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The Return of Superman Episode 377 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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The Return of Superman Episode 377 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

File: The Return of Superman Episode 377 (369)

Hello, viewers. The new year,
the year of the ox is here.

We hope everyone is happy…

and healthy in 2021.

Stay healthy.

Be happy.

Become rich.


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

– Bye.
– Bye.

Please show love and support for
The Return of Superman.


(The Return of Superman donated
protective materials…)

(to children fighting tumor and
incurable diseases.)

Here comes Hee Seong in hanbok.

Oh, my. Master Hee Seong is glowing.

He’s wearing hanbok to
celebrate the Lunar New Year.

I’m wearing hanbok.

(Pass the lively street…)

– He looks so cute.
– He looks good in hanbok.

(Who’s the second child
that’s showing off her beauty?)

Na On too?

I’m wearing hanbok.

I said I’m wearing hanbok.

Hanbok. I’m wearing hanbok.

I’m a queen.

Right. That’s what a queen wears.

You’re supposed to wear hanbok
for Lunar New Year.

Yours is like mine.

Bow to me now.

Happy New Year, Dad.

Happy New Year, Dad.

– Na On, now.
– Happy New Year, Dad.

All right, thanks.

How about we call Uncle and
wish him a happy new year?

You’ll see who I’m talking about.

– What?
– Uncle?

Who could that be?



(The tone already makes them


It’s him!

Uncle Jong Suk.


It’s Uncle Jong Suk. Uncle.


He was discharged from
his military service last month.

Hey, Jong Suk.

They first met 10 years ago…

while shooting for “Secret Garden.”

(Stop playing hard-to-get.)

Why are you doing that?

(Whenever they met, they bickered.)

I hate your kind.

(Let me carry you.)

(Their chemistry was greatly loved.)

They met again after three years.

(Oh, you are…)

(We meet again.)

(They stayed close after meeting
again on another drama.)

That’s how they became close.



You haven’t put on any weight.

You’re just the same, Jong Suk.

Jong Suk.

This is Na Gyeom.


(She’s so cute.)

– Oh, my. Look at his smile.
– Na Gyeom is seven now,

so she gets shy when she sees
someone handsome.

Uncle Jong Suk came to our house.
You saw him too, right?

Na Gyeom met him when she was
one year old.

– I’m wearing hanbok.
– Here.

Now that he’s been discharged
and the new year has come,

so wish him a happy new year.

– Now…
– Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Well done.

This is my first time getting
bowed at.


You should bless them in return.

– Hee Seong.
– Yes?

Na On.

Happy New Year to you too.
Stay healthy.

You’re seven now, Na Gyeom?

You’ll soon be going to school.

I hope you get to see your friends
in the coming year.

Let’s meet up soon.

– Okay, Uncle Jong Suk.
– Okay, Uncle Jong Suk.

Visit us next time.

– Okay.
– Please come sometime.

– Oh, my.
– Why would you hang up?

– I haven’t said anything yet!
– Why did he hang up?

Jong Seong… I mean, Hee Seong.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to
Uncle Jong Suk.

(He can visit us in the future.)

Right. Please visit us someday.

The Return of Superman Episode 369.

“We Hope You Shine This Year
As Well.”

Open your mouth.

In the order of their seating.

– Right, since there are three.
– Good girl.

I want some too.

I’m going to eat some as well.


(He leans forward to get it.)

Me too.




Why are you only giving it to
Hee Seong and Na Gyeom?

I’m giving it to you now.

(Here you go, Na On.)

It’s so ripe.

What about me, Dad?

Is it good?

He’s busy feeding the three of them
in turns.

(Hee Seong opens his mouth too.)

You gave it to her.

Bad Daddy.


– “Bad”.
– “Bad”.

(It’s really my turn now.)

– “Bad”.
– Gosh.

– They are like baby birds.
– Yes.

Whose turn is it?

– Me!
– Me!

(They raise their hands
at the same time.)

– It’s Na On’s turn.
– No.

– It’s Na On’s turn.
– No.

(Na Gyeom is disappointed.)

But I’m older than her.

Age has nothing to do with that.
It was her turn.

– I want to eat too. Give me.
– I have a lot here.

(Wait. There are
a lot of persimmons.)

Give me that.

(They had two bites
including Na On.)

Starting now, those who can answer
my questions correctly can eat it.

– That’s a great idea.
– Okay?

All right. It’s…

something white.


This falls from the sky.

(Do you know what it is?)

(White? From the sky?)

– What could it be?
– I think I know.

– Snow.
– That’s correct.

(Na On is correct.)

Anyone who gets the right answer
will get a spoonful like this.

(A spoonful of persimmon
gives them mixed feelings.)

– What about me?
– All right.

– You must get this right.
– Okay.

Here’s your question.

With this, you can buy everything.

– Everything?
– Money.


(Their passion for the persimmons
becomes heated.)

That’s correct.


This is her second bite.
What about you, Hee Seong?

(I want to eat some too.)

Dad, why won’t you call on me
quickly? Don’t let her answer it.

– Dad, give me one.
– No.

I’ll go down.

Fine. Go down.


(I really want to eat it.)

The one who gets it right
will get to eat it. This is white.


We wash it like this and eat it.

What is it? You wash it? What is it?

(And we eat that?)

(I give up.)

What do we eat for our meal?

A grain of rice! Cooked rice!

It’s not plain rice.


– That’s correct!
– Wait. That was her third one.

– It’s three in a row for Na On.
– That’s correct!

Gosh, Na Gyeom is disappointed.

This is…

(Is Na Gyeom upset?)

I have a bad feeling about this.

You use this to wipe something.

– He tailored it for Na Gyeom.
– To clean something.

And this is white too.

(This question is for you.)

It’s in the bathroom.

You use it like this.

Na Gyeom, your mom rubs it
on your face and it makes bubbles.

It’s white. You’ll find it
in the bathroom.


– Gosh. Come on.
– Soap.

Na On is good at quizzes.

She’s the best at it.
And she’s quick too.

Oh, no.

All right. Na Gyeom, go ahead.

Na Gyeom, tell me.


Na On said it first.

Will you let Na On have this?

She was the first one
to get it right, after all.

Soap was correct, Na On!

(Na On gets
the last question as well.)


The mood turned sour.

(Shaking her head)

I won’t eat it.

Sang Hyun, you have to change
the mood. You have to.

Na Gyeom, I prepared another game.

(Another game?)

(Her mouth twitches.)

All right. Na Gyeom, throw it.

– Okay.
– Gosh.

(He prepared the game
of pitch-pot for Na Gyeom.)

(Making big reactions)

Me too.

Na On, can you move?
Na Gyeom is pitching.

Move away from it.
Na Gyeom is playing now.

(Feel better.)

(She gets it in
with her dad’s help.)

– Yes. You got it in!
– He’s totally…

– focused on Na Gyeom.
– That’s right.

– He’s making big reactions.
– You got it in.

(Happily high-fiving)

(She’s the happiest.)

She feels better now.

Are things peaceful at home now?

You’re good. Practice helped.

All right. Hee Seong, take that.

What is it, Na On?

(Na On wants to play with her dad.)

– Dad, I got it.
– See? Your sister is so good.

Na Gyeom is good at that.

– I got it.
– Hey.

Now, he’s only focused on Na Gyeom.

– He can’t multitask.
– This is hard.

Hold on. He has to take care
of all three of them.

(I can’t believe
he’s not playing with me.)

Go ahead, Na Gyeom.

(She heads up to
the staircase alone.)

– Na On.
– You’re good now.

Na On, where are you going?

(How come he has other children
to take care of?)

Na On loves her dad so much.


She even promised to marry her dad.

(He’s supposed to be only Na On’s.)

(You always adored me.)

(You told me that
you loved me this much.)

(You told me that
you loved me this much.)

(You promised to marry me.)

(You promised to marry me.)

(Since when did you stop loving me?)

That’s right. You’re good, Na Gyeom.

(They are in the same house
but feel two different atmospheres.)

(I’m not going to give up just yet.)

(She returns to the living room
with determination.)

– I got it.
– What?

Dad, I want to wear a pretty outfit.

Wear a skirt. Okay?

Or do you want to wear
Snow White’s dress?

That’s not what she wants,
Sang Hyun.

Which skirt she wears
isn’t important right now.

Na On. What is it?

– Na On, are you…
– Yes?

in a bad mood now?

– Yes.
– Why?

– You…
– Yes.

She feels sad.

(He quietly waits for Na On
to tell him how she feels.)

Dad, you love me, right?

Dad, you love me, right?


Then, I’m okay.

– My gosh.
– Goodness.

(With love from her dad,
she feels happy once again.)

(Feeling glum again)

Sisters have
these subtle emotional conflicts.

Dad. I’ll bring a book!

(Na Gyeom is in a hurry.)

– Let’s read this one. Okay.
– This one?

(Let me see.)

(I’m wearing glasses,
but why can’t I see them?)


(Dad, why aren’t you reading
the book?)

Wait. He still can’t see
with the glasses on?

Oh, no. I guess
he can’t see clearly.

“Bonnie’s toys were busy
preparing for the play.”

“Rex breathed deeply…”

“and made the biggest cry.”

“Sorry, but you can’t be the king
of the jungle with that cry.”

Na On came back
after putting on a pretty outfit.

Na On, you’re here.

– Sit here, Na On.
– I’m here.

I’ll read the book
from the other side of the table.

(She follows her dad.)

They want to sit next to their dad.

What are you doing, girls?

All right.

(Na Na Sisters
sit next to Sang Hyun.)

– Do you like your dad that much?
– Seriously.

But he must be happy.

– They love him.
– Right.

“That’s when a big dinosaur,
T-rex, showed up.”


“He roared wildly.”

“Gosh, T-rex.”

(Look at me, Dad.)

how does a T-rex cry?

(Imitating a dinosaur)

They are so cute.

(They start fighting
over his affection again.)

– Oh, my.
– My goodness.

They need something to bond over.

Do you want to hear
an old horror story?

Yes, with the lights on.

Once upon a time,

there were two girls
named Na Gyeom and Na On.

But when they woke up,

they both lost one shoe each.

– Just one shoe?
– Yes.

But do you know who took the shoes?

Who did?

(Holding his hand tightly)

(Dad, I’m scared.)

The Shoe Ghost came,

put on their shoes, and left.

The Ghost left?


Let’s go.

(A sense of anxiety overwhelms her.)

(Na Na Sisters head to the door
as they feel nervous.)

(Like the story,
their shoes are missing.)

What? My shoe. My shoe…

– They are really gone.
– Oh, no.

What happened to my shoe?

– I mean…
– Each of your shoes is gone?

(My shoe is gone too.)

And the owner of the missing shoe…

will face scary incidents
for a year.

– Scary incidents?
– Yes.

You didn’t find your shoe?

Na Gyeom, I…
Someone is calling me.

– You’re leaving now?
– I…

– A director is calling me.
– A director?

I’ll go and answer it.


(Then, what about our shoes?)

Hello. Yes.

I’ve been taking a break lately.

I don’t think I can join you
for the next project.

I’ve been spending time
with my kids.

(What is the Yoon Trio doing now?)

They are playing by themselves.

(Na On is playing
with her stickers by herself.)

(And Hee Seong is
gobbling up strawberries.)

(Na Gyeom is looking for her shoe.)

(Eerie sound)

– What’s that sound?
– What?

Is that the Shoe Ghost?

My gosh. Oh, no.

(What is this sound?)


(Everyone stops upon hearing
the mysterious sound.)

Are you Na Gyeom?

(Their dad hid in the tent
on the 2nd floor.)

His acting is too good.

He wanted his children
to come together,

so he came up with this little skit.

– He’s so meticulous.
– Are you Na Gyeom?

(Watching them through the cameras)

(I’m Na Gyeom. Who are you?)

– Na Gyeom.
– They were scattered around…

the room before, but now,
they gathered together.

One of your shoes went missing
at the front door, right?

(How does he know that?)


If you tell me
what you’ve done wrong,

I will forgive you
for everything you did.

And I will give back the shoe.

– I will forgive you.
– Are you scared, rabbit?

And I will give back the shoe.

Hee Seong is
taking care of the rabbit.

(We’ll be okay, right?)

Go ahead, Na Gyeom.

I can’t think of one right now.

You can’t think of one now?

My siblings…

I’m sorry.

(Tearing up)

(As she thinks about her siblings,)

(she cries.)

Be nice to your siblings.


Listen to your mother.

– Okay.
– Okay.

Na On, tell me
what you have done wrong.

I hit Hee Seong.

That’s what I did wrong.

She’s serious.

And what else?

And I also hit my sister
which was wrong.

(My goodness, Na On.)

Is there anything
you would like to tell your parents?


I love my parents.

You love them.

(I love my parents.)

You’re a very nice daughter.

Na On, who do you like more?
Your mom or your dad?



(Holding back his smile)

– I see.
– Yes.

Why do you like your dad more?

I like my dad because
I’m going to marry my dad.

Na Gyeom, what about you?
Who do you like more?

My dad.

– Your dad?
– Gosh.

Their mom will be so sad
once she hears this.

Why do you like your dad more?

My dad bought me stickers.

(About to laugh)

Stickers. I see.
Your dad bought you stickers?

– Yes.
– He’s a great dad.

Hee Seong, who do you like more?


(You too?)

Gosh, all of them chose their dad.

I’m so jealous.

You cannot tell your parents…

that I was here.

– Okay.
– Then, I’m leaving now.


– Bye.
– Bye.


– Bye.
– Bye.

– Bye.
– Bye.


(He makes his own
believable disappearing sounds.)


– That was fun.
– What?

(Nothing can get past him.)

That’s why they all chose their dad.

They knew that their dad
was asking them.

Na Gyeom.


Dad left.

– They all knew.
– He left?

(That wasn’t Dad.
That was the Shoe Ghost.)

I’ll call you next week
when I’m available.

– My gosh, Sang Hyun.
– Okay. See you next time.

– Good. That was smooth.
– Bye.

Did anyone come?

I wonder
if they’ll really keep it a secret.

(You can’t tell him, Na Gyeom.)

I heard an old man talking.

– No.
– No?

– No.
– Dad, I’m hungry.

– The food is coming.
– Okay.


(They are having fried chicken
for dinner.)

– That’s an old-style fried chicken.
– Right.

Fried chicken?

(Chicken, chicken is the best)

(Chicken is the best)

I’ll debone it for you.

(Na Gyeom gets
the chicken leg first.)

Give me more chicken.

You too, Hee Seong.
Eat the chicken leg.

That’s the fried chicken
all dads bought on their way home.


It’s tasty when you gnaw on the leg.

– That looks delicious.
– I remember that.

Dad, is there more cheek meat?

No, we ate it all.

(Take mine.)

Na Gyeom gave up hers for Na On.

They are back to
being nice to each other.

(After giving her the meat,
she has a sip of water.)

What is it?


What’s wrong, Na Gyeom?

(It’s just water.
What’s wrong with her?)


– Gosh.
– She’s so cute.

Hee Seong, drink some water.

It’s water, but it tastes weird.

It doesn’t taste weird.

– This is sparkling water.
– I want more.

Dad, the water bubbles a lot.

I keep tasting something weird.

– Doesn’t it pop in your mouth?
– It’s your first time.


So cute.


(She knows how to drink
sparkling water.)

It’s weird.

(I want a refill.)

– This is sparkling water.
– I want more.

I guess he finds
that feeling interesting.

(For some reason, I’m fascinated.)

What is Ha Yeon,
our Morning Angel doing?

She’s playing with her pacifier
this morning.

(Good morning.)

Is she sleeping?

(No, she’s sleeping
with her eyes open.)

I see. She was sleeping.

(Tossing and turning)

She’s so pretty.

Gosh, she woke up.


Gosh, stretch.

(This time, she’s really up.
Good morning.)

Look at her cheeks.


Ha Yeon.

Her brother is here.

Ha Yeon.

– Princess.
– Princess.

Do you want to go
to the living room?

You don’t want to?

You don’t want to
go to the living room?

– She wants him to lie down.
– I’ll lie down here.

(Laying his head on the pillow)

(Stay here.)

I’ll go to the living room.

(I’m leaving.)

“Don’t go.”

– No. She wants you to stay there.
– “No.”

I’ll ask Dad.

(No, don’t go! Stay here with me!)

– Gosh. He came back.
– He’s so sweet.

You don’t want me to go?

I’ll go.

She’s waving her hands. “Come here.”

(Ha Yeon gets up.)


She can stand up all by herself now.

Should I find the song,
“Twinkle Twinkle”?

– Yes.
– Okay.

Yes, that’s what she wanted.

He understood her.

(She sits down
after standing up for 10 seconds.)

(I brought the audiobook.)

I’ll find the song for you.

– Okay.
– Gosh.


(Playing the song)

(What? This isn’t the song.)

That’s not the song.

– She pulled it.
– She knew it right away.

(That’s not the song!)

(You’re frustrating!)

(Is this the one?)

Is it that one?

– That’s the one.
– Yes.

(Yes, this is the one.
Twinkle, twinkle.)

Twinkle, twinkle.

(He plays the right song.)

– Should we go to the living room?
– Yes.

– Gosh.
– She’s so cute.



Gosh, she can call for her mom now.

– Ha Jun.
– Yes?

– Did you sleep well?
– So cute.

Should we go and wake up Dad?

Is Dad up?

(Ha Yeon finally comes out
to the living room.)

(Give me back my pacifier!)

(Should I give it to you or not?)

(Don’t play with me.)

– She’s so cute with the pacifier.
– She’s so cute.

– Ha Jun.
– Yes?

– My daughter still has one too.
– She does?

(Dad must be up.)

– Slow down.
– Gosh. She’s walking.

(I can walk now!)

– Goodness.
– Gosh.

– Slow down.
– She grew up so much!

(She crawled for the 1st time
when she was 7 months old.)

– She’s growing up every day.
– Clap!

– Ha Yeon is growing up well.
– Gosh.

You can walk so well now.

At last, Ha Yeon…

– started to walk.
– Good girl.

This is so moving!

Ha Yeon, the best baby.

(She walks to her dad.)

Come here.

Come to Dad now!

(I’ll go if you ask me to come.)

You walked all that,
so you could see your dad.

(Park Ha Siblings have gotten
more dynamic.)

(Good job, Ha Yeon.)

(The dad happily wakes up
in his long johns.)

Gosh, Hyun Bin.

(Let me go with you!)


Did you sleep well?

That’s how he looks at home.

(Ha Yeon who just woke up
has disheveled hair.)

Today will be full of energy.

She has a side ponytail.

(That squeeze completely
wakes her up.)

Go and play with your brother.

(Fruit toys)

– Give me some yummy food.
– Go give it to your dad.


You got two?

(She picks up two pieces of fruit.)

– Ha Yeon.
– Gosh.

Thank you.

– She can communicate.
– Good job.

Thank you.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

– You’re welcome.
– Ha Yeon.

– Yes.
– Ha Yeon,

listen to me carefully.

Please give this…

to your mom.

(She accepts the mission.)

– Give it to your mom.
– Let’s see.


Give it to me.

My goodness.

– Success.
– Thank you.

Have some, Ha Yeon.

– Her dad…
– My gosh.

(Ha Yeon’s legs got weak.)

(Didn’t I grow a lot?)

– Whatever she does, she’s cute.
– She’s so cute.

Ha Yeon, where’s your diaper?


That’s a high difficulty level.

(Looking around)

– Her diaper mission.
– Where is it?

Bring your diaper, please.

(She’s still not used to walking.)

(She’s still not used to walking.)

– Where is it?
– Do you want to hold my hand?


(She pulls back her hands.)

She wants to do it alone.
She can do it.

Where is it?

– Walking is so much fun.
– Where could it be?


Where is it?

– Where?
– Where could it be?

Ha Yeon is looking for it.

Ha Yeon, bring your diaper, please.

Where’s the diaper?

She found it.

Bring your diaper. Good girl.

Good job.

Why do you walk sideways?

(I have to go to mom.)

Come forward.

(Towards her dad)

(She changes her direction
by falling.)

She fell down…

– to change her direction.
– Good girl.

Good girl.

(She clears her diaper mission.)


Shall we change it?


Ha Yeon will change her diaper.

Hi, there you are.

Ha Yeon!

– Ha Yeon!
– She’s refreshed.

– Want to play with your brother?
– Yes.

Come here, Ha Yeon.

Good girl.

– Mommy, get ready.
– Okay.

(I love being in dad’s arms.)

I’ll give you some snacks. Wait.

– Cheese?
– No.


– Rice snacks?
– Yes.

Yes, very good.

I want some too.

(She claps automatically.)

Are we going to play with dad today?

– Of course.
– Okay.

(She grabs and puts it
in her mouth.)

Can I get some water?

You want water?

– Do you want it, Ha Yeon?
– Yes.


She’s so clear.

(Here’s something to drink.)

(Her eyes sparkle
as soon as she sees it.)

– Okay.
– They’re exchanging.

Do you want this?

(She prefers milk over rice snacks.)

Ha Yeon.

Sit down so that you don’t spill it.


(I like milk.)

(As soon as her dad leaves)

What will she do?

When her dad looked away…



Did you spill it?

Good job.

(After making a mess,
Ha Yeon is still proud.)

Use this to wipe as you drink.


My goodness.

Look at how she obeys her dad.

I understand everything
that you say.

(It’s me who understands you.)

(Smart Ha Yeon in the Park family)

She’s so smart.

– I’ll make breakfast.
– Okay.

(Give me food now!)

I’ll make you pineapple fried rice.

– Pineapple fried rice?
– Yes.

(He starts cooking.)

It’s good with the juice.


That looks good.

– It’s simple to make. It’s nice…
– Here comes next.

because children like it.

(How does it taste?)

(It’s good!)

– Is it good?
– Yes.

Ha Yeon, let’s eat.

– It looks pretty.
– It’s so beautiful.

(Please have some.)

– Do I eat it out of the plate?
– Food!


– You eat it out of here.
– Here?

Is it food at the beach?


(Yes! Give it to me now.)

Ha Yeon is now old enough to eat
the same food as Ha Jun.


(Will Ha Yeon enjoy it?)

How could it taste so good?

– Will Ha Yeon eat it?
– Right.

(Right into her mouth)

It’s food for children.

(What kind of food is it?)

Blow on it to cool it down.

(I’ll chew it for now.)


Try it.

(Ha Jun also tries a bite.)

(His heart is pounding.)

– It’s good.
– Isn’t it?

– Isn’t it?
– Dad’s food is the best.

(Give me some more.)

– Look how she’s enjoying it.
– She is enjoying it.

She seems to like it.

Is it good, Ha Yeon?

Ha Yeon can’t eat it by herself.

– Good girl.
– Dad, you should sit down.

– Take that chair.
– I’ll bring you water.

Ha Yeon, do you want some water?

Say please.

Act cute.

Peekaboo. Wink.

– I love you.
– He wanted to see that.

(Everything included
in 4 combinations)

– Goodness.
– Give her some water already.

My gosh.

(She’s doing “got you” by herself.)

(Here’s your water, Ha Yeon.)


It looks good.

– She’s doing it alone.
– She’s eating by herself.

(Children’s food made her
realize how to use a spoon.)

– You’re eating with gusto.
– Their dad is proud.

How can she eat
when she’s only three?

Right, she can eat on her own.

(Ha Yeon does it her way.)

– I’m so proud of her.
– Good job.

Is it good, Ha Yeon?


How can she eat rice already?

Is it good?

She’s good. She’s enjoying it.

She’s really enjoying it.

(He notices something.)

– She can eat.
– Let me see…

how many teeth you have.

– Open up.
– Let’s see.

(She sticks her tongue out.)

Let me see the bottom. Say “E”.

She’s only showing her tongue.

“I won’t show them to you.”

She’s cute.

– She’s not showing her teeth.
– No.

She’s secretive.

(How can I see her teeth?)

– Ha Yeon.
– Yes?

Smile again.

(He checks her teeth.)

She has only a few.

(Dad Park’s plan is successful.)

(Why is he laughing?)

(Clearly, she has 4 front teeth.)

Look at Ha Yeon.

(Hide my teeth.)

“I should have kept them hidden.”

(Did you see them all?)

She got caught.

(Thanks to her front teeth,
she can eat better.)

Is it tasty, Ha Yeon?

She’s so cute.

– Look at how she eats.
– Right.

– She grew a lot.
– She’s eating on her own.

She can also drink water.

(It’s really good.)

(After the meal,)

(it’s time for dessert.)

Her side ponytail changed
into Pippi’s.

(She turned into a tomato girl.)

(Dad Park looks at it carefully.)

– Ha Jun.
– Yes?

You have to prepare…

to go to kindergarten.


Ha Jun has to go
to kindergarten now.

– Shall we prepare?
– Okay.

We have to put your name
on your belongings.

– Really?
– At kindergarten,

there will be a lot of friends.


Your belongings can get mixed
with theirs.


They shouldn’t get mixed.

That’s why we’ll put your name.

(One on his sketchbook)

– Here’s your name on it.
– Yes.

– He explains to Ha Jun so calmly.
– You’re doing well.

– How about here?
– It’s very visible.

He’s a good dad.

(Ha Yeon is also Ha Jun’s.)

Does Ha Yeon belong to Ha Jun?

– Ha Jun.
– Yes?

Let’s take a photo for your ID.

– What?
– He needs a photo for his ID.

You can take photos for ID at home.

Please wait.

(I want to take photos too.)

Please sit down.


– I’ll make a nice photo of you.
– Okay.

Ha Yeon, please wait.

(He takes his son’s photo
for his ID.)

Look at me and smile.



(He takes a photo
in black and white.)

1, 2, 3.



(He takes a photo in color.)

I’ll show you.

– Look at this.
– You’re right.

(He’s old enough to go to school.
Let’s be friends.)

– That looks good.
– Photos come out well.

I’ll pick out your photo.

It’s a photo for your ID.

This one’s good too.

(After putting a lot of thought)

Which will he pick?

– Let’s use this for your ID.
– Okay.

– Okay?
– Okay.

(When will you take a photo of me?)

Sit down and wait.

Ha Yeon, wait.
Sit on my lap, Ha Jun.

Please sit down.

Please sit down.

– Ha Yeon.
– Gosh, it isn’t easy.

You want to take a photo there?

How can we make her stay still?

(He clicks the camera.)

She always moves.

Okay. 1, 2, 3.

(Quantity trumps quality.)

That looks good.

(Mellow, action,
historical drama, and noir)

– Aren’t these nice?
– Yes.

(This is it!)

– Look at this.
– This.

She picked one.

– I want to look.
– What?

(Thank you for taking photos of me.)

– I’m going to the bathroom.
– Okay.


(Dad Park is on the toilet.)

– Ha Jun.
– What?

– Bring me some toilet paper.
– Is he doing it for real?

There’s no toilet paper.

– Really?
– Yes.

I’m in the master bedroom’s

This is it.

(He brings the toilet paper
from the living room restroom.)

My goodness.

(He runs over to his dad!)

Toilet paper.

– What good will that do?
– Here you go.

Toilet paper.
Did you only bring that much?

– Yes.
– Thank you.

What is this?

Is this poop?

What is that?

(My goodness.)

What is going on?



It’s poop.

– Come on. Get out.
– Hyun Bin is so mischievous.


The two of them are so funny.

– What is it?
– It’s poop.

Isn’t it poop?

Is it poop?

What is it?

It’s poop!

He surprised me for a second.

Ha Jun can run errands well now.
I am so proud of him.

Since Ha Jun is bored
from being stuck at home…

these days,

I decided to pull pranks…

that are popular on social media.

I should pull that prank too.

– Ha Yeon.
– Yes?

(My goodness.)

(Why did he call me?)

Please bring me toilet paper.
Toilet paper.

– Okay.
– Please bring me toilet paper.


(Will the mission be
a success or a failure?)

(She pulls out tissue paper!)

I am so proud of her.

(Here I come.)

I pooped.
Please bring me toilet paper.

Thank you.


(The event begins.)

Look at her facial expression.
She knows what it means.



(Ha Yeon is completely fooled.)

(Dad put poop on my hand!)

– What is it?
– Poop.

– What is it?
– Poop.

– What is it?
– Poop.

– Poop.
– Poop.

I will wipe it off.
Did something get on your hand?


Gosh, what is wrong with him?

Look at her face.

(Ha Yeon is so cute.)

Is it poop?

Will you come in?

– Will you come in?
– She wants to wash her hands.

Should I wipe it off?

Should I wipe it off? It dropped!

– Stop it.
– Gosh!

It dropped.

All right. I will wipe it off.

– My goodness.
– Come here. Come here.

What is that?


She said it’s poop.

– There you go.
– Poop.

I wiped your hand.

It’s okay. It’s clean.

– He is so mischievous.
– Come here.

Did you poop? Come here.

– Really?
– Did you poop?

Hold it.

You pooped for real.

“Take my poop.”

It was funny, right?

Did you have fun?

I will pull that prank.

Dads are ridiculous.

Why are you laughing?
What are you eating?

Do you want to go
to the restroom again?

– Gosh.
– That was funny.

Jin Woo, where are you going?


(He can climb the sofa with ease.)

(My goodness.)


Kids grow up so fast.

(My goodness.)

“That was exhausting.”

Can you check for me
where Elyseen is?

I am scared that he is on the sofa.

Mom knows everything.

Mama. Mama.

Hi, Elyseen.



You should have closed the door.
It’s really dangerous.

Come here. No. Stop, stop.

– He got caught.
– Out. Out.

He exits the room in his mom’s arms.

– Dad.
– It’s the dad pillow.






He is happy. He is happy to see Dad.


I don’t see Joo Ho.

I am trying to start anew.

I moved to Suwon FC.

My family will live in Ulsan.

I will see my family whenever I can.

We plan to move later.

We are building a house in Hanam.

It will happen sometime in summer.
Until then,

I will be away from my family.

– Dad.
– Gosh,

Anna will be very busy.

Dad, I love you.



– I will make your cake.
– You will make my cake?

She is making a cake.

– There is nothing she can’t do.
– Right.


Why? It still hurts?

It still kind of hurts.

Mom, don’t touch it.

And just don’t lick it.

Just don’t move. Don’t touch it.

– Yes, Mama.
– “Yes, Mama.”

All right.

What kind of cupcakes
are we going to make?

Aciel, come here.
Come here and help me.

Let’s make cupcakes!

Aciel, you have to also do
Eden’s, okay?

– Eden’s?
– Yes. That’s Eden’s.

(He listens to his sister.)

A homemade cake would be delicious.

– Thank you, baby.
– Aciel, clean it.


(Running over)

(Gun Hoo helps with everything.)

Mom, who is going to visit us?

Is Uncle Kwang Hee coming
to visit us?

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s Uncle Kwang Hee!

I don’t know. Why do you think
Kwang Hee is coming?

Why do you think
Kwang Hee is coming?

Because I like him.


we always saw each other.

You always see him,

so you think he is coming again?

– Hello.
– He is here.

It has been a while.
You came to see me.

It’s good to see you.

I came a long way,

but no one is welcoming me.

I brought a guest.

He is a passionate man.

Although he is younger than me,
he debuted before I did.

– Who is it?
– Hey!


It’s Minho of SHINee.

The fiery and charismatic Minho.

Hello. Hello.

– Minho.
– Kwang Hee,

you are still very handsome.

(He was Si An’s uncle.)

For the fifth anniversary,
he went to Mount Paektu with Si An.

– That’s right.
– Hello.

(Park Joo Ho’s younger friend,
Minho of SHINee)


(Is someone here?)

Who’s there? Who’s there?




(- I am scared.
– He isn’t Dad.)


I am Prince Unicorn.

This is my horse.

Horse, enter.

(What is that?)

Come in.

Can we go in?

Jin Woo doesn’t want him
to open the door.

– Hello.
– Hello.

The horse is taking off its shoes.

Gosh, are you scared?

Come in, horse.

Kwang Hee is working hard,
but no one is looking at him.

Na Eun, what do you think
of the unicorn?

– It’s pretty.
– Is it pretty?

(I like this horse.)

Na Eun, pat the horse.

Like this.

– I want to ride the unicorn.
– Do you want to ride it?

Hold on.

– He is so kind.
– Come here, Na Eun.

I will give you a ride.

– 1, 2, 3.
– My goodness.

– Grab the front. There you go.
– They are…

the Unicorn Prince and Princess.

(Na Eun and Uncle Minho
are having fun.)

The horse is trying hard too.

I colored it.


You colored it nicely.

This unicorn also has
a pink ribbon.

Really? This one has it too.
Look at this, Na Eun.

– I have a big one.
– Look at Minho.

– Do you have a big one?
– He is so well-mannered.

– But…
– Seriously.

– She is looking at him so sweetly.
– 10 years old?

You’re 10 years old?

(Jin Woo focuses as well.)

(She shows him a sticker photo
she took with her dad.)

It’s Joo Ho.

Children love Minho.

(It’s like a beautiful scene
from a movie.)

(Kwang Hee the horse approaches
Jin Woo.)

The horse.



Jin Woo, are you scared?

– Kwang Hee is trying hard, but…
– My goodness.

I am your dad’s close friend,

Uncle Minho.


It’s nice to meet you.

Na Eun is shy.

– Hello.
– Hello.

I am Uncle Minho.

Who do you think is the horse?

Uncle Kwang Hee.

Uncle Kwang Hee.

Uncle Kwang Hee?
Why do you think that?

I can see his face.

Can you see his face?

– I see.
– She can see his face.

Prince, make me a person.

I will appear in a dramatic way.

(He will appear in a dramatic way.)

(As he makes a sound,
he appears in a cool way.)

– Hello, everyone.
– That wasn’t very dramatic.

– Uncle.
– Have you been well?


Where will we eat?

– Here.
– Will we eat here?

Gun Hoo is excited.

– Thank you for the food.
– Gun Hoo made it.

– Thank you for the food.
– Thank you for the food.

– Gun Hoo is eating with gusto.
– The last one is Mom’s.

(Jin Woo sits with them.)


– I…
– It’s your first time seeing him?

– I have been there.
– How is it seeing him?

(Could it be…)

(that you want this snack?)

Is he giving it to Uncle?

Gosh, he is so nice.

He likes Minho.

(Jin Woo gives him
his favorite snack.)

I can’t believe it.

Kwang Hee is jealous.

(Uncle is eating well.)

(Here is another bite.)

(What is with Jin Woo?)

Look at that. He is looking at him
with loving eyes.

– He keeps giving him food.
– He keeps giving him food.

– Thank you.
– He keeps giving him food.

My goodness.

He loves Minho so much.

(He is feeding Minho
with his small hands.)

(Open wide.)

Kwang Hee.

– I guess Jin Woo wants to feed you.
– He’s jealous.

He has never done that for me.

It’s because Jin Woo saw him
for the first time.

He didn’t do that when he saw me
for the first time.


Jin Woo got annoyed with me.

You know,

it can’t be helped.
That uncle came for the first time.

He came only once.

I should also have come only once?

– Thank you.
– I shouldn’t come anymore?

I have never seen him do that.

(Uncle Kwang Hee is upset,
but Jin Woo keeps feeding him.)

Jin Woo is practically giving away
his entire fortune.

– It’s his favorite snack.
– Really? Is it his favorite snack?

(He sticks to Uncle Minho.)

My goodness.

Jin Woo is so cute.

Did he go to you?

I guess he got used to me.

That’s incredible.

He fed Uncle.

I bet Minho finds him cute.

Na Eun made…

– My goodness.
– My goodness.

(Gun Hoo and Na Eun want
to feed him too.)

Na Eun.

(The difference in popularity)

Is this why you invited me today?

I must have met up with them
six times.

More than six times.

It’s the same for me.

– I guess it’s true.
– What are you saying?

I will give you some space.

– Why are you sullen?
– No.

Why would I become sullen
when I am 34 years old?

– It seems like you are sullen.
– I am sullen.

How could they be like that?

I feel bad for Kwang Hee.

(Kwang Hee’s absence
doesn’t affect their happiness.)

– Did you bake it?
– I am close to tears.

It’s so tasty.

Everyone loves Minho.


Did you come to comfort me?

He took a wrong turn.

As if that would ever happen.

I feel bad for Kwang Hee.

(Laughter fills
the happy living room.)

– Again.
– Let’s do it again.

– 1, 2.
– The air is different.

(They are so happy
that they can fly.)

I came all the way here,

but they are only focusing on Minho.

Why won’t they pay attention to me?

(Forget it.)

Kwang Hee, what are you doing?

(He feels as though
he lost his spot.)

Just cry. He is teary-eyed.

(I’m the one who should talk
with Na Eun.)

– My goodness.
– My goodness.

I feel so bad.

(That should have been my place.)

He can’t even go home
because he is in Ulsan.

– He is in Ulsan.
– Na Eun, let’s go.

Uncle Kwang Hee is sullen.

(Gun Hoo runs over first.)

(He makes a bigger fuss.)

(What is wrong with him?)

I am so sad. I am so sad.

Leave me alone. Leave me alone.

(Maybe I shouldn’t have come.)

Kwang Hee.

I am so sad.

Uncle Kwang Hee, are you sullen?

(Are you sullen?)

(Uncle, let’s play together.)

– He feels better.
– I am not sullen.

– You aren’t? You surprised us.
– Come on.

You came to me in no time.

Of course we should.

Let’s go, Gun Hoo.

I feel better now.

When did they grow up so much?

Where are we going?

They understood how I felt.

You know that
Gun Hoo can dance, right?

Of course I do.

SHINee is a world-class star.

Minho, show us a dance.

– Me?
– Yes.



Look at that.
Minho is dancing passionately.

(He does everything passionately.)

(Her eyes go wide.)

Look at Uncle Minho.

Do you know this song?

(It’s a fancy dance.)

(He dances to “Sherlock” this time.)

That’s right. I remember this.

(Na Eun can’t take her eyes off.)

Did you see that?

She is absorbed.

What do you think?

– Na Eun, what do you think?
– She is swooning.

She is surprised.

Was it that good?

– My goodness.
– Look at that.

– Na Eun, what’s going on?
– She is swooning.

(Uncle Minho is proud.)

(Music plays.)


Why are you playing this song?

My goodness.

(He dances.)

(It’s a culture shock.)

(It’s ZE:A’s debut song,

(It’s known to be as addictive
as “Ring Ding Dong”.)

(It’s known to be as addictive
as “Ring Ding Dong”.)

– It’s my part.
– Show us what you can do.

(He performs with the passion
from his debut days.)

(Flustered and shocked)

(It’s the most shocking sight
in the 13 months of his life.)

Earlier, her reaction was
quite different.

What do you think?


I mean… She averted her eyes.

Gun Hoo covered his eyes!

(I didn’t expect that reaction.)

(Forget it!)

He is going to say, “I am so sad.”

The room of tears.

It’s the room of tears.

What should we do?

Let’s go. Let’s go, Gun Hoo.

The kids have so much to do.

– Let’s go.
– They need to comfort him.

(Where are you going?)

Go away! Go away! Leave me alone!

(What is he doing this time?)


Give Uncle Kwang Hee a pat
on the shoulder.

That’s a shoulder pad.

– “That’s a shoulder pad.”
– My goodness.

(Na Eun pulls his hand.)

Na Eun is pulling your hand.

– Really?
– That’s right.

Na Eun, you are pulling me.
My goodness.

Pull me.

You are so strong. My goodness.

Na Eun, you are pulling me.

I am in trouble. I am in trouble.

They are so funny.

Before you cook,
you need to wash your hands.

All right. Let me tell you
what I will make today.

Everyone runs a private show
in the kitchen.

I will make…

a dish children can enjoy,
soy sauce and cream pasta with peas.

– That sounds delicious.
– Will the kids…

who rarely enjoyed
Joo Ho’s cooking…

enjoy my cooking?

As the cooking king among the idols,
I will do my best.

I will help him.

Na Eun, please cut the cabbage.

Na Eun went to help him.

Na Eun, what do you think
of Uncle Minho?

He is cool.

What’s cool about him?

Everything about him is cool.

What’s cool about me?


Na Eun…

– Uncle Kwang Hee.
– I can’t believe it.

(If I must answer…)


My hairstyle? Not my face?

– Okay.
– He should focus on cooking.

(Soy sauce, pepper, and cheese)

I need to boil it for a while.

It looks delicious.

Na Eun, get ready to eat.

It looks delicious.

– Let’s eat.
– It’s like a restaurant dish.

Would it be okay if I taste it?

Of course.


(Is it good?)

– It’s tasty.
– Really?

– Yes.
– You aren’t lying, are you?

I am not lying.

– Is it that good?
– It’s good.

Na Eun, what do you think?

Is it the best?

(Kwang Hee is touched.)

– Jin Woo, open wide.
– Do you want to see it?

Na Eun, show me first.

Jin Woo, is it tasty?

(He keeps eating pasta.)

How is Minho so good with children?


It’s tasty.

– He wants to eat it himself.
– It’s tasty.

– Is it that good?
– Try it.

– My goodness.
– Gosh, Jin Woo.

Uncle Kwang Hee.

He is smiling now.

He is sharing water.

(He pretends to take a sip.)

(Kwang Hee is jealous.)

Na Eun, Jin Woo
keeps giving me things.

He wants to give him everything.

He shared his snack too.

How did that happen?

What is it?

Maybe he thinks you are cool.

Does he think I am cool?


Is that true?


(You are cool.)

– Is that true?
– Is that true?

(I am excited
when Uncle Minho is excited.)

Jin Woo, Gun Hoo, and Na Eun
visited a place…

with the uncles.

– This is exciting.
– This is exciting.

(I am excited too.)

– Hello.
– Where are they?

Let’s get our temperature checked.

– Hello.
– Hello.

They get their temperature checked.

– Hello.
– It’s a must.

– All done.
– Yes.

– Let’s go over there.
– What was that sound?

– How cute!
– What?

– Look at them.
– Sheep.

(It’s where they can meet animals.)

– How cute!
– Look at Gun Hoo’s face.

– Look at the lamb.
– Look at the lamb.

(The timing is perfect.)

The lamb is so cute.

Gun Hoo, what are those?

– Sheep.
– Sheep.

– Shall we go and feed the sheep?
– Yes.

Let’s go. Let’s go.

Give it some food.

(It goes straight to Gun Hoo.)


Is it eating from the bucket?

– Uncle.
– Hold it like this.

Uncle, look at it.

I know.
It should have asked first.

Give a stick, Gun Hoo.

Na Eun is good.

They are so small.

It’s my first time to see lambs.

I know. They are cute.
It’s my first time seeing them too.

– Oh, my. He’s cute like Jin Woo.
– The baby touches the baby sheep.

(He gently touches it.)

– Jin Woo touched it.
– Really?

– It’s so cute.
– They are both cute.

Gun Hoo, how does a sheep cry?


(I know it too.)

Jin Woo.

– Baa.
– He’s so smiley.

(That sound is so funny.)

Look at the color of his jacket.

Gun Hoo. That’s a new side of you.

– Gun Hoo. That’s a new side of you.
– He isn’t even scared.

I think you got scared last time.

(The 21-month-old Gun Hoo)

When he was three years old,

he got so scared after seeing
a peacock in Switzerland.

I remember.

(I must run away.)

(It feels like only yesterday
when he cried.)


(But now Gun Hoo approaches it
and feeds it.)

(Here you go.)

Gun Hoo is so brave now.

(He’s so proud of Gun Hoo.)

– He’s so brave.
– Right. He has changed.

– Is it enjoying the food?
– Yes.

You’ve grown so much now
that you can feed someone else.

He’s letting the sheep eat from
the bucket.

He’s very generous.

(- Uncle Minho, look at them.
– It’s so fascinating.)

Jin Woo, they are so big, right?


– He’s so smiley.
– Shall we let it eat this?



(It likes the carrot.)

Gun Hoo, you’ve run out of carrots.


Are you out of carrots?

– I don’t have any.
– “I don’t have any.”

He has no carrots. He’s given
all of it out.

He’s a generous boy.

Gun Hoo, let’s get some carrots.

– Okay.
– All right.

Gun Hoo can run errands.

– Okay. Can you do it?
– Yes.

– All right.
– All right.

(Take care.)

Go get some carrots.

Go that way and turn left. Okay?

– You can do it.
– I can do it.

Gun Hoo. Will he be able to buy
carrots on his own?

(He sets off bravely.)

He’s brave.


(He found the place they stopped
over earlier.)

– Hello.
– Hi.

What would you like?

(Take the money first.)

– Carrots.
– Carrots?


– This is a piece of cake for him.
– It’s three dollars per carrot.

– It’s easy-peasy.
– I’ll have two.

– Do you want two carrots?
– Yes.

Give me one moment.



(They mimic it at the same time.)

They are the Baa Choir.

(They form “The Baa Choir”.)

(I’m good too, aren’t I?)

(This is so fun.)

He’s so cute.

(Jin Woo is happy as long as
he’s with Uncle Minho.)

(Meanwhile, Gun Hoo is on his way
back after buying carrots.)

He’s bought so much.

There are sheep.

Come here.

– It’s so cute.
– It’s so cute.

(But the uncles are over there.)

Come here.

(He heads straight to the sheep.)


Come here.



(Let me join you.)

They are eating to their heart’s
content thanks to Gun Hoo.

Is it good?

Are you guys eating all of it?

Oh, no.

What do we do?

(I’m off now.)

(But the sheep continue
to follow him.)

He can’t stop them.

(Gun Hoo the Shepherd)

At this rate, it’ll run out
on his way.

– He’s already got one taken.
– They have eaten all of it.

– Gun Hoo.
– He came back with the sheep.

– Gun Hoo is here.
– He’s back.

He’s a shepherd.

– Who’s that?
– He’s a shepherd.

Gun Hoo, they are
going to eat all of it.

– Give it to me.
– After doing a great job…

Give me the purple bucket.

Great job, Gun Hoo.

Well done.

Why do you only have this much?

Gun Hoo is so generous.

– He gave it out on his way here?
– He let them eat all of it.

It’s so cute. He brought the sheep
with him.

When are we going to ride a horse?

– A horse!
– Yes, a horse.

– It’s over there.
– Where?

– It’s huge!
– It is!

Na Eun and Gun Hoo love horses.

It’s huge when you see it
in person.

Say “Enjoy.”

Here. Sorry.



Hold it tightly.


(Give it to me, human.)

Why is it coming so close?

It scared me.

Okay. Watch out.


– Is it fun?
– Yes.

It’s nice that the horse
is enjoying the carrot, right?


You’re good at this now.

But where did Uncle Minho go?


Where did he go?

(Did Uncle Minho go missing?)

Do you think you should go
to Uncle Minho?

Let’s go to him.

(We must find him.)

Over there. Who’s that?

– Gun Hoo!
– Is that Uncle Minho?

(Fiery and charismatic Minho)

Prince Unicorn!

(Na Eun TV)

(I’m Princess Unicorn.)

Prince Unicorn!

(Princess Unicorn recognized
Prince Unicorn.)

Thanks, Na Eun.

You look like a prince!

A prince is here on a white horse.

Do you want to ride it?

– I’d love to.
– Okay.

Here we go. Hold tightly.

Let’s go.

(Na Eun goes off first.)

– Good luck, Na Eun.
– Good luck.

Na Eun!

This horse’s name is White.

Hey, White.

You look like you’re riding
a unicorn.


She really is Princess Unicorn.

– She’s so relaxed and enjoying it.
– Hello.

– Na Eun.
– Hey.


Na Eun, is it fun or scary?

– It’s fun.
– Is it?

It’s running. Look.

– It’s running?
– Hold tight.

She’s born ready.

It’s so fast.

You’re good.

– It must be scary.
– She’s so impressive.

You’re amazing, Na Eun.

I can’t believe she’s riding it.

Gun Hoo, you should give it
a try too.

Hold tight. Hold this tightly.

Great job.

(Here comes another prince.)

– Oh, my. He’s even waving at them.
– Gosh.

Look how relaxed he is.

Hey. Wave back at him, Na Eun.



How can he be so good
when he’s so young?

Exactly. I’m so impressed.

He’s this good when this is
his first time trying?

Gun Hoo, you’re looking cool.


Oh, my. He’s let go of
both his hands.

Hold the handle.

It feels like flying, right?

(He’s so cool.)


Minho, he’s the next generation
prince, isn’t he?

No. He’s the real prince. Not me.

You guys think you’re the only
handsome ones?

Shouldn’t you compliment me back?

You’re back.

I wonder if his legs even touched
the saddle.

Well done!

(His legs went jelly.)

Why are your legs shaky?
You must’ve been scared.

You must’ve been scared. Look
at you holding onto this tightly.

– Pretend you didn’t notice.
– Should I?

I guess he was actually scared.

Great job.

– I’ll see you again next time.
– Say goodbye.

– Bye.
– Bye.

– This one?
– Yes.

– I want chocolate flavor.
– Put it here.

Put it in here.

– Put it in?
– Yes.

(He adds a coin.)

Okay. Press the button
long and hard. Great job.

Ice cream is coming out!

(Looking forward to it.)

It’s done!

– I want strawberry flavor.
– Sure.

It’s here.

– You did a great job.
– That looks nice.

Strawberry flavor?

– Strawberry?
– Put it here.

Let go now.


It’s coming out.

– It’s coming… Oh, goodness.
– Goodness.

Why isn’t it stopping?

Hey, Minho!

It’s not stopping! What’s going on?


What’s going on? Kwang Hee!


Hey, Minho.

– Oh, no.
– What’s going on?

What’s wrong with this?

Turn the machine off.

How do I turn this off, Minho?

Come and help me. please.

– How do we turn this off?
– Hurry up!

Pull the plug.

– Pull it.
– I pulled it.

What’s going on?

Why do these kinds of things happen
only to Kwang Hee?

Oh, my gosh. What is this?

– Oh, no.
– My gosh!

I’m sorry.

Why is he apologizing?

– What’s wrong with this?
– I have no idea.

It’s written here.

– “Press the button shortly.”
– “Press the button shortly.”

He’s angry.

Did you break this?

I told her to press it long.

Press the button long and hard.

We won’t be able to have
any ice cream.

– They are very angry.
– No…

Why did you give us
the wrong instruction?


I’m sorry. I should’ve read
this thoroughly.

– Oh, no.
– That’s the problem.

– I’m sorry.
– It’s okay.

Here you go. You can eat now.

The kids love fruits.

He didn’t forget to bring fruits.

I want this.

You can eat it.

They love it whatever it is with
dried laver.

(Minho’s considerate hand)

He loves it.

– Is it good?
– Yes.

– I love Gun Hoo.
– Look at Jin Woo’s ankle.

It looks like Gun Hoo’s.

(Jin Woo’s radish-like ankles are
like Gun Hoo’s.)

His ankles look like Gun Hoo’s.

You’re good. You used them.

He used the chopsticks!

(He first learned how to use
chopsticks from Uncle Kwang Hee.)

Uncle Kwang Hee is teaching him
something even I didn’t.

(It was his first time using
kids’ chopsticks,)

(but he succeeded at once.)

He used kids’ chopsticks back then.

Now, he can use regular chopsticks
at will.

Minho. I mean…


(Gun Hoo has grown up so much.)

My gosh. Applaud for him.

He’s using chopsticks?

Give this gimbap to the uncle…

you had the most fun with today.

Give it to the uncle
you like more between us.

(He wasn’t even done talking,)

(and he goes straight to someone.)

– He’s not even looking.
– Look at me,

Look at me once before you go.

(You saw me, right?)

This is how it works.

(Have this, Uncle Minho.)

– Oh, no.
– Why did he bring upon…

this obvious result?

Come here.

Why did you ask him that?

Even the viewers knew
the obvious answer.

I still have my hopes on Na Eun.

Na Eun, give this
sweet strawberry…

to the uncle you had
the most fun with.

(Who will get chosen this time?)

(Who will Na Eun choose?)

Why won’t Kwang Hee give up?

(Of course, it’s Prince Unicorn.)

What was that slurping sound?

– It wasn’t me.
– Then let’s do this again.

– You didn’t give it to him.
– She didn’t.

I gave it to him.

No way. I don’t see it.
Let’s do it again.

I don’t see it. Let’s do it again.

– Between Uncle Minho and me.
– He’s giving it to me.


Finishing off.

– He won three times in a row.
– Gun Hoo.

Did I call you Gun Hoo?

Why do you keep calling me Gun Hoo?

– It’s confusing me.
– And you called him my name.

– Let’s call him.
– Okay.

It’s been a while.

– Have you been well?
– Of course.

I was so surprised to see
how much they’ve grown.

(Dad, I’m here as well.)

Hey, Na Eun.

– Dad.
– How was today?

I rode a horse today!

You rode a horse?

– Horse!
– Right.

– Who else is there?
– Uncle Minho.

Who’s here?

(Gun Hoo says hello at
the same time.)

I’m here as well.

– It’s been so long.
– Hey, Minho.

It was so fun because the kids
were in a great mood today.

– Thanks. Will you help me again?
– You’re welcome.

You always say you’ll treat me
to a meal,

but it’s already been two years!

I’ll be going to Seoul soon,
so I’ll keep my word this time.

Say hello to your dad, Jin Woo.

Hey, Jin Woo.

Say hello.

He misses his dad.

– They cry whenever they see Dad.
– Really?

Your dad is here.

(When Gun Hoo saw his dad
on the phone,)

(he started crying.)


(Don’t get the wrong idea.)

He’s just like his brother.

He didn’t cry when he was with you,
but he’s crying now that he sees me.

He misses you too.

Let’s meet up often
since we’ll be living close by.

– I’ll call you when I get to Seoul.
– Okay.

Thank you.

Bye. Was it fun?

– Was it fun?
– It was fun!

– As much as I love the sky.
– As much as you love the sky?

– She really means it.
– I’m really happy.

(It’s the real deal)

(Energetic Kwang Hee doesn’t
forget to sing.)

(Jin Woo, the real Jin Woo)


He’s shy.

It was really fun thanks
to you guys, uncles.

Daddy’s School on Wheels.
Where are they headed today?

– Dad.
– Yes?

– I…
– Yes?

My front tooth fell out.


Right, my Yeon Woo…

is gradually growing up.

That’s why your tooth fell out.

And you cried a lot…

– when you took it out.
– Yes.

Mom took it out while I was
crying with my mouth open.

Right. Tell me honestly.
Did it hurt or not?

Because I cried loudly, and because
of the sound, it didn’t hurt.

It didn’t hurt.

He cried,
but apparently, it didn’t hurt.

Ha Young, all your teeth will
fall out too.

Ha Young.

When you become seven years old,
your teeth will start falling.


It’ll fall off while
you’re sleeping.

No. I really don’t want that.

It’ll still fall off even if you
don’t want it.

That’s the law of nature.

No, it’s not. I’ll lock the door!

Why worry already?

If everyone roots for you
in the room,

will you have it taken out?



It’s uncomfortable without a front
tooth, isn’t it?

There’s one thing that’s making me
feel uncomfortable.

– What is it? For example…
– He can’t pronounce properly.

He can’t pronounce properly?

I see.

– For example…
– Favorite.

Father. Words like these.

The sound of V sounds different
as well. It sounds like Z.

She’s sleepy.

Listen to me

Do it like this

(Today’s Ha Young Song 1:
Four Bears)

(Yeon Woo is slim)

(Ha Young is cute)

(Mommy is a princess)

(She sings the chorus.)

(She relieves her stress by
composing a song.)


(Don’t copy me.)

Your sense of rhythm and pitch…

is much more precise than mine.

(Uncles over there,
Yeon Woo is here)

She must be born with this talent.

(Uncles over there,
Yeon Woo is here)

(Ha Young here, Daddy here)

(The four of us)

– Right.
– She’s a great singer.

Ha Young really is.

Why? What did you say?

No. She’s gifted with a talent
that we don’t have.

(Thumbs up)

(I know, I’m a good singer.)

You and I aren’t that talented…

– in music.
– Okay.

But Ha Young…

has a knack for writing songs.

(The musical prodigy)

Please give it to me

Ha Young will just sing.

– Ha Young.
– Mom is…

– Do Ha Young?
– Yes?

Ha Young, you should play with us.

I don’t want to.

She knows exactly what she wants.

– Are you going to sing then?
– Yes.

What song are you going to sing?

No. I’m not singing.

She’s not singing. She won’t do it
when I give her the opportunity.

I’m giving you a good
opportunity right now.

No, gosh.


You should go.

(Go where?)

Are you sulky again?

“You should go.”

Are you sulky again?

You’re turning your face away
and giving me the side-eye.

Where did you learn to do that?

You shouldn’t do that.

Look at me, Ha Young.

Give me a nice look.

Smile, please.

(Turning away)

Are you a good girl or a bad girl?

– I was a good girl.
– You’re a good girl?

Are you a princess or not?

– I’m a princess.
– You are?

Are you fat or slim?

I’m fat.


You’re not fat!


The birthdays of
our family members…

are in the order of
who has the most power.


(Mom is number 1.)


I know that too,
but it still hurts to hear it.

And Mom’s birthday is coming up.

So we’ll throw her…

a surprise birthday party.

We’ll be having a guest.

– Mom?
– Mom will be there!

– Mom?
– Really?

Mom is coming?

Oh my gosh!

(Yun Jung really is here!)

(Yeon Woo and Ha Young throw her
a surprise welcome party.)

(Prepared by dad)

(Sweet yet rough romance)

(It’s coming up soon.)

Look over there.
They’re building a bridge.

– The water’s frozen.
– The water is frozen.

Right, the water is frozen.

Are we almost there?

(They pass the winter mountains.)

We’re here.

This must be their lodging.


We’re here!

Don’t make that sound.

(Crumpled up)

– Shall we get out?
– Yes.

My eyes hurt.

Let’s go and take a look.

– It’s amazing here.
– What’s this?

(It’s amazing here.)

Who’s our special guest today?

Super heroine, Jang Yun Jung. Hey!

(They enter where they will greet
the super heroine.)

(Two Ggoms love it.)

– Is this the place?
– It looks amazing.

(Looking around)

– Let’s check the water pressure.
– Right.

– The water pressure?
– My gosh.


She dances automatically.

Pig-Rabbit steps.

Ha Young, I’ll check
the water pressure.


I will…

(Do Mini checks the light.)

(Two Ggoms work well as a team.)

That’s great.

She checks the light.

The water pressure is good.

Is it good?

The water pressure is fine.

How about the toilet?

He flushes it.

Does it flush?

Yes, it flushes.

Okay, that’s good.

Ha Young.

(She turns off the light.)

Good job, Ha Young.

– Next is the kitchen.
– I’m good too.

Next is the kitchen.
Let’s check here.

The kitchen looks nice.

Ha Young, over here… Wow.

Water pressure here too?

Water pressure.

It’s perfect.

My goodness.

– Gosh, here it is.
– Let’s see.

We have to clean the house.

(Preparing for mom’s birthday party:
3. Clean the house)

Gosh, this will be so much fun.

Shall I wipe the windows?

Okay, wipe the windows.


(Do Mini wipes the floor.)

Yeon Woo, if the window is
slightly dirty,

your mom will break it to enter.

From here, wipe it like this.

She can’t stand dirty windows.

It’s done.

I’ll take a look.

I cleaned it.

You did a good job.

Good boy.

(Do Mini is in charge of wiping.)

I wipe it clean.

Wait, I’ll make it clean.

– She’s doing a good job.
– She is.


Wipe it clean.

(This looks like…)

(When you wash clothes all day long,
you start to pant rhythmically.)

– Gosh.
– When did she go there?

Dad, take a look. I’m done.

Did you already finish?

Dad, shall we decorate the path
for mom?

Dad, what’s this?

Dad, what’s this?

It’s a flower palanquin.

(A beautiful palanquin
prepared for mom)

In the old days,

madames didn’t walk around.

(Madame? A flower palanquin?)

(Dad Do’s fortunes)

(A servant)

(A servant and his madame)

(Isn’t there any silver lining?)

(He’s a servant who’s
discouraged by his madame.)

If mom is a madame,
what does that make us?

We’re her servants.

(Thanks to their dad,
they will be servants.)

When she’s sitting inside here,

her servants carry her.

It’s prepared for their madame.

That’s right.

(Madame Pig-Rabbit is coming.)

Madame Pig-Rabbit.

It’s “Ding Dong” song.

(Today’s song written by her:
“Ding Dong! A Day of Doorkeeper”)

(Who is it?)

(All right)

(Shall I close the door?)

(I’m closing the door)

(Close the door)

(The doorkeeper of the 21st century
leaves work on the dot.)

We have to make
a flower path for her.

Along the path that mom will take,

put one.

(Dad Do teaches
the younger servants.)

Another one.

Can you put them in a line,
Ha Young?

I’ll give a lot.

I will give a lot.

(Madame, please wait for a little.)

She’s doing a good job.

Put some down, Ha Young.

No, put it farther.

(A gap of 50cm and a gap of 5cm)

Put it farther away. No, farther.


This way. To your left.

That looks perfect.


Stop. Put it right there.

Flip it over.

The green part should be
at the bottom.

Like this?

Like this. Like this?

Here’s the lamp. Turn it over.

Okay. Like this?

That’s right.

(The flowers finally face the sun.)

Good job.

(I’m proud of you, Ha Young.)

– That’s good.
– Great.

– That’s good.
– Good job.

Let’s bring mom.

– Mom.
– Mom.

It’s a sign that wishes
for mom’s longevity.

I’ll take it.

Put it in front of mom.

– Where’s mom?
– Over there.

Mom is over there.

Put one here. Put one here.

Put this over here.

That’s good.

No, no.

(A lamp is on the madame’s
stone step.)

(He fixes it.)


– No, don’t do it.
– My gosh.

No, that’s the walking path.

You should put it here.

No, you have to do it like this.

(Like this)

She’s angry because
they keep saying no…

and telling her what to do.

I’m doing fine.

Yes, she’s doing well.

Put that over here.


(She rejects with her entire body.)

She blocks him with her whole body.

Put this over here.

(No, no.)

Then I’ll do it.

No, you can’t.

(She pushes it away quickly.)

(She kicks it back.)

– She’s angry.
– She’s upset.

Ha Young was doing so well.

Bring it here.

I told you not to do it!

Don’t do it.

Oh, no.

– Don’t.
– Okay, I won’t.

I won’t. I promise.

(What he says
stops her from crying.)

– I won’t.
– I will do it.

She’s cute.

– Do you want me to help?
– Okay.

She’s so nice.

Go, Ha Young.

I put them here.

We’re done.

We’re done.

Gosh, it looks pretty.

(A welcoming path is made
by Two Ggoms’ hard work.)

It will make Madame Yun Jung
very happy.

I know.


– I think I’m here.
– Are you here?

I can hear chickens crying.

– Okay, I’m coming out.
– Okay.


(Rolling away)

Today’s main star,
Jang Yun Jung, is here.

What’s all this?


What’s all this?


My gosh. “Live long”?

Do I follow the path?

What’s this?

My goodness.

She noticed the flower palanquin.

What’s all this?

(A bell to call the servants)

What’s this?

Come here!

I need to know
which house they are in.

They go to nice places.


– Hello, madame.
– My gosh.

– Hello, madame.
– My gosh.

(Servant Yeon Woo appears.)

He got changed.

To be at her service.

Yeon Woo.

My goodness! You look so pretty.

Madame! My gosh.

(Madame Yun Jung reacts
like an aristocrat.)

My gosh, madame.

You look so pretty.
Come here, Yeon Woo.

– Yeon Woo, have you been well?
– Yes?


You look so adorable.

Now he’s a baby in front of his mom.

You look so adorable.
What’s going on?

(She plants numerous kisses
on her cheek.)

Have you been well?

– Mom.
– I hear chickens.

You hear chickens, right?

I followed the sound of chickens.


(They greet the madame
in the order of hierarchy.)

My goodness.


Close your mouth.
Don’t make that facial expression.

Come on.


That’s disgusting.

Greet me as you greeted the kids.

Put your tongue back in your mouth.

Have you been well?

– Give me a hug.
– Have you been well?

You have been well.

All right. Now…


What is this for?

(He puts a skirt over her.)

This is what the palace ladies wear.

– This isn’t what a witch wears.
– A witch?

(She means the madame.)

– A witch…
– I mean a madame.

This is a witch.

All right.

Why am I wearing this?

Today, you are the madame.

– Madame.
– Madame.

Who are you then?

State your name.

– I am Do Ol Soe.
– What?

Do Ol Soe.

Since his last name is Do,
he is Do Ol Soe.

– Who are you?
– I am Do Gang Soe.

(Do Gang Soe,
strength is his only skill)

What’s her name?

She is Do Jang Geum. Do Jang Geum.

Please get on the flower palanquin.

– Me?
– Yes.

– Honey.
– Yes?

– You won’t be able to lift it up.
– “Honey”?

You and Ol Sae won’t be able
to lift it up.

Ol Soe and I…

It’s impossible.

You won’t even be able to lift up
an empty palanquin.

I prepared another one for you,

Where is it?


(He will give her a smooth ride.)

Ol Soe, what does he want me to do?

I think he wants you
to get on his back.

– Can I get on your back with her?
– Go ahead.

Jang Geum is pretty heavy.

The two of us are pretty heavy.

1, 2…

Gosh, Gang Soe.


(Jang Geum is sandwiched
between them.)

– Ha Young is getting crushed.
– Mom.

Mom, I will support you.

– No!
– Put us down.


Gang Soe, put us down.

– I am losing hair.
– Put us down.

Gang Soe, put us down.

– Mom.
– Jang Geum is struggling.

(Screams fill the area.)

My goodness.

What was that?

Let’s go inside, Madame.

– Can I go inside?
– Yeon Woo.

But hey… Ol Soe.
I mean, Gang Soe.

– What was your name again?
– What?

(The two male servants look
the same.)

I am Gang Soe and he is Ol Soe.

We will go inside. Let’s go.

(Let’s walk backward.)

(We won’t show our backs
to the madame.)

You must have seen that somewhere.

What are these lanterns?

The flower path.

Madame, please enter.

Be careful.

(Singing the melody that plays
when a truck goes backward.)

– Can I enter?
– Please enter.


Please enter.


All right.

(Here comes the madame.)

The madame finally entered
the place.

It’s cozy.

(That’s right!)

Hold on.

They got used to walking backward.

(It suits the madame’s taste.)

Take the whole thing.

– What’s up with them?
– What?

– What’s up with them?
– What?

What’s up with your dad and brother?

(The 2 servants bring something.)

It’s the coffee I made.

Is that the coffee you made?

Mom, it’s yours.

Is that mine?

– Yes.
– Madame, it’s the welcome drink.

(It’s the welcome drink.)

Gosh, is it makgeolli?

– Yes.
– You prepared the right drink.

Please take a sip. It’s refreshing.

(Shall I take a sip?)

What is this?


(She takes another sip.)

How is it, Madame?

What is that taste?

(I, Do Jang Geum, will try it.)

It smells good.

(She tastes it herself.)

(I see.)

It’s a rice beverage.

(It’s a rice beverage.)

It’s a rice beverage.

– A rice beverage.
– A rice beverage.

Jang Geum is an excellent taster.


(The youngest supertaster,
Do Jang Geum)

What is this?

(She checks with her nose.)

(She checks with her mouth.)

– It’s the shrimp chip.
– Shrimp?

(It tastes like shrimp.)

That’s right.

(She analyzes two snacks
at the same time.)

Did you try it?

(She tries one snack…)

(after another.)


– Tasty.
– I agree.

What is this flavor?

– This?
– Yes.


It’s the banana-flavored snack.

As expected of Do Jang Geum.

She is Do Jang Geum for sure.

(It isn’t makgeolli,)

(but it’s still tasty.)

– It’s refreshing.
– Try it.

“Try it.”

Thank you.

(They get a snack each.)

Why are you eating with me?

How dare you sit at the same table?

“How dare you sit
at the same table?”

– A servant shouldn’t eat.
– I want to eat.

All right. I will allow Ol Soe…

to eat the snacks.

The madame is benevolent.

That’s right. Eat.

– Mom.
– Yes?

It’s so tasty
because I am eating with you.

Is it so tasty
because you are eating with me?

She says such nice words.

Why did you call me over today?

There is a reason why
we called you over today.

These days, you lack the energy.

I got a nosebleed the other day.

– That was the day before yesterday.
– The day before yesterday.

You saw it.

I saw it too.

Thus, I called you over today
because I thought…

it would be nice to make you a dish.

Did he prepare an invigorating dish?

– Go ahead and make it then.
– Shall I make it?

– Ol Soe.
– Yes?

Your dad will go and cook now.

“Your dad”.

Be good to the madame,

– okay?
– Okay.

Jang Geum, be good to the madame,



(How can I be a good daughter?)

Mom, let’s drink some juice.

Will you give me juice?

Give me juice then.

All right.

I will get mom some juice.

She will be a good daughter
by giving her mom food.

Mom, juice.

– Mom, juice.
– Thank you.

Turn it.

– Shall I turn it?
– In that case,

I will give you a massage.

A massage.

The madame is getting
luxurious treatment today.

– That’s refreshing.
– I am doing this. Watch.

That’s refreshing.

A massage.

Yeon Woo, that’s too much force.

They are massaging
with their small hands.

(I am doing a better job, right?)

Once the madame eats this,
she will become energized…

and ask to see me.

Gosh, that excites me to no end.

(The special food for the madame,

– Dad?
– Did you call me “Dad”?

It’s Gang Soe.

Gam Tae.

It isn’t Gam Tae. It’s Gang Soe.

– Gam Tae.
– Yes?

– Do you need something else?
– This.

Then give me a kiss.


I want this one.

Is that so?
Bring it over there carefully.

– Okay?
– Madame.


She is cute.

Yes? What do you need?

Madame, here.

Madame, here. Open it.

Will you drink it?

(Jang Geum makes the madame
open juice for her.)

– Will you drink it?
– Yes.

– Who wants juice?
– Me!


Be careful. Be careful.

– I want orange juice too.
– Drink some.


(The madame is busy
looking after the servants.)

– Gosh, Ol Soe.
– Yes?

You should be good to the madame.

Why are you making the madame
look after you?

Stop worrying
and do what you need to do.

That came out so naturally, no?

Get back to work.


“Yes, madame.”

I need to make it well.

I am Paik Jong Won
among the servants.

Excuse me?

I will stir-fry scallions.

(Jang Geum is getting help
from the madame.)

Ha Young, keep the nose outside
so that you can breathe.

(Both of her nostrils were inside.)

My goodness,
she was busy drinking.

(Her nose gets in the way
when she drinks something.)

– Is it tasty?
– I think Dad is cooking.

He is cooking. What is he cooking?

Go over there and ask him,
“Dad, what are you cooking?”

– Okay.
– Ask him.

Dad, you are cooking.

I am here.

It’s hot. It’s hot. Stay out.

Dad said no.

(Jang Geum got kicked out
of the kitchen.)

The chef said no.

“The chef said no.”


(She is sullen.)

– Madame.
– Give me a hug.

Give me a hug.

Gosh, you spat on me
before giving me a hug.

Madame. Madame. Madame.

Hug me

(The competition
for the madame’s hug is fierce.)

– Hug me tight
– Mom.

– Let’s be affectionate.
– Let’s have a kiss.

(The three of them have a kiss.)

Ol Soe.

(He is meddlesome.)

Did you give the madame a tour
around the place?

What tour?

I can’t push it well.

(The madame shouldn’t walk.)

There is something else
they prepared.

My goodness.

I prepared this special chair.

It’s pretty.

You should sit down.

Will she have a tour of the place
on the chair?

All right. Let’s go.

(Jang Geum joins the event
her brother prepared.)

Which way should we go?

– This way.
– Okay.

Please drive safely.

– Okay.
– Ha Young, watch your toes.

Please drive safely.

(It’s the glorious parade
on a palanquin.)

Dad, move out of the way.
Beep, beep.

It’s a flower palanquin.

(But the path is narrower
than the palanquin.)

My goodness. Gosh.

(Her fingers get pushed
by the chair.)

Mom’s fingers.

My hand hurts.

It’s okay. You have me.

(It’s okay. You have me.)

I have you, right?

– She is dependable,
– My goodness.

I bet her fingers don’t hurt

I prepared this.

(Here come the flowers
for a flower.)

Happy birthday.

(After a successful tour
around the place…)

All done.

Let’s play a game.

A game!

– You see this candy, right?
– Yes.

To which hand…

will it go to?

Guess with your sense of smell.

– Okay.
– Sit down.

Let’s guess.

Sit down.

Close your eyes. Close your eyes.

Ha Young, close your eyes.
There you go.

In which hand is the candy?
Smell the hands.

Smell this hand.

This hand too.

In which hand has the candy?

Is it in this hand?

She didn’t even hesitate.

– Is it in this hand?
– Yes.



(This is Do Jang Geum’s class.)

– Yeon Woo, do you want to try it?
– Yes.

I knew this would be mine.

(Do Ol Soe uses his nose radar.)

This hand?

Shall I give you a chance
to change your answer?

(I can smell it.)

Smell my hands again.
It’s your last chance.

It’s the answer, right?




– Gosh.
– All right.

Ha Young, do you want to try again?

I want the blueberry one.

Shall we use the blueberry one?

If she gets it right again,
I will know that it wasn’t a fluke.

Ha Young, close your eyes.

(Jang Geum’s second try)

Where is it?


(It’s a bit confusing this time.)

Where is it?

It will be hard
to get it right this time.

This hand.

This hand.




(She has the best nose radar
in Joseon.)


How is Ha Young so good at it?

Her nose is really developed.

– Right?
– I guess she can smell it.

(By the way, don’t you smell
something funny?)


– The ventilator… It’s a fire.
– It’s a fire.

– Did he burn something?
– “It’s a fire.”

Is that smoke okay?

– Kyung Wan.
– Yes?

I can’t breathe.

(She comes to the kitchen to check.)

Is there a ventilator?


It’s pitch black.

The eel…

I can’t open it.

Hurry up.

What do you mean you can’t open it?
I can open it fine.

It’s because the eels are fatty.

They may look burnt, but…

They don’t look burnt.
They are burnt.

They aren’t burnt.

Gosh, my eyes hurt.

The fire alarm might go off.

The fire alarm doesn’t go off
only because of the smoke.


My skull hurts.


(I need fresh air.)

I can’t open my eyes.

Ha Young, are you okay?

The smoke pierced my eyes.

It will get better now.

Who created this situation?

Must you ask?

Kids, are you okay?

– Are you okay?
– Yes.

Ha Young.

(She checks her pupils.)

– Are you okay?
– Yes.

Close your eyes for a second.

(My eyes are okay, right?)

I opened the window.

– Do you need something?
– Don’t do anything.

Don’t do anything.

– Massage my shoulders.
– I will give you a massage.

My shoulders are stiff these days.

Is that why I got a nosebleed?

I have a talent for acupressure.

I see. Do a good job.

Do it gently.

(He stretches her neck
somewhat gently.)


It hurts.

Dad, don’t do it like that.

Dad, don’t do it like that.

Kyung Wan, she said
don’t do it like that.

Mom said…

you shouldn’t massage like that.

That’s right. Give me a hug.

Give me a pat on the back.

She is giving her mom a pat
on the back.

– Jang Geum.
– Let’s be affectionate.

Let’s be affectionate
and share a kiss.

Will you only give her a kiss?


Later, I will tell Yeon Woo,

“I love you.”

Ha Young wants me to let you know
that she loves you.

(What are they doing without me?)

Thank you, Ha Young.


(Sticking their tongues out)

Mom, tell Ha Young.

The three of them are having fun.

I want to take this off.

I want to take this off.

Let’s send Jang Geum back.

Do you want to take it off?

It’s hard to dress up
as a character.

Gosh, it was suffocating.

I had a hard time
since it was suffocating.

I had a hard time
since it was suffocating.

Did you have a hard time?

– My goodness.
– She had a hard time.

My goodness.

Mom, I am hot too.


I am hot too.

Keep it on.

I want to take everything off.

No, keep it on.
What are you saying? My goodness.

(Okay, Madame.)

– For goodness’ sake.
– He is the best.

Do Ha Young.

(We are dressed more lightly now.
Shall we dance?)

(This song is…)

(She waves her arms
as if they are wings.)

(She is doing a good job.)

(Yellow butterfly, white butterfly)

(Do Mini is a butterfly
that is as light as a feather.)

She transformed into a butterfly.

(Dance over here)

(Her eyes are full of love.)

(She exudes cuteness
with her entire body.)

(The detailed moves
suit the lyrics.)


(Ha Young sings and dances.)

Good job!

(I will fly over next week as well.)

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