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The Uncanny Counter Episode 12 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

The Uncanny Counter Episode 12 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle, The Uncanny Counter Episode 12 Drama Korea, The Uncanny Counter Epi 12 Indonesia Subtitle nonton dramaqu, The Uncanny Counter Episode 12 Drama Korea nonton dramaqu. Download drama Korea, China, Taiwan, Jepang, variety show dan film series subtitle Indonesia.

The Uncanny Counter Episode 12 Drama Korea Indonesia Subtitle

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Stay with me.

Jeong-yeong, stay with me.


We need help over here!


Are you Detective Kim Jeong-yeong?

I thought you’d be a guy.

You remember Su-ryong?

I remember things that are very old…

But why?

Do you…

remember everything?



We have

a lot

to catch up on.

We do.

Jeong-yeong, please…


-Did she get shot?
-She’s still alive. She’s alive.

Jeong-yeong! Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?


Can you hear me?

I’ll be waiting here.

I’ll be waiting right here.

I’ll be waiting…


What’s up? I have an appointment.

Where are you going?

Why can’t you tell me what’s going on?

Something dangerous, right?

I need to get a haircut
before I meet your parents tomorrow.

That’s not important now.

It is. Nothing’s more important than that.


Whoever dares to mess with me

will learn a lesson.

So don’t worry.

It’ll rain later. Get your umbrella.


Then did you… Hey, wait!

Have you…

been waiting for me

for the past seven years?

No. Not anymore.

I finally…

remember everything,

so don’t do this to me.

Charge to 150 joules.

-Got it, 150 joules.












-Oh, you’re here.

I’m coming from her funeral.

Is the burial tomorrow?

Yes, I’m sure you guys

all want to go to the funeral

but say your goodbyes later.

There’s no “later.”

Today’s the last day I can do it.

You’ll go there?

Mo-tak, please calm down
and think rationally.

You’re aware
they all think you guys are dead.

You shouldn’t be seen now.

But I need to say a proper goodbye.

We never really had a chance to talk.


I’ll go with him.

I’m so sorry for your loss.


I’m sure they found his traces
at the scene of Kwon Jin-seung’s death.

Why can’t you connect it to Jeon’s case?

They’re connected in a way.

The chief has been doing his best
to cover up those cases.

She committed suicide.

-Hey, shush.

Jeong-yeong submitted the permit herself
at 10 a.m.

and picked up a gun with live rounds.

We’ve confirmed that the serial number
matches the one she got.

What happened?

Any idea why she took her own life?

She wasn’t cut out
for working with others.

And she seemed emotionally unstable.

Mo-tak, don’t.


Let go.

Those bastards are saying
she took her own life.







How did you

cope with it?

You lost

your parents at the age of 11.

It couldn’t have been easy.

With your injury…

And you also suffered from aphasia.


Between you and my dad,

who was older?

Your dad was

a year younger than me.

But he never used honorifics toward me.

When we meet my dad in heaven,

you should teach him a big lesson.

It’s okay.

One’s enough. No more.


You see, when you’re a Counter,

the gap

between life and death

doesn’t seem so huge,
and that’s comforting.

That’s how I feel, at least.

Although I’m not sure
if this is any consolation to you.

You little rascal.




About Jeong-yeong…

The police shot her.


I know

because I saw


last memory.

Jeong-yeong! Can you hear me?

That watch.

A watch? What about it?

It was the watch

that is only given to officers

who have been with the force for 20 years.


Hey, we’re closing this case.

And Han-ul is joining our team,
so create a new position for him.

Han-ul. Hey, buddy.

Bring all the cases
that Jeong-yeong was working on.

Everything including those
on Noh Hang-gyu and Noh Chang-gyu.

Yes, sir.


But let’s pretend
you never saw these pictures.

What’s your plan?

You just gave me the fake names
registered with the burner phones.

That’s all you did. Got it?

Answer me.

Yes, ma’am.

Team 3, this is Kang Han-ul.

Hello, this is Ga Mo-tak.

I had the phone company
look up the number.

They said they have
no record of that number.

Jeong-yeong’s case…

Aren’t they treating it as suicide?


Any CCTV footage?

All the cameras in the vicinity

were either broken or just off her route.

And no dashcam footage, obviously.


I know she didn’t take her own life.

She supposedly picked up the gun
at 10 a.m. on the 8th,

but she was with me then.

I don’t know who did it,

but someone at the precinct
picked it up under her name

and gave it to Ji Cheong-sin.

Ji Cheong-sin?

She said Ji Cheong-sin is still alive.

She confirmed the burnt corpse wasn’t his.

Even so,

I don’t think Ji Cheong-sin was the one
who shot her.


How many officers

at Jungjin Police Station have been
with the force for over 20 years?

I’m not sure.

I only joined them under probation
two months ago.

Can you…

find out?

Do you think it was someone in the force?

I’m scared.

I’ll find out.

Be careful.

And don’t trust anyone.

Did they kill Jeong-yeong because of this?

How far along was she
in the investigation?

She froze Noh Hang-gyu’s
borrowed-name account.

So this is about money?

That’s when the chief started
openly putting pressure on the case.

Can I see the documents regarding this?

They were funding the campaign illegally.

Clearly, the money went
to Shin Myeong-hwi.


-Five billion won?
-My goodness.

So they killed her just because
she found out about the illicit funds?

Just like they killed Mun’s father
seven years ago?

But this time, it’s different.

My dad’s case was seven years ago,
whereas this has only just begun.

We can use this to take them down.

Not if we use the same method.

The memories won’t be considered evidence,
and they’ll destroy all solid evidence.

They made people believe that
the burnt corpse is Ji Cheong-sin’s,

and no one even remembers
that mountain of garbage anymore.

They keep killing officers on the case.

Then what should we do
with these bastards?

Let’s do things their way.

“Their way”?

They think
Ji Cheong-sin burned us to death.

We’ll move quietly
as if we’re actually dead.

These five billion won…

Let’s steal it.

-That money?
-We’ll steal it?

Are you kidding me?

Actually, she has a point.

Even if it gets stolen,
they can’t report it to the police.

They can’t prove it’s their money.

So we’ll rob them of their campaign funds?


We’ll hang them out to dry.

Who will they reach out to
when the money runs dry?

Another financial backer.

They’ll call me their savior.

What will we do with that money though?

Since it came from the people’s pockets,

-we’ll return it to them.

Then let’s do it. We have to do this.

Before that…

We must break them up first.

Mayor Shin, Cho Tae-sin, Choi Su-ryong.
We have to break them up.

Only then will we have a chance.

-When the money disappears into thin air,

they’ll be suspicious of one other.


I’ll try to pull some strings.

Guys, hold on.

Our job is to capture evil spirits,
not go after corruption.

Those in Yung won’t be okay with this.

Will you let a murderer become president?

Gosh, no. We can’t let that happen.

They love money,
so we’ll use money to take them down.

I’m going to Yung.

I’ll go with you.

How did it go?

We had a long meeting about it.

They joined hands with an evil spirit.

They hired an evil spirit as their hitman.

Yes, I know.


we’ve decided to cooperate
with your decision.


But this really isn’t just about
getting your revenge, is it?

Thanks for your help.

Oh, he’s back.

Mo-tak, how did it go?
Do we have their permission?

In regard to taking down those assholes,
they won’t intervene at all.


-Let’s do this!

We’ll have to do this
as quietly as possible,

so let’s close the restaurant for a while.

Okay, let’s do that.

We’ll capture Ji Cheong-sin
and help Mun’s parents ascend.

We can reopen after that.





Oh, five cell phones?

Got it. No problem, Boss.

They’re getting five burner phones.


Hang-gyu and Chang-gyu
must be getting out.

Just a second.

I did it. All done.

-Hey, woman.

-What the…

-Where did this dog go? Mimi!
-What’s with this woman?

-Hey, what are you doing?

My gosh.



Shin Myeong-hwi.

I’m here.

Oh, boy.

Jeez, that girl.
I’m going to totally whack her.

Haven’t you heard the news?
She killed herself.

-Right, Boss?


For real?

-Let’s go.
-Yes, sir.

What’s this?


Hey. Let’s go to the sauna first.

Get your act together.

We have to cover up the exposed account.

-Yes, sir.


It must’ve been stressful for you.

I’m sorry for causing you concern, sir.

It was stressful indeed.

What happened to Ga Mo-tak?

He’s dead. I set him on fire.


Are you sure he’s dead?

That punk, Ji Cheong-sin,
knows how to put on a show.

All right.

-Give us a moment.
-Yes, sir.

What are you doing in my office?

Meeting the party leader today?

Are you busy these days?

Of course, the election’s coming up.

Hang-gyu’s been released.

The election will be much easier now.

My secretary is putting
the camp together for me,

so you and Mr. Noh
don’t need to worry about it.

What? So you want us out?

It’s grown in scale.

Then we’ll make the necessary arrangements
to befit the scale.

I’m heading out now.

Tidy up the table and help me pick a tie.

Yes, sir.

Give us a moment, please.

I haven’t finished my coffee.

We’ll call you at this number from now on.

I’ve already put together a team
to assist you.

We can take you anywhere in the country,
so just relax and enjoy the ride.

This cookie is very good.

Hey, lady!

They wouldn’t die that easily.

They died in a fire. You call that easy?


Let’s take it easy, okay?

Gosh, I got out of the lockup
less than an hour ago.

Let’s go to the sauna.

Hop in.




-This is Mr. Choi Jang-mul.
-Yes, I know.

-I’m a fan of yours.
-My gosh.

I’ve seen you at events,
but this is our first meal together.


It was years ago,

but I went to jail once

for breach of duty and embezzlement.


I had a heart attack
while I was behind bars.

I nearly died.

My gosh.

Having gone through that,
I decided to change my ways.

This is a rather embarrassing thing
to say as a businessman,

but I wanted to sell my products
to help those in need.

“Spread the wealth.”

Since I’ve been running my business
with that motto,

people remember nothing about me
going to jail.

It’s definitely helped me clean up
my disgraceful past.

My goodness, don’t be so modest.

You’ve been giving back to the community
for 20 years. That’s who you are.

Gosh, I’m flattered.

I’ll pour you one.

-Oh, thank you.
-My pleasure.


I have a bad feeling about this, Hang-gyu.

What’s wrong?

The construction for the reservoir
is coming along nicely.

I’m talking about Shin Myeong-hwi.
I’m getting a bad feeling.

Now that he’s announced
he’s running for president,

all the hotshots are running to him
offering help.

Is this just a little hiccup
in our relationship

or a sign that a breakup is imminent?

I whacked all those who could’ve
caused trouble for him. This prick…

I think he’ll ditch us and fly away.

Mayor Shin can’t mess with us.

You know that.

No, that’s not true.


I think we need insurance.


Oh, my.

My gosh, how time flies.

Do you have to go?

Yes, we shouldn’t stay out late
given the current situation.

And we’ve touched upon
all the important things anyway.

I’ll get going, then.

Then get home safely,
my campaign club leader.

My gosh, the campaign club leader for
presidential candidate Shin Myeong-hwi.

Just hearing that title
puts a smile on my face.

After you.

Mayor Shin. Five billion won, okay?

If you can get five billion ready,

then I’ll contribute the same amount.

If you say you only have ten million,

then I guess that will be it.

-Yes, well understood.
-All right, then.

Get home safely.



Get some bullets ready, Mr. Cho.

Five billion won. In cash.

Five billion? The entire amount in cash?

He took the bait.

What do you need it for?

I just need to show it to someone.

The game has begun.

Sleep well tonight.



Why are they not making a move?

-That’s Noh Chang-gyu.

They think we’re dead. We can’t be seen.

Which car should we tail?

-The one with the suitcases.
-Yes, obviously.

Let’s go.

People called me a smart cookie
when I was little.


Come on, hurry.

Come on.

Jae-cheol, what are you doing?

I’m throwing money into a suitcase

Those guys need a break.

They’re clearing out all the banks.

-Hey, move it.

Looks like they’ll keep taking cash out
until the banks close.

We should thank them for doing this.

But one of the cars
is at the reservoir now.

-The reservoir?

Oh, I think this is the one
that Noh Chang-gyu was in earlier.

Wait, Noh Chang-gyu
is at the reservoir now?

Hey, they’re leaving.

My gosh.

They’re gone.

Hey, you! How many hours
is this going to take?

I told you to just dig around
the transformer!

Damn it.


This is it.

This is probably the last stop.


Hey, I found it.

I rummaged through all the garbage here.

The yellow suitcase, right?

A suitcase?

-That’s what he found at the reservoir.

A suitcase?

Not one of those?
There’s another suitcase?

Oh, I see.

Mo-tak, it’s 4 p.m. now.

Okay, let the operation begin.

Guys, quick.

-Hey, move.

Damn it. We’ve got a flat tire.

Hey, we’ve got a flat tire.

What’s the insurance company for?

-Call them now!
-Okay, I’ll call.

Hurry! We don’t have time.

Jungang Insurance?

We’ve got a flat tire.

Hello, we just put in an emergency
service request due to a flat tire.

Oh, my husband did.
But you don’t need to come.

It looks like it just lost a little air.

We can get it fixed on our own.

Sorry for the trouble. Yes, thank you.

And I love you back.

Mo-tak, come in.

I’m here from Jungang Insurance.

-What are you doing?

I’m taking out the spare tire.

-Don’t touch anything. You do it.
-This is very heavy.

-Hey, man. I got this.
-My gosh. Thank you.

The car is too heavy right now.
Can you please step out?


This is ridiculous.

-What’s he doing?
-Damn it.

Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

-What the hell?

-Gosh, hey!

-Hey, man.

Oh, dear.

Jeez, what a joke.

That idiot. Does he even know
how to do it?

-This is ridiculous.
-Hey, close the trunk.

We don’t have time.


-Hey, look.

-Hey, man.
-Get up.

-God, you scared the crap out of me.

-I’m so sorry.
-What the hell!

-This is nuts.
-I’ve got a leg cramp!

-Stay still.

Which side? Let me see.

Let me see.

We just need to knock that guy out.

-Hey, I told you.

Come on. Let me see!

Excuse me.

You’re pretty.

Hey, gorgeous. What’s up?


Oh, boy.

-My leg…
-Which one?

-I got it.
-Take his shoes off.

-If you take my shoes off…

-This is gross.

-The left one! Yes!
-Is it the left leg?

-Goodness gracious.
-This is gross.

-I’m tearing up.

-My gosh.
-Are you all right?

I think I’m better now.

Help me put my shoes on.

-Here, help him.

-Man, you’re so demanding.
-I’m sorry.

Hurry up, will you?

Yes, I’ll get it done quickly.

-What now?

What’s he doing?

-I’m slightly anemic.

-Jeez, this thing here…



-Did you not have lunch?
-Hey, move!

Hey, hurry.



No, wait!

Be quiet.



I couldn’t breathe for some reason.


Hey, is it done?

It’s almost done.

-Hurry up!
-Okay. I’ll wake you up when it’s done.

-Do it quickly.

This is odd. Why am I so tired?

The memory card?

It’s all done now. Thank you.

-Okay, bye. Get lost.

-Hop in.

-Let’s get going!
-Hurry up.

We’ll get going now.

Well done.

-Let’s go to the reservoir.


The yellow suitcase Noh Chang-gyu found…

It must have something to do
with Kim Yeong-nim.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone
all the way there

and dug it up himself.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.


I think we need insurance.


The thing we buried at the reservoir.

Dig it up.

Yes, sir.

Damn it.

If that gets exposed, I’ll be in trouble.

Hey, what should I do with this?

Take it to the office?

Gosh, can you decide quickly?

That stench is killing me.

I’ll text you an address.
Drop it off there.

Hey, what the hell is inside
that suitcase?

Don’t even be curious.

Forget what you saw today
after the job is done.


“Premium Oak Sauna
in Siyeong-dong, Jungjin”?

-“Oak Sauna”?

Why is he going there?


This is the place.



What does he need to do here?

Take it out.

He might go the other way.

Ms. Chu and Ha-na,
go the other way and block the exit.



My, look at that solid flame.

The charcoal smells so good.

-Did you get the heads-up?



-Throw it in there.

I guess they’re going to burn it.

They want to incinerate it.

Gosh! It’s too hot.

What the hell?

Just throw it in there!

Ga Mo-tak.

Do you want me to throw you guys
in there too?

Shall I throw you guys in there?

No, don’t!

We’re back, Boss.

We took the money out
and closed all 17 accounts.

Well done.

Should I send these to Mayor Shin’s camp?

Send them directly to Mayor Shin.

If he gets a whiff of cash,
he won’t get any funny ideas.


Would you like to see?

No need.

I have to send it off, so if I see it…

I won’t want to let it go.

Hey! Wake up.

Where’s the suitcase?

It’s burning.

I only see the flame.

Why am I so dizzy?

Oh, me too.


We did throw it in there, right?

I see that your hair is burnt.


-Why is your hair burnt?

What happened?

What? How could they
shove a person into this…

Don’t touch it,

or it’ll become inadmissible.

Let’s pray for her soul.

What should we do?

I don’t know how I feel about
letting the police know.

Mo-tak, you remember everything now.

Any cop you can trust?

If there were
even one colleague like that,

Jeong-yeong would still be alive.

And my former colleagues
must’ve changed a lot by now.

We have five billion won in cash

right beside a young woman’s
skeletal remains.

Am I supposed to cry or laugh now?

Shin Myeong-hwi
must have a political rival.

Oh Yeong-deok?

Yes, good idea!

The police station in his constituency.

He won’t try to cover it up at least.

In that precinct,

there’s a detective I know.

Great. Tell him about the case
you were investigating seven years ago.


The autopsy will take a while
since we only have the skeleton.

I’ll call you when we have the DNA info.

By the way,

the suspects you have in mind…

Are you sure it’s them?


I’ll show you.

I’m scared to even confirm it.


investigate it quietly.

I’m counting on you.

What is that?

Oh, that.

He looked homeless, so I killed him.

There won’t be any problems.

No matter how much I eat,
I’m still hungry.

I’m sorry.

It stinks.

Get rid of it.

Will do.

We’ll leave tomorrow.


Where did she go?

Hey, Baek Hyang-hui!

She went out with the voice recorder.


Hand over that purse.

-So I can complete my look.

What does he want from me?


Hey! Babe!

Where’s my voice recorder?

I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it back!

I’m hungry.


Hey, don’t hurt the woman.

Let her go!

I’m hungry.

Let’s talk somewhere quiet.

Mayor Shin, I’m a man of my word.

And you’ll go on to achieve
greater things, so let’s not dillydally.

We’ll do this right away.

You’re absolutely right.

Well, then…

Oh, you don’t have to show me.

What is this?

Oh, what’s with all the bottled water?

Why is this filled with bottled water?

Why is this filled with bottled water?


What’s he saying?

Oh, my. You must’ve been parched.

Hey, what… What happened?

This is…

What’s this?

My money.

-My money!
-Get out.

-Mr. Mayor.
-I said, get out!

My gosh.

-I didn’t know you had other guests.

There must’ve been some kind of error.

Let’s eat together another time.

Just the two of us, with no one else.

Mr. Kim!

We’re taking them back.

Hold on.

I’ll wait for your call.



This is beyond embarrassing, you idiots!

Clearly write the names
of those three jerks

and submit them to the NFS.

They’re DNA samples from the suspects
in the murder of Kim Yeong-nim.

Yes, sir.

Do you expect me to believe that?

That’s the situation now, sir.

If you can give us more time,
we’ll try to get you about two billion.

Two billion?

Are you kidding me?

-Are you kidding me right now?
-No, sir.

You made me look like
a complete moron, and what?

Please give us about a week.

You piece of…

A week?

A week?

A whole week?

At your service, sir!

Damn it.

Shin Myeong-hwi.

Am I your bank or what?

We’re talking 5 billion won here, not 500.

I’m the one who lost five billion won.

How dare he flip out on me?

-No, wait.

You little…

How dare he dump water on my face?

You just wait and see.

I will never

forget this.

You little shit.
You even got rid of the dashcam footage.

Don’t you dare play dumb!

Who took the money if you guys didn’t?

-You bastards.
-No, please…

Please believe me. It wasn’t us.

I really don’t remember anything.

Is that so?

I’ll help you refresh your memory.

-Down on all fours.
-No, please…

Let’s say, 50,000 won each time.

Let’s do this just 100,000 times.

-Get back up.

-It’s okay.
-I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

It’s okay. We have a long way to go.
Back on all fours.

-Get back up.

Boss, what’s going on?

You little shit.

Please help me. It really wasn’t me.

Hey, what?

I really don’t remember anything.

You too?

Hang-gyu, I also don’t remember anything
from yesterday.

What happened?

I don’t remember anything.

I’m dumbfounded.


Those rats. Could they be alive?


Ga Mo-tak.


What? Ga Mo-tak is dead?

That little…


Stay still, will you?

He said he’d let me know
as soon as the results are out.

He’ll call.

I’m worried things might go wrong.

We did our best, Mo-tak.


We nearly died several times.

I just feel bad.

Even after death,

they can’t rest in peace.

When I think about them…

Answer it.




What did he say?

They did

a DNA analysis on the remains.

And what? Just tell us!

The one on her clothes
matches Noh Hang-gyu’s.

My gosh.

The one found underneath her nails
matches Mayor Shin’s.

-My gosh!

My gosh, we did it.

So Shin Myeong-hwi is now
a murder suspect, right?


After seven years.

Mayor Shin.

We have to interview you
in regard to the murder of Kim Yeong-nim.


You’re a murder suspect now.

That is absurd.

Go get ready.

We’ll wait here.

God damn it!

Ga Mo-tak, you bastard.

What is going on? Kim Yeong-nim…


Chang-gyu just checked.

Those rats took Kim Yeong-nim’s remains.

“Those rats”? Who?

-Ga Mo-tak.

But he’s dead!

Mr. Noh Hang-gyu.

You’re under arrest
for the murder of Kim Yeong-nim.

Come with us.

Shin Myeong-hwi!

-He’s coming out!
-There he is!

-Mayor Shin!
-Mr. Mayor!

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-A comment, please!

-Is it true?
-Say a few words!

-Mr. Mayor!
-Did you really kill her?

-Is it true?
-We’re on your side!

Tell us the truth!

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Is it true? Tell us.

Mr. Mayor!

-Do you admit it?
-Thank you.

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

-Move back.
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-A comment, please!

This is nothing
but a ridiculous political trap.

That bastard.

-Trust me.
-He hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

Please protect me.

I’ll clear up all the suspicions

and return to my post.

Thank you.

-We trust you!
-We trust you!

You can’t come in.

-Move back.
-We’ll protect you!


-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-We trust you!

-You can’t do that.
-Oh, hold on.

Let him go.

Shin Myeong-hwi!

Shin Myeong-hwi!

Shin Myeong-hwi!

Shin Myeong-hwi!

How are your parents doing?

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

You guys all seem to be doing well.

I’m relieved.

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

-Shin Myeong-hwi!
-Shin Myeong-hwi!

Don’t think this will end
with Kim Yeong-nim.

My mom and dad.

I’ll make you pay for everything you did.

Subtitle translation by Liya Choi


How have you been, Father?

Shut up, asshole!

You haven’t changed a bit.

Ji Cheong-sin and the evil spirit
have become one.

What’s going to happen
to my mom and dad’s souls?

You told me not to worry about it.

Then why are you here?

The video footage.

This is the highlight.

How are we supposed to catch him?

By binding him.

I spotted one. Where’s So Mun?

I summon Ji Cheong-sin, the evil spirit!

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