– It’s puffing up.
– Ha O.

Ha O, it’s working. Ha O.

Ha O, move!

– Move. Stay away.
– What is this?

(The beginning of a horror movie)

– Move away.
– Hey.

– Oh, no. It keeps puffing up.
– Ha O.

– Hold on. Don’t move.
– It’s like lava.

Okay. No. No! Stop it.

Is that dalgona or magma?

– It’s magma.
– Stay there. Don’t come.

It’s magma. Don’t come here.

(The lava gushes out.)

No. No!

Don’t come here. Hold on.

– Hold on. Wait.
– what is that?

– Why did he use the pan?
– Run!

It’s going to explode.
It might explode.

– What is this? Stay there.
– Gosh.

Oh, no. It’s ruined!

(Oh, no. It’s ruined!)

(A huge disaster)

It really is a disaster.

(A huge disaster)

It came out of the hole.

(The scary dalgona covered it up
without leaving any hole empty.)

Why can’t I do this?

I should clean this up.

– Ha O.
– Yes?

It’s hard like the last time.

(I’ll clean it.)

My gosh.
How is he going to clean that up?

He just ruined a perfectly good pan.

– Dad.
– Yes?

Adults can’t ride on this.

Only big boys can ride on it.

Are you a big boy now?

Yes. I’m a big boy,
so I can ride on it.

When we first said hello…

to the viewers of the show,
you were only a baby.

Are you a big boy now?

Yes. I’m a big boy now.

Ha O. Today, you and I…

will be graduating from the show.

– Graduate?
– Ha O, today is…

the last day you will see
the camera operators, writers,

and producers.

The producers too?

Yes. Let me tell you
what graduating means.

It means you don’t go
to school anymore.

Do you understand it?

– What about tomorrow?
– What?

– Tomorrow.
– Tomorrow…

We won’t do it tomorrow. Today is…

the last day.
We’re graduating today.

(It’s hard for him to accept
that today is the last day.)

(It’s hard for him to accept
that today is the last day.)

(Looking sad)

Look at him pouting.

Then, we’re going to say goodbye?

(Then, we’re going to say goodbye?)

It’s not forever.

We can meet again.


Didn’t we have
a lot of fun together?

(Gary tries to comfort him,
but he ends up crying.)

– That must have made him feel sad.
– Gosh. He knows what that means.

No. You don’t have to be sad.

This isn’t a sad occasion.

I’m not going to see you.

You’re not going to see who?

– You guys.
– “You guys.”

(They are flustered.)

– “How dare you guys leave me?”
– You guys.

– You guys.
– Gosh.

I won’t see you.

No, we can meet in private.
We can meet again.

– But…
– Will they come over to my house?

To my house.

– To my house?
– Yes.

I will invite them to our house
from time to time.

We can go camping together. Right?

They can come over a lot.

– Should I invite them a lot?
– Yes.

Okay. I’ll tell them
to come over a lot.

Right. He got attached to them.

He especially got close
to the camera operators.

– He got close to them.
– Come here.

Ha O liked especially
the camera operators.

(I love you.)

There’s Camerawoman Park
who Ha O liked…

from the first time they met.

There was a huge commotion
with the loaches.


(When he saw the loaches
without his dad…)

(Hwang Hyun Jin, help me!)

(The cameraman
came out to help Ha O.)

Can you catch it?

There’s Cameraman Hwang Hyun Jin
who was like Ha O’s friend.

Ha O made a lot of memories
with them.

(Although he wasn’t helpful,
he was always with Ha O.)

Should we see if Camerawoman Park
is eating something?


What are you eating?
You’re not eating anything.

You’re not eating anything today?

Bye, Ha O.

“Bye. Let’s meet again.”

Don’t say goodbye.

– Okay. We won’t say goodbye.
– Bye, Ha O.

Are we not going to
see each other again?

No. That’s not it.

We’re going to meet again.

You don’t want to say bye?

Because it feels like
you won’t see him again if you do?

Saying goodbye must be hard for him
as he’s only four years old.

I did think that Ha O
would be sad to say goodbye…

to the staff.

But I didn’t know he would cry…

and say things like that.

He thought saying goodbye to them…

would be the last time he sees them.

So he didn’t say goodbye
to them properly.

I prepared…

a big event for you, Ha O.

What is it? I can’t wait!

(What is it? I can’t wait!)

– Really?
– Yes.

– Shall we go outside? Let’s go.
– Yes.

(What is the big event
Gary prepared for his son?)

Shall we go and check out…

– the big surprise event I prepared?
– Okay.

Let’s go to my surprise event.

(Is that a suitcase
in the front yard?)

– There’s a suitcase.
– A suitcase?

You’ll see a problem on it.


Why is it locked?

You have to solve it.

He has to figure out the code.

What’s 2 plus 2?


– Four. Well done.
– Goodness.

– He already knows additions?
– What’s 4 plus 4?


– 8!
– 8.

– He’s so good.
– Seriously.

– He’s so smart.
– Eight.

There’s the last question.
What’s 7 minus 1?


– Gosh.
– Six.

– You got everything right.
– Should we open it now?

– That’s the passcode.
– 486.

Right. That’s the passcode.

(The passcode is 486.)

Do you know what 486 means?

– No.
– Come here.

I love you.

– I love you.
– It means, “I love you.”

We used that number
when we had pagers.

– Let me open it with 486.
– Okay.

– We used that when we were young.
– All right.

– Right.
– When we used pagers.

It’s open. Open it.

All right. You can open it, Ha O.
Open it.

(What’s inside?)

(Heart pounding)

What is it?
He seems a bit taken aback.

(What’s inside?
Why does he look confused?)

(Wait! This is…)

What’s this?

It’s been a while. It’s the game
with wet wipe lids.


(He got the right answers…)

(one after another.)

Where’s the vacuum cleaner?

For Ha O with a good memory,

Gary made the game
with the wet wipe lids.

Ha O got everything right.
I got goosebumps.

That’s right.

(Today, the board is
full of the Kangs’ photos.)

Shall we open it one at a time?

You’re getting your perm.

Do you not remember?
The salon owner did my hair.

I do remember.

– Do you remember that too?
– Yes.

– So you remember it too.
– It was his first perm ever.

This one too.

(He assisted the salon owner too.)

(He’s practically a genius.)

(The salon owner showed him
a lot of love.)

– What’s that?
– Nakwon Arcade.

(Nakwon Arcade!)

That’s the day when they went to
Nakwon Arcade to buy a guitar.

(He tried playing the violin
at Nakwon Arcade.)

(How much is it?)

(It’s 1,000 dollars.)

(He meticulously…)

(compared the prices too.)

(Ha O revealed his shopping tips.)

That’s Jam Jam
when she wiped my nose.

– Jam Jam.
– Gosh, that’s a legendary clip.

(Jam Jam, wipe my nose.)

(Wipe off my booger now.)

(Jam Jam and Ha O built
their friendship with that.)

(At times, they bickered.)

– I remember that.
– You should use your words.

You should use your words.

They had the best chemistry.

(But still, they are
each other’s best friends.)

We went there
to buy you a toy, Ha O.


(How much is it really?)

(That’s 80 dollars.)

(Put it back.)

(He returned the toy
after finding out the price.)

(Should I get this?)

(He bought a doll
that had a reasonable price.)

(Gosh, he’s unstoppable.)

(Why don’t you want to get it
when I said I would?)

(You’re not working.)

– Because of COVID-19.
– I’m crying. He’s such a nice son.

Can I buy a big toy now?

Yes. You can buy me a toy now.

– Can I?
– Yes.

– Let’s sing.
– Look.

– Which song was it?
– That’s the chocolate fountain.

The chocolate fountain?
That’s right.

I got chocolate on my mouth.

(It was the chocolate fountain
to celebrate Ha O’s 1,000th day.)

– It was an event for Ha O…
– What’s that?

– who likes chocolate.
– Gosh.


He really enjoyed
the sweet chocolate.

And they washed their faces
with it too.

(This chocolate lover let his skin
enjoy the chocolate too.)

Stop it!

What’s this one?

That’s the first day
you went to your kindergarten.


How was the first day
at kindergarten?

I cried.

– You cried?
– Yes.

(Ha O went to kindergarten
with his dad for the first time.)

(Ha O went to kindergarten
with his dad for the first time.)

(Utterly nervous)

(Utterly nervous)

(I won’t play here.)

Let’s play and have fun here.

(I want to go home.)


(And he ended up crying.)

(And he ended up crying.)

Can you tell me your favorite day
with me from this board?

The chocolate fountain.

– You had the most fun that day?
– Yes.


Because I like chocolate.

What was your favorite?

Do you remember
when you came to my studio?

I really liked it
when you came to my studio.

They made a lot of memories
now that they are looking back.

(Why is Gary closing the lids?)

Is he going to close the lids now?

(Ha O is puzzled.)

When you open up the starred lids,
you’ll see how much I love you.

– All right. Open the starred lids.
– “Star”?

Where were the stars?

What’s he talking about?
I didn’t see any stars.

That’s right!

Where were the stars?


(There really is a star!)

– I got the goosebumps!
– What?

(Yellow stars were hidden
in the photos they just saw.)

There really was a star on the lid.

Among 25 lids,

there are 10 stars.

– Can Ha O find them all?
– And where else? Where is it?

– That’s right.
– I don’t believe this.

– He can find the stars?
– Right here.

– Right here?
– Right here.

Right here? Okay. It’s hard,
so I will open it for you.

– He got them one after another.
– Where else? You tell me.


(This time, it’s here.)

– Oh, my gosh.
– I got the goosebumps.

– I’m surprised too.
– My goodness.

– Ha O has a really good memory.
– Where else?


(Shall we pick up the speed?)

Right here too.

Do you think it’s here?

(The shape on the board
is getting close.)

(Ha O is careful to the end.)

The star sticker is on that too.

– Open it.
– Here? Open this one?

(As expected…)

– My goodness.
– Gosh, this is so amazing.

– This. Open it.
– That one?

All right, then.

– Right here.
– Here?

It’s the last one.

– Do you think this is right?
– Yes.

– Should I open it?
– Yes.

It might not be right.

– Open it.
– Open it?

Gary tried to trick Ha O
for the last one.

(Will he also get the last one
without any mistakes?)


Gosh. Did he get everything right?


Yes, you’re right.

What kind of shape is it?

It’s a heart!

– It’s a heart.
– I see. That makes a heart.

Did you hide it
in case I was surprised to see it?

That’s right.

Ha O. What’s “love” in English?

– Love.
– Love. How do you spell it?


(Love is the password?)

You’re right! It’s L-O-V-E.

Will it open
when we set it to L-O-V-E?

Yes. Abracadabra!

It’s open.

– All right.
– Will he finally get to see…

the present Gary prepared for him?

– When did you get that?
– Open it yourself now.

(Let me see.)

– What do you see there?
– A bicycle.

It’s a bicycle.
It’s my present to you, Ha O.

Let’s ride it, Ha O.

(Let’s ride it.)

Put your feet on the pedals.

– I started with a tricycle too.
– My gosh.

Isn’t that his first tricycle?

Let’s go. There you go. Pedal.

I’ll do it.

Okay. Go ahead.

That’s it. Turn right.

Turn right.

– Let’s go over there.
– Where do you want to go?

Over there.

(This is fun.)

Ha O, try honking the horn.

(The horn?)

Make it loud. Louder!


One more time!

– My gosh.
– That’s it!

– Something came flying.
– What’s that?

(What! That’s…)

– Ha O.
– Wait. That’s the drone we saw…

for the show’s seventh anniversary.

The drone that gives out gifts.

(Why are you here?)

Gosh, look at that, Ha O.

(Some things fall down
like the raindrops.)

What are those?

What was that?

– What’s going on?
– That was a lot.

They came down like raindrops.

(What fell from the sky?)

What are they?

(Let’s go see them up close.)

What? They are chocolates.

(What? They are chocolates.)


(It’s the last part of the event
Gary prepared.)

– Ha O.
– What? Chocolates?

– They are chocolates, right?
– Yes.

(The chocolate rain
fell from the sky.)

(Let’s pick them up now.)

Will you give me one too?


– Here you go. This is yours.
– Give me one.

Let’s unwrap it and eat it. Cheers.

Cheers. Are you happy?


(Popping it in one bite)

I like chocolates more than you.

But I like you too.

(I like chocolates more than you.
But I like you too.)

What does that mean?
So you like both of us?

– Yes.
– Thank you.

Gary’s event was a huge success.

Ha O, let’s pick up the chocolates.

– I’ll pick a lot of them.
– Yes, pick a lot of them.

– Let’s put this in our pockets.
– Yes, go ahead.

– I’ll put everything in my pocket.
– Yes, go ahead.

Let’s pick up everything
and take them home.

– Shall we?
– I want to thank the helicam.

– You do?
– Yes.

Thank you!

Thank you.
I’ll enjoy the chocolates.

Let’s go back. Let’s go home now.

– Which home?
– The home in Hawaii.

(Let’s go back to Hawaii.)

They are relaxing in the house now.


Look at that.

– What?
– What did you find this time?

– Look at that.
– There’s more?

What’s that?

(What’s that?)

– What’s that?
– My goodness.

I see something. They are balloons.

Ha O, I didn’t prepare them.

Gary didn’t prepare them?

Let’s go out. Let’s go.

– Let’s go out.
– Put on your jacket.

That looks fun!

Let’s go out.

– Who prepared them?
– This looks fun.

(Let’s hurry, Dad.)

(What’s that?)

– What is it?
– Hey.

What is this?
Hey, there are arrows here.

I guess we have to
go that way, Ha O.

– Where?
– We have to follow the arrows.

(Shall we get going?)

“Surprise Event”.

(Who’s throwing
this surprise event?)

“This is prepared for the Kangs.”

“Take one more step.”
What on earth is going on?

What? “Come.”



– Surprise.
– It’s Mom!

My gosh. That’s his mom.

What is this? What’s going on?

What’s going on?

Ha O, you’re getting
surprise events all day long.


(I missed you.)

I missed you.

You did? I missed you too.

(30 minutes ago)

– You had something delicious?
– Yes.

Have fun with Dad, okay?

– Okay.
– I’ll wait at home.

She said she’d wait at home.

But she was secretly
preparing a surprise event for them.

(Working hard
for every small detail)

She’s amazing.

(She thought of the event
from the Kangs on the first day.)

(She thought of the event
from the Kangs on the first day.)

This time, she personally put…

flower petals on the carpet
for the Kangs.

(She prepared this counter-event
with all her heart.)

(She even hid for the surprise.)

She was even hiding.

She did a lot.

Let’s blow out the candles together.

In 1, 2, 3.


That was fun.

(Thank you, mom.)

I got you a surprise present.

– What is it?
– Shall I open it?

– What’s this?
– Gosh.

– What’s this?
– A microphone.

That’s for your dad.

(A present for dad)

– Is this for me?
– Yes.

Why is this for me?

So that you use the microphone more
from now on.

– I stopped rapping.
– Really?

– Check it.
– Do you want me to…

(Can you believe it?)

(Scream as a response.)

(You’re an enchanted princess)

His mom is Princess Kim.

Are you singing to Princess Kim?

Ha O, did you like
your dad’s surprise…

– or my surprise?
– Yours.

– Yours.
– Hers?

He answered before
she finished asking.

(He feels betrayed.)

– After all the surprises…
– I know.

– Your dad…
– Hey, Ha O.

Chocolate rained from the sky.

I gave you a bicycle…

and made you a house in Hawaii.

– That’s true.
– How could you?

– Did you say thank you?
– I want to take off my gloves.

He’s changing the subject.

I did the hula dance.

(I’ll show you my hula dance.)

You did the hula dance?
That’s great.

(Hula, hula)

He’s so excited
that his mom is here.

Ha O, what do you want to be
when you grow up?

– What kind of person?
– A firefighter.

– I…
– Here comes a firefighter.

I’m running.

(Ha O will protect you.)

– We never asked him before.
– Right.

It’s my first time asking you.

Ha O matured a lot
during the last year.

Yes, in the past,

he liked moving trucks.

Yes, he was a baby back then.

He’s still a baby now.

(Now I’m older and more mature.)

It was the first meeting.

(26-month-old Ha O
liked moving trucks.)

(Please give me six-dollar worth.)

(He was a language genius
from the start.)

(He was a language genius
from the start.)

(Also the ring finger!)

Put it in.

(Shall I wear “N” Face tomorrow?)

(From brand names…)

(to vegetable names)

(Bell peppers are spicy.)

(There are many cars
on Cheongdam Bridge.)

(Fasten your seat belt.)

(The muffler got dirty.)




He knows all that.

(Ha O was exceptional
with vocabulary.)

Ready. Go.

(Ha O can’t live without music.)

(Children’s songs are easy for him.)

(He sings the national anthem…)

(and even ballad songs.)

– He has exceptional sensibility.
– I miss you

(Ha O’s sensibility was
very moving.)

I feel that the time is
passing by quickly.

Ha O a year ago is very different…

from how he is now.

I realize that each moment is
very precious.

I believe that being happy today
with my child…

will be the most rewarding
in the future.

(10 months ago)

(Viewers of The Return of Superman.)


(I’m Kang Ha O.)

Can you say something
to the viewers, Ha O?

Hello, I’m Kang Ha O.

(Ha O grew a lot in 10 months.)

(Ha O, what does your dad do?)

(Ha O thought that his dad
worked in an office.)

Ha O, what do I do for work?

– Singer.
– Am I a singer?


Before then, Ha O didn’t see anyone
but family.

Now, he got to interact
with people…

outside of his family.

It was a good time for Ha O.

I sincerely thank you…

for your love for Ha O.

As much love that you showed us,

I will raise Ha O
to be good and healthy.

Thank you so much
for loving the Kangs.

In 1, 2, 3.

– Goodbye.
– Goodbye.


Okay. In 1, 2, 3.

We were happy thanks to the Kangs,
Ha O.

See you again.

Hey, little baby monkey.

(What did you say?)

(Here comes Power-tley.)

They are in high spirits again
from the start.

(Try to catch me!)

(The baby never loses!)

Hold on.

Their dad doesn’t look all right.

He’s already exhausted.

After their exercise,
they went to the bathroom.

(Being nice to each other,
they open the door together.)

Oh, right.

Now, they know what to do
on their own.

He’s on his tiptoes.

– He brushes his teeth on his own.
– He squeezes out the toothpaste.

(Something is missing.)

Where’s his toothbrush?
He needs his toothbrush.

(I know!)

(He starts to rinse out the cup.)

Why is he just washing the cup?

– Isn’t he using too much water?
– What are you doing?

(The water is rising.)

Hey, what are you doing?

(What are you doing?)

I was going to brush my teeth.

You should turn off the water
while brushing your teeth.

– Right, he shouldn’t be wasteful.
– Turn it off.

Who keeps the water on like that?
That’s all money.

If you use a lot of water,
we have to pay a lot.

If you use less, we pay less.

Do you understand?

He doesn’t understand yet.

All right, Ben.

finish brushing their teeth.)

I’ll only ask once.

Did you poop or not?

(Sam smelled it somehow.)

– I did.
– Let’s go.

– “How did he know?”
– Let’s go.

If you did, you should tell me.


What are you doing, William?

(While the baby goes
to the bathroom)


I need to poop.

(I need to poop.)

– William too?
– Wait.

Their intestines are active
already in the morning.

I finished pooping.

Sit down.

(While William goes
to the bathroom,)

(he starts to throw wet wipes.)

– My goodness.
– He’s throwing wet wipes.

Gosh, he’s using them all.

He’ll get a scolding for this.

My gosh.

He pulled out the whole package.


– I finished wiping.
– What did you wipe?

You only wiped twice.

(William, where are you going?)

– It’s slippery.
– Goodness.

(That’s funny.)

Ben, what did you do?

– My goodness.
– Hey.

– What’s going on?
– Dad saw it.

– Hey.
– Dad saw it.

– Dad saw it.
– I was wiping the floor.

Hey, what’s all this?

It’s tissue.

This is all money.

How many did you use?
You only need one.

This is all money.

This is money, and this is three.

– Do you have money?
– Three.

You shouldn’t waste things
like this.

The same goes for water
and wet wipes.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

People earn money by working.

Since you’re 5 and 4 years old,

you should learn
how valuable money is.

Teaching them about the economy…

– It’s a good idea.
– would be good.

– Right now…
– They’re not interested.

Hello, hello.

– What’s going on?
– Hello.

What’s going on?

I’m The Minister of Finance,

“The Minister of Finance”?

“The Minister of Finance”?

I brought this for you.

Let’s take a look.

– What is it?
– What is it?

– This is…
– Dad.

What’s written on it?

Is it money?

One Hammington.

Why is it one Hammington?


Oh, it’s one Hammington.

– He made a new currency.
– Inside here…

(100 Hammington coins
inside the box)

There are 100.

I’ll give some to William
and Bentley.

I’ll take some too.

– Yes, sir.
– Thank you.

Are they taking 30 Hammingtons each?

– It’s mine.
– Yes, it’s yours. Take it.

From now on, everything
that you use in this house…

should be bought
with these Hammingtons.

They’ll practice economy
in the house.

– That must be it.
– Take a bag.

– A handbag?
– Put your money in the bag.

Take some out of the bag
when you need it.

That’s a good idea.

– That’s a great education.
– Give me two each.

What for?

– No, give me three. Sorry.
– Why?

Give me just three.

They have to pay three Hammingtons.

– 3.
– 3?

– This is the price of the bag.
– My goodness.

– Is the bag three Hammingtons?
– Right.

Wasn’t the bag for free?

– Coming up.
– Life will get fun from now on.

Hey, you!

I don’t have any.
Why are you doing this?

What happened to The Hammingtons?

My bag is very heavy.

Do you want me to carry it?

– Then…
– It’s heavy.

– Give me one Hamming coin each.
– Why?

– It’s for carrying your bag.
– My gosh.

Is there nothing free in this world?

Here’s mine.

– They should pay for the service.
– Right.

I’m hungry.

If you’re hungry, help yourself.

– How many Hammingtons for that?
– They need to buy food.

Dad, may I eat this ice cream?

– Do you want it?
– Yes.

I will eat it.


– Do you want it?
– Yes.

I will eat it.

– Hey!
– He took it in an instant.

You had it yesterday!

Hold on. See what else is
inside the fridge.

– There isn’t anything else.
– No?

– The mango flavor.
– Will you eat the mango flavor?

– Okay.
– I will eat it.

– I will eat it.
– Hey!

Bentley wants to take everything
William picks.


– You!
– I will eat it!

– You!
– I will eat it!

– Hey, stop.
– What will they do?

Stop. We have orange ice cream
and mango ice cream.

No! No!

– William feels upset.
– William.

– Will you eat that one?
– Yes.

William, let’s eat
the milk flavor then.

No. I want the mango flavor.

Why do you guys want
the same flavor?

How will he solve this problem?

Let’s solve this problem.

Stand up. Oh, I am the one
who is standing up.

– “Stand up.”
– There are three flavors.


This ice cream costs
five Hammingtons.

Five Hammingtons.

– How about this 1?
– 3 Hammingtons.

This 1 also costs
3 Hammingtons.

– But it needs to be cut open.
– Yes.

It costs one Hammington
to have it cut open.

– So it’s four Hammingtons.
– What?

– So it’s four Hammingtons.
– You eat it like this.

William, which one will you eat?

– The mango flavor.
– Ben, which one will you eat?

Not this one.

You want the mango flavor,

– not the orange flavor?
– Yes.

What are we going to do?
There is only one mango flavor.

What do you do
in a situation like this?

Then I will give you a discount.
Three Hammingtons.

– What?
– There is a discount.

Do we get a discount if we eat it?

This 1 now costs 3 Hammingtons.

It used to cost five Hammingtons.

(What will be his choice?)

(William chooses
the cheaper milk flavor.)

– He chose it. He yielded.
– Three Hammingtons.

– This costs 3 Hammingtons.
– He paid 3 Hammingtons.

This 1 costs 4 Hammingtons.

Bentley used 1 more coin.
4 Hammingtons.

– I will open it.
– Okay.

Gosh, I should charge you
for opening it.

Is everyone happy?

There is no problem, right?

(William and Bentley find peace.)

What is that in your hand?

– What is it?
– What is it?

Are you done?

The top.

(William gives him the top.)

All right. Is this trash?


It costs one coin
to have me throw away the trash.

It won’t come out!

He keeps taking coins.

I pushed it once, right?
I will take one coin.

– Does it cost money to push it out?
– Okay?

For goodness’ sake.

You get charged for service too.

It’s not just the product.
You get charged for service too.

Ben, I wiped it for you.

Push it out.

I want to eat more.

I will take another one.

– They used five coins for service.
– I need my mouth wiped.

Okay. I will take a coin.

Hold on.

– He took a coin for a wet wipe.
– It won’t come out.

It won’t come out?

– I will take another coin, Ben.
– How many coins do they have left?

– They just had one ice cream.
– Your ice cream is very expensive.

They both have 16 coins left.

– They used half the coins.
– In life,

nothing comes for free. Understood?

(William runs over.)


Gosh, he is in pain.

– Oh, no.
– He slammed his knee hard.

– Are you okay?
– He slammed his knee hard.

It hurts.

He is in pain.

It hurts.

– Do you need a hug?
– I think Sam will charge him.

Do you want to sit here?

Sit here.

(No way.)

The cost of the seat is…

– My goodness.
– The cost of the seat?

– The cost of the seat?
– William is in pain!

Do you want to sit here as well?

– It costs 5 Hammingtons.
– 5 coins?

It’s expensive to sit here.

It’s so expensive.

Ben, it costs five coins
for you too.

No. Get up. Get a refund.

Sit as much as you want.

Since you paid,
you can sit for a long time.

It’s so expensive.
Ice cream costs three Hammingtons.

How does the seat cost
five Hamming Hammingtons?

Sit on the sofa.

(William and Bentley sit
for a long time.)


– I am done.
– Is this trash?

I want the orange flavor too.

(It costs 1 coin
to have the trash thrown away.)

I want the orange flavor too.

– The orange flavor?
– Yes.

– You want it too, right?
– Yes.

All right. We will have an auction.

– An auction.
– An auction?

There is even an auction.
There is only one orange flavor.

Only one remains.

The starting price is
five Hammingtons.

Raise your hand if you want
to buy it for five Hammingtons.

5 Hammingtons.
Ben, would you buy it for 6?

– Yes.
– Six coins.

William, would you buy it
for seven coins?

(No way.)

Seven coins?

– No.
– Then it will go to Ben…

for six Hammingtons.


In that case…

– He will pay 7 Hammingtons.
– The current bid is 7 Hammingtons.

Bentley, would you bid
eight Hammingtons?

What will happen?

– Okay. Eight Hammingtons.
– He went for it.

Would you bid nine Hammingtons?

9 Hammingtons. All right.
The current bid is 9 Hammingtons.

– Sam is good at this.
– 10 Hammingtons.

Would you bid 10 Hammingtons?


– The price rose to 10 Hammingtons.
– 10 Hammingtons.

The current bid is 10 Hammingtons.

Let’s check how many you have.

8, 9…

You only have 10 Hammingtons.

– You can’t bid anymore.
– That’s his entire fortune.

– He is going all-in?
– I will take out a coin…

for throwing away the trash.

Give me the orange flavor.

The current bid is 10 Hammingtons.
This is your last chance, William.

Shall I give it to Bentley for 10?

– Yes.
– Ben, congratulations. 10 coins.

– He won the bid.
– Here you go.

– Here.
– Ben.

– I can’t get it out.
– No.


you used up your coins.

That’s right. He doesn’t have
any coins to open it.

I can’t get it out.

I can’t get it out!

You used up your money.

I can’t cut it open.

Sam needs to be paid
to cut it open.

– That’s right.
– Look.

(It’s the biggest crisis
in a 4-year-old’s life.)

Look. You don’t have money
to cut it open.

You just bought the ice cream.

– What is he going to do?
– He can’t eat what he bought.

What is he going to do?

You need to ask your brother
to lend you money.

This is when life gets really fun.

Do you know why?
It’s because you will have debt.

It’s because you will have debt.

(What does that mean?)

– There is a way. You want it open?
– Sam is scary.

Your brother has a lot of money.

– You don’t have any.
– Sam is smiling.

I have money!

You used it up.

– Sam is having fun teasing Ben.
– You used it up.

William still has a lot of money.

It’s William’s money.
You can’t even touch it.

I am only the Minister of Finance.

– I…
– I am only the Minister of Finance.

Why are you doing this
when I didn’t use up my money?

(He uses abdominal breathing
to scream.)

He used up his coins
like there is no tomorrow.

William, lend me a coin.

(I refuse.)

– He refused.
– That’s a good idea.

You shouldn’t lend money to people.

I don’t want to eat ice cream.

– What?
– I don’t want it.

Then I will eat it.

I don’t want to eat ice cream.

Then I will eat it.

– He paid 10 coins for it.
– I want to eat this.

– Do you want a corn dog?
– A corn dog.

But he doesn’t have any money.

I want to buy Ben a corn dog.

– He is so nice.
– A corn dog costs…

– three coins.
– He is the best brother.

Since William is buying you
a corn dog,

why don’t you give him
your ice cream?

– It’s a good business for William.
– Ben, you lost…

seven coins for nothing.

I will warm it up.

It can get too hot!

– It’s okay.
– I will watch it.

– Watch it.
– Okay?

This is ridiculous.

– Should I cut it for you?
– It’s a good business for William.

It costs one coin.

– William, thank you.
– It’s okay, Ben.

Okay. It’s okay.

It’s okay.

You lost money. It isn’t okay.

It’s okay. Okay?

It’s done!

Okay. I will take it out.

It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s hot.

Here you go.

(The smell of a corn dog)

– My goodness.
– It smells amazing.

Are you having fun
without any money?

Is it tasty?

(He spots something.)

Since you made a mess,

I will clean up and take a coin.

The Minister of Finance is
so meticulous.

You didn’t throw away the trash.
Thank you.

That cost one coin.

(William shows up in a toy bus.)

All right. You need to pay.

– Why?
– Two Hammingtons.

– It’s just a toy bus!
– William.

You parked it, right?

The cost of parking is…

– one coin.
– Why doesn’t he charge them…

– for air?
– I won’t pay!

– You used gas, right?
– Yes.

– One coin.
– He didn’t use gas!

– The toy bus doesn’t run on gas.
– William, you used up your coins.

(Both William and Bentley have
0 coins.)

Did I use up my coins?

– He used up his coins.
– Both of you have no money.

– They can’t do anything now.
– All right.

Do you know how to get money?

– By stealing.
– By stealing?

That makes you a thief!

I will pay 10 Hammingtons
to anyone who cleans up.

– He is teaching them to work.
– You are working hard.

– I am working hard!
– It’s the basic economy lesson.

Since William worked hard,
he should come and get the coins.

I will get the coins!

You kept playing around.
You should work some more.


Seven coins.

You said you will give me 10 coins.
Why did I get only 7 coins?

I will pay 10 Hammingtons
to anyone who cleans up.

He clearly said 10.

I deducted 3.3 percent.

3.3 percent?

– He deducted 30 percent!
– It’s tax.


Who created this mess?

He is basically a loan shark.

– He is making an excessive profit.
– Why did you take a coin?

It’s for the wet wipe.

– Dad, I will use the restroom.
– Go ahead.

(William goes to the restroom
to help Bentley.)

(How refreshing!)

(Bentley comes out
feeling refreshed.)

I wiped my butt.

– Dad, I helped him.
– He did a good deed.

How much toilet paper did you use?

He used one.

Give me a coin.

Why does he need to give a coin?

He used toilet paper.


– They left the light on.
– You didn’t turn off the light.

All right.
Now comes the electric bill.

Give me the one.

They lost their hard-earned money
from cleaning.

Both of you have no money again.


Oh, no. The coins disappeared
too fast.

I am sorry,
but the two of you are broke.

(The Financial Minister goes
to the restroom.)

William, I want rice puffs.

Lend me some coins.

I don’t have a single coin.
What should we do?

Both of them are broke,
so Bentley can’t borrow coins.

They need to work.

(The Minister of Finance said
that everything in the house…)

(should be bought with Hammingtons!)

William has an idea.

(He gets rice puffs.)

You shouldn’t eat them.

William, we don’t have money.

Just eat!

“Just eat”?

That was refreshing.

That was refreshing.

Hey, where did you get the money
for rice puffs?

You used the restroom.


Hurry up
and give me Hammingtons.

– Hold on.
– What?

– Give me 10 coins.
– 10 coins?

– Hey.
– Hurry up.

– That logic is sound.
– Come on.

– Hurry up.
– The Minister pays taxes too.

– That’s right.
– I have eight coins.

– That’s right.
– 10 coins.

Eight coins.

Can you give me a discount?


Nine coins.

Hurry up and give us 10 coins.

All right. Come here.

– Five coins.
– Give them to me.

Five coins. I will drink water now.

– I am thirsty.
– Charge him for water.

You need to pay me.

– Excuse me?
– There you go. Good job.

– Good job.
– Water costs money too.

– It’s what Sam said earlier.
– How much is it?

– 37 coins.
– 37 coins.

– 37 coins?
– For a glass of water?

– He is doing great.
– Don’t drink it then.

– “Don’t drink it then.”
– I will drink tap water.

– How much is it?
– One coin.

Bottled water costs 37 coins
and tap water costs 1 coin?

(They reach an agreement.)

He is drinking tap water.


The two of you learned well.

– They learned well in a fun way.
– Money should be spent well.

Money should be spent well.

Let’s continue to study…

how important money is
and how to spend it wisely.


– I will help you.
– Okay.

Thanks to him, they learned
economic concepts.

– Minister, let’s meet again.
– 1, 2, 3.

Let’s go!

(Let’s go!)

Today, we will use strength.

Where did William and Bentley go
to use their strength?

Who is strong?

– Me.
– Me.

Shall we go and meet a strong uncle?

A strong uncle? It doesn’t look like
they are there to play.

– Ta-da.
– My goodness.

Who is that?

(You startled me!)

(The strong uncle, Sean appears.)

It’s the king of donations,
Uncle Sean.

The entire family does good deeds…

through volunteer works
and donations.

Do you know what he does?

(Who is he?)

(He gives an impromptu performance.)

– He is a hip hop singer.
– If you’re with JinuSean

You too are a champion

(Hey, hey, hey)

(The beat awakens the DJ
inside William.)

Children wouldn’t know who he is.

They are still excited.

– Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
– I like it.

Oh, yes.

Uncle, why did you do that?

(Bentley is speaking politely.)

(He learned how to speak politely
through tears.)

(He learned how to speak politely
through tears.)

(He learned how to speak politely
through tears.)

He got an upgrade after a scolding.

Uncle, why are you here?

– He is good at talking formally.
– We are here to do something nice.

We will send those briquettes
to grandpas and grandmas.

A healthy body temperature
is 36.5°C.

That’s why a briquette
weighs 3.65kg.

It creates warmth
so that people will be warm.

– That’s the meaning.
– I see.

Is that the reason
behind the weight?

(My goodness.)

That’s what I say to people.

Your explanation…

– changed my outlook.
– It did, right?

William is 5 years old
and Bentley is 4 years old.

I don’t know
if they will be much help.

A single briquette burns
for 6 to 8 hours.

Thus, a household needs
3 or 4 briquettes in a day.

If William and Bentley carry
four briquettes,

– people will be warm for a day.
– Even their small help…

will be meaningful.

– Shall we begin?
– William and Bentley became…

the briquette delivery men.

Let’s deliver some warmth today.

The day will be more memorable
if children have fun.

– Okay.
– Let’s split up into two teams.

– That’s right.
– Who wants to join my team?

Who wants to join my team?

(What will be William’s choice?)

William chose his dad.

Ben, shall we team up together?

– Ben chose Uncle Sean.
– We are a team.

– And William and Sam…
– Is it a competition about…

– are a team.
– who can deliver more briquettes?

Which way do we go?

This way.
Let’s go to the nearby house first.

– Shall we go?
– Oh, those are A-frame carriers.

They are so dependable.
It can’t be an easy task.

William, this is heavy.

You got it. You got it, William.

– He can carry a briquette.
– The total must be about 5kg.

– You are so cool.
– You are so cool, William.

Okay. Let’s try it.

Let’s try it.

– I will put it down.
– My goodness.

Are you ready?


Sam, I gave you eight.

– Okay. 8.
– 8 briquettes…

– weigh about 30kg.
– All right.

Please load 15 briquettes.

Uncle Sean is on another level.

I should carry more.
Isn’t that right, William?

Hold on. That means…

Hold on. The score is…

– Isn’t it 16 to 9?
– Let’s go. Let’s go.

– Ben’s team is leading.
– Let’s go to a grandma.

Let’s go to a grandma.

We are winning with 16 briquettes.

That’s right.

(Team Ben and Sean is leading!)

Wait! Ben!

– All right.
– William is competitive.

– This is the house.
– 1, 2.

(While Team Ben and Sean unloads
the briquettes,)

One here.

Let’s unload my briquettes.

(someone watches.)

Uncle, let’s go.

(Bentley comes out first.)

All right. I got it.

Baby, wait!

He wants to win.

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.

1, 2, 1, 2.

They are having fun
with the volunteer work.

It’s a heartwarming sight.

Dad, hurry up!

– Uncle Sean.
– Did he come so soon?

He takes big steps.

Two briquettes on each hand.

Is he carrying 15 briquettes again?

– His hands.
– Bentley, we are winning.

19 briquettes?

Oh, my gosh.

– My goodness.
– Sam got two more briquettes.

Sam is working diligently.

– 10 briquettes must be heavy.
– I know.

(This won’t do!)

1, 2.

– 1, 2.
– The way he is counting is so cute.

He is walking fast.

I am so proud of him.

William is good-natured,

so he does such works diligently.

Super William!

– Look at them.
– I am not exhausted.

1, 2, 1, 2.

They are working so hard.

You are working hard.

(Here comes another briquette
for Team William and Sam.)

The last one.

Okay! Yes! We are done.

Good job. You worked hard.

(They finished delivering briquettes
to the first house!)

Between Team Ben and Sean
and Team William and Sam,

which team won?

We delivered 38 briquettes.

38 briquettes.

We delivered…

We delivered 36 briquettes.

My goodness.

We lost because of two briquettes.

– William, I am sorry.
– They caught up so much.

– William worked so hard.
– I won.

You won
with the warmth of your heart.

We need to deliver the briquettes
one more time.


– Again?
– I want to switch teams.

(I want to switch teams.)

He is honest.

He changed his mind quickly.

What did I say?
There are no losers here.

Team up with Dad, Ben.

William will team up with Uncle.

(William forces Ben
to switch places.)

William recognized
the strong person.

Let’s begin.

(They set off
for the second location!)

Let’s go. It’s this way.

You are strong.

(Working hard)

They are working so hard.

(Team Ben and Sam deliver
to a storage space on a slope.)

(Team William and Sean deliver
to a house on the hill!)

Be careful.

The second delivery
was a success as well.

Let’s have a snack time
for the children.

They worked so hard.

They need sugar.

Let’s see if I can eat it
in one bite.

(My goodness!)

I bet William can eat it
in one bite.

(Will William succeed as well?)

– Will he succeed?
– Gosh, William.

He almost succeeded.

– Shall I eat this in one bite?
– Yes.

Gosh, Uncle Sean.
You have many talents.

He is competitive
in that regard too.

Eat this.

Eat this for energy.

Okay. Thank you.

– Uncle Sean is popular.
– I am energized.

Eat it.

Should I eat it right away?

Sam is exhausted.

(William and Bentley have
their backs to Sam.)

They sat with their backs to Sam.

– William.
– Yes?

Whose son are you?

Uncle’s son.

(Uncle’s son)


Ben, whose son are you?

He is thinking.

Is this something to think about?

Uncle’s son.

I am a bit sullen.

– Of course, he is sullen.
– You wanted older siblings, right?

Live with four older siblings.

Join their family.

– Sean has four children.
– Let’s live together.

William and Bentley could be
their younger siblings.

Sam, let’s make another trip…

while the children rest.

Okay, okay.

I want to do it too!

Gosh, Sean said they can rest.

It’s okay to rest, William.

No. I want to do it now!

– William.
– I am so proud of him.

He is cool and nice.

I will load the briquettes.

(Super William)

William is helping me.

– Me!
– There you go, Bentley.

Ben, come on.

He is strong.

(He lifts it up easily.)

Comparatively speaking,
to children that must be…

heavier than what an adult
would feel about 10kg.

And he’s been lifting that up
so many times today.

It’s all done. We’re finished.
Let’s applaud!

– Clap!
– You did a great job.

– Let’s go.
– Go now. Good.

– They’ll go together this time.
– Watch out, Dad.

– Okay. Thanks.
– That must be hard.

Push it, everyone.

In 3, 2, 1. You can do it.

Watch Bentley.

Everyone is flexing
their muscles today.

– 1, 2.
– 1, 2.

– 1, 2.
– Heave-ho.

We’re here.

Don’t drop them.

– Do they unload them as well?
– This too.

– With those tiny little hands…
– You guys are so energetic.

They’re working so hard.

(Will-Ben-avengers are working
hard until the end.)

They successfully delivered to
the last place.

– We did it!
– They must feel so proud.

We did it.

Gosh, you guys did a great job.
Now go home!

We applaud you,
Super Will-Ben-avengers…

that delivered warmth.

Oh, my.

(Good morning, Ha Young.)

Ha Young, did you sleep well?

(She spaces out as soon as
she wakes up.)

(He gets up right away.)

Look at Yeon Woo’s disheveled hair.

Did you sleep well?

(Copying Ha Young)

Did you have a good sleep?

(She makes a funny sound.)

It’s only the morning
and love is already overflowing.

Did you sleep well
while making that sound?

– Yes.
– I see, you did.

Oh, right.

– Let’s kiss him.
– Kiss?

(Yeon Woo and Ha Young’s Morning
Routine 1:)

(Give Dad a morning kiss.)

They are so adorable.

(Once isn’t enough, so kiss again.)

Ha Young, shall we drink some milk?

– Yes.
– Okay.


Are you going to have
the chocolate-flavored one?

– Yes.
– Let me see if there’s any.

There it is.

Yeon Woo, this is yours.

This is mine?

So this is what they do
when they’re on their own.

(Ha Young will show you how to
drink milk.)

(How to Drink Milk by
a 25-month-old)

She took it off with her teeth.

(Step 1: Take off the straw with
your mouth.)

She looks so skilled, right?

– Don’t eat that, okay?
– Okay.

(Spitting out)

Well done.

(Step 2: Take off the plastic cover
of the straw with your mouth.)

(Step 3: Put the straw through
the hole.)


(The milk splatters everywhere.)

(She rubs it off
before anyone sees her.)

(I can drink milk on my own now.)


“Dad, you should wake up now.”

(Shall I wake him up properly?)


There’s some strawberry milk.

– Yes.
– Strawberry.

Chocolate and strawberry.

Let’s play together.

We have chocolate milk
and strawberry milk.

You should drink.

– Are you not going to drink?
– No.

But it’s chocolate.

You’re still not going to wake up?

(This won’t do. Help me, Yeon Woo.)

Wait a minute.

Now, it’s on.

He turned the lights on.

(But Kyung Wan doesn’t budge
and won’t wake up.)

Shall we eat breakfast first?

– Okay.
– Let’s go.

I’ll pour it for you here,
so watch me.

What is this?

– What’s this?
– It’s called cereal.

Cereal is the best for breakfast.

This is really tasty. Look.

I’ll give you three of these.
It’s really tasty.

Here. Try it.

He said “Try it.”

I tried eating almonds in the past
as well.

Let’s take these.


Careful! Let’s go.

I’ll bring milk a little later.

We’re going to eat this.

– Wait a minute.
– Where are you going, Yeon Woo?

(While Yeon Woo has gone
to the kitchen…)

Shall I eat this chocolate?

But that’s Yeon Woo’s.

(She checks around.)


Chocolate tastes good. It’s sweet.

Is it tasty?

I brought cheap strawberries
and regular strawberries.

What strawberry?

What do you think?


Okay. Let me go and bring
some mandarins. I’m off!

My gosh.

Yeon Woo is so sweet.

(Here’s your yogurt.)


Here they are.

Shall we eat?

Shall we get started?

I’m going to eat a strawberry.

(Ha Young eats
the strawberry first.)

It tastes so good. It’s sweet.

This is how you eat it. Look.

You’re supposed to eat
cereal like this.

You should eat it now.

It must taste even better
with strawberry milk.

(His eyes open wide.)

– Does it taste good?
– Yes.

(I want a bite too.)

She eats so well.

(She crams the whole strawberry
into her mouth.)

It tastes so good.


(Refreshing strawberries are
the best thing in the morning.)

It’s tasty.

I’m going to wake Dad up.

She’s going to wake him up
with something tasty.

It’s sweet and sour.

Dad, try this.

This is blueberry.

This is grape.

(She pretends to eat it.)

It’s tasty. Try it.

She’s good at acting.

Try it.

Try it, Dad.


(She kicks.)

Wake up, Dad. This is tasty.

– Is it tasty?
– Yes.

Hurry up and eat some cereal.

– Cereal?
– Yes, cereal.

(They finally woke Dad up.)

Eat some cereal.

Eat some cereal.
We have some strawberries as well.

(She pokes a strawberry.)

– She’s going to you.
– She’s delivering it.

Dad, eat this strawberry.

– She feeds you a strawberry.
– Does it taste good?

– What?
– Does it taste good?


“I knew it.”

(Good daughter Ha Young is
very satisfied.)

Dad, do you want
a variety of things?

– Do you want a variety of things?
– Yes, give me a variety of things.


I’m going!


She dropped it.

But she picked it up again.

Then why did you…
Oh, no. She dropped it again.

Goodness, it even rolled
on the floor.


– Is she going to bring it to you?
– She put it on the spoon again.

What she dropped and didn’t drop.

(She checks the blueberry
in her left hand that was dropped.)

– This is what she dropped.
– Dad.

(Which blueberry is Ha Young going
to give to her dad?)

She made sure to check which one
she dropped before giving it to me.

(In fact, Ha Young had reasons
for what she did.)

(When they ate sweet potatoes…)

(He dropped chopsticks
on the ground.)

Dirt got on them.


So she remembered this.

(She saw her dad use the chopsticks
that were dropped on the ground.)

So she thinks you like something
that was dropped on the ground.

You’re mistaken, Ha Young!


Hey, hey.

Since Dad likes something
that was dropped…

– Do you want me to gather them?
– Yes, please.

You’ve crushed them all.

– Goodness.
– Kyung Wan.

I’ve put them in the bowl.

Do you want some blueberries?

(Dad likes food that was dropped.)


Ha Young, it’ll take you forever
to add it back to the bowl.

She’s dropped it all.

She spilled it on the floor to get
them covered in dirt.


Is it done now? Give me some yogurt.

I’m going to eat this with yogurt.

But I didn’t do it to yogurt.

No, I…

But I don’t like yogurt.

(She emphasizes that she doesn’t
like yogurt.)

No, I’m going to have it
with yogurt.

Oh, yes. Like this.

(It tastes so good.)

I shared it with Ha Young.

Is it good? Here. One more spoonful.

(The sour taste of yogurt
kicked in late.)

Goodness, she spat it there.

It tastes… It’s tasty, but…

Why did you spit in here?

It’s tasty.

It tastes amazing.

She spat it out
then said it’s tasty.

(On top of the food that was
dropped, she spat on it.)

(What’s the matter, Dad?)

(She acts cute to make Dad
feel better.)

You can’t complain if she does that.

(She even gives him a kiss.)

I just can’t get mad at her.

Of course, you can’t.

Even when she’s so out of control.

Out of nowhere?

I gave him a kiss.

Yeon Woo.

(After the sweet breakfast,
they get ready to go out.)

– Yeon Woo.
– Yes?

Yeon Woo, what are you doing?

– Was that a song?
– I’m brushing my teeth.

(Fox, fox, what are you doing?)


(You’re spitting.)

– She improvised.
– To suit the situation.

(Fox, fox, what are you doing?)

(I’m washing my face.)

Come outside, Ha Young.

I’m washing my face

Come outside, Ha Young.

Bye, then.

She’s so smart.

I’m done.

– Let’s go!
– Where did you go?

We’re now going to make injeolmi.

Do you know what injeolmi is?
It’s a type of rice cake.

– We’re going to make rice cake.
– Rice cake?

– Here…
– What’s this?

You’re going to try this. Okay?



Ha Young, what is this?

What’s this?

It’s steamed rice.

Why do we have steamed rice?

How do you make it?

You’re going to pound it.

– This?
– Yes.

So we’re going to try this.

Lightly mash it.

We only saw the machine do it
at a mill.

How does it actually work?

Yeon Woo,

rice cakes are made with rice.

They still look like rice grains
to me.

I want to eat it.

– Here we go.
– Okay.

(Let’s start pounding the dough.)


Teamwork is really important.

(She shuts her eyes tightly.)


Whenever you pound the dough,
her eyes blink.

She must be scared.

Stop now.

You gather it again,
then keep pounding.

(They pound endlessly,
and her eyes blink endlessly.)

Until when do we have to do this?

I want to try it too.

Give it a try.

That’s it.

You’re good.

Try it. That’s it.

Try it, Ha Young.

(Pounding in a cute manner)


Wait a minute.

– Do I pound this again?
– It looks like Ha Young’s buttocks.


Don’t they look like rabbits
that pound rice cake on the moon?

You’re right.

Now, make it into a ball.

Roll it like this
on the bean powder?

Is that all it takes?

Yes, it’s amazing.


To the sticky rice cake,
they added bean powder themselves.

It’s the Doppelganger family-style

It looks so tasty.

– This…
– Try one, Yeon Woo.

(He tries it.)

I’ll try this.

It tastes amazing.

(Then I’ll try one too.)


– It’s tasty.
– That’s a genuine smile.

It means it’s really tasty.

This bean powder is delicious.

– Mine.
– What?

Do you want another one?

What’s this called again?

– Rice cake.
– She’s so cute.

(What tastes so sweet?)

– It tastes so good.
– How does it taste?

I tried it earlier,
and it tasted really good.

Smile wide.

(She smiles wide with bean powder
all over her face.)

She looks like a little rabbit.

After eating the tasty rice cake,
“Daddy’s School on Wheels”…

hits the road again today.


It’s tasty.

– Dad.
– Yes?

They are eating something.

– It must taste weird.
– What’s wrong?

(What kind of flavor is this?)

What is that?

It tastes so weird.

– She’s drooling.
– She’s even drooling.

What did they eat?

It tastes like the bathroom.

What are you eating?

– “Harry Potter”.
– What?

– You eat “Harry Potter”?
– Yes.

You can only taste
these famous jelly beans…

in the wizard village in
“Harry Potter”.

There’s a booger-flavored one
as well.

(From booger-flavored jelly
to soap-flavored jelly)

(From booger-flavored jelly
to soap-flavored jelly)

(It’s the jelly that gave Sa Rang
and Sung Hoon a hard time.)

Sa Rang and Sung Hoon ate them
and were so shocked.

Shall I try the grass-flavored one?

– What’s “breath”?
– Grass.

Oh, “grass”?


There’s a grass-flavored one?

– There’s such a thing?
– There are so many weird things.

Dad, choose one of these flavors.

Banana flavor, pepper flavor,
blueberry flavor,

booger flavor, cotton candy flavor,

cherry flavor, cinnamon flavor,

– dirt flavor,
– What is it?

– and worm flavor.
– Yeon Woo, wait.

Yeon Woo, you should only eat
what you’re supposed to eat.

Okay. Rotten egg flavor.

– Ear wax flavor.
– Which company manufactured it?

Try it.

(Which jelly bean
did Kyung Wan eat?)

It tastes weird, doesn’t it?

(It’s kicking in.)

It tastes weird, doesn’t it?

Gosh, what is this?

– Dirt-flavored jelly.
– Gosh, that’s so wrong.

– Do you want a nice one?
– Which flavor is it?

It’s watermelon-flavored.
Here it is.

This one tastes nice.

– It must be sweet.
– Some of them taste nice.

(Shall I try another one?)

(She picks up the jelly
she dropped.)

She tries again.

(She picks up the jelly
she dropped.)

(How will it taste this time?)

She chose the wrong one again.


I gave her a cinnamon-flavored one,
but she spat it out.

Cinnamon flavor?

I’m sure he gave her a tasty one.

(She’s the type
who blindly puts it in her mouth.)

(Will she like it?)

Is it tasty?

(Oh, my gosh.)

– Which one is this?
– What is it, Ha Young?

What made you pull that face?

It tastes bad.

It does?

Does it taste like a worm?

Worm flavor?

Gosh, how could he give it to
his little sister?


(She gargles with water first.)

Let me brush my teeth.

Right, brush your teeth.

(She brushes off the jelly
with her toothbrush.)

It’s all done.

– She brushed her teeth.
– Well done.

(“Daddy’s School on Wheels” is
back on the road.)

It’s been a long time since I last
saw these fields.

Dad, what are we going to do today?

Do you know which city
we’re going to today?

– No, I don’t.
– It’s Jeonju.

Jeonju in North Jeolla Province.

There are so many sites to visit
and a lot of food to eat.

I love it!

Where did the Doppelganger family…

go first in Jeonju?

– Yeon Woo.
– Yes?

When we go there,

we’ll be able to see Jeonju
as if we’re on the cloud.

As if we are looking down
on a plane?

That’s right. Let’s experience it.

Shall we go?

Which place is this?


– Here.
– Let’s sanitize our hands.

Rub your hands.


Like this. Rub the back of
your hands as well.

It’s 36.2℃.

What’s this?

It’s so cool.

What is this?

– Is that human?
– Gosh, what’s this?

(Through the tunnel…)



(You can see the digital twin of the
national territorial information.)

What is this?

For us to see the whole city
at a glance,

they’ve put all the information
in here.

It looks exactly like Jeonju,
where we are right now.

It looks exactly like the city.
It’s digitalized and saved here.

Because it looks the same,
it’s called a “digital twin”.

I see.

So it’s a twin city.

That’s right.

It looks just like the city.

What’s this?

Oh, my.

Isn’t it so fascinating?

– Look at this.
– Look.

You move it like this.

(While Yeon Woo is grasping
how it works…)

Yeon Woo has understood
how it works.


– Since we’re here…
– Dad.

I’ll try it.

Okay, go on.

Look how meticulously she moves
her finger.

Where are we going?
To the apartment?

– To a neighboring city?
– Keep going.

She took us to a wild mountain.

She did, right?

– She’s so good.
– You’re going too low.

– Press “Analyze the building”.
– “Analyze the building”?

It gets divided.


Amazing. So which floor is this?

– The first floor.
– That’s right.

– Shall we zoom in?
– Try it.

– Unbelievable. We’re here.
– You can see the buildings as well.

– Even the interior.
– You can see inside?

Let’s go here. Jeonju is famous
for the hanok village.

– I want to see it too.
– Right?

– Hanok village. We’re flying there.
– That’s where we slept before?

It’s really there.

This is hanok village, and it’ll
look like this when it rains.

When it rains…
Gosh, it’s quite the scene.

Then click snow this time.

It’s winter. I hope it snows. Right?

You can even change the weather?

– It’s snowing.
– Yes, it’s snowing.

It’s snowing.

Shall we go to another room?

Ta-da. This is…

This is…

– It’s a chroma key.
– What’s this?

This is where you can broadcast.

Just like KBS,

it’s a broadcasting studio.

Gosh, what’s this?

Do you see the screen in the back?

Look at the screen.

Isn’t it fascinating?
What’s the background color?

What’s that over there?

(It’s green in reality,
but it’s a news desk on the screen.)

It’s green here, but that’s
how it looks on the screen.

Do you know what it’s called?

It’s called a chroma key.

– Chroma… Key?
– Yes.

This is fun.

The news. Start.

They’re on-air.

Today, “Daddy’s School on Wheels”…

visited Jeonju,
North Jeolla Province.

We’ll call Reporter Do Kyung Wan
who is on the site…

to find out more.

Reporter Do Kyung Wan.

Hello, this is
Reporter Do Kyung Wan…

in Jeonju Hanok Village.

The crowd of 600,000 people
behind me…

has been waiting since last night…

to welcome the Doppelganger family.

I’ll invite one of them
for an interview.

– Hello.
– She’s acting as a citizen.


How old are you?

I’m three.

Three? Please look in the front.
Look at the camera.

Her face isn’t showing.

Who are you with?

With Dad.

Did you come here with your dad?

Who do you like more, dad or mom?


– My brother.
– You like your brother?

She likes her brother.

(Goodbye 2020, Year-end Interview)

Let’s host the show together.

– Hello.
– Hello.

– This is Do Kyung Wan.
– This is Do Yeon Woo.

Today, “Daddy’s School on Wheels”
is in Jeonju.

How do you feel?

– I feel good.
– Good?

Is there any food
you wanted to have in Jeonju?

– Bibimbap.
– Right, bibimbap.

Do you remember
how much you enjoyed bibimbap?

I didn’t do it.

No, no.

– Dad, no.
– What’s wrong?

(What’s wrong?)

It’s a broadcast accident.

The shoes won’t work.

– Do you want to take them off?
– Yes.

– You want to take them off?
– Yes.

Doing the news is hard.

Why? Do you want to take
the shoes off suddenly?


She wants to take off her socks too.

There’s an ant in the socks.

– There’s an ant in the socks?
– Yes.

You’re taking your socks off
on the chroma key screen.

You’re so bold.

What’s the most memorable thing
you did in 2020?

(What’s the most memorable thing
you did in 2020?)


Playing with Ha Young.

What do you remember the most
about playing with her?

I remember…


I don’t know.

We did so many fun things together.

We’re at the end of 2020.

“Daddy’s School on Wheels.”

(How do you feel about 2020’s last
“Daddy’s School on Wheels” episode?)

How do you feel?

I feel sad.

– Do you feel sad?
– Yes.

(Shaking his head)

– What’s wrong?
– What’s wrong?

(What’s wrong all of a sudden?)

I want to do it longer.

He has so many good memories
with his dad.

You didn’t understand me.

I said it’s the last show in 2020.

Why are you crying?

– Why?
– Why did you hit him?

I said it’s the last show in 2020.

What’s the upcoming year?

It’s 2021.

Yes. There will be
the first episode in 2021, right?

– Did he understand now?
– Did he?

The show will continue.

(The first episode next year?
Will it continue?)

It’s the last episode of 2020.

When is the next shoot?

(What’s this?)

– Wait a minute.
– My goodness!

– What’s this?
– When is the next shoot?

In 2021… That’s your sock.

Your brother is crying.

(That’s why she took it off
in advance.)

Don’t cry too much.

Today is the last shoot of 2020.

The next episode will be
the first one of 2021.

He just heard that
it was the last episode.

That’s how children are.

Yeon Woo is crying.

What should I do? Where are we?

You cried for no reason, right?

Aren’t you embarrassed?

Yeon Woo feels embarrassed.

Since News Report Yeon Woo
was crying,

we’ll wrap up the show.

Announcing the news is
very difficult.

This is where Yeon Woo
wanted to come.

– We’re almost there.
– Are they in Hanok Village?

Let’s hurry.

Is anyone here?

– That startled me.
– Do you know where this is?

– Dad, dad.
– Yes?

What’s wrong?

(What’s wrong, Ha Young?)

Gosh, it’s mom.

– Is mom here?
– Where’s mom?

– Where’s mom?
– Isn’t it her?

(Is this her mom?)

That’s her mom?

(Do we look alike?)

It does look similar to mom.

It looks like mom.

Her mom must be flustered right now.

It looks similar to mom,

but it’s a wildcat.

Isn’t it interesting how
such a thing reminds you of mom?

It looks very scary.

My gosh.

Do you know
what type of house this is?

It’s hanok.

It is, but it’s not
any regular hanok.

The great-grandson
of King Gojong named…

Lee Seok lives here currently.

In the house of
the last king of Joseon,

the Doppelganger family will
stay 1 night and 2 days.

It was really nice.

– Isn’t the house beautiful?
– Yes.


Dad, what’s that?

– Dad, what’s this?
– What’s this?

What’s this?

– It’s a platform for crocks.
– There were many.

It’s a platform for crocks.

A platform for crocks?

There’s gochujang and doenjang
inside. Sauces that we eat often.

Chili and doenjang?

Yeon Woo.

We have a kimchi fridge at home.

– Kimchi? Is there kimchi inside?
– Is it the same thing?

Ha Young likes kimchi.

There’s a lot of kimchi.

There was no kimchi fridge
in the past.

People stored kimchi,
soy sauce, and doenjang…

in these crocks.


Let’s go over there.

Dad, poop.

(Suddenly, she has to poop.)

It’s here.

(Please excuse me for a moment.)

(Heavy breathing…)

(and her signature position)

Poop if you need to.

– My goodness.
– The forces are with you.

You can do it, you can do it.

Let’s go!

One more time.

(Inhaling and exhaling get rough.)

(Her dad cheers for her.)

I pooped.

I pooped.


Did you poop?

No way.

Isn’t this too dramatic?

Does it smell?

She’s relaxed now.

Gosh, congratulations.

My gosh.

You worked hard.

Ha Young, when you visit
the main temple…

or the royal family,
do you want to poop?


(Last fall, she felt like pooping
in front of the Buddha.)

It seems Ha Young receives
the energy.

(She received the energy
of the universe.)

(Main temples are the best
for constipation.)

– Where is it?
– This is our room.

It’s big.

It’s very cute.

– It’s very cute.
– My gosh!

– They kept the interior the same.
– It looks amazing.

There are so many
interesting things.

What’s over here?

What’s this?

It’s where the king slept.

It’s a bed.

Yeon Woo, come here.

Climb up here.

You want to play with your brother
up there?


(I like playing with him the most.)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


7, 8.

(Two Ggoms are precious
to one another.)


– Forehead.
– Forehead?

My goodness.

It’s your right eye.

Your left eye.

Gosh, where did he see that?

(On the forehead?)

(I’ll kiss you everywhere.)

(Mom’s eyes,)


(and lips)

My goodness.

– He gets it…
– Yeon Woo.

from his dad.

– Nose.
– He kissed his mom…

on the eyes, nose, and lips.

– He’s doing the same to Ha Young.
– Lips.


That’s sweet of you.

My family.

His family is full of love.

This side?


Ha Young does
exactly what she learned.

(Ggomuri expresses the love
that she got from her brother.)

That’s nice of you.

What are you doing, Ha Young?

Is she sleeping?

Let’s sleep.

All of a sudden?

Are you going to sleep?


(Do Mini snores with her eyes open.)

She’s snoring with her eyes open.

(Is she pretending to sleep?)

– Come here, Ha Young.
– Play with dad.

(Is this how you’ll play?)

Come here, Ha Young.

Come here.

Ha Young, how can you…

pretend that you didn’t hear me
at such a young age?

She’s good at making that sound.
It’s not easy.

– Peekaboo.
– My gosh.


My goodness.

I slept well.

– She’s so cute.
– She messes around with us.

She knows how to mess around
with her brother and dad.

I want some grapes.

I’m hungry.

It’s time that they got hungry.

They played,
and she emptied her stomach.

In Jeonju,

they have the best meal.

When you’re in Jeonju,
the home of good food,

you must eat this much at least.

It’s Jeolla-style food
that’s full of different types…

of meat and delicacies. It’s
a Korean meal with 30 side dishes.

– 30 side dishes?
– Isn’t it amazing?

(This is a meal of 30 dishes
in Jeolla Province.)

– Ta-da.
– Where are we?

Gosh, it looks delicious.
Shall we eat right away?

– Right away?
– Right away?

– Have a seat.
– It looks good.

– What’s this?
– It’s amazing.

Shall I try it?

(Fried laver)

Do you know how many dishes
there are?

– Shall I take a guess?
– Go ahead.

– 30?
– That’s correct.

It looks good.

Jeonju is where you can eat
this amount of food.

Help yourselves.

– So…
– Shall I open it?

– you can taste food in the south.
– It’s rice.

It’s rice. It’s really rice.

She saw the rice.

– It’s really rice.
– She’s so happy to see it.

She’s so happy.

– Go ahead and eat.
– It’s my favorite.

– Yum.
– She’s so excited.

(She devours warm white rice.)


It’s my favorite.

Don’t eat only that.
Also eat other food, Yeon Woo.

– What is it?
– Japchae.

It’s japchae.

You have to eat all 30 dishes
at least once.

What’s this?

– It’s meat.
– Meat?

You know what? Watch.

Put some fish and kimchi
on top of the meat.

It’s a trio because
it’s a combination of three.

(How does it taste?)

Even I have a hard time eating that.

It unclogs your nose.

Is it good?

Is it good?

Dad, I’ll try it.

– Will he try it?
– Yes, try it.


How did you make it?

I wonder if I can try it.

If it tastes strange,
you can spit it out, okay?


He’s just trying it.

Open up wide.

If it’s strange,
you can spit it out.

(The smell of ammonia
fills the mouth.)

It’s spicy.

(The trio comes out
in its original form.)


Eat some rice if it’s spicy.

It’s impressive
that he even tried it.

Ha Young, eat the side dishes
that you want.

Where is it?

– Try all 30 dishes at least once.
– What’s this?

(Crunchy fried laver)

Gosh, listen to the ASMR.

Is it ASMR?

– She goes up to them.
– Is it ASMR?

She’s so cute.

(A shot of her slurping the noodles
in one go)

She knows how to slurp the noodles.

I’ll eat this.

She even shows her eating
dried laver.

She’s better than Ha Jung Woo.

I want some fish.

Why are you digging out
the fish’s eye?

She always eats
the fish’s eye first.

– She knows how to enjoy that?
– It’s good.

She enjoyed her food.

Shall we meet the next family?

– Let’s go swimming.
– Let’s go swimming.

Let’s go. Slowly.

The Jin-Gun-Navely Family is
wearing their bathing suit.

(Jin-Gun-Navely Family is
going swimming.)

I’ll check and see
if the water is cold.

(Gun Hoo’s sunglasses, underwear,
Na Eun’s swimming trunks)

He got his sunglasses
handed down from Gun Hoo.

(He’s dressed with
hand-me-down items.)

It’s cold.

It’s very warm.

Put your feet in. Is it warm or not?

– It’s warm.
– Come in.

(It’s a pool of warm water
just for them.)

Gosh, it’s warm.

I can touch…

I can touch the floor
with my feet. Look.

You can?

(She reaches the bottom.)

Na Eun, you got so tall.

(Did you get taller?)

We get to enjoy such luxury
thanks to Na Eun.

(Enjoying some luxury
thanks to Na Eun)

Your feet. Swim.

In 1, 2, 3.

(She dives in.)

She’s going underwater.


She knows how to backstroke.

What kind of mermaid wears
a life vest?

What about me?

(Gun Hoo enjoys the view
instead of doing the backstroke.)

Dad, don’t I do it well?
I will do it again.

Kick with your feet.

– Kick with your feet.
– Stop.

I should stop?

(Then I’ll try it.)

Look, Jin Woo is kicking too.

Jin Woo is kicking too.

He’s kicking. Look at him.

It’s Jin Woo’s first time swimming.

Every time he saw water,
he smiled and wanted to play.

He must be so happy.

(Give me some water.)

(How well does Jin Woo swim?)

I bet he can swim well.

He might kick and go forward.

It’s Jin Woo’s first time
in the water.

– Will he be able to do well?
– Let’s go.

Kick your feet.


I guess Jin Woo is still scared.

He has to learn how to swim. Right?

It’s because he’s still a baby.

Jin Woo, watch Na Eun.

(Smart Na Eun demonstrates.)


Watch Gun Hoo.

(Gun-Navely demonstrates
so that Jin Woo isn’t scared.)

Did you see that? Want to try it?

(I’m still scared.)

Look at me.

(He gives a try.)

You’re doing it.

Good job. You’re doing well.

He still needs more time.

(Shall we play with the swim tube?)

My goodness!

(He’s forced to dive.)


– Gosh.
– It’s okay.

It’s okay.


(Na Eun comforts Jin Woo.)

You swallow water while learning.

(Joo Ho makes up an excuse.)

You scared him again.

No, I made a mistake
while putting him on the tube.

You can swim.

You can do it.

He’s scared. Watch.

Dad, let go of him.

– Let go of him? Really?
– Yes, let him go.

– Let go of him? Really?
– Yes.

(Will it be all right?)

– Will you be okay, Na Eun?
– Really?

Gosh, wait a minute.

Can Na Eun do it?

– You’re right. He’s swimming.
– He can do it.

– He looks much more at ease.
– Right.

– He can do it, right?
– He’s swimming.

You swam with your sister. Good job.

Na Eun.

(He’s proud of her.)

Jin Woo swam.

Dad, try it.

Should he swim
even though he’s scared?

– Yes.
– I’ll try.

No, no.

(Is there a problem?)

No, hold him from the back.

– Like this?
– Yes.

Like this?

Do I go like this?

(Joo Ho learns from his daughter.)

You can do it since you’re our dad.

His posture definitely looks…

– better.
– Like this?

Do I go back like this?


– Do I go back like this?
– He’s lifting his foot.

If you grab him like this,
he’ll fall.

Go back like this?

(Very comfortable)

I made you feel better.
It’ll be okay.

I knew it.

How will this family survive
without Na Eun?

Here are your drinks.

What’s that?

– It’s lemonade.
– Be careful. Sit down.

This is for Gun Hoo.

My goodness.

(He spilled it while jumping
from the stairs.)


– It became a lemon juice pool.
– You should drink it, not spill it.

Gun Hoo.

(Where’s my lemonade?)

(He’s very serious.)

It’s gone.

It can’t be helped.
Have a donut instead.

(Everyone is looking at the donut.)

– Eat a donut instead.
– Here you go.


Sit down over here.

(He tries to sit him down
on the steps.)

Go back a little.

(I won’t let it go.)

Even if he loses his balance…

(Yield chocolate to your skin.)

– He doesn’t want to drop it.
– He’s raising his hand.

– He has chocolate on him.
– My gosh.

Where are you going? Can you do it?

(The donut goes underwater.)

Here you go, Jin Woo.

Take a small bite.

Look, it got wet.

– It got wet.
– What? Your donut?


You dropped your donut.

It became a pool of lemon juice
and donut.

I told you to eat it while sitting.

(It falls again.)

– Give it to me.
– Here you go.

(Cleaning up is dad’s duty.)

I told you to eat it while sitting.

(I’ll eat this at least.)

I told you.

Gosh, I thought his nose
was bleeding.

– Sit down.
– It’s chocolate.

Sit down and eat.

– I want…
– It’s because… Slowly.

You have some donuts on your face.

– Jin Woo.
– He likes it.

(Jin Woo sips some lemonade.)

He likes it, right?

Isn’t it sour?


He doesn’t react.

(He tries some lemon this time.)

– Is it good?
– He’s eating it.

Is it okay?

He’s enjoying it.

– Dad.
– Did you bring something else?

What is it? Donuts?

Sit down slowly.

That donut.

What a waste.

(The donut falls
in the water again.)

Oh, no.


No way!

(My donut)

“No way”?

It fell in.

I told you to do it slowly. Again.

(How do you do that?)

Gun Hoo, bring one more.
Bring one more donut.

(His 3rd attempt)

Be careful.

Be careful!

(The donut falls
no matter how careful he is.)

One donut survived.

Put it in your mouth.
Put it in your mouth first.

Why don’t you eat it outside?

Why do you want to bring it inside?

Must you eat it in the water?

It’s falling! It’s falling!

I will help you.
You need to save it. There you go.

(He ate only 1 out of 5 donuts.)

– He got 1. He got 1.
– You saved 1 donut.

He got it.

(He ate only 1 out of 5 donuts.)

Are you happy?
You brought your snack well.

Dad, I brought grapes.

– Grapes?
– I didn’t spill them.

Whose grapes are they?

Dad and Elyseen’s.

(She brought grapes
for Joo Ho and Jin Woo.)

(Na Eun, thank you.)

Thanks to you,

Jin Woo enjoyed his first swim…

without getting scared. Right?

(It was nothing.)

Let’s take a shower
so that we can do something else.


(Gun Hoo and Na Eun
washed up first.)

How pretty! She washed up.

They look cute in gowns.

(Joo Ho is washing up with Jin Woo
on the 2nd floor.)

– Na Eun.
– Yes?

I don’t have a towel.

Please press zero
and ask for more towels.


– Yes. Ask for towels.
– Will Na Eun be able to do it?


– Good luck.
– Good luck.

(Will Na Eun be able
to call room service?)



She is speaking English naturally.

I think she is Na Eun.

Hello, this is room service.
How can I help you?

Can I have a towel?

May I have your room number?

Room number?

1, 0, 2.

– Oh, my gosh.
– Okay. I will be there.

– Thank you.
– Thank you so much.

That was perfect.

Dad, I asked them.

– Did you ask for towels?
– Yes!

(Meanwhile, Joo Ho…)

(is absorbed in filming videos.)

He is so cute.

(My goodness!)

(Jin Woo, come here.)

(Dad, where are you going?)

– He is so cute.
– My goodness.

(After swimming all day,
he practices walking.)

He practices walking.

Training is a routine
in this household.

(After swimming all day,
he practices walking.)

(Dad, I am exhausted.)


(He takes one step after another.)



(Jin Woo is getting much better
at talking and walking.)


Who is it?

I brought the towels you asked for.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.


– The towels are here.
– Bring them to the second floor.

(She delivers them to her dad.)

(Na Eun comes back to the room.)

Can I have some food?

Sure. Your order, please.

Chicken and rice…

and fries.

Which dishes are tasty?

– The towels are here.
– She has an accent.

– Dad, what do you want to eat?
– Chicken?

1, 0, 2.

Did she order food for her dad?

Na Eun. Gun Hoo, come here.

I prepared an incredible event.
Are you ready?

Yes, yes! Dad!

(He hits the wall to the rhythm.)

– I won’t look. I will turn around.
– Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.
Gun Hoo, close your eyes.

(Gun Hoo and Na Eun turn around
for a surprise event.)

Close your eyes.

Don’t look. Close your eyes.

Gun Hoo! Close your eyes.

(I closed my eyes.)

1, 2,

– three.
– What is it?


(He shouts without making a sound.)

(Joo Ho prepared balloons.)

One for Gun Hoo.

(The pretty balloons float
in the air.)

They are going up.

They are going up, right?

What? That startled me,

(A balloon suddenly popped.)

Joo Ho was the most surprised.

(He can’t even open his eyes.)

(The father and son
get scared easily.)

I think it was
Gun Hoo’s surprise event.

What did you do?

Gun Hoo, what did you do?

– I want to do it too.
– It was your surprise event.

(Na Eun teases her dad.)

Don’t do it.

I was so startled.
Was I the only one?


(I guess only we were startled.)

(Na Eun lets go of the balloon.)

– Gosh, she let go of it.
– What?



(The balloon flies to the ceiling.)

Oh, no.

I will be back. Wait.

(Here comes the dad.)



Na Eun, it’s so high up here.

(He lowers the string for Na Eun.)

Can you reach it?


I am so scared.

(Let’s go downstairs.)

(Here comes another balloon.)

Na Eun, you are playing around.

I’m scared.
So this is the last time.

He won’t be able to reach
the string.

– He won’t be able to retrieve it.
– Dad, good luck.

Na Eun, I can’t reach it.

What should I do?

– I have an idea.
– Can you do it?

I can do it. I will bring something.

(Na Eun goes to get something.)

Give it to me.

(Is that a back scratcher?)

All right.

Will it work?

Na Eun is a genius.

Na Eun, can you see it?
I pulled it using what you gave me.

Dad, good job.

Even if you let go of it again,
I will be able to retrieve it.

(Na Eun is proud.)

I will be able to retrieve it
with this.

(Gun Hoo’s balloon flies
to a corner.)

– Gun Hoo.
– Help me.

– The balloon.
– Where is the balloon?

It will be hard.

All right. I will give it a try.

It’s too far.

(It’s too far.)

Hold on. I will think of a way.

That won’t work.

(What will he do with a hanger?)

I don’t think this will work.

(At that moment)

Hold on. I will think of a way.

Will it work?

What is she doing?

(The string gets caught!)


I got this!

My goodness.

– I got goosebumps.
– I got this!

– It’s working!
– She carried over the string.

Hold on.

(Na Eun’s balloon carries
Gun Hoo’s balloon!)

My goodness.

(Joo Ho is impressed.)

You are the best.

Na Eun did it.

Na Eun did it.

(There is nothing Na Eun can’t do.)

Na Eun, you are the best.

Gun Hoo, grab it.

How is Na Eun so smart?

Na Eun, how did you think of that?

I was trying to use a hanger.

You are the best.
We have great teamwork.

Na Eun did all the work,

and Joo Ho made the finishing touch.

(While everyone is focused
on the balloons,)

That’s right. Jin Woo.

(Jin Woo crawls over.)

My balloon is higher.

(What should I do to play?)

(Uncle, peekaboo!)

How cute!

“They are playing with the balloons,
so I am bored.”

(Uncle, are you alone as well?)

The camera. He is fascinated by it.

(Uncle, are you alone as well?)

(Jin Woo found a friend
who also plays alone.)

(Shall we play together?)

(Excuse me.)

He entered the tent.

– Come on in.
– He wants to play together.

(This place is nice and cozy.)

(Jin Woo has a good time
with the uncle.)

He has a good time
with the uncle…

in the tent.

I won.

– Rock, paper, scissors.
– Rock, paper, scissors.


– What is it?
– It’s here!

Who is it?

Your room service is here.

I didn’t order it.

Earlier, Na Eun ordered
room service on the phone.

– Did you?
– Yes.

I will take it. Thank you.

Thank you.

What? When did you order it?

I did it while Jin Woo washed up.

How can I help you?

Can I have a towel?

Can I have some food?

(If you copy Na Eun…)

If you learn from Na Eun,
you will be able to order food…

– in English.
– This is perfect.

I was hungry anyway.
Let’s hurry up and eat.

Dad! Dad!

Sit down.

It’s tasty.

– It’s tasty, right?
– It looks tasty.

Gun Hoo, hurry up and eat.
It’s tasty.

Jin Woo.

– Open wide.
– He is eating with gusto.

– He can eat pasta.
– He can eat noodles now.

(Jin Woo eats cream pasta.)

– Did you order rice too?
– Yes.

Why didn’t rice come?

No one noticed.

(Make sure you chew your food.)

This is your favorite,
pepero marshmallow.

– Marshmallows.
– Is he grilling marshmallows?

Marshmallows. There we go.

You roast marshmallows with heat,
not fire.

– That’s right.
– It’s burning.

I failed. Here.

No? Won’t you eat it?

(Na Eun is the only one
who eats what Joo Ho cooks.)

All right.

– Na Eun is nice.
– Try one.

Na Eun, I won’t see you guys
for a month.

Joo Ho will be gone for a month…

because of the AFC Champions League.

Do you have any memory or a place
that comes to mind?

– When I was a toddler,
– When you were a toddler.

I played soccer at kindergarten.

– That’s right.
– I remember that.

Na Eun, would you help me?

Come on out.

(Joo Ho played with children
with his entire body.)

Do you want an ice pack?

– Doesn’t it hurt? Should I do this?
– Na Eun always took care of him.

That’s right.

Na Eun, I wear this a lot
at home, right?

Your mom gave this to me
as my birthday present…

when we were younger.

I guess she gave it to me
for The Return of Superman.

It’s like a precognitive dream.
A precognitive T-shirt.

– It’s a meaningful T-shirt.
– I just felt like sharing.

(Na Eun suddenly runs over.)

Na Eun, what is that?

It’s a surprise.

– A surprise?
– Press it here.

– Here? I will press it.
– Okay.

(A teddy bear?)

Dad, I love you. Don’t get hurt.

(It’s a teddy bear
with a recording of Na Eun’s voice,)


Come here.

(That isn’t all.)

– There is something else.
– Really?

What is that?

It’s a trophy.

Are you giving me a trophy?

A trophy from you is the best.

It’s a trophy.

(Na Eun prepared a surprise.)

I will do well,

– okay?
– Dad.

(Gun Hoo roots for him with a kiss.)

What an affectionate support!

Joo Ho must be so energized.

(Thanks to Jin Woo, Gun Hoo,
and Na Eun’s support,)

(Joo Ho actually won the trophy.)

(“Ulsan Retrieves the Trophy
after 8 years”)

(“Ulsan Players Lift Up
the Trophy in the Air”)

Is it thanks
to the three children’s support?

On December 19th, Joo Ho’s team…

– won the AFC Champions League.
– Dad, we love you!

It’s a trophy.

– Are you giving me a trophy?
– The trophy from Na Eun…

transformed into the real trophy.

(The trophy from Na Eun
transformed into the real trophy!)

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