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The Return of Superman Episode 376 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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The Return of Superman Episode 376 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: The Return of Superman Episode 368 (376)

The Return of Superman Episode 368.

“We Shall Be Happy, We Shall Love, We Shall Be Together.”

Na On, let’s play with the stickers…

What are you doing, Na On?


– Oh, it’s not Na On. – Who’s that?

– It’s Hee Seong. – Oh, it’s Hee Seong.

He’s wearing a skirt like his sister.

It wasn’t Na On.

Na Gyeom, I need to poop.

Go and poop then.

She’s got the urge in the morning.

What’s Sang Hyun doing?

Here we go.

– Here we go. – Goodness, Sang Hyun.

He’s playing with a drone in the morning.

He needs to have a hobby…

he can enjoy while looking after his kids.

That’s right.

It’s filmed so nicely.

He makes sure to wear his glasses.

Mom, I’m done pooping.

Mom, I’m done pooping.

I’m done pooping,

but is no one wiping it for me?


Mom is gone outside.



Sang Hyun can’t hear her.



Na On is done pooping.

He thinks they are just happy.

Dad, stop coming to me.


Hee Seong has something to say!

Is no one there?

Is there no one at home?

Oh, gosh. Na On.

Is no one at home?

Dad, I’m done pooping!

With that sweet voice…

Oh, no.

He must think the kids are saying “You’re the best, Dad!”

Seeing how he’s pushing something up…

– He’s putting on a show. – Right.


Na On is done pooping!

– He’s happy. – They can’t communicate.

This is so fun.

They can’t communicate at all.

She’s just sitting on the toilet.

Dad! I’m done pooping!

I’m done…

I know how that feels.

She’s crying.

She’s so upset.

I can’t play with it for long. It’s too cold.

Na On, Dad is here.

– Dad… Na On… – I was so good, wasn’t I?

– Na On is done pooping. – What?

Na On is done pooping.


Were you trying to tell me that she’s done pooping?

I’m sorry, Na On.

I bet he realized what happened only when he watched this show.

Done. We’re done.

She made it out of the bathroom after five minutes.

It’s a short period of time, but it must’ve been long for her.

This is for the princess.

Da Jung.

Da Jung.

Da Jung.

– Da Jung. – Like his dad in his drama?

– Kim Ha Neul? – Yes.

Let’s play hide-and-seek.

Let’s play hide-and-seek.

Let’s play hide-and-seek.

Right, hide-and-seek.

– Let’s play. – Now.

Shall I be the seeker?

– Yes. – All right.

Starting now.

Hide well or I’ll find a strand of your hair

Hide well or I’ll find a strand of your hair

Hide well

Where are my kids?

Did Sang Hyun hide?

Was he the one who had to hide? That’s not the case, right?

Where is Dad?

Where is Dad?

Where is Dad?

This is odd. They are looking for the seeker.

Where is Dad?


Is someone here?

What did they see? Why are the dogs barking?

What’s that?

That’s not grass or a tree.

– Gosh, that startled me. – Goodness.

– It startled me. – Gosh.

– What was that? – It’s scary.

He’s a master of disguise.

And he’s a great actor too.

His performance is so believable.

I bet that was his first time playing a tree.

He can dance.

That’s a fun tree.

The kids are letting their guards down.



Come here.

It’s saying hello.

Who is that?

Why are you moving?

How can you move?

The dogs came out.


Gosh. She’s getting friendly around the tree.

This moving tree will go now.

– That sounded like Korean. – I heard it.

He gave it his all to this performance.

In the drama, he plays such a cool role.

But in real life, he’s just another dad.

That’s where he lives.

The moving tree was Dad.

Na On figured it out.

Were you the moving tree?

Were you the moving tree?

Yes, it was me.


– What? – She’s so cute.

Give me a hug.

– I’m not a moving tree. I’m Dad. – Give me a hug.

I’m not the moving tree.

– It was you, right? – No.

– I’m not a moving tree. I’m Dad. – Give me a hug.

I’m not the moving tree.

The moving tree. Yes.

Is that how the moving tree walked?

Is that how the moving tree walked?

– Just like that? – Yes.

The moving tree didn’t do this?

The moving tree didn’t do this?

The moving tree didn’t do this?

The moving tree doesn’t know the trend. He should’ve done this.

Bread tastes great in a car.

In case Luni took his bread?

That’s why.

– They grew up together. – My goodness. So beautiful.

They are so adorable.

They have been together since Hee Seong was a baby.

They are best friends.

“Think about all the years we spent together.”

I get why Luni would be upset.

He raised it high. He can’t share the bread.

He knows that he can’t give bread…

– to the dogs. – It’s because he loves them.

Sit down, Luni.

That’s how it is.


Gosh, you’re eating a lot.

– Gosh, he spilled it. – Goodness.

Hee Seong spilled juice.

It’s all over the skirt.

– That’d melt your heart. – Yes.

How can you scold him after that?

He looks just like his father.

It’s Hee Seong’s birthday today.

– Hee Seong… – Happy birthday, Hee Seong!

Happy birthday to my brother.

My birthday?

All right. We’re going to make a cake now.

– Gosh. – Okay.

How will we make it?

Hold on.

What’s this?

Whipped cream. We need to make whipped cream first.

Ice, ice,

ice, ice, ice, and ice.

He can make cakes too?

How is that possible?

It’s our first time making a cake.

We have to make whipped cream first.

– Whipped cream? – You know the cream on the cake?

This will be whipped cream.

I see bubbles. Bubbles!

It’s sweet.

No one will know that she had some of that.

– How long will it take? – Na On.

– Yes? – You can’t keep eating it.

– I want to eat it too. – No.

When you eat anything while cooking,

– it all tastes good. – Right.

It’s like that when you cook.


– Hee Seong. – Hee Seong has a mustache.

When will we make the cake?

I don’t think we can actually make this cake ourselves.

Is your blood sugar low?

– You’re doing it well, Dad. – What?

You’re doing it well.

Na On.

He gets his blood sugar up with Na On’s sweet charms.

Dad, ice cubes are melting.

We can’t make the birthday cake.

Gosh, my arm.

I wonder if there’s a way we can do this.

Sang Hyun is trying all kinds of methods.

That’s a great idea.

– Rub it. I see bubbles! – Gosh.

Gosh. It’s turning into whipped cream now.

Gosh. Dad, you had such a great idea.

I see a layer of bubbles.

The layer of bubbles is getting bigger.

Hurry before the ice cubes melt.

Dad, faster! Spin it faster!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Bubble, bubble, bubble and pop, bubble, bubble, pop

It’s turning into whipped cream.

That takes a long time.

– All right. Let’s make the cake. – He did it.

– The entire cake is white. – Yes.

Dad, happy birthday.

– Me? – It’s your birthday, Hee Seong.

It’s not my birthday. It’s your birthday, Hee Seong.

I bet his wrist hurts so badly after making whipping cream.

– This looks beautiful. – Look at the cake.

– Dad, I want to eat it too. – Stop that.

– Strawberries! – Yes!

Strawberries! There are strawberries!

– Is it time for strawberries? – Yes, it’s time for strawberries.


Me too!

– Making the cake themselves… – That’s it.

must be more meaningful and fun.

– Try it, Na On. – Me too.

Me too.

– You too? Great. – Yes.

You saw what your sisters did, right?

– Okay. Go ahead, Hee Seong. – Don’t eat it.

Hee Seong puts it in his mouth.

– Okay. Eat it. – Eat it.

He can do anything he wants since it’s his birthday.

All right.

– I want one too. – Okay.

Hee Seong, you keep asking for strawberries.

And you keep eating them.

– We should put them here. – Should we put them on the side?

– Put them here. – Okay. On the side.

– That’s beautiful. – It’s pretty.

Good job.

Like this.

– It’s pretty. – It’s pretty.

This all worked out.

Is it good?

Yes. Na On has to put hers now.

That’s the last one.

Dad, we’re done.

Na Gyeom and Na On can make cakes now.

Gosh, who is this?

– It’s Hee Seong! – It’s Hee Seong.

It’s Hee Seong! Hee Seong!

It really looks like Hee Seong.

Use the straw to blow it.

You can take turns.

– Hold on. – Dad, I want to try it too.

– Hee Seong. – I think he should wear glasses.


Oh, no.


– It took him about 12 tries. – Hold it.

Hold it. There you go.

I can’t do it. I can’t.

Dad, you do it.

Keep trying. I’m sure you can do it.

– But I can’t do it. – Dad.

– Can you do this for me? – There’s no such thing.

Everyone can do it.

Since I don’t smoke, my lung capacity is…

that of a man in his 20s.

It hurts.

His jaw joint must hurt.

What are you doing?

I think he’s taking supplements.

He had candy.

I see. He’s getting his blood sugar up.

You have to blow them the best you can.

That’s right. You have to use tools.

– Na Gyeom. You used that? – Dad.

Hold on. Isn’t that too big?

It’s going to pop now. My goodness.

It startled me.

– Sang Hyun got so scared. – It startled me.

– He got scared the most. – It ripped.

The kids seem peaceful.

How come you kids aren’t even scared?

Hee Seong, ask your sister to help you.

I’ll do it for you.

I’ll do it for you.

I’ll give it to you after I finish this one.

– Let me… – Hey.


Come here.

Go raise your arms there.

I told you not to grab your sister’s hair like that.

Reflect on what you did.

When he thought about it, I’m sure he felt bad for Na Gyeom.

Dad, I’m sorry.

What? You are? Really?

Come and apologize to your sister.

Give her a hug and apologize.

– I said I’d make a balloon for you. – Right.

Give her a kiss.

– Good. That’s good. – I will…

make yours after I finish the pink one.

Na Gyeom is so mature.

My jaw hurts.


“Birthda”? Because he had to be disciplined?

She’s here! Mom is here!

– Mom! – Mom!

– Mom is here. – Guys.

Na Gyeom! Na Gyeom.

– I’m here. – Come in.

Go inside. It’s cold.

Why are you guys dressed so nicely today?

Mom, look over there!

– What’s all this? – Look over there.

Goodness. Whose birthday is today?

– Mine! – Hee Seong’s birthday.

– It’s Hee Seong’s birthday. – Hee Seong’s birthday.

Let’s have a birthday party!

We made that cake!

You made it? Goodness.

All right. Let’s light the candles and start.

Gosh. You guys made a cake with your dad.

You guys are so cool.

– Happy… – No, hold on.

We have to do something before that.

We have to turn off the lights.

Okay. I’ll turn off the lights.

All right. The lights will change.

– Goodness. – Gosh. What is that?

What? It’s colored lighting?

What’s that?

Who has mood lighting in the kitchen?

All right. Let’s set it to pink. Get ready.


– Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you

– Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you

– Happy birthday, dear Hee Seong – Happy birthday, dear Hee Seong

– Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you

– Happy birthday. – Blow out the candles.

Blow out the candles. Blow them out.

– I’ll cut the cake. – Okay.

Me first.

– Right. You first. – Okay.

– This is yours, Na On. – Hee Seong.

You guys made this cake.

It’s so good.

– Hee Seong. – Mom, this is good.

– Is it? – It must be tastier…

because they made it themselves.

I was born today.

I remember the day when Hee Seong was born.

– I was born today. – Yes.

When we looked at your ultrasound image,

your nose bridge was high, and your lips were so full.

– Right. You had full lips. – And you had your eyes open.

You blinked when you were in Mom’s belly.

– He looks just like the photo. – He looks just like it.

He came out before you disinfected yourself…

and came into the delivery room.

Even before you finished disinfecting yourself.

– He’s a good son. – To go into the delivery room,

– I put on the gown and gloves. – You disinfected yourself.

– When I got in, he was already out. – He was out.

When I was washing him, he had his hands clasped like this.

“Dad, please be gentle with me.”

“Please, Dad.”



– Gosh. – Goodness.

How can his face look so clean?


So cute.

What about me?

– Na On? – Na On?

Do you know what you did…

– when you came out? – You were the best.

I was so surprised.

– Why? – You came out like this.

You came out like this. When I was washing you,

you stayed like this.

– Na On, were you cold? – Right.

You came out.

Where did she come out of?

– She came out of my belly. – From her belly.

Na Gyeom was the first one to come out of her belly.

What about me?

You were the second one to come out of her belly.

– Hee Seong. – He was the third one to come out.

– And the rest of the kids… – I’m done eating.

aren’t out yet.

– There are no rest of the kids. – The rest of the kids?

I’m not sure if the rest of the kids will come out.

– The balloon stopped the talk. – The universe is angry.

– That startled me. – I was startled.

– I thought that was a part of it. – What?

All right. We prepared presents for you, Hee Seong.

I’m “18 Again”.

In the drama, his dad was a basketball player.

That’s why his favorite sport is basketball now.

Hee Seong, shoot!

Put it in.

– Gosh. – Score!

You scored!

“Hong Dae Young, I’m 18 again!”

– Let’s go back! – Let’s go back!

Hong Dae Young.

Let’s go back.

This is Hee Seong’s favorite scene.

Let’s go back.

– Let’s go back. – Let’s go back.


– You scored. – All right.

Let’s take a photo, Hee Seong.

That’s it.

– This will work. – Okay.

1, 2, 3.

It’s blurry.

– The photo is blurry, – The photo is blurry.

but they are happy.

Kim Young Gwon from the national soccer team…

returned with his third child, Li Ggung.

His third child Li Ggung was born recently.

Say hello to the baby.

Young Gwon could only meet her on video due to his games.

I bet he wanted to hold him in his arms.

He’s adorable.

Li Ggung.

Look how cute he’s becoming.

Li Ggung and his mom are coming back home today.

Li A.

– Have you been well? – Honey.

– Honey. – Hello.

Li Hyun, have you been well?

He’s so small.

Isn’t it his first time seeing Li Ggung?

– He’s cute. – Gosh.

– Do you want to hold him? – He’s so tiny.

Finally, Li Li Li Siblings are together.

Take him and put him in his bed.

Can you help me?

The moment when you hug the baby…

He probably couldn’t wait to see him.

It’s been a few days since Li Ggung came home.

Li Ggung is awake.

Mothers are amazing.

How does she wake up at the slightest noise?

It’s the hardest period when…

– Right. – you have a newborn baby.

Where’s the handkerchief?


The dad’s help during that time…

is very helpful.

Here you go.

The dad is half-asleep.

Kiss Young Gwon. Goodness.

It’s nice when the dad helps the baby burp.

I remember that.

He didn’t even eat that much,

but he has to burp.

Li A, did you sleep well?

Uncle, Li Ggung is born.

– Is he? – Yes.


She wants to brag about her brother as soon as she gets up.

– Li Ggung is born. – Really?

Who does he take after?


He takes after your dad? Not your mom?

Li Hyun is awake too.

He looks plump and swollen.

Goodness, have they really been married for seven years?

Are you awake, Li Hyun?

A kiss? They are a kissing family.

Is he really my younger brother?

Yes, it’s your younger brother.

He’s so cute.

That’s my chair.

I’ll make you something delicious.

Not like last time?

A long time ago,

Young Gwon made the horrible majang noodles.

This is dirty.

I’m good at cooking.

– Did you know? – What?

Did you know that I’m good at cooking?

This dish is called Shrek Curry Duck Rice.

What? Shrek Curry Duck Rice?

– What’s that? – It’s really good.

Is it good?

It’s tiny.

You might cut your hand.

Be careful of your hands.

I might cut my hand?

He adds flavor with some milk.

I bet it smells good too.

– It’s curry. – It looks good so far.

It smells good.

It smells good.

– Yes, it already smells good. – Yes.

– This… – I need to put this in now.

In here?

– No. – What is it?

Come on. What’s this?

– I need to put this in now. – What?

– Now? – What is it?

Didn’t he say something about Shrek?

He’s adding spinach into the curry.

Will it be successful?

I’m putting it in.

It doesn’t look good.

Is that duck?

All right. Let me show you.

With that?

In here…

It’s a snow duck.

Next, you have to shake it.

Shake it, shake it.

Good job.

– It turned out well. – Definitely.

Duck, quack.

Quack, quack, quack.

Duck, quack.

– I like that. – They look so cute.

It’s a good idea.

It looks cute. Duck in curry.


Honey, sit here.

Their dad does a good job.

– It’s curry. – Why is it this color?

I came up with a great idea.

Shrek Curry Duck Rice.


– Thank you for the food. – Thank you.

Shall we taste it?

Gosh, he gave it his thumbs-up.

– I bet it’s good. – I should try it at home.

It tastes better than I expected.

Isn’t it good? It’s quite good.

Do you remember the noodles that I made?

That was bad.

They were all bad.

This is better.

– Isn’t it tasty this time? – Yes.

– It’s tasty. – That’s the best.

– Li Hyun finished it. – Yes.

Li Hyun.

You’re eating a lot now that you’re five and an older brother.

He’s cool.

Look at him squirm.

His brother is here.

Mom, the baby’s crying.

– What? He’s crying? – His eyes are hurting.

His eyes are hurting from the light.

Oh, I see.

– Right. – Good job.

– I can’t believe it. – He takes good care of him.

He’s so observant.

They are all experts in parenting.

My goodness.

– What happened? – His head…

The prince is awake.

– The food turned out well. – He’s handsome.

– He’s cute. – No one else heard him.

He looks like this.

I don’t think he is hungry.

Li Jae, are you hungry?

– His name is Li Jae. – Do you want food?

Are you hungry?

When you tap him slightly, the baby smiles.

I don’t think…

– Is he hungry? – Hold him.

If he opens his mouth, they should feed him.

He’s hungry.

– Right. – He’s hungry.

– Your bottom. – He looks exactly like it.

“It’s so loud! Let me sleep!”

– Watch me. Li Hyun. – Hey.

Li Hyun.

They are acting cute in front of their mom.

You are doing…

– You are doing better than the toy. – Maybe he is startled.

When you have three children, it can’t be helped.

The house gets crowded.

That’s right.

Li Hyun, let’s go over there. Come here.

Get some rest.

– Can you manage on your own? – Yes.

Of course.

I can take care of five children.

She must be thankful.

Li A and Li Hyun, let’s give your mom some rest.

I think he peed.

– The sofa. – He peed. He peed.

It’s time to change your diaper.

Take it out.

Gosh, you peed a lot.

He pooped.

Gosh, do I need to do this alone?

He is peeing right now!

Nice timing!

That’s bound to happen a few times.

That’s bound to happen a few times before you truly become a parent.

Oh, my goodness.

Mom should come!

Honey, you should come.

Mom, you need to come.

When he took off the diaper…

– He called for help. – My goodness.

– He called for help. – I should wash him.

– I want to do it. – Come here.

Mom, look at this!

I can’t do it.

He pooped too much.

He pooped too much.

What should we do?

She needs to get some rest.

Do you feel refreshed?

He pooped a lot, honey.

Parents are glad even when they poop.

Li Ggung, it’s okay.

He is showing his love.

My goodness.

That’s a family.

You pooped and peed. Do you feel comfortable now?

He is happy.

He looks comfortable.

You feel so refreshed. You are so happy.

– Honey, get some rest. – What do you mean?

Thank you for your hard work.

He asked for her help three minutes after saying that.

Thank you, honey. Get some rest.

Will you let me rest in a 10-minute interval?

I might call you over again. Go to the bedroom.

She should close the door.

He fell asleep right away.

– Mom, where are you going? – Are you going out now?

– Hospital? – Li Ggung is sleeping so well.

You’ve put him to sleep well.

– I am suffering from mastitis. – I am sorry.

I am going to go and get a chest massage.

– What? Are you going now? – Yes.

Honey, did you say…

you will give Li Jae a bath as well?

I will do everything.

She gave him the most difficult mission. A bath.

I will be back.

Li A, come here.

I am going. Have fun.


Let’s give Li Jae a bath.

– Giving a newborn a bath is… – Li Hyun, move out of the way.

– All right. – It isn’t easy.

– Will you pour water? – Yes.

– More. – Pour everything in.

– That’s good. Okay. – Okay.

Shall we give him a bath now?

Shall we do that?

– I will teach you. – Okay.

– Then you can help me later. – Okay.

All right. His face is right here.

That’s right. That’s how you do it.

Let’s wipe his face.

How about this?

He is doing well.

Is it warm?

– All right. – Wipe his face.

Wipe his face.

Then shampoo his hair.

All right. Get a little bit of shampoo.

– There you go. – Like this.

You need to foam up his hair.

Do it like this.

– He is thorough. – Li Hyun is…


Rinse his hair with water.

Does it feel good?

Then take his clothes off.

– Shall we put him in the water? – He is going into the tub.

He is so tiny.

Is it refreshing?

Is it refreshing?

Now, we need to flip him over.

– Like this. – He is doing well.

Was it hard?

– Wipe his back. – Is it refreshing?

– Let’s wipe his back. – Wipe his butt too.

– Okay. – The water.

He is so tiny and cute. I don’t know what to do.

– Look. Li Ggung likes it. – Yes.

Gosh, don’t eat that.

– All right. – 1, 2, 3. Click.

– All right. – 1, 2, 3. Click.

Li Hyun must find this moment precious.

All done.

All right.

He is cute.

– He is cold. Wrap him up. – Please move, Li Hyun.

It’s cold. Are you crying because you are out of the water?

It’s okay.

– It’s okay. – It’s okay. All right.

You are crying.

What should we do?

Li Hyun.

I am sorry.

He is all dressed.

We are saved.

That was perfect.

Li A and Li Hyun, come here. Let’s call Uncle.

Uncle? Who is that?

Like that.

– Young Gwon. – Hello.

It’s Koo Ja Cheol!

Have you been well?

Of course. What are you up to?

I am busy looking after my children.

Li Hyun, say hello to Uncle.

Li Hyun, hello.

– Say hello. – Why did you go to the stadium?

I am a soccer player like your dad.

– Li A. – Li A grew up so much?

– Hello. – Li A, hello.

– Do you know who he is? – Li A.

– You saw him on TV, right? – Yes.

– You saw him on TV, right? – He is a soccer player.

That’s right.

– How about Li Ggung? – Li Ggung? Do you want to see him?

– Li Ggung. – Is he with you?

– Of course he wants to brag. – Li Ggung.

He is smiling from ear to ear.

It’s incredible that you had a third child.

He is handsome because he takes after me.

I am relieved. He looks exactly like your wife.

Does that relieve you?

You and your wife always kiss. So you had your third child soon.

Words traveled far.

My wife wants a third child too,

but I don’t know if I can handle it.

You are incredible.

Where did you get the courage to have a third child?

Are you thinking about having another child?

How will you raise all of them?

Your wife must be exhausted.

He is like an offensive player of questions.

Hurry up and have a child before you think about courage.

Between soccer and childrearing, what’s harder?

Ja Cheol, that a no-brainer. Of course childrearing is harder.

Show me Li Ggung again.

Li Ggung, it’s Uncle.

He is so tiny!

He is so tiny. He is the size of my arm.

– Li Hyun! Li Hyun! – Uncle wants to talk to you.

– Yes? – Do you like having a brother?


How much do you like it?

I like it very much!

My goodness.

He loves his brother.

Li Hyun and Li A, I will visit someday…

– with a gift. – Okay.

You must be working hard in a hot country.

I need to go and pick up my kids from school.

Okay. You should go and run for your kids.

He is a dad.

– Soccer players are the same. – Mr. Dad, good luck.

Good luck.

He is so cute. He looks like a fairy.

– Li A and Li Hyun. – Yes?

– I prepared an event for your mom. – Really?

– Mom? – It’s a surprise. Listen.

Do you know what Mom did before she married me?

I don’t know.

– How about you, Li Hyun? – She loved me.

– She loved you? – Yes.


She enjoyed working as a flight attendant.

So she told me that she wants to work as one…

if she starts working again.

She gave up everything and married me,

so I always carry a sense of guilt.

Her words stayed in my heart.

We will become flight attendants, okay?

We will have her sit down…

and deliver food.

We will treat her like a VIP customer.

Let’s do it.

Young Gwon became the captain of the Li Li Li Airline.

– Li Siblings, come on out. – Okay.


Li Hyun is the first officer.

Li A transformed into a flight attendant.

She looks exactly like her mom.

I am bringing it.

Li Ggung is a customer.

We will lay down Li Ggung here.

There you go.

– It’s the VIP seat. – Shall we do that?

All done. Quiet.

Let’s call your mom and ask her where she is.


Where are you?

I am entering the underground parking lot.

You are almost home?

Okay. Come home safely, honey.

She is here. She is here.

What are we going to do?

They need to get into position.

– Seriously. – Get ready.

– Hurry up. – Get ready.

Li A. My goodness.

Li A. My goodness.

What is going on?

Hello, dear customer. I will show you to your seat.

What is going on?

My goodness.

What is going on?


– Yes? What is it? – As soon as she entered,

she burst out in tears.

– Sit here. – Mom, why are you crying?

– Mom, why are you crying? – Sit here.

Li A and Li Hyun, you grew up so much.

She is seeing her younger days from Li A.

I will show you to your seat.

She must be seeing herself…

in the image of her grown-up daughter.

Did you take a seat?

– Yes. – Thank you…

for flying with Li Li Li Airline.

Currently, the plane is…

at 7m above the ground.

He is witty.

We will take you…

to Honolulu, Hawaii.

– He is really bad at this. – To Honolulu, Hawaii.

– We will do our best to serve you. – Dad, don’t talk.

Why not?

I hope it will be a nice flight.

They made memories in Hawaii.

They kiss each other constantly.

I know. They are the kissing family.

– What is it? – It’s the in-flight meal.

– Did you cook as well? – Yes.

It’s the Hawaiian hamburg steak.

It looks delicious.

– Is it tasty? – It’s tasty.

– You didn’t eat lunch. – No.

What is it?

– Captain, put it on autopilot. – Autopilot.

Li Ggung.

Okay. I will check on him.

What’s the matter?

Here you go.

I think he pooped.

I will change his diaper.

This airline has great service.

The captain changes the diaper.

Why is the first officer eating the customer’s meal?

Mom, do you feel better?

I was in pain, but seeing you guys and your dad…

made me feel better.

Mom, you went to the hospital.

Do you need help?

My goodness.

– He is doing well. – Seriously.

How is your dad so good at looking after Li Jae?

It’s because you are a customer.

Dear customer, get some rest.

– Will I rest for real this time? – Mom.

Can you guess the next destination?

Please take a guess.

Let’s go.

The next destination is…

my heart.

My heart.

– Stop it. – My goodness.

Sit next to Mom.

I wrote a letter.

Gosh, this is nerve-racking.

This is more nerve-racking than playing soccer.

I will read the letter.

“My dear lovely wife, Se Jin.”

“Honey, every time I write a letter,”

“I wonder what I should say first.”

“I think I should say this first this time.”

“Thank you for your hard work. And I am really sorry.”

“You felt contractions alone,”

“comforted Li A and Li Hyun alone,”

“got on the ambulance alone, and went to the hospital alone.”

“You lied down on the cold and unfamiliar bed…”

“and gave birth. When I imagine that,”

“it breaks my heart.”

“I love you, honey.”

“To Se Jin, the woman who will be happier than anyone.”

Gosh, he is so cool.

What is that?


What? What is up with the money?

Is there money as well?

That’s touching.

There are 40 50-dollar bills.

A kiss came automatically.

Life doesn’t feel like a struggle…

because I have a kind husband like you.

It’s all thanks to you.

– Don’t say that. – Thank you.

He is so cool.

It was so touching.

He must be exhausted too.

I am really thankful that he cares about how I feel.

It was touching in many ways.

Now, we have Li Jae.

Let’s be happy and live a fun life.

– I’ll give you a hug. – Okay.

Where did you hide it?

I will give you a hug.

Where did you hide the jelly?

Look for it.

Dad, she will never find it.

She will never find it.

You put it on my back.

Hey, you put it on my back.


You put it on my back.

It was my mistake.

I am sorry. Why was it on your back?

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

Stop playing with it.

The atmosphere is serious.

What happened to William and Bentley?

All right. Let’s eat.

What do you want for breakfast?


– So far, it’s a peaceful morning. – You can’t have it for breakfast.

Ice cream!

– Jelly! – Come on.

If they ask for ice cream and jelly for breakfast,

– he would be upset. – Seriously.

You need to eat something healthy for breakfast.

You can’t eat jelly, chocolate, and ice cream for breakfast.

They used to eat very well.

They used to have balanced meals.

I think there is a time children pick on their food.

I want to fix their ways before it’s too late.

I prepared breakfast.

What is it?

William, do you want to grow tall?


Do you want to be stronger than me?


He prepared healthy vegetable side dishes.

Any parent would be pleased to see their kids eat them.

– Seriously. – Go ahead and eat.

What is this?


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

After you eat all the side dishes, you can open it.

Is it a blue toy car?

After they finish eating, they can receive a present.

I can’t eat them.

If you pick on your food, you won’t become strong.

– You know who Popeye is, right? – Yes.

Do you know why he is strong? He eats spinach.

His top is the color of spinach too.

What? How did he become strong?

Hold on.

Hold on. What’s going on?

– What? – What’s going on?

Now that I ate spinach…

Hey, look at my muscles! What am I going to do?

My muscles are getting bigger.

My muscles are getting bigger because I ate spinach.

– He is eating. – He is eating spinach.

That’s Sam’s wisdom.

What? It’s tasty.

My goodness.


Sit down.

This won’t do.

Sit down and eat.

Sit down.

– I really relate to this. – You shouldn’t keep standing up…

and moving around.

William, put your arms up. Put your arms up.

– What’s going on? – Put your arms up.

That’s the wrapping cloth for Lunar New Year’s Day.

I see, he’s making them sit straight with it.

You tied the chair too?

So you can’t move.



The rule’s broken.

– He opened the gift first. – Hey.


I’m going to turn on the booster. Get ready.


I’ll give it back after you’re done eating.

Eat this one.

Open up.

– Oh, no. Will this work? – Here.

Then this.

His palate got used to something else.

Eating with you is like war every time.

– I totally feel him. – Me too.

Why a mirror?

Look in the mirror while you eat.

Watching your face while you eat…

is a way to stop picking on certain foods.

You should look at yourselves while you eat.

See how you look.

Let me start eating.

Let me start eating.

Oh, this doesn’t taste good.

What was that?

What was that?

The William in the mirror refuses to eat vegetables.

You need to put it in your mouth.

Let me try eating it.

Let me try eating it.

Let me try eating it.

Come on. Don’t rub that on the mirror.

– Bentley… – Why don’t you want to eat it?

You should at least try it.

This is a tricky situation.

Hurry up and eat your food.

– Hey. – It’s frustrating Sam.

Rice is here.

You need to eat rice with the side dishes.

Not just the rice.

It’ll be comfortable if you stay in your seat, Ben.

The kids are also…

– Frustrated. – Right.

Stop playing with it.

Fine. Do whatever you want.

I can still be strong even without eating this!

I’m not going to eat it!

I hate all of it!

Fine. Don’t eat it.

I’m not going to eat any of it!

All right. That’s less work for me.

Let’s close the door so that Dad can’t come in.

In the end, they declared war against vegetables.

Why does it feel like war whenever we eat?

The two of them are…

Let’s celebrate our victory.

They have become so united.

Let’s not eat anything today.

But I’m hungry.

– Of course you are. – I’m hungry.

You’ll have to eat vegetables if you go out now.

You’ll have to eat vegetables…

But I hate vegetables.

– I have some food. – What is it?

Did he save some food?

That must be his snack bag.

Wait, Ben.

I have to write something.

We need to drink this all day.

You’ll drink this much, and I’ll drink this much.

You’ll drink this much.


Are they trying to live off on one bottle of drink?

It’s their emergency food.

We have to save it.

Drink only up to the line.

Baby, stop drinking.

We’ll have to drink this until evening.

What are you going to do if you get thirsty later on?

– Right. You should save it. – I’m sorry.

William, I want to eat some bread.

Bread? But there isn’t any here.

Follow me out quietly.

Luckily, Sam isn’t here.

They have successfully entered the kitchen.

It’s bread!

I’m scared!

I don’t want to eat the vegetables Dad gives me.

It reminded him of vegetables.

Baby, were you scared?

I brought you some bread.

It’s bread!

Let me open…


This isn’t bread.

– What is it then? – What is this?

It’s not bread.


It does look like a piece of bread.

– It’s not bread! – It’s a vegetable again.

– It’s not bread! – It really does look like bread.

Everything’s about vegetables today.

I want some chocolate.

I’ll tell you where chocolate is.

This is the pantry.


And this is the fridge.

They’re coming up with a plan to bring snacks.

I’ll go down here…

– and put chocolate inside. – That’s where he’ll go.

– So you’ll wait here… – Okay.

and pull it over. Okay?



Pull when I say “pull.”

Be careful and don’t get caught by Dad.

Mission Will-Ben-ssible.

Secure the snacks.

Can you hear me, Ben?

Are you doing okay, William?

I’m doing fine.

– Oh, yes. I found it. – He found the snack.

Are you ready?

Right now!

– Pull now? – Yes.

It’s moving.

– Thanks, William. – He did it.

That was perfect teamwork!

It tastes good.

Let’s save some.

We’ll eat this in the evening.


I’m hungry.

Then eat some vegetables. It’ll taste good with rice.

Baby, how about some ramyeon?

Baby, how about some ramyeon?

– Okay. – Ramyeon?



Why are these punks so quiet?

Sam must have had a good sleep.

Dad’s here!

The kids must be hungry.

He must be worried since the kids didn’t eat anything.

We must be quiet when we go out.

We can do this.

– We can do this. – We can do this.

They keep eating.

Dad must be sleeping.

Oh, no. I think they’ll get caught.

It’s making me nervous.

Two bags of ramyeon!

Two bags of ramyeon.

Two bags of ramyeon.

We don’t need to eat vegetables.

– He’s eating the uncooked ramyeon. – Is it tasty, Baby?


So he knows how to enjoy uncooked ramyeon.

What’s that?

It’s spicy salt.

What’s spicy salt?

Only big boys can eat this.

I want it too.

– You? – Yes.

William sure knows how to enjoy ramyeon.

– I want some. – Me too.

That sound is making me want it.

It’s not spicy.

Gosh, that looks so good.

What they say

What they say

What they say

What they say

What they say

There are a lot of things that are tastier than vegetables!

I’ll get stronger by the day!

They are so excited after eating ramyeon.

I’ll get stronger by the day!

– Oh, no. – Power!

Oh, no. The room must be a mess right now.

What are you guys doing? Why is it so noisy?




Dad, there are more things that are tastier than vegetables!

Dad, there are more things that are tastier than vegetables!

Eating uncooked ramyeon will give you tummy aches.

You should cook it. Give it here.

– I’ll cook it then. – No.

Give it here.

That’s the most delicious bite.

Gosh, what a mess.

You should open it after your dad leaves.

Don’t get caught.

You almost got caught.


– What a mess. – Gosh.

How are they going to clean this up?

– Hello? – Hello?

– It’s Mom. – Hey.

Gosh, it’s driving me crazy.

– Why? – He’s telling on them.

The kids refuse to eat vegetables.

They never really liked vegetables.

They were eating uncooked ramyeon…

in William’s room right now. Gosh.

– Really? – Yes.

That’s bad.

It’s still better than not eating at all though.

– What? – The noodles will bloat…

when it’s in the stomach anyway.

– She’s very optimistic. – Usually, dads are.

They should eat vegetables.

Eating uncooked ramyeon…

My husband is like Yoo Mi.


I’ll try to make them eat vegetables today, so let’s see.

All right. I hope you succeed. Good luck.


This is No Vegetables Zone.

An octopus is here.

What’s that sound?

I’m scared.

I’m scared!

I’ll go and check.


What’s that?

– Ouch. – That’s a toy car.

I hope it delivers these safely.

– Is that chocolate? – Let’s go.

Off you go.

He’s giving the kids chocolate now?

It’s chocolate!

Why is he giving in?

– Did he give up? – Could there be…

Inside the chocolate…

This is a cherry tomato.

– What is it? – It wasn’t chocolate.

Open it.

What is this?

This isn’t chocolate!

This isn’t chocolate either.

Is that chocolate?

No, this is a cherry tomato.

All of these are.

This is perfect. Okay. Nice.

This isn’t chocolate!

This isn’t chocolate!

Oh, no. It’s making them hate vegetables even more.


We can’t let him do this to us.

Let’s get our revenge on Dad.


You eat one.

Of course Will-Ben-avengers won’t sit still and watch.

What are they going to do with chocolate?

Are they taking revenge by eating a lot of chocolate?

Look. It’s clean.


Just the almonds?

What are they going to do with the almonds?

William, I’m done!

What do we do now?

What are they going to do with them?

Where are they sending it to?

Does he think they ate all the cherry tomatoes?

What’s this?

– Oh, no! – No!

They did take revenge.

It’s wet.

Why do you think it’s wet?

Wait a minute.

– It smells like chocolate. – Oh, no.


Did they give me the almonds they picked out?

That’s right.

I really won’t let you off anymore.

All right.

Do you think he ate it or not?

I bet he fell for it.

– Dad ate it, but you’re in trouble. – Let’s see what he’s doing.

He’s eating ice cream with soda.

Dad, what are you doing?

– Wait. That looks so delicious. – Wait.

– Wait. – Who wants this ice cream?


They’re vegetables disguised as snacks.


This isn’t melon-flavored.

This tastes different.

Yes, it is melon-flavored ice cream.

It’s not melon-flavored ice cream. It’s cucumber ice cream.

– It’s tasty. – It’s tasty?

It’s tasty.

– It’s tasty. – Right?

That’s good.

It’s tasty.

Ben, you’re a good boy.

You’ll grow really tall and become really strong.

This is a cucumber.

– It doesn’t work on William. – Have some cola then.

What is this?

This is just… What is this?

Drink it.

It’s an eggplant!

Dad, you got us.

Bentley had some.


What? Why are you following your brother?

You had your vegetables.

Thanks for the food.

I still made one of them…

eat vegetables.

So it’s not bad.

I need to work on William this time.

Shall we order some fried chicken?

Sure. Hello?

Could you deliver us some chicken?

This is William’s house.

Please bring us…

one fried chicken.

Bring us a lot!


What do we do with them?

This is dinosaur chicken.

Sam must be so upset.

Fried chicken tastes so good.

Will Sam’s plan work?


Dad, what is this?



– Yes, you’re right. – They’re sausages.

This is my favorite.

I know. That’s why I made them.

Sausages? Really?

Are you going to put the whole thing in your mouth?

He must be really hungry.

Right. He can’t stop eating.

– Want to know a secret? – Yes.

Do you know what’s inside this sausage?

– Chocolate? – Come on. There’s no chocolate…


“V” mite?

“V” mite? No.

What could it be?

What are they?

Really? Onion, mushroom, and bell pepper?

He ground the vegetables that William doesn’t eat…

and mixed them with pork.

If you make it that way, kids would love it.

I put vegetables in the sausage.

– Vegetables? – Vegetables?

Yes, vegetables.

– That’s impressive. – You’re lying.

No, I’m not.

But the sausage was good.

– Wasn’t it very good? – Exactly.

Vegetables are tasty.

You don’t have to eat a lot,

– but eat a little every day, okay? – Okay.

Raise your hand if you want some.

– Me. – Me.

Now, Will-Ben-avengers will love vegetables too!

Where’s Ha Young?

My goodness.

I’ll help you, Ha Young.

If you need help,

say, “Please help me.”

Please help me.

All right.

You should say thank you.

Thank you.

That’s right.

See you later.

Shall we play?

Go to the kitchen to drink some water?


Here’s some water.

He does everything for her.

You’re the best.

That startled me.

Ha Young!

This is amazing.


Look at the snow, Ha Young.

– Where? – Over there.

It’s snow.

While they were sleeping, the world turned white.

It turned into the world in “Frozen”.

Dad, let’s go outside to look at the snow.

It’s a snowman.

It’s snow.

– Dad. – Yes?

They look so cute.

Her face must be cold.

– Dad. – Yes.

The wind is strong.

– The wind is strong? – Yes.

I like the crunching sound when I step in the snow.

Ha Young…

Bring it on.

She’s cute.

Ha Young.

Bring it on.

Look at you.

– Kyung Wan. – Her dad…

Who’s that, Ha Young?

Ha Young, don’t let him fool you. No!


Okay, fine. Here’s my revenge.

– With this… – Are you taking my snowball?

My revenge.

Did he dodge it?

You dodged it.

He dodged it.

This is my chance.

Gosh, you dodged it.

Gosh, you dodged it.

You dodged it.

1, 2, 3.

– She’s so cute. – What?

I found something as big as Ha Young’s poop.

It’s as big as Ha Young’s poop.

I wish it were that big.

– Take this. – Ouch.

Ha Young’s poop is hard indeed.

Ha Young, here it is.

Nice throw, Ha Young.

Dad is so annoying.

Who threw that?

– She made a nice throw. – Really?


Was it really her? That hurt.

Here’s my revenge.

Here’s my revenge.


In that case,

here’s my revenge.

Here’s my revenge.

Good job.

– Here! – Good job.

His blaming Ha Young turned into a big snow fight.

Dad, can you open this?

You want it, Ha Young?

– Yes. – What?

Since you always eat snacks and beverages,

you can’t go to the bathroom.

Did you see the jelly that I was eating?

See? She’s talking about jelly again.

– Poop. – You can do it. Push.

Actually, Ha Young suffered a long time with constipation.

It’s done.

Let’s not eat any snacks at least today.

I want this.

Give this to your brother instead of having it.

But I want it.

– What? – There’s more over there.

Yes, there’s more.

I could even buy you more.

This will be your last snack today, okay?


You can’t have anymore.

– Okay. – Okay?

It won’t be easy.

Promise me that it’ll be your last one today.

Why is your index finger up?

I promised.

To promise… That’s right.


– Copy. – Copy.

– Copy. – Like this.

– This is your only snack today. – Okay.

It’s good.

Dad, thank you.

Do you know which comment we get the most…

– from our viewers? – What?

Many viewers shared ways…

to help Ha Young poop.

Right, people can relate to it.

Let’s hear them.

Let’s read this, Ha Young.

It’s a letter written to you.

The next letter is…

from Ms. Bae Jung Soo in Dongjak-gu.

She sent us a letter of two pages.

“Dear Do Kyung Wan and Jang Yun Jung,”

“I’m an old lady of 84 years.”

“I’m a huge fan of Yeon Woo and Ha Young.”

– She’s your and Ha Young’s fan. – Okay.

My gosh.

“I live alone, and I don’t get to laugh much.”

“I’m so happy because Yeon Woo and Ha Young make me laugh.”

“I like how considerate Yeon Woo is of his sister…”

“and how cute Ha Young acts. They’re adorable.”

Then, she goes straight to her main message.

“I’d like to tell you something to help Ha Young…”

“with her constipation.”

“Feed her a bit of kiwi.”

“Grind onions, pumpkin, carrots, and cabbage and make a thick juice.”

She said to grind them and have her drink the juice.

And water.

It’s a letter from Ms. Bae Jung Soo.

Our viewers even send us letters.

She wrote it with a lot of care. Thank you.

I’ll make some food that can treat Ha Young’s constipation.

It’s BCT juice.

– It’s effective for constipation. – Right.

This makes you poop easily.

So we will give Ha Young a new character so that she can…

have a different life.

Like what?

It’s called an alter-ego.

What do you think of when you see Ha Young?


Other than Pig-Rabbit.

Hoping that she’ll be a princess who can poop,

how about Princess Bowel Movement?

Princess Bowel Movement?

I’ll hide the snacks.

Dad, hide them well.

Of course.

Ha Young, you can’t have any jelly today.

– Okay. – All right?

– Don’t eat that. – Okay.

– Don’t look. He’ll hide it. – Don’t look.

– I’ll give you a hug. – Okay.

Where did you hide it?

I’ll give you a hug.

– My goodness. – That’s impressive.

Hide it now.


I already hid it, and you won’t be able to find it.

– I’ll make you some BCT juice. – Okay.

Oh, no.

Where did you hide the jelly?

Try to look.

I’ll approve if you find it.

I’ll approve if you find it.

Dad, she won’t ever find it.

She definitely won’t.

There’s no way that she will find it.

Gosh, where is it?

Where is it hiding?

I’ll approve if you find it.

It’s not here.

Dad, where did you hide it?

It’s hard, right?

– Dad, where did you hide it? – It’s hard, right?

Where did Dad hide it?

I don’t know.

I saw it,

– but I won’t tell you. – What?

I won’t tell you.

She felt something on her back.

– She found it. – You put it on my back.

Hey, you put it on my back.


You put it on my back.

It was my mistake.

I am sorry. Why was it on your back?

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

You hid it on my back.

Ha Young doesn’t disappoint.

Let’s play together.

Give it to me.

Give Ha Young the dinosaur.

– Me. – Since you are tired,

I will give you a massage.


Give me the jelly.

Play with the dinosaur.


Hurry up. Give me the jelly.

– Jelly. – You can’t have snacks today.


– Okay. – Okay?


It’s too hard for her.

I will blanch the cabbage.

It’s my ambitious recipe, BCT juice.

I will blanch the cabbage.

All the ingredients are a good source of dietary fiber.


Let’s go.

– Dad. – Yes?

Here. Here.

– What? – How did she find it?

– What? – Here is the jelly.

How did you take it off?

How did it happen?


There is a monster in here.

Catch it.

There is a dinosaur in here.

Let’s go.

– She found it. – Ha Young, you are incredible.


– Dad. – I got goosebumps.


Dad. Here.

It was on my back.

– Yeon Woo. – Yes?

Did you take it off for Ha Young?


He has no choice but to give it to her.

She found it for the second time.

Promise me that it’ll be your last one today.

I need to wait.

I need to wait.

Gosh, she changed.

Good job.

Ha Young, you are incredible.

I think it’s done.

The BCT juice is complete!

– Did you decorate it? – I decorated it.

You can have the jelly once you finish the juice.

It’s tasty.

Like this.

Where did you learn to stir it?

Drink it up.

– I already drank this much. – He is drinking well.

Yeon Woo, you changed so much after you turned eight.

– It’s tasty. – Is it tasty?

You get dark circles if you don’t poop.

It’s here.

It’s right here.

– It’s right here. – What?

– It’s right here. – What?

– It’s tasty. – I will eat jelly.

Is it tasty?

I will eat jelly.

No. You can’t eat it unless you finish the juice.

Drink it.

– I am done. – You need to finish it.

I am done.

I want to eat jelly.

Then I have a suggestion.

Here is the red jelly.

Where did it go?

It dropped. Hurry up and save it.

She needs to drink the juice to get the jelly.

You can’t miss the golden time.

I will protect the bear!

I saved it.

– Did you save it? – Yes.

It entered her mouth.

She drank it like bubble tea.

Yeon Woo, which position does Ha Young take when she poops?

– Is there someplace high? – Yes.

There you go.

There you go. There you go.

Look at his feet.

Look at his feet.

What happens here when you do that?

Crossing the legs closes the area.

Will poop come out or not?

– It won’t come out. – You should do this.

No, don’t do that.

You should do this.

– What? – You should do this.

– Is that the original pose? – Yes.

Is that the proper pose?

Hold on! That isn’t it!

That isn’t it?

Ha Young, how do you position your legs?

Hold on.

I will teach you.

No. Do it like this. Do it like this.

– I see. – The sole of her feet…

The detail is in the sole of the feet.

Do you go, “Poop”?


– Ha Young. – Poop.

Go on.

– Is that the right way to poop? – No.

It isn’t, right?

I will teach you the right way to poop.

Poop like this.

That’s the proper position.

In this position, the area is open. You can touch it and feel it.

Why would you touch it?

Or you could do this.

– Can you poop that way? – Yes.

It’s coming out!

I am afraid it will actually come out.

It will be interesting…

if it actually comes out.

Ding-dong. There you go. Sit down.

– That’s right. – You are doing well.

– You are doing well. – You are doing well.

If you push like that, the door will burst open.

The door opens

– A song goes like that. – That’s right.


The door is open.

It will be much easier than pooping with your legs crossed.

She isn’t used to the pose.

Open the door.

Did she get a signal?

This is bad.

I will push.

Dad, poop.


It came out.

It’s a success!

I pooped.

Oh, no!

Dad, I pooped.

Gosh, I am 100 percent sure.

You pooped a lot.

Not eating snacks paid off, right?


I hope you will continue to poop easily.

What else?

What is Yeon Woo doing in the room?

I wrote some incredible lyrics.


What’s Ha Young’s alter ego?

– It’s Princess Bowel Movement. – Princess Bowel Movement.

Do you want one?


– Do-TS? – Yes.

“In our house, there is a happy family.”

“Among the family members, Ha Young can’t poop easily.”

My goodness.

I can’t poop easily.

“My dad will raise 300 black goats. How funny!”

“My mom is a national singer.”

“I hope she will do better in 2022.”

“Clap, clap, clap.”

Why 2022?

It’s currently 2021.

That’s why. It needs to be next year.

You want her to do better next year?

What follows is the killer part.

In my next life

I will be a better family

Is there no hope in this life?

“In my next life…”

No, this life is good too.

I was just hoping for improvements.

Will you be able to go up on the Billboard charts?

Is this enough?

I will have to see.

Yeon Woo, shall we sing these lyrics to the melody of a BTS song?

– “Spring Day”. – Okay. “Spring Day”.

I am excited about this.

“Do Day”.

“Do Day”.

– “Do Day”. – “Do Day” for Do Yeon Woo.

“Do Day”.

Ready. Action!

Bang, bang, bang!

She looks serious.

In our house, there is a happy family

Among the family members,

– Ha Young can’t – Poop.

My dad said he will raise 300 black goats, laugh out loud

My mom is a national singer, in 2022

Give her a kiss!

I hope she will do better

I will give her a kiss too.

Clap, clap, clap

In my next life

I will be a better family

Let’s have fun

The lyrics captured his daily life.

I feel hot.

How would you like to live as Do-TS?

I think it would be fun.

I will look forward to Do-TS’s future endeavors.

It’s time for dinner.

Do you want to try it?

That’s meat, Yeon Woo.

It’s a tower of meat.

What is it?

Dad, I want to eat it.

You need to wait.

Since it’s big, it takes time.

You can see the steam, right?

– Can you eat well? – Yes.

Really? How much are you going to eat?

– I am going to eat a small amount. – A small amount? Why?

I am going to eat a big amount.

– You can’t. You can’t. – What?

– Why not? – Why not?

– I am so hungry. – You can’t eat a big amount.

– Why not? He wants a big amount. – I am so hungry.

Eat a small amount.

I am hungry.

– Eat a small amount. – I want to eat a lot.

– Eat a lot. – You can’t. You can’t.

– Why not? – You can’t.

– Why not? – I am hungry.

Eat a small amount.

A small amount?

It’s Jinju naengmyeon.

Jinju naengmyeon.

There is yukjeon on the Jinju naengmyeon.

Naengmyeon, naengmyeon.

– Naengmyeon. – I want to eat naengmyeon.

Please give me the egg in naengmyeon.

I want the egg.

The egg.

Yes! Egg!

– It looks delicious. – It looks delicious, right?

I want it too.


My goodness.



It looks delicious.

Ha Young, do you want some too?

I want to eat the egg.

There is no egg.

Is it tasty?


– Egg. – Ha Young wants the egg.

– Here is the fork. – It looks delicious.

Ha Young, do you want some soup?

– Soup? – No, it’s okay.

– Is it okay? Eat. – Yes.

By the way, watch me eat.


You can eat well.

Eat it like me.

– I will eat naengmyeon. – Like this.

Like this. Eat it like me.

– Dad, you ate well. – My goodness.

I didn’t think Ha Young would eat naengmyeon.

I know. It must be her first time eating naengmyeon.

Ha Young. Ha Young. You said you will eat a small amount.

– It’s the taste I imagined. – A small amount? Okay.

– Is it the taste you imagined? – This much?

I am going to eat a small amount.

That’s a small amount, right?

Oh, my goodness.

She is cute.

That’s a work of art.

She is incredible.

– Ha Young is eating with gusto. – It’s better to dip it.

That’s it.

It’s the best!

The meat dish is the highlight, right?

It looks so appetizing.

Oh, there is something inside.

There are bean sprouts.

– You can eat it now. – Really?

– Ha Young. – The highlight.

The highlight. Ha Young, watch me.

It looks delicious.

You shouldn’t eat that.

Ha Young, try this.

I bet it will make you clap.

She will be hooked after one bite.

This dish…

It’s tasty.

Here. Hold it and eat it.

I finished it! I finished it!

Children are the cutest when they eat with gusto.

They really are.

– All right. – Ha Young.

– Ha Young. – Yes?

Lift up your chin and smile in a cool way.

Smile in a cool way.

Smile in a cute way.

Laugh in a coy manner.

Why did we come outside?

Can you guess what this is?

– Rice snack. – Ha Young.

– What? – Fur snack.

– What? – Fur snack.

I will make you a special snack.

Ha Young went a whole day without snacks.

– What do you see in the sky? – Moon.

– Shall I give you a moon snack? – Yes.

Do you want the full moon or the half-moon?


– Half-moon? – Yes.

Ha Young, you won’t get much if it’s the half-moon.

Is he trying to eat by himself?

– Dad, I want to eat too. – Half-moon.


It was hard for her to go an entire day without a snack.

– Dad. – Yes?

You are busy.

I am busy? I am busy, right?

Snacks. Give me some snacks.

Give me some snacks.

Ask him for the full moon this time.

– Hurry up. – Ha Young.

Do you see the twinkling stars?

– Where? – They are so pretty.

There are stars.

Shall I get one for you?

– Yes. – Really?


It could take some time.

If I don’t come back, take good care of Ha Young.

– Okay. – 1, 2.

1, 2.

This is unbelievable.

Give it to me.

He captured it.

He is a dad who gets the stars from the sky.

– Did you pick it? – Yes, I did.

It’s a star snack.

Can you see the stars well?

– No. – You can’t see them well, right?

– Yes. – I will help you see them well.

– Really? – How?

1, 2, 3.


Look at the sky! Can you see the stars now?

– Yes! I can see them! – Right?

You can see them now the light is off, right?

He is like a magician.

Look at the sky. The stars are twinkling, right?

There is another one!

There is a really bright star over there.

That’s incredible.

What goes through your mind when you look at the stars?

– They are beautiful. – What?

– They are beautiful. – Do you find them beautiful?

You guys are my most beautiful stars.

It would feel amazing to stargaze with children.

I know.

Stars, bye.

– Stars, bye. – Let’s meet again.


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